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NOvember .2, 1864.
Alin ftprizitterß.
Gossip wtTll OCR FRIENDS.—WeII, we have
been once . , more to old C—g, and found her
still prostrate. We returned to vote, and we did
vote. We exercised the privilege (glorious as it
is culled) of the election franchise or a Citizen of
the 'Linked States, though we can hardly be called
"n taxilble," fur as our friend Dobbs Would say:
"what in the will they tax 7" We confess
to a sliad feeling of indignationicto have come
2.50 miles' to vote in a little,B x 10 shaatz, instead
of the old Court Houge with Dr. Franklin on top
of the cupola, guiding the lightning ; but what was
a body to do, you know; :and then i f they had
sworn as, how were we to "uplift our right hand
in a biw crimson like that, particularly if we had
been as tull as Saul I It was a pleasure to meet
old triedds, all of whom may God bless w ith health,
wealth, wisdom and a Union President! We
were glad to be in C, and sorry to leave; and
now, in the busy city of N. Y., our heart is in the
Cumberland Valley, where we hope our body will
one day lie.
,Thinking of home last night, a poetic fit seized
us, and we ground out (a witty man might eall it
"ground and lofty tumbling") the following trans
lation from the French of 3.lruGbm, which we
will call {though' he did'nt )
I saw a gay swallow return in the spring,
A rut bitterly thonght of the maid once so kind ;
I wistfully gazed at the ulnutnaii, old,
That marked the bright year when we loved with one
My youth la not dead, nor pour memory tont,
My heart flutter yet at the sound of your name,
Your knock at my door would be answered with joy
Retttreh - faithless N 4 arie. yeall:find me the same
Oar dear little chamber; the wine cup we shared,
(The lion'. share yours,) the old friends of our love
Taxon , off their rad incoming to welcome you bark
O 6 come, um expect yeii, my own truant dove
You'll dun the white robe, you were wont oft to wear
We'll take the old walks we have trodden before,
Bil:math the old trees you'lldrink with me thcin,
Anti sing tome sweetly your songs as of-yore.
One bright sunny morn brought the wanderer home;
Hisr,Huralval ended, she thought she was free
To fly to my heart, but—we missed the old thrill:
Herself sadly_rhanged said the change woe in me
Adored one, adieu. with thy bur hive so dead;
That almanac old, lot it be our youth's pall ;
Why raki, up the ashes of dayr',it contained
roe mom'rles unable those days to recall?
NEW YORK. Oct. 29. lWi4. ;
.GRAND MASS MEETlNG . .—NotWithstanditig the
inclement weather, on last Friday, the lo) al heart
ed people of the " Green Spot" turned out en mass
to hear the Hon. Hannibal Hamlin, Vice Presi
dent of the United States, discuses the great is
sues now before the people. The meeting- as
held in the Engine House at the Depot, and this ,
building, although large and capacious, could not
'hold the large gathering 'of people. , Hundreds
were outside. The meeting was called to order
at 2i o'clock, P. !NA., and 1.1,0 n. John Rowe ap
lminted_to preside. Mr. Hamlin was at once in
troduced, amid deafening Shouts of applause. He
addressed himself for the first time td the people
inhabiting this 11110§t heantiful, picturesque' and
fertile valley East of the Alleghenies.
,p.e pointed
to the black and crumbling walls of a once beau
tiro town, the work of treason and rebellion, and
asked is it pitsible that here, where the'ork of
the traitor is so potent, there should w
those who sympathize with those whose arms are
uplifted to strike down the best, government ever
vouchsafed to-man, and whose acts are against
the peace and order of the I community ? He show
ed the evils of secession,;and what would likely
follow were it to succeed.; He spoke of the leni
tive acts of our Government, and its mistakes in
this respect, especially its mistake in not meeting
more sternlyy - the outspoken traitors of the North,
who are doing more hermit() the cause than they
could do were they compelled to go beyond the
: lines, eider thtiertny of the rebels, and, with ba
• yonet fight against the Government they feigned
to uphold amongst loyal people. He held ,up in
derisive style the Chicago platform and its candi
dates. He disclaimed being e party man.' In
times of peace he-was a Republican all over, but
during this struggle for the life of the nation, he
knew nci platform but " Our Country," and was
with no organization but that one which favored
the success of our national anns,and labored to
vindicate the integrity and honor of the people.
He despised the man who4poke of compromise.
To compromise with traitors was disgraceful.
The Democ'eatic party broke the Missouri Com
promise and could not be entrusted with another.
He favored the speediest road to peace. He had the army-and desired to hire them home
again, but he wanted them to enjoy an honorable
peace. He was frequently interrupted by long
,and loud applause. He spoke for more than two
hours, holding his him audience spell - bound by
his powerfularguments and persuasive oratory.
The effect produced by this powerful speech will
long be felt. It will tell on the approaching elec
tion. He went from this to Gettysburg, and then
to New Hampshire. He will be busy nail the
second Tuesday of November, when through the
ballot-box the people of the nation will speak in
terms not to be misunderstood, in favor of uni
versal freedom, against treason,•and for the re
election of Abraham Lincoln to the PresidencF.
ANOTHER,HERO GON E.—Michael Ley, a
member of Co. G, (Capt. L. B. Kurtz,) 17th Pa.
Cavalry, was shot on the Let of October, while .
bearing dispatches rem Winchester to General
Sheridan's headquarters. He was•with a„ squad
of ten men, under Sergt. Royer, and when beyond
Fisher's Hilrwere attacked by forty guerrillas.
Diiring the fight Mr. Ley received a wound in
in his left shoulder blade, the ball passing through
his lungs. He lingered until the morning of the
2Uth, when he expired. He was a 'soldier in the
War with Mexico, and received a wound through
both thighs at the Battle of Wino del Rey, for
which he drew a pension. Being a truly loyal
man and brave soldier, be again offered his ser
vices and life in defence of his country in the
present struggle with treason. His remains were
brought home to his family, raiding near Shimlis
town, and interred in the Presbyterian Cemetery
at Mercersburg with military honors by Captain
Hebble's company. The deceased was 37 years,
8 months and 4-days old. He leaves a wife and
four children to mourn his loss.
'SAD AND FATAL. AFFAIR.-A mad affair, which
resulted iu the death of Mr. Jacob Sw•eitzer, a
harmless and quiet citizen of this place, occurred
'on Wednesday night last. It appears that a squad
of soldiers, who were intoxicated, went to Mr.
Sweitzer's house and demanded admission, whfch
was refused. They then thre'ateued to burstoku
the door and burn the house, but left without put
ting their threats into execution. Mr. Sweitier,
fearing they would return, went to a neighb64 to
call assistance, and while standing on the neiglillor's
steps, one of the 'soldiers, who was still ink the
vicinity, came up behind him aurstruck bias on
the head with a carbine, killing him almost in-
'tautly. Immediately on hearing of this sad oc
eurance, !Lem Couch inaugerated measures to
ferret out the guilty parties and Several arrests
were made, but after an examination were re
leased, no evidence being produced against them.
