Raftsman's journal. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1854-1948, July 29, 1863, Image 3

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Thakksgivisq. The President baa eef apart,
by proclamation, Thursday the 6th day of Ao
gust, as a day of national thanksgiving, praise
od prayer, and to render the homage dne to
Divine majesty lor the wenderful things lie
baa done for ns as a nation.
Boiliso Potatoes. This is a formula: Let
the water boil beore putting the potatoes in.
When done, poor off the water and scatter
three or fonr tablespoonfula of salt ; cover the
pot with a coarse cloth, and return it to the
fre for a short time. . Watery ; potatoes are
mde mealy by this process. How simple is
this process, yet bow few understand i. I
The manner in which the two deserters es
caped from our county jtil. on Sunday morn
ing last, furnishes another illustration as to
how the Copperheads use their Influence in fa
vor of law and order, and how they aid in sw
prasing the Rebellion. Wonder if ir is -Constitutional"
to dig holes thro' a jil wait and
illow deserter from the army to escape from
the custody of the Marshal J
Copperhead Stokiks. Soma individuals of
the Copperhead stamp have been industrious
ly circulating a story, recently, that two men
from Clearfield county ,who deserted from the
Army and bad been apprehended, were shot
after being returned. Had such an occurrence
taken place it would undoubtedly have beon
nuticed in the city papers, which have corres
pondents in every camp As it stands, we
discredit tbe story, and, until better intormed,
will treat it as a Copperhead canard. gotten up
lor tbe pnrjtose of damaging the Government.
and encouraging deserters to resist the Mir
t-hal in the discharge of his duty.
OstPA.iy K, 1ST Pexs'a RlFLES. Beli w we
give a list of the casualties in company K . I .it
Peitn'a Rifles, (Bucktaiis,) sustained iu the
recttit battle at Gettysburg:
Lieut. J. E. Kratzer, right arm, flesliwnnnd
Sergt. Wm. G. Add It-man, face, serious.
Private, John W. Hazlett. in leg, slight.
Private, Levt Eunis, Jn hip, serious.
r'rora the above it will be sern that Captain
Jrvin's old company has agnin been in an en
eagen.ent, and we have no d-ult done its du
tv nobly. Lieot. Kratzer was iu command of
tne company during the Ute rmttle at Oettia
burg. He is a brave and gallant officer, and,
we predict.greaterhonora are in store for him
Broke Jail. On Sunday morr.:ng.July 26th,
Richard Conk tin and Milton Reed, two desert
er trom the army, who had been confined in
the jail by the Deputy Provcst Marshal for
fe keeping, succeeded in making tl.rir es
cape, in thn following manner. The jiilvr.we
understand bad been in tho habit of unlocking
the door leading into the yard, every morn
ing, for tho purpose of allowing tbe prisoner:
an airing. On Sunday moiniug at 5 o'clock;
be unlocked the door as 'usual. A short time
alter, when he carried in their breakfast, lie
found there absent, and on going into tfieyard
discovered that a large bole bad been made
i'lto the yard wall during the t:,jht,fyso;ie out
i. y.ar.'rj,and the prisoners had disappeared.
Ciptain J. S. flobart, of the Hen i rick Reg
n:iei:t, who has been engaged iu the luuvo
timt to drive out the invaders, writes a It-t-:
t, dat.-d Lawreiicebiirg, lud iana, July 17tli,
t.V Cincinnati Commercial, from which we
the following :
'Morgan has received tli? guidance an ac
i e na.Nistance of K. G. C- hcrevi-r : he has
.i'ie. In Dearborn county I commanded the
stance or van.;nrd of ilu'.ison's a.-my. The
Ci;;zmiii all took my command to be a part of
'tie rebel army .and the K. G. C- in Dover and
L'2":i, and various other places, gave me the
uivlatwn of the K. G. C, the grand crotrnirnr
.?, and the battle im. In D"Ver they said
thne were just forty-seven Lincolnites, an.l
i:-t they wished I would kill them and burn
fUir huuseg. They also . Acred to show me
' e !.ig, fit Linc-'iniie on which we couid
) '-'. TI.ey told me that I could relv on the
if ion ii jj gent lemen ol ii trrisn as my f riends,
that liter would tell me here 1 Coulu
A the treasures of the Aho'if insist : John
Ahl.y. the delegsfe to the tVilandigharn
I ' Lvvtition at Columbus : Dr. God heart, Ma
J. Cloud, and Warren Tibbs. I give you
"'ir namts, for 1 think they ought to be pnb
Th young K. (1. C, who first told
"e their Dailies, is named Smith. I mminted
'"w on a horse, and m add h im fulta his pun
"id jo to the front rank. IJ is sisters gava
' if a most aifectfouate farewell. They wept
''iJterly, thiak'.ug Lim conscripted for three
J "-!. The K. G. Cs generally ,botb in Ohio
nl Indiana, offered to assist me in anr war
,!-ey could. This is one secret of Morgan's
JCOesa, he has good guides."
-ew toss paper, xjioaking of a certain
'enerl at present for good reasons unem-V'oj-ed,
ssy that if he were recalled to his
command, word irom him would bring to
-erankg every soldier whose term has expi
fi, M en!i8t two hundred and P.ftj tboa-
aiore within the year without a draft."
Ihtn wt,j not ,be 8aj( rjneraj otter
trd, even though not recalled to bis
,ffimsnd 1 Has he not patriotism enongli to
the ord that would finish this civil
r, ocj reetitrn peace to Ida countiy 1
.7,e draft h een going on quietly in Fbil--"'phia.
Xu attempt at reitance has been
,:,ie,anr! .. ....
congraialated by his friMi, towbich
J"kir,g!y replies that he is a fjrt clans"
e,a. od expects to be a Major Genera! in a
,li0rt ,ir":,or something of that sort.
