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COIitISCI for Commonwealth—GEo. W.
ilroxvh, Dep'y Att'y Gen:, assisted by
11. 11. PEIMIREN, & W. A. WALLACE.
Conusel for l'oner—J. W. SMITH, A.
G. Ouirktlq, G. R. Iltangrr and J. F.
Monday, Jan. 29, 1840.
' The priSoriei was brought into Court,
and after' going through the customary
Corms of airdignment, &c., was remanded
back 'to' prison
Tuesday, Jan. 30
The Court opened this morning and pro
ceeded,t9 the selection of a jury, and after
exhausting the entire panel, the following
gentlemenwere chosen, viz: Elijah Rees°,
Philip Hevener; Thomas McKee, George
B. Smith, James McGhee, Andrew Tozer,
David I. Cathcart, Christian Erhard, Mat
thew B. Conoway, Isaiah Fullerton, Jas.
B. Caldwell and. Elisha Fenton.
After which the Deputy Attorney Gen
eral, G. W. bucitcs, opened the case to
the jury, whenthe following witnesses were
called : •
Roswell Luther, sworn.--It was on the
17th of September that the body of God
fried, Allman was found in Brady town
ship=-think it was him. He was lying on
his face. There were other ' s along, C.
Zeilliock, Henry ICnarr, M. H. Luther,
Elias Rishel, and,.others—were ' searching
for hirti, fOtind it on a sort of path 12 or 15
rods from the road leading from Allman's,
to Marshalls, on the top of a little hill, with
his head down hill. A small bundle with
two shirts tied up in a table cloth was
found lying four or five feet from the body,
ciptiesito his feet; he lay in the path; it
was rather open woods just where the body
lay, : surrounded with thick woods. The
butof a ,stippling iron-wood, between 3 &
4 inches in diameter, and 4 or 5 feet long,
was standing on end against another sap
pling 'spite 3or 4 feet from his feet. This
is the gtick. There was a hble through
the head—one hole on the back part of
the head, the other above the right eye.—
Saw the worms working on top of the head.
It appeared to be a bullet-hole. Prisoner
was not present, when.the botly was first
Wilhanz Risliel, seg. afitmeihr-Found
the'dbad body on the 17th . of September,
1 . 848 ; was searching for'it ; had formed a
line at the fields; I walked right to it; lay
on his fabe, full length; as if he had pitch
cd_right over. his toes on to his face. The
face was so much decayed that the flesh
fell off when ttirned over, & smelt strong.
On Thursday forenoon it rained hard.---;
The' 'weather was warm, The body was
found 10 or 15 rods from the old road'
leading froth' . Allmans to MarShalls, on
the line of a dim path leading a shorter,'
distdiice; know the body to be that ofGod
fried from the hair of the head, form of
body and dress; believe it to have been the
body of Godfried Allman. This is the
club that was standing by. I live about
60 or 70 rods from Allmans [witness here
made a draft of the neighborhood and des
cribed it to the court and jury,] I was the
first one that Caine to the body. [A cap'
was , presented.] I believe this to be the
cap that was found within 3 or 4 feet of
the body, in".cront ; know it by the cut in
it; saw the worms working in the head—
supposed there was a hole in his head—
there was much putrid blood lying under
the face. After the inquest I paid no par
ticular attention.
Cross examPocl.—The blood
ing . from the lop part of the face to
wards the throat.
Elias Rishd,.Tr. affirmed. -1 was pres
ent tit finding a dead body in Brady town
ship on Sunday the 17th September. It
waetlw body of Godfried Allman. It was
lying on the face. A bullet hole was thro'
his head; by the marks, it had entered the
back.part and escaped 'at the forehead.-;=,-
Found a bullet in the prisoner's bullet
pouch; tried,it in the wound through thc,
bone of the forehead.