Mr. Sweitzer was an engineer on the Cumber
land Valley Railroad, and a zealous and consist
ent member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
the Carlisle (Pa.) Herald gives the following
notice of a remarkable family: Last week Hi
' ram R Reese brought his two eons, George an&
Jeremiah, to Col. Henderson's (dee to be mus.
tered into the United States service. These two
young men,are the last of twelve brothels who
have enlisted during the war. Four of these
have been killed iu the service and eight CPT them
are yetis the army. The most remarkabl feature
\is yet to and we confess our credulity was
somewhat staggered when we heard the statement
ibui the respectable character of the father, with
Ithe, assertions of his neighbors, leaves no room fOr
.doubt that Mr. Reese, after having sent twelve
'sons to serve his Country, has thirteen sons at
Acme, all of whom are under military age. This
remarkable family reside in Warren township,
Franlin county, of this State. The father is ger
thty-eight years old, and is enjoying vigorous
health; these boys are the childreyfthree mothers.
MASONIC DEDlCATlON.—Cumberland Valley
Lodge, No 315, A. Y. M., dedicated their new
Hall in Shippensburg, on the 20th ult. The Rev.
D. Washburn, of Philadelphia, delivered the Ora
tion and R. A. Lamberton, Esqp, of Harrisburg,
performed the dedicatory• ceremonies.
SUDDEN DEATH: Mr. Charles Hock, died sud
denly at his reside+, SnoW Hill, near Quincy,
on Thursday last.. M. H. was an upright and
worthy citizen.
A nilolc MEETING will be held at Upton to
morrow (Thursday) evening. Several able Speak
erawill be present to address the meeting.
ADVERTISEMENTS intended for our next issue
should be handed in by Monday morning to insure
THROAT AFFECTIONS.:—A Physician writings
from Nevrfantile, Now York, speakink of the beneficial sf
fecti resulting from the use of "Brown's Bronchial Tro
ches,"says: "Oblige me by sending a dozen more of
your ' Bronchial Troches,' enclosing bilL For alleviating
that horrid irritation only felt by those who have tattered
from any Bronchial Affcctioms, and for hoarseness and
sore throat too, I am free to confesii (though lam an M.
D.)they answer all you claim for them. I would beg
yon to feel that I am one of the last men in the profession
to puffanostrum, but feel I am but doing you justice to
assertwhat I have." To avoid disappointment, be ' sure
to obtain the genuine "Brown's Bronchial Troches."
Nn,wl.—C. H. Cressler has removed his Drug
Store fraffiblairt Street to Second Street, opposite the Post
Office, in hignew Room where he is now prepared to sup
ply all who call with every thing in a Druggist's line of
'business, Fresh, Pure and at rrisonable rates.
of the twin stands in the county, and the manner it has been.
°undiluted fur the last tell years by the present proprietor,
ranks him among the few who "ean keep a HoteL"
Advance of Hancoet's &Warren's Corps
efeat of Rebels, - With Loss of Half their Forces!
Meat of General Price's Army !
12 Pieces of Artillery Taken
- WASIELVOTON, Ott. 28, 9 P. M.
Dispatches from Gen. Grant, recalled this even
ing, inform the Department that •an advance in
force, for the purpose of a reconrthiaaanca, was
made yesterday by Warr en and Hancock. The
telegrams of Gen. Grant give all the details . re
Garr Porcr, Oct 27, 1864, B.P. 14.
Hon E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War:
I have just returned from the crossing of the
Boydtown plank road with Hatcher's Creek.—
Our line now extends from its former left to Arm
strong's mill, thence by the Beath back of Hateh
er's Creek to the point above named.
At every point the enemy was found to be en
trenched and him wilrks manned. - No attack was
made during the dm-turther than to drive the
pickets and cavalry inside of the main work. Our
casualties have been light, probably less than two
hundred killed, wounded and missing. The game
is probably tnie with the enemy. 'We captured
however, seven loaded tennis on their way from
Stony Creek to the enemy, about a dozen beef
cattle a traveling forge, and 75 to 100 prisonerr.
On our right Butler extended around well to-
ward the Yorktown road, without finding a point
I shall keep our troops out where they are until
towards noon to-morrow, in hope of inviting as
attack. U. S. GRANT, Lieutenant General.
CITY PorsT; Oct ZI. 1t64:
lion E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War:
Tne attack on Gen. Hancock proves to be a
decided failure. He repulsed the enemy, and
remained in his position, holding posession of /the,
field until midnight, when he commenced with
drawing. Orders had been given for the with
drawal of the 2d Corps before the attack was
made. We lost no prisoners except the usual
stragglers whn_are always picked up. Our cap.
tures for the day on the south side foot up 910.
The rebel Gen. Dearing is reported killed.
• Gen. Meade; in his report, says: •
" I am induced to belieWS the success of the
operation, which was most decided, was mainly
due to the personal exertions of Major General
Hancock and the conspicuous gallantry of Brig.
Gen. Egan." - (Signed)
U. S. GRANT, Lieutenant General.
Waimma, Oct 30.
The following despatch was received at a late
hour last night :
To GOVERNOR A. &MMUS :—The garrison
at Beverly, composed ofdetachments of the Eighth
Ohio Cavalry, in command of Lieutenant-Colonel
Yarell, were attacked this morning at daylight, by
Major 11111, of Imboden's command, 'with three
hundred and fifty Rebels. Atter two hours' hard
fighting, the Rebels - were repulsed and routed with
a loss of one hundred and fifteen prisoners, fifteen
killed, and a large number wounded, among the
latter Major Hill, who is mortally wounded hn d
s. prisoner in our hands.
Our loss was 7 killed and 21 Wounded, Mein
ditig--Lieutenant Peck killed and Major Howe
wounded. The Rebels retreated to the moun
tains. 13. F. KELLEY, Brevet Major-General,
The following is received fromveliable sources:
—Our forces have been driving Price rapidly since
Sunday. At the last accounts he was twenty-five
or thirty miles southeast of Fort Scott, his army
routed and dispersed. On Tuesday we bad sev
eral fights with him between Mkund City and
Fort Scott, in all of which he was badly whipped,
losing 1500 prisoners and ten or twelve pieces of
artillery. Major-General Mannaduke and Brig
adier-General Cabell are among the prisoners,
with several Colonels and other officers. He was
again attacked yesterday morning a short distance
north of Fort Scott aid driven pell-mell in a
southeasterly direction.
He burned two hundred wagons yesterday, to
prevent their being captured. Nothing is stated
about the loss on either side, but there seems to
be no dotibt that Price's army is completely 36-
moralized and scattered. The telegraph is work
ing to Fort Scott, but nothing has been received
of to-day's operations, except that our forces are
still in vigorous pursuit.
