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trauldin ?Oohing.
itUtiort of our Agricultural readers is difected to
`he following advertisements in this paper : ' '
JACOB HEISER, Franklin Nurseries,neurCham
bersburg. Fruit and Ornamental Trees of all
• kinds. Vinett and Strawberries.
D. STROCK. Chambersbarg. Wngons and Agrienl
,' Aural Implements of all kinds.
Wfti. L. BOYER & BRA., Philadelphia. AR kinds
, of Agricultural Machinery and Implements. '
:ABRAHAM—at:Th. Cliambersburg. Every do
seription of Plows and Castings.
'DAVID LANDRETH 44 SON. Philadelphia. Ag
ricultural Implements and Garden Seeds.
W. GRANT, lona, near Peekskill, Westchester
oonnty,.N. Y. - Grape Vinw.
'PETER COOK. Tannery in Fayetteville, private
C. METCALF, Steam Tannery and Farm in Mont
gomery township, private sale: •
AUGBLINBAUGH & WOIiLEY, Tavern Stand, cot
• Market and 'Second sts.. Chambersbnrg. private
JOHN W. TAYLOR, Indian Queen Hotel, Cbatn
bersburg. on Friday..Tannary 1,1664.
SAMUEL C. KRIDER, small Farm' in Antrim
tonraiship,private sale.
MAGDNEENA - POTT. Farm. Mill and Store Rolm
known •as "Hanover Iron Works," Fulton coun
ty, private sale.
JoHN MIDDOWER. Farm in Quincy township.
private sale.
FEDDE FINRRN,•F.srm in Fulton county, private
WM. L. MACKEY; Farm iu Metal township,
yore Fide.
111.1NRY HOKE. "'Fulton House," and 31 Acres
rd' Land,'M'Connellsburg, private sale:
SAMUEL. MYERS. Farm in Antrim - township,
nriyete sale until Janunr.%. IS,
.SAMUEL KNISELY. Lot ofXrciiind and' Brick
Dwelling, Chambersburg: on Sliturday, Jan. 16.
We have the catalogue 0,
cots and students of the gricultural
College of Pennsylvania, for the yeai
, 1863. This Institution las now been
in' successful *ration for several
years, and has pupils in the gradu
ating class'; 29 in the second class;
48 in the third class; the fourth
.class;' 24 in the prinfary department,
and 11 resident graduates—in all 142.
The faculty is headed by Evan Pugh,
,and embraces_ a Complete list of pro
fessoris in the various branches of En
glish eduCation. We believe that ev
erything taught in our collegiate in
stitutio9s. emtepting only the lt,,ngua,
ges, is t- , u , ellt la the Agricultural Col-
loge. 1t is under the ,direction of a
u. rd -of 'Trustees. of which Hon.
.Fr..derick Wat 6-- is President -- ;:, B. C.
asurer, - and M. Thompson
h '; ,, vcrnor and Seere
tziry Cie Commonwealths and the
President of - the State Agricultural
,Society, are ex-officio members of the
Board. \ There are four chaplains con
nected with the 'lnstitution, and NSn
perintendents - for all - -the various de
partments on . the faliff, garden, nur
sery Se. _
r , '^i
The,lllll eourse of studies embraces
four vears ; but students can enter at
. •
any time and any part of the course;
depending upon their advancement.
The college year for 1864 will Com
mence Wednesday the 24th of Feb
ruary, nnd'end on the 14th of Decem
ber. 'Students intending to enter this
Institution are advised to pay partic
ular attention to Grammar, Geog
raphy and all the common English
branches. Applicants must be sir
teen years old: must be able to pre
sent satisfactory certificates of good.
moral habits, and must conform strict
ly to all the rules and regulations 44f
the Inititution. The sum of $l6O
must be paid in advance on entering,
which, with the labor rendered, cov
ers all expenses of boarding, tuition,
Washing &c. for the annual term.—
Applications may be made directly" to .
Thige Watts, the President, or through
the Agricultural Society of the coun
ty. Students must rise at a parpen
lar hour every morning, make their'
own beds and put their" own rooms
in order before breakfast; attend
ptinetuully .to all their duties in = the
recitation room,- laboratories &c.; at-
tend devotional exercises every S
da,y , In • the chapel, and pay for a
daMages done to tools, implements
•&c:. itvantonly. All intoxicating liq
uors,are rigidly excluded from the
stUdents._ All the labor of, the farm.
'containing several hundred acres, .is
'done by the students, who, spend, a,
part,:of . each day at work and part_ at
their studies. Thus the plowing,
soiting, harrowing, reaping,- thresh
ing/ hauling%manure, making fence,
keeping the horses, cattle and stables
in 6rder, are all performed by the pu
pils;"so that by the time they are rea
, dytsx graduate tliey should be excel
lent Engli, scholars and thorough
sefimtificfarmers. In the list of stu
ivnts we notice but one from Frank
lin county—J. A. Mc€lay of Green
• village.
The ,A.gricultural College of Penn
sylvania is located in Centre county,
toarßellefonte. Thu land is of th - •
best quality and is in n high state of
cultivation. The State has been boun
tiful4n her appropriations, and excel
lent Inildings for all necessary purpo
ses have Just ,been completed, so that
- the Institution can now, for the first
time, be considered fairly under waY.
It is certainly a most
_creditable In
stitution for our •State„ and as a place
of education for tho'se who; intend to
beeoinc farmers; it 'stands 'altogether
_unequaled. With the usual collegiate
branches are taught in the mostprao
tical manner,, not only Ag,ricultura'
Science, but also that frugaiity,methot
and industry which are indispensible
to the success of farmers. To Judi(
Watts the State is very greatly in
debted for this College, and it stil
I remains largely under the direction o
his comprehensive and practical mind
Tent American Agriculturist is the
best and cheapest Akriculturaljourn
al in the 'United States, and-every far,
mer should have it. We havo never
seen a single number of it that tires
not worth fully the subscription price
fora year to any practical farmer.
It contains thirty-two large pages in
each copy, and is furnished at the low
price of $1 le single subscibera; six
copies for $5; ten copies for $8 -Or
ange Judd 41, Park Row, -New York.
the offi
FC. BOYD, `Regititer and Reeor
, der of Franklin County, in account with the
laUla won weal th of Pennaylvania:
, .
1882. . c In.:
Dec. 11. Itec'dor Estate Christian Shupp..„ $lO 63.
186 " 4, Jot eph Kriner 42 84) ,
. 4 26. ' " .' 4 lcuts Dougal 112 5-
4. gr. 4, " Rub't H. 'Anderson 86 4
1863. • -
Jan. 13. " - " - Wsn. D. Pattoroon
13. "
. 4 . Henry Bites
" " John d0wer5.........
34 " -" , David Royer 199 &
fob. 5. " " , 'Samuel Itadebaugb 7400 0 .
" 5. ' 4 " Jane Scott 12
May 5. " , " 'Animas L.81e5.... -147 2
" 13. " " : Samuel Badg.bingn 397 7
4S , 22 . 44 .' NdWilArd I, Secnot.. 42,6,
if tl . Si 41 25
~ 30. ~ ‘• Jacob Dime 28 V.
