Raftsman's journal. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1854-1948, May 04, 1870, Image 1

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VOL. 16.-KO. 35.
Come Mary throw your work asiJe.
And let your trouble? go ; .
Leave care and toil and smoke awhile,
And spend an hour with me !
We'll seek the eow.siip on the bank,
The primrose in the lane :
And haj py frights and sounds afar
ha!l make us young again.
It's Ions, my love, since you and I
Have heard the bhn-kbird sing.
Or cauplit by running brooks and woods
The glory of'the spring ;
It's long since yon and I have trod
The p:iths were rr.;wtiiorn-i blow :
Then, Mary, fling your work aside,
And let your trouble go.
The trcc shall bend to welcome us,
The flowers ("hail clasp our feet,
The very bees shall hymn our praise
In murmurs soft and sweet ;
The winds shall swell with ready voice
The chorus hih and loud,
And we'll forget the world, my life,
And all its bury crowd.
A thousand thin,r3 await us, love
Blue skies and balmy air.
Green fields, whoe very sight shall make
The heart forget its care ;
Then never sigh, n glad to day,
Thrdw sorrow to the wind.
Nor pause till we have left our ills
A summer' hour behind.
A crotchety and contrary old chap was
Jkl-I Shelleiibarger, a rich old farmer, as
mulish as the donkey in his barn. Hi In I
made his way in the world by the most do,
ged obstinacy seizing hold of whatever
came iu his way, and retaiuing that hold ao
though life depended on it. Joel s niuhsli
ncss had literally lx.cn the waking of liim,
though you mightn't Lave cou.-idore'd the
little, .(it bellied, thick skulled old man as
much of a nuke after ail.
Joel had one son h handsome, clear
headed young man straight as a young
lurch, tail, and as set iu his Way, when he
choose to have one, as old Joel himseil.
This sun, as he grew up, had proved a great
assistance to his father iu workinu his farm,
iinj bin services had been made the most ot.
'J'-.- old mm managed to keep liiiu at home
villi him sometime after he ought to have
been doing lor luniscit". Not an acre of his
(at'tier's possessions was ever cailed his sou's
b? owned nothing in the world save a horse,
which some neighbor had given him, when
i; was a sickly colt, and some sheep, obtain
d iu much the same manner ; and the old
g.-o.iJced hiai the keeping of these.
Joil Shcll-'tibarger and his son differed
often btif there were two points in which
the difference amounted to something scri
The first point concerned cduciti ju,
for which the oid man had the most pro
1 ". :d contempt, s.id the son ha i nor.
There was u coi:ege Mime dozen miles from
the Shciicnbarger iurm. and tun her liav
j-iif thoroaglily pie.iaied himself in spjieof
l.i:her!y thwai'irisr and opposition Anson
I.s-muL hiur elf in pitc of ttie sama rontitiu-
e. .ippositioi', and by one couuivuuee and
&'!, her, mni helped by his mot Iter's small
i i-iiLetitit', kept himself there til! he gradu-
".!. J id Shi benbarger contctcd the
, , i i-i-
i":;:nj locii to" lu'-ii. D'lt was at rata m til
ich fir ffiit was ulr:iiJ
s '!': hiu
, to do am thing tiiure than be ob
t his miii should leave him. That
vrj the first poinr of diflcrence, and that
win how Anson sou led it. The second was
iifcr-iy to 1 e of so easy an arraiigenieut.
At ivlleg'! Ai.sou had found some tilings be-tv.lt?-!
graojaiitig honors, lie had chanced
;..! a ve-y charming co'tibination of curls
nil azarc eyes a red-lipped, dimpled
checked fairy, daughter of one of the pro-fi-ssors,
who, iiistcad of curling her dainty
hi at the homespun suit which his poverty
and his. father's niygnriness compelled hi'ti
to vr-. ar, never termed to be conscious of
a .vtliimr or
arv b- J else wiicti lie was bv.
In slnirt, Anson h.:d found some one to
love, some one th.it hi MM'itc I to m.irry, as
lie gravely informed his fat her. Y ou should
have se-ii t!ie old man's eyes ; it was a nier
(V ti ey wcte fast iu their sAfkets. Here
w:'.s i:ratitude ! This Anson having del'raud
1 1 his old father out of so much of his time,
wj going now to set the teal upon his ab-
iiirday a:d disobedience by marrying a town
...i ii i i .. .
jim ; i:m riri.'iiii to umrry any one, seeing
bis father wasn't
thmugh witii him yet
He should never consent,
but a town ji.t'i !
and every Shellenbarger acre should go to
ctraners before Anson should li4Ve one. if
he presisied in rn idea so ridiculous !
"And pray what harm is there in being 5
town girl?" questioned Bnbio Halstead,
when Anson to'd her, half iaughing, half
vexcl. and altogether rueful, for. without
a-sisiaiiee from his father, he could not mar
ry Barbie for a long time yet.
