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CI-LA:ILE7:3MRS - SijMa. z
Wednesday' Yarning, July 22, -1848,
"t_ 4 l:ol=. Jonw L S#Rizoon: is irilthriied tti
r®ceive,Snbacrinttona and Contract fue Adyeitisimenti
thb-REPosixonylnthc, Eater ' '
;SINGLE:, code 'af the _14F,60011.1 . ,
can ,be had •ot :the counter with' 9r
- without IN - rapers: Price five cents.
• TiL6 SirIIATtOk.
Old:FlO;g Or.-the'-tfrtion"
iu triumph at, ,- every:
triots traitors- have 'confronted
each other, to_ doeidi) the futute,des:
tidy of. the Itopablie' l lay the shoill." - ,,0f
"' :
Vicksburg unit 'Port - 11iidson have
fallen,—their rebel - 'garrisons are pri ;
loners, and the Father of Waters is
.s* the free
, naVigation of 'loyal
inen from its :' e.,,,
rentiss repelled. the attack.Of Price
catituringsome 2,090,0 f liia
men, and thuE , s . perished tholas hope
of rebel. .foot hold. en the ifissisSippi:
Six 'month -ago :Jeff. Davis declared
.iiefore theatississippi legislature i that
1! the 'Confederacy must stand' Or fall
" by the defence
,of the River !" The
River has fallen - from the craeliem-
Vrace of treason, and the confederacy
Peels in the" laSt . ',violent throes of
death. '
Kittle ROVIi.,(- the capitol of Arki
has just: Bien' captured by Geri:
Blunt, , and Jackson,. the capital of
gissisSiPpiVillhas been'. -captured -ty
Geri. Sherman'' With 6,000 prisoners:
Johnston is ,now retreating''upon
Rear' Riteriwith -his shattered and
ktoPele B S . 0 1 layl
:Bragg driven nearly :girt
of 'Tennessee by Roseerans, with a
loss. of 4,506 .piisonerS, and Chatti:-
nooga and -allot' East Tennessee, with
thousands of, loyal souls, aro now, or
ii;km 4d9i the protection of
the Old , Flag: ,
--Lee has-been retreating his defeated
army toward Richmond as rapidly as
possible, and Ifeade is parsuing him
on the eaSteraiide 'Or the Ridge, and
will, t.rust,l3triio the rebel: cOra
inander' - at Gord6rlSVille' and Utterly'
"route the deinerallied'and despairing:
-remnant ; of;his - :ariny. • Invasion in
:force is ended.kand the qifort hasgivell .
the deepeSt and.heeni - Eif-stab to the,
vitals o treason.. - . If •31 - eade. shall
reach Lee': Gerdensville; the rebel
`army 43fAraitini',Will cease 'to exist
Pave •
• Charleston,-the • hot-bed of the re-'
%ellion, is abeiafte- s pay the' penalty"
of her Cause ess upon,...the gov
<ernment. The -cloom:ed cityLis now
- closely, ,besieged• by . land and water;
the out-Torksof-the enemy been,
,gained, and ,it'ort:Srimter, on - which'
°tlie'first; Amok to traitors,
`must; toea surrender' to the gallant;
Gilmore. r •
- the bxieflcriod - of thirty days, ,
the ,mounter treasonhlaS:becn discom-'
fited ut every point; iid the cause of
Free Cr4:)*,Ciinnefit, s under the guidance
of Rita iiik'O'holdi the reigns of Sue- ,
tire, seems to' break npon the noon
'tide olvietory
• •.:
- _
The=popular,disappointment-at the;
tetreat with the tuna ant of,
*is ariny, , across', the 'Potomac with:
'teMparatiie is keen and nn:;
...With - inatiy the unreason
able hppe, was, -cherished -with cont.
tence - thai,Leaiviild be utterly de-,
'strove '`ox es,Pthredi'" but , With
-pore ~efleeting,there prevailed a con.
lictionthat Gen Meade would deliVOr
'battle' - with every chance- of success;
and that the rehel,Aosts would, be'
tooted and ,destroyed as
„. .
