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    Latest frOin Charleston.
.Greg 6 and Beauregard Shelled for
'lira hours.
Greek Fire Thrown -into Charleston.
New ELK, August 28.—The steamer Ara
go; from *et/axles:tort bar, on the lath, a.rrived
"to -dui•.
PIT MORRIS ISLAND, August 21, Noon.—
:on Saturday at midnight, Admiral Dahlgren,
with live monitors, advanced in the darkness
en Fort Sumter; opening fire at three o'clock,
and keeping it up until six &clock.
" The fortduring the five hours'flreupOn it,
.was struck over a hundred times, the balls
. tearing ihroug,h the sea wall and doubling
'the number of port holes. • The whole para
pet was also carried away.
Ne signals were given until the whole fleet
4klpe,fied; and then the fire was one 'of the
- - most terrific description. Sumter fired one
gun response five times, but Moultrie,
'Gregg and Beauregard for three hours rained
• shell on the monitors, failing to do them any
harm. The monitors were struck seven or
e i g ht times, but no e one was injured.
Sumter is defunct, and an immense pile of
rubbish. The only gun left was throwm off
the wall yesterday afternoon. •
General Gilmore, on Thursday, notified
Beauregard that if he did not surrender the
forts he would,shell the city within twentyj,
four hours. At the same time he requested
11m to remove the women and children:
" No attention was paid to the notice, and,
aai Friday; night, General Gilmore threw a
fifteen-inch shell into- Charleston, charged
with Greek fire. 0-n Saturday a6rnoon
Beauregard sent down a flag of truce kith an
urgent protest, denouncing "Greek fire" as
c ---`'n'vilrinons compound, unworthy of civilized
,nations and demanding that more time be al
- :lowed to.remove the women and chrildren.
The English, French and Spanish consuls
also denounced the sh - zt, time given by Gen
; era! Gilmore, and claimed more time to re-
Irmie, the subjects of their respective coun
tries. -
General Gilmore yesterday replied by are-
Timial of the demand for a tefirender of the
'forts and public property. Beauregard re
., plied by asking for a truce of forty hours.
7 - General Gilmore refused to give any more
time or accept any other terms than an Un
conditional surrender.
At twelve o'clock last night the. shellin g
.Of the'city_witli - tGreek fire" was resumed.
•', The .ruins of Sumter are now held by the
guns of Fort- Moultrie. There are only
auflicent men in the ruins to keep- the
rebel flag up.. The latter is shot away every
.few hours.
The Richmond. Examin-r. of the24th inst..,
contains full confirmation of the report - that
Gen. Gilmorehad succeeded in throwing shell
into the city -of Charleston. •
After staling that Gilmore has thrown
twelve shells "into the inhabited part of the
oity," and remarking that such "baseness"
- ihould occasion no surprise, the Examiner
. I .Bit what does sta Ile is the distance from
which the shells were thrown. 'The battery
'is in a marsh five miles front the city. it
long been claimed by the inventors of
the moderrimrdinanee that the nein artillery,
was available for such purposes at that &is
' trance; but this is the first practical test Of.
their pretensions owiecord, and neccessarilY
attracts much attention. Not a doubt now;
remains that the spirit of Charleston is about
to be tried in the terrible ordeal of a born
. bardraent,
BALTIMORE, August 2.9.---The following
comes spec o Ily by telegraph from the high
est nut • . I can vouch for its truth.
: Pot?. 40.3101fn0E. Auggst gB.—Tftp gun
boat IF rn World. CaptcGregory, ar. wed
this moaning from off Wilmington, N. - C..
and reports the - arrival there of the United
States steamer Florida from Charleston, with
the positive news that Fort Suniter and Bat
tery Wagnk had fallen, and were ocupied
by the Union troops, and that the Stars
it'nd Stripes were triumphantlyj waving over
;both fortressess.
The Union troops were in the highe.stspir
_and certain of posessing speedily all Mor
tis and reducing Fort Moultrie.'
-: The cilpture and occupation of .Charleston
'in a feW days by the Union troops was mor-
Oly certain. -
Jeff: Davis cal for .500,000 Black Troops,
bey are Offered Freedom and Fifty
Acres of Lad
I. FORTREse 31oxstoE, August 29.—The
I stetune.r C. W. Thomas , arrived here to-day
1 from Nevibern with Lieutenant Sterling, of
1 thnelal Beek's staff, who is a bearer of di
-1 spatches: '
I ; A dispatch ,frora , the blockading fleet, 'says
on the blaming if the ritha large sloop of
war of ten guns, with the British flag fiymg,t
, swept past the blockading steamer, and, im
mediately hoisted the. rebellag and passed
into the port of Wilmington.
, This is the fourth rebel war vessel that
hart run the blockade within the past six weeks.
-. Southern papers rsceiVed at Moorhead City,
• N. C., say that Jeff Davis has decided, after
a conference with the Governors of the con
federate States to call out half a million.
' , black • troops, : who are to reeeiv.e their fret
dam and fifty- acres of land.atthe end of
the war.
(}ea, ...11feredith; Union Connuissioner for
the exchange of prisoners, recently held nu
interview at City Point with the Rebel Com
nuss—' loner, of Exchanges, to endeavor to effect
s settlement etditference - heiween the Federal
liavernment and the Rebels, relative 'to an
exchange of prisoners. As a result of the
. • •
interVidw' it is expected that arrangements
Will be completed foc a'speedy resUrrepVon
of exchanges of prisoners on both sides. t
~Army of the CuMberland, under don:,
Rosociani; 'crossed the Tennessee river on the
29th inst., at fuur points". Thirty-five rebel
41ickets were captured ; opposite the townlof
`Stevenson. At Shell Mound General
1 41 0 1di.e4pttire,:, many piisoners, and at Fa!-
I -Itlgt Waters creek he took a rebel, camp.-
- Amongst the captured wore 'the fain‘usguer
rips Mays andarebel Tennessee congressman,
named Cannon.. ,
THE .s:''elz.tinct, a union paper published in
Western Missouri, was daitroyed' on Thurs.
(10 night, by a party of Missouri militia:a c:
Unlike several of our Northern journals,
the Raleigh (North Carolina) Standard con
siders it, a great crime to conceal the truth.
It anneunces that it will, therefore, tell the
truth, no matter what may Ve the consequenee
and begins by this confession; ,
• -From the beginning of the war until the
present, the enemy has slowly but surely gain
ed upon us; and but for the extraordinary en=
durance and courage of our troops, his flag
would now be floating at the capitol of every
State. We have lost Missouri, Maryland,
liiiitucky, Tennessee, the Mississippi Valley,
Ttllas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and considera
blg)ortions of other States. Vicksburg has
fallen, as we feared many months'age it would;
Port Hudson has fallen ; Charleston, Mobile,
and Savannah will go next. General Lee is
attempting to retire from Maryland, with his
spoils, but - no substantial victory has crowned
his arms. We are weaker to-day than when
he crossed the Potomac into Maryland.—
Our recruits in the way of conscripts will
scarcely keep our regiments full, and we can
not hope to add materially to our forces.
