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    i()c "giaftzmat'$ gonmai, haxfdb, ga., ufi; 193 1871.
Col. DAVID STANTON,, of Bearer. -
Col. EGBERT B. BEATE, of Schnylkilh
"Mulatto l)emoi:racy'' i the neat ami
e'egant name coined by the straight-out
Democrats for the ''new departure" innova
tion. Ahem !
The ballot is everywhere protected by the
liepuLHcdns ; but it is debased by the De
mocracy to the worst uses, and denied to
thousand of good citizens.
It is said that France is actually and se
riously agitating armed intervention in favor
cf the Pope. It cannot 'be possible that
the government has a thought of anything
eo in.ane.
The noble army of Democrats is gettine
very much confused and mixed in Pennsyl
vania on the "new departure" movement.
Howevar, it is always difficult to execute
the order "about face" under fire.
Republicanism in the United States is
the evnibol of economy, public faiih, and
civilization. Its candidates aie pledged to
all these fundamental ideas, and no citizen
who deirjs t3 see them maintained will
vote against those candidates.
The Washington Reporter says: The
average sentiment c.f the Democracy in this
cunr.ty is the average sentiment of the parly
throughout the whole Commonwealth. Iloir
many member of the organization here
subscribe to the declaration of the ninth
resolution? We venture to assert not one
in a hundred.
The Pie says: No event of modern
times has so thrilled the popular heart as
the attack of the New York mob upon the
Protestant Irishmen last Wednesday. In
poaie respects it resembles the indignation
that followed the attack upon the old flag at
FortSumpter in April of 1SG1. It Is the
living and the bloody proof of the danger to
free institutions of the controlling party in
New York.
Democract loves the old amendments to
the Constitution as little as the new. The
f rst article if amendment to the Constitu
tion provides.: "Cmjrress shall make no
Jaw respefiing an establishment of religion
or prohibiting the free exercise then-id ; or
abridging the freedom of sjH:eeh or r,f the
preR ; or the right of the people peacfa'Jy
tn astcmhfr and to fit it ion for a re I rest of
General MTashless, Democratic can
l:date !r Auditor General, while on a vi-;it
t Nonistuwn a few days since, gave orders
to the Democracy there to destroy nil their
old banners, tr3tiparei.cies. mottoes and de
vices heretofore u-ei. and new ones be pro- !
cured. It "h said an ff.T was made to the j
old "Wide Awake club for the use ot
theirs, but was rt fu-ed.
Oh. where tell me where
lias the - white man a party'' gone ?
The Piu.-lurg Onutle says : Allegheny
county promises well for Republicanism in xt
full. The ranks were never more thorough
ly united. Nothing exists to mar the har
mony of the party, and an old fiohio'icd
majority of ten thousand may be safely
counted upon. If our Republican friends
in other sections do their share of the work
and hold their own, we can safely count on
the State being all right lor at leiiat iweuty ,
thousand majority.
The effort of the World to ridicule the
Orangemen and their procession, is a sure
index of the thraldrom under which it is
weighed down by the mob o New York
that mob which recently made the city
wild with their orgies, and caused its strei Is
to run with the blood of freemen. It is the
acknowledged head and front of Democracy j
in the United States, anil it. bowed bo fore I
.... .. ..... .i i -n , I
its masters, the scum, and villainy and su
perstition of the class on whom it depends
for the votes to sustain its party.
The Democrats of the New Hampshire
Senate recently fil'e,'. a vacancy with a man
they supposed to be a Labor Reformer and
of cour.-e prepared to vote the Democratic
ticket straight. But it now turns out that
he is a Republican, and flatly refuse. to give
the Democrats any aid or comfort whatever.
Ihis brings the parties in the Senate six to
fix, and the redisricting of the State so as
to give the Democrats the next House can
not beeffectei. norean they help themselves
as heretofore by the ejection or sonic Re
publican member. They stand bound, and
if the new member proves true, Democratic
Uii-chief is checkmated.
TltorSA.vns of Dejuocrats, says the Pres.
accustomed to denounce what they call
''Radical Rale" ctood appalled before tbe
stupendous arrogance of the men who now
dominate the Democratic party in New
York and aspire to dominate the nation.
Grown ta colossal dimensions upon thc
nioney wrun from an overtaxed and plun
dered people, these men boldly assail the
right. of citizen far better than themselves.
Jiiiiid to the fact that their guilt only need
ed s ich an exposure thii to hurl them
;..-o c. . !
" """J' Bl "-'w outrage.
Before such a spectacle a'l ordinary issues '
mnst sulfide, and American citizens will j
take th..-ir fr-nd ur.dr the fiaa of the opjy j
pany b-vor..) ,,, or.icr, liw. an iib'vfv.