• -It is possible that General Meade
could hare engaged Lee on ,Monday
of last and Touted him. - •Cer
-4,BlnlYhad ImpWn how helpless'
_Lee was just therii, -with part of his
artillery already across the river,:the
destruction of Lee could have liOen
attaecf.,*o4Gen.'Meade must ntit
judged • and Censured- rashly.
glance at the map giyen: on our first
page will - show ;what sii herculeali
tok he had to 'perform. It must-he
home in mind, , to, 'that Lee had,
gainOdTosse'ssicin of-the 'SOuthilliesuit. froY!' Aii;:k6toM-9.0 up,:;
_Gettysburg turnpike, before Gen.
Meade :barFeMitmand of ~the -Army;
and :that :Tiee'BvPPenAiike'.of mtrept
hands and
powerbi Meade toe-interrupt.
Led 'eqmineneed - his retreat on Sites
nrday merning t duly 4th, of cause
presenting a strong ~ front to Meade
artilloryyand :baggage:were
safely oat, OPreach., A Ile = then with
drew, his. rear giiard, leaving hia dead
'and !wontided to', the,tender - mereteis,
of the ;laden eginmander. Leelad
thus full twenty, -fok lintirs,'etait - of
Meade in his movement, and he" was
falling hack:Joy/Ird his baSe and
'shortening his lities t ,while the purs'ait
hy *ado:extended his line 6 andr
volved immense ;transportation' of
pistons and, ammunition evertwo
Moii,titains,Andbad roads;
' had hnt to, reereSS, the 'South
liosintain'Uto Franklin: county by
• - •
-and; from Straight line
to the new Pcs-i7j
ion in a marciref thirty:miles. •On
the other hand - Meade's , army ,• had
been:brought _to Gettysburg .1y the
most exhausting :forced inarclieti; With
- the isMallest_possible aniount of trans,
portation, •':and the 'very
troOps:reached there thcenga,gement; ,
andconimenced i for three days N.
ged withthedeadliest, fury.until full
twenty thousand of hie gallant , war--
- lion were numbered with: - the dead;
wounded and • captUred,T: , 'AlthOugh
tvietorfons in holding hisfieSition and
. .
ntterly - rdefeating: and'. flirning baCk
the - rehel:boides under Lee," still the
shOck: of thatbattle, '-with, the, dead
and ivotunied of both :armies in This
Itank.-iefthiSuriny in a sorry condi
'thin proMptPursiiit:: He did PO-
Su.4,:h.Oketter - , as rapidly as VaS possi,
ble'to ini*eUnd supply his Men; b'ath'e
s had to March nearly thirty miles to
FrederiCli,' thence across the Catoc
:auk South mountains to
bore, nearly. twenty Miles more, and
then'found-the rebel lines ;extendini
fromShepperdstOwnte Williamsport;',
r(aS'.-marh. - ed on , 'the 'niap :by dotted
,‘lines) . 3.3 - i'd also Covering - lia i gerstOwn:-
pro4tly Made reeonnoisanCes
'froonil3oontSboro to,.the ul f .ntietam, to
Funkstawn 'and, Hagerstown, . and
Sedgwiek•• compelled Lee to retreat
;fro - in the- ShePperdstown ford' and
tSheiten" his lineiinraediatelY around
•.• "
',the 'PaSition thus - lieien Ify Lee
Was - one - of 'singular - strength "natal
- rally, and was: fortified so as to Make
almost: Meade might
faci e - att'.4. l -successfully on Sp.n.=,
f clay,' but at aiatrifice - of -nearly two
of :leis _ brave veterans to One of _the
, •
enemy;, 'and even if - succeSsful in
„- - tlrMrig Lee frOtalis chosen' aiiafor.
(;tifiedpoSition-:Ta sneceSs'aS, Yet,ne : irer
`,achieved by :either 'side, in this '.war,
although" atteMpted by Bnrnside' - at
= and Lee at Gettys
burg-lee could have retreated
UP the Potomac, and, if pressed, could
haVe clipsen a .position at 11m-ice-telt
_in the Ininintaini: frerd,' which double*
the for& of Meade could - not disltidge
;him. With an
,adeqnateSorcenn the
' :south side.erthe. Potdnrac, he- might
there : haire suffered capture but he
'could, scarcely lave -failed -to 'make,
good his-escapeucress the riier . befpre,
'the Union, army - could haye heen thus
disposed . to cutoff - his retreat:
We doubt not that 'Meade maurei
vered his army nnderpositiveinstink
tions from the Commander-in-Chief
not to uncover 'Washington, or, in,
other words, not to deliver battle with
the enemy between him and the 'Na- ,
tional capitol • The peril, of, thiS
Moirerant doubtless preVented Meade
from throwing his army around kun
Boonsborp' to Hagerstown to attack
Lee-from the„.7est on his einnPara
tively unprotected leftllank. - :But
such a change. in the Union forces
could not ba:ye been made for 'an at
tack in less lhau twenty,four hours,
and: Lee would'have simply declin6d
battle by , crossing the Potomac, as it:
'Was passable by the - time'Me,ade,eould
have reaehed a position on his left.
