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    fje afferoatt's ountaf, gfearftefb, a., Jtprif 26, 1871.
Raftsman's Jirarnal.
fhe coal troubles are in a fair way of ad
jostmerrt. The -precise basts has not, how
ever, as yet been prescribed. i
The iVgislatnre of Connecticut will meet
May 3, when the question as to who have
been elected to Stale offices will bo settled,
Winans, the Republican traitor in the
New York Legislature, is lauded as a high
minded and patriotic gentleman by the
Democratic press. Ugh !
A Mr. Smith, introduced a bill at Harris-
Lurg,.to allow each of the Senators and
Representatives $500 additional pay. Is
that the way to economize ?
. a,
Gov. Geary has appointed Joseph K.
Whitman Asveiate Judge of Elk county,
to hold office until the 1st Monday of De
cember succeeding the next general elec
tion. Johrf A. Heistand, E?j., editor of the
Lancaster Examiner, ha3 been appointed
Naval officer at Philadelphia, by President
Grant. The appointment gives general sat
isfaction. The Western Democracy are poshing
Pendleton a9 tho Presidential nominee of
that party. It is said that even Missouri
papcr9 prefer Inm to Biair. Among them
be it. Any candidate they present will be
ladly beaten.
'A11 work and no play makes Jack a dul
boy," can not have reference to the Penn'a
Senate, if we believe the reports from Ilar
risburg that body having played (the fool)
while the House passed something over
twelve hundred bills.
It will gratify our readers to know that a
prominent banker in St. Petersburg has ap
plied for an appointment as agent for the
eale of our new Government bonds in Rus
sia, and that along with his application
comes a subscription for ten millions of the
Not being able to ascertain which party
j t nremila:ed on the result or the
Connecticut election, the citizens of a New
Hampshire town, both Democrats and Re
publicans, clubbed togetber the other night
to firo a salute and bold a grand supper and
ball on general principles. Hope they en
joyed themselves.
Judj;e Randall, of Kentucky, has recent
ly declared the law of that State, denying
to negroes the right to testify in a court of
justice in cases in .which a white man was a
party, to be in opposition to the Fourteenth
Amendment, and therefore void ; and in
accordance with this enlightened decision,
ruled the testimony of negroes admissi
ble in all cases, equally with that of white
A cotemporary says, (he defection of the
Johnsonites did more to consolidate the Re
publicans and to crytalize their opposition
to the Democracy than any other event in
the history of the party. Without going
over nominally to the enemy, they bung on
to the verge of Republicanism while bid
ding for the favor of the opposition. The
secjuel is still fresh in the public mind.
Their fate will be that of the "Liberal Re
publicans" and other disorganizes.
Another Coustitutiunal Amendment, milk
ing the maintenance of free schools coui
pulsoty, and forbidding State, territorial,
coun'y,or municipal aid to religious schools,
has been suggested in the Senate. This
measure goes over under the Senate rule,
indefinitely, but it will uot be many years
before the country will demand its adoption
with such unanimity that its consideration
can no longer be postponed by Senate rules
or Democratic objections.
It is announced that Gen. Spinner, the
veteran watch dog of the Treasury, is to
sail for Europe in a few days, partly as u
means of promoting his recovery from his
late lliiicss and partly on business for the i
Government. It will Lo almost the first au- j
sence of the General from his post of duty j
since the outbreak of the Rebellion. No i
man in the service of the Government bet
ter deserves rest, and uo one will bo follow
ed by wider and more cordial wishes for his
permanent recovery.
The Ohio Legislature has taken in band
the strife and contest continually arising
over the adoption of school books for the
use of public schoo s. A law has passed in
that State prohibitirg books in use in pub
lic schools from being changed oftener than
once in three years, and only then by a vote
of two-thirds of ihe school borrds. This
law will prevent the usual annual contest
over the introduction of school worl, !n ,lo i
..tt: i.t. -r .1.. o.
ULrnt Dvuuuia Ul lUdl i?iaie. Udr Own
Legislature had better pass a similar act.
Among the many devices resorted to ii,
the south to hide the full extent of the out
rages on loyal men, is one compelling those
who voted the Republican ticket, to publish
cards setting forth that for the future they
renounce all connection with the republican
party, and adhere to the "white man's"
Tarty. This is done to give the impression
north, that the Republican party is losing
strength through the voluntary renunciation
of its former members. The compulsion is
. i , .
.. 1 1 . .... j. j . . . . . .
xne iasn ana me noose. It has been tried
in Nuth Carolina m several instances, and j
on.te a nam.wr of rduntorj eards have
been published I
r i
Republican "'Driftiags,"
Congress having a short time since pass
ed a bill, creating the District of Columbia
a territory, au election for Territorial offi
cers was held on Thursday last, April 20th,
which resulted in the choice of Chipman,
Republican, as Delegate to Congress, by 8
majority of 4,1 15. The victory on the Leg
islative ticket was not less decisive, the Re
publicans having elected 15 out of the 22
The recent election in Jersey City, for
city officers under the new charter, resulted
in a decisive Republican victory. Last
year the Board of Alderman stood two
thirds Democratic, this year it stands ten
Republicans to two Democrats
The late election for a member of Con
gress in Michigan, in place of Ferry elected
Senator, has resulted in the choice of the
Republican candidate by about four thou
sand majority.
The Republican candidate for Judge of
the Supreme Court of Michigan, at the
late election received ten thousand of a ma
Duluth that famous city the centre of
the universe, has just eleeted its charter of
ficers by a handsome Republican majority.
