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VOL. 70
Tmrm oxaz)mlzs
Pestiuction of t Steiens 7 WOrks!
How Rebels Seep their Spirits 'Sp !
• *s , post - of the histery.of-the Rebel Inv,a
on of,the North,-we have gathered up all
the geiternl orders issued by tl-bins. Lee and
refitting to the treatment of citizens
and•property, while in the Cumberland Val
ley, , Lee's tiratesder on the subject was is
,Sued on the -21st - of June, before he
.41tered ..3hambersbor,g. , 4:was evidently
414igned to .define generalVthe plan of oper
ations of his army in our.county, and as Will
be seen - aimed at a fair standard of humanity
tad decoranilln his ra.nki;.' The following
hi the order. •
Hitidizzarters Army Nortivc Virstinia,l
• June 21", 1863. • f
- ,-9enera I_Orders No. 72.-W,hile' in ' - •the
emenifs c o untry,
, s regulations
fot procuring supplies will be strictly obser V
-4 And any violation of them promptly and
rigorously:punished : -
-;I. No private property, shall be injured or
dOstroyed by any person belonging to (iron),
- fleeted with the army, or Oen, • except by.
• the officers hereinafter designated.
The chiefs of the Commissary, Quar
ter Master, Ordnance and Medical depart
l'Ornts of the army- will make requisitions
• upon the local authorities or, inhabitants for
- the necessary supplies, for their respective
dapartments, designating the places and times
o delivery. kit persons complying with•
sttch requisitions Shall he paid, the. Market
; .
price for tivartieles furnished, if they so de
sie, the officer making, 'such payment
shall take duglie.ate receipts ',for the same,
skeifying.the fiame of the, .person paid, and
tie quantity, kird, and price of the property,
oho of which receipts shall -be at - once for
warded to the chief of the:\ department •tO
-Which such officer is attzelred.
Should the authorities or inhabitants
neglest or refuse to comply- with• such refili,.
sitions, this-supplies-required will be taken
the nearest' intaabitaiffs ! :so refusing, by'
under the direetions of the •
respective chiefs-of
-the (leper tments
I V.. When • any conimand detached
from the main body, the chiefs of the sever
al departments of such command will. pro-.
Ore supplies for the same, and such other.
stores- as they may be ordered to provide, in
he manner and -subject to . the pro Visions
herein prescribed, reporting I their action : to'
the heads of their respective departments, to
which they , will forward duplicates of all'
vouchers given or received.
V. ,AllpersonsWho shall decline trireceive
payment for property furnished on ,requisi
tions; and all fromwhom it Shall -he neees
!airy retake stores or supplies, shall- be ..fur
nished by the officers receiving or taking the
name Yith receipt specifying the Mild and
and: quantity •of the property ,received or
•'taken, as the case may be, the name -of the
.person from whom it was received or, taken,
•,the•coniiinand for the .use- Of; which .it is in
:Adnded, and the market ,price. A duplicate
of said receipt shall he at once • forwarded to
the chief of the department to which the
officer by whom it is executed is-attached.,
; -VI, If any person shall remove or , con
! cent property necessary for the use of the
army; or attempt to do so; the officers here
! inbefore mentioned will cause-such property
and ali.other property: belonging to such
persons that ma v be required ey the army, to
be seized, and the officer , seizing the . same
I will forthwith report to the, chief of his de
partment the kind, quantity - , and market
I price of the property so seized, and the name
.1 of. the :owner.. • • • ,-
By command of Gen. B. E. Liß..
\ B.. H. CHILTON:, A. A. andl.. Gr.
Lieut.-Gen. B. S. En - zra,,
. ' , Camtg-2d'A.rmy Corps. .
On the day following -the date -of Lees' or.
*r, Gen. Ewell
. issued a general order on
ilie Same subject, as follows:
Readvailers 2d. Corp •
Army _Northern Va.,June 22 r '1.663
-I) General. Orders, No. 49.-I.n moving in
"." the enemy's country th(utmost circumspec
t tion and vigilance is necessary for the safety
of die army and the success of tire great ob
) ject it has to accomplish, depends npon the'
observance of the most rigid discipline. The,
• i Lieutenant General Commanding, therefore,
. mot earnestly appeals•to the gallant officers
1 and men of his- eininnand,who have attested
I their bravery and devotion to the causeof
~ their country on so many ' battle fields, to
4 yield- a ready acquiesence in,the rules requires
.4 ed by the exigencies'of the case.: , ' ~' 1
:• Ally - straggling and marauding from the.
? ranks, and•all marauding and plundering by'-
liadividwkare prohibited, upon pain of the
severest per)-alties known to the Service.. •
What is required for the use ,of,the army
will be taken under regulations to he estab
lished by the CommandingGerieral, accord-.