Cross m.—lt was about two-thirds of a
. bullet; kept it for two or three days, and
then threw it away, The flesh and skin
had.fallen off the forehead—was not anit
ious,that the ball shotild fit; got it to try
it; was so ordered; the skull was broken
where,the ball came, out; fitted the bullet
by laying the pieces of bone together; was
confased ; second occasion of handling
dead,bodies; there was no phySician
ent; not accustomed to casting htillets;'did
not weigh it'; the pouch was hanging in.tho
house; ,thisiwas the only bullet in it.
,the rosecution:—Th3 disagreeable,
sensation was caused by the presence of
theAead body. The skull 'Was cracked
s pa pieeb out. ,
Cips,s ex.—The piece fell Oat of the head
when:the body was r l turried over saw no
bullet on the groUnd 'then.
Joseph Lines, sworn.--I came soon
ter the body was found. To convince my =
self,tltat he did not kill himaelf I took a
slick; perapwithe leaves , . away, after .
the body , was removed. Some proposed
'4O try the bullet in the hole; saw - a piece
•all boneALboutll2 inches long, fallout
• 'hey were carrying the body to the
. ..... , , . ~.....
? .;_ •1141.' - I qi. 4: . )...) . - 1...c1 . I . ,111 • • ' •
- i ''
" ' ' . '''
1 0 , ''.. F,, VF ..t # ... ... '.. ...
'--...... I . 7!.• . , ; , • , .
. '1 I I " •,.• ' , 't , # ' 1.. ,
t ;# - 0- ,
.".__ - , 4 ;A: - .; -' :` ~_ .- - •_%. It'll ; ' t•; li
• • 1 ' 1-1 ' ' l l ''-'' , ~,11 1
1 1 1 ' Il i 1 i, , 1 1, , 1
, , • / - 1 17 : -:.--: --' - -a % 1 ' ,' 1 , 1 , 'III 'I, f 1, , , ,i•
e '•• ,11 4 , frl , a ~ • , ~,,. , • , , , ,
ir AN, I ' l krif • ' -;-------. i
‘"f.. ,. • -,•.-
4 , t , ~,, , , -
~- t,ip' \ •. .• •••' ---7 • ,
4i,.•..)). ,
, 4
LL 4
A... ,„.. ~.„
- ---" .--,.. , 10_ , ,TD DOMESTIC INTELLIGENCE.
barn, and thought how they would try , the
bullet without that piece; Elias Rishel
went for it; when the bone was brought to
the barn it was in the bone in the skull;
the bullet fit the hole. [Witness here des
cribed the manner in which the skull was
Cross ex.—The body was not moved
till I came; there might have been a hun
dred bullets and could not see them for
worms; saw no bullet. When the body
was turned over, the skin and flesh fell
off on the ground. A bullet makes a lar
ger hole coming out than going in. The
smell and sight was so terrriblo that no
one could examine the inner part of the
head ; the nose was entirely cat off by the
Frederick. • Zeigler,. sworn.-1 came af
ter body was found ; when they took it to
the barn Mr. Lines called me in as an old
hunter; saw Lyons fit the bullet; it fit as
well as could be.. I hunt a good deal;
think I understand the nature of bullet
Cross ex.—Sometimes a bullet will make
a larger hole going out than entering, ac
cording to distance; a twist-cut rifle will
make a larger hole escaping than cntering. l
Jacob Kuntz., scorn.--1 helped to hunt;
knew it to be the body of Godfried
man; was present at fitting the bullet.—
The piece was broke out at front part of
the head—went to the honsd_ to hunt for
bullets ; found a gun—this is itno load
in it,; found part of a bullet in the pouch;
the!bulletfit the hole; not so large quite.