Somerset county, New Jersey, at the re
cent election, went Republican for the first
time in twenty years.
A Case of Bribing.
It seems that the power of the Republi
cans in the New York Legislature to defeat
all undue partisan legislation, was suddenly
overcome by the treachery of a member
named Winans, who has gone over to the
Democrat.', for a price, it isaid. The sum
paid to Winans, h stated at seventy fire
thousand dollars. The IWss in referring to
the treachery of Winans says :
' "The bribery of Winans, the Republican
in the New York Legislature" who went over
to the Democracy, is on the whole one of
the healthiest iJ.irns of these degenerate
times. When only one man out of sixty
three is willing to sell himself, and when he
exacts seventy-fiv-e thousand dollars as his
price, it shows that political virttse is still
held in some esteem, even if it be a pecuni
ary one. If only one man in this number
iir every Legislature of the country puts
himself up at sale and demands sueh a liiub
bid, corruption and bribery will soon disap
pear entirely. And what makes this case
of Winans all the more encouraging is that
he was a Republican. How many Demo
cratic legislators hold themselves at so high
a figure? One-tenth of it would satisfy
most of them and conciliate their constit
uents." The Democratic Addkess. The Dem
ocratic Congressmen have just issued an ad
dress to the countrj. which, a cotemporary
says, "is remarkable for two things only
its misrepresentation of some facts and ex
aggeration of others. For instance, it is sta
ted that the entire expendituresof the Gov
ernment for the fiscal year ending June 30,
1861, were only $62,K)0,00O,and that $164,
000,000 were expended for exactly the same
items in 1870. ' This leaves out of the count
the fact that the fiscal year of 1300 was an
antebellum one ; that the expendituresof
the Government for the collection of the
revenue have been tripled since : that a new
and costly, but just and humane policy has
been inaugurated towards the Indians ; that
pensions have b ;en Immensely increased,
and the army and navy much enlarged. No
conscientious body of men would be guilty
of so flagrant a misstatement as this of the
Democratic Congressmen, and no citizen
possessing common sense will believe it.
Such falsehoods damage their authors more
than tbey d those whom they are intended
to injure. Any fair-minded set of men, in
stead of attacking the financial policy of
the Republican party, would praise it for
its honesty and ecouoiny."
Rf.pi-rucan Unity. In his letter from
Washington in this week's Lulrprnilcnt, Mr.
D. W. Uartlet, the able correspondent of
that paper, gives the following hopeful view
of the present and future of the republican
party: "The political situation here lias
greatly improved. In Congress the Repub
lican members are once more united and
victorious. The soreness occasioned by the
San Domingo controversy in the Senate is
nearly gone; the relations of the Executive
with the Republican opponents of the an
nexation scheme have greatly improved;
and we may confidently look to a perfect
union among all Republicans when Congress
meets again in Decealer, if those who
were prominent in the recent unhappy con-
iMjicisies act wita wisdom and magnatutni
ty. Let us remember, however, that no
single per-nn owns the Republ;ean party,
be he Senator or Executive, and that, the
rifxt President;! campaign is to turn on
principles, and not men. Republicans will
admire and love him most who is willing to
tiiuke the greatest sacrifices for the success
of the nritieiules of the Rsnnblipin r-,,t
Rkeaki.no Ranks. In every direction
trouble stares the Democracy in the lace.
There is prx-peet of an insurrection in
their ranks in Indiana during next year's
campaign. Even Hendricks, if he remain
faithful himself, with all his eloquence and
I influence, can hardly prevent a break in the
' I. T" r
rJi.Ks. i iie Liatayette Courier says :
"It is knoivn that the Hendricks pro
gramme for the campaign of 1872is to nom
inate Niblaek for Governor. But another
element of discord has leen introduced inio
the Democratic household. Tbe fued in
the ranks is augmenting. It is known that
a caucus was held a short time, since at New
Albany, by leading Democrats, with a view
of putting W. C. DePauw upon tu.t vulwr-
IJutonaL0,,r:? as a ".ew departure uandi
date, ilie
j'l-iiniciaiic me'noers ot t;on-
ii . i . .
gre.-s and the leaders of tbc party through
out the State manifest great anxiety. Be
tween Woolley and the new departure, Mr.
Hendricks is placed in rather an uncomfor
table position."
The accounts as to the result of the re
cent election iu Connecticut are as incom
prehensible as ever the canvassers, it
seems, having no authority to investigate
the allegeged frauds. The whole subject
will have to be investigated by the Legisla
ture, when it meets. The indications are
that Jewell has been elected.
Congress.- before its adjournment, passed
the Ku-Klux bill, by a strict party vote
Hence, tbe Democracy are ia favor of ail
,. r t- r-,
maimer ol Lu Kiux outrages.
The Apportionment Bill,
"The following is the apportionment of the
State, as agreed upon by the Conference
Committee, and adopted by both branches
of our Legislature :
Philadelphia. .
Chester and Delaware, . .
Montgomery, .....
Bucks and Northampton, .
Berks, ...... . . .
Lancaster,. . . ., .
Lehigh and Carbon, . .
Dauphin and Lebanon, .
Luzerne, Monroe and Pike. .
Bradford, Susquehanna, Wayne and W y-
nminir. ......
Columbia, Lycoming, Montour, Sullivan, 1
Cameron. JlcK. an, rotter and i mga,
Snyder, Perry, Northumberland, Union,
Clinton. Cambria, Clearfield and Elk,
Cumberland and Franklin,
Adams and York, .