Our . fig hting population is pretty well exhaust
ed. - EXerybocly knows this; thelVorth knows
this, and so does Europe. On the, contrary,
our enemies, flushed with triumph have a
large army in the field, and
.their President
has just called for three hmidred thousand
more. He will get them. The movement
on Pennsylvania by Gen. Lee, and the
of Vicksburg and Port Hudson, have hUsh
' ed all „Clamors 'for peace in the'North and
"have blinded the people there as one man for
' ,the prosecution of the war. We have noth-t
ing to hope for from foreign nations, and just
as our cause is, we see no indications that
Providence is about to interpose in our. be
half. The war, then, will go on. Our side
or the other must conquer. Will five mil-
Hops of whites conquer twenty millions of
the same race? Will they,-conqiier a peace"
on the ;very soil of these twenty millions ?
Not in any event, if thesd twenty millions
possess ordinary manhood, and fight.
Ag - aitist it.
On the 20th ult.. by the Rev. S. M'Renry, Mr. WILLIAM
Maalox, to Mise Jtnntl'auxrinnt, both of L o ndon this
On the 2.5 - th ult., by the Rev. W. R. R.' Dent rich, Mr,.
308XPEI M,.LOY, touiB3 SARAH MENTZEIt ? both of this
On the 20th ult., in this place, Minnittsv Durzonaw.
in the 26th year of her age.
Ou the 28th ult., I this place. Mrs. Burs C., wife_ of
19,nzisis K tmmy; in the 26thxerir of her age.
On thiLlatis ult.. near Fayetteville, Mr. Isaac MULL,
aged 31Tve.irti an.l 2S days. /
On the 24th ult., At the rear , encc of hie father. at Shade
' Gap, of wounds received at the battle of Gettysburg,
Jamas 51. Itt.tut, in the 2.. 4 d year of his age, -
On the 21st ult., In this place, 'at the residence of her
brother-in-law, Jdhn P. Cu Iblrtson, Assts C., daughter
of James and C. Watson . in the 41241 year of her age.
On the 2.5 th tilt., in this place, of Billions Remittent
Fever. ALLEN 51.. eldest eon of Wm. D. and Isahelia
Guthrie, in the 16th year of hie age.
On the 15th nit., hear the State Line, of the pinxMr.
GZOACIE Mace. Jr., aged 37 years, 11 months and 10 days.
On the 18th ult., of Diptherie, Auer ELLL.`f , daughter
of Absalom and fAttharine French, aged 9 yeatn, 4 month,
and 9 days.
On the . lith ult., near Greencastle, MART CATHARINE,
daughter of Mr. Frank tlearheart, aged 4 years, 10
mon•hs and 1 day.
Ore the 19th nit., in Montgomery township, Mr.SAXIIEL
SMITH. Jr.. in the 43d star of hie age. .
On the :22d ult.. near Upton, Mr. ls tax Illssoxii,-ged
30 years, 10 months, and 14 days. '
On the 31st alt.. in this place. JOICM 'WESLEY, youngest
son of Christian Stouffer [Machinist), aged 5 years, 10
months, and days.
-Prevention of Incrustation in Sfeam. Boil
INtrsz. ,-
References in ail :parts at the country,viz: Albany
Oaa Co.; _Eston, Gilbert & Co, and others;Troy ; m
elts°, Rochester, Auburn, &c., kc.; John Gibson &
PholpS, Charles Ensign, John R. Evans & Co., Jewett &
Root, and others, Buffillo': Cleveland, Columbus, Ranee.
villa, &e., &c 4 00.3. Shield. Mi les Greenwood, Mitchell &
Raminebiburg. and 40 others in Cincinnati; and through
out the West; Indianopolis, Dayton, Terre Haute. Lo-,
gansport, Chicago, SpringfieldrSt. Louis, Et. Paul, &c.„
&c, &c. Cost about 40 to 00 cents per week. For circu
lar, address 11. N, WINANS, :
P.O. Box No. 6
Afadeurce Porter's Curative Balsam, has ton'
tasted the truth that there are first 'principles in 31edi
ein, as there is in Science, and this Medicine is com
pounded on principles suited to the mituifuld nature of
Mani The care ul Colds is in keeping Open the pores;
antlcreating a gentle internal Warmth, and this is cans
;ed by the use of this Medicine.. - Its remedial qualities
are based on its power, to assist the healthy and vigor-' ;
oils circulation of blood through the lunge, it enlivens'
the nresclos and assists the skin to perform its duties of
regulating the heat of the system, and in gently throw:,
ing oil the waste substance from t be surface of the body:.
It Is not a violent remedy, but emollient — , warming,:
searching and eller-Airs. Sold by all druggist at las'
and '2.5 contsper bottle. : ; ; ; [July 22.
The Confessions and Exporience of a... Mr-,
rout nuog Nan.=—Pobliellett tis a warning and far the,
especial benefit of young men, and those who suffer with
SIC., & e.. by one who has cured himself by simple - means'
after being put to great _expense and ir.convenlence,
through the use of warthleSe !medicines proscribed by
learned !Sectors. Single Mipies may be had (free) of the
author, C. A. LAYBERT, Esq Greenpoint Long Island,
by enclosing an addressed envelope. Address CHARLES
A. LAMB ElLT,Sireenpuint, Long Island, New
July 22, '63-7t-
Called Renovating Resolvent, is the Mostextraordinari
medicine fir this cure of All skin diserinesalumors,' SoreS,
Chronic Diseases, Scrofula, Ricketts, Sore Legs, Swellings
of the Glands, Syffhilltic Diseases, in the world. One.
bottle of this reptedy Will make more pnfe blood, and add
greate; cloamets to the skin than a dozen bottles of the
most popular Sarsaparillas. Infants afflicted with sore
heads, "breaking outs," cankers, kc., are cured in a few ,
Jaye. One to six bottles will cure the worst cases Of ekin
diseases. -
For Chambersborg, Miller & Hershey
Card .to the Seering.—The Rev. Willituri
Cosgrove, while laboring as' a missionni•y•inJapan, was
enred - ofConsnmption when all other means bad failed
by a recipe obtained froth steamed phisician in thigreat
el tyof.le ddo. Tills recipe has cured great numbers Who
wets B uffering from' ' , Consumption, Bronchitis, Sore
Throat, Coughs and Odds, and the debility and nervous
depression. caused by these disorders.
