Raftsman's journal. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1854-1948, April 17, 1867, Image 3

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    RAFT'S (MN8 4&&ISAt
ftenn'js gournat.
" Tyrone and CIsarSeli Builrcad.
leaves Tyrone at : : : : : H.55 a m
" drives at Phi'ipsbnrg at : :11.00 a.m.
v3re Ph::ibiTg a' : : : 1.20 p m
drives at Tyrone at : : :.: 3.00 p. m.
r-;,tlor.s. Divine services will be held
-ext Sabbath, in Clearfield, a follows:
" jjv Rev. Archer in the Court House,
-.iriiiHS and-evening; - .
" Br Kev. Semhower in the Baptist church
z m m:in ; .
' I;., iter. Chambers in the Episcopal
-I r li. morning and evening
" I,- Rev. G-r er in the Methodist church,
ja the morning.
Xotice. Just received at the Drug Store
ci Joseph Tv. Irwin, Curwensville, a large
.nA full surely of oils, paints, varnishes,
hmis and glass, which will be sold cheap
for cc?h.
Ap. 10-3t.
pRE-The house of Israel Schucker, of
T,;.n-j township, with part of its contents,
wa destroyed by fire on Tuesday, April 9th.
The fire criminated from a stove-pipe. Loss
about $300.
IUftisg Halting had been suspended
on account of the low water, but this ( Wed
ue.day) morning, there is a high rafting
flood." TherJ is, however, but little timber
;.. run, as most of it got off on the last flood.
The Weather. The prevailing mild air,
and the slight rain on Tuesday, have had
I-eiit to start vegetation from its long
'jer, and already the fields look quite
.rein. We anticipate a favorable, as well
y early season.
r.RoKF. Loose. Tha Mariettian says
tiic; vas a "break loose" at that' place, on
Tfc'irs'tay la-t, but that all the rafts except
t'.ght were again secured. Of the eight,
tix went to Columbia and two lodged on the
rub in the falls.
Conferee!). We learn that Edmund
l.'.rr, K-.p. of Osceola Mill, this county,
r - t frc-iti the University of Michigan,
i' la-r cMiim encctnent, the degree of L.
L B. (I itclijlor of Laws) a compliment
vh'-rh wiil be highly appreciated by Mr. S's
r...-i!iy friends in this coutifr.
7" " rn We loarn from the Mariettian,
if.;.; ; nt few tales of timber have, as yet,
inn n ode, there being a "stand off" be
lt'A the buyers and sellers the former
1.::. drtri mined to reduce the present
J.'ti-.-, vh'ilst the latter "stand firm" and
::! maintain the rates asked bv them.
f7uE LraxF.r. On Saturday, April
", h. the house of Si!t-n Cares, togeiher
if contents, situated in the village of
lise, was burnod to the ground. Mr.
C"s Is is, perhaps over $1,000, which will
:o severely felt by him. as it was his ail.
i,a f-e originated from a stove pipe, pas
: in? through the porch roof. No insurance.
Bnp.n Kil.v Burst. On Saturday
A;ril I3th, at about 11 o'clock, the
' vi,-. 1 Jviln of George Thorn, located in the
. ir.'lK-ast part of our Borough, was discov-
& to be on fire. It cofitained about 12, -Ji.etof
boards, most of which belonged
: t'" I'-iyreriar' church and W. W.
.:n. By the prompt efTorts of our citi-
'he adjoining building?, and a large lot
' Su-ubcr, wa saved from the devouring
ii- u h-j kllu being left to its fate. Loss
TV: v I' t.vd. The body of Alice Folej',
. :'. ci rl who was drowned in the river
V i; lay a week, was found on last Suu
(noon, at aboat 3 o'clock, near the
c i the west side of our borough,
' " r:: - five hundred yards from where she
' : t.ths river. On Monday, her remains
'.rt'-rrtd in the cemetery on the hill,
' they were followed by an unusually
concourse cf our citizens, and the
;rs of the Sunday School of which she
1 ! "'en a member. Peace to her remains.
-'treCocxtt . A torrible fire occurred
' ' vil'age of Stormstown, Centre county,
".::-Jay, April 7th. The larger portion
" i town, and that which constituted
' u:nes part, is now a mass of ruins.
'r -!! houses, with their contents embra-
""te!s, stores, shops, and residences
r ' ' icnriyed. Most of the owners of the
V ' ".V bnT;.t would like to re-build, but
-- are unable to do so,- as the fire render
e' -l 'a pennylesk The fire left them
:'- -ho-iies, money, provisions nor cloth--v-
he only thing saved was the clothing
'Y:" "Shacks. Aid should be rendered
-: by those who are able to do so, as
- are really in a suffering condition.
f.T'T-'N ('ounty. Aaron Snyder, son
v auol Snyder, of Wayne township,
Cxu-zr, a youn? man abcut nine
; r-ar of age, was drowned in the river
' below Shamokin dam, oa Fri-
:r,;r:(r April 5th. lie was going
-"i a rf j,n.l on the morning men-
: ;:';(? crew had rien very early and
r, :r 7T v quite dark, in order to make an
rt j.nd in the hurry of preparation
'' - t i.ij wst'kfd ofT the upper end of
'-"-'I 'a,- i'j-.lanfiy swept under an i
1 y.r. Johii .Y'ning. pilot of the
" " :!.-ii 'J at the pr.int and diligently
' ' " i i n the l Jy during all the ensuing
i- ' wi;hout success. Mr. Snyder was
9 ' 7 esteeiuti'l for "h:j inre'ditrenee
" tnnt3 worth, and bis untimely end will
laiat 1 by who knew him. '
- Are Vol Issckei'? is a qHLstior. of
great importance to terjr piopeity owuer.