Cross cr.—Mr. Barrett spoke of raising
a„subscription to have the cause fairly tri
ed—we got up a paper—l signed one dol
lar. I said something like that if he
would come back there the old women
would hang him. I said that if I had to
dolt, I would put the rope round his neck
Elias Rishel, sea. scorn.-1 took up
the piece of bone rind carried it to the barn;
I was the first one that touched the bony '
when first turned over the bone was in ;
several neighbors came, who wanted td
sec where he was shot; turned it back in
the position in which it was found, showed
the-We in the back of the head; when we
turee'rlt over, the second time the piece
fell out; put hint in a box ; went eight or
ten rods when some person told inc the
piece was out; I went back, picked up the
bone, carried it to the barn and put it in its
place in the skull myself. A tier that sev
eral of us went to the house to hunt for
gun ; found one—this is it--examined
pouch—found one bullet, not a full one ;
tbund, a pair of moulds on a shelf above a
window; the ball fit the moulds; these are
the moulds; went to the barn and tried the
bullet in the hole by sticking it on the point
ofti pen-knife and holding it in the hole—
the bullet did not quite fill the hole. Did I
not know Gottfried Allman.
Here the finding of the Jury of Inquest I
was presented in evidence of the death of
Godfried Allman. Objected to.
Henry Lorain, M . D., sworn.-1 have
heard the witnesses describe the wound,
and say that such a wound would produce
instant death.
Christian Corp, German, sworn.—l
was once t prisoner's house, and he ask
ed me if I was going to see Louisa Mar
shall yet ; I said I did not know, but may:
be I will. He asked me if I would go on,
Sunday evening ; I said I did'nt know
Then he told me that he would not go that
Sunday evening. When I went away ho
followed me to the door and told me hol
would tell me something if I would keep
it secret. I said I would. He told me he
would marry that girl in two years, if ho
could get her. That is all that passed then.
Cross ex,—This was in the year 1848
—think it was in May.
henry .K 111217, sworn.—l was at the
militia training oh the 23d May,with the
prisoner; going hone he got tired walking
and set down to . yest. 1 wanted to go on ;
he said lie must rest, and wo set down. lie
then told me that if he did not get Louisa
one would lose his life. He was not quite
sober at the time. We went on again un
til we came to the road that leaves the
turnpike going to my house, when he wan
ted to rest again. We did not, but went
on to my house, where ho stayed all night.
He went to bed as soon as we reached the
hoUse. I wanted him to cat supper, but
he would not. I took him two or three
saucers full of coffee to bed. He went to
sleep before I was Alone eating. In the
morning lie wanted to go before breakfast.
I coaxed him to stay, and he did. Before
he started he told me that he had told ate
a little more last night than he ought to
have dono.
Cross ex.—Godfried was then living
with Lorantz. lie came Bor 10 days be
fore the review.' He had been there two
or three days at one time before & went ,
back •to Cincinnati. Godfried and 140-1
ranz lived together, end woman a
bout the house. • •
John Cathie, a f firmed.—Philip
got married, and , he and • prisoner had a
quarrel ;Philip sued Lorentz.., Lorentz
told me that he, Godfried and Philip had
pnraniseil the latid together . , and Godfried
wad to ge iCincinnati 'an* earn money
to pay: fbr it, • and he, and Philip were to
stay. anal wotit the landtmid,..that they
had severally agreed hot to get married
Clearfield, Pa., October 12,
___•—•,-.•±•_-_----- --- *-----_ -
until the land was paid for. This was be- live on. He replied, I know him better out
t h is
wood, but this stick is too large
fore Godfried came back from Cincinnati.' than you. This is all I know of the con- and twisty.
This was the land prisoner lived on. Iversation at Shuprt's barn. This was on i tch e Prosecution.—The-stick looked
[Here a copy of the will made by the Wednesday morning after Godfi•ied was as if ad been cut for several days be.'
three brothers, was produced, dated 2d I married. fore.the body was found.
April, 1847, in which they severally agree .Cross•ex.—l live 1A- or 11 1 miles from Adam Knorr, recalled and interprc
that in case of the death of either, the pro- tEd.—Lorantz came to my house for a
petty should be inherited by the survivors. Allman's.