Desircenief beneStting others, I d•ili send this recipe,
which I have brought home with mm•te all who need lt,
free of charge. Address Rev.IVIL COSGROVE,
dec 5,62•1 y 439 Fulton Avenue, Brooklyn, N.N
A...Gentlorao,n, cured
,of #Ciroup
Incompatenay, Premature Decay mid Youthful Error,
actuated by a desire to benefit others, 'will be haj py
furnish Wall who need tt(free of charge) the recipe and
directions for making the, simple , Remedy used in
case. Thosewishing to profit by his exPerienco--and
'possess a Valuable Remedy—will 'receive the same, by
retina Dian, (carefully sealed,) by, addressing.
' aug I£4m
, .13rAnted.—zLop{stancl,TrayOlin"g Agent,sin
ovary Town and County. ClTmilars, with Tettitttonials
of Clergymen arid 'Acciontino men, in r‘gird to tbelust,
niss, sett free. ' • iSA&U & .
July 15,63-$l. fiewbuippai;ilaat.
11 WALL gr., fizw YORE.
Ull3/ 22, '63-6m.
Ito:6o,lgassat! Street, Now York
T.-..lies'`,i'',oll,4i`i,it'':TlO:io_pioilfi::tilatz!k,fejli*t_g, - ;',_lq.
Edifor RepOsifoiy—Deirr "; With'
our permission I wish to say to the readers of your
paper that I, will send by return mail in, all who wish
it, (free) a Recipe, with full directions for making and
Using a simple Vegetable Balm, that will effectually re
rtiOte,:in 10 minutes, Pimples, Blotches, Tan, Freckles,
and all Impurities of the Skin, leaving the same soft
clear, imootli and beautiful.
I will also mail free to those having Bald heads or
Bare Faces, simple Airectious and information that will
enable them to start a full growth of Luxuriant hair,
Whiskers, or n'Arou.stsvlse; in loss than 30 days. All air
plieati.ons answered by return mail without charge.
No. 831 Broadway, New York.
Tlie 611fessions tindExperience of an' In
ralid.--PnOshed far the benefit, and as a vrarnthg. and
who suffer from Nervous 'Debility, Premature Decay of
Manliood, etc, supplying at the tame time'
one who has cored himself after being put to a great
prima and injury through medical and
quackery. . , ,
By enchising A postpaid Addressed envelope, single
copies may be had of the author. . -
may 20,13 1 , , Bedford, Kings county, N. Y.
to 60 Poring or Old, Male or , Female.—
If pin have been eaffenng from a habit indulged in by
the rot, TH OF BOTH ARSES,
wracti CAtBZt hO atva ALLItItIVI 9YPICtO3IB,
It unfits diem for f Marriage, .
` And is the greatest evil umich can befall
See symptoms enumerated in advertisement, and if you
are a eufferer. '
Cut; out the Advertisement, .
And send fur it at once,
' - Dplaye sue dangerons
Ask for liolrubold's.
Take - no other.
• - Cures guaranteed.
Beware of Chanter/mit and imitations. July 15,63-2rl
SOS. $75:. •
Employment I—Agents Ti anted!—S'4 will
pay from 525 ios7s per month, and all expenses, to active give; a commission. rsOculars sent free,—
Geheral Agent, Milan, Phii). - april 29, 62-ly
" VaftAelphia - Markets.
Pitualw.f.PutA, Aug. 31,1863.
~'FLOEE.-LThere is very little shipping de
mand, j and the only sales reported were 200
bbls. Ohio extra family at $5.50 % bbl.
:The sto the borne consumers range from
4.75 Up to $7.25 for common and fancy lots,
according to quality.
, RYE, PLOUR is selling in a small way at
In PORN" MEAL nothing doing, and but
little stock here to operate in.
The! offerings of WligAT are small, but
fully • Up to. the demand, and the market is '
dull. j Sales of 4500 hush. red at $1.25@:.1.37k
for common and choice old, and sl.lB®l.o_
for nev, including 800. bush. poor Southern
White itt SI.IV" and 1000 bush. prime Kentucky
do., at $1.55 in store:
Rvk moves slowly at,ooe.for new, ar,d $l.
05 for, old.
C - oikx is senree and firm at 82. c. foryellow,
and 7fie, fo'r mixed Western, 3000 bush. were
taken at the latter figure.
OATS are steady at 53@55e. for new, and
68c. fin. old.
M 7 2 -, S r av DE3MO:'B. .
1- .-
CHAMBE RAT URG. sent.l, 1863.
BIM.= /0 WASHED Woo. • 50
, E('Dis i - 12 UNWASHED WOOL 33
Dow i g CLOVER SEED ' 500
'TALLOW* 8 Tocarsti SEED 2 00
,50Ar.. 1 .....z.-.....„......-.. ito fi FLAX SEED
!BACON HAWS 12 NEED PEACHES .... '..... 3 I 0
.SOI.:F , BEANN, 1 50,DErED APPLES .... 1 00
I Flon-It'lte..
J POTATO iiiia:.'ZET.
MerCer, New , ,
( rein abbettioentento.
'For lets than $5O. For particulars inclose 10 cents.
Address ~ 1. A. TIIOMI'SON.
rept 2-.3t* Cain of John G. Schiller. Pittsiairg.
, —The Union County Committee will meet nt the
Law, office of John Stewart. inChantbershni g, rm Satyr -
day, the sth day of September, at I o'clock, full
attendance ismaroestiy requested.
Sept 2-1 t sq MIN STt,WART, r irtirman.
GRAPE VINES, &c.,,tc.. ix now issued and will he sent
to all nnplic4nts tteck of dm ge. J. KNOX.
sent. 2,3xn, Box, 155 Pittsburg. Pa,,
calar. giving varieties of Strawberries, that bah.
moved the most vMuable the past season, with price of
plants. and other information, will be' Bent to all appli
cants.J. KNOX.
sept.2--3m. Pot 155 Pittsbmg. Pa.
TRAY 13111,14.—Carne to the prem
ises of the subscriber, residiug two miles bunt', of
eimmbersburgy on the Waynesboro road. about the mid
dle' of June. a CFIEBINUT BROWN BULL, about tw
two years old, with * *bite atri, e on the back. The
owner is notified to prove property and pay chorges,nr
he will be disposed of according to law.
aep 2-fite CIIRIBTI/04 ItOOVNR.,
si g ned Rlll sell at Private Sale. his FARM, com
taming 164 ACRES, more or less, of good quality of
LIMESTONE LAND, in a good state of cultivation, The
improvements good; well watered, and Young Orchard
beginning to bear. I deem it unnecessary to esty mole;
an any person wishing to purchase' can see for himself.
This Farm is situated about 13.4 miles South-west of 'Up
ton, Franklin county, Pa. [aerc2-6t] JOHN STONER.