Heilford. Fnlrnn. Blair and Somerset,
Center, Juniata, Mifflin and Huntingdon, 1
Allegheny, or whom two are to be elected
in 1ST I and one in 1873,
Indiana and Westmoreland,
Fayette and Greene, ....
Beaver. Butler and Washington,
Clarion, Armstrong, Jefferson and Forest, 1
Lawrence, Mercer and enango,
Erie .and Warren, . . . ;
Philadelphia, .....
Franklin, . . . ...
Armstrong, . .
Beaver. Butler and Washington,
Bedford aud Fulton, ....
Blair, .... v
Bradford and Wyoming, . ...
Cambria, . .
Potter and McKean
Carbon and Monroe
Allegheny, outside of Pittsburgh, .
First, Second, Third Fourth Fifth, Sixth,
Seventh, Eighth, Ninth and Fourteenth
wards, Pittsburgh, ' .
Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth. Thirteenth,
Fifteenth, Sixteenth, Seventeenth,
Ki?,'hteeiith, Nineteenth, Twentieth,
Twenty-first, Twenty-second, and Twen
ty third wards, Pittsburgh,
Chester, . .'..
Centre, . . . .
Clearfield! . . -
Clarion and Forest, . . .
Clinton, Lycoming and Sullivan,
Columbia, .....
Cumberland, . . . .
Dauphin aud Perry, .
Delaware, ...
Erie, ....
Elk, Cameron, and Jefferson, .
Fayette, ......
Huntingdon, .....
Juniata and Mifflin, . . .
Lancaster, . .
Lawrence, . .
Lebanon, . . . .
Lehigh, ......
Luzerne. ......
Montgomery, .....
Northampton, .....
Northumberland and Montour, .
Pike and Wayne, ....
Snyder and Union, .....
Susquehanna, . . . . .
Tioga, .
Venango, ......
Warren, ......
York, ......
Greene, . . .
8omoreet, . . .
In the Senate, the bill was passed by a
vote of 27 to 4, the nays being Warfel, Bil
lingfelt, Allen and Findlay. In the House,
the vote stood C7 to 30 the followiug vo
ting "no :"
Corny, Engle, Gray, Griffiths, TIaper,
Johnston, Keech, Lamon, Leonard, Mc
Junkin, McMnllin, Milliken. Moore, Par
sons, 1'rizer, Pursell, Quigley, Reinoehl,
Reyburn, Sanner, Smith, (Philadelphia,)
Stone, WelK Wheeler, Whitson, Wiley,
Williams, (.Luzerne,) Wishart, Young,
Under this apportionment the Republi
cans, by hard work, it is said, can elect 17
out ot the 33 Senators, and 53 out of the
100 Representatives, giving them a majori
ty of 7 on joint ballot.
Texas has earned tbe respect of her sis
ter States of the nation by the way she has
set to work to clean out the Ku KluX on
her own hook. If the other States would
follow her example Congrass would soon be
relieved of the awkward position it is now
in. In Texas, the first of July last, accord
ing to the oflleidl report of the Adjutant
General, there were 2,700 known crimiuals
evading arrest in 10S counties, of whom
702 were murderers and 413 guilty of ns
ault with intent to kili. At that time a
special mounted State police, consisting of
1' men, was organized, and on the first
day of January 978 of these criminals had
been committed for trial. The work has al
so been vigorously prosecuted since, so that
now the State is quite tree from the Ku
Klux. and there is a general feeling of se
curity. It is much better for the soul hern
States to do this kind of work for them
selves, but if they won't undertake it, they
must not complain if the General Govern
ment does it for them, and somewhat rough
ly, too.
Terrible Octrage. The Pittsburgh
Gazette says another terrible outrage has
been reported from Columbia, South Caro
lina. A party of twenty masked men en
tered the house of Mr. Lawson II. Long, a
merchant, and having dra.cged Iiini out,they
inflicted no less than one hundred and sev
enty lashes upon bim, and ordered him to
leave the State in fifteen days under penalty
of death. Thoy then went to the house of
Isaac Cowlcs, a colored man. dragged him
out and shot him. Tho only known offence
of these two men, was that they were Re
publicans. It seems, however, that to be a
black Republican merits death in the' opin
ion of these men, while the offence of being
a white Republican is expiated with lashes
and being driven out of the State.
Congress adjourned on Thursday last,
without day. The U. S. Senate will, how
ever, meet in executive session on May 10th,
for the purpose, it is presumed, of consider
ing the report of the Joint High Commis
sion on the Alabama claims.
Free-trade is a cardinal doctrine of the
Democratic party, aud will be a prominent
plank in their National platform iu 1S72.
W ask the working rocu to remember this
A Little of Everything.
Hai a lady doctor Kbeoaburg.
Burinesa neglected is basines lost.
Idleness is the grave of a living man.
Th etavorite color for parasoli is buff,
lie bas bard work who baa nothing to do.
Female street car conductors are talked of.
A grain of prndence ia worth a pound of craft.
Virtue and happiness are mother and daughter.
Wise men make more opportunities than they
Bruce 1860 Louisville ku gained 57,000 irhaln
tanta. Indiana countrymen are wearing calioo panta
loons. Fine gold fear not the fire, nor solid stone the
Song of the billiard ball 'Oh, Carom me
back!" ., . .
Headville suggest! having six hours a day
He who spends before he thrives, will beg before
he thinks.
lct your proaoises be sincere, aai such as vou
can carry out.
"Mnd-Tirkle soup" was lately advertised at a
Ilartfurd restaurant.
Vi ater is six cents a glass in Piocbe city, Co lo
rado, and wh'ukj four.
An ex-Mayor of Cleveland is confined in the
Naihviile penitentiary.
