The Franklin repository. (Chambersburg, Pa.) 1863-1931, December 28, 1864, Image 1

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every Wednetulny morning by "THE REPta,ITI 'EY
ASSOCIATION," at $2 RO 4 per ntmtun, . ''
OWR if ant paid within the year. All ra ° s,, , ,pona
counts HURT be suarcd annually. No poppt" . ‘, ;II I' , -oat
out of the State unless rah' tar in rarene,,ed all ,tieh
sabeeriliiiella,Will invariably be di..conr:mn 1 :•• •••1.” ‘Pi•
ration of, the time for which Wei- are pelt!.
.4 1 : 4 13MSEMENTS ate inserted at ClFitt r N. t }I'LI
per line far' gilt insertion, and TEN CESI , I,r I,11.•
segment baserficm< A liberal discount it made
advenbtlikkby the quarter, half yi .tr• v.,. SI. 1.:.t1 no.
tices charged one•half more than regular 341,11:• , 111.11ta.
AU reirolalic:ns of Associations; anunanicati,n
or individual interest, and notices. of 31ani 4.;,:b Dee'llg
exceeding five lines, are charged fiftetsn cola per line.
rir Legal Notices of every hind. nod all Orpha ns'
Court and' otrter Sales, arc r, rt, he
a4sertis2 rl in. the REPOSITORY—it Lowy? the LarA.E.-i'Clit-
CULATION of any paperyuhirshra in the to uri ay of T oak!
JOB PRlNTlNG'ofesery kind. in Mar) Fon.
on, done with neatness and dirpan h. lined .111.
Cards, Pamphletri, &e of evert N arwt3 and style. iamaod
at the shortest notice. The 11F1'0 , ITOICI IHlnr f t in..l
been re.fltted. with Steam 1.'0,1:0 - and the. Pit --e. , nd
eveiT thing in the Printing- tine eon to 0 ,,e110,1 .0 the
moot artistic manner and the IncV,¢l r.rtr. I ENNIS IN
tV" Mr. John K. Sbrynck i+ our •to'hmi/ed Azent to
receive Sabscriptions and Advertewment. and r. , -..ipt for
the same. 'AlLletters should be adtireo , oi to
_ SrCLURE I STONE'? I'ohh.hw•.
tied Ostatr *.alts
. x , ~ ~..,., ~, Y.,, ~, ~. ,
PR-IVATE SALE.--The iiiikier,ign(A.
"trite ding to remove to the NVeKt ofTen nt Private
Sale, the llowingßeseriVed 'teal 1 - to pit:
AFA , situated in I.etteri,enne ne; te.1. , ;• Emnidin
- county, ; about 4 stiles north-pert of 41,.inibersburq.
and a bout} of a mile trout the luau of ?).• IZocky .....51)ring,
adjoining lands of S. Huber atal 1%,,,,i) 1t.. ; . , ~, %,;;;,,,,,.
110-ACRES, part Limestone, port l'r,estene and part
Black Slate. The improvements ore a too s n ap BRICK
HOUSE—nearly new ; lan! and Frame o Ulk Wngen
Shed attached, and other out-building.. There 1, -a N.,.1 1
of good, nevecialllng Wale . , near llw 11,,,11ir1e. en on.
cellent Orchard (in full bearing) ;.f I: rutted Fruit and a
Lime Kiln on the premises. There is nater fur stuck
purposes, in ;nlinont ever) field. '1 11.• alkv, 0 l'ann iN in
Eirat-rate °tiler. having Intel, , boun ~,d1 , a,,, , 1it Thu. tract
COUTALIIS ser Timber - Land, but Ilio purrl,t, r putt, has e
the prielle of &Ong; •...... a. re- el Inzintain Land eel!
set with C mune and Chi , onn; 0.11:.
I Al —T vvu ACRES and In I'LI;CIIEN ~dloining 'lie
ibove, on e Public Road, wall 41, ~ ,,,, . d I:CNA:VI'
gousE, Stable, &R. Tld, .4.11 tan. t i. welt planted
With FRUIT TREES. and in labwrat,le adapted tor ear
deningpurposes. Then; is It ,rissi \V, ii -.,l IVater a' the
house, and a Spring near the st.dile .
. .
Also--A TRACT ot m0t,....TA1N LANI). •tia3to i n
Letterkenny township, adjoining land.. fir 1 , ..:11 . . heirs,
COlitaflattlg, II acres each—bath u ell r o t is ith Chestnut
and Chestnut Oak.
Persons wishing '1 let% the c•in cia wby ran.
ing uti me, at the firet drect - the,f farm
PUBLIC ‘1 ill be sold at
Public Sale,ua the rre1,1, , • , u IF idt•rsden. .7 ,, II un
ry Llot at, Gro'cloek, A. B. lhe b,l foo Estate
belonging io the llntate of Slat:lwo-M.
A two !dory STONE .ksi) WI: VIII iiI:I3OAIM - ED
MILL. with 15 -4131 ES OF LANG tie reitato lit:oohed,
sitnated in Greene too-u,liip FI.IIIWIII - ('o., I'm, on the
Pablo" Rood leading from the IGutimure Titirl.l , ;ke to the
Scotlind Rail Road ,1‘39,1t 1 ILIA , ' loon tbeioraier
and 2 miles from the latter p.itit. 'flt Miil i. loenteil on
the Conocoeherigne Creek, an , Water l'iaver,
is in good repair, and. 1, n tt,llllti km 111,11a
king grain. There in alto a p,.01 SA tv - MILL. it ton
two dory Weather-I.:1111Ni boil, • tl.llll. I lon,
and all other necessary impros attaelle,l the prop.
e llso.—at, the fame time and 1.111 1 , 0 olleted a
Tract. of 2tIOUNTAIN ,L.1:NI), iriwa :4),‘ ,I•oun
ded bj. lands of lion,
17-ACRII9 more or
Terms made km" non ilAy orate. And Pen , on4 Ivieh
-ing to view the Prciperty tvi LI vtil tm the under , ..nrnoti rebi
cling on the same, or . ”11 her Attorney Johll It. t ire
bersburg, v bon, enn t mlllll,,,,i,nl .1,(.1.1
addreste3d.l inov3lJj mAit“Alarr CAMP.
Asm,.A.LL• P_AJZ 31 Al' P 111 VAT E
BAEZ—The subscriber a al s.dt a t.thloble prop-,
erty, situated +mile south of Fa) vit., .110. l'lani.lhu Ono
ty, Pa., adjoining.tands of Jos. Cris, mai, M. If. Wing, rt
and others, containing iS AttliltS more .., .0.. Tl,' 1 ,,,.
prcrnetnents are a two.storied Blil('K It WT.I.I.INi; with
Brick Kitcen, and Log and Wiaillicri s gall. 4 linen. 'll'a,;:un
Shed and porn Cribs, prick \Vad. House and all miler
necessiaryioubhuildlngs." A Well of am er ftilker Water
Defrr the dObr, and Cistern eats Ininly , t herein. 'I here as
an Orchatil of choice Fruit and a sorely .a 'flier Fruit,
such 841 Plains, Chbrrie., 6.. e. The lard aOf liht quality
and In a good state of cult., ation be. le 1.0,1;3 limed
within the last few yeah, 'lle. great f.erleal i. iiiidii: Pi;st
and Rail•Feace. 'There is also a stream of It unarm Wa
ter on the premises. This torn. 1, sittteed i., ~ h a mmy
and pleaaant portion of the unitary, , , kas enb nt a. Sellaol.k.,
Persocal.'desirons to rice- the prhp,ty h ill ,1.11.,” the
ithdarldgled., fnot-2.3mus] It 111. kt 1. sNYDEIt.
PIIB I i..IC SAL E.--Will pti.,,itit cki. ;4211
at oblio Sale, on .Ifiaiday s/i ~., d da y qt" .I , d,,tre
811 irCe determined to 1110 V, r.,,,, sin l'XitAl s Oil
tato about 200 ACRES of land no Antrim hat h.lny.
of Jima Sites, l'eter Ihekala. and ,tmluel
Predriotifind bounded by'tiiii Conoeiii.he.ig.• Creek. 4
LOT /..o. 1. containing -stoat 1 _st A, a .,, 5 , th La i a d
HOUSE land FRAME BARN. Cora Crib air•l 1‘ . .1 1 4 .. .:” t
Shed, and Tenant House and Stills net .0,...“ C. A t re, ;
in Titsibttr, and 30 In Meadow.
LOT No. 2, containing about I:, A, a 4 all al Timber,
on the South side of the road beliaded I', t i n ,. c.r,.,.),,
LOT X% 3, contaiuingalwou 'l5 Aen:: ...r In_ w Tun
LOT No. 4. adjoinina Lot N. :5 00111,1t.111a 116n¢
Acres, about 1.4 Acre , . in 'rinit,r. •
The land has nearly all loon Lme l and under ¢,,od
?Faces. Sale to common. .9- at 1 %Own ter r o•ll
be made known. Ode on
de4l-2t SAMUEL ;51YEItS. i l'l,an,lo,,,riz
borough of isfyeannelabortr Ful , ,,n
Large Double TWO STllitY 1101."5li.