Ans.m laughed again, but with some em
I nrrsissim-::', saying, '"My futher is afraid
ti at a daughter of Professor Halstead would
iioi make a very good farmer's wile."
"Bees he think ?"' Barbie hesitated,
!;.ki:ig wi'h smiling perplexity at her little
white hao J-.
"That these pretty hands don't know
rauoh about brewing, baking, etc? Exact
ly, I believe he thinks just that."
"Then he thinks wrong," said Barbie,
reddening and looking up at hc.r lover with
a eo:uic-.l Utile pout. "I)idn't I hear you
vay you needed a servant at home? I've a
win 1 to gi d iwn and offer for the place."
Anson laughed etijoyingly.
"We need one bad enough, but my father
will not sailer one inside the house."
"Why, how do you live, then? Who
coeks for you,now that your mother isiil?"
" Ne do cir own cooking," Anson said,
with a return of the half-smiling, half ciu
btrrissc 1 expression. "We cook for our
selves, or do without."
The very day succeeding the one which
witnessed this conversation, Anson was at
home, busying himself over some culinary
operations, when the outside door, which
stood ajar.was noiselessly pushed wide ojien,
and a singularly attired form presented it
self on the threshold. It was a red and
green plaid dress, the cheeks very large, a
yellow shawl, and a very frowzy and tum
bled white bonnet. A red feather, neatly
a-i long as Anson's arm. streamed :rom one
side, and within the brim flopped the im
mense frill of a cap which clung close around
the face of the stranger. The face, what
couid be seen of it, was a very one to be in
side of such a bonnet and cap. J ust now,
as he surveyed the kitchen and Anson, her
self unseen, the muscles about her mouth
twitched nervously, and her eyes twinkled
with roguish brightness.
Presently Anson looked that way. In
stantly the face took lugubrious length and
coming into the room, the girl said hesitat
ingly, but without looLing at him :
"An' would ye be afther birin' a servant
the day?" and stood fidgeting with the
fringe of her shawl.
"I believe not," said Anson, coloring
with some annoyance, perhaps, at the na
tuie of his employment.
"Shure. sir, an' the lady that sint me,
God bless her swate eyes ! said you'd be
shuce to take me on her rfecoinmendation,
which I have in niy pocket, and here 'tis
She gave him a note which proved to re
from Barbie Halstead. .Anson read it with
very loverlike carefulness, but 6hook bis
"I am very sorry, my good girl, but we
do not wish to hire a servant."
'"Belike you father mayn't object when he
sees me," the girl persisted.
Anson looked at the spoiled white bonnet
and the red feather, and repressed a smile,
wondering what his father would say. But
bis was too kindly a nature to be willing to
expose even this servant to his father' i rough
manner. He repeated what he had said be
fore, assuring her that it would be of uo use
to see his father.
The girl stood a moment. "If ye p1ae,
sir, I'll just see him a moment Belike he
may take a likin' to the look o' me."
And before he could reply she had crossed
the room, and stood upon the threshold of
the next. Anson followed presently,eurious
to see what kind of a reception she would get.
'Shure an" I'll do plenty mor'n I'm worth
to yecs," she was saying with innocent em
phasis, as Anson entered. She talked rap
idly, pouring out such a toyent of words
that the old man could not, by any possibil
ity, slip one in among tbem, and sat regard
ing her with an expression of the niost lu
dicrous astonishment.
Ths remarkable volubility completely baf
fled the old man's slowness. He could not
say a word if he wished to, and when she
concluded at last with. "I can make flap
jacks and corn bread that 'd bring the very
eyes out iv yer head and nuke ye swally yer
'tongue with dolightsomeness," (if he had a
weakness it was for flapjacks and corn bread. )
He could only twirl his thumbs in a sort of
ridiculous awe, and asked her with a sudden
smile how much she expected ' to get for
doing a. 1 those things?"
'"Seventy five cents a week," was the
prompt reply.
With a still more cunning laugh, Joel of
fered her half the money. Greatly to his
amazement she agreed at once ; and lie found
himself, to use his own expression, '"in fur
it." To add to his chagrin, Anson stood
by laughing with intense enjoyment. But
the girl, without further ado, ptoceeded to
disencumber herself ot bonnet and shawl
and vanish in the direction of the kitchen,
before anything could be said. As she shut
the door she stole a glance at Anson that
made him start ami bite his lips, and pres
eutly be stole kitchcnwaids also. She was
already t wfuk. handling the broom like
an adept, and grumbling in her rich brogue
at the dust that had accumulated in the cor
ners; for the extent of Anson's and hisfath
er's sweepings had been to brush the centre
of the room, somewhat to the dUadvan
tage of the rest.
