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gf;e laffemmt' puntaf, piatefb, gttfy 21, 1869.
laftsmait's $rarnal
JOHN W. GEAET, of Cumberland co.
HEHET WILLIAMS, of Allegheny co.
"EooBta Lower."
Last year Asa Packer was a candidate for
the Presidency. At considerable expense
he managed to have his name presented to
the New York convention, where he was
inglorioasly defeated by Seymour. lie is
willing to "roost l.)wcr" now, and only wants
to be Governor. After hi. defeat in Octo
ber, which is just as certain as that there
will be an election, he will be satisfied to
roast still lower, and will probably want the
position of "Alderman" of his "adopted
town." Like Andy Johnson, he has a won
derful hankering after office, but unlike
Andy, who began with alderman and went
up, he began with President and is coming
down. By the tinie he gets through the
whole list, and runs Frank Hughes' "gaunt
let," his pockets will be so empty, that there
wont be enough of the twenty millions left
to give him a decent burial. Then the most
significant alliteration of the "P'a" will be,
Pity Poor Packer, Picked, Plucked and
The Copperhead Platform.
We publish to day the platform of the
Democracy of l'onnsjlvania, adopted at
Harmbuig on July, 14th, 1869. It com
pletely ignores the events of the last ten
years. It upholds the States Rights' doc
trine that brought on the war opposes
free suffrage, and srjuints at a return of sla
very and the continued oppression of the
colored race. It says in effect, gii'e us pow
er and we will restore the old order of
things slavery, terrorism, mob-law, free
trade, mixed currency, and everything cal
culated to keep down the poor and elevate
the rich. Are the people of Pennsylvania
willing to take the back-track and endorse
it? We think not.
Commented Earlt. We learn that the
Copperhead tricksters held a meeting the
other night, and made arrangements to raise
money to bet on the election. Each man is
instructed to get as many Republicans as
possible to bet with hiui small sums, (or the
purpose of challenging their votes at the
polls. Wc boje our friends will be on their
guard, and not allow themselves to be trap
ped by this 'little guns.' They erpact to
1)0 abundantly supplied with money from
Asa Packer's well filled coffers, and are de
veloping very early in the canvass. All
their money, and all their tricks will prove
futile. Geary and Williams will just as cer
tainly be elected, as that the day of election
will come.
Who Were There. Bad as Ilarris
burg is, it never saw such a collection of
thieves, pick-pockets and scoundrels, as sur
rounded the Democratic convention. "Be
ware of Pick pockets!" was posted up in
every direction. Frank Hughes, of Potts
ville, declared on the floor of the convention,
that the entrance was "lined with pick
pockets." Senator Buckalcw, the President
of the convention, lost his pocket-book and
all his money, while a number of other gen
tlemen were relieved of money and watches.
No less than thirty-one persons were com
mitted to prison, charged with various of
fences. What a eimmcntary on "modern
Tux Legislature. We observe that
Dr. C. R. Early has carried Elk county for
Assembly. As the candidate is conceded
to Elk, both Forest and Clearfield having
had it, we presume Dr. Early will be the
next member. This will be a serious dis
appointment to the Wallace clique, as they
fondly hoped the Senator's bantling John
G. Hall would be nominated. If we tnut
have a Copperhead in this District, we pre-
. for it should be Dr. Early to many others
we could name.
Gubernatorial Qualifications. Onr
friends Clyde and Wilhelm can now look
np one or the other of them may get the
next Democratic nomination for Governor
Asa Packer having been an Associate Judge
and a member of the Epispocal Church,
has been nominated. Of course his money
bad nothing to do with it. therefore let
Clyde and Wilhelm pitch in.
Tut-tut! An over con fideut member of
the young Democracy, declared the other
day that they would elect their candidates
by "two hundred and fifty thousand ma
jority." Poorhllow! won't he feel disap
pointed when, after the October election.
he finds that bis calculations fall short only
about two hundred and eighty thousand
votes ?
The Railroad Candidate. Asa Pack
er is emphatically the Railroad candidate.
The New Yorkers achieved a victory in his
nomination, and revenged the Fort Wayne
and Chicago lease to the Penn'a Central
The man who votes for Asa Packer, simply
votes for the New York railroads, and a
gainst the interests of Lis own State.
Query? If the Democracy who were
bo profuse in their denunciations of "roost
era," "rings," &c, last winter were
earnest, how does it come that they failed
to put a plank into their platform denoune-
ing "Legislative corruption?" Do tell!
The Two P'.
The agony is over. The mountain has
labored and brought forth a couple of very
small mice. The "Democratic" convention
baa met and adjourned. Brick Pomeroy,
with his stunning shirt front, and Alderman
McMullen with his escort of thieves and
pick-pockets have gone home. Buckalew,
minus $200, has retaroed to his briefs, and
Wallace, though he got into the wrong car
and found himself in Lebanon, at length
beams upon his satelites on the court-house
The military had to succumb to the civil.