John J. Crittenden, aulhor of the fa
tc Cotnpromi,-, died on the 26lb July, at
crt, Ktstcckr, aged 77 jcar.
The military career of Morgan, tbe notori- j
ous guerrilla chief, has at length beeu brought
to a sudden close, and since he is now a pris
oner in our bands we shall hear no more of bim
as a rebel leader. He has been a very trouble
some customer to as, and his capture will be
bailed with great satisfaction by every loyal
Several dispatches were recieved in Pitts-
ourg on iunday announcing bis capture, with
bis staff and the balance ot bis command. One
of these is an official dispatch, from Gen.
Brooks, commanding this department,
Morgan was captured at three o'clock, on
Sunday afternoon, at Scroggs church, seven
miles southwest of New Lisbon, Columbia
eonn try, Ohio- His force bad been reduced
by previous captures to three hundred and
fifty men
Gen. Brooks, on learning that Morgan was
beading eastwaadly, with the evident inten
tion of escaping across the Ohio river at some
point between WelUville and Wheeling, dis
patched a large number of troops to points a
long the river, including three regiments of
intantry and a battery of artillery from this
place. The General alo went down himself,
to direct tho movements in person. He b:id
troops stationed at Wellsviilo, Steubenvil le,
and Wheeling, and the steamer Cottage was
natrolin? the rivr-r wirh a luff,-rr nf iv 1
pounders under Capt. Tyler.
From what we can learn, Morgan encamp
ed on Saturday night at or near the town ol
Richmoud, in Jefferson county, Ohio, about
sis miles north of the Onio river at Sten!en-
viMc. I; is reported that on Sunday morning
he pushed on towards the river, hut meeting
a spnried oppostion there, too.v the road
leading towards Xew Lisbon. At nine o
clock Sunday morning, when about half way
Itetween Steubonrille and Xev Lfsbon, at the
town ot Sanlshury, where the roal crosses
Fellow Creek, Morgin encountered the forces
of Col. Shack leford and Col. Gallagher, and
sharp riht ensued, in whih t .venty of the
'"lut" were m..eu anu two iiunctre.'l an.l sev
enty-five taken prisoners. The balance of the
rebels escaped ncruss Yellow Creek, and con
tinued their 2:-!:t towar-is N-w Li-ibon. A
boul midway, between Saulsbury and New
Lis1 onT at a j.l-ice filled crugss' Ciinrch.
Morgm found hiniseif at bay, being coruplete-
IJ surronnfj.'rt iy our troops. Gen. Brooks
had dispatched a force from Welsville, on
the New Lisbon pike, to head him off. while
Shackleford followed closely in hii rear
Mi'itia wete also sent down from New Lisbon
and Vicinity, thus cutting off all hope of es
cape, and compelling a surrender.
Geo. Brooks, and the otticers aiding bim.
have mauaged thisaSair with great, skill, and
the promptness and enurgy which they dis
played reflect upon them the highest credit.
Col.Gailagher, who had charge of a regiment
of six months Pennsylvania militia, ant who
partic:pated in the capture, was formerly in
command of the 1 Ith Reserves,and is a coiu
petant and skillful officer. Col. Beruiis, also
in command of a Pennsylvania militia regi-
ment,aided ia the pursuit and capture. Five
Cou-pauiea of cavalry, which had been ordered
forward from this place by Gen. Brooks, bad
embarked on the cars of tho Cleveland Riil
road, on Sunday aiternoon, but the order was
countermanded before they got away.
The rolling stock of thj Cleveland road was
at the disposal ot Gen. Brooks, and every
possible ettctt was made to prevent the escape
of the marauders asd secure ljr ca iture.
Morgan was ttken in Gen. BrooW D .pi.iri.
iiient,tn:t lie will be sent toCiticinnjii. Pitts
burg Gazette. "
The attack on Cii.it lostou was still progrus
sing, at latest dates. On the 16th, the Kel;ls
are undeslood to have nvide desperate aud j
vigorous florti. S. attenintincr to takn On iil.
mure s iana o.iueries cy storm, l tier were 1
partially successful, but bv a trraad counter
movement the Rebels were fT..t.lIv r,.i,U.
ed. On the 15th, a night attack was made on I
- ' i
Fort Wagner bv our men, in which the storm-
y"kie eie ""any repuiseu. m conse-
OtlenCe oi the SUljnorttnfr ImVa,!,. rii!in"fi
rr o o a i
crur men neia l
one hslf of the lort lor a full hoar, when the i
officer in command, Col. PutDannfalling dead,
and nearly all hi officers being wounded, the
men reluctantly fell back. The loss on om
side was serere. Among tbe killed were Col
onets Shaw and Putnam among tbe wound,
ed. Generals Strong and Seymour. Tho 76th
Pennsylvania was in this attack.
Advices from the headquarters or the Army
of the Potomac sjy tbat during the past week
our troops have not bt-en idle, but, by a close
scrutiny ofLee's movements and rapid march
es, have bullied al! his eflorts to enter Eastern
Vtreinia aud to take cossession of th Rlra
Ridge. Lee tried successively Snicker's,
Ashby's, Manassas, and Chester gaps. At
Ash by and Manassas gps he was drivt-n back
with loss, and at Chester gap otir cavalry re
captured 1,100 head of the enemy's stolen cat
tle, and several hundred sheep. A large nuru
lwr of horses have also been recovered. .
Later advices seem to indicate that Hill and
Longstreet's corps have forced their way
through Chester Gap, and are probably at Cnl
peppcr. EweJPs corps was, when last heard
from, on its way to Strasbnrg.
Sncctssul Union Cavalry Expedition
" in North Carolina.!
