Raftsman's journal. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1854-1948, May 14, 1862, Image 3

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House Bukned. We learn that on Wednes
day last, the 7th instant, the house of Jacob
Knntz, jr., of Brady township, ivas burnt to
the ground. The fire originated from a stove
.pipe. Mrs. K. was the only persons about the
house at the time. A neighbor, however, soon
-arrived, with whose assistance Mrs. K. suc
ceeded in saving most of their household ef
fects. All the clothing and a watch belonging
named Freeze were burned
to a young man
;in the house. Tbe rjunaing was a goua
and Mr. Knbn's loss is estinia'ed at from four
to five hundred dollar'.
Hocse ajjd Barn Dsteoyed by Fire. We
have been informed that, some ten days since
the woods in the neighborboed of New Castle
iu Eeccaria township, was set on fire by some
unknown person, which spread very rapidly
and soon communicated to the fences on the
farais of W. Broonbaugb and Jacob Kephart,
-and from thence to some dead trees in the
fields. Whist Mr. Kephart and others were
engaged in arresting the progress of the de
vouring element in the woods, fire was com
municated to the roofs of his house and barn,
both ul which, with all their contents, were
burned to the ground. Our informant also
says, that it was reported that two of Mr. K's
small children had been left in bed in the
house, and but for the timely arrival of their
.father would have perished in the flames one
-of them having most of its clothing burnt oir
. before it was rescued.
The 113th IUgimint Fa. Vol., (12 Cav
:alry,) left Philadelphia a few days since for
the seat of war. This regiment was recruited
in the northern counties of this State, and is
-composed of large, strong and active men.
It is commanded by Col. L. B. Fierce, who
has been connected with the service since the
commencement of the war. The field and
staff officers are,
Colonel Lewis B. Pierce, Bradford county.
Lieut. Col. Jacob Kohler, Fhladelphia.
Fiist Major Darius Titus, Warren CDunty.
Second Major James A. Congdon, Lancas
ter.county. Third Major William Ball, Juniata county.
Keguneutal Adjutant George W. Ilenrie,
First Battalion Adjutant II. C. Fulte,Fhil
Second Battalion Adjutant G. B. Hammer,
W arren county
Third Battalion Adjutant Michael M.My
ers, Philadelphia.
Kegimental Quartermaster Harvey R. Iiea-
kirt, Philadelphia county.
Surgeon Jos. D. Schoales. Philadelphia.
Assistant Surgeon II. B. Cruice, Phila. co.
Chaplain Geo. II. Hammer, Warren co.
Sergeanl-Major -Tracy O. Ilollis, Brad
ford county.
Regiment Quartermaster Sergeant Parley
-Coburn, Bradford county.
Hoxpital Steward Geo. W. Seibert, Phila
delphia counfy.
Col. L eo.m das Metcalf, of Kentucky, late
ly made a speech to t!io Union men of Carlisle,
Nicholas County, in that State, in which he
paid bis respect to those negro-loving seces
bjoni.sts, who, when hard run for nn argument,
will cry "Abolitionist," Abolitionist,", as
if it 'was only necessary to fix the stigma of
abolitionism upon a man to ruin him forever.
This " out fpokeu Kentuckian draws the por
traits of these cringing dastards with tho pen
cil of a Limrier. We take an extract for the
e Itficatiqn of these puuy-souled creatures:
I had aturted to pay my respects to the
nigger-lo era of the ftotitli. There bus been
jio election idiice I can remember but tho cry
of nigger was raised. A constable, coroner,
judge or president could hot bo nominated
lint the same old tune was ground. L iwhI
Ur law wu passed to tighten the tenure by
which wo held them. Statu laws, fugitiv'u
laws, territorial legislatures miht legislate a
man to the devil if they chose, l( ho had n
iiiciltr i but laws Mere passed to prevent them
Jfwiu legislating on the subject of niggers.
A Ilepiiblicuti Congress passed laws to prevent
themselves from legislating ott lii-giucs In the
.U'liilories, Milt the- cry Was luoio security,
tnoru voucub: iri, until they requiru u 1 to
liiieel to (iosb i s Cap, or elso they aro Hot tho
Kimou lJucktiwr putt.'. They swear that it is
Oud'a liiHtitlitloii. nnd that In hi mi till too
wisdom ho hislljitlu'J tho trader lo tliu pbiis
culling of catching and chaining the Mild Al
ti' nn lu ihu hold of tunn filooiuv ehUi i
t r.t n t hini ft "in his ti,ifv Mlli ttht fo hi
i"'til H ill danger, to Iho rotloti floldn of Amur
lot, Nil for the glory of find and tho ifiautim
"I bis kingdom I that their pursuit and plena
tin! in All U'.k i kMtlmoimi to (Jod i hut when
Hipyuni tiaiKpoited to tho dltoii fjo.
It'nt iim1 to ntistj nix tilled to tlm hiid, t'l"ut In
till rewind, for h'Miow plaN"i tlio ,oid mid
shall hnvw It mul III lemli whlhi li.iiiois
whnlmtu loiijj t,,,!!! (nol.HjIeil In tuakliiK
black rniaelK, iptielly jun ket Iho pro t.Uti
Iho e. iiiiin, T hII (In yn i,,,!,) mi'tnly
pioiulxii Hioj wi'r oryim urn n AbnlitlonUi,
And niine of Iheni (mIIlim iiiu helping in pop.
