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    WirEN the go - v_ernment - ftils for ne
,,gro Soldiers to defend the, Old Flag
and preeierve - the IZepublie, the cop
perheads indignantly declare that
this "is a, white man's was" and they
alone Shall win our , battles, and muse
not_ fight on equality with negroes.
When the goVerinnent calls for white
, iolunteers, they denOnnce theiWar :as
a" nigger war" and discourage
talents by 'declaring that the ." nigger
worshippers" must fightit out. When
the Anthoritids refuse negroes .as
substitutes for white I men' who are
drafted, they denounce the govern
ment' because it does not regard the
negro soldier-as on perfect equality
with the - white. "'Father," said an
inspiring youth s "you must either quit_
praying 'or swearing,' I don't care
. .
much which !"'
COETROTII, M. C. from this district, of
Course had his, share in the.glory-of
Gettysburg He unfortunately - did
,not get there :midi after the battle
was over, doubtless owing to ' bad
goads delayed trains; but when he
did get, there he valiantly berated - the
tnion troops for,hurning a few rails
and‘drinking butter-milk - , and rushed
to, trarrisburg to recover damages.
teen last heard from he - e.-as explain
ing to an itinerant tinker how; he had
been elected .to Qopgress from this
district—all the residents and fre
quenters of the Capitol having heard
. the tbrilling story from ten to forty
times 'from his ,own lips before.--
Lightning . anl elections do strike
TR - E Hagerstown Ircividand Torch
appeared last week again, firmly as
- ever devoted to the, cause of the
-Union. It justly deprecates the split
in the Union ranks of Maryland
which has resulted: in two candidates
for Controller. The Union. met of
- Maryland cannot affordto be divided.
Their enemies are the enemies of the
Republic And they 1 / 4 7111 be united; and
may trim - 411.1f the loyal men divide
their titrength. Loyal men,of Mary
land! the hope of your - State
_is in
mainthining your ascendency l Men
Must bo suberdtnated to the great
cause of a common country !,
THE- Fulton Democrat, edited .by
the menaber of the Democratic State
Coininittee for this - cli#rict, seems ex
ceedingly ambitious to get up a small
draft riot in Fulton county. In a
late issue an editorial review of the
conscription bill thus apologiies for
the cOpperhead thieves and murder
ers of New YOrk :
"Is it arty wonder then that an ,excited
populace should refuse to submit quietly to
laws supposed to be unjust, and believed to
he unconstitutional? is it,grangethat we
should have riots and resistance to the draft,
when those in high places have set an exam
ple of utter disregard of all law, an example
which a populace more virtuous. and more
patriotic, than their present rulers have been
slow to follow ?"
WHEN Jeff. Davis had a succession
of advantages in the field by the bat
tles of Chancellorsville and the
pulscS at Port Hudson and Vicksburg,
le -exhibited , his 'eminently Christian
character by proposing to Murder half
the Union officers in his bands. When
his murderous hosts were captured at
Port Hudson and Vicksburg, and
routed at ,Gettysburg, Jeff. postpones
hanging and_ appoints a day of humili-,
ation and prayer. Sensible Jeff.!
—A - Hicksite quaker authorizes the
'lndependent to say that the "friends"
addressed 'by Gov. Seymour . during
the New York riots, do not belong to
the regular meeting!
lirlie,Act of Congress of March 3, 1863,
for; enrolling and c.alling\out-the national for
ce 4, commonly known 4:0 the:Conseription'
La*, has already been adjudged eonstitu
grim). ".The .District Court : of the:United
Itates for the Eastern District of Pennsylva- 1
nia, over which judgeCadwalader, an extreme
I:),emocrat, , preSides, decided the question in a'
ease arising on a writ of habeas corpus on the
7th of March, 1863. and_ fully affirmed the
--constitutionality of the law. The question
, arose as follows
• .
A deserter who had been drafted under the
abt of July 17, 1862; was arrested by a Pro
vost Marshal on the authority of that provis
. ion of the act of 1863 which legalizes the nrrrest
of persons called into service under any act of
Congress. A.' writ of habeas Corpus was
glinted by JudgeCadwalader, and on the re
turn to that writ, the 'case was argued in full.
Much of -the sliicussionwas upon other points
than that of the -constitutionality of thole*,
but that
. piiint was necessarily raised, was
argtied, nrid.wa 3 fully, 4,dc..tided,, , , Judgp Cady
wander gaysl . ' • , ~ ,
..._ oiThe Constitution. :of the :United States
\ authorizes Congress to raise armies, and also
~to call forth, and organize the militia of the
several States. .Thider„ this tioo-font power,
both rec t mlar national armies, and occasional
militia forces from the "several States, May
be raised, either, by eonscription: other .
:modes. i 5 Wheaton, 17%) - The power to
'raise them by . conscription. may, at a. crisis
of extreme exigency, be indispensable to pub
lic security." .
