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VOL. 10. NO. 33.
11 If II i If il l
The Rafts max 's Journal is jiublisheil on Wed
esdur t Per nuura io advance Auvkk-
tnsBMBWTS inserted at SI. 00 per square, fur three
or les insertions Twelve line (or lew) counting a
iqnare. For every additional insertion 2j cents.
A deduction will be niuue to yearly advertisers.
A LARGE STOOK Of GLASS, paints, oib,
JM. wtuto leau, etc.. at hi. A. lltv IAS
1RVIN BROTHERS, Dealers in Square Sawed
Lumber. Iry Goods, Groceries. Flour. Grain,
Ao , Ac, Uurnside Pa., Sept. 23, 18G3.
.A lb,
CTIONEEIt. TLe undersigned having
been licensed an Auctioneer, desires to in
form the citizens of ClearGeld county that he will
attend to theealiingof sales, throughout thecoun
ty, upon short notice. Post-office address, either
BlooiningvilleorCurwensville. WM. Al. BLOOM.
Bioomingville. April 0, IbiU. ' '
II kinds of Stone-ware. Clearfield. Pa. Or
ders solicited wholesale or retail. Jan. 1, 1S(3
U ANS A BARRETT, Attorneys at Law. Clear
j field, Pa. May 13. I8C3.
l. j. crans. :::::: walter bauuett.
ROBERT J. WALLACE. Attorney at Law. Clear
field, Pa Office in Shaw's new row. Market
ftrcet, opposite Naugle's jewtlry store. May 2t.
HF. NL'GLE. Watch and Clock Maker, and
. dealer in Wat.;hes. Jewelry. Ac. Room in
Graham's row, Market street. Sov. 10.
ULUCIIER SWOOPE. Attorney at Law. Clear
. Geld. Pa ff.c inGrnhaui's Row, fourdoo s
west ..f Graham & Boynton's store. NoV. it.
1I7ALLACK A ffALL. Attorneys nt Law. Clear-
Q.:ld. I'a Pecembcr 17. 1S.V2
William A.wALi.Ai fi. -.::::::: jjiinc. hall.
F,A. FLEMMING. Lniuber-ciiy. Pa , Nurycrv
. man and De.iler in all kind" of Fruit, and
ornamental Trees. Plants anJ Shrubbery All or
ders by mail promptly attended to. May 13.
P. KKATZEH, deafer in Iry :.Js, C'otii-
in;r Hardware ijueeusware, wroeeries. Pro-
ri-inns Vc. Front Street, above the Academy,
Clearfield Pa. April 27.
4 UCTI.ON. The undersigned having beenlii
j.cenfcd an auctioneer would inform the citi
zens of Clearfield County, that he will attend to
calling sales in any part of the County whenever
called upon. Charges Moderate.1
Address J M. SMITH
Ilegartys X Roads, Clearfield Co.. Pa
February 3d 1SH4
jflAl'TION. All persons' a re hereby caution
XJ ed against purchasing or meddling with the
following named property now in possession of
Thomas Kyler. to wit: one black horse, and one
sorrel horse, and one timber sled, as the same be
long to me and have ouly been left with said Ky
ler on loau.aud are subject to my order at any time.
May 11th. sO I. JACOB MOCK.
CAUTION.- All persons are hereby caution
ed against purchasing or muddling with the
following property now in the bauds of Daniel
Little oi Morris township, to wit : One gray
horse, ime bay mare. One rett two-horse harness,
nnd one two horse wagon, as the same belong to
i,.e and have only been left on loan with said Lit
tle, nnd tire subject to my order,
April 20. ISo4. VM. CAMPBELL.
HXLCirrous kotice.
&-1 inentary on the Estate of
iflLLIAM F. IRWIN.Marketstreet.CIcarfii ld,
I'll.. Dealer in Foreign and Domestic Mer-
rtiaiidise. Hardware. Oueeiiaware. Groceries, an!
J iuiily articles generally. 2iov. 10.
TfjIIJi ul LLH'II. Manufacturer or all kind'
J Cabinet-ware Market street. Clearfield, l'n.
lie lso makes to orJer Coffins, on short notice, tnxl
atteuJs funerals with a hearse. April). 'Oil.
I K M. WOODS. Pkacc iciMn Physician, and
j Kxainining Surgeon for Pensions.
OtEce. Pouth-west corner of Second and Cherry
Street. Clearfield, Pa. January 21, lsti3.
Letters Testa-
Jeremiah Snieal
late d Loggs Tp , deceased havi'.g been, granted
to the undersigned ; ail persons indebted to said
estate :irc requesced to make immediate payment,
and tti use having claims against the same will
present them duly authenticated for settlement.
I. Sfii.
Curdy'A.B. Principal. The next quarter will
open .n Monday the -t?h of April, 1864.
rpHOMAS .1. M'CLT.IiOlJGlI. Attorney at Law.