Mrs. Charlotte Allsbaugh, sworn and horse to go down to Punxsutawney to see
Proved by R. Luther, Esq.[ interpreted.—l live about three-fourths of whether his brother had gone down. there
Adam Marshall, sworn and interpre-' a mile from Alltnans'. I heard the report ! on his way to Cncinnatt, for no person
ted.—Louisa Marshall, now the widow of of n gun ; I was at my house ; thought it ' knew where he was. I told him I had too
Godfried Allman, is my daughter. .Lot-' was in the direction of Lornntz's land ;it much grain to sow yet, and could not let
I him have a horse, and told him I did'nt
antz Allman did court my daughter before was on Saturday after the wedding, about
Godfried married her; did not like my 6 o'clock in the afternoon. On Wednes- think it was any use in going to Punxeu
, daughter to marry Lornntz. Lorantz did day following Lorentz asked me if I had ; tawney. I then advised him by all means
ask me for my daughter ; I did not like seen Godfried go this way. 1 said net the people to ether and hunt the
him.. She was married on Tuesday ; the I asked if he thought Godfried could have
that Godfried have got sick
next Saturday the murder was committed. lost himself in the woods, if it was late' and be lying in the woods, and he was
Don't know the exact time Lorentz asked
.. when he started away from home ; he said his brother; that we would hunt for a brute
for my daughter; sometime betvieen Feb- no, that he had started in time to have' beast, and should certainly hunt for a bro
ther. Then Lorentz wept. I told him he
naryand Easter, 1848. Godfried did gone to Luthersburg, about three miles.
not return until after Easter. ; Cross ex.—We have shooting every' should dot cry, but hunt his brother, and
Cross eX:—Godiried asked for my day—they hunt considerably there. 1 , then he will have discharged his duty. He
daughter, I gave consent if Lorentz would By the Prosecution.—l heard no other said, "Truly this is so—but all persons will
come [tad agree to it, so that there would shot that day. j find that he is over in the woods some
be no strife. Lorentz came to me. I Jacob Kuntze, recalled.—On the 9th of' where, and he was either beaten to death,
asked him if he was agreed his brother stabbed to death, or shot to death, not far
September I heard the report of a gun in i ,
I should marry Louisa. He answered yes• from the mad." Ile added, "sec what a
,evening in the direetipn where the
!This took place two or three weeks before trouble I have with my kinfolks—it would
the legs
body' was found. We were rolling
the wedding. Lorentz was not at leas in a y clearing about half a mile off g;
have been better for me had I never seen
weddim. Told Godfried he should bring - any of them." He again said, "you know
perhaps one or two hours before sundowii ;
Lorenfz with him. _There was none pre- . what a trouble I had with my brother Phil
my brother, my little boy and my brother-
I sent but a sister of Louisa, himself and, in-low were present; heard no other shot ip, and then the trouble I had with sister l
wife.* The Rev. J. F. Inglebauch mar- Philippina, and now this great trouble with : AUSTRIA AND UUNGARY.
that evening.
tied them. - I The Berlin Constitrit •
my brother Godfried--and when this trou- , wnal correspond-
Cross ex.—l was present when the body
John Ferdinand Inglelxzuch, sworn.— ble is past, all will see that I will have eat positively affirms that the Austrian
was first brought to the barn. I was first
I married Louisa Marshall to Gottfried trouble with my sister Charlotte." I then government has, on the ground of exist
of the jurors. Luther said I should call
Allman on the sth of September, 1848.t01d him that I insisted on his searchingi'ng Cartel treatiea, the tenor of which is
the people into the barn, and require each !
&lemma Merwine, sworn and inter-"for his brother ; and he told me that he; very strict, imperatively required the Turk
one to lay his hand on the dead body.—,
preted.—Lorantz came to me and if s lay their luredwould go to old Mr. Marshall and ask him ish Government to close its frontiers a
naked. i ome on his .
