Raftsman's journal. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1854-1948, October 28, 1863, Image 1

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'' I
VOL. 10.-ND. 9.
Slowly toward the western
Sinkj the golden October sun ;
Longer grow the deepening shadows, ,
And the day is nearly done.
Rosy gleams the quiet river
'Xeatb the erimson-tinted sky ;
White-winged vessels, wind forsaken,
On the waveless water lie.
Glow the autumn-tinted valleys.
On the hills soft shadows rest,
Growing wanner, pnrple glowing.
As the sun sinks toward the west.'
Slanting sunlight through the cedar.
Scark-t maples all aglow
Lod? rays streaming through the forests,
Uieain the dead leaves lying low.
tiolJen sunlight on the cornfields.
Glittering ripples on the stream.
And the still pools in the meadows
Catch the soft October gleam
Warmer grow the, purple mountains.
Lower sinks the g'owing sun.
Swn will fade the streaming sunlight
See. the day is nearly done !
Letter from Fort Rf no, Va.
Fort likso, Yk., Oct. ldh ISO?,.
I) far Row : Pennsylvania and Ohio have
spoken, and fh potency f their voice is felt
l.y the soldier in the far of! loneliness of the
cutup, and In My reciprocate J. The cheering
response is tunned back ou the returning
Lreize t hrit all is well. No better vjrlencc of
the faith reposed by the loyalists of the north,
without distinct ion ot party, in the integrity
of the Utiii'O. the justice and equity of the
Government, and the sincerity and f.iithful
ress a( the Administration, in Hie gigantic
nork cf crushing the most causeless rebellion
t!iat ever was conce:Veu in the minds ot trai
tors to tltrir country, is wanted, than that
.xliibi'.cd Iat Tuesday at the ballot box. If
perl.cadi and traitors have failed heieto
l'Meto discern the difference between the GoV--rtiiiiei:l
and tht; Administration ; if they are
j.usccptible of being taught, by dear experi
ence, let the conviction and the truth bo
forced Lome to tbeni, that they are one and
inseparable; and in times of national peril
lnyal men everywhere recognize the fact that
.:ie cannot be assailed without manifest in-j-in
t.) the other. The soldier in the field
not unmindful of this important truth, and
h. nce, it is that nineteen-t wentieths of them
,(r,. in. .(nu friend of the National Admin-i-'utiou,
ml are consequently thf friends of
.try .St id- administration that is laboring to
crush out tiaitors by the strong arm of mili
tary power, thereby hastening an honorable
iiiid pei in anent peace. The groat victory in
lVunsy Ivania reassures the soldier,and makes
him leel a consciousness that there is in the
'id Keystone yet a power sufficiently ample
to taKO ore of all the enemies of the Gov-trmiu-nf,
and render their efforts to wea"kcn
our armies in the field, by creating dissensions
at home, abortive and fruitless, and he can
t't" clieert'iiliy devote his best energies to
the gr-j-: work of rescuing his country from
daiiger. and wiping out every vestige of trea
ft'jQ, fully confident that he will be sustained
! a loyal and patriotic people. The victory
Hi Oiiio is even more complete, and the exile
n i foreign sl.ore, whose boast has been that
hi lbs darkest hour of bis country's history
lit withheld his support and assiduonsly la
Wd to bring about Lis country's rain, will
nut relish the severe rebuke that has been ad
ministered him, and should banish any desiie
on his part ever to return to the bosom of bis
frien.U, who have thus showed their appreci
ation of his efforts in the cause of the south
ern traitors. Where now is the truth of the
prophesies of the sympathetic copperheads in
Penn-ylvaDia, who fain would promulgate in
the noonday of the nineteenth century the
hrreoies taught by Vallaudighani , that bis ban
ishment would recoil with fearful effect upon
tiie "usurpers of constitutional right?" Where
5s the evidence that the masses have rushed
to his standard, and hurled their anathemas at
those '-imbeciles" who dared to interpose
Heir constitutional perogatives to save the
b!e of the nation from the dagger of the as
wwin f Anc where, 1 ask, is the evidence by
'lie ballot box, that in the event of a sepera
iion ol these States the masses, ot either Ohio
t Pennsylvania, would prefer to have the
line drawn north of the latter T Thanks to the
oyal masses of the Keystone and Buckeye
States. Their hearts are true as steel, and
' eat responsive to the wants of their coun-,rv-
They have ignored and negatived these
questions, and the graod spectacle is presen
ted to day, of the miserable, disgraceful, and
Wter failure of all the machinations of Cop
perheads nd traitors, to drag the nation down
'o irretrievable min. They have spoken in
'tender tones of condemnation, and it needs
"o power of inspiration to interpret the voice
fthe people npon the vital issues presented
'o them ; and it is readily perceived that the
Kesent policy of the Government, of making
of all the means at its disposal to crush
flot treason .finds a ready and hearty approval.