Mhitt Jlc,ivti dlli imgeN only M ,.n;,
fhU U no J'diei nil Ihii h,m boon pfu, hel
nun lint puliil by Jhu Muhl ooly.wln(.;e. nl.
i'i f midline. 'J i, y do not ktup Ht Omultlng
nniii, 1ml blimphiiiini (Jml with t lu 1 r ohe'ul
mi ihliyln .m l piinilerlnjf to u nl of cuiiMpt
'yhlon J lekiunei, who e.iniiot nh. any n(hnr
miiii or object on tmilh Ihiomjli which pleat
mo or li:iiilni'Hi can ho neeuie'l but liljffcerj
'' otln r i,tij (o Keureit but on a iilguvt'u
' 'o k. They tmikl h ive (hu M In , ij r I comiiio.
JiiNe, or Uit-y will hri-tik Up the pnvei imieiit,
'liM tlm lll.si'.uil CoijipMHiilfo Unlit bo co
I'ah'J, If iilfi't fall, or Choy will nock all
t'i" tiieli r pliitilnjcN khii tifidijf I'lirhf Samuel.
Cry of AbolltioiilNtls Iho whip Hint It
c,,'i'l(iii!iy held np to seiiid the IgimMfit lnt
ItetiiocCnl lc, Slid limy (luj sc(-i-nlot ratikH.
'I $'n look nt tlthif with common sensu,
Ji'U re an AbolltlofHut. J you am for conn.
'ff 'n tut (iinji-tlty f illing, yon atis uti
A'K'tiflotiM. H It tiliiM wn mt a sl'op bt thes'j
hi:lti. (hey citihol listen Id fenson. tUi
Hilitttt'ni ctri tiP.ii t.nwunti scuta InUi
,!l'('n with (4 4 irren sj-ftmoto tilth tli.it will
'"'t bonfire' ir i halhW. A few nliolptouni
tuny a UUi-t bul huf M tti-h-ii line.
'' HvinuHtiti iilii'tf L'umtiinti fli.il fh UbiiU
IU(if4 t,,il. 1... ..in... M J i,.ll lt. Il.iH. 1
"7 thvvv oi l Uhki U H bt&iHwi , id i leati
1 . .ti.ii 1 11 nun. JH'BI Lt' II IIFU II 11111
i ' '' ' 1 f 1 1 1 h t tf tic !i 'f ft It h 8 S ti t! I It if (i I K H
i;'JU,r" "ifoueri'itit trie 1
''"Info Ifff btjiirfoh
H iivl k-jj IhisiiMitk-ji
Mifvf. H
of ft r.t.i
tali f-m kiln i'i-
ery traitor in the land as plainly as yon can
your hogs, bv the ear marks. They have a
pass word, by which you can know them at
well in the night as in the day timo-thas
word is, "Abolitionist." That is the sura total
of all their arguments. ....... v
Glorious News !!
President LInsoln Superintends, in person, the
Embarkation and Debarkation of our
Troops He is First to Step on the
"Sacred Soil."
The Yorktown and Jame:town Captured
TFJ-rtress MosaoE, May 9, 9 P. M, Old
Foiut tnis evening presents a most starring
spectacle ubout a dozen steamer transports
are loading troops. They will land on the
shore opposite the Rip Itaps, and march direct
on Norfolk. 4
The President has declared that Norfolk
must fall, the Merrimac must succumb to the
Naval power of tho Union, aud that the Gov
ernment property at Norfolk must bo re-possessed
at whatever cost it may require. What
is more, he has determined to remaiu here un
til it is accomplished.
The Hip Raps are pouring shot and shell
into Sewell's Point, and a bright light in the
direction of Norfolk leads to the supposition
that the work of destruction has already com
The transports are gathering in tho stream,
and have on board artillery, cavalry and in
fantry and will soon be prepared to start.
President Lincoln, as Commander-in-Chief
of the army and navy, is superintending the
expedition himself. About 6 o'clock he went
across to the place selected lor landing which
is about a mile below the Uip liips.
It is said the President was first to sfp on
shore, and after examining for himself the
facilities of landing returned to the Point
w here he was received with enthusiastic cheer
,ing by the troops who were embarked.
The batteries at the Kip Haps h-ive stopped
throwing shells and all is quiet.
The fltiet are floating quietly at anchorage,
ready at any moment for activity.
-r Porthess Monroe, May 10. The troops
left during the night and at daylight could be
seen from the wharf landing a short distance
from the Kip Raps. Tho point at which they
have landed is known us Point Pleasant, one '
ot the favorite drives from Norfolk.
Gea. Wool and staff remained to superintend
the landing of tho balance of our force, all of
whom were landed and otf b fore noon.
The President accompanied by Secretary
Stanton, acccmpunied General Wool and stall
to the wharf and then took a tug and proceed
ed to the Minnesota where the President was
received with a national salute.
It is generally admitted that tho President
and Secretary Stanton have infused new vigor
tnto both naval and military operations here,
anu that the country will have no cause for
further complaint as to the insulting course of
thi; reliels in thisquaiter.
The following despatch was received at the
War Department :
Foutress Monroe, May 10th, I
12 o'clock, P. M.
Norfolk is ours and also Portsmouth and the
Navy Yard. Gen. Wool having completed
the landing of his forces at Willoughby Point
about nine o'clock this morning, completed
his march'on Norfolk with 5,000 men. Sec
retary Chase accompanied theGeueral. About
five milos from the landing place a rebel bat
tery was found on the opposite side of the
bridge over Tanner's creek. After a few dis
charges of companies of infantry the rebels
burned the bridge ; this compelled our forces
to march around five miles fuither. At five
o'clock In the afternoon our forces were with
in a short distance of Norfolk, and were met
by a delegation of citizens and the city was
formally surrendered. Our troops inarched
in aud wo now have possession.
Fortress Moxroe, May 11 Tho Merrimac
was blown up by the rebels -it two minutes be
foie 5 o'cloek this morning. She was set on
fire at about 3 o'clock, and the explohion took
place at the time Mated. It was said to have
been a grand sight by those who saw it. The
Monitor, Nau.iluck an J gun boats have gone
up toward Norfolk.
