Raftsman's journal. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1854-1948, August 21, 1861, Image 4

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Th TLxrrauix's JorB5Ai. is published on Wed
4mTt $1,50 per annum in advance. If Hot
J3K tki . beginning of the year, 2,00 will be
vert.smbk will be inserted at $1,00 par
square of 12 lines for threeor less insertions, t or
-very additional insertion 25 cents will be charg
ed A deduction will be made to yearly adrer-
No subscription tskeo for a shorter time than
six months, and no paper will be discontinued un
til all arrearages are paid, exoept at the option of
the publisher. a. J. ROW.
2d Monday in January, I 3d Monday in June,
3d - in March, 1 4th " in Sept'm'r,
Of each year, and continue two week if necessary.
Pres't Judge Hon. Samuel Linn, Bellefonte.
As'te-Judres Hon. Wm. L. Moore, Clearfield.
Hon.Benj'n. Bonsai I, Luthersburg.
Fheriff. . . . Fred'k G. Miller, . Clearfield
Prothonotary, John L. Cuttle, . . '
Reg. A Res. . James Wrigley, . "
District Att'y, Robert J. Wallace, .
Treasurer. . . Geo. B. Goodlander,
Co. Suryeyor, H. B. Wright, .
Commiss'n'rs, AVilliam McCracken
Wm. Merrell, . -j5.
C. Thompson,
Glen Hope.
Lumber City.
. Clearfield.
. Clearfield
. Iea-ae W.Graham,
J. B. Shaw, . .
B. C Bowman, .
. George Richards,
Townships. Names of P. O. Namesof P.M.
Glen Hope,
- G. W. Caldwell
Bell - -
- Bower,
- Chest,
- Cash, -
- Ostend,
- Mary Elder.
. Thos.A. M'Uhee,
- J.W Campbell
Lewis Smith.
- James Bloom.
Boggs, -Bradford,
Clearfield Bridee, - P. B. Miller.
. Williams' Grove, - Jas. E. Watson.
Brady, - - - Luthersburg, - - K. u. Moore.
... Troutville, - - Charles Sloppy.
- - Jefferson Line, - John Heberlin.
NewWashington - Seb'n Snyder
- Jas. MoMurray.
- M. A. Frank
P. A. Gaul in.
Karthaus, -
- J. F.W. Schnarr
Curwensville Curwensville, -
- Samuel Way.
Deoatur, -
Philirabure. Centre county. Pa.
Marron. - - - - Edni. Williams
Fox, - - - - Hellen Post Office, Elk county, Pa.
Girard, - - Leoonte's Mills, - C. Mignot.
" - - - Bald mils, - -Goshen,
- - Shawsville, - -Graham,
- - Grahamton,- -Guelich,
- - Smith's Mills, -
' Madera, - - -
Haston, - - Tyler, - --
- - Pennfield, - -Jordan,
- - Ansonville, - -Karthaus,
Salt Lick, -
Knox, - - - New Millport, -Lawrence,
- Breokenridge, -Morris,
- - - Kylertown, - -
" - - Morrisdale. - -Penn,
- - - Lumber City.t -....
Grampian Hills,
Pike, Curwensville, -
.... Bloomingville, -Union,
- - - Rockton, - - -Woodward.
Jeffries, - - -
William Carr.
- A. B. Shaw.
- Thos. H. Forcee,
- J. A. Hegarty.
- Chas. J. Pusey.
- David Tyler.
- H.Wooiward.
Eliza Chase.
- Geo. Heckadorn
. D. E. Mokel.
- J.W.Thompson.
Jas. Thompson.
- Jas. McClelland.
- II. W. Spencer.
- A. C. Moore,
- Samuel Way.
Benj. F. Dale.
- D. E. Brubaker.
Thos Henderson
4 This Post Office wfll do for Chest township.
Will answer for Fergt.son township.
This Hotel is new, and furnished in modern style,
has ample accommodations, and is in all respects
a first class house. February 8, 1861.
IF you want ground White Lead, go to Mosscp's.
IF you want fine ground Zinc, goto Mossop's.
IF you want Pure Flax-seed Oil, go to Mossop's
IF you want superior Coal Oil go to Mossop's
IF you want superior Cloths, go to Mossop's
IF you want Fancy Caasimeres, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Black Caasimeres, go to Mossop's.
IF you want plain A fancy Tweeds, goto Mossop's.
Ir you want superior uassinets, go to xuossop's
IF you want superior Sattinets, go to Mossop's
IF. you want fashionable Bonnets, go to Mossop's
IF you want Calicoes, new styles, go to Mossop's
IF you want new fancy DeLaines, go to Mossop's
IF you want good French Chintz, go to Mossop's.
It yon want r rench tnnghams, go to juossop s.
IF yoa want Domestic Ginghams, go to Mossop's
IF you want first rate Alpacas, go to Mossop's.
IF you want a good Undershirt, go to Mossop's
IF you want fashionable Coats, go to Mossop's.
IF you want fashionable Pants, go to Mossop's.
f F you want fashionable Neck ties. go to Mossop's
IF you want fashionable Vests, go to Mossop's
IF you want fashionable Hats, go to Mossop's.
IF you want fashionable Boots, go to Mossop's.
IF you want fashionable Shoes, go to Mossop's
LFyeu want Boys' Coats X Pants, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Children's Shoes, go to Mossop's.
IF you want good brown Muslin, go to Messop's
IF you want good White Muslin, go to Mossop's
IF you want good colored Muslins, go to Mossop's.
IF you want silk Handkerchief, go to Mosscp's.
