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t frantlin çpMi.
OCR QUOTA" or Toodes:—in last week's
issue we made an 'estimate of the probable
number of men the vot4ouiszreqUisitions made
for troops would demand from each district
in the county. -The quote of the county'was
not ascertained Officially; hitt taking the ag
grmste number coifed : for, and the
tion of the county: it required about - ma) in
thirty of our population. Since then we
have ascertained officialo the number of men
who have for duty in peison or by
substititle, pr',w4o have paid ,t ommuilitiOrt
money in V.e several districts of the county,
and we subjoin, a table bhowing the gross
quota—lts ,we estimate it—of each district;
the number put in under the draft, and the
deficit to he raised by volunt4s, or. by the
draft en the'lst of Junnory neKt: '
Quotes. HT bract : Deficit.
Antrim .4 , , *:- t ••• 160 48 , - _ll2
tilmenotortie.. ), •
20 '
Cliambersburg., ' 17 5
, - 5
Guilford-- -104 •
Hamilton, 51 - 6.- 4 6
lit. Thomas
60 • ' 1,7. . : ',
Pelt:in-.-- ...''
... ,
80,16 * .61
ti t -
Aloutgo - morY 1 " , • 160 -39 - ILL
/ilercoroburg •I 1 t . .
AV arren.., ‘ . , 24 S -19
Washinf tort 1 115 30 - '• • 16
NY15arn050ar0........... .
116 , ,
. 1.,
Southampton.- .....a... . 64 15 . • . • 49 ,
•-• •
• •1
Letterkennl'.. 75 --4. , • 61
katintu 43 -11
lannett . •75 ~ 1 4 •-' • • 61
M , etal ' .VJ - 7 ' 32
Quinn-' 95 ; : 69,,
- Total. 1428 • 313 11W
will - be.seen that the late draft has yield
ed-but 313 men' sit told—including melt who
went into gervjaa:in person or by ,substitute
and also thOge whO paid commutation money.
In other words, of 1131 men drafted, all but
318 ha se been discharged on various grounds
A few may - yet be added, as there are some
- deferred cases, and,some few deserters; hat
the increase Will not be material. The ratio
.of men actuOly. held to -service is nortaider.
ably iess than thirty per cent., and at, first
Sight it seems" exeeedingly small. • But it
must be considered' that of th:: 600 men late
ly diSchitried':?froin the' 126th iegitnent a
Verj"litrgepropohion'of them were in the
-first centingentind many of them drafted.
They were discharged under the clause of the
oanseription law that eiempted all who were
in Bert/ice:on the 3d of 31arch last. Another
explanation of the small number held to ser
vice is itt : the fact that the ratio of able-bodied
men is reduced by the number of mien now
in serv,ce* : -they all being. of course, sound
men; while all tit , n:ound remained at home.
As all were_enrui,eo---sonnd and unsound—
sick well- : -citizen and alien—the - mini-'
her of exempts h necessarily very large.
It Will be seen-that about 1100 men remain
to be raised _bkltranklin• county. .01 this
number probabl2,-•sever b nd red. of our, ve
teran troops now in the field will ie-enlist,
Ilhai'.reducing our quota to• about 100 and
Ito raise-that nmaber by draft 'will require
&bout 2000 men, to be conscripted. • The next
draft will doubtk,s be made under an amend
ed law, by which every man deemed fit for
service will be compelled to go in person.or
by substitute,
CiPt. Eyster, -our .Provost Marshal, has.
issued hand-billh- nritlbr, the late call inviting
men to volunteei and setting forth the boun
ties given in all cases Men who•solunteer
'Will-go into the old regiments, but can select
fez , themselvei. •
A young gentleman well acquaintedintham
befit:Ear& who has 'spent thalast two years'
in• Europe, and who Was in Paris when Stu
art, made his raid here in 1862, gives the fol
lowing, graphic', ac'conn t of the French' report
Of the-raid to one of our correspondents,:
• I werit'to my .. accustomed: eating 'house
about 6 P: M., for my, dinner *
,: found-the
usual' crowd of Americans, English and
French. There 1;•as evidently a greavk
citOdent ; and the detached remark 4, la& as
"General Stuart—invasion of POL#sylVania
--surrender of Chainbersburg,".etc4 excited
my anxiety to' theltigheit pitch V'f'or Chad bersburg and Pennsylvania, the latter my
own State; -and the farmer once my home,
are as dear to me as one's home 'anil coliary.
should belc:oevery man., The party hatto
- round a bustling little Frenchman
who had possessed hiyifieltof the only news
paper-the .establishinerit afforded; . (French,it
.thit) and who in his broken English under
took fout:of compliment to the It:MeriCanSj,
to make a liberal translation, of LIT same.—
of a copy of the paper' and' by
memory I will give you an account nf .the
c!ttivling news.
.Frenehmanireac4- 7 ‘,aacause of Free-dom
ces vonce more. Und'aie a bt!iiia., confed-
Akap - has penetrate to ze voly heart 7e
- 2tostaB;iia is even- now on to -bordares off
se 0g., ; 11.45-a-atun State or ze Pennsylvatiie,
striking' terror to ze en-traila off zat
tee arid - vealsee rayPeoblique. From ze gap
' eertat off ze laud, New. Yorek, we bear zat.
us isaught-ee •eit-eeof SELAM-RARES-BeißGft
isaa.akeia-ge.bow her bead in anb-miarsion
to z e aOtraztut arms. •Ze paysans (qountrsi
peopky off sur-roan4ing dis•tricks, off ze
vaileedtas .. ; sent zare cat-tell and zare *Ms
and, zareabil-*-dren rand all zare o.zare pro
per tiestoze moan-tain caves and ze!. fast-.
nes-oei; vilst mens, ze, yoong and ze 41,1
ze Faiire and _the Sons has shOuldare his Erni
tee 'eat& berm to de-fend his hofi r se: and' his
htamtsitora ze sToNi WALL (Jack •
Artn4V. :4'suine-a-Soit \ pieptire tOrnalie zare grey
hail and ze striplinijoeks drink ze bled,, 0
Oieki -(lleavert) can, .no-sing save eat: :Ze
ease. oft" -dare has sne-eomh
tAkitua-ortp, Oariap-bills.toa has ear •reit,
dare attare ze heavy loss off two men shot
a t, cea,ro texTifick com-bat un . dare
' 'off ze,ci!ee; and ze re-main-ing ride
into*„49oped 'citee of pi_ 'plain, at - seven
hour trig se ;tight and
. an -nonce to ze Sham;
baresOionrgh.iat ze en-a-mis av-vanes tree
mile on ze hill, rare ze bat-tai-ries ees plan
-tad-OR ze_pikos. --Zen a,momentze her-aids,
reach, to ze. -vall t s„ . , end viz fanfare, ,off
tteKirr;-fiets'detnalid att-eti`frtizit
nal Mae-a:lure, ze mil-i-tair cosh-mandant .
