Raftsman's journal. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1854-1948, November 24, 1869, Image 1

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VOL. 16.-KO. 13.
J II II 1 P 4 1
- t H g 8 . if . I M u y
elect gcttxn
Ia the .1ant spring-time weather-
F. ?t morn nd purple eves
V & :,e little birds together
Sjt and stng UBODg tbe leave.
Tia it reeais as if tfce badow,
With their iaterlacir.g bough.
liaJ been buns bo.e tbe meadow
For tbe plighting of their'Tows.
In the ligiiler. wsmtr weather,
When the ruuiie softly rest.
And they go to work together
For the buildieg of their ce?ts;
Thru the branches, f -r a wander,
.Seem uplifted everywhere.
To be props aril pillows nuder
Little hvuics ia.the air.
T.ut when we fee tbe nsoe'icg
df the lies that are to rua
ir,ceforwar J to lie belting
i f two heart; that are a one,
When we hear the holy taking
Of the.vow that cancot bretk,
Then it see mi a; if tbe making
Of the world was for their sake.
I had been some years engaged
r-raoties vi medicine ia one of -ur
in tie
citisi t of.ire I met with any tcrwas adven
tutes. One i.icbt, as I wasreiuruini: home
thr.iUfh. a lonely, -tibfrnyjuented part of tbe !
at a late liMr. from a patient whom I
l.,l !
n with since noon thai Uay, and ;
whom I a- now permitted to leave by rea
fn fa fivrral'e chatije, I was tudJcn'y
n ! pd in a dark, gloomy, out of the w.-iy
spi't. by a gru!T. coarsely dres--pd man.
"You're a 1"' or?" he ball tinuoiinccd
an 1 inquired ia the same Wtrds.
I aiu.
"I want yon to com" with rrte. th--ti !" he
Mid. in a tone that indicated the msH-T was
s'r. s.ty settled ia his own mni j, .ijwever it i
n.ii-lit be in ndtie. . j
io:.riiiot tonight. Iain wearied out ;
ar.d anxious to get home." i
iVs. umdnct-irs are always wearied out j
wl en a poor man wants ytm," said the fel-
1 with a threat nine gn.wl ; "Lutouiy let !
s t-i iii'erna' snot, wife' p.Kvl'.e doj need
K..k!.igt.anl yoa find y.-.ir way there ;
any hour of the d.iy or nijht well. I'm no ;
st: ,'t. that.k Heav.-n! and I've g..t mnney ;
ti tvii to psy ytiur lee; 1 ve tnci! Iiail a wj
z n .i vt .rs a iva ly. ami i..ie 01 tnem ;
. , , r ,
v.,i e aie -aui o, ya see, i can 1 ct juti
off." -
.tv-e tie!.-, doctor,
interrupted the fel-
p;isl.;.':t:7 a
l.-.ir a .pick
kirife. arid
,-. s - I
a ccr
. ;i the-
;.!.. s v.
to :h bt.fo;-; i:iv 1
ami 1
,Vht 11
y :ii !!i m. :
. ::n i a.-.
I 1 '!; a wivl.
t .01 v;.l-je .
'; cf his
: -t
A. Fvc
rvri ii!
;. 1 U
:re-t ft tend
V - v Low .u .j- h v .
:C is wor
to vo-i.
at. 1 I ko- l.iW lit'li I
w.cth to Li -.' ; an i re
atiotoer s n!o
.eaveti I swc.-i".
I ai.tr ttii '. to go ana
leave n:y friend
ito you."
d:v,i ii put th
It wa-an
kui?v :
tt space wrtere wc soo t :o:.t
l.i'f way Wt ween twj bl -eks of building 1 !
that w-to n : yet t"tianf!.d. I looked uji ,
1 d-iwn tie :reet. but not a sou! was in ;
k-s. !
"Where 1 1 v,u wii tie io go?" I in !
.VH1. ' !
"Dh.d ovrti here a pio?e," sii 1 he. jrttij .
Vt shoulder. "Conie on, bif.iie it is too'
late. " i
He pasvd his arm through mine wlihout
f- a.uth as "by your leave," arid bvan to
iv.tp away, of coarse taking me with him
"Is your friend a male or female?"
"She's a woman."
I breath. d more freely, for somehow I
ays exi-erieneed a degree of security
atn t:g the opprt.ite sx, even among the j
fct dfpraveil arid abandoned. j
"What is the matter with Ler, and Low i
1 n,; has she been sick ?"' I a.-ked.
"About three or totir hoars ago she gave
t -rth to a child that didn't live but a minute,
a ; 1 .-.Ince then she's been having fits," wai
t Lie- Tfply.
"Was there no physician with her wfcen
tbe cliti 1 wi Lorn ?"