L ClearCcU. Pa. OlSee, cast of the ' ClearfielJ
co. Rank. Deeds and other legal instruments pre
parrnl with promptness and accuracy.-. July 3.
B M EXALLY, Attornoyat Law, Clearfield,
Pa. Prscficos in Clearfield and adjoining
counties. OPice :n new brick building of J. Boyn
toii. 2d street, one door south of Lanich's Hotel.
f )lCUARD MOSSOP. Dealer in Foreign and Do
J uiestic Drv Goods. Groceries. Flour. Bacon,
Liquors. Ac. Uoom. on Market street, a few door?
netlof JoMrwiJOJfirr. Clearfield, Pa. Apr27.
fpUOMPSON. A WATSON. Dealers in Timber
Saw Logs, Boards and Shingles. Marvsville,
Clearfield county, Pcnn'a August 11. 1S'3.
s.v.thompson : : : : : jas. k. watson.
ARRI.MER A TEST, Attorneys at Lnw.Clear
J field. Pa. Will attend promr tlvto.it! log .l
tind other business entrusted to their care in Clear
field and adjoining counties. August 6. 1.S5C-.
DR. WM. CAMPBELL. ofTors his professional
services to the citizens of Mofhannon and vi
cinity. He can be consulted at bis residence at
u!I times, unless absent on professional business.
Mohsannon, Centre CO., Pa.. May 13, 1 S3.
IIJWS ALBERT A BRO'S. Dealers in Dry Good..
f Groceries, ll.vdware. Quecnsware. Flour.
T.icon. etc.. Woodlait . Clearfield county. Pcnn'a.
Alo. evieiifi! vc dealers in all kinds of sawed lutn
ber. fhii.g!es, .nd square timber. Orders eolici
fcdland. Aug. 19th, ISK3.
R. LITCII'S M EDIC1 N tS. A fresh sup-
ply of these invaluable Family Medicines
reforsateby M. A. Frank. Clearfield, consisting
! i'jtn Cmn -; tifxioriuivf . ft great cure for colds
ar.Jcuugh; ant AiUi-Vilioni Phytic. They have
been thoroughly, tested in this community, and
re highly appraTeg. Tbv tiikm.
Vl'CTIt).M;Elt. The undersigned having
''btaim-d a liscence as auctioneer, would in
tuitu the citizens of Clearfield county tnat he
"ill attend to the calling of sales, in any part of
'f the euunty, whenever called upon. Charges.
ler:ite. l'ost office address. Cash. Clearticid
ft-wy. 'a JOHN F. LEE.
A,ril 2. lt.C4-.i-3.
Coiiiuion English. (Oinprising those branches not
higher !h:in. Reuding, Writing. Arirhmetie,
tieogn.phy, English Urauiiuar and History, per
quarter. S 0 00
Higher English Branches, 7 00
Languages. 10 00
CA KPET.'GS Now in store.a large stock of
Velvet. Brussels. Three-Ply A Ingrain Car
potings. Oil cloths. Window- Shades, etc.. etc., all
of th) latest patterns and best fabrics; which will
be sold at the lo-vest prices for cash.
N. B. Some patterna-of my old stock still on
hand ; will be sold at a bargain.
No. 37 Soutli Pectiiid Street, above Chestnut,
March Ib'Ci Philadelphia.
For the Journal
liY CAII10.
Last Fall from his northern retreat,
Old winter came wary and fleet ;
ile smite all tho leaves of the trees,
And cast them to earth as the lees
Of the year,
Whose hour of departure was near.
Jle hardened tho earth which we tread ;
On the beaut ies of summer he fed ;
lie breathed on tho herbs and they died.
And winds through the naked woods sighed
Then a pall
Jle threw over nature for Fall
He tied up tho water and streams,
And threw all aslant the bright beams ;
He looked on the drippings at night,
And icicles hung in the light, .
Then in white
He dressed tree, field, valley and bight.
His dominion established at last,
With fury he roso on the blast;
A tyrant he grew with his age ;
A war on the Spring seemed to wage ;
Xor retreat,
Tho' birds Spring's regal matins repeat.
Fear not, tho? the winter rcigr-s lon ;
The Promise of God is yet strong ;
While the earth in his orbit wbeelsround,
The seasons in turn shall be found,
Heat and cold,
Day and night, we shall kirow .is of old.
April 14, 1804. Genesis 8-22.
