Raftsman's journal. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1854-1948, November 30, 1864, Image 3

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CLEAEFTELD, PA., NOV. 30, 1864.
Tyrone and Clearfield Railroad.
t....iT.mnt : : : : : 8.55 a. in
Arrives at Philipsburg at
Train leaves Philipsburg at :
Arrives at Tyrone at : :
11 00 a. m.
3 50 p. m.
5.55 p- ui.
Correction. We have been requested
to state, that iu the Commissioners ".Notice
to Collectors," aa heretofore published, an
omission occurred. The corrected notice
will be found under our head of ew Ad-
TertLsemen tstoja-v-
A Desertkr Caught. We clip the fol
lowing from the Elk County Adcocate:
'Deputy Mar.sh.ill, A. II. Head, left on
the Eastern train to-day for 1 1 arri.-burp. hav
ing in ehar.ee one Harry Fisher, arrested as a
-deserter from the regular service v It ap
pears on investigation, that Fisher is rather
a slippery chap his own statement is rather
unfavorable. The last charge is for deser
tion f oni Waterford camp, after leinr re
ceived as a substitute for Sheriff Perks of
Important Change. We learn that
Provost Marshall Campbell is about to re
move his headquarters to Ridgway, E!k
'otint. It is expected that the Board of
Enrollment will be fully established there a-Jn-ut
the 15th of December. Had the rail
road and telegraph been .in operation to
KiJgway, it would have been the place se
lected at first. It will be more central and
convenient for all parts of the district.
Good Advice. A hfge number of pack
ages intended for the army arrived at Wash
ington postofiice with the wrappers destroy
ed, or the address so mutilated that they
cannot be forwarded, and are therefore ne
cessarily sent to the Dead Letter Office. It
is officially suggested that persons sending
packages write on a card the full address,
and fasten securely to the contents of the
will package inside the wrapper, and this
will secure prompt delivery.
Ocr Street Crossings. It is a burning
disgrace to our town that in crossiiur the
street pedestrians are com polled to wade an
kle deep in fund. It is next to impossible
fur ladies to get across at all. The citizens
f-hould take the matter in hand, and if the
Borough authorities do not attend to it,
have them indicted for a nuisance. If not
attended to t once, it will toon be too late
this season, and we will be compelled to
wade in the mud all winter, save when it
happens to liejrojen.
The On. Well. The oil-well is progres
sing favorably. It is now down about thirty
feet. Thoy bore night and day, and average
about fix feet in twenty-four hours. The
gentleman in charge, who is from the Oil
region, thinks the indications are good. We
confess, our own faith in the discovery of oil
in this locality, is rather of ttc weakest.
But the luring of the well will, at all events,
let us kuow what i.- under our feet. As we
have a natural salt-luk at the river Ik re,
palt water will no doubt be found ih plenty.
Indeed, a salt well was bored a cumber of
years ago by Dr. Hoyt, some ten miles tip
the river, which produced salt water in
large quantity.
How to Prevent Wet Feet. A wri
ter in the Mechanics' Magazine, who says
he has had three pair ef boots last him six
years, and thmks he will wot require any
more for six years to come, tells how he treats
them. I put a pound of each of tallow and
rosin in a pot on the fire; when melted and
mixed, apply it Lot to the boot with a pain
ter'? brush until neither tkesole nor the up
per will soak any more. If it is desireable
that the boots should- immediately take a
polish, dissolve an ounce of wax in a tea
spoon full of turpentine and lamr black. A
dfty or two after the boots have been treated
with the rosin and tallow, rub over them this
wax ami turpentine, but not before the fire.
Thus the exterior will have a. coat of wax a
loneand shine like a miror. Tllw and
grease become raeid and r.t the slitt ing or
leather, but the rosin gives it an antiseptic
quality which preserves te whole.
Candy as a Dessert. Pure sugar and
candies, says ILilV Jwrwil ur Fi'altJi, do
Ji it injure the teeth, except indirectly by
their injudicious use, in exeitiiig acidity of
sT-imach, or dyspepsia", as will any other kind
ff.Mt-1, or drink, or beverege, if extrava
gantly ucd. At seasons of the year when
fruit and berries may not be ripe, fresh and
RriVet, as deserts pure sugars and candies
iiny l; ued as such in thier stead, to .great
a-kantage, because they are healthful, be
in? warming, nutricious, and agreeable;
"'m-e, as a table article they are very valua
'''. while almost universal love of them
liiws that they were intended to be eaten.
It' a child is not allowed to eat anything con
taining sugar, it will sicken ami die in a
vtry short time. Children need the carbon
tiie fuel contained insugar tokeep them
wanii ; without it they would -perish from
:'M ; hence the love of such things is an in-v,-!ix
t, implanted by the kind and wise Ma-
kr of us all, for the child's preservatiou.