"No ; i coul i not get one Ur love or ni"n
ey An i-l i woman, a neighbor.catne in and
liecouli. Do v.iu tl.it.k us Low
J nti vr- h?r, debtor ?" j
I ear. not s-av, of course, but will promi.-e j
i . th- lot lean." ' !
d 0. do, an i lie
e-aven wi.i L.ess you
' ' h? r-.'j lined, in a tone that express j
d'.-.-p at. i earne-t feeding tl at I Lad Lot
-'-c-i wa-. it Lis nature. I
!--an to Le mterete I ; the man usigbt
-t.- r th.ti I thought. S-iiue P"or fcl ,
perhaps, who had becu tie football of;
'- a::d had not recoived !is deserts. I
tie wotaan your wife?" I kindly in '
1 L
.to ilio man ho&rJ mo, 1 tit as be j
JiD-swor. I concluded not to repeat
We soon turned into muio
t i
lark, narrow streets, where none but .
r.-r cj-ses h'-.ed. We now walked j
' "van tu riienee the man still had hold of j
!: arm ai ; he wcrc nfrll;j I niigbt other-
w'" s':v'-' I'lcr the slip, and taking loog,rap-
j Wade, causing tue n little exertion to j
r p with Llm. At length he turned j
I'.: j a dark court, where I could nothing
i v. a few dingy buildings on eitlierside-and-t
1 '-oagLt if Lis object was to rob, uie I was j
-s----np:etely in Lis power. At the far end of j
ti e court he stopped, opened a door and led j
Ct uf 3 flight of creaking stairs. We )
rr.- r,-. 1 r. ,. . i , i c . i . e I
' uui .i) lorwaru a lew icet.auu men
teopoDed the door into the room of the pa-j
The apartment was small and r'ain-
l,f .. - . .
' tarnished, with a lamr. standine on a little
table not f-.r hnn, i V.A tu. 1 L1 wmn,n
uvu. -v.-j w .,uu,,,
to was leaning over the sufferer, looked
quickly and eagerly around a: our entrance, !
and seeing uie, exclaimed :
' Is be a dwc'or?"
"Yes, yes, I've pot a doctor st ls!, God
be praised, if it ain't too late," leplled tbe
man, hurriedly, adding, almost in tbe same
breath, ''How is she, Mary, how h the?"
Tbi old woman shook her bead and sighed
out :
"She's had three on "em sinoe you left,
anl is in the fourth now, poor dear."
"O, my God," groaned the ruan, sinSln
down nvon the nearest seat. ''loctor, you
hear uh, nave her, sare her."
I hurried to the bed and found the patient
in convul.-.ions. The jpaui Ceaed almost
immediately. The face was Saiied, the
hca J L it, mid the ptile rapid. I decided
that .she must Le Lied, and lo-t ro time in
opening- a vein. I then wat fur iVc and ap
plied it in nnfJcration to her head. I re
mained with her through the niIit. atid left
her at daylight in a tranquil J-tato, with di
rections to be followed ia cae of the rc-iuni
of Ia:ll.
The man, who gave his name as Italph ;
Wagner, came down to tbe door wi
and put a half eale into my band.
"How is she?" he asked in a trembling
voiie. "Is she litter? Can you r-avc her?''
"SiiR is better, I think, and I Lope she
i can l e saved," I replied.
"Oh, doe:or,you will jome acain to-day?"
"Y"e, this afternoon, after I shall have
, . ..: :r,.j o0lue ,-,
; that cannot le n-!tctci."
! "I.1 in't de-v-rt us, doctor, f.T Gjd's sake,
' don't," fairly plead jd tad maa v.i:h tears in
; his eyes.
I a-.ure 1 him I wculd r.ot, pave hint rny
uJrf.-s, and Lade him rei:u fur me at any
ibiic if a cliaitie simuld take piuce.
l'ri.-iii that time the patient gradually
Uicudcd, and in course of i week was out of
j,.,, anj jla jier ltaiHjn. J wen
.ier eVfcry .jav dar.,s tais tiai, and had be-
tVLe KOt little interested in her as she
wa not an ordinary woman. Her ae I
,,a.j jU!jged to be about twenty fiveortwen
ty-Mx, and her features, tli..ugh marred by
snf,.r.nsre iteliectual and still beautiful,
Hs.r hair was a light brown, soft almost to
i'.uiess, and she hai the sweetest blue
cyc .j ,,ro,,j,.t ,,,01, I e.-er sas?.
it!. t5. T,A, mellf.wnes.-
tctt so cultivates the tar, arni Us- I
deooted education and L
manner j
rt.-n i;emviit,
direst was the cr:ntmt let ween this prct-
(v.dtlicate ,w-rand tl
se i.tg coarscrca; tire-j
. vkwar-1
id a.f'l, au.I, 1 11. us, a i :, l-
, !
os-vs-it ilJ,-h Wti-t.-i-; ati
t'-ioiigh 1
ij.'ijf.t ljve
::i;irc:n:t..-.-i 1; '.v so-h a u.a:
i-.-r to tit? v, '; 4's extent of Li.