I could let him have some butter—told him if he knew any thing about him, "and if gainst the Hungarian insurgents, and to
some on his bands ; I,orantz laid his hand
he need not buy butter, as be would get he don't know where he is then I shall deliver up the insurgents who have already
},is reast and moved it down to his feet ;
on I' b
that at the wedding—he told me the wed- not turn myself around about him." Fi e taken refuge in the territories of the Porte
he did not seem afraid.
ding would not take place that day. He . then left rue, and I took to the plough._ I —including Dembinski, Kossuth, Pe Porte
William Rishell recalled.—l was res
tuld me I should not mind what the people P This was on Wednesday before Godfried's ' and Messaros. The Belislau Gazette fur
ent when they were laying their hands on ,
said, that the wedding was not that day.body was found. I ther informs us that the Emperor of Rus
the dead body. We all did it. I
Lorantz denied that the wedding was to • sin had, in conjunction with his allies, and
standing at the head of the corpse ; Lot Cross ex.—Lorantz did not say he would ~ the interest
takd place on the day that it dal take place.• in interest of European tranquillity
ants came on the side,
left la id h i s hoo d on go to Marshall to get him to search that
I wished them luck, if they would remain stir the and security," undertaken to insist, in ye
the bare bone of the face, and then moved
tee a d ' side of the country, and he would
in peace. Ile said, "my brother and I jry categorical terms, on the surrender of
it downwards till he came to the bends as Peolile out on this side—but that if Mar
will never quarrel—my brother and I will ' shall knew nothing of him he would do! the I lungarian refugees by the Turkish
they lay across the breast, when lie tool:
never quarrel, although we farm the sameliveabout from 'The
hold of them and gave thedi a shake. j Nothing more. I one mile from / T
place." Ile said there was something go-'Allman's. he news from Hungary confirms the
mg on, or going to happen, but did not George Ogden, stuorn.—On the 16th ofj lepinioe expressed by our correspondent at
say what. lie told me to say nothing a- October I took my wife to show her the I Charlotte Allman sworn.-1 was not at Vienna, thath E
t e .mperor of Austria is dis
bout this., - ground where the dead body was found ; 1 home; lt know brother Godfried was
posed to deal severely with the defeated in-
Cross c e told me that they can l• picked up a stick to show her the spot
lost ; did'nt know anything about it till I . •
- sui gents. Even the fate of Gorgey was
now plague Godfried as long as they did where the face lay ; turned up a few leaves !came home on Friday ; came to a neigh- •
vely doubtful for a time. His imperial
liim—thar:ithe we ding would not take
place: that day. ; is ° between two andhors house,John Aurandt's at noon
and there discovered a bullet—thti is it— Aurandt , ;Airs. , Majesty having felt at first strongly inclin
told me Godfried was married
I had it in my possession till I gave it t 0..,., ed to•send him before a court-niartial. A
showed on mendsAy and went away on ,
the counsel. [The witness here
1., remonstrance on
threamilea from my house to Allmans. the part of the Czar is
It is iiiit quite half_ a mile from Marshalls the bullet to the jury.] The prisoner cast got lost, and nobody knew where he was. said to. have dissuaded the Government
to my house. , 7' bullets at my house last March or April ;j 1
asked if brother Lorentz was at lea
- lie • •
• I Iron' carrying out thisdesign. Meanwhile
she said yes. Then I went home • cross- I -
1 Mrs. Aurandt, sworn and inter- run a large quantity, and used my ladle j
with him: , • • it is certain that the fugitive lenders of the.
preted.-1. was at Allman's house on the
Thursdaytregious to the wedding.
and nippers for necking them ; run l
I as- separately, and kept them by themselves;
two tat the fence to shake hands with him: 1 I i
asked if Gottfried was lost; lie began to ungarian revolution have no mercy to
expect, awl already a long list of names is .