An expedition war recently sent to the inte.
nor of XortL CaroLm, which succeeded in ;
. . , .. , , , i
destroying a part to the main Urns of the W el- j
don and Wilmingttf, Railroad, at Rocky j
Mount. They also burned a railroad badge j
800 vards lone, and dest roved 5000" talcs of
....it..,. dvtui,.ivp riittnn finri. a nr. 5U-
uwxuu, j,
CJ&pouuda of bacoa lor the reU! army.
ion into
Boats, Stores and Ammunition caotured
Cum. Porter informs tbe Navy Departmen
of the success of an expedition np the Red
Liver, essays, Lieut. Com. Seilridge, whom
he had sent up tbe Ttfnsas and Little Red Riv
ers, succeeded in capturing two large steam
ers, and that the rebels burned two others
Com. Selfridge also captured 25.000 round
j ol ammuuiUou 2zi rounds of fixed ammuni
j tion lor guns, 52 hogsheads of sugar, 10 pun-
j cheons of rum, 9 barrels of flour, and 50 bar
rels of salt, belonging to the rebel
The Town Burnt and Railroad Cut.
An expedition under Col. Toland advanced
to and burned Wytheviils, cut the Tennessee
and Virginia railroad, had a severe fight with
tbe rebel oi whom be captured 125 prisoners.
two pieces of artillery aDd 70J staud of arms.
The rebel killed was 75 and many were wonn
ded. Our loss was 17 killed and 61 wounded
and missing. Col. Toland and Capt. Delany
were among our kilhd.
The draft in Elmira, N. camecfT on
Tuesday. Trouble had.been anticipated, but
the utmost good feeling prevailed during the
orauing. At nve o clock toe conscripts
formed a procession with bands of music,
mottoes, costumes, &c. Loud cheers were
given lor the Constitution and laws. Speeches
'ere made, and tbe occasion was one of re
joicing and festivity rather than disappoint
ment. The Empire State is loyal outside of
New Yoik, and stands by tke Union to the
The Common Council of Philadelphia have
negatived the bill appropriating $500,000 to
pay exempti. ins for drifted men. The vote
stood IS Democrats for tho bill, an I 18 Re
pnMicans and 4 Democrats agninst it. A bill
subsequently passed appropriating $1,000,000
for the relief of the families of the drafted
You. steers, Attestio.n ! For the derange
ments of the system incidental to the change
of diet, Wounds, Fmptions, and exposures
which every Volunteer is liable to, there are
no remedies so safe, convenient, and reliable
as Uuli'.wai a . I ;!! auu Ointment, 2o cents
per box. 209
The Jlarrisburg Telegraph of the 27th sas
that the claim presented by Mr. CoffVoih lor
adjustment was for certain officials engaged
iu the last draft, and not for rails burnt or
buttermilk drank by onr soldiers, near Get
tysburg, as stated in a former article.
Let those who wish to see bright stars in
the darkest ot tbe night look at the American
flag. '.
July 21th, LS03, by Wm. McKee, Esq., Mr.
David Bahto to Miss Racbael Carlos, both
of Woodward township Clearfield county.
EotToB op JorKSAL : DKAJtSm : With vourper-
mission I wish to say to the readers of your paper
that. I tviilsend by return mail to all who wish it.
free) a Recipe, with full directions for making
ud usuig a simple vegetable Balm, that will ef
fectually remove, in lit days. Pimples. Lloiches.
Tan. Freckles, and all Impurities of the Skin.
leaving tne same sott.clear. smooth and beautiful.
I will also mail free to those havinz Raid Heads
or Rare Faces, simple directions and information
tbat will enable them to start a full growth of
Luxuriant Hair. Whiskers, or a Moustache, in less
tU-n 3U tl:ivs All applications answered bv re
turn mail without ebarge. Respectfnliy yours.
: HOS. . CHAPMAN. Chemist.
July 22.1f")3.-3mo. No. Ml Rroadway.New York
Wh.j)pi.vi-coigh oa Cbolp. howiver severe mu
oe alleviated and cured by the use f JWiif
Z.uitir. L'urltr' Ctiraliv JiaJtam. 'i bis invalua
ble Medicine possesses the extraordinary power of
ielieving immediately W Itto pin s-murk. Iloarsr-
iwj. UiJfienUif of lir'ttthi a. Haxkiuriut. and
Tickiing in the Throat. It loosens the Phlegm.
ana will bo fcund very agreeable to the taste. It
is not a vinieut remedy, but emollient warming.
seiircuing an t c-Lective. Can be taken by the
I oldest person or youngest chili. For sale bv all
Trn7ir. t i:t nd a. ,t h,.tHo cka
. T0 COXSUMPTIVES.-The Advertiser, having
nopn reprnrl i hf fh in fi fw wl.-a K,
ry simple remedy, after having suffered sever
V -Vl;ar?. w'th lung affectum, and that
known to his fellow-sufferers the means of cure.
To all who desire it. he will send a enpy of the
. , - . ..... :.- ..
tions for preparing and nsinif tbe same. which they
n'' a sure eure for Consumption. Asthma,
, udiuz the prest-rit.tion is to benslit the atHic-
tod. and spread information which heconceives to
be invaln.iblo. ana be nopes every sufferer will
try his remedy, as it will cot them nothing, and
tuny prove a blessing. Parties wishing the pre
set iption will please address
Apr. 22-3ia. Williamsburgh, Kings Co., N.Y.