' I
- ..i,
co ;rse nature, i confv-s I w.i at ;
ace. .u tit fir true tectprc- -ity, if. in
:o-s t
deed, i 1;!;!''' '? any -jrdent
t.lliichinelit to
1 i;al tiii.-eS-.lie
t-urisity ss.t.jj cn.-'t
perhaps ;:k:itti i.i 1 li
.tti -. :-y, a : 1
ii ) '---iO:c ; i-u.
ati ihi.; itLu a
that, t!.. le shou d i-j
iiuf niKtu ji 'love, see :n -1 a coir.tary to the
l.i s of uatttre as br the dva to K.vc the ti
err. At.d vet how ;::-r.v -oeh iie.-eitjrui' j.-
c see paired if uot it.a:c.I u;urrivJ by law
it 111 .-' 1: It
! i
The day that I wale what I intended
should l-e my !a-t visit, I iunl my lair pa
tient sittifij.' in a cLa":r,cryi:ig as if Ler Leait
w-juld break. Si.e was a! -.ne.
"This is very bad for you to be excitine
vour nervous s'-tetn iti this uianr.f-r," I said.
ia a kiully reproving nn't
'Jias any-j
j thing happened too serious for a little calm
j philosophy to master?"
j "Oh! doctor," she exclaimed, "I am a
I poor, miserable heart-broken woman, alone
and iiieudless,"
"Oh, not ijuite ro bad as that, I think." I
arjfWt;red lightly, "Whc:e is your Lus
This was the first time I had ever spoken
the word husband to Ler, and I looked to
see if she received it as a familiar, unques
tioned fact. She shuddered, and covered
her face with her hands.
"Did you see in the papers this inorn-
: ing," sLe soLbed, "the arrest of a notorious
j burglar called Peter Hammer Smith?"
i "I think I did see something of that
tkind." I
"That was none oiLer than Ilalph Wag
nrr." "Good Leavens ! you amaze mo," I cried ;
"your husband a burglar?"
"'Sit down, doctor, and let me tell you a
painful story in a few words ; and then n
you can give me good ad ice an d.ympathy.
I ibuo .e-i-eive u with gratitude : and if you
sc.irn u.e and
cast me iroiu you 1 Mianou.j
. lent)
and 1 as mi.-tken in suppusii
jou una a
I seated n vir end became all attention.
. . " - ca , , 1 1 i
"I wae reared in aet.ce. she resumed.
"atid for seventeen ycats was the pr de and
j0y 0f f;jUj parorjt.-. At seveiiieen I fcl! in
w:fA a Tlian some years oi ler than myself, I
--?,. T U-lieved to bo nerfection itself. My i
father knew better and warned me against '
him. He finally forbid hint the house. We
corresponded afterward", met clandestinely,
I cloped with him.
'-Ve went, as I supposed, to the bouse
0f a clergyman, and then and there were
niarricd.and then set off on a marriage tour.
jhe man I bad so wildly loved proved to be
a black-hearted villian, and tben deserted
lutf ;,, a strange ci:y.
' iie afterwards wrote to me that the mar
r",age was a sham, and that he Lad deceived
me in that manner in order to avense him-
, f 1 , , - - ,
6C!i on my iatner lor nis insults.
"A blank followed this awakening from a
j bright and glorious dream to a reality too
. - J
! horrible f .r an ordinarv mind to t..i.
- .1... t v.i .i.:", t ..i .
: jijate. . ii' in am iv er, 1 w role neuie to
my father the wLole terrible truth.anJ im
plored him to receive back Lis poor, heart-
broken daughter. I was a ragged mendi-
i esnt, in a strage city, and God only know?
with what intense and ffarful anxiety 1
awaited the answer to that letier. I waited
days, weeks I waited for months. None
ever came. I was cast off then abandoned
ruined for this world and the next.
"At last Ralph offered me bis protection
and bis hand. I accepted. We were mar
ried, lie declared he loved iue, and cer
tainly treated me with respect. I did not
know that he wast a boue-breaker, and
when I found it oat I a.ked myself what
better I was than be, tlmt I should leave
bim. So I have iived with liim ever since,
r.caily two years, and now he ia arretted, and
I am a;uin alone in the world, iuch is my
sad hi-tory, dodoi. 2o".v leli me wLat to
"Vri'e ag-iin to yonx Parehts," .'aid 1
'"they may not have received your letter."
"I have nometiui'. s hoped so, and I want
to die in that dv-Iu-ion, if it be one," she
eagerly replied. "If I were to et an an-
wer now, that they knew my con. luinii, and
had east me off for ever, it uiiiht craze my
io r brain acain."
"It is never too late to repent," I re
After heai-in? much more of a similar
purport, I asked airuin why she did not write
to her paients, and urg?d her to give 11 e
their adilress, and let nie ascertain in my
own way if they still loved and cared f .r
her. t?he finally wrote her address on a
sl'p cf taper. I read it, sprang from my
seat, and looked at her in perfect amaze
ment. I understood it oil, but could scarcely
believe my senses.