'ing to the usages of civilized warfare. \
t. ;Citizens of the °wintry, through which the
array may pass, who are not in the militaty"
service, are admonished to abstain from all'
1.-. sets of hostility, upon the- penalty of being
daft' with in a sutannary manner. A ready .
*ttieience to the demands of the Military
- thorities will Serie greatly' , to lessen the
a „ . . r .,rigors of war. By command of ' •
Lieut. Gen. R. S. EWELL, ' -
.A. L. rzunt,trON . ,'A'. A. G en .
.r... :"Ibeltrtgoing was issued bef or e Ewell 'e ..
iv,' -- '•- 1
- , :epred•Chambersburg : .` 'On the 28d aportion
*i''ottifs . cinriMaud reached this place, and on
. ^
-the44th.the 'tencrat arrived, and iramedi
katelY iSsite, d theplloWing: ' • ,
-- • iffea4earters 2ireorps• -' •
Army of Nort/teryirginia,,lnate 22; - ';
• • Chanthereburg, \June 24, 1863.
ScioratOrtkre.-1. Ile sale of into-aim-
tins liquors to this cenima.nd, „
without writ
ten - permission - froi- a Major-General,' is
strictly prohibited', • '
•' Pas* hi , : their posses
zsien are required to• report. the. faet -ti the
Provost-Marshal; 4 . 3 r the nearestigefieral offi
e&c stating the amount anth'kind,
guard may be - placed ever' it, ••••••and the men •
prevented froingetting it. ' ' •
3. Any viola ion- of- Part I. of these'
ders, or failure to comply• with Part IL,
be punished' by •the immediate- Confiscation '
of all liquors in , the puseisimr• cif the effendz ,
ing parties, beside rendering - their, other
property liable te'eetzure.
4. 'Citizens, of. the cotintry through which,
the army may piss; - ttho are not in the mil;
itary service, -are admonished to abstain
from all acts of litiStility; upon the'penalty of
being digt,' with inn suniiiimy 'manner. A
feaclyaequiesenee to the demands•of the mil
itary authorities•will serve to Tess.h.”' the rig
ors of war. By command of '
Lieut.• Gen. R. J. 'SWELL. -
A. S. RENDT;ITTOIit A.-A. General. :
Notwithstanding .the orders - of both Leo
and Ewell , 'the s re were numerous instances
of\wlmten injury to property and outrages
eominitt,ed upon eitikens:
~Gen. Lee reached
this phiee on tho..27th, andwas'doubtleAs
formed that portion'of his arniy
aarding, his iilQtructions, and 'he at - once
sued another order, as,follows :
..ffeadquartors Northerla
Clutynberebdrg, Pa., , 'Jtme 2.7, 1863.- I:.
'Ge?leral Orders Yo. 73.--The 413Ommanding
General has observed with marked satisfies.
tion the conduet,of the troops ;on the march,
and confidently anticipates results- common=
surate with:tiro-high spirit they- haire mani-
fested. .
troops could. have displayed• greater
fortitude, or better . performed the . arduous
marches of the . past ten days,*
.Their conduct. in other respects has, with
few exceptions, been, in keeping with their
character - as solcliers,lind entitles them to a 1)...
probation and praise, - , • . .
.There have, hoiveter, been instances of
forgetfulness on -the part of - smile, that they
have in keeping. the yet unsullied reputation
of this army, and that -the- duties exacted of,
us by • civilization and christianity are, net.
less obligatory, in the country of the.enemy
than in oneown..• .
The Commanding 'General- considers: that
.no greater. disgrace could betel the army, and
through it; our whole, people, than Ihe per; ,
petration of the barbarous outrages uponthe
unarnied mad &fenceless, and the V'.auton de
.struction of . privatC property, that , have
marked the course hf the enemy in onrown
, -
; Such groceedin;rs not only degrade thoper
petrators and. all connected with them, but
, are.subversive of the discipline and efficiency
'of the army, and destructive of thb ends of
our resent movement.
zflt must be rfe,crahcred that re make war,
only' upon arilleli•PaiLa, titd
take vengeance for, :the 'wrongs our. people,
have suffered without lowering __ourselves in ,
the eyes °flail whose abhorrence has been
excited by the atrocities of our.erieraiw,-and.
-offending - against Hire to whom 'vengeance
belongeth,"without whose fayor and support
our efforts must all prove in vain.
The Commanding General therefore-ear
•nestlfy exhorts the troops to, abstain with most
scrupulous care from unnecessarror wanton
injury to private prinerty, and he enjoins
upon ell officers to arrest and bring tcv sum.
mart' 'punishment all 'who shall in any. iway
offend against orders oti this subject.