Tbe copperheads have been taught a dear les
on by those whom tbey vainly endeavored to
conciliate. Their money and their influence
ts been expended with a prodigality worthy
cause, and they hav now reaped the
inevitable and legitimate fruita of their folly.
Tieir insane ac4 treasonable attempts to pre
T?!Jt the raisin; of men for our depleted ar
mies , using their influence to retain them to
vote for, and elevate men to positions of trust
who are only distinguished for their intempe
rate abuse of the legitimate powers of the
Government, have consigned these enemies to
their country to merited oblivion.
Military news here has all been absorbed by
the more interesting and exciting news lrom
other places, during the last two days. The
report gains some credence here that consid-
erable activity is going on in our front, by the
rebels, and accordingly an expedition has been
sent out to ascertain the truth of the report.
It has not yet returned, and, of course, we
know nothing of the result. The flag of truce
Boat that was to have gone to Suffolk yester
day, to convey those who wished to go beyond
our lines, that far, was postponed for some
reason or other not made public. And this
fact coming to the knowledge of the "dear
creatures" who made up the bulk of the par
ty, they were mortified beyond measure, and
some even went so far as to declare their in
tention of going,boat or no boat. Others more
philosophical reasoned thus, "if the Yankees
hated them as cordially as they did the Yan
kees, they would be glad to get rid of their
presence and send them on their way lejoic
ing." Others, more vindictive, proposed to
liberate Dr. Wright; and quite a variety of
other scenes were transacted, not on the bills.
To day, at 10 o'clock, was fixed for the ex
ecution t.f Dr. Wright for t!ie murder of Lieut.
Sanborn, some Jiuie since. The affair di'l not
take pi ice owing to the fact that his wife and
daughter bad started to Washington, a few
clays ago, to intercede with the President in
his t ehalf ; and they not Laving returned, at
the earnest solicitation of himself and friends,
he was granted a respite ti!l r.ext Friday, 23d.
The weather here is delightful and the health
of the troops that have been stationed hero, is
excellent. The same good fortune seems not
to have attended those who were stationed at
Yorktown, lor some of the Regiments and
Batteries have been relieved and sent hereto
recruit, and their ranks have been much re
duced by sickness. Yours truly, w. a. b.
Letter from li.n;1Jb...fe, x.
Piuupsbcrg, Pa., Oct. 19, 1863.
Dear Journal : Since my last letter to
you we have met the enemy at the ballot-box
and routed them copper head, tail. foot and
ham; not a vestige of the reptile left. All. all
has fled to regions of eternal infamy. Glori
ous epoch ; one tht will be hailed with joy
down to the latest posterity, by one and all,
except the dyed in the wool (of a sandy hue)
dfcendents of copperheads; arid many of
them, no doubt.will curse their ancestors with
a toll of epithet9 longer than that ol Tristani
Shandy. Oh, ye copperheads, why is it that
you look so chop-fallen? Why look so hag
gard, so solemn ? Is it because the victory
of last Tuesday consigned your "snaik" to a
grave so deep that it is beyond the ken of the
administration of the bottomless pit? If so,
why not dispatch Cat-a-line to his Satanic
majesty lor n writ of Habeas Corpus 1 He
boasted that he would sooner descend to the
infernal regions than have Governor Curtin
re-elected. He now can have a good excuse
to gain a citizenship in the Satanic realms,
and be in season to challenge voters at the e
lection for coal heavers.
If ever a party, taction, or ism, worked to
carry their point, it was the grand Rabbi of
copperheads of Slab town, at the recent elec
tion. But it was of no use. Old democratic
Rnsh was not to be bamboozled by casting b'r
vote for any such party as the Copperheads.