There are a parcel of stupid creatures in the
'"rid. whose stock in trade of brains and
'"cie amounts to this, that "what is good is
"'"h.-althy" It is not advised that children
JoulJ be allowed to eat sugar and candy
h never they want it ; but that as a dessert,
after each regular meal, the use of pure
rpar and candies would benefit and not
IVj unto others, as you would that others
onH do Unto you:
Oar Eailroal.
If our citizens do not take some interest
in the extension of the Tyrone and Clear
field Railroad, they may wake Dp some fine
j morning and find themselves left in the
lurch, by the proposed extension west from
Osceola. We are informed that eertaiu in
fluences are at work to extend the road in
such a way that Clearfield will be left about
ten miles to the North.
The proposed change of the route of the
Pennsylvania Railroad, so as to avoid the
Summit Tunnel, i.s also worthy of our im
mediate attention. If Tyrone is made the
point at which this change of route will be
commenced, the road will probably run
through the Southern part of this county.
In that event it would require but little ef
fort to secure the erection of a road, to con
nect with the Sunbury and Erie, at the
mouth of the Sinnemahoning. It would
complete a road from Erie to Philadelphia
seventy-five miles shorter, than by the route
now in use. Our business men and proper
ty holders should give this inatter-their im
mediate attention. It is of the utmost im
portance to the prosperity of ur county.
In accordance with the Presidential and
Gubernatorial proclamations, Thursday last
was generally observed in this community as
a dayof thanksgiving. Most of our people
seemed to enter inio the spirit of the appointment,-
and the observance was more
general than it has been on former occasions
of the same kind.
i crvice was held here, in the Presbyte
rian church. The congregation was large
ami attentive. The ceremonies, conducted
by the liev. W. E. Ijams, were singularly
appropriate and impressive. The sermon
was from the PJth verse of the VI chapter
of Revelations :
lilessing and glory, and wisdom, and thanks
giving, nnd honor, and power, and might, be un
to our God tor ever and ever."
We have seldom listened to a. more chaste,
eloquent, and beautiful discourse. Mr. ijams
is a gifted writer, and one of the finest elo-
i cut'.oHits we have ever heard. 11 is voice.
evidently under the most perfect control, is
melody itself. His argument is both clear
and profound, yet garnished with the most
beautiful imagery. The sermon was replete
with noble sentiments and devout thanks
givings, while it glowed with the truest
Christian patriotism. We regret to say,
that this eloquent preacher has accepted a
call from Danville Pa., and left for that
place ou yesterday.
In Curw ensville services were held in the
Methudist church, and were conducted by
the liev. L. M. Gardner. The sermon was
from the last verse of the XXXIII chap
ter of Deuteronomy:
"Who is lite onto thee, O people saved by the
Lord, the shield of thy help, and who is the sword
of thy excellency I nnd thy enemies shall be found
liars unto rhce; and th-oa shall tread upon their
high places."
It i.s spoken of as one of Mr. Gardner's
best efforts. The congregation went home
delighted. He is, indeed, one of the most
eloque nt preachers in the Kast Baltimore
Conference. Our Methodist friends were
exceedumly fortunate iu securing hi' servi
ces, and when the time for his departure ar
rives (the end of his second year here is ap
proaching) not only the members of his
church, but a large portion of this commu
nity will part from him with sincere regret.
Letter from Philipsburg, Pa.
PuiLipsBCRO, Pa., Nov. 28th, 1804.
Dear -lor iinal: We have had a taste
of winter during the past week, but for the
la.-t few day. the weather has been moder
ate, and the circulating population are mov
ing to and 1V', as usual.
The meivliHiits, mechanics .and business
portion oi our community, generally, have
at Jong ht.-t resolved to pay a proper respect
to the days set apart by the National and
State authorities for giving thanks to the
Great Giver of all good things, and prayer
for His infinite mercy. Thursday last as
was very generally observed by our citizens.
The stores and work-shops, with only one or
two exceptions, wore closed, and our town
presented very much of a Sunday appear
ance. Everybody seemed to be enjoying
themlves to their full bent, and more es
pecially in the afternoon, arising from the
iiwt. no doubt, that each and every one had
something extra for dinner. 'J his is as it
should le and I am glad to chronicle the
creditable manner in which .the business
population or our town observed thanksgiv
ing day November 2-lth, 1864,
A very marked change is visible in the
conversation anr conduct of our political op
ponents since the 8th instant. Where wo,
previous to that date, heard loud talk of a
strong traitorous, treasonable tendency, all
is now quiet as the grave not a vord es
caping the lips of those who were the most
violent opponents of the Administration,
ynd well they may be silent, txor fellows,
they must fear and tremble, when they take
into consideration the large majority that is
against them.