Various questions of the construction of
different, portions of the acts of 1862 and
.1863 are-very elaborately considered•by the
yarned. Judge,
_int his reasoning_ is at too
'great length to be quoted here, nor is it our
province especially to investigate questions
which are merely questions of detail. It is
'enough to say that on all the points:* discuss
ed Judge Cadwalader sustains the, constitu
tionality of the law. It is to be remarked
further that no Court or Judge kkag t yet de
nied it, and, indeed, no argument has.. been
adduced against it which a lawyer of repu
tation would be Willing to. present as his
own. The law stands, therefoii,,,,before the
'country, with the presUmption lin its favor
that every law has, and with the judicial af
firmation by a United States Court of its
constitutionality. No loyal citizen can hes
itate to render henceforth a cheerfUl obedi
ence to all its provisions, and to support the
officers charged with its enforcement.
THE Democrats of Perry have nominated
'John A. Magee, of the :Democrat, for As
sembly ; John C. Lindsey for Prothonotary;
Wm. 'Grier. for
_Register, and James B:
Hackett for Treasurer. Magee was chosen
by :seven majority last year by the home vote,
,while the volunteer vote defeated him by
about 150 ; but he got his seat and served
nevertheless, devoting his energies to ad
vance. the policy of the ultra Democrats.'
If the Union Men of Perry will do their
whole duty this fall, they will be differently
yepresented. They should bear in mind that
eight additional votes cast by Union slug
gards, who staid at home last fall, would
have made Kennedy the member, and his
vote_would have chosen a Union- U. S. Son
ator in place of Buckalew.
THE steamer Imperial, the first -boat from
New Orleans, arrived at St. Louis on Tues
day. morning. A large crowd of merchants
,another citizens greeted her arrival, and a
national salute was fired in ',honor of the
opening of the MissiSsippi. The steamer
Albert Pierce sailed - the same evening for
New-Orleans, with a heavy load of private
freight and a large' passenger list. The
Continental left on the previous day for the
same port, heavily laden -with Government
TIE Chicago Evening 4urnal, of 31 - onday,
says: We learn from one% f Our citizens, just
returned' from Ohio, who is well acquOdted
in the locality which he, visited—Paicesville
and thereabouts—that he_ did not dftnd one
Democrat who would vote for Vallstndigham
for Governor. From another source we learn
that bets are offeringin Ohio - that allandig
ham won't carry three. counties in the State.
are glad to -learn that Hon. Wm.
Haslett, editor of the American, has been
nominated by .the Union men of Butler
county for Assembly. He served with unu
sual credit in the Senate - some twelve years
ago, and will bring to the House great abili
ty-and experience and equal fidelity. He
wiflpf course be elected. -
DANIEL S. DIcKiNsoN made a speech in
Genesee, New York, on. the 15th. inst., in
which he used this emphatic language :
• This rebellion has its existence to-day in
the hope of having help here ; "and its sfrn
pathizers at the North arc more guilty for
its continuance than Jeff.. Davis
Ir . is understood that the Goverpthent has
taken decided ground in the , matter of the
rebel fled now being fitted / out in English
ports, and has notified her Majef:ty's Govern
ment that the sailing of _these vessels will be
considered an unfriendly act on the part of
Great Britain. -
BfirTL - 8 J. CLAY (a brother of Cassius M.
Clay, we believe), hai been othinated for
Congress by the Unionists in' the Ashland
District, Kentucky, in place of, the Hon.
John J. Crittenden, deceased.
THE number of New York rioters known
to have been killed in their attempt to sub
vert the laws of the 'United States. is said to
be ninety, but believed to far exceed that
A LOYAL newspaper is already issued a
Port Hudson.
No. 262.—The following order'of the Presi-'
dent is published for the information and
government of all concerned :
C., July 30, 1863.-r-11 is the duty
-of every
Government to give protection to its citizens,.
of whatever class, color or condition, and es
pecially to those who are duly organized as
soldiers in the public service. The law of
nations, and-the usages and customs of war,
as carried on by civilized powers,;permit no
distinction as to -Color in the treatment of
prisoners of war as pubic enemies. To sell
or enslate any captured person on account
of his color, and for .no offense against - the
laws of war, is a relapse into barbarism, and
a crime against the civilization of the age.
The Government of the - United States will
give thesame protection to all its - soldiers,
and if the enemy shall sell or enslave any
one because of his color, the offense shall be
punished .4. retaliation upon the enemy's
prisonersin our, possession.. It is, therefore
ordered, that for every soldier of the _United,
States killed in violation-of the law, Rebel
soldier shall be executed, and for everyone
enslaved •by the eneniy of iold;into slavery,
a Rebel soldier shall be placed at hard labor
on the public works, and continued at • such
'labor until the ,other shall be released and
- receive the treatment dile to - a prisoner of
Var. (Signed)- ABRAHAM LLNCOLN. -
—.By order of.t•he Secretary of War., , -
(Signed) - D.- TOWNSEND.'
Assistant Adjutant General.
t. franktitt ilepsitimActinigtobitti, rtt
• _
J'efll\ Davis 'Pertiouned.