I pass over the scene that followed this
strange story. It was a mistake on ht-r
part ; her letter had not reached Ler almo-.t
distracted parent, who long mourned her as
dead or lost to them forever. Hhe went
home with me, and remained at my bouse
till her parents came and reclaimed her.
Three years after, Ralph Wagner died in
prison, and with him perished one great
portion ot the guihy secret. I have pur
posely concealed the other names, but my
sad story is uone the less true,notwithstand
ing. The Soldier a.m tue Thistle. Little
Minnie, in her eagerness after flowers, had
wournb.-d her hand on a harp. pricklv this
j tie. Tills made her cry with pain at first, 1
and pout with vexation afterward."
1 .s nisti ti.t re ra no ms-U tl.tng
thistle in iho world." sh - said
i:k so mticl
1 "And -.et theSe 1 1 a : i --; : ti.!--;k so ur.icb I
ot :',l''.c,- engf-ive it on ti:csi nau
s.it-1 ..-r mot h.-r.
tiaLirot:-," j
V.'.l! pM 1
e f..itt: i a
U.01ig tic '
"l 0.1 I sfp
"and they
( till.e i
"I: is the las: foner !,:it I
out. I Eiu sure th-. y n.ight Lnv,
r; r-if !tiat:y ni.-c-r or.fts, e.ve-n a
tki I - '" ffid Mi nil.?.
"i-tti: th,; t!:i-:!e don' ?'.-tn ft,-'
vice die.-." sail her rosier, '
icai!!. d to e-t e'it! it very highly.
-a-ir.i tuMU-.-l .'liail r. Bii'l ii;i- j i j
1 to :..;.!; a n"- lit attack .-.-n a sle. idtii j
til: V -
!:.-- crt pt aoing tiareiooteo, a
on a great thistle, and the
Lui t ma le Litn bttrr s sharp CI V of pain.
The sound awoke the sleeping garrison, and
each man sprang to his arms. They fought
with gr.at bravery, and the invaders were
driven lack with much loss. So. you see.
th? thistle saved Scotland, and ever since it
ha been placed on their seal as their nation
al flower."
"Well, I never suspected that so small a
thing could save a nation," said Minnie.-
"God can make use of small things, as
well as great, to accomplish Li purposes;
and it is said that very small citrt'iiiistances
often tarn the tide of battle. In the war
of lsjo th.; Biitisii Sect were sailing in the
harbor of New !nd .n, an 1 it vas asked
they did not destroy the town, when j
1 they could so easiiy Lave done
i it. The i
commander replied that he would have do
stroyed it if it had not been for that formi
dable long fort whose guns commanded the
harbor. The long fort was an old rope-work
and the many guns were the small windows
in its side. I presume the New London
people looked with new eyes on tliat old
rope-work after they learned what a good
service It had done."
It Is related of a certain Minister in
Maine, who was noted for Lis long sermons !
wun many divisions, mat one cay, wnen r:e
i was advancing among Lis teens, Le reached
1 at length a kind of resting piace in his dis
; course, and taus:ns to tae Lreatn ! e askc-o
.1,. ..:rtri " A.,.1 tthai shall I -.v ni'"
Vi,K(. froU, the congregation earnestly re-
snonded. "Sav Amen !"
. t , ., . 11 j -j ,
"It s all very pretty talk, sa.d a recently
married bachelor, who hid jut finished
reading an essay on the Culture of Women,
as a heavy mili'mer's bill waa presented to
him. "It's all verv rrettv. this cultivation
of women, but such a cl.arge as this for
bonnets is rather a heavy top dressing in
my judgment."
The bouse which Washington occupied at
Valley Forge, Chester county, where the
soldiers of the Revolution suffered so much
privation, is still standing in a good stste of
preservation. The trenches which the ar-
, , -,, ii j j r
my threw nP are also v.s.b.e Hundreds of
Irsorjs i-it the place annually. .
- '
"Roy, what is your laiberuoicg today?"
'U'oil. I sui,in.-e he is falius. I Leaid him
' ., . . j ,l i
' -
' l" .r,.a s,, lajA ,lUr lhree.vear M
f T't ,f ' ttu l ' f ' ' 'lt A T "
l.-,,H,l fnf pl-n t fer ,r h-l: 7 111 !,i .1 ifl...t n. til-., .1,,;. IT,; .ii,,i, t,.-.m i,
. v , . -1 ii ... v. f. . ...j....f5 . . '"-
: exeepliog
; . .
i "Well "posted" tiie telegraph.
In San Francisco, on tbe north side of
Folsom street, overlooking .Mission Bay,
stands a palatial residence.
The interior of this house is even more
beautiful than its exterior. eery apartment
b , ing in its way a gem of iuagqiuctfD.ee and
r'.'finaroent. .
The library especially realizes the most
perfect ideal of aa elegant ai.d cultured home.
And yet, at the uiomeai we look iu upou
him one August afternoon, as he occupied
his library toe roprietor ot all this wealth
appeared id ail into tbe most miserable.
lie was Mr. Mi.r'.oii I'lebie.for uiacy years
a leading banker of SaQ Franeiseo.