Jane 4. . " - Mary Jack. 403 0
Jnly 2T. " „- " Julio Miller '49 9 ,
.. 27„ 4. .4 • " 4 . 51
44 . 241, " 44 Isabella Marshal... 59 0
Aug. 22. " " Henry Myer 5......... 105 8
Get. -- 4. " " Simon W Davies- 52 11
.. ~, 7 . 4. ,1 Catharine Beatty-. 4,590 7
James Beatty 2,478 8
o 27. 44 4 4 • Jane Burns • 109 5
• " in, 'a- .." Isabella Thompson ,59 6
6 20. " " Samuel Gilmore.— 292 8
Nev. 18. " " ' Susan Kline 59 8
. .21, 4 , " - Illizabeth Boal 213 9
4.• 23, o " Geo.Lebreaster...... 774 7. ,
-4 . George and Clara
Wallace 135 0 i
Dee. &Raid Wm. 'E. 31'llusrell, appraising
kstate of Christian 6 Imp? $1 l'u,'-
" " 18. Paid P. IVGarrey, appraising .Ihistote i
1803.3 Joseph Kriner 3 lio
Jan. 15. Paid Jahn Immel, appraising Rataie
of George and Clare WaNace - 3 4t)
Feb. 5. Paid A. N. Rankin, appraising Rstate -1 i
' of Jane Scott. 170
liar. 10. Paid State Venal:war 2,195 56
April 15. Paid Atckison Ritchey, appraising
Estate of Thomas L. Ithes.t..— ....
31ar. 9. Paid George 11. DaTiason, appr aising
Ilstute oiJobn Rowe.
flay 19. Paidbam9M. Arinstryng surveying
and appraising Fatal e1:41,11%u Jack
" 13. Paid William W. Britton. appraising
Estate'of Isabella Ifarshal—
June 6. Paid-State Treasurer-- ..-
.Itug.l2. Paid John Wilhelm, appraising Es
tate of Simon W. Rup .. ...
Aug. 10. Paid Ron. Jas. L. Black, appraising
Batate of Nancy I. rawlbrd •
Zep. 21. Pa3d 'Ron. Jolla Orr, appraising Es
tate of Samuel (Elmore
- " 23. Paid State Treasurer
Oct. 3. Paid Jacob Garter, appraising - Estate
of Isabella Thompson
3. Paid John tiyasong, appraising Z.
tate of Sarah Bobo
" 12. Paid David Piper, appraising Estate
of George Pab.uutster
" 17. Pald B. B. bavisea. aiprabing
tate of Catharine Beatty
" 17. :7 a. B. Davison, appraising Er
fate 0f.7 amen Beatty
" 26. aid W. Sind, appraising Zatate of
Pusan Kline
28. Paid David. Piper, appralainc )state
of Jane Btlthi
28. Paid Joan& Wingsr, appraising Es
tate of Henry Myers
Nov. 4. Paid A. L. Coyle, a ppraising Estate
of John Nuance
I. Paid David Wertz, Jr., appraLting Es
tate of Elisabeth BoaL
25. Paid A. 8. iretallob, appraising Zs
tate of Elizabeth . . .....
27. Paid Col. James G. elder, appraising
Estate of Mary Jane Water
" 30. Paid John nowo, Esq., appraising Yr
tate of Mary Raker -
Dec. S. Paid State Treasurer -
Commission on $12,5/3 /2 at 5 per ct.
i lhe
undersigned, Auditor &populated by the Court Of
Catomon Pleas of Franklin county, hiving examined the
aceunats of Yulward 0. Boyd, Regliter and Recorder of
said county, in relation - to the matter of Collateral In
heritence Tax, hereby certifies that the foregoing Is a
correct statement thereof for the fiscal year ending the
3dth day of November, A.D., 1863, and that there Is new
due Edward C..Doyd.fromtbe Commonwealth, t be above
billance,s63,M. [dec3o] ,G. G. BEILHAMMIt, Auditot.
15persons indebted to the firm of Stambaugh & Car
dsle. either on Book Account or Note, are hereby noti
fied that nniess settlement he made on or Wore the nth
day of January, 1864, wait will then be brought on each
• ery Account or note unpaid. Mr. Carlisle has
been dead for more than two yearn, and in order that the
business of the firm, and the estatest said decedent,
May be settled up, I em compelled tostidopt this course.
dec23-.3t.] s -N. 8. 8113184.1/011.
Surviving partner of Stambaugh & Carlisle
VOTICE.—AII persons knowin‘r
I, th ottseives' indebted FOR FEES in the ItROI 4
TRit AND RECORDER'S OFFICE. will please sett'e
the same without farther notice, as my term of Attlee
hue expired. My books will be at, the Register's °dire
or th 3 present. [doelel E. C. BOYD.
TAKE - NOTICE We will give 12 cts per solid
_ T T
or;cabic foist fur LARGE WALNUT LOGS of good quell
, tyi.delivered at our Mill. The logs must measure 20
timbal - or more in diameter, fourteen feet from the stump
-Fir which case we will take the whole tree up to 10 incip's
diameter. We will also. make SPECIAL CONTRACTS
fmextra good trees. Those terms are offered taut th e
Ist ht. April next:
dee 30.3 m ' SIMPLER, CLARK # CO.
WANTED.—A Steam Engine of
shOnt twenty name power. Also a 'Saw Mill
Carriage and gearing. Any person having any of the
above articles_ fdr sale will find a pnrchaserby addreesing
thaii Office. [Deo.2,-Bt.
W...k.NTED=An Apprentice to learn
the TINNING business. Enquire - at - the RE
POSITORY GEire. , , fl-tr.
ANTED.---A: Good Journeyman
CABINET MA KEIL • Steady employment given
Enquire Millie Office. • 0ct21'63-tr
( 2 100 ' will
pay fok the PEPOSI
• TORY one year to bee e ti'4o Soldier in
toe Berri...
printed in 'every 'eiyip, flt
lowe.t rgee,,,t the office of the FRANKLIN
$.2,.,55 1 1
$12.616 41
12.03 12
franklin Ittpcisitorp, janucap 6, 1864:
,ipig estate galto.
undetsigned. on ne oirtnt of adVancing
years and consegneitt - inability to snperint end and man
.tge the huskies, will sell at Private sale her, property.
formerly knowt as HANOVER IIION WefltKB" and
tow known as ' , ELYSIAN 11141,S,” a tamed acne mites.
,oath 01 McConnellebnrg, (the mainly seat of Fulton
Pa.,) on the road leading to Rancock, - M d.. and
listant twelve miles from the hater nitre, on the Mesa
wake and Ohio Galata and the B.titinore and Ohio nail
tout. The property contains (too AC:thS, four hundred
4' which is mountain Laud welt timiercd. riff ding ex-
'elleut range and pasture for cattle and PhePp. j -
0i the remaining twobtandred,lCTe3, alamt one htin
.red is cleared atui under fence and inn goo,l_istato of
ultivutiou, comprising LIMRSTONF., SLATY, abd ROT
,VM LAND. The improvements consist of a throe
tory Stone and Frame FLOURINO KILL, complete is
Il its 'arrangements for either Custom or Merchants
rink, with four run of stones and two Water-lWhoel':
ore Creek in a fine grain giowing region. A SAW
lILL nearly new ; a two'story Stone Dwelling noise,
• with all the necessary and convenient attachment. and
• mt-buildings. with a choice variety of fruits and shrub..