The Balelgh "Standard" Threatens
FORTRIM , MONT.OE, August 2.—The stea=
mer Escort arrived this morning With. New=
bern dates to the -- lst instant: \
The Raleigh Standard denounces -Jeff.
Davis_as, a repudiator, in whoa - 11m confidence
should be placed, and whose efforts to estab
lish a Southern .Confederacy a fail
ure. •
'The Richmond Enquirer calli up \ aii Jeff.
Davis to suppress the'Raleigh Standaack and
wipe out the Supreme Court of North Caro
The Standard says :—"GoVertior
will stand- by the Supreme Court, and the
Standard also, if necessary;, and if Jeff. Da
vis attempts to - use . physical force to suppress
the Standard, Davis will be met with- phys
ical force, and a revolution in thls State will
be the result. John Mitchell, the editor of
the'Richmond Enquirer, is an agent of Great
Britain, which has long sought to divide the
Northern and Southern people."
The /Weigh - Standard says that "North
Carolina has furnished 95,000 soldiers fdr'
this war, 40,000 of whom are either killed or
wounded; and that North Carolina should
send a delegation to Washington-at once and
see what terms can be .obtained; and not
wait for Jeff. Davis." .
. The recent cavalry raid, under Col. Spear,-
from Norfolk to .Jackson, N. C., found the
enemy intrenched strongly at Jackson, which
commands the approaches to Weldolk
Maj. Anderson, on the 2Uth ult., captured
the enemy's pickets and took possession of
an important bridge, theieby defeating the
enemy in, their intentions.
Crossing of the Rappahannock.
Lee's Army Elassed Near Culpepper.
Aug. 2, 1868.—Geri. Buf,ord's cavalry, artil
lery•and a supporting infantry i. force, crossed
the Rappahtumock at the railroad station
yesterday, and thence with his cavalry. and
artillery he proceeded towards Culpepper,
driving Stuart's cavalry before him.
When near Culpepper Gen. Buford en
countered a large rebel force of infantry and
artillery, and a fierce fight ensued} lasting
until dark, when he withdrew to a strong
position east of Brandy Station. The loss
on both sides was considerable.
This reconnoissance confirms the reported
concentration of Lee's forces near CUlpepper,
and indicates that his present headquarters
are at Stevensburg, four miles southeast of
Culpepper. !I
The 1:9 - sutler wagons captured near:Fair
fax on Thursday night by Moseby and his
band, were recaptured with all their Contents
on Friday morning, near Aldie, by the 2(1
Massachusetts Cavalry. A skirmish ensued
thetween the guerrillas and our advance guard,
but on the approach of the main body, Mose
by fled; closely • pursued -by the cavalry.—
Several of the enemy are reported killedand
wounded, but no report has been receivtd of
the result of the pursuit. '
' This morning a detachment of our cavalry
killed two and captured two others of Mose
by's band-'near New Baltimore, and were en
gaged in ferreting out_others.
The weather yesterday -and to-day has
beerrly far the hottest of the season.' All is
quiet to-night. ,
Genl Gilmore Successfully Approaching Sumter.
Improbable Itunior about itosecrans.
NEW YORS; AtliUSt B.—The steamer Ful
ton, from Port Royal, with dates to'the 31st
ult.,_arrived during the night.'
Her officers report-the siege of Fort Wag
ner still progressing.
Gen. Gilmore has Mounted a- number of
two hundred pounder siege guns within one
.mile of Fort Sumpter. He is • confident of
reducing both Sumter and Fort Wagner, in
a short time.
• The New South says : Just as we go to
press it is reported that Gen. 'Roseerans is
within 30 miles of Savannah.
[This report in regard to Roseerans' where
abouts is, of course, sensational. "Old Ro
soy" will march as fast in hot weather as the
next General, but an inland march of 400
miles away from his base of supplies, in the
course of a fortnight, is "too big thing,"
for even him to attempt in the face of the dog
Yiebel Conscription In West Tennessee.
Col. Richardson, the rebel guerrilla, has
issued an order, requiring all the men of
West Tennessee, between 18 and 45, to re
port at his camps under the rebel conscrip
tion act. The following are the instructions
given for
: carrying out this order :
If a , m an should absent •himself from
liome to avoid this order, burn his house and
all his property, except such as maybe useful
to this. command. If a man resist this by
refusing to report, shoot him dovin ; if a man
takes refuge in his house and offers resistance
Set his house on-fire, and, guard it so that he
may yot get out." ,
The officers of the steamer' Courier, from
Helena,l report the arrival, of Gen. Davidson,
with a large•cayalryr 'force from TilotKnob,
Mo. He captured ,about 500 rebels, 'tea
miles from Helena, and brought them in. -
Fire 'at Serarptaii,
Sonarvrox, ,July fire broke
out in the cellar of Mathews &Gilmore!s
drug store, on :Lackawana avenue, et 9 o'clook:
last night: The--fire extended to the four
story building on the north. owned by John
Koch, and from thencoto.the banking house
of George Sanderson,.on'the sofith. - Xoch's
building lisaliadry datnaged. Geo. Fuller's
a nd Sandersores 'buildings _were...totally de
stroyed.'' :whir their contenti:'.. - G. A. and J.