E. LEE, General.
The' only,othcr order issued in this valley
relating to the conduct of the rebel' army,
Was issued in- the-form of an address tb the
citizens of York; to impress . the iie6ple of
that ancient village of the subliinated Mag
nanimity of the rebel commander.'", was
as follows :
To 'run CITIR.MIB OR YOBS.: I.have ab
stained from burning the. railroad buildings
and car shops in your town, because; after
examination, I am satisfied the safety of the
town would be endangered; and, acting in
the spirit of humanity; whicb has ever char
acterized my Government and its military
authorities, I. do not' desire to involve the
innocent in the same 'Punishment with the
guilty. Had I applied the ' torch N'ittiosit ,
regard to - consevences, I would have- pur
sued a course thal'would have been vindi
cated as an 'act, of just retalitition' for the
many - authoriied acts' of barbarity perpe
trated by your "own army upon our soil.' But
we do not war upon 'Women and' 'children,
and I trust:the treatment you have Met with
at the hands of my soldiers will 'open your
eyes to the monstrous; iniquity of the war,
waged by your G-overntnent uportlthe people
of the Confederate Ettaos, and that you Will
make an etroft &Ake - off the revolting
tyranny Under - which apparent to all you
are yourselves groaniri'g. •
J. A. EARLY,I'Maj.-Gen. C. 8. A:.
The discipline of the rebel army was admi
rable: ; No' private, or, subaltern dared to (*-
regard an order in, presence of his superior,'
or where his superior officer was lik'elytolle
advised of it, When the rebel"colurnn4 filed
through ohiirribersburg, they marched with!
the utmost order and decorum, and l a ughing,
talking loudly or singing was not indulged
in. .Tlast tlifs'wee' the residt'of the strictest
discipline' rather than an indication of 'the
,good breeding of- the infantry rank and, file,
is evident' from the fact that whenever, a
Iquad Could get isolated from:their officers or,
commanders, they would. roh Mercilessly; end .
commit all manner of outrages. When rebel
officer's: , behave badly, they do not . dismiss;
"thern;•but reduce:them to the rank's, as in
'thecase of Lieut. J. A. Countiss, given b(4,
The followirig order,-issued by Gen.'
exhibits the proceedings of. several
oases tried by court Martial 14 rarell's head
quaitera 'nea.r, the 'Brick :Church ' north 'o
Chernhenibtirg :
"kap' p ' ,artery 2d Ormy Array'
Northern Va., June 25,
`Gencral Befor e 'the
3ltlitary Court, convened`. at the Tfeadquar
ters'of.the Army Corps of 'Lieut." Gen. R. S.:
Ewell; and of which Court. Cel. , Led is
Tadesiding Judge; were arraigned end . trie&
The specifications in the following cases
being lengthy and minute, are omitted : •
Ist: Lieut. J. B. Counliris.)aa. - Regim en t. ".
Charge I. Drunkenness cin d u t y .
Charge 11. Conduet to the prejudiei .of
good order and discipline ,
• - Finding-4)f , the Specification of the :,Ist
Of .the Ist Charge,.. • , -Guilty.
Of the. Specification o'.f- thp. 2d. Charge,
- • • : Guilty,
Of the 2(l'o:large,'
.2 :- • Quip
Sentence—A:nd • the Court • do , therefore
sentence the, said Lieut. J. B. COuntiss, 2tst
Georgia Regiment, to be cashiered:- - -
2d. Private Charles Smith, Co.. C, 45th N,
C. Regiinent. . • - •
etarfe--- 7 Desertion.
• Finding.!--Of:the Specidcation '
Of the Charge, ,„ Not 4414, but
. Of absence without lea - ye
Sentence—And the Court'do therefore sen
tence the said . Private Charles - Stith, Co. C,
145th 13 C. Regim( n to brat, th.ree months,
pay, and to be branded on,the left• hip with
the • Jotter S'-two inches in length; in the
presence, of his Regiment - -
Bd. Private Louis 114_Waymic - .4,
45th Regiment—,
Vindintr—Of the Spetificrtion • Guilty.
Of the Charge, • Not Guilty, hilt
Of 4„.bsence without leave, -
'fientene—And the
. court do therefore
sentence the said Louis 3i, Waynock, Co.
B, 45th N. C: Re,gt.,-:to forfeit three months.
pay, and to be/brawled in the left hit' with
the letter S; two inches in length, in the pre-
ence of his Regiment. •
4th. Private Patrick. • Herne, Cp. C,, sth
Ala. Regirnent. ;
Charge—Violation; of 9th Article of War.
Finding—Of the Specification,- Guilty.
,Qt the Charge, ' .
Sentence—And., the_ Court,,do therefore
sentence the saida'atriek Herne, Co. C sth
Ala Regt.,. to forfeit ' hipay for three
months, to perform-extra police and fatigue
dtitY for two months, and to be .bucked two
hours'each day, for 'seven \ days.