VOTIC.E.-=-Persons are cautioned
wit to allow Horses to be taken from them by
parties representing themselveestagenfa of the Quartor•
master's Department, and searching for captured or stray
animals. No authority is - evert for such purpose from
Lientenanteolonel, Chief Quarter Master ,
Department Susquehanna.
Cliamhersburg, Aug.
QTRAYED.-=-On Saturday night,
80th of August; 1863, a beautiful IRON-GREY
PACING MARE, four years old. Strayed is a small' mil
mal, having a heavy mane and tall; small legs' and
ema il f ee t-I%OM 'dark. Back and withers slightly
chafed with saddle. In the a left front foot she is slightly
sprung in the - frog. Any ono in possession of strayed
will pleaseaddress the owner at Leeshirg 4 Cumberland
County, Pa:, who will bestow a liberal reward.
sept. 2-3 to Rev. T. MARSIIAtt. WEST, Owner.
VINES.—Our Stock of
'other leading kinds, is- unsurpassed anywhere in the
, Parties wishing to purchase, and *he, cannot visit our
'grounds to examine our vlues and ^eineyard, wliMi all
,the above Ann many other kindsomi t be seen In fruit,
would do well to send for our NEW ICE LIST; which
itsent wan applicants Ifec, of ch arg S. KNOX. •
aept. 2-3 m. • - -Boxibblittebhrg,,Pn.
Rein athertistittents.
NOTICE.—The, I) iiect6is
of llamilton township will meet on ,Sitirtty,the
Stu or September, at the Musa of. John Gordon to ens 4
ploy eight teachers. - • W.ll. DOSSEAT, -
sept. 24t. - , Seep.-
' ' XEC U TORS" NO TIC E.—Notice
is berebigiven that Letters Tmitarnenthry to the
.state of Procrk. &Alin ger, of Letterkeuny township,
dee'd_ have been granted to the undersigned. •,*
All persona indebted to, tile said Estate.arebereby
qiiested to make immedia to payment., and those having
claims or demands against The Estate of said, decedent
will make known the same without del ty, to •
JOHN ZULLINGEII. Harrisburg, Pa., - `
tJKO. ZULLINGEW, Lettirketaty township,
sept2-44.* Executora
Notice is hereby given - that Letters of Administra
tin on the Estate of.llenry Dollar. late of Lurgan town
ship. dec'd. have beet granted to the ondersigned t reeld.
trig In Bt. Thonias township.
Al persons indebted tip the said Estate are ,requeste4
to make inainediate payment and thoi-elinving Miami
or demands against, the Estate of the said decedent will
make Unix ri the same ix-talent delay. to
ser2 PETER C 110LIElt, Adm'r.
LIST OF- LETTERS remairiing in
the Pest Office at Chamtlersburg. Sept. 1. 1803:
ActermanMiss3lll Haney Burnant Pechin (Icor& Jr
Brown P(coed) lieringtou Charlet, Dunkin .11159
Balchim vtisseathe Hines Mims Mary A Shuster) B
Cummings David Jackson Jas•pb. Skunk Andrew
Duni:try - Amos P baulball John . Salkela J3111e4
DAVIS J WLouts 3liesSlrahr. Stillman Nancy
_ - _ . .
DunkleEnima - Limon :Malcom A SnivelyChristophr
Dicke:rem DrJehn 31illihen John S Shepperil U 0
Gannon John Miller Aaron Watson Hendty
m e an Miss Kate Moyer Geortt W IValler JQ it
Ilelmon Samuel Olbert Peter _ Warren Lewis
. Persons calling Tor the shore Letters trill tileaie sal
that they have been advertised. • J. W.1./FAL; P: 3L
The . tmilereigitA otTer at Priratd 3 Sole. aanivatit
LIMESTONE FARM. - situated in Welsh Run district
134 miles S..E.ofllowles Stores,consistiug 0146 ACRE:.
llu f which is cleated and in a good state ofcultivatioi•
and the balante Is fine TIMBER LAND. The improve
merits ar a new two story BRICE:HOUSE, new Mint
Barn, and all necessary outbuildings . There is a gm.
W-eII of nevet.fnlling'water at the housed 'There In Leto
a good Orchard of Grafted Fruit on the premises. .
if the Strut is not sold by the 10th of October, it
he exposed, at Public Sale at 1 o'clock. Personis
to view the premises can do so by calling at the farm to
the residence of J. WATSON CRAIG, Welsh Run.
Sept. 2. JNO. WDOWELL, Chaniberabrirg.
y_ NOR SALE: , The undersigned offer at Privatt
tie, the AVIAI known,Tavern, situatezton tho, corner 01
Market and Second Streets, now in:, the occupancy of
Sheriff Brown. The llot el , is a lartd"commodious twt
story brick building. The yard Mutated ils zultnitabl3
arranged for travellers st"pping with buggies an.
wagons. ,The stable ii. large and. airy, and capable cv.
occoninodating front 60 to 60 bead of horses. The out
buildings such ao Wash Rouse, Spring House ,Ice House
&c. waken It the moot desirable Iletel in the count.).
Its near locationte the Rail , Itorid, Court Ilouse t Alabit
and business places, rende,a It the most pleasant an,
convenient stopping place in town.,
Persons desiring to purchase, can tee the premises anti
learn the terms of sale by calling on the undersigned.
Changes. sopt. 2-tf
The undersigned offers at Private Sale. a valuable
LIMESTONE FARM. situated_ o -.the Illertersburg and
Hagerstown resin, four roil u It of the former place.
in the Welsh Run District containing ONE HUNDRED
AND NINETY-SIX ACII S, 140 of which are cleared—
in a high state of cultivation—the balance choice Tira•
bur Land. The Conococheague -Creek bounds the Yarni
on the North, and there are two Welts of good . Watur eu
the premises-ocent the House and one at the Barn
The IMprovements are. a two-story ROl.lOll CAST
MOUSE. a good STONE - BANE. DARN, with Cern Crib
std Wagon Stied attached. and all necessary out build.
lugs. -There is, also, a good ORCHAIU) of grafted Fruit
on the premises. - -
If the Farm is not sold by the let' day of October
next, it will, on that day, at 1 o'clock, P. M., be offered at
Public sale:
- -:,Persons whaling to view the premises can do so at any
time, by calling on the undersigned, residing the, eon.
Sept. 7.1663. J. WATSON ,CRAItI.
PL BLIC SALR—WiII I be sold by
Public Sale, ou the premises„on Saturday. Me 20th
day of ..eillember'. next, at I o'clock, P. M., the folloiving
valuable Rent Property. late the Estate of Henry Stoner,
deed.. viz; A TRACT OF LAND, (best quality Lime
stone) containing 110 Acres, situate, in Peters township,
Ftvinkrin County. Pa., on the road leading front Green
castle to Mercersburg—t ha Warns Spring host passes the
door—and in the immediate vicinity of StitzelPs Mills;
About 80 Acres ate cleared and under cultivation and
good fences; the remainder well timbered. - The lra:
pro - cements, consist of a good Stone Dwelling Howse; Log
'Tarn, and other OU t•bur dings; a Well of excellent never
falllng..WaKconvenient to the dwelling, A-c. • There is,
also, on the premises. a thriving young Apple Otchard.
