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e so t o Foreign News by the
The steamer America,Capt. Harrison,
brings, dates from Paris; London'and Liv-'
[ erpool respectively to the 7th, Bth and 9th
•inst. We - devote a liberal 'portion of our ,
. 'o;olu : inns to tho detailing of her important
Rev. James - Anderson, Rector of Bailin
'robe, has addressed a fourth letter to Lord
John Russel, on the state of the poor in
• •
his district. • He on,
: • i
"Twinged women, sisters, of linilagli,l
more thariseven miles from Chalon, being:
famine-stricken, killed .their oWn del!, boil -1
ed • it, and then partook of the flesh and
soup ! On the , folowing day ono of them I
died I : All this whs distinctly deposed on I
oath before John Dopping, Lsq., resident)
magistrate, by t most _creditable person,
Austin galley, who saw 'yith his own eyes;
7 ,a portion of the dog boiling in the pot, and,.
'also saw another portion laid aside for the
next meal I - This happened during the
last year, as. did also the following :—At
The Summer Assizes of Galway, a poor
man was convicted, for having stolen a calf.
Twelve months' imprisonment was the sen
tence about being passed upon him by Ba
ron Lefroy, when Mr. Dopping, knowing
the dreadful .eirennastances under which
the act was committed, requested perm's
' sion of his lordship to say a word in behalf
, of the prisoner. He (Mr. Dopping) then
,' i .. ,;;D:heer-flfa" Court that four of the poor
man's children had died of starvation, that
the husband and wife had been brought
from . Kilkerrin to Clifden, upward of twen
ty miles • 'that the wife, on being convey
.: ed from theerir to the Bridewell, was found
to be dead through the exhaustion of fain
' ine, and that they had both (a short time
before her death) declared that such 'were
the extremities to which they had been re
duced, that they had absolutely eaten a
. -portion of the legs ofone of their children ;
that, in order to come at the truth if pessi
. , Irle;•and that the appearance of mutilation,
A' 44Eitated,
,wns visible. The recital of such
a" tragedy moved the benevolent... udge
hiMself to tears, and constrained him to a
commutation of the sentence to that of some
trifling. nominal punishment. Let it not
be said, my lord, that these are bygond
'tales, because, indeed, they occurred in th
past year ; for I cart with trutli assure yo
lordship that, independently of what 1 -
•ly witness myself, every one I meet, ' v''
cry grade of life , has something so n'a
ful to relate that no language c depict
the miserable condition of the w e West
of Ireland. The police the yes ca n
well attest it, for they are di Bring dead
bodies among the walls of fined habita
frightful prey
lions—or rather hovels—
of rats and scruvrows hits it is, my
lord, that the famine B ress'es ; and oh !
„ for:at least two or
how awful the pros )
three months to co •
Rev. Mr. Tow 'k a l e Pr t )tca ta"t R ce"
.tor of Skibbere aspublished a letter in
-s molder ' s
.A r e titer; in which he Aixes a
Most harrow'
de ) seription of the present
state of th nion•and the condition of the
gentry. ith respect to the latter, the
...4,271- " I - enttematt --- s - aydr: - : kiioW a
`AY i
WRn this neighborhood who in the
kir /
day o our .rosperity could put down rea
dily•-.€l; 0 a year for his expenditure in
Wyll-do' g, (a. most useful. country gentle
an, d w h at
a good landlord ought to
itie,)-iyas obliged to borrow within this week
/beit% en :E2 and £3, in order to make up
a If year's premium (not quite £l2) to
' Sum a policy of insurance of long sten
; in,g; he thought he should have to let it
drop altogether."
/ In a note attached to the- document he
says : "It is really a curiosity in grave
digging to see the pit that has been lately
• filled in the celebrated Abbey Church Yard
of this prig). . I should judge it to be po
or 60 feet long, by six or eight feet wide,
• and raised up a,mound above the surface
orthe yard --about '5 or 6 feet. There is a
similar one nearly finished, and both filled
to the full with the bodies that have died
since the commencement of the famine."
' The Ballyskannon Herald contains the
' following:
The poor in this locality arc in the most
- wretched state of starvation we ever re
member them ; they have no employment,
and therefore no_means of procuring food,
'which is. plenty •and cheap—but what is
that to': them ivhen they cannot procure a
penny?,ln the year of the blight they had
Public relief extended to them ; now there
is ,no such thing ; they are more like Skel
etonsrthan human beings. We saw a man
tut Week offer a creel of turf which he had
carried on his back from the Lough Side,
a distanceOfseVen miles, for a penny, and
he declared he had 'not .eaten a morsel of
food for forty-eight hours..Theseare some
of the people Who are called upon to pay'
the rcite in L aid for-their starving country
men'of ihe 'West and South. What, will
• become of them we know not ; if not spee
dily relieved they . must die of starvation.