No, no, she is made of sterner stuff. Glori
ous old Rush, long may your banner wave ;
and God grant that you may ever cast your
majority, as you did last Tuesday ; not for
the principles of party, faction or ism ; but
for the Union. Nothing more, nothing less.
Wake, ye copperheads ! do you hear the
death knell of your clan, as it tolls its funeral
notes to the chime ot thousands of voices from
classic Delaware to historic Charoplain. Well
done ! for the Old Keystone. Triumphantly
glorious for the Buckeye State. No genial
clime for copperheads, they must get bence.
The Old Keystone was jarred loose a little a
year ago, but she has driven the Key borne
now $ and, we hope, may ever remain so.
That her sons may ever be found ready and
willing to defend the Union, whether in the
field or at the ballot-box. The late victory
is one that cannot be claimed by any party as
a political triumph for their candidate, but it
is a victory for the Union. A victory for the
prosecution of the war; for the restoration of
the Union as it was, the Constitution as it is ;
by force of arms,until every armed rebel shall
lay bis weapons down, aid swear to bear true
allegiance to the stars and stripes, and to stand
by them until the resurrection morn. Can it
be possible that any sane man thought that
Pennsylvania and Ohio would proclaim to the
world, tbat a majority of the people in each
of these great States were in favor of the prin
ciples espoused by George W. Woodward and
C. L. Vallandigham ? If there was, wbere.in
u r uaran la that man now ?
It matter, not under what guise it come, ba '"t.tut on,-and bavmg proved ,t
fore the people of tho North, if the party f "ho, congregation .ay., Amen ! I would
ta nted wfth treason it must go by tb. boar1"6 8Uch "emancipated." Tbe idea of
tamtea wun ire truckling to tho south after all that has ocenr-
wbether headed by Vallandigham of Onio,w
admit, the right to put down tho rebellion,' red-' lliag Iavery and try.ng to ho d
detbVedlene, i or Woodward of I rotten old concern when the rebel
aylvanla, who acknowledges the right and the
expediency, bat opposes the means. The peo
ple are true to their trust ; at least always a
large majority of them ; enough larger at all
times to hold in check those who are not.
There never was a set of men, if indeed I
may be allowed to call them men,so complete
ly beat as the leaders of the copperhead lac
tion in our town. They left nothing undone
Those who a f jw months ago mounted the ros
trum, and held forth in oratory, that Demos
thenes would have sunk into insignificance at
its eloquence, and Socrates have paled at its
logic, in favor of a vigorous prosecution of
the war,and to stand by the Administration,
were now arrayed against these principles
One of those orators was the nucleus of a vol
unteer company. He held forth in thunder
tones from the steps of the Town Hall, (the
Pantheon of Pbilipsburg) to the glens ot the
"Blue Ball-," exhorting the brave and true to
join the company. But the company evapora
ted, the orator descended from the rostrum
and took to measuring tape, the copperhead
era opened and he again entered the arena, but
did not mount the stump; yet he was a vio
lent logician, and together with Cat-a-liue,
drafted resolutions, was a committee of ways
and means of the den for this locality ,distrib
nted the Life and speeches of C.L. Vallaudig-
ham, asserted that he was the best statesman
of the age, and that Ohio would avenge his
wrongs by electing him Governor with a ma
jority ol fifty thousand. Poor fellows ! what
will they do now ? The jig is up, ami so are
they. Take our advice ; get a hemp cord,
you orator; goto Slab Town for Cat-a-line,
and then, alter bidding adieu to your fami
lies (however the orator has none, but perhaps
he has a "duck" which is much better.) repair
to the still waters ol Loch Lorn ami, tie the
cord around your necks, walk out on one of
the trees that have fallen into the Lomond,
and when you have got out far enough, one
jump off on each side and just as you are go
ing down yell out in stentorian tones, "Here
is the last vestige of Copperheads." Leroi.
