Raftsman's journal. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1854-1948, January 20, 1864, Image 3

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    CLEAR Ft ELD, PA., JAN. 20, 18G4.
Acknowledgment. We tender onr
thanks toT. J. Boyer, of the Hoiue, for
several documentary favors.
We see the name of Gilmore Shirey a
mong those who were injured by the break
ins of an axl on the Pa. Ila.lroad, 2 nines
below Tyrone, on Stmdny ng
We thw week publish a .J
Manning JZkt
iJSM of thatlly in
this county.
a Tprvriov .'We call particular attention
tothe 'Ser ofC.pt. A. M. Smith pub;
Jislied under the head ot "correspondence.
Capt. Smith makes allusion to pome mat
ters of interest to all, and we hope that our
readers will give his letter a careful perusal.
The following appointments were made
l.v the Count v Commissioners, for IStU:
Counsel, Win! A. Wallace. Clerk, Win.
S.Bradley. Mercantile Appraiser, John 11.
lleisey. Coal Contract, John Feeny.
"Wood Contract, John McGoey. Janitor,
Andrew Shtgrart.
PiF.n At his residence in Curwensville
n Tuesday, January- 12th, Tnos. Ross,
Kj. The deceased was a man of ainiable
.iiswsitioii, a kind and affectionate parent,
ani an aereeable and accommodating nei.srh
Jr beloved by all who knew hini. He
was extensively known in this county as a
.-urreyor, of noordinary ability. His death
will be regretted by his nmntrous friends.
Peace to his remains.
Tiik Scalpel. This valuable work has
lunde its reappearance in our sanctum. J r.
Uixruis "Seal Del" is a Quarterly iwlexor
the rjfuolc. whereby they may learn to live-
juid move and enjoy health. Each pa.ye
contains some important and practical lesson
in depicting the abuses and follies incident
to man. Its articles are highly interesting.
:uid in thrilling interest are unsurpassed hy
the fictitious literature of the day. The
work is worthy the public patronage. JVioo,
cents a number, or -tl a year. Business
letters must be addressed to Erastus War
ner, No. 1 Ye ey .sheet (Astor House),
New York.
The Dii.UT. By reference to Circular
ST. tif the Assistant Provost Marshall Gen.
which we publish to-day. it will be seen that
lu-MieulHtinginaiiysui) district, will be cred
ited to the District paying the Ixmnty and
ii'it to the one? in which they may actually ve-,id-
This i-; a matter which interests every
and shows the necessity ot raising lo
v:;l b iuntis. For instance Erie ounry of
1. r-a local bounty ot'SSOJ, and C'toarfield
d.io n il ! Under the d-xiin f Chvular S7,
s-it.mld a Clearfield man enlist ia Erie, that
nmty receives a credit for that man because
Jut has 1-ecii paid a bounty there, leaving
Mer5eld tn furnish i?.r dU'i'a by draft.
We have railed attentim to this snbiect on j
several oci-asn n. but so lar our em.eus (
hnve rren!'d these suggestions with perfect
v.vuuerpnce. Uc Lope they will now give
Tiie matter oi raising our ouota L.v
5 eers their prompt attention.
Bai-.x Bl'RNT. We learn that the barn
el Lieut. Jcdm -I. Chase, of Woodward
Jowiii-hip. was destroyed by tire, about VI
o'clock on Thursday night, January 14th,
together with 14 tons of hay, a large quanti
ty of straw, one yoke oxen, and If head of
sheep. The probable loss is about SoOO
a-itke b.trti Wits but mi old one. The hay
and straw is perhaps the most serious loss
in Mr. Chase, as he has considerable stock
yj feed and catmot replace those articles at
iuy price, ou account of the scarcity of fod
der in the county. The lire wa evidently
ti t1 work of an incendiary, as neither Mr. C.
h r any of his family had been near the barn
v r r 1 1 a light for to or t hree days previous to
th.- ."cni ience. We hope that the perpeTa
ii'K of this itdinniari act, of burning up
sli-i p and oxen, will be detected and receive
tt j i-t punishment due them, for this lien
l i.'h uvi iige upon the owner.
The TiURrvF. Almanac. We are un
W obligations to the proprietors of the Tri
bune Almanac, for a copy of that most
1 ahuble work for 1 St) 1. The present Alma
.) -a:' contains, beside the Astronomical calcu
I '.tinns and Calender, a list of the Executive,
'u lii iai and other officers of the National
Government, the members of the Senate
,i n i, . r t,
n; ,,, se of Leprewntativcs of the U. h
- .i;a ! classified-late important Acts o
onsress, f-areluilv condensed armv audi
ii:ivy :ind public debt shrinkage of the re- j
b;lio:i Amnesty Proclamation the Rebel
iiovrrnnicnt and Congress election returns
"l.lStVi soldiers votes, etc, etc. In fact,
tins Almanac is a complete and comprehen
ds Poliiic-al Register containing more
information, in a narrow compass, than any
teller work published. Price, single copies,
b cents. Ten for SI. $8 per hundred.
A Jdress The Tribmie Association, N. York.
Still They Come.
