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    ad a participant in treason—the class ik ose
detestable practices not _only giyo s aidl and:
comfort to the common ,enemy, but, as; con.'
fessed at Richmond, light up these days of
•rebel-darkness and disaster; and stimulate
theni to ;renewed and desperate efforts .to
recruit their armies and to whom a part id
this day justly'churgeable hater of yitabi.
4Y the rebellion preserves; and whatever
calamity and affliction the further protraction
of the contest may involve. -Rut-for North-l‘
ern sympathizers with Southern treason kid
the hopes which their treasonable existence
~ .
inspires, the rebellion would have sunk under
- the staggering blows dealt at Gettysburg
Vicksburg. and Port-Hudson. . , 1
jecsaved, That wholly without sympathy
for the men who have made this war against,
• a free Republican Government, or for a sys-,
tern of human bondage, in whose interest it
• was instigated, or causeef despotic principlei
—to vhich it,;is devoted, this 'Convention de=
clares all engaged therein, ti file so engagedi
to be worthy only of our' patriotic hatred
and, in like spirit we denounce - as doubly
recreant and- Lase those residents of loyal
States who tolerate this treason, and would
affiliate with armed traitors, and again sun',
render our Goyernmentamf liberties to their;
keeping. - ; ;
• ' - Resolved, That Abraham Lincoln, Presii
dent of the United States [applause], by the
discharge of his 'most arduous duties in the
dark - days of civil war. has won for himself
the' affection and regard of t& whole Amer;
jean people; and, always' bearing himself
clear in his high office, has maintained the
integrity of the Union, and kept our honor
untarnished throughout the world [applause]
;and to him, this administration, its principled
'and its policy, we give our heartiest approval;
and pledge our earnest and enthusiastic slip ?
port. [Lollid applause:] ,;
Abe Constitt
• Res3evcd, T t the a 'mend meats proposed tO
am in giving to our soldiers in
the geld. a right s oli;suffrage, merit our
hearty approval, and will receive our united
support; and that we recommend conventions
- of loyal men throug-houtthe State to pledge
l a t. ll : pandidates for the Leo•islature to vote for
• Resolved, That we tender to the'gallant
ions of Pennsylvania now in the armies and
navies of the Republic the thanks of agrate
ful people, for their unselfish and heroic val
or that we mourn for those who have sealed
. with their blood their. devotion to their
country, and will cherish their. memories
tenderly aildfondly ; while to the glorious
survivors we give assurance- that the last
dollar and the last life shall be given to rein
force them until the old flag floats in final
victory. (Applause.]
Resolved,. That Gov. Curtin, by the effective
support he has given the Federal Govern
ment in the prosecution of the , war, and his
vigilant care for our soldiers, alike in the
field, in carrip, and in hospital, "has 'gained
for Pennsylvania proud and foremost pre
eminence among the loyal States, and enti
. tied himself to the thanks of all her loyal
citizens, and in placing him again-in nomi-.
nation 'the Convention but gave expression
to the spontaneous %Vishes of the people of the,
-Commonwealth he has served so well. W
present fn , their suffrages the patriot, states=
man, who is. alike the friend of the soldier
and the favorite of the people. (Applause.
Resolved, That in the nomination of Judge
Agnew,'we present an accomplished jurist„a
-' pure patriot, and a loyal citizen, who will
adorn the highest judicial ?tribunal of the
Commonwealth, and give additional security
to the rights of persons and- property.
The following resolution, .offered' by .31r.
4eighold, of JeffersOn, Wa's also adopted :
Resolved, That the bold and determindd
stand taken by the administration insumme
rily arresting persons found to be guilty bf
traitorous practices,lnerits our hearty corn-
Mendation and in perforining this part of
ita military Lduties, where necessary for the
public safety, we pledge :it our hearty cb
-operation. I
The Conventi6n then adjournedwith three
cheers for the candidates and the flag.
For the Franklin Repository
• We have seen
,in your late papers the
names of several good men, Presented to the
c.ensidvapon of the loyal people of Franklin
cuudy for the different offices to be fl led ;at
ouf next Convention.
Allow us to present the name of
Everett, Esq., as the popular: choice of the
loyal people of the Northern districts of
Franklin county for Assemblyman.
`Mr. E. is fresh from the ranks of , f4 •• e peo
ple, never having held a political office. fle 4
is a man of good character, and line abiliti!es,
.and Would undoubtedly be a good choice for
the responsible position, at this time. Ho is
a good campaigner, and if nominated, TAR
'aid.greatly to strengthen the Union tickiet,
at least in this part of the county.
Spring Rim, Aug. 7, 1863: :Union',
-• COL. BRAMLETTE; the newly elected Gov
erno;-6f, Kentucky, openly sustained the
Presidents emancipation proclamation tinr
ing the recant canvass in that State. His
opponent, Mi. Wickliffe, was a lgnionmem
ber of Congress in 1861, but since then has
joined the Democrats. He dces not appear
Lo. have increased his popularity by ithe
change. Green Clay Smith, of the Coving
ton district, who is elected to Congress, vas
denounad by the Louisville Journal us a
itepUblican, but even that could notdefeat
BRAGoTappears to be troubled in the that-.
ter of supplies. A Macon paper announces
that over one hundred teams are engaged in
hauling Corn and supplies from the extreme
southwest part of Georgia to .the interior
lines of railway, along which they are trans
ponied to his army. ShOuld these rail Ways
happen to be cut by our adventurous cavalry
Bragg would no doubt 'be compelled to aban
don,entirel2y the region about Chattanooga,
and retire still Earth r toward t e seabobrd.
Trun Fut on (Missouri) Telegraph states
that a petition is being circulated in the
soutbw i estern part of the. State, by Edwin
Pric6 asking the. President to permit-Ster
ling Price to return - to Missouri. It; is said
be is penitent, and desires to abandon; the
rebel cause, come home, l and -spend the, re•
mainder of his days in peace.
