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Map Showing' the Progress of the War for; the Suppreision of, the 'Rebellion. .
The Light Shaded Territory•has been Won,from Traitors by the Union Arms—the TerritorY in Slack ii no*the ifariow Limits of Treason.
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.. T _ I - S - H
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tra4lll4l_\ arpDpitorll.
GitIISIP WITH OtatFRIENDg.—We are on
,tainted by politics. We were. never proposed
for an 'office, never served in anY official 'ca
pacity, and never expect to. We have even
a holy horror of a politician, particularly an
unsuccessfulrone; and in the present instance
- wash bur hands of any intention to meddle
out of our sphere. Nothing but outraged
huManity could bring us out, and outraged
humanity has brought Its out. Listen to our
-story and judge for yiiiirseives, 0, Black Re.
publicans, and ye too, 0, Cop—Democrats.
Thursday was the great Democratic mass
Meeting day. We have nething to say about
"the brawny sons of-toil," "the unterrified,"
" the.salt,of the earth," and all that nothing
to say about the flags and banners: - not even
. of the motto which renders Orrstown iramo,r 7
tail, which idace4 that village among the
wonders of the world, of the motto that will
. .go down-to pgsterity " Kite-lug," the motto,
which some 'Ashantee, Dahomey, Benin or
Biaffra negro in future ages, sitting on an
agedlence-rail, will order to be photographed
for his negro grand-children by negro Ho
garths and Michael Angelps, and Murillos,
aiid_Zeuxi:s-es who dre,yet to be. This moth
was noticed 'by Joseph Fritts, Esq., of yore,
once the Editor of this paper. He that read
this article will never forget it. With what
de4femetion he dwelt upon those solemn.
words; "Oaasrowr can't go White Slavery;"
" Orrstown CAN'T go White SlaverY,Orrs
ton can't go WRITE Slavery"—"nor Ne
gro Equality." What a love for the white
. ntanjn general.does the first clause exlibit,
aid:what a respect for the degraded white
_Man in particular, the second. - Brit Ons
never, never will be slaves," and " Orrstowa.
-Will never, never, NIVER goWhite.Eßtivery
or Negro Equiatty." How 'Well do we re
member in "our 'school-bey days, the .acute'
prignish,we.felt when a smatter 'or sharper
rteighbor 's trapped" us ; as we grew oldetwe
hated to be " ciit out" Sunday nights at;the
church &toil and when we graduated intd,a
dry goods store we didn't feel 'pleased whdit
pair opposition sold more than we did. ',
ignorant, degraded white 'man can't admire'
af *ro like Fred. %Douglas. We- wouldn't
iinder the circumstances'. NoW we don't
think the white and blactil . races equat,nut
when a negro does get ahead of a Whiteman;
why not admit it. Suppose, for instance, to
be practical, that ORRSTOWN owned a 1•0 • W of
houses, Whom would Otta.sroNv:t prefer - as
tenants, respectable negroes whO would pay
the rent, or some mean white men that
. „
women : Suppose ORRISToWN WaS attneked
).3:lthe Rebels, .who were just abOut applying
the torch to baltsrowN's,bouses and barns,
Puld ORRST . OWN object to the timely arrival
oaf a necrro Union. regiment who would cut
pa pieces their thieting enemy? 'Suppose- 7 -
% but that's enough; you May think so, but
;we have not forgotten the outrage that we
threatened to expose.
One of many of the wagons in the Demo
cratic procession was not full, in fact, almost,
empty,' and a bonns.of fifty cents was offered
to,any that would ride in it. Thisitempted
one of our Republicans to such a degree, that
ho undertook the job, the ride for'nothing
and fifty tents for the disgrace: Would the
world believe it ? after the ride he was offer
ed FIFTEEN CENTS fifteen cents for a ride in
a Democratic procession; fifteen cents to be
gazed upon by the youth and beauty of
Clmmbersburg, in an- open wagon ; fifteen
cents to be pointed at by the dirty fingers - of
ragged boys, as the Republican who had
pilloried himsel ffor fifteen cents !' But hold,
the worst is to come; -that fifteen cents has
been secured by 'us ; wo have it in our office,
and can show it to the antiquarian. 'We'
givebelow as bear as our types will admit
a facsimile of it—the color of • the paper and
the torn edges are untransfera'ble
STA*TON, Va., May 25, 1863. .