The homeliest man in town can get a cigar for
the asking, at It. II. Phsw's
Tbe next State Fair will beheld at Ecranton,
commencing September 10th.
There is so much "whi-ky paper" afloat in Cin
cinnali that money is ' tight,"
A man who has tried it says that all the short
cuts to wealth are over-crowded.
Black silk hose are said to be fashienablo for
ladies. Firemen still use leather.
-lienpeck" is the euphonious name of a Post-
office in Alexander county, Illinois
Wbj are old maids tbe most charming of all
people? Because tbey aro niatchlses.
A vein of anthracite coal is said to have been
aneartbed is Fulton county. Doubtful.
There is no use of praising tbo present style of
ladies' dresses, for they are puffed enough.
Tho young lady who is unable to support a rl
ding habit should get into a we Iking habit.
fix Japanese want to go to West Point. If
they do cadet Smith would be less conspicuous
. "this is a sweeping catastrophe,' as the man
said when bis wile knocked him down with the
Eastern popers say money is a drug there. We
wouldn't mind taking a few doses of that kind of
In the exact sciences can a homely woman
with a Grecian bend Its accurately described as
an "inclined plain ?'
The determination to resist payment of the In
come tax, by legal means, is becoming very gen
eral throughout the country.
Some Chinamen, at the Berlin diggings in Aus
tralia, have lately struck a nugget of gold weigh'
ing 1717 ounces, and worth $34,B80.
A very small island ia Ossipe River constitutes
a part of four towns, three counties, and the two
Statee of Maine and New Hampshire.
Sorasis women declare they won't wear dresses
any longer. If they keep on a while longer tbey
will get back to the original palm leaf.
Tbe Bostonians are very anxious that all kinds
of needlework should be thoroughly taught tbe
girls in tbe public schools of that town.
A western paper has an article on "the cure of
idiots." A cotemporgry says that paper ia al;
ways dragging family affairs into public.
A little Butlalo girl wants u know if aau ire
white, because her uncle told her that "Mary had
a little lamb with fleas as white as snow."
Pittsburgh has four hundred and seventy-five
manufactories, which, if placed in a continuous
line, would extend a distance of fifty-five miles.
That little five-year bid, who speaks right out
in a crowd with '-sparking around here every
night," ougt to be put to bei early in the eve
ning. Dr. M'alkingpest Is a Cincinnati pnysician. lie
might have his name changed to running sore or
tailing sickness, if he considered it an improve
ment. Cincihnatians in the theatres take off their
boots and place their stockinged feet on the top
of the seats in iiont of them, That is the latest
Fire-twenties in London on the 13th sold at 93
the highest figure tbey have ever reached in
the foreign markets. Consols at the same time
were only 93J.
Any loyal American who desires to find out
where is the stiog of death, can do so by taking a
tiip South, where he will at once be shot, hung or
tortured to death.
A general expression of gratification Is express
sed that the health of Chief Justice Chase has
been so far restored as to enable him to resume
bis seat on the bench.
A'-wood ibis." a very rare bird In this country,
was recently capture! at Jones' Bluff, Alabama.
It is sixty-one inches high and eighty five inches
from tip to tip of the wings.
A party of .Now York capitalists have leased all
the ore lands about Cantreville, Bedford county,
and bound themselves to commence the creation
sf a fnrnace within six months.
Philadelphia is rejoicing over a conscience case.
One of her citizens has sent the government three
cents, an amount illegally kept back by him on
the manufacture of six cigars some time ago.
'-Ccme here, Felix ; you said the letter E was a
glutton ; bow do you know it?" "Because he
changes fasts into feasts, is invariably the first to
commence eating, and is always last at the table."
Tbe French made quite an outcry against the
Germans for throwing shells into Paris. They
have uot, however, hesitated to do so themselves,
and inflict much damage on the handsomest part
of the city.
Twenty years ago Leland Sanford arrived in
California with "only one shirt to his back."
Since then, by managing always to retain a situ
ation, and close attention to business, be baa man
aged to accumulate a trifle of $10,000,000.
Mississippi is not a pleasant place for a Nor
thern white man or any kind of a colored man to
live. During the past three months there have
been 63 murders committed in that State, and du
ring tbe past jear 30 churches and schools have
been burned.
Any man tired of life, yet debarred from suicide
by tbe provisions of his insurance polioy,ean
gain a speedy death and get ahead of the Insu
rance Company by visiting almost any one of tbe
Southern ttatei and letting it be known that he
is a Northern Radical.
Benjamin Franklin is said to be the name of the
only pensioner in this country who bas lost both
legs and arms in military service. A private in
the Second Minnesota, he was wounded during
the rebellion not less than twenty times and yet
what there is left of the poor fellow seemstehave
good health.
When old Carlo sits in Sally's chair,
Oh ! don't I wish that I were there !
When her fairy fingers pat his bead,
Oh ! don't t wish 'twas me instead !
When Sally's arms his neck imprison.
Oh ! don't I wish my neck was bis'n '.
When Sally kisses Carlo's aose,
Cb ' don't I wish that I were tuoie '.
Speaking of beet sugar industry, the sta
tistics show that France, Germany, Austria,
Russia, Belgium and Holland are the coun
tries m which most has been done and the
most successful results obtained ; but all
parts of all these countries are not equally
adapted to Its cultivation. The middle and
South of France are said to be too hot. In
1870 the product of France was, 300,000
tons. Germany 250,000, Austria 175,000,
Russia and Poland 135,000,Belgium 50,000.