V 1 1,1, U.. NEW LANDLORD. The under
signed having loused this largo and commodious
Douse, is now prepared to entertain the traveling
public He hopes by cartful attention to busi
ness and by providing the best the country will
n fiord, to be able to giviv satisfaction to the old
customer? of the house, and to such other persons
as mny sojourn -vita htm. W. W. WORRELL
t'urensviiU, Msr. 2.I. ISf. l.-i!t pd.
i l Cold county.
the Orphan's Court of Clear
Ihe undersigned, tin Auditor
appointed by tho Court to make distribution of
t.io moneys in the bands of the Administration
arising f.om the sate of the re.tl ft:lto of L. il
Carter, deceased, will attend to ihe duties of his
appointment .n ftaturday. the 21st day of May,
i jvm, uriween tne nours .r lu A. M ana 4 1. M
at ttie utlice of II. 1, Mvoope, Esq, in the bor
ough of Clearfield, when and where all persons
iinoresi may nucna an be Heard.
April 20, 185i, Auditor.
it iieid county.
t The riidersigned having located in the bor
ough of Clearfield, (at fa eh op formerly occupied
7 K clch as a jewelry shop.) is prepared to
Wwrk ijf &lt V-in rr th mmf rp:inii!ihlii friii
'ue cash
tho Orphan's Coart of Clear-
The undersigned. Auditor
appomtelby the Court to ascertain the liens and
report distr bution of moneys arising from the
salt of the real estate of John Young, deceased,
now in the hands of the Administrator, will at
tend to the dafios of his appointment on Fridav.
the JOtu day of May next, between the hours of
10. A. 31., and 4 P. M..at the officeof U.B.Swoopo.
Esq , in the borough of Clearfield, when and
where all persons interested may attend and bo
heard. , JAMES GALLOWA ir
April 20. 1661. Auditor.
Jl itivclv be expected when the
i JeJTvereJ. He is confident that hecan-
excelled by any workmen in townorcounty
cut romeall totktSigil of the Bitf Watch
5jtrt9.X2 -ly-pd. S. II. LAUCHLfX.
ilCT10NEF.lt. The undersigned having
, .n Bioensed an Auctioneer, would inform
Jl-ecitiietis of Clearfield county that he will at
"nl to calling sates, in any part of the county.
,"eBver called upon. Charges moderate
"J H Bower Po., Clearfield co., Pa.
a. U. Persons calling sales without a proper li
'"e are siihject to a penalty of S50, which prv
-'in i'd be enforced against those who may vi
''e the jame. S
Pittsburg Saw Works.
. 4t,i1fac.arer4 of patent Ground Circulars
f.ra'',t;d cast steel saws of every description
: "uay, Cross-cut, Gang and all other varie
AlIkin'M ?t knives nnd springs made from
'wtcan sie'iL Extra lefined Reaper and Mow
J'i knives, Jte Particular attention paid to re
juthmg, gumming inj straightening circular
-o'lucr wim repairing oi an fcinus. r-
Treasuev Department. )
Office of Comptroller of the Currency,
Wasuingtos, March .3, 1354. )
Whekkas. by satisfactory evidence presented
to the undersigned, it has been made to appear
that The fi.'st National Bank of Qnrwntsville, in
the county of Clearfield, and State of Pennsylva
nia, has been duly organized under and accord
ing to the requirements of the act of Congress en
titled -An act to provide a national currency se
cured by a pledge of United States stocks and to
provide for the cirenlation and redemption there
of."' approved February 2;), LS63. and has com
plied with all the provisions of said act required
to be complied with before commencing the bu
ciness of Dunking.
Now TireitEKoi:fi, I, Hugh MeCullough. Comp
troller of the currency, do hereby certify that
The Firtt y iioitiil IJ.ini o f Vtiriceiisvitle, coun
ty of Clearfield, and State of Pennsylvania, is au
thorized to commence the business of Banking
under the act aforesaid
In Testimony whereof, witness "my hand and
!- sent of office- this third day of March,
KrJ Comptroller of tho currency.
Cnrwensville, Pa., March 9, lS64-10t
u-e and U". .rb. f v.
nttsburg, Pa
and Short
April 13,1804-Iyp
: 8. A. LONG.
t t II T T.' . n,' m T T. . . T- T T T) Tt'll
t,T. X A 11, A lih.11UC.UKAlI.li
Ll St'UL'Ulir ITL'ti . . rr. T. k l 'I' 1 .... .
ttid yJ,rc'''u"y informs the people of Clear-
toon' boTe Ptnt and will sell individual,
r d' r. ,0Wnship r'KhM for ita uso Tne ,nn
'tr Xl"!l Process is stronger, finishes bet
drj j e,er on tools, and requires less time in
infi, f ton ny other proccsa known, drying 1
r ?r Pe"Vtly in SB hours better than
- ...mo uuue
rniount of fuel
using the
tottSum , iuoi per any loai s common Klin
dotm k certificate of a number of resi
nar.i. iric weI1 knwn'n ths community is
iuntiiU to eonViBC the most sceptical of
Kl.lv- I'ersons desirous of purchasing rights
iMi'.tn - JOHN L. CUTTLE,
2. i?tis . Cearfield. Penn'a.