TP/111S.--One-third of the purchaSemoney to remain
In the land during the litetime of the Widow, the inter
est to be paid to her semi-annually; $2.600 in hand, and
the halant4 in two equal annual payments, bearing in
terest; the unpaid purchase- money to bo secured by
Judgment on the property.
sep 2-stt• Executors of Henry Stoner, deed.
. ET 00
. 650
. 1 10
• 1 00
The annual opening of Fayetteville Acadetuy will
take placeon Wednesday. September 9th, under the charge
of Mr A:18, Swts and Mica E. F. Bwmtir, of New
This Institution is incorporated and loc.tecl in the vitt.
age ofFnyetteville. Franklin County, Pa., six miles from
Cliambersinirg in,b healthy part of the country and with
magnificent Mountain scrneryeround it.
It is the design of the Institution and will be the con
stant aim of the teachers to impart practical thorough
ness in all brunches of dastrisction., . .
The 4chool 3 ear is divided into two sessions of twenty
wt eta each. The-Fall -cto-lon begibs these cond Wednesdaf
In,Septsmber and clos t s the four It Tuesday in January.
with a vacation of one week at Christmas. The spring
session begins the first Wcdnesd..y In February and-closes
the 23t1 of June.
Fortin Itch branches , ........ .—...1,8 8 00
ScieneW and Higher Mathe - matieg.
For elutdeal xtullies _ _
Music on Pinno
.. . •
Drawing mini pencellin* ...... ...........a 4 00.
hoardingfrom $2 00 to $2 25 per week. . .
- Fur farther particulars addreas either the Principal or
Mr. J. 11.Ctiek, Fayetteville: ' ,
11EFERMisit;Ea.—Rev.istr. Deafrich, 'E. liartzel, M.D. , ,'
Mr, John W . Barr, or Mr. Robert Black.
ang 28
11 —Send your order); - fur STRAWBEIMY KAM--
The subscriber offers a large and very superior otock of
Plants of the following, halides a host of other old and
new varieties:—
Wilson's Albans; Trioniph de oand; :Vicomptes;
Ilericart Shur; Troilopeir Victoria: Hooker;
iteld'a Scarlet Prolific; liuyne's Favorite,
Sc., &c., sc., fie, &c., Ic.
price,s3.oo per hundred;' $7.50 per thousand; $2.5.00 per
fivb thourrata ei cairely packed, and shipped rut directed.
to all accessible points from Chatubonsburg (free 'to
Oitambersburg). •
The purchaser's selection adhertat to If the order-is re.
ceired bef we the stock of nay variety in exhausted.
Onr stock of Wilson's Albany itauph de (land is,
very g or].
Not less than of any variety sent at the price 'per
hundred: and not loss than two hundred at the priceper
thousand; five thottrintof at the price per 25,000. -•
-For one dollar, we will send by nr one dozen each of
ant two hest varieties of the above.
For WO, we will send fifty each of any three vedettes.
r $5.00, we wilt send elle hundred tack, of any tip ea
varieties. securely packeikand post paid, to any address
in the United State& vn receipt of the prke.
Address, - . D. L. RIDER;
-- West Franklin Nnrsottee.
London, pranklin,co., Pa.
• Adrous C0 . ..4a.—8UR fi EIOL- ,
D & WILSON, Proprietors. '
rj t -
of thrifty growth and fine assortment 'of varieties; for
sale this Fail, and next Spring. - Parsons. desirous. of
purchasing will call on our Agent, J F. CROFT; Chain
berstoargi Franklin Co, Pa.
. 40,000 APPLE TREES, .
Four years old, very strong and healthy.
20,000 PEACILTREiai. "-
I, %and 3 'years, very fine. -Also,, Standard and :'Rwarf
'Of the following kinds: 'Cumlierland, Triotiph, IBlack
Eagle, Black Tartarian, Elton, Gov. Wood, yellow Span
ish, po - Greit Blgarreau. . .'
Houghton and Ohio sepdlinga. . ' 1 ,
- . BLASKBETtRIES, 't , ' • '• ' ' • -
' , STRAWBERRIES, ' ~ ' ,-: •
, , , , R054,13T9c0.
, c ' • (
Wordier - very strong plants of Arina, Cllidan;.'earearbs,
Concord, Delaware, Diana; Oporto lifixatawney, Hail.
ford Prolific, Itabella, Rebecca, Taylor, Cuyahoga, Clara,
Ontario, and Efenshaw. ' - ' • - -- 1
- Bendersville, Adams eotinty:.l% . . i
J. F. OROFTi Agent, Chatuhenthar& qdePt S'-310.
TA Ti FAIR•.--The' Elev . faah
• ' et the -- • - -
- Pennvtvanis State Agricultural •Socdetu
- , 'Ali be liebret
Septentber 29th Cat% and October laid 8d,1563. •
Norristown is about miles West of Philattelphia;on
this Schuylkill River; and is at ce3sible by Italie/110
every portion tithe State. '
' The, Grounds are beautifully situated, containing 28
Acres of gretind, With fine large buildings thereon erect
together with large amount of shedding. - The.treck,
is said to be one of the best half-mile tracks in the Mate.
The premiums are the heaviest ever offered by the Stele•
ty, amounting to about sloooj The premiums for all
grades of cattie eiceedsloot, atm of whichiire $3O each,
10 from $25 to $l5. others running down to lesser sates
Uest herd not less than 15 head, tint premium $4O; 2nd
Ipremium $25.
Misses for all grades the prenrslums txceed $1350 - The
nighest $100; ".a between 52u and • $ , 30 , and others rang
in g from $15,510 and $5. • ,
Fur Poultry there is along 114 of premiums, from $2
to $1 each. lu the following classes most liberal premi
ums are 'offered: Plows, Cultivators, Drilla, Wagons,
Reaping and Mowing Machines; Cutters, Coin Shelters.
cider Milis,pummt,Buckets, TidWore, Leather - end he
I , anufactnres, Gas Fixtures, Marble 'Mantles, Butter,
, Grain and Seeds, Vegetables; and also for Domestic, and
Household Manufactures, Cloths, Carpet*, Satinet. Shirt
ing, Sheeting, Blankets; Flannels. BbaWls, Knit. Goods,
Needle Rork, -Bread.Ctikeu, Preserves, Jellies, he.