Among tke late news from Xewberne,
Nonh Carolina, we find the following item :
'"Ekren hundred persons in Newberne
'jive taken the tfath annexed to the Presi
yeiit s Amnesty Proclamation."
As a further evidence of the favorable re
tvption of the Amnesty Proclamation, wo
me several extracts from the Newbeme
-4 of Jan. 9tb, which in on our table :
Every day seems to add to thestrength of
the I nion cause in Eastern North Caro
.... That a deep seated Union feel
permeates the mass cf the people in this
tate, we have no doubt. We have almost
"aily evidence of this fact from the large
fiunitjer who come within our lines, and a
vail themselves 0f the President's Amnesty
Proclamation." -
is the effect of that Proclamation of
!neh the editers of the Copperhead organ
Jn this place said "The conditions offered
ere such as a high-spirited people, such
( a People as the sons of the sires of Sev-'enty-six
ought to be," would nobefc
lfpted l'by a man of them." They also ask
'question, "Will it strengthen the hands J
,7 the Union men of the South ?" to
Our(' y resPnd emphatically "No."
tut I'P61"004 neighbors may be prophets,
thanK W0Ul( lner irom e extracts given
?ood &re Very poor ones not cven wing
on Monday afternoon, oanuary 1 Itli.
the bencJi, Hon. S. Linn, and his assoei
James Bioom and John D. Thompson.
Quarter Cessions .
Commonwealth vs. John Bell Fornica
tion and bastardy. Settled.
Com. vs. A. A. Kelly Passing counter
feit money. True bill. Just and sufficient
cause appearing, the Court ordered recogni
zance remitted, and county to pay costs.
Com. vs. Jaines Curley Arson and Fel
ony. True bill. Bench warrant awarded
and issued.
Com. vs. Josiah Ames Fornication and
bastardy. Settled.
Com. vs. Ig. Thompson and M. Bioom
Assault. Yerdict guilty defendants to pay
each a fine of $5 and costs of prosecution.
Com. vs. T. Fife Habeas corpus. Re
cognizance forfeited.
Com. vs. T. Wood, Jr., and Joshua
Wood Cutting timber. Yerdict guilty, at
September Session. Bench warrant award
ed. Com. vs. P. Bloom Assault and battery.
Ignoramus and prosecutor to pay costs.
Com. vs. 11. Henderson. T. Ilenderson,L.
Goss of D., E. Beams, C. Walty, L. Gossof
J., G. Chandler,!. Goss, andJ. Lowe Riot.
True bill. Recognizance of W. Henderson,
C. Walty and L. Goss forfeited, and respite
to Levi Goss vfntil next term, and Bench
warrant awarded for the other defendants.
Com. vs. James Biss setting tire in woods,
True bill.
Com. vs. W. Henderson, C. Walty, and
Levi Go.-s Assault and battery. True bill.
Recognizance forfeited and respite to L.
Goss." -
Com. vs. John Cummings Assault ana
batterj'. Ignoramus, and prosecutor to pay
Com. vs. J. S. Radebach Selling liquor
on Sunday. True bill.
Com. vs. John Bell Seduction. True
bill. Nol. Pros, on payment of costs.
Coin. vs. S. G. Piles Malicious mis
chief. True bill.
Com. vs. S. G. Piles, R. Bard and Z.
Hartshorn Riot. Yerdict guilty. To ap
pear at next term of Quarter Sessions sen
tence having been deterred.
This prosecution grew outof an occurrence
at a political meeting at Curwensville, pre
vious to the October election ; at which time
Geo. A. Bloom, the prosecutor, struck Wil
liam Addleman and broke open a fresh a se
vere wound received at Gettysburg Addle
man bavin? had his lower jaw badly shatter
ed by a ball at that hotly contested battle.
It is alleged by the prosecutor, that the de
fendants after the tight in Curwensville went
to the house of III Mini with the intent of
tarring and feathering him, for this assault
upon a wounded and sick soldier and hence
the prosecution for riot. Cpon the trial of
this cause, we are told, that the defence
clearly proved by a number of persons, that
the prosecutor, George A. Bloom was of
bad reputation for truth, and that the testi
mony of himself and wife was conflicting
and contradicted in material point by other
evj.lence m the ease that it was ciearly. es-
tawished !' evidence that S. G. Pyles could
not possihiv nnve twen at iioom s nouse, as
he was at horn;! ,mJ in boa st th2 hourtixeu
by th? witnesses for the Coinatonwcaltii, as
the tlnir; of the occurrence of the riot. We
are also informed, that the counsel for the
pro-eeution endeavored to excite the politi
cal )rcj'.'licns and feelings ot the jurors
against tiie i i.-ooers the jury being divi
ded 10 to '2 politically and that but for this
effort, at least Pyles would have been acquit
ted, if n;t the others. We have deemed it
but duo to the defendants to make this ex
jMaoation. sint-e the cause seems to have as
sumed m:re the character of ,-i political cru
sade, than the vindication of our criminal
statutes. Ei. JorKNAL. j
Coin. vs. E. Pattuii Bastardy. . True
Com. vs. i. Michaels Disturbance at e
leetion. True hi!!.