Letter from Washington.
tT1i fr.1l i-r, ittan on the day of e-'
lectiun to a friend, and we print it by request
No. 460 14th St., Washington, D. C, I
October 13th, 1863. f
Mr Dear Doctor : I was pleased to receive
a long and interesting letter from you yester
day; was gratified to learn that your health is
improving and tbat you are enjoying yourmlf
in the society of your old friends and neigh
bors. No doubt you can, after so long aid
such hard service in the field, adopt, the sprit
and sentiment of Charles Swain when he saw :
'We seek too high, for things close by,
. And lose what Nature formed us;
For few things here, are half so dear
As home and friends around us "
To-day is your election day. N"o donbt yu j
are having an exciting time of it. You sk
me what I think of Judge Woodward 1 I kow
him very well, personally, and have a.lgh
opinion of him. I regret, however, he isiot
known to be surely and certainly in favo;of
putting down the rebellion by force of aris
His election will be (if he is elected) regrd
ed as the verdict of Pennsylvania, ii favo of
"peace on any terms." I look upn Valan
dighara as a bad man, and regard bis exiu
plo as eminently dangerous to si who folow
bis leadership. He is the head0' a politcai
school called ''Copperheads ;'nd I am sory
to believe he has many disc'es in Pennsf 1-
vania. Any one can see tb tne claim, inrfs
ted upon by him, of "fre speech," when li
vested of all figure of Peecb and reduced
down to plain matter ' fact, is simply the
right to encourage unteer the rebels and to
denounce the war. notice be never did any
thing to enconrageJr rmies he never ut
tered a word in far of tne war, bot did do
much to help 0ur'emes' J notice, too.that
those who stick hJm D his way of think
ing are Breckintg Democrats. Their old
leader, BreckirSe. s a Major Gen. in the
rebel army. ought against blm at Sbiloh.
I never did H'bim and I think him a bad
egg. But m of nis 0,i friends and admi
rers, while t'' did not follow hitrnto the j
rebel army,-'m to uke n,ra st'H. These are
copperhead whose chief is Vallandigham.
In my opir1 aI' SUCD wil1 bo damned there
is no salvfn for them. They claim to be
Democrat11"1 thereby bring a curse upon a
good olome and disgrace into the family.
I am Iavor OI Emancipation. But the
bett ewVaW(Ml nd first Jn point of time,
should that of the northern mind from
soutlHnot,on8, The south has been fight
ing n'tDree years to destroy the Constitu
tion ne Un,tea Mates. Tbey say they dis
pisa and deny 1,8 authority. Northern
Qat the samo time, concern themselves
forr the south may not have all their con
gtonal rights preserved to them after the
overl They took np arms to destroy
government because "it did not sufficient
fotect them" and made a new one to suit
nselves, aBd yet, we have the spectacle
a population in our midst who "search the
iptures," not to find lessons of goodness
d loving kindness, bat to prove that slavery
have knocked it down themselves, is an exhi
bition of subserviency and truculeucy so con
temptable, that one is astonished to find any
willing to do it. But, unfortnnately, some
people never change their views on any sub
ject. Some dogs having seen a squirrel run
up a certain tree persist in barking np that
tree, although the squirrel has travelled else
where. Other dogs will dig at a rat bole Ion
alter the rat has escaped. This shows that
men and dogs are alike in sticking to an old
idea. But most any dog will resent an insult,
ana few will bark and run for those who kick
and cuff them and in this respect our folks
who talk in favor of slavery are more amiable
than ordinary dogs, since slave holders de
spise them and swear they wont live in the
same government with them, and fight us for
I regret exceedingly the bitter feelings ex
isting among our people. Never within my
knowledge has such bitterness existed. The
truth is, the Democrats always had the ascen
dency and they hate to be worsted. In this
controversy circumstances have given the Re
publicans the best ot the argument, and they
nave made free use of it, and now they are
taking revenge on Democrats for a lone list
of sins. The Democrats fight hard, but to
great disadvantage but unless they change
their policy they will go down torise no more.
They may carry Pennsylvania on an anti-war
platform, but eventually they will go down.
But I havo no time to amplify further.
Very truly yours, a. m. b.
Corners Corners have always been popular
-they are a great institution. The chimney
corner, for instance, is endeared to the heart
of all who have experienced its winter glow
oi pleasures, trom t.le earliest to the latest
hours of existence. The corner cupboard I
On! who would not feast again, as in youth
upon its store of goodies how its shelves
groaned with luxuries. But its glory has de
parted. The pantry and safe' have robbed it
ot Tfs identity, and it contributes no mnr to
the desire of the appetite. A snug corner in a
will! Who objects to such a thin? T A
- cj
1 o. eet mere
and you will soon conimaud the w hole domain,
i you are at all worthy and reciprocative. A
corner in the Temple of Fame ! That's
corner wnicii is worm occupying, and which
perchance may make you immortal. The
corner lots are always best. In fact the pos
session of a corner of anything, il retained
with tenacity, is about equal to the posses
sion of half of the . object. Therefore never,
hang around a street corner, least you become
a loafer and a suject for a coroner's obituary.