Another invoice of tickets to Lincoln's
Ball, came to town a few days since. The
favored ones immediately in the town and
vicinitv were Jacob M. Keplar, Wm. Bnr
ris. Efias Hale, L. Stinerook. and Wm. M'
Clellan. The number drafted was ten. The
quota is now filled within five, and this last
draft will very probably fill it entirely.
The large number of persons clad in Un
cle Sam's regalia, seen in our streets for the
last twenty days, suddenly disappeared dur
ing the week, and betook themselves to
more congenial quarters. A great many of
the boys were home on furlough. They
were all from the military hospitals. Some
of them looked well.and thought they would
soon be fit to join their regiments-. Others
we-e yet afilicted more or less, and it will be
some time before they are able to go to the
field. let thev all seemed cheerful, and
were "gay and happy" during their visit.
May the boon of health soon be theirs, and
may thev long live to enjoy the liberties they
have periled their lives to maintain, is the
fervent wit-h of Lehoi.
At Kylertown, Clearfield county. Pa., at
the residence of the bride's mother, bv the
Rev. W. O. Wright, Mr. Edmund C. Brf.n
NER.of Morrisdale, to Miss Mary A. .daugh
ter of the late Lieut. Thomas G. Snyder.
Office No. 135 Broadway, X Y.
cash capital. :::::::; S2.(t!)rt.0OO 00
asskts. 1st July, 1364. : : : : -.3,000.000 00
liabilities, ::::::::: 51,577 54
CHAS. S. MARTIN. President,
A. F. WILLMARTH, Vice-President.
JOHN McGEE, .Secretary.
Policies of Insurance against Los or Dainaga
by Fire.bv J. 11. Fl'LFORD Agent.
August I". 1364-fim. Clearfield Pa
Richmond Taken.
The subscriber offers for sale bis house and lot,
situated in Lawrence twp't. Clearfield County,
two miles west of Clearfiabl Town, on the pike
leading from Clearfield to Curwensville. The
lot contains one acre and a half with a good frame
house and stable erected thereon. The lot is un
der good fence, and an excellent well of water is
on the' premises. Also twenty-six apple trees,
nine peach trees and one grape-vine, all of choice
fruit For further information call on the sub
scriber on the premises.
Sep. 7th. l8ii4.3mo.-pd. ISAAC SWALES.
Life Insurance at Home.
The Perm Mutual Life Insurance Co.,
'.121 Chestnut Stukf.t, Piiil'a.
Insures Lives on favorable terms, anil will issue
Policieson any of the approved plansof insurance.
Assets liable to losses $1221, 28l 71.
Surplus divided Annually. Losses paid prompt
ly Premiums may be paid in cash; annually,
semi-annually or quarterly; r one-half in cash,
and one-half in note. By a supplement to the
charter, notes hereafter received will participate
iu all Dividends or Surplus. Scrip certificates up
to January. 185!), inclusive, are now receivable in
payment of preniums
Agency, at the office of II B. Swooru, Clear
field, Pa Dr J. li. JIartswick. Medical Exami
ner. August 21, lBt.
THE undersigned having completed his Photo
graph Uallery, in Shaw's Row, two doors west of
the Mansion House, Clearfield, Pa., is now ready
to wait on those iu want of first class portraits-.
My arrangements are such as enable me to furn
ish those beautiful productions of 'sun drawing1'
iu the highest style of the art. Having fitted up
my rooms at considerable expense, with a view
to the comfort and ple;isur of my patrons, I hope
by strict attention to business, and a desire to sat
isfy those who call, to merit a liberal share of
public patronago. A goo-1 assortment of Gilt,
Rosewood, and mould frames; Albums nnd an
endless variety of cases on hand, at moderate pri
ces. Particular attention given to copying every
kind of pictures. 11. BUIDijE.
September 2, ISfU. Artist.
Instruction in the art of Fhotography given,
and aparatus furnished at city prices.
C. W. & IT. AV. SMITH'S,
comprising a general assortment of
Drv-Goods," Groceries, Queens-ware,
Wooden-ware, Boots and Shoes,
Notions, &c., &.C., &c. .
Best quality of Prints. Delaines, Mozambiques,
Linen, Poplins, Balzarines. Lavellas, Ginghams
check, drilling, ticking and sheeting, shawls,
plain silks, fowlard silks, cassamcres cottonades,
jeans, tweeds, satinetts. bleached muslins (at less
than city wholesale prices) brown niusliiis.