ThtB great success has begun to .attract at
tention in England, where the nse of sugar
is steadily increasing its consumption being
greater, proportionately, than that f any
other couutry. In 18C9 it was forty-four
pounds to each person ; in 1870 it had risen
to forty-seven. Last year's imports exceed
ed 700,000 tons, equal in weight to one
eight the consumption of wheat, and more
than one-fourth the imports of wheat.
Division of Texas. The question of
dividing Texas into three States is exciting
much attention and discussion among the
people and presses of that section. It is
certainly large enough for such, a divUion,
and it must soon take place. The Houston
Union proposes the following plan of divis
ion : First, to make three States at pres
ent one west of the Colorado, one between
the Colorado and Trinity, and one east of
the Colorado ; second, we propose to cut off
northwestern Texas by a line from the
mouth of tbe Big Wichita on Red river to
the mouth of the lib Peeos on the Rio
Grande, thus leaving territory for two large
States when it has the requisite population.
This would at onoe provide for five States,
and would settle the division question for
ever. France. War still continues in France.
The latest accounts show that the Versailles
forces have gained important victories over
the Communist forces, within the last ten
days. Despite the rumors that the Reds
are breaking up their organization, the in
dications are that there will be considerable
bard fighting yet before they are overcome,
and peace restored. There is a report cur
rent that the Germans were concentrating
forces near Paris, in view of an enforcement
of the conditions of their cession of hostili
tiesthe first instalment ef the cash indem
nity agreed upon having not as yet been
Approved. Tbe Lewisburg, Centre and
Spruce Creek Railroad bill, authorizing the
issuing of two-millions of bonds, has passed
finally and been approved by the Governor.
One of the provision of the bill requires
that the bonds shall be used for the full and
entire completion of the road, which we
hope will secure its construction from one
end to the '"tother." A letter from tbe
fTfesident of tbe company Mr. Miller
states that "work is being commenced at
once, and the enlite road Completed at the
earliest possible Jay." Bcllefontc Watch
They have a uew cirv.'uir.ting medium out
in Utah. A correspondent writing from
Provo, in that delectable territory, tells of
a case in which a beau secured admission
to a show for himself and sweetheart by
passing in at the ticket office - a pumpkin.
Moreover, tho latter being worth more than
the price of the ticket, he got two carrots
as "change." Tbe writer adds that several
otber persons secured admission by parsing
iu chickens, eggs, butter and grain.
A Great Road. The Pennsylvania
Railroad,, incorporated about twenty-five
years ago, has a continuous double track
railway from Pittsburg to Philadelphia, the
lease ot the Philadelphia and l'rie, with
the control of the Northern Central, and
connections with Chicago, St. Louis and
Omaha; it is building a road from Wash
ington to Baltimore. Practically, the road
is three thousand miles long.
In tlio Circuit Court of Charleston, South
Carolina, a rithcr singular argument is
pending on- an appeal. Certain election of
ficers were tried and convicted ot misde
meanor in allowing five colored Women to
vote in October last. The Case lias been
appealed, and the ground stated is, that the
constitution and laws authorize- women to
According to the Richmond Enquirer,
real estate owners in Virgiuia are in a pecu
liarly perplexing predicament. Forty coun
ties are on the market. "There are no buy
ers, yet they must be sold." How this
unfortunate combination of an irresistible
force and an immovable body is to be sur
mounted we are not informed.
Had the Democratic majority in our State
Senate been prompt in passing the bills act
ed upon by the House, the Legislature
would have adjourned weeks ago, and saved
the people thousands of dollars. The De
mocracy are responsible for this waste of
time and money. The people will bear
these facts in mind.
The amount of the National Loan sub
scribed up to Monday evening, April 17th,
was $59,760,400.
The Tennessee Industrial Exposition will
be held at Nashville, MaySth, and continue
nineteen days.
2lcur SWrcrttecmtntis.
A4vrruementt trtuv tnlargtyp,r out f ptatn
tiiU,wiill bi charged doiMi usual rates. Nacuis
8. M. PrTTEioiLL A Co.. 37 Park Row. New York,
and Use P. Kowell Co.. 40 Park Row, New
York, are the sole agents for the Jji bsial in
that city, and are authorised to contract for in
serting advertisements for us at our lowest cash
rates. Advertisers in that city are requested to
leave their favors with either of '.he above houses.
WAMTED a reliable man to bum a kiln of
YY brick. Apply to E. A. IRVIN ft CO..
April 2tt-3t. Curwehsvillo, Pa.
TN THE COURT of Common Pleas of
Clearfield County, Pa.:
DisiEL P. Bloom, ) No. 27 Mvbcb Ter, 1871.
Sabah Asm Bloom ) Subpoena Bur Divorce.
Tbe undersigned Coiumissio ner. appointed by
the Court to take testimony in the above case,
hereby gives notice that he will attend to the du
ties of his appointment at his office in the liornnph
of Clearfield, on Wrdnnday .tht.'Utk day ef My ,
A D., 1871, at 2 o'olock, p. m., whor sll parties
interested may attend.
AjrJ 2V71. Commissioner.
WOOL WANTED. 10.000 pounds of
' Wool wanted, for which the highest
market price will be paid, W50I carding will be
done throughout the season at moderate prices
We a'so nave on band a large stock or woolen
goods, enough te supply all our old Customers,
and as many new anes as will give us a call. .
April 26.'71-r.rop. Bells' Run. Penn ip.