Eiot in New York. . ,
Never, since the bloody riots of ISM, ha3
the city of New York been in such a perfect
blaxe of excitement, as On Wednesday, July
12th. For many days the proposed Orange
parade, and the counter "target excursion"
of the Irish Catholics, have been almost the
8 )Ie topics of conversation throughout the
city, tije opinion being unanimous that a
dreadful conflict was inevitable, unless the
) protection of the police and military author
ities were thrown around the Orangemen,
the nature and objects of whose Society
have been misspprelien'U'd in many quar
ters. It has bt-eri custoinarr for the various
lodges ,of tbe Order to hold tin annual par
ale onibo 12th of July, the anniversary of
tbe bsiile of the Boyr.e. Last year, during
the ceieLration, it will be remembered, a
brulai attack was made upon timie members
of the Order, their wives at d children, by a
number of workmen employed on the
Boulevard, and receiving pay from the city.
Mayor llali had issued a proclamation
forbidding the procession, but Gov. Huff
man being appealed to issued a proclama
tion setting forth that all oititixetis in this
country had the right peaceably tJ assemble,
and that he would give the necessary pro
tection to the Orangemen if they were in
terfered with.
Early in the morning of the twelfth the
Orangemen gathered around their headquar
ters, corner ot Twenty-ninth street and
Eighth uTt'!iue,from which point the proves
sion was to start, to the numbe? of about
two hundred, with a few women. Nearly
ull the tucti were armed with revolvers and
swords. Foni this time till ten o'clock the
police were bustling about and assembled
under their captains to the number of 1,500
and were tent in detachments to the locali
ties where trouble was most likely to occar.
At 11:15 A. M., the riot commenced. The
mob had collected 3.1)00 strong at Prince
street with an officer at their head brandish
ing a "word. lie swore to his mnn that they
should fellow him and he would get them
arms. The colonel of the COlli ltegiment
had bin men under arms although not au
thorized by (Jen. Shaler. At noon the 7th
Regiment with fixed buyouts, under Gen.
Shaler, attacked and dispersed 140 Third
street rioters without loss:
The C'Jth Regiment's armory with a large
number of arms was attacked and captured
by rioteis. Tbe scldiers were ordered to
tire on the mob several bodies of which
were perambulating the streets.
At Twenty-sixth street the 9th Regiment
charged the mob with Osed bayonets. Seve
ral persons were killed and wounded, among
them one woman. Colonel Fi.-k was shot
through the ankle.
Between Twenty fifth and Twenty-sixth
streets the mob fired three shots at the pro
cession. The military returned the fire,
killing eight and wounding thirteen. Two
bjys and a lady were shot. Sixteen citizens
aud three so'Jieis were killed. Coming
down the avenue at the corner of Twenty
thirl street., the fcUth Regiment lired uoon
the mob, ki'd ng and wounding twelve. One
policeman was s.het deal. The number of
killed and wounded is stated at S:J killed
and 0! wounded.
This brief account aiTorJ.; but a very faint
idea of the real state of affairs ami extent
of tbe riot. Want of room compels us to
omit details, but there is no question as to
die doctrines and teachings which produced
the bioud-dicd ami death in New York, on
Wednesday. J:: y lth, 1S71. These doc
trines are the Uocirhies of modern Democ
racy ; these teachings are the teachings of
the wretched men elected to ofiice by Dem
ocratic votes aud Democratic fsauds. Like
the rebel'ioti, tl ey Were the seed from which
have erown the fearful crops of proscription
an I murder in the South, and the intoler
ance, bigotry, and massacre in the North.
We are g'a 1 to knnv that Gor. Hoffman's
prompt action cheeked the rioters and saved
the lives of many innocent persons. If
such lawlessness was left unchecked, who
can foretell the re u't? Who can gny, but
that the same men who seek by violence to
control the destinies of New York city, will
not also try to control the destinies of this
country by having the National Government
subjected to their control by the same des
perate means? With the past and present
experience before him, who will dare to
even iumate that the only safety to our
free institutions rests in the people and the
Republican party? Let all remember this.
Tts Eintr of True Patriotism. x
Hon. John Scott, at present engaged in
investigating the outrages and crimes of the
Ku Khix in South Carolina, while in Co
lumbia was solicited io make a speech on
the 4th of July. At the conclusion of his
speech Mr. Scott said :
1 trust ltat "h:,t 1 oaTe "ni ' Tri" be received
in the kind spirit in which it has been uttered
j be com. here in the disebarte of an rffie.al
duty, but I hope anil feel in uiy heart that ibe
time inav torn come when every man that lires
i beneath the fl.ig shall live secure, when we will
j have inorj than obedience fur o'e-lieure mm are
tlrtermniri. to have ana throtTgliout the length
and breadth of this l.uid theie will ba freedom
and recuritj for every American citizen.
These are the words of an honest, upright
patriot, and will open the eyes of the Ku
Klux madmen to the determination of the
government to protect ail its citizens thro'-
out the length and breadth of the country.
The Germans who have hitherto acted
with the Democrats in Ohio are now desert
ing the sinking ship and declare their pur
pose to support Noyes and Mueller. The
New York Staats Zcitnncj, the leading
Germau Democratic daily in the country,
recommends its friends in Ohio to vote the
Republican ticket. The Clcvelan 1 Herald
says prominent German Democrats in that
city declare their purpose t j vote for Noyes
and Mueller. The accessions to the Repub
lican vo'e throughout the Slate from this
sourec will undoubtedly be large.