The Loyal Ciiizent of Pcunsylcauia, without
distintiun of party, who desire cordially to
unite in sustaining tbe National and State '.Si
m migrations, in their patriotic eflorts to sup
press a sectional and unholy rebellion against
the Unity of the Republic, and who desire to
support by every power of the Government,
WUT. tjer0iC thren in arm., braving disease
and tho perils of the field to preserve the Ci
vic) of our Fathers, are requested to select
a number of Delegates equal to their Legis
lative representatives of the State, at such
times and such manner as will best respond to
the spirit of this call, to meet in Slule Conven
tion, at Pittsburg, on. Wednesday, the Fifth of
August next, at eleven o'clock, a. x.,on said day
to nominate candidates for the offices of Gov
ernor and Judge of the Supreme Court, and to
take such measures as may tie deemed neces
sary to strengthen the Government in this sea
son of common peril to a common country.
Chairman of the Union State Central Com.
Geo. W. Hamersly, (c
Wm. J. Howard, )
TVOTICE. All persons are notified not to med
die with a certain Ray Mare, in possession of
Samuel Curry of Knox township, as the same bo-
oags tc .me, and is only iett witn saia curry on
loan subject to my order. J0H2 TATTO.
Curweneville. Pa., June 3. 1P83.
j XT K LL1 G E N C E. A ny person
dwiTiug istelM.ace of or from theirfriends
orrelativea in tne army of the Potomac, or any of
, . l . - . ... .. r.
aaaressinz v. i. k
W i frpifco nr...i.;..in. T C
' . 1. JVbailCll, lIBJiMUg""." w i
enclosing cas dollar.
Jana ino-wtp.
tho Kod Uiver Country.
A Highly Concentrated , .
Jr, C. M. Jackson, Philad'a, Ta.
Will effectually cure Liver Complaint. rysnet)a
jauuaice, Ltroiiic or Neivous Debility, iis
eajes of the Kidneys, and all diseases ari
sing from a disordered Liver or stom
ach, such as Constipation, Inward
iiles. Fnlness or blood to the
Head. Acidity of the Stomach.Naasea, Heartburn.
lMiust for Food. Fnlness or Weight in the
fctomach. Sour Eructations, Finking or
Fluttering at the Pit of tbe Stomach,
Swimming of the Read, Hurried
ana J-htUeuIt Breathing Flut-
tenng at the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sen-
V" . ""ca " a jying posture, ifimness of
u.uuisur eos oeiore tne zisux.re
ter and Dull Pain in the Head. Defi
ciency of Perspiration. Yellow-
np n f I k . ..l I-
ram in tbe s-ide. BaiIr fhost t jm-L qi'.j
Flashes of Heat, Burning in the Flesh,
uuaLaui imagining of k.vil, and
great Deprc?sion of Spirits.
Krv. J. Xtwton Drown, D . D Elf tor
the E
-"Ljru.nnHi vj neugious JxjioMtatire.
A 1th
latent -VJeaicinea m trnra tKrA..,rk
, . - ? - iivi urt in
DutiiiTiuni reasons wbv & man mv m.t tadifr A
the bouefiU be LelieveA him1f tk k.v.
trom any simple preparation in the hope that he
, , - le lo lnc "enent ot others.
x uo mis tne more readily in regard to Hoof
laud s (ierman Hirfpm nivnil I, n ti. r i
oAKntfrn, or tniscitv. because! was Trpindirl
1 . ... I J . L . . 1 . if.
R.....C UCUi iwr uiiinv , years, unaer the impred-
ffninct rknn .'
an, ,ucj, were cnittny an aiooQolic mixture.
I M TYl llwi.V.....l ... r . , . . - .
-"'.i. vi'i i in v 1 1 if 1 1 1 1 r . r i rt i-r nnatm t. At.
rlJ? ' V removaI of tbia prejudice by proper
tests, and for encouracpmnnl inm K, - k
t- j - . ........ t ii in t i .
ec ,. , i . mucu
0 ...... nuu ivuj comijiuea-ueouity.
I lie use of three batrlra r.P ihi. !;.,..,
M,f,-icniDg or tne present year, was followe-i by
evi.lent relief, and restoration to a degree of bod
ily and meiiti! vigor whieh I h.id not felt far six
. . w. .uwu iM.iiin, a , cuv
inomns nerore, and had almost d.w:iiril .r r
gaining. I therefore thank God and my friend
Miiccuiig me to tne ue ol tnein.
1 hUad a., June, 23, JS-51. J. Newtox TJnovs
i here are many preparations sold under tha
name ot t,itters.put up in quart bottles. compoun
ded of the cheapest whiskey or common rum. ous
ting from 20 to id cents per gallon, the taste dis-
guiseu oy .anise or coriander feed.
line class of Litters huscaused and will contin
ue to cause, as long as they can be soid. hundreds
o die the death ot the drunkard. Ry their use
si mc in ig Kepi eouuuua.11 v ui.uer th -nH.i.
"" j i..,.ti in K t-iimuiaiiiboi me worst Kind. tue
Uesire tor Liouor I" Crt?Rtl unit Iror.t r, u.,1 iK.
iccuii is an me norrors atteruiant ntmn n iin;rir.
iu s j:ie anu uearn.
1 . , : -. i . . 1
For those who desire and iri'l hni-f :l T.i
iniers, w puoiisn tne lollowin'r n-m nr. ilrt
Our Dottle Hoofland'x Ctermna Bitters and n-.ii
with Three Quart of Good liraiy r Whiskey,
and the result will be a preparation that will fur
jt in in cmc in;u virtues ana true excellence
uy oi me numerous Hijuor bitters in ti e mark-
i. anu wijn cost Iliuon e?s. Inn will h:n- k. I
tne virtues ot iioonand 8 Ritters in Knurtinn
. i . . .. -
... , . . .
i. , & - , . WH 1 " It,ucu ieasF"oe
t,uau meoc interior preparations will cost vou. -
ATTFVTIflV vni niPTfs f
v-t .-, , ' ....
axix. rtxvz ut ouiUixtKb.