She did not look up as Anson entered, but
he sat dowi and deliberated, and furtively
watched her. For some time the seemed
uncoiiseio.ss of his scrutiny, but presently
she turned and clasping bo !i her little hands
upon the top of the liroom handie, said, with
a mixture ot bravado and archness too nat
ural to be mistaken, "Weii,- Anson, what do
you think '!"
'i'lie you-13 man lanahed and looked an-
i o ye i in tnc same liieatn.
""Then it is you. Barbie?" lie said,
was suspcefintf something of the sort."
""Not till I looked at you." said the
roguishly, ictreatinp as he approached.
!! vrni hint- ii is nniie I he. t hiriL'. Barbie?"
-Shure, an' why ain't it the thing f'-r a t
poor girl to be gcttiu' her liviu' decently an'
honest v f
And that was all he could get out of her.
Having acknowledged her identity with Bar
bie for an instant, she was the most iinap
proaohable Biddy the next, and would have
uothii-g to say, save in that character.
"'Does your father know of this. Barbie?
What would he say?" persevered Anson.
-Shure, an' it's not me own father would
be interlerin' wid me, would he?"
In lain were all remonstrances with the
roguish and willful girl. She persisted in
being Biddy, even to him, and maintained a
distance between him and Barbie in her own
proper self. Annoyed, provoked, chagrined
and almost angry, the advent of his father
lorced him to retire from the kitchen, for
fear of bctmying Barbie's secret, which he
we-uld not have done for a great deal. It
was several hours before he could return to
the houss bis father having, by some pre
text or other, detained him.
When at last they entered togethcr.kitch
en and silting room, both of which bad been
in an untidv state when they left there, had
undergone such a remarkable renovating
precess that old Joel drew back at Srst.think
ing he had set foot in somebody else's house
instead cf his own.. Supper was smoking on
the tatile; such a supper as old Joel. at least,
had not seen in months. To crown all, Mrs.
Shellcubarger was sitting, propped up with
pillows, in a great easy chair, and looking
wondrously contented, and with reason ; the
poor old lady had not had a woman s hand
about her before or since her illness. They
lived in such an isolated, inhospitable man
ner, that very few cf their neighbors even
knew that Mrs. Shellenbarger was not as
wll as usual. Biddy, as she called herself,
had tidied the poor lady up in a beautiful
manner. Joel sat down to the daintily spread
table and made a most hearty and keenly
relished meal, glancing askance at Biddy
meanwhile. Anson, strange to say, ate very
liule, and he watched Biddy askance too.
This was only ihe beginning ot reforais this
daring girl instituted. First, however, as
much for her own peace of mind as Anson's
knowing that mother and son were fast
1j nn.l nlnr.iv nf one ouinion she toid
her secret o Mrs. S., tad fairly wheedled
the .ood ladv into approval. It is true that
she shoot" her head at first, and looked won
derfully shocked. It was so charming to
have those little soft hands fluttering about
her. and to see such brightness and comfort
spring up around, that she could not for her
own sake, help countenancing as much as
silence could, Biddy's mysterious presence.
I haven't time to give particulars.but hav
ing made a good beginnine.with a, good true
Irish facility, Biddy established herself in a
very short time, completely in the good gra
ces of the oid man. He had a lurking like
ness for neatness and good order, and Airs.
S., poor woman, wasn't a very tidy house
keeper. Under the new reign order grew
out of chaos ; the house se med in holiday
garb all the timo, and an atmosphere ot so
cial cheerfulness pervaded everywhere.
Oue morning Biddy said something about
leaving, and the oid man ended a grumbling
vimnlaint of Anson with "I never see no
cood come of eddieation yeL It it hadu't
been for that college business you might
have taken a likin' to a sensible girl and she
one to you.
He' glanced at Biddy as he spoke. She
turned scarlet and came near dropping the
dish she was holding. It was not the first
time Anson had heard such insinuations, and
he rather enjoyed Biddy's trepidation.
"See here, father," he said roguishly,
"just pick me out a wife, and see what will
coma of it." .
"The only girl I know of, worth having,
wouldn't have you, I dare say would you,
Biddy?" Joel said, grumbliugly, but sud
denly turning to the girl,
.Anson was smiling maliciously. Bridget
had kept Barbie's lover at a tantalizing and
unreleuting distance all this time. He was
taking his revenge now. Making a desper
ate effort, Biddy called hen confused senses
to say, with considerable self possession :
"Shure, sir, an' it isn't nieself that'll be af
ter having any man till I'm asked."
"Biddy, will yon marry tne V" said Anson
gravely, extending his hand.
"I will that, now," said Biddy, putting
her hand in his, while old Joel came near
choking with amazement.
It was too late to recede, however, wheth
er he had really withed stfch a thing or not,
as she soon made him understand. He went
out of doors presently, privately pinching
himself to ascertain if he were iu his senses
or not. Seeing the two standinn by the win
dow in close conversation soon after,be crept
with the same laudable intention toward
them, under cover of the bushes that grew
by the houie.