. while the stares are filled with food.
M. de Lesseps, Whose arrival in Paris
was announced on the flth, left Rome oh
the 2d inst., at which date no hostilies had
been commenced, though the armistice was
denounced on the Ist. On the morning of
that day, General Regnault de Saint Jean
d' Angely arrived at Civita Vechia, an
nouncing that the Roman Republic had
proposed to 'M. de Lesseps to treat on the
following basis : First guarantee .to the
Romans against foreign invasion. Se
condly, Cantonment of the French army
in various parts of the Romagna. Third
ly, in case of refusal of the French gov
ernment, hostilities only to be resumed of
teen days after notification of such refusal.!
The proposals were • inadmissible, and
Gen. Oudinot refused them. It appears
that some difference of . opinion broke out
between the General and M. do Lesseps;
but these were soon put to end by the arri
val of despatches recalling the. latter, and
ordering the rupture of further negotiations
and the attack against Rome.
The French army now from 25,000 to
30,000 men; occupied the heights corn
mandinn• the city, particularly in front of
the bastioned wall extending from the Porte
St. Paucmce to the Portesian gate, on the
bank of the Tiber. On the other side of
the river a brigade of advance-guard is en
' trenched in good position near the church
lof St. Paul, halla league from the walls.'
It is hoped to protect the troops from the
Itfevers caused by malaria, by establishing
them on the heights. The army is provi
ded with every material of. war by late at
irivals at Civita Veccia.
• The Time's correspondent was inform
cd that the despatches of the French EnVoy
at Rome, , state that considerable dissatis.;
faction eSfisted among the. French troops in
consequence of the nature . of ' the service
they are - engaged' in, and it was feared by
their officers, that incase . of the. Austrian"
troops approaching, : the Prench camp, it
would be imAisifile to predtnt a collision.
The' Austrians' were.,, according to the last
Marching tqwardsiesl,',Orihteri
dl Socialists.i'ded to Wm Ancona - by starvation rather
',3oba:.fie*'-ealOet than by force of arms. , Zaracearri ~haa
..441V7i rhea& on the Roman iitte*f'fasu9da,.,.potification,.de,9laring the' ityof
aff•: 1 11: - . de' ,alknix for :the reiteration I Anceni in a state of siege: - The' Ovmee
0 6. '1 tuf6ortici Of his / AScoli ! leas` been altnobst declared •in a
lea thn4nOstiesaential Fieinta.
,i,tate of siege , by the :eilitiordinarycoM
-044 srhat'li , as. missioneiot the republic,
, General Fjlangieri f on the 7th of May,
• • ,• •
The rett.etionists or anti republican ma
jority, of ..the,-Assembly 'is compact, and
votes together. much better: than was ex--
pected.... On all' questions thus far it has
marched :insolid phalanx, and like one
Man refuses all, propositions. from the other
side, eyen:those asking :for Parliamentary
tivestigation in cases of contested elections.
Investigationi:have : been in all cases
suit of the elections in Algeria is
6414621ccessful candidates
1 1.6 ;
gt, ,
, •
• ', 2 . • • '
e,:t;•.‘,••ttriv#4*--•;,-, • -• • - 1' ' •
•44171,`, -
I • f
••7 ,-' ,41„; •+- • • "."-'•
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. .., .. , .
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~ . _ .
.. .
peo n 4 the Bourse, where the funds- were rising published in Pale: ~.,Iromised anines- day4f feudalism,proceed on the UnahriS-
Jand it-stopped-their upward coarse. ;ty,, which pardons fully . and' freely all-liani nay, - .diabolical work of 'ejecting Eta
ark and
The service for the repose of the soul crimes of whatsoovor nature Committed unhousing their pauperised tenanti ,s y ,e , a l r o. ic i d -
Of the Empress Josephine;iin the Church since the 12th January,.lB4B,*hether po 7 ing them no roof to shelter them, or,
ditch aide's'
wales of
ofßueil, was celebrated on the 3d inst., as lineal or otherwise. which. they might lay doWn thei
emaciated bodies to beguile p
ig:fon-116r years. The Village was filled at i ' AUSTRIA AND HUNGARY.
silent hours of night, save ji .