HEr.r. is a capital point, well takcti, from
I he City Item :
Maf5acbu.tt.hi;reYcntT tfcr-mand Republican
majority. There, every right i.i guaranteed
icw Tork. with seventy ttiim.-and Ltmocratic
majority, robs tr.d murderj fhnje who exerci.
on of the commonest riirhta of citizenship.
But tbe people of .Massachusetts ran read and
nif. Jfce ernty thoutsna ia New -York are
stolidly ift.n&rast. That make U U .ffereDce and
,De different the Lusi-esa fr tha ma'.rop-
0l" , .
The for-n of last Sunday extended totbe
Atlantic roast.
Letter from Florence, Kansas.
Florence, Ks., July 9th, 1871.
Dear Jocknal: According to request,
I will endeavor to give a few words concern
ing Kansas, for the edification of the read
ers of the Journal. I have just returned
from a trip down the Walnut Valley, to the
southern line of the State, having traveled
about two hundred miles, and can therefore
etve a pretty correct statement concerning
crops, etc. '
This town of Florence, now about three
mouths old, has about 50J to COO iuhabi
taots, is situated at the confluence of Cot
tonwood River and Doyle Creek, on the.
Atchison, Topeka fc Santa Fe Railroad, (J7
miles south west of Topeka, in Marion
county, which is considered one of the best
counties, in the State for stock raisins, and
farming comb ned. The valleys are very
fertile, producing as high as 52 bushels of
wheat to the acre, several parties this year
having harvested 44 bushel per acre, and
bad bread baked of flour from new wheat
on the forrteenth dm of June.. Corn this
year is doing very well; the crop will aver
age from 40 to 75 bushels per acre on sod
ground. Rye and oats also yield abund
antly. In regard to the drouth, many erroneous
impressions exist. According to the state
ments of old residents, of 14 and 15 years'
experience, there have been but two or three
very dry summers, and the rest were very
good years for crops. The character of
the soil is such that if there should be but
little rain, it retains its moisture fcr a veiy
longtime, and crops thrive splendidly- This
year, according to my own experience, we
have had rather too much rain. As to the
climate, it is useless to speak, for it is ac
knowled by all to be the most equable of
any portion of our country. During the
summer months the sun shines very fervent
ly, in fact, wyuld be almost unbearable,
were it not tor t lie cool and refresfung
breeze that is almost continually blowing.
In the winter months, cattle are herded aud
grazed without shelter, many persons put
ting up uj hay, while others cure from one
fourth to one-half ton per head, no grain of
any kind being used.
Ot what are known as the Osage lands,
which lie to tbe sooth of us, vast improve
ments have been made. These lands were
brought into market, (subject to pre-emption
in tracts not exceeding one hundred
aud sixty acres, at one dollar and a quarter
per acre to actual settlers only) about two
years since, but in traveling over this vast
tract one would imagine it to be an old-settled
country. For a distance of sixty miles
you will find farms being made on every
hand ; you can always be in sight of a set
tlement, aud in some localities, 3'ou can sec
from sixty to one hundred farm houses dot
ted over the prairie. Many have their
farms tenced, and many others are fencing,
while some sow their ssed without any pro
tection from stock, save that afforded by
herding. Quite a number of towns
have sprung up, which contain from 100 to
H00 inhabitants, and where settlers can buy
goods as cheap as in the Eastern States.
The people are from every State in the
l7iiion, and are perfect representatives of
American life and energy ; they are intelli
gent, ind'.Mtriotn, and eudowed with any
quantity of "push," and are determined
that with the superior advantages Kansas
has, it shall not be many years before she
stands, not otiTy as one of the first, but the
very first State in the Union, for agricultur
al purposes.
Many broad acres are yet awaiting claim
ants, ani no-.v is the time for all who are de
sirous of changing locations, to come to
Kansas, and take your choice of farms.
Another year's immigration like the pres
ent, will render it difficult to find choice
farms at the disposal of Uncle Sam.
Lest I become tedious, I will reserve farth
er remarks for a future communication,
should this one hi deemed worthy of inser
tion ia the coluuius of the Journal.
News Prom Other Counties.
Fi.K County. On July ftb, Jas. Toms,
of St. Mary's, was knocked down by a train
of cars, which passed over one of bis legs,
mangling it so badly that amputation was
necessary. . . . On July 8th, a man named
Robert Welch, an employee of the Ilenzin
ger Coal and Iron Company, at St. Mary's,
while eating his dinner was taken with ap
oplexy, from which he died in a few min
utes. . . . The house of Mr. Wihnarth, of
Wilmarth, was destroyed by fire on the
night of July 4th, caused by a fire cracker.
Blair County. Stephen Rush, of Ty
rone, got drunk last week, and in attempt
ing to get aboard a moving train got his foot
on the track, the train pasiing over it
crushing it badly. . . . On the night of July
4th a party of drunken men entered the sa
loon of John Devine, in Altoona, for tbe
purpose of drinking some beer, and while
there got into quarrel with Devine. Turing
the melee some pistol shots were fired, one
of which took effect in the thiirh of Devine,
and another pierced the left breast of his
father, i;ed about CO years, who had come
to his assistauce, killing him instantly. A
man named Cbas. Wright is charged with
the murder and is now in confinement.