General Steele, with,a heavy reinforcement, is
at Fort Smith, with the probable view of contest
ing Price', entrance into s Arkansas.
The Rebels were chased all Sunday night, and
constant fighting kept up.
-,--Capt. R. B. Ward, Co. D, 11th Penna. Cay.,
was recently court martialed at Fortress Mon
roe, for forging certificates crediting recruits to
certain townships, and selling horses belonging to
the government. The Court found him guilty
and sentenced him to be cashiered; that he for
feit all pay now due or to become due ; that he
be forever disqualified from holding any office
or post of responsibility; and that he refund to
° the United States the various sums of money re.
Ceived by him for government property.
GEN.• WooL hail recently written a letter, in
which, after exposing the true character of the
authors of the Chicago platform, he thus appeals
to his fellowmembers of the Democratic party: •
"Allow me to ask, is there a Democrat who vo
ted for Senator Douglas for President that will
vote for any candidate who accepts a nomination
from a convention that sympathizes with the re
bels, and which was dictated to by Southern trai
tors in the formation of its platform? I hope
there is not one. Although Douglas was defeated
in his election by the Southern Democracy and a
few Democrats in the North who co-operated with
them, he was one of the first to declare his attach
ment to the Union and his readiness to sacrifice
all he possessed, With life itself, if need be, to pro
tect and defend the republic in its unity and in
"In conclusion, I will simply remark that I be
long to no party, whether Democrat, Whig, Re
publican or other, that is not for the preser
vation of the Union and the Constitution, without
compromises or lines of demarcation, and which
is not in favor of the prosecution of the war until
the rebels lay down their arms, and are willing to
submit to the laws and Constitution of the U.
States. '
_Respectfully yours, JOHN E. WOOL."
LESHER—FOUST.—On the 11th ult.t at the residence
of the bride's father, by the Rev. E. Breidenbaugh, Mr.
Josiah Leeher to Miss. Martha Foust, both of Antrim town•
WILRELM—CARLISLE.—On the 25th ult., by the
same, at the-residence of Dr. C. Michael, Greencastle,
Mr. Wilihign Wilhelm, of Baltimore, to Mrs. Emma Car
lisle, of Chambertburg.
DALY—FRANTZ.—On the same day, by the same,
at the Lutheran Parsinage, Greencastle, Mr. Thomas O.
Daly. to Miss Sarah Frantz, both of Montgomery town
CAT11.01 4 1.-=On the 12th of Sept., 1864, in Hannibal,
No., Mr.itobeit Catron, formerly of Waynesboro,' aged
57 year; 11 months and 2 daya
ALIDD6I.3I.—On the 25 ult., in Quincy township, 3111.
lifiddonr,' wife of Jacob Middonr, at an advanced age. r
11/88LE13.—On the 21st ult., near Brown's Mill, Mrs.
Charlotte, consent of Abraham Baader, Esq., aged 36 yeas
and 2 days.
LOWRY.—On the 29th ult., In Guilfont township, Mr.
Curtis Lowry, aged lit years, 11 months and 11 days. •
PATTERSON.—On the 20th ult., Mrs. Ruth. relic of
the late Mr. John *Patterson, of Letterkenny township, in
about the EOth year of her age.
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C'' LA3fHEID:IILIO7, Raw. 2i - 1644.
....811boiButter ' 35
Egg .... 10 , 2O
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Potatoes—Mercer.... ; 1100 Unpared Peache5..........3 00
Potatoes—PM Eyes 90!Dried Apples 200
' Phtladel his Marke4l.
PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 1 1864.
Flour—Sales of 500 b Its extra family at $ll 25212,
and fancy at $l2 P.S. Ryd dour steady at $9. f t , Qua Meal
nothing doing. Wheat—l-5,000'-bushels red sold at $2 56
for Permit!, 82 59 for Southern. ;Mite held at 112 722)2
80. Sales Rye at el 67.' Corn Mitre; and yellow enm•
mends el 70. Oats sten yat ese: ,
Reba 4tut ertifseratttto.
i_Stuldlery line call lit Q. H. GORDON'S, where you can
see the work all ready, made and in the latest style.
Straps, Coupling Strkps, Backing Straps, or any other.
kind of Strap, call al C. ill. GORDON'S, one door south
of Dr. J. L. Suesserottl4 °Pre.
. large arzoitrnedt of SADDLES, HARNESS, BRI-
X& COLLARS, and HALTERS, trhieh he will sell
at reasonable terms.
Of business. on M,A.ES STREET, one door south of Dr.
J. L. Shesserott's Came our, come all, and see for your
vernher, Ist, 1264.—The Directors of the Bank have
this day declared a DIVIDEND OF FIVE PER CENT.
—payable on demand- .
NOTICE' —All persons indebted to A. J.
White by note or Book Account will confer a favor
by calling and settling their accounts without delay. Au
books are all that he bee saved out of the great fire.
n'v i:le'Bnilding. 2 doo — rs north of the Poet 'V
I Hr'
. IT
tire is hereby yen that Letters of A • nistration
on the Estate of A. P. Eversole, late of Antririt to -.lip,
dee'd, have been granted to the undersigned.
All persons knowing themselves indebted to said Es
trite n ill please make immediate payment; and thosebav
ing elitims present them propertl authenticated for settle
meet [nov2-6t . ] A. T. N. EBERSOLE, Adm'r.
8 20 REWARD.—Lost, on the evening
of the 1 30th of October, a POCKET BOOK,
containing a draft drawn to my order, and by me,
for $95. Also a due bill payable November let, for 845,
and earth in greenbacks, (amount not known,) together
with papers of no ui,e to any one but the owner. The
above reward will be paid on its return to the Post Quer..
termarder's Office, Charnbersburg, Pa.
Ilov2-1t W. W. CORINTH.
undersigned will sell at Private Sale the Waynes.
two' H,otel, situated in Waynesboro'. Franklin county,
Pa. The Hotel is a large; , 2 story BRICK BUILDING,
situated in the centre of the town and has the best travel.
ing and transient custom in the State. The House has 15
Sleeping Rooms, Large Dining Room, Kitchen, Parlor,
Bar Room,
Basement, &c. There is a good Well of Wl'.
ter at the Kitchen door and an excellent Cistern inlhe
yard. There is stabling for thirty bead of horses.
Also-20 ACRES of LAD, adjoining town, will be
sold with the above property R the purchaser desires it:
ESTATE—The undersigned, Administrator de be.
nis non cum testament° annexe, of the heirs of Paul Gad.
dog, late of Motaitowtti'shilt, deceased, will offer at Public
Sale, on the premises, .an Saturday, the 2.lth day of Norco:-
bee, A. D 1864, a TRACT of LIMESTONE LAND, sit
uate in Metal ton - whip, adjoining lands of Samuel Jones,
Simnel and Daniel Rosenberry., and others, centaining
about 137 ACRES. IThe improvements are a good two
story STONE DWELLING HOUSE; a Stone and Frame
Burn and other buildings, a fine young Orchard of choice
Grafted Fruit, and a goad Well of Wider.