•iery surrounding the whole, and w ith w neeer-fiiiiing
Well of water at tho door and tinder roof. A Stone
containing It STORE ROOll. and RESINESS
iFFICS Two Barns. a Ifarpenter Ship, an.l a Mack
, notch Shop. - Two old fruit-bearing Apple Orchardsand
ono young orchard-just beginning to beer. There is an
reexhaustable MINE OF MON ORE on the premises,
offering inducements to capitalists wish ini,to embark in
the Iron business.
To any person wishing to engage in the Distilling bu.
allleili this its a mast invitirtg location
It the Ooperty is not to by the lat of February,lBl34
it eillbeforrent.
• Forfurftrer informatfoireall on me on the nrtmises. or
apply in person or by letter, to James Po tt. MeConnelle
lirg, Fulton county.
Elysian Mills, nov 18 1,10 IIIAUDAtENA POTT.
- --r, ---- t
—The Subscriber otters at Private ,' a I e.his FA JIM
situated about% mile front Quiney,eou [al ng 14 , 1 A t.:11.1.::-
Hof which is in Tl3lllF,lt and thriving Chel,tunt. )4'
of the Farm isof the bestquality of I,I)IESTON E EA , N .0
and altis a high state of cuttivation. rh§ Improve
ntentsare a large BRICK lIOIISE, a ith portico and
porrhrs. a new BRICK BANK Walt N.Sufeet long. with
Vi ng ,, n shed and Corn Crib rittnehtelt deft ,le Frame
Carriage House .Brick Wash !louse. Sinnkelleuee. !take
f ,
Oven, a t elail necessary outbuildln s, in good repair
Therein a largo Cistern el ose to the nrn.nseoNr Stock
and one near the kitchen. There's Well of, excellent
Water lit the yard. There is %ism*: variet:.! of choice
i 'Emit, soca as Pears .. . Plums, Peaelo-e ein t G et i le ,.. e j n th e
yard. There isalao a good OILCII.AIID ofyonrigihriving
Fruit on the premises •
versons wishing to vim thalami can tin so by calling
f aub; ,, ribei a; any information raspeeting.' it cao
obtained by call ingon BableY. o , linty Treas.
irer. [s6p , t SliDpOWElt.'
53 7
396 5
41 tx
TONCOUNTY FOR SALE.- 1 -The Subscriber °Reis
t Private Sale, a valuable 'TACT OF LAND. situated
tie-font th of a mile .eat of .11:Conueliburg. (In the nad
aiding from Chambersburg to Merversburg.containing
.bout 100 ACRES; 1.M.0f which is clearao and in a
,igli state of coltiVation and the balance is; well
,eied. The Improvements are two Mori" LOU LOG and
louse, Blacksmith Shop, Batik BARN, W con Shirt,
mu Crib and all nays/airy. out-buildings, !There are
wo SPRINGS of eicellant water, Nevelt' known to fail,
tinning through the hind. There is also oh the premises
. YOUNG ORCHARD of choice fruit. The j,ropertyis
lerirably located and well adapted to griming or herding
:little. i
Terms made reasonable. and 'possession Oven at any
imp. Persons wishing to view the premises can do so
.3N:idling - en the subscribor,•residing on the Farm.—
E'er further particulars address
dec 30 3t* FEDDE FIXSFN.
NEV FAYETTEVILLE.—The undersigned will
.nt atPrivate Srile, the followiLg described. R. 13.111 ES
r ATE, to *lt:
A 11 ander goad fengrandtillabls. with a gond Srick Dwell
lag, a never failing well of good water near 'the door, a
4•nsd Ilartt and Thrashing Flour, a tine Orchard bearing
the best fruit. Also
of 32Iarge Tate. - 6 large Leaches with linudi and pooh
Bark Mill, Roller. Pump and Fulling Stoek.4 all in excel•
lent order. tha whole operating by WATbR POWER.
Al.n n good B trkshed. all uttentrplesed in convenience
and labor saving. '
The above property will be shown toany Person on ap
plieatitm to Jacob R. Cook 'of Fayetteville. or John B.
Cook of Chanthersburg Terms will be nroonable.
June 1.7,'63-tf PETER COOK.
10 20
1 70
949 ins
yon. SALE: , The undyrsigued Offer at PriTato
Sale. the well known Tavern. situated on the corner of
t*ltet and Second Strome, itowAL,4l,he occupancy of
Sheriff Brown. The Intel is :t large • conutuution. two
story brick bnibling. The yard uttachod Is admirably
arranged for trareinrs stopping with buggies- and
w..gons. The stable is large cod I* . y. and eap a hl o o fi
icoommodatingfrom to tie head drlyirs4s. The ont•
huddingssnelt as Wash House. Sp ri ug [louse ice House,
utattea it the most desirable Intel in ithe comity.
Its near toe:Wont° the Iliil Thula, Court Intim,. liank;
and business places, renders it the most ploasan t amd
convenient stopping place in town.
7 70
/b 7 bu
Perwonsthriring pnrchase.eun see thepretnimessurl
learn the terms ui sal« by cal Ling on tho netinnigneq.
18 2J
Chamb'g. sent.':-;f
FOB SALB.—Theundersidned will ell at Private
So ,his TANNBlll7,known as the Corner Tannery. with
steam and water-pew er Saw Mill, OhtmMilg3fill.Stocla,
torbreaking hides, kc. The Tannery hmj 8 leethes;32
vats, 2 Hines and water-pool. and is capnie of tanning
800 heavy hides a year. There are t n Jog Dwelling
II amea.Barn.Stable and other ruTesestryout build nga
connected withtheTannery.'endubouttinAtlroveleasteql.
with good fruit sell any quanta.) of land with
the Tunnery, from 100 to 700 Ac res. 0. e 600 Acres art
Tlmber.and an ample•supply of Chem tit j Oak Bark ft
no the Tannery for fifty years. It is situated abut
'ies South-west of dlercersburg.on litcklitg Creels
Terms made etsy. Pose;:sion will be given t (tit
tiogessary, For Anther pArticnisrs tolclreia the muter
41;ned.flt . .Sfercersbnrg, Franklin coatuty,Pa,
ang 12, 63-fl' e:',II.I.ITOA
1 70
I 70
1 7L
8,631 46
627 v. 6
subscriber will sell at Private S.ale the SMALL
PSIIM on NVlliell'he towrelides..iitnate in Antrim town
ip, Franklin 'pun ty, abont six miles front ft ream:si.
Ithe, on the Caslitown road, adjoining . lands of Samuel
, Dyers and others, containing about FORTY ACRES—aII
•hirtr..d hind, in good order and muter TVA fence. Thou.
