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From nu New lrotk Tribune.
The days of June were nenritd4e,E
'The fields, with plenty overritni- -
Were ripening 'heath the lidfveg.,
In fruitful Panns-Wania l '%
sang birds tuid
When, sudden, over hill ankcift,
.he gloom of cominn• 6 battle . fell,
On pciaeefalkenn . sjivania!
ThYthu, , li Maryland's bisttirie: land; -
`7lo43llhcidstful tongue and sliollinfhafid,
~74'heyburst--a _fierce and famished band,
"Right into I'enn4ylyanhi,
liadlombgrlatars romantic vale
',Was heard ,the plandergl farmer's wail;
,21.1adlyery motiter'scheek was:pale, ~„„
' In /lilobming Pennsireanial'''
• Milliith taunt and jebr tc•au'd shout 'and SOrig ;
•'.2..hrough rustic - towns, they 4 ptisildltiong"—
A:confident and braggart thronm— •• ;• •
•-•„, Through tri ,, httined Penns, rains.
Alta tidings startled hill thin gidn - ;
~.173) sprang our harclv:Northern,men,
.4fa there was speedy travel. then
All into Pennsylytinia,l
iThp foe laughed out in ppen.seorn;
Iritt Union men were coward:born;
. ; ''''.kva . then : -.4hey wanted all tlie.cor,a
' That oTewin 'Penns 416,nia '
• -.*
it was the languid henna noo n=
*:Wshen all - the 'birds , -
'AAA Nature,ina sultry ; gwoont;
- In pleasant Pennsylianial
. - *len•—sudden - o'er tbetslumberirig . plaisi, -
iP* flashed the battle's fiery rain— '
glibte volleying cannon shook again
'The hills of Pennsylvania! -
,‘,Beneath- - that curse of irpn hail, , • ,
:that threshed the plain; with flashing flail,
miglit-the stoutest soldieF wail, , •
- In'eehoin , ; Pennsylvania!
it; sudden, Slimmer rain;
Stortri driven o'er the darkest plain
hUrst upon our ranks and main;
*, startic. d . Pennsylvania
ielt the old, ancestraltthrill:
*"rora sire to son, transmitted
10.nd fought for Freedom: with n will,
In pleasant Pennsylvania]
j'he'breathless shock—Jim maddened toil- 7 .
he sudden clinch—the sharp - recoil-L.- ,
"find we were master's of the, soli,.
In bloody Pennsylva,nia I . • •
) West viar d fell the baait'en'fo . e:-1-
''rrhe_growl of battle ho4rie rind low,
It'Wa4 heard anon, but dying-i3IOW,
In ransomed l'erinsylvania I. i.
face wcstnvard, with tile .inkingrsun,
•Ilie cloud of battle cle-nse and dun,
Mashed into fire—and aftnus won
In joyful PcnnsylCania
/int . nh! the heaps of 10 in]
z ttli bloody toil! the bitter pain! ,'. :p . or those who shall not‘stand again,
. • In pleasanti.P;enn.s..ylvAnia!
'tack through the N'eidant vidle,; . ,7 lands;
" ; - Vabt fled theloe; in frightened builds;
4 With broken swords and empty hauds t ,
Out of Penndylanial i•
gow.a.nn GLYND'ON
- ' .
opatxr. framoduarrihs kAwr TEN.
-4 ' The editor of thd 4en:411 . 11 . s actiA t :has
leen upoh a visit to linshville, atten 14 a
:State . Conyention. eortununientes the
Atollowing to 1113• paper 'and - vouches - tor hi®
.4tiforraant. It is' detail—horri= .
tle in coneeptidn, and!the wretches who, per
-spetrated,the ontrages l named,,arp not fit for
abanging. Sonie new s and exqdisite torture
....04Q1d. be invented for thdir especial - benefil.
- e,re - id the article
Prom Col...Robert:Al Crawford, of 'Green
t soinity, Tennessee, , lwh.o'.is a refugee, and
I ;wa f s one' of the vice presidents of the State
f Xknwentipia at Nashville; We learn the fol.-
' owing facts in reference to rebel 'r,ule zn that
7b'eautiful , "Switzerland, of Ame.rica,i,' _East
ennessee,'Colonel - CraWford'has.a personal
7... knowledge of"some of the fact's; , having left
fthe scene of,their entietinctit 'quite, recently,
nuad v,oticites for the trtith.of all of them, as
was Obinitteir from trtiatwor
;thy iiersons, and Written,doWn on•th4 Spot.
Last sununer th.ree ; rinitg men * brother's,
named Anderson, left theirhOmes in Hawk
ins ancr atteroptedto make their way
14 — to Kentucky. - They, Were ariested :by a
squad of confederate Cai , alry on Clinch riv-
O f about seventy-five xiilles froth Knoxville,
Ot and thrown into Thbir hod
‘leilivere found floatin in the stretini, fifteen
smiles from their own.forsakeri _honks.
THE sgaktptTY, 9Y SALT. • , j 1 •
ri In the month ofjanuary, assa, atlaurel,
C., near. the- ITannessea border ; ) all the
-salt .was seizad for distribution:; by- •confede
',nate cornmissiohers:l , Salt tasselling at sev+
ss-41ty,five one . hundradtollarsn saek.%The
vrstemissionera , • 116 . elstied-:Ahat, the 9Torlei
Johould have none,'4!atiftpositively - 'refused to
.4give Union mentheirpnrtion of thevituitity
-do be distributed in - that This pal
4sble injustiee - ronaeci - the-Union. , men ;. they.
- -:assembled together-and - detezmined:ta seize
Altair proportion of the , salt :by force.' :They
so,taking at 11 - grahall; N. C., What they
deemed to be their just share, 7 :
cW Immediately •afterttirds t the Si:tY,..ififth
-diortli Carolina regiment, under * eorninani
I:Lieutenant-Colonel Jamas.Reith, was order
to Laurel to arrest'the offenders::,
Z. 11.• Allen Was COlOild Pf the regiment,
,Inthad been stisPeadenbierinie and drum :
lceniess. Alany'of . the in'en x •erigaged in - the
•!,salt seizure left their liOna64.,': 2 Those who did
timet'piirticipate' in :it be . einne the' sufferers.