U. The prceeedings,findings and sentence
'in 'the • case of'•Lletit. 4. B. Countiss, '2lit
Georgia Reginientoire'.aPproved, .and the
•-sentenCe i will be carried_into effect; and Lieut.'
J. B. Countiss ceases, ,frern this date; to be
an officer„ of the corifAderate States Army.
He will be enrolled 'thid conscriptedby his
,Brigade commander, and -will be allowed to
join any company in his prescatßrigade that
lie may select.. ‘.
The proceedings, . Millings arid sentences' in,
the cases et Privates Charles Smith, Co. 0,,
45th 1.C.C. - Regt., arid Louis M. Waynbek,
Co. B; 45th N. C. 'Reit, tire apProVed, and
tbe,sentexicesAvill be esrried into effete,
eept so much of them is inflict* -punish
ment of brariding, which is bereli)'remitted.
`The proceedings, thadingf;And sentence iri
the case Of• Private Patraqi Herrie, Co. C,
Regt., tire, approved, aridthii sentence
will be:earned into elicit. '• ••••,
• Try command ot
' • , • EWEit.
A. - S. PArir.r...roN„, J. A:General- „ •
• ecru ,tannis 'An) Tat anrints.
Our ladies: gave thdrebels -rather' n jolly
time while they Ivereheie." :They did-not
imitate the wiVes andiaughters of the chiv
alry by spitting in thrillers pf soldiers, pois
oning their 'meat and driik,Alaunting flags
in their faces, and tniexifg themselves
crony ; but-they did -give them rather an
univelcomelsoltO,of tl it le . roisra and \strate
gyi - One lady took,lter. thickens from the
rebels after they had kille4 them, and dined
sumptuously at homeat 14it - one day under
rebel rule. Another arr4ted Dr. Todd in.
his insolence by infonninghim in rather an
earnest.manner that Turtlar searches in her
house would result 'in tie 'splitting of his
bead with her hatchet. Doctor
subsided. -Another imtie'd herself by run
ning rebel deserters - outer the-lines dressed
in hoops and calico ; andzenerally our la:
dies resented the arrogane of the rebel hoste ,
with such spirit and detemination as to as
tour them.. Communicaion between Chem
bersburg and-Harrisburgwas interrupted for
' ten clays, and amongst tin other unre
liaSle, reports whidhre6hed here was the .
gratifying information 'that dens. Couch,
McClellan andSigel werait Harridburg with
from ki to 100,000'inen, lad the intelligence.
Was glyon to the - rebeliOvery step with' all
the, defiant •ardor rat. to the sex.
many instances our ladiet.prevented the bold
est thieving by raokily resisting, and
si!aining, The rebels - 610f their purpose.—
Those who shall be so fittunate as to return
to Viiginia mill carry with them the liycli
est appreciation- of theleroism and intelli
gence; of Pennsylvania ladies.
EVBF.L Oi.A.S'"O1 4 TSE ".117
- , Some of the border'Sate, and most of
more southern rebels, hdrather peculiar con- .
Options of theTennsylv
nip, Dutch. Quite a
number were astonisherlbto.::dnd our people
.t r i g ii s fi, its , :tliiy. s upposed that. the
first when they attemptetcleriOve •remarks,,,
prevalent bkneuage sr al tfle-, German. , :tit
they. would . ftnitfite the' brolien 'English of
when eao unknown oi3o:9 cc
zn y wu tiY eans ev :
tn re ee i rn t t u: atn e 3 ; tie4,jud;lt3n,agnuf:t7p_.:nvweell:s de-
ma the n oli fo tri r a
k , ,,foup:ilt Thitch. ~14,
I:l 2s din 'b g h ls of sourktout at a, season.
would require an intcnOY Dutch,communi
tY to Supplyeourkroutin• July. 'Onr i farm,
buildings -and especk: f t our',. lll ralttta. fine'
barns,, all the fleY, nt once excited
tneir astOniShmont *LIDO/0; 1 0 60 i . - 1 :4111t0 st,
number of ,olEcers v4ed ., the.i barn of the
as I ? , 'matter t rouriosity, 'although ,
ther9 ! i:r e r i tan y in , Ve. vallq tau& larger
ind - gilite as
,well'aiii* , The iriva,te :$Ol-,
;fliers "generally
onc i ll icl. that it must he the,
Aux.& of toms ver7 ige denominitiert in,
this puntunnity; and 0 out-buildings about
1t . ,, such as chiclien.:.6o , , hog-pen,' .Carriage-*
house, 4 . c., were giMera.suppased to be ser:
vant's houses, and veiPent ones!