Kitchen, Wash 'House. d.r.: TWIt Li as ut t Nl),
choice fruit and lihnildsuy: •iu tinny live
bqt - sea. Location and buildings •ii.‘lite tor Mae!. ban -
ing been used as Tic ern for .1" -
rate Well of water at the I All in uood order. Tile
subscriber will sell at u bargain ab..l sate h•te,...not at
any time. For ill/0:11=0R 0.y.11 , rn or
l 1,1 7..
rnavn-tf) fel'Connell.burg Fut o.llla y . Pa.
11 , - Geo. A. SnubEsq.'. In) Attorik. y . 1.111 rise
neemeary information in my aloe no. It. 1..
ed have erected alai in olwriai.o - 1 a gto1.1:1 Saw
at the South Mountain, near Uralic:ll:nag rirtinit. nod a ,
Tioz:v .0%;
est notice arid at lour row,. 1 / 1 1. , nt CI ram arL to or the
Hotel of Sant'l Grocnntruit. in l'ltartil.T.lninV on Satur
day the2lth inst. and on each Sono:lay thereat.
ter for the purpose of contra, d, vr3 of
her. LUMBER DELI\ EltE II at .0:1 pni..:t the Laaw :
EST RATES. All letter , -1,111:! 1:e agi,ire—e:i n. theru ult
Graffenbtirg P. 0.. Aditii. Pa
deel4-tf 3tlL'l'ENßElttiEll a BRA
SALE.—The undersigacd c, „f
SMALL FARM in Green iwar .rc , awl. ad
joining the.Renfrow Mill yr"perl:,laa TIC 75 Acres.
having thereon erected a too-.n,ry 1.4 n; 114/i rIE, Frame
Bent and other imp - thy...mat, 'fi.erc .iyanag
Ofehntd of eboiCe (iraftcli Petit tai t 111. 1 rop , rty
Welt of Water convenient_ :at Acr.-. A re.'l•loared,
and the resldoein thrivino l unt: Tacla•r„tny pernon
dariring any informally!) will lAA I I. -I,l,Lrilwr o
at Cbambersbarg, t s I . ,NVEIVI'.
Coturo aub ,tegars
BTOR,E.—Having re heti , ,e T. 1.4111 0 zo! Ci.rar
Store on South Maio greet, venter at W.t.-IL , N:s , LM - aio
streets,) two squares Cram th , Diantemi, I i. , t a d&
to call and examine my itmek, eenggitta
How . JR,
.1.. r
Congress, all kinds,
Twist, all kinds,
giehigan C,lt
:),)1 - 011):4 . r
f K
Large Heed,
Cat grid Dry,
' - Lynchburg,
imp 21
SEGA - Mt.—The ue.l.,hrs,l h... pet
—from the City,. tvith eumplete snlrk /if Tolor I 0 iiZtli
gars, ouch a#'Neturtil Lext, M,t ItMin Sinehma
Me and Pipes. Store un Queen Sto.ol, trio
the M. E. Chord, Cou,ett. , r.
50:24 1 11.
Manufacturers and Wltuicson• r .
No:310 North Third Strre.t, abf,re-C,,, II ,:+ sbr,
c3Ol/2411 '
J. .JAcona, late of (ThkamliK Pa. 111. a% I:: I,
and SEGARS, Ny1 1 01414110 and n•rml, at
SHAFER I'l A 1:1",
on Queen greet, Eng or ti,. :%1,111,..1,-,
Mennifetitory Liberty :tier,: tt,
The undersigned 1113noUnces lb, •111,1 art In
nee to manufacture and import Ili,' I I 111.• ,•,
betted quarries in Franco, the boo
- :which he offers at reustmahin rat , ' and
factlon to . the purchaser. Also-1:x ••,- r 1,1 .1., Lt
the oelebrated
Orders by mail pruatialy tittl
warded by isikuad, mnio it 1. 5,,11
VI . • N . 51. 1':: LA:,
nar2:l-3inl ,Nu. 10 Weal Stale St" Itt yt,
ff r Reporitory publish 3 and nnn
oaks .simediateig for colltwtiott.—llarr,ourg
JL for Barley at,tbe Brewery r
~, .
. , .
, . .
.. ~ .
1 4 . .
.. _ . N
. .., , i
_: ; 1 1 • ...
....,.:...a..... tte ,
tql :_.)., • 1 1,:z .*,,,
. 1. ,
frank len ~,„•
, .
. _
D EGISTEWS NOTICE —Ali personsin-
L teresh•d vill }lien lake !loth, that the following
Ae..111114.1 4 hate Ned ti cis Aeont. in th e Regie,n,
otp, of Fr mkiin Conatt at el that the battle h ill be pre
flit Cart for eanfirmation. on Waive,
daft, thi-,120, tray janvaro.lMil in Chanthersburg: '
1. ftr , tt told Intl Aerow of llinvn Son coo nne of the
s, r, ) .01, of Gnilltsrd township,
1"1“, and Soot. Ailin'r of John
Albert, i• to of fi•uoilton
P. N. Ho!Lux, Es:r of I'm. Chas.
him Sinitliatmiton bey , +Va.
Sent. of l'atriek Mellarvev nod John Hawk, EX . ri
of Catli.irme 3111Ier, late of tat. 'biomes twp.. deed.
Sort. of Anna S. Ilelutmlimm, gnariliuu-of Martin
and Charlotte tlointzelniun. minor eloldrou of Samuel W.
Ileintzolman later of Cuiltimitup„
Seennd and final Sect, of Jaeob Reiblmnl, S. E.
Stahl rod Le, i Spine, Eire of Jos. Stahl, late of Green
tiff, deed.
Hey ond and final Acct Wat S. Arnberson and
ALl:than, Fntnt.r..luirs of Daniot Royer, Late of Wash
metonprp„ deed.
First and Boat _Acct of Abraham Horst, Adm'r of
TlicahcUt 110 .ver, Lao of Antrim tivp , deed.
9. Firrt and final acct of Wm. Shelter, Adair of Won.
itu. Final Aoct. of Alex. W. K - t - nor, Guardian of Mary
E. Reside. minor child of John E. Iteside, lute of South
ampton township, dec'd.
11. Fluid Acct. of Sarni 0 ne,, -Ear of John She'll
to, Inte.of Guilford Imp. deed.
Amt, of Davld Grotsman, Guardian of Wm. liege,
minor child of Susan 31. Ilege, late of Guilford twp., deed:
13. Acct. of John Midhour, cite of the Ex'r.s of Jacob
3141antr, late of Quincy twp.. Jet 'd.
111 First and final Atteonnt of Jolla D. Walker, Adm'r
Jesso M. Jones. who was Guardian of Jacob D. and - V.
K. P. Kegarreis, children of Jacob Kegerreis, late of Faro
nett tap.. deed,
15. Account of Nathunim Martin, Guablian of Hannah
11. Martin. minor child of John Martin, deed.
lb. Final Account of Abraham Barr. Gdardian of Jacob
Shockey, minor child of Samuel Shockey, lute of Wash
in2tou twp., deed.
17. First and. fin,tl Account of John Zimmerman, Ex'r
of Elizabeth Study. late of Warren hilt, deed.
.1,1. Filial Amount of Atchison Ritchey, Ear of Jane
Milligan, deed.
19. Firs.t and final Account of Abraham Keel'ac (of 5.,)
Adair of Mrs. 31. M. Keefer lane of Cumberland. County,
21). Account of John Bowman, Guarthan of Chrislianna,
Davol and Amanda C. Nichola, minor children on Peter
Nicholas, Into, of Indiana. deed.
•!1. First Account of John 11. Laker, Guardian of Peter
Snyder, Jr., minor child of Peter Snyder, Sr., late of Guil
ford twp., deed.
22. Finnan(' thud Account of T. 13. Kennedy, Guardian
of Wm. C. Beaver.
'1.3. Second und final Ageonnt of Rob% C. Homer, Guru
Sion of Jamm H. McGaughey.
Serond nod final Aeroont of C lioninr,P-twr,
than ofD. C hin 310.taugney, '
23. Second and final At tnntot of ftob't C. Horner, GOBS
dine of Alexander H. Metintorhey.
23. Flat uml Mull Account of Peter C. Holler, Adm'r of
'Henry Holler. late of Lurgan twp., dee d.
27. Ci,t um! Mud Account of Juo. 1). Van Lear, Adm'r
of Joseph Van loatr. lute of l'ayetterille, deed.
23. First fund final Account of Alex. M. Johnston, Ad
rninwtrutor of Samuel Johnston, late of Montgomery twp.,
dee d.
First and final Aocount of Watt Ifoldon, Jr., Adzo'r
of Wm. Ifoldon, late of St. Thomas twit., deed.