';,Among those arreStod• Were Joseph Wood,
- liibintt 'sixty gears`,of Lige . ; Da l / 4 -id'Shelton,
ty; Roddy Shelton, forty-five; Eli4'oxi Xing,
forty"; Helen Mitibreijorty; Wade Moore,
, Ithi:rty-five;Asaittbf She:4W, fifteen 4 William
,Ahelton,. twelve; 4anies,AfetcaJf, tep;.Josper
,:glannel fourteen; Samuel Shelton, nineteen,
-- and his brother;:aged:seventeen; sobs of Id-
InsShelton-Lin alt, - thirteen - men. 'and boys.
"IYearly all= of thern , deelared..they were inno
cent, and had•taken:tio.part in.appropriating
,the salt. They begged .for` u trial, asserting
that they conld,prove theifinnotetice.
• ;••. • : •
Tli.E. v - gr911T10.17..
001011e1 who Was - with -his titiop "
of •
1 , but not in. eozniniiid, told 'the're 'that' they
should have a they:p..9llld betaken
to • Tennessee ibis that :p - urnese.
• They bid
farewell to theii*Wiv6, ,aatghters; and
jars, tKoenre e tvLnesses
`;iind, bring their', to the, Tentiesies,
where they su*sed,:th - :eir, taith
_ Ahts I .how, iitt,SO,theY=AreatneVa,ii ii t
,a fate awaited theta!
BoitraTl.r BAIttA.IIIIIE4.
r; _The poor ;follows baa,proocedect hat 01 few
miles, when they were turned from the road
into a gorge in tiara mountains, and halted.
Without wining of whit, was to ire
Lion tcitli them five.VitliezoV'qq - i n ,944 1 1e.e.4'''
, to kneel do n. ;Ten pkiCes;iid froiat'ot these
soldie - rs.cie&-Placed. with; 10d
of the doomed patriots. Old man Wood
(sixty years of age) cried out: "For God's
saltemen,::yoliarenot going to - shoot
you are going to murder us, give us' at least
time-to pray." Colonel Allen was reminded
-h They,
were informed that Allenhad no authority ;
that'aith wins iii tothinirnd, and that `there
wits nci thii& The- order was
&mil to .fire; thciold,men - andhoys put, their
hands ,()
,their i faces and -s,e,nt i ,the th:o ,air, with,
agonizing Cries ,of despair 664651:s Wa4
'Vend; and'Aesillifed t-O• ObeY 'co l iunana•;
Keith said if they did -not ' instauitly - ho them ;change: places with, the
prisoners. The , soldiers. raised their, gyp's,
the victims shudderedconvutsiv - eIY, the woid
•Wast6"'fire, arid' the` • ; E:V6
',pierced' with rebl ''Old- nieri WObd
- and ,Shelton .'were- shot- in - the Llead;.• their
brains scattered upon the ground, tend they
;died ;without a struggle.
~The„ Other three
liVed only _n'feiv Minutes. =• -;
_ - Five others were ordered to kneel, among
thbnilittle silly Sheltbir, &Mere Childi' - cinlv,
twelve years old. He implored•the , rnen -not
to shoot - him in the-face.-- -- " You have killed
my father and said hd, "You bay 4
shot myfather in tho-face;- do not shoot me
in the covered :his - facolvitivhis
, hand"= The - Soldiers , reeciVetlthe corder' to
4re,land.fiv4 More 12-9,6r
was wounded in both arrns.-; Re sari Ail- au
officer, clasped him around-the legs. and he-
Sought- him to spare his life.. "You have
killed my old father audiny three brothers;
you hare.shot me in both arms--I forgive
you all. this—l can ,get we 11... Let me go
home to my mother and sisters.' What a
heart of adamant the, Man inust save who
could disregard such an appeal, The-little
boy was'dragged back to the place of eecu
tion; again the terrible- word ."firel' was
given, and he foil dead, eight , balls having
entered his body. The remaining three
were Murdered in the same Manner. Those
in Whom life was not entirely extinct, the
heartless 'officers dispatched with their pis
tols. -
A bole was then dug, and the thirteen
bodies were pitched into it. The grave was
scarcely large enough; some • of. the bodies
lay above the ground. wretch. named
Sergeant N. B. D. JAY, Virginian,, but at
tached to ix Tennessee coma the Sixtk
fifth North Carolina - regiment, jumped ilptin
the bleeding bodies, and said to some 'of -the
men : -"pat Juba for me, while I dance the
damnedscoundrels down to; and through
hell." :Me grave was covered lightly with
earth, and_ the next day when the rives and
families:7o the murdered mm heard of their
fate, searched for and totind their grave, the
hogs had -rooted up one man's, bAy, and
eaten his head off. _
Captain Moorley, in charge' of n cavalry
force, and Colonel Thomas, an command of
number of Indians, accompanied - Keith's
men. TheSe proceeded . to Tennsee ; - Kbitlf
men returned to Laurel, and were instructed
to say that, the cavalry had taken the prison
ers with them to be tried, in accordancewith
the pledge of Colore Allen. In their pro
gress through the country; many tYnion men
were known to have been killed end scalped
by the Indians. • Upon the return of Keith
and his men to Laurel, they began systemat
ically to torture the women of loyal men to
force them to tell where their- ththers and
husbands were, and what part each had taken
in the salt raid. • The women refused to di
vulge anything. They were ten whipped
-with hickory switches—many - of them till
the blood coursed. in streams down their pet
sons' to the gro d; and the , '-'.men who did
this were called oldiers! Mis., Sarah Shel
ton, wife of Esa Shelton;_ , who escaped from
the town, mid. Mr , ary Shelton, wife of
Tans Shelton, were whipped and - hung by
the neck till they were almost dead, but
would give no information. Martha White
an idiotic girl, was beaten, mild tied by the
neck to a tree. . '
= ,Old,Mts. trnus Rirldle, aged .,
years; was-whipped, hiing,, and robbed 'of : a
considerable amount of money. 31airtibth-r
ers were treated with the same barbarity.