Hancock could only get 21 votes, while
"Buckey" McCandless, the gallant Phila
delphia General could only raise 5. Even
Gen. Geo. W. Cass, who, though educated
at West Point at the expense of the Gov
ernment, withheld his services during the
whole period of the rebellion, which certain
ly thould have entitled him to Demo
cratic gratitude, was cruelly slaughtered
and the nomination was given to Packer
Asa Packer whose only qualification for
Governor, is that he has amassed a collosfal
fortune of twenty millions of dollars.
Mr. Packer is a Yankee, who left thel
State of Connecticut, where be was born,
when about 1 8 years of age. He had no
education of any consequence, but having
located at an early day in the heart of the
anthracite coal region, his yankee shrewd
ness enabled him to take advantage of the
rapid development going on around him,
to accumulate a fortune. He has been in
Congress and in the Legislature, but never
evinced any knowledge of statesmanship or
politics in either. He was a silent member
making no speeches, and very seldom voting,
his large business interests absorbing his at
tention to the exclusion of the affairs of his
constituents. His money obtained him the
nomination. He is a railroad king and a
millionare, and hence a suitable candidate
for a democratic party. Had he been a
poor man, his name would never have been,
mentioned. But being the very leader of
the aristocracy of wealth in Pennsylvania, he
is selected as the standard bearer of the party
claiming to be the "poor man's party!"
He was simply nominated to be bled by the
corrupt clique that controls the Democratic
organization. They expect by this appeal
to his over-weening vanity, in bis old age,
(he is 64 years old), to pocket a large slice
of his immense fortune. Randall, McMul
len & Co., will be in high clover, and
Packer will wake up the morning of the
second Wednesday of October, to find his
pocket as empty as Buckalew's after he
run the gauntlet of thieves to get into the
convention, and himself the worst whipped
man that ever run for an office in Penn
sylvania. Cyrus L. Pershing, the candidate for Su
preme Judge, is about a third-rate, Cam
bria county lawyer. Robt. L. Johnston,
Esq., is the leading member of the Cambria
county Bar, and is far better fitted, both by
professional experience and learning, for the
Supreme Bench than Mr. Pershing, who
resides in Johnstown, and has never
done anything to entitle him to such a dis
tinction, save his faithful and bigoted ad
hesion to the "Democratic" party. He
studied law with J udge Black, from whom
he imbibed his states-rights, nullification,
ann Calhoun principles, but seems to have
learned little else, for he is entirely desti
tute of a single spark of his preceptor's ge
nius, or of the slightest approximation to
his great ability. He has never, even, had
a large practice in his own county, and has
held no position other than member of the
Legislature, in which he did nothing to dis
tinguish himself. He made a speech at the
Democratic mass meeting here in 1SC6, and
many of our readers will recollect that it
was so dry, uninteresting, and feeble that
he could not hold bis audience. He is a
poor stick" out of which to make a Su
preme Judge, and fortunately for the honfflr
of the State, there is not the slightest pros
pect of his election.
So much for the two P's. They will be so
effectually Pounded, Peppered and Pack-
(er)cd away, that they will never again be
heard of after the second Tuesday of Oc
The Doctor at a Funeral. The Har-
risburg Patriot having made the announce
ment that "the Democratic party of Penn
sylvania have resolved to make the XV th
Article a prominent issue in the coming
campaign," "and that (the article) is not an
amendment to the Constitution, but a muti
lation of that instrument," the Williams-
port Bulletin fittingly responds: "As the
jv. tn Article is a settled matter, so tar as
Pennsylvania is concerned, and cannot be
reversed, this looks very much like sending
for a doctor to attend a corpse. However,
it is nothing new for the "Democratic" par
ty to make dead issues prominent in their
campaigns, mat m tne incubus which has
dragged the party down, and will, from
present appearances, keep it down, as we
go marching on!"
Bear This in Mind. There is one thing
to be borne in mind by the people who are
not fond of frequent, sudden and radical
changes in affairs of government, and that
is, if the Democrats succeed there will be a
change so immediate and radical in the pol
icy of government as to threaten with de
st ruction every interest in the land. Nor
will a party which has been so long out of
power and thirsting for the spoils of of
fice, be at all likely to administer the gov
eminent upon the economical principles by
which the Republican party has been gov
ered. On the contrary, it is certain that
the hungry outside thieves who rule the
nominal rulers will force a lavish and profli
gate policy in order that they may glut them
selves with plunder.
Crime will be Punished. Jeff Davis
and his family are in Paris and so poor that
appeals have been made to the charitable to
relieve their wants, Benedict Arnold died
a wretched death, io the midst of rags and
filth, lb a London garret The arch-traitor
Davis bid fair te follow the example.
in GETTING PoptXAR. "The damned yan-
kees, are rising in the market. Asa Pack
er being a "yankee," there will be no more
I "damning" of tbn uiiii after tbe election.
The Eegistry Law.