ked Lomntz it knew when Godfried , s put them in his vest pocket, the rest be put cry ; asked who told me. I said I did'nt drawn up, to be forwarded to the authori
I wedding would take place ;he said, "as in his bullet-pouch. In casting
theme he know any thing about it only what Mrs • •
• ties in all parts of the empire. The; list
much as I know, it willbe next Tuesday." curled up a hair for each one and placed -
A.urandt had told me. "Yes," he said, , contains 60 personal denunciations, or
He then ttaid, "I am afraid." I asked it in the moulds before pouring in the lead. "he went away on Saturday and has tit sleek-hi-aft, including the names of Bern,
'' what he was afraid of—he said he was He cut all the necks off with my nippers. come back yet, and nobody knows where Kossuth Madame K . •
useuth, (born Mecz
- the 'he is. "I asked if belied taken his olothes i • ) l ', •
afraid' Godfried would shoot himself-4 These are the nippers--those areengi, ettity (described us a poet,) and
I told him I. thought not, and came out. • h him •he said none but
moulds—that is his rifle ; those moulds with . ; whathe ' I mud.
He called MO back and told me to say correspond with the rifle, and aro the same on and two y
.. .
dirt shirts I asked him if According to
. the calculations of expe-.
n o
about what he had told me. When he used. i he thought he had gone away any place • ••
; lienced engineers, an army of 70,000 men
nothing • h e he said, "I think that he has not gone a- •
I pased' along the fence down the road I Cross ex.—l kept none of the bullets . is absolutely necessary, if the siege of Co+
found two bullets, and was alarmed-after
haviog . the conversation with. Lorentz.
Crti Saturday, the same day that. Otilfrie,d
cast. I live a mile from Allmans'.
_ hunt some ;was not hunting that day ;
the woods
was at a lick that night three miles from
1 Wily, but believe that he is in the %vends
dead—he is killed—l think he is lying in
woods . killed ' I asked how he thought i s is to be curried on with any chance
of success. Fearful loss of life must en
sue should an attempt be made to take Co
la, was killed'? lie said he supposed he
*ppere Lorantz came to fily . house Alltnans'. My wife was curious to knowmorn by force of arms, and even if it
#' unit. .He them told me that a bit ago where he was killed ; didn't scrape to hunt was iffier ellibbi'll to death, or beaten to should be determined to starve out the gar;
. 3- dia . dfriod had went over to• his wife, and for bullets ; showed with a stick and thus death*. I asked who he thought killed risen, a year would perhaps elapse before
was goingturned up a leaf or two and exposed the
to bring her over on Sunday, • Ile thou
Ile said C. Me rw ille. ;I asked why it could be eflixted, as rho bc •
0 seiged have
rind on Tuesday they were going to move bullet to view. I let it . be known. I was :!(-.1 thought lie would kill him? lie said
• ; such vast stores of provisiona. !
=cud added, "I am so glad and light—l at the barn when the jury sat. I keep a weause he laughs when he looks in our The itecounts of the state of Hungary
'don't know when I was so. This too k gun ;it takes a smaller ball than this gun. brothers fare." 1 asked if there was fire are deplorable. "A short time since," ob
in the house? lie said he thought there
place about sundown. Then he left for Mrs. Christiana Ogden, sworn.—Lor- , serves the correspondent of the Cologne
was. I went in, made a tire, and got sup- G „, elle ,
Ilunne I live a quarter of a mile from antz came to our house and got my bur
succumbed to armed
per. Then it was night. Lorentz then
i Allmans. This was the Saturday following band's ladle and nippers, the last of March
\ Godfried's wedding. On Monday became or first of April. He run two bullets and
down to our house again. I asked him if first put hairs in the moulds, and kept told me lie was going away this evening,
and would not be home till to-metros eve- force. It is now on the verge of financial
ruin, owing to the bank note crisis. Ac
ceding to the Deutsche Reform 62 000 -
eing. I asked him where he was going?
Godfried had returned yet ;he said, "no them separate from the others. I saw 000 of Kossuth's notes • 1!' circulation, '
are in
He said he was going to Geore Shugart's
Ihe has not conic, yet, and if he don't come him myself. He used the nippers in cut- besides the' legal paper ,meneY; and thy
his oxen—don't know how far—he
till Tuesday we shall see where he is." tins off the necks. 1 was curious to seesudden unnihilation of tbis vast currency :
said to-morrow lie was going to work for ,
'He said he had no rest on account of the place where the body was found. Onis already producing its effects.