Am a joint session of the West . Virginia
Legislature, Wartinan T. Wiley, of gor
- gantown, G. - Van Windle, of Pilrk.
tersburg, were elected' IJ.. S. Senators-Lthe
former on the first, and the latter on the
sixth ballot.
COL. Basil Duke,. says tne Dem : ,
ocrai.P . the son of the We . Catitain - Dtike, of
the United States navy, and is only 'twenty
six years old, and ws t s born . .at the house of
his uncle, James K. duke;, of Scott county,
Kentucky,, who is the-father of the St. Louis
Basil. They are,hoth,named for their grand
father, Dr:TtasilrDulce, who married a sister
of Chief Justice Marshall, and for many
years lived in Washington, hi Kentucky,
and' died there in 1828. 4,
THE Richmond clergymen' appear to have
taken to preaching polities. Among the
"Sabliath Notices" in Just Saturday's Dis
patch, is the following : "The fourth series of
interesting discourses will be delivered on
Sunday morning at Bethel Meeting House,
25th - street, • Union Hill. Subject: The
Northern States of America, the most likely
location of 'the Lake of Fire and Brimstone'
in the which the Beast and False Prophet
will be tortured." • •
MERE should be no encouragement giv
en, in or out of the army, to the idea that
the fact of being conscripted attaches a stig
ma to the conscript. The soldiers of Napo
leon were conscripts, and they bore the
French eagles from Cadiz to Moscow, and
from the Baltic to the Pyramids. And our
conscripts from the Eastern States have al
ready fought bravely in this war.
ON the .ipt ree. s
of the news in England of
the rebel rev es in Pennsylvania and on the
'Mississippi, t . e,rebtlioun declined eighteen
and twenty-five per. cent. Parliament had
been prorogued, and the speech from the
throne delivered. The Queen says she sees
no occasion for departing from the position
of strict neutrality. :._
A morTo for the Vallandigham Democrats
expressing their position exactly : "Freedom
of speech for treason and rebellion, b no
freedom of speech against slavery."
On the 6th inst., by the Rev. Jacob Steck,
Mr. JOSEPH LASHORN, of Martinsburg, Fa.,
bersburgi Pa. •
On the 6th inst., in- this place, Dr. JERE ::
EMLA.II SENSENY, in the'7sth year of his age.
On the 4th inst., in Green township, In/
ELLEN, only daughter of Adam and Leah
Deihl, aged 4 months and 22 days.
On the 2d.inst., in Mereersburg, fir. JonN
DORRANCE, aged 71 years ; a consistent mem:-
ber of the Presbyterian Church of that place
-for forty-six years, and a: Ruling Elder for
almost thirty yeai.s.
-On the 26th ult., near Middleburg, DANIEL,
infant son of Isaac and Susie Shank, aged
3 months and -17 days.
On the Gth MARGARET REED, infant
daughter of David and Sarah Gillan, aged 2
'On the sth ult., in Guilford township, Miss
ANN JANE .11 BETEa; aged 24 years, .5 months
and 30 days. ,
On the 6th inst., in the vicinity of Fay
etteville, Mrs. NANCY BRObRENS, aged 45
years, 10 months and 2 days.
On the 7th inst., in St. Thomas, SARAH
LQUISA. SACRHAN S Fed 2 years, 3' month's
and II days. -" •
On the 29th ult., in the same place, Mrs.'
SARAH Mita.ra, aged 58 years, 3 months"
and 12=days.
On the 4th inst., •in the same place. - EMMA
KATE, daughter of William and Sarah Pals
grove, aged 1 year, 9 months and 25 days.
R: R. R. • „
Is secured to all wha suffer pain, by tho use of RAD
WAY'S READY REILVF., Ipe moment it is applied
externally ,or a teaspoonful In a wine glass of water
taken internally, the mdst more pains cease. In at.
PAIN IN THE BOIVELS or Rheumatism, Neui•argia,
Sore Thrvit, crony affection where pain is experienced,
relief in 1-stantly afforded. Its continued use will rap
idly cure the disease.
MEDICINE. For the cure. of Scrofula, Fever Sores
Ulcers, Sore Read, Dad Legs, and all skin diseases. Dr.
Railway's Cleansing Sy
called Renovating Resolvent ,
Is superior to all Sarsap Vain nse. One to eix bottles
cure the worst Dose, only a dessert spoonful
three times per day.
Porgy to in CLolnbersltnrg by MILLER & lIEICSIiSY
Prevention of Incrustation in Steam Boil
Ile Übe.
References in all parts of the country, viz: Albany
Gas Co.; Eaton, Gilbert dr!Co., and others, Troy ;Syra.
cuss, Rochester, Auburn, ' &c., ac.; John Gibbon &
Fh . elps, Charles Ensign, John R. Evans & Co., Jewett &
Root, and otbera, Buffalo: Cleveland, Columba; Banes
ville, &c., 'Sze.; Goa. Shield. Miles Greenwood, Mitchell &
Rammelstuargi and 40 others in Cincinnati; andthrongh
out the West; Indianopolis, Dayton, Terro Haute, Lo
gan-s-port, Chicago. Springfield, St. Louis, St. PAW, &c.,
&O.;&C. Cost about 40 to 60 cents per week: Fur circu
lar, address H. N, WINANS,
11 WAIL ST., New YORK.
P.O. Dox No. 6. _ Duly 22, '63-Gm.
Edifar of Repository—Dear Sir: With
our permiasion I wish to say to the readers of your
paper that I will send by return mail to all who wish
it, (free) a Recipe, with foli directions for making and
using a simple Vegetable Bidin, that,will effectually re
move, in 19 minutes, Pimples, Blotches, Tan, Freckles,
and all Impurities. of the 'Skin, leaving the same soft
clear, smooth and beautiful.