, ._ Bun p arrm At'.. i nt STBALIN,(I
- - - .. •
Clpan'as'den. - Lee Pkept ' his 'reetird by
his human_ e, orders, 14174 y . did tI?A3 most.,
gigantic an d Brite e stealing. They
stole everything they* possibly use, or
hope to use and' tvben.thitit little' remnant
of sharae edmpelled" them. to: offer' soma
ePoligy for -I t;theriny f triii*Auniir end 'oa,t,
ottr troppsliad none_ so and ,Much .more min
their country:: 'Everyrebel who wanted to
steers 'ettielien or a tat, 'Or a , -watch, Insisted
that . was paOstijgedrous and humane conque.rr-4bat honte hid been burned
down ov . e . r Out heads of his family by , the
Yankees,', While %e generously 'spared our
.homeS frc,nn the torch. Dirty, lousy, thie4 - ing
whelps iliothltd s'Careely 'ever seen a - house
at:horne, 'M4OI less owned one, and who are
despised in Ow south evenby the slaves - es
`qtoor trash" deelared with one accord
that the'y laid beenbUrned out of house and
home by tit? Yankees." Armed with
this - exent4, ',.they"-.4ung the-lie into every
body's facilitntil it became estanding-joke of
the boys, ,i4d Was-treated with scorn *by °tn.
people gele'ra,,lly. Even' the scanty
'robes of 'lel negro.lantlies vere appropriated
by the iehrtalry by way of demonstrating
their elonitin and humane views of war.
• Never lias an - army alive confident and
jubilent tth were the rebels while in Cham
bersburz vand the effieers evidently appre-.
eiated'the necessity of keeping: their ' , hopes
up to thii highest point. , The Richmond
papers wrns received ablest daily 'daring
their'stli* Mid the menwere inspired Wale
Sensathm Res ptiblished'rePretieritiag rebel
sneeess in almost, every portion of the Sonth;
and the raiiellal demand made.hy the rebel
'Pressfur k ePneial devastationaf the Norili,
induced tiq.soldierS to helive that as soon as
theirledgnient was made safe, they would
be at lilitrty . to oeCupy'br sack our homes at
pleasure. edition of the Richniond
papers,re'eived here announced that `Gen,
johnsenhad defeated Gen. Grant and raised
the - seikent-Vicksburg., •It was read to the
army's vib4on parade - and they cheered them-,
selVes - hatrie over their imaginarytrinuipit:
They inspired by every conceivable
falsehdo4,l;Not a rebel in the ranks_doubted
that ;vaiiiid from t 128,000 to 150,000' men;
while he.4d:i)at over 'BO,OOO all and
"they, 1ic74414i1 firmly 'convinced ;that they;
had Au4di GMI.:A/mide's army; and that it
was in st!tr+ll of filtedi - in the valley 'of Shen
' andoah„,:whi4nothing but the militia stood
hetrieekthein "Ahd . Aarrisburg; BiStinVre
and *raillagioni Titeir. rather sudden re-,
treat frth , rerk,and Carlisle thraw a shadow
of doitbOcr . their high oxpectatiorti, and
cor.:;.;+;;gen rasriot strengthened 41y_:_b_y_
the deliitit Of T atir.people
whq conatted . rem at every step 'with' the
issurapca!hat they •were marching to defeat'
and man 7t\e,,death.
Then private'proPerty
~ destroyed by
the order f auloffichrin l this valley was the
extensiv Iron Works of Hon. Thaddeus
Stevens miles east of this place— They
consisted- a large charcoal Furnace, Forge,
Rolling-1111, coal-house, shops Ike.- On
Tuesdayl.e. 23d Srrtion of Jelikin'a caval
ry came iion the works by an unfreqUented
meuntainvad from Hughes' works>and de
manded rte horses, and especidly the two
riding hOles, which - they de§,efibed. They
threatengthat they would destroy thebuil-_,
dings if 0- horses Were not given up,' ;Mr:
Sweeneypiwho has charge of the werks,
agreed' te•eliver up the riding horses if* the
property; Mould be protected. This they
agreed o,iut'on going for the riding horses
,metste teamsters and compelled' them
to prod+,ll the horses and mules, nearly
forty in sal with' gears, -harness an.. They
had evideily been minutely' infornied Of the
wherealio-$ of
_Mr. Stevens' horses', as they
described rem and knew exactly where 'to
go afterl tim.. The day after, den. Early
rode_ up!,ti the works acconmanied-, by
staff and Ivoviedbis intention to - destroy
j 3.1 Sweeney reminded him that he
would inbt a much niore,.serious: injury
upon s4nbuildred . poor laborers who work
ed tber4 tin upon Mr. Stevens: Gen. Ear
ly repliediat 'Mr. Stevens was:uan enemy
of the Sol, in favor of. confiscating , their
priierty al arming their negroes, and the
property test be destroyed." He then plac
ed a guararound it- and gave speeial
structidnshatit-should, ript,be - destroyed
until hO, 0 the order. Ho seemed exceed
ingly feari that'll° might miss the doligtO
fulspeCtati of 3lr."Staverie "works in flanges,
He thei 'r,urned to, Greenwood,'' - wherel he
had hia h4-quertera,:but returned
day, andtsonally detailed Col.. Frenehi of
Jenkia's Orillas,. with- his command to' il-
[ hern.ehivalry and humanity; by
:'tared to the priitte property'of
[because heyea guilty aftbe crime
thp Republicaf our fathers; The
ruction tvesirell done, and aeon
work (if d;
all: th wt were in ashes. Pie 'houses, m
ei:Tied, ,bifamilieS were - not - tired. Some
$3,009- tIL )
of charcoal was destroyed;
lbg, aeon stolen , - leaving the families
of thella rs without foodilin oite -of the
earnest reeocinfotions: roade•by Mr. 'FiNe6-:
ney al to sit necessitous e.Onditiori. )sfr.