It is due
.to Gen. Meade, who so
- nobly, redeemed Northern soil. fromrebel invasion by 'his skill and here 7,
isinnt "Gettysburg, that the almost
in uneasurable - difficulties which con=
fronted him inlltlie„Pursuit and at
tempt to engage Lee again, should be
known 'and ' Censide,red. Itad
he hurlea his - decimated army, upon
Lee's : fortified lines on Saturday or
Sunday,.;and `suffered a repnb3e t . Lee
WOuld'haire,been re-infOrced
•neWyd.his offensive movements. upon
our. Soil; and the fruits of the ,'deeply
crimsoned, yictory of - Gettysburg
been lost. Instead - of
A - shattered, dis
pirited-and hopelessaarroy upen • ltiefl.
Mond, Meade would now be retreat
ing, withthe gallant Armyo'f.thO-te
toinac uponthe defences 'of taltiMpre
and--Washingten.-- Disariointed!k au
T, T
tt, ' •
411j0 frltitkfitclitobtiAtotif“'ilfietttbet.ditifiLlitt.-
we must be that4de hag not been de
- US be thanliftd ,the
rich fruitS of Meade s signal Alone"
incomplete triwnaph, Lather than un
generous •
We have much; ,not only in
this, but in ‘ '4tVer eaniisaigns during
this War 0* -4,e -- certainty - of Ps'bag-i,
ging "- rebetiarmies; but in field op-)
erations such results are singilyitapos4
Buri id e s defeated 'at#
rear, cannnanded bi - .1 - iebel batteries
yet he withdrew his army safely, los
ing his dead. and wounded." looker
Was defea,ted„at Chaneellorsville : witk
a river:in ids rear swollen to the an-
ariest tide , - and tSedowick Was at the
same. time rePulsed , with fearfal
On the 'Fredericksburg ' heights,--Yei
botg're : cressed 'cOfniaands
saf'ety in - the very Taco and.under the
very guns of a rebel •commander;to
whom masterly ,abilitY''ltLcOnceded
by friend and 'foe: Nor did
and titrnside withdraw' their co-
Mands:frimi before ah' ,ra
byforced marchesi - and: just from fields
dripping with theigore, of Kill" one. ,
fourth their 'comrades IWlio'entered
the battle.. Lee's army was com
parativ.ely fresh and on its lougocen
piedground after the battles of,Fred- ;
ericksburg and dttancelloriiiiii, -and
their loss in ' 'neither engagemeengagement, .
equalled ours. Yet the "Union army
retreated in Safeti, as' "did - -Lee from
the froptiof keade, nor, i'asleelield
as 'wanting in:ability energy
cause he =did ni4"Vag' - 'l3ainSide. and
Hooker. And it'is worthy of - consid,
, .
oration that theTepulSes.ef Burnside
and Sedgwiek at - Fredericksburg,,and
the disastrous repulse of Lee at Get
tysburg,',,were the,resultcof!,attacks
againSt:skillfully i 'selected - and, forti r
fted position's just such as Lee heid l
and Meade must, have s aSsailed ut
liamsport. Let deal justly, if not
generously with our, heroes;.'and sus
tain, •and 'strengthen %their heartsAr
future. triumphs, rather thamicripple
them with ill-considered and unmerit
ed criticism. Gen: 'Meade: has done
well=svho hasdone better.?,
tosinotsAllb 'FIRE 12i41it 1t AB.