Com. vs. S. lY.iiley Adulter-. Ignora
mus, and pr-ecr.tor to pay costs.
Com. vs. W. W. Wilson Malicion mis
chief. Ituoramns.and prosecutor to pay costs
Common Pieaa.
January: Tf.:im, lsi',4. On motion of J.
B. M'Eually, Esf., James M. tialiowa-was
admitted to practice in the several Courts of
Cleartieid county, on J lit h January..-lSo4.
Jam; Cochrane vs. M. Spencer et al,
adm'rs of Isaac Cochrane Feigned issue.
Verdict V'e fiiidue the purport No. o a
warded to I. Cochrane the sum of s33 33,
annuaiiv from the "nth day of Jan v, 18t0
i .1 ' . .... .1 1 1 " -
to i le present ua y ; anu oue imriiori io. ,
awar,, to A. Coenr:llu thii Ann of $33 33j
t f , 2-th Javof s u lmno
. i... i.-v f.-.i
lur 'ieeiii Uti . Jimiuii iwi 11 iai.
This is tins only cause tried in the Com
mon pleas the others were continued.
Hoad Matters.
IriTroxs. To review road from cross
road at Huttou'sto Che-t Creek in Buruside
Yiewers, Jacob Boice, 11. II.
Raincv. and Isaac I.e
For a road from a point on public road
leading from John Hancock's in Pike town
ship to the river near lot of Hiram Leech
in Pike township. Yiewers, Wm. A. Big
ler, James B. Caldwell. John Hancock.
For a road from Charles Snath's, via
John Rose, to intersect the road at or near
Reuben Lewis. Yiewers, Thos. 3Ioore,Ar
thur Bell, John Orr.
For a road from David Uhner's to Jona.
Hartshorn's saw mill. Yiewers, Wm. A.
Bigler, Daniel Bailey, Jona. Hartshorn.
For a road from Fruit Hill Church to
James Jackson's saw mill in Knox town
ship. Yiewers. II. 13. Wright, Joseph Pat
terson, David Wise.
For a road from F. Rongle's mill in Kart
haus township, to house of Patrick Shoden.
Yiewers, Chas. Schnarrs, Ed M'Garvcy,
Richard Colburnv
For a road in Karthaus township leading
from township road at Thomas Michaels to
James Rand's grist and saw mill. Yiewers,
B. D. Hall, Geo. Ileckedorn, R. Kanady.
For a road from Little Bald Eagle T. Pike
from near T. S. Washburn's to J mile below
mouth of Whitmer run. Yiewers, II. B.
Wright, Geo. Groom, T. S. Washburn.
For a road from Anthony M'Garvey's to
Cyrus Thuston's, in Chest township. Yiew
ers, John M'Cord, Adam Nagle, A. Mc-
'Garvey. . , f . ,. '
For a road from fcanay oreeK roau in tov
ington township to the Clearfield road J mile
east of Mulsonburg. Yiewers.PeterLamm,
Florentine Mignot, Sol. 3Iourer.
Confirmed Nr. Si. A road from near
S. M' Cully's mill to road at Wesley Niv
ling's mill.
A road from John Morgan s to a point
between Isaac Caldwell's and Matthew Cald
well's. A road from Bowersox's shop to late res
idence of Absolom Pearce, dec d.
A road leading from east end of Hugh
Orr's lane to M'Pherson's timber shanty.
A road from James M'Keowan's to Jo
seph Hatlan's.
A road from near William M'Garvey's to
intersect public road from Jacob Bloom's to
Chest township.
A road from F. Coutriet's mw mill to
road leading from Leconte's mill to steam
saw mill in Girard township.
A road from Anthony M Garvey'sto pub
lic road at Cyrus Thuston's in Chest tp.
A road from Jacob Bloom's in Chest tp.,
to mouth of Whituiore run in Beccaria tp.
A road from Hiram Leech's to intersect
the Ben Carr road near Levi Bailey's in Pike
Confirmed Absolutely. A road from
Hiram Leech's to Benj. Carr's.
A road from Adam Miles to Punxsutaw
ney road near John Thompson's.
A road from James Lansbury's to Brad
ford church in Bradford township.
A road from turnpike near James John
ston's to the mouth of Comefort run.
A road from Adam Weaver's and Jacob
Ziliox's to the house of Henry Beales.
A road from Black Moshannon to Kyler
town. To vacate part of road from Kylcrtown to
Moshannon, in Morris township.
Continued. To review,alter and change
a road from Hegarty's X roads to Muddy
Run at J. 8. M'Cully's in Beccaria tp.
Confirmed Nr. Sr. Report of viewers
of New township out of parts of Bell, Fur
guson and Perm.
Opposed to Prayer !
In the Senate, on Thursday, January
7th, Mr. Lowry offered the following reso
lution :
RtxolmJ, That the Speaker be requested
invite tbe ( lervmeri of I larrisbimr to o-
pen the sessions of the benate with prayer.
On the question, Will the Senate proceed
to a second reading of the resolution The
yeas and nays were required by Mr. Kinsey
and Mr. Donovan, and were as follows :
Yeas Messrs. Champneys, Wilson. Cou
ncil, Dimlap, Fleming, Graham, Hoge,
Householder, Johnson. Lowry, M'Candless,
Nichols, Ridgeway, Turrell, Worthington
and Penny. Spvitfa'r 16.