It was in vait! that the broad bay-window
at the south end of the room had been open
ed, giving ingre-ss to the suurniiie and the
rraraoce of rate flower in vain that the
walls were lined tvi."b richly carved book-ca-sc
and paintings in vain that soft couches,
and luxurious chairs Lad Leea ga'.Lered
arotmd hiiu.
He was wretched.
He Jay on a sofa, in tli depths of a great
bay window, the wreck of a once powerful
man. His flgnre Wis thin and gaunt; bu
face white as mart :e; las eyes having aa
expression of v; fi;l appreheiisiun, of har
rowing anxiety, of dreadful expectsney.
It w evident et a glance that no merely
physical ailment had made hiia rhat he was.
fiy what withering secret, by what de
stroying yiHietioii. hail he been thus agoni
zed ? thus bioiite-d? thu Lonted? be K)
nolle and good ! Le .0 wtaltLy and uistin-gui-"hed
As he moved restlessly npon Lisluxurious
ca-hi.-.tis the pa-t;y clock on the mantel
piece struck five, every stroke seeming to
fall like a hammer upon the heart of the
nervous invalid, tie aroused bimselftrug
giinif feebly to a sitting posture.
"Oh.wiii this fatal day uever.iiever prss?"
he murmured : "nor bring us relief?"
Noticing with a nervous tart that he was
rdone, he tou.thed a bell upon a table before
hitii, and called :
"Helen, ilclen ! where ari you ?"
Iet re the ei hoes of lii voice had died
o'jt a step was heard, and Lis. wife entered
his presence.
"I left you only for a moment, J'ortnn."
she said, advancing to the banker's side.
"You were dozinr. I iLiiik. I wished to
send for the doctor !"'
She was a beautiful woman, of some six
and thirty yeaiv. vraoefiit, with broad white
brown, and Living eyes, in which the bright
ness and sweetness of a sunshioy nature were
still perceptible, tinder a grief and arix;ety
no less poignant than that eviueed by her
"The doctor!" Le echoed, half reproach
fully. "Y'c-s.dear." she said. in a calm andebeer-
I fid roice, as she drew a chair to the hide of
Kit, stroking the corru-
stci t'rur hea of- t"iBirva!i.l with a n'tr-
tl 't i t-
touch. "He
1 liCIr1 J !ritit,1tiis't ' V
Your !a-t nervous ei alirme i inc. You
tiitiv le-'o i-e seriously id."
Mr. i'lcl'ie ";.e-'ot-d an siTcctionate look
iipoti Li wiJ., but said de.-pondently :
"1 tic ii ..-j.' ,t ' slecj'iri 't uiiiiitcr to a
mind .l-.-.u-L' :i. if these long if ttrs
w .uld oiii-.- itass! I! I oniv kiit-w what the
dav has rh'hi stop, f-r u !"
: lo.-k up. Motion!" eoj-.ir.ol Irs. Pre
ble. it h a revvrf-nr!v t-.t-tit d liiii e uiiward
thr-itteh the opo sii: i-i'? at
and a it !--Mk:r.!: Kyo., I the
blue skv.
au:e cioa is j
l-,..r-ii, - I, .! a-. :-.:ic-i tiMij ;t,cv i:;-as!iet'
and wickedness of earth to the goodness and
ms-i-ey t.f I leaven 1
The banker t'ave a low. sobbing sirh.
"1 enmot K -k up. HetcD," be answercd.
with a passionate tremor i'i his voice "ouly
ilmn, down at the grave that is opening be
f.r me !"
Mrs. Preble continued to stroke bis fore
head softly, while she lifted her pale face to
the sunlight strrsming into the apartment.
" L n.k up. Morton always L-ok up !" she
again -ei-joim-d upon the iov.-i'.id. "During
ail these fourteen years of agony. I have not
once doubted ti' ler the goodness or justness
of Heaven. "IVes-i-d are they that mourn,
tor thy shall be c imfoited.' I U-lieve that
we shall yet rejedee more keenly than we
hive mourned, and that we shall come to a
glorious bry ot joy beyond ad tbis long night
ol sorrow !"
The face of the invalid lighted up with
an au-Wi.ring clow, srel le nit:: uiur'l :
"lllorioas la it'i! My wite, you are indeed
a blessed comforter! Perhaps, alter aii.y ou
are rich' !"
A kn ck resounded on a si le door at t;i:s
iunctme. and the r,ext motaenl IV. Ilutton,
tiie family physician, for wLoai Mrs. Preble
had sent, entered the room.
He- was an old man. portly in figure, with
white hair and !eard. brjt with a freh and
ruddy eomp'exioT. a pair ot shrewd biue
eyes, and with an exuberant boyishness cf
manner that sat well upon Litn. He had a
kind heart and a clear head. He approach
ed the sofa. ai-r creeling the husband and
wife, and lifted the thin restless Land of the
invalid, feeling his pulse.