in Connaught
an early hour bY people flowing in every I According to news from Vienna, dated
minute from Paris and the surrounding
May 31, General Welden had been remo. shelter, or the rude and,AehetY
the cow-shed. Not ydY
country. The • church was completely
I wed from his command.. It was reported
and Munster is themmiUe, but Parts of
and L c • .begin to feel itsf
, crowded. In the nave were ranged the
that . he met with the fate. of Count Star National Guard of_Rileil and a latallion of
in. -
thon, and was becoming deranged. Field- Ulster
fccts. •
, . .
conflicting rumors are a
the 2d regiment of the line'. In the choir Marshal Lieutenant Hayman assumes the
!and the chapels -
m eeting tiro re-appearanee . of the
at each side of it were a ! comma n d . ,
' • 1
number of pOrsiins known for their attach- 1i• , A. • • • float,
was in 'circulation at .Vienna report. di sens; in the - potato crop; IT4 re worts
meat to the Empress, the Emperor Na pole. ' • -
that tho Russians met with a terrible recep- contradictory—on the wiliole ve
on, and their finnilies. The President of ' ,;,,• „,, K are' ex•Y
hau in retaliation for which -• • • " ' 1 -
case, , , .
,e° Inclined to . beheve, that up to to r
the Republic was expected; but was pre-' ---'—'
they yed the' cit The are '` •
y. factsent time, the cases which: have alret
vented from attending by: affairs of State ;1 •- desiref - -
given as i ()Rows :---LThe Russians hilt/ shown themselves arc rare no f a
'he sent several of his carriarres. He, how: i
0 enterei and taken.up their.positioniin, rY virulent character,
Ilever, had crone on the preceding. eveninn• I won . .
Ito pray at the tomb of the Empress.
0 square, a murderous fire was opene
: them from every window. Upop-4/ 8 they in very important meeting has bu nhi
, w, for the purpose of pr, noti
The Editor of the Potpie has been again i • nmediately retired, narrowtyvti the city • •
emigration, upon a pre-arranged a I w
condemned for an article inserted in that' n ' four cor
with clumon set fire to itiel 'e concerted plan. The speeches we ,Of
journal, entitled "Napoleon et les Paysans." ' ' •
all ~,tio attempted to
ners, and cut down.. firm, moderate tone, and the reso ale.
This time he is fined 12,000 f. and senten-f;e A '
?estrum Cot
_ make their escape. A adopted show that. the conveners. ti
ced to five years' imprisonment.
.these reports without •
7c 4 spondent, insert: , • meeting had not come forward with •on
A deplorable collision has taken place d - '
N'nn- them. ..•
empirical panacea; for the relief of a rg.
at La Vogue do St. Quentin, in the depart- - el . l . ei l r' i, iipers hire at last some
le Pest ;.1 , .
but greatly distressed -body of the cis
meat of the Isere,' between the soldiers cmestivar, It appears that
news hone I
quartered here, and the. inhabitants, who r . • 'sad
1.1 a condition; un- -
h a dloriress ss
The Irishman continues to write i II
taken the part of a soldier who had • off
o . a „• an3 1 it c cut the supply of water,
bold arid vigorous style. Cauti 'sb
been guilty of a breach of discipline, and i '---.. ti '
garrison is suffering from thirst s ame
• 1 fil e l
opposed a oi" men sent to arrestand.o
then,. ~ ft c camp fever. ._.._ .. . and steadily, it walks upon the very in - ci
In the course of the resistance one of th The Hungarians took about 60,000 flo-
of the "treason-felony" act—uttering, 'b
people threw a stone•at the captain wh? rins in silver at the fall of Buda. The fishing, and declaring, in terms too it
to be misunderstood, principles the I , s
headed the military party, and killee L M garrison of 2,200 men, and 80 officers
o i. seditious ; and contempt for Victoria ul
on the spot. The soldiers, exasprt l eu °Y . was conveyed to Dehrecsin ;
this desperate act, went to th?i , (1 la rters, artillery, 1,400 cwt. of gunpowder ; 2,000 her ministers the most notorious ; but w b
ts; charged the eye of a skillful mariner at rocks, ke, s
and, returning with their ine , cwt. of saltpetre, and .14,000 muskets fell
the people with bayonets,/ " lyin g in re ' into the hands of thell •
- unn - arums niter the
~ • , within the limits of the statute made
At t timetheo suppress such 'spirits as those of its co
turn showers of stoney he
uhnut was
.march- tributors. In the number issued 'this mu
account left General The Hungarians have, at Weisskirchen
a battalion. ' Wing,
there is an excellent letter from tl
ing against the rioto' s witl i beaten the remainder of Gen. Puchner's
Mr. Bagby, 7
sic,. pttlic United States corps;l theycontinued'tlo I
the route at Ors ho- editor to Lord John Russell, in whiCh tl
d 011 ..410 4th inst., at t helatter is charged with the crime of commi,
to Russia, err' va, and at length drove them into Walla-
Hotel de Paris Rue'
chug and Turkish,. Benda.— They. arc pre: ling murder.. He.caUs the Premier a se ,
M. Saha, di,f (). de Battalion of National a •
p ring to receive the Russians at-Orshova. cond Dilphurt, and suggests that he shoulc
Guards at Stot„KYdic, was condemned by , - o
_accounts from Southern Hangar` state bequeath his head to the phrenologists.—
theo Court of /ssize of the Seine
that the Hungarians occupy, on the iron-- He thus concludes his letter : "Your ex
to five mos' iniprisonment and 50011' •
tiers of the Danubian Principalities, psi- termination policy has, up to this, worked
fine for h ng uttered the cry of "Vive la • ,
nons so strong that it is almost impossible well. I warn you, however, that, no ma-
R epu be e Iremocmtique et Sociale !"