And the men who did this - were called sol
diers! The daugherS of William Shelton, a
Man Of-wealth and highly reSpecttible, were
-requested by - soine of the ofacers to sing and
play for then, They played and sang a few
national, ,Keith learned' (41 it, and or
dered that the ladies be placed' under. arrest
and'sent to the guard-house, where the St. re
mained all night. • " ;
Old Mrs.'Satlie Moore, sei'eiity years of
age, was whipped with hickory-rods till the
.blood ran in stream 4 down her back. to -the
oround ; and the perpetrators of this were
. 'elothed in the habiliments of rebellion, and
bore the - name of soldiers !' •
-One woman, wholiad an infant five or six
weeks old. was tied in,the snow to a tree, her
child placed in the doory icy in her sight, and
she was informed that.if'she did 'not tell' 'all.
she krie' about the seliure - of, the salt, both
herself and the child would .be allowed- to
Sergeant. N, B. D.,.jay,. of Captain
Reynold's' company; and Lieutenant R. M;
Deever, assisted their s taen in the execution
-of these hellish' outrages. Houses were
burned and torn down. All kinds ef•prop
arty was destroyed" or carried off.
--- iiiiTERFERE:kCg - ',q - E2ii,Ekr--Do.k-E.1.80.N,
All the Wenaeri and'ehildred of the Union
men who were shot, .apd,of those who escap
ed, were oidere:d, by General Alfre4 E. Jack
-stgiTheadqUarterg at Jonesboro, to be sent
thropgh the' Rites -by way. of. Knoxville.
When the-first of.-them armed at this place,
the officer applied to GeneralDonelson-(for
merly speaker of the House of , Representa
tives at Nashville) to - knoW by which' route
they should $e sent from there; - whether by
Cumberland Gap for , 'Nashville, .. Genera/
Donelson immediately, dire,eted them to be
released and 'sent. home, saying that such a
thing' was unkruOrn in civilized 'A=olitaiies•
_were then sent home; 'and' - all the 'refu
4ees met on the road were also turned back.
On the 13th of , ..Fehruary, 1663, a squad of
soldiers weresent to conscript James 119Cob
lum, of Greene eminty, Tenneee, a very
respectable, industriohS man, thirty or thirty
yew% 'bfage.; They found him feeding
his cattle. hen 16. saw soma of theta he
ran th.the back . of, : his barn ;."others were
posted,behind the barn, and, withouklialling
or attempting to arrest him, ohs bf them shot
him through the neck, kiln nono• him instantly.
His three - little children" Wh4`intr it,:xan :to
the:house and told their' mothsr, ; she came
out.;wr . inging her hands in anguish-, and
screaming with prior atid.disintLY.
The soldiers were sitting, upon the fence . ;
laughed, at tier= agony,' and *said" they
had nnJy, kiifed fi i'•.tratnned.,
Zije frattlitin typsitork, ibantbasbutg,
murdered ram was highly - esteemed!by his
neighbors, anp,aS affirm Union min.
In .April daStZpive'rebel soldiers! ? named
Aitood:and lug* whit to the house;of
On the waters of Lick':
cieok, eeweountY,io conscript her son.;
41110490 , 1adyi Was partially deranged ; .s4e"
_comniiWe'd ttre soldieri'to•leave her bouse,
and raised a stick to strike oaeof them. He
told her if she struck him, he would run her
through - with bayonet; she --gave the
blow, And he sh7ther.through the bteast,-.-e 1
SthrlEiTniai r
Tti` lie inine"irionth,""Jes - Se:: Peree; an =b7d`
man sixty years of age, two sans and two
nephews, were arrested in Johnson county,
Tennessee, bordering on Virginia, by colonel
Fouke's cavalry; composed of Tennessee and
Nor* Carolina men. They were takerk, to
Ash county, North Carolina, to -b6,tried* - fr
disloyalty to Jefferson Davis-& CO, Thntl3.
man had been previously, "airk.sted, taken to
Knoxville, tried and t‘eqUitted.
When the prisoner#ArrifVed in Ash county
a gr, oggery keeper ptclpo , :zed-to treat Fouke's
"men- to eight galiAns:
„of - brandy if-they
would hang the - ,filtinan, his sons and . ,
nephews, without-‹trigl - : The bargain was
struck, and the, five-idinfortunate - Men.,Vere
hanged without lifithen*remnny: The
brandy was furnisheci",*(rsonin Of it drank
before the tragedy, the rest -afterward.
- .lltDlCri 'REILLY 46:1V tirioOPS.
At a recent meeting, held in Ira - 401 1 ml - Hall,
..: . -
Philadelphia, to- pronfote':the- etillitment Of,
negro troops, Judge iill - Y:delive.fed an - ad,
_ .
dress replete with ehique.nee r -i ne
. .- .
We subjoin several extracts4'' ,- - .- •-:.-',-','
My Fellow-Citizens,:--Before
~ - p riedlui
to the consideration of . the' ;irrave.qtiestion;,that.the
rebel army of Nortbern"Virginin:te no Irto.te•
[lmmense cheering.]- ":As anorganizatieri; it
will never leave the's:oil Of - TerinSVlViiiiiii,'
. _ . .. _ .
.though -fragments of.-it 'may straggle'across:
theyetonme: i.[Renewedeheering,l Treace.
forth' Virginia is -dedicated2to-.;Fredlorni
tpheerl - - West.Wginia.Was fre.i3d Jiy - the
suffrages:Of. helf: patriotic: Men, ainiSirginiti
by..the , power qi - : : therUnited'Sta'tes. . 14 7
plaits e.) 15c_ver again WlWthe insolent , anal
Wavy of -the __Old' - Doniiiiior. -breed -fair;
skinned and blue-eyed girls;, or s:alwart, black
men,.,fer.tlie,Slave .rintrkets- of the far- South.
- [Long continued cheering.] -- --_`" - -,-- "
- Citizens. of-African _deseent, you I
wouldspeal, -Areypiteentent to. spend your
lives as boot=blacks, :blithers; waiters and in.
other pursuits little if anybetter than servile
or menial, when
.t:hoiiworcssio l i'of arise-the
terrible but glorious work of war—invites
; you to -acknowledged manhood, freedom and
h0n0r...: [Applause, and cries of No, -no.] ,
hundred. years of unmitigated
oppression,-Providen6e has opened the way
for the Africo-American to prov e his Manhood
to the world.and command, 'the respect and,
gratituderofthose.Of his fellow-citizens.whose
cupidity and have enslaved and. de
graded him.,., Will you :not spring to - arms
and march to the higher destiny thiit'awalts '
.race. though it may require yourman
gled bodies to strew the
.glorious path - May?