Nays Messrs. Rcardslee, Bucher, Don
ovan, Glatz, Hopkins, Kinsey. Lamherton,
Latta.M'Sherrv, Montgomery RciHy, Smith,
Stark, Stein, Wallace and Clymer ltt.
So the question was determined in the
negative the Union men voting yea, and
Opposition nay. Alas ! poor Democracy !
Whither are ye drifting?
Headquarters of Provost Marshal, 1
Nineteenth District, Pennsylvania,
Waterford, Erie Co., Jan. 14, '04. J
All persons drafted who reported at these
'headquarters, and signed receipt rolls Ibr ex
penses can, by forwarding their Post-Office
address to thisoffice.caii receive said ex peuses
by return mail. li. S. Campbell,
Pro. Marshall l'Jth Dist. Penn'a.
Headquarters of Provost Marshal, )
Nineteenth District, Pennsylvania, V
Waterford, Erie Co., Jan. 11, 04. j
The following instructions relative to en
listments and credits have Ih-ou issued bv the
Acting Assistant i'rovost Marslnd General
for the guidance ot t rovost Alarshals,wh;c!i
is published lor the information ot the pub
lie. 11. S. Campkell,
Capt. and Pro. Marshall l(Jth Dist, I'a
State of Pennsylvania. )
Office of the A. A. Pro. Marshal' Gen'l,
lian isburg, Januaiy 5th, 18(34. j
Circular, No. 87. In establishing crcd
its to sub-districts for men enlisted and mus
tered into the serv ice of the United States
since the draft of 163, and which have not
been credited on that draft, the following
principles will govern, viz:
1. Men Enlisted upon local bounty will
be credited to the sub-district from which
.such bounty was paid.
2. Men enlisted without local bounty will
be credited to the place ( sub-district in
which they are reported by the mustering
officer to have been enlisted evidence to be
taken from muster in (muster and descrip
tive) rolls.
3. As to men mastered in by Provost
Jlarslials, the latter must decide tor tlieni
selves upon the proof necessary to establish
the aforesaid facts. As to other men not
mentioned by a Provost Marshal, the evi
dence of these facts will be established at
these headquarters, and any case of this na
ture, it brought Letore a 1'rovost Marshal,
should be reported bv him to these head
quarters, with all the details necessary, for
further action.
4. Provost Marshals will do everything
m their power to facilitate a mst establish
ment of the credits in accordance wkh the
former principles, but the assignment, deci
sion, announcement, and bestowal of the
credits will be either by the Provost Marshal
General, or under his direction by the Act
ing Assistant Provost Marshal General. Any
orders, directions or instructions, that may
have been given heretofore from this office,
in contradiction with the principles herein
stated, are hereby rescinded.
Lieut. Col. 16th U. S. Infantry,
A. A. Pro. Marshal Gen.
riOSTETTER'S BITTERS Have received the
warmest encomiums from the press and people
throughout the Unien a a valuable tonic for the
cure of Dyspepsia, Flatulence, Constipation, and
general nervous debility, it cannot be approached.
Every day new cades of its great effect are chron
icled through our principal journals. There is
nothing equal to the employment to that which
the afflicted experience when using this valuable
specific. Its mild tone, its sore and rigorous ao
tion upon a disordered stomach, and the cleans
ing of the entire human body should recommend
it to all classes of our community. tiTSee ad
Tertisement.,93 For sale by Druggists and deal
ers generally everywhere.
.Maoame Porter's Curative Balsam has long
tested the truth that there are first principles in
MtiMTie as there is in Science, and this Medi
cine is compounded on principles suited to the
manifold nature or Man: inecureoi v,oiu mu
keeping open the pores, and creating a gentle in
ternal warmth, and this is caused by the use ot
this Medicine. Its remedial Qualities are based
on its power to assfct the healthy and vigorous
circulation of blood through the lungs, it enli
vens the muscles and assists the skin to perform
its duties of regulating the heatoi the system.and
in gently throwing off the waste guostanoe irom
ik. c, ,.,. o nf th hnAv Ti is not a violent rem
edy, but emollient, warming, searching and effec
COmrrsiCATBD. Pulmonary consumption a cur
able disease'. ! ! A CARD.
To Consumptives. The undersigned laving
been restored to health in a few weeks, by a ve
ry simple remedy, after having suffered sever
al years with a severe lung affection, and that
dread disease, consumption ia anxious to make
known to his fellow-sufferers the means of cure.
To nil who desire it, he will send a copy of the
prescription used (free of charge), with the direc
tions for preparing and using the same. which they
will find a sure cure for Consumption, Asthma,
Bronchitis, etc. The only objec.' of the advertiser
in sending the Prescription is to benefit the afflic
ted, and spread information which he conceives to
be invaluable, and he hopes every sufferer will
try his remedy, as it will cost them nothing, and
may prove a blessing. Parties wishing the pre
set iption will please address
Sept. 23-4m. AVilliamsburgh, Kings Co., N.Y.