Sttecrful Advanco 3ttle at Williamsburg.
Tho battle before Williamsburg on Monday
the olh, was a most warmly contented engage
ment. Owing to tho roiiahrieM ol tho coun
try and bad condition of the roads, but a small
portion of our troops could bo brought Into
action, (ten. Sickles' KxoeMor J5i icadu. of
Gen. Hooker's division, boiu the grout brunt
of tho buttle and fought most valorously
though greatly 1 'eipowered by tin 111 bum and
the siip'ii lor position eurthwoiks 0 llio ene
my. Tho ppio.uhen fo their works wero a
mull' of ravine mid swamp while tin.' lain
fell In toneiitH throughout tho day. The men
had nlf hei'ti l) lii( 011 their iinns all the pre
Vl"UM till? lit III tin mid. Snaked w ith l ain and
chilled with cold. Tho Intth' raed from ear
ly lu tho lnoi fillip lililil.'i 1. elude In (ho alh'i'.
noon, ben (i'Mivral M'Clullao iin lvrd wjlli
frouli fiotppn mid lulloved the division of C ! n .
Honker, who weiu imurlr ronf rato wlih f..
tlii'f uii'l ('.xpoKiiie, whlUl the .".'I I!ctNlor
loyluif fit (f Hi" bi'ladn had IU I'.inkn tiillibly
thinned hy Urn I1.1IU of Urn oiieiuy, They
HID iKplUKi'llfl'd MX lHV ill il'ht Willi Nlll'll
Impudent biavury that lint m than two hun
dred of tli'Mil Wi'in lilllixl und WOUIidnd. Al
(yr Iho nil Ivul of (Jen. M'Clgll.iu ti.o , nmiiy
worn lli'icely f'hrti yr'l upon by Huiicock 'n hi I
(f i'i i, t ii I wero ililvi u wllhiu their wotU,
lioforo nijjthtf all, with In-uvy Nfaily ')0
i( Ihnlr ili'.ol weiu lell 011 the- fleh1( with many
wounded, thiiiijjh iiioni o the latti'r worn cur.
lied lul Wllllaiimbiii, NIrIiI Imvliiff foinu
on v.j oceiijded tho bittlo Held, thu enemy
hiivltiff hien dilven within hif work. A
laiK'i fiuiuhxr of wagoiH and iiiiiultlon of
war and a pnsldnr iblii Morn of provlmuiH woro
lound lu town. 'Iho i ni-iuy hud forty thou
sand In'iii under Johnson. fjouHheet and Eur
ly. Their I mop worn pilneipally frwi.i tlm
uln iiie South. Our killed and wound. m will
(each f'lpht IniiMlled. Tho enemy In ft live
liun lreil In W llll inisburg, find retreated bo
Jond (he Milekahofnlny. A ri't'onnolsatico
ty our cavalry (o (hat stream found no foi tific 1
tkiMi,nn'l captured J'ifolper and itriiiff.
Bat'.lo H mlr bynn'l Vnii-itnibur?
'I'hn sff-.'tiuef' fioul I'm kfo vii, f ej "Hi n b.i(
J i fulled beyond Willlams'nig en Wed
tiesJif (ho 1Hif Iff wee ti (ho (roop ol ( i crier
al ff-afiltliit und fjetietiil M'-d.vie!t, nnd (ho
fi'liels" tifidi-r (J'lri'.-r il I;C'j who wero cudeaor
ftilF (0 m:iko (fflr war in f! kb'nond. ( N
said in hare heetj (ho fc(-cst bilflo bii ih'i
jiehlfis'iit. 'fi'j febclft wefu (f.iflly fou(d
iffld (1 iiik'-tii irtfa dflvftf I'tek nwiitM (Ini
I lifideMJ''ii. ,6'rnl'ifi ftf '((pi Olffc'c-
h'VlWHi: th "jtoiti hiifn her bt fcd"f.tl iltllf
'."I w
bhzhif wfjri tUHtii iiit-k dv' htii tiihhntii wHIi
Mil kiiiihlii: :tvi lH-1 ivA tlnH
Mflt iihiiiiM ItthH rffjf hhih Mbli hi
UiH llhiti bit holbihf titbit U:hhtih1i bbU
that number having landed. Tlad it not been
for the guuboats our troops would have ' been
defeated. .
. Tight at Slater's Mills.
An engagement took place on Saturday the
10th, between our advance and the enemy's
rear at Slater's Mills three miles from New
Kent Court House which resulted in fourteen
of the enemy's cavalry being killed,and sever
al taken prisoners. They secured their wound
ed. The sixth cavalry, which made a most
brilliant charge, bad three men killed, three
missing and thirteen wounded.
The Latest News..
Received by Tuesday Evening's Mail-
Gen. Pope in a dispatch to Gen. Ilalleck,
dated near Farm ington, May 9, says : The en
emy, 20,000 strong, drove in our pickets be
yond Farmington, and advanced against the
brigade, occupying the farther side of the
creek in front of my camp. The brigade held
on for five hours, until it was heavily pressed
in front and the flank, and that I could not
sustain them without passing the creek with
my whole force, which was contrary to your
orders, and would have brought on a general
engagement, I withdraw to this side in good
order. The conduct of the troops was excel
lent, and were reluctant to withdrew. The en
emy made a demonstration to cross but aban
doned the movement. Our loss was consider
able, though I cannot tell how great. The
enemy being much exposed suffered severely,
one of his batteries was completely disabled
and his infantry driven back several times. My
command is eager to advance.
