Democratic banner. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1837-1849, February 14, 1849, Image 1

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On, the pi
rut century,
ion. aince herl
ly daughter,-
had been ind
gradually dul
and astheyZui.
bereavement t
it‘a‘tultened a
disputed to s_"
in any form.
vl'tvwne unde theie circumstances that
a‘being; “hose altered garments still dis
played some g dy remains at an English
um otm, taint-l at her door, and nhen
her kindness laid in some measurereste
red him. ltebgged {or a morael of loud,
stithan earnednéss that ptoclaimed that
he and misuy'neie toovttell acquainted.
With eucliia'tentive nurses as the’
wretched sold r ound in the kind moth
er and drught'r. e was soon able to prove
“them that h; u s' not'ins‘ensible to that
goodness—“huh e did by many little
services—the gnr’en had never' been iii
thriving, nor' tho .ence so well ltept, as
eince the eoldier lid attended them.
In this way se it rolled past. and still
he slumbered nu the summer hours as
if he had never h an! the stern music at
the war drum; t it his Eoul had never
exalted in the h rible grandeur ol stor
my battle. ‘
the had so ingt tiated .hltnsv” trith‘the
cottagets that-h' presence had become
quite necessary t the happiness of one at
them. To their atem-gattona as to the
misfortunes that tad throun hitn on the
world, he had a vcr mule satisfactory
answers, and altt ys avoided the subject,
as it it were a painful one. “Ask me not
ot'the past, dearest Lucette,” he would
say. "be contrnt'to know that '1 am with
thee. and lam all, all thine own. lshatl
“under no tarther.and Ink no greater ltnp
pines: than Heat's-it’s bounty now blesses
rne tsillt.”
a He spoke tootast; he use not entirely
’ .blest. He knett that Lucette’a heart “at:
his, but there was yet another link uant
ing to make the chain 0! his happiness‘
complete. ' ,
This “as objected to by the widow on
account other daughter's youth. ‘ “'ait
but another year, Walter, wait but unttl
the strength ol womanhood is her‘s belure
you bring the cares ol ltlc upon her,’ she
answered to his passionate entreaties.——
Finding nothing was to be gained trom
her resolution. there was no course lelt
't-ut acquiescence; and in good truth they
vteil might be content; tor to them lite
“as little else but enjoyment. Their lite
flawed in a still, calm cur‘rent, unmoved‘
by therocks that otten mar its course in
the turmoil a! the populous city; its
smooth surface unbroken by the gusts ot
passion. that 4" er er excited ‘ “here men
do congregalf.’ So gently life passed
lrom them. that it mightbetter be likened
loa sleeping lake. in “horse atill'boaom
the deep blui oi the euauncr heaven is
(oundin unbrhken rellrction
This year] lumen-r. was, in point 0!
(act. 'Vt hateve’r the parties so droplvinter-t
cattd‘tn its termination might Ihlnk, no
lo'ng‘cr’llmn blher 36M8, ind in due ttme
mend' approached. A lrw (11:39 bulore
that ap'pointt‘d for the fulfilment ol the”
chevishrd hope». V\ ulternucnt to Ern
bblmfln town about a day‘s joumey tram
the “Itlon’svabndt‘. to progure some fine-
I] for Lucette—that is indispensable, on
'"Cllzoflflt'iwtflhas ml! in the cut as the
antler, fie ‘uuu'd rqtum by the close at
tlag_.lullnnmg day. and ,0n the next they
”99.” $1919"; for thé .court u!.l'l)men,
which. tur tliis’ humble celebration, .was|.nge Chapel. . l
l’ ngsfng Q9l lftfl’nf'dfl’nd night “U! and
3.9 “ ...?“ Hiya, Slecp‘ of course ‘wns
9m “'S’UR‘ll-‘dh amt 'L‘ucctie countul‘the
m'cnry hours until the-dawn and will"?
CflmcgnOfi"”Sltk \Lr'uh' aim-[fly and [ear
'lhelmttheit hour atm- hour the Nad'he
mmtnahlfibut the silenc'e tut {W'nggm
camezagniil..'and louml her tooling; an a
ltlteunlolesrendilyuimagined than [MIL—I.