A LARGE STOOK OF GLASS, paint. oils,
white lead, etc., at E. A. IRVIN'S
SALT ! SALT !! SALT !!! A prime arti
cle of ground alum salt, put up in patent
saiKs. at S3.25 per sacK, at the cheap cash store of
Xovnmhcr 27. K. MOSSOP.
LIST OF LETTKUS remaining in the Post
Office at Clearfield, Pa., on January 1st, 1864
Broadhead. Mrs II. Ilaney, Miss Sophia
Brunaul. Ktienne Henry, Elias
Campbell, John Hawthorn. Miss Ann
Dixon. Miss Sarah Irwin. Miss iielen E.
Dixon. Miss R K. Kettner, Rev. Lambert
Dunahue, Miss Mary A. Luther, Wm.
Kry. Ely Mitchell, Miss Sophia
Francis, Charles Mqore, Jacob
Forsee, Mrs. Marian B Marvin, Henry
Forcee. Wm. L. Kedaker, II
Gibson, Joseph II. lioss, Dr J. M.
Persons calling for any of above letters, will say
they are advertised. One cent is due on each let
ter advertised. M A. FRANK, P. M.
STATEMENT of the Clearfield County Bank,
for the month ending Dec. 31st, 1863.
Bills discounted, :::::::
Pennsylvania State loans, : : : :
Specie, :::::::::::
Due from other banks, : : : : :
Notes of other banks, ::::::
U. S. Demand and Legal Tender notes.
Checks, drafts. !tc. : : i : : : :
Overdrafts, :::::;;::
Furniture. :::::':::::
Expense of plate engraving, ftc. : :
United States Revenue stamps, : :
S96.903 3G
5S.99S 11
6.877 81
8,852 43
6,053 00
15,239 00
1,763 2B
200 72
: 725 00
764 75
: 315 21
: : 400 00
285 19
S197746S 14
: S50.000 00
42.762 00
: 84-464 61
13.011 1)5
: 315 00
: 2.135 30
4.779 28
I'UftX'ommonwealth. (special)
Losr.nd Expenses. : ; :
Total amount of assets, : :
Cap'ital stock, paid in, : : :
Notes in circulation, : : :
Due depositors, : : : : :
Due certificates of deposit, :
Due Commonwealth, : ; : :
Due Banks. :::::::
Interest and exchange, . :
Total amount of liabilities.
: : : 197,468 14
Clearfield. Pa., Dec. 31, 1863.
ter goodsT
Seasonable Goods
The undersigned has just received from the East
ern cities a lorgo and well selected stock of the
most seasonable goods, which he can dispose of at
tha reasonable prices. His friends and custom
ers are invited to examine his stock of goods, and
ascertain the prices before purchasing elsewhere
as he teols persuaded none undersell him. Ilia
stock embraces a well selected assortment of
Hardware, Quecnsware,
School Books and Stationary,
And a great variety of other useful articles, all
which will be sold cheap for cash, or ex
changed for approved produce.
Go to the "cheap cash store" if you want to buy
goods at fair prices.
January I, 1864. WM F. IRWIN.
J.'P. KRATZER. has just received the largest as-
rortment of Dress woods for Ladies, now in
the county, consisting in part of
18G3 Caeh meres, Merinos. Rep-delains. plaids,
parmetto. Brilliant, Poplins, Alpacca,
ji ja j Berege, Lawns. Prints, Silks, Duster
a clothe, Ginghams, Nankeen. Lin-
2 i en, Lace, Edging, Velvet-trim-,o
o ; ming.Collerette. Braid. Betts,
. i Dress-buttons, Hosiery, Veils. Nets, Cor-
3 c brijl t.n n. iinnaH. i,UDiaji. ftcarns.
' j II.. L-;.-,a Ralmnnll O.nata Qhavrla
Mantles, Furs, Notions, Bonnets,
Hats, Ribbons, Flowers, Plumes.
Such asCloths.Cassimere, SatinettFlan-
nel. Jean, Tweed, Cottonade, Muslin,
Italian-cloth. Velvet, Plush, Check,
Ticking. Drilling, Linen Crash,
Serge, caaviss, Padding Lincy,
Vestings, Coats, Pants. Vests
Over-coats, Shawls. Boys Jackets, Over
alls. Drawers, Caserne re shirts. Lin
er -Shirts, Boots and Shoes,
Hats and Caps, Ac, Ac.
Such as Carpet, Oil-cloth. Blinds. Cur-! f Jp
tins, l assets, uora. iocks. jjoomng
glasses, Lamps, Chnrns, Tubs. Buck-
ets.tirooui8.tirusnes.ca8Keis.nasn- i c
hniril Rutter-bowls. Seives. I
Flat-irons, Coffee-mill, Bed-
cords, Bags, Wall-paper. CarpeUchain
Cotton yarn, Candle-wicij. wore-oas-kets,
Lanters, Umbrellas. Buffalo
Robes, Trunks, Carpet Bags, Ax
es, and Auzers. Ac. Ac. Ac. c-iC-
Such as Violins, Flutes and Fifes.