Large premiupas are offend for every variety of Fruit
and Flowers. ll'he_Floral Tent will be - the, largest ever
erected by the Sutiety, and will ferns one of the most at.
tractive features of the Exhibition. "Fruit, Grapes and
Wine - will be exhibited in thiii department."-"
%The Petinirylvania Railroad and Norristown Railroad
'have arranged to carry articles for exhibition to and from
the 'Exhibition freight free, requiring the 'forwarding
freight to be, paid, which'arill be re-pald shipper When
goods are returned to the Station whence shipped. It is
'toped to affect the Same with inumrtant roads.
Eicursions at reduced istetwill berun on all tholes&
leg Railroads
Etitritz can he made a the Office. ittNorriston, after
the 4th do° eSeUlember. - : All articles must be' entered
on the booksOn or befote Tuesday evening September
:10:h. Exhibitors must become Members. Membership
11, with - four Coupon Tickets -each,pf wtdch will admit
use person to the Faironce._ ,
111. A List of Premitno and' RegUlations can be had
by audressing the Secietaty; • •
' -
• r : • - THOMAS P. iiNOX,..Preddent.
A. , Baolven 1.4371.44tE1t, Sec,y, Norristown, Pa.
Sept. 2; 0.1-5 t •
rho Slabs - defier would Invite the 'attentio;) . 6,l the Public
to s 'vary fine assorlineut of Fruit and ornamental Trees
now ready for *sale.
AsAsiul imincitacirit to plant APPLE TREES,I.
,V eon at per hundred (the se . .ection left as much as
possible to myself) from 5 to 7 feet high. and well formel
I will further guarantee the growth of them; - thO' pan
ehtiseilotlig . this. helms and give the tree the after treat
ment that I ; may "direct. •
Front 6to 7 feet high, 1.,5 :eta each. $12.60 :per Inadied.
to 5 feet my own select ion, $lO per hundred.
zxtra, !aria, froth to 10feet, 25 cts. each.
A fine assortment of well grown healthy peach Trees,
including all the late - variettes.
- 15 cryrs - gAzzr, OR Salte.
An extra lot Seedling Peach Trees $5 per hundred.
Most of the-leading varieties now cultivated, andknown
to do-well in this latitudene year old-15. cents each.
or $1.50 per doz.—Larger and older trek. 30 to we, each.
the Pear It now more- extensively planted than any
other fruit tree, on account of its regular bearing, larger
crops, andlongevity. Dwarf Trees, from 20. to 50 cents
each; Standards, from 40 to 75 cents,
PLUMS, • -
From 40 to 60 cents each. •
i From 25 to 60 cents each. '
„ , „
i t Every man now hi;ghis to feel: the necessity of having
• one or more Grape fines in hisgarden; and no fruit can
be planted that will, more 'certainly remunerate him.—
: I cultliate. most of tlik - liardy varieties-of the Native
Grape, and auch ;as .have proved themselves valuable
In- this latitudei,Liadrella, Catawba, Diana. Clinton.
"Concord. Delaware, and others. One year old View.
from 25 to 76 cents each; twoyear old, front 50c. to $1.003;
strong lay, re, -many of which have fruited this season,
from 75c. t0,52.00."' -
RHUBARB PLANTS-25c. each; s2.o6per dos.
ASPARAGUS SETS-41 - .1111 per hundred:,
RLACKBETtRIESL(Lawton)—SI.SO per, doiten.,
RABPBERRlES—in•vartety.—ixom 500. to U. 00" per
CURRANTS(Ia variety)—front 60c. te . s2;oo y10'410 , 1_6.
I have a' choice collection of EVERGREENS,Olirsa
rnentai Trees, and hardy Shiubs; which will sell as
cheap as they can be procured elsewhere, of the same
'qua Sty. The following are some "of the varieties Vier
way Spruce, White Spruce, American Balsam Fir, Arbor
Vitaes—American, Chinese, Siberian Nepal and Golden:
Irish Junipers; American end European Lindens. Ma
ples, Spires& Wegener, Beanies; ilfalloahta , Honey
suckles, and Roses. •
All orders will be premplly attended to, and delivered
in_Chainberabetrg, or nt the Raillioad,trithorit any other
charge than the slight cost of packing.
Sept. 2,1863. f - JACOB IIEYSER, Agent.
'ELY,LTlOiki.—Wheres.3, in and by an Act of the
trenerat Assembly of the Commonwealth of ,Pennsybra
uht,.natled.'' !;Ati Act relating to the Elect ens of this
'ortnuonwealth,",passed the 3d day ofJuly, Anna Domini
i'11t.„39. it is , made the duty of the Sheriff of every County
within this Commonwealth to glee' public notice of the
General Elections, end in such notice to enumerate- 7
Ist—The Officers to be elected.
24=Designating the places at which the "election is to
be held. Therefore,. , •
I, SAMUEL BRADT, High Sheriff of the Counriot
Franklin, do hereby mate known and give this POEM/
NOTICE to the'Electois of the County of Franklin, tints
- the 18tli day of the month.) a GenenthElection will' be
lield'at the several Election Districts established by law
In said county at which t[mo they will vote by "trilot for
the lever:ll officers, - At.,hereinaftet named, win—.
One person for Governor of the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania.; •" - •. - •
One person for Judge, of the Supreme Court of the
Commonwealth of .Peunsylvaula:
Two Persons for niembersbf the Mouse of Representa
tives of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania, to rep•
resent the Counties of Franklin and I..utton in the house
of Representatives of the General "Assembly of Pe en _
One person to fill , the office of Prothonotary fur the
County of Franklin.
One petson to fill the office of Register and Recorder
for the County of Franklin.
One person tottil the office of Clerk of the
,Courts f ar
the County of Franklin.
Ono parson to 1 the office of Treasurer furthe Coun
ty of Franklin.
One person to fill th office of County commisalorter
for the County of Fran n. ' -
One poison to fill the o ce of Dlrictof of the'Poor for
the Cotinty of Franklin.
OnopersOn tollittheoMce f Auditor fer - blieCaufaty
of Franklin. • ,
The said 2:lei/Irma wilthe hel 4irotgbent the County,
'as follows:
rAt the Court Rouse in the Bore of Chombersburg,.
for the North Ward of.sald Boron , and part of Gunflint;
township. '
At the Hotise Vic Taylor, Pm* the' South War' ot i ,
said Borough,
At the Eublic, ,Ilbuse of John. Gordon, at, the, Wes
Polk of Coninbarsbnig. for `the township , of Hamilton./
, At the School House in Fayetteville. for :portant' the'
townships of-Guilford and Green. •
katillelloilsopf Martin, Shoemaker,Greet.
village, for part of Green township.
At the. Western School' House, in the tourrifof - St
Thomas, for the township of St. Tlioratts,, . ,
At the School Mouse, In the tort', of kannettsbur",'
for the toninstop of Metal. _
At the School Rouse, in the town at, li,44intry, for ti
township, of I,targan. • .• • r _
At the lidnse of John Hervey, for part of townsh
of Fannett. ,
At the School Rouse, in the town of Concord, for pa
-of the todnuthliv of Fannett, and - • .