A K.iltimore correspondent of the Pittsburg
Gazelle, under date of the, 11th 3ays: The
nows from Richmond, to-day, is too good to
be kept back an hour, if it can bo avoided.
Gen. Franklin is in Richmond.
The Gosport Navy yard was completely des
troyed by the rebels, together with a large
number of steamboats and othei vessels.
The rebels left forty heavy guns and plenty
of ammunition in the fortifications on Crany
Island, which areadmiiably constructed.
Latest advices from Gen. M'Clellan state
that ho is-within 20 miles of Richmond.
On Wednesday April 30th, 18G2, bv Kev
C. Jeffries, Mr. Samuel Kirk to Miss Kkbecca
Biers, all of this county.
On the 4th inst by James II. Caldwell Esq.,
Mr. Fredrick S. Bloom to Miss L'lvina Bloom,
both of rike township this county.
On the 4th. by Kev. S. Creighton Mr. M.
Maiter to Miss Clara Jones, all of 1'hilips
burg, Centre county, Fa.
On April 2fth, in Fox tp-, El!i Co. Fa., Sa-
R au A. wife of John Whaien, and daughter of
John and Mary Owens, in the 27th year of her
age. 1 he deceased was a conssitent member
of the M. E. church. Her end was peaceful
and serene, and she died in a, lively hope of a
btisilul immortality. i . Hewitt.
Tho undersigned takes this method of inform
ing the public that ho has commenced the in anu
fuefure of iHone-Wnro in tho Borough of Clear
field, and thst he is now prepared to supply all
who may want them with Milk and Cream Crocks.
Jugs. Jars, Ac, at lower prices, than they can be
oougnt elsewhere. Jle solicits a share of patron
Clearfield, Pa., May 2j, lSi'J-ly.
ll The subscribers .wculil roocctfully inform
the Tavur ke per; a .d others that they have re
cently started a new Brewery in the Borough of
Clearfield, and that they arc now prepared to fur
nih Beer on the most accommodating terms. They
have employed an experienced Brewer, from tho
cast, and they feel confident that they cau supply
a superior urtiele of beer. (Jive them it trial aud
judc for yourselves.
!STf W V rm"B' MALONEY & Co,
X Xlllll piflMPSBUKG, P..,
M'ould respectfully inform the citizens ot Centre
und Clearfield counties, that have jut received
and opened a new and very extensive stocK of
and a general nsfortnient ot tir Moles usually kept
in 1111 eftubliihliierit of the kind, which they oiler
chop lor cash. Approved product) taken inpay
ment at mantel prieo. .Inn. !". IS . J.
f pli fi'il ion upon tho J'iano, Melodeon and Out
tar, aiiii In Ilnt'iiiiuiy and Singing.
Term Tor pupils under els years old, ?.'i,0(),
fir tievetily two Jdhkoiim tif one Imlf linur each ;
for nil pupil over lx year old, Iflil.dii. forieveu
ty-two I"iiiii of one hour each; upon riuim, Me-lo'l'-un.
(iiiltar or in llanuouy,
J'liyiibln, line fourlli nt lln) beginning flint tho
hiilain'o nt tlm end of llin iiinirii r,
Viu'iil inuxlii fieo to nil 1 tmliuiiieiital lupll.
.wtuilit l iihoie, $,'I,(M) Jinr tellil,
ItiiouH in Mr. Alnxiuuler Irwin',
Oct.. I . iHilll, li, A. I'. ItVM'lilt. Tenehf-r.
S j) ring ()j)on rug at
1 l. Y. SM VV I & CO S,
Of (Jio latest nnd mont fu.-ihionablo
O O J) S.
I MUST QUA MTV Ol' I'll f NTH, Wurninti'd (tood
' e lot h it nd f i'i eolm , fur wt I lit mir fiuiiier
price to wit : ii ei iil per yard.
Ainu, a htr'i ioek of I'niulint'M and ,y(rln, t!m
now rnglnrf iiifli lnl for Inivelllng ooiiunnt
find prui.o fiiido drntue ;
Willi a oolilpli'to UHorli,i;lf of f.iidlen' Ilref 1 1" I III -
lolngi, fluttoiiH, Tu-fcl-i, Cord, F k 1 1 1 Unti l, (!or
lln Zephyr WorNtud, FIihiI.uhI Wool, Einhroi
dery, Bilk, etn. A ehoicti lot of IrluiniiiitM
for Zouavti'M, eoiislMlliig of (llinp, Silk,
WhltoHule, f'teel Jingle, OlltZou
nvi'H, lihirk Zouiivi'H, etc, t ie,, ele.
With f-'upurlor Flock of
t'urotfc, Cord"
A I nn t-ni.
I'rlut", Collonale,
('Miiihrl Iieiiim.
Jii-lnuf Shnirl, Vutu. t.'lieck.
tlfl! Shawl, lllekory glripo,
t'liiini fif-ii t. Ttveiil.
fn wri rohe,
lln nclkorchlef,
f rN!i Lltitieii,
(lent' fiupprfor
Olnv'lwtin, t'ord, Jirill,
'e(: tie.
I.mriiB. luti Mo f.nine. lMnck Silk
Meilltiref, fifilxirltir, t (in n'l hrr; b lefp,
K -ri t v .ffMfi", Morittutdipii.-, (loop skirl.
I;ai. (.'iiliiif re,f .rt'ic MIM. Motile, Chltd.
tfon'i lue Iht bppottuhiif id Eeornrn''1)
(in i-i ii W. P. i f.'o'ii, n!i.r vod will tecelro ii
f c'fM'ir ur th-l" ni a infill fatiHti :n fn eol.
Art kit bil
iilh'l ihf'i- f Diit ' itWlth TrltrV iif (J-'ifig i'i
il Vt. f?. i! if e. teif t-aii f' i H fH'' Ri
. , fitUrffi of if (lp jV.f fof :lHi..