If your property is n t insured, have ic at
tendtd to at the earliest possible hour. S.
J. Kow, is agent for the -litna, York and
Columbia insurance com panics,, three of the
best in the country. Call and have your ap
plications filed at once. Delays are dan
gerous. Printing Office Burned. We deeply
regret to learn that the office of the Record
of the Times, at Wkesbarre, was totally
destroyed by fire, on the 9th April. The
Record was one of the best weekly papers
in the State, and the office very valuable.
We sympathise with Mr. Miner in his loss,
and earnestly hope that he may be enabled
to resuscitate his valuable Journal at an
early day.
uenkral jail ueliverv. Hie Ameri
can Standard, (Uniontown,) says : "A few
nights ago we had another exit of prisoners.
Escapes have become so general of late that
we did not think it worth while to mention
all of them, but to show what a smart Sher
iff we have, we relate the following : The
Sheriff went into the jail to attend to some
business, but forgot to lock the door after
him. He had occasion to go into a cell, and
while in there the prisoners pulled the door
shut and bolted it, which made the Sheriff
a prisoner, and before he could give the
alarm they had all escaped, and have not
since been heard ofl We give them credit. "
Correspondence of the "Joumnal."
Forest City, March 30, 18G7.
Dear Kow: This beautiful morning
finds me still alive and able to digest fat
prairie lowls and ginger bread and hoping
that a good appetite and plenty to eat and
drink may be the happy lot of all hands,
"and cook," of the Journal ; and may they
always be able to supply spicy rations for the
whole nest of "Snaix." When the great
doctor of the reptile race has ceased to
squirm, after being swallowed up in his own
greatness, may the Journal yet live to re
cord the death of the last yellow spotted
The Cop3 of Nebraska are in a terrible
dileu.ma ju-t now. Their every day prayer
is "nigger;" they swear "nigger," talk
"nigger," and their every thought is "nig
ger,'' and yet they -can scarcely think of
swallowing the less dnngerous dose of "nig
ger votes." On the State Constitution
question they have succumbed at last. Good
reason, eh '!
This has been the longest, sevarest and
closest winter that has been experienced
here since that of 1856 7, snew lying, at
times, to the depth of from 1:? to 16 inches
in the vicinity of Omaha and the lower
Piatte. And West of the lOUth meredian
from 4 to JO feet deep; the snow never
having entirely disappeared from the raviues
and other drifted localities since the begin
ning of the present year, but the weather
tor the last few days has been very uiiid,
and the snow is fast disappearing under the
warm rays of the sud, and from present
prospects the grouud will be sufficiently dry
and warm for thereception of seeds iu a
short time.
Emigrants ale pouring into this coustry
of promise at a rate far in excess of any
former period since my arrival here, and I
hesitate not. to predict that our population,
in a year hence, will be near two hundred
thousand. There are comparatively few
who are not fully satisfied with the country
in general, and proceed to make it their
home and abiding place. A few, however,
are disappointed, and they invariably prove
to be such as started westward with hopes
and expectations wrought up by an imagina
tion bred with fiction, and after tasting a
reality, founded on principles of reason,
they become discouraged and return, to
clothe a country that will not enrich a sloth
ful man, in the darkest shades of disgust.
There is but little doiug on the Union
Pacific liai'road, as yet, but the company
expect to commence operations in the course
of a few weeks. The locality for the bridge
across the Missouri lliver has not yet been
fully decided on, but the present prospects
indicate its location at Bellvue, the- county
seat of Sarpy county, and will, consequently,
leave Omaha to be supplied by a switch or
branch road.