The enforcement of the Registry Law, for
Pennsylvania, now declared constitutional,
should claim the attention of every good
citizen who desires to stop cheating and
have fair elections, no matter to what party
he belongs. The Law is in no respect par
tisan in its character. It falls upon all
alike. , It protects the interests of both par
ties by insuring to each a representative in
every election board. The theory of the
Law is that every duly Qualified voter
should be secured in his right of suffrage,
and those only who are not qualified to vote
under our State law, should be debarred
the priviledge. It is well said by J udge
Agnew, in behalf of the majority of the
"The election is not free and equal where
the true electors are not separated from the
falte: where the ballot is not deposited in
safety, or where it is supplanted ty traua.
It is, therefore, the duty of the Legislature
to secure freedom and equality by such reg
ulations as will exclade the unqualified and
allow the qualified only to vote. '
And again :
"When the population of a locality is con
stantly ehancinz. and men are often un
known to their next door neighbors ; where
a largo number is floating upon the rivers
and the sea. coiner and returning, and in-
cmable of identification : where low inns.
restaurants, and boarding houses constantly
afford the means of fraudulent additions to
the lists of voters, what rule of sound reason
or of constitutional law forbids the Legisla
ture, from providing a means to distinguish
the honest people of Philadelphia or else
where from the rogues and vagabonds who
would usurp their places and rob them of
their rights.
Nobody can object to this who does not
want to cheat,either for his'own purposes or
those of his party, and the Democratic pa
pers that are howling against the law, vir
tually admit that their party has done all
the cheating at elections heretofore, and
think it essentially necessary to do so in the
future in order to win success.
Packer and the Platform. The New
York Tribune of Thursday says: "Asa
Packer, whom the Democrats of Pennsylva
nia have just nominated for Governor, would
hardly do to run on the same ticket with
Gen. Rosecrans, whom the Democrats of
the next State westward are trying their
worst to support wit ah show of cheerfulness.
He is a man reputed wise, because of a fac
ulty of looking wise and keeping quiet. In
Tammany Hall last Summer the Pennsyl
vania Democrats tried long to persuade the
Convention th'at he was a fit man for the
Presidency,but with very indifferent success.
They arc not now likely to have any better
luck in trying to persuade their own people
of his fitnes) for the Governorship. We
are inclined to think that they have not
made the most of their opportunities. Gen.
George W. Cass, who fell only 10 votes be
hind Mr. Packer on the first ballot, would
have been a much stronger candidate. The
platform is of the old sort. We read that
the negro should not have the ballot, that
our finances are in a dreadfully bad way, and
will never be better until the Democrats han
dle the money, that the Reconstruction policy
leads to Imperialism, and that our taxation
is tyranny. On the whole the candidate and
the platform fit well together, and both are
exceedingly well adapted for defeat."
The National Debt and the Democ
Ract. The New York Tribune says: "Our
Government is paying off the principal of
its debt with a rapidity entirely unprece
dented. Tet Mr. Buckalew, in his address
to the Democratic State Convention of
Pennsylvania, bad the extraordinary assur
ance to say that the Democracy "did not
'believe that party ought to be upheld
"which had failed to extinguish, as it ought
'to have done, some five or six hundreds of
'millions of public debt." As the Democ
racy is inflexibly opposed to taxation and
other meanes of revenue, we don't see how
it could extinguish the debt any faster, ex
cept by repudiation. Is that roguery com
ing up again ?"
A Democrat's Opinion. The New
York Jlerald thus curtly disposes of Wed
nesday s work at Ilarrisburg:
The Democrats in Pennsylvania have
nominated Asa Packer as their candidate for
Governor. Asa Packer would make a eood
Governor, but the convention that nominated
him have hung a bob to that kite which wiil
swamp him. 'lhey have pronounced against
negro suffrage, a principle the Conservatives
ot V irginia accepted as a positive fact, and
by the help of that vote not only elected
l tieir candidate lor Governor, but gave a
death sting to the carpet baggers and scala
wags, the fenn&vlvama Democracy, in
smouldering Hiester Clvmer. their old can
didate, have only presented a new victim to
te placed upon the political scaffold for the
ueary aaws to peck at.
TONNAGE Tax. The Supreme Court has
decided several cases, involving the validity
of the tonnage tax. . In all eases the Court
sustained the law imposing the tax. A
number of railroad companies had neglected
or refused to pay the Ux for several years.
i ne state instituted suits to recover it in
me lower courts, wnere the law was uni
formly pronounced unconstitutional. The
Supreme Court reversed these decisions,
and pronounced the law imposing the tax
constitutional. A large amount is doe the
State from railroad companies, and they will
now have to pay.
"Fresh Blood !" S. B. Wilson, Esq
the leader of the Democratic party of Bea
ver county, in opposing the nomination of
Hancock, for Governor, in the late County
Convention, declared that "he did not
want any man with fresh blood on his hands.
as a Democratic candidate for office." Let
every soldier take notioe how he is regarded
by the Copperhead leaders. No wonder Han
cock, iu Landless, and even uass were
slaughtered at Harrisburg.