In accordance with an Act of the General As
sembly of this Commonwealth approved the 2'2d
day ot Slarcn. A. U. ISiH, "relating to tne collec
tion of taxes in tbe county 01 Ulearneld, ' notice
is hereby given to tbe taxpayers residing in the
districts below named, that tbe County Treasurer,
in accordance with the -second section of said Act,
will attend at the place of holding tbe borough
and township elections on tbe following named
days, for tbe purpose of receiving the County and
Stale Taxes and Militia Fines assessed for 1871 :
For tbe Borough of Clearfield and Lawrence town
ship, on Wednesday and Thursday, May 17th
and 18th.
For the Borough of Curwensville and Pike town
ship. Friday and Saturday. May 19th and 20th.
For Karthaus, Tuesday, May X2d.
For Covington. Wednesday. May 24th.
For Girard. Thursday. May 2ith.
For Goshen. Friday, May 2Mb.
For Graham, Monday May 29th.
For Morria, Tuesday May 30th.
For Decatur, Wednesday, Marxist.
For Osceola, Thursday, June let.
For Uoutxdale. Friday. June 2d.
For Boggs, Saturday, June 3d.
Parties can also pay tbeir taxes at the Treasu
rer's ofQce at any time from thif forward. Cpon
all taxes paid on and prcvioLS to the davs desig
Dated, there will bo a reduction of five per cent.
Tbe balance of the districts will bo announced iu
due time. LEVER FLKtJAI..
April, 2S.'7t. Treasurer.
A Male and Female Hiuh School.
Each DiPaetssjt Distisct and Comtletk is
Tho Fourth Session of the preseut Scholastic
year, of this Institution, commences on Monday,
the 1st day of Maj, 1871
Pupils can enter at any time. Tbey will be
charged with tuition from the time tbey enter to
the close of the session.
The course of instruction embraces everything
included in a thorough, practical and ajcompluh-
ed education of both sexes
Orthography, Beading, Penmanship, Primary
Arithmetic, Primary Geography and Pencil
Drawing, per session. (II weeks), 5 00
Grammar, Local and Descriptive Geography, Map
Drawing. History, Mental and Written Arith
metic, and Pencil Drawing, 8 00
Algebra. Geometry, Trigonometry, Mensuration.
Surveying Natural and Moral Philosophy. Ge
ology. Physiology, Chemistry, Rhetoric, Physi
cal Geography, Book-keeping. Botany, and Pen
cil Drawing, $9 00
Latin, Greek and French, with any ef the above
Pearl or Oriental Painting, 24 lessons ,
Monocbromatio Painting, 24 lessons,
Crayon Drawing, 24 lesson',
Fancy Hair Work, 21 lessons,
Instrumental Music 30 lessons.
812 00
12 00
10 00
10 00
12 00
8 00
10 00
PiT No deduction will be made for absence.
(7 Students, from a distance can b accom
mod a ted with boarding at low rates.
UT Any one, not a member ot tbe School, can
receive private instructions in any ef tbe orna
mental branches.
For iurther particulars inquire of, or address,
1.KV. P. h. HASKISON, A. M.
April 28. 1371. Principal.
sxoods, baskets, iYc, at
and Manufacturers of
(nearly opposite tbe jn'I),
Carpenters and Builders will do well to exam
ine our stock before purchasing elsewhere.
We sell the TIME'3 COOK STOVE, the cheap
et and best in the market.
AI.o, Heating, Parlor and Raftinc Stoves, which
will be sold as cheap as any in the county.
Px-cUl attention paid to ordering goods for
parties who desire it.
done ob reasonable forms.
April 12. 1871.
Orphans' Court Sale
Pursuant to an order of the Orphans' Court of
Clearfield county . there w ill be sold at public
salo, at tbe Conrt House, in Clearfield, on
Friday. May 12th, 1871,
at 1 o'clock,? M, the following described renl
estate, late of John Spnckman deceased, to wit:
A VALUABLE FAhM. situate in Girard town
ship, lying between the farm of Thomas Leonard
and the river at -'Gallows' Harbor." about two
miles from the mouth of Deer Creek and about
the same distance from LeconteS" Mills, bounded
by lands of Thomas Leonard N. K usrolott. 11.
M'Govern, and by tbe river, containing about one
hundred and seventy acres. The improvements
are a comfortable and convenient dwelling bouse,
two stories, three rooms on first floor, and three
rooms on the second floor ; a good spring of wa
ter and also a well at the doof ; a good bank barn
and all the urual outbuildings, all in good repair
About one hundred acres of the land is cleared
and in a fair state of cultivation. Much of it is
underlaid with a vein of good coal. There is
also a good orchard upon the property.
TERMS. One-fourth in hand at time of salo
one. fourth at confirmation of sale, and the bal
ance in one year thereafter.
Ap-19-at. T. H. MURRAY. Adm 'r
In pursuance of an order of the Orphans' Cosirt
of Clearfield county. Pa., tbe undersigne 1 admin
istrator cf the estate of Kichard Asheraft. lite
of said county, deceased, will sell at publio sale,
on the premises, on
Thursday, May 18th, 1871,
at 1 o'clock, P. M , tbe following described real
estate of said deceased, to wit : All those three
certain pieces or tracts of land, situate in Burn
side township, said county, described as follows:
No. 1. Containing one hundred acres, more
or less, being tbe same premises whereon said
Richard Asheraft lived at the time of his death,
and having thereon erected a log house, log barn
and otber outbuildings.
No. 2 All the interest of said Asheraft in
another tract of land In said township, adjoining
tbe tract above mentioned, containing fifty-five
acres, about thirty acres of which are cleared,
the improvements being a two-story plank house,
log barn, and other outbuildings.