• 'Arthe hew Stone School House hi liforrOwtown d- ,
trier, Fir the other part of Fannett:terp,' • • •
At the House now occupied by Geo. Anderson hi IT
village of Quincy, for the the township of Quincy.
At the Western School House in Waynesboro,' for tl. ,
township of Washington. ,
At the House of 1). Foreman in 'Greencastle. for A ,
trim and part of the township of Patera end Idoutgo
At theSchoorthinse, on the land of Michael Cook • •
Warretr township, for the township of Warren. •
At the Strasburg School House, for the township -
Lettericeney.q "
At the Howe elf James Mulloncin the town of Loud,
for-part. of tbetelsnsizip of. Peters. ; ; • ;
At the hog House, on the farm of;JacolrElitott, for t
Veleh Run District, being part of Montgomery twp.
At the House of Thomas McAfee, in Mercorahurg, I.
parts of the townships of Peters And Montgomery.
At Alm -Mount alock School House in.-Sotditampt ,
'township, for part Of, the township of Southampton.
At the "EaStern Scheel House Da Grrstown, for 51 •
Other pisttOf Sonthartniten townsbitt,
~ , -. I;iOTICE TS HEREBY GIVMN-....."That`eirery - pets
,ereepting Justleis of the Peace,
.WllOl4ll be3d any •
See or Impottittnentuf pro fi t or trust mint&the V. Stn'
or of thfB •13htti. 'or D Olty or Ificoi-Mited" Siete
Whetht+W commissione/1 officer •coZot,bensiire - , lAD
12 no
15 00
20 00
j ,ell i E fleltt%.
shall be employed ender the Legislative,' Execntiiie or
Judiciary Doparthient of thfir State; or -of the Littitill
States, orof any Incorporated 'District; and alse, 4 that
every member of Congress and of the State Legislature,
and of the Select or Ciiianton Council of any City, or Cote
missioner i f any Incorporated District; is lyr, inca
pable of holding or exercising at the time, - the office or
appointment of Judge, Inspector or: Clerk 'of any elec
tion of this Commonwealth, and that noitudge, Insliecler
or other officor of such election, shall bo eligible to be
then Toted for." -
And the said Act of Assembly. entitled 'Au Act re
lating to Elections, of this Coutmonwenith," passed July
3,1639, further prevides, us Collects, to wit
"That the Inspectors and-Judges - shall meet, at the
respective plaetiti ti plain:led fur huliling 'the election in
the District-M*66li t hey may respemtvely belong. be
fore 9 o'clocki on the moroing'of the 1d Tuesday of Oc
tober. and each of said Inspectors Shall appoint one Cleric
'who stud the a qualified voter of such Diatelet.
case theperson \OW 'Mall have received the sec
ond highest number of votes for Inspector shall not nit
tend on the day of election, then the. person who ShAll -
have received the second highest .number of -votes tir
Judgeat the next preceeding election, shall act as
specter in his Owe. And In V/130 he person who his
received the highest number of votes forinspector stool
net attend: the person elected Judgeshali appoint en In
spector in his iduee and in ease thepersoe elected Judge
shall not attend, then the Inspector- who_ received the
highest untidier nf votes shall appoint a Judge In Ids
place; audit" any vacancy Ault continue in the balsa,
fur the space of one hour after the time fixed by law tir o
the opening of the eleetiots,.. the qualified voters of the'
township. ward or di.drlct, tor 'which such , efficer shell
have been' elected; pre-ent at the time of election, shall,
elect one of their voucher to fill the, vaoncy."
Particular attentmi is directed to the Act ofissembly
pawed the 27th do) of lobruary,lB49, entitled "An Act
relative to • voting et Elections in the _Counties of
Adama,P L
auphin, York. ancaster, Frarild n, Cumber b, ud
Bradford; Centre, tireene and Erte," viz:—
" ill. Be it enacted by tho Scoot° and House of itepri.
settuctives of the Counnunwealth of Pennsylvania in
OenenlAssembly nod, apt it 10ereby e nacted by the
authority of. the slum—that it shall be lawful fur the
qualified votersof the counties of Adams, Dauphin.
easter,Yerk,Franklin, Cunweriand, Bradford, Ceni te,
Greene and Erie, Irian and after the passage of this .Aet,
to vote for all candidates for the various offices to be fill ,
ed at any election out mu , electionen one slip or ticket :
. Provided, the office fur which every candidate is voted
for shall be desigiatted, as required by the existing lam s
of the Cunnumattevitth, • ,
".t 2. That any fraud committed by any person vot-in g
la the Manner above prescribed. shall be punished
similar frauds are directed tuba punished by the eal , t •
log laws of the Commonwealth." 0 •
For the information of the electors of Franklin county
Iyublishlhato.ltuwitir, being tho 4th Bettina of thu A t
'of the General Assembly of the session of 113.51, entitled,
"An Ace tolitov kir •fur the' election of Judges at tL4
seCortti Conte of this Commonwealth, audit° regulate
certain Judicial Dili riots;
" 4. That the election lot Judges-shall be held nn/
conducted in file several election Districts in the same
manner in all respects tie elections fur Represestativ, 4
are or shall be conducted, and by the same Judges, In
spectorsandoiHceos.audthe proVlsiOus of the Act of
the Ueneral Assembly. entitled, ~An Act relating to thu
eleetionsof this Commonwealth. approved the 2d day of
July, 1849, and its several supplements and alt other I the
laws as far as the same shalt be in force and applicable,
shall be deemed and taken tube the 'election of Judges:
Provided, That the 'aforesaid electors shall vote for
Judges of the Supreme Court on a seperattrplece of ita
per.and for all other Judges required to be learned io
the law on another separa te piece of paper.
"It shall be the day of Abe several Assessors, respect
ively, no attend at the place of holding every General,
Special or T,ownship - election, during .the whole time
said election is kept open, for the purpose of giving
formation to the los i actors and Judge, When called sn,
in relation to the right of any person sesessed by thi at
to vote at such election, cation sueit other matters in i e
lation to the assessment of voters as the said Inspector s,
or either of Item Mail from time to time require.
“Nopersun shall be permitted to vote at any election
as aforesald, than a white freeman of the age of twenty
one years or nun e, whoshallhave resided In the State. t
least one year, end in the election District where he
fere to vote at least ten days, immediately proceedie ;
such eleeilim, and within two years have paid is State, r
County tax which shout have been neeeeiseii at least
days berifeYthe election. lint a citizen if the CO
States,Veho loirevionsly beenri qualified toter if in
State, and removed therefrom anti rourbed, and abs
shaft have 'resided in the electron District and paid taxes
aforesaid shall be entitled to vote after residing in thha
State six minalis : Prey tiled. That the white freemen,
citizens of the Voiced States between the ages of twenty
one and twenty-two years. who have resided in. the -
tion District tee days as aforesaid, shall be entitled
vote, although they shall lot have' paid taxes.