I will also mail free to those havinv Bald Heads or
Bare Faces, simple directions and information that wilt
enable them to' tart a full growth of LUxuriant Hair,
'Whiskers, or_a. Moustache, in less than 30 days. All ap•
pllchtions answered by return mall without charge.
. _
Respectfully yours, .
ju1y24'6373m. N 0.831 Broadway, New York.
2b the Young or Old, Male or Pernale.—
if you have been suffering from a habit indulged In by
wawa CAUKEO 80 MANY AL6IIIIMO 8114110318,
It unfits them/at Marriage, ,
And is the greatest evil watch can ;befall
See 'symptoms enumerated la adyertlaement, and if you
area sufferer,
Cut out the Advertisement,
And send for it at once, ,
Delays are dangerous
Ask for Ileimbold's,
Take no other.
. Cures guaranteed.
Be to ar e of,Cotgn ?cried: and imitations. July 15,83-11ra
Wanted.--Local and Travellingal Agents in
overy Town and County. Circulars, with Testimonials
of Clergymen and Scientific men, in regard to the linsi
neSs, sent free. „. /SAM 11ALF.,..Tn., a CO.,
- fply 15,83 St _ l'iowbu - ryport, Ifs*
t.l)e ,',f',4tik4ili .4,ep0ti1pri1,,.,44010,404yr.g„‘,Pc.
Madame Porteir' s - Curative Balsam - has tong
tested the truth tbd there are first principles in Medi
cine as there is in .:zience, and this Medicine is com
pounded on princi li..s suited to the manifold nature of
Map I The cure Colds- is In keeping open the pores,
end creating a gen internal warmth, and this is cans..
ed by the nse of this Medicine. Its remedial .qualities
are based on its poker to assist the healthy and vigor
ous circulation of brood through the langs, it onliTens
the muscles and assists the skin to pet form its duties of
regulating thebeat of the system, and in gently throw.
ing.-eff the Waste substance from t he surface of the body,
It l's not a violent . remedy, brit emollient, warming,
searching and eifectivs. Sold by all druggist at 13s
and 25 cents Per bottle. Duly 22. -
• The Confessions and Experience of an In
❑aiid.—Published for the lienefit. and as a warning and
who suffer from Nervous Debility, 'Premature Decay Gift
Manhood, etc., su 'plying at the same time
By one who has trifed himself after being put ton great
"expense and Injury through mottell humbug and
By enclosing a pbstpaid addressed envelope, single
copies may be had of the author.
may 20,0313 Bedford, Eingi county, N. Y.
Ornamental lon Works.—WOOD& PEROT,
1131 Ridge venue, philadelphiaat,offer for rale, umiu
the most Favorable Terms, New and Beautiful Desigas
in great variety of, IRON RAILINGS for anzeteries,
Residences, de., of Wrought anu Cast Iron, and Galvan
ized Iron and Bran Tubing; Iron Verandahs, Balconies,
Stairs, Counters, nuntains, Gates, alums, Hitching
Pasts; Lamp Sfands i Vases, Tables. Flower htands, sofas,
Chairs, Statuary, Animals, end nll ollier.lzon of
Decorative character. Designs forwarded for selection.
Persona applying for !IMO, Will please state the kind of
work: needed. „ june 3, -
. The Confessioag and Experionee of a Ne'r
rous Prong Man.—Published as a werning and for the
especial benefit of young men. and those who suffer with
Emmons DEDFLITT, Loss or ME1.102.Y 5 PRF3I.I.TIIItE DECAY,
&c., At., by one who has cured himself by simple means
after being put to great expense and ir convert - loma t
through the use of worthless medicines proscribed by
learned Doctors. Single copies may be bad (free) of the
author, C. A. Lomax, Esq Orr enpuint Doug Island.
by enclosing an addressed envelope . ; Address CHARLES
A. LAMBERT, Greinpoint, Long Island, New Yr.rk,
July 22, '6341-
Card to the Ststrering.—The Rev. William
Cosgrove, while laboring as a missionary in Japan, was
cured of Consumptien when all other means had failed,
by a recipe obtained from a learned physician in the great
city of J. ddo. this recipe has cured great huinbera who
were suffering' froin Consumption, Bronchitis, ',Sore
Throat, Coughs and ilolds, and the debility and nervous
depression caused bY these disorders.
Desirone of benefiging others, I will send this recipe,
,which I have brought home, with me, in all who need it,
free orcharge. Address Rev. W3l. COSGROVE,
dec 5,62.1 y 439 b'tiltoirAvenne, Btook'pi, N. N.
Emplornvnt !—Agents Wanted !—W e will'
pay from $2 . 5 toil 5 per month,and all expenses, to active
Agenta.or give a commission. particulars sent free.—
Address ERIE Smrtso 31Acnuts COMY.ENT, It JAMES,
General Agent, Milan, Ohio. april 29, 634 y
BrrrEn. -
101VAstmo WOOL 45
S CLOVER ;inn 4 00
4 to 6 FLAX SEED 2 00
1 50 DRIED APPLES 1 00
=Floor—Red '
- Cum
Mercer, New
Philadelphia Markets.
PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 10, 1863
FLotra--Sales comprise about 1000 bbls. x
family privateterms ,• 800bb1dWiestern do -at
$6.25@6.50 bbl, 300 bbls fancy at $8.50.
The retailers and bakers are buying moder
ately at from $5.37®.62/ for superfine, and
•$5.50e6 for extra ; $6.250_,i),6.75 for extra
family, and $7@8.50 Vbbl for fancy brands.