"Quite a high fever," he said, after a
brief paue, '"Worrying again, eh, Mr.
I 'retire? Y'ou are wearing yourself cut.
Medicine w-.ii do im ftt-M sn long as your
i mind is in its present condition. I must
1 give you an opiate
i "Not now, a ictor,
interposed tbe l ank
er. J carinot '.litis! not ;eeii to-uav : j
need to be broad awake now.for I cannot tell
: ... i . ,v. 1
I .v. r .....
: aL atlV IliOUlelil u-, jv ..til ii:a liiiiis:
looking f'-r ihe culmination of
' all my years of anguis.i . r Uie crowning
! ae."n" P' t5,c 1Vrl'ar? eveu now
, Ah. what was tl-at r
' II" started up wil-llv, and then, as the
j f0unJ M ba, AuT i him was not re-
; peated. he ,-ank back again upon Lis cush
j ion, paliid an-i pannng.
The dM.-ttr io tke 1 at Mr.
Preble with an
! aiix';,u.'i- iu--',n? chance.
'"It is the anniversary
ie rcp.ie--
1 to
his un.-i.oken ii,o:r.ry "the anniversary of
our los,
"Ah, yes
said the dxttor, "I rcmeci-
ber. ''
'Y'es, it's anotbcroftho.se terrible davs."
cried the banker, in a hollow whisper, '''t
down, dix-t -r, and I will tell you the whole
: storv. I can think of nothing else to day.
I and am almost wild with apprehension aud
anxiety Sit down."
Dr. Hutton drew up a chair and seated
j Wim face expressing the double so-
licit tide of a friend and physician.
j "You knew us fourteen years ago.doctor,"
j said Mr. I'reble. "We lived then where
i we do now. in a emtaire on the site ot this
- T I , ...
. crcat mansion.
inert were i-ui icetnreeui
i v. iiidl uui ill it.- .j " ' ft, viv .. viu v.
"I remctuber it," said the doctor softly,
i "Yet might she not have been lost, Mr.
1 Preble ? She went out into the gar den, if 1
remember rightly, and was never 9eeo by
yoa again. '-ligHt she not Lave etrayeJ
away "
"3o we thought for a whole year, doctor,"
interrupted the banker. "We never dream
ed of her being stolen. We rearched ev
erywhere for her, and offered immense re
wards for her recovery. I employed detec
tives, but all to no purpose. When our
little Jessie ran down the steps into that
fiower garden," and he pointed to the front
of the houe, "as if the earth had swallow
ed her np, we never saw her again."
"She must have found the gate open, and
wandered out," suggested iJr.Hutton. "She
might have strolled down to the waters aud
been drowned."
The banker fixed bis burning eyes upon
the physicians' face, and whispered:
"I said we never saw the poor child again.
I did not say we had not heard of her. She
was lost on the 9th of August, 1,54. For
a year we thought her dead. But on tbe
anniversary of our loss we received a written
message concerning her."
"A message !" cried Pr. Hutton.
"A mere scrawl a single line in a Land
evidently disguised," said the banker.
"Here it is."
He produced a dingy scrap of paper from
a drawer in the table, and held it up to the
view of the physician, who read as follows :
"Aagnst 9, 1 S.10. Jrsxit, ka. ha! Jei .''
Dr. Ilutton looked, with a puzzled air,
from the scrap of papier, which be turned
OTer and over, to the countenance ot the
"1 csn make nothing of this" he declar
ed. "It is merely a date, with tbe namc of
your lost daughter. It tells rr.e nothing."
"Nor did it us, at first," said Mi. I'reble.
"Then that name and that ciatc. with me
d.-in.in Ia-j' h coiiKectiiit then, set u.s
to i
thinking. A whole year we agonized over
the dreadful problem, and then we received
another uicssaee, which yen shall sr-e."
He thrust a htcond slip of paper, identical
in shape and appearance with the tirst, be
tore the gfze of Dr. Huiton, ho read it
aloud :
'Acgnst 9 1558. Yohi Jttiie ftii '.-"
The physician started as if tlectrified.
"Ali 1 this is something definite some
thing decisive," be muttered. "It convinc
ed vou that vonr daughter was stii! living."
"Yes, doctor," aid Mr. Preble, "and ev
ery anniversary of that day has brought us
some message. The disappearance of the
child, mysterious as it in, does not seem to
me half "so strange as that the villain who
took her away could contrive to enmrauni
eate with us every year since, and always on
a particular day the anniversary of that on
which she was stolen without our being
able to discover who he is. And a still great
er wonder to me is what can be the motive.
It seems incredible. If it was stated in a
novel many people would not believe it. But
"truth is stranger than fiction.'
Mrs. I'reble drew from her husband's
breast pocket his note-book, opened it at
the., proper page, and presented it to the
phvsicinn. !
Dr. Hutton adjusted Li? 'p--t-!s, si ic !
ei over the pat-e. in i then slowly read the I
w." of entries aloud. 1 he entry the rt j
y-.-ar is as to'.iows : , , T .