F. Fuller, and 'Matthews & Gilmore, and
, the ",Union"- and "Feter.Willinnw.on" Ata- ,
sonic Ledges lost evert thing. The fire briig
•inated from benzine oil. • -
On the morning oft
the - 4th inst., in this
place, Mr. RICHARD .RDRDEN, an old and
esteemed resident, 4-4 87, 'years. -
On the 2Uth ult., near Frederick, Md.,
..TAIES R. WEA.Of.Y, aged 88 years, 6
months, and 21 days.
On the 24th of May last, in -Can'ton,
Mr. GEORGE KIEFFER, aged about 65 years:
M v
r. K.
t+-native of this eotinty, being a;
brother of Dewalt Kieffer. He lived many
years in Clearspring, .31d„ whence he re
moved about five years.ago, to Canton, El.
On the 31st-ult., at Strasburg, after, a ling
ering illness, SAMDEI, ,GILHORE, Esq.,
aged 66 years. . ,
On the Bth inst., suddenly, at QuineY; Mr.
G-EO. A. ANDERSON:, in the 56th year of his
On the Ist of - June, i at Camp Falmouth,
Va., Coiporill Gnonat H. C. •M'GnmEss,
Co. G, 14Uth Regt P. V., aged 21'years.
This young twin was a'child of the covenant ; the son
of the licV. J. t ArGinness, formerly of Shade Gap.
lie was conelx:ratnd to tiod, by baptism, - in childhood,
tuni rt,museentted by his dying lather: Five years ,be
f,re his death, heilediceed himself to the God of the
C's errant, in a written form, Mond among hie papers,
thalanguage of which evinces thP idelligont earnestness
of the transaction. 'sue sincerity. of his piety and the
consteimicy of his deportment, amidst the temptations
of the c,iUip end the perils Of theneld, - are amply attest
ed by his 'ufficers and felkivraildiers. Though Ilia - last
days were omit far from home, and the Closing hours
clouded by - delirium. yet his moth .r and sisters have the
sweet-consolation of knowing that he was watched with
tenderne. and \of having - his, remains deposited In
Chartiers church-yard. , _
Preyention ofincrnstation in, Seer= Boil- ,
References in nit parts of link cOuntry, AlbanY.
Gas Co.; Raton, Gilbert & Co., and. othe,rs, 'Proy ;_,Syrai
cuse, Rochester, Auburn, Lc.," L.C.Joltri Gibson it 'io.,
Plielps,-Cbarles Ensign, John R. Efann& Co., Jewett &
Root. and others, Buftilo: Cleveland, Colu s ichns, Runes
vile. Lc., Lei- Gib. Shield: Miles Greenn*, Nitchelll
lituninelsburg, 010140 others irreincinnath and through.
out the West; Indianopolis. Dayton, Terre Ifante, Lo
gansport, Chicago. Springfield, St: Louis, St. Paul, Ac.,
Sec., Lc. Cost about 4
.to 60 cents per week. Fur eircia=
- H. N, IVINAIv'S;
lar, address
11 With!, SY., NEW YORK:\
P.O. Box No. 6. - fjuly 22, '63-6rn.
. _
Editor• of, itepo'sitory—Dear Sir: With
our permission I wish to say to the readers of :your
paper that I will send by return mail to all who_wish
it, (free) a Recipe, with full ,directions for making and
using a simple Vegetable Balm, that .7111 effectually re
move. In 10, minutes, Pimples, Blotches, Tan, Freckles,
and all Impurities of the Skin, leaviisg the same soft .
clear, smooth and beautiful. - •
I will also mail free to those. having Bald Heads or
Bare Faces; simple directions, and information that will
enable them to start a full growth of Luxuriant Hair,
Whiskers, or a iliocultir.he, in less than 30 days. All ap
plications answered by return mail without charge.
1.. ' RespecHully-yours, •
- 7----,
1 , Chemist,
j a1y22'63-3m. " , No. S3l Bioacivroy,New foik.
Madame Porter's Cara - tire Balsam has long
tested the truth that there . are first principles in Medi
cine as there is in Science, and this Medicine is com
pounded on principles suited to the manifold nature of
:lien! The cure of Coble is in keeping open the pores,
and creating a gentle internal warmth, and this is cam ,
ed by the use of this Vedleine. Its remedial qualities
are based on its power to assist the healthy and .vigor
ous circulation of blood through the lunge, it enlivens
the niuscloaand assists the skin to perform its duties, of
regulating thelmat of the system, and in g'ently throw
ing off the wasto substance from the surface of the body.
It Is not, a violent remedy, but emollient, warming,
mu-thing, and effective. Sold by all druggist at las
and 25 centsper bottle. ' Duly 22.