. for the Russians. to enter in that quarter. chimer being perfect, a check may come.
' Human patience,' as Sir James Graham
, ITALY. Concerning the march of the Russians in-
If ever the ' pa
' to Gallicia, accounts from Flocznow, of says, ' has its iimits ''
tience ' of time Irishpeople overles s those,
, p.
, •
the 20th ult., report that the last column of ..• , .'
/he Roman Triumvirate has ordere d limits within which it has - been chained
the Russians came in on that day. . Time f the goods of the King of Naples in the so long agitators,may the Lord who
whole corps consisted of 52,000 men, with '" by
omen territories to be sequestered and
pardoned the penitent thief have mercy
15,000 horse, and advanced towards the
sold, and the produce to be paid toward upon your soul !" What my Lord Clar-
Carpathians, on the road to Xrosno.
repairing the injuries inflicted on Roman endon, armed as he is with a habeas SUS-
From the seat of war in the West the
citizens, and in order to prove to Europe pension act will
, think
of this, we canna. ,
rumor whichprevailed on the 31st ult., of
and the world that the Roman Republic is
tell ; but sure we are, that Mr. Attorney
a battle at Trentschin has been again con
actuated solely by a desire to secure her
own liberties, and not by ambitious mo- General Monaghan has instituted prosecu•
firmed. The Austrian troops engaged
of lions for offences of a less seditious char
consistedthe corps of Vogel and the bri
tives, the Triumvirate have prohibited the character; ay, and by some means or otb
gale of Benedek ; while the Hungarian .
Roman troops from int I
penetrating otle - er, obtained convictions.
Neapolitan territory. - forces were the advanced guard under
pu were .-
Notwithstanding this order, Garibaldi, put to flight, and were pursued Gen. Dannenberg, The Austriansued down the
has taken a step which may lead to very
made fearful havoc among the fugitives.
Roman frontier, and entered the Neapoli-
A battle is also reported to have / taken
tan territory' by., Ccprano and Salvaterra,
place at Raab. The city of Neitra is again
The towdof Arci, has sent a deputation to
him with a white flag. Ho published a in the hands of the Hungarians.
Accounts from Debrezin are, that M.
ter stating that his
manifesto to the •Neapolitans, ill which, af-
Szemere, the Hungarian premier, has sent
• victories at Palestrina
and Velletri have forced the tyrant to fly
.tho. poopio
of rho
. ki ntz d om, to' commissioners to all counties which are
threatened by the approach of the Them
throw °Mlle yoke nowthat the propicious
abet and Russian armies, investing t
moment has arrived, unless they prefer re-
with unlimited powcrk and giving t
maining slaves forever. A letter, dated instructions of great severity. The coun
the 28th Ult., addressed by -Mawzini to the ties whic4 "" " 4".4 ‘ .—'"---
erin" " l
of war are placed under the jurisdiction of
Roman Assembly, confirms the intelli
the usual civic authorities. 'Lime clergy of
acne, and adds that the Austrians arc con
all.sects (says the correspondent of the
centrated under Ancona, stating that their
Times) are wandering about the country
advanced piquets extend in aedirections,
and inquires where the Neapolitans are.—
in their clerical costumes, and preaching
In another letter, Mazzini states that An-
a crusade against the foreign invaders,
cony v 6,oooThe Austrians, in the county of Kanissa,
ute Austrians have
co is defended b men, and that
. 8,000.
south of the Drau, had withdrawn to Let
cay•e, a stalton on the borders of Crotia, so i
that at this moment the Hungarians in the , '
southwest stand close to Steirmark, and by .
making an irruption into the Mur Valley,'
could easily threaten even Gratz.