F;qcy;-.pninte¢r a thousand terriblie pic.
turn-,gqne moment that m“: him loan by
..qu mongtqrs 01, the latest—the putshow
s9l.33:lehlccding’lunder the muf arm’s
gtpgllhnlngl in the“ mld blast sh he rdflhia
cries of despair. A! last the nu plin'g
gggpgggs‘e” bnqame,distillct—§llg rm ed. to
ghgé‘gj‘p‘dp :llll' It has not Waite, 5 she
9pg'n‘eq llw dpnr, lhe rider tvhn; nl ldcgl
pa'b’p’ij‘at lm- feet. and rode (v uxth’uul
"Making; 3 She ebgerly tore- ll; pi e'r‘n
peti.‘ 'n‘lld ‘ (and :_'-'-‘-" .anger‘ th'rt ton lite;
dearest Luc'ctte: und ‘1 must fly: nljl 11 iii
oitt‘d-‘du 'n‘nt fenr-«beldre'thia' ‘ an r‘ach
jolt ilu‘hhallvbemnteékinil Hen n (raw
.io=p‘ensantvin:my-mmy.:or-‘TiL shave"
JyOusinuuspuhrm'w‘l-v-imuawa ’
~ Vould huchbecntdéptlntwd:l u
(gyuu‘-;.;:tl)_e.vdanger..will soon
“\hgletum undnxptnlntat
‘ ' 3.5!
DC “‘lO 1
PF! Innum 1
.NNER" u: publnahct
r $1 50 ifugid In ad
nued ("”Ich at lhqop
urreuruges are paid.‘
>1 Iho usnnl'rnlus.-
orlcnn Councr.
‘ 71'ale I Love and Sorrow.
nir. n. r. 0..
man; nks u! the Rhine?
jhc ginning ol the in”
wjduw “mm sole compan-
Luobuz ’s doathfivas an on
l‘he on; of her hunband‘
a I my blow, ,but years
.d (h keen edge 0! sorrow.
”.9 o Ihe billcr tracings ol
‘ 'zr hcnrt, they left in
My “ammund well
ize'uilh human woe
0 $8315"
c; ~-—--»-~~-=-s-~-_.m .. . . ~",'.‘ ~ . ”7.7. .‘ ~ _ , ._ 4. ‘ '
1 . . , I, _ . ~_ nun...“ ' - ,V . ”A I” ... ':~ .
F ,- ‘ .. . ‘ ‘ ' -. :11 (I _._ . a. ‘ ‘ :m ' '
w .. . ‘~ » . J" , ~ z-- , . x «[54 E ‘ . . , ‘f _ . , x "'
.‘b V . .‘l' i- . .‘ ’ 5.2: Q‘“ P‘ 'r l': . I " ' - " IV I ’ ' ' .\ , '
‘ ‘ , - . .3- t 1:, u ._ A 2. ' ‘. ' ~ 'EH'_ ~ ' .' , .' I‘ x " ' ‘
3.”, -," :x- , . H .' ~ . :‘.-‘\ -.‘ \ , ' 1 H ‘. -~'- A- u » x t.
' ‘1» “.1 v J» u, A: ~ ‘- " 1. ‘. . . .. . .~' 99 ’- ~ ~~-
a" ' ‘ .I, - , ”gm! 1%? . . :‘t 'i V - :7": " ' , ‘. '‘ " "‘N- .' '
. q ~ v,;-1-, .._..‘___. _ .« - -~rr , ~ w , , v, - z, t ,V 2‘ .
’- __ , ' , . ».\d. [\.\ U 4 ‘r ‘ ,I . ( I , . :‘y: 2-, . ‘ .
~~»~«—-.~T~ -_T_..._:T‘ _._ ».;.‘fi_____ ' ' ~ - ‘ ' .. ‘. ‘ , ' ‘ ‘ '.. ‘ “
"““""““W, _ I. ’ ‘ \
/Patnlul nsthis in’l‘e'lligel‘
iieierthelcss some relict’ to
was alive~andthoughdan
enedhimyheuw'as now be
-—tt was a reliel: item the’
certainty. Bu} “hmcooll
that‘mis thusqearluli’ \\
his life? He had long lis‘
bu~y u‘tjrld.' and" why stir
for his blood? 'l‘hese‘wc
yond her pouer to reSolve
heurlsickcning \i‘eight upo‘
botr'ed hci spirlt’to the do!