Gottfried Zeilliock. I told him I did not
Godfried's absence. Nothing more said. the 16th of October went with husband ; The Deutsche _Reform ac t neWs•from
like to stay there alone. Ile said I might
He went home, he had been chopping, and told me to Moldavia to the effect that the ' corps of
Gross e e said he wanted the salt come; when we got there lie picked up a ! either g° or stay as I pleased. I went a- Hungtnians from 3000 to 4000
__ strong,
way and left every thing, and did'nt see
for cooking purposes. On Monday thinks stick and scraped the leaves away and which had crossed the frontier, was en,
him till Saturday evening, when'l did'nt
he came for bags. found the bullet—that is it—we both seen camped at Widin. Bern ,:ir. Kossuth were *
ak to him
Court adjourned :ill 0 o'clock to-morrow it at once; I saw it before he picked it up, spe . under the protection of this small army, a
Cross cx.—l went to J. Aurandt's that ,
morning. and 'before he said any thing about it. fact which If 11
e eetuu y disposes of the re-
D' Cross ex.—l had been anxious to see , evening. port that the former had been captured by
Court adjourned till 2 o'clock.
the place ; we 101 l soon after finding the: the Russians- 'An application on the part
bullet; I have seen the bullet since. I TO BE CONCLUDED,. of the Austrian authentic'sto the Paella of
was at the barn when the inquest was held. I --- Widin for the extradition of this corps had,
By the Prosecution.—livery body went' Daring Robbery and attempt , to Mar- been refused, until the ,c'eeeipi of further
to the place where the body was fuund. 1 der.—As - Mr. Pamey Burroughs, aged instructions fro donstantinople. Theis-.
Cross az.—A great many went before, bout 20 years, son of lieut. Burroughs, surgents aboie 'Mentioned• are: provided
and a great many after we w ent.
j of the revenue cutter Hamilton, was pass.
with .tents iv,. gii?, ,'Lur ks; a nd • live ,very
Henry Corp, szvorn.— [ Not examined.] i ing Chelsea bridge, between 8 and 0 o'. comfortably. • ;
-, -,' , ~1 . •
Wm. Rishel recalled.—This is the clock last Friday night, he was attacked It is said that. the Pi'mperor has remitted
stiCk that was found on the ground efew by three men, who knocked him down, the fine inflicted upon the Pesili and Buda:
feet from the body. robbed him of all the money he had Jews by Gen. Ilayna?..,.' . . • -
Elias Rishel, Jr. recallecL- 1 got this small amount—and then threw him overfitingarian OfheeMliatiheeniiat to.
axe in the clearinu where LOrantz had last tho bridge into the water. Fortanately death at Arad arid Temesvar,;chie bylattiA 3 „ \
been at work. [Witness here showed the his outcries were heard by two; men who ing; and the estatea.Of two. - ‘Vere •celif,tA.l '
a x es n
stick to the jury—the marks of were out in a boat and who rescued him tat, ~ , ..; „ ' -
~ , . r . .
the nicks of the axe in the curf eorrespon• just in season to save his life. . They
It is announCed that- the Tkliish,l4ini
ding with the nicks in the edge of the axe.] so saw the, 'robbers running, two of them try has positively. refuse,ilto;deliver' up - iIK,
The el - Carina lies rather between the house towards Charlestown, and the other tow- Hungarians who have :Olen. refuge in; LI
and where the body was found. ards Chelsea -Tthe latter leaving ten cents their dominions. ..Tii6 ittis inn At;rabitsso
Gross ex.—Never saw , both making at the toll-house for his toll, and net. step- dor at,tlie,Porte, demaded, tho, extradtty
rails together; don't know whether Lo. ping:: for • his change. !Mr, Burroughs, of, the truagarian eflilC9e§titil , 74.••.!'