30. Fist-and final Acet. of U.K. Wunderlich, Guar.
than of Hettie Rhode-%
31 Fast. and final Atiit. of D. K. Wunderlich. Guar
taw of NV. B. Rhodes.
3'2. The . F irst t. of John Rover and James S. Cron
klettp. klx'ra of Suno J. Crunkleton, late of Antrim
'I at. Avet. of Jos Loolikauto and John Downey, Adrers
ofJolin Loellbstain. late of Green hrp., dee'd.
33. First .feet. C. S. and Chan. W. Eyster, Ex'r, ofJa
cob Oyster, late of Cluunbertburz, dec,L
35. First and final Acct. of Win. Rupert, Aam'r of Mar.
tba Van Lear. late of Green top.. deed.
31. FirsCand final Aiscount of Israel Here, Guardian of
Anna, Barbara- Catharine Sarah, Mary and Frederick
:strife. minor children and heirs of IstALf Strite, late of
Guilford tap., deed.
G First final Account of Abraham W. Hoover,
Guardian 0f.1.11,1 Wingert. minor 1 hill of John Wingert,
late of hettexkonny twp
dee2l.4t • V STRICKLER. Register.
January tenn i 1;;.6r,
.:-. FIR,I" 11 F.FIC.
llortglovout &Co -1, -Wunderlich, Read & Co.
S & M l'enttuek At Co. vg. Wiliam Reber.
Jobs 31 Curdy. et al v... Andrew M'Cuidy.
Sante . v,t, David Vance.
John Peterrnas', Ada vs Lewis Etter. -
William Rodeo rs 1 A. 'N‘ Menu Keysttit.
Jaettb S Brows N .e. S3l Worley et al. '
Wllliam Rodeerti t.t. Willtasi Keyser.
George Clair, 0 .,., i A John H Tittle
Mary C MiTI, • •,. John H Bartle.
John 3illttioter 1 A. William E slur:
..... Brtt't•t Wohistuith.
Morris•rn v 4. Kr._•nger
. ..
Wea.clfy ' , -z. fionebruK...
T M, et a! -.,... B Phreattor's Adm'r.
Robert l'tt lo- lA. Ikavol Tee tor.
W Wolff - • vs. Wm Christ.
vs. Wm 31'Grath, Sheriff.-
Jul.n Tntch I v 3. Jo•ePb Price. '
.Eli. June Trinde , el al. v.. Mary Ann Clark.
'Fleur!. Holby • , ~ -1' L Fletcher. efal
Win 31*Grnth 1.,.. John F Guyer.
William lin,l, NN. .10119 Shoup.
Jambs L)su . ~ .1 llii;ey' & wife.
Morrow It Skinue^ ye. Samuel Either.
Jams,' Martin re Mii hue! Long,
Martins It Skinner t s .S.tinnel Bitner.
John Snider dr. site. - a s. Wm. Christ.
A hraharn Hear '1 S. I) S Reirher. et aL
Willintn Wilhelm ' A '3. I) S liniiiher.
David Witherspoon , Rohner% Currev's Eir,
John RlChlirdEA.. NI, John Plum. Currey
ke.4.'l A. S. TAYLOR, Proth'y
pRoCLAMATION.—To the Coroner,
I. the Justieea of the Peace. and the Constables of the
different Thue.hips in the County of limekiln, Oreeting
Knott all 30, that is purqtant eel the prerept, tope da
re, fed under the bandana msal ef the HON. At.EN , KENG,
Pstsident of the several Court' of Common Pfau!, in the
Sixteenth District consestisfe• of the counties of somerttet,
Bedford, Fulton and Frtirlidle, sod be virture of his otlice
of the Court of Oyer andtereliner and General Jail Delis -
eiy for the trod of and oilier offenders therein and
in the General Coat - tor Quarter Se,sams of the Peace, and
W. W PAXTON. and JAME. (I. Chest) . .. Esqs ;Judges of
,sante county of Fruel.lan. You and each of you are
hereby required to be told appear in your proper persons
,th t rtt. Reverts, Iteeet.snizuneey Examinations, and
other Rem embranees before sh eJudfres aforesaid, at Chem.
berSbnrg. at a Court of Oyer and Terminer and General
Just Delis ery. and Genera tltutrter 'tensions of the Peace,
therein to be holden for the Co misty el - Franklin aforesafd
on the 3d Mondey in January bass , the 16th day of the
month, at 1.0 Aloe}, in the forenoon of that day then and
there to du tlip4Olosurs, unfelt to your several offices ay
Gls en under my hand us Chambersburg. the 20th De
cember 101.1 ideetfli SAMUEL BRANDT, Sheriff.
_Li is hereby g,tvon that teem this date all persons found
shouting Game it: other, i.e Trespassing on the propertes
of tho undersigned le 11l S /1` dralt-isith areordiug to lass.
Stunnei Mill,. "Jacob Snider, (of J.)
'Rudolph :,11, tter, Michael Hege,
W. II 11. lire, John Myers,
David shorter Christian Miller, ;
Ephraim Burkholder, Jacob Bender,
Salton-I I.etl Dante] Gros e,
John K. `soli ell.. Wzn C. McKnight,
i David W. Small. G. urge Smith.
Henry S. Milk:, .tarot, Etter,
Abraham Le-ter 1.. B. :small,
John hillier. Samuel Etter.
W. J. Maxwell David. AVltherspoon,
Samuel Fredonck, I ranius Warner,
Jot .th Myur., -Clithertt Witherspoon,
Cr, W. hillter William F. Staab
eltelll It
TP IN.— sarn Rerhordxol,',. Ex:at, —T9 the heir{
and It gal represehtatiN es of geld dee'd: Yon are hereby
notified that 111 portoance of a n Tit of inquisition, istuing
out 11 the Orphan . .., Court ,4"Franlslin county. Pa„ and to
me direeted. Iti ill hold an infitt , t on the Real Estate of
o hick :add de. ...lap. Ailed iota. -.limb, re the Borough
of flreen.t,d,, Pa. On the .Ite day of
Jontitrm A.O 1f4;5 at l P hex+ and a here
you too' :Mai] i‘ou thyd„ prop,.
deel4-3t _ .cAMI 6L, BRAND, Sheriff.
If 4 Ile
I H E 1,. I F 1"S NO'FICE
.h How/ r ,r , re—T„ the heirekat.ll ,
ul rCilre, It• of au , l dee'd You are hereby notsfi•
ell that :n plinane t of tt. tit , 4 tuquiwtlon. loFtung out
of the 1 (' , nut of Fraukhu l'oun , ! and to we
dire::.,!. I . l at 11,, Heal EgtutP, of
, 1"1 d 1.,•],p1 4ft_tmlo. in Franklin COUtIt
en :11.4 rl.ty Deerniber A. 1) , 1P434, at 10
oe t,,,k, A. It.. witf awl t‘ here vm may attend if you
think prep. r. •••.• BRAS I Ste-rift.
t I'i)l'l.4 )H's NoT le E.—Not ice itshere
-11 by g.APtlthet: 'llO 'lnd. r•tg,1.41 NtS , ton appointed
1. the Urldo o Own FrauLllu Nuathr to make
.11.,tributiuue tlu W. Brett er.
'rra , to to IN•al I, , ,tur. nl rrlllilllll COsgrOVe,
owl ...mug 1,07 , .,,.1.1,t11411 . , late to • r.h.eiVi.
Ibit,,,nl , Ora be It ill utru..• Ntamatathuit
;a, u. the L:- arputtit own:, Fruiuu,
Iktrmiro r a: i heur ,
not 1 , . ' 11. I MFR. Auditor.
N; __The l'artuership
1 17,E, 5 re ( t ) 01:,, 1 , j 7: 1 15 4 , ), ,`„ „,„ L o r the Std I. 1111 d lith , of Win
gora K. F..14211)1111, :o th. romarchng and Connuivtion
hu-ine,. In CI. ed. oh Ow 2 9 th
111, ID ...k, of the old firm are ,n the handti of A. B.Wrar
toed ho Celli coottone th e s q.l b t,01.1, _
rt•1.1,:1, , 11 . , DO%
I •
/ i toie k 11OI , tity on that cetter. of Admiriletrutim ,
,lo llotli• one on the I:' , 4ltOttt ha bolus Snider. late of Gull.
bird toy leanioley'd Lev,, heon granted b. tie• ontkrrigued
Ittton mG thttatiol, 4, 110014141 to 4:1111 E4late
it I° , tit , teal, tattned,ae rt) nt 8,111 tllO, hat ma.
plirtoitt thlllt prop, sty nti.d for settittment.
it. ,I 1 II N \ DER, Adair.
A i)NirvisTß
t. ,, , hereby given
that la tiers of Administration.
ID. E. t 7. T. A .. Estat, of John Memos', late of
Guilford tcxyliship. dec'.l, have been g rf‘o t e d t o the un der.
All persons knowinc thert.sto , •o indebted to said Estate
it nieLlon matte intrat•th,,te payment, and those having
i. ,Ilems present them properly atithentie4ted for settlement.
