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Moviments of Getel Rosecraifs,
- Bragg Superseded by Johnson.
r • grwirm.rsox, Als., Ay g . 23.—The advance
of the Army of the Cumberland appeared in
front of Chattanooga on the 21st, and iipen
lire on the city at 10 A. H.-
The enemy replied from 19 guns, mostly
Mall guns, which did. little damage, but al
- +so with one 33-ponsi ler, which swept thoop
yrsite shore. On 6 fire from it killed a horse
and took oft the leg of A. B. McCook :of
Lilly's Battery.
Our fire was very destructive, and every
battery which opened on us was disabled:—
Lilly threw shells with great 'precision, into
the embrasures of the enemy.
The works of the enemy on the river are.
reported very strong, the parapets not being
less than fifteen feet wide.
Contrabands report that Johnston had ar
- rived with two trains of troops on the 29th,
superceding Bragg, who had retired to At
lanta.. This is corroborated by citizens.
A large steamer- was sunk by our fire . und
w innal ler one disabled.,
• ' A train of wagons and the mules of dne
battery, grazing on this side*Of;the rider,
were captured.
Our advance reports two divisions at Chat=
-tenodge,, and Hill's (late Hardee's) eerps
along' the railroad in the direction of Bridge
. port.
A detachment sent opposite to Harrison
aiscovered no enemy.
A large tire was discovered near Chnita
littoga. The burning of the railroad bridge.
• I
o ieto u - s NEW
Charleston Advices to Wednesday.
Sulader*Verfect clioneycomb.'
Splendid Execution of out Artillery.
- 100 Admissions of ,n Richmond . 7OqllllBl
Sumter Probably , -Abandoaed.
ing is the substance of the latest news om
Charleston-brought by the steam pr Ark nsas,
*hieh arrived here this morning. 1,
MONDAY.—The attack on Fort Su mter
'ectrnericed at daybreak on the morning of
ugust 17th by the siege guns . of Gdnerul
• Gilmore, and the naval battery on shore.
' At she o'clock Ainiral Dahlgren proceeded
sitt board the Weehawken and raised biS flag,
when the Ironsides and the whole monitor
'feet attacked Forts Wagner and Gregg with
great fury, completely silencing Wagner find
' almost silencing Gregg. The wooden' gun
boats, seven in number,joiucd in the assault,
and enabled the shore batteries to pour; shot
and shell into Sumter.
At ten d'clozkltdmiral Dahlgren changed
his flag to the Passaic, and with,the Patapsco
proceeded to within 1,400 yards of Sumter,
and shelled the sea-wall: 'His rifle guns:rain
ed-missiles against the rebel works ford over
' au hour-With markedeffect. .1 .
Sumter fired fifty tetim shots, doing no'
damage to the vessel, , ;whilethe walls of" Su
mter were badly searr d: Fleet Capt. George
W. Rodgers took_ command of the monitor
4gatakill, and went into the fight to Within
one hundred and 'fifty yards of the beaeli, - in
front of Wagner, and after firing a number
of shot, a shot from Wagner broke al, piece
of theinteriorof the lin fig of the pilot4hoOe
Which struck the head of commodore" Rod
gers,' instantly killing himi as well ast Pay
master WoodbUty, who was standing at his
aide. Both of their heads were split] open.
They were the only persons injured durin6.
: 0
the six hours' engagement. •1
, The damage to Fort Sumter by the, siege'
:batteries of Gen. Gilmore was visible radth--
. ant the aid of glasses. The rebels had eileet
. ad's false wall against the wall eipoSed to
the army batteries, which extended to Within
ten feet of the top wall, which is over forty
feet high and ten feet thick. The wall now
is a mass of ruins, while the old wall is bored
Bill - with deep holes, The parapet is crushed,
and the northwest corner of the fort Cracked
to the water's edge.
The harbor of Stono river ;la filled with
„torpedoes, about adoen of which have been
. pickid up. In the Steno a, torpedoelpleded
under the' Patapsco, raising, her a foii out of
water, but doing no harm to the i vessel.
None of the'vesseis _were injured. I
' The Admiral and his officers are eiinfldent
of the ability of the Monitors CO - batter down
-Sumter. 1 • - • 1 .
THIIRsPAr.—:-This morning the iveather
' was cool and- clear. - The blitteripS are at
*ork. The Weehawken and Passaic:4re keep
ing Forts Wagner and Gregg silaat: , •
When the Arkansas sailed at noon ;General
,41111more's siege guns were hurling their shell
at Fort Sumter with marked effect, two of
the monitors, the Ironsides and some of the
gunboats are shelling Wagner and Gregg.
Pau.s.nimfur.s., Aug. 28.—The Press has
- inteived a Richmond Examinei• of the, 21st,
Wiitaining the following, indicatingthe pro
bable fall of Sumter. The Exammerr says:
"We have not heard either directly or indi
reetly.that Sumter has fallen, or been destroy
da, or evacuated;' but front the ',despatch
7 which -is published this morning, it 1s reas,on
able-to be supposed that is has been much
injured, and may become untenable. The
event has proven what was hitherto`thought,
Mat the heavy ordnance now: used will . do
" considerable injury to fortifications eonstruct
ed, of any known materials other than earth;
ersp at the distance of 3',000 yez4.l
',Tore Wagner was exposed-forty hours
ti the:o43le artillery of the enemy at only
800'paces, yet it still holds its own, and Win
danger only from_ the cannonading
evidently last forever; while Sumter, which
received the shot of a single battery at the
immense distance stuffed, with occasional as
sistance from scary monitors, suffers severe
ly, and probably would have already crum
bled but for the sand bags with 'which its
walls btive been strengthened."
The article thus concludes: "If Moiris Isl
and should fall entirely into the possession
of the enemy, he may shut up Charleston as
a port of entry. but it will not enable him to
take the city while its defenders are deter
mined to fight it 0i4."
Nsw YORK, Aug. 23.—The Mobile Tri
bune copies approvingly an article from the
Charleston Mereurw, - widelt says:
"Since the Federal success Beauregard had
better lay aside his engineerina. and artillery
dueling, which are now
. played out, and take
to the bayonet,,and advises the authorities to
reinforce Morris Island, or else abandon
Charleston to the flames,"
DSO Killed arta Wounded.