- off ze poste. ze • may-, .
ehooge , , 0
acemnp-mied •by ze - dig
ni-ta-ries of ze place, closed in zares robes off
of-fice, meets an her-aids in ze . court-yard of
ze palais de joo3 7 feeee . near to ze'hOtel-ilel;
Zey say,' "vere is is ze
ant of ze poste -.Ze ansaro is, do.not
fight—re hale rio com-mand'4fit-'—. ye," iatikes
ze com-mairce, ze ze man7u
fac tare, , and - ze law----ve sill „gift phi ze
keel tff-ze zey pry,:as
zey takes ze. kies. Vat- - roold zey :dot se .
bat-tair-ees nyare zare ,heads, ze,tirtae,e pit(-,
dare zero vans"; ze yee,mcns een zare midst
and enn.dis-or-dare, rpn about Viz zare , hair,
taro, - ind say "no :464 1 ' and zey,o not
tight in con-seittenen,'
is fallen, ze citees New-Yorck,
phia and` ze near lloalinn. Gill ,next' go.,
gtik-a-rah Itltoo-artr' apart ze life and zo' pry
yate prop-er-tee.ven be find more sings of ze
'Uri-kelSam-u-ol Can be can take away. Ile
rob ze. old un-kel bakviz':_zp aid ofzejee-.til
boys of ze cites: He burn ze road off i-ron,
and' 'all - ze ozare peubligne build 7 ings, to-,
gezare viz _tcfar-se-nall: filled , viz , tan
oo-nis-aion,_ v . iah blow ze brick like; "ze
fin: • •In ze • mid-del off z,e 'flames; zees
lee-til say-age ''dey-els of A-iner4-baine,
boys rush into -ze bur-ning mass- and , each
one: denies `'nitt buti-del i off
car-tridg-es; or asword•or a'grtn, in his arms.Ze rebLels are as-ton-ish-ed,...and say 4,Mon
dieu, yen zest, boys, grow,. pp no Nill a-ban,
don our cause, zeyees sal7a,man-dares."
eight hours of ze ,next day ze en-e-mis, bad
left, viz Zafe' own' and Cite stolen .hoi-::ses
load-ed sir, boo-tee: Ees zis ze be ginqiing
- ,
off ze end'," • -
This will give you:!iorae little idea - or hM
ireli we are.,uncierstOod 42.uroye. ! that our Caralry, r -under, command. (4' Col.
BoYd, is quite 'active 'tin the border loOking
INDICATIONS. OF/A SEVZICS WINTZIL—The 1. after the — gueqia,j,' ,On the 26th ult. Col.
weather . prophets, says a eotemporary, pre= s Boyd - started out from Charlestown with 200
diet a severe winter, resting
.I . lpon 1, men to look aft - erltnlioden'splunderers. He
certain supposed infallible sighs. Thepriri T t went to-Berryvilk, White Post,,Froat Boy-,
cipal signs manifest,.thisyear .are the mov- E 11 and back by 31Iadletown, Newton, -Win
ments.of fishes arid migratory bird's early in ;' ,bester and Berrslvile again to Charlestown;
the season, and the unusual sere of the am- ic to :the trip he captured one four mule leant
phibous animals to provide against cold. Ind wagon loaded with' eotton; an 'anibu
is found that in Minnesota and the north- s' .ance and two horses - : 'One . rebel yrtjor, one
western States the brook trout are b3aVing .:aptain, three Lientena.ntsAndeighteen pri
the shallow streams and breaking to the deep : vates, and did not lose a"man. We learn
pools much earlier than usual, and themusk- hat the boys of the 21st behaved gallantly.
rats are'fortifying their hybernating hatoia- :poi. Boyd, is we
~ believ, d ,c ' liovr in command
tions against the intense cold weather ct Charlestown, Ye., and has con:•iderabie
other thick layer of mud. In the east it is orce under him. sends out scouting par
clis6overed that the wild foQiare streaming{ • ins almost- daily after- the guerilla parties
aouthward,unnsually early this.season.— The - ` .v ho infest-that neighborhood. He is one of
husks on the corn are-also . thicker than usual. ;', hr 'officers who will never suffer a surpri , e,
These are rept:ldea as almost infallible indi, tnd is just -the 'man for a border command.
rations of a severe winter. , •
There hue been weather Rropn - ' - 'e -- !!'ain"9r,•,:_, I)r.A•rit has. gathered - a fruitful harvest
- theirsiS•ireit.Thnita, eitili6f whom had a par- torn us the past F;eason.. Never,before have
byfilkcir ninny of our leading and Most'useful
Most of them been liturnbuss, i only,lfit--i' i ,eus fallen beneath the - stroke,pfthe
'ties. the ;trtark'Once in a Aozen at:text:44- - 11 tte destroyer in a single summer, Ouring
These popular signs might have worked well 1, be last week two of our most respected and
in former time%,but all signs fail now-a- ; ipright residents oft bstinbersburg have hi-en
'days"—except lager - beer-signs. Yet it is !i added to the list:of'those Whiionet were, but
undoubtedly true that an all-Wise Providence "i new are not. .IVm.,Heyse'r, ,E;'q., President
hastiftkd his 'irrational eitHatures Alan ifthe Bank of Cbamberaburg, died on Fri..
instixietwhichenablesthemtoprovidesuitablY.' :. lay, last, and on! lkfonday Hon. J. Ken
against seasons' of Unusual intensity, and is aedy,lortnerly — one of the Associate Judges
this 'instinct may...eft:end even to vegetable .Ithe county, breathed his init. They mere
kingdom. And, although phenornenes .oth eminent us useful citizens and chris
cative of cold Weather have frequently been ian 4, and they will he widely lamented
of of some one species of animal
plants, yetnot followed by cola weather, it
has hardly ever, been known that so, many
concurrent signs-of long and bittet. cold
: weather failed or proved deceptive.
- We are therefore inclined to aceept i ths
,4 the 'Weather prophets. thii•
time: If they shouqprove true, the ignor
ant, confounding effect with- cause, will be
lieve the cold weather teas caused by the wild
ducks' and the._ muskrats and the corn' husks,
whereas. theli'instineth;e preparations were
but the effect .of the eciming - cold. " If proud
man Was .but gifted 'With like unertig
instincts, how nicely. Could he compute the
exact amount of coal to lay in for the eording
' ..
1 1 • / i 4 " .. " -"- :" . . : -.
1 :' i : : r
i. T t : . RP:13E1.9 DESslttlNG%—Rebel deserters and
SALA/UNA or MiN/b,TXRa.:--the PreSbre,-,C .
, _, '.rii.oners are brought here. ;almost daily on
Tian S y no d 'At its,,Pittstairg. - he llaketstown train and sent Fist., ,There
itdopted -a - resolution recotruriending .". the `‘. _. I,
we, e P.,Amt 'twenty arrived on Saturday MOP
churches under'its charge to f take immTediatei
ling last, and nineteen on Sunday, and alto.
action to increase thesalitri4 ortheir, minis i'cether about sixty have come in , during the
ters.:.,Thillt: a jttst 'movement and` should '.wit week. Most of them are voluntary pris
be promptly! rAscaintlect s 'to , by all, dencanina- :' .nersi who dcherted from their pickets and .
ions. Ever . i , article of food and raiment has ' - sacred our lines: They evidently have no
advanced in lirice , not less than thirfy-threei',as . u. for the rigors'of the coming. winter in
Per cent at an average. yet we do hot know
,Lef.;,lat,3d rebeldom. One 'Squad . th:id, came
Of a single instance,in Chambersburg,, or in -,- n curly last weeks s - hid that Over 10(1 'hail de
the county, Where the salary. of a ihinist4r f . ' tPrt,gl with them.' 'Tbef ware' from - hobo
has been increased. They weialdtt enough - 1 .len's. cavalry. -
;it must be confessed when the coat of,livine t - -t, . --, , , _ 1
•:•was;one-thirdleSs than now; and .they can- , /loess. Tut.ayss CAPITA/W.—. On Baur., ~
not support themselves and their families de- f qay night a week, says thelaTo,t Erpagfic7an,
Deady witho f„iperisse in RD/Ike aegref 1 wo valuable horses were htolen, in 'BpricleY.
