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tranklin Stpoitorg,
attention of oar Agricultural readers is directed to
late following advertisements in this paper :
JiiilCOß HEYSEIt, Aftatklin Nproeries.near Cham
homburg; Fruit- and Ornamental Trees of all
kinds. Vineli and Strawberries.
A STROCK. Chambersbarg. . Wagons and Agricul"
_Aural Implements of all kinds.
WM. L. BUYER Philadelphia. All kinds
of Agricultural Machinery and Implements.
. ABRAHAM METZ. Chambersburg. Ever, de
actrintioir of Plows and Castings.
DAVID LANDRETH & SON ; Philadelphia. Ag
ricultural Implements and Garden Seeds.
C. W. 'GRANT. lona. near Peekskill, Westchester
airantr. N. Y. Grape Vines.
PETER COOK. Tannery in 'Fayetteville, private
-- sate. -.
- C. M.ETCALP. Steam Tannery and Farm in Mont
goitiery township, privrito sale. -
A UGHINBAUGH & WORLEY. Tavern Stand.cor.
Market and Second sta.. Chatubersburg. private
lode. -
• JOHN—W. TAYLOR, Indian_ Queen 'Hotel. Cham
bersburg, on Friday, January 1,1864. _
1 SAMUEL C. KRIDER, small Farm in Antrim
_private gain.
• . ton-m.llin. on Tuesday. January 5,18(4.
MAGDALENA POTT, Farm. Mill and Store Room
known as " Hanover Iron Mirks," Fulton coun
ty.private sale.
JOHN MIDDOWER, Farm in Quincy township,
private sale.
OF.° YoE. Adm'r. Tin et of Timber 'attain Letter
-,kenny township, on Saturday. January 2.1804. -
GEO. STITZELL. Sr.. Howe and Lot in St.. Thom
:v!, at private sale until Ist oflanuti-ry. 1861.
. _
_ _
X.IL - AJ. L. KENNEDY. Mill Property in Dui!-
. rArd township. nn Saturday. Janus's' 21864. •
r-IDDE FIXSEN, Farm is Fulton county. Private
Ail n. •
WM. L. MACKEY. Farm in Metal township, pri
.vi,te sale.
• F..ver;.qfamily that can get access
to Ice in the winter shOuld have an
~Z--4ce-house. It is a luxury in the sum
'- tiler that no one should voluntarily
~r-(l.4weito • with; and independent of:
its value, as a luxury, it is never once
used in a -house-hold without eAer
_ _ •
thereafter being considered a neces
sity. lts inestimable - value in many
cases of sickness; its medicinal prop
erties in many complaints incident to
the :heated season, particularly in af
feetiore• of the bciwels:. and its utility
in the vreservation of meats, improve
, mea t iqitter - &e., commend it high
ly to all Hlie,seA of people, and they
should„,eit 1.4,` tt ithot:t it.
Ve - great difficulty that stands in
tht wity of the general use of Ice, is
Abe r error. that an Ice-house
• eost PonsideraWemo
ney labor. This is a delusion
• that should he speedily dispelled.—
Th...'grat difficulty in beeping Ice in
• • the country has been that Ice-houses
have almost invariably been construct
ed - with too inuehlcare, laber and ex
.pense. It was once thought that Ice
could be prosorved only by a deep pit
iu tle. ground; . walled- up, drained,
lined with tan or saw-dust, covered
with straw, and kept hermetically
. sealed. Three years ago we - found just
Buchan Ice-house disfiguring our -pr%-
wises when" we took possession of
them. If for no other reason, the nu
sightly thatch over the squatted, ill
shaped structure, within a few yaids
of the house, doomed-it to destrne
' tion; but fortunately the proper pre
servation of Ice demanded its remo
val quite as imperatively as did its
want of comeliness.
Underground Ice-houses are just,
the-worst possibleplaces to preserve
it. They cost Ave times as much as a
good Ice-house should cost, and waste
fifty per cent of the Ice, while a chea
per and properly constructed building
will save half the waste, afford easy
access, and can be made ornamental
by a few scolloped boards, and the oc-
casional introduction- of a little white-
wash. It is impossible to keep an
underground Ice-house dry, and no
* one of ordinarY intelligence need be
- told that moisture is the most destruc
tive enemy that Ice has to encounter
in the summer. Equally erroneous
• and fatal to the preservation of Ice
is the popular idea that it must be
'kept- closely confined from the air.
Ice thus closed up in an air-tight buil
- 'ding iii — destroyed by the moisture it
creates itself, while the free circula
tion of air-over the top of the Ice dis
sipates the deadly moisture and adds
vastly to its safety.
Any man who can put up four cor-
,iler posts and nail boards on them can
build" the very best kind of an Ice,
honee. The location should be rather
high, so that 'moisture-will not gath
er about it. The posts can be sunk
itothe ground they should be about
ten feet high and four inches square
will do ; weatherboarded closely out
4ide, and the, earth packed about the
bottom boards so "as to prevent the
circulation of air under the Ice„Ten
inches of tan—or saw-dust is better if
it can be had--shOuld be thrown into
. the bottom of the house on the ground.
Then a floor should be laid,not too
elOsely, andinclining to the side where
Water will most readily be carried
away from about the house: . This
with a roof completes an Ice-houFe
that will preserve Tee ten-fold better
than any of the old style housee,whieh
cost ten fold more. It will improve
an Ice-house to useposts eight inehei
square, line the building inside with
light boards, and fill the space between
the weather-boarding and lining with
tan or saw-dust; but it isnot necessa
ry to tire preservation of Ice. The
roof should project over the side
the building, and there should be an
open' space of at least-ten inches un
der the roof, by leaving off the top
weather-board, so as to allow the
freest possible circulation of air over
the body of Ice inside. By project
ing the roof the rain cannot blow in
on the Ice, and thus ventilation is se
cured without endangering the Ice
in wet weather. It will rather add
to the value of the house to have geed
sized windowaineach gable end, closed
up by slat shutters so constructed as
tozadmit airand exclude rain. These
should be hung on-hinges and in clear
Weather should be thrown open, and
in wet weather closed. Ever bear
in mind that the circulation of air over
Ice .cannot be too free.
In filling a simple, cheap Ice-bodge
such as we propose; it is only hecCs
aary t) lay ten inelies of isaw-dust on
the floor, then lay your ice compact
ly, leaving a foot of space between it
and the weather-boarding all - around.