IF you want fashionable Hand'ks, goto Mossop's.
ir you want cotton nandH.ercnieis.go to mossop's
IF you want Linen Table cloths, go to Mossop's.
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. IF yoa want a good Manure Fork, go to Mossop's
IF yoa want good Garden Spades, go to Mossop's
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IF yoa want a good Buggy Whip, go to Mossop's
IF yoa want Tobacco and Cigars, go to Mossop's
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IF yoa want Manilla hemp cords, go to Mossop's
If yoa want raim or fancy x&n, go to mossop's
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ir you want gooa mown sugar, go to Mossop's
IF yoa want auperiorWhiteSugar,goto Mossop's
IF yoa want the best Rio Coffeo. go to Mossop's
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IF you want fine Dried Peaches, go to Mossop's
IF yoa want fine Dried Apples, ea to Mossop's
I F yoa want Oranges and Lemons, go to Mossop's
IF yoa want old Monongabela, go to Mossop's
IF yoa want Port Wine, superior, go to Mossop's
' IF yoa want " for Medical use, go tQ Mossop's
it yoa want " " raeramentai ase.eoto Mossop's
IF yon want good Cherry Brandy goto Mossop's
lr yoa want good eweet Wine, go to tyossop a
viearneiUj a., April n, io.
SECOND ANNUAL JrAIK or the Clearfield
Countv Aericultural Society, to be held at the
Borough of Clearfield, on Tuesday. Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday, tne vatn, lot, i t in. ana
lata days of October, A. it. iooi.
Ellis Irwim, President ; D. F. Etzweiler, Secre
tary ; L. F. Irwin, Cor. Secretary ; James wrig-
lej, Areas r; J . . eaver, li Drarian. uen '-
Hills, Marshall, wm. Ten JsycK, tjniei ot
Frrjt nf AdniLtxinti. Kutru FuS, AfC
Single admissions, 15 cts children under 12 ys 10c
iicisu ior asiggis as, .
Tickets for a single person during fair 50 cts.
Tickets for a family, to admit Gent and
Lady, and 3 children nnuer i years
of age,
For trotting premiums, eacn norse,
For pleasure, each horse,
(Mass No. 1.
S,nties Oven, to all breeds and competitors.
Best bull, premium 510,00 2d best, 50,00
Ail breeds come together in mis ciass ana com
mit, with each other: to be judged by their eood
points, symetry of frame, ability to fatten, and
the stock tbey will produce.
Class No 2 Grade Cattle.
Best cow. 510 00 2d best, $5 00
Best heiffer. 5 00
Best calf, under 3m 3 00 2d b, Dadds cattle doctor
Class No ZOxta.
Best yoke of oxen. $10 00
2d best, ' Dadd's cattle doctor and 3 00
Class No 4 Fat Cattle.
Best fat bullock, cow or heiffer, over 2ys old $5 00
2d best. Dadd's cattle doctor and 1 00
Class No 5 Thorough bred horses open to all.
Best stallion. $15 00 2d best, $5 00
Best mare and colt 10 00 2d best 5 00
The premiums in this class are intended only
for horse, whose nediirree render them worthy.
The society wish to encourage the rearing of
high-blooded horses.
Class No. 6 Riding, Draft, and Farm horses.
Best saddle horse.
$3 00
Best matched carriage hcrses:
Youatt on
tbe norse and
Best single family horse, in harness.
3 00
2 00
att on the horse and
Best span of draught horses or mares, You
att on the horse and
Best span of farm horses or mares, You
att on the horse and
Best gelding or mare for work over 4 years
old. Youatt on the horse and
Best colt under two years old, You
att on the horse and
The horse that moves the heaviest load on
a stone boat, without a whip, You
att on the horse and
3 00
3 00
3 00
3 00
4. 00
Class No 7 Trotting horses open to all.
Best time, 3 in 5, trotting in single harness,
Youatt on the horse, and $30 00
No promium will be paid unless five entries are
made. Each horse to trot against time.
Class No 8 Horses otcned in count v.
Best 2 in 3, on time, Citizens purse
liest trotting norse or mare, under saddle,
louatton tbe norse
Best trotting horse or mare in single harness,
Youatt on the horse.
Best pair of horses or mares in harness,
louatt on tne horse
Best pacing horse or mare, Youatt on the horse
Best walking horse or mare, Youatt on the horse
Clas No 9 Sheep and tcool.
Best buck, any breed, Allen's Farm Book A $2 00
Best Ewe, any breed, Allen's Farm Book A 2 00
Best 3 sheep, fattend for mutton, Z 00
Best two lambs, 2 00
Best fleece of wool, $1 Bestspecimen of wool, Dip
Class No 10 Swin-e open to all.
Best boar any breed, Young Farmers Manuel a$2 00
Best breeding Sow, farmer A Gardner and 2 00
Best Hog, Farmer & Gardner and f 00
Best Pig under 6 months old I 00
Ciass No UPoultru
Best coop spring chickens, not less than 6, $1 00
Ueav'st turkey $100 Best display of chickensl 00
Class No 12 Plowing.
Owner of team and plough, who plows green
sward tne best, 1 oung t armer s Manuel A $3 00
Owner of team and plow, who plows stubble
the best, Allen's Farm Book and 3 00
Class No 13 Plows, Rollers and Drills, liar
rotes and Cultivators.