"Mow, Barbie," Anson was saying laugh
ingly, "what is to be done next? I must
say you've managed wonderfully so far, but
what do you suppose he'll say when he finds
you aro not Biddy at all?"
"XotBiddy!atall !" screamed Joel, struck
with a sudden suspicion of he knew uol what
as he started O'lt of his covert.
There stood Biddy, the white frill of her
close cap as immense as ever ; she laughed
when she saw hitn, and deliberately taking
off her cap, she shook her bright curls ail
about her face, and reaching toward him her
little hand, said : "Shure, sir, an' ye won't
be afte blaming a poor girl because her
name is Barbie ilal.Uead instead of Biddy
"Von you Professor ITalstcad's girl?"
"l'rofessor Halstead is my father," said
Barbie in her natural tone.
"What's that?"
Baibie repeated it.
'"And you're not Irish?"
"Niver a bit !''
The old man stood a moment.clou Js gath
ering in his face. "Well, Anson," he said
rather saucily, "you've out-witted me again ;
much good may it do you. You'd better
get out the horses now, and take llalstead's
girl home. He must want to see her by
this time.'
"Yes, sir.1' And Anson colored with
mingled anger and amazement.
Baibie did not change countenance, how
ever, but exceeding that pretty hand of hers
again, she said sweetly," You'!! shake hands
with me, sir, won't you?"
Joe! turned back and gave his band awk
wardly. The girl took it in both hers, bent
her bright face toward hitn and said, "I
shall come back sometime, air, will you be
glad to see me?"
Joel bummed and hawed, and stammered
out at last, "ycc-yea; come trick, Biddy I
mean Mi.-s O'l lynn I mean Miss "
"Barbie," suggested the girl, quietly.
"Y ;s. come back, and t he sooner the bet
ter. There. Anson, make the most on't !"
Barbie did come back, in averv few weeks,
too. and nobodv was gladder to see her than
old Joel, tboneh he was a little shy at first
of Professor llalstead's zirl. She soon made
liini fori-et cvervtliinirsave that she was An-
son's wife ; and the way he
humore'l the
sly puss to sundry grants ot nw'iev, rem
nishiiig, repairing, etc., I cou.du t begin i
re fur-
Vrv. Likf. to See. An exchange say
"We like to rcc youni; ladies who are bitter
iteuiies kiss each other very affectionately.
whej thev meet it reminds us ot a man
named Judas, who lived st-verai years airo !
We like to sec a fashionably dressed lady
nromenaJinc the street wearinii a blue silk
dreaa trailing a yard behind her in the mud
it cleans the streets to nicely ! Vc like
too see a younx man very polite and obliging
to. other Youtic ladies while he is scarcely
civil to his sister af home it proves that
the iords of creation are devoid of deception !
We like to see little bo3Ts come to church in
the evetnnz and auiu.se themselves by stick
itii; i)itis iu their neighbors it shows that
they are not "buryiug talents in the earth !"
e like to sec a man mvaiiabiy throw a
newspaper, boots and hat into the middle of
the floor, tor his tired wife to pick up it is
evident that he reineinriers Ins promise to
"cherish her!" We like to see the choir
snend their time durine divine service in
whispering and telling stories it helps us to
appreciate the sermon, and convinces us that
they are capable Ot sinking Willi uie spirit
aud the understanding, also ! V e like to
see younir ladies keep their jaws in constant
niotiort, endeavoring to masticate a huge
ball of chewing gum it looks bo lady like !
We like to see a man sporting fast horses,
while be owes the printer, and gives nothing
to the minister it looks honorable! lhere
are other thirnrs we line to see, but we
31 any a man is rich without money.
Thousands of men with nothing in their
pockets are rich. A man born with a cood
heart and good limbs, and pretty good head
iiiece. is rich. Good bones are better than
irold, tough muscles than silver, and nerves
that flash firo and energy to every function,
ara better than houses and land. It is bet
tor than landed estate to have had the right
kind of a father and mother. Good breeds
and bad breeds exist among nieii. as readily
as amcng herds and horses, education may
do much to check, the evil tendencies or to
develope gooifones.but it is a good thing to
iuberit the right proportion of faculties to
start with.
Some civls, in kissing, purse up their
mouths as if they were ahout to perform
on the flageolet. This i.i wrong. Kissing
is a luxurv which should be indulged in
with "an atinetite," and not nibbled at as
it it were "pizen."
An observer of human nature reports
rlmr Via hns seen some people possessing the
peculiarity of three hands a right hand, a
left riaoU, ana a nine Deumu uauu,
"Why did he marry her?" is the title of
a new love story. Probably because he was
afraid if he didn't marry her sue wotua sue
him for a breach ot promise.