('all fifi( f-f-ri ft' Mif hii'-i biiiH MfH'y
, , . I' i'i fig H $bi. .
.1 IfrriH Hi- i !,j Hid if til-'- -
WANTED. All -finds of grain will be taen
in payinentof deots due me, for. which the
highest market prices will be given.
Iec.ll. 1301. JAMKS li OR AHA M.
CAUTION,- All persona are hereby caution
ed against purchasing or meddling with the
following property-i viz : one yoke of red or brin
dle oxen, now in possession of Joseph 11. MeCol
ley, as the same belongs to me, and having ojily
been leased to him by me.
April 9 'C2-pd S. M. DICEECMAX.
100.4 Fourth Cr Arch Streets. Phila- I 0 )6
delphia. are now offering their usual a-sortiuent of
l'ry Goods, adapted to Spring sales. -1 ashionable
Dress Silk, fashionable Sprincr Shawl, new as
sortment of Dress Goods, Spring Prints, DeLaiues.
and Uinghams, Muslins and Linens of first quality,
Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings. Table Linens,
Towlings and Napkins. X. B. Clack Silks, be
low regular prices. March 12,'62.3m.
TO THE riJRLIC. The undersigned hav
ing purchased the entire stock of the late firm
of -Vioore & Etzweiler, and having made large ad
ditions thereto, is now prepared to wait upon cus
tomers. Thankful for the very liberal patronago
heretofore extended to tho firm, he hopes by
strict personal attention to busines.1 to merit a
continnenee of the same.
March 26, '02 -tf. D. F. ETZWEILEK.
Flour! Flour!!-SSr?M
and for sale, good family flour, at cash price, by
Jan. 13. lrft2. ME II It ELL & B1ULEK.
T inn Ai'C ! A lot of choice Liquors, such
-Llv J llJI o as Brandies of various kinds,
Whiskey, Gin, etc., Just re:eid and for sale by
Jan. 15. 1S(52 MEKItELL y B1ULEU.
I Vj I Just received and opened the
VjOclllJlli the be?t article of
Also Benzine, an articb: that supplants turpentine
in many uses, all whieh will be sold cheap fcr
TTn Vf AVO Vn f-TLi5 undersigned have re
iLilIU tlll i cently added a very ex
tensive assortment to their farmer large stocs of
AVhich they are prepared to dispose of for cash at
prices to suit rue times. i'er.-?on desirous ot buy
ing hardware, should remember that wo can sell
cheaper than tho cheapest on account of the heavy
stocK wo have on hand, and therefore to their ad
vantage to purchase of us. Give us a trial.
Lamps ! Lamps !! thane
The undersigned have just received from the east
an extensive and varied assortment of the best
ever brought into the county, which they offer at
prices, che:i r.er than the cheapest. Unc advant
age in buying from us is. if Ihe burners become
loose we fasten them without charge Now is the
time to buy. We also repair lamps aud put new
burners on when desired.
Jan. 15. 1361. ME RRELL fc RIO L E R .
rjp Y R O N E C I T Y II O T EL,
A P. OWENS, Proprietor.
Also Oysters, Wholesale and Retail. -Idecl9
Tobacco, Segars, Ac,
In the basoment of Merrell t Bigler'a building by
Feb. 27, ISCl-tf.
A New Lot of Goods.
rilllE UNDERSIGNED having taken the stocK
A of merchandize of the late firm of Pattou.
Hippie & Co.. have just added afresh supply of
comprising Groceries, Drus. Quecnware,
Roots and Siloes, Clothing, Muslins, Do Laincs,
1'rinU, Sattincta, Flannels, etc,, which
they ofl'er at low jirioes
Grain, PorK, Shingles and Boards, taKj!n in ex
change for goods. We respectful iy usk a share
of patronage. Call and e.iainine our stoeK.
Curwensvillc. Dee. 11. I11PPLE ,t FAUST.
N B. The account. of Patton, Hippie .t Co , are
in our bauds, aud wo hereby notify persons hav
ing uiiHott'ed iieeOutit. to call nnd cttlo thesamo
us wo desire to have the booK tdosed .
December 11, 18CI. II TITLE A FAUST.
A New Attraction iu theso Diggings !
Clothing- Store,
In the ".Miitifion Iloue," oppnsiln tho Clciirfitdd
Co. Bank, (Mr, Shaw' old nfutid,) Cb-iirfield,
It ninth of Jlri irnilrl ii Hut's 1 2'i Xoi tlf Ti hit
Ktnrt, Vlnlitihtyld't, P,t.
The undnr.dncd r"riiitfiilly hihkhuu'o to tho
inhabitant of Cloarfleld county, and the publio in
general, tbnt they have opi-in-d at tho iibovn n lined
plneo tho nioxt extonnivo and bl rclociud stuck of
ami Geniloincn' riii nidilng Good, that hn ever
been exhihiteil lu thl borough, and which they
will n 2' fitr mil. itiLiu r ili ui rliithnu nn
ti'tr hrt a koIiI iii ('. p.nl nf Hit c'liniii i.
Gnr ldck einbriieii a full and complete unhurt-
merit of all j:iiriuiit gi-nenilly wnrn. nindo up of
od niiitiirl.il nnd In tlm hm tyg un.l woiKinun-
ulilj). A jjniieral iijuorttueiit ol'
i:o"s ani vornrs clothing,
furnishing good, luit und imp, friivellng bagi,
trluic 1 flu mud nnd m h lie hhlrl ; In tdmrt every
thing gmierally found lu u m II nnortod Mure-of
thl Kind. W'u nf.io kecri a fine n-oi tnn nt of
ilt)h n pocket honk, fmrf finnile, poehof . kniv",
eonili, hru.die, wnlidi chain and guard-, violin
find guitar utringf, plslol.i, revolver, gnu cap,
fpeiif( le and a great many other fuii'iy nnd uxo
ful rtif le too numerou to inentioti, ull of which
they will nc II nt well n tho clothing
At the Lowcl fJah Prljr.