Graham's Row.Clearf.eld. Pa., a fine assortment of
WATCHES JEWELRY, tc, Ac., to which we in
vite attention.
Gold and Silver hunting and open faced watch
es. to be had at NAUGLE'S.
The American Lever of different qualities, can
be bad at A'AUGLE'S.
Pine setts of Jewelry, such as Cameo, Coral, La
va, Jett, Carbuncle, Gurnett, Opal, Florentine Mo
saio, Gold Stone Mosaic, Porcelain paintings, Ac.,
or single pieces at NAUGLK'S.
Plain gold Breast pins, Ear drops, Hoop Ear rings,
children's eardropsandringsat . NAUGLE'S.
Gold seals, keys and pencils, gold pens and sil
ver holders at NAUGLE'S.
. Gents breast pins, sleeve buttons, shirt studs, fob
buckles and guard Blides at - NAUGLE'S.
A fine assortment of gold finger rings of differ
ent styles and quality, gold lookeU. coral nockla
ces, silver thimbles, spectacles, watch guards, and
ail articles in his line, on hand at NAUGLE'S.
Just received, a fine assortment of Fancy and
common Clocks, and fancy Time-pieces, from 1,23
to 16 dollars at JNAUGLE'S.
Old Gold and Silver will be taken io exchange
for good at - NAUGLE'S.
. Ah goods warranted as represented, or the mo
ney ret unded, at NAUGLE'S.
If you wish your watches put in good repair ,
and warranted, take tbm to NAUGLE'S.
A Question for the Copperheads.
It i.s now fairly admitted that the copper
head oriraus and orators in the urth. rnn-
triLuteU a large, ii not the very largest .share
or me innueuee winch lias brought about the
i i.i i n- ii
u:vc-iiuiueib jeuemon. ror twenlj' years
incessantly, ana lur the past lour years per
sistently ana uiu-eny, the elements wine
now constitute coppcrheadism laborua
eonvnice the feoutu that tiie Ai.jlition senti
ments then expressed by a iew hasty .North
era agiuuors, wore traught with the nio
lrightlul consejuences to tne slave States.
Abolitionism, as it was preached in the
ortn, according to the interpolation of the
conr.erneaa Mess, miwieJ ail that v:ix H-
in morals, impious in religion, and traitor
oua in jjuiiucs. dieting on tne conviction
aenveU irom sucii authorities, die people of
the South, the slave drivers and br..-d..rs
encouraged by the speeches of the Northern
ana Southern representatives of the factions
emnracea within the organization of the
j-emoeratic party, prepared to resist th
juuiiur-ui ui me ijiiiiea states. Let it
1... ....... . ! 1 Al . i
uv; jcuieiiiuereu, mat at, tne voiy moment
when these traitors toon; tho held to rc-i
1 , : 1 . i . .i , i
i no niuo'iai auinomy, t:iey haa jio.sscssion
oi an tne positions involving an exercise of
power in the Government, and when thev
struck to destroy the Union, they claimed
rnat both the Lonstitution and the law were
iairly committed tf the protection o sla
very, llence, this mighty rebellion to do
tv,. ... I..,..;;,! i ' i
Buj iuio rjju.nuiu u u ei inaciit,, tins i'Oie,
mis .ioi-j aim iae ue;ieracU.r ot the world.
was brought about because the slave-holders
were led to believe by the Democracy and
the copperheads, that a few mad fanatic
1.1. ..ll.lL.a T l'i .
men canea ireeaora shnekers, were bent
on abolishing slavery m the South. Tlie
South believed the monstrositv. and 1 ii!iiri?
every slave State turned in fury to rend the
Union and destroy the Government. JS'ow
Arhat have these Democratic leaders nml
the traitor slave-holders '-.ilripd I v tb.f..". m.
lelliun ? They rebelled" to secure what
the-cailed the political iranchise and nu
merical increase of slavery, as these wn
menaced b abolitionism, and in doimr this
these what have tne slave-holders gained ? If
Democratic leaders were honest t hey would
enlighten the slave-holders, and it'fbo iJ.-ivc-
holders themselves were candid thev vimld
confess that their efforts to hiv," d;ivrrv
have cost the life not only of that institution,
but of the Democratic t.artv itself. Armli-
tionism has now become a "nationality ! It
is no longer the dream of a few warni-liMrf-
ed and hot-headed fanatics. It is the hope
of the nation ! The day-star cf the world '
In the very locality where it was once most.
odious, it isiow most popular. But why
do not the copperhead organs confess these
facts ? Why do they not inform their read
ers that such men as Gov. Andy Johnson,
Senator Jleverdv Johnson, the rebel Gen
eral Gantt, the tearless Parson Brownlow,
Ben Butler, and a host of other ' Democrats
either once defenders of slavery or now
slave-holders, are now the fearless advocates
of Abolitionism, and swear by the Consti
tution and the- Union, that sl.-ivervirmvr, Hip '
Thus the only advocates Jof slavery left in
this country, are either those m arms for
the destruction of the Union, or those who
secretly sympathize with these efforts. Will
the copperheads crack this nut ? Harris
Lury Telegraph.