A lew days alter the;
had fallen with the with'
thunderbolt upon the In;
Lucette, she and her moth
by the appearance of two
“ith their attendants. .
“We come. m‘ti'diirnt" aid the elder
the too. addressing the idow, 'op'o'n at
unpleasant errand—to so one ol our own
nation, uho has ofl'ende his country’s
laws, and long been a {gritive'lrom'jua
lice; he iva's a few days Ince discovered
by a soldier who had so ed .in thefegij
ment lrom which he ul m we nn'w seek
had deserted. I presum' we need hardly
ask you to give us any itjormstion 0! him
«our duty. howet’el. co‘ mands as to ex
amine your dwelling. ,apt. \VarnEr,’
lie-continued, addressin.’ his companion.
"you ulll lake Leopold {I Henreich and
search the cottage—the urmer will rec
ognize‘the deserter.’ ‘
,' You speak truly, s'r’ said themed-J
er, as he ceased; fire In infli‘ed. give
yon no information; iti now {our days
since we have seen hin but are you not
mistaken? . It cannot I), surely. that one
so good, so noble-hear. d, could wrong
his countr) !’ z '
‘I knew him Let, a dam,’ the ollicer
:replied. '1 am yet bt‘ as a stranger l'l
Lthe corps I now mm ; but the soldier?
)Lcopold, ispOsitive lift it is the same.
’and the General has uhomanded that. no
exertions be spared to dice him.’ “
l During this conversdion. Lucette had
:stood silent—almost neathlns. Every
word had been a daggitto her heart. A‘
tpassionate burst 0! tends at last broke the
‘spell that had Chaim-titer in silence. .
‘ Oh, sir.’ she shrial d. kneeling at the
leet ol the Eaglishmai'lrJif you have a‘hu
man heart. i! you hire the kindness oi,
manhood—spare Max oh. spare himl—it‘
you hare a wife, th. k of her, and sure
me lrom this lcntblr'ate.‘ He'is mine:—
mine norm—we “lllzbe your slaves—We
writ kiss the dustyoi tread nix—anything;
so you but save himll ltli‘nay'be you are
a lather 2' t .
‘A father! Oh, ¢odl girl, thou hast
touched a chord that iibrates to agony l’
exclaimed the ofliccr; and burying his
lace in his hands, his “hole lrame shook
with some terrible agitation. ‘Aye! l
was a lasher!’ he Continued; 'bul the
cold clod covers himl He. too. was adc
He uhuddered under what'seemed the
power ol somedreadlul recollection. At
length, collecting himscll, he maid-- '
'Yes. poor girl. rt’ lean I will save
him; but the chance is slender; he can
scarcely escape the Aearch that has by this
time scoured every mile of this country.
Yet, should he be taken, all my influence
shall be used in his lavor.’ .
At this moment the party from the
house returned. The captain reported
their want olsucctba to his superior, Midi
after a law minutes conference. they sa
luted the cottagcrnnd rode ofl. ;
Weeks named «eerily away. and btu’t
no tidings to the’cottage 0! him “hose
late so deeply interested its inhabitants.
The tears of Lucelte gradually settled irr
to a hope that Whiter hurl escaped his
enemies, or; she most have heard ol it had
he been taken; but another pang had
been added to those of uncertainty—his
dishonor. He hadduzertcd his country’s
banners ,' here not: it dreadful explanation
of the causes lhut I’m! byuughlhgm .a ng
gar l 0 hcr mulhe: a dour, This, lmuev:
er,'uas hardly mme lhah'a’ Hmomcntmy
griel; w'mm’m’a ldve is not to bc slinky)
lhug lightly—and ihc new that wu'f'sh‘ipis
has u’ “underlu! (many 0! Rapping me e?
rora of the idol in the slxndfi‘. " '_ ‘
Wullgf “as once more an gytcn‘fl, and
it seemed lb"hia syn'kq‘n hcnrllhat the
curse. of ,Clin clung; whim. lie wan-
tiered many a “/6qu lengué, shunning the
night“ mm. and almost the high“)! Hfzn'
Ven.’ I~Huping that‘lhc pursuit hug heel)
nbandoned, he at length turned lils'sle'ps
toward the spot sphere he had so lon
found saletv. ’ ..