"- 3 Another tract of land adjoining or
near the piece last described, containing eight
acres and fiftv-five nerahct mnp n, i . . .. -
TERMS OF SALE One half cash on the con
firmation of sale, and the balanoe in one year
thereafter. The la'ter payment, with interest,
to be secured by bond and mortgage on the prem
April 10-3t. Administrator.
A CON'. Haras. Sides a-nd a boulder - at reduced
prices, at Mo.-..P'5.
7,,' 2nd one 25 horse Tow"- Engine. w,
ranted first class, of superior finish and w0Tk'"""
APnriir.?!;,by ttlSlikR. YOLStl 4 CO
JApril l2.:7l. Clearfield
N0JIT1!VWher?,,s- m mn- Alexander
Z. t k Jo'AAn' f?ed 16 years, having k
hX. r V 7 nt, as I will net p.v ,Bl
!gjiggjga0IlyM joix'As-
tamentary on the estate of Simn.1
Brmh.rt late of Bnsid. ,p., dUVbivftv
granted to the undersigned, notice is berebv eTv
en that all persons indebted to said estate a'r.
quired to make immediate payment, and tbe
having claims against the same will pre-eot than,
properly aufhenticated. for settlement to
Ap.l2, 71-fitp. jAMCEL ISRETII. Eiee
ters of Administration 011 the estate ot
Isaac fccoficld late or Clearfield Boronrh
deceased, b-.ving bon granted to tbe undersiiu!
ed.aotioa is beruby given that all persona in
debied to said estate are required to m-ike ia
mediate pa.vmeat.oc4 those baying claims scain.t
tbe same will present ?hm . properly authentica
ted for settlement to JANE hOO FIELD
-AU'llJ-LLlZh Admiiii.tra'rix.
tamentarv oil the estate of ReWa
Davis, late of Penn township, deceased, bavii:g
been granted to the utider.iitned. notice is hereby
given that all persons indebted to naid estate are
required to muse immediate payment, and thns
havingclaiuisaguiut: the same will present ibem.
j-fupciij auiucuiiCJieu lor Fc;riti)eiit to
JOsfcPil I4VI?.
Mar. 15,lS7Mit r- Executors.
i : D W A II D MACK.
Market Street, nearly opposite the residui.ee ?
11. r rwoope. r.sq.,
CLKAiiviai,!!. Pa.,
ould respcctfullv announce to the eitir...p
Clearfiald aiid rieiiiitv, that he fca oiieinl a
BOOT AND SHOE SHOP, in the building lately
occupied by J. L. Cuttle.as alawoffice.and that be
is determined not to be ontdeme eilher in quality
of work orprices. Special attention given to tie
manufacture ot sewvd work. Freneli Kip ar.
Calf Skins, of the best quality, always on hand.
Give bim a call. I June 24. '84.
The undersigned takes pkature in announcing
to tbe citixen of Clearfield county, that he bas
opened an INSURANCE OFFICE, in Cleartlold,
Pa., where all may avail themselves of First 01as
Life and Fire Insurance. Tbe following Coc.pt
nies are represented :
IIOM E, X.w York,
xonrn America. rk ur:j,.,
FRAXKL1X. PhitatUlphi.
EXTJlRPRISE, Phia.lrfj.k.a,
HANOVER, New lri.
SECURITY, Xeic Yuri,
WYOMING, WiUt-bcrr,, Pa ,
WILMAMSPOR T PI RE. WUliamtyei, f,.,
LANCASTER FJRE, Laueater, Pa ,
ALPS FIRE, Erie, Pa.,
I would warn all to beware of Traveling Agaato
representing Fire and Life Insurance Companies
as you may easily be deceived. an I if you do baye
a loss.will be unable to Bad tbe Ageut who in
sured you. or the Company you are iutured in.
WM. TUCKER. Esq , is connected with me ia
the bueiui-ss, and any business entrusted to hlut
will be promptly attended to.
"(Sire opposite the Jotrial Office, over Harti
wick A Irwin's Drug Store
Ap V71-y J JOHN II. FULFORD, Agsat.
I 1ST OP RETAIL DEALERS in Foreign anl
J Dcmtic Merchandise in Clearfield ct nntr,
for the year 1S71.
Class. License. ' Cto i Lmuti
cco.k'a. li Win. M'Cride, 5i0 0"
13 W.S. Dicfcey. $10 00 12 John Irvin. 12 id
14 Heuier Dubrce, 7 OO'lO E A. Irviu. 20 Oil
13 J. Ulaxgnw, 10 Oil 14 Wui Herd, 7 00
11 J. E Dillon. 7 nll4 Jacob linger. 7 (.0
Ii S. M'Farland. 15 (10,14 A. A J. liates. 7 00
14 Mis E. A. Wright 7 CB 14 Ca'harine tir..ff 7 00
14T.B. Melt, 7 0U 14 J. K. Jei.kins. 7 19
bkll 114 Ed tialonev. 7 t'H
14 It. MebafTey, 7 CO; 14 J. U Irwin". 7 I'tf
1.1 David Bell. lo (Itll4 I) S 1' I finer. 7 i
14 Korabaugh A Co. 7 00:14 V B Alexander. 7 03
14 P tialiuhcr,
15 Albert Mro .
14 Ed Williams,
14 11. C. Faust,
7 IV 13 J 1 1 Kuight, 10 CO
10 Of i I A. Lacon c. 7 CO
7 Ot! i4 K. S.titeaart, 7 fcj
7 till UI'.AIUU.