Anecdote of Gen. McClellan.
Col. Metcalf, of Kentucky, made u radi
cal Union speech at a public meeting a "few
days since at which he related an anecdote
of Gen. McClellan, showing how he regar
ded the rebel leaders. He says :
"I got my eyes opened on that3'oung Na
poleon in the spring of 18G1. I went to see
Gen. McClellan and in the course of the
conversation I said to him that Jeff. Davis
was a scoundrel and repudiator. He (Mc
Clellan) straightened liimself up quickly
and said : "I do assure you, sir, that yoji
are mistaken. Jeff. Davis is a perfect gen
tleman, and will no anything unbecoming a
gentleman." Well, if a traitor,conspirator,
thief, repudiator, and civ il devil, who is insti
gating all this murder is his beau ideal of a
'....... . 1 IT V i.
jicurci gtuiueuiaii, x iivy our uuuuiiy may
never be cursed with his standard oi mor
ality and virtue at the head of affairs.."
The Emperor of Austria has just subscrib
ed the sum of five hundred florins towards a
statue to Hayden. ,
Patrioism dwells in wise heads ; toryisni
in copperheads.
Friday, May C, 9 i m. Ni-ht ha.? ius
put. an end to another struggle between the
ii my or tne l otomaeand the whole of Lee's
iorces, much uioresevpifi. nrr.tr-i.-.fn,! n,i
tended than that of Thursday, but hardly
with any more decisive results. The battle
was oneneil nt A so , 1 . . j.
i - -ili. , UJ clU iinacii Oi
the enemy m great force on our right and
center, by Picket's division. A portion of
niigncs umsion, ot Sedgwick s corps, and
jj, Part of V arren's division became cngatrcd.
Ihe attack was sueeessf'nllv rnil..l ",.,ri
the enemy forced back by an advance of our
iorf- Aliout six o'clock a. in., Major Gen-
eiai Jiancoch. advanced with his own corns
ouu me troops rnat had been sent to Jus as
HistaiKe from the center and mht on Thurs
daj' evening. After an obstinate contest of
an hour s duration, he succeeded in driving
the rebels from their breastworks, forciir'
uuiii i.iich. on uatn sides ol the Uramro and
uancehorsville plank roads, to a point with
in two miles and a half of Parker's store
In l.Ii ..1.. . 1 T 1 . .
j-w lino aumiiwj .seerai nunared prisoners
eie laxen oy our troops. At halt-past
eight o'clock, an advance was made by our
right and centre. They moved with the
rignt rorward tor about a juarter of. a mile
uuuer a Miower ot hre from the enemy, when
they were brought to a stop by a marsh in
tervening between them and the enemy's
euireiicnea position on a high ndgc: Find
ing it impossible to push across it, thev fell
uciciv lu tneir iormer position. Another at
tempt to drive the enemy from the ridge was
made from this, part of our line about
half-past tenv but it also failed. Gen. Burn
side expected to have his command in posi
tion on the light of Hancock by daybreak,
and join the advance of the latter, but it was
now noon, and before he was able to place
his troops where they were wanted, the en
emy perceiving the exposure of Gen. Han
cocks position, in consequence of this fail
ure, immediately abandoned the hope of ma
king an impression on our right, after the
repulse early in the morning. We had been
harrassing their forces all the forenoon in
front of Hancock and about eleven nVlo L-
they made a furious assault upon all points
i,; i ri'i u l i:. . 1 Oi
ji ms iiim. j. iiu reuei nue outreacnea nan
cock's left and brought them around his left
liank. Lol. r rank s brigade of Barlow's di
vision, was thrown bade in enn fusion iinnn
, . ...
nis une, causing a break mil retreat toward,
mo uiau tiiciciiciieu iiosiiion. anno- rno
Jirooii road. I lie centre ai,l riIit. of M
i: i u .. . -.i .
mic, aiao utaoie to -Witnstaiui the vigorous
ittaek of tho muchstronaereiiemv.likewi.se
iCii bacK to the iirook ro.!. (ion. U ads
worth, while riding in front of Lis Division.
trying to keen his linesteadv. was struelt bv
. i it . .. - . i , ,. ,.' '. . v
a ounet in tne Head, anulcil, it is supposed,
mortaiiy wounded into the hands oi the en
emy. the attack ot the eneniv was cheek
ed by a vigorous defence of our entrenched
line. I hey lull back about 121 oVln.-k-
Our loss in-this hot contest was vi-rv i'r;it.