The populace of Nebraska are strongly in
favor of the removal of the State Capitol to
a more central part ot the State, probably
Lancaster City or Fremont, but this may
not occur for a few years yet. Prices of
produce are tending upward, and are as fol
lows : Wheat, $1 40 (4 $1 60 ; corn, 65
80o pr. bu. ; bats, 5 (rf 60c ; potatoes, per
bu., ?2 00 $2 50; rye, $1 10: eggs, per
doz. . 30c ; butter, per lb 45 55c ; bacon,
15 0c. Dry goods are slightly on the
decline since the iron horse has again re
sumed his journe3Ts to and from the eastern
markets. Groceries are also declining in
r rices, and more rapidly than dry goods,
jutnber is being shipped to Omaha, and
prices falling at a rapid rate, but as there
will be an unprecedented demand for that
article, the coming season, it may. not de
cline as rapidly as the consumers might
desire. Prices for the present are as fol
lows: white pine flooring, ready worked,
$75 00 (? $30 00, per m ; siding, planed,
$40 $45 U0 ; paneling, $95 (w, $100 00 ;
culled lumber, pine, $45 - $50 00 ; cotton
wood lumber of all descriptions, $20 $27
00 ; walnut $37 $42 00 ; maple flooring,
$40 00 ; Basswood siding, $25 Qt. $30 00,
per m feet ; cord wood, delivered at railroad,
$6 (m $S 00 per cord. Wages are good for
all kinds of work and range about as follows :
brick layers, $4 $6 00 per day ; plaster
ers, $500 per day; carpenters. $3 50
$4 00 per day ; blacksmiths $4 ( $5 00 per
day; all other tradesmen at proportionate
rates. Day laborers, $1 50 to $3 00 per day
according to labor and board arrangements;
month lalwir on farms ranges from $20 to
$35 00 per month ;. boys, of from fourteen
to twenty years, also demand good waees on
farms, ranging from $13 to $25 00 per
month. Respectfully yours,
The Newman (Georgia) Herald says that
two widows and their families in Cowell
countv, occupying the same house, were re
duced to such destitution as to compel an
allowance of only three mouthfuls of corn
hread at each meal. In consequence, one
one person has perished from starvation,
Burned t: Death. The York Irue
vemncnit says : A sad and painful accident
took place in New street, in our borouffh.on
uuoy rvpru oiiuvy wuicn a nttie girl agea
about ten years, the daughter of a widow
lady by the name of Leader, was so badly
burned as to occasion her death twenty-four
iiours afterwards. Ihe mother, it seems,
who at times coes out to work for ot hnr peo
ple, had left the girl at home to take care of
two smaller children, and had given them
some walnuts to crack for their amusement
and entertainment. Having done this and
taken out the kernels she attempted to
throw the shells from her apron into the
fire, when it caught from a spark in the
stove, and in a few moments her whole
clothing was in flames. The ffirl ran crying
into the yard, and attempted to get out on
the street through the eita. when her
shrieks attracted the attention of some of
the neighbors, who arrived, however, too
late to save the little sufferer. Her clothing
was burned entirely from her body, and she
presented a pitiful and heart-rending spec
tacle. She lingered until the next day,
when death relieved her of her sufferings.
Much sympathy is felt in the neighborhood
for the widowed mother, who is overwhelm
ed with grief at her sad and terrible be
reavement. . .
At the residence of J. H. Heasly, Esq.
in West Liberty, Brady tp., on Tite-da-, April
9th, by Rev. B. II. Fish, John IIeberlixg.
jr., to Miss Lemistixk Kiiixer. both of
West Liberty, Clearfield county, Pa.
Pittsburg Prices Current,
Deatrrtn Flour. Pioluce and Rt fined Oils.
Pittsburg, April 13th, r867.
Jenkin's Eureka, S15 00 Brown. 11 a 14
Jenkin's Lilly, li 75 Refined, hard, Id
M Gregor 8 choice 14 50;A Coffee, 00 a li
Cro??ett's Crescent H 00 B Coffee, 00 14
Kye Flour, bbl. 8 oO ExtraC, 14i
Corn Meal, bushel, 1 lojl'ea. Black, 75 a 1 25
Buckwheat Flour, 3 75, Green, .90 a 1 75
Wheat, 3 00 a 3 25 Syrups.
R3-e, 1 50 Molasses.
73 a
1 00
a v 5
a 1!
2 S5
a 10
Oats, 57 a 60, Sorghum,
Corn in ear. 75, Rice.
Corn shelled, . 1 OO.Dried Apples,
Barley. 1 10 a 1 25. Dried Peaches,
I'otatoes. bbl.
2 75 Salt.tbl
O-iionS. bbl.
3 75 Candles,
Hominy, bbl.
6 50oap,
Potatoes, P. Blows,
85 No 3 Mackerel.bbl 16 50
Timothy seed,
Clover seed,
FIa.i seed.
3 25 Lard, choice, 131
12 no Tallow, 10J II
2 85 Bacon, Sides, 12
a 2 00 Shoulders 10
Middlings. 1 85
Beans, prime navy,
75 Hams, sugar cured, 15
32 Mess Pork. 24 00
22 Buckets, duz, 3 25
2U Brooms, doz. 1 50
Butter, p'riine roll.
Cheese, 21
Apples, bbl 4 00 a 5 00' Refined OiLwhite, 42 a43
Cider, bbl dull, 8 01) Coffee. 22 a 27
PicKlea, per bbl 17 Oti'Dregsed Hogs, 7i a 8
Commission Merchant, 'Wholesale Dealer axd
Receiver of i lol-r, Pkovisions, all kisds
ok Produce asd Refined Oils, tc, 4C.
Cheapest Flour House in Pitubnri. On hand
all well known and reliable brands Quality of
Flour guaranteed. Inducements offered to Deal
ers and prices current sent each week.
Checkered Front, 273 Liberty St. Pittsburg, Pa.
January 23d, 1S67.
(QUARTERLY REPORT of the condi--c
tion of the First National Bank of Clear
field, Pa., on the first Monday of April, 1&67 :
Xote snd Bills discounted ... S79.054 40
Over Drafts
2.858 8
1,2115 83
- 635 75
- 403 24
15.421 46
1,841 73
Kxpnses, - -- -- -- --
Cash Ttenis and Stamps,
Duo from N'at Banks
Due from other Banks and Backers
U. S. Bonds deposited with Treasurer
of V. S. to secure circulation - -IT.