The New York Herald says that some
twenty thousand men paraded ou St. Pat
rick's Day. They were not molested. Some
fifty or sixty thousand men paraded on the
German I'eace Celebration. They were not
molested. Some thousands of negroes pa
raded in honor of the emancipation of the
slaves. They were not molested. Four or
five thousand Orangemen wish to parade in
New York. If they do they are to be mo
lested. Is this American ?
Newspaper Change. The Somerset
Standard has been purchased by the "'Som
erset Printing Company," composed of F.
Stutzman, G. W. Kimmel. S. CI Post let h
waite, and Ed. Scull, and merged in the
Herald. John I. Scull will be business
manager. KJ. Scull, K.-q., will, we pre
sume, conduct the ediioral department. It
is a live and interesting paper, and worthy
a liberal s-ipport from the Republicans of
S -.iiicrset coun'y.
- A Little of Everything,
' Vegetables are io demand.
Subscribe for tha Jocbnal.
The j'lil is 'oiog up rapidly,
The infants d .Tinny wean-as.
A little rum often makes a big rumpus. '
The worst pill in tbe box the new tinker.
Egg3 are pretty plenty, and the pricn g d.
Accounts of 4ih of July fires are numerous.
Green corn is now sought after by epicures.
Get your job work done at the Jocks it. office.
Willi.im?port is to have a Hebrew synagogue.
Potatoes are in demand, and sell at high prices.
M iiconsiu abolished grand juries ou the first of
All the Literary Weeklies are to b had at the
The river continues low. Bo does our pile of
The First Pre!byteri;in Church of Carlisle ia
112 years old.
Gaulin's new building, on Market street is pro
gressing finely.
One Indian In Oregon wascivilixed he nanged
himself for love.
When Missouri doctors dUagroe they taoot one
another in the neck.
The present harvest in France will fall below
the annual average.
A fire in Marietta on Saturday a-week destroy- j
ed twenty bu-ildiog.
Letter headings and rnvelepes printed cheap
at the JotJitsAi. office.
Read tbe new advertisements. They are of
interest to everybody. j
Duckd are death on potato bugs. This is oe
"quack:' prescription.
. A few fresh peaches have already made their
appearance in Clearfield
What has become of the waterworks project?
Hope it has cot died out.
The flower thieves of Altoona appear to have
migrated to Wiliia-w&port
Two horses were struck by lightning cn Sun
day a-week in Williainsport.
Bills are plenty in our pockets. Would like
to get rid of thein. Who next?
Tho E!k Aitvaratu says that '-Huekle-berries'
are selling at 15 cents per quart.
' A sharp earthquake rhock was felt at Visalia.
California, on Wednesday of last week.
25.000 blank cards on hand at the Jocbxal of
fice. Who wants the next lot printed ?
Temperance, with an -iu'1 before it. seems to
be in a healthy state of progreM-iveness.
The days and weather will begin going to the
dogs on July 17th. Which, is why we remark.
Camp meetings will boon be fairly inaugurated
of which the reason will be exceedingly prolific.
Candidates for i ffije cannot do much iu the
electioneering line during such weather as th.
Things that are never hurt by falling prices.
They tall so slow that tiiey will never get smash
Ttunn'ng off with another man's wife i called
larceny in 6t. Louis. Petty (coat) larceny. prob
ably. Minute, three wheeled, doll baby perambula
tors are the latest rage among little girla in Clear
field. Fpurgeon thinks that some ministers would
make good martyrs thy are so dry they would
burn well.
The L. C. S C. It. It' from Tyrone to Lewis
burg is to be a narrow gauge road three feet 6
inches wide.
The homeliest young men in town can be found
luafiug ou the street caruers erery evening, from
7 to 1 1 o'clock.
The Connecticut House cf Representatives, by
a vote of 120 to 57, Thursday last, passed a gne
ral railroad law.
We are glad for the popularity of our friend
Job that he bad not to live in these days of su
perlative hotness.
Poor way to build a house carrying brick in
the bat We saw a chap try it the other day, but
he didn't succeed very well.
Greeley recently wrote an article headed"Write
me a letter from boin-3." but tho printer set it up
'Hiding the elephant home.''
The books of the Internal Revenue office at
Washington, show that the orders for lager beer
stumps average forty thousand per day.
Amusing to see a chap carrying a heavy top
load, while ho is under the impression that oth
ers think he never tastes a drop. Ahem !
1 hey talk of passing a law in some of the New
England States compelling every man to go to tho
polls and vote. What next from that quarter?
The Young America's in some of our neighbor
ing towns, have organized societies for teaching
good inanneri. Clearfield sprouls, pleaae notice.
A chap in Fremont, Ohio, paid off sixty dollars
of the national debt, by hanging his vest, con
taining that amount too near a burning brush
They say" is the biggest kind of a humbug,
aud slanders more people through ignorance and
though ilessnoie than a wish to destroy their good
The allowance of a West Point Qadet in the
summer is twenty pairs of while pants a week,
with five other extra pairs in his trunk in ease of
muddy weather.