-”No person shall benet mitred to cote whose name is
not contained to the list of taxable inhabitants furnish,
still' the - Commissioners, unless, First, he produces .1
receipt for payment. within two Yeats of a State •sr
County tax, ussessedagrecably to the Constitution, ati.l
give satisfactory evidence either on his oath or affirm...
tion, or the oath or affirmation of another, that he lags
paid such a tax, or in failure to produce such a receipt,
shall make with - to the pitymeut there- f : or, Sexed, if
he dolma right to vote by being an elector between tle
ages of twenty one and twenty. two years, shall dere se
on oath or affirmation. that he has resided the State at
least one year next beret e application, and make his
anch proof of residence in the District as is reqinred-•, by
this Act. and that he does - verily, believe from the-ao
counts givenhim that bele of the age aforesaid, and
give such other evidence as is required by this Act,
whereupon the name of the person so admitted to vote
shall be inserted in the alphabetical list, by the Infirm
tars;and a note made opposite thereto by writing , the
word "tax" he shall be admitted to vote by reason of
hnxipg paid tax or the word "age" if he shall be admitt
ed to vote by t eason of age, and in either case the reason
of such vote shall ha galled out to the Clerks who shall
make the like note in the list of voters kept by them. -
eln all cases where the name of the person claiming
to vote is nut found on the list furn.shed by the Commis
sioners 'or Assessors, or his right to vote whether found
either by verbal proclathation thereto, or by any written
thereon or not, is objected to by any qualified citizen, it
shall be the duty or the Inspectors to examine such per
sons on oath cis to quidificatiotes, and if he claims to have
resided within the State fir one - year or more,-his oath
shall be sufficient proof thereof. but he shall make proof
by at least one competent witeeea who shall be a quali
fied elector, that he has resided within the District for
more than ten days next immediately proceeding said
.election, and shall aiso himself sweae that hie bons fide
residence, in pursuance of his lawful calling, Is within .
the District, and that he did not remove Into the Said
Diattiet for the purpose of voting
: therein.
-"_Eyery - person qualified as aforesaid, 'and who Shall
Make due proof, if required, of his residence and pay. '
meant taxes, as aforesaid, shall be admitted to voteitt '
the township, ward hr district In which he than reside.
If,gny'porsotrahaii prevent Or attempt to Prevenean
°infer of the election under this act foam holding such ,
election. or rise or - threaten - any_ctiefence to any toarittitt: '
leer ' or shill Linterrupt or . improperly interfere with him
in the executioner his duty, shalLblock 'tie - attempt to
up the window hr avenue to any window where
the same may be holding, or shall riotously disturb the
peace of said elmtion;or Maki:timer pisetide any intim
idation threats, force or ylulance.wlth the degign to in.•
fluence, unduly or overate any elector, or to prevent him
from voting, or &retain - the freedom of choice, such per:_'
son on conviction shall be fined in any :rum not exceed:
lug five hundred dollars anti imprisoned fur a time „:
not has than one or more than twelve months, and if it shown to the court where the trial of such of
fence shall be had, that the person so. offending was not
o resident of the city, ward, district or township where
the said offence was dm:mated, and not entitled to vote
.therein, then on conviction he shad be sentenced to pay
aline of nut lees than one hundred or more than oho
thousand dollars, and to be imprisoned net lees than six
months nor more than two years. ,
, 'll any person or peraMfa, shall make agy bet crr wager
upon the result of any election within this Common- •
wealth, or ehalleffer to make any such ; bet or wager, or
printed advertisement, challenge or invite any person or
persons to suchbet or wager; upon conviction there
of, he,:or. they shall forfeit - atid,• pay ,dirge times the
amount ace o Tared tobebet.
...If, flay person not uy law qualified, shall frandniently
vote Main election in this Comnaonwealtk or being
• otherwise qualified shall-vote out of his proper - district,
or if any poison knowing - the trout of such a qualification
shall aid or procure such person to Soto, the person, en
conviction, shall be fined fri any sure not ' exceeding two
hundred dollars and be imprisoned for any term not ex
-soeilitig three menthe. •• , • •• - •
"If anyperson shall vote at more• than one, election
district, or otherwise fraedniently vote ' , mops than once
°lithe pains day, or shall fraudulently fold and deliver to
thelrispector two tickets together,with the intent We.
gaily to vote, or adviseaed proettee another so to do, be
or theyehall, onconviction, be fined itt any sum not less
than fifty nor more than five hundred dollars, and beim.
prisoned not less., than three nor "tiara than twelve
m "lf any person not qualified to Vote in this Comeadtt,
',Wealth, agreeably to law, (except the eons of quaeitien
citizens) shall appear at any, place of election for thew
purpene of issuing tickets, or of influencing the ettfiezes
qualified to vote, he eha 11, am conviction, forfeit and pay
any sum not exceeding ono hundred dollern the - entry
such offence, and be - inapilsoned far any tent not er,- -
ceeding twelve months." ' - -
- Agree:Alyce: , the.provislone of the sixty-first section of
_Pallm t said act, "Every General and Special , Plection, shall he
And tercip,the forenoon,,
an e daltairco een continue hours
eoopuenuotritlie eight
even eciock. in the even.
ing, when the polls Mail be closed,"
nutmeat hi the proclaims emateht;elm the' serer
sixth section of the act first aforesaiJ, the jedgefief, ho
aforinfil districts shall reepectiv.ely, 'take charge Of e
certificete of return 9f the, edeetiori'et their teapective
districts. and pr duct, thelk(it a Meeting of rue agAge
: t t h rd' e m trlid cl :l d ay la a ri fte t r ; t a h t e th ifec : VonYli h ei o tr f g a Zr * t e rp u r r ese g ' mi nt
'Year 01. 4 i,Plif0A,Y, Tlartni r icDAY . oYoattilltatNEXT,
lea r required by
Alio—That whecep.inda•ohy steknees oe anairoldablo
'ccident, is ttnittile'ts. attend; MA:3 `,tatOring' of jnilgee,
theri the cortAeate or return Afoxesad s ,ei,ati be taken
tharg - of tkl eitui ortho fritrpcotowor Chiritt the elk
tt6ii of entd,distriet, , whci shall do.awl pertiim lb: duties
l'N'Oretluttheiald Xtidges - unable to attend.
- 'Cava% "under my hand wild seal - at Chattsb.orehirg, tide
41V -4 Watt. 1868,' 'EtA.III7E:f. 'BROM '
'''AkilPtednre44..ala}b:c., 13hettft