The Austrian army, probably in conse
quence of the fall of Ofcn, has made at
Presburg, a retrogade movement: They
evacuated Bos on the island of Schutt,
which was immediately occupied by the
' The Prague &Pang says that all the
disposable provisions and forage in the
fortress of Josephstadt, as well as the mil
itary stores, have been sent to Pardiwitz,
from whence they have been sent to Hun
pry. The military stores sent are so
great that all the luggage trains have lat
tonally been employed solely for military
. ~
. .
....,..,;,....:,........„,,„„,,,,,:,..._:,... ~.,,,....._....... _7,.,,A.-•,,..... •-, .-
,"•,,-,,,..,,,,•-,ii.;:,'.;, '''''
MI P. - .1
. .
LONDON, JUDO P---710 A. M. •
; There is a . variety of political gossip fly
ing about this morning. The indignant
remonstrance pronounced by Sir Robert
Peel in the House of Corrunons.last night
on the heartless. system of eviction in Ire
land, has attracted much attention Re
ports are in circulation that ho intends to
make a motion on the subject, with a view
of rendering criminal, a repetition of the
Toomavara affair. Ministers are using ev
ery exertion to get the supplies granted,
after which, it is said, that Parliament.will
bO immediately adjourned, and Ireland left
to 'shift' for herself as best she can, during
the ensuing vacatiOn. As usual,. a num;
.ber of Avill,be dropped.
• Livkati , ooL, June. 9-10 A. M.
- _
I 1 By the arrival of one of the Dublin stea
, niers, which, left that city. at a littelour
last night, we am in possession of a varie
ty :of interesting intelligence from the soy
oral provinces in Ireland. .
The State prisoners are still in Dublin—
.confined—still in daily expectation of
being, froni the land they loved
" not wisely, lint too we 11.7
~ • ..-, • -, . :,
'The accounts from the provinces Which
reached, Dublinycsterday, akof the .most
alarming character. Starvation is rapidly,
increasing. , Pestilence and death aro ma
king an 441 - advance upon the half living
Peasantry. Landlords,' with a cruelty that
,could hardly . find its equal in 'the'by-gone A
c 3:
The very West - News.
~ '1 .
Mglgylnteresting from enlifornini
A gentle Man in this city ha's 'received
a private letter by the last steamer, dated
at San Francisco, Ca!Amin, frorp the gal.;
hint and meritorious Major General Persi
for F. Smith, commanding the 3d, or Pa
cific division of the United States army;
which, although not intended to meet the
public eye, we deem so highly interesting
that we have extracted several paragraph s
publication—the 'gentleman yielding to
our wishes in.that respect:— Mask. UnicvL
"You onlynthink.of California in cpn.;
ncxion with gold ; and, indeed, a must won
.derffil connexion it is. As to tit; extent - i
:o'3 . ; of country holding the precious metal, and
ad the comparative faCility with Mali it is'
procured, there has been no exaggeration' .
. '''C The whole slope of the Sierra Nevada, on
„ the 'western side, for a length of more than
'clu 400 "miles, and in a belt of at least"4o, con
`ng tains it in greater or smaller quantities.;
fill andit may extend still further, as f urtherresearch is made. It is found simply by
8 dig,,,
theaging and washing the earth ; no expen:!
siv machinery and no intricate chemical!
_ process are necessary to develop the ma- I
u , gio hoard. A pickaxe, slmvel or evn al
sh butcher's knife, to . loosen the ,
earth e and
stones, and the most simple basin forwash-
''u mg, have been as richly rowarded as the'
IY most approi , ed machines from other4oun...
11 tries. Good luck in the laborer choosing
his location, has more than compensated
n for want of skill. The real difficulties lie
3t in the hardship§ to be &countered in the
d remote _uninhabited spots where the gold is
h found. ' Want of food, overworkingexcl.
3 ted by success, bad water,, exposure and
1 .dissipation, •all combine to exact a heavy '
' tribute for the wealth when found. All are
not successful, but every one works on,
hoping that the next blow of his pick will I
disclose a treasure that Will surpass nil her
has hitherto heard of. 'Many die unheed
ed, many come offsick; but there are ten
rriving from each quarter ofthe glob 21•41
•eplace every one who, goo: . -- Chinese,'
1.11(1,14dt Islanders ; Chilians, Peruyians,l
'russieens, 1114icans, Fretich, .prglisle,
•ish, outnumber
,as yd. the AMERICANS,
it the latter will soon have fheir share.—
' Twisions, woollen clothing, liquors, hitch
. and mining utensils, sell at enormous
I )fits in, the mines; other articles searce-
I sell at all. Woman's gear is altogeth-
D t drug.