The Confessions and I:',...perienee of
valid.—Published f n the beuent,and as a mourning and
who stiffer from Nervous Debility, Premature Decay or
Manhood, etc., supplying at. the samo time .
By One who has cured himself after being pub toa great
expense and injury through medical huhibug and
quackery. - -
By enclosing a post-paid addressed envelope, single
copies may be had of the author.
may 20,63 Bedford. Rings county, N.Y.
76 the Young or Old, Male or Female.—
If you bare been Naffering from u habit indulged in by
/t tVits them for - illurriage,
And is the greatest evil:mm(6 can betell
See symptom enumerated in advertisement; and If you
are a sufferer, --
Cut out the Advertisement,
and send fur it at .once,„
Delays" are tiongeroos
Ask for liekribold's,
Take no other. -
Cares analtnnteed.
Beteareof Coutiterfetts and imitations. July IS, 63-2ra
Ornainenta Iron Works.—WooDik PER(r,
1131 Ridge Avenue, Ph Pa., offer for upon
iho niost Favorable Tontts, Neat and itrrittrifut Designs
in great variety of IBOIV RAILINGS for ameteries,.
Residences, A*, of Wrought ono Caat Iron, and _Galean
ired Iron and Brass Tubing; Iron Verandahs, Balconies,
Stairs, Counters, Fbantahnt, Gates, Chitanns, Ditching
Bats, Latap Stands, Vases; Ilsbles. „i , rower Stands, Sfax,
Chairs, StaittarY, Animals, and ali r other Iron Work of
D.coratiVo character. Designs fortvardod for selection:
Persons applying for amc, uiiiptaianestate the kind or
work needed. • June 3,0-2 m
The Confessions and 4xperience of a Ner,
yea ilumg . Nan.—Publislied ex a warning and for the
mpecial benefit of young mem; and those who suffer with
NERVOOB Dtanury, Loss on 'Simony, P laytra DECAY,
ac, & r., hyena who has vowed himself by simple- means
after being put to great expense and inconvenience,
'through tbd use orwortblea* medicines prescribed -by
learned Recter's. Single copies may be had (free) of the
mither, C. A. Lsatatay,_Esq , tlreenpolnt Long Island,
by enclosing an addressed envelope. Address CHARLES
A. LAHBERi',Hreeninint, Long Island, New I'g:h.. -
July 22, *7t-
Card at the Seering.—The liov. William
Cosgrove, while laboringas a missionary InJapani was
cured otConstuisption When till other means had failed,
by a recipe obtained from &learned physician ltt thogrcat
city ofJeddo. This recipe haS cured great numbers who
were suffering fium:CoasuinPtion,, Bronchitik Sore
Thrcut, Coughs and Colds, and the debility and nervous
depression caused by theso disorders., - • • '
Desirous of betiellttlog others, fwill send this recipe,
'whiCh I have brought , home with me, to ail Who need it,
free of 'charge. Address Rev. t , COSGRBVB,
'dec IS, 439FultoriAvelaue, Brooklyn, N. N.
C 2-
,Nmplopient I—Agents . Wanted Will
pay from $25 t eVS permonth, and all erpouses,to active
Agents, or give a commission . , -Particulars sent Erie.—
Address Earle Simnel Mumma Ceram:, R. SAIP:rs,
general Agent, Milan, Shio. ' april 20, 604 y
Wante4.—Lo,eal and . Travelling-Agents in
every Town .and County.. Circulars, milli Testimonials
of Clergymen and Scientific( men, in regard take bind
need, sent free. _ raw_ 'MLR Jin,da
5 3 34 t
REPORT OF:TgE .4fgßirPms
coratECTrs; wrzE.LY:
CErAIif.BERSBURG Ang.4, 1863; 2.-
...... 10;WAsttm .-50
101Uriastom 33
LA.mO ............ 8 CGeoTit 4 00
8 ThiIOTUT 2 00
SOAP 4to 6 litax 2 00
Gam 12 PkiteD PEACHES. ' 300
flncos So i 13NP&IISAPatctiza I 50
:Soup Bums 1". 1 50 neon APPLES ..... 1-00
Elcoar - White ......
Wheat—White -
IT - heat—Bed
PhilOilelptiti Markets:
PirEADEEEnni., Atig. 8, f 883....
flowt—There is rather more. doing, the
demand having somewhat increased both for
shipment and hothe consumption.. The sales
for export reach 4,000 bbls., including: 600 -
bbls. good Ohio extra family at $6 ; 400 bbls:
Aelect brands do.,; 700bbis. Peterson
Marshall's do.; 600 bbli.'ltroad Street
Mills extra; and 500 bbls. Jenny Lind fam
ily on terms not 'Made public. ; The sales to
the home con - sublets have ranged from $5.37i
for superfine, up to .$7.50 for fancy lots, ac
cording to quality.
RAT PEoun—The demand has fallen off,
and it is selling only in a small way at $4.50
barrel. • , -
Dour ALFA L—Nothing doing, and we con
tinue last week's quotation.