W i) Invito ftvery pcraon In ticod of i-Mb Ing tr
of any of tlio nhovo merit lone I urtiele. (o fuvoru
with a call ari'l view our good nrel prlo-, and
we mo Coiifidoiit (hat wo can giro natlufaetioii. no
thai every fifrori shall foci Jnplified in fell hi
ftieti'l where goo.l nn I ehcnp elotlilng can be gof.
AVe nl-o tfon'.itifly reeett tug (i .(e-'Wor fo our
f;(o'-k from Ortf o it tf fritifiufaelurlfig (bililliiiifi
in FMNiir-liiliLi, fin'l IkiII iiltv:r lie fciit'illed
wll.'i -t goo'i taflely fit fill Hi fl-le-l u fmr ilr'i".
Khh'fi pftnN -irpM l-i filyle, H', werltHn-i lilp.
iirrl f-'hefi i'i if" fion ff ifir fitf,f.f loi!ltf f-!;ifi-
i ffi ft nf iH iht4 tnil bt ifirj Miih, fr U tnif hh-i
hobl ti-iiUi'ti, f fioff? Id if It HHiini ilifffj
i f pi'tM'c' ( hiioas
f.ffll !i IHtP.?ttli I V.I -
Dried Apples
pies on hand and for sain by
Jan. lrt. 1S02. ME It KELT. IUilLER.
Bargains ! "Bargains ! !
mcriAiio mossop has
Driel Apples at 5cts per lb , Peaches 10 ct,.
Rafting-stoves, bast quality $3,50,
Good Calico. by the web, at 10 cents,
All Kinds of Glass-Ware at Ha'f Price,
Now is the time to buy.
The undersigned give notice that on the I2;h A
pril they enterod into partnership in the mercan
tile business in Curwensville. and that hereafter
the business will be conducted by them jointly un
der the nnrae and firm of John & J F. Irvin.
- They inform their customers and the public in
generid that they have received from the East anil
opened at the old stand, a large and varied stock of
specially adapted to the wants of the community,
and will sell the same at the lowest cash prices.
Also, a large assortment of Hoots, ijhoea. Hats
and Caps, of the latest styles and best quality, all
of which they intend to sell at reasonable rates:
Also, an extensive stock of the most fashionable
n E A D Y. M A I ) E C LO T 1 1 r N O ,
at prices to suit the t'nies. Now is the time to
purchase. Call in anu examine our stock boforu
yon purchase your goods, and we feel confident
that we can supply yon with all kinds of goods,
at ns low prices and on as reasonable terms asyou
cau procure them el3owhere. Givo 113 a trial-
May r.O, 13)50. . JERKED F IKVIN.
N. B. Persona indebted to tho old firm are re
quested to call ap.d settle. may 30.
Just received and opening, a carefully selected
stock of Spring and Summer goods, of almost ev
ery description. Staple and Fancy.
0 li o i c c Groceries.
Boots and Shoes,
Stationary, Cedar-ware. New Maekerel in half,
quarter, and eighth barrels.
rior quality.
All of which will bo sold ou the most reasonable
terms for Cash or approved country produce.
June 2(5, I Sol. WM. F. KiWIN.
Furniture ! Furniture !!
Desire to inform his old friends and customer
that, having enlarged his shop and increased his
facilities for manufacturing, he is now prepared
to make to order such furniture as may be desir
ed, in g'iod style and at cheap i -ites for cash. He
mostly has on hand at his - i'ui niture Rooms."
a varied assortment of furniture, among which fs,
Wardrobe and Book-eases; Centre, ofa. Parlor,
Breakfast and Dining o. tension Tables.
Common, French-posts, Cottage, Jcn-ny-Liind
nnd other Bedsteads.
Spring-scat, Cain-bottom, and Parlor Chairs ,'
And common und other Chairs.
Of every description on hand, and new glasses for
old (nimes. which will tie put in on very
rcasonaiilo terms, on short notice
lie also keeps on hand, or furnishes to order, Hair.
Corn-huxk, Hair and Cotton top Mattresses.
Mado to order, and fuueraht attended with a
H'-nrso. whenever desirable.
AImo, IIoiim) painting done to order.
Thciihove, and tunny other article are furnished
to eunl omcra cheap for Cash or exchanged larup
P roved country produce. Cherry. Maple. Poplar,
I. ln-w;od and other Lumber suitable tor tho busi
iu'h.h, t:.keii In e.xehang'i for furniture.
Iteitieiuber Ihe nhop is on M.nKet MtrocL Clenr
fiebl, and nearly opposite the "Old .lew Ntor.''
December t, H;U JOHN GUIM.ICH.
New Spring 0 oods.
.7. J. KILVVyAllU
Has juft received u general assorluiout of r-'prinj;
DHV-G'')DS, '
Deluinii, cuMbnierH, repi, valciiC'iMti, moilnos, al
paeeai. prints, eohurs, giiigluinn, du'-als, chintz,
io I In, ioiihIIiih, i-loUii, CM-iiioer.M, twee Is, satli
tietts, llaniiels, linen, dehiiges, nhaw ls and dusteri.