.[Checring,;andcriesof Yes, vesd Yes, you
rill •
..1 et ; tnot 1 said that the Third United
States,. Colored, -Volunteers, though a Penn
sylvania regiment, contained but fevi or no
ishiladelphians,, But fill ,its ranks quickly.
You will- bear at its head the flag around
which freedmen and their descendants s.hould
most\proudly rally:.
Thed a g of Pennsylvania, ath e firs t conintion
wealtloiingdOta or empire to abolish slavery
-the Coromonwealthwhose.act of emanci
.expfessiOn of
-gratitude ,to
God for the 'freedom hp-had-vouchsafed to its
people—antedates British etnan*ition more
than forty years—is the One *e ask you to
carry aloft.• It-is the-symbol of our honer
and greatness. , We.@ cheerfully confide it to
your hands,-assured', hat you will,
triumph to, any point, at which In
raised its rebellious head, lindundc
prove to mankind that each olie-of ,: ,
the sterner eleMents of maribood>a,', .
the haughtiest aristocrat oftheiConack
[Applause.] :-.,,,
- - :
, 0,/d men,despite _ the „disabilities., under„
Which . you abor, some of you have acialmu
lilted wealth;- we do not ask yoiil . 6 , erdiSt--'
we want the young-and vigorous. But when
,you go to youthomes to-night - do - you • uty
—gather about, 'you your able-bodied see'
and let theni - know that-if they prove cowards
- in this grand crisis of the history of yOur ra
you will disinherit and denounee 1 them.--s---
Mothers, you love
,your sons--:but,thinit: you
that you love thein better than did the moth
ers of the briiveWhite-beys and inen Who haVe
borne our . banners over.- so Many terrible
fields? No, you will not claim this; gather,
then, your sons around you, and spurn him-,
who will net prove that when you suffered
the pangi of maternity it wag to give birth to
a man. ' ' And, girls; 1 have- a word to say to
. you. - The fellow who shrinksfrom the smell
of gunpowder is very. apt to, be afraid:of
thunder.. I have' known, to creep into
bed during k'storm, and beg to'be covered up
closely: ' If, - daring , this war, some spruce
, young dandy.troubles you .ivith a tender
question, let,-him know that you would rather
marry the wooden log and empty jacket sleeve
of a war-worn hero 'than any man who might
reqUire you •to tuck-him- 'up during
thunder stormy . [Cheers - and laughter.] ,
, . • And now white . men'. and women, let me
1 have a word with you,. Will yOu assist-the .
Supervisory , Committe in the work it has in.
hand? Will yosi give te'these brethren - Of 1
the heroes Of :Port 'Hudson and 31illikeri's '
_Bend your broadest...fullest sympathy ?, Will
you pourinnpon Congress memorials mover
whelmirigiittinibens,, demanding that, as to pay
and pension, they shll' be treated as liberally 1
as other soldier's are ? ‘ [Cheene, and iif
Yesaow will.] -- Will you watch over their
widows -with fraternal care, and see that their
- orphans are secured such, educational oppor
as a great and humane Common
wealth should proVide for the orphans of,
patriots who' -have , laid down _ their lives in
her cause .and; under her flag? , [Renewed:
cries of - Yes; and we. will.] , Yes, I ani ,
sure that in these, respects you will be just,
and I_ hope ,
yOu will - be generously magnan
imous. -- '',-r: ': j . , , _- - .
In the, gloomy days: through which wo
have' just pawd,, I have been buoyant with
hope amounting to faith. Behind the dark
and heady clowl'that hiing so opprotstvely
near' Us,- I, taw; -in the rapidly developiri,g
"provldenteatf God,,the sure promise of mic
:tory -and peace. :Airing weary, sorrowing
months and years - of war, we have sighed for
the. coining man" who Was to bring ustbese
great: blessings. - We have not - sound
Net Butler,' nor - Banks, nor'Fremont, nor
Grant,., nor . abseerans, nor-Mende—thougu
he has invested :our quiet GottyslArg.with
the, combined' glikries,of .:41a - genta and Bolfe 7
rine==-baS shown hiniself to be the man whoge
genius and' ?ler were to- deliver us froin
protracted war. , Tbadrait this is but to- admit
that, our great soldiers 4re pot-übiquitous.
Donelson and Vicksburg, each in turn ;
Orleans, Portjiii4stai and Gettysburg' have
- each ;been'-worthy the attention of , it gretit
General. - Shall Wethe.n Coselb hopeSor him
whose corning, !lve; has - so long prophesied
Oh, not. hewaits our bidding. He 4's . the
Colored qn barxmle Port indson
the Thertit'Oylakd hl,l . rani; -he cm cup,i;s anti
Et foitnae% Rkeßttioidp, ht , - 2 is 'toady, inter-=
'ceo #ra.gikl's !ShOrmodotia•
oy;V:he o'c4hpr4#e attvugholds,'.ofa'qrine..4
,vyll4 gye=vif fib iifesta4 ; whiah', in
&pond with a jo y ous "Aye, aye," to your
6111. and run the Union flag to the t.op of
.very star upon:her praries - 4 - . he holds tat - his
-Mercy every aere-of Ro.nfedorate . perritory ;
:Asia chattel, he =dlOtlic4 artge'very
Ebel soldier,..apaß, assured-411-yout - sym t
"joatltY, he will crush every rebel stronghold.
Yes, sneer' at or doubt it as you may j the
'negro is the coming man" for whi we
have waited. Oive him the chance to attest
his nature at all these points around which
our white brethren perish, in swamp a d hos
and throttling and crushing is old
pn'pressor, he will give us speedy victo y, and
•aye4Ohat shall never again be distu cd by
mvit.Wai.. [Tremendous and long-eo tinued,
cheertrio. - .1 • -
, .