WHEAy=The receipts have fallen off, and
it is "held firmly at an , advance, but the de
intirid is quite moderate. Sales of 1100 bush.
fair and prime old red- at. $1.3001.35, and
new at $1.30®1.33.
RYE—There is but little here, and we
quote new at 93®95c. and old at 103®105c.
Corm" is in- better request, with sales of
5000 bnshels at 76c., for,y_elloW, and 74e. for
mixed Weitern.
OATS are dull, •and we again reduce ottr
quotations, 2@ i Be. V bushel. Sales of 8000
bushels Jersey and.Pennsylyania at 70075 e.
\ weight.'
.SEEDS-1n Cloverseea there is nothing do-,
g., Small Sales of Timothy at $/2502.75
bush. Flaxseed, if here, would command
WuniKr- - --The demand continues
Small salts of. Pennsylvania and Ohio bar;
:sets at 47e. ;,,hhd.s. at 46c., and drudge,at 45
„,®45/c. ,
Ariu. abbertiumento.
;1711(00Y gkeph Rhea, a rad
ju about 12 years of age; :lea tie residence of-his
leather in 2outhamPton township, about the 4th ofJnly,
; Iny person,having information\ respecting his where.
1 bouts will confer a special favor to his bereaved parents,
y leaving word'et, or addressingthisefficr [aug,
• ,
STRAY.-Came the Immber
Yard of the subscriber, the,second,week of Jeff.
is is' rule of our to vn, SOUR SMALL. MS. Any per
un provlp g property and paying charges, 64 have the
anse by applying ..//40 SAMUEL SfallE,By.
• Charnb'g.ang. 5
NTOTICE-L-Where4s, Letters Ire&
LA tainentary a the 'Estate of -Samuel George late
_yr (litdlferdAownship, deed, hale! , eva 'granted to the
linbacribera. -
• All persons Indebted to the said Estate, are requested
to make irnmediat- payment, and those having claims of
atm:Leads against the Estate of said decedent, will make
'them known, without delay, to
JOAN ROWE, Greencastle, -
MARY GEORGE, - Guilford tvrpi
aug. 5
ILIRIENDS‘ of Soldiers in . the Se
vice, or in Hospitals, can furnish them with the
'it,,,,POSITORY three months for 25 cents;-slx months for
-50 cents, of one year'.oo. . -
N . ..TOTICE---: , Whereas, -Letter's Tes-;
tam entarc on the Estate of John Myers, late of
Etterkenny township, dec'd, have been- granted lei the
subscribers.- •
• All persons knowing themselves indebted toeaid
tate ate requested to retake immediate payment, and
those having claitas,present them - properly anthenti
cated for settlement. •
SAMUEL MYERS, Letterkenny hey., -
JOHN - GAYMAY, Senthanlpton twp
- mtg.& - • - " Executors.
DROTHERS of Soldiers in the.Ser-
II vim, or in Hospitals, can famish them with the'
woposrroßy threemonths for 25 contls Ina months for
DO cent& Or one par for' $l.OO.
11 tam eatery on the Estate of Solomon Shook, late
of the Borough of Greencastle. d^ed, hate been granted
to the subscriber residing at Upton. -
All persons indebted to the satd Estate. are requested
tomake.immedtate payment. and those having Oakes
'r demand 4 against the Estate of denedent; will make
known the same, aithouttelay:, to
aug. 5 • . . GEORGE COOK, Ex'r.
FRIENFRIENDS of' Soldiers in:the Ser
vice. or in Hospitals . can furnish them with the
Chree months for 25 cents; els months for
50 cents, or one S•ear for $1 00. , '
P'TOTICE.—W 1 hereas Letters of Ad
ministration on the Estate of James Maoism,
goof the Borough of Chambersburg, dee d„ have beta
grantee to the subscriber, residing in said 'Borough.
MI persons knowing themselves indebted to said Ro
tate, arerequested to make immediate payment; mad
those having claims or demands toainst the Estate of
decedent, willsnake known the Same without delay.. t o
aug. 5 ' LYMAN 8. CLARNE, Adm'r..
hr CENTS. will pay for the REPO
e SITORY three months to be goat to a Soldier In
the eerrice.
. lkioTlC.t.—Whereas - Letters of Ad-'
ministralion en the Estate Of Mary Lindsey, Wi
er the Berm& of Greencastle, deg% have been granted
to the ~ übstriber,- r esiding in said Xterounb.