1 n0t.39 CATNARI . ,n HARTLINE, dita'rl.
krgat Rotites.
Anal. 41.oticts.
.1_ Tice is hereby gis en that Letters of Arba , lii , tration
on the Estate of John Shrrl,. late of lltssingseiiiir:, ton ie
[ship s deed, have loon granted-t.+the under,igne.L .
All I,IIOIIE Anon inC thenesilics i s , betide
will please make immetihue payment, and those havin_
olahns pent them reps rI . ) .111 Z 11,, flint. a ~-ttletnenf.
nor3o CATUARINE SURMA:It .1411ilyrt.
tine is hereby given that Leiters .d,Atlministratir
on the Estate. et Curies Lover) latest Codirtml ton uship,
de&d. have been granted to the undersigned.
AlDpersons knowing themselves 'adept.: to said Estate
rOll please-make immediate payment ; and those has iitg
emboss present ',hem proven) athentieuted ter benlement.
the ie hereby given that Letters of Adminiqration
on the Estatebf Jacob Sweitr,er.'lite of the Borough of
Chtimbersbufg, deceabed, bur e hist° granted m tiot under
All persons kno;ving themselves indebted to said Estate
trill please make immediate payment; and tho-e having
claims present them properly ituthentieated Mr settlement.
novl6 F. S. S'rli.M.B.kli(lll, Adin'r.
hereby given that Letters Testimentary to the Estste
of Rebecca Pawling, late of Antrim ton r.suip, def 'd, have
been granted to the undersigned.
All persons knowing themselves indebtul to said Estate,
will please make immediate payment; and those hVng
claims preseuttliem properly authenticated forhettlena w.
hereby given that Letter, egtamentary tb tbt . Estate
of Rachel Mason, late ot Cbambersburg. deed have been
granted to the uudersioei.L
All persons knowing themselves indebted to said Estate
will please Make immediate payment; and those having
claims present them properly authenticated for settlement.
bev3o CAROLIN£ MORtiAti. Rirs.
hereby given that Letters Tirstamentary to the Di
late of Martha Sllllll6Oll, lute of Hamilton ion n,Lip , dee
have:Leen granted to the undersigned.
All persons knowing themselves indebted to said Estate
will please make immediate payment; and those h o ning
claims present them properly authenticated Kir settlement.
novlti JOHN MILLER, Pair.
- p.XE.CZTOR'S %I.Z . 0T I E.—Notice is
hereby given ; that Letters Testamentary to the Es=
tate of Daniel Stickell, late of Antrim township, de d,
have been granted to the undersigned.
All.persons knowing themselves indebted to said Estate
will please snake immediate payment, and those has in
claims present them properly authenticated for settlement.
IA hereby given that Letters Testamentary to the Es
tate,of Mary Dickey, late of Greencastle, decd, have beets
granted to the undersigned.
. Al persons indebted to said Estate are requested to
make immediate payment, and those having claims will
please present them properly authenticated for settlement
novl6 MARY W. DICKEY, Ex'rx.
Mattbes ant 3etuar».
Having Jut opened a well selected assortment of
in my line, directly
Opposite the Post Office, on Second Strea,
where my old and I hope many new customers will find
me during business hours. Sly old stock having het.o
duced 'very soddenly on the .30th of July last, I c.a. , com
pelled to buy au
Entire New Stock of Goods,
which are of the latest styles and patterns, colisisting
Gold and Silver (Imported and American)
Gent's and Ladies Witt,
Jewelry of tine and medium qualities,_
Silver Thimbles, -
Napkin Rings,
Fruit and Butter Knives,
Gold Pens of fine quality,
Pocket Cutlery,
Razors. Strops and Brushes, ,
Silver Plated Spoons, Forks and Butter Knives.
Jett Goods.
Pocket Books,
Ladies' Purses,
Nail and yooth Brushes,
Redding and Pocket Coml.,
Lead Pencils,
Morocco Satchels
Large and Small Willow Baskets,
Fifas' ,
Ihttinas, /cc.
The assortment of CLOCKS * is are and of ery rtt
have on hand the HENRY REPEATING RIFLE.
which ten be fired Aileen tihrza in that many use end".
Everybudy should have one for self defence.
The public are invited to mill and examine them.
PISTOLS on band and orders filled for any ;dad that
may be wanted. Cartndges of all sixes kept on hard.
From long expenenee I can adapt Slee-titel-- ht the 'atria
of the old as well as middle eget'. SPECTACLES AN L'
EYE GLASSES in Gold - Silver and Steel Fntraes al
ways on band.
Having the agency for the sale of the relebtated 131:11 ;
CLAR AND Flithl-PROUF riAIL. loanutto coLett by
Farrell, Herring le_ Co., I will fill enters at the manotio -
tures price. All information in retruol to them given.
The public are ins iced to mill and estimine the stuck.
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry repaired ut tow rate., to
+mit the times
tetwtion of every reader of this paper, which inelude9
many thoarand at Ilia old patrons and atquaintanees. to
his unusually large ane beautiful r uriety of AMERICAN
& Imported WA ECHES, CLOCKS, and p1..1
~ , a nt desiems
ELI HOLDEN 'Mb Market Stroet.
Hag a large trek of
Superior plated TEA SETS, SPOONS, YORKS
sepßNJ4mos •
;1300t5 ant *bum;
P. FELDMAN, having disposed of his entire sock
of Hoots, Shoes, at trhofesalr. on the 30th of boa month.
and finding it inconvenient to resume business at los for
merylace on Main street, I have ituit returned from tho
STOCK, to which he respectfully invites the atteirion ,if
his old customers, and as many now ones as will he pleased
to give hint a call, at HIS NEW STORE ON SECOND
ST., in CHARLEY KLINE'S brick building. neorit Op.
isosite the Post - Office. His stock embraces every variety ,
of y o uths', Ladies' a n d Men's BOOTS CE BHOPis; u hich
for style of finish, and durability of wear, cannot be sur
passed iu the county, and which will be sold at Tillers to
suit the times. Having purchased THE uvrEsT STY LE
OF LASTS, he is prepared to make Customer w ork . at
short nntice, by the best workman to the county. With a
disposition to be obliging and twennumsintintr, he ltehe ,
to went a liberal share of patronage—, Shout a desire
to , rnonopolize,as his motto is in common cal, flu", to
five and let leave.
Parri,-ular aurntton pud to at/ mindsni Repntring
He has also on lumd, and fur sole, cheap Tntnks, Va
lises, Carpet Sucks Idanon and Paper Codars, Pap. r,
Envelopes, Ink•stauds, Steel Penn, de., &e.
N. 11.—Alt person knowing themn.•h es ralelded IA 31
please call and make immediate settlement, that I tit) hx
euablroi to loot Imy former 'Wadi,. in the City, tour..!l
The undersigned takes thin method of returning his !hunk s
to his numerous iiniaoinere., and the poblie gem rail). Jro
the very liberal pa;ronage heretofore fo
and hope-, in his pre-ent mi.forune in esinimmi with no,-
ly every business man in loon tint, lie.,
to he remembered. 1 - I , 7liag the ph stare of informing Vie
publie [but he has apPll.4l hit Sting. MO. Bab Harat 4•1
ii. MrLanahan'a Ihrellp/14 , - and SW, tine
North of the Metlmih•t when he is. prepared 10
offer a general assortment of Women's and
area's &HIM and Shoe., embracing hie own end Cut mot
afacture, which, fur excellece of ntylennil dimihility art
swerior to and cd . his former sting, and n ill he ollervil
preen to snit all. Ile Werliiy 11144.10 it temn
Philadelphia whiels for beauty Mid ellen , .• nano!
rtfai.ed Situnli.f the fill.witiehartnw
(21:61131FA: WORK of t• en tart ly
proniptno4..---A. to. esnilloo4 none 'but ,ot4 nu o
he feeds Justified in gortranieelne all woll, to.ole at In. e—
tabli.gbrnent.. Don't forget the pl.teo. Four Pr.r.q
of the lifith. l l.e (laird+, Srcond I:aAt
TRU, 01 the late. 4 style, frow , nil. •O'
55113 S MI band 'dal for 'lllO at a von .1111111 ;I,iN
011{C11.11 C 4 JA( -TTON
election flotices.
1. - 4 - 71.,EcTioN.-- , -'nle Annual Mtpting nt
_EI the Sto,khohkrq I.7slllEltSlll 1:0 (IAS
COMPANY, alll he held .0 the , tlll o! Stauthttligh and
Guilt, an hiOn day thP . 2 4, th rbty ,11 r03, - , 1e1V.4,11
the hoor of 1 and 2 il'cl.tek. l' he floe f
SEVEN DIREcToRs for the tear 1 - 1;:. 1,0 rn L, Id •t ,
thy (um., owl 11,
r - . 1 11:1;F:11 1 C; So,. tar, A 'frett.