If the weather is very cold when you
put Ice up, as it should be, fill the cre
vices between the cakes 'as well: as
possible and sprinkle water over each
layer as long as it will freeze, • and
thuS the whole becomes one compact
body of Ice. When filled up within
two feet of the top of the square ; It is
full enough. _ ,Then fill the- space be
tween the , weatherboarding and the.
Ice well with saw-dust, cover the Ice
atleast a foot with saw-dust, thata
yourroof inside with straw to keep
the heat of a low roof. from effecting
the Ice, and you have an Ice-house at,
a trifling expense that will keep Ice
.in the best'possible manner. Such a
simple, cheap structure is within tite
means of almost every family, and we
assure our readers'that the very sim
plicity of the building is its greatest
virtue in presekving Ice. We ask the
readers of the REPOSITORY to trq it,
and they call enjoy- the luxury of Ice
all nest summer at an imperceptible
To the Edits of the Franklin Repository
In your issue of the 24th ult. you adVocate
the use of Tread-powers by Farmers. I ha* ,
given 'them a thorough trial and will give
you my experience. '1 have used the Tread
power some eight months, and threshed over
2,500 bushels of grain with it in that time 1
I think them decidedly preferable to an
lever power for driving Agricultural liflachi
nery. With two horses weighing - 1165 arm
and 1050 lbs, - 1 have threshed 102 bushels oi:
white wheat in three howls in the month 14
August. In the month of 06tober I thre.shed!
112 bushels of wheat and 2S bushels 'of rye
from 6 o'clock, A. II;, to 11}--,making 140 1
bushels in half a day. Thii machinery and;
power were manufactUred by Wheeler, Me lick
&Co., Albany, the largest manufactiirers i ii
that line in tits United States. They hard
manufactured and sold 'B,OOO of these ,Tread.)
Greenwood, Dee. 1,1863.
WE have heretofore, in thefie Col;
unMatfully expressed our views as t<l
the Superiority. of the Tread•over
Lever power for . farm purposes. Oi
their capacity to perform all that
necessary about a farm, there can
longer be any doubt; and they pre
sent the vast advantages of alwayt
being in the barh without occUpyini
ranch 'room; 'always ready for use;
started, and requiring but twi
horses and four hands to thresh, cleak
and garner the grain. Besides the
can be used on wet days, when no
other - work can be doge, as every
thing is Under cover, and it is so 'easily
to get readyfor threshing with - thein.
that a farmer can thresh large of
small quantities, just as may suit hin
best, while the larger . threshers wits_
the lever power require so ranch time
to get thernready for work, that far
mers cannot afford tO put them in Or
der'to thresh a small quantityl With
the tread-power and thresher ten
minutes will suffice at any time to .get
the horses in their place and the ma
chine started, and the .whole work o
threshing can -be done just When the
farmer can do nothing else ; hisstraw
can all be saved and used, by threshing
small amounts -at a time until he gets
mow room, and every- kind of Ma
chinery for chopping, shelling, out
&c., can be attached to it with
the least possible trouble. Any far
mer who gives the, tread-power a pair
trial, wilt never •supp/unt it with - .the
old style lever power.
hank titpositoiti, petembei 1863.
.41[POSED BY -
THE..A.OT OF 1861
Bank Cheekier Sight Draft— .
Drawn 4Pon any bank. trus t
company, or any person or per- ;.
sons companies or corim'
tions, 'for paYannt of money,
exceeding Sa/ • 02i
Bill of Erchanstr—
idraft or order for the
payment of any sum of money
exceeding . .Z2O. otherwise than
at sight or on demand, and nny
Puoutascmi Sorg, shall have a I
statnp,or stamps affixed there- 1
on denoting a duty upon ere* . .
sum of $2OO. or any fractional
part thereof, if payable on tie- '
wand. or at any time - not ex
ceeding 3l days, including the
grace, from the date or sight... 02
If payable - at any time not 1e43
than 3;1 days. and not exceed
i . ing 63days. ineludi ncr them-nee
I from the date or sight . 01,
1 Do.—. - . - ' • I
i Hpaytible at 603' time, not less
than 63 days. and not exceed
t ing 93 days,including the grace
1 from the date or sight fr,i
I- Do.— , I -
If payable at any time. not less
, than 93 days, and not trkeeetl-
I lag four mot,tbs froui date, or
sight and grace 03 1
Do.— .
If payable at any time. not less
than four months, and not ex-
I ceeding six months from date,'
! or sight and grace......... ...:....,.. (hi t
I Dn.— ;1
I If payable at any time eveed
ingi six 'months from -date or.
sight and grace 10
No stamp is-required on deposit note:.
i . to mutual insurance companies. for in
surance noon which polieiec subject to
stamp duties arc or are tii be issued..
Confrnctie'or A orrame„ii.r.—
FOr ehth sheet orpieco utpsper
. , orvirhieh written. (17.;
AorPement or..Gra.— . -
For the hire. we or rent 'of land
1 - tenement. or-portion thcwcof.
if not exceedinA 3 years ft,
i If eXceeding 3 years., 100
--, i.ji
q Apprni,i4ment of value or datutige... 1 - 1: -
• 1
11°" Itlf U lnnift , ing . A ROVltrit,V 501
i Other than regu-red, in legal_
1 • Prdeeedings and are not other- i
wise charged herein ' 2.3
I Convey/tare—Deed— .
Instrument. or writing whereby -
lanY lands. tenements, or other
1 realty sold shall be granted,
(leitsed) tosigned, trangferred,
of otherwise conveyed to. or .
i vestedin the purchaseror pur
chasers. or any other person
or i Persons. when the con. id
-1 oration or value exceeds $ .lOO. '
and does not exceed4l,ooo ' 1 (Xl .
Eceeding $lOOO and not ex- '
i ' ceeding $ 9 500 oGo
, Exceeding ‘ t 2,i00 and not ex
ceeding ..tat9o.. 500
1 Exceeding $.lOOO and not ex
! _eeediog kIPPCXI _ 10 00
Ezeppriing RIO.OOQ. and not ex
ceeding $20,000 20 CO,
liooßs an ,Stationers.