IIOSIEUY.Gloveg, Ribbons,Trimming9, But
tons, (in great variety) collars, velvet ribbon, veils,
h end nets, embroidery, braids, handkershiefs. la
dies elastic pages, whalebones, bindings, chil
drens', misses', and ladies' hoop ekirts, Quaker
and Corset Skirts,
Sugar. Tea. Coffee. Molasses, Spices.Ac... Oranges,
Split Peas. Lemons, Full Tea Setts. Dishes, com
mon and fine ware, cups.saucers.preservej.irs Ac.
TUIfS, Brooms, Churns, .Mops. Bucket. Meas
ures, brushes, combs, wickj. fancy baskets, bowls,
door-mats, window blinds, cords, tassels, etc., etc
Cbildrens. Misses and Ladies' morocco boots,
shoes, bal morals, and gaitors.
Literature, lino Arts and Fashions. Ihe most
magnificent Steel engravings. Double Fashion
plates. Wood ensrra vin-: on every subjoet that
can interest ladies. Crochet knitting. Netting,
Kmbroidery. Articles for the Toilet, (or the Par
lor, the Boudoir, and the Kitchen. Everything,
in fact, to make a complete Lady's Book.
No Magazine has been able to compete with it.
None attempt it.
for every department of a household. These n
lone are worth the price of the Book.
Model Cottages (no other Magazine gives them),
with diagrams.
Drawing lessons for the young. Anotherspc
eiality withtiodey.
Original MusK-. worth 3 a year. Other Maga
zines publish old worn-out music: but the subscri
bers to (iodey get it before the music stores.
tar-tening for Ladies. Another peculiarity
with (lodey.
lYshions from Messrs. A. T. Stewart & Co , of
New York, the millionaire merchants, appear in
Gdey. the only Magazine that has them.
Also. Fa.-hions from the celebrated Brodie of
New York.
Ladies' Honnet. We give more of them in a
vear than any other Magazine In fact, the La
dy's Book enables every lady to be her own bon
net maker.
Aitt'torn of - A' oil."' ITul.tleii pit'i,'' "jlV?.t
Sid?.'' IWitir ami " A7-V."
writes for 'lodey each month, and tor no other
magazine. We have also retained all our old and
favorite contributors.
( triich thrre ran be vo Deviation.)
The following are the terms of the Lady's Book
for 1HS5. At present, we willtfeeeive subscribers
at the following rates Due notice will be given
if we are obliged to advance, wnion win aepenu
upon the price of paper.
One copy, one year
Two copies, one year
' Three copiw, one year
Four conies, one year
S3 oo
5 oo
7 oo
10 00
Five copies, one year, and an extra copy
to the person sending the club, making
six camee
li 00
Eight copies, one year, and an estra copy
to the perron senaing iu cm.mnii8
nine conies
21 00
Eleven copies one year, and an extra eopy
to the person sending the club.making
Additions to any of the above clubs, S2 50 each
Godey'a Lvdy's Book and Arthur Home Mag
azine will be sent, each one year.on receipt of $4 50.
We have no clubs with any other Magazine or
The money must all be ent at one time for any
Club. Address L. A GODEY,
N. E. Corner Sixth and Chestnut Streets.
Oct. 13, 1861. Philadelphia.
New Firm-New Goods.
Hare received tbeir first (supply of Seasonable
Goods, which they are now offering for sale at the
Their stock consists of a general variety o
Drv-Goods. Groceries, Hard-ware, Queens-ware.
Tin-ware, Millow-ware. Wooden-ware. I rovisions.
jihi. aps, rois, cooes, anu. v.oiuiiig. j
For the Ladies.
They would call especial attention to the lrge
and good assortment of new styles and patterns ol j
now opening, consisting of Plain and Fancy Silks,
Delaines, Alpacas. Ginghams. Ducals. Prints. Me
rinos. Cashmeres. Plaids. Brilliants. Poplins. I'e
rege. Lawns Nankins. Linen. Lace. Edgings, Col
erettes. Braids, Belts, Veils, Nets, Corsetts. Nu
bias, Woods, Coats. Mantels. Balmoral skirts. Ho
siery, Gloves Bonnets. Flowers, Plumes. Ribbons.
Hats. Trimmings. Buttons. Combs. Shawls, Braid,
Muslins, Irish Linens, Cambrics, Victoria Lawns,
Swiss, BobineU, Mulls, Linen Handkerchiefs etc.
Of Men's Wear"
They have also received a large and well select
ed Stock, consisting ot Cloths, Plain and Fancy
Cassimeres, Cashuierets. Tweeds. Jeans. Cordu
roys. Bevcr-Teeu. Linens, Handkerchiefs. Neck'
ties, Hosiery, Gloves, Hats, Caps. Scarfs, etc., etc.
Heady-Made Clothing
In the latest styles and of the best material,
consisting of Coats, Pants. Vests. Shawls. Over
coats, Drawers, Cashmere and Linen Shirts, etc.