S. Secuiities on hand - - - -Circulating
Notes of other Bnnks - -
100.060 00
- 2.350 00
- 4.595 00
lfi.135 72
Legal Tender otes and Specie,
Total ------
- $224,591 81
- $100,000 00
- - 3,000 00
. - - GS 00
8B,187 00
- 28.795 00
- - 1.839 47
: : 1.152 23
2.519 27
. - - 9S0 84
Capital Stock paid in - - -
Surplus tund - -- -- -- -
Dividends unpaid ------
Notes in Circulation - - - - -
Individual Deposits ------
Due to Xat. Banks
Due other banks and Bankers, : :
Interest and Exchae - - - -
Profit and Loss -
Total Liabilities - S221.5tU 81
I hereby certify thattho above fs a true abstract
from the quarterly report made to the Comptrol
ler of the Currency. JON A. BOYNTON.Pns't.
the County
National Bank of Clearfield,
on Monday,
morning, April iau io'm.
Lnnoa-and discounts : : : : ;
Over drafts, ::::::::
Furniture, and Fixtures : : : :
Current Expenses and taxes : :
Premiums, :::::::::
Cash Items, including Rev. 'Stamps
Due from National Banks ; : :
Due from Banks and Bankers :
U. S Bonds ::::::::
Notes other B'ks & fract'l currency
Legal Tender notes and Specie, :
Compound Interest notes . ; : :
Total ::::::.:::
SlOn.933 32
; 3.716 8S
: : 331 D"
: : 821 52
: 1,930 10
: : 329 61
: 15.126 13
: 9.708 3-t
: 75,000 00
: 3.4 12. so
: 21,942 00
: 4.70 00
: : . : : : 5238,031 93
Capital stock paid in : : : : : $100.000 00
Surplus Fund, :::::::::: 1.037 00
Notes in circulation :::;:: 65.750 00
Indvidual Deposits ::::::: 59,349 18
Due Banks and Bankers : : : T : 1.304 27
Interest and Exchanges :;;::: 5.0S6 52
Dividends unpaid : : : : : : . : 632 00
Profitand Loss :::::::: : 4.8729f
Total Liabilities :::::: $238.031 93
I hereby certify that th above statement is
true copy from the report made to the Comptrol
ler of the Currency, April 1st. 1867.
D. W. MOORE. Cash.
National Bank of Curwensville. on the
morning of the first Monday of April, 1867.
Loans and Discounts. : : : : : $102,941 15
Overdrafts. :::::::::: 321 81
Banking House. :::::::: 2,411 67
Furniture, Fixtures and Safes. : : : 1.482 89
Current Expenses & Taxes paid, 1 : 1.367 09
Cash Items and Revenue Stamps. : : 797 00
Due from Nat. Banks and Bankers, : 21,935 70
U. S. Bonds deposited with U S Tr.
to secure circulation, : : : : Bl.009 0
TJ. S. Bonds on hand, S00 00
National Back Notes, :::::: 2,100 00
Fractional Currency. ::::;:: 520 0J
Specie and Legal fender Notes : : 24.409 00
Compound Interest Notes, : : : : : 4.83U 00
Total, :::::::: : :S244.946 36
Capital stock paid in, : - : : : : : $75,000 00
Surplus fucd, ::::::;:; 11.250 00
Circulating Notes. ::::::: 67,500 00
Individual Deposits, :::::: 84.905 30
Due National Bunks and Bankers, : : 1.306 97
Discount, Interest and Exchange. . : 4,709 0ft
Profit and Loss. 275 03
Total Liabilities : : : : :
$244,946 36
I hereby Certify that the above Statement is a
true abstract from" the Quarterly Report made o
the Comptroller of the Currency Apr. 1st, 1867.
JOHN H. FL'LFORD, Attorney at Law. Clear
field, Pa. Oflice with J. B. McEnally, Esq ,
over First National Bank. Prompt attention giv
en to the securing of Bounty claims, Ac, and to
u 'egal business. March 27, 1867.
TO BUILDERS. Sealed proposals will
be received until April 4th, 1SC7, by the
Board of School Directors of Curwensville Bor
oub, fur furnishing material and erecting build
ings to accommodate the Schools of the Borough.
Plans and Specifications may be seen by calling
on the Secretary By order of the Board.
March 20. 1867. A. H. SEMBOWER. Sec'y.
pLOUGIIS. The undersigned would re
spectfully inform the public that they
nave now on hand, at their foundry in Curwens
ville, a lot of ploughs which they will dispose of
on the most reasonable terms. They are of a new
pattern, and have given entire satisfaction to all
who have tried theiu. Also a lot of plough points
and landsides kept constantly on hand. Old met
al taken in exchange for castings.