4 'l5 l5
will pay to bearer, at the office, of the ConntY
In bankable currency when presented in earns
of Five Dollars. -By order of r ecant.
Ronal' (Inv, Presiding Justice.
THERE, it is 'off our mind now, and for' .
that was a.Republican bought. Are wens Re
publicans to bear this ? Does not this. prove
that the Rebel agents, assisted by renegade
Democrats, are buying up Republican rotes
—the money fdrnished in profusion by the
South. O, ;the Titnes . (not the Spirit and ,
Times.), 0, thellannera ? .
CothrEcrtak.—ln the heading. of the list
of exemptions froth the draft published last
week, it should ieadfrom the 21st to the26th
of •Seytember, liOtead of from .the 7th to the
'l9th of September.
' , :' • N ,
+vas i abIINIMI L. 0 am f .. - '
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F.• emir • MOM. I.M. • Nam •••mn. • OMR • •••••• • ••••.. 4", •A
• • •
N 'S A e -
Tarr: VoTt.: of 1862.—We give below the
vote of Franklin county in 1862 for Auditor
General, and also the majorities given in the
several districts. On this vote there will be
ti decided gain for the Union ticket this year
in every district but Chamber's.burg andFay
etteville,mid we are not with.out hope of gain.
ing hereon our large majorities of Itisl year.
Mercersburg and Antrim alone will gain 150
on the vote of 1862.. Welsh Hun, Sulphur
i Spriug, St. Thomas,. Orrstown and Letter
-kenpy; and Hamilton should add at least
iinother hundred to the Union gains: •
• 2
•-• •
a —a" .
. 7 1
'North Waid„. 349 ila ie - :- -
South Ward... 190 179' 11 —
, Antrim 398 413 15
Concord 24 ' 98 74
Dry Run 84 82 , 2 ——'
Fayetteville— 204 152 52 ——
Grecnvillage.. 335 88 47
Guilford 117 140 23 .
,'Hamilton 97 122 „ 25
Letterkenny .. 127 207 80 •
I' Loudon 77 79 2
lurgan 91 116 25
Metal . 119, .83 36 „
Montgomery.. 188 125 t 3
Orratown 65. 123 —..' ,58 -
Peters 112 '46 06 •
Quincy 153 '271 118
Southampton. 57 58 .... 1
St. Thomas.... 124 - 136 12 ..- •
S. Spring 38 45 9
Warren 55 50 6 •
Washington... 304 262 42 —, .
Welsh Run....' 71 143 72 •
MtBSORIA3I.-At the last regular meet
ing of ..he Diagnothean. Literary Society, of
Franklin and Marshall College, 'the follow
ing resolutions on the death of
were read and adopted"
WHEREAS, It has pleased Almighty God,.
in the dispensation of His all wise providence,'
to remove from time to eternity, our much
respected and, beloved br&her, B. May
Wolff, and thus to end earthly pilgrim
age, .herefOre be it ', •
Resolved, That while we acknowledge and
hoW with, reverence to, Dim, who holds us as
if it were in. the hollow of his band, we deep
ly lenient and deplore the loss of 'brother
Wolff,,formerly a member of our society.
ResOlver3l, That in,his death the Society
has - been - deprived of one of :its brightest or
naments ; one who has ever 'commandect
spect, and who Was destin'ed,to hold no insig=
nificant stand . 'in the bright galaxy of our
many honored members.
Resolved, That we, as members of , the D.