-• • _
E LECTION.—.N ATios.\ t.
lo; 1)...e...0 0 t 7. P5.4.--At.
for SEVEN ifint:f•Tou, 11.1.1.., n, -.1 - 1 o fir :Iv
ensuing VI . V. n ill 1), 1:0€1 .he Ilanl.inv . ,ll.ktNe oa I . !
day, the ilith Of .1110 ry rt,-ot P. M.
dee7-4t. (i. R. 31ES:,EntiMITII, CuiLhkr -
. and CABINET WARE ROOM the litueinclit
of the M. E. Church, ;slam, he has nii.v u u hand all hind,
of Cabinent Ware. Such a, Bedstedds, linmius Table.
Chairs, Stands, and Mattrasscs, Atltt,4l OAK and WAL.
NUT COTTArikli FURNITURE- "ivirylossi Blinds, Sc.
which hooeill stil caeta
Varblbarc eutlttp, &r:
with an & , xtPh ,, ive sunk of Hardware, Cutlery. &a.
everything in their line. \
Call ,and examine oltr stock.
The sulv.criber respectfully informs his Mends and the
public that he continues to carry on the above business,
at hi. old stand, on Main Street, opposite the German Re
formed Church, CHAMBERS/CI:KG, PA.
Having. enlarged his business, Saddlers and Coach•
mature kill and In his tore Room a general assortment
of good< suited to their several requirements, such ae
Fnir anti Country Hogskins,
Patent. Leather,
- Saddle Treesand Girtbi •
Gig Tre,a, Full Played, Tinned and Japanned;
11.ur, Straining Web and Worsted Rain
Web, lower than Cotten:
Haines Bits and Stirrups, Plated, Tinned and Japa
0,01 handles, new styles; Curtain Frames; Ilitb
31ndle rt`nt4 liosestes, Swivels and Ornaments; I
W,ssi Gig' Homes. -
all Styles and l'atteratt; Ivory and Wooden t •
stomp Joints, and a variety of other goods gni
for the trade.
ALL KI:siDS. OF PLATING, &.e., done with neatness
ant t d.•,patkh. [decl4] - LEWIS WAIKPLER.
4 ,4x14 under the Lpavement. which were not
sm.!. a. Locks, HluviclErcreaS and other Hard-
Ite.d, they imam Just recliveal from New York
and lit Ladelplna a yet" large lot of goods. purchased much
Inml..r than they are generally sold. They having been
til , •n . n,re. we etre, Iran. Nails. Hocks, Hinges,
Glass. Pala, dr..c., lathe lowest figure.
. _
bo% hAnd about 70 Tons Iron of different kinds,
ho h o.• ,viii '4 • 11 less than it can be bought in the city.
Aho kne 100 kegs of Nails and Spikes, we offer at
iron] b 0, 10 dollars per keg.
Knisc: Forks, Scissors, Razors, Pocket Knives,
Spoon. Z.c, dust reivivelfroraNevrrork ankh we offer
• sep223
_Li The public are inrited4o call and estamtne the large
mid n ell ,tiak of FOREIGN ANDiDOILESTfC
HARI/NI - ARM ji,t opened on &rani, beipern Quern and
Ma_rlset strret.. Uhambersburg, Pa Habsng purchased
nv's: of their crssh, before the reeent advance in prices,
frtnnle:i•ling. manitthetitrenz, we are determined to sell our
costoinen, cheap. We lints on hand this, Painfeh
•,,,tery. Spoons, Iron and Steel., Rakes, Shot - els &
ri.ras r•orlatier, , :Shot, Ftudlso, Ropes, Cords. Hams.,
Chains Brusli , • Ponder. Locks, Hinges; Screws. Fdes,
Poo. Kettles tuel Pans. Tools of every,description, and
!roots of all hinds usually kept in a well regulated Hard
wore establishment. Orders from a distance, accompanied
o ith the cash. !lumpily attended to i and goods aitaished
as cheap when the person is present iCaltand try US.
-11 TERN: Glass nil iiizes and qualities; Lacks, Bin•
gos and Serra , . Oils andiPaints, Varnishes, Turpentine,
uwl e%ery .I.—eriptien of IS:lilt:Sag Hardware can be had,
at low prii es by culling o t IRWIN & RHODES, on Sec
°,d Stn.,
i,Thoenif, Errs' Findings,
Saddlers' Findings
rut+ ea. h ancl,many"other 'articles which was in
iht• 5-0 a halt ran he wade as 00(114114w
BARE,wmcE ,3.11 on IRWIN & RHODES, orr Se
owl street.
( - 4E14 AR WARE.—CaII at the Store in
1,./ the BRAND & FLACK.
Qt MA,rEIS_OFTICE, Department of Wert
I",gtulo. Couilwriand, Md.. November IS, 1E64.
st.: .11, I.: It I I f trf )8 ALS in duplicate are invited 4; the
undersigned tot ~ , , i pplying 'the Quartermaster's Depart
-111(.11t m the Irephrtment of West ViVrginia at Charleston,
l'arker,burg and Wheeling, West Nit., Ohio,
and ti e so end Depots on the line of the Bfftimare and
ol e o It a ,l ro pd. as frlions: Clarksburg, Grafton; New
t:n-.h ('untberland. 3tarrinshnrg. Harper's Ferry, Bergh,
Point of lttiks, and including liagerstown and Frederick.
City 31d. or either of three 'lases, with Hay, Corn, Oata
and Straw.
Bat, ryceived for the deli Very of three thousand
bn.hcht or Corn or Oats and fifty (SO) Urns of Hay
or straw rod upwards, and must he accompanied by a co
p~ eet tin. ad% .rtisement.
11i,hteni mast state at which of the above owned points
they propie.ei,to maim deliveries, and the rates at which
they w ill oldie . deliveries thereat, the quantities of each
:attt le propled to be delivered. the time when said deffe
er) ‘holl be 1 , and when to be completed.
Corn nt.d fiats to be put up in good, strong sacks; Hey
kod Steno to tie securely baled.
ono lOs offered under the bids herein invited will be
.rite, t to t, total imipoetien tip a Government inspector,
beton le•;nawo opted.
COIIIIIIIt, Will be awarded. from time to time to the lowest
bolder, as the interests id the Uoverutnentmay
',Noire. • '
No biol 4 will I o. considered from parties who have fn' rd
beretotote to Comply {soh their contract,
polor.als sou , : avuomprinied . by.a guaranty, sign
-ed be too 11,1.011,11,1 e persotoi, that in ease the bid Id no
optod lo or they a Ilt-'-within the time named, ex4eute
de , emend for the calla., With good tur d su ff icient sureties
in a 0151,5 Num in - amount to the atineafft of the contracts to
brags propo.wd is conformity with the terms of
00- rtewtoent, and in rive a bidder shall fail to enter
into the contrast they "to snake good the difference between
the ell, r 01 -eel bidder and the next lowest responsible
kidder or tle• person to whom the contract maybe awarded.
he 1, von.iliiht3 tit the guarattem must be shown by
tip off, ial ert , li, ate 1,1 a I tilted 'States District Judge or
Amine r , Collebtor of Customs, or other Government ottl-
z 1.1,1) 1,1 flit+ e.
All I ..rtio. 11111 notifi44l of the acceptance or to
• ti , .o 0:
. II iinipssils must to lead, in duplicate, and b e eeeem .
the Oath IA allegiance of the party or parties,
antes , it has already Inc. a plac;eil on file in thin office.
'l'lic'tiill Immo and tiod office address of each bidder
I/01/4 Ile is In. in the proposals.
Propo s al: mina be titian:isms' to Capt. J. G. Farnsworth,
Clint Quartermaster. Department of West Virginia, Gum
ls Hand, 31,1. and marked ''Fropisalsta FOrage."
111..a1s 'lf lints, guarantees and bonds may beob
inimid en 0.11,11 ounce.
nil under thin advertisement will be
and es coined at this office on WFDICESD AY and
si,vi I Il l .0 each sieek, at 1::11. Bidders are re
`Pc. tinily .nsi , sl*.i Is. present at the opening of bids, if
di see J. O. FARNSWORTH.
I:ap6on nod Chief Quartermaster,
I I it Department of West Virginia.
ptiblicationo.- •
E t: 1' 1; - 1 . 7, TO, YOUNG MEN.—
1.,. Envelope. Price Six
Lo, 'ore on the Nature, Treatment and Radical Cure
.Speraintorrio..., tn Seminal Weakness, Involuntary
I Me e...ta , , nail Impediments to Marriage
zo,,erolt NC,on.oau , eLtltiltillPti o .., F.pilepec, trod
1 it., 111.12 i eland )'ht leenrWeit)., resUlting front
111 . LVLIMELI, M. b., Author
et M. Ge
ren Rook '
nr lit 0.n.0., cm,' thin admirable Lecture.