,T1.31;,14.A1N'E. IN PURSUIT
The notorious guerilla Quantrell from
7dissouri, entered Lawrence on the `2oth inst.
and sacked the_town and brutally , murdered
nearly 200 citizens.
The list of killed and wounded numbers
above one hundred -and eighty,_ a majority
of ,whorn were killed instantly. The names
Cannot all be given now. From•the ruins of
the burned houses the charred remains of
Other victims are being - taken, But one hotel
is standing. Quantrell having spared it in
consequence of his having made his ,home
there some years since without expense ; its
proprietor, however, was shot,
-The citizens were killed instantly, most of
them in their houses with their wives and
children clinging to them,'-while the murder
ers placed pistols to their bodies and shot
In one case the guerrillas drove twelve
men into a house - and shot them, and then
burned the building. The fiends stood on
the banks of the river and tired into the peo
ple, killing and wounding scores, Twenty
five negro recruits were shot. The banditti
took all the money they, could' find in the
pockets or houses of citizens, and stole all the
ladies' jewelry, even to the rings on their
Jim Lane escaped on horseback, and ral
lying about two hundred men with arms,
followed and Overtook Quantrell twelve miles
south of Lawrence, when a fight occurred,
the result of which is unknown. Quantrell
is now retreating toward Missouri, burning
everything on, his route.
No resistance was made at Lawrence, the
people -being shot down" as they ran through
the streets in' their night-clothes. Their
bodies were thrown into wells and cisterns.
On the I.3th fart.. by the Rev. M. Snyder, Mr. JOSEPH
In 'Vicksburg, of mounds received in the assault of 19th
of May. 1893, S.C. WAMIINCITON, Captain commanding
Ist Haiti ion 11th Infantry, U. S. Army.
On_tito 14th Mat .in Greencastle, Miss Sitar Louisa
ALMON. in the 23d you. of her age.
On the 11th inst., in this place, :qrs. 31ARGAII.ET Jar's
CaewroaD, in the 41st year of her age.
Leath is a grain to [hose,
Whose life to God is given.
Gladly to earth, she closed her eyes,
To open them in Heaven."
1) the 10th inst., in St. Thomas lownship,Eww.t JAIVIC
Otpc, aged 7 months And I day.
On the 10th inst.; in Guilford twp., Day - 11)11mgal, aged
37 years,lo months and i da-s.
On the 19th inst ,in Oullfoid twp., Mr. Joint' TIME,
aged 74 years, 2 months and 13 days.
On tl.o 9th inst, at his residence in Williamsburg,
Long Island. N.Y... after a long and painful illness, of
enlargement of \ the heart, Mr. Parana U. liaowa, in the
Cot - year of his age.
On the 111th inst., in this place, V:IfKA FRANCIS, taint
daughter of Joseph And Sarah Keller.
Prevention of Incrustation in Steam Boil
IN Use.
References in all parts of the country, viz: Albany
Gas Co.; Eaton, Gilbert h, Co., and others, Troy ; Byre.,
cuss, Rochester, Auburn, &c., &c.; John Gibson &
Phelps, Charles Ensign, John R. Evans & Co., Jewett &
Root, and others, Buffalo: Cleveland, Columbus, ltanes
vili.&c., &c.; Geo. Shield:3loes Greenwood, Mitchell &
Rammelsburg, and 40 others In Cincinnati; and through
out tho West; Indianapolis, Dayton, Terre Haute, Lo
gansport, Chicago. kpringeeld, st. Louis, St. Paul, &c.,
&c., Ac. Coat about 90 to 80eente per. week. For eircn-
lax, address
P.O. Box No. 8
The Confessions and Experience of an In
maid.7-Publisliedlor the benefit, and as a Warning and
A CAUTION TO YOUNG litti • ' •
who suffer from Nervous Debility, Premature Decay ot•
Manhood, etc supplying at the same time
By one who has cured himself after being put ton great
expense and 4117 through medical - . humbug
By enclosing a poet-paid addressed envelope, single
copies may be had Of the author. • ,
may 20,63 1 3 Bddford, Rings county, N. Y.
Madaihe Porter's CurattvePalsam has /Ora
tested the truth that.there are first principles in Medt
tine as there is its Science, and this Medicine is cora- ,
pounded on principlestuited to the manifold nature of
Man I Thecure of Colds is in keeping open the pOres;
and creating a gentle.internal warmth, andthis is caus
ed by the use of this Medicine. Its remedial qualithe
are based on its power to assist the healthy and vigor•
one circulation of blood through the lungs, it enlivens
the muscles and assists the skin to perform its duties of
regulating thelicat ofthe system, and in gently throw:
lug off the waste substance from the surface of the haly.
It le not a', violent remedy, but emollient, warming,
searching and effective. Sold by all druggist at las
and 25 centsper bottle. , Duly 22. '
$25. 1875.
Employment 1--Agents 'Wanted !—We will
pay from $25 tos7s per mentbould all expenses, to active
Agente.or give a commission. Particulars sent free.—
Addreas Ears flawrso Atacama COl:cast', S. JAMES,
General Agent, Milan, Ohio.. spill 29,
Wanted.—Local and Travelling Agelie in
every Town and CountY. Cireniare, with Tuttle:m:lWe'
of Clergymen and Bcleptifle 'men; in regilid)tik the bassi,
nese, sent free: ' ISAAC A&tr., & CO, ,
R. It • " •
Proves its superierity tonll 'other remedies, in relieving
the durerer of pain, of once. A few minntes Is sufficient
to convice the most skeptical of its marvellous powers.
Bo swift is Its action in soothing the' most violent pain,
allaying irritation and inflaraation, in transforming the
rhenmaiic, the crippled, and bed ridden, to the enjoy
ment of ease and comfort, in curivg Dysentery, Nam htmt
and alt internal and external pains, that patients ascribe
its talismanic power to enchantment instead °tithe plain
rivtler uf fact results from its skilfullyeombinell proper
ties. Whenever there is pain use it.