A ItUet dowc did William send,
To tell the love that burned him ;
But it was more like Billy, don't.'
Ihe anrwer she returned him.
ittsmtf JUrcctcnj.
AW. WALTERS, Attorset at Law,
. Cltarfield. T. Offica in the Court House.
CTALTER BARKETT, Attorney at Law, Clear
field, Pa. May 13,1863.
ED. W.GRAHAM, Dealerin Dry-Good, Groce
ries, Hardware. yueenware. Wooden ware,
Proviaiona, eta., MarKet Street, Clearfield, Pa.
DAVID d. NIVLISO . Dealer in Dry-Goods
Indies' Fancy Hoods, Hats and Caps. Boots,
Shoes. etc .Second Street, Clearfield, Pa. sep2i
HF. BIGLER 4 CO., Dealers in Hardware
a and manufacturers of Tin and Sheet-iron
rare. Second Street. Clearfield, Pa. Mar70.
HF. NAUrtLE, Waton and Clock Maker, and
dealer in Watches, Jewelry, Ao. Room in
Graham:srow, Marketstreet.
Not. 19.
HBUCHER SWOOPE, Attorney at Law.Clear
. field. Pa. OfEri in Graham's Row, fourdoo-i
west of Graham A Boy nton's store. Nov. 10.
T ROMAS J. CCLLOlTGn, Attorsets-at-Law,
Clearfield, Pa. All legal busineM prompt
ly attended to. Oct. 27, 1869.
B READ, M. D., PnviciA and Scrgkos,
; . Kylortown. Pa., respectfully offers his 'pro
fesiiional services to the citi 4103 of that place and
lurroundin; country. Apr. 20-8m.
fi KUATZER, Dealer in Dry-Goods. Clothing,
Hardware, Queensware, Groceries. Provi-
siuus, eto . .Market street, neatly opposite the
Court House, Clearfield, l'a. June, ISf.i.
JB M EN' ALL T, Attorneyat Law. Clearfield
. Pa. Practices in Clearfield and adjoin:ng
sountie. Office in new brick bnilding of J. Boyn
t n, 2d street, one door sooth of Lanich's HotfTl.
I TEST. Attorney at Law. Clearfield. Pa., will
. attend prouiptljtoallLeg.il business entrust
ed to his care in ClearGeid and adjoining coun
ties, umce on .Market street. Julyl7,T367.
THOMAS It. FORGET, Dealer in Square and
Sawed Lumber. Dry-Gooda. Queensware, Gro
ceries. Flour. Grain, Feed, Bacon, ie., Ac, Ora
hamton. Clearfield county, Pa. Oct 10.
HRTSWICK A IRWIX, Dealers in Drugs,
Medicines. Paints. Oils.Stationary, Perfume
ry. Fancy Goods, Motions, ete., etc.. Marketstreet,
Clearfield, Pa Dec. 6. 1865.
"I KRATZER A SON. dealers in Dry Goods
V . Clothing. Hardware. Queensware. Groce-
rics, l'rovisions, Ac, Second
Street Cleat Geld.
Dee 27. 1S85.
J DUN GUELICH. Manufacturer of al! kinds o
Cabiuet-ware, Market street. Clearfield. Pa
Ho nlsomakes.toorcler Coffins, onsbort notice and
attends funerals with a hearse. Anrl0,'59.
I) ICIIARD M05SOP, Dealerin Foreign and Do
ki mestic Dry Goods. Groceries. Flour, Kaeon.
Liq'iors. Ac. Room, on Market street, a few doors
wejtol Jourti'tlOgift. Clearfield, Pa. Apr27.
"A 7 ALL ACE A FIELDING, Attors-ets at Law
Clearfield, Pa. Office in rcs.denee of W. A.
Wallace Legal business of all Kinds attended to
with promptness and fidelity. Jan.5.70-yp
Pa., will attend promptly to bnsineis en
trusted to his care, office on second floor of new
building adjoining CoQnty Natioual BanK.and
nearly opposite the Court House. June 3D, o'J
T7REDER1CK LEITZINGER, Manufacturer of
I1 all kinds of stone-ware. Clearfield. Pa. Or
iler? mlicited wholesale or retail He alsokeeps
on hand ana tor sale an assortment or earthen
ware, of his own manufacture. Jan. 1. 1863
XT M. HOOVER. Wholesale aod Retail Pealer i
largo assortment of pipes, cirar cases. Ac, con
stantly 00 h:ind. Two doors East of the Post
Office, Clearfield, Pa. May 19. '69
1 fASfins HOUE, Clearfield, Pa This
well known hotel, near the Court House, i
worihT the patronage of the public. The tabl
will be supplied with the be?t in the market. The
best of liquors kept. JOHN DOUGHERTY.