L. Society, sympathise with the affliction
Which the family sustains in' the loss of its
h6nored rind beloved member; who has gono
to, the undiscoiered,land from whose bourn no
fraveßer returns. .
Resolved, That we wear the us,ual badg . eo
In f
mourning for the space of thirty .dais, and
.. 3140
P 0
0 - W_ A
ci v . z az M EXZ (1,0
SCALE OF 41:611
A g or —4
- Joi; 4Att
that these resolutions be recorded on the
minutes, of the society, and" that a copy be
transmitted to the parents of the deceased ;
E. C. REED, - • Conimittee.
T.W.Fnmix 1. Ls:
COL. 3.IONTGONFERY, of, Vicksburg, Miss.,
and lion. Chase, of New York, de
livered most eloquent and effective Union
speeches from the Court • Houie steps on
Wednesdayevening last. r. Col. Montgomery
is a southerner , was editor of thesVickskurg
Whig, and has.suffered almost everything but
death 'in behalf of the Union cause. His
rebuke of Northern dough-faces and'copper ,
heads who whine and quibble about slavery
was most pungent. Mr. Chase stumped
NeW - York for Seymour last fall, but like a
patriot and an honest man, he deserted him
when Seymour deserted the cause of the
FATAL Accint2s . r.—A fatal accident, says
the Mercersburg Journal, occurred -in the
neighborhood of Pott3ville, Pa., .a few-`days
since, which terminated in the death• of a
young man named Henry Lane,- From what
we can understand, his brother' Nelson was,
for poxne unknown reason in the act of shoot
ing la dog, Henry interfered; when the revol
ver was accidently discharged,
.killing him
instantly.—Both young men were' from this
vicinity, and enlisted in a cavalry company
recruited a short time since, in Chambers
burg, by Capt. Miles and afterwards attached
to the 21st P. C.
, .
family journal le rapidly incNtaing ltq circulation ft all
parts of the couott7, and we-know of none which bet
ter deeerree Abe public favor. It is every way milted to
the family circle, and no ono, after seeing it, will will
ingly do Vithßtlt it,
Bux. your Kerosene Oil froin Golyticks; he,
a agent for one of the beet On Companies the State
and'alwaya Bella the beet oil whole ale and retail.
. •
'To 1 1 trodaY CIDEB.---Persons wishing: to
purify Cider can got a prepnrptiouat Millerqk
tharpurpose. It otOpopormoz'atton and replier/1 the
cider cicaraqoparkliag. '
Go TO )2421wiek8' viholefale and retail store,
see the lnrggatopk
TilE elecitiori of JUdge Woodward would
give new jlopes to, the despairing cause of
trenson.,.. :ftwottlii helie* t
ded throughout'
the shattered and daily narrowing 'domin
ions of treason as tvvietory, for the rebellion:
Vote for Curtin..
, o
N..... 1
8 ei
. ~.~
s 4
The Rebels acknowledge• a loss of twelve
thousand men, killed, wounded and missing
at Chiclearning& -
Bob ToOtilbs ,of Georgia says he prefers -
death on the battle •field to union with the
North on any terms whatever. Let Min: take
his choice by all 'means.
'The reeruitirig 'officers in New Jersey now
take a photograph of each mah as. he is en
listed. The plan brings horrible contortions
upon the countenances ofbounty.jumpers.