Gov. Geary. The New York Herald
says: "Gov. Geary is the strongest man
"the Republicans have. He carried the
"State on a full vote in 1S66 by 20,000 ma
"jority. . . . The days of Copperheadism
"came to an end last NovemDcr." The
Herald ought to be pretty good authority
in the Democratic camp ; and, by the above,
it virtually acknowledges the defeat of
Packer and Pershing in October next Be-
i member tbe prediction.
A Little of Everything.
A bad habit swearing.
A fiery steed horse radian. .
Singular to see a garden walk.
Perishable Property Packer and Perilling.
Bore of defeat th two Vm Pack a ad Per
A corn extractor that bai never been patented
the erow.
The St. Louis arterian well bai reached a depth
of 3,831 feet. '
Good pastime reading literary paper. Can
be bed atGaulin'.
Cool M'Gaughey' ice eream If yon don't
believe it. try to me.
Th latest curiosity a baby eight weeks old
who crossed the continent.
The telegraph from C reason to Ebensborg will
be completed in a week or twe.
Jay Cooke fishes for ban at Pat-in-bay, and in
Wall street it ii laid, for sucker.
The till of Mr. Wm. Oliver, in Philipsburg.wa
relieved of fifty dollar, one night last week.
Boston ha a little man, thirty-one inches high,
forty-one pound weight, and aged nineteen years
The new Democratic war cry millions for
party vote ; not one eent to pay on the national
A Louisville policeman personated a thief, for
fnn, the other night, and did it so well that he
got shot.
A little girl, aged 1 3 years, died at Huntingdon
lrom the effect of eating cherries together with
the eeds.
Huntingdon county has three men who ean eat
a bnshel of potatoes in two days. They're ahead
of our pigs.
Wo. L. Geary, son of Gov. Gery ha been ap
pointed by the President to a eadetibip at large,
at West Point.
Two men were killed by lighting, at Hunting
don, during the heavy storm on ednesday eve
ning of last week.
A New York paper says Tom Thumb drinks. If
he does his wife has at least one consolation he
doean't hold much.
The New York Herald thinks the Constitution
al amendment must be "of age 'twenty-one
States having ratified it.
Query T Who is the Clearfielder that returned
home with a certain ladies underclothing stowed
away in his oarpet sack ?
After one more payment the income tax expires.
by limitation None will mourn the departure of
this system of raising revenue.
Reported that Packer paid one hundred thous
and dollar for his nomination. That paying
dear for the honor of being defeated.
Nine persons were killed on the Erie Railroad,
by an accident, last week the result of careless
ness on the part of an engineer of a freight train.
Chicago is now the great distributing poetoffice
for all the American mails for China, Japan, the
Sandwich Islands, and the States of th Pacific
Two printer named Goldsmith. brothers, at Ne
rad a, California, hare become heir to S&a.OOO.
left them by an uncle who recently died at Val
A wealthy farmer at St. Clair aounty, Illinois,
bad hi will recorded last week. It give. among
other bequests, one of $40,000 to the Catholic
Gen. Sherman ray the Indian are generally
doing well under the new polioy of the adminis
tration, and don't steal any more than their (hare
of cattle.
Speaking of the Demoeraoy of Pennsylvania,
the New York Nation says : "In Philadelphia,
example, they bare aconvictand blackleg among
their nominees."
A man applied to P. S.Gilmore. in Boston, for
employment, having been sent by a wag. He
wanted to shovel rosia on to the fiddle daring
the Peiee Jubilee.
The registry act ought to be pronouneed un
constitutional, say the Democrats. Reason : It
will deprive them of using euflee colored natu
ralisation papers.
Have yon any record or recollection of an act
parsed by a Democratic Legia'aturo of any State
designed or calculated te prevent illegal voting ?
If so, pleas specify.
There is a lady in Sutton, New York, who wu
married at the are of twelve year, who is the
mother of sixteen children, weighs 210 pounds
and is ' fair, fat and forty."
A stale affair the Democratic ratification meet
inar. in thia nlaee. on Thursday evening ibh. xne
nomination of Packer and Pershing create
enthusiasm among the faithful-
Speaking of the Democratic nominees the Wil
mington Del.1 RnuUiran say: -neither of
these nominations is as strong a those of General
Geary and Judge Williams by the Republicans."
The nomination of Rosecrans falls npon the
Democracy with the dull "thud' of a bowlder
dropping into a mudhole. and don't create half
the excitement of a good square game
of base
It was an evil boar for the Lehigh University
when Af a Packer received a gubernatorial nomi
nation. No one millionare esn endow a college
and stand the expense of a Democratic
Mr. D. D. Howard, supposed to be the last ur-
vivor of the company poisoned at the National
Hotel in Washington, in 1857, ha jut sailed for
Europe. He has been an invalid ever smee
It is said that many of the English converts to
the Church of Rome are quietly returning to the
c.t.hiuhul (thnmk Anonc the number are
Thomas Arnold. Mr. Palerara, Mr. Walford, and
aeon of Mr. Hemanc
The new Virginia Senate has four colored mem
bers, all chosen by the radical.
Of the fourteen
colored member of th House, three were eleeted
VlW thai nnlllMIl !... The th res colored Con
f reismen are all radical.