'Ou n war'm summer night, Lucctle'ޣ
tuuaed' {ruin hu'dren'msvl lhc'M'andé é‘r‘
WWIWW'W mp ngainst‘vher .windo .‘-~
Rousmg,‘ ahe heard, her' name cnlle in‘
”n", she 000 M never'miatnke.‘ 'W rds
are too, wank to phint that negating. ,
' You tell me you haVe‘lfenr‘d ‘lhét de
sorted "’Y’C‘Nmfy'fiyrmies. "It in lr c!—-
ilam Axdeserrer, I promised urea lain:
why "awe..hnd.hcen..lwuhwd. .181. long»
{tints ago J , was"? British 80'3”" {my
,swuxd unstained: ‘s'uvg u-ivb lhé bl, “do!
hiy-‘-'~éolinUfa“léhcmiob'."-" A'b' finm fable
spimszas Juy-«l'uin; ‘l resumed; with
proud ‘w‘qr‘dg, [he harsh rebuke of; ,BUpné.
r'i'b.r;,,'h‘e, {slljUCk we, nilh Il‘ia‘:§f‘x;o g, png
dr'e‘lné‘codmz‘r‘ecdie‘i 'his 'iyeh'p'qn, . yqun
(was in his heart !" Detflh or flight v 99 my ‘
nuly'chozcm- Alter loh‘g-ydarS‘ vf-Jrnn'dci
den-ring and concealmqut. I‘leuw -glircct‘ed
-c was, it why
knnwlillhnt he
mettoéithisspot. wherel long hoped my
iday‘e ssould end in peade. On the day
premdlna-thstnihich wouldhave been the
happiest olsour'tliveerl saw one who had
known me in other days. one whose hut
tred l ltnew slept not. l lound l was re‘
cognized, sod/lied. The danger is‘ ‘now
no more. and l agnin fold my Lucette to
[my breast. l—nh! what “littered .in the.
moonbenm beneath yon window? ’Twas
llie,,g|ate ol nrms !’
The next moment he was a prisoner. ’
Ernholm use the auto! the trib'unnl'on‘
uhi'ehTNantet’e late’hung. Hisguilt was
establislied,--his doom pronounced. ‘v
I, e o a or e "t 7d' '
’ lt cannot be, Colonel; the cone is too
streng for-loose tnensures.’ ‘
‘l3“ think. my dear General. consider:
the tics‘ that must bebroko‘n! {led you
witnessed“ the anguish of the"p o‘r cresy
tore, whose very exfl‘lence, as well as the
prisoner's hangs on your word.‘you could
not but be meroilul. They tell Vmcyears
hove‘pa'ue'd since he deserted. 'Yoo can:
not deny me this favor P’ '
‘ ' Urge me not, Colonel, I prny'you urge
me no further. The example to necessr
7y, Order the exoeution within thehour.
and soperintend it yoursell. Your good
ness may alleviate what it cannot overt.’
Heav’y were the tidings Luce‘tte was
doomed/to hear. There was 11043.1er f
her lrieod had done nth-burtn’i‘ntn ;noth
ing could—noW’Bare Whlter. The Genera
at had pronounced his late, and was now
many leagues on his way to a distant post,
‘The final hour'cnme—the guards were
there--the men who were to do the .work
ol death stood motionless in ihe rouks.—-
Slowly the victim was led out ; he wished
not tolodk upon the light of Heaven a
gain. and his eyes was bandn'g'ed. Tho
ipnrting with Lurette was.over,—-he was
‘dooewvith earth, and calmly khelt upon
his'coflin. For a moment all one hushed
-—-nothing but the henvy breathing of the
soldieu was heard. The prisoner at this
moment raised his head and beckoned.—
’l'he Colonel approached him.
'I had almost lorgotten.’ said the sol‘
dier in choking accents—'l had almost
lorgotten this letter for my lather! Let
it reach him.’ . . y
1 it shall reach him if he be on earths—-
[pledge you my lile on‘ it. unhappyinsn‘,’
replied the deeply'ofl'ected ofiicer, warm
ly grasping the convict": hands.