'cointeenstirate)with the ins,reascd cos t of the
,I •otinty, Va. The thieves tore . tracked to
artidestheY i tteCe.sskiiily'consurnet ' : ' • >is county-, and on Monday evening asst, a
.: • IndividualexceptiOns •exist," but as a rut; I
`t tarty on the lookoak.-diseevered two, men
fOur ministe'r's ere paid ni4tbeggarg,i. - , : , men.,
•iding animals of the description- acbilertiseti I
;will Tender money ina ‘ thousand ways, and ; 1)1Y the owners. The•y • lierirediately made
_when cal'hil,liporetkiiiitike Suit a ti4 i ft l 44i ll ii,l l ; .tursuit, and f liftera Short'hitt exciting-chase
for the minister's family, will shrug their I 'laptuit;'si therunaways, who were broughtttr
nskoulders and' Abordisi the subject Vith 'ilnt i i itis place about 10 o'clock 'ori Ittomioir &Ott
siemark that preachlng iS not arnoney : tmakiug 1,44 committed to prism) ; - - ; v
trade, and that itattotiki. ',not .engage the at- ~,, ittri - 1;i14$; --14t.1711-164 •.• by •
.ientiOn of the , elerical profession. Lit ifilruci ' ' —"At 'CI •, ' I ean an
tavertisemopt in to-day's / paper that Messrs
that speculation or ,the lionTaini or weaftlfl•
should not be Thii aith a roinis6is oi`the d O2- .; r- -
all, li g .ATP:l e i:3 l ;r apPein? . .. 4 ...... ja ! e h a y7th 4:j eCou ' ri P o r i
pel,; but lt is, equally true- that • they and .; Dauphin county,. to l examine - claims l for mili
their hole:km;(ls • ihduld be liberally supported -' '
so that they ean'devot th " -undivided „ ,i!ary damages, , w)1 mee'tilt) this plaWe l i'fhe
• ~ , . 0 mr . 643 ".11 17th inst.--Tuesday next: •We presihn that'
ergies to their holy calling. ' `' '
As the wants Of our ,titiitiSters -have ,in- stay ' , else Board will remain , iti'se" , 'Ssiefi c `iii i ii e i t y to
their ditties•aAffally'aW b"'' 'a
day until ,_ 4
' creased' ~ y the large advance of - th'irdost ; be,
the, necessaries . ,
the, necesinries of life,. the people oleic be-• r Dzvinv,Kus..4.-The BanVot.Chambersburg
come prop§rtlottably' able to pay:" as;Vitsitieed 'declaied,a-,dil'Aend of ,fi - ve.per cent, on ti 9
salaries: " I There is ; not •a congtegatiOti`;,in ""rd inst., and , the Chamtiersburg Turnpike Fraulilin ;county that enunot 'ipliteas easily ilas declared tvdivi4end 'of eine: per cent....
i l lsy l I,4lripthe Foe,r.,,
re - ~ cent Adva,nco....oxi the Loth "payable on &Miami. ' •
Sranktin nepositon), , Nouentiur 11, 1863. -
minfithra 'salary this' yealj they aia;,.th€
T old salary three years ago:- Every branch of
idustry. has, been, .prosperous. labor has
hr iteitay :a . enana' y„,, , j:• 1 1 . 01ic - r - eased
- rites; our farms have. yielded most "bounti
"fully for l years past and the highestpricez
haVe been received for -their s pro.lucts, and
our mechanits%have_ both increased demand'
and prices for their articles. Indeed 'pros-.
peritv has been stamped upon every class
saVelhose who haVe still to live•tipen .fixed
galaries which have not increased with the
inerea.sed cost of artielei (If consumptioa.
Mre earneitlyinrite attention' to this sub
ject. - There hinslit a sirtgle elnirch in Chem
, bersburg„.that pays
. anything like an ttdo
quote salary, and.rnost pl i oA- t congregationi
}11...4)111/ 4antlY '
al?1e ; tc,,pity
,liberally, The
gqlden rule demands it,. and Christians of 44
4 , thers.should aiit,disregard its:teachings.'
..TESTINIONIAL.—The Ladies of Carlisle. by
a subscription, pu'rchased, , and :presented to'
' - Gen. \V. F. Smithsr-bgauti ful 'Silver Pitcher,
as n testimonial to his horoic.defence,of
tisk!' wheal:tor:herded tht , rOels- in June
ite.t. He is ncw,ptilier Gvti.iTliCretts in Ten
nessee and,bas already , tlist4nguislissa -himself
there in opening our interpipte4f&mniunica
tions., M.M. - Woodijar,d, Of Carlisle, sent .hira
the,Pitehar, ,and - the following is his reply':
CHATTANOOGA. TENN. Oct. 14, 1863: •
Dear Afationer Y minveryitindleiter ofSept.2:ith
has at lain reached Me and 1 Jeturu ntY, heArtfon
thanks to.the' Ladies of Carlisle tor" the beatniful
testimonial of their high appreciation ofmysenices
on tne night of the let of.) it1y.0113.;
God. who gives not 'tartan' the' victory to the
many. gave me brave men around me, and to Rim
and them belong the thanks for the, successfd do
lenSo of your town tliatnight. Willliouexpressmy
gratitude to the Ladies of Carlisle 1.,r the sentiments
conveyed in your letter, 'and riccopt .mY 'thanks
for the pleasant lartgiutge in which Ithey were
I trust the storms of War may never gain _visit
Your beautiful country, or disturb its hrave'WOmen,
but should such be the case no onez ivonld be-tnore
tealous or devoted in your service than I, 1 13 re it
my good fortune to be near your homes.
Very sincerely, your ob't. servant:
17 , . S. Army.
:alas. R. C. WOOLWARD, Carlisle; Pa.'
tuft RALE OR : TO RENT. ..
City, linirthigilon County, Ponno. This erlebrated Ho
tel. situated up the top„ of Broad Ton_ Mountain, one of
1 the fii t ssf locations in the:Atte. for nose air, grand
1 mountain scenery itnd line water, is ore r i,l for sale at a
great bargain, or to- rent to nn enterprising tenant.
i Thslionas is erusrtied every season and presents an
; opportunity of making money in the hands of a busi
- r 4 i ileps mat: sordorn to be met with.' It is furnished through-
Tn E GERMAN' BEFORNITD SYntin closed it; 1 out with ELEGANT FERNITURE from Philadelphia: it
7 b it e v . .!i n . t s . u l iv,p4tizt .
,ession at Vnrlisle a few days ago. Preriot s
!,, ,,, 11, , not ti t. ol . r e rttle rd t r i Th ou , s n e ,i tthibles and other out build
the adjournment Key. -Dr: B. C. Wolf - re- igned his Ilofe.ssorsitip-, in4he..Theologiettl t - :;:t u t l ittens P . There g arr:B.l.. - 517= and l" 4,:tat!vntrgti tn eltj t m e .