'• .... ; rI3FITSBUIT,G COLLEGE. i 1
Air addkw signedi by Messrs.. Sehmucker.• ,
.t raOhi. , 44lgher, Jacobs, Stoeveri,, and:
3ful4e4p:ig,, Professors, and by Abel Presi.:
deritnUd•:resident Trustees, of the 'Theologl
ical iS'''eruinary and College of Getttbilr ,, ,L
• , '' '''
ftt' vt,FY 4peals to the patriotic of all denorail
nstilins for contributions er , repair the/ varii
oUsbighlings connected with the Insti i tution.t
Weldoubt 'not that the call will, as it Ortaini.
ly:slioidd, be liberally and promptly respond.;
ed t i O:,'.. The addres.; says : ,••:-
Intlie:Proyillence• of GOil.;our_Auet and
ordtTly•to - wn, heretofore knoWn °rapt for • its
riurVeriea* literature; seienee and- -4eligion
,lms'..been seleeted;4;the thiatre-for cUi : e of the
;fiercest:m ex.
ost tensive and e..feni LI 4,ondlicts
of the "tiger In COMMon - Witli: all to eiti
irient; vird rejoice that:the'gracions'Orl'lms,
1 nlytWithstanding our mitional and:l4ividual
sins; ;Wanted - na a .glorious _viotOry, : - With`
Ininible„ g ratitude _ we' r(iibilbe in the hope that'
1 thiresult - will irk:line' ph6 - , e,iiiartiqsr...or the
, lav, down tlie - arnis , - of *
' lion;and-will tend td_rstOre - theinii, , 'pattee ,
,'and - - prosperity of ci;Oveininti t. -`,,,Yor
this victory, while we einie,ede idl d e credit:
to theiffilitary genitts'ar our edneera and un
surpassed braverrof our-soldier:s: 3i,o,•_desire
to ascribe the- chief `ghiry to 11.b_n_lilio rules'
among the arraies_of•-heavennricr,iiilltibitants'
earth, add withuot who.3c.iapportatld . aid:all
humane efforts are vain; ~ I •
lii theitheantirtie Or Theological ,tin.d Col-
legiateiiistiflitioni," together with the. Pro
fcssers'houses, have been made a. „sad= scene,
of devasttaion and ruin. The-ridge which
the greater part of these bnilding,srFe - Toeat-,
ed; were - successively occupied by the several
, Their, batteries :were_planted in the
vicinity of: these edifices,- whichlvere
pled by the enemy during the sevelal days - of
contlict;and constantly. exposed to .the fire,
as theplace was several times taken and re
taken- by both, armies. , The Theological
.Seminary was struck by a nnmber, of shells
and balls, and severali:erious fractures caused
which will probably:require part ot'one gable
end, to be taken down.
house:. occupied
by Dr..Schmucker, was perforatedby
teen shells and cannon balls, - several:large
.fissures' were made -in the wallS, window,
frames Were shattered, and nearly all the
gla:is- destroyed. ' The houses -Oldie other-
Professors in the vicinity were also all mord
orless injured, and the
_fences and some-out'
houses on 20 acres-of Seminary land, almost
wholly-destroyO. The Seminary - land Col
lege are, and-for a month to conic, I probably
will be occupied as hospitals for the sick and
wounded of both armies, and will require not
only many repairs, but also much .purificti:
tiou' and painting before they, canlee. occupied
for, their appropriate purposes. T; •• -t
With thishrief and unvarnished - statement
we address -our. appeal first to the
theran Church4or whose instruction and:
anion especially, these institutions have,
'thirty years beenilaboring. -, 'Ne:_request
ministers to take up a .collection Tor this;
purpose,- and Where_-_,this is not done, we ask
active Jul:net/10- collect,from_fricinis,of the
cause. But it is not only to those that our,
appeal directed' 'Our instittiffons hate
from the-beginhing been °pent() all denomi-;
nations, and multitudes lof all _creeds have
theni. The College, more=
decidedly Christian and
Protestant; is as entirely unsectarian as that
- of - Princeton or N:4le. - the patriot,,yhere
fore, whose heart, overflows with gratitude to
God for thexectriat Victory, in the adhieVenient
- of which our ihjulie4 w6re'caus.:Cd; 'we re=
speetfullv - appeal-for soine.contribution as a
grateftd:offering to God, who gave us success.
Should' the aggregate of contributions exceed
what is necessary to repair the:injuries 'suf:
-fered,'. the't \ surplue shall be equidly divided
betweenbotli.lnstitutions.: •And! will it nbt
ever be a liasing -reflection' to eachdoner,
.that helas.contributed to the prosperity of
institutions of literature and religion, located
in the place: hereafter ever niemorableinour
national history, as - the seat fir one of 'the
greatest battles andniost gloriov.4 victories of
the federal:armsl, that, he has contributed to
.those institutions whose stiidents,in response
_to the: call 'of the , GosTrzior for 50,10, mew
toesilei the _rebel ' army frohOur'soit, formed
- the -first volunteer Company that reitalied the
place of rendezvous at Hurrisbrg:
it,--finally, notle a ple_asingrefieetion
r them and
,to all future visitors of this
memorable battle-fleld,'that 't& institutions,
vihose - Soil was plowed up bythe Cannon balls,
whose halls were- stained -with blood - in 'de
fence. -of the • Union, and around - which are
buried some of the martyrs who died in our
holy cause, were .not, perrnanentl2, ,
but that, by the liberalityof Christians grand
patriets, their laiter days were ruorepitisper
ous than: the first. • .
- ..All .contributions are to -be directed to
Alexander,-,D. Buehler, Gettysburg, Pa„ and
their early transmission is requested, as re
' pairs must be coinmencedivithout '
ordsurio:TO RANO.: " latt
PuIrIPEP! , ;
The' follbwing•
. artiele 'froin the organ of
Sett' publislie:d ut Knoiville,,
is commended to - the eonsideratic6 of tho'se,
"Gerinans here' and elsewhere; wilo havn been
led,ngainSt their 'better judirnent and the
tradition of their yti'sierlanil, by Copperhead
`deniagegu s ea, to" sioiptithiie with the rebels;
or at least to place theinselsies in an attitude
'of opposition. to the 'admirditration" of the
"Vnited §tateS_Goyerlinient: ,fie think that
'with this knowledge' of what thirebelslhink
of the 4ermans laid how they puiPose to treat
then), arey'Gerniary blindly follows
their Copperhead: leaders, is utterly destitute
oi'self-regpeetnnd of brotherly - le - ding for the
gallant , Germant in our array;
Vroin the .KritC , xvilli+ lligleter; 4 line 12.