The Sale will commence at 1 o'clock on said daY., whim
the terms will be make known by WM. NOONAN, I
nontl Administrator.'
L) The undersigned, Administrator of Jacob Ebersole,
deed, will offer at Public Sale, on the premises, in Green
township, about 24 mile 6 from Cbambersburg, on the road
lending from Stoufferstown to Hitber's Mill, adjoining lands
of Christian Fry, Daniel Stouffer, John Lehman and
others, on Friday; November lrth. 1864„a TRACT of
LAND, containing about 11 ACRES, well fenced endure
der good state of cultivation. The imprwiements or a
good two-storied' LOG HOUSE, Log and Frame Bacri,
Corn Crib and other necessary out-buildings. There to a
Well of excellent Water on the premises and two Cisterns
sufficient for watering stock. Tffere is alio an Orchard of
choice Fruit on the farm. Sale to commence at 1 o'clock.
Pursuant to an order of the Orphans' Court of Frank•
lie county, Pa, the undersigned, Adminkrtrator of Mrs.
Catharine Shaffer, late of Antrim township, deed, will of
fer at Public Sale. on Saturday, Narentber 19th, 1864,, the
follomng Real Estate; vix: A Lot of GROUND containing
2 ACRES, situate on the road leading to St. Thoinas,
about I of a mile from Rankin's Mill, adjoining lauds; of
Thos. Atherton and David Kuhn. The land it of excell
ent quality and is in a good state of cultivation. The tin
provements are a story and-a-half LOG HOUSE, Smoke
House, and a good Stable. There is a never-failing Well
of good Water near the house, and excellent Fruit on the
Sale to commence 'at 1 o'clock onaaid day, when
attendance will be given and the terms made known by'
nos-2.3t WM. TALLHELM, Ad'mr,
.SALE.—The subscriber will sell a valuable prop
erty, situated f mile south of Fayetteville, Franklin coun
ty. Pa., adjoining lands of Jos Crawfdrri. 31. B. Viiingert
and others, containing SO ACRES more'or less. The im
provements are a two-storied BRICK DWELLING with
Brikk.Kitchen. and Log and Weatherboarded Barn, Wagon
Sheri and Corn Cribs, Brick Wash House and all other
nectssary out-buildings. A Well of never falling Water
near the door, and Cistern with pumpatherein. There hi
an 'orchard of choice Fruit and a variety of other Fruit,
such as Flume, Cherries, &a. The land is of that quality
am! in a good state of cultivation, being heavily limed
within the last few rears. The great portumts under Post
and Rail Fence. There is also a stream of Running Wa.
ter on the premises. This farm is situated in a healthy
and pleasant portion of the country, convenient to Schools,
Churches, be .
Persons desirous to view the property will eall on the
undersigned. , [nov2-3mos] HIRAM T. SNYDER,.
'VALUABLE FARM.—By order of-the
Orphans' Court of Franklin county, Pa., will be sold
at Public Sale, on the premises, on Wednuday, the 2.3 d of
November, the FARM belonging to the Estate of Nancy
K. Carson, dec'd, situated two miles, South-west of Met.
cersbnrf, containing 137 ACRES of first-rate Land, ad
joining ands -of Adam S. M. Hoke`and °there. On the
premises area never.failing Stream of Water, Bank Barn,
STONE HOUSE, Wagon Shed and Corn Crib. Also, a
first-rate Apple Orchard. More than one-half of the Fen.
cing Is Locust Post and Chestnut Rail.
Also, at the some time 'tailpiece, TWO TRACTS OF
TIMBER LAND, 17 ACRES and 153 ACRES, within
two and three miles of the -
Terms. as prescribed by the Court: Ono.balf on the
first day of April, 1865 , and the balance in three equal an•
nual payments, with interest.
Sale to commence at 1 o'clock, P. 34
Persons wishing to view the prernlseg can call oh the
enlist, or James O. Carson, of Mercersbarg.
n0v52.3t THOMAS CARSON, Adm.r.
of an order of the Orphati's Court of Franklin county,
the subscriber, Admkistrator of the Estate of Samuel
Baughman. lute of Uirgan township. deed, trill sell at
Public Sale, on the premises, on Wednesday, the 30th day
of November, at 10 o'clock, all that TRACT of LAND, sit
uate to said. township, 11 miles from Roxbury, on the coral
leading from Roxbury to Three Square Hollow, bounded
by lands of Geo. Mowery, Fritt, Rebuck and others, con
taining 271 ACRES neat measure. The land is Slate and
of One quality. About 170 Acres are highly improved, and
the remainder is ear creel with ar,oisl mountain Timber—
principally Chestnut and Rock Oak. The improvements
consist of two commodious LOG DWELLINGS, a Bank
Barn, Wagon Shed, Corn Crib. unit other out-buildings.
There is a One young Orchard, a mountain stream, and
two never.failing Wells of Water on the premises. Per
sons desiring to see the property an call at the premises
or on the undersigned residing in Shippensburg.
By tinier of the Court, W. G. Mitchell. Clekk.
C. U. CRESSLER, successor to DEDilt.,& CRESS
LER, has operied in his new room, on Second street, oppox
site the Mot Office, where every effort will be made to
sustain the popularity the old establishment had acquired.
A. continuation of the liberal patronage %bleb the
...firm re
ceived ix respectfully Folk . R.I. A Lie stock of Drugs,
Chemicals, and Patent Medicines is now offered. - Also
desirable assortment of
oeket Books,'
flair Brushes.
Cloth Brushes,
Touth Brushes,
and Fancy Articles in great variety.
KEROSENE I,AlidPB.—liirery description of }hind
Lamps, Stand Lamps, Hanging Lamps and Side Lamps
suitable fur Kitchen use, Parlor use, Store use and Office
Family Dyes Of all Colors. Everything in a i)raggista
'rite of laudttem.
1 - _ - #"Preseriptioas ,reeelve special attention, and are
compounded with care and skill. C. 11. CREBBI,EIt., ,
Second Street, opposite the Post Office. -
in the Post Office at Clianthereh
sylvania, Nov. L 1e64.
L.Vi."Tii obtain air"),otthese Lettere,
rail for ertised Leiters," give the
pay Dile cent for advertising
Alberni St Grove Miss Mary
Alexandria M Grove John 8
Bertner Miss Mary Gillespie Jam A
Beaky Miss P Hutchinson Gee
Baney Miss E Irvin Isiah
Beck Win Ketone Gee
Brelghner Isaac Kirk John
Bowman Mrs L Lemon Miss 31
Brent Mn It Lehman Jacob S
Britwister Miss M Lehman . Abram
Brown Isaac Lehman Mica C
Boyle Bergt 1:1 Lehmad Cathay.