& STATION k:R. now• occupies hid NEW STORE. Itool
kaki is pmpareti to tEwnwtct. busined with greater tacilitioo
{tan evrt. ,
BOOKS.—School Theate. Nl;Noell.oneenc Nolte. Tov
.tooke,lAw Boytto, Motlicelllook.t,Suuday
I•••litnry hooka. • .
I.IIBLES.—A turgo assortment of Pocket 'And .Farnit,
I iihlea. • .
BLANK BOOKS of nil nized, qualities and styles at
, wading. • _—
I ln' BTAEIONM a of
IY.—A gre variety a itads etWrit
1 1 ; avid Printing Papers.of French, Engllah and Ameri
all umunfacture. Aleo. Fait e1.4.,,..5.4 all s! . 9. (wsill“l quail
: ipd, Ink, Pens. Pencils. India' Dubber. Svc., :mats,
l' !bills. Copy Beaks, Diettnig Dealt), Kith m, &abets,
i tiriting Sand ac., &e. ,
GOLD PENS. —The very halt Gold Pens in the market,
ally warrant ed. made by Lame) W. Pais lull. .'f N Y.
BLIND PAPER.—A full t erlety of !lateral and quail
: lien, •
WALL PAPER —Nearly 100 n ditretent pntternt,to
( ,other with dultabln nrklurin6A, Matti, Veßet and Tel
rat Gilt.
Ph:TURE Fit i A3l.lLi--Orni and Square Fv.ituen,fka• Pho•
toatrq/114 Futinew made to order.'
Cli IldP NOVELS, much idwer than putilishei 8' prices.
ENO RAVlNOS.—Eagiish. French. liernian and Amer.
tom Engravings.
EASILY:N.—Fancy, Traveling', 804.1 i. Picnic, Fruit;
Knife and elidlies 11•rskctn.
ZEPHYR M MST E.DS.—Singir and Di able Zephyr.
Tapestry and Spli Zephyr .Shetlond Wool. S.c.,ce.
NEWSPA PERS.—The Philadelphia And Neu York
Dailies received (Lail,. Chprsor individual" .uPPliud.
WEEKLY PA ek:RS.—Harper'e R eekry. Froid,Le.he.
N.Y. Mercury, N.Y. - Weekly, N. V. lArter, etc., recoiv
ed weekly.
PERIODIC ALS.-11arper's Monthly, Atlantic Mint lib
Anitinental, Hodey, Peterson, B Mott. Kukker'' , cker
Ul the Tear Rouud, Cornbill, etc., ere., toi noun
rd published: -
CHEAP LITERATURE.-:-All the Mule Publication?'
W'eekly Nourellettem, Song Books.. te., received daily.
ORDERS.—We take orders (Jr 'II yltide
PltbSS.—We recrile goodt. by Expr,s ery dity
item the East.
Blank Deeds. Writing and 'Printing Carla. Rulers
:tape' Weights, Fancy LWX, ek,ntb,. aid llm n.hes Chunk
rAVOIIII, and all standard go. , tit in oar lite con4tantly on
gaud,; _ • •
MU IC.—Sheet for Piauo. Onitiir,,Viol in. Vim fr.
purchniie Pianos "ii ceminia4 , ll.ffuft, fu
Ave , our cuttritners (ruin Fifty to One Unwired and Fifty
lOIIat M.
MUSICAL IN-VP.I.IMENTS.—Wp cm supply any kind
.f Musical lustniments ut prices ftr than usrutl.
PILOT GRAPH ALBUMS.—We eau Aril Photograph
Mums nt lower prices thuu they eau be procured for
a the cities. '
Dortatte of Military - ten at the , Army and wary,
kti ago Jetted Men and {Bowen. Comic Picturee„elc. etc.
jiEW TOY jiOOKS in great varivti•
- _
• Nett publicittliiiei of the uteri( :talk 3. IThion. Attiert
an Tract B;?ejety, Prewhytcriau Laid of Publication.
-tc., etc. '
• P NTATION. BOOKS of el) kin afar the llolidaye,
We have no i liestintion to ea) ing to our custoinere that
mom our tong experience.uut ruaunerof doing Madness,
our great facilitiee, we no fear umutietition,
have no doubt of our being able to give craft
Come and sae our Now Iltore. our new and enlarged
took, and tiro' your own opinione..
Cliatuhereburg, dec 9, '93. -
L I have orieued at their Store Room, on the North
w.:nt Corner of the Diamond, opposite Franklin Nell,
Chambersimfg, Pa.,an entirely new stock of goods,
consistingof ROOK S almvst every description. ,sta.
tionery 'of all kinds, Envelopee. Steel Pens, Ink, Ac.
Also a large assortment of WALL PAPER, WINDOW
BLINDS, various prices, and a great varietyolNOTlONS
ANDIPANOY ARTICLES, Picturee, Fans, Fames, Ladies,
and Misses Baskets, Ac.. Fancy Soap and Perfumery.
11.40 good Assortment of Worsted, Shetland Wool, Ac.
•and a great 'variety of goods too 'numerous to insert to
which'they invite the attention of the Public, and rev ,
specttully solicit ashore of the public patronage.
Plea .ecall and examine onr stock.
June 17,'63. - -WATSON *SON.
Booxsznpas AND PIaBLIBTrEBS,'
3lanufecturers of Blank nod Memorandum Books,Photo.
graph Albums, Manifold Writers, Marble Paper, &c., No,
27 South &Youth Street, above Chestnut. ,
Blank work of every description, for County Officers,
hotels, Counting Houses, and Putdic Offices done to or
der. Orders left with S.A. Sultrocat, Chambersburg,Pri.
proznpr ly at tended to. • sept 30 '63.1y
IMPLEMENTS.—DeaIers and Man
ufacturera of Agricultural and other Implementer
e .1i reach a large claea of raluableenstomer by IDTIa.
"IMO In the FRANKLIN REPoggyoßy,
CARDS printed in every style,',at
lowest rates, et the &Ice of the FRANKLIN It&
TILE RErbarronr is furnished to subscribers . at $2
per annum in advanc ; -or $2.1.4 ii not paid within tho'year.
.4.ll#lthimripti ,, n:fcceouitie hunt be nettled anaaani ; No paper
sent out of the State unless paid fur in advance.