The atnonnt of gold hitherto found is
8 1 to determine. It is said about $4,
I OOO have been exported. I shall be
hi in a few weeks, from facts I am col
x; s g, to make some approximation to it.
i the mean time, all this is disastrous
a* . No servants are to be had:. lea
in ith has been refused in my presence
by i cook: , All my servants have quit,
and estcrday I engaged one at 'e,loo it
Mexican )Yarliko Movements. men , because he is too sick to go to the
A correspondent of the New Orleans mine but I shall certainly
lose him if he
Picayune, at Mazatlan, Mexico, under date gets I imalth. ,
of March 8, gives the following important "lc quartermasterpaysss,ooo a year
information. If the Mexicans attempt to for tin house I live in, and it would make
retake California, they will be met with, a a poo toll-house for a cotentry bridge.—
stout resistance, and get a good flogging The el Mate is cold'all the year round, &
for their pains.—/Iwasykaitian. - The hills are bare;
and the'countq
Startling as it may appear to you, there
is all hills—(forgive the
are at this moment not less than :30,000 bull:) The beef is execrable, and vegetfi-
Mexicans on their way to California ; and bles—none; and nobody has time to catch
whenever n party sets out, they are pro. fish, if there arc any—voila la carte„
“Anyanewholv i i i i , l l comp
vided with arms and accompanied by clli-
, ~„,,,,,„,,.....“vr r , WWI. jt
No tl , b it, A...
gem, roil -. make man* •,. Why am a pareil Of idle t
0 . 1C r us vr i _
'less will succeed. I Vlioever comes nitii‘ll4
bring a house with him; there are bu t f et alkc them stile to their Fella '
iers? Because yon have slit
here, amtlumber is e6OO per thousand." 'll , Tise men k ' re instructed by
Cholera Intelligence, nili of less untler4tanting by CNIK.
Iliti in n
The ' New York l'iibuite learns thweitst bymost
11g11t u onifin by ecessity ;
that therOlave been six cases of' c . 1
at Saratoga Springs, and that the kee i ;) 6 e i r e o ra fi lte I f ilistakes°f aldiman
i . i:t rite}
the Lake 'House died of that dikease ''''' rs °:a -)°(.l ‘ ' ' E
Tuesday. i 611 ;rilindividual ; liht whet t it dewier.
w ain are
ii , w r on ---
$ liken town clock go
l [ z , , ig,
A Mr. enyhill, who left Cintinnati Ili)
good hea th, and - went to limit Valley ' lllde ili
' t i i
• to fa
died of eh •ra in five hou'rs theitext da3:' , ;
since whi , four 'others of the amity (his I
a. ars, that on account )11111etrs;1,
father's) wtre attacked, and th, ce died.— t ,§ome miserly 'chap objects to _ ,
may be dropped, le mistake,
Dr. Flawe ( their' physician, tins attacked eiltribution box:
and died. r
i- ' 2 l - )to young ladies w.- . I foi para. ,
Providence, R. ~ - .
At Nast .-- - - .
the'r fight at ,
141 male attire.—
in air
din , the street; dr. B e l
,-e arrester fi l o . o,
et by, thetone of
on a them w as elle°ve. .t F L hotel.
her rimming
e tischarged the next . ,.
w i ce i n a sking for a punch a
who have travelled across the country,
front other ports on the Gulf of Mexico to
this place, that they had seen Mexicans on
Weir way to California, for the avowed pur
pose of taking possession of it. Among
the distinguished adventurers now en route,
to California, is the Mexican who headed
the party that murdered so many of our
wagoners between Camargo and Monte
rey—the party detached from Gen. Urrea's
division. The latter is now in command
of Durango.
There is a manifest disposition on the
part of Mexico to have another fiisS with
us—and mind my prediction—we shall be
at war with her again in less than 2 years.
My impression is, that it will grow out of
the difficulties now promising to originate
in California.
FATAL DUEL.—The Louisville Demo
crat of Friday says, a few alights since,
Henry C. Hope Lind John Gray had some
difficulty at the Galt House. - The former
sent the latter a challenge on Wednesday
evening, demanding satisfaction. The u
sual preliminaries were arranged, when
the parties met yesterday morning, before
10 o'clock, on the Indiana side, in a seclu
ded spot, and settled the "point of honor."