THE Harrisburg „Patriot and Union
is the central :Organ of the'Democrat
ic Party of the 'State: 'and clairae
favor the -SuPpreiision: of- tiu - , - tx.e",2;!SOn - -
able and. murderous re - balk* now
seeking 'to deStroy the' Republic—
:Few -and - heartless are the Words of
encouragement it gives• to those:who
are shedding't,heir; blood i to preserve
the Government; end -it, .anileunces
the triumphs of .theiJnionarmY with
- confusiion - of terms' that but ' too
clearly betokens the San disappoint
ment that - rankles in, the' breast,that
dictates its leaders:
But-afew days ago the North stood
appalled at the,havasion., oft loyal soil
by eighikthotOand.:traitOri in arms,
seeking 'at
,onee, to desolate, our fair
`land and , deal: a, death-blow to our sa-,
cred-Nationality. ,Tha Stoutest-and.
truest hearteil quailed us the insurg
'cut leadJer hurled Ilia leiions; 'to the
;v'eirdOors af, : oUr capitol, and threat
ened tamaki the line of the Susque
hanna the future hattle-ground of ,'the
war. With cioacled hope all' eyes
turned- toward, the Army, of, the,
tomac. as it madeforeed maretes to
inset the insolent foe,- and .earnest
rare the supplications to the . gii, of
battles that lie Might shield it and
the Nation from disaster.,
The gT;y! • field' Pe-Gettysbnr,g at
tests how nobly, the A.rmyPf,the Po
tomac fought.; how heroically its bra
ves, warriors died hoW .its : ,hronaed
and tatteredjlags bOre signal' of
victory, after three days of the dead ;
liest conflict. - The,, insolent invader
was - turned hack Apop his boiim, Made
waste by wanton, Wicked,. war, and
half his, army ova's strewn in his
bloody path ds:he--retraced his steps
. the dominions pf treason. Thus
was our State; our capital, our Nation
ality saved 'over tweitty thousand fal
len heroes of the 'Army. nf the. Poto-
army eighty
thdusand Ara numbered With the dead,
;the woundalati(i the:disabled
ease. _,,lts shattered, ranks a ppeal
the I anon by Its Many , battles won
'and lost with honorL by its deeply
eyitasOited,bnt - gloriopS bistOu, 'and
by its bright: hopes "of fatatatrioraphs
for the eaiise,g_ltiglit appeals to
every -loyal inii‘alse te" fill - ittalarred
and blotted -rills, and swell" its col
umni'until it shall be iniin:eible its
holy war agairist the, treasonable
thors this: , `sangninur ,fraternal
strife:'- of • 1,
The govern6entresponds to its
cart: - "Who share thelaiceless
blessings.-of , free .giivernment c =-Who
owe to'it `e,' liberty' and every civil
and religious pfiyilege, are - enrolled
Air conscription /AO , give
,theart! and
hope and Oro:4th to the -battle-scar
red veterans ofthe,..4krtuy the,itoto
mao. With II; victery so costly in
loyal blood, so decisiVe in its
,ae that of ,Getty'sbuzi to inspir6 ; the
friends of the., i toVerninent r n - one,"but
aeraVeu or: a'traitOr could interpose:
his ; voice_ against a Measure fraught
with the safety of the remnant of our
noble army • and the safety of - the
Republic. , •
~,T o this call the Patriot and Union
esponds - as if d - riven tofiendish +al
ly by the victOrie - s of Gettysburg and
Itielisburg streaMing
,our i eld . and
honored ',flag. rln its issue;of the'l4th,
- Ina., in fnn. elaborate leader,.abound
ingiwith the most :reckless misreprer'
SentatiOns and appealing to, the
sest passioes;. it answers ,:the PM/ of
the Army of the Po,to,mac ‘ for men in
this wise :-.. l .":Yes, the • Conscription
• , •
act MUST be enforced at once; 'the al,
" - themodern. Moloch eds a fresh
"supplyof victi ms. Itoines are to be
• -
" Made . desolate ; fire-sides, invaded;
"children Must be..torn , 'fiem , their
"TarentS; linsbandfrom wiVes'; broth
" ers and sisters
,must be parted,: and
"the clasped, hands, Of 'love,
,of, 'ev
" cry degree_ he 'wrenehed. asunder
"hy the" riideforce of, inilitary PoWer
",Stich is the fiat s pf Black Republic
''rim the same article it Sighg
for ; the adient of a- WoOdWard.