The North German Government mKe enter
prising recognition of revolution oegun in u
orld travel and traffic. Itbaeiaea toeeaw
mail through by way of b Paoifio Railroad to
China, Japtn, and the Indie.
The Washington correspondent of the Worces
ter Spy ay of Chief Jurtiee Chase : -He is cer-
tainlv eounuline- with the rebel conservative
leaders, and daily asing whatever mnuence ne
yet possesses to break down the loyal men
It is reported that tbe observation of physi
cians in some parts of Texa how that while the
growth of the white race ha been unimpeded,
the eolored people have diminished by mortality
and emigration about ten per eent. intoor year.
Every dollar by which the public debt is re
duced, not onlv decreases the principal of the
debt, but diminishes the harden or taxation. The
Government is in every way trngthned, and
the public welfare in every way increased, by the
reduction of tbe debt.
The Pittsburg: Ckroniele think that unless the
Democratic party in Ohio U ready to launch at
once into the question of repudiation, their plat
form was framed without much regard for either
V..U, It troBCjly intimate
that it not nl.tform DO which an honest
man ean stand.
A defalcation of seventeen totwenty-Sve thou-
i J.n.nhu H.- wiaeaverod in the Bank of
Commerce of Baltimore. It thai the
crime was committed by one of tha clerk. Tn
matter 1 under invtigtion. Some think th
amount reported as muring Urger than tha real
sum stoles
The Democratic Platform.
The following is the platform adopted by
the late Democratic convention, at Harris
burg: The democracy of Pennsylvania, in con
vention met, do unanimously declare
1. That the federal government is limited
in power to the grants contained in the Fed
eral Constitution ; that the exercise of doubt
ful constitutional powers is dangerous to the
stability of the government and the safety
of the people, and the Democratic party
will never consent that the State of Penn
sylvania shall surrender, her great right of
local self-government.
2. That the attempted ratification of the
nrnnnsA4 fifteenth amendment to the Feder
at Constitution by the radical members of the
last legislature, and their retusal to suuinu
the same to a vote of the people, was a de
lilwrntA hreaMi nf their official duty and an
outrage upon every citizen of the State.and
the resolution making sucn ratincauon
should be promptly repealed and the amend
ment submitted to the people at the polls
for acceptance or rejection.
3. That the Democratic party of Penn
sylvania is opposed to conferring npon the
negro the right to vote, and we do emphati
cally deny that there is any right or power
in Congress or elsewhere to i.nnose tie pro
suffrage upon the people of this&tate in op
position to their will.
4. That reform in the administration of
the federal and State governments, and in
the management of their financial affairs is
imperatively demanded.
5. That the movement now being made
for the amelioration of the condition of the
laboring man has our most cordial co-operation.
6. That the legislation of the late repub
lican Congress "outside of the Constitution,"
the disregard of the majority therm ot the
will of the people and sanctity of the ballot
box, in the exclusion from their seats in
Congress of representatives clearly elected,
the establishing of military governments in
States in the Union and the overthrow of all
civil governments therein, are acts of tyran
ny and usurpation that tend directly to tne
destruction of all republican government and
the creation ot the worst lorms ot despotism.
7. That our soldiers and sailors, who car
ried the flag of our country to victory, must
be gratefully remembered, and all the guar
antees given in their favor must be faithful
ly carried into execution.
8. Equal rights and protection for natu
ralized and native-born citizens at home and
abroad; the as.ertion of American nation
ality which shall command the respect of
foreign powers and furnish an example and
encouragement to people struggling for na
tional integrity, constitutional liberty and
ndividual rights.
9. That the present internal revennc and
taxing system of the general government is
grossly nnjust,and means ought Ht once to be
adopted to cause a modification thereof.
When Gen. Rosecrans commanded Union
soldiers he had a poor opinion of Copper
heads. It was he who sent Vallandigham
aciosS the lines over into rebeldom, to the
great disgust of Copperheads generally. As
he has now been nominated by that party
for Governor of Ohio, it may pertinently bo
asked: Has Rosecrans gone over to the
Copperheads, or have the Copperheads
gone over to Rosecrans?
, m mm
The Democracy of Virginia are fearful
that Walker, the newly elected Governor,
will prove on their hands much more than
they bargained for, as he is believed to be
in opposition to their politics, as well as to
several pet railway schemes already under
way. Tbey propose to elect him to the Uni
ted States Senate for the long term and
thus dispose of his influence in State mat
One of the greatest slurs ever cast into
the face of a Union soldier is the seventh
article in the new Democratic platform
"that our soldiers and snilors must be grate
fully remembered," &c. and the nomina
tion of Asa Packer over tw.i brave soldiers.
Generals Hancock and M'Candless. Such
palaver is disgusting.
Just So ! The Democracy are slow to
learn wisdom from experience. Last year
they were sanguine of carrying the State,
but the result was defent. So it will
be now. Neither their boasts, nor their
candidates' millions, will save them from
defeat in October next.