All persons knowirig themselves indebted to tmid Xs•
tate, are hereby requested to make immediate payment
and (him having claims or demands-against the Estate
ofsaid decedent, will make known thesame without de
lay, to - - , DAVID L. LINDSEY, ,
• aug. - fw - • • ,- • - • ' Adm'r.
i rl GENTS will pay for the REPO
- v SITORY six months to be sent tcf s(Soldier in
t t monthsservico. `. -
Imparters and Dealers in
- • • HA R WA RE •
" ' 509 Commerce Street, ,1
Eatwaea sth and 6th and Mirkei andArchSta. -
Philadelphia. -;)63-tf
$1•0 4 04( 1111 X l eria a 1:00t r
totToti ll' t to E
4 1) 891,1 1 ;
- -
The attention of parents having daughters to educate,
is respectfully Mdled to the advantages afforded
-at this
Institution, for acquiring a thorough and accomplished
education. D. is easy of amens, is healthfully - and pleas , •
antly located, employs a ftillcorps of efficient and expey.
rimmed Teachers„ is chartered by the Legislature with
fun coll e giate powers to confer Literary 110110111 upon
itsfiradnutes, and its terms are as low as they can be in
view of the comfort of the students and the permanency
%Mho Institution. •-
The FALL BESSiON wilt contra - Mace Viredusaity,
September Zatt, Students should outer promptly and as
tarns passible patrons should write or come an and, en
gage mauls in advance. For Catalogues address
Aug :I C:4t • • ' 'A.,I3:3IARLATIf; President.
EARE NTS. of Soldier I,he.SpN
vies, or inliospjtOts. cut riszolob.them. with 04
MORI' three - months for 25 centAldi
50 coats, or one you fur $l.OO. . : ;
scriber has far ade at his Tannery, &One titualt
palish *mid Slaughter Solalauther,_- -
' Elps,Calfskine; - • _ •
• - litumeen and 'Upper Leather,
•-- - -
Morocco and Lining Skin*.
• Also—A. large stock o 3 BOOTS SHOEd, Horse—
The bleteet market price paid ' for Illtlett gal Skink .
• s, • •'• J. - 'NAMES,.
ang. 5.3 t • rannettahurg. Pa. -
cMARDS printed in every 6tyle,
lowest ietee,ht the eke of the BRAMCLIN RE
RAND-BTUS', from the to
• the einnlMet. -or, fenee_ etdare, printed - tit
e ce of the FRANKLIN ItEPOSITCrii Y. -• ,
- 6V)
- -
ItIV:8' - 'oF • THE,RAITTLE-or
CirmarllST, 3(14 ;and l'OTAidt:*.j7zgeule/phi'sr,
Itespectfulliannouncesthat,aldedzpitsepallY b3' aptom.
inent Leitler • of a ettyaborg. who t_rtts_ a MOW guide to,
our forces during the bottles there, he has succeeded _irk
making severe:: ine photegraphic views .of promlneht
parts of the battle-ground at that eventfuiplace.
TheyAriiptiblished in if allies of coven 10 by 32 Weirs.
arid will he sold rubscriptkut onlj, - ; the proceeds
aloe to bo need for the benefit of our idat andwoandett
The subscription books and samples are now featly.
_ •
The lima are, via: • -.
1. Major Oenenil Meade's iteinignarteri,.
2 The Mehl of Battle. July;.
3. "Otir Centre-400 MM: east foga, Cemetery nin.
4.' 6atesdayef the Cemetery, •
3. 'l'heliaminary.
llesiderice of the 4 , 01i1 Patriot."
7. Bab:mid Corps Iloipital and Headquarters 17.8.Sant•
tarp Comm - hedon.
Tho price of the set. mill by 610. :Orden; ehouldjin
given atone to awn e paid. ?riots and prompt delleCry
* r.. G 1711311 U N ST, • :
Photographer. '
704 anti 706 Arch et., Phila.
sag. 641 t.
IVZ.NUFACTURD,RS: can ' reach
Serge class of thrifty doaterit.,by eavrux7su¢ct fa
ArOHANICS who desire; to ex
end their buoiness should, imams in the
VIPLEMENTS.--=Pealors and Marl
-1.-ufacturers of Airfoil !tura!, 'and other Iruploeteute,
can reach a large clam of valuable customers by arm:a
the Post Oft.
Anderson Perry
Berry Jim 8 2
linrlins am AG - -
Thortaileld Rol
Bush Abraham
Motley A 1 . 9!
Boone Charles A
Baster Bed '
Bookinbn .Bamnel
Bregger MrsElbth
Bence Miss Sarah
Brigs 'brie]
Brown Philip
Bear Peter -
Btird Andrew
Cook Charles
Anacker Charlei 2
Douglass WM'S •
Denison . ° D
Bitchier Bmannel
Delleman John
Dewess 'Prank
Dickerson -John '
My Batt A •
?cream calling
that they hairs bee
pEPAMPIITATS printed in best stylesf
and lowest rate, at the office, of the_ FRANKLIN
IQ,LAIIIg printed proiliptly, and At
ifio'west:i4tee., at the cake of the FRANkLIN RS AISITORY: - a • - -
j2.Ladet4 of - colors, done with neatnets and despatch it
the win A. KIM: REPOSITOIVI office -4 • '
\ ;,61I'Mark 'if St., 'I I A - traditiViia: '
,J. 4WD. EWE. - I - • • • amts. siortiiteSos;
Th.,tindereigned would respectihilk th e ottentioa
'of COUNTRY -14.EIVOTIANTS to their large end well se
lected frOok of ' •
H Ait D W A 11 E I
, „ . , . ..