" 2 " Of late in' all' btiftl.P.:“ Ana in all recent
Incursions sederul eav,alry, *e have
found the great naass,of_.Northern soldiers to
consisiof Dutchmen. Theplunderinalhier s ' _
e -., •, 34044;
capttired I.,y,gg r orrest, who stole - half the jew-, T•l,s'7' ::"---2, , , 4`', 4, .
elry andw - atCW,* a dozen eduntiei of Ala-:,• , , , • -I * . '' , '''''''''O''';s.lrT 6 !" . '•- , "•• - ---,,,--,,,,,,,,-.--;••,---"--..
- i:lfuniti, : w4rhin4Elitilato Dutch/Wit. The n's.‘,,, , ' , W - FSTEAREOTEL, West lfrarket
-Aqn.: - Oklifr Olqiitt4
. I*i rt., as distihctit,.e ofthik;:i w ...Et.g,Tieur the Bkage,themberiburg, Pa, ..
ra€, , t3 as, eat `wilfcb;cch stantly ascending i4 : * . "-.,12 . -: l 4rtut=h7il u arrtt illY T t' ' r thrn, l ll l : Tml es el :
lieirve., l 4. t .Vas a'sttaitibti the nostrils of, the. - rtes; Idontalf Oiler /lota. tee 4=o tine:
it OM , ts =mt.
'gw , is 11 A. i-trint ittijilil as that peculiar to-s- ileS -- •>lo vaeis for - etralWars told others to step A that
ole-cat, an oht.
„'0 . - g. - 't a -lager beer saloon.
g° L' l l32.lll2w ar iTi e witt r aw= r,pretid with tueiu3.
Crimes, thefts, Lain alts to the women of ne, 4andenhssanthadortho seitson.
the. South,..duriably- - -mark the :courses - of - - /Its citAnitEaswrotwlie, won vomitus, wollinted
these stinking odies Of animated sour -krout. N i n s tl d n e .7l-'11, 1 :, 06 . - d ,i on r e ,R tlt • 1 1 . '4‘ eh le e
Rosecratis himself is sin unmixed DutehMan, sortwi - I,7Z,iiiii iyiles l ilt . ,iiiori. : ' I: 7 '. 66 . .1_ -°.- -
.ftirttrztuTsedquee whiehrhas orerruruthe , rast , - -- - 13 A , Mat44.11 , 1tin- ' , awn* , - 14 -oisitted- 14 zht - * Ol
-t s ti t re,, oine pr render fOr etoeti, tad attend? sl lafee . reful
-districts; of the country: of the Northttresb.
- x": '-*'"'''',-- It - litippeni that --- Wg-'i‘ntertaiti: a, - its - arykis.wittbe .1a,64*, - readitc.oh - i'leiswtifitdctiot t
greater aegree-of respeeffor"airlthit)plan hi 'al l •bu'lowitit ahifklidinghttuaairtj italtattafia' . Am'
a n; he eulicite eillieral alias° of the public vatronage.
:the ra,Osi of-the licitthernamilesthan.foran ,rway...whz, •- - - - Joitri "-TILLER
toaoriferous Dutchtnan, who,„ quiz hav,,pos-,
sible interest in thiS., revillitlon*L-* . - -I: •-,*
Why not' hang 'ever'n DiitrirriuW ic - qi - ttireif f
ire wilt hereafter hang, or'slidait . n. ampriSini
for life ; alt white men taken' inleommaizet of
`,Aegrom, and enslave the agroes theniselves;
This:is not, too harsh,". .Nphumanheina• will'
Ttssert the contrary., Why„ then, should we,
'llot - hang - a Dutchman, Who deserves infinite;
ly less "at Our sympathy than-iSambo: 'Alm
.•,bsernmOds ofbeer,'krout,-Tdbacco and - rotten:
chee,s,e,;w4ich,on. two legs a.mi,four,on : foot'
:Mid mounted; go prowling #trol i the Sollt4,`
. shoufd he used - to man.ure .the,' sanair plains
findliarr - eri Ifil.l-•Sities - of Alaliania r ,'llennessee
'airr[l . • Ge9' rgiaP t. - --- - * - - I '* ,' Ifi&lace4. a Mitek
regiment , adorns,the limbs of ..a Southern- for-.
„est, daringeavalry raids into the : South.shall
c.egii;: * 44-
,* President Datis.need : not _bei
- speeiiilly cOnsulled, and if Ten' aecident of this
;S - o:et ',Sheila' vedur to: . a . pltindering 6aniP titre
‘.that captured by:Forrest, tee are no - tine - lined
to believe that-our President;wonld be greatly
'.`Wre.:N j itsSTilitr.E.:L-jShortlti beibre
Patrick Ilextry,-laying his lidnd , en the :13i
41.1 : ere,is,a book-worth more than...all oth
ers yet:it is,' :rq sad Misfortime never to hain,
remit, Until'lately, with proper 'attention."!
'With voiee'iind geSture pertinent,-arid'-x11;
his own,.John'llandolph , saidf - -. •
terribl - e.preof of city ,deprp,ity,is,thn't - ,
the eati,relish and remember anything-,hetter:
than 1 1 1 13 E Z)os." .
' When"the'sliades - af death were 'gathering
around Si:r 'Walter Setitt,' he :said':to
watcher 't!Bring the-1300k.1' : • -
"What. book a,skecrf.ocklitirt,,,his son—
'- "There is but one . Book,"' said the dyingf
man:'!' With such testimony
,11.4. to the virtue
.of the . Sacred scriptures, reiterated by the'
great. and good,- in all -a-ges,.lt is -a sealed.
book to, many. _
MA 0 . 11 McCoux, the - venerable slie.of the',
six fighting brothers McCool', was a remark-'
able feature of the Union, Convention if
Ohio,-on the 17th.. He is the father or Brig-,
adier,General Robert McCook, Murdeied by'
"the rebe,Ls,'• and Major General Alea:araier
M. McCook, commanding under Reieerang.,i
The Major and his sons have ; been ultra Dein-,
ocrats, two or three of whom have in
defence 'of the country. In of.tlielse
facts,- the appeal' of this briivb: old patriarch
before the Convention,-in behalf of the so -,e field, and, ,i4„denunciation_of .