The forge etstlirmie of the. neighborhood And the very
ierninary at Mereershurg. Synod filled the I stauttrions.tenhodphere or pivot Top thy will ever ol
thl,, , ifotie with visitors ituringthe Summer Months.
vacancy by the appointment of i ftev:llenry 1
~- for terms, &e.,appie to HENRY ,D itiOORE.
Harbaugh, D.-D., of Lebanon, ,as Proft, , s } u<l Prntoknt ttr the Rnvid Top hiiproretssot ft , ..
11, Walnut St , ;Philadelphia, . ioct2S.63:6t
A:committee was appointed tw , purehnie the 1
interezt of M. -Kieffer Co.,ct- in tife printing
•stablishrpent- at
,Charaberstfi.g, •su that it
tiny becime thd property of:the Synod. • Dr.
;chaff wns, at his request, permitted:to with.
[raw from his Profsorship in the. Thf.olog
eat Seminary for a period of tvro years. He
Wilgus visiting Europe..
t.Sarnuel M'Dowell,
son of Mr. John M. IrDoivell, of this place,
has been commissioned Captain of the Penn
sylvaniti 'Battery forinerli commanded by
the lainented Capt. Stevens. Capt,
ell ha.; gallantly earned•his promotion by his
heroiim on the field. His guns lost at, Chiek
• aiaatiga, after all the horses had been killed,
' and capt. Stevens and others killed a hand
to-hand struggle, have been replaced;. and he
wili_v(in fresh tfilirpla for himself - and,ltis_
;brave command.
'DR Srlss, the_ Surgeon for thii 'distrier.
lhas heett sit home ill ,for several weeks,, and
PA Se i usserottn, has actectin his place, and
tdiseharg4 the `tiuties ably and satisfactorilY'.
.Tsr nds : ettisetilent of 'the Penn , Mutual
Life Insumnce Company, Tbiladeitibin, S. Si.:Shryt+ k
:Agent, eunnendetteelt' to the attention of erbry
Thi4cempany is safe beyond any contingency, - The atct
ithat they 11114t1 already paid losses in this town and that
piUmpily. praxes their good, ihith. The riinriietei
at theoffliers and directors, and the management ot' , the
upf:lny ter att ample guars ,tee for the fitur‘,
Wx call Attention to the advertiseintintl.of
Piesaia. Weston & Bro.. 900 Aroh street, Phtladephii
and necal S Only ray tint 'several years of hiPhials
quaint ItlCe•wlth them enabiss us to say - that no one will
100 lately to deal witktbeini atni be 9 Thrt
are Nr wee, understand their business; so I are hill*
posted in sill that relates to their buslnesf. , - •
wontd tap pure, fresh t 3 round roiper:Vintlionoo,Cio:p4,
co •fitn , ter., andhfrkiuds of Spices, sounveieiffierh, go
ku 'Age t & liessarr , .
•Brrrysq!ififis - g ,t'preparatuin
ilrepa' red fronairunami ?elovian Earl a.. An o,•xcell.ent
prepirutiQn tqr thin season of the • jAit.. Prepared and,.
tfotd:by llRtmiA & ' - . ,
WE,inTito attention to the , adveitisetnent
61",,iranaulakir a Brown's Oak 4Iti11 ; Sixth ind Market
attests, Philada. This is a Scat-claisylething pause. —.
' riiiEs you harie becut every' I:duce ' , Mid,
emit Bud taloa you 'ino t,gu-to
snl~ sad Retail Store.- lie keeps everything. "...”
;. keeps the ,largest
,largest aasortment of
qa . ; l certi..clintt 4ruusekeepingartlilesintov . n. He i3ells
cheap at Wholesale awi Retail., 1 ..-- .l. -' -
,13UX...:sismr,..Sepasexe, Oil from--G? , iek* , - he
1, Agent for one of the beet !illiCompapiew in the State
('end niways sells the bent teiiolialateitud retail: .
REAi .ord-wicks' ..Inivert . isernent , In this
weeks, paper. - -
eolau *aim.
PUBLIC, SALE.—By virtue of ,un
Order of the Orphans' Court of Franklin county,
trio undersigned. A.lministrittrix with the - will annexed
(I,C/trim:vat Almutixor, late of Cimmbereburg; decd,
will eipmw to Pub! io Sale, on the premises, on Saturday,'
the 281 A day of 11'orenthiir nezl, the following REAL,
ESTATE, viz : •
A TRACT OF LAND. situate ire Hamilton township
An the Chantbersbnrg and Retitled turnpike. adjoining
lands of Jae. 4,1,14 and othemeotitainingn .out ELM EN
ACRES. The Iniprovenaents are a 1.00 ROUSE •ond
other necesoney au:buildings. .• ,
!Alan-=A OF ORIMIN.. I'll the Di - Waugh of Cham.
b 'reburg, fronting on rie.t. Mark , t street, on *shut is
kown'tdt "New England Hill;" on which, Is erected a
N ryn 'M
onvetilent and contfortabie lUUCK USE. This
property will mike a desirable hmne.: ~
I Also—A LOT OF °BOUND. fronting on German ht.,
I on tho North,Catharine street on the South, and bound.
oil by an: Alley on tlio Weat:tiring about 54 feet in wiiltli v
1 atm IN feet iu dept. h. This Lot will be divided 'tan two
1 or font WILDING LOTS. with an Alley btween, for
i the accommodation Of, pnrylvmeris desirous of, obrni u ln
i eligible listildhlg Lam. 5 .
Persons wlfilkllg to pun-bur, can obtain more minute
inf wmation by culling upon 0. O. Salta4y.ttttAttorney
at Law. Cham bersbu rg. .
1,3%. - Anie at 1 o'clock, P. 31.. Of said day. commencing
with tho Town Property:Sthew the terms wit , be - made
known. (nos;} PIAFIDARitr IIINAKLI4Oi. Adm'rx.
s` - 10111‘; - -A N 1) - 1)W 1411. 1, IN G
itouAg FOR SiLLR OR RRN T.—The undersign
otfera et Priyinte Sale,-hix STOUR 1101161: and
; D WEL LlNti HOUSE. situate in Shade Gap. Huntingdon
'County. Roth aro 'Frame Building - a, nearly new, and
it; good order. The Ftare-ltatete ham a INX4II ' far $l, dtare.
I and Enielling it ousts its the one Condit g, and there is a
tat of tlronnd snitched. 'the utb . ue irg
town tota'conneetimt with it.
Alto , —Two off lota of ground. adjoining the lota
which the bielldings are. It not gold in et reneonobio
Debe they aril - be rented. Apply to the underekned,
' residing at Dry Run, Franklin County. The Store Room
and House ran be rented for $36 per annum. Ater
-2 aharrernelAnt liflnwood Aradany.'_
oct 28 '63 3t. ANDREW WILSON.
