Raftsman's journal. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1854-1948, August 29, 1866, Image 4

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: The- Work of CongTcas.; ,,' '
As the Democratic organs throughout the
country are laboring to create the impres
sion that some vasit'fork oP mischief was
wrcraght by Congress atits latese&oos,. we,
wish to put' on record in briei' v. aat it really
did. .".. Ot i ' ? I :
Tbe Republican - Congress reduced ' the
Domestic tares to the exterrtVf seventfivQ
m'lSbus of dollars per aiinum.' : 1 ' '
It provided fur th gradual , reductiin , of
the great volume oi paper currency, ' at a
certain fixed rate, - bo that financiers and
business men1 might : know how to calculate
the future and be relieved of all danger of a
commercial crash, , on account of the coo
traction of the currency. ' - ':'
' It provided for the protection of the reve
nue from foreign imports, by more stringent
enactments to guard against systematic un
dervaluation, t through which tbe Treasury
has been robbed of countless millions ot dol
lars. ;- - - ." : " ;
It secured . equality' before the law to all
citizens of tbe United States, of every race
and government, and made every-- native
born adult a national citizen. ' ' 3 '
It furnished ample protection for the
freed men against their late, masters and
their associates in the enjoyment of all their
rights. - '
It secured a homestead to all settlers on
the public lands in the gulf States under the
national laws, and so provided fur the poor
whites and blacks of the South a future home
of their own, better than any they could have
otherwise hoDed tor. '
It reduced the number of Supreme Court
Judges br gradual process.
It secured the election of United States
Senators against the future action of factious
minorities. ' ,'
It admitted the reconstructed State of
Tennessee under circumstances which point
out the way in ' which other reconstructed
States may return to their old places in Con
gress. " - - .
It restricted the . standing armies to not
more than fifty thousand men, against the
urgent appeals of all who wanted a force-of
one hundred and seventy-hve thousand.',
It also passed a resolution amending the
Constitution,, in an .important particular
made necessary by the war, which it adopt
ed by the States will go far to restore har
mony, good will, and justice to all concerned.
TT STRAY. Strayed away from tbe premises
. . , . ,'as
aA or tne subscriber in A Itoona, islair county.
about tne 1st ot August. i-i6t. a liznt red : cow.
with star in face, and ends of horns battered off.
Any information a '.a ber .whereabouts will
be thankfully received, and a suitable Teward
given,., , . , v ,, . H,, L. lllLbi.
Aug. 8, 13661 - A 1 toon. Pa,
FARM FOR SALE. The subscriber offers
his farm of 53 acres, situate in Union twp.,
Clearfield county, at private sale. Thirty acres
of the land is cleared and in a good state of cul
tivation tbe balance is well timbered, with a
food 'vein of coal underlying the whole tract,
he improvements are a log house, bank barn,
and otner oatbatldings, with a good spring ot
water Sear the house, and convenient ta school
hou mills. ke There is alm growing on tbe
premises about 230 fruit trees, all bearing, equal
to any in the county. Terms will' i-e easy. Foj
further information cnll on tbe subscriber residing
on the premises, or address him at Rock ton P. O..
Clearfield county, Pa.' ' 1
June 27. 1866. i -iJ r . . i P. TI. BOOZE. 1
is hereby given, tbat all persons who are en
titled to exemption tinder the late act of Assembly,
and have failed to present their discharge papers
at this office, will please attend to this duty on or
before tbe 26th day i'f August next, as tbe Com
missioners are determined to close out the Collec
tors' accounts by the 1st day of September next.
Those failing to respond will be compelled to bear
tbe penalty ineurred by neglecting this notice.
The discharge papers can either be presented
in person, sent in by a friend, or transmitted
through the mail to tbis office, whereupon tbe ex
emption papers will be made out and delivered
to tbe proper parties. It will then become the
duty of those claiming exemption from bounty
tax to at once present their exemption papers to
to the proper collector, so as to enable him to set
tle his duplicate without delay. By order of the
Commissioners.. W. 8. BRADLEY,
Clearfield, Pa V July 18. ISf.ft. - Clerk.
" " , ' !
. V, ., :-f t
Have just returned from the east and are now
opening an entire new stock of goods in the room
formerly occupied by Wni. F. Irwin, on Market
Street, which they now offer to the publio at the
lowest cash prices. - .
Their stock consists of a general assortment of
jjtj uooas." uroceries, ' yueensware, Hardware,
Boot-v Shoes. Hats. Caps. Bonnets, Dress Goods,
Fruits, Candies Fish. Salt. Brooms, Nails, etc. ,
in fact, everything usually kept fn .a retail store
can ' be bad by calling at this store, or will be
procured to order. .--
c i .- . - : a ...: It-
Their stock Is well selected, and'eonsistt of the
newest goods, is of the best quality, of. the latest
tyles. and will be sold at lowest price's for cash,
or exchanged for approved country produce.