" - Pat, anendtnthis groVeling.position
"Of ,our old' 'commonwealth;!";'and
groans agony, "for that. ,glait and
c,e,speedrapproaching day when :she
I(PennsylV4nia) Will :take her ititiid
"',and prondly Abe side
"of New' York with her admirable
SE - VMOUT. , .
a • . _
:The.same paper , g4 , es'tliesickening
details of ;Ole legitiinato:. fruits
teachings" and policy of the -",adruira=
ble Seymour." An effort to swell our
urmieoby conscription - in:New York
resUlted in. a riot, inlinineilbythe men
- whoin.
humble echo. Forfour days.theaWorn
()Ricers of laW, 'bad their. heusei
plund prod and - sacked and their, :lives
jeOparded,:.and the !cadmirable :Sey=
motir!,' addressed the m,ob his
should be fully respeeted;'! , _, a n d
red ,theinto'moder,atiOn ii heir : steal:
ing :and butchery bUi c r t a - Word did
he utter looking to the. enforcement
of law 60r the strengthening of our
armies in the field'r •
Thus drags along: the slimy, loa:th
. reptile of treason in the North;
crimsoned_ with hlood, and
leaving plundered - homes, eonvtdsed
cities, and anarchy in -its tread. 'As
4 •
'yet ithas a tangible . Tooting only in
NC -T. York, under : the "adroirabe
Seyinour;", but the sigh fer "the' ad
vent of a Woodivard," who shall come
'with'socialChadsandlintehery in his
-train:, is 's aPra.i amongst the lea,'
dem,: Of whom the..Pabiot and - Union
is the organ. The cloven - foot is now
- striPped of all, guise,:uud rejoio e
that against "the advent 'of „a
ward"' - will be ;''arrayed every .. .heart
,that beats responsive
. te the dictates
*of humanity mid of social order; and
ever' patriot Who would save out
gallant army in the field; save, Untar
nished the, sacred memory of he
roic dead, save the, great cause 'of
American NationalitY.
, The
,bemocrntio State Convention,
which met at.. Harrisburg on the 17th
ult,,after saVera,l storniy sesSions nom
inated GEORGE, W. Wool:m.lmA,
of Tigierim; for Governor on the
nif4h.ballot . , and Chief JOStieo WA:t r
TEIV LONVIIfS 'of Ailsgheny, for
Supreme . ~Tudgel without the • form..
ality. of a ballot.. Thenontest , for the
Grubernatorial nomination seemed
the outset, to be.between Hon. Heis-,
ter'Ciymer, .of
Wittee,.of , i'hihidelOia—the rota
er having.33VoteS oii+first ballot 'and
62 on the .eighth,- and, the, latter hiv
ing 47 , the Ural' and on :the
eighth, • Before . the "ninth. .and. list
bOlO, )194, Fr#pcep W. ,Hughes, of
Witten; and urged ,the 'Witte° men to
to,WOodwardoiltO had'then risen
to but 13; and in obedience to orders,
they gave._Woodward "75 votes; to 53
fot Clymer, Who.on tlin.previons
a vote ofa ,nomi
Nike VOOdiciii;d :is - a, inaii. t ofietha.
040, '4 6 tri.o;4d a staAk r and flan;
gerons, as he:. ficint,ett; .
reer conaniemeiChy. his election as a
Delegate , .to the,Constitutional Con
vention in .18p7, -- in whichllody he was
one of the , youngest ineraVers. l ; -31 e.