As he‘turned, he read the‘superscrip
. ‘Graeioua henvens!’ he exclaimed. as
he rushed bticlt, tore the bondage lrom the
kneeling soldier’s lace; guzmg for n mo
ment wildly on him. he ,artieuleted -‘my
son! my son!’ and lell senseless lathe
r had threat"
(Mare of un.'
lhla- lieril be
0 could Berk
Mr from the
(1‘ men [Hits
’ mysteries be!
and they he“ 11
her mind ,lhat
'ing rflccta at a
“9'0”: juyoug
r “ore alarmed
ung'jsh gfliccrs
Horton filled. every breast at this and
scene, and one desitc‘unlmnted every bo‘
sum. to save the condemned one. The
.flinty hearts of men who had been deal to
the cry ulinl’ancy‘por the mailing: at be
reaved women, melted at this burst ot
manly griel. But the only power that
could save him was now far away. and no
one date take the responstbility ol postpo
ning the execution. -
The stem mandates of militmy power
might not be trifled with; the sun must
du-—-—:hc lather must be almost his execu
lioncr., Colonel “fuller now recovered;
all n luther’a lt‘ellngs lor a long lost child,
for one “hum he had long believed to be
calmly sleeping in the silent grave, were
in lns,heurl. 6.: struggled against his sense
ol duty. This-told him his son mustdlcl
und. lltutua-ltkc. lns reaolution was won
taken. ‘
The miniaturs a! damn wow nauin drawn
uuluaptl :hcir Weapons l'uVi-llcd at the UC
(”Us b’ccusl. The Colonel stood. firmly
{mar his son. -
.‘Suldigfu!’ cziod llw'fathcr, in n hoarse,
broken vulcu, uhich he straw in min [0
command; 'Soldu-rs, take your example
{rqm me, and shrunk, not from your duly.
Fiycl’ ‘ , .
(At: Ihe fatal. word be rushed upun his
sqn’p bveusl..& ”my, full Melee: together!
; u .‘ 3 CI. if V *1 a
A ringing t-hrhkwvus hcuul ham (1
g'eifihbori‘ng hvga'y, us the. rum, of musket
ty '1 ie'ld mny-it told Um Lac-9.11235 hear!
139.4 bum. . i‘ : ‘ ‘
‘ . NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 25.
. Highly ip'l'poytnajl newa hnsjuel been re
ceivedfrpfii Yu‘cump., A great baule has
bcfenfqughl‘pqlwgqn SOOO'lndians. (mono
611%de 500 Amegicnnyolunleerb on the
)olhcn ATM [qdignp Aware dniven hack at"
lb? :1 Umpqmlc'.gufu‘gglpgpnd. American val
‘qf \flas‘agqiq triumphant“ “The! Ameticau
’lpsq waeyevcre :J-Ihey mar/1:3 ki‘lled. aud‘a
Unr‘ge‘numbey wounded, munj;'morlnlly.-
:Thandian' loan, was, auppoaed zlo bi: Im}
menus, V.’l‘_ho .Indian town ofi Tum W 3
cppllurtcdvimdburnl.‘ The Americans y?!
1(m [below of marching: Kowzirdsuliuag. 09$
3%th” p decipivo battle :was anticifyd.“
“mo ,nwmcw jigs'jl‘ookad m: min ‘mnali
qnxielyeg ”A“: N" a 2,3 . I” ”5442' i 7
I .Hdlnicide..-—.A ..negro boy. Man’ging ‘0
09’3“.“ 139.010."..0f Ens! .rFelicQ/ha.‘ :(La.,')
finurdfiwdm. {CHOW-slave xewfl‘y. bY‘v‘t‘rUP him ln'lhe back mm”outgrerbevering
l‘hafi,;§pinc.;,, Afig_p,;ho cmflmssiorfiruhme
crimp £l9; fled“ ,mking m fi'llim 008““ “.8
mqgler‘p fineuvhorues. é‘ho cause ‘v‘vas
'eulousy.. _ ,‘J mm»; "
. y! l
r I!
l I
, ' Lancas'rtzn, Jun. 19.1849.
llon.‘Wtu. F. Pacxun.