For sale in Chambersburg, by Miller & Henshey.
the Young or Old, Male or Female.—
IC you bare been enfrenng from a habit indulged in by
/t unfitt them for Marriage, • •
And is the greatest evil wnicit can befall. . MAN OR WOMAN. • ,
See symptoms enumerated in advertisement, and if yon
are a sufferer.
- Cut out the Advertisement,
And send for, it at once,
, Delays are dangerous
Ask for lielmbeld's,
- Take no other.
&unroof at fez and Imitations.u"sguaranteed.
. ,
Tito Con essions and Experience of a•Ner
onus -Young ;Man.—Published as a warning and- fur the
especial benefit of young men. and those whu suffer with
&c., &c., by one who has cured himself by simple ineans
'after being put- ti) great expense and ir convenience,
thrimgh the use of worthless medicines proscribed by
learned Doctors., Single copies may be bad (free) of the
author, E. A. LAYBEET, Es . Orserimint Long Islabd,
by-enclosing an addressed enielope. Address CMARLBS
A. LAMBERT, Greenpoint, Long island, Now 'l" , ,rk. •-:
-.6 I July 22,'63-7t-,
Card to the Suffeiing.—The Rev. :William
Cosgrovd, , white laboring as a missionary in Japan, 'and
cured of Congumption when alrotliermeans had felled
bye recipe obtained from a liarned physician in the great
city ofJt ddo. This recipe lute cured great numbers who
were suffering front Consumption, Bronchitis, fibre
Throat, Coughs and tiolds, and-the debility and ner , ious
depression caused by these disorders.
Desirous of benetitting others. I wti send this recipe,
which I hare brought home with nief to all who need it,
free of chargi. Address her. 0. COSGROyE,
dec 5,62.1 y 439 Fulton Avenue, Brooklyn, N. N.
Burrut .....
Mercer. New
oCorn Husks and Corn Stalks will lie-pun:lmi
ed at igfiest cash prices if delivered at S•raer Mill of
I can furnish a limited amount of LAKE 4fORE
IWD SEED Willa's - , which has proved inurit superior,
both in the yield and !stiffness of straw:to the ordinary
Lancaster Wheat, It la petfectlY Clean. Apply to or
addrese the sub critter at Chatfibershurg.
nu; 26411 A. K. :11'.01Zittl.
STRAY COW S. - 2 -Came to the prem-
Ines of the subscribe'r, at Willow Grove, 3 miles Kast
0 I tibmbersbarg. on or about, the 6th inet. , 2 , 111 a NDLE
MUNN CJWS, one with a white Puce. The owner 13
hereby notified to come and prove property and pay
charges, or they will be disp,kied of according to law.
aug 20-3 t. JOHN STOUFF-Sh,ot Jacob.
WANTED.- 7 7:The subscriber will
emuloy fins competent Tettchers to ttilte chargo
of the Public Schoins ' Metal School District for the
term ofbt e months, commencing on the first of October
next, for nhiclt liberal- wages wilt b'e paint.
JAS. U. 1310:WS:En, Secretary.
EannettOurg. ang. '3t3 St
'Respectfully cal the attention of Business 31en and the
t.aveling community, tot hesupertor accommodation and
comfort on rrittin their establishment.
aug. 26-3 m • K ABM - 4A, FOWLI•:R A CO,
.0 I can supply the - BOUGHTON WHITH WHEAT.
ou andafter September Ist. in 'quantities to cult pur 7
chseers: It a iii he furnished sell cleaned, and is entire
ly free from garlic and smut. The last two year it hm
yielded fully one-fourth more to the acre than anj other
wheat raised in this section. and It is so etiffiin the straw
that it is mirky broken down by stormil. Price PAP
per bushel. Apply toornddress the subscriber at4:ham•
bersburg. [ag 20.31] A. K. I'. LURE: E XECUTORS'. NOTICE 7 -
is hereby given that Letters Testameptaryite the
hstate of Henry Brubaker, late of Peters township.
dec'd. have been smiled to the undersigned, residing in
said township.
All persons knowing themselves indebted to Es
tate wilfplease make lintne.liato payment: and, , rbbse
hexing claims will present them properly authenttcated
for settlement. II EN KY 110 It BAKER. )#
auk 25 DAVID K ELL ill, f r 5.
[July 22, ! 63-Gm
Notice in hereby given that letteni or Adniinip
triittun on the Estate of Samuel Gilmore, late of Letter
kenny township , dec'd. have been grantato the subseri
ber, residing in,Stra.burg ,
All persons knowing themselve• indebted to the: Ritid
Estate will please make immediate payment ; and those
having claino• will present them properly authentiCated
fur settlement. .
imir.NS- , • ,lOTIN PILMOIIE, Aloft.
Notice is hereby given that Letters Of Administrti.
vim on the Estate of Peter Heed, late of Green township
d4c'd. have been granter) to the undersigned, residing in
Fayetteville in said township.
iAll persons knowing themselves indebted to Bald Es
tate will pieces make immediate payment; and those
having claims will present them properly !authenticated
for settlement. '
!Aug 23e ! JACOB B. COOK, ndmer.
NOTICE.—In the mattr of the
Estate of George Palmer, )14,e'd . All persons in
terested will take notice that upon applidttion of W. S.
Everett and C. S. Ryder, Begs; to the Judges of the Or
phans' Court of frankitu,Co4 Pa., the said Judges in
open Court made the followfng order Ict wit: That notice
be given to ell parties ioterestedtoappear at next term
of Court, on Tuesday, Qdobet eth, Theigared snow cause
if any they have, why/John Harmony one of the Exec
utors of the last will and testament of George Palmer,
dec'd, should not be discharged from the duties and re
sponsibilities c / f,eiaid exec u torah Ip.
wag 26-to - Clerk of Orphans' Cond.
PUBLIC SALE,—There will be
acaa ta, Public Sale, ou the premliee, in Antrim
townftep, on Saturday, the Ifith of Seytember ' next, the
following valuable Real Estate, viz: A TRACTOF LAND
situate about three miles East ofOreentastle, on the road
leading to Brown's Mill, adjoining lands OfJames • rown,
Joss. Suss and Simon Shank, contaiug 28 Acres, more or
-less. The land is limestane,in a fine state of cultivation
and under good - fence. The Iniproveu.enta are a two--
storied Log House Log Darn, and all the necessary out.
buildings ; there is a never falling Spring of Water near
the Dwelling, and a thriving young Orchard of choice
fruit on the premises. ,
Sale to to corn meneeat 2 o'clock, P.lf., when the terms
will be made known by JOSEPH HEIST.
aug. 2645 0 - - --- F. A. Zama, Auctioneer.
fraak(itt tlcOositon), iliambersburg, pa.