, . . . . . . , ....... i
Be sure and call and examine our stock before
making your purchases, as we are determined to
please all who may favor us with their custom. .
May 9, 1866. ; . J. SHAW A SON.
Xj O T II I NO. Ill
Men, Youths and Beys can be uptpiod with full
suits of seasonable and tashionable clothing at
1,1 . - .a .',:; ....; .;-..
where It ! Mid at prices that will induce their
parehase."; The universal 'satisfaction which bss
been given, has induced , them to increase their
'ookj which Is now not surpassed by any estab
lishment of the kind in this part of the State.
f ; '. Reizenstein Bro's 4 Co A
Sell goods at very small profit, for cash ; ? .
Their goods are well made and fashionable. ,
They give every one the worth of his money. N
They treat their customers all alike.. . , v
They sell cheaper thaa every bedy else. ..
Their store U conveniently situated. f 0
They having purchased their stock t reduced
- .'"" prices they can tell eaeapeVuaa pthers
Far these and other reasons persons should ly
their eloUiag at . ,t i Mf r
: i ri.f r-'S.c. KEIZKNSTEtN BRO'S Jt CO.
Predaee gf every kind taken at the-highest
maiket priees. May 18, 18(14--
-. r i. t ., j ., . ! : r-rr I ,
FOR. SiLErtdMM barrels of goodan
ily fttnr.;toclos out the stock, at 1
in. tw.iaoov msnnnLii ec mttLEH'S. -
STOVES of all -sorts and sties, constantly "oa
3 hand at MEHRELL BIOLER'S "
I SI I, Salt and planter in large quantities
,at s Jlar--i, lSba. J.r. lvRJ.i.J.iv ,.
EATI1ERS. A lot of prime' fekthers for
sale at J. P KEATZER'S. June S,lSn6,lm .
lISn Mackerel, bad
. Herring in all sited
Plaster. Fresh Ground Piaster forsaie by 4 three parts vjz :;; the anterior, tne m
J.P. KKATZEa - Juned, ISW.-lm, K nn,l thf rxterior. r ' 1
CABLE CHAINS a good article, on hand
andforsaleby MERR.ELL A EIGLEK"
LEATHER an assoitment for sale y . . ,
. , December J 1 84. ...... Clearfield Pa.
ODDER V UTTE RS-of a up rior mak
for sale at reasonable pr.jes.a jituticikifV
and BIilLEK'c. Clearfiei, Pa
FLOUR. A large quantity Extra Family
Flour, in Barrels. tatk' and i Sacks for
sale by u feb. 22. Idft5. . Wi F. IRWIN.)-
FLOTJR AND FEED. Extra Family Flour,
Bolted corn meal, rye ehop. Ac .for; sale by
June 6. lSea. lm. ".- - J, P. KRATZEK.-
SWAIMS PANACEA, -Kennedy's Medical
Discovery, Hembold's Buehu, Bake'aCod Liv
er Oil, Jayne's and Ayer'a Medicines, for sale by-
vn". n I. , .
TRUSSES and abdominal supporter of every
: kind, and ot the best improvments. for sale
at tbe Drue Store of - ' ' ' ' 1
Jan 10 18rt6. HARTSWICK A INWIN '
t 1 1 ' T - - 1 -
SALT ! SALT !! SALT !!! A prime arti
cle of ground alum salt- put up in patent
sanies, at $ t.25 per saoK, at tbe cheap cash stoi e of
November 27. K.MOSSO?.
of every variety, sold as low for cash, a at
any store in the county, by
- Dec 6. ISrti. T; : IRVIN A HARTSHORN.,
WT ANTED S5.000 worth of county bands
11 Those of longest dates preferrea. Apply
Tune 23.1RB5.
Clearfield. Pa.
RUSS ST. DOMINGO, Eubball's, Drake's.
Hoofland's German, A Hosteller's A Green's
Oxygenated Bittera, and pure liquors of all kinds
for medical purpose, for sale by "...
A LARUE LOT OF CLOTIlINC-inelu-dingsome
extra qualityof Beaver Over-coats,
and a. complete assortment of cassimere goods,
made up in suits to match for sale by ' -
Dee 6,1865: IRVIN & HARTSHORN;
NEW FI UM The undersigned have this day
formed a copartnership under the firm name
of Irvin A Hartshorn, for the transaction of a gen
eral merchandise and lumber business. A lar?e
and well selected etoc't of goods has been added
to that already oh hand at the -'corner store" in
Curwensville. where we are now prepared to ghn.w
customers a complete assortment, with prices as
low as the lowest. . The highest market rates puid
for lumber of all descriptions. The patronage of
tbe public is respoctiully solicited.