Thomas Lincoln, the youngest son of the late
President Lincoln, died in Chicago ou the 15th
inst. His ditea.e was dropsy of the heart. His
eighteenth birthday occurred in May.
Arkansas is fea rfully excited over a large hole.
A tract of about 10n acres of Clinton mountain
has mnk. carrying big trees entirely out of eight,
and the bole continues to enlarge its borders.
A love-sick youth who was singing, I'm lone
ly to night, love, without you," undor bis fair
one's window, had a IPtle more company than
he wanted when the old man set tbe dogs on him.
The latest parody on '-Mary's little lamb :"
"Mary had a little corn,
I'pon her little toe,
And everywhere that Mary went
This corn was sure to go."
An exchange says: "One of the prettiest sights
the human eye ever rested upon is gold in a li
quid state." The human eye in this vicinity
would be satisGd if it could see any of the met
al iu a solid state.
The '-hoop-skirt"' that was dropped on Second
street, one day last week was not stolen, as many
of tbe spectators believed, neither had it ever
been won. It had just been taken for fun, you
know nothing more.
Sly drinking ia the meanest of all kinds of
drinking. When young men profess to be mem
bers in good standing of temperance organita
tiuns, it does not look well to see them slyly ob
taining pitchers of beer from neighboring sa
loons. The mudholes, in our ally, emit perfume
abundantly, but it does not smell as sweet as etto
of roses. The borough dads ought to be compel
led to sit alengside of one for about three hours
each day, until they would realise the n as -j doss
of the scent. Their removal would be tbe r-stult.
Articles of ladies dresi do not look well on
gentlemen, as a general thing, but we must say
that a certain -legal gentleman wandering along
the banks of tbe 'placid' Susquehanna, on a
moonlight night, with a thin, white shawl thrown
ever his shoulders, made s picture worthy the
pencil of a Central Park artist."
History of the War in Europe. The
recent war between Germany and France
aroused so much intersst on tire part of our
people, that it was generally supposed at
tbe time, that the earliest and best history
of that great struggle, would be from the
pen of an American author. The National
Publishing Co., of Philadelphia, have just
issued a very complete and valuable history,
bearing the above title. It is from the pen
of Mr. James D. McCabe, Jr., and is a
handsomely bound volume of 800 octavo
pages, illustrated with 150 maps, portraits,
battle scenes, views of prominent localities,
etc. It is written in a bold, vigorous style,
and will, unquestionably, take rank as the
Standard history of the struggle by an Am
erican" writer. Sir. McCabe, has evidently
etuJied his sul jeet deeply, for he writes as
an historian, and not as a politician, as one
who places facts on Tecorl for the verdict of
future ages, and not as one ho seeks to
win the favor of cither the Germans or the
French of to-day. The great charm of tbe
work is its impartiality, its absolute fidelity
to truth. His book facinates while it in
struets, for it tells in graphic and eloquent
language, the most wonderful st-jiy o? mod
ern times, lie traces the causes oi tne war
from their origin down to the beginning of
hostilities ; set forth the diplomatic history
of the prelude to the war, with clearness ;
and states forcibly, and in detail the causes
of the triumph of Germany and the failure
of France. The low price at which the
bonk is issued, brings it within the reach of
all, and no one wishing to keep abreast of
the times should fail to read it. It is pub
lished in both English and Gcrmsn, sold by
subscription only, and agents are wanted in
every county.
Many Democrats are in a quandary to
know which party the Republican or Dem
ocratic they belong to, since their State
Convention adopted the Republican plat
form. Tbe Republican, of course.
A4w rtiwert! srt t'Tt lit far?e tyj'r mut m f ptatH
ttttiptll 6rharfJ double nsital rate. JVttut
S. M. Pettexgill A Co.. 37 Park Row New York,
and Uso. P. Howell St Co.. 40 Park Row, New
York, are the sole agents for the Jul'rxai. in
that city, aad are authorised to contract for in
serting advertisements for us at our lowest cash
rates. Advertisers in tha city are requested to
leave their favors with either oi the above houses.
BEALtltS in
Amos E. Kai-p,
HtMir Fric k
Northumberland. Pa.
Jas 11. Jenkins
July 19.71-if.
Leonard norsi:,
The undersigned has taken the above named
Hotel, aud respectfully solicits z share of patron
age. Its close proximity to tbe Depot makes this
lloute a desirable stopping place lor the travel
ing publie.
CAl'l ION. All persons are herefly caution
ed against purchasing or in anyway med
dling with two gay HURSES, one red COW. one
red and white LOW, and two yearling UALViia.
now in possession of Hirntn Passmore. ef Fereu-
son township, as they belong to me and are sub
ject to my order at any time
Jy ltf.---3t D L. FERflUSON.
The undersigned offer fnr sale the following
valuable property, to wit: Lot -No 13. in Ibe eu
era! iilan of the town of Houtxdale. Woodward
townsMp. Clearfie!d county, being 60 feet front
on lannah street by 150 feet deep on spruce Ft ,
and nearly opposite the Penn'a Railroad Depot.