", TATS.—The undersigned, AdratnistrahT of IsAAc
STILTS'S: late of Oultfiard township, deed, will doll set
Public Salm ou
,the premises. on Tuesday, thel7th day of
Xeriii.brr, 1883. at tQ •'clock. A. 31., the following Beal
Psiate.'*lz•;: Thirty-two Acres end Thirty-two perch'es
of etoelleitt Limestone' Land, hounded by lends id*Ohrie•
that /Wrier and Jacob Etter, situated in Guilford. town
ship, with a two-storied WEATII,EIIIIOARDED 131311L
LINO 110 USE. hog Darn, Wagon Shod. 'Corn Crib, Sold
other out-buildings thereon erected. Thorp is en Or
chard of chaise Fruit and it Well of good water ll , Lar the
House. - There Is - about tiro Acres of Timbered Intl,
and the balance cleared and in excellent order.
Terms will he made known on the day,of lode.
fly't.t.iler , of the Court'Oß F. IMF?.
Wm. IL Mitchell, CFR. fncr2S'e,,q•;tl
SHERIFF'S SALES. : ÷By virtue of
sundry writs of rettddioni erkmas, boned .etbf the
court of:common Plena of Franklin leounty, P81:„-and It;
me directed there will be expomtd to Public Sale. at the
Court Millie in the 'Boron& or -Chitmloridotrg, ntt nos!
day. the VIA of No ember 1883 at 1 o'clock, P. .14, tbe r
tblinwinit denerijod Revd &date,
Alt defondeint'n interent in the follaning described
TRACT OF LAID, • Situate in Washingtion township,
containin 38 ACRES more or less. with one :Wks half
story LOCI 110IISP, and ...Log .Bar} tlioreon erected; ad..
joining 'Janda , W. , Pennoll,Jno. Downey', J. W. Eloover t
J. Itodgere grid others. Seized and 'taken in execution as
theproperty of Jacob Wertz. and tejil .be sold by me. '
Ertn.:4 - 3t% - • : SAMUEL, ItItA.NDT, Sheriff.
undersigned offers at Private Sale, TWO, Lon in
etteillle t oneo the , tots ,having thereon nrentwk a
new two stozie , denble -FIUME HOUSE, and the other
one and a-hai fatoried house. The property isdesirably
located for bnetness, or atin pri,vat e dwelling.beleg in th e
neighborhoixi/of deademy - and opposite BriArn's
110481 Persons wishing to view the property can do eo
caliing upon Dr.Sahrney. the present occupant,or the
'sobscriber. - Terra; pantie. t 9. tuft paralegal!. • '
; islipt,94f ', , 3N0.0. BIOHAM.`
AS . SIGNEES SALE.-:--Ae• the AR
slgneepf Dr, THOUS W ain., I will otter at Pah
f c on the premises humedlitely adJelnlnt Ole -BM!
' .oleg/t of Waynesboro, PranklinConnty,Penneytra nta,on
`Friday, the 20th days. of Novenskr, nest, Sesetal LOTS.
OP DROURD, well adapted' for taint lots which' were
_left imsold at the last sale of Real Estate. "These lei
'adjoln lots sold to Lewis S. Verney, Man - Phillips and
I others. (oet2l'B3) WILAJAPS WLELLAP4-2ssitowe.
.A , VALITA:LE TOWN .4gsi-,
DENO'S: eituated Borah of the Orman Reformed
mil* Is °fferedst Prtritteßele.—The house is a two•
Married Brick I:Welling era has eli criuressiericra
7 cr
Pariiciars itcluir,c9tBTuldseuois*EasWaler. :
-,oc 125 Ism: Attorneys at Lew , CblindAg•
. ,
'laud Ostatc.,Salos.
IJBLIV ,9.2(..LE - :91" .-REAL, „ES.
istE.—Tte.,outierei g ned, Administrators of John
ts.sseer, late o: Peters township, deed, will offereit rub.
lic'Sale, tti Loudon. on Thursday;ihe IDLh day bi Norm,
ber nest, the tolluWin! described Real Ratite, to wit:
A TRACT OF LAND, the .. . Mansion farm of said deed,.
situate In Peters township, bounded ktiands of Remy
Roetuer,• Peter Burkholder, Peter Stenger (of 'C) and
other lands'of e+lll deceased, c ntaining 152 ACRES and
44 POICIIES neat me: afire. and Easing thereoh a "ARM
(1008 R, with fine spring watee` brought to the door in
pipest:two Tenant Rouses rind other and a
nue -Orchard. ' ' •
, . ... . . „
-.Also.—Another TRACT OF' LAI4 D. the .3111.1 tr am . ,
1-sit.nitte in Peters township. bounded ,by lands Of lames,
1 Mtillitt. London town lute. Candcocinsague creek and oth
er lands of said deed,, containing 143 AMES - and 116
'log weather-heard barn. and two good Orchards thereon.
' ',',Also. -4-Another TR,ACT OP LAND. sitziate la Peters:
township ; binfridod by other lands of iPild deceased, COn-'
Ocochengtrire&elt and 'tind of Wright's helm containing
b 5 ACRES atal 94 PERCHES, - aral 11,ring thereon a
',STO.4(4RIST IlLt, 'lnstood, order, with a
PoWeet a 8
.4. - W MILL, ' two dwelling brasses other
Also.—Another TRACT , Or LAND; situate in' ye*,
townatthi, Whittled by, land.* of Daniel Thistle and other
lands of saids . dbreased, =training 215 ACRES ntid 22
PEW:IIEB,ImI having thermal a , STONE and ROUGH
CAST DW CLUNG flolielt, a Stone Barn sad taro Orch::
ards of IpsAfruit.
.Alat.i.—AWther TRACT; ;OF LAND, situate iti 'Peteri
ti;vrnsh:p. bounded by lands of Daniel 'Frawley, Samnet
Hidlingtr. Jacob Barger and 0 ther I ands of.taid dee'll, rktn.'
raining 214 ACRE , and 111 PERCHES, with a PRAII4
DWELLING HOUSE' and Tenant House, a Log ctrl
and small Orchard thereon. i , .; . . . ' - ',..,...i
Mew—Another i ItAcT DY LAND, situate in Page:
township; - bounded by !indict Teter Stang's:- (or (:.) and'
other lands of said deceased, containing 27 AtltEa and
52 PERCHES. aniLhaving thereon a 11RICIfi T SYE3tN ,
STAND. Wagon Sinker Shop, Black Sinith 8116 p, ataTati:
. , . , ,
Orchard of choice fruit.
! Also.—Another TRACT OP tAND. - situttfei 'a • Peters
townshipt•bountled by lands of. Peter Burkholder's-00V
Bab Trogier, Wm. DivilLiss, Cbristian Hoover antlorbor
lands of rciArttleceissed no Peer 4totiglq.,Coatatnsir 67
ACRES and !If PERCIIES: This' trddt ir!unirairrored.
Also.—A TRACT of TIMBER LAND in Peters town
ship, bounded by lands ni Christi/1% Hoover, peter.Stenc
ger (of C) -twin( Jii-lob 'Mulct:olden.; heirs of•Jas Lowe;;
Win. McGrath. Euhn nnd other lands' of raid deceased
and peter Stenger- (ot CO'containlng 175 ACRES and 37
PERCHES, - neat measnre.
4150,--Anather TRACT of TrainEn LAND. bounded
by Linde of 31cGrath. Emanuel Kuhn and !Multi
of Beaver and Stenger, containing 3 'AMES and 151,-
A'so.—knottier TRACT of UNIMPROVED LAND,
nate in Peters township, ,bounded by lands - of Fetes'
Stenger; OA Jacob'Stenger.and John dicLaughtin,min
tairring 38 ACRES and 72 ,PERCHES.