Of Boots and Shoes,
They have a large assortment for Ladies and Gen
tlemen, consisting of Top Boots. Brogans. Pumps
Gaiters. Balmoral Boots, Slippers, Monroes, etc
'Groceries and Provisions
Such as Coffee. Syrups, Sugar. Rice. Crackers,
Vinegar, Candles. Cheese. Flour. Meal. Bacon,
Fish, coarse ond fine Salt. Teas, Mustard, etc.
Coal Oil Lamps,
Coal oil, Lamp chimneys. Tinware a great varie
ty, .Tapanware. Egg beaters. Spiee boxes, Wire
Lad els, Sieves, Dusting pans, Lanterns, etc . etc.
Carpets, Oil-cloth,
Broom?. Brushes. Baskets, Washboards. Buckets.
Tubs, Churns Wall-paper. Candle wick. Cotton
yarn and Batting, Work baskets. Umbrellas, etc.
Rafting Ropes,
Augers, Axes, Chisels. Saws, Files, Hammers,
Hatchets. N'-ils. Spikes. Gri .d stones. Sttmeware,
Trunks. Carpet bags, Powder. Shot, Lead, etc.
School Rook?,
Writing and Letter paper. Fancy note and com
mcrcial paper, pens, pencils ami ink. copy books,
slates, ink stands, fancy nnd common envelopes.
Carriage Tri minings,
Shoe Finding. Glass and Putty. Flat irons and
Coffee mills. Bed corJs and Bed screws. Matches,
Stove blacking. Washing soda and Soap, etc.
Flavoring Ex tra ets,
Patent Medicines. Perfumery of various kinds.
Fancv soaps. Oils. Paints. Varnishes, and in fact
everv thinu usually kei.t in a first class Store
They invite all persons toea'.l and examine their
stoek, and hope to give entire satisiaction.
Clearfield, Pa-Julv 20th. ls.fll.
Three Farms For Sale !
The subscriber will sell his three farms situate
in Pike township, Clearfield county. Pa., at pri
varesalo. Also, one tra;t of unimproved land
numbered and described as follows, to wit:
No 1 Is an improved tract on which he re
sides, and contains about 2i"() acres 20H acres t
which is cleared. 23 acres being in meadow, and
the whole in a high state of cultivation and nn
der irood fences. The improvements are a good
frame house, frame barn,(7.i by 58 feet.) wagon
shed, grain house, smoke house, wood nous? and
other outbuildings. There is timber suflicient on
the land for all farm uses, and an excellent coal
bank. Also good water and a fine orchard of
choice fruit growing thereon.
No. 2. Is an improved tract, and contains 135
acres of which SO acres are cleared, 10 acres be-
in-' in meadow, and the whole in a good state of
cultivation and under good fences, with excel
lent water on the farm. The buildings are a log
house and an excellent frame b;:rn and some oth
er outbuildings. There is on this tract sufficient
eood timber for 7 or 8 rafts, and an excellent coal
bank, together with an orchard of choic-3 fruit
No. 3. Is an improved tract, containing about
100 acres. acres cleared, (new.) with a email
plank housoand barn tbereon erected. Tb.e land
is under good fences, with excellent water ou it.
About 3 raftsof good tiinberalsostanding thereon
.No. 4. Is an unimproved tract of 400 acres. with
some eood r-ine timber irrowing on it. and will
make an excellent farm when cleared
The above tracts will be sold in a body, or sen
eratelv. to suit purchasers nreferrinc, however.
to selfthem in a body. The terms will be reason
I able. The tracts can beseen at any time by call-
in' on the suoseribcr, or inquiries by letter will
be' ap.swi'-ed if addressed to Cnr ensville. Pa
Au-ust .). JSol DANIEL BAILEY.
Of Grand Races have commenced on
the Lumber-City course!
Ec ry (f t '. Si'iuhiyx t-.wptrd.) A prize
fur r.vcrihoJi. Apply ioiDifdiat'y to
rhr pruprii tor. Kirk t'- Sh'iiw,
at tlirir Xetn Ctrif ,Storr,
in Jjumhfr-City, J'run'a.
The fact can bo no longer denied the people
have said it. tiie people know it. and everybody
believes it, that the new store is the place to buy
cheap goods, to buy new goods, to buy fashiona
ble goods, to buy any kind of goods you want.
The summer stock, now opening at Kirk t Spen
cers, is the largest, the best assorted and bext
that ever came to the place.
Ladies can find delaines, alpacas, merinos,
cashmeres,French and American ginghams. lawns,
plaids, nankins, berege.cambries. muslins, bal mo
ral and hoop skirts, silk and cloth mantles, veils.
edgings, lace, braid, nets, corsets, belts, collaretts,
nostery. gloves, i iouous, uuniivis.uais, iiimiiuuga,
bobinett, mull and swiss muslins, shawls, combs,
wristlets.-linen handkerchiefs, toilet articles. Ac.