PltibE CiLitRENT
M - ZSM I P6 - R, 8z -IBRO2s,
CHAMBERSBURG. Aug. 25, 1863
' 16 Wm's= - Wool.
8 CLoveß SLRo
8 TiMotlir SEED ....... L.... 2 00
4 to 0 1.11. x. SE= 125
. • UWPARED PEACHES...... 1 60
h 50 DRIED APPLES 1 00
.eta atbertisentents.
ROD altbertioemmtts.
in my posseniott a BLACK HARE. b. li ived to be
long to Mr. Joseph Culbertson. of Cumberland Talley.
Upon proving property and paying charges, she will be
delivered to the oeriiiir. Address the Subscriber at Co.
tumble. Pa. (hug 26-30 ' M. M. STRICKLER.
—ln consequenceof the death of .1. 31, Bradley. of
the Firm of 31.1Yadley &Co ; the undersigned will
sell at public --ale. on Saturday, thel2tA day of Septem
ber. the entirepstablishoicnt of tiro • MERVERSBURG
JOUR.. AL" To a young mln hiving a practical knowl
edge of the business, this offers a rare chance, as the Job
Work of tilt- Office. Ina large measure, sustains the ex
poises, distinct from the subscription list and advertis
Sale will take place on the prensisee at 2 o'clock; P. M.
Terms modenttet—Ons-fourth in hand, balance in six
semi-annuat payments. - JAMES 0. 'ARSO',
Surviving Partner of
cog 213. ts J. 31. Bradley & Co.
SALE.—The' undersigned, Executor of Malachi
Brindle. Mt, of St. Thomas township. dec'd, will offer
et Puldic Sale. on Saturday, the 10th day of October,
next. THE MANSION SARNI of said dec'd, situate I • St.
Thomas township; about two miles South of the village
of St. Thomas, adjoining lands of Wilson's heirs, John
Miller and othrr, containing 2.5.1, Acres and allowance
of Limetston. Land. This warm is eligibly situated with
stream - of running water through 'Mind a never-failing
Spring near the house. 'The improvements consist of a
large two-story Stone ',rouse, a Stone Bank Barn. Wagon
bed. Corn Crib and other necessary mt.' nildings.
Also. two tenant Houses and an Orchard of choice Fruit
Trees. such as apples, pears, peaches, cherries, &e.
AboUt fifty acres are in gaol timber and about fifty' is
Meadow ground.
Any 'pereon wishing to view the premises before the
da3 of Sale mill call on the sul. , criber residing about
one-hair tulle west of St. Thonuaii
Salc!to commence at I. o'clock. A. SI. Terms made
known' on day ofsale by Fit EDB ICK ELIVIOR S,
wig 1'.6-ts Ex'r of Malachi Brindle, deed.
T • PRIVATE SALE.—The subscriber offers at Pri
vate sale 40 CRES more or lees, of first class Limestone
Land, situated on Antietam Creek, 2 rifles South of Was -
neshoro',adJoining the lands of Daniel F. Good, David
stoner, and other lands of the anbacriber. The improve
ments are a story and half BRICK HOUSE with Base
ment, with Stable end all other necessary ontbuileings ;
close to this property there are t wolwells with pimps in
eimb, ode of which is a never-failing streant. -Tiiero is
also on said tract a two story LOG 1110USR with Base
moat, Stone Blacksmith Shop, LogsEable,andothor out
buildings. To each of theta properties there' is a Site Pe.
lection of thrifty fruit trees; inat's as Apples, Flinches,
Floras, Grapes, tire.
A rare chance is hero offered a Blacksmith or Wagon
maker. It would make a very desirable home and is con
venient to churches, school lioaseif and Null. rossession
will be givtin on the first of April. 1364.F0r fro filer
pytitu ore inquire of the subscriber living near the
11,.--The subscriber bas also a fine f.trim for rent.
Posimseton to be given on the first - of April 1364.
i , Chambereliurg /?epictitory liniert 3t and send bill to
this office f Wiyacsboro Record.l
The annual opening of Fayetteville Ackdemiwill
take ',lacono Wednesday. Soden &Ler 2.1, under the charge
of Mr A. E. SWINIirt and Miss E. F. Salam', of New
This Institution is incorporated and loc • ted in the
airs of Fayetteville,'Franklin County, six mile!. from
Chambersbmg in a healthy part of the country and with
magnificent Mountain scenery around it.
G 00
It is the - deduct of the.liwtitntion and will troihlcon•
scant Min of tlie teachers to impart practical tgornigh
neck in all bruneliu instruction.
The school }ear is divided into two sessions of twenty
seeks each The Fall session begins the first Wedn -oily
in September and close the thir !bawdily in Jan sary,
with a vacation of one week at Christmas. The Spring
session begins the first Wednesd.y in Febunsry and closes
the 2:14 at dune.
I 10
1 00
For En lish branches.
Sciences and lligher Mathematics.
For classical studies
Mt - 10,1Am Piano
Drawing ancipencolling.. . .. ....... .....
Boardin t from $2 112 tos2 .25 per week
For further particulars addreas either thoPrineiral or
Mr. J. B Cook, 'Fayetteville.