As soon as the efforts of the enemy to over
whelm our loft were discovered, a concentra
tion of our own troops on that part of the
line was ordered. About the time the ene
my abandoned the attack on the left, Gen.
Bui nside had succeeded in placing all of
us 1-roops in position, thereby .securing a
continuous formation of our battle front.
At about half oast four, the enemv return
ed to the attack on our left, now supported
on its right by Burn.,ide. Their attacking
forces consisted of the command of Long-
street, which, it was ascertained by intercep
ted uispatches, arrived on the ground from
Urantre Court liouse oulv in the movnimr.
and 'Hill's corns. Thev struck theJefV.
which had again advanced some distance on
the left center, with great vigor, and forced
it again back" to the Brook road. IS loft's di
vision lell back in contusion. The attack of
the enemv extended to the n.".rt nf tho
leld by Burns-ide's division, and Crawford's
liviciou. of Warren's corns, that vested on
tho former's left. Steven's division that
was next to Hancock s right, gave way con-
xuseaiy, compelling the remainder of the
left center to fall back some distance. ( Vnw-
ford's division suffered .severely : one of its
regiments, the 7th Pennsylvania Reserves,
was captured almost in a body. The army
succeeded in erecting breastworks! and there
was imminent danger of a general break;but
Gen. Hancock ordered Col. Carroll's brigade
to torin at right angles with his line, and
sweep the whole front of it, so as to take
the enemy by the flank.- This movement
was well executed, and resulted in the re
pulse of the enemy with great slaughter.
After this repulse the enemy did not disturb
the lelt any iurther. Perfect quiet prevail
ed in front of our center and right through
the whole of the afternoon. Towards dark
r owever, the enemy having again shifted
from their right to their, left suddenly fell
upon the extreme right of our riixht. It con
sisted of Milroy's old brigade, whose com
mand had been assumed only the night be
fore by Brig. Gen. Seymour. Our men
were engaged in throwing up entrenchments
at the time. The enemy managed to rush
upon them before they had time to form, and
almost the whole brigade was swallowed up
by the rebel line; part of Shaler's brigade,
on Seymour's left, shared the same fate
of the latter. Both these Generals were
captured. This successful flanking move-
abandoned the ground they had gained du
ring the night. Our right was contracted
and strongly entrenched before mominc.
V th .t,11 last attack of the enemy uinm
bedgwick s right the battle ceased. That
General G rant can lay claim to a success over
Ins-adversary will be evident to the public,
when it will learn in a day or two of the ul
timate object of the movement of our army,
which will be realized notwithstanding the
desperate interference of the enemy. The
nature of the irround rendered th. erm.lov-
ment of artillery almost entirely impractica
ble, thereby depriving d;r army of the ad
vantage of our great superiority'in this arm.
Hardly half a dozen pieces were brought to
play on our side. . " .
Saturday, May 7. Our line to-day is
the fame as oh yesterday, with the exception
ot a concentration on the mht. Vigorous
tkirtnishing took place at different points of
the line during the day, but no serious de
monstration had 'ocimi made by either side.
Towards noon our skirmishers .i,kimf..1 un.l
discovered that the enemy had retreated
troin their line last night. It is U-lieved at
headiiuarters that thev were witJi.h iwMi
from our fron t. The Cavalry Corps, like
the Infantry, has done its share of hard
hting. the three Divisions h:v Wn
ment" threatened great peril to the whole ar
my, but Gen. Sedgwick succeeded, by per
sonal exposure and enertretie efforts of him
self and staff, in confining the rout to his
extreme richt. There was trrave annrehen-
sions at general headquarters, that this sue--
cess might enable the enemy to strike our
rear, and orders" were issued for a change of
position durimrthenicrht. The enemv.how"
ever, did not follow up their advantage, but
coveungtne various roads eaiimy room-
rear form Fredericks! urL' nnd
below. Thev have
Stuart's Cavalry almost dailv. with
success, losing up to the present time a to
tal of about one hundred killed and S(K)
wounded. I be losses of the infantry and
artillery, during the last three days, are es
timated til twelve thousand-fifteen hrmdrod
killed, eight thousand wounded and the
remainder inis-imr. Ol these the Second
Corps loses about five thousand, the Fifth
and Sixth about three thousand each, and
lurnside s s'Ven hundred. There is an no
,.-..n.- i - x. . -r i i ,i
usudiiv iare numoer oi sugntiy wounded a-
mong the casualties. The loss of officer!
especially field officers, is extraordinarily
irge. .