Rye Flour is scarce at $4.7505 14 bbl.—
Corn Meal is held at $4.20 for Brandywine,
and $4 bbl for Penn'a.
Guar:kr—There is rio more wheat offering;
about 3000 bush old red sold at $1.38®1.40,
and 1000 bush new at $1.25e1.32; white
- ranges at $1.4001.60 bush—the latter for
choice' Kentucky. Rye is selling at $1@1.05
of bush. Corn is scarce and in demand with
small sales of prime yellow at 78c, and West
ern mixed at 76@77c of bush. Oats are
unchanged - at 70®72c for - old' Penn'a ; 3500
bush new Delaware sold 60@65c weight.
WHISKY i 9 quiet; hbls are selling al 47c;
hhda 46c, and drudge 45c gallon.
Iletu abberagenzents.
REWARD.—StoIen from the
t -- ytlv - pasturu field of the subscriber, on Monday
MALL LIU! Sti inst.. near Quincy, a large heavy set BAY
IIL/Itbe, with black main zi . tid tall. The above reward
will be paid fur any infat El:alien leading to the recovery
of the above deacribed horse by •
nng.l2-tf JOIIV 111.111)01VElt.
STRAY. CATTLE.—Came to the
premises o r the subscriber, In Green township, abate
the latter part of June, 5 head of young cattio-2 steers
and 3 heifers -The owner is requested to prove proper
ty, pay charges and take them away, or they will be
dealt with according to taw. SAMUEL GARTER.
Aug 12, 34
N./ DIES' SEMINARY.—The fall Session 01 1563 will
begin September Bth. fhe terms will be the same as
heretofore. A reduction of one-third-will be made to
the charge for boarding where the pupil is in attendance
from Monday to Filday.
For further particulars,apply to- -
aug . 12-6 t Rev. HENRY REEVES, A, M. Principal.
Strayed from the residence - of the snbseriber,
bring near New Guilford, from 40 to 50 head of Sheep,
mnrked with_ the letter N 'with tar on their side. Any
persons having strayed sheep, with the above mark, on
their premises, will please give Information by address.
aug New Guilford P. 0., Franklin co., Fa.
25RE;WARD.—Stolen from the
pasture field of -the subscriber, on:Friday
n ght the 7th Inst., 4 miles east of ChambersLutt on the
Gettysburg Pike, &large Black llorse,B years old; ewe
noyed in the left shoulder, but doesuot go lame ; walks
well in harness. or under the saddle. The above reward
will bapaid for any information tending to thy rbcovery
of the horse by ANDREW J. LOCHBAUBI.
ang 12 _
- .LI give notice to. their neighbors owning Cattle,
bogs, Co., not to allow their stock to run at large and
lrespasa on their premises, as, in justice to themselves,
they will be compelled to enforce the laws strictly against
alt persons who will permit this notice to go unheeded.
Az i sabbertisemento.
ju pied by,Or ,'r. N. Snively, next door to Shryock's
Book Store. is offered for rent. Yvasession given !name.
diately. Apply at Dr. ,Richards' office. ang 101
TOTICE.---:Whereas Letters of Ad
' ministration on the Estate of W.lliam Eyner, bite
of Franklin County. dec'd, have been granted to the
subscriber, re.iding jn said county.
All persons indebted to the said Estate, are hereby re.
quested to make immediate payment. awl those having
claims or demands against the Estate of said decedent,
will make known the sante without deity. to
ang.l2 6t A. H. ETTER, Adm'r.
NOTlCE.—Whereas. totters of Ad
"minietration on the Estate of Nancy Crawford,
hits of Guilford township, decid. hare been granted to
the subscriber. residing in said township
All persons Indebted to the said Estate. are hereby re
quested to make immediate paynient.and those having
claims or demands against the Estate of said decedent,
will make known the same without delay, to
'Rag. 1•2 JOIIN CR. kWFORD. Aciner.
4t - ki
ei REWARD.—StoIen from the
field near 'Marsh ;tore .Franlil in county. Pa"
on Friday night, July list , a large RHO ROAN lIORSRi
six yeara old.right hip lower than the left, one hind
pastor hair robbed nit and the other pastor a wind gall.
Thu tindersigned will pay the-above reward for the de.
livery 'of theta wail. orfu - sedh Information as may lead to
his recovery. i.ddrelis JACOB OCi
cog. 12-3 t Hagerstown. !dd.
NTOTICE.-4Whereas, Letters Tes
tamentaryon the the Estate of •Richard' Rneden,
rat+ of the Borough of Charnbersbnr,„ dec'd, have been
granted to the subscriber.
All persons indebted to the said Estate, are requested
to make immediate payment. and ,those having claims
or demands against the Estate of said decedent, dill
make known the same without delay, to
nog. It . • WM. BURDEN, Ex'r.
$40.7 0 1YA:P.---Stolen from the
f W m. Ml 3 rah, - in Chambersburg, on
141 °why night Last, the 10th inst.. a BLACK MARE, 3
y e ars old. 15 hands high . a small white spot en the fors !
hmul,and white hairs on the top of the neck. caused by
the collar. $lO till be given for the return of the Mare,
and the arrest awl conviction ofthe thief. or $25 f the
recovery of the Mare alone. Apply to Wm. lia'Grath,
Chn,-,bersl , arg, or - • 11 - 11,LIA MST 1$
angl2-1t . t Amberson'S Valley.
: E d ik hereby given that Lett: rs Testamentary to the
Estate uf Daniel Ontrad, late of Peters township. deed,
hove been grAnted_ta the 'uuderstgned, residing in said
All persons knowing themselves indebted to said Es
tate will please make immediate payment: and those
having claims will present thew properly authenticated
for settlement.
au g. Li 11AVIEL coNniri. Et'r.