REF KRENtlEi.—Rev.Mr. Deatricb, E Uartzet, M. D.,
Mr. John W. Barr, or MI. Robert Black. -
aug 26
ce at,Chamberaba
°enact & Rosa
4 the Pest OM
A ndenuin Miss
Green George
Green John B 2
eitzenreter Mr
Hutchison Lieut
'Janice W
Heiner 31inerva 2
-Barclay B111 , 11(1,1 N
,Jticors ldrsSuphia
Kepltart'Ret' J Li
Kress Capt W C
Kuhn Capt Martin
London Alfred
LelantnD utiel D 2
LungulterLt A B
Morr .vr 314 B M
Miller N %V _
Miller Ma Mar
gret' C
Marge; ett-
Iteiet J4freph
Brooke ]lra Heater
Trenktille dna 11
Barton Met Mary
Bittner Clriatian
Illtnev : XiseCathe
Bowe; George
Belt Edward L
Cyltresa Wm C
Conitroty Miss
Cool' Peter
Cook Georgeann
Cooper Philip
158 1111,t P V M
FleagleiV in
Mayleny eisklarih,ThompaortHeeiyo
Morton James 11 Ta Ilenn George
Murphy Arthur :ftlentino John
Ma.!den JIT ' Wonderly klissAn
McHall George Wilkisen 'Gusting
Mackason 84mnal Wilcox Charles
Neely William Wallace Wm H
Oliver Daniel Witherow iLorrt
Porter3lissAnnaL Weeks Sergt W 11
Parsons tl W Willis Eti harlesi
fur the above Letters will please ea;
n advertised. J. W. IMIAL. P. M.
Dtthart Chu rles
DetriA Jae ~b Q
Donnklly A J
Doneker Chas
Eltine Winkel))
Fought .1 S
Fames Mk Jenny ]
F:kter .)ereme
Funk Read A
Perna calling
that they have bee
N., I. LARile FAMILY WSI:(011E.
No. z MEDIUM do do 7 CS
:•;:,. '.i.4.i. do do do 60 ,
Ni. 3. 64.tta. do 'do ' 55 ,
No. R. LAMS ifOtEL , do 14 0'
'No. 18. 311.ratta LAUNDILY do , {to MA Stesin 1 18 0 ,
N,422. 1,4 fiat do do or hand. 30 01
NOT 21 :inZI 3 have no Cogs. All othore w o warranted
No: 2is - the size generally used in private families. -
0n.m.% Jialo, of n 0 Aineritati .4grieullitrist, sass 0
tI.A. chi a can milli/ wring:out a till:dull of clothe it
a. few minotes. It is in reality a CLOTHES SAVER! ,4
i 1 ofgarments will alone tiny a large per rental:eon it,
rust. We think the machine' much more than , PAYI•
Fglt ITSEtto E,.YEILIif YEAR in the saving of garment , .
Tliefo areseyeral kind , . nearly alike in general construc
tion, but a e consider it important that the Wringer b. ;
fitted with Cogs, otherwise J. mass f garments may eicts,
the TANI-S. alotthe rollers upon the crank-shaft slip and
tear the clothos..or the
. rnbitsr breAk loose. trout the
shaft. Our own is one 'of the first mike, and it bias
GOOD AS NEW after "nearly FOUR VEARS' CON.
Every Wringer with 09 irier7.l is Irtrrtnerd , in ;teary
No Wringer cdn be durable without
tar A good CANY S:4l{ wanted in every town.
- sir On the receipt of the price from plueee where no
one - swill send rho 'Wringer YUJI or rx
For particulars and circulars- address • •
347 Bmeriwny. Now I.OIIC.
fiats 26-3 m
110 0 f.N :
RODPING Ready to nail down,
BOUFISG more (hirable than Tin.
- ROOFING at half the &nee 75n.
ROOFING jar Steep • Plat' Roof.,
FOIL uOusEs,
This Rooting is made of the heaviest woven fabric ever
used for the purpoac e :—ldanufactured solely by ourselves
and secured by Patent. e •
Put up in rolls and shipped to all parts of the country,
and usually for sale by hardware merchants and builders.
It can be applied by anycommon workman.
We also manufacture.
It forma a pormanetly adhesive, elastic coating over
the whole ourface of the tin. filling tip all.the Smaller
And often saving the expense of a new root -
ODE CI:111KM 24D
, is especially adapted to, repairing
et , e., fte., dth
Thiele a thick, tenacious compoundoapplied with a
trowel or similar instrument, and does net dry tip and
crack, es do all ether articles used jbr thiapurpose.
Of tbo• Reidy Rociiing eent by until wboi desired
Liberal arrangeraents"nnate with Agents.
nag. 36 4 7 73 illaidea Lane, New York.
...$ R 00
... uOO
20 00
... 4 00
emaining in
. Aug. 24,1863:
Plauktnion J erom
Royer Mies Kate
Sayb-)th Peter
Singer D W 2
Stouffer Charles
/ Steamier John 11
Snoke Daniel
Snlonitarger Tohn
Stevtr Cballes
Sites Samuel
Smith t•amuel
Slybolt Peter
Smith Eph , larn
Sharp George S
Terry Susannah
Tuber li"illiam `V
.*lO 0 .
eai estate „Salts.
PUBLIC .ALE.By v i rtue of an OTICL-r-Wheregis;-Letters Tea
4--.-Order of the Orphans' Court- of Franklin' county- . il fomenters' on the Estate of John Myens, late of
were will be exposed to Public Sale, on thepreraisesoe rbeiterkenny township, deed, have been, granted to the
&Corday, the 26th dig e/ St isteiribt ) 0 , at I o'clock, P-1114. -1 mbscribers - ' . .
the following valuable R Estate, late theproperty of All persons knowing themselves indebted to aid' Po
Dante Cramer, deed, via : The MANSION. ABM, site - ,ate are reques t e d t o ma k e i m mediate payment.' end ated on the Road leading from Strasburg , Roxbury . ' those having claims, present Mani . properly - antheini
~ , --,-
Moult two and 'a half miles from the former place, con- ated for settlement. -
tattling 108 ACRES of vod Slate Land,lotot whiCh b - SATILEL MYERS, Letterkenny twp., 3 k ,
cleared and in a hign state of el:titivation. and encloneu JOHN tIAYSIAY, Southampton twp ~
with gam fence. The Improvements are'',. taro sum • Executors.
Log House, a good Frame Barn, and- all the' necessar)
out.huildlogs. a Well of excellent Water near the Dwell
log , and miming Water thro' the Farm. Twenty Acres
of this Farm is good Meadow. It has also on Ran Orch
ard of excellent Fruit. This is a l verydesireble proper
cp. being within a mile and a .half of time first-class
Grist Mills. Persons desirous of purchasing will do well
to call and examine the Oroperty previous to day of sale.