mritz' chopped right or left-handed; know was taken :to :the , Marine Hospital, and•is hinski, Perczel,,' pie q iner* . e r s; ' and
them,tniddling: . well ; ibund the axe in ;the ] now doing well. The back ,of his, „neck coMplinkins, A; Ressatir geacrALO
clearing, .15 rods from the path; this axe shows %Minds apparently. inqieted.atiPeriataatioel4;en
,tfte:l.s.thoq4; „i'
Lorantz vorked . -
s h ar p;it Godfried , had an slug-shot, and he was t .beekde,, nearly: Oa, inissicorr
that apesial . ini • asioi, i . • ' i '4 : '1•01' ,
axe, but it - was p; brciorns are made ked to death.—.Boston,'.2"tanscript.-. , : ~' ty the . Sultan into cornplitit - ,"
,!;,tratif .
, ,
Wednesday morning, Jan. 31.
The Rev. P. P. Lane was sworn-as In
Mrs. Auramit recalled. ---.0n Thursday
before the wedding my first conversation
with Lorentz was held.
Cross cx.—He did not tell the • reason
why he thought Godfried would shoot
himself. Can't tell how the conversation
commenced—suppose from the talk about
the wedding.
By the Prosecution. --When I left his
houso he said I should say nothing about
What he had told me. •
Adam Knarr sworn.—[Not examined.]
Godfried Zeilliock, jr., sworn and in
terpreted.—l met Lorentz at George Shu
gart's.barn ; in conversing I heard him
say some one was going or had, gone away.
I,asked who? answered'Godfried.
asked, did not Godfried marry yesterday?
He answered yes. I said, - then he can't
go ,away, that 'Louisa, his wife; would not
gfia, with him. He 'asked, - what. will she
t en'do'l I again said, Godfried would
not go away ; that they had land here to
`. .
~ . _~,..
rquare of 15 line c or less. 1 insertion:A.lEo,so
Ido do do ls
Each ,Rubre . gUant inserAion p , 025
1 do 9 month/ ' -1'4;60
Ido 6,4yonths -- • !.i a(i; .4 00
1 do 12 monehj „ ' 7,N
2do 2 mon.the ,,5'
do 6 motahi r ' s
2do 12 monthi • • , I S, OO
3 49 . months . ''” 1010
, . 6.00
3 do 6 months '
3do 12. Months ~ 1 , • r‘zl 12100
5 db. or half a upluinn, 6 months . 00
5 do ur half a column, 12 rzwii/hs 20 cc)
10 do dr one column, 6 nanitha 'CIO
10 do or one alum's, , 12 months ' • .30 00
Books, Jobs and ,Bloillgs ,
Of curry description, 'welted tti•te bdof best style,
hnd on'the 'shortest rittlico; at thet,COI.4NTRS DOL.
LAII Office. • ' 4: . 71
This ship, with therforeign riiuils, "reach
ed New York yesterday at two o'clock,
bringing LiverpoOl;titittS'ioiti-iti:VdOCep
tember, and London to•the-21htH theln.
telligence of interest we "annex.—reint.
A letter from Constantinople, dated the
sth instant,i states that the Polish General,
Prince Michael Radzivill, aid-dc-camp of
the Emperor of Russia, had arrived the
day before from Warsaw, on a special mis
sion, supposed to relate to the extradition
of the Hungarian refugees, which the Porte
had hitherto firmly withstood, in spite of
the explicit demand' of the Russian and
Austrian ministers. 'The English and
French ambassadori were understood to
have advised the Turkish' ggyernment not
to yield. The number of Hungarian ref
ugees in the Ottoman territory is 53, in
cluding several generals and superior of
The United States' Legation obtained
from the Porto a firman, permitting a cor
vette to pass the Daidanelles. The cor
vette proved to be a frigate, which the Le
gation was desired to remove as quickly
us possible. This is said to be the sec
ond attempt of the Americans to elude the
1, :