Speaker of the House of Representatives .-
Undern solemn scnse‘ol duty to the
Gammonwealth, I'beg leave to communi
cate, through you to the representatives
of the people, the circumstances connec
ted with a trial lor murder which has this
day terminated in the Oyer and Termin
er {ortho county of Lancaster. _ ‘
_ «The evidence disclosed the following
lacts z—On the “Nb October,‘lB47. one
"Allen Dorsey and the prisoner. Henry
Newman, were engaged in "sparring.”
as ll were termed. for their amusement.
Alter an interchange of pogilisttc elldrls;
one Edward Stout (the deceased) remar
ked to Newman (the prisoner) that "he
ought not to strike so hard when he was
boxing lor lun.” Newman made answer
“do you take it up?” Stout replied that
"he did not take it up' but that he was
stout enough to ,box with him.” There
upon Stout and Newman commenced a
trial at their skill. Alter being engaged
in it some time, they ceased boxing and
commenced an altercation with res set to
each other’a pcratWS,’ which resulted in an
agreement to fight. Each deliberately.
amt by-vugreement. took all his coat and
hung it on the levee, and upon Stout ask
ing Newman il be was ready and receiv—
ing an answer in the’aflirmattve. they com
menced fighting, and both lell. Newman
uppermost, but Stout turned him & struck
him once, and they were then separated.
After this. Stout remarked to Newman
that the latter used to be able to whip him,
but could not doit any moresand Newman
‘msde answer "I know what I can do. l
can kill‘you. You watch me. I’ll kill
you betoro sunset.” using, at the same
time an imprecation indicating that he
would do so; and to another witness he
said.‘ i/hiafiat could' no! whip In'm. pow '
dcr-and shot could. Alter some" time.
Newman invited Stout to a graveyard at
sorne distance for the purpose of renewing
the light. This was assented to, and both
parties proceeded to the place designated.
Somejoculor remarks were made relative
to each choosing his grave, and by request
of Math parties a person present searched
thecombatants lor the purpose of ascer
taining that neither was armed with any
dangerous weapon. This examination
being satisfactory, the contest Was resum
ed and Newman, again deleated, cried
encugh. open which they were separated.
Some altercation respecting each other's
prowess again took place on their return
from‘the grave yard, and at Fiaher’atav
era. in Columbia, after they had returned.
Newman at' last asked Stout to take a
drink with him which Stout declined. say
ing he could buy his own liquor. Where
upon Newman started 01l instantly with
out reply. He proceeded to the house of
one Sisco and said that Sisco had sent
him tor his gun, which he took and load
ed with powder and shot and wad. He
then enquired lor caps, but failed to ob
tain any there. He went into several
houses. and made application to boys that
he met. lrom time to time, in the street,
offering money lor the purpose at obtain
ing caps to be used in firing all the gun.
His efforts were. for a ”considerable time,
unsuccessful, but at last he obtained lrory
a boy the caps he desired. one of which)"
attached to the gun. and the rest he (a
ced in his packet. His conduct eta/It‘ll
some alarm, to quiet which he toltlwme
persous that he intended to “It/(1‘0! pi
peona," and to another that he was t'go
ling to *alon mobile " Alter oreparing
his gun he proceeded to the pace where
Stout was and met him rel flung to his
own house. On seeing hitn Nev’vman ex.