Frightful Chargk. One of the ene
mies of Gen. Grant s administration says
he has no policy at all but ltnnexty. There
is an old saying that "honesty is the bext
Omitted. The new Democratic platform
is entirely silent on the subject of "bloated
bondholders." Asa's "twenty millions"
and the "bloated bondholders" would'nt fit.
A Warning. Here is a warning to all
persons who think to improve the complex
ions which nature has given them. One
George Ncal, of Truftonborough, Mass.
being desirous of improving bis personal
beauty, was in the habit of taking "Fowler's
Solution," which is a preparation of arsenic.
An over dose l ist week finished George
Neal. - As the use of arsenic in one form or
another, as a beautifier, has become alto
gether too common, it may be well for the
young men and women to contemplate tbe
aad fate of George Neal, who certainly has
finally succeeded in permanently improv
ing Ai complexion.
Another Cable. The French cable h as i
been successfully laid, and messages have '
been exchanged between the two countries.
As an event denoting the advancement of
the world in civilization and Christianity, it I
is of the first importance. As an event
conferring immense benehts on commerce
and all that inheres with closer relations and
immediate communication between nations
it is of the highest consequence. No quib
ble about tbe rieht to hind on the American
shore without the consent of Congress
should prevent or hinder, even for a mo
ment, the consumation of such an enter
Horrible Death. The Erie Dixpatch
says: A telegram lias Deen receive- at isi
rard, announcing that Charles White, the
a a 1 -"
lion tamer, traveling - with Thayer'a Ma-
nagerie, was actually eaten up by the Hons
on Friday night, in a small town in Michi
gan. He is said to have been struck on the
shoulder by the same lion that carno so near
killing him at Rochester, knocked him
down, and the others at once sprang on him
and before they could be beaten off, had
torn him to pieces and devoured the greater
portion of his body.
Late Publications.
Peter's Musical Monthly. This work
needs no special commendation from us
it speaks for itself. It contains over $50
worth of music in a year. .Price $3 a year.
Address J. L. Peters, 198 Broadway, N. Y.
Northwestern Indepenent. This is
the title of a new monthly paper just start
ed by our old friend, Clark Wilson, at But
ler, Pa. The paper is independent in poli
tics with Democratic proclivities. Price
sixty cents a year.
Godet's Ladt's Book. The August
number is out ; and maintains the high char
acter accorded Godey for beauty and inter
est, and as the leading fashion magazine of
the country. Price f3a year in advance.
Address, L. A. Godey, Phia., Pa. "
Wood's Household Magazine. This
work is devoted to "Knowledge, Virtue
and Temperance," and should be a monthly
visitor to every household in the land." We
commend it to our readers generally. Price
$1 a year. Address, S. S. Wood, New
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O.vce A Month. T. S. Arthur & Sons,
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Hearth and Home. This excellent
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The Lady's Friend. This excellent
magazine increases in favor with each succes
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a truly beautiful steel engraving, "Paul and
irginia, that is worth the price ot the
book itself. The fashion plate gives the
latest Paris styles, and the literary contents
are of the highest order. Price, $2,50 a
year. Addr:ss Deacon a Peterson, 319
Walnut street, Philadelphia.
The North Carolinian. This is a new
candidate for public favor, just started at
Elizabeth City, N. Carolina, by P. John,
Esq., formerly editor of the Columbia (Pa.)
Hepublican. The ."North Carolinian" is
Republican in politics, but will bo devoted
especially to the advancement of local inter
ests in the old "North State." The Doc
tor is a ready writer, and will make the pa
per worthy the support of the peoplo in
whose midst he has located. We wirdi Lira
abundant success in his new enterprise.
PoisrNors Worm. The Decatur (111.)
Jlenultlicnn of a late issue, contains thefol
lowing: "Peejile at this season should loot
out for the large worm which infests the to
mato vine. Its sting is a deadly poion It
is of a ereen color, two or throe inches long,
and as large as a man' s finger. At Red
Creek. Wayne county, a few davs ago, a ser
vantcirl, while Catherine tomatoes, received
a puncture from one of these worms, which
created a serration similar to that of a bee
sting. In a short time the poison penetra
ted to every part of her system, and she was
thrown into spasms which ended in death.'
Incredulous. There arc some folks
who strenously deny that it cost $100,000 to
secure Packer's nomination. The incredu
lous assert, (and perhaps they know), that
it was secured by less than half that sum.
The "uninstructed" delegates probably
learned something about it at the Bolton
2firMt flri'r'tfrJr'rrir'Vitrf
v f my.
Advert itemeMtx met I'v i m farge typea a Ht of pfatn
tyl,Pi 11 be charged double HMttai rate. Nornt
ATOTICE. All persons knowing them
selves indebted to me will please call
and settle at once. The books ore at the store of
Wbitcomb i Townsend, Osceola, Pa.
July 21. ISS9-tr. . S. I'KKKT.
undersigned will sell, at private sale, on
reasonable terms, ceveral valuable town proper
ties. Any person wishing to purchase a house
ana lot tiaa better call.