Gentlemen can find coats, pants, vests, boots,
shoes, hats, caps, collars, neck-ties, suspenders,
shirts, handkerchiefs, perfumery tc.
Children can find toys in great variety, candies,
nuts. Ac. n. I
It is the place to buy your dry goods ; yourgro- i
ceries, your boots and shoes, hats, caps and bon
nets ; your notions your hardware, scythes, forks,
shovels, hoes, rakes; your brooms, cedar and wil
low ware; your clocks and looking glasses ; your
stone and queensware; your flour, fish and bacon ;
yeur glass, putty, paints, oil and varnish ; your
nails and spikes ; in laet anything you want. If
you wish the highest cash pi ice for yourprodnce,
your butter, eggs, grain, flax-seed, rags, timber,
boards and shingles, it is the place to exchange to
the best ad vantage to yourselves Anyart'cle not
on hand will be ordered on short notice. Ladies
wishing bonnets or dress goods can have them or
dered by calling at Kirk A Spencer's cheap store,
as special arrangements have been made for that
We do not wish to wound or seriously hurt any
body, but will do our utmost to maintain the rep
utation we have won, of selling goods a little
lower than anybody else.
"Rally 'roi nd the counter, boys!" and be con
vinced of the truth of our assertions.
Lumber-city, June 24. " KIRK A SPENCER.
Innn non LBS' wool wanted,
jV7Vv7,V7V J for which the highest price
will be paid in cash by R- MOSSOP,
July 1864. Clearfield, Pa.
A number of vesr hare elapsed Mnce the intro
TERN to the public. Tko prejudice existing in
the minds of many persons ag uiist what are ue-iioininate-i
patent medicines atfiryt greatly retar
ded its 8;ile; but. as its virtue and merits became
known, this b.-.tricrof prejudice was overthrown,
nnd the Uetn.uid increased so rapidly that in a few
years rcareely a village existed in the I'nited
States in which the atficted bad nt experienced
the benefits sri.-:ing from tbo use of the --Uittero."
and at the present Uav there are to be found IX
ALL PARTS OK THE" WORLD vouchers for the
great merits of the article. Xo greater cure for
Dyspepsia can be found Sue aivrrti&'mnt. Tor
gHie by Druggists and dealers every where.
Cater for the best trade, and offer no baits or
deception to induce custom, but rely on fair deal
ing and Good Goods'.
Best Merinoes. Fashionable Silks. Nobility
Plaids, Pirn's Poplins. Dark Flonrards. Figured
Merinoes, Plaid Shawls. Good Blankets
P. S. We follow Gold down, as close as we fol
low it up. Now is a geod time fr Merchants and
Consumers te come in Oct. 5, lStl4-2in.
Great reduction in prices of Fall and
Winter Goods.
Having purchased a large stock since
thelatedecline in prices, is now en
abled to ofi"er great bargains in
Richest printed goods; All wool De
laines: French Merinos: Good
Rlaek Silk; Coburgs and Al
pacas ; Woolen Shawls ;
Ladies" Mantels ; Furs and Runnels;
Staple Dry Goods; Millinery
Goods ; Hosiery and Not ions;
Hats and Caps; Roots
and Shoes ;
Drugs ami Groceries; Carpets and oil
cloths ; Household goods gener
crally ; all of which will be
sold at greatly reduced
Oct. 17, 18G4.
Cm. of Administration on the estate of James
Johnson, late of Jordan tw"p. Clearfiuld county,
PennTa, dee'd. having been granted to the under
signed, all persons indebted to said estate are re
quested to make immediate payment, and those
having claims against the same will present them
duly authenticated for settlement
Oct. 12. isr.l-pd. JAS. R. JOHNSON, Adm'r.
FODPEK ClTTTKRS of a superior make
for sale at reason.il le pr-jes. a MERRELL
and UIO.LEK'S. ClearfieJi. Pa
And are just recieving the following goods :
A splendid assortment of Prints and Re
Laiaes, very cheap. A larjre stock Brown
and Bleached Muslins, very cheap. I-'lanels,
Linsej-s, Satinetts. Jeans, Twewls, &e, very
cheap. Balmoral Skirts. (Ladies and chil
dren's.) The greatest variety of Yankee
Notions, ever opened in the County, and at
less jsriees.
Rio, Rye and Laaruara Coffee, Sutra rs,
White Brown and Yellow, dried Peas, Swet
Potatoes. Crau Berries, Butter, Eirirs, Lard,
Cheese, I lam. s oJioulders and .Sides.
Ltidies Coats and Circulars. Ladies Furs,
M'vSs Capes and Victorias, 1 raveling
Trunks and Carpet Bars, Wood and Willow
Ware, Ladies Baskets.