The duel was fought with shot-guns, load
ed with ono ounce balls, or slugs ; distance
twenty paces. Captain Hope was shot
through the loft thigh—the ball shattered
the hip bone and pasSed through to the
right side. The • friends of Captain Hope
afterwards placed him in a skiff for the
purpose ofhurrying him heme,:but he died
during the passage from the effect of the
wound. Boil) parties were, very 'intimate
previous to , the difficulty.
NOco.---The steamer Venezula, Which' Was
built at Pittsburgh, to run on the Orinoco
river, under a grant to 'an American con- I w'
rany from, the Venezulian Republic, Ms
arrived out, and made 'her" first trip, The irmlab
4‘natives Were astonished," of aourse; to sly, al
see a steamer ploughing,: the hitherto. un- street.
disturbed waters of their noble nate,
The Venezulti has given much Satisfaction; tiletice
she ran from Bolivia to Port of Spain, a
last, tl
distance ofsoo miles; in IeSS than 30 hours. the
•A letter from Puerto Espono to the Pitts. and so
burgh Gazelle states, that Dr. Louis • Pas. the hai
sano, a French physician, had diacovored ea abth
valuable' gold mines - bet Ween, 'daroni and man&
Orinoco rivers, .day's journey froin 80l- clock,
• '
, . • ' in the.i
• The fininieat article yet, is patent iron era, at
akrta with pereuaSion .collaraz' : It 'never CO
wears out, antl,hy.touching a spring, a new
'co)bir:jtOps up, until a- r half dozen are ex
hi thii
ac'eoramnies it. •
. ,
`4" 3.1,
E~ ~~
Ole, the disease's: more fatal
'other city of thesune point
the 14th, 10 &mls from elm.
15th, 2:3 deat s out of 40
ation. 0
era ; on
le Mc►
rock (Ark
reed six deal ,
cholera is
)his Tank of the 11th, says
bier, a Memphp_mb4—rinTo
packet, Which arrived here
d a number of Cases, and
in the Arkansas river. 'The
orted to be very tidal on the
rivcy. planta 'ins below this place."
At Mays% le, Ky., 'the (holism. raged'
with inereas 1 violence on Stiturday and
Sunday last.; • Though there was a very
large numbek of cases, only 9 elied, how
From Lexington, ICy., private telegraph
ic, despatches: on Sunday, "'state trait the
cholei•a is largely upOn the increase there,
and that there had been several deaths du
ring the previons day or two. "
The, cholem.of this season has . ne stri
king-difference , from that of the fo ervis
SpasmiiiAfferiiiiiihs - ar
ly seen among the sick.
The Philadelphia Daily Noes of Tues. Brom FAiLuild.—A slip from the office
day last, (20th',) has' the tbllOwing : of Tltornpson's Bank :Note Reporter, says ,
'Remarkable Occurrenec,—Yesterday, a ; that the Hamilton flank of North Scituate
singular'occurrence fell under our notice,' (Rhode Island)' has failed. .. ,
•' '
ia'riot a little remarkable in these Lax Sur~ltton Corrxn Gen .: L. It o
; times of cholera. excitement. • The, be'rts.,l-or Michigan, lately . mineral agent at
6 - 0)0 vern house 'of Livd- Lako, Superior,. estimates that' cOpper to
t the titer d South the amount of more than a million of dol.
3 . ,olappe to have been very UtifOrtu- him
9 fbrthe present , „ year.—
so tar victims of the dreadful pc4,-
is 'd corned. On Friday night!'
he ,wif f Mr. L., who was absent in'
untry, as seized with ;the cholera, :
ion -al died. :On Sunday,-night',
r-keep , a young man, was attack-
ut 11 Alock,;and expired ' before,'
ig. terday morning; at one,:o'd
marr , d woman, named' Margaret
who, ••11 d but Very recently arrived j•
aunty" was'also seized
ad at 3 'clock,..P. llt:was pronoun;
,!11, r.' Lewis Fo. - yetted:: underta,:
- 4ssent Vfor', to' lay Mit th ' cliodY- J
cirdingljr repaired to the . hoilixi and
upon felling the pulse ep s tlic'Weinart;'iliti-'
covered evident.signe,oflifo in, the movo-
e ace
§ 2 ~~§\&~
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:~~ p
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x 4 ,,
' "^
boyond 44 :
The ,44in
of a iii6tabo
borough, w
bout ,to
well `gri .;
Ives a - 1'
tO was '
to the s
and the 1:
pest itencG.
putrid." .