ADVERTISEMENTS are inserted at 2E3 cents per line for
first insertion, and roue cents .per line for enoh subsequent
insertion; Advertisements of five lines or km are charged 50
cents for first insertion and 25 cents for each subsequent inser
lion: and Advertisements exceeding fire lines and not exeeed•
log ten lines, tire charged for first insertion and 40 cents for
e teh insertion thereafter.
Advertisements or subscriptions may be sent directly to the
Publishers, o:r through any responsible City Agency. .
Is.ECLURE t STONER, Publishers,
Chamb - ersburg, Pa.."
- -
I CAtiENDAR, FOR 1864 1
i • ---,
I . 1 i I i -.'i
• i_
: i -r
I 1 -.., -.
i. . ~,
` 4.
1 • -:,: - g , •ZI-"I
i ?: - 1i . i -:. i 43 1 i . :'l
' I t'
, - e:. ':.? :::•,,
z -.,
',..-",-,; 1
•-•-iii-:` •
'Tx 111. t ,
:i _I
1:."i. i 1 ' .7t. : .z.
I t li : t !•.-..;,- {3l
i. :
-.. : 4
, ...=,
• - •,-
' ,'-
i Z ,•-•
' '-'..-
1 --
1.- .:
I.'', .
.-, ' -
, 1 :4 , , '" 7 .z" , :E 4 1 • • ••• Cr: it , .: ~ 4 IE -1 -- - i ' ;' 1 : , 11 1
1, -=-='
~ .1...1...1`...!... 11 21 1 .!...1...1...1-1 11 `2l I
lt 31 4! 5i (3; 7 1 , 81 9! 3j 4r 5I 61 7,8 i 91
If. 1011;',12,;13114 1 1 1516.110:1112113;1415 ; 1 6 t g*
:: ' 17;18119;20121;22; 9 3 ,17;18i19:20;21;22'231 . ..„-;,
:.1 124!25126:2V28.29:ii0:'24j25:26'27,28:291:30 j i'
, w / 3 . 1.1_1 1 I ; ' i... 1•31!.. ; ' ; ' ';
"*"'• ''': - '''7 *: - 1 0 ..".:,____
j i : 11 ~ -1
12113i1 :5;•13,,..
71 81 010
; i ,__
4.. 11;12:1.3 ' /: 1!
IF -{ 14!151111117118,1912lj;14:15;16 17,18;19I20 .t!
14 i2l i22'231241251261271;21„22:23 24'25'126 27 ;
28:29!...1...f ...1... 1 ...; ; 28;29:39 31 1 ...'...... :1 I
. ( ...:...! A! 2; 3 1 4, 511,..!...i...!.„; 11, - 2; -- 3 - ;;I : 1
: O.l 7; 8; 9:10 , 11,12I: 4! 5: 0; ); 8: 91,10 .6 1 11
11 l J, 1:1 . 14 - 15:16'17'18 1 10';11:12!13'14:1516 1 , 1 7 r.,. 1 .
1 .
4,1 . 2 1 )'21 22:2324125,26118110:20121 . 2212 3 . 24 ; gl , '
r" 27 .:?8 29 31) 31;.. . 1 ... 1 1 ,25 , 26 1 27 28'29 3,)1...i ti,
I- f l i. I ... . 1...: , 11'
. ' . I.
' 1 1I `)1. - FA . .. - •• - ~,
- 1 - 1 - , - .), 34 , 5 , (1 -' 8 ;
-j:3;4 : 56. ii 8- 9 ! ".• 1 ; '/, *1
T. •, 0110'11.12 13 14'15 ;
;,.. • 10:11,12 13'14 15 16:1 .. • ' . I. a
;.' 17:1800,20 • )1 1. ) . 2 :., : ,;1 ( >17 ; 18:1.9 . 2 4 21i 2 2 „,,
I . 2-1i)5 1 2t3127 , 28:29'36 1 , 23 , 24- ' )26 ; 27 282 U1 7 .
:30131t...1...;...1...;--:j i
17 - i, -- 2;: -. 314.5 - 4•iiI 7-----, - 1 1. '; ; ' . 4' 'ii
8;" 9 . 10 , 11:12:13;14 - f V 8 . 9;10'11'121 3
;Is ; 1011):14118;1920;211;1311.1
4,16 17118;19 . 21
tg. 12222 24125.2.1027128. 1 2012122 23 24`,25-26 : gi
i i29.:30 31!...' ... 1 ...; ...I .27:28,29 30; ........!.,,, l i ;f.i
1 (...'„ ..1 1;..,...!...!...! 1; 2 1 ,. 31 0
4 ; (iI • 'V 8; 9;1011W 4,' 51 6; 7i 84 9110 g 1
itt 1213!14:15 . 10 1 17 . ,18:11:12i1311415110)17 ';'!
1 1 19 26;21 1 22 :::.'3 . 24125:1819;2021!• ) 2: 1-1 3124 'ie'
26_27 : 28 1 20 301....1... 1 12:Y26:27 1 28:29t30 1 31 'ql
ad Monday January 18: "2d Tuesday March 8.
'2d. do April- 11. Ist do June 7.
2d do A_ugn -, 8. i let do October 4.
Last do Onto :731. 1
All causes for trial mu be put on the Trial List four weeks
previous to the first day of the term.
All accounts in the Orphans' Court must be filed thirty days
before the first day of the term.
All amounts in the Common Pleas must be filed twenty-one
days before the first day of the term.
anal Rotitro.
vEast; .7111t0 I S. drawn for a Court of Oyer and
t.,.-rodnar.Court of Quarter Sestdunm of the Peace. and
a Coat t of C“1111110It PIC.IOI. to be held at f 'hwitherbburg,
.liontky, the 18th lay of January. A. U. 1814.
GIt.IND -J1;1L( RS.
Robert Mack, Green ; Jonathan Quincy; S
Col h, St.Thotuas ; Joeepli Cre.weleri Southamp ton
tin Ode. Cluentbeislattg: George—Diet CUrtiel
Forting, Lptterkenny ; .-teed. Flickinger. Metal ; At rit
ham (.; ipe Lett et keuny ; Valentine B. tift ber t. W.talong.
ton ; William A. lluntor, Lett erkeuny ; mete Welter
smith. (1 RIK ird; John Johnston. NI .tyneettoro; dneah
Kedttinaut. Uteen ; John Kit kuntrick. do.; Peter Ktiep
per. Quincy; John W. Metz. Guilford; Janiee M'Ferrnn,
Washington; •Ilenry Moatzer, .41reeii ; *avid Steftey,
Weeht ,gton; Jacob Show. St. 'f bianne .1 John 'Wee!.