/ malls p,ot , Wan /Ins, exporierme that the ass flit COI,
gut are „! Abu, one tar t qlectually IVrnoved
nut IITI4 w ithout dimptrousrsurgiettl operation,
ring - , or cordial, pobonorput a mode
siro ,doetual. by wloca every.ur•
11,1 Mat? , r v,Lat tar ..ondition may - be, may are him
I wank pilvat..ll, and - PHIS LEG r I'RE
sent under Wary address, in a plain, sealed
lope on the I 'mpt in nix cents, ortwo postage damps,
1,3 toldre:sam . - CHAS. J. C. KLINE Sc. CO.,
omit! Mill 127 Bowery,, New York, Ppst.oo3ce Box, 4586.
jOB PItINTING iu every style none at
, t! , *4; of to FILAICEIti EXIVETIVIT
liave opened their store
on Main street,
arl2, th e i r 0.1 pla,e of basine?,
coutisting in part of
- Files. .
Turporktilie, •
Blasting Powder,
Grind Stones, •
Cedar Ware,
Packet Snicee , &e.
Special atleution is called
Buikierb and Contractors,
as they are
prepared to tarnish in any quantity,
at wholesale,
OF COM...TROLLER OF TUE Time Stan% Washington,
November 30, 1864.
WHEREAS, By satisfactory evidence presented to the
undersigned, it has beta made to appear that TUE NA
Charnbersburg, in the County of Franklin, and State of
Pennsylvania, has been duly organized under awl accord
ing to the requirements of the Act of Congress entitled
"Art Act to provide a National Currency, secured I a
pledge.of United States Bonds,' and to provide for the cir
enladon and redemption thereof," approved June 3, 1864,
and has complied with all the provisions of said Act re
quired to be complied with before commencing the busi
ness of Banking ander said Act;
Nolo, therefore I, NI3OFI NIIULLOCII, Comptroller of the
Curreooy, do hereby' certify that '• THE NATIONAL BANK
OF CITA.33BEIIISBC/IG,' in the Borough of Chambersburg, In
the County of Franklin, and State of rennsyls-ahia, is au
thorized to commence the business of . Basking under the
Act aforesaid.
In testimony whereof, witness my hand and sdalof office
this thirtieth day of Nrwensbea.lB64. _ _
Comptroller of the Currency
em.] as required by the llth Bectitm of the Act, en
titled "An A& enabling the Banks of this Commonwealth
to 'become associations for the purpose of banking under the
lacy of the United;;States," passed the `end day of August,
A. 11. 1864, bas certified to me that the ''Bank of Cham
bersthrg" located: in Chambersburg, Franklin County,
has furnished satisfactory evidence to him that all the re
quirements of said Act hove been complied with by the
said Bank, and that it has become an association for the
porposii of Banking under the laws of the United States.
11 do therefore cause this notice thereof to be published in
accOnbince with the provisions of the 11th section of the
said act, and do declare that the Charter of said Bank by
the terms of said act, is deemed and taken to be hereupon
surrendered, subject to the provisions of the And section
of said act, [d:l-3t) Ai G.CCRTIN, Gov. of Penna.
FLACK respectfully request all persons knowing
themselves Indebted to them by notes or book accounts to
call and make immediate settlement) The necessity of
this notice is apparent to every one, and we hope those in•
debted will report at once. , ang34•tf
A DVER .—I have lost my Account
Books by the destruction of Chambersbarg on the
30th ult., and mustbrust to the honor and, honesty of my
old customers to pay up. I still Conduct my old business
in Chatabersburg and will be glad to fill orders as before.
ab,s+2.4 S. S. SERYOOK..
' December-Mb, 1864.
TT- S. 7-30 NOTES AJ) N 10 ! 40 BONDS
for sale at this Bank at par, and an other govern-
meat securities bought and sold., •
decsll,3t 0. R. MEBSERSIWTH, Cashier.
densigoed wishing to close hii books, , wonld respect
fully solicit all persons knowing themselves indebted th
call and make,settlement without further notice ,
n05 . 23-6t .1. B. eothi.
MT anb Sanrg Goats:
On Second Street, neatly opposite the Post officq
Have just received and opened a large and varied aback o 1
Landry goods. to which they In the, the attention of the
Public. Wevrill say just here that we are prepared to
sell goods as low as any house in the county, the Bulls and
Bears not excepted.
Our stock consists in part as !dhows: '
LADIES' DRESS GOODS, a large variety,
CLOAKING CLOTHS, very cheap.
BALMORAL & HOOP SKIRTS, cheaper than
can be bought elsewhere. Gloves, Hosiery,, Hoods, &e„
` great variety.
For Men and Boys' wear we have Cloth, Cassimer, Sat
tinetts,-Twe&ls, Jeans, Under Shirts, Drawers, Stockings,
&e.. all very cheap.
Weave also a full stock of Muslim, 'Pickings, Flan
nels, &c., all of which will - be sold to milt customers. .lotc
is ire time to buy.
Jl2.lslowly, not'so with the Mtge arid; vaned assortment
of Dry GoLids just opening at WM. WALLACE & CG :S
at the Market House corner, opposite the Methodist Church.
They have just returned from New York where they pur
chased at Auction, the largest assortment of 11 . 7
ever brought to this county which they offer et greatly re
dness} prirea for Lash, consisting of . •
Good Muslin at 05 cents,
1 Yard wide at 50 cents,
Ili Yards wide, Sheeting, 81 25,,
1} Pillow Case Muslin, 75 celda,
Best prints at 37} cents, '}
Good punts at lower prices
Ginghams, 374, best, 45 cents,
Balmorals, 83 73,64 00, 84 5 0 ,
Shawls at al}prices,
Ladies' Cloaking, all colors,
Casinos, Jeans and Casimers.
12 Quarter EllanketsPall wool, 812 513-per pair. '
A 'tall assortment of Gloves, liosiery, dc, constantly on
The slip:wads being purchased in New York at low•
est cash price, we are determined to sell at low rotes to
cult the times.
- Give as a call before purchasing elsewhere..
°otiti s WAL !WALLACE* CO.
z' to which has bean
added, by a' chemical process, a large per (rootage of
actual Ammonia, stiflited that It cannot evaporate, mak
ing it equal, if not superior to any other fertilizer.
Pamphlets with copiesuf Analyses by Dr. Jackson,
Mats. State Assayer, and Dr. Liebig. of Baltimore, and
testimonials from scientillo Agriculturists, showing its
value.. Can be obtained from
J. 0. BAKER, & CO„
87IWall'Strett, Ten• York
march ly
WActicti. l it;RA ' N E r 3 R 6' l:A l cr ß uit ß EL. 9
Sulk St. and Oeraleutteam Aremic, Philada., Pa.
Manufacturers of Gorse Powers, Thre,hCrs and C:can
ers, Reapers and Mowers, Farm Grist Mills, Fodder Cur
tern, Corn Sheller, Circular Saw Machines and ever) va
riety of uptirpved Irtgilements. SEND FOlt CATAID , ,-t
• nctl2-3cti
Every Partner hasiog a horse rower should have con
of our Premium Farm Geist Stills to grind all iheio grain
for feed.
The Mill' l simple, durable kind elbeient, and is adapted
for all home powers.
Scud fur a Deaeriptiee Cu - attar and address
toetl2.3m) L. MIAMI, &.1113.0.,
Agricultural Implement PactoryPhila,, Pa.
STRAW and FODDER CUT'PEIL.,..Thit Cutter
cotablam very superior advantages over all other Cutters'
now in use. '
- Send for a Dr.:rip:ire Circular and iii(
rOctl2-3ml - WM. LAWYER'S: BRO.,
Agricultural Implement Mannfactory, Pa.
all others in nae for the ease and rapidity of their ota.n,
bon and Cur their durability and perfect operation.
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dOB PRINTING, in every style, done
at the OMoe of the f r itANKLIN REPO:M:IIM
VOL; 71...WH0LE NO: 3,686.
grauldin :positott
Heavily taxed though th• • are, by the Nation:.
al 'Government and by our local municipal gov
ernmenta, the people of Pennsylvania are able to
contribute a very large sum annually for the
State Government. The receipts of the State
Treasury from all sources, for the fiscal year en
ding November 30th, 1864, including the balance
on hand at the beginning of the year, and $4l.-
032 in' depreciated fends, were $6, 9 21,676,--
The expenditures were $4,938,441. The avail
able balance in the Treasury, on the 30th of
November, was $1,942,203. Included in the ex
penses of 1864 were considerablylwer one million
of 'dollars for military defence and for repelling
the rebel raiders on the border, for which, we
presnme, the State will ultimately be indemnified
by the National Government.