W. ...11 . ' 1 , . ...
i c cn me niicuuun or a;i naving relations or
menus in mo aimy to ine laci tnat wxipi.a.vd a
German Ritters"' will cure nine tenths of the dis
eases induced hy exposures and privations inci
dent to camp life. In the lists, published almost
daily in the newspapers, on the arrival of the
sica, it will be noticed that a very lure propor
tion are suffering from debility. Every case of
tnat Kind can be readily cured by Hirland's Ger
man Litters. Diseases resulting from disorders
of the digestive organs are speedily removed. We
have no hesitation in statins: that, if these Bitters
were freely nsed among our soldiers, hundreds of
lives might be saved that otherwise will be lost.
We call particular attention to the following re
markable and well authenticated cure of one the
nation s heroes, whose life, to use bis own lau
gnage, has been saved by the Bitters : '
Pailadblfhia. Antust 23rd. 1862.
Messrs. Jane A- htmt. Well.gentlemen.your
ntonana a uerman outers ana saved my life.
There is no mistake in this". It is vouched for
by fluiubf rs of my comrades, some of whose naxues
are appended, and who were fully coniiantof
an ine circumstances oi my case. 1 am. and
have been lor the last four years, a member of
Sbe.rmsn's celebrated battery, aud under the im- j
mediate eommand of Capt. R B. Ayres. Throu-U
the expo sure attendant upon mv duties. I wa
attacked in .November last with inflammation of
ttie lunss, and was for seventv-two davs in the
hospital. This was followed by great "debility.
heightened bv an attack of dvsenfei-v. T wan then I
removed from the White House, and sent to this I
vny on ooara tne creamer -tate ot iUain. from I
I ,., ... .... . . ....
which 1 landed on the 2Sth of Jane. Since that
time 1 have been about as low as any one could
be and utill retain a spark of vitalitv. For a
week or morel was scarcely able to swallow any- I
thing and if I did force a morsel down, it was
immediately thrown up agiiin.
i could not even keep a srlas? of water nnnr
stomach. Life could not lastnnder these circum- I
stanc(?s; and. aeeordingty, the physicians who I
had been workinr faitbfullv. though nrtsuctvw- I
lully. to rescue ine from the yrtinn of tln rirfrl I
A-.i.,.. r , . . . , ' , . I
Archer, frankly told me they could do no more
lor me. and advised me to ee aclersvmnn. and
to make such disjyosition of my limited funds as
bet euued me An at-quaintHnce wboviMtcd me
at tbe hospital, Mr. Frederick Steinborn. of Sixth
below Arch Street. advi?ed rue, as a forlorn hone.
to try your Bitters, and kindlv pro-ured a bottle.
the time I commenced taking them the
gioomy snaaowM aeatn receded, and I am now
tuank God for it. getting better. Though 1 have
i-iKi.n nni two oottles, 1 have rained ten pounds,
.. .1 f r . . a ... 1 . .
ami i ieei nanguiceoi ccicg permitted to rejoin
my wife and daughier. from whom I have heard
tintki.. fi.. ....!..... .....It.. . 1..- .1 r
am a loyal Virginia!!, from the vicinity of Front j
Royal. To vour invaluable Bitters I owe the eer- I
tainty of life which las taken place of vague fears
to your Kmers will 1 owe the glorious priri- I
lege of again clasping tomy bosom those who are
dearest to me in lifa.
Very truly yoirs. Isaac Maloxe.
We tiMy concur iu the truth of the above state
ment. as we had despaired of seeing our comrade,
Mr. Malono. restored to health.
Johx Ctrpni.EEAC.it, 1st New York Battery.
Gko. A. Acklev, Co. C, llti Maine.
Lewis Chevalier. 92d New York.
I. E. Spesckr, lit Artillery, Battery F.
J. B. Fasewelt,, Co. B, 3d Vermont.
Hexjir B. Jeroste, Co. B.Sc! Yerm'vnL
Hoar T. Maciiojtald, Co. C.-6th Maine.
Jons F. WiD. Ca.E. 5th Maine
H kr wan Koch. Co. H, 72d New York.
Xathamel B. Thus as. Co. F, 95th Penn'a.
Andrew . Kixball, Co. A, 3d Vermont. -Johs
Jenkins, Co. B, 106th Penn'a.
See that the signature of -CM. Jacksok," is on I
the wrapper of each bottle. -. I
jrniCli PER. BOTTLE i CUM 18, l
Should your nearest drueeist not have the ar- !
tide, do not be cat off by any of the intoricatine I
preparations that mat be offered ia ita place, bat I
send to us, and vwe will forward, securely packed, j
oy express. , . r
i rmcipai umcs ana jaanuiactory. io. ooi Area I
Street. J0XE3 k EVAX5,
(Successors to C. M. Jackson & Co ,) Proprietors.
tJT"For Sale by Hariewiek 4 Huaton.Clearfield, I
.vpr. . j
FeBna. and Druggists and Dealers in every town J
in the Tniied Stafes. iJulyS. IS53.
C.Mr'SOS, has" Rye- Corn, and good Family
Flour, for Sale at Philipsbarg. Alro. Ee
and Corn, at D. Ayers MiU. Juaai, lo53-2ia.
SAMUEL ITEGARTV.-wbolasala arJ .re
tail dealr in Foreign auUDumeilio iUichan
dito, Ilegarty'i it lieaus, Ciearfieid county. Pa
keeps eaiistantly al articus in .Lis line of busi
nesa. which be will .ei; cLeap iot c.tjh or exchange
for approved country prod sc. Luuiber of nil
kinds Uken in exchange for goods. March 1, 1363
arvT i iTi'mc ucnifi vce i
U ply of thes invaluftble Family Medicines
are for sale by M. A Frank. CI-jarSeM, consintiug
ot fainUurtr; lk.fstur.trve, a great cure for colds
and cough ; anl Auti-Bilzoin Plitfsie. They have
been thoroughly tested in this community, and
are highly approved. Trt thkm.