"August 9, i.". Jessie, At, un! Je.
An 1 the itest it is
"Augun ISo j.
And ;he next
Yofr Je.e.sfe fiU fre.'
"A-i.-u-t 9.1;5T.
And the next
"Augu-t 0 lr.S.
Ar- 1 the next
"Atigu-t 9, 1S-J3.
And the next
"August l I v30.
And the next
"Ausrust 0,1 Sol. ,
,S7i? ii in ffijutl'LtinJs."
Shr t (" trrU (is eeer."
skc ler ie-fertery."
S!c'5rociag r'".7y. "
S'lC Cirtt llHfS to Jo KCil.
And the n.-st
"August y,
And the next
"August 9. 1S03.
Ard the next
"August 'J.lSCi.
And tbe next
"Aneust ?.l?Go.
And the next
"AusustO loG.
1 re ccm Uer again.
Sixes Iccori-.ing ft tro- j
do'fr child i thirteen."
Shcslovlirr than ever."
She! trraVychi ,-mli g."
And the next ,
"August 9,107. -Vy retard ts at hand.
And" what shall we get to day 5
The physician looked op and fixe.1 his
thoughtful gaze upon the beieavcd Lus ..and
and wife. ...
"How did these messages come you .'
he demanded. ,.-,. i, t'
"Invariably by post," replied Mr. Prebie.
"Usually to the Louse, but sometimes to
the nfTu-e !'
And yon have never seen tbeir author?"
"Ti. i if td tber.i is dated. I see, a year
"Yes, ves," faltered the banker, "and the
time has" come for another message, -this
is the Oth of Ausrust . K-CS!" .
"I see," said Dr. Ilutton. "And this is
the secret of your terrible excitement ! Y ou
are expecting to receiv to day another of
these strange niessazoa." ,
There was n bne-f silence. Mrs. Preble s
band fluttered in its task; and her face grew
very pale. The banker breathed gaspingly.
The physician regarded both ia friendly
sympathy. . . , .
We shall hear of her again today;
and what will the messxge be? ' said Mr.
i'rolc- --'
The mother averted her face. Her brave
bean faltered as that quesiiua echoed in her
The writer ot these letters i un-iuesi ion
1 tJO al,,juctor of your child ? Haveyoujno regret so false, and
...... t-'.;n n to his identititv?" said Dr.
Hutton. .
"Not the slicbtert. We have puzzled
over the problem for many years, but we
cannot guss who he is," said Mr. Preble.
"Think," said the doctor. "Have ycu
no encuiv? I do not mean people with w.ioin
you are not frieudly t very" stirnng man ha?
plenty of these but a downrmht enemy .
Is there no man whom you knew in the Jvist
who hated you? No one whom you were
called upon to testify CO one wnoiu you
possibly injured?" . , TT , ,
The 'banker shook his Leal He ba
asked himself all these questions repeatedly.
"I have no such enemy, doctor, he an
swered with sineerity of voice and nianner.
i t ir-l.Ie?" sncirested the doc
tor, turnine to her. "Have you no rejected i
suitor whomight be revengeful enough to
desolate your Lome ? ' .
"o,"said the lady. "I was married
earlv. ' Morton was my first lover !"
"This is Mrantre very strange ! muttered
the doctor. "You are not conscious of hav-
i in an enemv in the world, and yet jou nae
j an eneuiv a bidden foe a fiend m human
f,irlawho is working o tt a?atnt you a
I fearful hatred ! And you have not the
I slightest suspicion as to whom Le is?
1 "Not the slightest." declared ibe ban:-
' "Not tbe slightest!" echoed Mrs, Preble,
"My husband had a step brother who might !
nave leen capable ot this lnfauiy tut be is
"The hand writing is not familiar?"
"No. It is merely a rude scrawl, as you
see," said tbe banker. "It fuggests noth
ing except that it L evidently .iUguLsed!"
Again there was a profound silcue.
"Our chi-d is now seventeen carsnld,"
at length murmured Mrs. Preble, ber voice
"ihe is on the thrsheld of
womathood. No doubt, during all these
years, she has yearned for us, wherever she
may be, as we have yearned for her!"
"But where is she?" asked the physician
and now his voice was broken by his- deep
,-y ui pai hy w it h t he ugouized paren U. " W he: e
can she be?"
"Heaven only knows," answered the
mother. "Perhaps iu San Francisco per
haps in some rude hut iu the interior, with 1
noiue o: sou re tjrtncr, and under a name that
is not hers ! I think her abductor would 1
have carried her to some lonely region ol
the interior, among the valleys and inoun
tains. Y'et 1 never see a young girl in the
streets without turning to look at her. 1
never hear a girlish voice without listening
eagerly, half fancying that it may prove to
be the voie-e of my lost Jessie!"
"Oh, pitying heaven !" sighed Dr. Hut
ton, dasiiing a flood of tears from his eyes.
"'Will tbis long agony never be over?"