! Curwensville. July 17. 1865 - '
Tl T IT S 1 C A L i I N S T R U M E N T S
1TJL , r ' B. M. GREENE , , ,
Has opened his Music Store, one door west of
W. Lewis' Book Store, where he keeps censtantly
on hand Steinway & Sons' and Gaehles Piano
Manufacturing Company's Pianos, Maen A Ham
lin s Cabinet Organs and Carhart. iNeednam A
Co. s' Melodeons; Guitars, Violins, Fifes. Flutes;
Guitar and Violin Strines.
1 Musio Books Golden Chain, Golden Shower
Golden Censer.Golden Trio, Ac, ic. .
Sheet Musio lie is constantly receiving from
Pbiladxlphiaall tbe latest music, wbicb . persons
at a distance wishing can order, and have sent
them by mail at publisher's prices. ."
. rPianos and Organs Warranted for five yenra.
' Thof wishing to bay any of the above articles
are invited to call ami examine mine before pur
chasing elsewhere. My prices are the same as in
fsew lork aDl I hiladelpnia.
Circulars ot Instruments sent promptly upon
application with any additional information de.
sired. A - M M. UKEllJ,
Hill street Huntingdon, Pa , One door West of
Lewis liooK store. - JJec. b, lsoa.
1ST A. U GL "E
. , f; ;; : WATCH MAKES, ,s , ;
The undersignod respectfully informs his old
customers and the public. . that he has on band,
(and constantly receiving new additions,) a large
stock of Clocks, Watches and Jewelry. .
CLOCKS, large variety from the best Man
ufactory, consisting of Eight-day and thirty-hour
spring and Weight, and Levers, Time, Strike and
Alarm clocks. i . ,:: . ; "i
! WA TCHES a fine assortment. of silver Hunt
ing and open case American patent Levers, plain
and full jeweled. : . ; . .
GOLD rENS. an elegant assortment, of the
best quality.. Also, in silver extension and desk
holders . ;
SPECTACLES, large assortmant.ar and
near sight, colored and plain glass. - .'
JEWELRY of ever' variety, from a single
piece to a full set ,.
. ALSO, a fine assortment of Spoons, Forks, but
ter knives, etc., plated on genuine Alabata. : ,
All kinds of Clocks. Watches and Jewelry oare
nlly repaired and Warranted.
, A continuance ot patronage is solicited.'
Nov. 2Sth. 1865. - H. F. NAUGLE 1
Has removed to his new ware rooms on Market
Street, and opened a large stock of Seasonable
Dry Goods, Hardware, Queensware, etc
FOR LADIES, he has Cashmeres. Merinos, Rep
Delaines. Parmetto, brilliant. Poplins, Alpaoa.
Berege, Li wns, Prints Silks. Dusterclotha, Ging
hams, Nankeen, Linen. Lace.. Edging. Velvet
trimming. Collerette, Braid. Belts. Dress-buttons,
Hosiery, Veils, Nets, Corsets. Collars. Hoods.
Nubias, Scarps, Hoop-skirts. Balmorals, Coats,
Shawls, Mantles, Furs, Notions. Bonnets, Hats,
Ribbons, Flowers, Plumes.
MEN'S WEAR, Such asCloths-Cassimere, Sati
tinett. Flannel, Jean, Tweed, Cottonade, Muslin,
Italian-cloth, Velvet, Plush, . Check,. Ticking,
Drilling, Linen Crash, Sorgo, canvass. Padding
Linsey, Vestings, Coats. Pants, Vests, Over-coats,
Shawls, Boys Jackets, Over-alls. Drawers Cass
mere shirts. Linen-Shirts, Boots and Shoes, .Hats
and Caps. Ae. Ac
pet, Oil cloth Blinds, Curtains, Tassels. Cord,
Clocks, Looking-glasses, Lamps, Churns. Tubs,
Buckets, Brooms. Brushes, Baskets, Washboards,
Butter-bowels, Selves, .Flat-irons, Coffee-mill,
Bad-cords, Bags, Wall-paper, Carpet-chain, Cot
ton yarn. Candle-wick. Work-baskets, Lanterns,
Lmbrellas, Buffalo Robes, Carpet Bags, Axes, and
Augers. Ac, Ae., Ac. . ,.; , '
MUSIC AX GOODS, Such ma Tiolins,. Flutes and
Fifes , ;.
HARDWARE, Queensware,' Glassware, Stone
ware. Groceries. Drugs... Confectiocaries Med
icines, Floor, Bacon. Fiah. Salt. Grain, Fruit, Cari
riage.Trimmuigs. Shoe Findings, Schoot Books,
b J"?' V4 th! biSh market prices paid for
all kind of country produce. J. P. KR ATZER-
Clearfield. Pena'a.
WANTED.-1O0OO lbs wool wanted,'
f . for which the city Market price win be
paid by',.; , . . . , r J. P. KRATZER.
S A LT a ' good 'article, and Very 'eheap' at th"'!