gatijig roxklepecialarmngemeua for tle Pottrnade,
we flatter ourselves We' can offer' inducements to put..
cluma that will remutterate:thi tillable of CLAM
iu'ing-ouratock. We flak but a. trial, to convince they
&wary Dads, that' we are prepared 'to sell low, 'am
accommodate. ' --•.: =
Our stock of, 21thle itpd. .Poc7cet , Cut /ay- 1 / 1 U V. li tniir
large, celected with 411 t
care s aid !nebulize,. avert ty
that cannot hat trait all tastes. • -
We have constantly on liand a large fussortmens of
B'uilding Hardware; . ,
Took& Cutlery, 0 '• " ' •• •
' : ••Pius, Tool. Boxes. - -
and Chests, :Saddlers,
and homelier, Toohry
. - SereWs, Nailri
Storeeverything in Short, pertaining re JIM dies Ilardware
Particular attention paid to Country orders._ It is 'our
aim to secure the confidence of our ctistomers, cud to this
mid we are particular, in filling orders; to give the best'
and eta cheap as though the cask/mere
_were bri;lng• in
person. Give as a trial. , • - •
Reveasose.--J. K. 9ktrely-48q, A. K. illeCtiire,
B. Ipotes i Charnbersbax,. - _
ivag. 5, ,exir
'OlCEMNYTtht*Mmonttu3lfet.:iteiat BFPO
. •
.50CENTS' will pay - for t,he REPO , :
131 TORY to be !seat to t4',15610er be;
tee service. .
06 . _
pay fcr - tlte REPOSI-
Utoi*qoar,'tO be sent to Eolateif
Si o - TO
iu the Borii6e. _'
'publk are cautioned - jpilkst thei-:91 1 1111i011S .
artieles -, of LYE for =Mug SOAP, Ate now erred for
sale • s The only GENUINE and PATENTED Lye is that ,
lIINQ COMPANY; their tradimark Abr belpg "
POltutm, Ott CONCP.NTEATED , LYE.". _The great
'IIcOESS of this article has IiSitINPIIINOWLED
TIES to eadearor to LIiITATM it, is violitku of the
Vompittly's PATENTS. • - - ,
All .3f.,42i 77RAOTURE/33,28/110E$, or BHLLE of
these SPOZIO 03 Lin, 'are hitreliYlVOTllkeD that the
00/fPANTItave employed as thek A TI'ORNIOS,
OE9. Ri!,..RPTN42t, L ,*g. 'of and
wm; •B A 1171Vi r tia;, Esil;9) INtAttrtirg,
And that all 444NUFLICZITR82i41 . f74.1g4forSIZZ"
ERS of Lye, in I , lolistioa of the Betts of the Company,
will he. Io.ROIREd/TAD at once. =_ r -
Vl' gala by an Draggisb , nmere and 4T:alt,r9 Stores. •
Theeram emulate:we Cosay.,Weetetti IKetrictof
Waneyleanta,l4o.l of 314, Tenn; hi 862, in snit or the
PAZErvs. i'HOMAB G. atig i*feed to tbO
von ar , s om b e r 15, nu, the aschestee:right granted:
by a patent 641'4 by, them , for - the 4aPOIWITE7; -
Patent dated Ottobor 21,1856. perretai !hianction:
awarded. -
- . .
127 WALNUT STREET, , Plmorlelpbia,
P r rrST *:' l - TitECtS" W , PittOurg', *
' . 4 0 1125 t .6 " 32 / 43 / 914° ' • ,
PAD Mteertisements.
Cent Chambeirabur
Fieleu D L
Cht , legor MlN'Mary
Ganse Mathias
Herr J '
Hendricks -
lienderoon Frank
Knoll Jacob
Kemp Jefferson 31
Leep Mary,
Loudon Albert
Lyons Capt T6osK
biartz , Saninel
Nl'Corrunek Vt,Ci
McKay Dr B. fi.„
M'Lnughlln .A
rtieumin lie 24
ftrAchei C Ii
Parkei it 8 •-. . •
Paltrier Mai Mir.
Rodgers Ashton R
Robinson Geo
Sowers Samna 2
I Scott lira Rani&
r the' Move Lette
• advertised. .3.
BMIT — . 11 k - EICHARN, .
6111farket - St.4 PAW,olptait:\
emaming in
Ang.4, /BE3:
Sittle Joseph E
Stoke W A
Shipley Robert
Sprague Albert •
thrigert Leiria W
Sharp Robert.
Bathyal' Other
Stober Jamelat
Thorp Atm Ear
Tice u. H.
Madam John
Vanlneton Itenry
• - --
Williams Beni M
Williams - George
Williamson J A
Wrlmar Jeremiah
[Wthp:6-r4 A AV'
Witdiangtott _IA in,
Yet*. in
1.0111 please say`,