Best Plow for stubble or sward, $2 00
Best sub-soil plow, Barry's Fruit Garden and 1 00
Clod crusher and Roller combined, . 1 00
Grain drill, Allen's Farm Book and 1 00
Best side hill plow $1 00 Best Cultivator. 1 00
Best Harrow, 1 00 Best llorse rake 1 00
Best Reaper A mower 3 00 Bast Corn shelter
Best Corn planter I 00 Best Tanning mill 2 00
Best threshing machin3 00 Best Ox yk A bows I 00
Best Hay pitching machine 1 00
Best Stalk and Straw cutter 2 00
Best Horse power for general purposes 2 00
Best Original invention of an Agricultural
All articles enumerated in this Class not made
in the county, but produced upon exhibition if
worthy of it will be awarded a Diploma
Class No 14 Missellaneous farming implements.
Best Bee hive $100 Best stump puller $3 00
Best Potato digger 0 50 Best grain cradle 1 00
Bestfi hand-rnkes 1 00 Best lot gard'ngtoolsl 00
Best sett farming utensils, owned by farmer 3 00
Class No 15 Wheat, Barley, Corn re.
Acre of winter wheat, Farmer and Gardner A $3 00
Acre of spring wheat, American Agricultu
ralist, 1 year and 3 00
Field of Wheat 4 to 10 acres, American Ag. a 3 00
Acre of Corn, American Ag., 1 year and 2 00
Field of Barley, not less than 3 acres, Amer
ican Agriculturist 1 year and 2 00
Acre of oats, American Ag., 1 year and 2 00
Acre of Rye, American Ag., 1 year and 2 00
Bushel of corn ears, American Ag., 1 year
3 acres of Buckwheat, American Ag., 1 y. and 1 00
Best bushel winter wheat, American Ag. 1 y.drl 00
Best bushel spring wheat, American Ag. 1 y.
Best half acre of Potatoes, American Ag. 1 y. A I 00
One fourth acre beans, American Ag 1 year A 1 00
Acre of clover seed, American Ag.
One fourth acre broom corn,
One fourth acre of Sorghum,
Best one-fourth acre of peas,
Best one-fourth acre of rutabagoes.
Boat one-half bushel Timothy seed,
Best one-half acre of Carrots,
1 year A 2 00
2 00
2 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
( Best one-half acre of Turnips,
1 00
Crops being equal preference will be givon to
those that yield the largest nett profit. State
ments to be furnished by the exhibitors. They
must be measured or weighed, and a sample fur
nished at the Fair.
Applicants for premiums must furnish the com
mittee witb a statement signed by themselves un
der a pledge of veracity, of the quantity of grain
raised on tne ground entered tor a premium, anil
must state correctly as he can the kind and con
dition of the previous crops ; the kind and quan
tity of seed used, and the time and mode of put
ting it in the ground.
Persons entering Field crops for exhibition, or
intending to do so, may give notice to the Execu
tive committee at any time, and have the field
measured and examined by a committee while
Class No 16 Bread and Cereal food.
Best 3 loaves of wheat bread. Diploma
Best loaf corn bread, Dip. Best loaf rye bread Dip
Best Pound cake. Sponge cake. Fruit cake, 'Dip
Best Jelly cake, Coffee cake, Lady, Dip
isest oaxe ana piain caxe, eacn a Dtp
Best display of Preserves and Jelley Dip
Best Pie of any kind Dip Best Preserves Dip
nest Jelly nip uest lee cream inp
Class No 17 Butter and Cheese
Best 10 lbs Butter. $1 00 Best cheese. $1 00
Best Firkin 25 lbs or more made in May or Junel 00
Class No 18 Flour.
Best barrel Flour $2 00 Best 50 18 rye flour $1 00
Best 100 lbs flour spring wheat, 100
Best 50 lbs Buckwheat flour, 100
Best 50 lbs oorn meal, 1 00
Class No Domestic Articles.
Best Box or jar of Honey $100
Best 10 lbs maple sugar 60
Best peaches put np air-tight I0
Best Tomatoes put up air-tight, 10
Best Blackberries put up air-tight 0
Best Currants put up air-tight, 50
Best fancy jar of Pickles, o
Best 1 gallon of Syrup Maple or Sorghum each 50
Best cured ham (oooked) l oo
Bsst dried Beef with mode of curing 1 00
Class No 20 Domestic Manufactures.
Best 10 yds flannel $1 00 Best 10 yds satinet $1 00
Best pair woollen blankets. 1 no
Be?t 15 yards woollen oarpet, 1 00
Bent 15 yards rag carpet (wool chain) I 00 i
Bent woollen coverlet $1 00 Best 10 yds cloth 1 00
Best woollen fring'd mitts50 Best hearth Rug 50
Best pair of woollen knit stockings 50
Best 1 lb linen sewing thread 50
Beat specimen of knotting, knitting or needle
work, bj Miss under iz year oi age ou
Best 1 lb stocking yearnSO 50 Best foot mat 50
Best straw bonnett - 50 Best tidy mat 50
Best Dair cotton knit stockinss 50
Best straw hat, $0 50 Best 10 yards cloth 1 00
Class No 21 Needle, bcfiell, Wax-work o.
Best specimen of needle work, $0 50
Best specimen of needle work on Macnine
Best group of Sowers in worsted,
Best specimen of embroidery in worsted,
" specimen of embroidery in lace
specimen of embroidery in muslin,
shirt made by Miss under 15 years,
patching and mending,
specimen of leather work
specimen of wax flowers
specimen of feather work
' specimen of ornamented work,
Class No 22 Millinery and Dressmaling.
Best millinery, $1 00 Best dress-making, $1 00
Class No 23. Artistic wort.