Stevens 'hi is not las than SSQ: 0Q He is
the otily in - in'Peruisylvaniamho has
thus lion by the vandals for Mai: =flinch
ing 6voin' to ,Freedora. , • .• - -, :1
i - *tt.- tu4tuatis VARY. _ i
Wileilee z rehl - horde &it 'entored' the
Statapusid *nth ,the hope of _easy vietoriea
on the Sc and boundless phinder in tar
ilardeiphia, Battisnore. d Wash=
iiigtou tir would. yell insolently:at isyeiy
min ;or , onion they met..."' 'Well Yank;
-how pa 1 ffarilsburg ? " "How 'far to
Baltimore? the charge at, the
Continental? HoW do you like Our 're- :
, turn to the Hid*? ", -;t 4 Whiet ,
to Washington?" Hew do you Ai*e'Liri
coWs Devils ?," , Thes - tma similar nqui-
res -were made with ii i dogree . -:of artanne
and confidenee - that elehrly betokened'their
eipeciatiEms to see, as conquerors, the cities
named : during their !
their, ,shattered and bleeding.colommt ~
,- cam
mended' their retreat*Saturday . ", after bat-.
tie, there - , was 'hut one - iniPairy Davde:alike - by
officers and men--- , ‘ How;far i to, - i ho ,Poto,
mach" Howfgr_to ihe,Pptomac.": And
thes_their brolipa, decimated ranks straggled
along. the menutain , passeS,- grasping foi.the
last hope left- them : the 1 1 (4*a - a three'
'days of •amarysprife with the 0,6 , 41ey effect-
tO despise, turned hails upon. their
hones already their wanton_,- I
Wicked wart • - . s, .1
"Eyen'intelligenirei4officers insisted that'
Lincoln _wail a fugitive ; in .BostOn and dare
not occupyhis capital; and the rank' and ..file
were regaled with' that' and eqUally absurd
falsehoo4 'Others declared that he was ha;
bitually intoxicated and Unable to attend, to
his official duties because' of his intei<iper.
ante. TheSellien'were: evidently" tauglit`te
regard President Lincoln as.brutal - and bar
barons in ameminent degree, and= they were
amazed to find the loyal 'of all parties alike
respeetinghim and the Governlner4.,
v.ixivaam PALLS 'UPON TEBM.-
• - str.vEg. , • . • .
There was quite an assortment of:Hospital
goods here when the :rebels name,' Most 'of
which they ; wantonly; destroyed-Lbreaking
up the bed frames.Jand tearing the• clothes.
When they left Tor Gettysburg they 'left a
number of their sick in
,the School-hbuse in
charge of a young rebel medical student With
the charities of the,PeOple of our town to'de.
pend upon for subsistence;'medicines,
Subsequently a number pf their wounded
werecaptured'and bidaght heni'and the vap:•'
dalism of their * troop 'upon their own:
sick and 'Wonn,ilea,
,as we were Without -the
necessary supplies to riltetbemeonifortable:
After- robbing_all ourArug•stores,_onti :phy
sicians •I:aid to furnisiv,medielies for_their
sick and wounded.'
„ , •
pcv. -31'r,Pryor,_ father qf ''the,blustnring
Gen. Boger A Pryor, 'who tlitin:t fight. Pot.;
ter when in'Coniress; vas with Je,nenintia,p4
lain and seemed th„ ba),-C'n gpner s peryis t
-ion Of-the piety . of t er4rYy, Herepieeeiitetit t
the progr&ss , 'of; religion as eminently ; satis:-
factot-y, and neemed•te. regard the - rebels' as
perfectly Crotoweilian in morals. true tbek
would steaUlegroei and' frOm: negroes, and
anything'elsefrotn'a,tenl•penny nailio a six
horse_ team; . but, thy , were nevertheless:
model army; 'according to Pryor, in, all , the
attributes of 'christian character. Qin. -peo
ple generally ,thought that the scale of Zion
must be very low down South;- • -•
lIEAVY LOSS ,orjavz srocs.