It fs a matter for congratulation that the local
interests of the State, and the various branches
of industry, are in such a prosperous condition,
that the amount of the taxes derived - from them
is greatly increased over former years. The tax
on real and personal estate amortnts to $1,621,
718 ; the tax on collateral inheritances to $239,-
881; tavern licenses to $238,261-, retailers' li
censes to $245,400. The tonnage tax yields
over two hundred • thousand dollars, and for the
commutation certain_of that tax on roads, the
State receivess36o,ooo. The tax on corpora
tion stooks and bank dividends yields considera
bly over a million of dollars. All these ileums
of revenue are growing richer and more produc
tive every year, even during the continuance of
the war that has raged for four years. They will
be more productive during the current year than
during the past, and as we do not apprehend-new
expenses to repel invasions from the rebels, we
may expect a much heavier balance in the Treas
ury than that now announced. The people of
Pennsylvania have reason to congratulate them
selves on the excellent management of th 6 finan
ces affairs of the State.
—The following is an exhibit of the finances
of the State in detail :
Statement of the Receipts of the State 'Treasury, from theist
day of Iktesnbeze. MO, to the 30th day of November, 1864,
both days inclusive.
Auction Commissions
Auction Duties
Tax on bank dividends
Taxon corporation stocks
Tax on real and personal estate
Tar on loom
. .
Tax on 'net earnings or incomes 18,66066
Tax on enrollment of laws 27,505 00
Commutation of tonnage tax, per act of March
_ 7, 18611. 160,000 00
tax on tonnage, per act of April 30, 1864.... 91,220 51
Tax on tonnage, per act of Angust.2s, 11164 106,923 52
Tax on brokers and private bankers 46,915 81
Tax on writs, wills, deeds, ,ke 69,244 00
Tax on certain offices .16,479 00
Collateral inheritance tax _ M 9,881 77
Tavern licenses
Retailers' licenses
Sample licenses 855 00
Theatre, circus and menagerie licenses 4.437 13
Billiard room, bowling saloon, &c., licenses. 3,183 49
Eating horse, beerhouse, &c., licenses 18,958 78
Peddlers' licenses - 1,368 95
Brokers' licenses 3,173 60
,Patent medicine licenses
and brewery licenses
Millitla tax
Foreign itisarance agencies.
Premiums en charters..
Pamphlet laws.-- --
Sales of public property
Premiums on loans
Canal tolls
Dividends on bridge stocks..
Free banbing
Pen - ru;ylrl2s s iii6ad Co.
Accrued interest
• • •
Refunded cash, ordinary - RM 93
Refunded cash, military.. , ' - 95 57
Annuity for right of way' 10,000 00
Fines and forfeitures -
4,000 00
Fees of the public offices
Balance in the &usury, Nos'. 30. /Oak axta - .
able ' *,147,331 70
Depreciated funds in treasury,
unsuitable 4 . 1.,022 00
—,----- 2,1E03,363 70
6,921.676 72
Statements of themounts at the State Tr+, Jr ain eIS4
Ist day of December, 1863, to thipOth day f Ilrovenzber,
1564, bath days inclusive.
Expeneee or Government
Mildary expenses, ordinary - 855 83
Military expenses for-defenoe of the State and -
Union, per act et/day - 15,1861. 20,948 48
Military , expenses far defencei &e., per act of
April 16, 1665 ' 53 57
Military expenses for defence, &a., per act of •
... .
April 14, 1863 750 00
Militory,expenses for defence, &a, per act of •
April 22. 1863 109,M5 79'
Military expenses for defent4, &c.. per act of -
March 16, 1864 MO 00
Military expenses for defence, &r..., per act of
March 17, 1864 ‘Z - 2, SOO 19
Military expenses for defence, &c., per act of
hfunch 28, 1864 709 99
Military expenses for defence, &c., per aet. of .
March 31, 180 83 30
Military expenses fur defence, &c., pet act of
April 1.8. 1864 ES 35
)111h:1%i - expenses' for defence, de.. per act of
May 3, 17i64 , 50,00
Military expenses for defence. '..k.c• ~ per act of
May 4, 18645.000 00
, ,
31ilitary,expenses for defence, per net of
' '
, severtty . t? e i ghty per
May 5; 1664 . 43,690 80
Military expenses for defence. &a, per act of
)fay- 6. 1864 2 ,977 23
Military expenses for defence, - dm., per act of
May 20. 1864 1,404 90
Military expenses for defence, &c., per act of .
August 22, 1864 904 37
Milluiry expenses for defence, &c., per act of
l.kligust 9.4, 1864 . 1 10 847 90
Miluary expenses for defence, &c., per act of
_ltle..ust 25, 186.1 . 95,869 08
Ponsions and gratuities 1, 6,095 91
Ir:baritable hustitutiowt 170,718 21
Pounsyfrania State Agricultural Sliciety.... 2,000 00 ,
state Normal School in Mansfield. Tioga Co. 5,000 00
l'hil.alelphin School of Design for , Woineu.— 3,000 - 00',
C•.. 11111.11 Schools 348,897 37.
Commissioners of the Sinking Fund, viz:.. _.
Limns, ifcc., redeemed $114.722 73
nTher paymenti. 7.367 47 .
_ . ..
Inßfost on loans
In i nroges' an old elan!.
Win:wee by rebel muds, 1962 25,396 81 in repelling rebel raid in 1963 713,419 61.
National cemetery .assoeintion at Gettysburg, 5,000 00
9. I.Q Mill county riots in May, 1902 1,914 26
Retie} ..f Cfiumborsburg sufferers 100,000 00
Npeenil Commissioners 2, 0 611 3'2
•itate I Alintry '' Cr 5,304 07
riddle buildings and grounds 74,142 49
Mole,. of Refuge 4700 , 00
l'eniteiitiaries 40,590 00
Escheme 971 66
Fret banl,ing ay - stem I=9 39
.11.a.ment of State tax for ... , .. 2.732 81
31Pro, I dile appeal
Conns.el fees and Comnnosious
. -- 9,938,441 09
..110-190... , in - the tecusttry, Nov. 301664, avail
' -.00. . . $1,042,203 1 1 3
Depr., hit elt fund, it, 11.. treimlTY
umtvettl.l ,, " , _ 91,032 00
111 referring to the present aspect of the war,
in, editor of Harper's ireekty says: ,
How often, as the alarm of Sherman's march
ha: , raga into some neighborhood in Georgia which
had beliwe only heard the war afar Off, it toast
have bitterly recalled to the mind of some thought
ful Georgian the prophecy of Alexandei Stephens
ago. He foretold ravage and degola
timi lie pictured the woes of war which his
mad iteighhors were about beginning. lib tried
to show them that war Was unnecvsssary for their
01. II purpose—and that. once begun, it would be
that purpose. Others in then same
State, predicted the same result. "It will be a
long and vote' war to save Slavery," said one of
the larce•tt daveholdera iu Georgia, " and it will
end in rnriversal emancipation." -
Add now at last,'after four years, the prophecy
tulfillea where it was uttered: fulfilled - by
the o.lwral who said to the Mayor of Atlanta that
war is cruelty. and you can not refine it," and
Alisireiore they who have brought war upon the
- 1 - .lltUr will be cursed forever. „Every man in the
State who into bear - arms bus been frantically
summoned to the field. The seat of the"govern
meat him been hurriedly removed.. The prisons
have been mnptied into the militia. Towns and
village. , are burned. Fields are wasted: There
, A 11! a wild sty of universal confusion and alarm,
and the whole State yet quivers with the terrible.,
tread of Sherman and his men ; and adttie
ed, t)iimelitfiil Georgian listens and sees,'xt,
is tm
pos.ible that he 6llunld not ask himself 'whether
it were worth while to begin a war. whose pre- 1
tense was puerile, wbctse °tot was revcoug, and
whose consequences are utterly ruinous: ;
The Government of the United States._ after a
pardonable deubt tvhdllier any considerable body-,
of citizens actually meant to bring upon the eouti-:
try every direb extrcafityof civil warr7rifter nat,-. 1 .
oral datVlilf itIOUDig eve/ milibiariabOlito"
to crash theiclialotg Rini that elitplbytakrf
plied such such ,bloodshethand desolation—after ex
usfing dvery hii§er:thlit - the rebels would- Men
to the AkUtes of-comnicon-sente-and a coneiUato
ri PoilaYi has been taught that swift war .it ttio
stfmrt meray,.atuk putting its =ides and navies ia
the handiof the most devoted and skilthd
toldieia -
and sailors, now, wages destructive war e that - by
the taping sword the authority of the peoPle may. -
be maintained, and the ferocity of rebeli suti.
Qf that troll:l4l4ms ;tad infloxible.parpose the
late'erectiori was the evidende,,and-GeneralSher
rnan's,march thraugh Georgia is the most signal
lllnstration. It has vMdiented the truth of Gen
enalthint'a conviction - that the rebellion , was a
shell---Strong only upon the edges ; that behind rho ,
him 'rebel armies there is no substantial,- ,
fending lieprilition; and' that the rebellious sectidn,
can be victoriously traversed - from end to end by::
a resolute leader and a true and tried army of ,
loyal men., is in vain-that the rebel papers and
orators sneer at "merely overrunning" their tent -
tory: It is in vainthat they. declare Sherman's
movement is a retreat, aid that he might as , well
have fallen back, to Tennessee_ as - brave, Maiched
forivard-to the coast. The moral triumph-'of•a
movement which reveals the fact that every await.
able, rebel is in the army of Lee or Hood, or that
the home population lino indifferent to home:de-
ferule that the felons must be turned !aide and
armed, is in s ealcuable.