Also.—Anotner TRACT of FARM LAND,tint lot sit
uate in Peters township,bounded h.,. lards of dlas. - !ildul-_
Vanes. 7. Thtitsler and London tom, i o ta,
containing 12 ACRES and 132 PERCHES.
Alstr—A TRACT or ;MOUNTAIN LAND. situett in
Peters township, adj Going lauds of J. J. Kennedy and
other lande of said deceased and _Peter. Steger ;
cv4aiiiimcf* ACRES andel PERCHES. %
Also.—Another TRACT of TIMBER and MOUNTAIN
LAND, situate lu Peters township, in Spruce. Gap, ad
joining lands - efJonies heirs; -Ater:lls°n Ritchey
and lands - late of IL Easton, containing 019 ACRES and
94 PERCHES' , ,
Also—An undPridedthreo-fundha interest in A TRACT
OF MOUNTAIN" LAND in Petra township. adjoining
Sande or ucUrath,Kahn, Peter Burkholder, other lands
of Driver and Stenger and other lands of deed, con
tliuning-376 ACRES and 49 PERCHES.
Alus--An undivided seven-eights-interest In 6 TRACT
OF LAND, in Peters township adjoining other lands of
said dee'd. and lands of Christian Hoover, containing 65
ACRES and 87 PEI:ORES, with an old Dwelling Rouse
and other imprOvements thereon.
Also—An undivided soven•efghths interest in a TRACT
OF TIMBER WED, situate in Peters township. adjoin
ing lands of Christian Plum's heirs, and other hinds of
said dec'd, containing 89 ACRES and 145 PERCHES.
Also—A LOT OP GROUND, vitt:ate in the town of
lieudon. in Peters township-containing about 1 ACRE,
with a two story DWI LLING .110 USE, part Briok and
p'art' Frame. a Stable. An.: thereon -erected.
Also—A LOT OF GROUND, situate in the centre of
the town of Loudon, at the interiection of a public alley,
with the Chamberabtirg and Bedford turnpike, with a
DA - ELLIN(' HOUSE. Store House Blacksmith Shop, kr.,
thereon erected'. - , •
' SQ , e- Sale to comniettra at 10 o'clock, A. 11., ou said day,
When the terms will be make known by.
' oct. V), '6.340.. _ - of John Mutter, doc'd.
By order of Court.-I—le,ft.: (I lltrefffu, - . Clerk. •
vrR E NBVIt . GS
T co undersigned, Awignses of DAVID tiooPrmta and wife,
will sell at Puldidsalte,cos Thursday. the IWA slay of/Vo
rembrr. 1.563, ots the premise*, the. fsllowing Re t I Estate,
Aurae on the Turnpike, about Ralf wajr.intwten ,:ham
bersborg sod Gettysburg. in Adanis Perkin'', a tract of
750 Acres of land. divided irto Lens, as tollows :
No. I—The MANSION TRACT contains 150 Acres.
about 50 of which Is improved Land, well limed and in
a good ettte of cultivation, and the Wants of the tract
is.well set.with Chesnut. Pine ittal other thither. The
accost healthy and pleasant Saiiiliret Resorts in this pet
of the State, is upon Chit triad. The Rotel is a et bv
tantial brick building. 62 ft. by 20, with a two story jo ek
building, 45 ft. by 20, laid oil into ,rooms 91 the use of
boarders. visitors, ,ke. Oon'nected With it is Si Stot e 80 , m
and Post Ottice, Also a large _and convenient BATiI
ROUSE. with 20 Bed rooms attached. extensive etabling,•
Black etnitit Shop, Ice House, Ten Pin Ailey. "Revolving .
String. and all other. neceseary buildings . Also, a Tenant
House Buda Young Orchard of Clnce:Frait.
No. 2—Adjoining the above, contains 92 Am es and is
ell covered with young Timber. -
No. 3—Contain 944 Acres. near %I of which is,cleared
and in god osier, the balance is wall set with Chestnut,
Pitts and other timber. The improvements are a -two
atoried Weatherboarded I)IYULLING LIONSEark;d Stable.
ALoo, a new Saw Mill.
. No, B—Contains 61 Acres antllo6 perches, and is
eel with Gbestant.Oak, and other ' • .
No:AO—contains ,keree net witUyeting
qbeenut mud Rock Oak.
There ere severul Water Powell* On Chi, ftiregialng iota.
Alna—The nudivided one-half of 011 Acres. Adjoining
T. Stovenn mud Stith:re brim well net with young timber.
Yertiona wlnhinteto view Vielatuninen will call en ei
ther of the outreribertr. Salo to commoner et the Graf
l'enharg lintel:et 10 o'clock, A.J1.,0n nnid day; whet' the
conclitiorui will bantede known by ,
oct '63 3OIIN BAWD:SA.
PIJBLIG,SALE.-Bir vfrtue - of an
Order leaning mat of the Orptiaus• • Court of :Frank-
Mil County, and to the undersigned, Administrators of
.7 patitarine Cramer, late td,Letterkenuy Township. deed,
:there will be esposed to —nbiio Sale, on the premises.
an Saturday, the 21st day of iti,,c,Taber, UM at I o'clock
P. M., the following described Real -Estate, sit One
Acre and 63 perches of Slate land.- With - a twroetori
Itlti I K HOUSE, one-story Log Mouse, Frame Stable,"
Egg Pen, and other necessary- impresements thereon
erected There are an excellent Well of it Mei., and nn,'
Apple OrFtiarl,containing 40 fruit Matins, trees - on the
•premises. The property is situateLl in Pleasant Will,
Franklin County. Pa. Terms of Sale 10 per cent °Spur.
chase money to be paid on 'day. of, sale, • One half sd:
- whole amtunt of perihelia- money (inchiding— the 10
'per cent paid on the day - of Sale): babe paid , otrthe lit
- day of Aptil, 1864,'0r at any time before that when.pur.
chaser may ,desire Rossession,‘ when a derd fa property
• *ill begisen. The balance ton-the Ist. - Of April, 1865.
with Interest (rem date of deed. aecuird hr judgment. •
octl:8 -' 44l4 '"qt . attA rine Crenter. &ed. ••
v Plitt S. ALIL—The snbscriber` desiring to retire
from business,ottereat priratesalehis VA GU SIMI:STILL
Property. sithate on the Conocochottgue Creek. at
Scotland.foronailee Nerth of Charebersburg. The Mill
bee three run of Burrs and is in good order for home and
merchant work. It besitnated hr one of the best grain
growing regions of Southern Pennsylvania, and' conve
nient to chnrchest-and schools.' There are about seven.
leen Xeres of land connected with the Hill, nearly all
l' cleared and gOod Meadow Land, and under good fence.