• 3lr. David -Brandt, residing. near , town;
was taken and held prisoner. by the',Rebels
near Williamsport;Builby, the bth inst.
Being , released 'hUr.E . iday, he returned
hone and informed' us that the. Behels
teMpte4 to idrive 700 load of cattle end 1000
head of sheep aercisi'Sbe kotoinne on 3ion;•
dry, but owing to the great height of the
river, all the stock Was drovned,eseept; of
the cattle. . , .1
The Rehs,performed Some exploits 'while
in our tewn - ,and 'vicinity of an'exceedingly
chivalric; ..p.l4:7,welPs . ceiPS was
about .enternig town, a young nian manwas 'corn
pellet' by certain parties togiye up his watch.
Rev, Dr. ISChneek was met'llear town, while
ond:of the Corps were; ori \ the 'march, by two
persons the , unifOrm of
Reb soldiers,' and threatened with', instant
:death if he , did , not atonce urrender his
watfh ''and his money; The ,anionnt, taken
Was ,§s9,iand the watch was of gat
it highly prized gift from some of the hietor's
friends when he visited Germany some - years
ago. Bev. Father Cullom was also • robbed'
of his watchtind suni of'money upon ri,
peremptory' *demand. As 'the' lets
seem to:he entirely Proficient in theeptaMand
to "make titre," they:evincidgeod judgment
in stealing Waitehes to "make time" for therm,
Their hatred of "..4b6 ; .tin. corn" was exhib
ited iu 'the alacrity with,*hieh they stole
"greenbacis,".- containing;ihe said "Abe's
portrait and certain - emblems of the Govern.'
meat over Which:he trosidps, and holding on
to them with
A most brilliant ierfornianee was stealing
a; pipe out of 4 the Mouth of our venerable
friend,'Alr. `Jan Neel, with the itmaikthat
he told smoked it lOng eneUgh.l:theeiivina;
stance gave the old, gentlemn. erriple:oppor
tunity to express, his orriMot},em,Oatfenity l on
the 'gabs and Itebeidom,- mist with icertain
threati iresucceeded in getting, his pipe baehli
' A number of intelligent and ente9wisitig
Rebels stataki`Orl',fo.nklin
surmountingiHthe eniola (it'oui:COuitilioaaa
was intendedtorepi*nt"Old l'eteLineeTte '
ant - lex-040d fleterminatithitedeitroy -
it. Their*andaliininiotti hosvOi Y ei, they
tidied ;:,
• Li:
The akin of the inc frore
did I:l4ds' bf .04ier4 ;vrea and
4014: i satigkabat--
aFter for aTLY" tiiß in t 11 :_. 6- .Pli.#": 2- 41049, 1 17
ing a eitiien, they would steal his hat while
sn the eat of interiegatinglainOr
tittering a reply. 114
some of our' people were -compelled to sit
deVre:sVhile. the Rebelsstole beetiAnd sh*
'front 'their - feet.'
:1'1146,w only . a rim exhilgticnati of
Reh.irefinentent, - gentility: and i enterini;as:
Por 'evidence of what, they did on a Imp
scale, eur'veaders need but see out depletoi
stores, the, ruins of hyiltling4
and the miles of torn ind t burhea- ;411414
track.. - Nearly 'every .. ihrmer ini the wholtt
valley sustained loam in''stUek alznesOir 7
isipakahle,and -bartilY a Ozen buthia wa r
f9rctl to amore 'otless extent.
phitil, a peaceful and inoffensi7iacitt4 , ,
sent was cruelly - of
Reh-aoldiers Of Rill's corps, On his failn : lo ':
Cated.near the qreettcastle road, thriierailes
from town. 1143'was'sianding iri ilia 'yard;
When three of the villains•epmiached.
anikdeinanded money. He immediate*
surrendered it.• Aooh after two more, inert
nie te-him making a similar demand. The
Muiderifi buried his - body in a dung heap t
601 fled leav f s a large
family; The shocking Manner of his death'
occasioned the: mold- rectum& indignation
wherever' it becimie' j kiown:':':
A:N*OTUE* '3E04E4;10 ACT. _
leamthat fir. Risher, residing.o s n the,
.*zirm-pring Road, a few 'miles from town s
was shamefully beaten' and• robbed,'"and is
now in critical condition'
, PAUL**,
Major Adanis,..lst N. Ir . J Cavalry, ptrol4
a large number of_invalidebs hero in' the
School Hopse - U2spital on' Sunday, the. sth
instant. , - -
- - A large plumber of Reba, captured smiths
road leading from town, wore quartered dpi=
ring the last week in our.county prison,. and
removed in parties at -tithes- nada strong
guard to Harrisbufg. - The sent off
Priday, numbered* 214 • May of than eiLL
pressed on earnest desire AO take the oatl a
allegiance, but the Military authorities,tailed
to gratify them. • r The .4p:triunity:will, us
&at; be afforded theni , toglve this evident*
of retUrnifkgsdnse andl4alty at the
tiniel.and Place
13p11334.1C1)111M Q. • c anraaL.s.