Over-coats, dre.-i coat, business eoiit, panls, vests,
shaw f, nnder-slilits, drawers, iiecklies. duo linen
shirt, By ron collars, ehonkers. cravats, 'hats, cups,
lino eulffkin bool.l. heavy kii boot! and flioes.
cofTe", tea, molasses, sugar, salt, cnndlen, rice,
Hdeen, flour, tobacco, ryrup, candies, es.n tiro of
coffee, pulverl.ed fuar, cracker", etandi, P:id.i,
Fpeimend tnllow eandler. black lea, .salcratui.
HAitDWAiu: & qui:i;nsw.ai;i:.
Nails, npiknn. forks, fpa b-n, fhorels. springy mw,
filnii'-K, hw. lingers, Riivmlhiiig-lron. p-issor.
meat eulteM, knivoM and itki, pleelynrds. pen
knire, plofie tea setts, ttirecn", dishes, ftlmi'ware.
Iiibla. hiodi gfovea, hoplery.collHrf. jioefi-pk ir(.
balniortil skif-H, hontie's, ilbtionn, flower", pIoumm,
i fi u f if- frame. fueliM, lar-e, ,r;ti 1 bin dln, r.'-(di tr,
yiiftt, frlfg't, htiHot!", Diiiiinifig of all klti'J-, ti.
.Mt. t'r:f,UNF.tifP.
''if "(flh", Iru'-he?. p-hfioj bookt, wall fiiifief, lirlii'i
Inf'liifl fof'f, eo.'icH trtfni'h. fntiM, tut fad hair
f-o.T-li if fdioiifif, iljrt-', eotfert tuf tj.
bl.iffllfih'l bii. IphfffJ fill; Ttlfl -in if (jN fclfi. ...
AH ht trftl If ft 111 lHn. firttttJHfbM ft?rJ.-ri-ihM
lrh if f.f if pf-ftf.'l f-Mfi'f ff'.'f -t
LI M E; I I M E ! lFurmtrs Lime r
lanJ.i. The gubscriber would iiifoiru tbi
farmers of Clearfield countv, that he keeps o
atantly on band at tb .lone Kiln at Tyn r.
large stock of lime, and will furnish on cntrjT
any quantity at th terminus tLc Tyrvi-e aud
Thilipsburg Rai'iroaJ.
March ly, 12. W:i. II. rCPniVTSN.
New Goods.
Tust received at the' Corr.fr St.irev" C-iw e:.i-ville-.
a new and Aeaft-r.atdc fctck tf gu :.i.
which will be sold upon reasons ' terms
Clover and timothy seel f a gnod qva'itv. tVr
sale low, by - U M. IRVIN.
Grain of all kin ls, bacon and lard. f-r si'.o a:
the "corner store" by WM. IKVIN
One new tw o-horse wagon for aTe. iria'T at
Curwensville, of WM. llA IN
Onrair of good beavv oea for .ib 1 r
March V2:c,2, " WM. I'.tVlX.
J, aius A Co., having purchased tho R;ht of
Clearfield Co. for -.1.. ll.,ihon d Tateta Im
proved movable comb Beo Hive." would respect
tally direct the attontion of li.e kecj eri to :b."
many advantages it pussei ovrrauy o'-ier
out. WUh this Hive you cui: b.ive ciaipUt c jii
trol over3-our Decs cau at :i:.y tir.-.t- leiuove v. ..a
surplus honey without k:!!::.g Lea .-.,r. m.tKe
artificial swarm? when desired can revei.r y -cr
liecs from being destrove 1 m-.rh and i"!ir
advantages it possesses wLieh will rfier!unei,Jrft
it io all interested in loe keeping For Ilivs-.
Individual or 'i'gwu.-fhip l'ight. address.
i:. ADAMS i CO..
I'eb. 19. 1S..2. C. -.4 spurt. Iu.iiaua c .. i'.i
JVO. 2. WAKE VI' t-Tl.een lerirr.e ! wo.G !
respectfully inform the citizen of C'-Hrf;eid
and vicinity, that he continues to do all kindd of"
Dlacksmithing on sdiort li- ti :e and in the ver
best style, at liie Old .vbr.p alougfivlv ot tne Town
Halt. Kdge tool;!'!' a!l kin. is uia.ie aud Jrtwfi
in the best manner, and warimuod to jrive enii;e
satisfaction. The pitelic will remt-iuber. tii.tt I
am not in the habit of tumieg v-X jobs.-..;, a:.- ui t
of not being able to i!o tb.!-,.' I H-k i a ttint.
and then the public may judge uf th work f r
themselves. . llcmemlei iho --tild hop" t ti.e
Town Hall. JAMLs HA Kir'.
Clearfield Pa , August 11. 1-01.
N. U. Any jobs that Mr. I'.issiuore caniv.d n
cute, will be done ou very thort iioa.-e.
The subscriber ha opened a fvill a j I eoa:
plete assortment of D li. I' ti in j.ew bti.k
building which he reeeutly er-.-;...J i U corr.. .
of Locust and Cherry .'treete. the I.'c-ruugh of
Clearfield, where he ill t a!! tiiats be harpy ?.t
accommodate any personu ho in.ty desire articl' in
his line. The business will he couCued strict! v to a
and no pains will he spared to render sat i.-f.iotion
lr. Woods, may always bo fjuud and coi.sultei
in the "DrugStore,'' when not a'l.'vnt on profes
sional business. A separate room for eoi;3uiu
tion is attached to the Store, where patients ixav
be examined jirivatclv.
Every urtiele usually f.tund in su.-h an rst.Hb
lioLmcnt will be kept en band, and Sold at greatly
reduced prices. Tt rntsUimr strirtly Vu Ji ill en
able them to ofi'er inducements in the .iy of pi ices.
Physicians will b suj. p!:e! at a sin a. 11 pvrcer.t
ago over cost and carriagrt. Xutir orders art s i
ted. Every article sjld will bo pure and of the
best quality. M. WOOD.