Cniunbereburg; Jacob etzel, Waaltiumon; Frederick
Zullingor. Lettorkonny,
Jeremiah Ashway. Lettmkemay ; Henry It. Brindle.
Antrim ; W iai.m Bo.sart. It intiltrin: Joseph 11.02 do.;
;John Itranthm er, Peters: Win. 5. Bald, Southampton;
',Tinian] Clark, tirean ; (too. it' ;Cromer, Pettis; Abra•
hank Own:mgt. Antrim ; John S. Crawford, Guilford;
lon ic Diller, - .-outhamptint : Christian Deck. Let erketa
ny; John Detwiler. Green; Abraham Elder. Panuett. Q .
Michael tor !: Adam Plnry, Washington
, t ,l , meph Foltz, Lorterkenny ; Gabriel Verner, Guilf o rd:
' Itobett tlould, Peters; Thonins C Orme. Mercersburg;; , ‘
Mat thew Gordon. Greetietiatie; Anna tteibles. Metal:
Lewis Gilbert, Antrim; Jame OHM, Metal; __Henry '
limlinan. Anti lui: W. A. Hart, *mtg., mery; Hiram
'Cliambersburg; Jacob Inlaid, Green; John
Kisi.eker, Anti MI; Leti It‘wshner. Warren': William
1 Kromer. tinlncy ; John 11. Murphy. :i•lerrershurc John
I 11. Marbly, Lurgatt: James Minten. Peteni; Wnt. D.
MeKinstry. Mei eirstiurg ; Nrtbrturo. Metal ;
vid Over. LetlerkennY A. C. Phenicie, Muntgoutry;
henry Moyle!. Peters; Joseph 544Lirely, Jr., lireenas
tie; John .tinly, WltAingtim: Mary Snider Of Jacob)
I ttuillord eary Walter, Washington: Wilson,
Antrim; Jdhn Wynkip. Lurnan ; James Wolff. Murat:
Jacob Yonat. Ore, n : Goo. W ;Zeigler, (4reencnstie.
John •Ig;le Hamilton; Andrew lturges4, Peters; Hen
ry lleeori . . Wishileon; 11. 11 Itonehrake, z, Pe
ter Benedict, Waynealsoo; ,llatthlas linrkdoll, 'lout 'y;
Johni Dowinan. Guilford ; J. lint ns. ash ington ;13 no
Mtlt 11; Robert Clugston, Washint•ton; David
Denim. ',organ; B. A. Cdrmany. St. Tho:nes ;
Peters Wm. Deardorff, Lurgan; Andrew Doe
trich. `t. Th mins: Jo•enh M. Doyle. rannett Jacob
Ebersole, Guilford; 0. W.Elliott. Montgomery ; George
Etchberger, l.bamlig; Jacob e Montg'.y;- -- Jose, h
Elanly. Hamilton; John Finaho:k. eltamb'g Abradiam
Frantz. Washing.on; gatterhotT. Guilferd; DaYid
-0 Min, Peters ; Peter U. 11011nr. St. Thomas; Michael
lioke. of IT., Peter+ , ; Jacob Hershey. Antrim; M. 11.
Keyser, Moatg'y ; Wm. A'. Keyser. Petere; Porter W.
Kegert lee. Metal; Ds rid Lone. !Argon; Samuel Leh
man, Sr.. Letterley; John A.Lninaster,ellamb'g ; David
M. era, (be e n; Joseph Newcomer, St,Thomas ; !ba.
Prather, areencant'e ; Henry Reilly, Ilimilton;
Speck, V‘ ash inaton ; Speer, Letterk'y; P., M.
Shoemaker, Lotterkenny; Geo. W:Steft y,Washington;
Chi istiAtt Stoner. I.t. Thmitee; Jobs S.Skinner, Metal;
Henry Trile.tipilfrd; Fre.rk Walk. Hamilton; Sam
uel Writ, Ilarniflon; A. B. Wingert. A tktrint. blec:2ll
PROCLA.MATION.---To the Coto
mot, the Justice' , of the Peact. and the Constables of
the Different Townships in the County of Franklin,
Greeting know all ye. that to pursuance of n precept
do lur, diroetish , under the hand and nest of the EION.
JAMES RILL, President of the eeverni Comte of Com
mon Pleas, in the sixtetinth District, coniiisting of tile
cous Gee of Sonioreet.iiesitlird, Fulton and Franklin, and
by virtue of hie offlee. the Co , rt of Oyer and Terminer
and General Jail oelivery fir the trial of Capital and
other offenders therein, end in the General Court of
Quarter seedions of the Pence, and Wittrax W. PAXTON
'and JAMES. G. CARSON. Eggs., Judger, of the sautecoun
ty of Franklin, You and each of you are hereby requir
ed to be and appear m your proper persons with your
Records, Recognisance& Examinations, and other Re
membrances before the Judges aforesaid, at Chant
bersburg, at a Court of Oyer and Terminer and General
Jail Delivery. and General Quarter Sessions of the Peace,
therein to btrhoidea for the County of Franklin awe
said,on the 3d Monday in January, being thelBth day
of the month, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day,
then and there to ao those things, which to your aetrerul
emcee appertain.
Given under my hand at Cbambersburg, tbe - 2.2d day
of December, 1863. SAMUEL BRANDT,
dee 2.3=t0. Sheriff.
The largest and most complete Regiment from, Pa.
Comfortable barracks, no longinarches, full rations,
prompt pay, warm clothing and a nice time generally.
'These are some of the extraordinary advantages of the
soldiers who occupy the "-Poets of honor."
I have opened a Recruiting Office opposite the Court
liouespon East Market St., Ohamhersburg the same
office occupied one year ago by Lieut. D. P. Winger and
Any one desiring to enlist In the above Regiment will
have alt matter,' satisfactorilyexplained before sb doing.
Call at once and -enrol yourselves among the brave de
fenders of your country. I shall be here bat a short
time, as the Regiment is_fast• filling up.