Mafch 6, 1S67.-6L ROBISON & SON. '
Y, A(.E Home Industry. The undarsign-
ea having established a Nursery, on the Pike,
halfway between Curwensville and Clearfield
Boroughs, is prepared to furnish all kinds of Kruil
trees, Standard and dwart,) Evergreen-. -Shrub
bery, Grape Vines, Gooseberry, Lawt n Black
berry. Strawberry and Rnsnberrv vinn. Also
SibrianCrab trees, Quince and early Scarlet Rheu-
oai o. ic. Orders promptly attended o. Address
Aug 31.1864 J.D. WRIUHT, Curwensville,
hundred men, to act as salesmen for
"Pn)il,ir,'o T 11... i .. I Ti . : tj:i , . r
. w 0 utur.iintuia iuiuc.'.lt; jjiuiu, CUmiHiS-
inir upwards of 1 .500 crown quarto pge ; a Com
mentary of 17,000 note. from different Commenta
tors ; 7J0 engravings ; fauiiiy photograph depart
ment ; extended concord.incd ; maps biblical his
tory, chronological tables Ac. A book that al
ways sells. Our average sales are 5J)0 copies per
day. s a standard bible for fa.inil:es. t-arhfir
ministers, and all lover? of the word of (iod, it
has no competitor. For particulars, address
April 6, 13J7. Uax 222, Ham burg. I'a.
The co partnership heretofore exist
ing between C. R Faster. .1. I). M'Oirk. Edward
Perks, (i. L. Iter-d, Richard Shaw, A. K. Wright.
J. T. Leonard, .las B. rabam.and W.A.Wallace,
in the li.mking business, at Philipsburg. Centre
county. Pa., is this day dissolved by mutual con
sent. The business will be co...luct.-d as hereto
fore at the same place, under the title of Foster,
Perks, A Co. RICHAl'D SHAW,
March 5, 1S67 -iu20.
1867 sriT 18G7.
Are opening for spring of 1867. 3 cases select
shades ot silks fashionable plaid silks, rsis
mark, the new color sile. Best black silks in
town. Plaid India silks, perfect. New spring
dress goods. New style spring chintzes. Org in
dies of neweststyle. Steel-colored poplins.for suits.
N. B. Staple house-keeping goods. Fresh
stocK cloths, cassimeres. and tweeds for youths.
P S. 'Merchants in search of scarce and desi
rable goods will ficd it their interest to call and
ex tmine our stock. March 27, 18Q7.-6t.
mal School will be opened in Curwens
ville, on the 30th day of April, and continue in
session eleven weeks. There will b ai arrange
ment made to accommodate all teachers and pu-
Eils who can remain longer than one session, to
e either under my charge or that of the Assis
tant teacher, or of both.
thition :
Teachers, per session, from S3 to $5 the more
teachers in attendance, the less the tuition.
Pupils, per session, who do not purpose teach
ing, or are not competent to teach, the. coming
winter, S6. Tuition to be paid in advance and
appjed to the payment of an assistant teacher.
!3?"Boarding to be had for 53 50 per week.
. W. SNYDER. Co. Sup t.
N. B All pupils, who can enter the Normal
classes, will be admitted. March 23, 1867.
Opposition line to California.
Via Nicaragua, evejv twenty days, with 'Fassen-
geis. rreight, and U. b Mails, on the following
first-class steamships :
Un Allaiittr Urean.
Co ii n V n Ta cific Ocea it
Sailing days from New York,
March 30, 1867, April 20, 1867, May 10 and 30.
1867, June 20, 18C7, and every twenty days there
nfter, leaving on tha Saturday previous, when a
regular Sailing Dav comes on Sunday. For fur
therinformation apply to the NOH'l'H AMERICAN
STEAMSHIP CO. Vm. H. Wbiib, Pres t., 54. Ex
chance Plnco N. Y D. N. Carrisgton. Agent,
177. West St. oor .Warren, N. Y. Mar. 20,'67-3m.
A pinto worth S-100.00 for $1. 00.
One hundred and fourteen dollars for SI 00.
One solid silver fruit basket worth S30.00 for SI.
2 silver watches worth S25.00 e;ich SI. 00 each.
2i:o gifts worth S2 00 eah, for SI. 00 each.
300 ifts worth SI Oil each.
91 gifts worth 30 cents eaali.
ST. i. 00 in greenbacks for SI. 00.
Making 600 gifts, the number of tickets limited
tthe number of sifts Every ticket draws a gift.
Price of tickets one dollar only. Drawing to
take place in Bellefonto. May 1st. 1867, under toe
supervision of a committee chosen by the ticket
This cnterpriso is gotten up for the sole benefit
of a worthy but poor woman, the manager not re
ceiving any benefit, not even for his time in at
tending to it. and it shall be his aim to see that
everything connected with it shall be done iu an
honest and honorable manner.
Forticketsand further information address, with
stamp enclosed, the undersiened.at Bellefonte.Pa.
Apr. 3, 1867. D. S. DUNHAM, Manager.
Having just returned from the east with a gen
eral assortment of goods, to which they desire to
invite fhe attention of their old customers and
friends. Their istock consists of
Dry -Goods, Groceries. Hardware. Queensware,
Tinware. Boots, Shoes, Hats and Caps,
Clothing, Notions, etc., in great variety, which
they now offer at prices for cash to suit the
They also deal in Grain, Pork, Shingles, Boards,
and other lumber, which will be received at the
bighest market prices in exchange for good.
Persons desirous of purchasing goods at fair
rates are respectfully requested to give us a call.