The ann
00, and ,
in only 2,i
ly great Ac ,
14-44 vi
ly. Iv
ing th
Hew.. ,
to t TO'
her i' . " l
A tion, - K
ted i iati„ Cc
of AI kl,„,„,* _
and tiiNtißfcd , 4
band's nifitre4l
Nation Rol
more, re
Re fo r
nati o the'
S 9 me
been' ear/
t i
n Isis -fiviinjuip `.. 1 .
i. to of March
v MI ng maii
' it usbandiol
PI ,
six killedf
The L
passed a
vorced liii
An Irs 1 rifleman in a trt
that the till "'wit° SO i dilTin4t
der' darlan viiible,icalleddin
'Here, mite , ,I 4 me hatie 41
cent catilb..just thal nriaYt
other bud. ' , f '',/' - '-
/' ''l
"Geteet n'," ii ill
on a sled
held fron l it 'right
1 They were (.....-
O ve
uude-r_tap,,nvnm/f"`"" gm t i 4p . , 31 . , woul n e . ,x
/wain wear breeches.
Almost every paper from the 'west re
cords the return f California adve iturers,
with their accumplated grievances, - Sixty
of these diSapponited individuals ariived at.
St. Louis on the 15th ult. . . ' .
The Queen's - iiirth Day seeins :to have
been 'celebrated is Montreal with bat:mod
erate enthusittsmkn the 19th. !Me peo
ple did not gene'rally join in the 61diers
huzzwj; - .
11, frier(
rails izo c
crawled t
same side
eve!): ti
he came ,
TIE enb r er " g been MPPoi
liter of Co. lamiln.Pl
field count ma' di5" 11501 1,4 1) ,5,r
, 1.14
,in the di he 0
the ettle on h o 1, 111106 ),of 1118 :
hereby giy chic Pat ho nal , RIP OI I
the 171 h d :la 'fleit* at lh?,
in-Clettrfie whe, rid *her°-
the duty se' Pittal"n44 •
ELLIS 111 ,
.- . 1. ' ' . .';.,::•":,
.'i., .•':,"':'... 1 .-:• • • ',:
:.;!. • ..:',',... :,.
~: --,~
,~~ ,
i„ r ail. positions ; a ;
jiappens that tho:4
Aixi •
t•olearly defined, 'and fat
iy others, until he that is ni
necessary: to
t anew, his yews and
'world. Such
Id in : all parties ; and tql
kat:advantage oi honor.t9
;e all parties would be]
Therefore,-rOader, wt
.or -Democrat, wnen'ov
, ho is always dJinipig
; taking: great•paihs.'t
course, 'and to maki
p, q•
p : , d
k-gu4, a
in to
A the
L the
ifreet .
to the
do 91'
~, ~~ ,
ell tn'i
'T, e
, ,
La o l o#
-\... \,,,„....,,vtiPpreitti
..*,? ,; :-4- k . gre -
I ill 00 Itsmartact
s . . .l g &
Defining our Posltli
hof our tiine oi
tat week in ihai
0,-Sec, -- , -Sic„ thit'
ostPone'tv very
g the political.
ollar. . • •
s often havo g
`'.de'r—ii mere time se
t.' 4-ready at tiny ti' ~
t:' , • •'. *
rat,. acconlig tot
's i n i'' illicad the
•;, beu„s'
RI• - Give -on the ot ,
' -q . •
. .. :„. ivilose poszti?l, is .i a
;.. ',. •` . —by •• his. ; close •
, ~;)::, k s of his party.
." .-1,.5 !..what Oily he be
-:' priest mid patrio
1I . may be safely _
i itivc.: occasion
nie ~ .k. ' ' • :.
'we:. should rfr
Wei' We ha
orus) bee
rip , er;and
.Atyarm pol
Ord \
he .
II ve
0 ,
any" , 1p
what w
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las. In
eippleS I__
fore .s
us to:
'pies tri
the wo
not boo
pay for .
.Ictl us to
other intl
That we;
n the
that thei
In thl re ,
' tile .
i :ll
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~, ~ -r;
IPI-e,.. 17 ea
tt 'f ifnii b
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~.q., ' .
i f ry of
1 4 4 7 i see,
Ve'' , *
~ ...r, an
llrie el
, ,
` y % ,y.
4 ~'♦
! . ~~ '•
I'`+ by of th
§ to whic
1 .. 1" 48 11 :
d ° t
0 t
• °natty
kbur P s
me:: But
efor n.
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'at 't ; '' ...
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