Best painting in oil, Dip best cattle painting, Dip
" portrait painting Uip " landscape " .Dip
" painting in water colors, Dtp
" ornamental painting of any kind. Dip
" daguerreotypes taken on the ground, Dip
" ambrotypes taken on the ground. Dip
' nhnfnirranha ftltnn on ine firrouna. Inn
r 0 - J"
' writing, Dip Bestornam'tal penmanshipDip
1 architectural drawing. Dip
Class No 21. Designs.
Best designs for farm house, barn, carriage
bouse and stablo $3 00
design for dairy house 1 00
design for bridge, with plain ; span not
less than 250 feet 3 00
Class No 25. Metallic Fabrics and Machinery.
Best cooking stove, wood or coal, $3 00
2d best, $2 00. 3d best, Dip.
Best parlor stove, wood or coal $ 2 00 2d best 1 00
Best cast iron fence, S3 00 I'd best, Dip
" specimen lot of Tinware $2 00
2d best lot of Tinware $1 00 and Dip
; specimen of blacksmithing, S2 00
" specimen of gunsmithing, 2 00
" specimen of iron turning 2 00
plate castings $1 00 Best shower bath 1 00
" original invention in the county, $5 00
The above premiums are offered for articles
manufactured in the county, a Diploma may be
awarded for any of the above articles on exhibi
tion, without regard to where it was manufactured.
Best display of table and pocket cutlery, of
American Manufacture Diploma.
display of edged tools
display of farming and field tools
Class No 26Vehteles ofalllinds.
$3 00
2 00
Best family carriage $5 00 Best buggy
" farm wagon 4 00 "'sleigh
" timbersled 2 00 ; horso cart
" wheelbarrow
1 00
1 00
A diploma may be awarded for articles in this
class not manufactured in the county.
Class No 27 Cabinet-ware in county
Best dressing bureau $3 00 Best sofa $2 00
Lounge 1 00
sett oi chairs z uu
variety do 2 00
extension table 2 00
wash stand 1 00 4
office chair 1 00 '
sett parlor furniture,
looking glass frame
display of cabinet ware ;
centre table
2 00
2 00
5 00
1 00
Dip and 5 00
Class No 23 Cooperine, Carpentering Arc.
Best specimen of Pine ware, $2 00
" specimen sash $1 00 Beat window blindl 00
" lot of baskets 100 " lot of buckets 1 00
" sett grain measurl 00 " pane! door 1 00
Class No 29 Roots aiul Garden Vegetables.
Best i bush carrotsSO 50 Best 6 head cabbageSO 50
i " rutabagos 50 " busb table beets 50
" 4 stalks celery Dip " sweet potatoes 50
" 2 heads clla flower 50
" t bushel table potatoes 50
" qt Windsor beans $0 50 Best variety melons 50
" Tomatoes J bush 50 " " squashes 50
AH vegetables must have been raised Vy the ex
Class No 30 Curriers, Saddlers A; Shoemaiers.
Best gentlemens boots and shoes $2 00
" ladies boots and shoes 2 00
" display of boots and shoes 3 00
' Travelling Trunk 2 00
" tug harness $2 00 Best single harness 2 00
' sole leather 1 00 " finished " 1 00
" carriage harness 3 00
11 Riding bridle and martingal 1 00
" gent, riding saddle 2 00
" ladys riding saddle 2 00
" display of saddlery 3 00
" display of any kind of leather 100
14 Robe made by exhibitor 1 00
Class No 31 Tailors and ZJitJiolsters work
Best suit of clothes made by hand $2 00
coat made by a lady l 00
" pants and vest made by a lady 1 00
" husk matrass $2 00 Best hair matrass 2 00
" straw matrass 1 00
Class iVo 32 Printing in county
Best hand bill Diploma Best blank Diploma
" card Diploma " newspaper Diploma
" ornamental printing Diploma
Class No 33 Stone Ware.
Best drain tile $100
Fire brick SI 00 Best brics 1 00
" brackets 1 00 " pottery 1 00
Class No 34 Chemicals & Chemical action in co
Best available manure at moderate cost $1 00
" available manure for farm products 1 00
" material for glue$l 00 Best linseed oil 1 00
" tallow candles 1 00 " specimen soapl 00
vinegar 1 00 " writing ink 1 00
Class No 35 Wood aiul Stone.
Best dressed stone $1 00 Best mill stone $1 00
grind stone 1 00 " butter ladle 50
" butter bowl 50 " wash, machine 1 00
" shingles 1 00 u churn 50
" floor boards worked I 00
" weather boards 1 00 " turned article 1 00
" split or shaved hoops 50
Discretionary premiums will be recommended
for all articles of merit exhibitod by mechanics in
,, . , , , ... x .
an me various Drancnes and it is noped a gener
al exhibition will be made.
For all improvements useful to the farmer, and
naving valuable properties: discretionary premi
urns may be recommended by the Committee, and
awarded nytne ooard.
Class No 36 Natural Minerals
Best suit of useful minerals of Clearfiold county
including coal S3 00
" cabinet of minerals of Clearfield and adioin
ing counties, to be the prop'y of the society $5 00
Best limestone 51 00 Best potters clay 1 00
" fireclay 100 ' collections of fossils 1 00
" suit cry stall led minerals 100
Class No 37 Fruit.
Best display and greatest variety of grafted ap
pies, summer and winter fruit, namod and ar
ranged, 3 00
Best display and greatest variety of pears
named and arranged 2 00
" display and greatest variety of peaches
named and arranged, Barry's Fruit Garden
" collection of plums, Barry's Fruit Garden
" collection of cherries Barry's Fruit Garden
" collection of quinces Barry's Fruit Garden
" specimenjof apples, 1 pk Barry's Fruit Garden
" do foreign grapes Barry's Fruit Garden
" do American grapes Barry's Fruit Garden
" currants $0 50 Best gooseberries $0 50
14 blackberries 50 44 domestic wine 1 00
44 seedling grapes raised in county and
worthy of culture 50
Class No 38 Horsemanship. A-c.