TOflN H. FULFORD, Attorney at Law. Clear
field. Pa. Office on Market Street, orer
il art wick A Irwin's Drue Store. Prompt attention
giren to the securingofUouutj claims. Jtc.and to
all legai business. Jiarcn il, iooi.
A I T II ORN, M. D., Physician and
SnttGKON, bavin? located at Kylertown,
Pa., offers his proft-s.tonal serrices to the citi-
sens ol that place aod Ticinity. Sap.29-ly
UT ALBERT, BRO'S .Dealers in Dry Goods,
V . Groeries,Hardware. Queensware. FIourBa-
con. etc., Woodland. Clearfield county. Pa. Also
extensive dealers in all kinds of sawed lumber
shingles, and square timber. Orders solicited.
u ooaland. fa., Aug. I3tn, is;n.j
DR J. P. I!L ItCHFIELD Late Surgeon of the
8id Rog't Penn'a Vols., having returned
from the army, offers his professional services to
the citizens of Clearflela and vicinity. iTotes-
sional ca'ls promptly attended to. Office on
cSouth-r.in: corner 01 Ja ana Jlarket streets.
Oct. 4. ISS5 6inp.
SURVEYOR. The undersigned offers
his services to the public, as a Surveyor.
He mav be found at his residence in Lawience
township, when not engaged ; or addressed by
letter at Clearfield. Penn'a.
March th. lS67.-tf. J 4.MES MITCHELL.
J Ptivatpian and Surgeon.
Havinr located at Osceola. Pa., offers his profes
sional services to the people of that place and sur
.J : .. .n.,nt.. Allealla nrnmnllv Btlvnitiifl
to. Office and residence on 'Jurtin Street, former
ly oocupie
ipied by Dr. Kline.
May 19, '69.
Negatives made in cloudy as well as in clear
weather. Constantly en hand a good assortment
of Frames. Stereoscopes ana btereoseopie Views.
frames, trom any sty ie 01 mourning, made to
order. dee. 2, 68-jy. 14-89-tf.
THOMAS W MOORE, Land Surveyor
and Convevancer. llaviner recentiv lo
cated in the Borough of Lumber City, and re'sum
sumed the practice of Land Surveying, respect
fully tenders his professional services to the swn
ers and speculators in lands in Clearfield and ad
joine counties l'ceas 01 conveyance neatly ex
ecnted. Office ana resiaence one door .bast or
Kirk 4-Spencers Store
Lumber City. April li, laaa-ty.
Real Estate Abests Ann Cosvitascebs,
Clearfield, Pa
Real estate bought and sold, titles examined.
taxes paid, conveyances prepared, and insuran
ees tnxen.
Office in new kuiiJinjj, nearly opposite "Court
Home. Jan a 1870.
has nassed both Houses of Coneress.and
siened bv the President, giving soldiers who en
listed prior to zza juij, 1001, served one year or
more ana were nonoraoiy aisenargea, a bounty
of S I HO.
ryBountics and Pensions collected by me for
thoseentitled to them.
Aug. 15th, 1S66. Clearfield, Pa
WAIM'S PANACEA, Kennedy's Medical Die
coverv. Ilembold s buehu. Bake'i Cod Lit
Oil, Jayne'sand Aver s Medicines. for sale by
"VTOTICK. All persons indebted to the eubseri
J, ber, are requested to come and settle with
out delay. it. jairoam-.
T"VRIED FRCIT. at reduced trioes. at
I U May 12, '69. MOSSOP'S.
CiiiiriiLt, Pa.
All work warranted to rive satisfaction. A
good assortment of Watch-glasses and Keys al
ways on hand.
Rooms on Second Street, opposite the Court
House. fMarch 2. 1870-tf.
WINES AND IfQUOllSA1110'""""'10"-
A good assortment for medical purposes always
on hand.
January 27. lS89-6m.
Accounts received and interest allowed on daily
balanoes subject to check, at sight.
Mareh 2. 1870-1 y.
0 U T II S
The undersigned having recently added
to his former business, would respectfully
eolieitan examination of his stock. Being
a practical Tailor he flatters himself
that he is able to offer a better
elass of ready-made work
than has heretofore been
broaght to this mar
ket. Any one wishing to buy goods in this line
would save money by calling at his store,
and making their selections. Also,
full supply of Gents'furnishing
goods always on hand.
Feeling thankful for pst favors, lie would re
spectfully solioit a continuance of the
April :3,lSoff.
I Intend to Fight it Out on
Tills Liney
Market Street, Clearfield, Pa.
Ladies', Misses' and Childrens' Shoes, :
The entire stock on hand will be sold at !
and the stock will be replenished every
sixty days, with the choicest and
best goods in the market.
(a few doors west of the Postoffioe,)
February 2, 1370.
O ALT! SALT!! A prim article of ground a
IO urn salt, put up in patent saexs. for saleehi
atth(teiof R. M0S50P.