Notice is hereby given that Letters-of Adminis
tration on the Estate of Samuel Burns, late of Green
township, 'deceased, have beau granted to the under
signed, residing in said township of Green.
All persons kuowing themselves indebted to said Es
tats will please make immediate payment; and those
having claims Will present them Properly :Inthentinnted
for settlement. JACOB ZOOS, Adminittrutor.
Ang 12. RA'
I , - km: SAllt.—The nndersigned will sell a Private
IPate.lll4TANNßltY,known as the Corner Tannery. NV ith
steam and water-power. Saw Mill, Chopping Mill, Stocks
tor breakinglides, hc: The Tannery line 8 leeches, 22
vats, 2 limes and water-pool, and is capable of tanning
800 heavy hides a year.. There aro too Log Dwelling
Houses. Barn. Stable and other necessary out build ngs
Connected with the Tannery, mad about 60 Acres cleaned.
with good fruit . Tle will sell any quantity of land with
the Tannery, from 100 to 700 Acres. 0 er 600 Acres are
Timber, and an ample supply of t hesuut Oak Bark to
run the Tannery for fitty,years. It is situated about
7 miles South-west of Mercersburg, on Licking Creek. -
Terms made 0 ISY: 'Possession wilt be gives- this fall if
necessary. Per further partionldrs adores the under
signed. at Mercersburg, Franklin county, Pa.
aug 12, 63•tf , C. METCALF.
at chambersburz. for i'rauklin County, Pa.. on
the td ds y of June. 1863, hefore the Judges of our maul
Court —ln the matter of thefexceptions ti led to the at.
count. of lienry. Miller, Administrator of the estate
of Ephraim Stabler. decd, the Court appointed C. S.
it3ster. Esq., Auditor, to examine the exceptions, hear
the evidence, find the facts. state an account, and make
distribution among the creditors of said deceased, at
repot t the same.
In testimony whereofa have hereunto set
a.).t. my handand affixed the Seal of the said
Court, at Chambersburg. ibis 7th day of Au
gust, 1863. NV, G. 3IPLCQEi t t., Clerk.
Nortcs.—All possoneinterested in the settlement and
distribution,/ VII, funtlA. of the above Estato, will take
notice, that thnluditor above named will attend at his
office. on Ntarkststreet. in Chamberburg, opposite .the
Court !louse fir the purpose of his appointment. on
Stturday, thcl2tA, clay of September rex& Itt 10 o'clock,
A. 31., where they are requested to attend if they think
proper. C. S. ETSTER.,
nog, 12. '63-1t -Auditor.
$7 00
6 50
1 16
Will open ite: fill term :on Monday, September 7th.
Large additions have been made to its already extensive
appertains. a full and efficient corps of teachers bare been
employed and no pains or expense spared to render ours
one of the firsOnstitutions of learning in the country.
Particular attention paid to Teachers and young men
preparing for College.
A. Primary Department for little Boys and Girls Will
be opened in the Academy under - charge of Miss Schi rely,
in which the elements of Spelling. Betiding,. Writing,
Arithmetic. Geography and Gramme wid be thoroughly
taught. Tuition in this department, $3 per quarter. •
For further particulars send for circular or apply to ,
the Principal.
J. R. KINNEY, Principal. - -
A .GraltrlELD, A. 8., Latheand it. English.
• A. M. 'Duman, Commercial- Department.
Mies B. 11. Suirmv, Music, Drawing and Principal of
Primary Department. .
Chambershurg, ring. t 2, '63.-
21 and 23 South Sixth. street, Philadelphia
DAVID LANDD.tiII Sc 130;k1, Proprietors of Bloom:Pia e,
whirh contain+ near four hundred pores. in high filth.
demoted to the production of GanDEN SLEDS, ate now
prepared to supply Count ry Pileicbrintb,_Dingglits and
all others who deal in-deeds,-with large or-mall glum titibp, by the pound or bushel, and oleo in papers inade
ready for retailing... ,
Tho Establishment represented by David Landreth &
don,bas been fonnded nearly of a century.
The wide spread popularity, and ihe demandiincreas
ingfrom 3 ear to year. for
is evidence of the high value entertained fcr them ly!
the pnldic.
Landreth's Garden Seeds are not only favorably re
ccived throughout the litlon. but are shipped to -ma:*
breign ports. Indeed, it may be stated, with nation:::
pride that they come insoactive competition w ith Ens,
I ish Seed on British Soil.
David Landreth b Soninvile all who are not ahead . ,
purchasers of their harden Seeds, to make a trial o
thorn _assured that they will be foiled fully equal
their high reputation. ti
Landratlie Rural Register amt Almanac containing :
catalogue of Barden Seeds• with instructions, Inn ishea
gra ss. Also—Catalogue of Agricultural Implements
Nos. 21 and 43:tenth GUIS t., Philadelphia.
Aug. 12,'43.2y
0 OF C lIAMBERSBURG, August 6th 1969.
Bllls,and Notes Discounted—.
" " on Call
147.785 97
.„ 100.000 00
247:785 97.
Stocks and loan of the Commonwealth Pa 58.247 48
Q. 8.7 310 Ti eneury Notes.-- ..... 100.000 00
Certificates of Deposit 320.000 00
One year Certificates 29.595 22
449.595 2•.
Due by the CAI Banks 206.098 28
, s'«, a County'•...... 11.609 01
217.707 20
Gold . 95.080 00
Notes and Checks of other Banks— 5.691 03
Legal tendat notes 16.00000
20.691 03
Bonds and Moe tgagcs 11.835 00
Coupon Bonds at (market value)... 14.000 00
Judgments 22.973 45 '
Ground rents in the city of 10.902 07 -
Real Estate 14.000 00
1.162.738 11
Circulation ' ' 4T9.695 00
Deposits/Inuividual 331.971 84
c6monifealth .99.683 21
' - 3616.54 fir;
Duo to otlai Banks 7.017 76
• . • $2.18.3137. el
The above Itatement ie just and true to the beat of my
knowledge and belief
G. B. 31ESSER8MITE1, Cashier.
S went and subscribed before me a Justice of the Peace
in and tor the county of Franklin Penna. Aug 1ith186.3,
Aug Ist, 1d .