- The _only
,engagement- 'beyond the.' Ali: .
wishing of 'seouie,lmtbe Clunibeiland Vpltcy
Waa4t - Carliele. Gen Pe had Re called' hia ,
troope; from Toik i Carlisle and Alter poi*
:North to loin ldm
,Gettyaburg. Gen.
I hugl,l:l4e, Naltielisidivision Cavalry
elC:esed from Itarioyei t"i§ition•to join Oen.
togi*a_itt'Oiifistii - 1 . 50 - t:- - ,wheit:: ha - ilasiit
tit)* point,lm found :Gen., the, Own
itith several thousand_ 'Union troop.. Loo
:Was evidentird'iscdneeTted, and in , order! tb
Iced Gran. Smlth to euprare, that he : 4,ll*i , ,
9 ngto: - .4* , 644;045 .
-enable him to make-hisescape aboul&Smith'a
force - be very large; , ha - Oonotideinanded an
inaniadiate' ea*earler - oar _the town:! Thia
Smith leMpliatica4ioUsSa ; r 44 r
a Second deMand for, bis..airieneer•was sleet
hiin ho notifladi ! eo that he would_ riicei/te
no more =such communications from biiri:
the: son ,of the l ie - 61cOminander-iti 7 ehiek,for
*omen and children to getout_ of the town
Qf 'puma but few got,aasy.o - it - - Was' OW
and - thachit , ,airia: - X4o opened his guns
~. • • .•
upon the Own.
.• He threw, , :par4" . lkaa r
tired shells, -most- of which:-did net, explode',
and but little damagewati dotal, ‘ - 'fielreral
house's were penetrated, r of,`tlie
-witness, his .flither's ,WaterielklitecttyshMliee:
woos wads mum
General. Dix, hm,suopMded ontting.9ft
ell Tailrotidreonimedeation . between Bleb
roond and Gen. Lee's tinny. • He
,bas tbna
compelledbpiis 't"o' i kepp large n u mbs of
mien that,Wouldotheiyi* hike gone to
force Gen. Lee. •'
The dirt.ntaat with:Jeff. *Viet ; ruse in
ITer4k beryline s heaotniing_forinidahle"in
de~ed-; -ffhe:Hon. Wpli, [4., Grithain.
lit The .I?,rdeigh. Stvitiatri, a 'strong -allele,
de - eying the ?Wit ife*ion "from the Pi:4-
gal Unfqu, arrarniine (the' rfght of pair*:
,by the Federal GoverArant, diaelai aing-the
ilroprietyarad ineteateo 'ot.the pending as
agahrat the tlairt,- and strongly-A&
Eel:* th right' of any tOitheriiir
awilr from the CerrH.f.ediii*-1,„
'The &tit 'General War just
, • ,
the work
,o .m aking out' - complete. a**
Of all s:KdierMp ; ltair -died•dining, tha
present war.. Thal* is interaled %Arra.
every death in tlAlx:Pirdirand Nounkteer en;
ees, and je give ra4; rt*ltrititit,
eompy, cause of 'lleatii,"dito of death 'it,ted
Plate of ; 'death, it . nrkwill he' of e 4
.value to the Pension !.444- •14apd'Ofiet*, in fa
tune adjudication& in f rogardi' to .." , isseasksed sot,.
diers, -- and taw' the Gov:awned =eh
e?50 7 1 8 4_ t*ir;,4,P*l44 cases **l
wnuid e l)thgtiaa fuTIVT
'Gerv. Ileaglieri-the Irish Patriot, who un l .
'tilireeently cointrauto4,:the Irish Brigade;
event ,
in,s leech ,• New York':
which he paid -.:-‘,'l•truatilitt hot!). tko4 ll ,
theme Pitattbb4(e. l 3o/ 1 7 14 : 046 M 8 f*I`Plar# 4 40
thileiliPPlithO' h4i4 : l7 Yl 49 ' 4 4o -se l ie
This is not a c404)ixiitt:7 06 44 1 :K9:%-
tardy not for- one who. bas 'lleakit
to utter nothing but words ototaaniitd
to see -those words prtiipkt i li;
literati obe ed. I',ne, cannot.
sant any, one uttP,* PutiOitia
moiled/4st; as ta:pkilit , r44nritcrPuteltne4-.•
*NO. 25.