- -t
i ST
o a
- i
o a
Queensware. Glassware, Stoneware. Gro
"3 "3
ceries, Drugs, Confection anes. Med
icines, Flour, Bacon, Fish, Salt,
Carriage Trimmings, Shoe Fndings,
scnooi uooks, ii ans auu opines, Uiua
and Putty, Oil, Vinegar, Tobacco,
Segars, Candles, Spices, Powder,
Shot, Lead, Grind-stones, Raft
inir Rooe. etc., etc , etc.,
99 tl
All of which will bo sold on the most reasonable
terms and the highest market price paid for all
... - T T, t-T T"PD
Etnas or country DroDuco u. r. mv.uuu
October 21 1S63.
Clearfield, Tenn's
A Illghlr Amct ntr;ite'-V
Dr. C. M. Jackson, rhila.Va, Pa.
Will effectually cure Liver Complaint Dyspepsia,
Jaundice, Chronic or Nervous Debility. Dis
eases of the Kidneys, and all disease ari
sing from a disordered Liver or Stom
ach, such as Constipation. Inward
Piles. Fulness or blood to the
Head. Acidity of the Stomach. Nausea. Heartburn.
Disgnst for Food, Fulness or Weight in the
Stomach. Sour Eructations. Siuking or
Fluttering at 'the Pit of the Stomach,
Swimming of the Head, Hurried
and Difficult Breathing, Flut
tering at the Heart. Choking or Suffocating Sen
sations when in a l.ving posturo. Dimness of
Vision. Dot or Webs before the Sight.Fo
ver and Dull Pain in the Head, Defi
ciency of Perspiration, Yellow
ness of the Skin urd Eyes.
Pain in the Side. Back. Chest, Limbs, Ac. Sudden
Flushes of Heat, Burning in tho Flesh,
Consiant Imaginings of Evil, ana
great Depression of Spirits.
From Rev. f. Xeirttm Bran-it. D . 1) E-'itar of
the. Eitcyclop&lia of Rejigions Knowledge.
Although not disposed to favor or recommend
Patent Medicines in general, through distrust of
their ingredients and effects ; I yet know of no
sufficient reasons why a man may not testify to
the benefits he believes himself to have received
from any simple preparation in the hope that he
may thus contribute to the benefit of others.
I do this the more readily in regard to Hof-
lanu s trerman Hitters, prepared by Dr. C M.
Jackson, of this city, because I was prejudiced a
gainst them for many years, under the impres
sion that they were chiefly an alcoholic mixture.
Iam indebtwd to my friend Robert Shoemaker,
Esq., fur the removal of this prejudice by proper
tests, and for encouragement to try them, when
suffering from great and long continued debility.
The use of three bottles of these Bitters, at the
beginning of the present year, was followed by
evident relief, and restoration to a degree of bod
ily and mental vigor which 1 had not felt for six
months before, and had almost despaired of re
gaining. I therefore thank God and my friend
for directing me to the uso of them.
Philad'a., June. 23, 1341. J, Newton" Buows.
There are many preparations sold under the
nam ot Bitters. put up in quart bottles, compoun
ded of tho cheapest whiskey or common rum. cos
ting Irom 2t to ll) cents per gallon, the taste dis
guised by Anise or Coriander Seed.
This class of Hitters h an caused and will contin
ue to cause, as long as they can bu sold, hundreds
to die the demh of tho drunkard. By their use
the system is kept continually under the influ
ence A ice) oik- Stiinulantsof the worst kind. tho
desire for Liquor is created and kept up, and the
result i.s all the horrors attendant upon .a drunk
ard's life and death.
For those who desiro and will hive, a Liquor
Bitters, we publish the following receipt. Get
One. linttle llimjl'tiiii '$ (reriniiii liillerx and mix
with TUne CJnarts of Good linmdi or Wltitey,
and the result will be a preparation that will far
excel in medicinal virtues and true excellence
any of liie numerous Liquor Bitters in the mark
et, and will cost much less. You will have all
the virtues of Hoofland'g Bitters in connection
with n good article of Liquor.at a much less price
Ihdii these inferior preparations will cost you.
We citll tho attention of all having relations or
friends in the army to the fv3t that 'Uooklash's
German Bitters' will cure nine tenths of the dis
eases' iuduued by exposures and privations inci
dent to camp life. In the lists, published almost
daisy in the newspapers, on the arrival of the
sick, it will be noticed that a very l;vjge propor
tion are suffering from debility. Every case of
that kind una be readily cured by I IooUa.ud's Ger
man Bitters. Diseases resulting from disorders
of the digestive organs are speedily removed. We
have no hesitation in stating that, if these Bitters
were freely used among our soldiers, hundreds of
lii'es migbt be saved that otherwise will be lost.
We call particular attention to the following re
markable nnd well authenticated cure of one the
nation's heroes, whose life, to use his own lan
guage, ' hivs bwn saved by the Bitters: '
PAiLADELpniA. August 23rd. 1SC2.
7ilxr. Jones Evnus. Well, gentlemen. your
HoofHnd's German Bitters has saved my life.