4 fteb3 1 inTOMiSeM . ento.
olleddquartm, Provost Marsha,
• Ugh District, Pennsgirtnfcc,
phambersbarg, August 10,1.863. ,
GUAG of Sec: the Act cif Con ess, passed
Sso.2. That the following persons be, a -they-are
hereby, excepted and exempt front the provilions of this
net, and shall not be liable to military duty under the
same, to wit : Suph as are rejected as physically .or men.,
tally unfitfor the service; also, first, the Vice-President
of the Unfted States, the judges of the various courts of
the United states, the heads of the various executive de
partmehis at the govCrriment and the governors of the
several States. Second, the only HMI liable to military
duty of a widow dependent upon his labor - for support.
Third. the only son of aged or infirm p trent or parents
dependent upon his labor for support. Fourth, where
there etre two or more suns of aged or infirm parents sub.
,j:t to draft, the father, or if he be dead, the mother,
may elect which son shall be exempt. Fifth, the only
brotherof children not twelve years ofd; having neither
fattier nor mother, dependent upon his labor for support
Sixth, the father of motherless children tinder twelve
years of age, dependent upon his labor for support.
Seventh, wherethere are a father rind Bunt; in the same
family and household, and two of them are In toe mili
tary service of the United States as non-commissioned
officers, musicians,or privates. the residue of such family
and household. net exceeding two,- shall be exempt.
And no persons but such as are herein excepted shall be
exempt: Provided, however, That 'no person who has
been convicted of any felony shall be enrolled or permit
ted to serve in said forces.
Sec. e 8 of the Regulations prescribed. for the govern
ment of the Bureau of the Provost Marshal tieneml
reads as follows :
To establish exemption Under the second, third fourth
fifth and sixth provisions of see-tido 2of the act for en
rolling and callingout the notional forces, &c-; the board
"shalirequire the affidavits of the person seeking to, be
exempt and of two respectable men, (heads of families')
residing in the district, that the man in 'question fa,"the
oniyson liable to military duly of a sendoto dependent
on his t,bor for sapport," "Vieonly tone aged or infirm
parent or parents dependent on his tabor for support,"
or otherwise, according to the particular prodsion of the
section under which the exemption Is claimed. -These
affidavits will be made according to the forms hereinafter
prescribed, and must in all eases be taken before a civil
ma:esti:do duly authorfged to administer oaths. These
farms of affidavits shall be published by the board Ofon
rollnient in the newspapers bf the district, for the intr•
motion of the public, when a draft 'bordered.
The form of affidavit:required tinder the fourth pro
vision of Sac. 2d of the law is published in snottier ad
vertisement of the same date with this. Claims for ex•
euiptimi under that part of the law must be filed before
the draft.
The following additional forms of affidavit are pulr
fished :
• ' , ' FORM 25. -
Certificate of exemptton for the )1= of a toidow, or of
aged and infirm parent or parents.
I, the etbscriber, resident of
county, State of - hereby certify that...
being siable to will tary'duty under, th. act of .Con
gross r enrolling and pilling out the national forces,"
approved March 3,1862, am the only son of ......
widow, (or an aged parent,) depend.
cams my sabur for support.
We, the subscribers, do hereby certify that the above
named lithe only son of a widow, (or of aged
and infirm parents) dependent on his iabor tor support.
Persorudly.appeared before me, • the above
named and. ........ and severally made oath
that the above Certificate is correct and true, to the
beat of their knowledge and belief.
Dated this day of - • 18E3
' Nott I.—The, first of the abtive certificates must be
signed by the person claiming exemption, and thesec
oud by two respectable citizens (heads of " famines) reef
dents of the town, county, or dist, lot, in whichthe per
son resides, and sworn to before a magistrate.
NOTE 2—Tills certificate is to be used only in cases
where the labor of the person claiming exemption is
actually necessary fur the support, of the person de.
pendent on him. The exemption dose not apply in
lases where there is sallicient p•uperty to yield support
and the necessary business fur collecting the income
can he transacted by agents, trustees, or the like.
FORM 27.
(Ira:fixate that the person liable to draft, it the only brat/. er
of a child or children dependent onhis lacror for
I, the subscriber, being liable to draft into
the service of the United States, , hereby, inahe'affidavit
that I am the only brother of under 12 years of
age, having neither father or and dependent on
my labor for support. .
We, the subscribers, • and
residents of county, State of
...... ...... - hereby certify that who Jana
hie to draft, is the only brother of ........ ........... under
1. years of ago, having neither father nor mother, and
dependent en his labor for support.
Personally appeared before me, the above named
and - and severally made oath that
the above certificate is correct and true, to the best of
their knowledge and belief. ,
Dated at this day of 186 .
NOTE I.—This certificate is to be used only in cases
where the labor of the person claiming exemption is
actually necessary for the. support of the persons de.
pendent on him. The exemption dear not apply in cases
where there is sufficient property to yield support, and
the necessary business can be trantacted for collecting
.the incomo by agents; trustees, or the sike. -
Nam 2.—The tirst certificate must be signed by the
person claiming exemption, and the second by twa roe
spectable peresnsqheade of families) residents in' the
same town, county, or district with the person for Whom
exemption is claimed. • A
. ' Fetal 28. ' - _ 'i
Certite gat twa m4m,!icrs of the, family of the ptirson
liable to draft are altkady in the ,Ifilitary smoke. of
the United Statds..