Come and avoid the Draft. ADAM YEAGIISON,
dee234l] Sere. 2d Pa. Artillery, Racraith% Meer-
r „ 1 J LES,
TUE ACT OF 1862.
- And for every additional $lO.OOO
or fractional part thereof in
excess of $20.000 2 OD
No conveyance shall lie stibi' - et to a
stamp duty of more than/S:1000.00.
Letial Documents- 1
Writ. or any other 9rlgintil pro
, cears commenced ru any court
of record
Broker's note, or memorandum
of sale of any goods or Incr
. chandise, stocks. bonds. ex- -
chancre, notes of hand, real
estate, or propetty of any kind
- or description, issued by bro-
kers, or pexsons acting as such. 10
Probate fiEjtiltartetters of Adminen—
'Where the estaiephnil be sworn
or declared not to exceed the
value f 2300 50
To exceed ..$254, and not ex
ceeding &5000 00
To exceed .5000 and not exceed-
ins $33.0(N) oa
To exceed $20,000 and not ex
- -ceeding $.51;000 • 500
To exceed $50,000-and notTex
ceeding* ' 10 00
To exceed $lOO,OOO and uot ex
ceeding $150,00? gar 00
Wm-elms/Re .
For any gootbonerebandise or
proverb' of any kind liqd on
...Any. or Personal bonds for the
• payment of Money. or as se
curity fur the payment of any
definite orcertain sum ot , mehi
ey shall have a stamp o
stamps affixed thereon de,not
_ ing n duty upon evet $2OO. or
any fractional part thereof...locts
No mortgage shall lie required
to pay a stamp duty of more
than $lOOO.
Where a bond or note is accom
panied by a mortgage as secu
rity hut one stamp duty shall
be required prorid ell that such
stamp is the highest required
' by jaw fur them, or either of
- them. -
Telegraphic Dispatch—
When the charms for the first
ten words does not exceed. 20
rents 01
When it exceeqs 20 cents 03
Certificate of i?rofite in Ineorporoteii
Co., forst . = not thairslo
or over $5O 10
- Exceeding $OO 25
For making, signing. or issuing. no.
eepting on paying any hillof exchange.
draft, order. or promissory note, Rithout
a stamp—SM.
For not effectually cancelling stamp
For buying, Paying or negotiating
foreign ,bill of exchange payable in tini- ,
ted States, without first placing there
unon a stamp-100.
Telegraph companies not to receive
messages unstamped under penalty of
Legal flotices,
XVons interested will please take notice that the lel
toanig accountants hare settled their acc. , unts in the
Registers oitice of Franklin county and that the scone
Rill be presented to the Orphans Court for Confirmation
on li , schirsday, January :24th,186.1, at the Court Ii luso,
in Charaburabnrg: -
L. First account ‘..l' George Weagiy. Guardian of Helen
and PhareZ Weagly, minor etnidrou of C. L. 11 evicy,
2. Account of •Sulonaon Eueltper - .7 Guardian of Josiah
and Obddiali Enepper. triltur gliildrou of David Knep
par tale of Quincy twp., creed;
3 Thu account of Barnard Walter, .solusr on the es
tate of George W.Patterson, late of Greencastle. deed.
4 first and final scdottut of Dauiel Simko, Adtier
of John Kharchner. late of !Argon - twp., dec'tt.
5. The first end final account of Jacob Br••wer. Ex
tor of Mary Bruiser. late of Bfuntunnterq d.
Is. The account- of 1: 11. Slceauley. - AdinlniStrator of
Thomas Prlceauley, late of the borough of Greencastle,
7: The first and final account of George W. Brewer
Administrator of John S. Kerr. . •
The account of Samuel C. Filson,-Administrator of
O. H. Kerlin, late of sannett twp dec'd.
0. Second and Snit account of Samuel Hershman,
Jr Milian of Ann Amelia Lowery, as stated by his Ad
10. The account of Henry Sllller,Onardien of` he per.
eons and emote of Henry and Spry C. Stmt._
41. The first and droll account of 14 tn. It. Pottery. Al.
ministrater of Ara Leda bluetay, lute of Farinutt t
J 2. The first and final 4ccOllnt of Dr. 31. T. Robison,
Administrator d. b. n. c. t. a., of Robert Robison, late of
Ant. im twp., deed.
13. The first and tinnraccount of Jahn llartaugh,Jr.,
Administrator of Henry Jacob., late of St . :tam/gm.'
twp., deed.
14. First and. final ascaunt of Jesse Craig. Administra
tor of John 11.0raig; hire of Montgomery t wp.. dec'd.
15. First account of Henry Omwalte. Guardian ut John
IS. MeDowell, minor child of 4ohn 31cDuwell, late of
Antrim twp d &Ai -
It,. The first and final account of Henry Oinwake,
tluarilion of Ann FAizabeth MclJu•-• ell. now oec'd. minor.
child ut John McDowell.late of Antrim twp., deed.
17. Account of Juchb C. Snyder, Administrator of
Christian Rosenberger. late tw p„ deed. '
IS. The first and Mull account of Daniel Cover. Ad
ministrator of john Covet, Sr., late of Lurgin twl'e
19. The account of S. A. Bradley, Administrator of tb,,
estate of Peter Shaffer, lAte of Montgomery .twp.,
20. First and final account of 8 A. Bradley, Adminis
trator of the estate of Elizabeth Shaffer, lord of Mont
gomery twp., decd. ' • -
21. Final account of Henry Good. Adtninistrator of
Christian Good, late of Washington twp., doe'd.
22. The first and final ageount of Jacob W. liamsher.
Executor of James Washington, late of Southampton
twp., dec'd.
23 Fir s t anti final aeconwt. orjk,bert P. McClure, Ad
ministrator d. b. n. of William Rodgers, late of South
ampton township, doc'd.
24. Ace...loot of J. liartay Gordon, Administrator of
Samuel Gordon. late of Waynesboro', dec'd.
25 f econd account of Jacob Garver, Guardian of Mur
tha J. Waddle, minor child of James Wadilo, Icc"ti•
'A. Account of Jacob Garver. Guardi • n of Julia A.
Waddle, minor clilltl of JAmes Waddle. dec'd. - .
27. Account of Wm. Heyser. Guardian of Lacy G.
Nitterhouse, minor child of Elisabeth Nitterbonse. as
stated by Wm. ileyser, Jr., acting Administrator of said
Wm. Geyser, deed.