Illandigham and-AislOyaltyi: ittipres
sively eloquepti
Tilt Hon., Ri O. Grier, ono the - ,?ridge's,
of the U. S. Sqprerne Court, presided at a,
.T.Tnion War Meeting at Williamsport„ Pa.
:recently. ThiS venerable Judge,
looked 'upon as.the fourftain 'Of the law in.
this state, is a Denioerat, one of thd'old Jack
son stamp; of unquestionedvcr...hodol.-y... It
was the, first public meeting, he ; said. that be
had - attended for thirty rs, sine Ike ,first
'took a, seat upon the Bench.. He character-
Ned the rebellion es “th'e nieSt "emiseleg`in
the history of the World—a rthellion-itsictinst
liocrty and nOthing.ase.' l : .•
. ,
A, TOZTIk - rG lady of high adeOpaPlishments,
the family being - Withont ' serVant at -. .the
- time; Stepped' 'to the door oiFthe` ringing of
the beff, 3viiieh.arinounee,d a, visit f'rom one
of her, admirers. On entering, the ;beau
glaneina. at the harp and; piano exCittiineiit
.'..f . thbught I heard'nitisfe-'-on Which instill
ment were Y•ou - performing , , "Onrtlitr - grid.
sif, , with the accompaniment - , Of: the
frying pan." replied she. mother is
without a servant, - and she says Imust learn
tci finger IMise instruments - socmer - of - later;
so I, have , this; day feoinmenee'd a eanrAd - Of
Tat Union Cause' neverlookeilso'bright;'
since the beginning bf the;Var,. as , it; 'does
now. , since theftr - st, : of July the rebel. ar4
Mies have lost one hundred: thousand, men,.
and an Iminense amount of'sOres ' • and, more
still, their:two s'tiong . holdS in the 'Centre of
the rebellion. IcoN , ' 'is -the - time - for eveiy,
- true Man tO: take: . courage, and stand shom
der. to shoulder in support of the Govertune.nt
and our...allant armies in, the '
1D is little.singular , that since - en - has
been - whipped and• - .:Arickaburg taittm, the
petnocratic peace papers arc anxious. to realm
propositions ts.), the
,-reb - el goxernmeni tor ti
cessation'of hostilities. 'Can `ii be possible
that they-leel tlinsigh - they • were being
whipped, or - --de„ they', fear f that the war illay
close underra .fferitiblican administration and
thus cut - oil' the pemocratieirespects for the
next .Prsiclentint election.
, A Tom , to gentleman.•wqao atone tirue_wai
very much: t "mitten with 4,,very,prOtcy• tittle
! - Priend,'"'saiti-Ithatiti:,his travels, through
the West Intlie'she'often ilitt'sonieVe,rly se
ver-eshoelta frUM eartininakes;'but'they 'were
not •a circumstance when compared = with
-these which he
. .exiperjenced lyout l this, little
'TYPoor.ArorreAL errota. - cnite in very dad
sordstivies. The-other day we weroleadiog
a derriptien of _enthusiastic- demonstrations
at apolitical gathering, when - the type went
on witli4-
- - -
Nvus , rezit with the snatztavf three
thoupiulpeoie" - : : - • • 1
_. .
..' A geritleuinh,rode'up to U - publichouse hi
the country, ana-,askedps , lrho is'tlie rnastet
of .thiil h0u5e?".4.,”1 - ..ain, sir," , Teplied the
landlord;, 4, , ,n1y wire, has ;been dead- about
three weeks."
.A boy who \ had 'read of 'sailors
heaving' up anchonowaitiato - know if it
,was salickness - that made do, it:, r
honest, itiart Is the: - nObiesP - iikijrk 4W—
bat' Ore' edition' is •savlll, - suiddio
'Orleans Pickaynne.
to-fOrge't aniii,lPry‘ is More tlimi natkire eau
promise"; but, to fo'rgito - it is Nifillit'grtitean
:I/EATri has eorislgpesl niany .triar!
Nylon a longer life would have co*
to infinity; - -
Wn have eftett' read about the ¶ me ( aot
praise.,", but:, heAr nano praise of
TT.XioN irCakti.-21.11is netel is
-aituattxl oirthiTeirna.of Nlitin and Queen ..Streets,
tliel/faniottliiiithegotengh - tiChamhersbo.4,ra.
zliiiiindettritterlif i espettfrilly , annutinteS
thaftii Dein rens °Alt t 1 1t bag
been raised to 5'.0011111S tilts
three story Back Bagain g has' been edited. to it, Vrfisg
. ;immense amount of for tho neeentnioiliitien, eC
the ihiblic'generisity. r The rooms dre large and - comfort,.
_ableouinbering 1 i nll, ,tkirtytire. They
Inn - fished" with 600.0 :NEW "FURNITURE. - Perseus.
^stOppingatthis,soteiottnbare.either dooble or , sittgle
rginus, with or Witlont4iie in them. The 'Sahli 1 , 4 . 11 1.
Waysitesimiied - wAli the 31Altlitt, ,• and
741 beat WM PA/ persons:
he liar is filled ~rith the CitOICEST r40 . 1703it." - tine
"4W:4 As.twe,sthries, of theznost modern Style, sntj tiso
best in the lierongh of Chambervburg.
'June 17 ' 3011 S Et{ .Prnitri em."
FRANKLIN. HO` `ET :de (1
the patio ,Roaro . ,Chostiborsbnrg,4
- The subeeriber would res fully ,info tb - asrallol.
ing Conlin - unity thatba has le in akeu lit*.seolon
of this tloTantedldns llntal Ile lio to 'mks -it one'- t
the meat desirable plates for atratipre, and others ,to.
-stop that can bofoutl in any country town.:;
• •
• TAME .will at all times t spread with the lilt -
Aries and substantiate of the
lIIS CilisMilEllS are large.'well ventilated; and fitted
up in modern style. . -
HIS BAR will be well rapplied with It large and choke
tetectiqd of the very best'Llitnors. -
I - 11S STABLE Kill always ,be.proaided with geed,.
"wholesome prdvender for steels, and atteatiedhy-earefal
No pains will be spared to render ontirr Satirtaction to
all Ule guest; and pledging birnseif Piondeasiir to-plenum
&J i be solicit.. 11 i sbareuf the public pattronace,.