To the lady who manages her horse best, and sits
most gracefully Diploma
ft At. a 1 a
0 ico genueman wno manages nis norse best and
sits most gracefully Diploma
Best display of horsemanship, not less than five
couples Diploma
41 driving on the course by a lady Diploma
cuinpanj oi vavairy Diplom
" company of Infantry, Diploma
- uana wua Drass instruments DiDlom
44 Martial band Dip Best 10 Singers Diploma
Class No 39 Nurseries.
Best nursery containing the greatest variety of
1 runs anasnruos, cultivated in tne most approved
manner, (tne applicant to inrnisn written de
scription, with variety, and mode of culture) S3 00
2d best, Barry's Fruit Garden
Class No 40 ueneral Lust.
Best display and greatest variety of flowers,
44 display and greatest variety of plants,
44 display of floral oroamants,
- 44 basket bo que t witb handle, '-.
" hand boquet,
PLASTERING. Tbe subscriber having lo
cated himself in the Borough of Clearfield,
would inform the publicthat he is prepared to do
work in the above line, from plain to ornamental
of any description, in a workmanlike style. Also
whitewashing and repairing done in a neat man
ner. and on reasonable terms.
April 7.1S58. EDWIN COOPER.
The undersigned takes this method of inform
inir the nublio that he has commenced the manu
facture of Stone-Ware in the Borough of Clear
field, and thst he is now prepared to supply all
who may want them with Milk and Cream Crocks,
Jugs. Jars, Ac, at lower prices, than they can be
bougbt clsewnere. lie souctu a snare oi piron-
age. n&DAiiiViv AciA.ivir.xk.
Clearfield, ra., may 23, iov-iy.
The subscribers would respectfully inform
the Tavern keepers and others that they have re
cently started a new Brewery in the Borough of
Clearfield, and that tney are now preparea to mr
nish Beer on the most accommodating terms. They
have employed an experienced Brewer, from the
east, and they feci confident that tbey can supply
a superior article ot oeer. uive tnem a trtai ana
judge for yourselves.
JUDO ZU. tU UUAnii&a Ji.iUi a vvs.
The undersigned having opened a Tailoring Es
tablishment in Shaw's Row, in the room recently
occupied by H. F. Naugle as a Jewelry Store, an-
nounces toil db is du rcaujr n.uu n5 v
(oats. Pantaloons. Vests. Arc. for his old custom
ers, and as many new ones as may give him a call,
after the latest and most approved styles, or aner
mv of the old fashions, if they prefer it. By
doing hia work in a neat and substantial inannVr
and nromntlv fulfilling his engagements, be ex
auu piuuipujr "u
pects to secure a liberal share of patronage.
Jan. 1 8. 1860. WM. R ADEBAUt
BIBLES. Tbe Bible Society of Clearfield co.
hereby gives notice that their books, name
lv. Bibles and Testaments, are deposited in the of
fice of James Wrigley, Register and Recorder at
Clearfield. The books are of various sizes and a-
dapted to supply either private individuals or Sun
day Schools at very cheap rates. Very snbstan
tial bibles can be had as low as Zo cents apiece,
and testaments as low as Pi cents apiece.
The neotle of the countv generally are also in
vited to leave with Mr. Wrigley any donation they
may be pleased to make in aid of the lunds 01 tne
Society, cignea oy oraer 01 me nwuun v.um
mittee. ALEX. McLEOD. President.
Shaw's Mills, one mile East of Clenrfield Jioro
Respectfully informs the citizens of Clearfield and
adjoining counties, that he is at all times prepar
ed to manufacture, at the shortest notice, Hair
Husk, and Straw Mattresses of all kinds and sizes,
one of which is a iolding Mattress, suitable lor
Cabins on Kajts, which can be folded in sinau
coniDass. and emptied and renuett at pwasuro ,
and very cheap. He also trims Carriages, makes
holstery, and makes cords or Masons tracing lines,
ot any thickness or length. Country produce,
corn husks, or cash taken in exchange for work.
Orders left with any of the merchants of Clear
field Boro'. will be promptly attended to. jan9-61
rjrOWARD ASSOCIATIOiV, Philadelphia.
II A Benevolent Institution established by spe
cial endowment, for the relief of the sick and Dis
tressed, afflicted with Virulent and Epidemic dis
eases, and especially for the cure of diseases of the
bexual Organs. Medical advice given gratis, by
the acting Surgeon, to all who apply by letter.with
a description of their condition, (age, occupation,
habits of lite, &c.,) and in cases 01 extreme pover
ty, medicines furnished free of charge. aluable
reports on Spermatorrhoea, and other Diseases of
the sexual organs, and on tne -ew itemeaies em
ployed in the Dispensary, sent to the a Alio ted in
sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Two or
three Stamps for postage will be acceptable Ad.
dress, Dr. J. Seillin Houghton. Acting Surgeon
Howard Association, No. 2 South .Ninth St., Phil
adelphia, Pa. By order of the Directors.
. . . .an a a . m ...... . .
tiftA d. ULAKintiiU, rresiaent.
Geo. Fairchild, Sec. Oct 21, isGO-ly.