Erected thereon ia a goed new two-story frame
house. 18 by 2S feet.with a well finished b.nscment,
and a spring of never fai!ng water at the door.
A Iso, erected t hereon a one and a-half story frame
huue. 16 by 21 feet, and a good barn. 16 by 2(i
feet all in good repair. Tbe property is well
calrula ed for a Hotel. For particulars as to the
location of the property, and terms of sale, in
quire of IUVIS A KREBS.
Jy ftf.'7l-6t. Clearfield. Pa.
MISS II. R. SWAN'S, School ok Girh,
Clearfield, Pa.
The F'll Term of Fourteen weeks will com
mence on Monday. Septeinlier 4th, 1871.
tt.rms or rriTioN.
Rending. Orthwgraphy, Writing. Primary
Arithmetic and Primary Geography, per
term, (of 14 weeks). S7 08
History, Local and Descriptive tJeojrraphy
with Map Drawing. Grammar, Mental
and Written Arithmetic, 9 S9
Botany. Geology. Phyfjology, Natural Phi
losophy. Physical Geography. Algebra,
Rhetoric. Etymology and Latin, 12 00
Oil Painting. (24 le.isons), 12 SO
Monochromatic Drawing, 10 00
Crayon. ' ft 00
Pencil Drawing, (no extra charge).
Instrumental Music. (.10 lessons). 10 00
Wax Flowers and Fruits, wi'li materials, at
teacher's charges.
For full particulars send for Circular.
CloarGeld, August '7. 1870-ly
I) KO POSED AMENDMENT to the Constitution
of Pennsylfauia.
Joint Resolution proposing an amendment to the
Constitution of Pennsvlvania.
Be it Tlrsolved by the Senate and House o f Kep
rrietitalirfs of the (Jommonipea'th of Pennylvar
via in- General AtsemMif met. That the following
amendment of the Constitution of this Common
wealth be proposed to the people for tbeir adop
tion or rejection, pursuant to tbe provisions of the
tenth article thereof, to wit:
Strike out the Sixth Section of the Sixth Arti
cle of the Constitution, and insert in lieu thereof
tho following :
-A State Treasurer shall be cbnsen by tbe qual
ified jtor of tbe State, at such times and for
rtich term of service as shall be prescribed by law."
Speaker of tbe House of Representatives.
Speaker of the Senate.
Approved the fifteenth day of June, Anno Dom
ini on; thousand eight hundred and seventj-one.
Prepared and certified for publication pursu
ant to the Tenth Article of tbe Constitution.
F. Ji'RD N,
Secretary of the Commonwealth.
Office Secretary of the Commonwealth,
llarrisburg July a, 1871-Jy 19. "
and Manufacturers of
Carpenters and Builders will do well to ezam
iae our stock before purchasing elsewhere.
We are now selling tbe celebrated TIME3 and
RELIANCE COOK STOVES, the cheapest and
best in tbe market. Every store warranted.
- Also, Heating. Parlor and Rafting Stoves, which
will be sold as cheap as any ia the eouaty.
Special attention paid to ordering goods for
parties who desire it.
done oa reasonable terms.
July 12. 1S7I
RIED FRTJIT, it redaeod prices, at
May 12,'6. MOSSOF'?.
rilO CONTRACTORS. Propofals will be
L received by tbe Directors of Knox School
District, up to Saturday, July 22d. 1871. for the
building of a School House, at New Millport
Specifications can be seen by applying to P. A.
Rowles. President, or to the undersigned
Jy 12.'7r-2t. U. J. SLOPPY. See'y.
CAUTION. All persons are hereby caution
ed against purchasing or in aoy way med
dling with One Ray Horse. One Sorrel Horse and
Two Seta of Harness, now in possession of John
M. Test, aa they belong to me and have only been
left with Slid Test on 1 jau, subjact to my order
at any time.
Osceol a, Jy 12. 7l-3t. J. C. HENDE RSON.
CAUTION. AH persons are hereby caution
ed against purchasing or iu any way med
dling witn a certain BAY HORSE, now in pos
session of Wm. W. Timblin, of Penn township,
as tbe same belongs to me aud is only left with
said Timblin on loan, and sabject to my order at
nny time
July 12,'7I-3tp. CU AS. C'LhAttK.
determined to engage in other business, it is
necessary to settle up with those in arrears tor
Blacksmitbing. For this purpose I have lett my
book accounts with L. F. lrvin. Etq.. for collec
tion, of which ail person interested will take
uotioe. and call and settle immediately.
July 12, '71 4t AMOS KEXN ARP
E STRAY. Came trespassing on the premi
ses of tbe undersigned, in Ueccaria town p,
Clearfield county, two CALVES about one year
old, one a black-brown steer with white spot in
face; the other a heifer, with red back nd legs.
bellv and face white. 1 be owner is requested to
oome forward, prove property, pay charges and
take tuem away, or loey win De sola accoramg
to law.
July I2.'71 3t. HOWARD i ELD.