,took conSiderable part' in the 'able
debates which characteriied its pro
ceeilings,. and made his:, "mark espec
ially in hiS earnest 'efforts to disfran
c,hise all foreigners in. Pennsylvania,
He made on?,of his ablest
-in- favor of incorporating the denial,
of - suffrage to foreignetis with our or}
dank la*, bitt he'failed,—so that, th 6
Irish - and Germans who vote for
in 9dtolier, can do,so With'ihe,saiiii,
factory assurance that if Wooilward
had:,sUceseded in his efforts to -amend
our Constitiltiou, - theklould now be
without evtia ',the right to vote 'at' all:
1ni1842; or thereabouts,; Gov. Porter
sipptiinted lilm-Preside,nt'Sudge of the
Centre - I)isiliet. 411-'1845; Mr. P 4 --
l'chanan vacited',Ms - sent
Senate to.aceepf, the Premiership ni;a
der „President Yolk and the Deino7
cratie legislative caucus nominated
Sudge-Woodward to,fillthe unekpired
term. The legislature - Kits deinocrat:
is in hoth'brauehes;`'hut Viroodward's
ultra; "Free Trade ,doctrinee were 'SO,
offensive. to A portion the, party,
that thirteen 'bolted ,the-nomination,
and joining the - Whigs ele ate& Hon:
Simon Cameron: 21n 4846= President
Polk, &siring itb_heal Woodward's
Senatorial. wounds; norrkinated ,
fill a vacantly in the SUpreme :ooart
of the United ~ .-States. The I:sefrate
was largely emocra iiut, th,Ju
diciary' CommittCe. =reported against
him; and .he was rejected by Demo
cratic r votes, - In '1852 Gov,'llifiler
appointed hini to avaeliney,onfllA3,S'a
preme; Bench ,of this :State,' andi the
same full hp Was carried, into' . ,ati:-;'elee-'
tion by the immense pOpUlar. tide ?that
give' Pierce every- State but feint for
the Presidency. 1 '
He has now been: One of the _Mem
bers, of our bigheacjinlicial trihanal
for, eleven years; but ,We 'believe that
his decisions maybe - searehed in vain
for a single' record ptiititing l to the
progress• Of freedom , nr the strength
ening of Our nAibualityg.' When the
storm of treason:gathered , Over..s in
1861,1 because the :people,. had chesen
Mr. Lincoln Pr'eSident; u stri t et
formity with our laws; instead of dis
playing the contmsSii manhood: due
from every citizetand especially, due
from one_ charged with, the Mainte
nance of the laws; ho teinperized with
and apologized for,";,the i ,Maidgous
traitors in 2Snis,a4diti&pablic.speech
in, Independence Square; denied the
power of the preservP
its own existence , F : fii keeping with
his settled purpose to „weaken:, the
loyal cause and 'blight thebbOis of
the brave defenderliif, Mir flag an the
field, be_delivercd the, opinion of. the
Supreme Conn', d,ett4fig the right of
our own soldiera to „vote; although
they had voted in the Mexican war
without judicial hindrance,
nomination. was the _result ofi the
implacable hatred between the lead
ing contestants for the empty prize,
and it took that turtr mainly 'because
no Man in Pemigylvania has fewer
attachments than George W. Wood-
ward. He is a'.tbilling accident on
the ticket,ana hewill falllesalamented
by friend anti fop thun i any other .an
who Could hate been seriouslythought
of as 'a candidate. We. thank - the
o:invention for its iviirk I: •
7 ---Judge -TJOWRIE iS a'.man of 'high
personal integrity, ofieryr Inniternte
ability, of commendable; ; industry,,of
Wonderful' self-appreciation and mid
dling loyalty. the ._trpOn't
: Chief Justice of the State, and has
been on the : Supreme Bench for twelve
Years. He willrise & mere
appendage to the kite,' as
the Gubernatorial contest ;will eutire
-ly overshadow the • We
.charge - hira nothing far advising Akim
to look out for strong gales about
felt October: ' '':'•
• HENir STAirti, Of the Gettysburg
-Compiler,7l4 arrested by Gen. Meade
as soon as ha gained possession of
towii; and, sent as
AfelSlcury: - We cannot form anyjmig4
merit its to
. 11!3 gp.l4; of grzSt4le
From the' statements mut' denials • in
the Gettysbnrg, papers t,in alleged
that he •: gave the •r9bels infarniatiOn
- where - the Union troops and)TOPerty
were concealed, and Trenderedhini§olf
in, other respeetintiful to the enemy.
- ti7e trust 'that - Stable baii• ',not
been, a:rrestettimd imprlscapd without
Pitr:Poqe4 s :
he :begn niitY,of
the thargesvreferredngainit laim; he
- should bo promptly , tried by a •mlli=
‘taYlfO . Oirk t,Ohti;cted and isbntF -4 •if,
lideen't;he should be alleived an 'early
•opportunityitoestablish it and be dig"-
charged. It is high time that military
arrest's should:be, understood as Mark
ing sOmething [ heyorsilimprisopment
without nptice,of chargea-and rel4se
without ,explanatiom • gad , Danicl
Deehert, of .Hagerstown,. been tried, —
I, convieted and ittexorably , eseented, as
h - eqiehly desorvtid; when he - was de--
1 tected as a spy Within onilines, cerre:;
sPonling:with and furnishing m,s
bripithe'Oneink to Ida own
justice., t wOUld have, been vindicated:
and ~ a,: Wholesome practieal , lesson,
would have been learned by
traitors along the entire , border: We
'insia that military arrests shall mean
the prompt trial 'and convietiOn
acquittal of the accused, and that Wit
penalty of treason; when' clear ly Shown to e*.tend, to positive act's. of
hoStility to the Government, shall, bq
death. It j is alike just and humane
to the loyal people of tie NettliAlutt
they shall not be the 'victims of cow , :
artily spies and traitors at home; and
Stable has by his acts brought
himself Within that' cIaSS, he should
die: 'That -1f he is 'fbe Victim'c;f:per-:
sopal orpolitical prejtidiCe, or , of - the
Wit:Lined fCeling, nattqalb;re
aulting-:frona theshock of battle be
tween the great armies at Gettysburg,.