; :1 - A YorliG 0 ROIIA RD of thrifty trees On the place. and
Well of excellent water. The improvements c , •nsiett
iof-a two,-story, LOG- DWELLING DOUSE. a NEW
DANK DARN.torty.twn feet long. ntui wed flnislie
toil all other necessary out buildings. POASPFSII4I will
ha irireti on the Ist of ApriL Texins will be none
known on nppllcAtion to the 4fihserlber residing en the
premises. [oct 21 V-tfi SAMUEL C. HAIDER.
I CiTIERIFF'S SALES.—_-_-Th; virtue
. of Rnndry writs of r , ndiffonirziom•t4destied out of
the Conrt of CAY/11171011 PINISP , of F rne kn n e ., ma ty, Ps.,
to me directed there will be exposed to Public Sale,
t t the Court Donee In the Borough orChnnaber.ihurg, on
Frifloy the 15th dolt of Jct./ion', et -1
M.. the
, fdlotrin,, ,o deeeribeal Real E4tate, :
j AD that TRA.CT OF L t ND. xitnate In flrdiford twp..
o;j./initc, lands of Jere. I lartnon on the South, Henry
.rataall on the fla•ft. Jere: 3/.oearge on the North. John
57,,,tkei on the West, vontainin gni) ACIIDS.,more or 1 e 4. 4 ,
with is Log Rouse. Log Darn an'd other linproreutints
/hereon erected Seized and taken in execution WI the
•.roperty of W. A. ereager and Jet. C. fle.ara;e. and will
, 1 0 . sold Lyme.. (der 30) 11 . 11,0 DT. Sheriff.
0.1R.M, 'FOR SA LE.--The Sub.
scriber offers at private Sale bis Farm. situate in
eta! Township, four miles east of Famtettstairg, ud•
.icing lands ofJolos Kensev, .latuea Kirkpatrick, James
erk and the Mountain, coutain ACBSS of Slate
on' Freeatone Land. about 00 of'which is cleared, the
asisuce well net ulth Timber. There is on the Farm a
mott LOG DWELLING HOUSE, Log Barn, Stone Spring
ifonhe and other out buileings, an excellent never fail
!ing'Spring of water near the house. A good Apple , '
Orchard and a variety of other fruit, Beaches, P 1 ,ms,
j t.c. 'The Farm is under a gbod fence and running water
In nearly all the fields. Any person wishing to purchase
11111 please call and 'clew the premises, when the terms
'Till be made known by the subscriber, living on the
Premises. (dec 30 tf) WM. ISIACKBV.
fitilitatt) Retie*.
The largest and most complete Regiment from Pa.
Comfortable barracks, no long marches, fall rations,
prompt pay, warroolothing and a nice time generally.
These are some of trig extraordinary advantages of the
soldiers who occupy the "Posta of honor." -
I have opened a Recruiting. Office opposite the Court
norm. on East Market St., Chamberstmrg : the same
•dfice occupied oneyear ago by Lieut. B. V. Winger and
-myself.. , _
Any one desiring to enlist in the above Regiment will
have all matters satisfactorily altidttined before so doing.
001 at once and enrol gottraeltres among the brave de
fenders of Vour country. I shall be -here but a short
time, as the Regiment is flat Riling up. . -..
t ,Come - and avoid the Draft. • ADAM FERGUSON.
dec23-tfl• ' Sergt.24 Pa. Artillery, Recruiting Officer
Legal. ft otires.
tGISTER'S NOTICE.— , -411 per-
ILtrions intereateil will please Ltke notice '
,that the
L.O tog ;teeoltntants harp settled their acctinuts in the
fteghtters Otlice of Franklin county "and that th7e 'same
will he pro, ented to tho Orphalts' Court for Confirmation
mt Wtontitio,sh;liznuary =tit, Itl6-1, at, the Court Rom,
in Chamberaburg:
1. Kind account of George Wongl7, Guardian of Helen
and Pinirez Wei%ly, minor chlluirn of 11. L. NYilagicy,
2. Account of,Sidomon Knepper. Gnat-titan of Josinh
an Obadiah Knel per. minor children of 'David Knep
per late( of Quincy top., deed,
3 The account of Btu wird trailer. Adner on the es
tate of George W. Patterson, late of Greencavtle. deed.
4 The first and finalaccount of Daniel Snoke, Adrer
of ii,'Mvelmer, late of Lurgati twp,.
5. The first and final account of Jacob Br-war, Bleed
tor of Mary Brewer. late of Montgomery Mvp.. dec'd. _
6. The account of 1. 11. McCauley. Adminiiitrator of
Thomas McCauley - , late of the "borough of Greencastle,
7. The first MITI final account of 'George W. Brewer,
Adininisttator of John S. Kerr.
• S. The account of Samuel C. Filson, Administrator of
G. If. Korling, late of Fanuott twp., deed.
9. sKanol and final account of Samuel Hershman.
Gnat dian of Ann Amelia Lowery, as stated by his Ad
ntirilstrathr. ,
10. The a, count of !teary iller, 0 traratan of th e per
suns and pstrte - of Fleury and Mary C. SW I.
11; Tlie first and final account of Wm.R. ?ornery, Ad
ministrater of Ara:,ella Maeloy, jo b , o f g iamott , 0 , 1 , 4
deed. • .
I% The lint and final aco.;unt of Dr. M. F. Robison.
Administrator d. b. n. c. t u.,. of Robert Robison, late of
Anti inn twp., dec'd.
13. The first and final account of Ilarhangh.Jr..
Administrator of Henry Jacobs, Mtn of 'Washington
twp., deed,
14. Fit at and final account of Jesse Craig. Adminintia
tcr of John 11. Craig, Lite of Muutgonzetx - 2
up.. dm%
lb. First account of Ilan y °ma Rite. linardiauld John
• 31cDowell, minor child of John McDowell late of
Antrim twp., deed.
16. The first and final accoimt of Henry Otawake,
Gnu rtlinn of Ann Elizabeth 'kb, ell. now nec'd. nilnor
chat) of Julia McDowell. late of A mem twp.„ deed.
17. Account of Jacob C. Snyder. Administrator of
Christian ltosenberger.lateof il ni If; rt l twp., deed.
lb. The tit st and final account of 1 aniel Clover. Ad
ministrator of John Corer, Sr.. late of- humus twin,
19. The account of S. A. Bradley. Adm Inlet rater of the
estate of Peter Shatter, late of Montgomery twp.. deed.
2u. First and final account of 9 A. Bradley. Adminis
trator el the estate of Elizabeth Shatter, late ~f Mont•
geniery twp•, dee'd.
21. Phial account of floury Good. 'Administrator of
Christimaibtod, late , of WaShington twp.. deed.
22. The nest and final account of Jacob W. ilatasher.
Executor et James Washington, late of Southampton
23. First and final account of Roberti'. McClure. Ad
ministrator William Itudgers, late of South
ampton township, Ilrefl.
- 24. Account. OM. Harvey Gordon, 4fiministruter of
Samuel Gorden, late of 11'tlyneshoru. deed.
23 t. wend account ofiacul. Garver, Guardian of Mar
tha.f. Waddle, min , r child Jam, a Waddle, dec'd.
26. AcConnt of Jacob Carver. [}card( n of Julia A.
Wa4Jle, minor clad 01 James Weddle. duc.'d.