There is no mistake in this. It is vouched for
by numbers of my comrades, some of whose names
are appended, and who were fully cognizant of
all tiie circumstances or. mv case. 1 am. and
have been lor the last four years, a member of
Sherman s celebrated battery, and under the im
mediate command of Capt. R B. Ayres. Through
the expo sure attendant upon my duties, I was
attacked in November last with inflammation of
the lungs, and whs for seventy-two days in the
hospital. This was followed by great debility,
heightened by an attack of dysentery. I was then
removed from tho White House, and sent to this
city on board trio Steauter Mate of Maine, from
which I landed on the 23tii Of Juno. Since that
time 1 have been about us low as any one could
be and still retain a spark of vitality. For a
week or mote I was scarcely able to swallow any
thing, and if I did force a morsel down, it was
immediately thrown up again.
1 could not even keep a glass of water on my
stomach. Life could not lastunder these circum
stances; a lid. accordingly, the physicians who
had been working faithfully, though unsuccess
fully, to rescue ino from the grasp of the dread
Archer, frankly told me they could do no more
for me. and advised me to see a clergyman, and
to make such disposition of my limited funds as
best suited me. An acquaintance who visited me
at the hospital. Mr. Frederick Steinborn. of Sixth
below Arch Street, advised me, as a forlorn hope,
to try your L'ittcrs, and kindly procured a bottle.
From the time I commenced taking them tho
gloomy shadow of death receded, and I am now
thank God for it. getting better. Though 1 have
taken but two bottles. I have gained ten pounds,
and I feel sanguine of being permitted to rejoin
my wife and daughter, from whom I have heard
nothing for eighteen mouths : for. gentlemen, I
am a loyal Virginian, from the vicinity of Front
Royal. To your invaluable Bitters lowethe cer
tainty of life which has taken place of vague fears
to your Bitters will 1 owe tho glorious privi
lege of again clasping to my bosom those who are
dearest to me in life.
Very truly yours, Isaac Ma love.
We fully concur in the truth of the above state
ments we had despaired of seeing our comra.de,
Air. Malone, restored to health.
Jou.n Citjdleback. 1st New York Battery.
Geo. A. Acklet, Co. C, 11th Maine.
Lewis Chevalier. 92u New York.
I.E. Spencer, 1st Artillery, Battery F.
J. B. Fasewell. Co. B, 3d Vermont.
Hexbv H. Jerome, Co. B. 3d Vermont.
Hesby T. Macpo.vald, Co. C. 6th Maine.
Joh.v F. Ward. Co. E, 5th Maine.
Herman Koch, Co. H, 72d NeV York.
Katuasiel B. Thomas. Co. F. 95th Penn'a.
Anukkw J. Kimball, Co. A, 3d Vermont.
Jous Jexkins, Co. B, lOtith Penn'a
See that the signature of -'CM. Jacksos," won
the wrapper of each bottie.
Should your nearest druggist not have the ar
tide, do not be put off by any of the intoxicating
preparations that may be offered in its place, but
send to us, and we will forward, securely packed,
by express.
1'mncipal umce ana .Manufactory, yo o.U Arch
(Successors to C. M. Jackson A Co.,) Proprietors.
LdP'For Sale by Hartawick A Huston. Clear Geld.
Penn'a, and Druggists and Dealers in every town
m tne United fatates. (July , 166.i.
"lOOK STOVES and Parlor stoves, (for either
coal or wood,) nd stove pipe, for cale cheap
for cash at the store of
J. D. THOMPSON, Curwensville .
FODDER CUTTERS of wrperior make
for sale at reasonable price, at MERRELL
and BIGLEK'S. Clearfield- Pa.
TOl'R WANTED. A goWt sober, in lust ri-
I ous journeyman. Cabinet mker. can find con
stant employment, at eooil wages, by applying
Sept. 16. 163. Clearfield. Pa,
Miss E. A. P. Rynder,
Teacher of Piano-Forte, Melodean, Guitar, Har
mony, and Vocal Musio.
Sixty private, and twelve elass lesson included
in one term. Room wih Mrs. H. D. Welsh.' - ,
Clearfield. July 1. Dm;.
171INA.NCMI, CONDITION of the Clear
field county Agricultural Society for the year
ending 11th .Vauuary ISfit.
Amount in hauid of Treasurer at last rnttle
ment. S 51,30
Received from lnenbrskip and at gates
dnring the Fair. . 9l7.2i
County order for 13"."?. IO0 P
S 5,0
I i.OO
Amount paid to Marshal.
Amount paid to Gate Keepers.
Amount paid to Ticket Agent.-!,
Amount paid to Police,
Amount paid to Music.
Amount paid to Secretary,
Amount paid to Work doao on grounds,
Amount paid to Printing.
Amount paid to Ground rent 2 yctirs
Amount paid to Premium,
S 7j3,73
Balance in hands of Treasurer S 311,82
Attest D. F. ETZWILER, Secretary.
January 6. 1H4.
The War i n C unven s vil 1 c !