"We hope so, aud even believe so," an
swered Mrs. Preble, with the fineness of
an uolalteriug trust in God s mercy. "The
last message we received from our enemy
seems to point to some kind of a change."
"True, ' assented Dr. Huttou, looking at
the luessace in iincstion. '"It is unlike the !
o' Kcr;. It says that his 'reward is a', band.
I He means either that he intend to marry
jour daughter. ir that he- intends to de
mand money ot you lur tinugiug tier la-t
or both."
"We shall soon know," said Mrs. I'reble,
with forced calmness. "To day we i-hall
have another message, no djuut. What
will it be? '
"The banker turned restlessly on bis sofa,
aud his face grew even paler.
"Whatever it is, let it come!" he mur
mured. "Anything can be borne better
than this awful suspense. Iet it come T"
As if his impatient words had precipita
ted a crisis, a step was heard on the walk
at this moment, and a ring at the front door
"Another massage 1" breathed the bank
A servant soon entered, bearing a letter,
whiee he extended to Mr. I'reble, saying:
"The learer is in the ball."
With an eager gaze, the banker glanced
at the superscription of the missive,
"ft is from At'i .'"' he faltered.
He tore the envelope open.
It coutained a elipol paptr,of well knowo
shape and appearance, upon which was
scrawled a single line, in an tvj'ially well
known Landritii;g, wLieh the banker ex
hibited to his wife and the physician.
This line was as follows:
"August 9. 1C. At six I icil ciilT'
A shock of w.i:id--.r and L jrror sh jk. tbs
three "imultancouf'.y.
j "Will call !" cried Mr. IVMe. starting to
! Lis f.. et and during wihity aroun-b i
j "Is cj:i.'i!!g i-ers ?" irlel Mrs. I re --de, al
! so a- i -tii '
"It seems so," said Dr. Ilutton. his eyes
again reverting to the message. "He will
be here at six o'ci'X'k, and see ! it is e.x al
ready I"
Kven as he spoke, th ? clock on the man
tel 1 leoe c-mui'n -ed striking the appointed
hour, and at that instant heavy foot-ftps re
sounded in the hall, approaching Mie litra
rv. " "It i.s he!'' ctied the doctor, also arising.
A-- the last stroke of the hour resounded,
thed.wr leading from the ball stain opened.
One long horrinel glance cat the bar.k
sf anil his irifo in thnr. direction, and then
fhe Jcj, heavily to the floor.
- Her seu. os had lett her. lbcat- ivee
publish a a specimen charuer: but the
continuation of this story will Ins found only
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dated December 4th, which can be bad at
any news ntiice or bookstore. If vou are
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One science only can one genius fit.
So vast is art, so narrow hum a a wit.
Growtxg Old. Half of our life is spent
in rain regrets. When we are boy we ar
dently wish to Le oien ; when we are men
we ardently wish to be boys. We talk ot
"Anld Lang Syne," of tbe days when we
were yonng. e.f .athering shells on the sea
shore, and throwing them carelessly away.
We never cease to be sentimental upon past
vnntri manhood and beauty. Y'et there are
few half so silly.
IVrnarw ibe saddest sisht m the world is to
see an old lady, wriukled and withered,
dressing, talking and acting like a very
young one, and forgetting all the time, as
she clings to the past, that t!i--re is no sLam
so tran-parent as Ler own, and tliit people
instead of feeling with her are laughing at
ber. Old boys disguise their foibles a little
letter, but they are equally ridiculous. The
feeble protests which they make against the
flying chariot of time are equally futile.
The great mower enters the field, and all
must come down. To stay him would be
impossible. We might as well try with a
finger to stop Ixion's wheel or to dam the
current of a river with a child's foot.
A wag seeing a door nearly off its hinges,
in which condition it had been for some
time, cibserved that when it bad fallen and
killed some one it would probably 1 hung.
Josh Bi'.iings says life iz like a monntin
I af.er ciimhirj up one side and slidin down
the totLer side, we put up the sled.
The last sensation a tight shoe.
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March nth. l367.-tf. J 4MES MITCHELL.
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C OLDIEKS' BOUNTIES. A recent bill
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signed by the President, giving soldier who en
listed prior to 2Id July, lsdl.Mreed oneyear or
more and were honorably dichrid, a bounty
of SIOO.
ry"Iionntie and Pensions collected by me for
thoseentitled totbem.
Auf. 15th. 156. Clearfield. Pa.
DR. A M. HILLS dirotoinform his pariaito
and the public generalle. that be ha aecr-eiated
with him ia the practice of Dentistry.S. P SHAW.
D. D S , who ia a graduate of the Philadelphia
Dental College, and therefore has th titi-.rt
attestation of hi Profionat kill
AG work done in the orI-e I will heM my sell
personally responsible for 1-eicj done in th ntcst
sitisf.etorjmatr.erand highest order cf the pro
fession An established practice of twenty-two yesr in
tbis plave enables me to f peek to my patrons w ilk
Fcgigement from a dialanee shoeltlbem.de
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