27. Account , of Wm. Heyser. thnirdiati of Lucy C.
Nitturbouse. minor child of Elizabeth •Nitterh,at+u. as
stated by Wni. Ifeyeer, Jr., acting Administrator orEbaid
Wm. lleyser, deed.
28. First and fluid account of Johu Stouffer, Adininis
trator of Jacob C. Henry. late of Quiff - mil twp., des ii.
Pirst'and RDA at:CA.IIIIC of Andrew L. Coyle. Ad- -
ministrator. with the Will annexed, of Solomon Weiser,
latr of Me; cresburg, deed.
:10. Final account of Elias S. Troxel.niting Executor
of Tobias Funk, late of Waallinitton township, dec'il.
YEIL§E JUNO f S, drawn fur a Court of Oyer and
Terminar.Court of Quarter .B , isioua of the Peace, mid
a Court of Couunon Plena, to be held at Charobereburg,
oa, Slonday, the 18th day of January. A. D. 1864.
Robert Black. Green; 'Jonathan Bear, Quincy;
Coble, St. Thomas; Joseph Creamier. Southampton; Mar
tin Cole. Chamberstatig; George Bice, Green; Curtis
Fortna, Lettet kenny ; Jacob Flickinger. Metal; Abra.
ham - Gipe, Letterkenny i ; Valentine B.Gilbert, Washing
ton; William A. II niter, Let ti.rltenny ; Isaac Bicker
smith, Guilford; Johii Johnston, WayneAliore; Jacohl
Bann - man. Green; John liitkpnttick, do.; Peter %pep
per, Quincy; John W. Metz. Guilford ; James IVl'Ferrati,
Washington: Henry Mentzer. Green; id Steffey,
Wiashlagton; Jacob Show. St. Thomas; °lin West.
Cliambersburg; Jacob Wetzel,Wasbingto ; Frederick
Jeremiah Ashway, Let terkenay ; Benry it Brindle,
Antrim; William 13sosart. Hamilton; Xoteph Perm do.;
Joint Branthaver, Peters; Wm. S. Bard. Southampton;
William Clark, Green; Geo. W. Cromer, Permit+ ; Abra
ham earn:mgt.', Antrim ; John S. Crawfupl, Giflford;
Lynne Diller. , "onthampten ; Christian ID eplt. Let trken
ny; John-Detwiler. Green; A r:JinniNfldor. Fannett
Michael Ebersole, GuillorJ; Adam Washington;
Joseph Voltz, Ler terkimuy Gabriel Verner, Guilford
linhert Gould. Peters: Thomas C Grote. Mercers] nri;;
Matthew 'Gordon. Oreeneostle; Alum, MOtal ;
Lewis Gilbert, Antrim; James Giles, Metal; Henry
linftman, Antrim: W. A. Bays, Montg, mery: Hiram
Houser, Chankbersbnrs: Jacob Dante]. Green:. Jthh
ni.seeker, Antrim; Levi Kershaw. Warren; William
Kromer, Quincy ; John 11. Murphy. Wercernhurg • Jolla
Maclay. Lurmut ;Wats -Mullei4 Peters; 1111111. D.
Me Iciustry;Mereersimeg ; Mures N tub:11'111;M eta ; Da
rhi Oyer. Lptierkenuy A. C. Plieuye. - Montganer);
Henry-Itieszael. Peters; Joseph Sitirely, Jr.. Greencw-
W; John Atanty. Washingt.on: Henry Snider (of Jacob)
Guaira; Jimmy Walter, Wablingten';
Antrim ; John Wynkoop, Litman : James Wolff. Metal;
Jacob y... 4. Gro'en Geo. W. Zei trier. Greencastle.
John Agi 0. Hamilton; Andrew Burge,. Peters: Hen
ry Besot% . Washington: D. H. llonchrake. Gothud; Ye , .
ter - Benedict, Way mesh. , f 1: Mat th ins Barkdoll, 'Notify;
Jo{ p Howmati. Guilford : 31. J. Burns. Washington ; Juo
Cowan. Metal: Robert elm:sten, Wttsifittelon: Om id
Bear n, Lui gnu ; B. A. Cormany. St. Thomas ; eo. Clap
saddle. Peters, Wm. Deardorff, Lurgan ; Andrew Deft.
triolt, St. Th ' , nuts ;,Jomph M. Doyle, Fannett ; Jacob
Ebersole. Guilford; Ci. R. Elliott. Montgomery ; George
Etchbereer. uhanalVg; "1 Iliott Montg'y ; Jove; h
Eberly. Ilamilt 1;11 John unfrock. Chant ; Abraham
Frantz. Washington. Cleo. k• terho I€, uilferd ;
Gil lam Peters ; Peter C. Holler. Si. Timms; Michael
Hoke. of W., Peters: Jacob .Hershey. Antrim; Si. H.
Key , er, 31ontg'y : Wm. A: Keyser. Peters; Porter W.
Kegerries, Metal: David Long; Litrgan; Samuel Leh
man. Sr., Letterk'3 ; Joh reA. Lantaster,'. hamb'g; David
Mowers, Green ',..Tosepit Newcomer. St. Thomas; Henry
Prather, Greencastle: Henry Reilly, Hamilton; Vred . k
Speck. Washington: - JanteetP. Speer, Letterey: P. M.
Shoemaker. Letterkenny ; Gen. W. Stelfiey. Washington ;
elirkt inn Stoner, St. Thomas: John S. Skinner. Metal;
Henry Guilford : Fre,ll' Walk, Hamilton; Sam
uel West. Hama - cm: A. B. Wingert, 'An , ri ['leen
nor. the Justices of the Pence. and the Constables of
the Different Toe toships in the County of Franklin,
Greeting Ktiow all ye. that its purtinance of a precept
to me directed, under •the hand and seal of the non.
Jl:llE't SILL. President of ,the several Conrts of- Com
mon Fleas. in the Sixteenth Distritl, conqating of the
emit, tie., of Somerset, itedtmi. Fulton and Franklin. and
by virtue of ,his taco. the Cirtrt of 03er and Terminer
and General Jail Delivery for the trial of capital and
other offenders therein. and In the oen6ral Court Of
Quarter ng of the Peace, and WILLI tU W. PArrON
-anti J tutu 0. CAtumN. Fags., Judges of the same coon
ty of Franklin. Yon and each of yon areherehy require
ed to !wand appear in your proper persons with your
keeOrds. Illlcognizance4. Etatuinat'und, and other Re
metubrancen before the 3telges aforesaid. at Chant.
ber.burgi at a Court of Oyer and Terminer and General
Jail Delivery, and General Quarter Sessions of the peace,
therein to be holden for the young? of Franklin etre
said, on Mc 3d Monday in .61Huhry. fo.inp the lhth day
of the neQnth, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day,
than and them to on those things, m Melt to gone several
offices appertain.
under my huml at Chamber-burg. the.22d 'day
at December, 1663. SA3IUF,I, BRANDT, 4
23-te. cherift4
.CA_ OF HENRY FUNK.—The creditors of Henry
U. Funk. of W.p.hington township, Franklin -county.
Ferinsyliania, ominsolvoit Debtor. ore hereby notified
that the Acconnik oT John Funk (of H.) and Dr. Thomas
Walker, the Assignees of said Henry H. Funk, under a
Deed of voluntary assignmenVfor the benefit of his
creditors. have been TISALLT adjusted and confirmed--
that thhi is the LAST account the said Assignees will Bot
tle, and that there is a balance in the hands of said ac
countants for distribution amongst said creditors, and
the Court of Common Piens of the county aforesaid have
appointed the undersigned an Auditor to,marshal.and
apportion the said assets amongst: said creditors, and
make report tothantxt Court. ITO will therefbre meat
the creditors of said 'Henry G.Funk at his Office, 'in
Chambersburg, on Saturday, the 18th of January, 1884,
at e o'clock, A. x., to bear and adjust their several claims.
