Raftsman's journal. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1854-1948, May 08, 1861, Image 3

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"Raftsman's Journal Office." on Sec
ond Floor, of Graham's New Brick
Bailding op Jfl-aricet street. -
Look Oct. Most of our subscribers are prompt
navine ones; but we have a few who are tardy
or indifferent in this respect. "After rafting" the
nmP) of irood subscribers only will be retained
on our lisC and orders for new subscriptions will
have to be accompanied by the Cash.
Cohtistjed. We haTe been requested to
state, that the list of civil causes set down for
trial at June Term, has been continued by the
members of the Bar. The distracted state of
the country and general depression of busi
ness being the cause.
Volunteers ! Volunteers ! ! A new com
pany is now organizing at this place, which
already numbers 50 men. Volunteers suffi
cient to fill up the ranks are wanted without
delay. Application to be made to Z. C. Mc
Cnllough or L. K. Merrell.
Clearfield Rifles. This company, met at
Goshen School House on Monday the 6th, for
the purpose of filling np their ranks. They
muster 67 men now, good and true. During
the day much enthusiasm prevailed, and ad
dresses were delivered by E. R. Livergood
and Maj. J. B. Ileisey. , A correspondent says,
the Maj. appeared before the crowd, with fife
i i hand, and addressed them in a very patri
otic manner Long may the "Clearfield Ri
fles" wave. v
Disgraceful. lcsterday about noon, a
most disgraceful scene occurred on Water
street, in this place. A German and his wife
were going up the river, and got into a dis
pute. After some words the man gave the
woman quite a number of blows on the back
and shoulders with a heavy club; and finally,
struck her in the face with it and made her
nosebleed. Such a fiend should be severely
dealt with. We know his name, and will give
it to the public, if he ever engages in such
brutal conduct again.
Ventilation. In stormy weather the wind
invariably drive through. stovw pipes in hou
ses the most disagreeable and noxious gases.
To take these into the lungs must at least in
some degree prove injurious to the system.
Ventilation at such times is therefore highly
important, and should by no means bo over
looked. While the atmosphere in your rooms
is warm let it be pure and healthy, and the
blocd which is in a great measure influenced
ly the air, will preserve a healthy tone and
conduce to the vigor of the whole animal sys
tem. Let not so important a particular be
Departure of Volunteers. Captain Lo
rair.e"s company, the "Washington Cadets,"
which have been quartered here for about two
weeks, left yesterday afternoon for Harris-
linrtr Tim mnn ivprp all in trrtrr finiritfl-
"' . .. - - -. . - -- o -1
Nearly our entire population accompanied the
soldiers out of town, and cheered them enthu
siastically on taking their final departure.
The soldiers, before marching.were addressed
in an appropriate manner by Ex-Senator Big-It-r
and II. B. Swoope, Esq. The Bible Socie
ty presented each man belonging to the com
pany with a copy of the New Testament. The
good will of the entire community is with them.
The "Wild Cat District." On Thursday
the 2nd May, a company numbering over 300
volunteers, arrived at Ilarrisburg. which was
made up of men from Cameron, MKean, Jef
ferson and Elk counties. Tbey wore red
shirts, and their hats and caps were each sur
mounted with a fox tail, emblamatical of their
backwoods home. Each man had with him
his rifle, with whose use they are familiar. If
the service permitted, they could do terrible
execution against an enemy. They also bore
in their ranks an immense pair of buck-horns,
which attracted much attention, and elicited
numerous cheers. Success to the "Wild Cat
District" boys. They are now at Camp Curtin.
For the Raftsman's Journal.
Mr. Editor : As raising the emblem of the
Union is all the rage now, perhaps it will be
interesting to you to know that Secessionists
are fast disappearing. I attended the raising
cf the "Stars and Stripes" at Wheatland cor
ner, in Guelich tp. on Thursday the 25th. A
, large number of persons were in attendance,
and several patriotic Union speeches were
made, which, with the "Flag of tho Union,"
and the "Ladies," were enthusiastically cheer
ed! till the welkin rung with the shouts of free
men. The "Home Guard" have waited upon
wv eral persons, suspected to treasonable senti
ments, and persuaded them to hoist the "Stars
Stripes." The Guards say they have
good nooe for traitors, viz : a hempen collar,
which does not need starch. More anon.
Yours truly, Yorick.
Xiao Presentation. On last Wednesday
wternoon, May 1st, a large number of our cit
ies, male and female, old and young, as
embled in front of the armory ol the " Wash-
,Dgton Cadets," to witness the presentation of
a flag to said company, by the ladies of our
' Borough. Rev. J. MV Galloway opened the
exercises with a prayer appropriate to the oc
casion. The lion. G.R.Barrett then made an
excellent preliminary speech ; after which,
Miss Sophie McLeod, on the part of the ladies,
presented the flag with a very neat and appro
priate address. Wm. A. Wallace, Esq., res
ponded, in a proper manner, on behalf of the
Cadets; who received their standard with three
tearty cheers ; after which the band played
e "Star Spangled Banner." The exercises
cr closed with a benediction by the Rev.
r- McLeod. Both citizens and soldiers then
tMay el1 P,ea80il wlth the ceremonies of
In the evening, the "Cadets" partook of an
Jcellent supper, which the fair donors of the
bad aiao prepared. . We are assured, that
e recipient8 of these favors, will ever hold
br!a " 0f c,earfield grateful remem-o-efiJor
tr,'kindnes shown , them on'this
DSArrivcd Mhj. Anderson, at Washington.