claimed, "a‘dead man—adead man—a
dead man. by God,” undpoinling his gun
at Stout ran towards him Stout laughed
or smiled and said “liénry du-t’t shoot
me” and e'ndeavmed to dodge the gun, in
which he attack it sons to lower the muz
zle ltotn its then elevation. Newman
moved back, and when the gun was but
two or three leetlrom Stout, tired the con
tents into hls‘alztlomen. This shot set fire‘
to his clothes, Monght his entrails outl and
caused his death on the same night. Al
ter firing, b‘ewman said. .t‘l told you he
“.89 a madman—that’s what I wanted to
give you.’,-"' Tm midules afterwards he
repeatedlhal "it. was what he'jn't‘en‘ded to
sdo.‘” filer his arrest on' thesime' day, til
itht} M,gistrate"s ollic'e. ,lte repulsion.“
in}: _'- 't‘tte‘ti'ded‘ to' ltill"ft'h'e' dVi-ceased'a’nd
gong/J) horrow’ed Sisco’a' gun'lor the par};
3pm .‘" Ne'xt ntornmg,‘before starting loi
lflncaste’r. jail; he made similar declara-‘
Lt'ons, adding‘that he wanted to‘ kill‘twp‘
whore degrees and one "white man. and than‘
they‘ might ,hang him, [Similar declara
ttion‘s werc’tnade to anoth‘er'pwlittteas when
‘tlie‘ prisoner was on 'th'c roadg‘tdijailn I (4.":
i "'l‘tie‘pii'tljetyuf tli'e'. jurygtn'rdetermining
;th‘e‘dt-g‘ree‘of”guilt; was lully“‘recltvpgni‘;ed
;by“the Co'tlr’t‘; “but the ' la‘w'in relation)”
whatciihslit'uted.‘ in'itr‘d'er' iii the first tic;-
tgtéé'tt'ilit‘a ‘ét’ate'd to the' j‘ufyilas it was/(utd
ddwiib Bush, Freshth‘the Com, a Smith,
7"SirlltliV,69B,' arid“ the client at } using, an
iEiitttitttt-‘tit'liltely to kill—atlas “'WWWBIU,
to" their attention as a circumstance tvotg‘
timing. the conclusion “that/the, purpose
waste ia'k’e tile.‘ . 'l‘h‘e jury after new};
out'a'llfiiighllr retained, a,..vetdict:ol guilty
of 'r‘n’ut'liler in the secoml'degree.‘ The ut-‘
most penalty imposed by law for this of-
' The Trial on Newman. -
The following lollor (meudgoszxs was ad
droued lo the Speaker of Iho House of Roproaen
{noggin-me"? 3ears imprisonment in the
Penitentiary; aniXihe‘ actor Ari-embry
which prohibits“ thqimposition 'of senten-'
ces' which expire bbl‘teen' the 15th hiNq- '
vember and the 15th 'Fébruary. neces
sarily reduces the i risonment 1937' I']
years and 9 months.; , haylat'te't', pitlijojd
of, imprisonment ’Zw'as a ordih'giyfixéd
;upou as the highest ‘pu‘shmsnt‘wh'ic’h
could he inflicted. It is ' t intch‘ded to
cast the slightest imputatiot‘upo'n' the ju‘
ry. They. were all.honest a \ intelligent
men. 'Butaa untifiimzfiy w‘a "fiécéss'sr'y
to a verdict, and as there is a 'owing in
version to 'capital punishment, 'e‘dsciti
i‘on,<tnay be regarded as one of t many
results of the present divided state 1. p‘ub.
lic opinion upon that subject. ' king
the facts to be as hero stated.,av«ry urt '
in .the State would, it is presumed. ld
that the olience was that of murder‘infie
first degree. This is not a solitary cash
The records of our Criminal .Cdurt's'aro“
Itilled with similar results 6! the present\,
‘stata o! the law. It is within your recol
lection. Mr. Speaker. that a case are sim
ilar characteroccurred in your own bor
rough many years ago. I allude to tho
case of Stephen Lee. who. deliberately“
78!]th ,nczln J 0..- ..nd na-onrymur
guilty of murder to the second degree. V
in empannelling the jury in the case
just decided in this county. fourteenju
‘rors were excluded from sewing because
they could not conscientiously render)
Verdict of guilty, under any circumstan
ces, in a capital case. and one of (hate you
a highly intelligent gentleman who but,
served as Prothonotary of the Court for
the lastzthroc years. -Othar jurors oppos
ed to cSpital punishment, were necessari
ly ad nutte'd to.sarve asjurors because they
nvoWed a readiness to had a verdict ac
cording Io the evidence,‘ irrespective-q]
consequences. Under the embarrassment
which surround this question, it scents
‘worthy of consideration whether unmodif
ficulties miEhl K not be obviated‘ by 11:33
vesting in‘the Courts. or in jurors. on or -
special circumstances. the power to can'-
stitute imprisonment for life, for the our .
ital punishment now enjoined by late; bufr !
not Imposed to fact with any dagree‘oihu- 3
animity.’ _ . u “J l
' To remove all objections to the form of .
this communication.‘l~ request thatit’msy
be regarded as a petition to. the Lexisla
ture of the Commonwealth. 'giroinfone'o'f
her humblest citizens. , “fl,
Signed, ' ELLIS LEWIS. .