New Goods Extremely Low.
ville were wounded. 'Tis true, that I wag 4,shot
at. bnt missed,"' but I have procured another new
and large assortment of goods from the city, which
I am disposing of at lower rates than any other
house in the county.
read:.' read read:.'.':
Among the Ladies' dress goods will hp found
Poplins, shallics, detains, lawns, and a variety of
other seasonable articles, at the lowest war pri
ces. Ladies who wish to make a good invest
ment should call anil examine my stock.
Rye. oats and corn for sale. ' Also, bacon, fish,
etc., at very low figures.
Best sugar at from 12 to 15 cents per pound.
Ilcst Syrup at 90 cents per gallon. All other
groceries at the same rate. Boots and shoes, and
Shoe fundings, cheap.
Now is the time to buy, when goods are plenty ;
and all I ask is, for persons to exam ino my goods
and I feel persuaded they will not go away with
out purchasing J. I). THOMPSON-
Curwensville, May 20th, 18H3 jal.
Excitement in Lumber-City, Pa.
Better time was never achieved, than that made
by the citizens of Lumber City and vicinity, on
the announcement that ICirk A SrESCER bad just
received and wore opening at their now store room,
the largest and htxt selcHed ttoct of goods rxtr
brought to tins suction of tiie, country ; aiul that
they were selling them at astonishingly low prices.
The high price heretofore paid for goods, had
well nigh caused the people to dispair. but relief
came; and the running commenced; Green
bitcLsC' long hoarded away. ?mid, '-sighs for better
days," were speedily brought forth, swiftly con
veyed to the New Store, and converted iuto-'5,20"
times cheaper goods than can be had elsewhere m
the county.
The public may confidently expect tho running
to continue from4ay today, nstheyaro deter
mined to sell goods rieaier than any body else.
Their stock will be found to comprise every
thing that the people my desire Dry goods. Gro
ceries Hardwar . Queensware, Drugs, Medicines,
Hats and Caps, Boots and Shoes, Brooms, Bucket.
Rope Ac, Ao.
Ready- maue clothing, particular attention is
directed to this department, as they defy compe
tition in regard to quality and prices.
Tiie Liuties are particularly requested to call
and examine their large and varied stock of dress
goo It and trimmings, shawls, coats, sontags,
scarfs, nubias, hoods, gloves hosiery Ac.
Lumbermen arc invited to call. aj it is their in
tontion to keep constantly on band, everything
tbat will secure to them a complete outfit.
In fucti everybody can be exactly suited by call
iug at Kirk if Spencer's New and Cheap Store.
Their motto is -Quick bales and Small Profits,
for Cash or ready pay " Timber, Boards, Shin
gles, and all kinds of country produco taken in
exchange for goods.
I'p River Lumbermen can bo supplied, without
travelling to any '-Mecca of Humbugerv."
Lumber city, Pa , December tfth 1363.
isaac kirk. :::::::: h w. spencer.
And Why Shoyld They Not Be?
Sarely, the people in that section of Clearfield
county hav great reason to be rejoiced over
the pleasing announcement tbat
has just opened in his New Store Room, the larg
est and best selected stock of goods ever brought
to that part of the county of Ciearfickl.
The undersigned having removed bis store to
bis New Building on Pine Street, Glen Hope, op
posit e the '-Union House," is now opening and of
fering to the public tho largest and best selected
stock of seasonable goods ever offered in this
place and neighborhood, and will be sold at pri
ces to suit the times.
His Stuck embraces Dry-Goods, Notions. Hard,
ware. Queens-ware, Boots, Shoes, llata and Caps.
Heady made clothing, Paints, Oils, Glaiis, Nails,
Bacon, Fish, Flour, Salt; Willow, Stone and Earthen-ware,
and Stoves.
OF DRY-GOODS, he has Cloths, Caasimers, Sat-
tinnffc Tvaftri. Vestino-a PUnnal. Hi.:-:
Prints. Coburg cloth, Alpacas, Do Laines. Ging
hams, Chintr, Kerchief . Nubian, Sontags. Nau
kin, Lawns. Linen, Lace Edgings, Collars, Trim
mings, Braids. Vails, etc.
OF HARDWARE, ha ha HAWK, rit,!
knives and forks, locks, hinges, screws, augers,
hammers, nails, snikes. Stovns of urimn miiarm
and sizes, flat irons, etc
- " v w.. a M-.f. U una V. V, tJ , nu.l , JJ ) I
ecs. teas, rice, pepper, einamon, cloves, Flour,
uitua, biucb, DuuuiuerB, d.b, cyo.
OF QUEENSWARE, he has teasels, cups anI
saucers, cream jugs, tea and coffee pots, pitchers,
bowls, plates, dishes, etc.
Off rrlTIUVC h has e mnl -ji.t.
dersbirts, shirts, drawers, neck-ties, gloves, socks.
u a is, caps, ooois, incw, to
All V a alinvA anil RDinAmn, nflim. a .., I 1 .- f-
sale cheap for cash, or exchanged for all kinds of
lumber and country produce.
Remember, that I am receiving goods weeklr
from Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and
Pittsburg, and that any goods can bo. furnished
on very short notice. " ,
Call and exan.ine tho goods-aod price and sat
isfy yourselves of the utility of buying at
G!n Hope. December 3, ISfvJ.
tive. Sold by all druggist at io anuj c