The Old creditors are hereby particularly urged to
bring or Bend me their claims, drily authenticated, in
advance of the day of the audit, and those who do not
present their Claims on or before the said 18th day of
January. 1884, will be forever debarred, from claiming
or receiving any part of the fund for distribution, under
the Acts of Assembly of this Mate. -
docile, , : I. U. McpAITLIFF, Auditor.
- .
N OTICE.—The following named
' persons have tiled petitions for License, in the
C er 's Office, to be presented to the Court at the next
term, commencing on Monday, the 18th ofJanuttry, 1664,
to *it
John Miller Hotel. Chambersbnrg, North Word.
John W. Taylor Hotel "-, South Wexid.
Alexander - Martin " St. Thomas, - . .
S. S. Hays, " " Shimpetown,
'John Newman
Iv holesale Liquor Store, Gfreencrtle,
John W. Rattle a if 'it
A. B. Seibert llotel,ConCord, , '.-
Saint Fisher, Hotel, Shade Grove. •
J. B. Ihunbaugh, Rote!. State Line, ' -
deo 30 W. O...*ITIMALL, Clerk.
"Legit -
'lx notice ix hereby given that Letters of Adminlei
tuition to the Estate of Nicholas -tleck, la e of Guilford
Mwnship. deed. have heen,granted to the undersigned,
'residing in said township.'
All persona knoring thimselreie indebted to mild Fs.
tate *lll please make immediate, payment; and theta
haying clatmawill present them properly authenticated
Ser Settlement, to SAMUEL FLECK, -
dee 30 6t Adwer.
Notfce .hr hereby giren that Lettenr of Adminis
tration on the Estate of Peter Byers, late of Montgomery
township. deed. have been granted to the subscriber,
residing in said tort ship.
All persons indebted to the said Estate are hereby re•
giested ti make immediate payment. and those haling
shams or demands against the Estate of said decedent
w)11 make known the tame without delay to
I dec2:3 l . ISAAC WEAGLEY,
Notice is hereby goretrthat Letters of Adraturstra.
tion t' the BA , ate of Henry Bentisdefrer, late of Antrim
township;dec'd, have been "grunted to the aubecriber,
rissld"ng in said township.
All persons indebted to the said Estate are hereby re
tested to make immediate. payment. and those having
aims or detuands against the Estate of said decedent,
ill make known the same without delay. to
Notice is hereby given that Letters of
trattun on the Estate of Samuel Ilauk. late of 9rpon
township, dec'd, have been granted to the sabactiber,
residiugln said township.
All persons knowing themselves indebted to said Es
tate, will ;dense make immediate payn.ent ; and those
having claims will present them properly authenticated
for settlement Eddall3l riDItEIV. P. 0176 ER, Adair,
0110 ;E.-•
Niitire is hereby given that Letters o Admit'is
nation to the Estate of Jacob Shatzer. late of Deters
township, dec'd, have been granted - to the undersigned,
residing In Peterstownship.
All nersons knowing themselves indebted to Bald Es
fate will please mate immediate paymeta : 0041 those
having claims w,ll present them - properly authenticat
ed for settlement. deel6l JAMES D. scorr,
. •Notice is hereby given that Letters of Adudnis
trstton to this Estate of Philip MeGaffigan, late of the
Borough of Chambersdnirg, deed, have been granted to
the undersigned . residing in'snid Borough.
. All persons indebted; to Us esaid Estate, are reveal ed
to make immediate pays ent . and those having claims
'or aenosuds against the Estate of decedent, will make
known the sante, with Out delay. to -
deil AUXANDER MARTIN, -.Adra'r
lcotice is berehi given that Letters of Adnifnis
tratten to the Estate tlf Juiht rhidfo , Into of Ouiliercl
township. decd. Lave been granted to the subscriber,
'residing n said township.
. Alt persons knowing themselves indebted to said Es
tate will please make 3 imtnediate payment: and those
haring claims willpre ent them properly authenticated
for settlement. (decfl SAMUEL, 0 ItOffS.M.AN, Adm'r.
Notice is hereby giyen that Letters of Adminis
tration to the Estate of Peter W. Stonffer, late of Gull
' ford township, dec'd. have been granted to the under
signed, residing in said township. .
All persons knowing themselves indebted to said Es
tate will please make immediate pa 3 latent and times
hexing claim. will present them properly authenticated
for settlement. [tlecK JACOB STOUFFER, Adm'r.
:Notice iss hereby given that Letters 01 adminis
tration on the Estate H of John Meighter, late of Green
township, dee'd, haTe!, been granted to the undersigned,
residing in said Township.
All persons knowing themselves indebted to said Es
tate will please 'make! immediate payment; and those
havingclaintswillpresent,them properlyanthenticated
for settlement.
theh GEO. & HENRY SLEIGITTER,.Adm'fir!.
Notice is hereby given that Letters of Adminis
tration to the Estate of Samuel Johnson, late of ilont
y township, deed.have beed granted to the un
dersigned. residing in said township.
All persons knowing themselves indebted to said Es
tate will please Make immediate payment ; sod those
having claims will present them properly authenticated
for senttlement. Nee.), ALEN. B. JOHNSON. Atlner.
Notice is hereby given that Letters of Adminis-•
[ration ou the Estate of Jesse Rouen, late of ti.o3 State of
.13 issouri. deed, have been granted to tee undersigned,
residing, in Montgomery townshlp.-Franklin Co., Pa.
, All persons knowing themselves I tul ehted to said Ea
tate Will please make immediate- paythent; and those
having claims will present 'hank properly :tuthenticatt d
for settlement, [det4) DANIEL HAWBECKER. Adm'r.
A D3ll I,s TrtkTOflS' IC 01 1 ICE,—
i - a_Notice is hereby given that Letters. of Administra
tion to the Estate of, floury Unger, late of ;Waynesburg,
decd, have been grunted to the underbigued, esiding in
said Borough.
All pemonsknowingthemselverindebted t. said Estate
will please make immediate payment, and those _having
cLtimapreaeut them properly nuthenticnt, d for settle
(dee2l SUSAN UNGER, Adnera.
sone. is hereby given that Lettere of Adminis
tration to the Estate of Henry Gordon, with the wni
annexed,late of Washington township, deed, have been
granted to the undersigned. residing said township.