Cannon Martini Lanipas Theodor
Chasse Miss !I LewniJanies
Dewey Capt Lewis Geo '
Deamea Mies 3/ DrCinidle Miss di '
D0W2103 . Mira K - M'Cleary Mn N K
Downey A J lirCoy Andrew
Duvall Geo W 2 MacDanialMannel
Funk Lizey Jane Moore Mice L
iltU) Mbertitiments.
LOST OR MlSLAlD.—Between Peter
Feldman's Boot and Shoe store and .T.l. netball's
Hat and Cap store, Seootat Street, Chembenburg, a MCA
ROCCO PURSE, containing $4O.
rtr. A Reward of 85 will be given, by leaving it at L
L. Dechert'sliat and Cap store, Clambersburr
nov24t \ JOHN MARTLN.
ESTATE.—The heirs of Robert Sharp doo'd, will
offer at Public Sale, on Friday, the MA of Nosesther,
on the premises, in Green township, Franklin comity, on
the road leading from Scotland to Fayetteville, about trio
miles from the former and three from the latter, the follow.
ing Real Estate, viz: THE FARM on which they now
reside, containing aliold 154 ACRES. The improvements
are a two-storied FRONT and BACK BUILDING
(Weatherboarded) a Bank Barn, Corn Crib and other ne.
cessary out-buildings, a Well of never failing near
the house, also a large Cistern at the house. 'there can be
access to water oh the farm for stock, either Tanning or in
the pond, all the year. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock.
nov2.3t GEO. W. Day, for the beimi
PUBLIC SALE.—The following Per
tonal Property will be offered at Public Way. On
Thursday, the 10th day of Iforauber, 1864, at the Semi
nary Buildings, Fayetteville, viz: A large assortment of
HOUSEHOLD GOODS, oonsisting of Tables, Bureau;
Washittands, Bedding, Bedsteads, Chairs ; large and small
Stoves, for Wood or Coal; Carpeting, Looking Glasses,
dco. Also, PARLOR FURNITURE, viz: 1 Sofa, Cen
tre Table, Sofa Chairs, 1 Piano, almost new; Theological,
Miscellaneous and new School Books.
Arso,—ONF. HORSE. 1 Buggy, 1 Carriage, 1 SPTil , g
Wagon, 1 Sleigh, - Harness, Ladies' Saddles, and many
other articles.
Also—SO ACRES OF LAND, adjacent to Fayette
ville, Joining lands of John Crawford, Jos, Crawford and
Also-410 ACRES, more or leas, of 361INTADI LAND
Joining land of Jot Crawford, near CraWford's i3prings.
1" Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, A. M., rhea the
term. rill be made knotaii, by [n0164211 J. KENNEDY.
TRUSTEE'S SALE.—The undersigned
trustees of Hannah Fits, deed will sell at Public Sale,
on Friday. the 18tA day a/Novenae', 1869, in front of Bow
den's Hotel, in Waynesboro', the following Real Estate,
sittuttedin Washington township, Franklin county, Pa., on
the road leading from Waynesboro, to Hopewell Mills,
about IA miles from either place, to wit, a tract of &strata
Lime Stone Land, containing 34 ACRES, more or less, ad,
joining lands Johe Bonalsrake, Nicholas Bonebrake, John
Metcalf sad Emanuel Miller's heirs with a Log DWELL.
ING HOUSE, good Wash House„ Log Barn and Hog
Pen thereon erected, with a never failing Well of Water
at the door, a Arstrate Orchard of Grafted Fruit, and about
Aeresnf good Meadow. The above land is' nearly all
cleared. Any persons wishing to view the above property
will call on Samuel Rineheart living near the premises. ,
Sale to commence ail o'clock on said day when
the terms will be made known by
Has been removed to the new building opposite the POST
OFFICE, where a full assortment of
_ . . - _
Cati be had at exceedingly L.:lYr Prices.
WINDOW SHADES. a large u and new stook.
Fairchild's Celebrated Gold Pens, fully warranted.
Olden taken for goods, which will be Expressed in the
shortestpossfble time._ _
The New York and Philadelphia Papers received daily,
for which weekly sutecriptions will be taken.
First Class Novels, Magazines and Periodicals received
as soon as published.
We can sell Photograph Albums Cheaper thatrthey can
'be had elsewhere.
Gilt Frames, Worsteds and Fancy Goods constantly on
Our arrangements are such that we can supply any or ,
den satisfactorily and with dispatch.
Mu. J. IG 81111TOCK, is now located in New York, which
enables us to undertake the most complex commissions.
Old Books of partitular editions, dates or style. hunted
up at a reasonable comm' : ••• ' [nor2j
• W - ' '- • Are opened their - .
i■ the Stone Building, on Seoond Street, tiro doors
north of the Post Onion, and oppoittin
Give as a oalL
These Goals being mostly purchased FOR andpayable
HOLD,' in no case will the price charged exceed '
no,matter what Point the latter declines to. We protect
caourselves from Inas by daily purclusng Gild to the
amount of our sales. ,
Theie Gcssis being mostly purchased P 11, and paya-
IN GOLD, In no case will th prices ar ed exceed the
Gold Standard—no,matterw: P• t latter may de•
cline to., We protect - bUrselves from loos by dally purcha
sing Gold to the ami4lnt of Our gales.
J A L•F. I G-
N(:. 90'2 611.STNUT STREET,
I)en ifrices,
. ;
.urg, State of Penn-
the applicant mast
date of this Hat, and
Moutgomery• MnC
Poe Win
113'1111 the NEW COLORS, with a well-sesOtted Stook of
Reed Miss Eliza
Ryan James
Sharp Charles 2
Stoma Jonathan
Sells Samuel
Stine Jame% of 11
Stake Mra tl
Snyder MUs 1"2
'rate Chris
J. M.- 11. takes pleasure la 'stating to' tha RETAIL
TRADE that he his been fortunate in landing his impor
tation at this date, when the cost Is THIRTY-THREE
Turney Fume
Turner Geo W
'Torrence Geo N
Webb Thomas
'Williamsertz Zacheus
'W Mrs C
'Zimmerman Wm:
PER CENT. LENS than at which. a large portion of For
elan Goode hay° been put open the market this saunn.
All of which will be sold as low or lower than the fame
goods can be bought elsewhere.
DEAL, P. 1/L
the County Jail
a good assortment of
and a general : amortmentof
Assormaarr OP
Hos now opened tdi "-
(Election Proclamation.
UNITED STATES.—Whereas, in and by an Act ofCreu
eml Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, en.
titled. An Act relating to the Elections of this Common
wealth," pasied the 11 day of July, Anno Domini 1839, it
is made the ditty, of the Sheriff of every County within the
Commonwealth to give public notice of the General Elea.
tons, and in such notice to enumerate—
lst—The Officers to be elected.
94—Designating the places at which the election is to b$
held. Therefore,
, t .