Formerly Physician and Surgeon to the Bromp-
tonLung Hospital, of London, England, now of
FITTSBLRU, l a., begs to announce to all inva
lids, that owing to the many solicitations of his
friends, be has concluded to pay professional vis
tlx to the following named nlsees : and bv arri
ving at the day set forth, can be consulted by the
afflicted, both Male and Female, on Diseaxes 01
the Heart, Liver and Lungs; Cancer, Fits, Scrof
ula, and all Diseases of the Blood. Also, all Dis
eases appertaining to the EVK and EAR. PAR'
TIAL DEAFNESS, Ringing Noises in the Head,
and Discharges from the Ear, can be speedily
cured by Dr. BORT'S Scientific Treatment; and
many other diseases that nave battled the skill ot
tbe so-called distinguished physicians.
Corsica, Whitmore's Hotel, Sept. 1st and 2nd.
Brookville, American House, Sept 3d, 4th, 5th.
Luthersburg, Reed's Hotel. Sept. 10th and 11th.
Clearfield, Johnson's Hotel, Sept. 12th, 13th.
Bellefonte, Morrison's Hotel, Sept 14th,15th.
Tyrone City, Mrs. Thomas' Hotel, Sept. 17, IS.
The time has come that all who will can escape
tbe iron grasp of Mercury, by calling, without do
lay, to see the well known and justly celebrated
Eclectic European Physician, DR. BORT, who
will administer those only true and safe medi
cines, extracted from the most choice Roots and
Herbs, which are prepared under his own super
vision, and therefore avoiding the use of all Min
eral Poisons, which were never designed for the
system, to take which many thousand have fallen
victims and gone to early graves.
Remember that Dr. Bort wants no patients but
those fully capable of appreciating and distin
guishing the services of a regular thorough bred
physician, from a paltry, unlearned and trifling
Remember, Dr. Bort's remedies and treatment
are entirely unknown to all others in this- coun
try; prepared from a life spent in the great hos
pitals ef Europe and the first in the country.
Remember, that Dr. Bort has a more extended
practice than any other physician in Western
Remember, that citizens of education and our
popular men are all well acquainted with, and
take great pleasure in recommending Dr. Bort to
the afflicted.
Remember, that Dr. Bort makes no false repre
sentations to gull the unfortunate, but all he says
will be raitbtuiiy carried out.
Remember, that Dr. Bort pays every attention
to diseases ot a chronic nature.
Certificates of Cures may be seen at his respec
tive rooms.
Dr. B. is furnished with over six thousand let
ters of recommendations from some of the moat
distinguished men living. Also has awarded to
him diplomas from some of the most celebrated
Hospitals and Infirmaties in Europo, for his un
parallelled observations in Diagnosis, and obser
vations in discovering remedies for the care of
diseases that have heretofore befallen the skill of
many of the medical profession.
An early call from those wishing to consult the
Doctor, is earnestly requested, so as to receive full
neneuc ox treatment, ana tnus do justice to him
ton. lime limited.
Please bear in mind when Dr. B. will be In your
place. Persona desirous of consulting him will
confer a great favor by calling on the first day of
his arrival, as his Rooms are so often crowded, it
is utterly impossible to attend to the anxious so
imitations of all. Dr Bort will arrive at each of
the above places on the first train or stage oa the
aay appoiniea.
Please extend the invitation to all invalid ac
quaintances, and oblige yours. Ac.
All letters addressed to Box 1117, Pittsburg ,will
ie promptly answered... May -J, loot.
Irvin's Corner Store,
Just received at the "Cornar Store"
a complete stock of
Customers will find
The asssortment varied, and the prices reasonable.
Curwensville, April 10, 18G1.
for sale low for cash,
At the "corner store" in Curwensville.
At Irvin's "corned store," Curwensville.
For sale veut low, at Irvin's Corner Store.
A quantity at the Corner Store.
Jadies Will And at the Corner Store a
complete assortment of Dress Goods of all
descriptions, such as Tartan Plaids, various
tyles; Persian Twills, Printed Cashmeres,
All Wool and Printed Delaines (in variety,)
Plain (all wool) Delaines and Merinos, all col
ors, Debege, Coburgs, &c, in variety.
Qn hand a large stock of 3fens' and Boys'
Clothing, of all descriptions. Seal-skin, Bea
ver and Cass overcoats. Gents'ShawIs. Fine
Dress cloth and Cassimere business Coats,
Pants, and Vests ; over shirts, over-alls, un
der clothing, &c, &c, a complete stock.
Qroceries, a large stock on hand, (selling
low,) by the quantity or retail, call and see
them, and satisfy yourselves.
Qents dress Ilats, and staple Hats and Caps
ot all kinds. Boots and Shoes of all descrip
tions selling now lower than ever.
JJonnets of all descriptions and the
newest styles, at Irvin's Corner Store.
T adies' Gloves, Gauntlets, Nubias, and
new stylo Wool Hoods, in great variety.
Qloths, Doeskin Cassimercs, Fancy Cassi
meres and Vcstings, in great variety.
Jufifalo Robes of all sizes and prices, and
Sleigh-bells, Whips, &c, at the corner.
dlery, Sole and Upper Leather, at the corner.
JJEW WORLD and Noble Cook-Stoves, and
Nine plate Stoves for sale, very cheap.
QRINDSTONES of the best quality, and fix
tuies, for sale at the "corner store."
jglGIlT-DAr and 24-hour Clocks, of all si
zes, styles, and prices, at the corner storo.
QUM COATS, Pants and Boots, a large as
sortment, for sale at Irvin's corner store.
JTAILS, Glass, Taints, Oils, &c, &c, for sale
very low by the quantity or at retail.
gUSTOMEKS are invited to call and exam-
ino our goods, as we are satisfied that an ex
amination of goods and prices will induce
persons to buy. E. A. IRVIN.