Should it not be sold, it will be offered for Rent on 8911 is
day, for the period of -one year from the. let of April
-TISRA.IB OP SkLE.—One half' orOcilvery or title the
balance in twu-equal annual payments, secured by Judg
ment on thupropertii with interest.-
ang 19-ta 8. B. PATTERS' '
La_ Notice is hereby given thatEetters of Ailialbis
tration on the Ramie of Samuel Berne, late , of Greee
wel•• There.will also be expesed to PublieSsle, on the , io ,,,,,ga ry -4,,,,,,, Lave township of
to- the undo -
Same day, two Tracts of Land, welt covered with Tim • signed, residing in said township of Green. - - -
ber. situate in the same township; about two miles from All persons knowing, themselves indebted to said Es
the first named property, one of Which containsto Acres , tate wiMplease makeimmediate payment ;• Ind those
and 3-10 Perches ; the other, 17 Acres and 29 Perelles. '• having claims will present them properly anthentinated
and will be sold separate or together, to suit purchasers.., for settlement.
JACOB ZOOK, Admintstratur.
TERMS :—One-halton delivery of Deed, the -balance Aug 12, 64
in three equal annual payments: , with Intermit. . .
S. R. PATTERSON, Agent. VOTlCE.—Whereils, Letters Tes-
C: BPITAi, Auctioneer. • r' .
11 tamentary on the Estate of Samuel George. lam
. . ..11. Guilford township, deed, have been granted to tit..
VXECUTOR'S SALE.--rie_ persu- - tubscribers.
..U4 _ante of the last will and. testament "of Daniel All persons indebted to the said "ggiate, are tevieste<l
course, late of Petets township; Franklin county, Pa i ' . to make immediat p.l tneut,,and these having claims i t
dee'd, there will be exposed at Plablic Sale, on the prem- • demands against Mit testate ef said decident.Will Make
lees, on, Thursday, the 10th day o i l &ptediber, nezt, at 3 . them known, without delay; to _ , '
o'cloek,P, M,, the following Property, late the Estate of ! JO lEN ROWS, Greencastle, ,
Daniel Conrad, dec'd, vie : A VARM in said township.: ,
.i• 1 MARY GEORGE, Ottilfordtwp,
lying along the Cove Gap road, one mile from Cove Gap ang. 5 _ i - , " - Executors.
adjoining lands of, .henry and Gabriel Swinda on the-
west, David llnger's heirs on the north, and others OD . EXBOU TOR S 1 NOTICE.r--Notice
the. east,,contidntug 187 ACRES and the allowance. , is hereby given that Letteis Testamentary to the
The soil is sand andelay. There is about 140 Acres cleat 1 . , Estate of Samuel Stouffer, lute of Bt. Thomas township,
and Ina good state of cultivation, 13i. Acres of which is dec'd, have beentranted to the undersigned.', residi ng Meadow end more Meadow can lie Made : the residue is • ,"" said township ,I
covered with valuable Timber. -The Improvements con- :
, All persons knowing themselves Indebted to said Es
aim of a good two story log Weatberboarded Dwelling I tate will please make immediate payment; and thou.,
ilunsaand Kitchen, Smoke ilouse, Granary With a first- : ; . having thaimewill present them properly. authenticated
rate cellar under it, in the yard,close by the dwelling: •=
for settlement.
a good Frame Barn and other' tieceisasy buildings. A ang 19-61 • ANNE STOI3PFU, Executrix.
Cistern in theyard anda well of good waterelose by the ,
house. There lea Young Orchard of choice Fruit Trees •.- --
such es-Apples. Plums,
and Cherries. There is a '
. 1 ,,, i - OTlCE.—Whereas
large stream of water running through the , ' Farm and -I ministration on the Estate of James M'Kesson,
passes oiMend of the barn yard; a lane extending front ; tate of the Borough of Chamberaburg, deo it, have betn
the barn yard to all of the fields. If the Farm Is not :-.granted to thesubseriber, residingla.sald Borottith. ~==
sold on said day, it will be offered for rent. - Any person I, All persons knowit g thendrelves indebted to said Es
wishing to vieWtheProperty cancel' on the subscriber. 3 tate, arerequested to ma/to immediate payment.: and
Jiving on the farm. - Terms made known on the day of those having claims or demands araliast the Estate o
sale. • ', DANIEL CONRAD, - , decedent, will make known the same without delay, SO
ang. 104.5. -- • .. 1 . Ex'r. mtg. 5 . I.YMAN S. CLARKE. Adm'r.
ring 19-ts
' FOR BALE.—TIto undersigned will sell at Private
e, Ids TANNERY, known as the Corner Tannbry, with
- steam and water-power. Raw Mill, Chopping Mill, Stocks
for breaking hides, Ac. The Tandery ltas 8 leeches, 32
vats. 2 limes and water-pool, and is- capable of tanning
,SOO heavy hales a year. There are two Log Dwelling
Houses, Barn, Stable and other necessary onthuildings
' connected with the Tannery, and aliont 60 Aeresclumed,
with good fruit. Ile will sell any quantity of land with
the Tannery', from 100 to 700 Acres. 600 Acres are
Timber,and an ample supply of Chesnut Oak Bark to
run the Tannery for Pity years. It is situated about
.7 miles South-west of Marcel sburg, on Licking Creek.
Terms made easy. Possession Will be given this fall if
necessary. Forlurther particulars address the under
signed, at Mercersburg, Franklin county, Pa.
aug 12, 634 - C. METCALF.
you SALS.—The subscriber desiring to retire
,otters at private Salo his VA LH EBLE %IILL
Propert , situate on the Ccolecochengne Creek. at
Scoliand,ilve miles North of chambersburg. - The Mill
has three run ni Burrs and Is in good order for borne and
• merchant work. It id situated in one:of 'the beet grain
growing regions of Southern Pennsylvania, and .conve
nient to churches and schools. There are about seven
teen Acres of laud connected with the Mill, nearly all
cleared and good Meadow Land, and - nyder good fence.
A large two-story Weatherboarded DWELLING ROUSE
and other oni buildings, and considerable frnitare on the
property. Ma price asked is $5,000. - while- the nett
earnings of the mill during the last year was above $7OO.