A larce stoek of Boots and Shoes, of all
kin. Is, ( Ladies Gent's and Children's.) with
(itirns. Buff, over Shoes, Sec, at auction
A beautiful assortment of Hoods, Nubias.
Sontags, Comforts, Breakfast Capes, a great
variety ut ( loves, Are.
Grind Stones and Fixtnres, one 2-Horse
Olean Wagon, Timber Sleds, Buggies,
Sleiirhs, Carriages, &c.
Saddles. Bridles, Horse Collars. Trimmed
Horse Blankets. Robes, Sleitrh Bells, Whins,
Harness and Haines.
Clothing of all kinds, for Men and Boys.
Over-coats, Pants & Vests, cheaper than
the cheapest.
Hardware in endless variety with Broad
Axes, Double Bitts, Baiting and Barking
Axes. ..
A general assortment of Drugs,
cines, Paints, Oils, Dye Stuffs, See ,
Dried Beef, Cod Fish,
3Iackerel, Her-
ring and Fresh Shad.
and Parlor Stoves, and Stove
Pi pe.
Flour, Chop and Salt.
In fact nothing that man or heast con
sumes, but what we keep or can get for our
And will sell a little cheaper having ad
vantages that no others in our business
Lumbermen supplied by the quantity
with Goods. Flour, Bacon, Chop or any
thing in our line at 10 per cent on cost.
We discount all bills over $10, ten per
cent. Our Clearfield friends will please not
forget to call and see us when they come to
town, thev will find us on the corner, for
merly occupied by John Runk, nearly oppo
site the Conrad House, Main Street.
Philipsburg' Xovember9th, 1864.
j. j. mowus. : : : t. w. morris. : : : t. k. watsos.
The Raftsmax's JorBAL is published on "Wed
nesday at SI, 90 per annum in advance Adtir
TtSEMKSTS inserted at 51 .00 per square, for three
I or less insertions Twelve lines (or less) counting a
j square. For every additional insertion 2i cents.
v ut-uuciion win ue maue 10 jmnr iioriuwia.
JUtsincssi JHrcdont.
"I RVIN BROTHERS. Dealers In Square A Sawed
. I. Lumber. Dry Goods, Groceries. Flour, Grain,
Ao , Ac., Rurnside Pa., Sept. 23, 1S63.
' 11 kinds of Stone-ware. Clearfield. Pa. Or
ders solicited wholesale or retail. Jan. 1,1663
CRANS A. 15ARRETT, Attornev at Law. Clear
j field. Pa. ' May 13. 1S63.
u. j.oraxs. :::::: Walter eabkett.
I) ORERT J. WALLACE. Attorney at Law. Clear
V field. Pa Office in Shaw's new row. Market
street, opposite Naugle's jewelry store. May 26.
HF. NATO LE. Watch and Clock Maker, and
. dealer in Watches, Jewelry. Ac. Room in
Graham's row, Market street. Nov. 10.
HBl'CHER SWOOPE. Attorney at I.aw.CIear
. field. Pa. Offic in Graham's Row. fonrdoo
west of Graham A P.oynton's store. Nov. 10.
Medicines. Paints. Oils. Stationary, Perfume
rr. Fucv Goods, Notions, etc.. etc.. Market street,
Clearfield. Pa. June, 2i. 1S84.
A FLEM MING, Lumber-city, Pa., Nursery-
. man and Dealer in all kinds of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees. Plantsaud Shrubbery All or
ders by mail promptly attended to. May 13.
P. "KRATZER, dealer in Dry Goods, Cloth.
ini. Hardware, queensware, vrocenos. rro-
visions Front Street.
above the Academy,
Clearfield. Ta.
April Li.
WILLIAM F.IRWIN, Market street, Clearfield,
Pa., Dealer in Foreign and Domestic Mer
chandise. Hardware. Queensware, Groceries, and
family articles generally. Nov. 10.
TOllS Gl-F.LICH. Manufacturer of all kinds
Cabinet-ware, Market street. Clearfield, Pa.
lie alo makes to order Coffins, on short notice, and
attends funerals with a hearse. Aprl0,69.
DR M. WOODS. Practicing Phvsicias, and
Examining Surgeon for Pensions.
OCiee, South-west corner of Second and Cherry
Street. Clearfield, Pa. January 2.1. ISti.l.
rpllOMAS J. M CULLorGlI, Attorney at Law,
JL Clearfield, Pa. Office, east of the - Clearfield
co. Rank . Deedsand other legal instruments pro
pared w ith promptness and accuracy. v July 3.
JB M"EX ALLY, Attorney at Law. Clearfield.