IOST on Saturday. July 8tb. 1871. between
A Curwcnsville and tbe Clearfield Railroad
depot, a lllack Morocco Covered, Wool-pedlars
Pass book, with initial tetter pages, ana connio
inir a iiumber of book accounts; a cedar poncil
sticking in the side, and the name ef James G.
Hill written in the tront. ine nnaer win ue
suitably rewarded upon returning the same to
the undersigned, or by leaving it at tbe Joitrkal
tffi:e. or giving such information as will lead to
its recovery. jas.i. mi.!.,
Jy 12.1S71-3tp. Curwensville.
In rursuanceof an order of the Orphans Court
of CleurGeld county, the nndersigned. Adminis
trator. ac . uf Michael Lason. late ot Centre co ,
dee'd . will sell at publie sale, at the public bouse
of Milo Hoy., in the Borough of Oscejla, on
Thursday, August 3d, 1871,
all that certain house and lot of ground, situate
on the East side of I'lauchard street, in said 1'or
ough. and known in the general plot thereof as
lot No 1 17 . The improvements consist of a two
story frame house, stable and other outbuildings.
Tkrjis. One-half cash on confirmation of saie.
and tbe balance, with interest, in one year there
after, the latter payment to be secured by bond
aud mortgage on the property.
Jy 1 2J7MS. AUSTIN KERIX. Adm'r.
The subscriber will offer at publie sale, at his
residence, at 2 o'clock, p. m.. on
Thursday, August 24, 1871,
(If not sooner sold), his entire property, situated
in Union township, Clearfield couuty. Pa., con
sisting of 3r.O acres and 6 per cent, allowance, of
the best of Farm, Timber and Coal Lauds, in 3
surveys, liingin one body; will sell either sep
erate. or together, at reasonable rates. The im
provements are as follows : About 110 acres clear
ed and uuder good cultivation, with four dwel
ling houses, three barns, one saw mill, and other
out buildings, and three first rate orchards of
choice fruit trees, and the best cf running water
near the houses. The balance of these lands tim
bered with Pine, Hemlock and other timber, suf
ficient to cut about fire million feet of lumber.
For a mineral property this is the b.-st in this
part ef tbe country, consisting of Iron Ore. Lime
stone scd Stunecoal.of the best quality, and in
large veins, easily mined and convenient to the
railroads now under way of building.
For particulars call on the subscriber,or address
him at Rockton, Clearfield county , Pa.
The undersigned wouM liifnrm furnien, and
other in want of Improved Agricultural Imple
ments, that he ia tbe Agent for the best machine
ry in tbe country, lie has
which took tbe First Prise at the Paris Exposi
tion, in 1K67. when Sixteen of the best Mowing
Machines in Europe and America were on trial.
1 will warrant this machine to give satisfaction,
and give time for trial, when, if it does not work
as recommended, I will take it back.
Stoners and Uagerstown
two of the best in the market have never been
equalled by any other rake.
Two styles of
SPROUTS, the best forks
Ellis St Hoffman's one-horse
which will thresh from one hundred to two bun
dred bushels f gr.iiu in a day They do more
work than most ot the two horse machines now
in the market.
S TONER FANNING MILL, be,t s market,
FEED CUTTERS. of all linJs,
DOG POWERS foi Chrns,
and all other kinds of Ag icultnral Implements.
Call at Brown & Bro's Meat M.irket, Second St.,
Clearfield . Pa , where all desired information can
bt obtained
Jy 12 1871. M. O. liROWX, Agent.
Hair enewer.
Every year increases the popularity of this val
uable Hair Preparation; which is due to merit
alone. We cau assure our old patrons that it is
kept fully up to its high standard ; and it is the
only reliable and perfected preparation for re
storing GRAY OR FADED HAIR to its youthful
color, making it soft, lustrous and silken. The
scalp, by its use. becomes white and clean. It
removes all eruptions and dandruff, and. by its
tonic properties, prevents the hair from falling
out, as it stimulates aud nourishes tbe hair
glands By its use. the hair grows thicker and
stronger. In baldness, it restores tbe capillary
glands to their cormal vigor, and will create a
new growth, except in extreme old age. It is
tbe most economical Hair Dressing ever used, as
it requires fewer applications, and gives the bair
a splendid glossy appearance A. A Hayes. M.
D., State Assayer of Massachusetts, says, "The
constituents are pure, and carefully selected for
excellent quality ; and I consider it the Bssr
Preparation lor its intended purposes."'
Sold ly all Druggist! aud Dealers in Medicine.
Price One Dollar.
As our Rcnewer in many cages requires too long
a time, and tco much care, to restore gray or fa
ded whiskers, we have prepared this dye, in on
preparation.; which will quickly and effectually
accomplish this result It is easily applied, and
produces a color which will neither rub nor wash
off. Sold by all Druggists. Price Fifty Cents.
R. P. HALL & CO.,
Jy 12.
Nashua, N. II.
1JOOK LOST.-The person whe carried eff
" (o doubt by mistake), the day-book of the
nnJ.rsigned from the office of Wm Porter Kn
aielrM "i"b kindness to return'.o'.'
same w,tht forth de, Any informat ma
Julyizq-Srp JACOB BARGtu.