A large sweater, WeatherboardedVlVELlSNGHOlin
land other out Imildlngs,and considemble fruitare onthe '
property. ' . l`lit - price asked is $540010. While the' nett
.earnings <lithe Mill during the last was shore $700:
[ Foe teerticulWappty to the subetriber t 'siding
_on the,
pi-eh:Uses. .. fang 196tfj " JOHN 81,EICUTEllt:'.,
1 i --...... ~-
Volt SALE.- 4 .The 'undersigned .offer at -Private ,
Sale, the:well known Tarern > aituated on tbeceorner of
Market and Second _Streets, now 10. the oven urY of
Sheriff Bran. The Hotel is a large cram us trio
story brick building. The yard attached is trebly
arranged ' for travellers, stopping with buggies and
wagons, Timetable Is large and airy, and hapable of
accommodating from b 0 to 60 bead of horses. The ,out.
buildings/mob as Wash Ileueo.Spting Houlio.Tce House,
'n.. makes it the most desirable Hotel in -the county.
Its near roeationto the Rail Road„.eourt House, Bank,
andbustneseplices t rendevs it the ,most pleasant and
convenient stopping place in town.
Persons desiring to purchase, can sea thspramises and
learn the tame of sae by calling !:t the undersigned,,.
- Chimb'it;eopt.T-tt i'; ' ,
8, H. WOILIgif..
ANTI RY FOR SA. VE:—' 'the sub.
scriber Offeas.forliale . his,- - TANN,ERT,. situate to
• ctonnellsburg: Fulton County. ' -The yashilviiintaluir 40
VA111,9 LEACHES, (all utoterrion, with 10 1 k1 max
stroP.. BARK SHEDS, and Lliverythint coirrettlent lbr
carrying on the business. ' , Au abandance of Hark eau be
tad for sl.ooto $3.50 per cord, Large and goetIDITILLt
111 G HOUSE and Tenant House; together with
tesary buildings, and-abundance-of FRUIT, on - the lots
tribe choicest kind. In connection with the abovelvill•
be sold;If deeirod, 21 ••ACElgit lvtprinte LI3IEBTOCIII
- in a high stateof cultivation., ,
oct , ..„ wm:110101.'
eai (emu
- -
nal_ The nsid4inigned offer at PriV•ato Side, .. intone
nuaLatirdi Serum, all that valuable? it ALTO./ LA !kV „ If
ated in M. Themes 'township. ..Franklin Cat ,•
mileablerth westof the village - of bt. 21.013 42 . t o o t
'by lands
- of D. WilSoli'B Witt:. eatter, bet. 14
other* containing- i ' • -
,Absut too Acres afthis Truer-are cleared and NC • Ilbe
stateufcultiratton. the Whole , ef Which bad been m,
ottgblylitned withinthe Lott few - yenta; the: beim:met*
heavily eat with thriving rimber: There is 8 SIM Litt,.
stone (awn on the premises: front which a taakethii
quality of Lime is made. The ltnitrevetneute conettit
a good, tweeteried Lou and letrinte DWELL] NO /101!8*-
A FiNii, hkNX lIARN, erected leer summer: g 111Cdters.
Power SAW S]lLL,eltda STA V . *. and - 811.1h (ILE `MILL"
driven by a small tent Xsigine, and other niereeeht,
and convenient buildings.
The above Pr:Terty dfiers grestintitiet4anti to put..
clingers ef Real &nue. It is locatitd in a titieirTingirbid
region. and ae the demand for Lumber, Stare*. Oltiligige
.t44o.and_wil/ centlitue on the increme, act mbyrgrifir
Leanne** man could nut fail to mare Stoney eat of tibir
ninny adritairget-it Poevousen. persona desiring Id-in. •
vest,itra valuable Ptvisti ty are luvited tocLerr:tbis•
Salisbury Shear= n, residing theteon.
i4rmathin that may be desired. Yossessivo can be hint
at any time.
,GArvvrat d stir.NAMMCIr
..)1T131.1,C .SALE—By
Order Of the Orphans' Court of Frank% countr,
, euna., the nudersigned,"Adruirdstreiturn of tit Biturs , Of•
Frederick Divilbiss, tote of -Warren township ; -. 4 16
county, deed, will offer- at Public ease. o» thDpiapilifek,
ori Friday tht 27th day of .iVcrssia6sr,) , Bll;o3lfollowicg
described Beal Estate, viz n
kurpart No, 1, being the 31 A';'.i'SlON EANDiosi4elaings
lands of :Michael C001t.,. Charles Oeltslz. Jacob 114. i.
Diald Martin and others, captaining 139 ACE.IO Arid 2t.
PERCIIES.,.itent measure. baring therein ereettilik tip J
etory STONE DIVELLANO 110E0'1; • Stnlii Earn.,. eitst
Stone Spring tiou.e, 'With other neudfolptiildlnitgnpd
improvements, 1.180, a good Apple Os thiird qnd iither;
fruit tries; with an abundant supply of ne4e l4 l .l linit
*after tie mate. 1* is wtql Thabered, ntsd his .
ly been well' lirries anorriltogtither Is la gtaitl:fartuis4 -
condition. - - • : - . ,
. .
Burpatt tNo"2 containing 153 ACRFS .
ES nunt measure. adjoining the Mothitahi sunlj.lalribt .
et Charles 0 elsri Jsmea Tents'shelis, John Thurottisibill
%Vers. With a stury anti a halt LOG DB' ELLINO uotn. ,
Log Stable: and Lug Spring House thereon. - Ahout
thirty :Acres of thts tract is cleared, Awl the rest :Well
covered with Black and Nillit6 Oak, and Chestnut Thither
and is well watered. Bhth tracts wilt he• - solirtogellytc;
or separate as Wilt best snit purchasers. - • -
Sale to curnmence'cl lho'cloch t am Said day, AIM ittt
terms willkby wade ktiewn,by r—,
ESTATE —The undersigne , l, ilaecnt,* 4r,- • -
noin and Jo:yen:Lea 'Can, into 0/ Intblrta tinfl?o,94 : ;:
110ntingdort County, Pre, deceased, *till Offer .
Sale. on the premises. on TAU:7day, thel2th day 'o,2* - 1.: g•
*ni•ber. 1863: the MANSION FAIN of said .60484
one folk ands half D
Dust of Burnt euwna; htninlted liy ,
lAddYof Jacok,Spanogle.' John Gilliland, John kindlayi
and Others; 'containing ITO ACRE'S' and_alloentuce or.
Land. About 100 Acies, are cleated and in' cultleatbtk.....
impiarentents are is TWO.SIOIII
}WED DI ELLUTO. Boum Log. Berri, Wawa
od e Corn Cribs. and other oret-buildinge ehereonerf
„There lea nerer-failing Spriug lathe Sprl»g-hatuteouds,.,
A running Stream of Water throigkeatd k'arm.
cies of Land; about seven ors c melt nod
Under fence. - ,
Also-19-Acree of Land; on which is erected*
lng flousedilackanifth Shop auctStoble. There losonleo,
n tine Orchard ins the pfetuisee,
Aten—:ll Abres of Land ; about 10 Acres art; clear . ed.