- store of WM. F. IRWIN, Clearnel J. -
f r.j n - 6 . i1108' Powder,. fcht.
Lead, Onnu-stones, Rafting Rone etc etn -AH
of which will be soldn ft!' 11'. L':
' The" kidnWs'Vre two- in number, BlU
uated at the", tipper part of the ; loin,
gurrounded by.fati and consisting of
I The anterior absorbs; the interior consists of
tissues or veins, wbicb serve as .. "pj" v,v
urine, and convey it to the exterior ; the exterior
is a conductor also, terminating in. a single tnte.
and called the ureter; the ureter? are connected
with the bladder. : . ' - " '
The bladder is composed of various
coverings or tissues, divided into pans. n . iue
r,nor lh. Ina.F th. nerVOUS. nd the mUCOUS.
The upper expels, the lower retaan. : Many bare
a desire to urinate witnoui in """""'r1:
rinate without the .ability to retain, ibis fre
quently occurs in children. .- : 1 J - ' ! ! -
To cure these affections we must
bring into action the muscle, which are engaged
in their various functions. If they are neglected
Gravel and Dropsy may ensue. , , . ,, ,.,(,. 1T ,v
' The 'reader must also be made aware
that, however alieht'Tuav he the attack, it is sure
to affect his bodily health and mental powers, as
our . flesh and hlood are supported , trom .tnese.
sources. ' " " . .
Gout or Rlieuraatism.
i Pain occurring in the loins is indic
ative of the above diseases. They occur in per
sons disposed to acid stomach and chalky secre
tions. .
The Gravel.;
The' Gravel ensues from neglect or
the improper treatment of the kidnevs
These organs being weak, the water is not expel
led trom tne bladder, but allowed to remain ; it
becomes feverish and sediment forms, j It is from
this deposit that the stone. is formed and Gravel
T) II O P S Y ; ;
Is a collection . of water in some parts
of the body, and hears different names, according
to tbe part aflected, vnr wten generally amused
over the body, it is called Anasarca ! irhen of the
abdomen, 'Ascites ; wben of tne cbest, Hydro-
thorax ' - - ' " -- " '
! Ilclmbold's highlv concentrated Ex
tract of Buehu is decidedly one of the
best remedies for diseases of the bladder, kidneys.
gravel, dropsical swellings, rbeumatipin, and gou
ty affections. Under this head we have arrnng
ed Dysuria. or difficulty and rain in passing wat
er; Scanty secretion, or sinail and frequent dis
charges of water; Stranguary, or stopping of
water; Hematuria, or bloody urine ; Gout and
Rhematism of the kidneys, without any change
in quantity, but increase of color or dark water.
It was always highly recommended by the late
vr rnysicK in tbese aileotiona. ,
mi i. ' '
.lnis meaicmc increases tne power
or digestion, and excites tbe absorbent into heal
thy exercise, by wbich the watery or calcareous
depositions and all annntural enlargements, as
well as pain and inflamation, are reduced, and is
taken by
Men, W6men& Children.
Directions for use and diet accompany,
! Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 25, 1857.
H. T. Helmbold, Dnifffrist: -
j " Dear Sir : I have been a suffer
er, for upwards of twenty years, with
Travel, bladder, and kidney affections,
during which ;imo I bave used various medicinal
preparations, and been under tho treatment of
the most eminent physicians, experiencing but
uiuo renex. j
Having seen your preparations ex
tensively advertised,! consulted with my family
puysiciau in regard to using your tract Liuctiu
. I did this because I used all kinds
of advertised remedies,1 and had found
them worthless, and some quite injurious; in fact,
I despaired of ever getting well, and determin
ed to use no remedies unless I knew of tbe ingre
dients. It was this that prompted roe to use your
remedy As you advertised that it was compos
ed of wrcBu, cl'bebs. and jcxipeb berries, it oc
curred to me and my physician as an excellent
combination, and. with bis advice, after an exam
ination of the article, and consulting again with
the druggist. I ooncoluded to try it. I commen
ced its use about eight months ngo, at which time
I was confined to ray room. Prom the first, bot
tle I was astonished and gratified at the benefi
cial effect, and arter nsing it three weeks, was a
ble to walk ont. : I felt much like writing you a
full statement of my case at the time, but thought
my improvement might only be temporary and
therefore' concluded to dpfer and see if it wonld
effect a perfect cure., knowing then it would be of
greater value to you vtid more satisfactory to me
I am now able to report; that 'a cure
is. effected after. using the remedy for
five months. : " '. ' .' : - -
! I have not .used any now for three
months, and feel as well in all respects
as I ever did.', y ;. ' ' ; . ! " : :
Vour Buehu being devoid of any unpleasant
ta&te and odor, a nice tonic and invigorator of the
system. I do. not mean to be without it whet ever
occasion may require its use in such affections
Vv.t -.:ff: M. M'CORMICK.