Curwensville, Pa., October 17, 1860.
The subscribers have opened a full and com-
Elete assortment of D R U (1 S in the new brick
ulldlng of Dr. Woods, on the corner of Locust
and Cherry streets, in the Borough of Clearfield,
where they will at all times be happy to accom
modate any person who may desire articles in their
line. The business will be oonfined strictly to a
and no pains will be spared to render satisfaction.
Dr. hi. Woods, the junior partner, may always be
found and consulted in tho "Drug Store," when
not absent on professional business. A separate
room for consultation is attached to the (Store,
where patients may be examined privately.
Every article usually found in such an estab
lishment will be kept on band, and sold at greatly
reduced prices. Terms being strictly Cash will en
able tnem to oner inducements in the way of prioes.
Physicians will be supplied at a small percent
age over cost and carriage. Their orders are solici
ted. Every article sold will be pure and of the
nest quality. H UODS A Ml.KUI.
Clearfield, Pa.. February 13, 1861-tf.
JJ amine and reduce tho largo Ktock of Dress
ugods. just received at huui' c.
piHEESE, A lotchoice of N
Cbr r .
V sale at tbe store of
No. 43 North Third Street, Philadelphif'
invite country merchants to their extensive ittA'
of goods in store, and solicit their custom l
ces moderate. eptemberSS.lsGO-ijp""
Jobbers in Dry Ooods. No. 47 Norta n j
et, Philadelphia, Pa. SepL26 4
! . ERYL1
9. risTtn
WM. 9. BAinD,
M. II I LLS, DENTIST. Proper a.Btio. .
2 to the teeth in
proper time, will be a
great assistance toev- iBfjt
ery one, in point of
knallh n?n fort finil'-'r
lr.HiIIa can always CV-.fTI TTTTTl
be found at his office, isWS?Sl??
on the rarnrr of Front "-S-ciJ'irV''--:
1UU iUBlU RIB. UTU JJW .pr . :
- .1 :. ai4a -L..
notice to the contrary appears in the papri. ;
operations in the line of hi profession j.r.fui-ter
in the latest and most approved styles. sj ,as.
anteed for one year against all natural faii '
Clearfield, l'n.. October 10th. 1SC0.
PA. The subscriber having rurclajtj tu
furniture and interest from II. II. Morrow. iniSi
House, is now prepared for the reception of tra.
sient and permanent boarders. Every dfp.ru
ment connected with his establishment will U
conducted second to none in the county. He rn.
pectfully solicits a share of public patronnr
July 11, lSGO.-y. GEO. N. COLbCKy
And for the speedy cure of tbe fillowlnj, eotiipUiiiU:
Scrofula and Hrrofuloui AiTVrtloaa.aueh
Tumors, Ulcer, Korea, Krnptluu.
I'implri, I'usttilrs, Hlotchra, Ilj'
mains, and all Skin UIxiim. '
OAKL!tI, I lid- till J un. ls'1
J. C. AVER k Co. (toutu : I fcrl it my duly u.
knowludga what Jour nrtvarilla 1mm d.n. It ttr.
Hiring inherited a Scrofulous infection. I 1iat .rv,j
from it in various ways for jmri. Sciiirtimrt ft Uu.
out in lloers on my liamls and arm; s'Uw-tiai,i
turned inward and dint retard ine at tb sltuuacb. Twu
years ago it lroka out on my head and rt rej oi
and ears with one sore, which was iUi.ful and latlitu
beyond description. I tried many medk inef nil Tral
jlijsieiaue, but without much relief from any thiiif. ia
fart, the disorder grew wow. At ..-ii-tli J mm nrr4
to read in the topeI Messenger that you liJ Trarc4
an alterative (Santaril!a), fr 1 krww'fiviii r..nr r-uu-tiou
that any thing you iiinde mut I pmi 1 Mut u.
Cincinnati and got it, and used it till It rured uu. 1 wA
it, as you advise, in smiill doses f a tratpoonful ovrr
month, and Utted almost three buttle. .New and hraltkT
skin aoou liegan to form under the K-ab. whirl, aftrrit
w hile fell off. Sly skin is uow clear, and I know bj my
feelings that the disease has pine front my Mum. Vim
can welt believe that 1 feci w 'hat I am suyiug when I lei)
you, that I hold you to be outs of the ap-ntics of the ag,
and remain ever gratefully. Your.
St. Anthony's Fire, Itose or Erysipelas,
Tetter and Saltllhenm, Scald head,
lllligworin, Sore Eyes, Dropsy.
Dr. Robert M. Treble writes from 5alem, X. T, l.iU
5ept that he has cured an inveterate cw uf
Drops!, which threatened to terminate fatally, 1 t!w
perserering nse of our SarKapurilla, and alm a unogTuu
Malignant Erytipelas by large doeea of the aanve; w
be cures the common KrujAiont by It constantly.
Brenchectle, Goitre or Swelled Xerk.
Zebiilon Sloan of Proect, Texas, writes : Thrw ti
tles of your araarilla cured me from a ti'rt a b-.J-
eous swelling on tne necK, wlncn l hail suucrt-4 lima
OTer two years.w
Iavucorrliorai or Whites. Ovarian Tnmar.
Uterine Ulceration, Prnialt Diseases.