It is true that while the armiesremain the re
bellion survives. is true that if Atlanta and
Vicksburg, if Wiebmind and Wilmington, are, ea-. ,
copied by
.us, and the armies that defend them es.
cape, we must advance to the'next point at - *Mei
they Make a stand You may take Richmond:
am Davis, as you have taken New Orleans and
Memphis, but you have not conquered us: True;
but -those events mark the rapidity With which
we are conquering. Even the war waged by:the, .
rebels upon the Government must inevitably ac
knowle* the laws.of war. It maybe Sternly .
-and bravely fought, the determination may be des. •
perste, the conversion of society into a camp may
be Complete; but all ware waged with an equally .
inflexible purpose upon both sides end in 6ne *ay,'
and one only, and that is the triumph -- of the side
which is strongest in men and in resources.• _
It is folly for the rebels to say that they wilt
never be conquered, and will never yield. --Their -
rage does not make them more than men, Sullen
bate, indeed, is not easily extinguished anywhere.
We' do not expect it to be in the rebel section.
The chiefs will always hate the Government; and
be-always ready to conspire against it. But that
is the old fact in history. We shall "pOsicess and
occtipy" the insurgent region; and when- its top.
nlation learn, as they are not inch permitted to -
knew that the people of this country mean noth
ing uagenorous or unfair, but that.they dffnidim,
as they will have proved,-to prevent the dinftrue
tion of this nation, then the same human nature
Which, being deceived, has led the. rebels so stel
aand so long to wage a wicked war, will, be
enlightened, gradually assent'to a righteous
, prosperous peace. -
130,11€8 38
... 17,965 01
52,252 sr-
405,399 78
638,299 92
1,621.718 0)
THE House Military Committee, a few days
ago, reported a bill,whieh passed the Howie by a
tuasnimouss vote, dismissing all general officers
who have been unemployed for the last three
months; That bill is now before the Senate
itary Committee. The following named officers
'will be affected by the operation of this bill, ac
cording to the report of the Adjuturit-Generat6
Office : Major Generals David Hunter, Ambrose
E. Burnside, Franz Sigel, Samuel P. fleinfzel:
man, Daniel E. Sickles, James S. Begley, JObn-
M.:Palmer, Julius FL Stahl; Carl Schiirt;`.Bre.
vet Major Generals Wm. W. Averill, George J.
Stannard Brigadier Generals Geo. W. Morrell, •
Sainuel D. Sturgis, Eleazer A. Paine, Adolph
Voh.Steinwher, Jacob G. Lanman, Sperd S. Fry,
Mahlon D. Manson, Fitz Henry Warren, Fran
cis, B. Spinola, Alfred W. - Ellett, Thomas W.
Sweeny, Robert 0. Tyler, Alexander Shimmel
fetinig, Frank S. Nickerson, Gabriel,R. Pahl,
Walter 0. Gresham, James B. Labe, A. 13. Un-
derwood, Cyrus Bussey, Wm. F. lkirtlett, John
Mclntosh, Geo. FL Chapman, Eii Long, Selden
M 8,261. 24
245.M0 6
1,105 19
7,404 18
471, 42
1,191 85
51,218 32
36,905 35
254 74
160 88
2,243 83
184 74
429 43
.. 12,551 78
nd, No. 7. re.
100,030 00
The f6llowing copy of an order was captired
in Brecldmridge's camp in tttst Tennessee:
6,406 9...
WYTBEITLLE, Va., Dea. ^ 1E64. I
_ .
In omit dance with instructions received from
the Ordnance Department that it has become of
vital Importance to husband small arms, ammii-
Bon. and leakthe following order is published:
All lead which can be gleaned from battle fields
or otherwise obtained Will be collected by the bri
gade advanbe 'officers and be sent to the nearest
arsenal. All arms to be relieved oftheifloads for
cleaning- Balla should be - drawn if practicable,
otherwise the load§ should be discharged into box
ea of sand or dirt; so that the lead may be recov
ered undimmed into the ordnance depot. The
attention of the commanding officers is called to
the necessitigiving rise to this order, and itsrigid
eriforcsoment is stnctly enjoined by commanding
officers. ' Diajor-General BRECEINRIDGE,
T. Stoddart Johnson, A. A. Gen.
5 903 24
4,733,313 02
$600,021 46
!THE Commissioner of - the Internal Revenue
cloaet hie' report with a statement showing that
it the war. were to end leaving us a debt of four
thotuntial millions of dollars, an annual expendi
ture of fifty per cent. more than in the year pre
ceding-the war, our present. revenue law would
yield enough to pay the currant expenses of tle.
nation, including the six per cent.interest'bn ottr
debt, and - leave a surphis that would extinguish
the debt in ninety years, o,eu with our present
production and population. This rate of taxa
tion is cheerfully borne by a patriotie
1 du
ring the great struggle , for the natioa'ailite kat
otf every reasonable theory of the future it is far
beyond all probable needs, and may with malty .
be considerably reduced when the war is enatiii„ ,
if that end be soon.
THE New York Tribune, in speaking of
tc, Hamlin's Cabinet Organs, says: "Thestvin-
Struments have been blown by the wind o4&law
file success from Boston to San Francisco. That
Stegars. lesson '& Hamlin, tare suceeedtlifrin
making a superior small instrument; frigadittle
banbox-like things, to ,those whicli, -
ble, and not larger than a mann, call rnak4rtk
Selves felt in a church, is the universal oFAbintrof
the musical profession. They agree,that,gpftich
mechanical works of the kind can be foundln
equal perfection in - Europe. The tOnigk i pilie
and full, and with an immense body fiirsctil
a provocative mechanical force. T i rac k os:d
rough traveling, bad usage, and will r
mates which will kill Ainerican missio .
2 4K,3'iB 84
9e2 111
IN a satirical poem by Rev. J. H. e,r a it r te
author makes the following " dig" at u V 4 70 - 0
margr :" cl 74ft17,9)
RAE'? thP bier camea dolomus STAID, 4 , 91 d £ 11
Led on by Vallandlg—whose sizmutt4 f it
'Tis due to the race that I pmts.:, to r
'Tansnvt ancient Ham family te-,ithi,c,"
For tho Ha. 's d .e.of•ndants meat bear the Itligei67%
Of gable complexim and 111.shapen flityr, L •l
To say that Vullandigham came of ihaVis,ce,,, l.6,
I s rather to ) a joke on the ni • r! •'' "
976 21
.)!.. 99
4,956 06
15,247 04
lirst. the past ten days, it hoestiutattubtihat
i over three hundred Union hunilies, t 74,i-eifkan
and Fauquier counties have conic w !w hites
at Harper's Perry, owing to the - % itibilltAgiby
to burn and destroy the dwellinfifi.s(4,4o4,l)ten
in those countio3, in retaliatinn rpr,thr dstiVioVon
of property in the Shenandoah Valley by I G , •rtM'al
Sheridan. There is great di,itiiiNonnibuipthise
poor refugees in consequence-of If L •
1 9,3 W 5 63
$6,1)11,676 71
• . , , +,41 , 71 - vir...,t,r.-- - ,
JN. LETTER from a traveller, - vi o t,b . 44 paw oil re
gions of Pennsylvania says: "WeiVereltddled
across the creek by an 'oil Prik . kibtltgAdtftetin,'
heir to a million, coatled andobppinto l apitivrith
but one
users suspe nder
1' susnder to keep illif.
.1 coura/11141ge iilf .7.: his
tro !,- a-I.d.
SATs Asternus Ward: Atiff,
much as you pleeze about the KIN oTaloing
lady's Egger, but I tell you 9 k&
has forty thousand poundamthirftgger is about as
near' rite as you will get iUjiaywtti
.4 MCI
`•I vim, grant aU youocleairdiloalka ;young
lady to het: lover*, " on Fil'Ul/ t r i Nktl l lgt s ive
me what ion have not, nqver can have; aut'aohat
you can give 'to me." Whitt' QM sqe ask foal
A husband.
. , ,
WREN Gen. Shermad , ag • . Millar, Gin. Coirre
'was wounded, be renlatkedq. tiWell;lif: he,had
half hie bead brown off,kivould
. 0111,4 re more
brains than some Gener I hire under -Me
GEN. Dix, under itig'itirce .
dent, has io modifiediaig,ogler,thst,,:ortqceo in
purguit:of raiders n i ill„mt ,i ntogsNe krder
out venial instruct' ong,tf.
IF men mill but taMiellitgikolriiiPittitill Ireely
forgive them for chest* to ?Lit ni
h he 'A : lieewhia thif r efi t tle
ItiosT Uteri -= O , 4IPFAU.I il 1
l P,ll ILL
Tr!_ r+.7l`,i t-i fr (1111:1T.r.