Should any doubt Mr. McCormick's statement.'
he refers to the following gentlemen : .. v
Hon. Wm. Bigler, Ex-Gov. Penii'a.
lion. Thomas B. Florence, PluTa. .;
Hon. J. C. Knox, Judge, Phil'a.
Hon. J. S. Black, Judge,-PIiil'iJi'.tnV;
Hon. D. R. Porter, Ex-Gov. Penn'a.
Hon. Ellis Levis, Judge, Phil'a.
. Hon. R. C. Grier Judge, S. Court.-'
; Hon. G. WTToodward' Judger Phil a
! Hon; W. A. Porter City Solicitor,Phil.
Hon. John Bigler Ex-Gov. California
Hon. E. Banks, Auditor Gen. Wash
ington, D..C,
many others, if necessary. ' - ?
; VbROAIJ WA V, (Metropolitan Hoiel j '
Kew York,; November l-1365-ly.
TAT10X BITrCU?, fors tleatMeti s-Glen
Hope, Pa ... M'y 30th. i S6.
TfUMBLE-SKEINS and "Pipe-boxwor
'Wagnns, for Saltf by'MERRELL s BIGLER
CJTRAMG!,' BUT' TRUE. Every yennir
t. iujr idu genueman jd iuc vm:4
benr somrthin very muh tk.tieir advantage by
... . : 1 , C .. C - U . .. n.l.ajcim, t V, Ji
liuru uiRii .'rvoui vumtv.f j - , . " -nnilpisiffnMl.
ThMA hii'im, fM&n of beinir hnm-
bngged will oblige by notnotieitig this card; All
others will please address their obedient servant,
X. vua .i,..,
Jan. 3. 13fi6-ly,f - , 83t Broadway, N York.
T-RROKS OF YOUTH. A Gentleman who
l suffered - for years from Nervous - Debility.
Premature Deeay. and all the etteets or youimui
indiscretion, 'will for the sake or suffering Human
ity, send free-to all who need it-1 the recipe and
directions' for malting', the piraple" remedy by
which he was cured.- Sufferers - wishing to profit
by tbe advertiser's cxperienee.-can do so by ad
dressing o-' i J -joiIN B. OHDEN. V
Jan. 3 1805-ly. o. 13, Ohambers St. X.l;
GRAIN C'HADLbS. The subscriber would
respectfully inform, the farmers of Clearfinkl
county, that he has on hand a lot of superior
grain cradles, whicn ne is ottering for sale.. Xne
finders nre perl eeuy waier-prooi ana are warrant
ted to retain their position, which is not the case
with any. other make now offered to the publio.
Call and examine and be convinced of their su
periority.- i ' 1
May iutn, iaoo.
for the benefit and as a CAUTION TO YOUNG
MEN and others.-who suffer from Nervous DebiliV
ty, Premature Decay of Manhood. Vo.: supplying
at tne same .time ine.-Mear.sol en-cure, rsy
one who has oured niuiseit arter undergoing con
siderable quackery. By enclosing a postpaid ad
dressed envelope, single Jopis free of charge may
be had bv the author. ' e - ' : - -I '
.1 A LA.'l i' A Xj .TA 1 A Jill., J.r,.,
Jan. 31, lSti8-ly. - Brooklyn. Kings Co-. N . Y.'
: Will Cure the Itch in 43 Hours. ' '
Price 50 cents. For sale by all druggists. By
sending 60 cents to WEEKS & POTTER. Pole A
eents. 170 Washington Street. Boston.it will be
forwarded by mail, free of postage, to any part of
the United .Sutes. ' June 6, lS56,-ly. .
Q N ,H I S .0 W N H O O K!!
- ' . DP.' lA.. C3--A.TJT-.IISr, -Merchant
Tailor aiul General Clothier.
The undersigned having located in Clearfield
Borough, would respectfully inform the public
tbat he has opened a Merchant Tailor and gener
al Clothing establishment, in Graham's Kow,
immediately over H. F. Naugle's Jewelry store,
where he keeps on hand a full assortment of
Cloths, Cassimeres and Vesting, wbich he ia pre
pared to make up to order, on short notice.- '.
Particular utteition will be given to outting
Mens'. Boys' and ehildrens' clothing, in the most
fashionable styles.
i Having had a number of years experience in
the business, he flatters himself that Be is able to
give satisfaction to all who may favor him with
their custom. Give him a call.