Nedneaday evening In“, aboutlß o’clock,
an accident occurred to _l_he passenger
lrnin from Philadelphia, about. lonrlmilei
below Lancaster,_unich almost innlan‘tly
killed both the engineer and firemen. The
train was going At ils ulual rely. Whfin)
from some unkpown cause. the lonmoti‘h
run 011' the trnzk. dragging the tender and
lone of the passenger ears of! with it”;
lbreoking lmse from. these it tinned coin.
pletely auund. its head eastward, «Steep:
sized—7 complete wreck, ll‘Was" the
ka Jan instant. Upon getting‘out of
the cm it was discovered that the Gift
neery‘was cut entirely in utv’vo, dend,’ & 'tfie
firunnn no mashed and bruised that hegué
p9l but a few moments and expired, With
all any attempt to speak, or‘ giving'h‘ny
levidence of consciousness. The mmo
the engineer was Henry Murray. .tW
the fiieman, Charles Wolfe. bnlh 9’ Co:
lumbin, the furmer leaving a wife 81 three
small 'childrcn. without support or prol
tection. ' ' ' '
‘ Upon examining the locomotivo it no"
found that the nice ofits truck wheeli
were broken, as it was lubppted, oftgrit
had run off the track, but nothing attain
was known. as the persons 'killed View:
the only onca out of the cars. ._‘ ', "
Two nights berore the engine ran of!
the track on the same road; hut,did'nq
considerablo damage, gave. that ol 'gteatly
(rightening the passengers. We ltrill]!
that means will iinmedinteiy be .4 taken to
put/n stop to the r'epilition of ouch .dll'n;
geroos 9nd awful oc’currenc‘es.._'l‘he ‘9‘.”
of Wédnésday night was indesc’vibiblyfl)’
patting. —-Harriaburg'_ Telegrafillxl F 45. 3.
A writer' in the 'Philndelphiw‘Euen’fng
Bulletin-states that some nightl ainclg':
house was bruken‘ into in thit city. without
alarming the inmates. who werq..much jur
priaed‘i'n 'tho morning.‘on comingfio'wu
:atairs, t'o find the parlor brilliantly illuminv
latcd.i-;Tha gas lights were burning brifihtd
Lynne tvultauhgcandlea in tho.» branohal‘.i
:wlnch were placed on a largeaablo; wbllo‘
around .were seen' oniptyfwine bbttles anti
glasses: "In the centra offihé’ftabl'o-WI'I
placed the -(amin Bible. . opfi'na'd at; LVI:
Chapter lamb." with ' a mark 'attachod 40
these "run-r _ ;-..: L:
‘ 10‘ “.His watchmen’are‘blind,'lhey~vuc
,au'ignoranulho] are all. dumb dog'offlhayr
chn'nol bark; Bleeping."lying «Wm-loving
kpsdumber.‘ " ‘-; ',.,".‘.x.‘ ..y i 6. mi 1.2‘ ,
5 hell. +2Yea ‘lhe'y in: windy» dog! Which”
gcan never have enough; and may agowhop‘é'
:horda Ihal cannot undouland; they all look
do their own" my, evexy 'one .- coihitg‘iing'
Thom hia'qu‘mena “ME :J'Ei-'?-t‘,,.
' >ll2l2HCunlO3-s, my (boy. mnymm fl
A‘s-inc. land we will-fi‘ll'ndraalyeplVilbqlrou’g‘
drink ;.an‘d'lo-morrow‘sfiall‘beial _lbia-djy; .'
iand muc'h.muraabunddm.” ‘- *" :‘f-‘l’f'V’Vz‘i"
Uur pulice‘wual ba_;a’v.eryj elfic'iem,‘jlinco '_‘
even the lhi’gvga rebuke Ihem. T:
. gin)"
r r.‘;"‘:l‘; '
. {9.31
V 1 ”w"
: i :1; .V
. : ,‘li‘t‘g;
4' "l: .13. i
_ . 4333‘ “V