God Bless mt Mother. A chaplain in the
navy writes: Not many nights ago the whole
meeting was moved as the heart of one man
by a noble looking youth of 18, who in the
midst of his broken hearted prayer, burst
forth in the earnest supplication, "O God,
oiess my dear mother ! I thank thee that thou
hast heard her many prayers, and I, so long
me otyect of her love, have at last become
the subject of thy grace 1" And on the last
night tho feelings of every one present were
again moved in like manner by the testimony
of a sailor in middle life, given, with sobs and
tears, to the blessed influence of a mother's
prayors, in restraining a wayward son from
sin, and in bringing bim at length, by the grace
otixod.to the hope of salvation. Let the
praying mother whose prayers seem not yet
to be answered, take courage and exercise new
faith in reference to the son of her love, from
proofs tbat praying is not spent in vain.
England and the Rebels. The disposition
in England to aid the Confederates is as strong
as ever. 1 he iron clada are temnorarilv H
tained, it is true, but work is allowed to pro
ceed upon tbeoi.and one has actually been
premitted to take coal on board, and may
sup out, like a thief in tbe night, at any time.
The siegeof Charleston is watched with anxie
ty. Gilmore's guns have wakened echoes
which have been heard far beyond that be
leaguered city. His achievement has had
more effect than has been accomplished bv the
whole field of diplomacy; has made more
friends than tbegenerouscontributions to Lan
cashire, and Inspired a sudden degree of re
spect for the Yankees which is quite amaz
ing. A Compliment to President Lincoln. The
New York Commercial Advertiser says' it is'a i
fact well worth knowing, that, for the first
time in many years, the Congress coming in
to life at the middle of a Presidential term,
is, in its political aspect, friendly to the Pres
ident. For a quarter of a century, if we are
not mistaken, an opposition Speaker has been
elected in every last Congress of a Presiden
tial term. That the next Congress is not
merely Union, but Republican, is a strong
xestimony to the popular estimate of the fidel
ity, honesty and patriotism of Abraham Lin
coln and bis advisers.
Schools prosper in Michigan. The people
Ionia village have voted $10,000 to erect a
new .cboolhouse, to be placed in a three acre
lot on the top ot a hill. The annual school
meeting at Dowagic voted $500 for tbe pur
chase of philosophical and chemical apparatus.
Lapeer has voted to raise $500 by tax to tuako
the Lapeer Union school free.
Pursuant to notice previously given,
Teachers' Institute was organized in the Town
Hall, Clearfield Borugh, on the 5th day
October 1863, at 1 o'clock, P. M. by elect
ing C- B. Saudford Co. Supt. President and
L.J.Morgan Sec. pro tem. The Presiden
on taking the chair briefly addressed the
teachers present, on the importance of the
movement they had made, and pointed out
some of the great benefits which mast result
from a well conducted Teachers' Institute
x ue vonsuiuiion was then read ana unani
mously adopted, and the following permanent
officers were elected C. B. Sandford Presl
dent ; Wm. M. McCullough Vice President
L. J. Morgan Recording Secretary ; Lydia T
Kbeems Assistant Sec, and Hannah H.
Spackman Treasurer. On motion the follow
ing committees were appointed, viz : On
Program Miss S. Swan, Miss M. E. Swartz,
John t ulton. Executive Committee, Kate
Brown, Hester Spackman, Mary E. Mason, J
AI. Carlisle. On motion adjourned to 9 o'
clock next morning.
Second Day Forenoos.
Institute met at 9 o'clock, A. M. Rotl being
called twenty teachers answered to their
names. The minutes were read and approved.
Tho Committee on Program reported 1st
Class Drill on Elementary Sound, by Miss
Swan. 2d Discussion on Geography by Miss
n. Spackman. 3d Discussion on the best
methods of teaching Geography. 4th Class
Drill on Etymology by C. B. Sandford. On
motion the meeting adjourned.
Afternoon. Institute convened at 1J o'
clock P.M. Committee on Program reported
1st Orthography by L. J. Morgan. 2d Class
Drill on Mental Arithmetic by C. B. Sandford.