•We.the subscribers, ............ .- and • :
residents of ' ' county, State 6f.
. .
hereby certify that two membere of the family avid
household .of county and State above-
mentioned, are in the military iterileo of the United
States, as non-commissioned officers: musicians, or Lri
Personally appeared before me , the above named
aud ...... and severally made oath tliatthe above
certificate is correct and true, to the best of their
knowledge and belief.
Justice of the Peace.
Dated this - day of 186 .
Nora I.—Thho Is only intended to apply where the
Members of the family claiming, exemption reside in the
same family. If any of the members reside elsewhere,
and have gone Into tho military wird.* of the United
states, no efremptiou on that account can be claimed
NOTE 2.—This certificate must be signed by onset the
parents, if there be any; if pot, by two respectable per
sons (heads of families) reident lathe same town. county
or district with the person for whom exemption is
FORM 29.
.-rti.ficate that the person liable to draft is the father of
nioheriesschildren, under 12 years of age, dependent
on Ms labor for supprirt.
I, the subscribSr, being liable to draft into
he service of the United statos, hereby make affidavit
chat lam thefather of motherless chil vi
ler 12 years of age, and dependent on my labor for, sup'
We, the subscribers, - and ....-
esldents of county, State of
iereby certify. that - is _father of
uotherless children under 12 yours of age, and depend on his labor for support.
Perm=lly appeared beforerno, the above named
and ....... and coverall) , made oath that the above
tertifteate la correct and true to the beet Of their
, tuowledge and belief. •
Dated this day of 186 .
Nors.—The first certificate Must be signed b$ the per
son claiming exemption, and the- second by two res
pectable perians (heads of families) resident in the
same town, cAmnty, or district with the Person for whom
whom exemption is claimed.
POEM so.- •
Certificate for,ezemption . on account wasuitablenal of
- ago.
I,' of donnty, State
of ...... having been enrolled under the provisions
of an act of Congress "for enrolling and calling ont the
national forces," gc., approved March 3,
_lBB3. as liable
to perform military duty In the service of the United
States, hereby certify that I am not legally
_subject to
such liability, and for the following reason t
That I itra years of age.
We, the subscribers and
of the toWn,,,eount3, and State above mentioned, hereby
certify that the above statement of
age incorrect and true to the best of our knowledge
.and belief. - , '
p ers auiny appeared before me, the above named
and ' and severally made oath
that the above certilleatisure correct and true, to the
best of their knowledge and belief.
Dated at this day of ' 186
Nara 1. -r -The certificate in regard-to age Is, in an eases
where practicable, tO he- argued by the -ant of
pervan claiming exemption,lind the Taquirementil
tied in the" regtinahms are to lie' adhered to. The -blank
r pace in, dm certii.cate to indicate .ihe ag,e of - dui • per•
son is to be fiikd as tol loins: ,
That I rum 4 . SEW= TWENTY" years of age.
That lam "twiLlt, Tljmty FITZ" 161 - 13 , 01.1 f -age. ' . .V71)
31.fittaint." ' '-
That I am " owls rani-nye years of age according
to - the fads in the case. ' •'. i -•-
- -
Norr.2.—ln case the certificate's riot signed 131 the
parents, the fact of age =tat be certified to by two tee.
pectable persons (heads of fmnilles)resident in the same
town, arunty, or dictrkt with the person for whom ex
emption is claimed. and the requirements of
131, Regulations, &c , must be complied with.
Pro. liar. and Prest.!l 'Beard of Iterollmiet.
Commissioner of Beard of Enrollment.
- R. R.SRISS, - •
orgeon efßoard of tnrollniont.
aug.l2-2 . .t .
fiertdqu , rters,Prrtoosi Marsha
ltith Dlktrict, rtnrisylvarda,
Clounberlburg, August 10,1563.
EMPTION created Ci Section Rd of the Am of
ngress passed March 3,1863, reeds as follows :
Where there are two more"eont Of aged ca inßrnr
parents subject to dru fr. the father; or if he be dead, tho
mother, may elect rwhich son shall be exempt.
Notice is hereby gir , sn that the election - In thia cape
mutt be made Worc the draft To defer It until aftcr
trill be to lose tiaerir;ht 4.f - -
. Persona claiming oionifitlon on.soch score slainld Idsis
no time in tiling tiu. requisite allidavit: at these head
-40 triers, or with the (wont, 'Provost Marshal of their
respectivwconnties. blank farms may be obtained 4
this or either of the t,ra ilea offices. The following Ist I,
form : . - - •
. .
Urtificate of a Pam t hen, she desires oiss of his or
he,•„ ots =impart: ,
I, the cabgerlber ":I.ther'_(oristother) of .
and ;
county, st,re of hereby certi:
fy that I am aged'aml itirirm, arid thnt I am dependent
for support on the of my two eons, aboved named;
and MAI elect that mr son
shall be exempt fr.,“ ~ eserntions of the act of Comm.
grew, "for enrolling .111,1 out the national Jane's,"
approved Ida h 3, IS i 3.•
We, the subserit•R,'.l , luireby certify that the abos<-
tamed ' Waged and infirm, mid de.
pendent ou thoPlabor of - sons for support.
''`Personally appeared I:erare me tho above named
' - and and severally made oath
tbatthe abeve certioedfrr are correct and true, to.tbe
beet of their knua luad belief
Dated at this ;day. of -18 ft
Nora I.—The first 041 titicatemnst - be signed by the
parent making the election, and the second by two. res
pectable citizens, (kepis of families) residents of the
town; county. or district in width the persons reside, and
sworn to before a magistrate. In case the father is de
ceased, the certificate is to be signed by the mother. and
the fact of the father's death is to be stated by the per.
sons certifying.