;I2 T. :1. Fetcey,
12 ia
14 n!-brr!ii;1; 4 Co. 7
13 l. tioodlander. 10 C'.i 13 E Irwin t
,.n. 10 C9
12 L I! CarLle. 12 Soi lii ei.i. a
12 C (i Schwetn. 12 50 13 ii AUet.iau.
12 It I!. Moore, 12 All II I. A A.Fltnn.
10 Cil
11 ft
14 J Kuiiit a Son. 7 00 14 T. A 1'ride.iui
14 J S.-burich, 7 Oil 14 Ed FUi.ders.
14 J C'nrli'e. 7 till! Houston.
13 J A Trrpe, la 10 12 Iiowman A Co.
14 Jesse Ferrier. 7 00 14 H W Broun.
14 W.T. Hamilton, 7 00j jokw.o.
iinosiDE. 112 Henry .-wn.
13 J Paichin, 10 Odj kaktiims.
, 7 C
7 Oil
i: :i
7 I'd
12 ii
7 Oil
10 ill)
; uj
7 00
14 II. l'a'chin
7 01 I4 W J il ;fl-.r.
20 0013 J. W. Fuller.
il4 W. S. Sji.ky,
7 00! Ks.ix
10 (I0! i D. A J. ErharJ
13 J. M Murrav,
14 Rose A M t une
1.1 Hnrd A M Ke-,
14 Wui. Hunter.
14 S. S. Cransion,
14 UilliUud A Co.
13 L .M Coutritt.
14 F Ccutriet,
14 Justin Plunell.
14 IVter it ariiier.
7 00 LI HI1KII CITT Ii li ii on
i2 Isaac Kirk. 1 -' i
7 00 12 J. Fur?usn. 1- "
7 00 12 D. L. t'uniuwjn. 12
10 noj aoiiui.
7 0( 1 1 4 Jonas Moiis, 7 i0
7 U0il2 L kvier, 1
7 0') 14 J Ih. u.I'son. 7 ('
7 00 1 n.w WAS!iiN;rox cor"'
14 John Uergley,
CI.K AltPll.li HunnrcM 1 1 Al t unf, 1-
6 R. Mussod. 60 10110 M Murrav A Co. 2" CO
9 Kratzrrl I.vtlo 9i rtflllA W V Foster. 7 00
14 i. I Snyder,
IIO IWCKiiH MllOltn.
14 li. H. J.tt,
13 I. Ncice A Co.
9 J. M Kratxer.
7 CO 12 W. U . Kellev. 12 :''0
10 00j 6 M..S L 1 li Co. i"
2i Kill V Wbitcoiub a Co.?J C"
!! Ml 10 Weils llcims 2 "
12 Wright A Sons
II F BielerA 2i 00 14 J W W p!e,
7 uo
2 9
7 I'd
T 00
7 iio
7 0i
7 t
10 R. Mitchell. 21 OullO Mdrnth A li..
10 Miller A Powell. 20 00jl4 G. V Line.
10 Reed A Brother.20 Ollju Anna Hoalicb,
13 I L.Reizenstein.lO 00114 D. K. liood.
8 Weaver a Betts. 30 00,14 .1. R, Brown.
14 FrH K.nb.tt 7 OA'li Pnlrtlc UunD.
9 Jos. Shaw A Son 25 0oll4 MrsJ tireeuwjlt W
14 U Ilridge, 7 0IM14 J C. Heiid.rwn . l'
I H. F. Naogle. 7 00U4 Henry Wallace 7 C
14 Mrr.T.E. Watson. 7 Ooll4 Mrs K Bockle.
14 Rycder Lanich,7 00 14 Wm Dar.L-er ' 9
1J 1 ... I..Cnr. T Anl .,V1
14 J. S. Cowell, ' 7 00 13 Johnson A KnfTylO
14 C. 1. Watson, 7 00114 James Hyun
14 W. End res, T OOi riKt.
14 Hariswick a Co, 7 OOj 14 Davis a to.
7 09
7 i-O
14 It. II. Shaw, 7
00i 14 LawSykes.
14 P. A. Qaulin, 7
14 Alea. Irwin, 7
14 A.I.Shaw. 7
14 J. A. Stadler. 7
14 W K.M Pberson. 7
14 J. Maeomber. 7
00 viica
OO 14 D.a J Brubaker
14 J. M Chase.
14 T. Henderson.
14 James Cormly.
14 S Heagerty.
13 F- Liveright,
7 CO
7 CO
t 00
7 00
19 10
7 00
T 00
7 to
12 Hartscck a Co., 12 0
14 Fleminc A lloel. 7 Oo'l4 Benj Davis,
14 L. C. V. Soper, 1 00-H J. L. Sbaw
10 Arnoll A Co.. 20 00;i4 O W. Wesms,
12 Thompsons Co. 12 SO
3 T. H. Foreey. Bradford,
3 Hartswick A Irwin, Clearfield,
3 A. I Fhaw, Clearfield.
4 O. D. Watson. Clearfield.
3 J. R. Irwin, Curwensvil'e.
3 W. B. Alexander, Curwensville,
4 D. R. Good, Osceola,
13 Peter Qarnier. Covington,
13 Charles Schaffor, Clearfield.
13 Casper Leipoldt, Clearfield.
W. Ross M Pberson, Clearfield, 3 tables
SI0 00
10 00
10 0
i 00
10 00
10 00
i 00
1 a 00
10 o
11 0
30 00
Clearfield County Bank, Clearfield.
Aa appeal will be held at the Co"B'M10".
Office, on Monday, the First day i
where all who feel aggrieved can attenit.
Api4t) K.k. rMUKET. .Uer Af r