28. First nod final account of John Stouffer. Adminis
trator of Jacob C. Henry, late of Guilford twp., deed.
29. Virat-iind Anal account of Andrew L. Cojb. Ad
ministrator. with the Wilt of Solomon Weiner,
late ofAlercreeburg, dee'd.
30. Final account of Elias S. Troxel, acting Ex,ecutpr
of Tobias Funk, late of Washington township, deed.
dec23-It. HENRY STRICKLER, Register.
VARY TERM, 1881, commencing Monday; Janu
arylBth, 1884.
Rebecca Morrison . vs. Onager. use of Miller's Ad-
- • - miniatrators.
William Gntshall vs. Jacob Harclerode. •
Emanuel .Kuhn TB. W. Crooks' Executors.
George W. Wolff vs. William Christ.
Michael Zellers vs. James Rule.
S. A.'Melloli, endorsee va.-Hobter Hughes.
Solomon Heiser -. TB. Wm. McGrath.
Matthias Philippi vs. John Ashway. -
It. K. McClellan vs. Samuel Releher.
John Brewer's Executor vs. Mary Ann Brewer, et. al.
8. N. Pennock k Co. vs. Wm. Reber,
William Cline. ..-- - vs. - Joseph Etter.
James 8. Roes Executrix ma. J. 8. -Ilesenn.sres Ser.
John Triteh • vs. Joieph Prke.
Malachi Drindle's Ex'r TB. Malachi Brindle.
Margaret Rock vs. John L. Knepper.
J. W. Sollenberger's Ilse va..11. Hughes,
Daniel Kohler vs. George A. Belts. - -
John Petorman- vs, Lewis Etter.
Philip Caseman, Jr., 111. P. Cas man, Sr.'s Adm'r.r -
Catharine Harmony's nee ye. George Talmer'a Ex'r.
Polly Piper vs. James Dyarman and Wife
Reilly & Sharpe vs. Wm2MM3rath, et. al.
Adam Aughlnbangh vs. Geo. Brandhayses heirs.'
Sarah Bowman vs. Joseph Bowman.
John Daaver's Adm•ra •s. Wm. McGrath, et. al.
N. Jana Windle, et. al. vs. Mary Ann Clark.
John. &Madden, et. aL vs. Rev. N. Thomas, et. al. ,
- dtc2:l] g . B. TAYLOR,-Prothonotary.
Legal 'I OtiteS ' •
Notice ieherehy niveri that Letters et Adininto
tpktion an the Estete of Peter flyers, bite of Nieetgemery
Vivrrehip. deifit hive Leon granted to the suinietiber.
residing in said tow, ship.
All perllol4 indebted to the said Fstate are hereby:nos
quested t woke innatedhite psynient , arid three tu n i, g
clitnis or demands iptinst the Estate of said deeedeut
Will matte 'mown the mete tritirdle dein/ t"
detlas - ISAAC Ws.A.GLET. Jtters-
'Notice is hereby given that Lett ere otAdatinistre..
two t the E. moot Henry liesuiselerrer, late of Atari%
wututhip, deed, hare been grantee! to The subserihrt,
residing in said township.
Allpertioni inclehted to the said Estate nre horehrts
quested to make Immediate totyment, and those Nadas
deists or demand* attnintit the Estate of said Mx:intent,
will make known the 1411.111 e without delay, to .
dee2.l. . JEREMIAH WEIIeiLIST, Anne,:
All II NISTR.A T 011%-•• OTI
Notice fa hereb3 given thin Lotter Advaihis.
tritium on the Estate of I , .emnel flank. ht of itiv.evi
totenship, deed, have hoe!) granted to tb t ,
residing in said township. -
ATI Fenton:l knowing thernselfeA tle'Reit to sold
tact", will please make immettinte ,I,l4lt,ent and th w ir
having tiitiline. will preeont then, rrt vtrly antlmnitrativl
6kr s«rtle..ri f 61 t NtIIt . FAV P. I .)Yliklt, &.Iner-
ADIII.INIS I IIIA TOR'S liT OT It ;11,_:,_ •
Noth.e is hong& Oxen thit Le tent of Adminh*
tuition to the Estate . I 'Jacob Shatter. late of peters
township. rier'll, hare been taunted to the untlersinellk
rethling in Peteestnwhr•hip.
All nees,n4 krom hag thentselv ea itolrbtett 101414 b►
tote will ptertae make immediate payment ; and•thore
haring claims 11.11 present thnro properly a Rthetiticat
-04 `t,,r Kottlemenc. iderl6) J Artitzl D. SCOTT. Adner.
Notice is horelly gri en tint Lettere of AtiMitthw
tration to the &date of Pltiiip -- Zietitifektan, late of tLb
Borough of Chambersbnrit, doeti Mute porn stiantec 4 la
the tindorsiemed.reeidulg in sahrliorough. _
All persona indebted to the said Estate. are regneeteal
to make jointed late. nt. tint those haring chain a
or dementia against the Estate of clecetlentorill nuttl
known the eame, without ilolay. to
Notice hereby given- that Letters or Admit:de
traLion to the Estate or John , bilicu. Into c , loukltuld
township. deed. have been granted to the aubscriber,
residing In said township. -
All persona knowing themeefres Indebted to said r.
late will please make immediate payment; and theses
bitting claims win present them properly authenticated
for settlement. blecfki ElA3lllr,t, 01{08611-AN. Miu'r,
.43„ Notice is !dwell Oren that Letters of Atindnie.
truttot to the Estate of Peter if. Stouffer. late of Quit.
cudtuwnstup, decd, have been, granted to " pars
siknefl: residing in said tt•wnship.-
Allpetsuns knowing themseivf n indebted to said -Be
tnte wit: please make immediate pa, went ; and these
'having chditet will proseut.them mroiterly unthentkased
for settlement. [fleet( JACOB tiqtaliTElt, Adtter.
A •
Notice is hereby gksen tit - at-Letters ot Atintinis.
trotton the Estate of John Sleighter, I.t to of Given
township,. 4sed, have 'been granted to the undersigned,
residing in said Township.
Allpersons knowing themselves'intlehteti to sale Es
tate will please make immediate, intyment ; ''and thole'
having claims will present them propellY outhentkattod
for rettlemeut.
the° GEO. k HENRY SLEIGIITER,. -Adm'ra.