Remember you can find us at the old stand on
Main Street where we are prepared to accomo
date customers with anything in our line of
Sept. 6. 1865. flIPPLE A FAUST.
the best quality of Wool Hooda and N ubias,
selling at from 40 to 75 cents each, at
Dec 12.1866. MObbOf
RIED PEACHES, pared aDd unpareil at
i -J- -
Apr. 3, 1867.
' rjRArE VINES FOR SALE. All the
y leading hardy varieties of first quaKtv :
Concord, I year old 2 cU each, or $20 00 per 100.
" 2 50 " " - 40 00 per 100.
Rebecca, 1 " 60 " " best white grape.
Iona, i si 50 best Amber grape
Any other varieties below nursery prices. Or
ders solicited its soon as convenient and filled in
'"'"''"i' A M. HILLS.
N. B Vines ready for removal by the 15th of
ctober- Clearfield. Pa., Aug. 22. 1866.
The Raftsk as's Joubxal is published on Wed
nesday at $2.00 per annum in advance. If not
paid at ib beginning of thevr. S2.50 will !
charged, and 53,00 if not paid before the close of
the year.
Advertisements will be inserted at $1,50 per
square, for three or less insertions Ten lines
(or less) counting a square. For every additional
insertion 50 cents will be charged. A deduction
will be made to yearly advertisers
. No subscription taken for a 'shorter time than
six months, and no paper will be discontinued un-
uiiaw arrearages are paid.except at the option ot
the publisher. S. J. ROW.
The undersigned offers the following valuable
Reel Estate at private sale :
15S iiensund 113 perches of farm land, sixty
cleared, and having thereon a good frame bouse
and log barn. This is the vry best coal land.
Situated in Woodward township, one hulf mile
from Puseyville.
Also loo acres of Timber Land situated on Mor
gan s rua.in Woodward township, one and a half
miles from "useyviile.
Also, two acres, with a two-story plank house
and frame sUblo thereon, situated in Woodward
township, on the road leading from Tyrone to
Clearfield town. to miles fi.uu Puseyville; a
good location for a tradesman of any kind.
Also, two lots in Puseyville. with six houfes anil
one barn erected thereon, the tivo lots lying ad
'jining The first. No. 10, being a comer lot,
with tavern stand contajnin; three fourths of an
acre, with over 300 fret ol bank on Clearfield
creek; rent worth $125 per year Second lot. No.
11", 60 feet on front street and 120 feet back, with
two plank houses erected thereon, well suitable
for mercantile or any publ ic business.
l?The above property will bo sold at reason
able prices and fair tprms. C. J. SilOFF.
-Vov 22, t'.ui. .Midera P. O.. Clearfield co.Pa
Act of Congress approved June C. lSti('.,
gives additional pension to the following class of
I To those who have lost bo'h eyes or both
ha i Js. or are total!.ifcisailcd in the same so as
to require constant attendance, the sum, per
month, of $25 00
2. To those who have lost both feet, or are to
tally disabled in the same, so as to require con-,
stant attendance, $20 00
3. To those who have lost one hand or one foot,
or so disabled as to render tbem unab'e to per
form manual labor equivalent to the loss of-a
hand orfo t, the sum. per month, of $15 00
4. Persons deprived of their pensions under
Act of March 3d. 1865, by reason of being in civ
il service are restored.
5. Th heirs of invalid pensioners who died af
ter application for their pension had been filed
and before the certificate was issued, and who
have left widows or minor children, will be enti
tled to receive arrears due at the death of the
6. Pensions are extended to dependent fathers
and brothers, the same as to mothers and sisters.
In all of these cases, new applications must bo
made The undersigned is prepared, with the
proper blanks, for the speedy procurement of
these pensions.
Claims for bounty aVid back pay- pensions, and
claims for local bounty tinder State law. promptly
ootloatod. ' II. B. SWOOPE, AU'y . W.
July 11, 1866. Clearfield, Pa.
Biry Goods at the Cheapest Store.
Are now selling goods to the people at the very
Their stoek consists ot a general variety oi
Dry-Goods. Groceries, Hard-ware, Queens-ware,
Tin-ware, Willow-ware, Wooden-ware. Provisions.
Hats. Caps, Boots, Sjoes, and Clothing. Ac.
. Carriage Trimmings,
Shoe Findings, Glass' and Putty, Flat irons and
Coffee mills, Bed cords and Bed screws, Matches,
Stove blacking. Washing soda and Soap, eta,
Flavoring Extracts,
Patent Medicines, Perfumery of various kinds,
Fancy soaps, Oils. Paints. Varnishes, and in fact
every thing usually kept ia a first class Store. .
School n;oks
Writing and Letter paper. Fancy note and com
mercial paper, pens, pencils and ick.oopy buoks.
slates, iuk-stands, fancy and common envelopes.
Rafting Ropes,
Acgnrs Axes. Chisels, Saws. Files. Hammers,
Hatchets, Natis. Spikes. Grind-stoues.Stoneware.
Trunks, Carpet-bags, Powder, tihot, Lead, etc
Carpets, Oil-cloth,
Brooms. Brushes. Baskets. Washboards. Buckets.
Tubs Churns; WaM piper. Candle-wick, c-tton-yarn
and batting, work-baskets, I'nibrellas, etc.