• -.lnnen, ' ' "1/ANTEI. TROSILE,
trirlll-TOSWAX. I OTEL;Chain
betsbtirg,lct.—AitenAPl GROVE, Prqirtetor. _
Slaving purchased thisVeli-knorrn llotel,(longtrnown
as ,Nlillere, and recently us Veit , Grove's.) the Propr-i
-eter pledges himself th,lit no pains shall be spared tor
rulnister to the v u
ents nits pests.
'tbechar4(iter hererefui.e statuiried by the noun 48 a.
_clittfor t blo .11 out e fur the Sojourner, shall not sidreeln
my hands fin n ourtneffort - to please and lit'Cilta [Rear - it.
Will 111.1nRitt: it. The proprietor, therefore, selicrra:Ta
continuance ortheliberatpatrounge heretauro efltend
ed to the 'White ztvran:'
In addition to large Stabling, he ins TWO 'LOTS and
alpair of BAY f 1,114 STOCK, SCALLS . for She , lICCOMMOdiIt it'll
of Drovers and Bute - hers; ' t
' "
June ).1.1?..fid ;: , . ; ' • MICII.AEL I Iiik
• :•,
.. .. -1' •
~.SIT.ILLS COVESI,I". - DAM II TM tv,asict.
~ .: Have - bee the the Proprietore oe - the UNITED
. ATEn HOTtif, near the Kali-road Depot et lIXItitiM
IRMO. Pa • This peptide:. and commodious -Hotel beat
: heenmendy. refitted sad tarnished throarumic its par-
Jors,and obeli - JIB, and is now ready for the rec. - Option
of guests. ' '-. = • ' .
"glio_travelLinr ! pnblic, will tad the - United SOites Hotel
'the most tonreatent, in all particulerl, of any Hotel in
:_the ;State Capital, on account of its access to tbo rail
-rood. being,hareediately between the two great 'llepets
in ibis city. - titirmiseveo, June It, '43-tr.
•:... , ' . .... , -Wa - jmesteiro' . .Recerci, Sletcersbnrg Jeurnal, - and
Oreeneroidle Pilot, cope gm, aid charge Repository. i,•!;:4(
, tlla.ia
I. &red, Chambersbuti Pa. .101 IN 14. XetaLOß,
.I.lvprieter. Pine hcaontinedatfons and low chtt pp. '
A' Stock Yards-and Stairs are cennected yitll the
iirenlieeskr the convenience of Drovers: -Alect—itAtta,
sive stabling-and yards far nerses and Curritigis.'. 9 t'
4unc 17 . • . • • -
110.1. A. POND .00.,
t/47 . 23'roadicay, New Yo2]. -
• • - = As POND' -Co.) -
Manu r fncturels of and Denim in nil kirdnpf '
• • -
Publishers and impo - rfers of Sheet Aluste x ., 4futical
' Works, ce.,
Messrs. W. A. Pexn i• Co. can furnish anything in the
musical firm at, the shortest possible noticeiautl ut swriue m
that defy, competition. .
' 4 - ...
YlANts,llolt (N en) from 5125 tOSSOO.
PIANO-FORTEscseeotal-hanillfront to - PD, aceore
torize and tit) , Iv of rase.
,R.RWDR . 0.N.4,04 aihtheeelebyated makers': at,taanntie.
torero' price r
FLU 'it 3,-ftVut oaetti eight keys, and frool. , tee. to $124
pries....; ,
AN Ntit. FIFES, in case, Sz.
-GUITARS" ...11ANJOF.,. 'viovantuos,
intumsp AccoutsEoNs., CONCERTINAS ' , and all
kinds of Iltuainit Instruments.
A. set of our Very hest.NIOLIN STRINcIB, I'se ; OUITAR
Tltlsit~S $1 ; UANJO „STRINGS, $I; sent hip oad;
. , . .. ~, ~ ,
We publish nn e of 'tholirriest and - most-criluairleCata
loguns fridkuterica, and ate daily adding twit., tear tau-
!Mint fotqurnishing everything in this particular de-
parliiieUt aro ititturrnn. -
_ - Every. piece uT,Tilusinpublisheil ht the Zniica, States
Corsa/a. /it whole dl's and retail. 'We have cOustant sr:-
champs - with Cm Enroll ea trit iablish ern.. and cnn the t . t ,-
fore supply arty foreign music desired: .
Ataxic Stni by liiiiii,' -, kto- toga Paul" ; sat Pectipe. 0f,..:114
.liarkr,ii Price. ,
'' -,- timlers, l'o.nii'ern.iiiitl 80:11irall its, can' Obtain 'IW ir
supplies of Alusip by Nail. tit a postage of gory it we
Cents on each paclurg , ziof f,ur ounces; ft. less, and four
cents for useir fonronuccs, or leis, weight of, Woks. t
---i Uly'i2-tit,
& RAMLIN - 14: -
M •
, ,Centekeing the
ATOP, ANA- - - _
Every Instrument Warranted jor F4e rears. "Ul,
- - - PracEs 1120 Di $.7(1-t0 $451). •
• ‘• The-Cahipet brFars Is the T 9fily.instrufnent _which
cembintii • the requisites. foi • clinrull end orler murk ;
fur the - Ached zoom ttml .The
For while it peabe, , , , sea sufficient louver fur tile accornre
hintent a large chorus, - it is,. from ifi - car-abflity of
alt ehredes exprcssielq and -Its; wonderful crero, rale
and dielimtendo, meet effeCtive on n cote instruntelit,,
It is Aipah/e' of ilrilicattel ‘'ffects. end - rapid' 'music. Un
rtriseggi”s, etc.. Frost its stistaincir. tote. it hue
i decided eoventaire'Oitr thil'l , fanteforto,for`th • e render'
istg ofinany of the eboicestmcircencx of the masters,
no kytutilideie4, qeartettes, etc,"
1. A. it It, ellarnberstu;•q.
.; ,fie,trrO,tiqm4 ;for I onto ilyaula," •
N.13. - Theitriclersigned. will- sell and deliver. in R. 44
cuuditiuny CabitiSit .Orga' niliinywhoie in' thiVi 4 tatts, at
flotorY , ridges. ill,quitie4A).y. letter promptly an
tweent; - • Undo A-Me. '
' -
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