SAWED LU5IBER. The undersigned
KJ having started in the Lumber business.
near Osceola, Clearfield county. Pa., is now pre
pared to furnish nine hn.rdu clear and n.l
stuff. Ao. Pine and Hemlock bills sawed to order
and shipped on short notice.
May 5, 1889-tf. - Clearfield eo.. Ta.
Opposite the Jail.
Clearfield, Penn'a,
Dealer in Dry Goods. Dress Goods, Millinery
Goods, Groceries, Hard-ware, Queens-ware, Stone
ware, Clothing, Boots. Shoes, Bats, Caps, Floor,
Bacon, Fish, Ealt, etc., is constantly receiving new
supplies from the cities, which he will dispose of
purcnasing eisewnere, eiamiae bis stock.
Clearfield, February 9, 187C.
DR. A.M. II ILLS desires toinform his nalianls
and the public generally, that he has associated
wun mm in me practice or Dentistry. S. P.oliAW,
D. 1 S , who is a graduate of the Philadelphia
Dental College, and therefore has the highest
attestations of his Professional skill.
All work done in the office I will hold mvself
personally responsible for beine done in the most
satisfactory manner and highest order Of the pro
fession An established practice of twentv-two veara in
this place enables me tosneak to m'v patrons with
Engagements from a distance should be made
by letter a few days before the patient designs
eoming. Clearfield. June 3. 18SS-ly.
Made to Order at the Lowest Rates.
The undersigned would respectfully invite the
attention of the eitisens of -Clearfiel i and vicini
ty, to give him a call at his shop on Market t.
nearly opposite Hartswick A lrwm's drng store,
where he is prepared to make or repair anything
in his line.
Orders entrusted to him will be executed with
promptness, strength and neatness, and all work
warranted as represented.
1 nave now on band a stock ef extra trench
calfskins, superb gaiter tops, ie., that I will
nntsn up at toe lowest figures.
June 1 Jtn, isno. IIASIKI, piSJELLI
Clearfield county.
The nndersigned. having opened a large and
well selected stock of roods, at Bald Hills. Clear
field county, respectfully solicit a share of pnblie
ineir stock embraces Dry Goods, Groceries,
Hardware Queensware, Tin-ware. Boots and Shoes.
Uats and Caps, 'jieady made Clothing, and a gen
eral assortment of Notions, etc.
1 hey always keep on band the best quality of
Flour, and a variety of Feed
All goods sold cheap forcash,or exchanged for
approved country produce.
Having also erected a steam haw Jjill, they are
preaared to saw all kinds or Iumner te order
Orders solicited, and punctually filled.
iSov.ZO, 1S07. r. B. a A.1KHIN.
Clearfield county, I'cnn'a.
The nndersigned having erected, during the
past summer, a large and commodious store room.
is now engaged in nlling it up with a new and
' select assortmentof Fall tod Winter goods, which
be offers to the publie at prices to suit the times
II is stock of Mens1 and boys' clothing is unusual
ly extensive, and is offered to customers at from
I0 to $20 for a whole suit. Flour, Salt,and tiro
eeries, of every kind, a complete assortment;
Mores and tore-pipe, a heavy stock ; Boots and
Shoes, Hats and Caps, in great variety: Ladies'
dress goods, furs, and other fancy goods, together
witn an endless assortment ei notions too tedious
to enumerate, always on hand, and sor tale very
cheap. Prints at 10 cents a yard.and other goeds
in proportion. Ttow is the time to buv.
Country produce of every kind, at the hichest
market prices, will be taken in exchange for
goods; and even Ureenbacks will not be rofnsed
lor any article in store. Examine my stock be
fore you buy elsewhere.
October 30.1 867. H. SWAN
GOOD AND cheap in
Men, Tooths and Boys can booplpled with full
sails of seasonable and fashionable clothing at
where it is sold at prices that will induoe their
purohase. The universal satisfaction which has
been given, has induced tbem to increase their
s'eck, which is now not surpassed by any estab
lishment of the kind in this part of the State.
Reizenstein Bro'a t Co.,
Sell goods at a very small profit, for cash ;
Their goods are well made and fashionable.
They give every one the worth of his money.
They treat their customers al I alike.
They sell cheaper than every body els.
Their store is conveniently titnated.
They having purchased their stock t reduced
price they ean aell cheaper tl an ethers.
er these and other reasons persons should buy
tneir clothing at
Produce of every kind taken at the highest
market prices. asay ia. job
T IN T T M E !