The question "What are the best means of
securing good order in school" was then dis
cussed with much animation by Messrs. Holt,
Morgan, Sandford, Miss Swartz and Miss
Swan. On motion the Institute adjourned to
meet at uine o'clock next morning.
Third Day Forenoon.
Institute met at 9 o'clock, A. M. On calling
the roll, 30 teachers in attendance, the min
utes were read andapproved. Tho Commit
tee on Program reported the following ex
ercises: 1st Class drill in Reading by C. B.
Sandford, after this followed a discussion on
the best methods of teaching reading. 2nd
Instructions on fractions by Miss M. E Wal
ters. 3d Simple and Compound numbers by
C. B. Sandford. On motion adjourned.
Afternoon. Meeting convened at 14 o'-
clock, Committee on Program reported: 1st 6th Resolved That the members of the Insti
Demonstrations of the Square and Cube Roots, I tute return to the President our sincere
by blocks, Miss II. M. Spackman, teacher,
2d Instructions on Grammar by C. B. Sand-
lord. 3d Class Drill on Geographv by S.J.
Morgan. 4th Penmanship, Miss E. Swartz,
teacher. 5th Class Drill on the Elementary
Sounds, Miss S. Swan, Teacher. On motion
adjourned to meet at 9 o'clock, A. M.
Fourth Day Forenoon.
Institute met at 9 o'clock, A. M. Tho roll
being called 36 teachers answered to their
names. The minutes were then read and ap
proved. Committee on Program reported:
1st. Instructions on Fractions by Miss L.
Rhecm. 2d. Geography by Miss E. Fnlton.
A spirited discussion then followed on the
most efficient method of teaching this impor
tant branch of study. 3d. Methods of teach
ing the Alphabet, by Miss A. Morgan. On
this subject the experience of teachers was
called for ; and while several plans were sug
gested, there was an essential agreement in
this, that tcori should be taught in connec
tion wifh letters. 4th. Simple and Compound
Proportion, Thomas B. Holt, Teacher. On
motion adjourned.
Aetersoon. Institute met at 1 o'clock,
and Committee on Programme reported. 1st.
Mental Arithmetic by John A. Fulton. 2d.
Grammar by C. B. Sandford. 3d Orthography
by Miss E. Swartz. 4th Essay Miss Swan :
Subject School Amusements of a proper char
acter. The question "Should pnpils be com
pelled to study" was discussed by Messrs.
Crowljy, Holt, Morgan, Kirk, Snider, Cuttle,
Miss L. Rheem, Miss E. Swartz, and Miss Ma-
ry E.Walters. The teachers entered into the
subject with tho proper spirit, and did it am-
pie justice. On motion the thanks of the In-I
stitute were tendered to Miss Swan for ber ex-
cellent essay, and a copy solicited for pnbli-1
cation. On motion adjourned to 9 o'clock J
next morning. .
Fifth Day Forenoow. I
Institute met at 9 o'dock.A. M. Roll call-
ed, minutes read and approved. The Com-
mittee on Program reported 1st Select read-
In hv ViK. R.n Th. ..lM.a
: tu o J , . J
"as -- x uc naien vy cugar A. 1 ue wuicu was
read in good style. 2d Instructions on Inter
est and Per-Centage by D. M Beams. The
subjects were then discussed by Messrs. Holt,
Crowley, Kirk, Sandlord, Mis. Swan and Miss
Swartz. 3d Analysis of Sentence, by C. B. J
Sandford. After some remarks on the impor-I by
tance of the subject, be exhibited his method
of teaching this important and indispensable
. , , . .. .... . "iuoa""'
branch of education wbtch proved very inter-
es mg and highly Instructive. 4th Essay by
Mis. E. Swartz. Subject Thf Teacher"
which was listened to with marked attention
and satisfaction by the Institute. On motion
Committee was appointed to draft a series of
resolutions. On motion the thank, of tbe In- for
stitute wefc tendered to Miss Swartz for her
admirable essay, and a copy was requested for
publication. Adjourned.