Coal Oil Lamps,
Co-l oil Lamp chimneys. Tinware a great varie
ty. jHpanware. Egg beater, Spice boxes. W ire
ladles, Sieves, Dusting-pans'. Lanterns, etc., etc.
Groceries and Provisions.
Such as Coffee, Syrups, Sugar. Bice. Crackers
Arinin-r. Cundlrs. Cheese, Flour, .Meal, Bacon.
Fish, coarse and fine Salt, Teas, Mustard, etc.
Of Roots ami Shoes
They have a large assortment for Lndiesand Gen
tlemen, consisting of Top Boots, Brogans, Pumps
Gaiters, Balmoral Boots, clippers. Monroes, etc.
Ready-Made Clothing,
In the latest styles and of the"best material, con
sisting of Coats, Pants, Vests, shawls, Over-coats,
Drawers, Cashmere and Linen Shirts,' etc.
Of Men's Wear
fhey have also received a large and well select
ed Stock, consisting ot Cloths, Plain and ianey
Cassimeres, Cashmerets, Tweeds, Jeans, Cordu-
loys. Bever-Teen, Linens, Handkerchiefs. Neck
ties. Hosiery, Gloves. Huts. Caps. Scarfs, etc., etc.
now opening, consisting of Plain and Fancy Silks.
Delaine,, Alpacas, Ginghams. DucaU, Prints, Me
rinos, Cashmeres, Plaids. Brilliants Poplins. Be
regp. Lawns Nankins, Linen. Lace. Edgings, Col
erettes. Bi xids, Belts, Veils, W Corsetts, Nu
bias, Hoods, Coats Mantels, Balmoral sirts Ho
siery, Gloves. Bonnets. Flowers Plumes. Ribbons,
Hats, Trimmings, Buttons. Combs. Shawls, Braid,
Muslins Irish Linens, Cambrics, ictoria Lawns,
Swiss, Bobinets. Mulls, Linen Handkerchiefs etc
They invite all persons to eall and examine
their stock and hope to give entire satisfaction.
Clearfield. Fa., Sept. 2Sth. 1866.
W, German. Drake's, and Hostetter's A Green's
Oxygenated Bitters, and pure liquors of all Uinds
for medical purpose, for sale by
TTIODOER CUTTERS of a superior makt for
P sale at reasonal-le pr'tes. at MEKKELL and
BIGLER'S. Clearfield
Nov. 14
SALT' SALT!! A prime article of ground al
um salt put up in patent saKS. for salecheap
atthestoieof R. M0S8.
rvoo miSHKT.S, ..r hoi-. REANS for sale at the
SOMETHING WONDERFUL for the million.
All may be rich, wise, and happy. Agents
wanted. Enclose stamp for. particulars.' II.
Camp, 142 BleeckerSt., N .Y. Mar. 13, 67.3-m
.1 1.1 1.11 Rib .-U. 11V. ' . V. 1UJII -
ily and manufacturing purposes. Contain all the
latest improvements; are speedy ; noiseless; du
rable; and easy to work. Illustrated circulars
free. Agents wanted. Liberal discount allowed.
No consignments made. Addresa EMPIRE S. M.
C0.. 6i6lroa4w,yiyew York Sep5 66-y.
scratch!!! scratch!!!!
Wbeaten's Ointment will cure the itch in 48 hours.
Also cures SALT RI1ECM. 1,'LCERS. CHIL.
ULAl-VS, and all ERl'FTfuNS OF THE SKIN.
Trice 50 cents. For sale by all tiruggistc. -By
sending 60 cents to WEEKS A POTTER. Sole A
gents, 170 Washington Street, Boston, it will be
forwarded by mail, free of postage, to any part of
omiea. June 6, ISoti.-Iy.
TjIRNFST D. PAPE.'.M .D. 112S Rroadway. New
lli York, h aving for years made diseases of wo
men a speciality in study and practice with mark
ed professional success, devotes his time now most
ly to oflice practice and correspondence with his
numerous patrons throughout the United Spates
ljidios can confidentially address him on the
most delicate subject, and receive proper and
prompt reply. Enclose stamp for postage.
March 13, lS67.-3m.
E 31 E D 1 A L I.N'STITL'T E
Full informati.ai. wiih the hi.jhkst tkstimgni
ai.s; also, a book on Si-kcial Diseasrh. in a scal
ed envelope, sent free. Bk stre asi jeno for
Till., A-l VOU WII.I. SOT KKKET IT 1 for, 88 0(1-
veitising physicians are generally impostors,.
without references no str-uigcr should be trusted.
Enclose a stamp for postage, ard direct to DR.
November 1 4ih, lS6.-ly.
f piltf
i. ltd
ten Ointment, an immediate aud certain
cure. 2j cts. It is also a sure remedy for scratch
es on horses. Russell's Salt Rheum Ointment.
uncqualed 50cts. Bussell'f Pile Ointment.cures
after all other ra media? have failed. These Oint
ments are certain, safe, and reliable specifics, as
thousands have and are daily testifying. For sale
by all druggists and medicine dealers General
Depot at Pin Chot liruen A Hwbart, Wholesale
Druggists, 214 Fulton St . (near Greenwich.) New
York. Sent by mail ; Itch. 40c; Salt Rheum.65c;
Pile, I 50. March 13, IS67. 3-m.