I, SAILUEL BRANDT. High 8 riff of the County of
Franklin, do hereby make known d give this PUBLIC
NOTICE to the Electors of the Co ty of Franklin, that
NEXT, a General Election will be held at the several
Election Districts established by In said county', at
which time they will vote by ballot 1 the several officers,
d,r., hereinafter named. ' 1
The said Elections will beheld boat the County
as follows : . .
At the Court Howe in the Born of Cliambersbarg,
for the North Ward of said Boroug and part of Guilford
towhship.. -
At the House of J. W. Taylor, for the South Ward id
said Borough.
At the Public House of John Gordon, at the West Point
of Chambersburg for the township of Hamilton,
At the School House In Fayetteville, for parts-of the
townships of Guilford and Green. -
At th&Public House of Martin Shoemaker, In Greenvil
lagei for part of Green township.
-- At the 'Western School House, in the town of Stl'hom•
as, for the township of St. Thomas.
At the Schad House in the town of Fannettsburg, for
the township of Metal.
At the School House, In the town of Roxbury, for the
township ,if Ltirgan. •
At the I louse of John Harvey,. for part - Of the township
of Funnett.
At the School House, in the town of Concord, for rat
of the township of Fannett, and.
At the new Stone School House in Morrowstown dis
trict, for the other part of Fannett township.
At the House now occupied by Geo. Anderson in Ate
village of Quincy, for the township of Quincy.
At the Western School House in Waynesboro, for the
township of Washington.
At the House of John H. Adams in Greencastle, for An
trim and part of the townships of Peters and Montgomery.
At the School House, on the land Michael Cook in War
ren township, for the township of Warren.' •
At the Strasburg School House, for the township of Lit- .
-At the House of James Mullen, In the town of London,
for pert of the township of 'Peters.
- At the Log House on the farm of Jacob Elliot, for the
Welsh Run District being part of Montgomery township.
At the House of Thomas McAfee, in Mercerstrorg, for
parts of the townships of Peters and Montgomery.
At the Mount Rock School House in Southampton town.
ship for part of the township of Southampton.
At the Eastern School House in Orrstowm for the other
part of Southampton towtuldp.
At which time and place the qualified Electors Will
elect by ballot TWENTY-SIX PERSONS to be Electors
of President and Vice 'President of the United Staten
eira excepting Justices of the Peace, who shall hold any
aloe or appointment of profit or trust under the Ualtad
States or of this State, or a City or Incorporated District,
whether a commissioned' officer or otherwise, who is or
shall be employed under the Legislative, Executive or
Judiciary Department of thleState, or of then:died Shiite.,
or of any Incorporated District, and-also, that every meta.
ber of Congress and of the State Legislature, and of the
Select or Common Conned of any City, or Commissioner
of any Incorporated District, is by law incapable of hold
ing or exercising at the time, the office or appointment of
Judge, Inspector or Clerk of any election of this Common
wealth, and that do Judge, Inspectors or other officer of
such election, shall be eligible to be then voted for."
And the raid Act of Assembly, entitled "An Act rela
ting to Elections of this Commonwealth," passed July 3,
1839, further provides, as follows, to wit t •
"That the Inspectors and Judges shall meet at the res
pective places appointed for holding , the election in the
District in which they Array respectively belong, before
%o'clock, on the mornidg of the 2d. Tuesday of October,
and each of said Inspectors shall appoint one Clerk who
shall be a qualified voter of snob District
"In case the person who shall have received the second
highesti number of votes for Inspector shall not attend on
the day of election, then the person who • shall havere
salved the second highest number of votes for Judge at
the next preceeding election, shall act as Inspector in his
place. And in case the person who has received the high
est number of votes for Inspector shall not attend, the per
son elected' udge shall appoint an Inspector in his place,
and in case the person elected Judge shall notattend, then
the Inspector who received the highest number of votes
shall appoint a Judge in his place ; and if any vacancy
shall oontinue in the board for the space of one hour after
the time,fixed by law for the opening of the election, the
quadded voters of the township, ward or district for which
such °Meer shall have been elected, present at the time of
election, shall elect one of their number to fill the vacancy."
" It shall be the duty of the several Assessors, respect
ively, to attend at the place of holding every General,
Special, or Township election, during the whole time said
election is kept open, for the purpose of giving inforina
tion to theAnspectors and Judge, when mlledon, in rela
tion to the right of any person assessed by them to vote at
Inch election, and on such other matters in relation to the
assessment of voters as the said Inspectors, or either of
them, shall from time to time require,
"No person shall be permitted to vote at any election as
aforesaid, than a white freeman of the age of twenty-one
years or mare, who shall have resided in the State at least
one year, and in the election District where be offers to tete
at least ten days immediately proceeding such election, and
within two years have paid a State or County tax which
shall have been amessedat leaatten days before the election.
But a citizen of the United States, who has previously been
a qualified voter of any State, and removed therefrom and
returned, and who shall have resided in the election Dis
diet and paid taxes aforesaid shall be entitled to vote after
residing in this State six months: Provided, That the white
freemen, citizens of the United States, between the ages of
twenty-one and twenty-two years, whobave resided iethe
election District ten days as siforetald, shall be entitled to
vote, altbmgb they 041111 nottUrre paid taxes.
"No person shall be permitted to vote whose name Ii not
contained in the list of taxable inhabitants furnished by the
Commissioners, unless, First, beprodnoes &receipt for pay
ment, within two years of a State or County tax, assessed
agreeably to the Constitution, and give sadActmy evidence
either on his oath or affirmation or the oath or affirmation
Of another, that be has paid such a tax, or la failure to
produce such a receipt, shall make oath to the payment
thereof; or, Second, 71 he claim a right to vote by being an
elector between the ages of 21 end W.. , years, shall depose
on oath or affirmation, that he has resided in the State at
least one year next before application, and make his such
proof of residence in the District as is required by this Act,
and that he does verily -believe, from the accounts given
him, that he is of the age aforesaid, and give such other
evidence as is required by this Act, whereupon the name
of the person so admitted to vote shall be Inserted in
the alphabetical list, by the Inspector, and a note made
opposite thereto by writing the word "tax" he shall
be admitted to vote try reason of having paid tax, attire
word "age" if he shall be admitted to Tote by ream& of
age, and In either case the reason of such vote shall be
called out to the Clerks, who shall make the like note in the
list of voters kept by them. _
"In all cases where the name of the pertoire to
Tote is not found on the list furnished by the Commission
er or Assessors, or his right to vote, whether found either
by verbal proclamation thereto, or by any written Sherwin
or not, is objected to by any qualified citizen, it shall bathe
duty of the Inspectors to examine such persons on oath as
to qualifications, and If he claims to have resided within
the State one year or more, his oath shall be sufficient
proof thereof, but he shall make proof by at least one Wit
mer, who shall be a qualified elector, that he has-resided
within the district for more than tendays next Iminediately
=saidislection, and shall also himself swear that
fide residence, in pirsuance of his lawful calling,
. Is within the District, and that he did not remove Into-the
said District for the purpose of voting therein.