Notice to hereby given that Lettere of Adnalnit, ,
timion to the Estate of Samuel J,ilinson, late of stout-)
gummy township, dee'd. have been granted to the isw
dersigned, residing in said townshir!.
All persons kimwing themselves indebted to said Pa*
tatowill please umke immediate paylnent ; and there
Living claims will present them prgsirrly authenticated
for senttlement. (dec9i ALEX. M.JUJINSON, Attlee.
Notice is hereby given that Letters of A_dinlnto
t ration on the Estateof Jesse Bowen. hits of Bikis ex
31issouri. deed, have been granted to toe undersigned,
residing id Montgomery township.Flonklin Co., Pa.
All pereons knowing themselves Indebted to said 338 -
tate will please make immediate payment and dm%
having claims will present 'hem properly aetbenticati di
(or settlement. [tlee2j DANIEL 11AIVIIECKEE. Ado+.
Notice is hereby giten that Letters - ol Atizninletti6
mu to the 1.4` tate of nears Unger. int. of Wayneaborp,
deu'Ll. have been granted to the undereignui, -Inking De
reit/ &woo*.
All pereuneknowingthemselvet.indebted tt /laid rattail.*
will please make immediate payment, and theft , having
iioll3 present t beta properh ngthentfraied fur-sett/I.
meat. Owl) SUSAN Adaterx..
Notice is hereby given that Lefters of Adruinh,
tration to the ilattite at Henry Gordon, with the wig
annexed, late of NVasitington tou wain. dec'd, here hetet
granted to the undersigned, resi ding said township. -
Alf peri"nx indented ta,the said kistate. are hereby re
que.t.d to utske lonocd into pa) ment,and those having
claims or demands ngainet the %state of said Ilecedeat,
will make known the same without relay, to' .
dec2 - CATE' ARINP; GOIWON, Atitn'rx.
Notice is hereby give)] that Letters of At/minh
tration to the Estate of tioorge Lohrnin. late of GYM*
township. deed, have been granted to the undereignerl.
reehl foe in said township. • '
Alt peneme knownlog themselves hpleliteil toaaid Bee
tato will please make immeiliate payment: and th.dli
hayinr,clalineyrillpresent them properly a uthentirawdr
fat'Ae tlentent, to miettmed. It. WINDER.
nor2s Atim . f. -•
Notice ie hereby given that Let tereof Adminfatt ti
tian to nut Eatoitt of Mountie Loary, late, of %tine,
township. deed. have been granted to the, sufwertlitk a
residing in mid tow t othip.
Ali nersonv knowing themaelyes intlelttea to aald El*
tate will plant.° make itnnteiltate ita)nient: And theft,
having claim* will present thent priltet ly authentieot•'
fur settlement. [niiv2s] lucruAEL LOAVIIT, A tim'r .
Suttee 1e hereby given that Letters of Admlitir
traitun with jhe Witt itimexrd on the Estate of laic
Mull, late of o reen towni,hip• dee th been granted
to the subscriber, resitting in said town hag„
Altpersons knowing themselves itnlehttsi to the elool
Estate will plelse mAke,immedifite pa) Wont; turd tlnags
having claims will peestint them proper') ntjthenticatoi
ADMIN IST ItA 9:oll'4;\UT] CE.-
:Notice is hereby givsti. that Letters :n1" Arialintys
tration to 'the Dante c,l 11llliwu II e)ser. lista iff
Borough of Chsuilierslairg, deed:have n granted tb - I
the undersigned: residing in said Borough.
All persons knowing themselves indebted to sold Woo
ta . .te will please maks Immediate pit)ment ; and Choi*
having Alamo, witl pretett d t a em prd perly authentic/40J
fur settlement, JACOB 1111VBIAL
1V11.13 ANL 111.11%-iElt. Adro'ssi.
J. ALLT , t,N:E
FjX Er UTORS' 1\ 71 5T1U.E.---Notieo ,
13 hereby siren that Letters Teetenientsry to the
ante of Jacob Oyster, late of the iloronµh o f ch o n,
homburg, dee'4, - bnve keen granted to the nuilirtipied.
residing lU'Ritill Beihnith
-AU persou4 knowing themes/Nes ierlobtod to sold Er-.
tate will pietist. home inanetlinfe payment; and the's')
horing claims will pt pens them properl!. anttentiestool
flt settlentebt. CHARLES WskIYSThR. ) Rxecatars.
deele. . CUBIST' 4N S. EY-11CR ,
U'XEC UTOItS'. _N FrTlClll.—Notiiv
Is iterebygiven that Letters Testamehtery to Am
Estate of Samuel J. Crunkiet on. late • - et Antrim towb
-414. deed- haso been granted to the nridensigmlid, rigid
lag in said township. . . ,
All persona indebted to thesaid Estate arshereby pew.
grunted to to , ake immediate payment. and t hose bay il*
claims or demanditagainst the .Estnte of said decolowt
will make known illetiann 'without delay, to
is NOTICE:—Noti on
hereby given that Letters Testamentary to the
'state or Mary Esker, late of Greem , tatie, deed: have
been granted to the undersigned, residing initaid Bet.
An persons itidebted to tit e sai d relate ere ?equation
to make immediate payment and those having cla w l
or dementia against the Estate of the said - dec e d en t
make known the same without delay. to . -
1 Mor 25 • JACOB 8. FLESIINCI, Ex's.
i s hereby given that Lettere Testamentary to the
tale o f 1,3 {easel Little. late of Washington township
dee'd. hare been granted to the supscribur, residing he
Waynesboro. '
All perawns knowing themselves indebted to said Pl
tate will Wm's make immediate payment; And thee.
having claims willpresentthem properly authenticated
for settlement. Web') TORN H RERY., Re'r.
A is hereby given that Letters Testamentary to libvi
- tate e James J. Kennedy, late of Guilford township,
dec'd, hare been granted to the ureteral gned, reading ia
Chambereburg. - „ =
All persons knowing themselves indebted to-said Es
tate will please make immediate payment; - and- theft
hasing—lalmswill present them properly autlientiootted
or Bettleznenti to T. IL KENNEDY, ~_.,
nos 23 ' J. L. K.F.StaillY, } 4kLecutofilk.