July 21. 186". II B. SWO'lPE.
"POR SALE the old Methodist Church,
sittiateon Cherry Street. Clearfield. Pa..
will be sold at private sale on reasonable terms.
Tbe building is large, and in good condition, lly
ornor or tne lrustees.
July 14. 1869. O. W. R1IEEM. Secr'y.
(Near the Railroad Depot),
Reed Street, Clearfield, Ta.
A new first class Hotel in every resuect com
lortanle room ail tne modern improvements
tne neat oi Laquors prompt attendance, and rea
vonaoic cniirgu. i. nepaironage ot tne public is
reepeottuny solicited. jy-zi-tf.
TN THE COURT of Common Pleas, of
- - flnorfiLI ftinft,
V.V. "I.I'' i""-J .
HARRISON i ODELL.et.aI.,) No 141 March
vs. 1S69. .
JOHN TLRLEY. J For'n Attachment
Jow, 2oth June. IS89, T. J. M'CuIlouirh. D avid
Krebs, and Wm. M . M'Cullonirh.
irusiees. aacoramg to tne provisions of tbe act
ot assemoiy: jj- tbe Court.
Notice is hereby eiven.bv the underairnl who
'' ""'" Doroogu ot uieameld. of their ap
i,wihiiii vuv aiaica, ana ail persons in
debted to the said John Tnrlevf or holding nmn
erty belonging to him. are rea u ire J tn r.av mnA
deliver all such sum of money and property due
m uiib.iu iu, uouersignea irunree,
and all creditors are requested to present their
respective accounts ana demands.
July 21,189. Trustees.
TN THE COURT of Common Pleas, of
t7T (? V a Hfn . w ..
I liwi naiPAlAL BArtK 1 No. 1 IK M.vsVU T -RQ
,-t- xxT'ov F"ign AtUchmnt
Now, 38th June. I89, David L. Lreba. T
H Cullough. and Wm. M. M'Cnllnnvk .n.ii
Trustees, according to the provisions of the act of
Aiwemmy. By th Court.
Botie is hereby given.by the nndersigned.who
Waneit 1 1 m m vaunt Da mam t . df jT" . am .
Uu.eu , viearneia or tneir ap
pointment a above atated. anrl .n
debted to the aaid Georare W.Shimn,i
property belonging to him, are required to pay
and deliver all sueb soma of money and property
HtlA 1jt ll.lAi.ai.. . - , . .. . .
tuaaiu aeienaant, to tne un
dersigned Trustees, and all creditor are desired
w present meir respective accounts or demand.
W. M. jrCliLLOlJGH.
July 31,'9-it.
cleforpicfcHng.furlo by S. K th ATZEr
V7 ALL PAPER new and beaatiful deiri..
V suitable for parlor., ball, and dining
sold cheap at
J. P
P KRATTER sells the best mowiDcwT.v.
natent nethi RhoiW ..l.k..,.VJ ,
v . . r . . raM
um j wrii. aoiia eei (novels, uoee, pijj
harvest cans. te. V coop,,
MOTICE. AH icrsons are hereby notifi,.!
X1 noOo trust or harbor Mary McMn!:
as a township charge, bh being able to a. !
tain herself, the township will pay no d.bu Tt
her contracting. . ADAM HERDMAN
J o K-auctsdno. Overseer Beecarit p
The partnership heretofore BTinn- k."
tween the undersigned in the wagon matins ha'
sines has been dissolved by mutual consent All
persons indebted to the said firm are requested to
make immediate settlement, and tbooe Laricr
claims will present them. WM. M KStilHT
July 14. 69. CHAo. JAXSQT.
A United States, for the Western D;.,-J
of Pennsylvania: At Clearfield the 13th dt r
June, IS69 : 1
To m bo rr war cotcaas : The nnitn;....
hereby gives notice of bis appointment as aatinea
of David Persing;, of Moshannon Station, in ti
eonnty of Clearfield, and State of Pennrvlviaj
1 " l-imiiui. w uu umm own aajodf e a
Danaruptoa creditors' petition bv the Ii, .,.,,
Conrt of said District.
41. A. A. ADAMS, Assigns.
To the creditors of said Bankrupt.
The First Session of the next Scholastic year
of this Institution, will commence on Mondiv
the 6th day of September, 1869.
Pupils can enter at any time. They will
charged with tuition from the time they enietio
the close of the session.
The course of instruction embrace everytbfr.f
included in a tborongh, practical and accua.
plirhed edncation of both sexe.
The Principal having had the advantage of
much experience in hi profession, a.rores pa
rents and guardians that hi entire ability and
energies will be devoted to the mental and moral,
training of the youth placed under hit charge.
Tekxs or Tnno:
Orthography, Reading. Writing and Primary
Arithmetic, per session. (II weeks.) $i 0
Grammar, Geography, Arithmetic, and If isto
ry. .o
Algehra,Geometry. Trigonometry, Mensuration.