TElt/dS: ;One-third of the pnrcttaac inonef on tat of
April nett (ht which time possession wilt largiren)4,thip
balance Lot two o I cull annual paYmenta with fts#of44,lte- •
enrol bk... Band and Mortgage. JAMES OttER. I
;act SS, .534. a. - . DATID ITXLCiIf
- °fere at Private r ale,his EARN
situated about utile froth QUI neY, 151 ACRE •
14o0thich t nTISI BEA and thriving- Cbeettuit:'3
of the rartalsolthe -bestquality of LIMESTONE LAMP
Lint allot a high state :of cultivation. Therisaprove.
salsas. a large , BRICK, HOUSE, s ith patties -And
Percheais new BRICK „BANE: 8A8.11.80 fest longovEks
Wagon Shed and- Corn Attached, -dtrablit.itrenter
oorriage Rouse ,Brick Wash House, Smoke 1101 Ineib 004 `
Oven, and att necessary . outbuildings, .In -pad repair
There Is a large Cistern close to the Barn. need forlttlak.
and one, near the kitchen. There 10111 , 41 i of excellent
\rater in She - There 'is' 'variety 'di Adios
Fruit, each as Pears, Plums, Pettchgrinktiranet ln - '•
yard. There iPalBO a good-ORMAROufyonngthrtufwg ,
Fruit on the premises • ,
Pereona wishing to clew the :land e-'n do so - „by eating
on theaubscribet.or any inforination - Cupeeting-Ilt case
he obtained by. awing on Geo..), lialaleyi oinntyViiew
n [min ' aorriv 111D-DOWEE.,
• .
aril at Private Sale, the followil g drecr/bed
TATE, to - wit:
30 ACRES OF LAND. o _, '
Alitraier good fence and tillable, with a good
log; Onever Letting well of geed water near the door. fit-
1 40,,d Bata and Tbraabing Thor, a find Orrbard 1:111014; ,t
the test fruit, .Also
A TAN:NI:RA' • 1-
of32lergelfate, S large Leaeltra with limes sod pooh
Bark %t 111, Molter. Pump and Yuiliog Stocks. all in excel.
lent order, tha.iirliele,overating by WATER .POWER±
Also a'gie t rit BarksLited, all nueurpesped troatrealeterev•
and labor taring. • 4
• Thi above p - iopertYwill be ehowit to any, pinion on iv-,
PResition to 4aßvt.' B. Cook. of Fayetteville, n John
• Cook ofCbainbFrsborg. 'Terme will be cane mstble.
June 1.1.'!13-tf . PETER:COON.
7011 SALE.—The undersigned will sell et P,FVfekte- i^ -
En is,likis TANNERY, known am the tome r lannery,Neltb
steam and water-tamer. haw 51111, CitaPptugWitt,S , tnek, , -
tor bimikitighides, Ac. The Tannery Las A lettine, alt, '
vats, 2 Harlot and water-fool. and Is capahl 62 of to:LLIL" . , i
800 hedity hides a year. There are too LOg 'Da ellit.g
Houses, Barn, Stable and other bectseary ant lath! 140.'; '
connected h the Tannery. mid about G 2 Acreetlesnett:, ~
with 'good ' . 'Be trill sill a ,y.qiutitttt of 'alai Wills.
ii t
the Tanne in lbOtolGOA:re:. 0.01 6001terCe ant '..
Tinther,toaltin - inuple on,p}dy at t liesnnt Oak - Ihtikilt , .
run the Tannery for Wt.!' yearn. It in niitlittd /04,14
7 Miles South-west of Merceisburg'On Litkl , -g Cr" l,-
Ttsrms made easy. Possession will be , giern thi. ran
rosemary - . Ytir further particulars address thei'lihdiot•
eigned,at Thircersburg. Franklin county ;Ps.' '•" • ' " '
am; 12,.62:tf . , - O. IIisiCALV. '',
of •the Orphan's (bout. the undersigned.
id the last Will 'and lestnineat Jacob Remblierfe4, '
late of Antrize to insh Ip, deed. will offer at Piddle SsN.
on the pretaises, on Saturday. the 14Th el :Velem betake 4
at-I o'clock, P. M.. the following described Real Entate„
els : A TRACT of LA:sm. the Mansion Farm °timid dee'B''
situate In Antrim townehlti. Franklin Co , Pa., to.utidest
,by lands of Geo. Rh - cal es, Samuel Schindle:Joh
Samnel Remesderfer, Wm. G earbart and othera k cogrialte.
it g I_s ACRES inure or less. and having thereon erected
' - a LOG HOUSE Frame Barn and other building,. Them •
Ts ii good well of -Water,- and mood opo.flAktpon sok.,
Iran, and about twenty Bea Act - es of good TIMM%
The . terms will be made known on Gle day 14 Milt,
JOUN 10.31ESDERFER, t It o -ton
eel 14 sAmtEt. y . • , •
117 order of Caiwt..-W. (1. 51' 1.1.110rk.. -
°-. 1)1 ALL FARM. Ft. A Ilt.4.—The
subscriber will 'sell at Sato the SMALL ,
AR:11 on -which he now resides. in Antrito loin- •
31111',Frurdilln a oni,ty, - abont -s from Greentaa.
tie, unothe 4.sllhtown road, adjoining lands- of Oettolitti- -
Myers and °there. containing abuiffTl3lßY AC II V' —4117
cleared laud, in gust order andidallitt good lance. Thwies
is a YOUNG OltelP,Vil Of Girlfly tirees ' ; iillit'Phlt4;
a Wen of excellent. water. The improeements ‘ elaroast
two-story` LOO 11PIEL141190 1101,9r0# IA AO If
BANE BARB. torty.mio teat_ long. and well nlithed:
nut( bliothei necessary out buildings. - Possession Witt
he srieen on the let ut April,lll , 4. T , hstris by made
known on application - to he subscriber residing mmtbe;
irremiess. -, [oci2l '63-tfj'SA M L LC ., KItJDILR.
dtAX. S. Weaves: I. way e. 8702041,:.
M 9 O LT * RE . 1 1- 1) Nit it, ;••
# II L iEBAAI4SI,IIi REPOSITQRY is publiebte.v
every. Wednesday meniing. on a large quartnelkiet.,'
containingFOßlY-EIGHT COLUNINSinted e '
fintlowper and new, clear type. Terms:. TWO DOll- 7 '
LAM per .anunm, IN ADVANCE, or TWO' DOL. ,
LARS AND FIFTY- CENTS, - t 1 norpoid within sa t
AS-Ministers of the Gospel. in Fitanti
are furnisbed-trithtlicErroarsetcr at all gke*thotara,
izti advance;'
437-subscribers; reeidinii out of flit"' Rite; suns
=v a r ier& Sl9 adrossep, and the paperwilllinalleareei
be discontinued at the expiration of-the tithe for'
which it is.l • „
ADVERTISEMENTS inserted 'at 50 e'en& pas,
square of eight lines far first sertion;sadVA beats
per square for each subsequent iniertton. All-614 ,. ,
tions of a s4eare are corseted as ti
• Advertisements inserted by the qiarter:balf*oaft4.:
or year, at *reasonable reduction. Those fatiiktteid
but once are charged ten cents per line. 4e4ded,.*
Advert : laments a price and a-half.' • ' "
- "Special Anotiods, inserted- before .Marrinies ape
Ihnitho v areellargettleubleresnlar rates. •
13.. CIITS.or bold. display letter. sissoOltazus; -
Noticei rif Mania:me and Destbs F riet Ogled
fiTe line% aro inseiten - silznuto Cratit gt
=All eoremtudestipms, of li - tined or4iitaivillia4
4ferert, are lhantet ten (lents .tierline: •
JOB PRINT .4(,:61 e eer - r)iiart 4dlie 4 1 • 4 11 1 - ,
and tatty *Mott; at the shortesfokoilit, 0140,
solvable tett', • • • - -