Afternoon. The Institute convened at 1
o'clock, P. M. Committee on Program re
ported 1st Derivation by C. B. Sandford. 2d
The English veib by Miss Welsh. 3d
Physical Geography by E. I. Kirk. 3d Deci
mal Fractions by C. B. Sandford. 4th Sub
ject for discussion, "The means to be used for
self improvement" The Committee on reso
lutions reported, which being submitted to tha
Institute were adopted unanimously and tho
Committee discharged. John L. Cuttle Ebq.
of this borough then gave a concise method
ol expanding and contracting maps; demon
strating tho subject in a clear aud practical
manner, and to the satisfaction of the mem
bers of the Institute. The Co. Supt. then made
sojue brief remarks to the teachers, urging
them to a more faithful discharge of the ar
duous and responsible duties devolving on
them. On motion tho Institute adjourned to
meet again at the call of the President.
L.J. Morgan, Sec'y.
1, iiewrei. That we regard the Teacher's
Institute as now established in Clearfield coun
ty, as one ol the most efficient means yet resort
ed to for improving teachers.and thereby pro
moting the i-iterests ol Education, and hop
the next Institute will find every theacher in
the county in attendance.
2 Resolved. That wo as teachers will use
our utmost eudeavors to organize aud
keep in successful operation District Insti
tutes in our respective townships, for our mu
tual improvement and for this purpose wo
cordially invite the co operation of parents
and directors.
3 JtesolreJ. That we recommend to tho
teachers of this county, the work of Tagc on
the Theory and Practice of tcaching.as an Im
portant and efficient aid to our calling, and
that they subscribe for, and read regojarly
that excellent publication "The Pennsylvania
School Journal."
4 Resolved That parents do not discharge
the duties which they owo their children, if
they do not visit their schools frequently ;
calorce ou them a regular and constant atten
dance, and as far as they can, personally en
courage them in their studies, and by co-op
eration with the teachers insure the advance
ment of their children.
5 Resolved. That the manner in which tho
present Co. Supt. has discharged the duties of
his office merits our hearty approval.
thanks for the great interest he baa maifested
in our advancement since the Institute has
I been in session.
Disloyal California. The London Times
states that California wishes to secede from
the Union and become a part of Mexico. Of
all the rumors started by the rebels in Europe
this is the most absord. California is loyal
all over, and down to tbe depths of her rich
gold mines. She has sent immense contribu
tions to our Sanitary Commision for the use
of our wounded soldiers. She forwarded at
ber own expense, six thousand miles, a regi
ment of cavalry to serve in our armies. Such
evidences of disloyalty we never before wit
nessed. Indeed. California is twenty carat,
fine ol pure loyalty.
Don't Get in Debt. Debt is a perfect born.
How it haunts a man from pillar to post-lurking
in his breakfast cup-poisoning bis dinner
embittering bis tea! now ii stalks from him
like a living skeleton, seeming to annonnce
its presence by recocnting ibe amount of his
liabilities. How it poisons his domestic joys,
by introducing Its "balance" into tbe calcu
lation of madam, respecting the price of a new
carpet or a dress. How it binders dreamy
plans for accumulations. How it hampers
useless energies cripples resolutions too
good to be fulfilled.
Charcoal put to the roots of dahlias and
other flowering plants will redden them vivid
ly; flowers nearly white being thus turned to
a deep red. sometimes altogether. rwt
limes mixed with tbe liirhter hn in h.H .
dozen varieties from one and tt,A .
A man tne otner day 8ave as a reason for
,ay,Dg Pgiaen treasures, that moth and rust
woaian 1 corDP em, and then, besides, they
ould be a safe thing to fall back on. let h.
will keep house hearafter. .
The largest and oldest chain bridge in the
world is said to be at Kingtung, i China
where it forms a Derfrrt i .u. . '
. ' luc luP "
"ae l0Jl mMllUui the top of another.
Tha mn.t a .. ...
"uycuuuuscami in ids woria is
one in China, which passes over two thousand
miles, and to forty-one cities; It was commen
ced in the tenth century.
A young girl generally ber freshness
mingling with fashionable society as a
bright stream does by mingling with tbe sea.
w . t ' . J
Mr. and Mrs. Brewer, of Kentnckv ara
reported t0 pareDts of wentytwo chUdren
r, aD exJns.0 Brew"l ChmrCn'
:"cr lnat-
LW8 w cobwebs, which catch small
fliesbnt let wasps and hornet, break through.
Tbe man who lives for him.ir oi u--
a mean fellow. ; t