Surveying. Philosophy, Physiology, Chemistry
Book-keenin, Botany, and Physical Geoe-ra
phy. tt.m
Latin, Greek and French, with any of the a
bove branches S12.00
Music. Piano. (30 lcssncs.) $10.C
v"Xo deduction will be made for absence.
For further particulars inquire of
Rit. P. L.IIAKRISOy. a. .
July .11 . 1867 Principal.
Aiivantagr of the MUTVAL riax octr tin
Jlrtnru PrrmtHM Plan of
Return Pr'm
Ace. Plnit
4 Sid 65
45 54 30
50 75 50
55 109 35
Ti-ff rfe IVr's
S.?2 I'll
.17 .10
47 HO
59 40
Oil 5 1. 1)011 SItK'i
is Si $vto
In MO li!
2- 50 2niKt
49 95 V9 .'
tin the ases named the ratos of tho Stock Corn
pany are from 25 to b4 per cent . b ibcr th n tlis
Mutual rate.
Policy for S VOOO at I Policy in the Mutol
ire of on the roturn I Company Mine r kali
urvwxem plan f M:ek
cajh. iiiiii n-'te. fur $!.,-
Companies aunuat pre
lM.ill.will ciwt in 10 tear.
in earn, including in
terest on riftie. 51, Sp
lint the Mutu.tl Cuu.fi
ny will pay tbe
mium. all catb.SI.19 50
and v rivileHft to be
made, in case of death
at end of 10 years, the j
Stock Company will pay
Ain't of Poliey 85.000
Return Premium. I.39
Ant of Pnliey $!r,"'"l
Less I'r m notes M
ifi.M6 rah H Jit
in Carta. and 4 diviattd..
Showing that for $110 more Ci, Pwhm,
be train mi the Mutual rilun to the in.'urel stem-
ki-- familv i i'lllti Vr Cent Should delta
occur at the end ot j years, the comparison a i
Cash p'd Stock Co .Sf-97 50-p'd to farui!v5 1 3
" Mutual-' SMi 0'J- - ' SJ.
and dititiena.
At the ape of 40, the Mutual plan lor
Ciiah Premium will yield 9.3n0 ; while tbeMfcs.
plau fr S2 l.f2 50. Cash Premium. yitiidJ
50. Showing a gnin on the mutual lan of -A-S'il
it), and dividend.
II. Ii. SWOOrE, Agent,
July H,'6S-tf
ClearBela. Ps.
I ?STRAY Strayed away from the pre?-i-usnf
tlm suliHrirter. in Lawrence t V
about tbe 1st of June, 18fi9,a pale ted yearlio
heifer, with some white about iu head, ahj i
formation respecting its whereabouts wi.l
thankfully recsived. .
June :1U. I8rt. Sirs. r.Lr.A.viw-;
CAUTION. All persons are hereby ra
tioned aeaint riirc-liaine a rrta'n
note given by me to J. M. Test. f lecatur t p
My IT. IbfW. due in 611 days from dti. for t
sum or One Hundred and tMXty Dollura A"
have not received value for raid note I Tj); "J1
pay it unless compelled so to do by r'ner'5
Osceola. June 18,'fi9-.V.p.-j.W. L i I L2l!.
Aji t anient arr on the estate of lvCH.-rt Jtv.
FuUon. late of Burnside townlnp. K'
having been granted to the undersirneaj o
tinn i ht,rh vivn mt all nersons itidebtra"
s.tid estate are reouested tonit.ke injmrlute pV
ment. and those having claim!
will present them, properly auihennrtua,
settlement to JAMKS KII'l"'6-
June 30, ltifiS-fltp.
ters nf
.... T .
Administration on tne c--'
having been grauted to the nnerflene.
is hereby given that all persons in lebted to
estate are required to make immediate pay
and these having elaimf against tbe we
sent them, properly uthenticsted
June 3(1 lSnB-fit rd. aui.-
p AUTION. All persons are hereby cm-
,nnA .In Larl.nrinirortrin-tins-'W
;r. Mi.. on in-onnt. U 1 '
----- .... - i- , : , I waVI.V
debts of her contract ing
unless eomiJ""-
ao by due process of law
June 23, 9-3t.
' lhe partnership nerei oiurv 4
ft,. at T t W A , ,L
FIELDING, is dissolved
u urwilt'O VI l w ma " r
The business will be settled and heresy
ducted in the nam. of .. WALLrt-
June v . tonv oip " a -
Prof. V;
With fw
U ns L
,aws ot jitisinew.
directions and forms for all transaction . .-
But, bv Tbeophiln Parsons,
oi lis in ntn-Aru luiii".' --. , , oontr;"
A new oo
everybody. Explaining every - in
and legal obligation, and showing nrbor
and execute them. Tbe highest and
ity in the land. Send for our liberal terror ,
for our Patent Bible Prospectus . ,fhir',.Ps.
Jc.2.'6"-3m.1 PAKMELEE ACOjii
W AIM'S PANACEA. Kennedy ' ,jt,r
eovery. Ilembold Pucnn. w"k,
Oil. Jayr.e s and Ayer s Medicines -tor
Jan. 10. HABISWltr -