AllpensOus indetited to the said Estate, are hereby re
quested to mike i min vitiate paymentond those having
claitus or demands against the Esiateof said decedent,
will make known the same without delay, to
dee2^ Adm'rx.
is hereby given that Letters 'Natant •otary to the
:state of ..lacob Oyker. late of the Borough of Chem
bersburg,'dec'J, have keen geaute4 to too
residing in said liorongh.
AU peyons knowing themselves indebted to Fluid Es=
tate will please ulnae immediate pa}nieut ; end those
having claims will present them properly authenticated
fur settlement. ' CHARLES WATtq'Elt,
decl6 CHRISTIAN S. I.:INTER. Executors.
iss hereby given that Letters Testamentary to the
listate of Samuel J. Crunkleton.lato of Antrim town
ship. deed. have been grunted to the undersigned. redid
ing in said township.
Aliporsousindebtedtothesaid Estate.are hereby re
quested to.make immediate payment, owl thosebaring,
claims or demands against the Estote of said decedent
will make known thesame without delay,to
^, j is hereby given that Letters Testamentary to the
Estate of NielineLLittlo. late of Wash.ogton township
deq'd,ttve been granted to the snWriber, residing in
All persona knowing, themaelrest odelded to bald ts
tate will plenae make .Imuiediate payment; and throe
willpreeenttheni properly authenticated
for settlement. .(dec9; :TOILS IL „ERR, Kx'r.
All persons Lntereated will take notice that the t
ing, accounts have been filed and wft I be presented to
the Court of Common Plen a on Monday, the 18th of Jan
nary to;•_contirination :
The account of Ferdinandthany, Committee- of
Mrs Eilen De Armltt, a Lunatic, residing fu Faunett
towneitip. -
The final account of George A. -Cook, Committee 'bf
Mary Jape Walker, of St. Thomas townelilp.
dee 30-to K. S. TAYLOR, Proth'7.
vi 'UMW TER* 1864, commencing Monday, Janu
ary 18th,
Ta. Creager , use of Miller's Ad
William Gutehall vs. Jacob Munlerode.
Emanuel Kuhn vs. W.Crooks' Executors.
George W. Wolff vs. William Christ.
4lichrtel Zellers' - vs. James Rule.
S. A. Melloh, endorsee - vs. Holder Hughes.
Solomon Heiser -. vs. Wm. McGrath. , • ,
Matthias Philippi - vs. John Ashway. -
•. E. McClellan vs. Spinel Reisher. „
John Brewer's Executor vs. Mary Ann Brewer, et. al.
S. M. Pennock & Co. re. Wm: Reber.
Willifiro Cline vs. Joseph Etter.
James S. Roes Executrix ve..l. S. Resenberes Ser.
John Tritch vs. Joseph Price. ,
Malachi Brindlee Ex'r vs. Malachi Brindle. ,
Margaret Rock ' vs. John L. Enepper,
J. W. Sollenberger's- nee NIL H. Hughes.
Daniel Kohler vs. George A, Delta. -
John Peterman vs. Lewis .Er ter. • '
Philip Caveman, Jr., •03. P. eas man, Sr.'s Adm'i. -
Catharine-Harmony's nee vs. G eorge Palmer's Ex'r.
Polly Piper vs. James Dyarman and Wife.
Reilly & Sharpe ' vs. Wm. McGrath, et. al.
Adam Anghinbaugh vs. Geo. Brandharcee heirs.
Sarah Bowman ve. Joseph Boismin., .
John Beaver's Adm'rs ye. Wm. McGrath, et. al. -
E. Jane Windle, et. al. vs. Mary Anil Clark.'
John B. Madden, al. vs. Rev. E. - Thomas, et. al.
d&„...V] ' E. S. TAYLOR, Prothoturtary.
- REbecca Morrison
TOR PRINTING, in _every style
EP dem st the office ofthelliANlLlN REPOSITORY
13oo#0 anb *tationerg.
a STATION Ellnow mei/Meal& NEW &roar. Roos
hod Laprepamd to teatinCt businco with itt enter facllitint
than ever. -
BOOKS.—School BookO: Miscellaneous Books. Tr'J
Booko.lumr 1304.)ke, 'Medical .Bouka, Suitdity School Boa*.
Xlitary Books.
BIBLES.—A largo -assortment of Pocket *rid Fazgly ,
Bibka." • .' ' -
BLANK BOOKS or nil 6izee, qualitlee and sty - Tea of
STATIONERY.—A great varlelyef nil hinds of Writ
ing.und Printing Puponr. of French, Engligb and-Ameri
can tnanufirettuo. AI o, Earvelopesnf alit eizennnd tomtit.
tim. Ink, Pens, Pencils._lndia Robber. 'Papos. Seats,
Quills. Copy Books, Blotting BOard, Erives, Erasers,
Vriting .and ,
GOLD PENS.—The very beet! old Pens in the market,
fully marrautoll, made by Leroy NY.Fairrbild. of E. Y..
BLIND PAPER.—d. tLtt variety of patterns and quarl.
WALL PAPER =gnarly 1000 different patternn. tp
gethet with «uitatite ilonierings,•Pltsin, Whet and 1
vet Gilt. • _-- • ,
PICTURE PR A NES—Crrat and Ei.quare Fnnnes,fi rPho
tngraphs Frames made to order,
eFRENCR GLASS, for, Picture rnmes..Teny. sine;
CHEAP °TEL'S. meth lower than puldßene prime.
ERORAYINIIS.--Ingildtt, Freed). tiermitts and Amer
ican Engrayim.te.
BASKETS.—Inee,v, Traveling, took, Picnic, Yrnit,
Rnifeand Clothes 15,2.1;et5,
ZEPIITP. 11 OESTY.W.—Str gle and Pottle - zeßbyr,
istp,..ttry,,na sof Zephyr .Shetla Wail, &e. - •
NEWS.PAPLIIS.— The l'ldlndelphin mild New 'full
Dailies received daily. Clubenr Ind ividmise
WEEKLY I , A e.EItS.-ITarper'e Weekly. Leak , .
N.Y. ?lei epry, Weekly, N. Y. Ledger, ete4 reeeit.;
ed xeekly. -
1't:1110111CA LS.—Darger's Monthly. At (antic Mont lily
Continental. Gurley, l'eterron. Dalton, Knickerto cher,
All the Yiar bound, corialVll, etc., etc., received as sure
um published.
MEAL' LITERATURE.—AII the Dime Publication'.
Weekly Nonvellettes, SUng Books.. te:. 'recited tinily.
take sere fur 211 kinds of goods..
EXPRK: I I4.—We goods by Main (.2.16 every du,
from the East.
Thank Deeds. Wilting and Printing' Cards, Itultre
Paper Weights. Pitney boxes, Combs and Blushes. C balk
Crayons. and all standard goods in nor line constantly ott
DlUSlV.—SheetPic, for Piano. Guitar. Violin, rule
'PI • NO:t7.--,We pm:lmm=los on couuuis.•ion. sieve to
onvoour customers from Nifty to Ono Hundred and Fifty
DI nom.