A. K.
Having just returned from the eastern cities
we are now opening a full sicca of seasonable
goods, at our rooms on Second street, to which
they respectfully invite the attention of the pub
lic generally. Our assortment is unsurpassed
in this section, and is being sold very low for
cash. The stock consists in part ef
of the best Quality, such as Prints, Delaines. Alpa
aaa. Merinos. Oinrhams ; Muslins, bleached and
unbleached ; Drillings, lickings, eotton and wool
Flannels, Cassimers, Ladies isnawls. Coats, Kn
bias. Hoods. Hoop skirts, Balmorals, Ae.. Ae.. all
of wHch will be sold low ros call. Also, a fine
assortmentof tne nest ot
consisting of Drawers and Shirts, Hats and Caps,
Boots and bnoes, HandXerehiefu cravats, ete
Also, Raft Rope
Dog Rape, Raltina Aignrs
Spikes. Tinware, Lamps and
and Axes. Nails and Ep
Lamp wicks and chimneys, etc., etc
a.n n. ... 01. wr. Hardware, Groe
t. j . t .11 iriiri Tn ihort. ft cefcerft!
nuo v. we .
rici. auu b p ices vi -- .
assortmentof everything usually lipua.r.-..
tore, all chrap fmr eath. cr approved country
pro-due - OI).
PIOV. AO-jai v-nsa-'
rCurweBSTHle, ? . ,
Having takea charge of this wen- town Betel,
the undersigned would respectfully soliell a skare
of the pnblie patronage. Travelers will tad the
accommodations eaaai to those of an a other bouse
in this seetion. Charges moderate.
Dec, t. 1868-tf. JQH3 i. 1IIP, Prep'rV
0 lear Field nursery. Ehcour-
7 ace Home I.idcstet. Tb mdersign-
ed having established a NirNf.ai the Pfke,
naif way between Carweasvllle aa4 Clearfield
Boroughs, is prepared to tarnish all ktadsef Frnl
trees, (standard and dwarf.) Ivergma. Sbrafc
bery, Grape Vines, Gooseharry, iawtrft Blatk
berry. Strawberry and Raspberry vine. A Is
SibrianCrab trees. Quince and early AeavletKhea
barb, Ac. Orders promptly atteeetfl t. Addres
Aug 31.1884 J. D. WRIGHT, CavasviM
O J. HAYES, Scrgeon DehtisT, Offic
.on Main Street, Curwennville, Pinn'a.,
Will make professional visits for the conveni
ence of of the public commencing i April. 1M9.
as follows, vis : Luthersburg.fi rst Friday of every
month ; Ansonville.lirst Monday of every saentk j
Lumber City, first Thursday of every month;
spending two days in either piae. All ordee far
work should be presented oa the da his arrt
valin each place.
Ew Teeth extracted by the application of leeai
anesthesia, comparatively Without pais. All
kinds of dental work guaranteed.
N. B. The publie will please aottee. that Dr.
II., when not engaged in the above virtto, saay be
found in his office in Curwensville. fap l.'69-ly
in Curwensvilkj.
The nndersigned having entered Into ee part
nership, in the FOUNDRY BUSINESS, id
Curweasville.-would inform the publie that the
keep on baud, and will tnanufaetare te order.
Plows, Cultiyatorg,
Stores, etc.,
and every other description of article generally
made in a country foundry.
Terms reasonable. Old metal takea in ex
change for work.
A share of patronage is respectfully solicited.
Curwensville, Pa.
(Oae door West First Nat. Bant.)
Having just returned from the East with a Bora-1
plete assortment of Ooods, suitable for the Spring
and bummer trade, we are sow prepared to fur-'
nlsh all kinds of Ooods
And after thanking our customers for their liV
eral patronage daring the past year, we would
most respectfully ask for a continuance of the
same. Oar stock consists of
Also, Flour. Bacon, Salt. Fish, Orain, Ac, As., all
of which will ba sold on the most reasonable
terms. nd the highest market price paid for
Grain Wool and all kinds of lumber aad eeantry
Please give as a eall before purchasing elsewhere.
Satisfaction guaranteed as to quality and prices.
Cor. Main a Thompson 8tt.
April 20.'T0 Curwensville, Pa.
. A. Irvik & Co.,
Being specially engaged In the business ef hay
ing and selling SQUARE TIMBER, weald repr
sent that they are now prepared to parch as tim
ber, delivered at either Curwensville, Lock Hara
or Marietta, or will take it at any of thee peiata
and sail on commission, making sash advaaees a
are necessary.
Those engsged in jetting out timber will flad
at ear stor in Curwensville, a very larg Steak
of STAPLE GOODS, of all descriptions.
and everything necessary for use ef Lumbermen.
RAFT ROPE, of all sixes, kept en hand In larg
quantities, and sold at small advaneey y th
Epeclal inducements offered t thes maaufa-
tnring Squar
- E. A. rKTTH ft CO.
Carwensvllle, Jan. 12, 1870.
English Currants, Essenee Coffee, and Vine
gar of th bast qnality.for sale by
AILS ft SPIEE8 theoheepest Intheetenty
Musour 'B
THE highest rkt prk pfcd for BhlnjlM
hf J- 8HAW fcSOsP'