Clearfield. Pa . Februarv-1". l?ol-tf.
A Fact Worth Knowing!
The undersigned informs his old friends and tho
public generally that he has just leceivei and u
poued, at his old stand in Bradford township, a
consisting of Dry Goods, Hardware, Oueer.sware
Groceries, and all other articles uua!ly kept ia a
country store, which ho will dispo.-o if at as Iw
rates as they can be purchased in the county, ar.d
of as good quality, if not better, lie respectfully
Koli.'ifs a!l to give him a call and exi.rjji.it Lis
stock before ptnehasing elsewhere, mil LefteU
certain that they will buy from him.
A IJ JOIC FOll Uf2 'I he wm-M"s favorite. For 23
Yearn the S'.aiidard MigHzine. Pronounced by
the Press of the United .-tales, tie be?t Lady j
M'iga.ine in the World aud the Cheaj . cj .
'i'iic Literature is of that kir. J tLat i.ia le read
aloud iu tho family circle, und iLe c't.rgy in im
mense i'i umbers are subscribers for tLo Look.
The left Lady WriUr-t in Ainerije contribute to
its pages, and w e have seme tLat wrile for r.o cli.cr
Ma gazine.
Tun Mn. iif is all original, and woul 1 ect 2:
seiits(the price of the Look in the musi; riores ;
Hut most of it is copyrighted, and cannot to ob
tained except in "Go-icy "
Dtir Stril Lugraii u;:. Ail Q". rls to rival t
in this have eeajei, and e imvv niu.l t.ione ia
this department, giving. as wo do. tnai.y mcie u: 1
infinitely better engravings than are pubiLLt 1 iu
any other work.
rdirt',t linmcnxr Don '.'e .v l'jh i'W'Pi'it'.
Containing from fivetoseven lull length f olorel
Fiifbions on each plate. Other magazines givo
onlv two.
iiir Ahcn.l of any Fmhion in L'ttroror Am'ri
t:. Goiey's is the only work in toe world that
(.lives tbe.vj immense pla'es, and they ore u -!i m
to have evcite i the wonder of pu'di-hers nr th
public. The j ublifition of tlie-; plate: r--t 510 -(100
tnoio than l'nhion-p!at. of the o! 1 Hfyie.und
ijothing but mtr wonderfully l.-irifn eirculafion
enables us to give them other mag a si ne cannot
a (lord it We never f :i rn money wli.-n tho jiiit.
I ie can bo l.eneli led . i hee fash ion min vlie re! ie I
en. Drcxses may bo iui Ij alter them, and tho
w carer will Dot culjeet herself to ridicubi.ai would
be tho c:lo if flic vi itel tho l irgt: cities dre-e i
after tho elylo 'if tho plates given in sorec of o:;r
nt culled fashion lniic.:i .it)e
Our Wuoil ;'.:.. 1; ;'. of w'n teh wp givet-vico
or thieo Omen it s many as any other magaz'ne,
aru often mistaken for st -el. 'I h.-y aro so far
superior to auy others.
J iiii! iliiiim. Pcware of tl.etu. Lemeniber fh.'i..
tho Laily'n Dock Ii thn origin il j. ii ! ition ai. 1
the cheapest If you tiiko Go ley. you mit i;m'
other iniigii.iiui. Everything th.it is in'-ful or
ornuliieunil lu a houst eau b found in God-.y.
Jlru irim? Itfu.tmi.i. No other muguiino give
lliem, and wo havo given enough to li;i lievcml
large volume.
U.ir lirrripts nrofueh us can be found n.-i'Tieri
else. Cooking In I II i'va'iefy Confetionerv "
tho N urKHry the 1 oilet- the ban n'lry -t!ie K i' ,h
i'ti. JtiH'oipti upon all giibjiM-t nio to bo f inn I in
tho pag'tfi of tho Lady's Hook. Wo originally
started th is depart men l, and have p'-mrliar facili
ties for makii'g it most perf-.-t. This Jop.irtmei.t
alone is wr.rth l!i prico f, f the P iok.
'.tV' M'tf' Tii'ir. '1 Li department eorrpri
ss ' iigravini and de;iiptious fif every article
thi' In Ir w-ar'.
ihi ti'l Cultiim. No other rnttgatin han tli
d' p-uliiu nt.
J'eii'ti. (Jah in A'fvnnrr tine eor-y or.e y.er,
't. Two cofd one ear. . Three copies .
year,'!. I our copies one yenn Jiveroj.ie
onn tear, and an ettra copy t i (lie j er-vm "ending
the club, ? I If 1 ighf eopji s ceo yea r. p an ax
trrt ropy tf the person pendieg the eliib.fl".
Elerfll Copies nr" fV:it. nirl o e'rf Copy t tin
poison Heii liog t!;e rltt1'. A fid the oht
mu'if Mia thu cm b-f ie' t" I ne"d ief t i he nh .r-i
Clt't ii fif the Lady's l'ook it Arthurs
Ifotn i M-ig-if iue
Hiurl.lt I ii i lift n'h-r p.f if, ft
Unit f lindy'n Pee ft nod Arthur's Jlome.M tjtnt.in
bo'li i-t e yi-'ir f.r l 'iti (,dy Ladr'i'fbfolr
pfof If -if fr' M'-ir'rlro b i'Ii tt.nr f,.r tf !.
Il'i let, thti "t A. rf !! ll itlf tire.. be n
fif i ou I r"c.ry Nl'"
find N'l' nf tl'l ilt I ( hifil f iberi if j it.
rtf--'el ft l pn ib" p"te' oe f'nfjftrf
h ) )"-i' L A. G'if;i;-, t
: f v,;i i.i; '-