Dr. J. B. 8. Channlng, of New York City, write" ; - I
most cheerfully comply with the reiiet ut yiur agent ta
saying I hare found your flarmparilla a uwt excellent
alterative in the numerous eouiplainU for whl--W
enipley such a remedy, but eecinlly in JVw.ile luittnt
of the Scrofulous diathesis. 1 have cured many Inveter
ate cases of LeucorrlKra by it, and some wImi the com
plaint was caused by ulceration ttf the utrrtu. The uk
htion itself was soon cured. Nothing within my kiol
ed(fe equals It for tliene female deallrmellM.',
tdward S. Marrow, of Newbury. Ala, writes. " A Jaa
perous orarian tumor on one of the females hi my ft.m.1).
which had defied alt the remeilie we rwiM engine, bmm
at lenirth leen completely enred by your Ks tract t4sw
aparilla. Onr physician thought iiothliij tut ritirpa
tkn could afford rehef, but be advised the trial i4 j.m
Sarsaparilla as the last resort lefora cottiuc sn1 it
proved eflectual. After faklnjryorir remedy eli;ht k
uo aymptnui of the disease remains."
Syphilis and Mercnrlsl Disease.
New Omrs. 2Mb Auc-t, l29.
Dr. J. P. Att: Sir, I cheerfully comply with lle re
quest of ynr apMit, and report to yon some of the cflc
1 have realised with your Sar'ai-ariTla.
I have cured with it, in my practice, most of tUen
plninta for whieh it is recommended, aad have iUijel in
effects truly wonderful in the cure of IVcref " Hit.
curial Ditatr. One of my patients had Syphilitic vV
In bis throat, which Were oinsuminp his palate so.l ti
top of his mouth. Your farsaparilla. Mwadiiy taAra,
cured him.n fire weeks. Another as att krl ly k
oudary symptoms in his nose, ami the ulrrrti.a U4
eaten away a considerable part of it. so that I l-hrve U.
disorder would soon reach his brain and kill htm. Cut l
yielded to my administration of your Srtaprilla; the
ulcers healed, and he is well again, not of fours -rrfbut
Some disfiguration to his face. A woman who hail been
treated for the same disorder by mercury aa safleriisj
from this poison in her bones. They had Ixcotue so use
sitive to the weather that on a damp day she uift.rl
cruciatinir pain in her jh'iuti and bones. !he, Uo,
cured entirely by your i-arsapai ilia in a lew . 1
know from its formula, which your agent pave nt.
this Preparation from your lalmratory must 1 a preat
remedy; consequently, these truly remarkable result,
with it have not surprised me.
fraternally yours, O. V. LAlUMF.n, 31. V.
Rheumatism, Gout, Llrer Complaint
IXDIMSDEMCB, l'restou Co Va- July.
Da. J. C. Aria: Sir, 1 hare been artlJeted with a a-vts.
ful chronic HhrumaUtm for a loag time, which Uff-l
skill of physicians, and stuck to ma in spite of ail to
remedies I could find, until I tried your arwtrnl!a. 0
bottle cured ma in two weeks, and restored my fa"1
health so much that I ata far !ettr than brf rel
attacked. I think it a wonderful medicine. J. t i;W-
Jules Y. Getcbell, of St. Louis, writes; I l.ars
afflicted for years with an affrction r the Li.rr. !"
destroyed my health. I tried every thing, and trrry tan
failed to relieve me; and I have been a lirifu-d"n '
for some years from no other cause than drronoirKt
the Lirtr. My beloved paator, the Kev. Mr. py, ad
me to try your Sarsaparilla, because he said he kcrv vu,
and any thing yon made was worth tryinp. ly the
Ing of God it has rured me, and has m purifled my
as to make a new man of me. I feel young asajn.13
best that can be said of you ia not half good enough.
Schlrras. Cancer Tumors, Enlara-e"aj
Ulceration, Caries and Kxfollatlon r
the Bones
A great variety of rases have been re!"1 ta
cures of these formidable complaints have rilil-'a
the use or this remedy, but onr space here will f aa
them. Seme of them may be foand in our Anieri
Almanac, which the agents below named are please
furnish gratis to all who call for tbem.
Dyspepsia. Heart Disease, Fits. EP,fr"
ay, Melancholy, Aurlg
Many remarkable cures of these affections b,T
made by the alterative power of this medicine. "
lates the vital functions into vigorous action, d
overcomes disorders which would be suppose" '" .
reach, fuch a remedy has long been require iy
cesftitiea of tbe people, and we are cor.Unt tliai iu
do for them all that medicine can do.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
Coughs, Colds, Influenx. r;"'r. '
raiai, innuenxw, "-.,.
i. Bronchitis, Incipient i
sumption, and for Ike '"
imptlon, and for tne
Of Consumptive Patients
. u ci.m
asa u,su( aj n
of the Disease. rf
This U a remedy so universally known t w"T
other for the cure of throat and lung u',"Lt. 1
is useless hers to publish the evidence J'1 ". rt,trr T
unrivalled excellence, for coughs and J "
wonderful cure of pulmonary disease, rs th
known throughout the civilised nations ' g tUrU
Few are the communities, or even famine, a flfset,
wrbo have not some personal experience Trr ,b
some living trophy in their midst of uot
subtle and dangerous disorders of the tbrosi . wJ
As all know the dreadful faUl.ty of
as they know, too, the effect of this p ,, lM vff
do more than to assure tbem that "Xh t"
tues that It did have wbea mak ng the ""j.
won so strongly upon B coondtnee of aC
PrePare4 by Dr J. C. AYES & CO., Lowe J,
Sold by C. D. Watson, Clearfield ; E-A.
Curwensville; Sam'l Arnold, Ltber.burg. c
Chase. Ansonville; J. C. Brenner,
JL. Foster, Philipsburg, and dealers tl
Lowell, Mass , January 23, ISM ly