Mayl6,lSG6.1 p. A. Q AULIN. ;"
r ' ' ' " 1 '" " 11 1 ' ' '"' ' "
rpO CONSUMPTIVES. The undersigned
A having been restored tohealth in af-w weeks,
by a very simple remedy, after Having suffered
several years with a severe lung affection, and that
dread disease, consumption is anxious to make
Known to his fellow sufferers the means of cure. ,
; To all who desire it, he will send a copy of the
prescription used (fiee of charge), with the direc
tions for nrecarinir and usine the same, which
they will find, a slek cube. for consumption!
ly object of the advertiser in sending the Pre
scription is to benefit the afflicted, and spread in
formation which he conceives to be invaluable;
and he hopes every sufferer will try his remedy,
as it will cost them nothing, and may prove a
blessing. Parties wishing, the prescription will
please address.
Rev. EDWARD A. WILSON. Williamsburg
i Jan '-3, 16G6-ly. Kings county. N Y one
MISS E. A. F;RY.NER,Teacherof Piano
Forte, Melodeon, Cabinet Organ, Guitar,
Harmony and Vocal Music.'1 For the sole purpose
of keeping inferior Instruments out of thecouaty
Miss Rynder has secured agencies for the sale of
really good and durable Piu;-,os. Organs. Guitars
and Melodeons. As chief among a lare list of
qooit Instruments may-be mentioned,. .,.
Cbickerings and Sons Grand, Square and Up
right Piano Fortes. Lindeman's and tons new
patent Cycloid Piano. Calenberg & Vaupcl's
Grand and. Square Pianos , Mason & Hamlin's
Cabinet Organ.. Etiy's Cottage Organ. Tieat &
I.inslcy's Organs and Melodeons. llaTs Guitars.
4c . which she will sell at a very trifling advance
on Manufacturers priees. thns ennbling purchas
ers to secure Instruments that will be a pleasure
to own. for no greater outlay of money than would
be required to get inferior articles that are "ilar
at any prte."
Music Books, Paper, Guitar Strings and Sheet
music constantly on hand at the store of Mrs. H.
D. Welsh. September, 20. 165.' '
Having refitted and removed to the room'lately
occupied by Richard Mossop, on Market St., now
offer low for cash, a well selected assortment ol
Also, Patent Medicines of all kinds. Paints. Oils,
Glass, Pntty, Dye-stuffs; Stationary. Tooacco and
Sega.'s, Confectionary, Spices, and a larger stock
of varieties than ever before offered in this place,
and warranted to be of the best the market afi
fords. Inspect their stock before- purchasing
elsewhere, and they feel warranted in saying tbat
vou will be pleased with the quality and price of
their goods . Remember the place Mossop s old
stand, on Market St. Dej. 6, 1365.
g O M E T II I N G '- N :E W
j '"' DRUGS f DRUGS !! DRUGS !!! '
... ('.' i r
The nndersigned wonld respectfully announce
to the publio that he has opened a Drug Store, in
ihe room recently fitted up in the bonse of George
Kittlobarger. on Main -street, Curwensville, Pa.,
one door West of Hippie A Faust's store, where
he intends to keep a general assortment of J '
; Drug Medicines, Oils, Paints', ' -Z
, ,. Dje-stuffs, Patent Medicines, Perr ' '
j fumeiy, Toilet Goods Confectiona
ries,' Spices, Canned ' Fruit; Tobacco,
; Cigars, Books, Stationary, Pencils, ,
i Pens, Inks, and a general variety
; of Notions; Glass, Putty, etc.-'
' The want of a Drug Store hs long been ielt in
Curwensville, and as that want Is now supplied,
the undersigned. hopes, by strict attention to bu
siness, to merit and receive a liberal share of
publio patronage. v "' r
His stock embraces most articles' needed in a
community, is entirely new. and of the best qual
ity, which he will dispose of at roasonable priees
Call and examine the goods, which cannot fail
h iilMkjt ' Tnernn ti t , . .
November 8. 1865;
SEVERAL SE-T3 'of heavy ? double' harness
and borne made h orse collars at th e store of -Dec,
6.1S65:;-' I RVTN fc HARTSHORN.1
niSSKn FRUIT, for aal.
0 i
ilL, Potty1, Paints Glass and Walls' for sale at
ADIES FURS, and. Gents' fur capsy for
sale at the '-corner store. Curwensville. Fa
TO HORSE OWNERS. The undersigned
having recently, discovered an infallible and
simple cure for that annoying malady in horses,
known as' iioot-oound." Any person Jenaingn
in a letter. ill Teceive,:Ly rctuTii mail a recipe
giving proper directions as to the necessary treat
ment. Address., - - JACOB IKttl.x.
September 21, 1864-tf. , i - Clearfield. Pa. .
I - . . VJiAW.j. A .... ... ..U.I 11. JUI VW9
cd tbe Photograph establishment formerly con
, ti i . i ...,ii u.n..trnit......A.
to the citizens of CleaTfield and adjoining coun
ties, that he has .recently made additional im
provements 'to oom say-ugBi ion pn, .nu
he flatters himself that he can satisfy the m est
fastideous taste in TUCK and lifelike likeness ,
.lie also keeps constantly on nana a gooa assort
ment cf Guilt. Rosewood, nd Walnut frames'
r .11' ; ,wiA md an endless
mvuui, . . '. J .
variety of eases, lockets, etc. which he will dis
pose ot at very moaeraie prices, ior c--"u' .