The tlrm of C Kratxerinthe Dry Goods and
Provision business will be known tere.fter ander
the came of
Thinking the publie for past favors they hone
for a continuance of tbe same.
Clearfield, Feb. 8, 1871.
Co-Partnership in Store.
C. A Rorobnugh having associated with him
in the Mercantile business, in Lewisville, Clear
field county, Mr. C. R McCrackcn, solicits a con
tinuance of the patronage so generously extended
Having just returned from the eastern cities
tbeir stocK embi aces a large and varied assort-,
went of Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware. Queens
are, and in fact nearly everything usu
ally kept in a country store, which they will sell
at prices to suit the times.
Country produce taken in exchange for good i
May 18, '70. tf. C R. McCRACKEX
Splendid 10 cent Calicoes.
Lieht Calicoes, Delaines,
Plaids. Shirting ehecks.
Muslins, White Goods,
Percales, Black Silks.
Japanese Silks. Silk Poplins.
Rlack Alpacas. Yelreteens.
Shawls, Table Linens,-
Boys' Cassimeres, Ac.
Best Paris Kid Gloves, Blue 4 Green KidGlores,.
Si'k Gloves.
Lace Collars,
Hair Switches,
Hair Nets,
lioop Skirts,
4c, 4o.
Dress Trimmings. Silk Fringes, Eatin,
Velvet Ribbons, Buttons, Ac. 4c.
Trimmed Hats, Ribbons and Millinery Goods.
Unequaled stock of Ladies' and Children;' Shoes
and Gaiters. Mens French Kip and Calf Boots,
Calf and Lasting Gaiters.
2,000 pieces Wall Paper, from ft ctsto $1 per bolt.
Carpets. Floor Oil Cloths. Window Shades, best
White Grauite Tea Ware, Glass Ware, Table
Knives and 1 orks.
Choice Teas and Coffee and other Groceries. Dried
Fruits. Peaches. Prunes. Cherries. Canned
Peaches, Tomatoes, Corn, Pickles, 4c.
The alove. with an immense stock of other goods,
hare been bought at the lowest cash prices,
and are offered at very low rates.
(Formerly C. Kratzer Ar Sons),
Next door to II. F. Bigler 4 Co., 2d Street,
March 1S.'7I.
The nndersigred takes pkaure in announcing
to the citizen of Clearfield county, that he has
opened an INSURANCE OFFICE, in Clearfield,
Pa . where all may avail themselves of First Cla
Life aod Fire Insurance. The following Compa
nies are represented :
HOME, N.v York,
FRANKLIN. Philadelphia,
ENTERPRISE, Philadelphia,
HANOVER, New York,
N R TH A M ERICA N, New Tori,
R E PUB LIC, New York,
WYOMING. W.lke-barr,, Pa ,
WILLI AMSPOR T FIRE, Williamsport, Pm.,
ALPS FIRE, Eri. Pa.,
I would warn all to beware of Traveling Agents
repienentiug Fire and Life Insurance Companies,
as you may easily be deceived , ani if yuu do hare
a loss, will be unable to find the Agent wbo in
sured you. or the Company you are insure! in.
WM. TI CKER, Esq , is connected with me i
the business, and any business eutrusted to b:n
will be promptly attended to.
Office opposite tbe Joi rxal Office, over Hsrti
wick A Irwin's Drug Store
Ap,'7l-y JOHM H. FIJLFORD, Agent
A Male and Female High School.
Each Dcparthent Distinct ad Couplets is
Its elf.
The Fourth Session of the preseut Scholastio
year, of this Institution, commences on Monday,
the 1st day or May, 1871
Pupils can enter at any time. They will be
charged with tuition from the time they enter to
the close of the session.
The course of instruction embraces everything
included in a thorough, practical and accomplish
ed education of both sexes
Orthography. Reading. Penmanship, Primary
Arithmetic, Primary Geography nI Pencl1
Drawing, per session, (11 weeks). J
Grammar, Local and Descriptive Geography, MP
Drawing. History, Mental and Written
motio. and Pencil Drawing
i5 00
Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry. Mensuration,
Surveying Natural and Moral Philosophy. Ge-
' ology Physiology, Chemistry, Rhetoric, Physi
cal Geography, Book keeping Botany, and Pen
cil Drawing.
Latin, Greek and French, with any of the i sbove
(12 00-
Pearl or Oriental Painting, 21 lessons,
Monochromatic Painting. 24 lessons,
Crayon Drawing. 24 lesson,
Fancy Hair Work, 24 lessons.
Instrumental Music. 30 lessons.
12 00
10 00
10 00
12 00
8 00
10 00-
Df No deduction will be made for absence.
tW Students, from a distance can be aocom
modated with boarding at low ratea.
FIT Any one, not a member ot tbe Reboot, can.
receive private instruction in any ef the orna
mental branches.
For further particular inqnir of, or address,.
Rv. P. L. HARRISON, a. .
April tH. 18T1. Principal.
UYGOODS the cheapest in the county, a,
May 2a. '67. n .-.r