he 'should-have.early and ample ~opp
ortunity to vindicate himself, :and be
discharged to prove his devotion "to
the Government,,by an'earne'st
port of Ale,proseention. of the
I'n'this:itoiculaic‘NN;6 Must confes`?„
hc has roam for. inifrovement.
Tat Richmond . En uirer of the 6th:
:atuniunded =that "Lee defeated,
the eiterny:On Friday last," that "they
Oileade) are retreating toward
more and fee pursuing,"..pad ,that
"Lee has 40,000 prisoners on tbeir.waY
to : Richmond !" But- a vein of
itessiis manifested-in the \Enquirer's
rejoicings'. beeitiSe, as its ealeulation
denonstrates,'it will' cost the cenfe4 7
eracy $1.50 per man,, or 660,000 per
day, to subsist the, 40'000 'Yankee
-prisoners.. Naturally inclined, to - loV:e
our eneniies, we freely mingle : our joy
with the Enquirer's that it's 560,000 ,
per dayis saved! -It *doubtless
sympathise with us when it is in
fpithed. that, Gen: Meade ha t s irapcised ,
upon our GoVernment:the,, tasfe
of subsisting some 15,000 Lee'o4.l-
myi . but it seems to be Gen. 31eade's.
way. Arid.•• we mast submit! ._When
Gen - -Lee reaches Baltimore thq.En
quirei. Will 'oblige us by giving early
inforiaatitui of the fact!
Gov. Othtrizz spent. Tuesdayof last
week in consultation with , General
Conan; anden Wednesday and Thurs
day visited the -Pennsylvania regi
ments Of militia 'at different' points.
South of this 'place.'- Re "was received
with the liveliest enthusiasm by the
:troop and addressed theniat unuinber.
of their camps. OnFridaymornirighe
rot - mined to It is his pur
pose t make. arrarigements for the
prompt payment of the militia before
they leave the : field. The fruits of
hts ceaseless devotion to our trikips
are manifested in the singular order,
discipline . and spirit of thp men. fIQW,
upon , 'onx border, As a military. or
ganiiation it has never been surpas
sed in efficiency in the brief timautn-
Ployed to' create it.
WE have unofficial but reliable in
forrnation that G-en. Lealost, 4t4he
battles of Gettysburg fully 6000.:kill,
ed;, 1.0,000 wounded left, in our lianas;
7,000 '-wourided - ,taken with him:
feet' and itt Wagons; and not less'Aan
1i;,000 in prigoners Y and ; :deserters:--
plaki - ng totalloss of )iot le`isithsti
35,00. pa crossed but ,Al,OOO men
over the - ,Rotornaa., on his retreaty
which, excepting. a few. cavalry,
theientire force he has taken back to
-Virginia. -Mut'El, `liionth - tigo &oat ,
ed Into Maryland with'"over',Bo;ooo
G 4 ;nt 1 4 4 4e 7 8 o '' 6;3 •
*trz-waq, abc;ut - : 4,500 .killo),:PPulA
--wounded and 4,0(t0 captured..
' - -
r 'ANDRENV, •the : leader of: the ~l iTt4
Torli - riotisi* *ll.g - that:treated' or`iiiiiii-
Ored:oo*ilegrof?*o Tithe #4,4
F4.§ eaPPIPc I 011 WOja 41 1
es4aS •49Vgc
of ill-fan *, :with_ a - negro paramoux.
He *as ;:t)ie 'chieftain'. of those *lota
StiyillOttr"' ntidrezt:erd • as; amy
frioioi,°*d ihif4tiooei
gve - ",4 l4 l**teP.9l:fry)*l6, l Alo_ l 4 kinO:
lie speech, *bile rioting, buplieryAnd
plundering were going on :all around
him. _ProgresSive Democracy that