SUNDAY, MAY 8. Gen. Grants head
ouarte'rs is at Pi nev Creek Church, siv niiies
south tit ChaneellersviiJe.to-dav. The whole
army moved out of the ilderiiess last
night, and will be encamped to the rirdit
and left of Spottsylvania Court House to
night. Uur cavalry, in coverihe the ad
ance of the armv. encountered monntrd
lorces ot the enemy on several roads, and
kirmished Mth them all day, dnvini? them
steadily. 1 he advanced, of the army South-
w.-iiu win continue ro-morrow. mere is no
sign of t tie main rvbel army, either on our
ank or lront. Our wounded am com fin- n -
bly quartered m f redencks urg under am
pie protection. Ail the Western regiments
m tne Army ot the I'ofomac were encaged
1 , 1 1 ii mi . , v ' '
in last weeK s patties. Ihe 14tli and 20th
Indiana suffered very severely, tlte latter
I t TI 1 - -. " .
losing us, Kuiect and wounded, inclnding 6
oiT.i'ors. Col. Lacy, of the 20th Mavs. , was
wounded, t .en. Jjee, in his official reports
says that his losses in killed and wounded
have nob been heavy, hut that he lias a
large number of wounded, most of them
slightly so. IIS makes no mention of his
looses or captures of prisoners, and gives no
indication either or retreat or ot any inten
tion to renew the engagement.
Monday, iay 0. .No movement of the
army was intended to be made on Monday.
but a brief period of rest given to the army,
aiter tneir noavy. labors during the past
week. Ail was very quiet along the lines
till late in the afternoon. (Jen. Burnside
began the attack on the lctt with great fury,
ana witn an encouraging uotrree or success.
It was thought the enemv were mubablv
lawing imcK, or that had already gone to
Richmond to meet (Jen. Smith! who w;is
reported as being close to that place, -and
therefore a move forward along the entire
a . -i . . , i
nne was uetermined on and commenced at
o - o.clock the right consisting' of Rimey
and Gibbons' divisions of the 2d corps, and
Carroll's brigade on the left, joining War
ren, the latter being in the Centre, with the
0th corps on the left. The right crossed a
oranc-n oi tne i"o, and charged on a hr ht-
hor.-e battery, which was posted to cover a
small bridge, but which was quickly li mitr
ed up and started off the skirmishers sup
porting it also retreating. In front f t Gen
eral Warren, and on the left of Genera! Han
cock, quite a lively engagement ensued, the
shells and round shot from one of the ene
my's batteries placed in the woods coming
in rather close proximity to some lookers on
in an open field in the rear of (Jen. Warren's
headquarters, caused a stampede of the
crowd. The enemy were driven back about
three-fourths of a mile, and at dark the fir
ing ceased. A few prisoners were caitiircd
They belong to Wilcox's division of Hill's
corp.s. It is believed, however, that Long
street's corps was the only one in our front,
ana mat ne was left there to impede our
progress as much as posible, while Lee was
attending to Gen. Biddy Smith. At alout
11 o'clock at night the rebels in front, of Gen
Warren's corps made an assault on a line of
rifle-pits hastily constructed. Our men
gave them a rally and fell back f r the pur
pose of drawing them on to a second line.
The ruse was successful, and as the rebels
advanced they were received bv a destruc
tive fire, which drove them back in disor
der : but finding our men still retiring, thev
followed up, and after a charge on the third
1" ll ! .1
nne me wnoie ot our una gave tnem such a
raking fire as to almost demolish them ; and
springing after them, charged and drove
them back in utter disorder. Their loss was
very heavy, while onr. own was light We
took a number of prisoners. General Sedg
wick was shot through the head on Monday
morning whilst superintending the mount
ing of some heavy guns in anan?le the mon
had just prepared- There was no skirmish
ing at the time, put occasionally a. sharp
snooter sent a ballet in that direction which
caused the cannoniers to wince and dodr-e.
General Sedgwick was near bv with some
of his staff, and twitted the men about their
nervousness. Pooh, man! you cant nit
an elephant at that distance!"' Immediate
ly after the brdl struck him, and the blood
began to ooze from his nostrils. He smiled
serenely and fell dead in the arms his assis
tant adjutant general. On Monday Alt n.
Lotigstreet's command was moved dowu le
vond the Wilderness to secure what the
liebels deemed nirre favorable ground about
Sjiottsylvania. Here the ground is von'
much broken up, and is geuerally covered
with dense patches of chinquapin bushes,
through which our troops have to move!
An.nery lias not been used extensively on
either side, and the losses have not been
very heavy during the past few days.. (Jen
aral I:o s entire army is now known to Le
in our front, and will deliver battle conlinu
a'ly until utterly defeated. Ourarmvcould
not Ik? m a more cheerful condition. Every
man is sanguine of success, and they count
the days when they t-hall in triumph enter
the rebel capital. General Lee lately issued
an order m relation to supplies, in which he
said the ommunieation with Bichmond was
cut off. General Lee enjoined upon his men
the neoes lty of capl tiring-supplies irom the
lankees. Cp to this moment they have
tailed to capture a single wagon.