MUSICAL INcTIIUMENTS:—Vie can supply any lch]d
of 'Musical Instruments at prices tir lower than usual.
P.ll(Yr. 01VAPII:ALTIVIIS.-:-Itre can sell Photvglitisb
Albums nt lower Prices than . they can be procutcd. Styr
in the cities..
Portaita of 3111itaryb:eri
of the U. N. Arm an&Navy,
dlatiegulnlied Neu and Women. ;Conic Plcturea, ete:ete.
NEW TOY BODES In great variety.. --,
New publiratione 01 the Amalie-an S . S.Union. Atnert.
eau. Tract. Society, Preibyterian. Board of rubllcatiou,
etc.. etc.
e bare no Imitation in saying fo our euFtomers that
from our long experience, our untunercf doing lateineat:
and nor great facilitiee, We do not tear o•rupetition..ntid
bare ta/ doubt. of our to give'entiro tuitistre.
Come and see out New Store; our new find enlarce4
stock, nod form your own opinfous,
Cl Q
ounbersburg. doc 9.`. - .
bare opened at their Store Room, on the North.
ae-st urner- of the Diamond, opposite Franklin lislL
Chaco ersbnrg, Pa., an entirely now stock of goods,
consisting of BOOKS of alimat every dean iption. Stu.
tionery of all kinds, Envelopes. Steel Pens, Ink, &e.
Also a large assortment of WALL PAPEN, WINDOW
BLINDS, VATIOTIS prices,iand a great yer lety et NOTIONS
AND FANcY,ARTICL.ES, Picturee. Fans, Vases, Ludic*,
and Misses Iluskets. Sc.: Fancy Solip and Perfumery.
Also a good Assortmot of Worsted, Shetland Wool, &e.-
and a great variety Of goods too numerous to fuser to
which they Invite the attention of the Public, and re'
sptxttal ty solicit a share of the public patronage.
Plea •c, call rind examine our stock.
June - WATSON & SON.
TA S. B. SMITH & CO.,_
is I mmfacturers of Blank and Memorial:han Books. Plato.
graph AlliomS,ltianifuld Writers. Paper, Ac., v.-
27 South Seventh Strtet. above Chestnut.
- Blank work of every descrihfion. for County °Wets,
lintels. Counting Mosses. and Public Offices done to hrl.
der. Orders left with S. S. Stuttock, Clannbendcarg:l'a.
proniptli. attended to. ' - - septa/V-1y
attomps at 'tato.
•KEINANI.E.DY- & NILL.--Law Part
nershiye-eThe undersigned base associated them
twice, in the practice ,4 the Law in tbe "ever:a court. Of
Frankiin County. 0111. eon market Street, in the room
heretofore occupied by, T. D.Renneity.
T. B. EClffibißDl.
Junv 17,'63
A TTORNEY AT . 071 - -
.o k . SON HEILL ittorni , y at Law.-01Ece in* 31 nr
fornwwly (we-uplift by Ttetlly d• Sin ri4 directly
opp mite the (butt !Nine, elmmberAbnru. Pn.
bnitnau , entrustedtohim will receive prompt ;atrial/ft.
lie will practice in uquiniug Conutics. June 17, P6a.
P. S. 9 TVlniArtm. JOILY 811rAW1.
Tll3l G & STEWART ; At-
Chamberaburg, Pa.. givn their unit
de(' nttentini. r i the Practice of their Proleseiwi.
John Stepnrt, agent fur procuring Bon hiy htet i ew,
Windom, end arreningeß of Pay.
-OfceintheTuwnlt 1I
G31'.4 W.. -S. STENGER, Attoi
• net's' at Dm, Clinrubersbnrg.lierthore
promptly.aifeaderi to; W. t. Stenger. District - Altor.
neyand agent for prnenring Pensions, Bounty 310neir
awl" Arreart , 7of Pay. Office in Franklin Building. NI
dear (root the corner. Julio 17.11:1,
Wt4._I4:ITERETT. attorney at Law.
&ice llaM's dwelling. directly op'
site the Ce dirt ITonse, Chambersburg. 3VIII prnut
theseverni , :nnrts HI - Franklin and Fulton Corinth
All legal business intrusted to his care will reeelvo
prompt attention • June 17, ISitt.
T 31.1)0W141LL SHARP orvey
t y •at Law. Chaniberebnrrr, Pa. Wilco in Mrs. Bay"
Buildinke, directly opposite the,Conrt Ilunno. '
a ID. SETLIIAMER, Attorney ot
vt • Law,. Chambersburg, Pn. 0111ce—Illstn 3troot, -
nhoTe Queen, in the room formerly ocenpletl by S. It els&
er, Esq. . Juno lit
Njl BRAKE. Attoinos at Mut, hove remmieti to the
room on MainStiwt. one door South of klystor'a!Storee:
Juno 17,
i S. CLARK, Attor4ey fiat;.. In
T, : m ns
removed hiP Offices for tipples liaPt of hie (armlet
Wation. on Market street, (p.ontl!-side.)
L aw . onf c e on MI rkot Street. in Lawyer's Bow ?
opposite tbe Court I [owe. - June 17.-'l%.
TL.. FLETCHER., AttorneY at Immi
• Chanil , eriburg.Pn. Officeon Eno. Marlutt syreot,
nearly:9*x* the Conn Bonne. June , -11'.
ALEX.IC 111'CL1JRE. Attorney: (li
Law, Obarnbaribarg. Pa. Office in the. Pravkitin
kepository Btpldings. -
..14110 17 ,T4l.
W.WSON BOWE, Attorney at
et Luso, Greene -I%Bor, Pa. ", fat* 3Q, 'll3
BASE.—DR. N. SCHLOSSER, Ogle still at hhi real
sure on EAST MARKET STREET, near the Franklin
Rail road - . - Dentistry In all its branches attended - to with
all the modern improvements. Having,publithed, to
this community for more than two years, that teeth on
Amber fain every way CHEAPER AND BETTER than
teeth on any other material,' Would say That / still se*
no reason tocbange my opinion, forthere are manyTer
sone in- Chambersburg end vicinity for whom - -1 have
inserted teeth on AMBER who can testifyto thetr sup*-
riot., merit.
N. B: All work warranted to give satisfection,or illy '.
charge. Teeth extracted without .pain with perfect
safety without, taking Chloroform. For further infer
motion call at the Mice. ' -, (Jane 11,1883.
Pmaß: W. W. SCHLOSSER : .81/rgeOZI
. Dentitt.—The undersigE7o has removed 116041 r e,
the 'll(113111 . 011 House to the residence of Mr John
Nool,Nortlitreit corner of the Diereond, and itraneali•
ately opposite the Franklin Hotel. -Office on the se
cond Door—entrance through the liaseage, to the right
as yon ascend the stairs. '
Jane 17 - .163. . , w.w.scirthsgsit
tist, has removed hie O ffi ce from the corner or the
c Square, where be prat deed so many yenrs, , to the
corner-of Bialg and Queen Streets, above Wm, Deysees,
Drug Store,Ohlunbershurg-, Pa.orloee be will bepleasid
to receive the calliof hie friends; ' [Junel7, 1203. •
._ , -
June 17,'83