For particulars applpta the stpscrilier scolding on the
premises. ' JOHN SLILICIITEat.
TY FOR SALE.--The undersigned will sell atPri
vate Sale, &LOT Or GROUND r , situate on East Queen St.,
Chambersburg, adjoining the, residence of P. Hammen,
EN., having thereon erected tqwo-story BRICK DWELL
ING !lOUS% with a two-story Brick. Back Building at
tached. a Frame Stable, and:other necessary out-build
ings.' There is also a Well of excellent Water and a Cis
tern on are promises.
wer Personi wishing to view Germanises -and4wart
the terms, can do so by calling on T. B. Kennedy, EN.,
Chambertburg, or the stbscrlber, residing in ShiPPees7
Air Possession giver( on the Ist of April next, when a
gad title will be made by SAMUEL KNISLEY.
June 33m .
*ttageb (tab ,Stalett.
_O om th l:
lJ residence-or P the an O b B s T criber t
living near New enilford, from 40 to 50 head of Sheep,
;narked with the letter N With tat on their side. Any
persons hti ring strayed sheep, with the above mark, ,on
their prembuts, will please give information by address
aug 12-tf New Guilford P:O., Franklin co.. Pa.
82r,el REWARD.--Stolen from the
pasture field of the•subscriber, on Friday
tight tile Ith inat.,4 miles east of Chambersimrg on the
lettystang Pike, s large Black Horse,B years old . t, awe
in the left shoulder, but does not go lame ; walks
wellin harness or under the saddle. The above reward
will be paid for shy Wormatiod leading to th. recovery
aug 12
A REWARD.—StoIen from the
ty-rur, Beld.near Marsh Store .Yranklin county, Pa.,
ro Ft limy night, July Mat,' a large RED ROAN HORS&
, tryears eld.right hip lower than the left, one hicd
' raster hair rubbed off, and the other pastor a wind gait.
Elm undersigned will pity the sborareward for the_
'very of therhorse, or fur ranch information as may lead to
,is recovery.' Address JACOB 0 B IiOUBB,
t • . Hagerstown, Md. •
Strayed or Stolen trod the subscriber, residing e
mite North of Chatntiorebarg on Ilia tnriipihe. about rour
weelte ago, a email MILCII COW; color red with white
Inds lame in the 'tett hind leg, rind has bat three teats:
Any person giving informittlon °filer whereaboutabr
returning her will be-suitably rewarded by applying to
this °Rice or to 1 FRANK DbasitiLtiii
wig Itt St.
$3O RE WARD.---Stolen from :the
.paature fielitof the anbeeribar,- on Monday
inebt the &limit., near Rainey, a large heavy Bet BAY
liOttag with bleak main and ULU. The - above relvittd
will be paid for any lure' niattun leading to the recovery
of the above deeeribed Boise by
STRAY CATTLE.:—:Canui - to the,
pi anises of the subscilber, - in Green township, about
the Litter part of Jane, 5 head of young eattie-4 dim s
and 3 heifers: The owner is requested to prove proper
ty, pay charm and take them away, or they will he
dealt. with'decbrding to law. SAMUEL ean,vlß.
An g 3-t ,
ESTMAY SOW.—Came 10 • the res
titmice or the subscriber, one mile east of Chien.
bt.nieurg, about the 20th of July • last, a lilir.r.DlSo
80t9.• The owner is r.otllied to prove property, - pay
charges and take her away, or she-will be disposed el
accenting to law. AIULAILLII AZ Err
an: 18-31* ,
VSTRAY PlGS.—Came to the
j 12.4
premises of the subscriber, on the Greencastle
ro.ol, about one mile South of Chtunbersburg, on or about
the 4th inst., RIVE SHOATS. The owner is notified to
prove property and pay charges, or the Pigs will be dis
posed of according to law; C. M. BURNETT.
angl.9-30 ' •
rIIBLIC SALE.—W,iII bi 3 sold, by
puigte Sale, at the late residonce of Samuel Burns
emitted. in Green township, one mile and a half North
of Chsmborsburg, on the "Old lliddle Farm,. on Bora
day, thedlst day of August, inst., the foll ow i ng p emonag .
Property, via: YOUR, HORSES: 2 Sacking Cola ;
Cows—Ttsawater Stock, In thriving condition; 2 Heifers:
ISteer, 1Bull; 5 yearling Calves, 2 sheep; I Brood Sow
and pig", 15 Shostel and Sticking Piga. Also 1 broad
tread Plantation Wagon and Bed:1 narrow-tread do do.;
1 one-horse Wagon; 1 set of Roy Ladders; 1 ldantly's
Reaper; 1 three horse Plow; 1 tWO, barge Plow; 1 Biagio
and Bdonble Shovel Plows; 211arrowtr, 1 Yield Roller; 4
lets Gans; Corr Chains; Log Chains, Bakes, Forks, Ar.
Mad, a variety of Household Furniture, consisting in
part Of Bedsteads, Beds and Bedding; 'Tableic Chaim
together with a lot of Kitchen utensils, a number oi.
Barrels. Meat Vessels, and a great many articles Mt'
neeresary to enumerate. Also, at the name time, wJeb '
sold, a quantity of. Boy by, the Tun, and Corn in tho
Ground. Sale to commenco at 10 o'clock, when attend
ance will be given and lermemade known by •
• 1
ling 10.21 JACOB 2004, Adin. l l.
C. Srrus, AsOicsoor%
Rept Roticeo.
is hereby given that Lettere Testamentary to tho
astute of Daniel Conrad, latent Peters' , township deed.
have been granted to the anderatgned, refolding in mid
AD persons knowing theniselves indebted to Add EF
tate will please make immediate- payment; and three ,
hating - claims will present them properly authenticated
for settlement.
ang 12 , DAINiAL CONRAD, Eer.
NOTlCR—Whereas Lettd - rs of Ad
ministration on the Estate of friary Lindsey, late
ut the. Borough of Greencastle, dec'il, have been granted
to the r•ubscriber, residing in said Borough.
AU persons knowing thettiseives indebted to said Be•
tate, are hereby requested . to Make immediate payment
and those having claims or demands egainbt the Estate
of said decedent, will make known the same without de
aug.s • Adm'r.
hereas, Letteis of
Administration on the Estate of George 1. An
uer,on, late of . ,Quincy township. deed, hare beeif grant,-
d to the subscriber. reel ingin Qiiiisey township.