Ti fpay, May io. Gen. Grant moved
on the enemy s works at Spottsylvania Court
liouse on Tuesday morning. The battle
was chiefly with artillery, and was very se
vere our forces advancing steadily, ami gain
lugUietnemy'sgrGiuid permanently. Gener
al Grant s despatches are exceedingly cheer
I ul ; he could not e more sanguine of the
result if lie had Ilichmond in his possession
lie is clearly master of the situation. Gen.
Kobmson s division was in advance on the
Spottsylvania road from Todd's Tavern.and
drove the enemy six miles, carrying two po
sitions which they had advanced to hold.
Oil reaching a cross road they made a
stand behind a tiiorary breastwork of
rails and f rees, and were massed in strong
force, the greater jiortion being hid from
view by a dense woods. An attempt waa
made by two brigades to cany the position,
bdt failed, when Gen. Kobinson rode iif
front of his men and said" the place niust be
ours, asking the men to follow him. -They
replied with loud checrs.and falling into line
rushed to t!ie attack in fin. Ktvl A w. ;i.u
fire of musketry met them m the face, and
Gen. Iiobinson beiri!? wounded ami norf, n
e to keep his seat in the saddle, the column
was forced to fallback, the whole affair cost
ing us about three hundred mcu and the loss
of the services of one of the ablest generals
in the armv. J he l Vnnsv vnm-i Konr,,
f, ,1-, . Av.n.!
I'.rw.iri 4 I. '.I t,. 1 ...
met t he same fate, and the attempt was a-bandonc-d
forthenight. General Grant ha
sis a matter of course, changed his b:uc, and
in doing so, lias been ohlk'.'.l to mat., .,..h
a disposition of some of his iorces as would
give protection to his trains i
feucli movements might be interpreted by
some wiseacres as falling back, when noth
ing of the kind has tnk II lll.l.'C !.W, -ol
Grant has set his face toward Bichniond,
and all the Bebel armies of Jeff! Davis can
not acter him irom Ins purpose. He has
fought 1a!0 out of his so-called imiencti .-'bk
mtreiit hmcnts on the K.-inid n. fonol.f
through that dark vallev of thn mIiu.I. r.v
death, the AVildemess, and pursued him in
t his present well selected position at
Spottsylvania Court House, and yesterday,
without giving Lee breathing time, General
Grant moved his viotoi
the Kelie! works.
The latest dispatches received from fi
(irant at headquarters represent everything
encouraging. A dispath w;is received by
Gen. Ingals, dated at ten o'clock, a m
Tuesday, which says: W arc fighting now,
and have lieen all day. We are entii-clv no.
stating all of Lee's well eonnectel plans,
and are steadily driving him befijre us.'
Our losses have been heavy, but the rebel
loss outnumbers ours. Another rener-d -if.
tack will take place at 5 o'clock this after
noon. The world has never heard of war
In-fore, and the battle-fields of h
days defy description.
Trom North Carolina. ..
NeWIJERNE. N. (1. M:iv 7 -b Tl,..-.-.
day, tJiO iiAk intant. atlialf-nrrtno..i.L
p. m., the Ikcbel ram AVnim-l o,..
nied by its sate lite, the
tho gunboat Jioiulzfall, captured by t hem
at .Plymouth, aj.peared at the mouth of
the Roanoke Biver. The "imluvif ,!,.
WhUrhcul, Ceres, and Ciimmrn1nre Hull
were lying close to the river in the Sound.
On perceiving that the rain designed to en
ter the Sound, they made off, as if fearful
of an encounter, but only anxious in draw
th e ram into the Sound. The ram ami !nr
followers pursued for about twelve mile.-,
when the gunboats Sushis-hs, Wyihusij
and Mniiihestit (double enders) appeared.'
Our gunlKiats, seven in numlierininiedintn".
ly opened fire, and a terrific engagement on-
sued. J he f titton l out made her escape,
while the ramV-trcated up the Sound slow
ly and steadily, firing -rapidly. The gunboat
rC 'T, waa rctaken with all on board,
i he bisacv having an iron prow, ran at
hill speed upon the ram, striking it abaft,
the center, but apparently inflicting no in
jury. I he Sasmcus had her forward rud
der knocked off, and was obliged to retire,
closely pursued by the guuboatsi. The ram,
under cover of the darkness, succeeded irt
entering the Uoanoke river again, where our
gunboats could not follow. The ram has not
been seen since the engagement.
"Harry, did you ask Hicks for that inon'
cy?" "Yes." "What did he say?"
"Nothing ; he just kicked me into the road
That's all he Kiid." .
At a recent sale of autographs in London
four letters of Washington one written in
1788, in favor of a Union of the States
brought $90,56.
They have in London a home for loft and
starving dogs, -v .