• " Beery, person qualified as aforesaid, and wile 1110
make due proof, if required of his resident* and payment
of taxes,' as aforesaid, shall be admitted to Tote in Linkmen
ship, ward, or district in which he shall reside.
If any person shall prevent or attempt to prevent Is
officer of the election under this act from holding sardisdea
tion, or use or threaten, any violence to any such arm, err
shall interrupt or improperly interfere with him is the :exe
cution of his duty, shall block or attempt to block up the
Window ar avenue to any'Window where the same may be
holding; or shall use or practice any intimidator'', threats,
force or violence, with the design to influence unduly, or
overaw, any elector, or to prevent him from Toting, or to
retain the freedom of choice, such person on conviction shall
be Sue d in say sum not exceeding five hundred dollanand
to be linprisoned for a time not less than one or more than
twelvemonths, and if it shall be shown to the court where
the-trial at such offence shall be had, that the !per** Or
offending wasthot a resident of the city, ward, distriet or
township when the sa i d offence was committed, an b sot
entitled to vote therein, then on conviction he shall be;sen.
fenced to pay a bee of not less than one hundred nor More
than one thousand dollars, and to be imprisoned not less than
six months nor more than two years.
"If any person or persons shall make any bet or wager
upon the result of any election within' this Commonwealth,
or shall offer to make any such bet or wager, or printed
advertisement, challenge or invite any person or persons to
make such bet or wager, upon conviction thereof, he or, they
shall forfeit three times the amount so offered to bet.
-'And the Judges of - the respective districts aforesaid, are
required to meet at Chambersburg, on- the Friday next
following the holding of said election,- then - and there to
perform those things required of them by law.
SF.clici 32. When any of the electors, mentioned in
the first section of this act, less than ten in numberlshall
be seeneberi of companies of another state or territory, or,
for any suffirient and legal cause, shall be riperaudfrom
'their proper company, or shall be in 'any hospital, navy=
vessel, or on recruiting, provost, or other duty,
withiseor without this state, under ruck circumstances as.
shall render it probable that 4 f .„ or May, Will be unable to
rejoin their proper company, or o , to be present et his proper
place of election , on or before the day of the elect i on, there
in mentioned. said elector, or electors, shall have a right
,to rote in the following manner. ,
SECTION 3 3 . The voter, aforesaid, is hereby author
ized, before the day of election, to deposit his bailor, er
ballots. properly folded, as required by the general election
laws of this state, or otherwise, as the voter may choose, in
a waled envelope. together with it written or printed or
partly arrirten and partly printed, statement. containing THE
or printed authority. to some qualified voter in the election
disirict, of which said ebter is crest dent, to cast the ballots,
contained in said envelope, for him, on the day of laid
election. Said statement and authority to be signed by the
raid voter, and attested' by the commanding. or some corn.
missioned, officer of the company, of which he is a poem
her, in the case of a private, and of some camtnlesioned of
ficer of the regiment, in the case of an officer, if ono - clench
°facers are conveniently accessible, and if etberwisel then
by some other witness; and there shall also accompany
said. ballots, an affidavit of said voter, taken before.scane
One of the officers aforesaid, and In the absence of such of.
go r srs, b e f ore some other person duly authorized to admin
ister o ath., by say law of this state, that he Is qualified
voter in the election distrirein which he proposes to'vete,
that he is in the tie'nual military service of the , United
States, or Of Misstate, describing the organization to which
he belongs, that he has not sent his ballots to any other
person or persons, than the one in such authority mention
ed, that he will not offer to vote at any poll, which may
be opened on said election day, at any place whatelsever,
and that hens not a deserter; and has not been dishonora
bly dismissed from the service, and Abet he is now station.
ed at - la the state of Said sealed envel
ope. coataining the ballots, statement, authority and affi
davit as aforesaid, to be vent to the Proper person, by mall
or (itemise, tearing written or printed on the outside,
acrosnthe sealed_part thereof, tAr words, "ROLDIERS BAL
LOT FOR-township, (borough or want) In the county
d r
fiZMOS 34: The elector, Alt whom such' ballot eball be
sent shall, on the day of election. and whilst the polls of
the proper district arc open, deliver the envelope, so receiv
ed, unopened, to the proper Moreton officer, whet shall open
the saner, in titepr canoe of the election beard, and deposit
the ballots thereto contained, together with the enve/aPer and
sarcompernyrng papers, as other ballots are deposited; and
said board shall count and canvass the sasse,lin the=
mann as attest torn ease et said *AAA s„ and the
nov 2-4 t
Glcle,rtiiate "froctamation.
delivering the same may, on the demand of any elector,
be compelled to testify, on oath, that the envelope; so de•
livered by hint, is in the same state as when received by. , „
him, and that the same bus not been opened, or the. eon-
tents thereof changed, or altered, In. any way, by him, or •i,
any changed,
BEctroU3s., The right of any person, thus offering to
vote at any such election, may be challenged for the same
causes that it could be challenged if be were personally
present, and for no other reason or cause.
5EC770N.15. Any officer of any general, or special elec
tion, in this State, who shall refuse to receive any such en.
velope and deposit such ballots, or to count and CUMIN
the same, and any elector whoshall receive such envelope,
and neglect or refuse to present the same, to the officers of
the election district, endorsed on the mid envelope, shall
be guilty of misdemeanor, and conviction thereof, shall
be.zishezi by imprismitnent in the State prison, not ax
one year, and by tine not exceeding Ave hundred
dollars, or either, or both, in the discretion of the court.
SAMUEL T, Bherill,
Sheriffs Office, Chambersbarg, Oct 12, 1864,
NOTICE— WM GELWICK s having bee))
burned out by the rebels and desirous of restudog
business at the earliest possible pedal, would respectfully
request all perams indebted to him to call and teak* pay.
meat without delay. Those who have been burned and .
not able to pay at this time will please call aad _settle
their accounts by note or due bill. (BEO4 ,
Mg themselves indebted to Eyster &Bro., sad wishing
to confer a favor on ns, can do so by paying the same with
out delay, ns we have changed our mode of doing batingss
and me now selling goat" exclusively for cash. We are
very desirous of closing up our old Boole.
oct264t EYBTEB &
.01 ; FLACK respeetfully request all persons knowing
themselves indebted to them by notes or book Recounts to
call and make immediate settletnent. Th. necessity of
this notice is apparent to every one, and }re hope those In
debted will report at once. ang244:
P - VE R have lost my Account A
:Boots by the destruction of Chambenburg on' the
30th ult., and must trust to the honor and honesty Of my
old enitamen to pay up. I conduct my old business
in Chambersburg and Rtll be glad to fill orders as before.
aug24 8. 8. EIKRYOCIL
-1 is desirous of having a sectissuas With his
otudoutent All nom haring had business trasesettons
prerloas to this date are requested to an upon him and
make settlement, u he is aazietts to kaow how he steads
with his Maeda [aug3l.2m) ABRAHAM METZ.