-1 greatest and most useful discoveries in
medical science was made by the celebrated Dr.
J Dumas, ot" Paris. Chief Physician to the Impe
rial Irfiruiary of France, in 1861. Those who
have been afflicted with the painful disease known
as the Piles, and effectually cured by the use of -Dr.
Ditmas' FiiF.Kcn Pile Salve, cannot speak too
hijhlyof the benefits conferred upon them by
the use of this certain remedy. It has never
been known to fail in effecting a permanent cure
in a single case. In this respect it surpasses all
other medicines of the kind. It will do just
what it is recommended for ; if not. the money
will be refunded. One or two boxes is sufficient
to effect a permanent cure in four or six days, if -the
directions on the box are followed. Price one
and two dollars per box, according to sixe. Seat
by Mail or Express to any part of the United
States or Canada. Sold by Druggists generally,
A liberal discount made to the trade. Address,
D.S.DUNHAM A CO.. Williamsport. Pa., sola
Proprietors and Manufacturers for the United
States and Canada.
$500 OO REWARD will be paid in greenbacks
to uy person -mho hu used Dr. Dumas' Pila
Salve according to directions and has not been
cured Address, D. S. 1CNHAM A CO.. Wil
liamsport Pa. Dec. 5th, 1868.-ly.
MISERY. Just published,
in a sealed envelope. Price six ets.
A lecture on the nature, treatment.'
and radical cure of Seminal Weakness ur sper
matorrhea. Involuntary emissions, sexual Debil
ity, and Impediments to marriage generally.
Nervousness, consumption, epilepsy, and fits;
Mental and physical incapacity, resulting from
Self Abuse. Ac By Robert J. Culverwell, M.
author of the "Green Book." Ac.
The world-renowned author, in this admirable
lecture, clearly proves from his own experience
Ibat the awful consequences of Self Abuse may
be effectually removed without medicine, and
without dangerous surgical operation, bougies,
instrument, rings, or cordials, pointing out a
mode of cure at once certain and effectual, by.
which every sufferer, no matter what his condi
tion may be, may cuto himself cheaply. privately,
and radically. This lecture will prove a boon to
thousands and thousands.
Sent under seal, to any address, in a plain seal
ed envelope, on the receipt of six cents, or two
postage stamps. Also Dr. Cul verwell's "Marriage
Guide," price 25 eents. Address the publishers.
CilAa. J. v. hbi.M. a
127 Bowery. New Yoik,
Oct. 10. '66. ?y. Post Office Box 4588.
u UP.
This great medicine cured Dr. J. H. Schenck.
the proprietor, of Pulmonary Consumption, when
it had assumed its most formidable aspect, and
when speedy death appeared to be inevitable,
ii is physicians pronounced his case incurable.--when
he commenced the use of this simple but
powerful remedy. His health was restored in a
verv short time, and no return of the disease has
been apprehended, for all the symptoms quick'y
disappeared, and his present weight is more than
two hundred pounds.
Since his recovery. he has devoted his attention
exclusively to the cure of consumption. nd the
diseaf.es which are usually complicated with it.
and the cures effected by bis medicines have bean
very numerousand truly wonderful. Dr. Schenck
makes professional visits to several of the larger
cities weekly, where he has a large concourse in
patients, and it is truly astonishing to see poor
consumptives that have to be lifted out of their
carriages, and in a lew nionins neaitny, roousi
persons. Dr Schenck s Pulmonic Syrup, sea-.
Weed Tonic, and Mandrake Pills are generally
aU required in curing consumption Full direc
tions accompany each, so that any one can take
them without seeing Dr. Schenck, but when it is
convenient it is best to see him. He gives advice
free, but for a thorough examination with his
Respiroineter his fee is three dollars.
Please observe, when purchasing, that the twQ
likenesses of the Doctor one when in the las
stage of consumption, and the other as he now is.'
in perfect health are on the Gouernment stamp.
Sold by all druggists and dealers. Price $1 50
per bottle, or 57 50 the bait alozen. Letters for '
advicesbould always be directed to Pr. Schenck 'a
principal olfice. No. 15 North 6th St., Fhil'a, Pa.
General Wholesale Agents: Deuias Barnes A
Co.. N Y .; S. S. Hance. Baltimore, Md.; John D,
Park. Cincinnati, Ohio ; Valker A Urcs., St. Louis,
Missouri. Oct. 17, IS6-J. 3
Wholesale Grocers,
Pork packers, Dealers in Glass, Iron and Nails;
Family Flourof best brands ; Bacon, Hams, Sides
and Shoulders ; Lard, Mess Pork, Dried Beef.and
Cheese; Beans, Hominy and Dried Fruit ; Carbon
and Lard Oil, etc.
Red Frost, No 255 Liberty Street Pittsburg,
Penn'a. March 6, J867-lr.
Successors to Foster, Perks, Wright A Co.,
Philipsburg, Cestre Co., Pa.
Where all the business of a Banking House
will be transacted promptly and upon the most
lavoraoie terms.
Mareh 20.-tf .
rwn. perks.
( f )AL Whale, and Linseed Oil, Family Dyes,
j arnia
ish and Paintaof all kind ground in Oil,
for sale by