. Pa. Practices in Clearfield and adjoining
oountics. Office in new brick building of.I.Boyn
ton, 2d street, one door south of Lanich's Hotel.
RIC1IAKI) MOSSOP. Dealer in Foreign and Do
mestic Dry Goods, Groceries. Floun Bacon,
Liquors. Ac. Room, on Market street, a few doors
west r.f JnitmitOfirf. Clearfield, Pa. Apr27.
LARRIMER A TEiST. Attorneys at Law.Clear
field.'Pa. Will attend promptly to all legal
and other business entrusted to theircare in Clear
field and adjoining counties. August 6, lfSB.
DR. WM. CAMPBELL, offers his professional
services to the citizens of Moshannon and vi
cinity. Ileenn be consulted at his residence at
all times, unless absent on professional business.
Mohsuunon, Centre co., Pa., May 13, 1863.
WM. ALBERT & BRO S, Dealers in Dry Goods.
Groceries, Hardware, Queensware. Flour,
Bacon, etc.. Woodlan L Clearfield county. Penn'a.
Also, extensive dealers in all kindsof sawed lum
ber, shingles, and square timber. Orders solioi
ted. Woodland. Aug. lath, 163.
A UL'TIOMJER.-The undersigned having
i. been Liccns-ed an auctioneer would inform
the citizens of Clearfield County, that he will at
tend to calling sales in any part of the County
whenever called upon. Charges Moderate.
Address J M. SMITH.
Hegarfys X Roads, Clearfield Co., Pa
February 3d 1S4
4 UCTIONEEU. The undersigned having
f. been Licensed an Auctioneer, would inform
the citizens of Clearfield county that he will at
tend to calling sales, in any part of the county,
whenever called upon. Charges moderate
Address, JOHN M Q UI LKIN,
May 13 Rower Po , Clearfield co., Pa.
N. B. Persons calling sales without a proper li
cense are subject to a penalty of So0, which pro
vision will be enforced against thoso who may vi
olate the same.
XJ undersigned is prepared to furnish, to those
seeking investments. Government and county
bonds Also five per cent Uovernment notes.
Clearfield May 4. lst)4. Ait y at Law
Teacher of Piano-Forte, Melodean. Guitar, Har
mony, and Vocal Music.
Sixty private, and twelve class lesson included
in one term. Rooms with Mrs. H. D. Welsh.
Clearfield, July 1, 1S03.
DK. L ITCH'S MEDICI N ES. A fresh sup
ply of these invaluable Family Medicines
are for sale by M. A. Frank. Clearfield, Consisting
ot Pain (Jtirer ; llentoratirf . a greatcure for colds
and cough; and Anti-Bilious i'Jiyitir. They have
been thoroughly tested in this community, and
are highly approved. Tkvthex.
M M'Kiernan having located at Smith's
Mills. (.Ianesville.) Clearfield Co., Pa., informs the
citizens of that place and vicinity, that he will
endeavor to render patUfactiou to all who may
favor him with their pat.ouage. Professional
calls to any part of the country promptly attend
ed to. Work done on Vulcanite. Terms moderate.
May 11. lSi5t.-3m. Dr. F. M. McKlERXAN.
1 1 The undersigued having located in the bor
ough of Clearfield, (at the shop formerly occupied
by R Welch as a jewelry shop,) is prepared t
do work of all kinds on the most reasonable terms.
The cash will positively be expected when the
work is delivered. He is confident that he can
not be excelled by any workmen in town oreounty.
Come one! come all toihtSign of the Hit Watrh.
April 8. 62-ly-pd. S. H. LAUCllLIN.
AGE HOME INDUSTRY. The undersigned
having established a Nursery, on the Pike, about
half way between Curwensville and Clearfield
Boroughs, is prepared to furnish all kinds of Fruit
trees, (Standard and dwarf.) Evergreens. Shrub
bery. Grape Vines, Gooseberry, Lawtrn Black
berry. Strawberry and Raspberry vines. Also..
Sibrian Crab trees. Quince and early Scarlet Rheu-
baro. 4c. Orders promptly attended 'o. Address
Aug 31,1854. J.D. WRIGHT, Curwensville,
Of every description, just received at the "Cor
ner Store." and selling as low for Cash and coun
try produce as can be bought elsewhere in the
county The stock consists of Dry Goods, Gro
ceries, Hardware, Queensware. Glassware, Willow-ware,
Woodenware, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes,
Ready-made clothing. Flour, Racon. Molasses,
Syrups. Rice, Fruits. Candies, Nuts, etc. Pur
chasers should see the goods and post them -selves
in prices. July 13, 1SG4,
FOUR (4) good draught horses for sale by
E A..1RVIN, Curwensville.
ALT" good article, and very cheap at ba
store of wm. if. inWl.N. ClaarCH X.