Bis gallery is ia Shaw s row, (up staira Mar
ket street. Clearfield, Pa.,, where he is always rea
dy to accommodate .customers' who may be id
want of a good Likeness of themselves or friends.
Particular attention paid to oopying all kinds
rof pictures, etc. . November 1. 1865
The Bnbeeriber is fully- prepared to furnish
Sheet Music, Strings, Musical Instruments, and '
Masio Books of all kinds at the lowest trade
rates, wholesale and retail, from the largest . iol
lections in this country. ' ' ' '
Orders punctually and faithfully attended to.
,. ... Address all orders, ,
. SIBERIA OTT, 681 Broadway, N. X. -
P I A X 6 FOR T E S , ,
, The subscriber, late a member of this well
; " known firm has established a - ,-.
581 Broadway,. New Y'ork City, :
Where he will be pleased to receive the orders of
his friends and the public, and especially to hear
trom those who have so liberally bestowed their
patronage on tbe firm heretofore. , He will sup
ply these superior instruments to the trade
Wholesale and Retail, at the verv Low
; ' est Prices, ' '
Made with tbe Insulated Iron Rim and Frame
: (cast in one solid plate.) They excel all oth- -'
ers in durability and superiority of tone,
and elegance of external appearance,
All these Pianos have overstrung Scales, giving
in connection with the patent iron rim and frame.
Full Round Powerful, and Street Meltow Tones.
The Cases are elegant in appearance, and easily
and safely handled., , . ' ,,,.,,
Warranted to prove satisfactory, or the
. money, returned. ..'5 . , , ,
-r ' Address all orders to : j , - '
. i, SIBERIA OTT, 5l Broadway, Y T.
g , D. : & Hv :W. SMI T II ' S
! AMERICAN organs; V : '!
; The Most r.e-ct and Beautiful
M U SIC A L 1 N S T it U M EN T
IN TIIE world, ; ' '. ;
ran vhk
'. ! : J - ; . .
Makes home attractive, refines and elevate j the
minds of all, beautiful in appearance and effect. "
. Siberia ott, ': :
j 581 Broadway, New York City, :
The immense popularity of these Organsand
their superior Musical Powers, is fast bringing
them before the public,' as the instrument so long
desired in AMERICAN HOMES. '- And although
the cost price ii but a trile over the Melodion.
yet the musical advantages., beauty of tone and
quieknessof touch and action are so far superior,
that they are fast superceding the Melodion, and
the call is now almost exclusively for the ' ; '
It is'adaptod to any niosiefrom the quickest and
most lively, to the heavy tone of the Church Ori
gan. And almost universally they are pref erred
to the Piano, y persona who have- them, yet cost
ing less than half, and only taking a small amount '
i.. n n ... . i
o room., in ii . i T.I r-vtt-A cO r
Send for dtseriptiveetrifiaritffitnnei
Exclusive. Agencies. secpred. to Dealers, and
. " -.v ' - - t. ir. t . vti.-n .it ,J;
largo discwtints to the trade. and Teaoher. Ad
dress all ordeTs,'-- c j a sec.'fm I'.y. p-n'?
'V ''.StBERfA OTT, ;, Wholesale Ag'en-'I!;:i
' ' 5&l BioadwayiNi. ork,..f
New Tork, April 4th, 18A.-y t"
The RArtSMA-Vs Jmtusa is nhUthe
nesday at 't2.00 per "anhuni in 'advance.' If iL
paid at the beginning of -tba-year. Slil Will
ebarged, and $3,00, if not paid before the elo
the year, , i'. J 0.1 A tU- 1 . 1, i,; ( ,? ;
' AnvEBTiSEMX5rs will be inserted at $l,5fl
square, for. tore or, less . Insertions Tea nL, '
(or le.vs) counting a sqhare. " Tor. ertry addhioMj
insertion, 0 cents wul he; charged '. A dedttetio '
will be made to yearly' advertisers
. No subscription taken for a shorter tims W' t
six months, and no paper will be discontinued IB.
till alt arrearages are paid. except at the op ties i
the; pablisheK J, ,X-.rf.&.J. R0VT.
Hasjujit received "and opened at the old stta)'
in Curwensville, an entire new stock of Fall uf
Winter Goods, wh icb he will ell very cheap faA
i Dry GoodsjGrofenes, '
' Hardware, Queensware', Ttoott ;
' . and 'Shoe's Ilats and CapaRedy--made
clothing, etc. 1
The public generai.'j is respecfolly Itvitfd (
give him a call see his stock and bear his prior,
and purchase from him if' yon find it will btt
your advantage,- .;,'. .'. :si -Not. 15, 186J
. , JiY OF yORK,PA.,
Insures against loss or damage by fire.' It Is tt
safest company in the State, and iias made no -
sessments since its establishment, and heace itk '
tbe mort economical ' " S. J.-ROW, Agent.