V"OTIlE. r have this day soli and trans
1 v ferred the store owned by rue. to my son, E.
Trrin. together with the bock accounts rents.
Ac. and authorize him to receive monies and
transact business for me. WM. IRVIS.
Carwepsvil:e. May 13. lsC3.
TOlt SALE. A house and lot. situate in the
JL L'oroagh of Lumber Citv. is offered for sale.
The bnildings consist of a goixl frame house, sta
ble and ether outbuildings, ami a good well of
water near the door. Tbe property will be sold
on reasonable terms. For further information
apply to -Mrs. J. L Lurby residing on tbo premi
8ea June 17. i-yvl.-pd.
i. ot Administration on the estate of Frederick
Fihel. late of Chest township. Clearfield county,
dee d, having been granted to the undersigned.
All persons indebted to said estate are requested
to make immediate payment, and those having
claims against the same will present tliem duly
authenticated for settlement. Al'aTIX C-l'aRY,
June 17, 1303. Administrator.
of Administration on the estnifl r.f ! Tl
Rhule. lnte of Glen H
Ptnn'a, dee'd. having beeii trmuted to the
signed. All persons indebted to fai i eafafe r
requested to make immediate payment, and thc?e
havict claims asainst the same will orasent them
duly authenticated for settlement, at tTle resi
dene of the subscriber in Reccaria town?hip.
June 24. 1363. JOHN" W. WKItiHT. AJu'r.
sior Wiso-Mill. One of the best Wind will
ever invented is now being offered to thecitics of
Clearfield county. The undersigned Agent is now
I ; .w;.. i .v . - .
I m kuio piauc u'l mc purpose i i oncrinc a nr3t
class mill to the public lleouly aaks a fair trial
to lnsnre its successful introdnctiau. Farmers
are especially invited to call and examine them
before purchasing elsewhere. W. HAXCOCK.
J one 1 Sth, ts'jj. Agent.
Have removed from 232 S. Second Street, to SO
Chestnut Street, above Eighth. Philadelphia. Pa
where they have opened a well-selected stock of
Carpets. Uil t. lotos, and Alaumgs.
Bedding and Mattresses of every description
ready-made or made to order. Also, Feather of
various qualities always on hand.
The Manufacture and Sale of Ceddine will also
be continued at lai ."south MisJ street, Phila
ueiphia. ra.
Philadelphia. June 17. ifrlS.-Zm.
a A X L.lii. 1 ot ttie C Icartiel.t County iiai.S
for the month endfr.? June 30th. ItJ3
Bills discounted,
Pennsylvania Stat
?2.30 18
te loans,
47.HI3 11
5.224 21
Diie from other tanks
31,00:4 10
13,5(18 00
34.800 00
v..,. r i i.
i .iuics vi ui in i if .i i j ri
I rr c r, -j -j t t j ..,,
I icujau-i auu x cuuc uinca
i cneeks. dratts. 4c.
2.54(5 45
I iw.r .iro
I Furniture.
2'.S 47
315 2
I Expense of plate enrravinz, c
United States ReveHue stamps,
I ... 1
21 14
235 75
I L,oss and Expenses.
Tota4 amount of assets, . : :
Capital stock, paid in, : :
: SO.flOO on
.Notes in circulation, : : :
2S.273 0;
Due depositors, : : : : :
: 110,71)2 SI
Due certificates of deposit, :
Due Commonwealth, : l: :
Due I'nited States. : : : :
Due Ranks. : : : . : : : :
Ibtorest and ezchansc, . :
19.019 2
: .157 50
: 52 5t
; 17.913 S5
l.-4tf .TJ
Total amount of liabilities. :
: S223.105 43
Clearfield. Pa.. June 30. 1803.
Read the foHoiiv nulls', of sroodxaiul vofiflierehi..
Lhr:p T.TR Ttl? T T1TT"-! 'Good
Ci-eup ., , 'Goods
Cheap-T' v" " r-GooJ.
GWi! oies goods-such as c.burg Cloth. (; .
Cheap 'f-6- r.,nSQa.m8- GooHs
CVijn i.u .u.,.iir Goods
CA, Die4- Bonne". Uloven, etc Goods
Cheat. Always on hand Black. Blue. BrowirYJ.io,-'
i J i ' l.l .tf. 1 T" T . 1 . ' . .
cfap' vrrj nuua, rmcjuu.i macs .tj.jodt
Cheap casimcres. satinets. Cassmets, 'Goods
Chap Tweeds. Plain and Fancy Vest- Gauls
Chea? ings. Shirting, etc.. etc. etc. t foods
Cheap READY-MADR, Gnol
Chea.t ?aClh as Coats. Pants. Years. Under-'Goods
Cheap shirts, and other Fiannel shirta, Goods
L,ieai: Boots, .--hot. Hats. Cans. Neck- ,Goods
Cheap . lies. Gum Roots and Shoes.and Gpods
Cheap' a variety of other articles. tGoods
Cheani imr.-nmi r. An,r- Goads
Chsuo n i r.n j l ,iGoodt
' cucn b i. nuiesciieu nj cieacaea ,
Uuap-. MaliBa. Colored Muslins. Linen
Chtap, ...i..,.vi..i..k. i-im-iv Goods
Cheap Ljnen and hem tow,3 car ' ,.