• It is a singular coincidence that the Indian
name of the river near which den.' Itoseertms
fought his last terrible and bloody battle, that
of Chickamauga, •m• ans "the Stream of
Jeff. Davis offers to release all the convicts
in the Southern prisons if they will agree to,
join the rebel army. It is entirely proper
that ,convicted_ murderers, thieves;
,and all
manner of desperadoes and mitlaws should
be placed on 'an equality with the Worse than
criminal traitors and outlaws who have taken
up arms against the Republic. •
Gen. Hooker and staff arrived at Cincin
nati, on the 29th ult. The General, in a feiv
r unarks',. said that he was going to speak to
the rebellion through the thunder tones of
artillery and musketry. Gen. Butterfield
also said that they were going to the front to
fight treitm, and they wanted all loyal,citi
v.ens to take care of traitors in the rear of the
Gens. McCook , and Crittenden are relieved
of their commands, arad ordered to report at
Indianapolis.. The 20th and:2lst Army
Corps, formerly under , these Generals, are
consolidated, called the 4th Army Corps; and
placed. under command of> Gen. Gordon
Granger... ,A 'Court of Inquiry is to inquire
into the conduct of the - deposed Generals at
the battle of Chickamauga.
Aletter from Nahaville, dated the 27th of.
September, says:— ,, Since last Thursday rein
forcements have been pouring down to Chat
tanooga, and on that day some tire* and
tbirty4onntier Parrott guns, lying here tin,
used since Nashville fell, Were forwarded.
he firma troops which have . passed through
the city were the Fifteenth 'Regulars. They
marched like maclinery and stood firm and
erect as 'statutes." It is tated that Gen. Pope
is to have a command in the Ariny of the .
VOL. 70,....NH0LE,N0, 3,626.
I • o ig
` l l D
sri 1. el,
tIi.ENNO .r" S* 4 4,
,/‘ • / '
, i.: 7 :_ P . ' • , -
, •'/ '-• `,, 1 •
••;'.,41,. 4'
4 - :- . "<.• ' •
s k
Ri p/ 2, ';•-
e...--,- ,
_ .
, .
Jac, 9x ,
Governor Brown is not satisfied with 'the •
manner in which Jeff. Davis' agents in Geor
gia impress private :property for the use ief
the Rebel Government. • Ro• has therefore
' issued a proclamation, in which he announ
ces, that while he does not, intend to ember
-, ras ,the• Government, -he "will, protect the
people against outrages," and all the_ State,
civil and military authorities are directed .te
assist persons in defending their property
against illegal seizure.
.• • •
0 . -.../
GREAT minds often, utter the same senti
ments, although ;thousands of miles apart
and as widely different• in their situations.
Thus the Richmond. Enquirer, the rebel or
gan of Jeff. Davis, and Judge "Woodward,.
the Democratic candidate for Governor; al
though separated by iostile lines, almost
simultaneously utter the same sentiments in
behalf of the cause of armed traitors. Here
they are : _
- "The success of the Democratic patty
would be no longer doubtful, should Gen.
Lee once more advance on Meade. Let him
drive Meade into Washington and he will
again raise the spirits of the Democrats, con
firtn their timid and give confidence to their
wavering."—Richmond Enquirer.
" Ke must arouse ourselves, and reassert
the rights of the sterveholders, and add such
guaranties to our COnstitution as will protect
his property from the spoliation btreligious
bigotry or persecution, or else we must give
up our Constitutiini and Union.",—George.W.
Iri'oldtspp)e writes us horn Anssiia,
Ohio, orderi tithe Rieosrrowr sent to him;
and says. -
have always been a Democrat and ain
one yet, but a War Democrat, and 'am. Ibr
sustaining the present Administration as the
only hope of the Republic. lam for Itihn
Brough for Governor of Ohio. in preference
to Vallandigham the candidate of rebels sonth
and sympathisers at borne."
:Sensihle, patriotic DeMocrat is that mad;
and he will find thousands more with him
in hotkOhioand Pennsylvania.
A COPPEitHEAD Governor in New. York:-
refuses "to . preserVe the Peace of New Tork
while-the goVerdment 'enforces- the draft,
and 20,000 soldiers had to he drawn frets.
the Army of the Potonraefbr the nurpose..
Lee - avails himself of Seymour'S proffiireit
kindness, strengthens. Bragg: end' Waste,
Boseerans. Vote rot gortin i . lOW.
Governor. •
• -
-4 1