Nora 2.—This cartificste is to be teed only i IrCIUSIS
rivbere the labor of the person claiming exemption ie act
` necessary far the support of the parson dependent
on him: The exemption does not apply in' cats& where
there is snfficient property to. yield sappoil, - ,and the
neecSSary business fur collecting theincome Can be trans
acted by a
- gents, trustiles, or the like.
_CLEO. Varga;
tnig 12-3 t • Capt. and Provost Marshal 18th Dia. pa.
.Justice of the Peace
the Poet din ,
Anderson Nathan
Bennet-D.A 2
Breigh Mrs Susan
Brinkerhoff S 8"
Berry joseph
Beaver David
Bark Miss •Dlargt
Bitner Charles -
Berkbead Isaac
Bair Ephraim
Biller Mares W
Brown Charles
Brown Frar cis H
Balm George 2
Courier William
Clark Miss
Calman William
Cooper , William
Duffey Frank W
Dingertleld John
Veats Charles
Persona clang
that they have bee
nog. 12.
Stolen. from the pastnro field Of the eubeeriber, on
the Riddle Farm, about a mile and a half North of Maur
beraburg, on Monday night, the 13th instant, A DARK
ROAN MARE, five yam old, medium ;lire, and • has two
lumps on the withers. A reward of $4O will bo paid for
the return of the mare in good efintlition.
July 22, '63.-tf
Jubtice of the Peace
eyiSTRAY.—Came to-the residence
of tho subscriber , 2 miles south of Charnborsbare•
meen the Waynesboro' and Greencastle road, 20 head
of Sheep and 4 Lambs, all of, which are mariedwith the
letter.N. The owner cen have - sheeP by ltdly identety
lag the same and paying, chafges:
jtily 'A 'O3 St. : Arm.VONVEROW:
11:10tOY LOST.--Srosdph Li lad
abort 12 years of age, bait the residence of his
tanner in Southampton township, aboitt the 4th of July.
Any 'person having informatibn respecting his where
abontswill confer a special favor to his bniebsed parents
by leaving word at, or addressing this officer [aug: 5
10$71i,AY.—Came :to the Lumber
121 Yard ef the -subscriber, the second week oz,Jeti.
Davie rule of our to n, F01111.63.1ALL PIGS. Aill per
eon proving property and payingchargee - , can have . the
&awe by applying to spurs, BEIBEIIT.
Chamb'g.ang. 5 ' • - •
VSTRAY.-=--Oarce toi.the residence
J2l Of the subscriber. near fayetteiille, about theta'
ot July, a
.:ankCALV. The Cots , .
itsupposed to be about nine years old. The ownernsn
have the tame by Italy identlfyiugatid paying charges.
July 29-3 t. ' ,JAId.RB CRAWFORD.;
Tho public are cautioned ,tbe SPERIODet
article of LYE for mating 80AP t Ab.: I nw offered for
sale. • The onIyGENIIINE and PATENTED Lye is that
'ING COMPANY; their trade-Mort for it being "SA
SUCCESSof this article has led lIN MECUM PO
TIES to endeavor. to mirrATE , it, in violation of tie
Company's PATENTS. : • ..
. „
these SPURIOUS Lycra, sra hereby NOTIFIED that the
COILPPANYhavo employed as t . hair A2TORNEY4
CEO. HAEDING, Esq. PMtad'a, anal
BAIIEWELL, Esq., of"Piftbuly,
And that all" ANUFACTUR ERS, U3TI2Sor.RELL
ERR of Lye, in violation of thOrights of the Cornea,
will ba:PIZOSECUTED at once. -
Justice of the Peace,.
The ,41.4P02V7F1ER, or edNCENTRAMD LYN ! la
for sale by W 4 Druggists, armors and Country Stone).
The UNIT= STATES CniCtal Po l 7lvOrestern Diarld.of
Pennsylvanla,No. 1 of 51aY Terra, in 1862,intinit of iho
PANT ve. THOMAS G'.. CRASS; 'decreed to the Coup;
Pany, on November 15;1802, the arch - J.:sire right granted
by a patent ovraed by them ter the' SAPONIFIER
Patent dated Ottobor it, 1856. Perpetual injunction
OF -
127 WAI;NUT STRET,-Philadelphia,
April 29;634m-inside.
rEPOSITTHERS of Boldiere, thp Set
' :dee, or-in Hespiteie, can- famish sitlitbe
OILY tbreo montbscor;26 141(02104Inttor,
60 rent 3 or one year for $1,00• • -
Joshes of theJtence
ROD fabbettionnents.
Justice at the Peace
e at Cimmberabtir ~
'Dm t'er Thomai-
Frantz Jacob 31 2
Math Barbara,
Hans \ don—
lin rtpo Adam _
ilayward William
Jones 'Nits Chains
.3 0hn51,17 JONA:. -
Meier 'sane i.
animas John
i.oltner _Fanny -
Laird Stewart -
Lochbalim Wm,
Murphy Wm D 3
Dlillet John U
M ore Hey Wm
Moore. Win 0.
Marlait Thomas
M. 00): John, -
McCoy Beni
lirlijor Jesse
Manocy James'
for the oh Leite
, n advertised. , J.
*tragic mai -*tart.
emaining In
Naslit, James -
Nicholas David
Orm Jonah H
Ore John
Ott Mrs Catharine .
atterson Thoriine ter Mitchel
ltrasner R 13 er, t 7r
heed Thonn a •
- mith3lt sElleno 2
Smyth Mrallaryd,
Stuvef aiiFaSnrah
Sechriat Abrahraa'
Sootier Jacob Et
ISibbit It 8,•
Steles Samnal
Shop , " John :-
Stoddard J
Stewart B J
Sterner John.
Tlaieselweed Ttios
Wafol Alberts K
White Mathew 11
Ps will please say
W. DEAL, P. M.