C'.eap curtains, fringe, eto !ff
Ch'ap- , ',,.,..,, .1 .Goods
Ch7p'rr HAKDtVARfc, C. ,Goods
Cheap " 7, want aiis or spiaes. manure Goods
Ci wwueMum. M.-amiirmuer jGo,
saws, Smoothing irons. Locks,
Hinges, etc.. go to Mossop 8
where you can buy cheap.
i Goods
L lirup
CAfaiiKnives and forks. Butcher Knives, Goods
Cheapl Shoe and Stove blacking, Manilla Gvods
Cheap, and bernp ropes. Ick, Paper of 'Goods
Cheap' Pens, Powder, Shot or Lead, . Goods
etc., buy them at Monsop's. Goodt
Cheap Shoe Last or Pegs. Palm or FaBcv'Co0
Choap: Soap, Starch, Wall Paper or Win-" Goodt
Cheap'. djW Shades. Imr.n. l.umn tuhwi . Golds
Cheap or Wicks. coai 0jii etc g0 ta Guols
Viteapi TO v. k ,,r . .-t, Good
Cheup ., , , -tx-v;. Goods
Hyson orblacit tea, buy them
at aiospop s cheap for eash.
Cheap 'Tallow candles, fine fir soarse salt,(Craa,
Curap1 yrup or molasses, cheese, dried 'Goods
Cheap apples or peaches, water or so- Goods
Cheap docraeuers, call at Mossopa Goods
Clieap where you can buy cheap. Goods
Cheap IF YOU WAXT iGoods
Chao.Pnrt wine for Medical or Sacramen-iGoo
Cheap: tal uses. Sw.tt wine, old Monon- IGoods
Cheap, c&hela or rye whiscy. Cherry '.Good
Cheap, and Coznae brandy. , buy at .Uuads
Cheep . , Moasop s cheap caoh store. Goods
Cheap. rp von. wavt . - -.Goods
CA - vzw R;. p; v-. - a.
Cknap, ,.,.- ihl,. . -Good i
Cheap. gr0B'D(i nnu candies. Uo uorice . -.loads
t?"? or Liouerwa root, buy them yoots
ttmp, MoaaiTy'achearp and mod- t ooa I
tvP . , tp witt W.vr. v AOods
. Good j
Cheap. Dn7 nT otner am.:i ef M
r im. . . - - " ' ' i
. r V
Cheap to 5? M ossop. mr no setts c0,
Cluav cheaper cash than ax.y other Goods
Cheap Po in cieareeid conotv. ,Gtxds 4
f; yvember 27. l36l.( apSJ. Goodii
Approved country produce of every ginj tal nr. si
the suai niarirt pri-e irv ixehavge fir goods..
browo susrar. hams, shoulders or 'r?t
Chel, 2 IP''i. Young Zds
T CULLOUOH, Attorney at Law, CI
V . ffeld. Pa. Office, with L. J Trans. E
ob Socomt Street.
July 3, 1661.
pilEDEKICK LEITZlGEK. Manufacturer of
aere wholasaJe or rrtail. Ja. 1, 1863
PRSSD4 BARKETT, Attorneys at Law. CIt'
field. Pa. May 13,1.
R ?T,J-WALLACE. Attcrr.ey at Law. Clear
J. V field. Pa Office ia iShaw's zbw tiv. Market
street, opposite Xaugle's jew.lry store. May 26.
HF. XACULK. Watch and adTMTw, and
. dealer in Watches, Jewelry. e. Room ia
Oraham'sruw, Market etreeL. . . Nov. 10.
. field. Pa. OtSct iniraham's,l:ow. fjurdo t
west cf Graham Koynton's store. Kov. lo.
I ) K. SHOPS. Cailnent Maker, Cherry Street,
J J. t'leartield. l'n Majces to order every des
cription of Furniture on shcrt notice. Jan.21'63
P KRATZER Merchant, and dealer in
Boards and Shinerlcg. (Jrain and Prodtin.
f ront St, above the Academy, Ciearaeid. Pa. jl2
"117ALLACE HALL, Attorneys at Law.Clesr-
field. Pa. December 17. 1So2.
willum a.wallace. :::::::: jous o. uall.
njao and Iea!er in nil kinda
Ornamental Trees. PlacUaod hrnbberv. All or
ders by mail promptly attended t. . Mav T&
IITILLIAM F.IRWIN-.Marketstreet.c;earfi.;'l
I 1 Pa.. Dealer in Foreign and Domestic Mer
chandise. Hardware. Quetnsware, Groceries, and
family articles generally. s,ov 10
rOHX (iUKLICH, Manufiictivrej-of all kind uf
Cabinet-ware, Market street, CJearf eld, Pa
He also makes to order CcfSna. on short notioe. and
attends funerals with a hearse. AprlO, ia.
DR. R. V. WrLSOX, . PrTctictng"h?7uIian.
Clearfield. Pa. Will attend to all "profes
sional buiiness- Ofiice. corner of 2d and Locust
fitreeu- - Jau. 23,i;JC.
DR. M. WtrODS, Pbacxicixo PuVmclm, and
Examining Surge'n for Feuiccs".
Omce. Sonth-west corner of S-jood and Cherry
ftUeet, Clearfield, Pa. Jtuuary 21. lat.
T B -M"EALT-r Attorney at Law. Clearfield.
fj . Pa. Practices in Clearfield and adjoinine
counties. OKce in new brick building of J. Boya
ton. 2d street, one door south of Jianuh's Hotel
ICUARD M0SS0P, Dealer in Foreign and Do
inctic Dry Goods, Groceries, Flour, Bacon,
Liquors. Ac. Roorrv. on Market street, a few doors
west of Journal Ojfire. CJearfMi, Pa. Apr27.
LARRIMI7R i TEsT, Attorneys at Law.Cleai
field. Pa. Will attend promptly to all legal
and other business entrusted to their care in Clear
field and adjoining counties. August fi, 1S56.1
DR. WM. CAMPBELL, offers his- jrofe
servioes to the eiriiens of M'barinon i
non and vi
cinity. He can be eon suited at his residence at
ad times, unless aKsenton professional business.