Loot, e Stoten anb eibtraver.
U! S. 5-20 BONDS STOLEN.—The
.1 Warehouse of the undersigned was entered by
imrglars on Thursday night, the 'nth ult., their Dun Ss&
Broker, open, and the following U. 5.20 Bonds stoles
therefrom, viz: Noe. 7484, 749 and 7486, 4th series, from
which the Coupons for the November interest had been
detached. Also—A large Pocket Book, containing a TRIM.
bar of promisory Naas mid other papers. All Imam are
cautioned against purchasing any of said bonds or notes,
as the , proper department of the Govensunent has been
notified of their loss, A reasonable reward will be paid
for thereto= of the Pocket Book with the papers.
octiist WUNDERLICD , & NEAD.
NOTlCE.—Several of the Bonds of the
Franklin Railroad Company are missing, haling
been destroyed, or, in the hands pfparties not known. Ann'
one who holds any of said Bonds can receive useful law,
Motion respecting them by applying to D. 0. Gebr or
B. Kennedy, Kula, of Chambeipmg, or Frederick Watti, -
Esq., at Carlisle. octs
REWARD.-4Strayed or Stolen
m' to the subscriber; on Saturday last, a young
S 1 1 0
ALDERNY BULL, about 18 tomtits old, white sacilled
'red color, with Ain quite yellow. Aug . perilous return.
ing hire will be paid the above reward.
oct2B-3t JOHN LINN, near Chathbersburg.
ESTRAYS.—The undersigned lost five
HEWERS on Thursda, 'the 6th of October, 1864,
all marked with tar on the ri ght rump,. A liberal reward
will begiven for the recovery of thesame. •
osT.—On T r u_teday, re 18 i inet., an
the Borough of Chambersbtrrg, a pair of GOLD
SPECTACLES, In a leather ease. The finder will ba
liberally rewarded by leaving them at this aloe. 0026
ontown,& isountn ageurizo.
No: 204 South -Fourth Street, Philadelphia.
The,undersigned having resigned his position as Pay
master in the U. S. Army, has opened at Nu. 204, South
SIONS, and for the collection of Officers', Soldiers' and
all other CLAIMS against the Government.
My long experience as Paymaster has given me mammal
facilities for becoming thoroughly acquainted with this
business in all its details. On the receipt, by marl, of a
statement of the ease of claimants, I will forward the us;
cessary papers for their signature. Personal attention will
be given to the cases at Washington.
no charge unless successful, when $5 will be charged
for collecting small sums under $BO, and $lO cm all sums
over that amount, and under $2OO. Larger claims taken
an spatial arrangement. teas in r199/1011 calm ea 0150
by law.
No. 209 South Fourth St.
CLAM AGENCY.—Pensions procure d for &chiles
of the present war who are disabled reaso n of - wounds
received, or disease contracted, while the service of the
United States- and Pensions, SlOO Bounty, and Arrears
of Pay , obtained for widows or heirs of those who have
died or been killed white In serviee. JOHN B. OBR, -
roaro-1 Claim-Agent, Oham • , Pa.
election ft °tires.
tion will be held for a President and Mick.= of the ' Von
nellrrille and Southern PenhaYlvania Railway Company,"
at No. 238 South 3rd Street, in the city of Philadelptda,oa
Thursday, the 10th day of November, 4. D., 1864, at 3
o'clock P. M.
8. 8. RlTefuz, A. J. BARR,-
080. W. HottilEttOthlik, A. Erato,
R. Di BARCLAY, C. W. Almon', -
0cH6.31 JACOR WARJULN, Covuuteetonett.
Election for seven Managers of Cedar Grove Ceme
tery COmpany, will be held at the Book Store of J. N.Sni
der, atthe Market House, on Saturday, tle Stb of Nov:sa
ber, between the hours of 1 and 5 o'clock, P. M. A Divi
dend of az per cent. has been declared upon the capital
stock of the Company, payable on demand.
octilfrat JJ Kr SNIDER, See'y..
alma,Octoberlo,lEtfol—Anelectldofcrr THIRTEEN
DIRECTORi3 to serve for the ensulag year, will be held
at the Bank Room, on Monday, 1411 day of Noreadme
Ilea, at 2 o'clock, P. IL
octl2 G. R. XESSERSktITH, Ceahler.
lieroonall thopertg *alto.
r tit SALE.—A good STEAM ENGINE,
. sit horse power, in good eondition. Can be seen by
ling at T. 13. Wood's Foundry:
sepill•tf JACOB (3ARVER.
Olt SALE.—A One HorseTread-Power,
good order,. and for sole low. Apply at this office.
FOIL SALE.—A full course Scholarship
in the Quaker City Business College of Philadelphia.
Apply at this uffice. Leep.•lf
The Only Bank Note Repdrier In Philadelphia. .
The' only one containing QUOTATIONS of BaniNetei
Now York.
The oily one whioh eoitilna the •
as far as organized, Oficial list( .
The' only one which contains the GENERAL DUI
COEN: T in
Fhlbsdelphia, Chlacgo, Baltlmou.
New York, Louisville, Washington,
Cle7eland. Davenport, Cincinnati,
Wilmington, Albany, Pittabut&
Rorbeoror, . St. Paul, St. Louis,
Troy, - Dubuque. Milwaukee,
TIM only one which givea the sarlinn information of
Markets, Stocks,
The FACILITIES of the " American Bank Note Re- .1
. .
Weekl7 $3.50 I fismi•Mentbly........ $l.lO
Moe, - 10 S South TIIIRD Street, (third door.)
eiT 4in•ils Address, S. E. COHEN, Publishes.
Balm or Crwissraouro. Oct nth 1864—A ent
eral meeting ofthe Stockholders of the Bank of chambers.
burg will be heklakthe Banking House, on Tatedag, the
13t4 ;fay of liatembei nem at ten o'clock, 8., for the
purpose of taking. Into consideration, and deciding on the
question. whether or not said Bank shall become an Asp- '
elation for carrying on tke business of Banking under the
Laws of the United States, and of exercising the Wren
conferred by the act of the General Assembly of this Com•
monwealth. entitled "An act enabling the Banks of this
Commonwealth to become associations for the purpose of
Banking under the laws of the United States." approved
the =1 day of August, 1564 ; and to take suet; action In
regard thereto as may be nerel+sl. and proper.' By order
of the Boast of Directors
0c1194t G. R. DIESSERSRITR, Camillo. -
WARE. Queeturware and SMne ware, gather with
a general assortment of Cedar ware, such as Tubs. Burt
ets, Bowls, half Bushell, bee, Just received and offered at
lowest cob rates at E. D. REID'S.