June 21, 1665. Clearfield, Pa.
Columbia-Pa ,
It sure against loss by 'fire, on very saodtrtte
terms either on the mutaal or eash principle..
Special rates for the safer olass of farm property.
This is one of tbe oldest and best companies ia
country, and bears a reputation for prompto
and strict business integrity second tocoolbir
in the State.' ' S. J. ROW, Agent.
Dec 27, 1863... i : - .. . Clearfield, Pa... i;
179'4.: Chartered, 1794.-
The oldest Insurance company in America.'" Cj4
i capital and surplus, nver 1,715,000.00.
. Seventy one years Successful Busuieas Kxpaii.
ence.-with a reputation of Integrity aad Uoeora
ble dealing unsurpassed by any similar institntia. '
, Losses paid since organization Sl?.&0e.V0e.lM
; Liberal Rates for all the safer classe of prop r
ty. ' Insurance for dwellings and contents, a spe
ciality. - Brick and Stone buildings insured raa.
petuallt, if desired, on terms of the greats!.
conomy and safety to the insured.- '
i It is Wisdom and Ecokomt to insure la tk best
companies, and there ia sons aarraa thaa la oM
Secretary. ; ... Traurot.
Arthur G. CofiSn.
S. Morrfs Wala,
John Masoe,
George 1). llarriFocj, -Francis
K. Cop.
Edward H. Trotiar,
Edward S Clark,
Wm. Cummingi.
T. Charlton Hear,
Samuel W. Jones,
John A. Brown,'
Charles Taylor.
Ambrose White,
William Welsh,
Richard D. Wood,
Wm.E. Bowen,
James N. Dickson.
Wm. Bubbler, Central Agent of Peaa'a,
8. J ROW. Agent for Clearfield oo.; deela
Life Insurance at-Home.
The Penn Mutual Life Insurance C.t
; ' 921 Chestxut Strbev, Phiw'a.
Insures Lives on favorable terms, and will liti
Policieson any of the approved plans of iuarsiiec;
Assets liable to losses 91,221,289 71.
Snrpfus divided AnnnaHy. Losses paid prompt
ly Premiums may be paid in cash; annnnllT.
semi-annually or quarterly; jr one-half ia cut,
and one-half in note: By a supplement lotkt
charter, notes hereafter received will pariiri i
iu all Dividends or Surplus. crip certificates
to January, 1S59, inclusive, are now receiriMtii
payment of preTioms ' - ! - .
Agency,, at the office 'of H. B.Swoorr.. Clsr
field, Pa; . Dr J, U. Ilartiwick, Medical Exsvi-,
n e r., , T , -i . August 21, 1W-
: :?rrF -O, U ;T - ; .c.!
: Hre aii' CattlrPewflerg-
JTrV Thli prrj armimn, .
f ktwwTl. will Hi-'.
I . muchly runiior.n ..
by sirasf ibcawS-.'
.f uid e!caii5iue
' Momach and icu
V: tines -r--
-. It i a soi .
".vcrtlr of It
. ura Incident t
this animal, such as LCX8 FEVEB, CLAXtEEi, .
, EXEHliY.tc. lu :
use improves 'thef
"win, wiemues
the appetite-(ire
: a smooth aud .
. ftlosay skin and :
trnfrai . ft I. '
. miserable tkeltn lato'afiRe-ltMvkins and fpintt ;
To keepers of Cows fliin 'iMranitiiiO is Invalosl ,
. . a . . . . .'. - - ..mlt
ft uKiam uic quanuLj ana mfravn iiic 'i"-
j ( theBiik. ltl
beta prurtn vj
tual experii " .
tncrtase the
tity of . snilk i
cream twrtitr r ,
vt. ana '
batter Cra "
sweet. In f ,
cattle. K fi"
. much (a tar.
" . In all diseases of Swine, such as Coaglh P1
i me Langi, urcr,
sc., -tms article
-.acts as a pfci8c,
By putting- Xom
, one-half a paprr
- to a paper In. a
. barreto swill tlte ,
bore diseases
wU be eradicated
" er entirelv nreventod. . If aiven' la
J j- . I 17.... i ' I !
Price 25 Ceati iter .Pape", o- .5 Tspci tu-.i
. " ' AX THEIB -
" 116 Franklin. St Baltimore j
"'for Jrfe 1t DniKtrimca Wutd Stwrteppers
otrthe United fti-.it h , i J sH '
For-sale- by:Hartswic k.trwla, V??lf?'
Clearfield. Pa- ( .:j ' 'j VJf9':
re . ...
til"! 7!?. e -v r& '
lime. "'"