All persons indebted's., the said Estate, are hereby re
quested to make Immediate payment, and those having
claims or . denial:WS against the Estate of said decedent.
will make known the same without delay. to
July 2/.43t. LEVI C. KEPN ER, Adm'r.
114 4 TOTICE.—Wereaf; Lottei•a Tes:
tamentary to the : l - 4.N) of darned tie itty. bite nt
Antrim township, deed, Laiii been graitted'to the bun -
AE, persons indebted to the said 13statv ere 11v:tested
to make immediate payment and those baying, 'Velma
or demands against the Estate cf the said decedent will
make known the same without delOn
Jnly 22;63. T. B. KENNEDY...I. Ezecutc":
NOTlCE.—Whereas, Letters of
Administration on the Estate of Isaac Stlite, late
ot Guilford township, dec'd, have been granted-to the
subscriber. 4
All persons knowing themselves indebted to said Estate
will - please make immediate payment, and those having
claims present them prOperly authenticate for settle
men!. JACOB it.ll2i3S,
July 29,'63-6t, Adm'r.
NOTlCE.—Whereas Letters of Ad
i ministratiorkon the Estate of Wllltain Kyner, late
of Franklin County, deed, have been granted to the
subscriber. residing in said county.
• Ali persons Indebted to the said Estate, are hereby re
quested to make immediate payment, and those having
claims or demands against the Estate - of said decedent
will make known the same without delay, to
ftlig. 12 6t A. A. ETTER, Adm'r.
dersigui4,,Auditors appointed to take testimony
lb tue matter of exception to the Account of Geoi.
Per. Sr.,,and Oeo. guepper. Jr., will meet at the office of
J. W. Douglas, on Melts% day of Wernher, at ll'o'cle(k.
A. Id., for the purposes of their appointrtient,wben amt
where all parties Interested may attend if they see prs
Aug 19-31 , T. M. CARLISLE.
--dersifinetl, Auditor appointed by the Orpliane"
Lima, to marAtinl dud apportion tbp assets in the handle
of the Adm're of_lstlac Cane, late of Green - tarp., dec'd,
to and amongst the creditors,will attend for that purpose
at she office of Wilson Reilly, Lag., to Chtantiersburg, an
Mondci'y Vie 7th day of k'eptenber ' 1868, at 'I O'clock, p.
to., When and'asbet4 all persona interested cat attend.
A nu:l9 'hada . G. W. WELSH, Auditor.
VOTlCE.—Whereas Letters of Ad
ininistrittidn on the Estate of Nancy Crawford,
low. of Guilford toWriship, deed, have been granted to
the subscriber, residing in said township .
All persons indebted to the Said Estate, are hereby re
quested to make immediate paynient,and these hosing
claims or demands against the Estate of - sold decedent,
will mokri kribian the dame without. delay, to
aug.l2 JOHN CEAFEOII.I2VAdm'r.
NOTlCE.—Wherees, -.Letters, Tes.
tamentary on the the Estate of
. .11lehard Burden.
tate of -the Botengli arham bersburi s i: den t :have been
granted to the subscriber.
'All pereons Indebted to the said - Estate, are requested
to make immediate payment, and those basin chime
or demands ,a,qahast the Estate of said decedent, .wl.ll
makoknowti the same without delay, to
SAC 12 AILTRDEN, 7&e r.
x Notice ia'herelry•giren Inuit Letters of Adminis!
tration on the gitate of Absalom Shelter, late 'of
lord township; deco.d:htti:o been granted to-the under
restding in the Borough of rhamberaburg.
All Persons lttiOsking themselves indebted to Saki Es
tate will pleasti mallet iminediate payment; and those
having claims w)11 resent them , properly anthentleated
' .
- or settlement;
. rum 19 , - - - JOIIN HUBER, Adm'r.
OTlCE.—Whereta, Letters - Tee-
Rata 'entarrou t the Estate-of Solomon Shook, late
of the Berm:Mb:of sificesatthi,drc'd,)have been granted
tbestilitcriber reepti at Upton.
nereatilitiaebred the said Estate, are' requested
to makeimmeiliate payment, and those baying slain:e
deninntis'agailis:i the Estate' of decedent, will make
known the earite j .K thoai dolay, to '
ang, 6 , , OEORGETOOK,
PerlOTA.C_F4.,; 7 ooilled proiiosals will
bo received:at tbi CommiesioneN Mee, in Chem-
iburg, fertile repairing of the Sedge at Roxbury,
in Lnrgen tow! abip, intik-the let Alonday of September.
The rep ire firbtant Aram Wing Wolfs. 4nd roof of said
Walla. Antiolifot, be tinted on an aeetage 0$ Otte toot
in thicknese.i-..;; 'Stonier of Comminionere .
atm 1 1 3:2t:_t , 0 i,J ,:, . !:' • GEO. FOREMAN, Clerk.
INT Min:Lin:6 und ersi mu ed hereby
give notice to their neihbors owning Cattle
h°V , / 6 ” l rint to allnktheir Atoc g k to run at large sad
treopnwt on their iirentiote; no, in justice to tbetnsolvee t
they 'flirt* compelledto enforce the lawo 'Wetly against
all persona wild Wiltnertalt this notice. t 0 go istilomdtki.
' aug 12:31 (_.
- 4t.t . otatircinto.
ANT.-3.IARTIN DROWN, Proprietor.. This welletuvtwn
E a ting Saloon is fitted, up to elegant -Style, and
the undersign 00_prepared to ;terve up FRESH Off.
TERN, row rnwoi =PE, - 011ICKEINS, TURTLE,
and CLAM SOUP, an Game of all kinds. _
cons tantly;on hand:, A . •
He respectfully mita d continuance of the patrotuwe
so Itherallibeetowohy Me friends and the public.
June ' . Rums itßawN.
DYROVIEDTS ef - SpidierA in the Ser
, vie.; or hi-Itiepithis. • esti ititsV these with tho
OBITORY three months for 26 mu* Sit month Gar
60 cents, or oniyest for $ll.OO.
v.) • '