Mo.xbaDnon, Centre co., Pa., May 13, 1SS3.
VT W. SHAW. M. D.. has resumed the prac
iV . tice of Medicine and Surgery in Shawsvillet
Penn:a, wLcra be still rsfpectfully solicits a con
tinuance of public patronage. May 27, U63.
f pUOMAS J. M CULLOLGH, Attorney at Law.
X Clearfield, Pa. Office, east of the -Clearfield
co. Lank. Deeds and other legal instruments pre
pared with promptness and accuracy. July 3.
d. c. dish. : : : : : : Tj-it'criiocaW
Collection CVfh :e. Clearfield, Pess'a.
STOVES. 50 COOKI N'G STOVES, olf all sizts.
for sale cheap for ca h. hy -
Dec. 3. 1SiJ2.
R. MOSS0P, Clcarield.
Have just opened a large and splendid assort-
merit or -
X E W (1 O O I) S
at their old Stand in Clearfield. Penn'a. ,
They have the best assortment of Haritvur tK.t
has ever ben broughito this county, which they
i en i idc iiui-i reasonaoie r rices, amon"
hich will be found apiendid lot of cuttlerv. ti
which they iiivite the special attention of tbe
Oo hand an a-rirtment of heavy silvcr-platft
Forks. Spoons, a:id Butter kiJvua. of tha best
mar nfaorure.
A lot of i.i.l.i of . tbe best natterns. and other
fire-arms. Alfo u. g-neral aoJortnir'Tit of pistol '
cartridge ; ail of wiik-h will be sold at reasona
ble prK.-t.-s. , ., . ,
ihev enntinoe to tnanufauuro a'l kinds cf tin
ware, brass kettles, stove pipe, et.. which cannot
lie surpassed in to is seation of the ttaie. , .
They a'so have on hand PitUburir Plow, a-
mong which are eieel centre lever ulowg. Also,
Plow castings, and otheragrk-ultirraf implements.
Cook Moves. ai,d Purlor and Coal sroves a gen
eral assortment,. and of tbe test patterns, for sale
at reasonable prices
Coal oil. Coal oil lamps, paints, oil and var
nishes, a general assortment. Glasss, putty, nails,
iron, and castings, a great variety ; in faet almost
anything that may be wanted by the public can
be found in their establishment, and at prices that
cannot be beat.
Now is the time to purchase, if you desire anv-
thing in their line of business. Give Cheat &cll-.
and examine their stock, and they feel a?are
that job can be accommodated.. .. . . ; v , .
Remember, their establishment ia on 2 ShrC
Clearfield, P.. where Vou can buv ?oada io. tna
very best advantage.
Qid silver, copper, brass, pewter and old east
ings will be taken in exchange fr goods.
-i.y iso j. .-.lfciiKLLL BXGLER. .
FOll SALE. The Ta'veruStand atBridgport
on tho Erie aDd Waterfard tarnnike. wtis of
Curwentviile, is oS'ered for sale on reasonable
terms. Any person defeirinz a zoed location tor
keeping public house, will find rt their iat4rc-.-t
to caII and e.TAmine the premise and eitua'in be-
fore purchasing elsewhere. MARY SPFJSCEK.
July o, loe-i.-4t.
CEASED Eaecutors' Sale of Valuable tim-
btr laiid in Clearfield and Camfcria ccuuies Tbe
xecutors of James Inompson. late cf Chest tp.,
learfield county Penn'a, dee d, will expose to
sale by public outcry at the Borough of Xew
Washington, cn Friday the Slst day of J uly. 1K63,
at 3 o'clock, p. m., of aid day, the following 4f
scribeJ tracti of laud. " , "
No. 1. 121 acres and 90 percaei nett. . Bf in
ng at poet on line of Jon'a Westover's land north
ueg wst 103 perches to white oai. v,th
deg west 39 perches to cherry, north 71 dog west 16
perches to post, west S3 perches to a inapl, goath
39 deg east 43 perches to post, south t?a jeir eaut
ii iisiiiuc wi inKpie, liorui jj aey eitst av nr
ches to Linn on bank of Chest creek, north HU dnr-
east 70 perches to post on J. Westover'aline.thaaea
by same north i deg a-t9S perches to begiaaing,
situate in.A?hest Uwaihip, Ciearfleld coanty. Pa. .
No. 2. 12 acres and 14 perches netL Begisv
ing at a post iaence south 58 dee east 114 rer-
ehes to mapl eonth 42 deg east 57 perches to Linn,
north bO deg cast 70 perches to post, soatli i dag.
w. 76 J per to post by white oak soma 68 deg w. lf&
perctjfcs.by r. iry to a rock oak, north 27 4eg. w.
22 percts by Amos Fry to post, thence by Ro;
lands laad north 7 deg west IIS Mreha to ba
: ; - r'l. . .. i " . .
3. 254 acre and 19u terches retr.
sing at a postnerth degetst 22.rr9hes tr, ppst.
tnenoe cj juh jieyera aortn7 dog westl'JSper-
cum iv post. iuiaw ojr iana oi uooderbacri soatri
soeg west IK
50 per to post, taeacft by N'agle sonia li de2 west
I a j bwuus mm uc wcr3
;c4 perches to' pot. tlieDC- bv Laffrtvand others.
south fc9 deg east 159 prchea to biidihaini?, ait-t
ate in Susquehanna twp. Cambria ooumt: Pa.
TeaMS, I-third cash, balance inoneor two year.
- ixh interest, to be sfred byJudgmett Bond,
or persons! srtrty. Wil . FEATH,
July I. Iid3. ' t j&S Jd'EWJV. Sxeectci;