KRecognized the new Kingdom of Italy,
by Portugal.
EP"RnIe the day Bad whiskey and bad
temper, in Baltimore. .
jrjT'IntelHgence from Missouri is, that she
will adhere to the Union. ,
, G-There are 1,300 men in Fort Monroe,
and 650 in Fort McHenry. -
ttFami lies, driven from Virginia, pass
through Georgetown, daily, i '
. fXThe report that no more troops are wan
ted at Washington, is in correct.
tt"The Union feeling is still strong in Bal
timore, but supprssed by the mob.
CFour regiments of troops have been rais
ed in St. Louis, for the Presideut.
K7"Was notified Rev. Mr. White, to leave
Virginia, on Sunday while in bis pulpit.
0"Forwarding of troops will not cease nn
til 50,000 men have reached Washington.
ivbearched the trunks and. valises o
travelers, on passing into the Southern con
Western Virginia, "it is said, bas already
enrolled 2,600 men for the service of the Uni
ted states.
ffFTo be increased the French army
The National Guards are to be re-constructed
on a grand scale. .
OCaptnred five forts in Cochin China
by the French and Spanish troops, alter an ob
stinate resistance. . , '
KF"Discontinued the daily States and Un
ton, at Washington, for want of support. It
advocated secession.
K"Scouts returned from North Carolina
report that the military spirit is thoroughly
aroused in that Mate.
K7Gen. Thomas Power, of Beaver co., Pa
has entered the ranks of Col. C.M.Clay's
company, at Washington.
KThe Austrian army is uneasy, and the
Emperor is disposed to enter Italy with 200,
000 men before the Kingdom is consolidated.
KF"Twenly-five thousand Minnie rifles have
been purchased in Canada for the U. S. Gov
ernment, and it is said, more can be obtained
rX7"The Italian government would not act
against Rome as a conqueror, and it was hoped
that the antagonism of the church would cease
"Singular that all the men who return
from the east say, that there is more sympa
thy exhibited for the secessionists in this
place, than any where they have been.
E7Judge Campbell of the U. S. Supreme
Court, who resides in Alabama, has sent in his
resignation. He is a Unionist, but feels bound
to adhere to the fortunes of his State.
(X7""The Steamer Lioness, commissioned as
a privateer by the Secession leaders in Balti
more, was captured by a U. S. vessel in Ches
apeak Bay. She has been delivered over to
the proper authorities.
fXEx-Gov. Wise says, "Virginia will have
Fort Monroe if it costs the lives of 10,000 of
her sons to get it." The losing of 10,000
lives is an easy matter ; but, the taking of the
Fort may be more difficult.
n t . . a . i
A ULK iV.llSISU. A cuiicipuuuruii "I IIUS us,
that a pole over eighty feet long, was raised
by the citizens ol Osceola on the 1st of May.
and a flag 8 feet by 12, wrought by the hands
of the patiiotic ladies of that place, was flung
to the breeze amid the plaudits of those as
sembled, and the firing of a military salute.
Several appropriate speeches were made on
the occasion, and special mention is made of
Mr. Daniel P.Bible, of Philipsburg, as the
oratory of the day. His speech is highly spo
ken of. At the close of the meeting, 12 per
sons volunteered their services, in the cause
of freedom. Great enthusiasm was manifest
ed by all present.
Seizure of Flour. It was announced that
the Government had seized at various times
quantities ot flour. Prior to its doing so, the
price had risen to $20, per barrel. The whole
amount taken was 30,000 barrels, all of which
was destined for the New-York market, and
for which regular prices were paid. This the
Government is now selling in small or large
lots, as suits purchasers, and the poor of
Washington are blessing tht Administration
for lowering the rates of that necessary.
Other provisions are scarce, and hotel tables
are worse than those set in third-class boarding-house
in Chatham street. Rolling stock
has been sent from the Pennsylvania Central
Road, jirith which to supply the road from
Washington to Annapolis, and Thomas A.
Scott, Superintendent of that road, is there to
manage the transportation of troops.
Avenged his Moth er. The Louisville Dem
ocrat of the 21st, says : A man named Peter
Smith was shot yesterday morning, on the Jef
fersonville ferry boat, by his illegitimate son,
Francis Marion Smith. The young man states
that the former had seduced his mother forty
years ago, and brought her to a career of pros
titution. He states that bis mother, on her
death bed, about a year ago, told him of these
facts, and told him to avenge her. The young
man first stabbed him, aud then shot him in
the back of the head, the ball coming out a
bove the eye, literally blowing his brains out.
Ho died immadiately. Peter Smith was well
known as a wine grower, and resided near
Utica, Indiana, and is connected by marriage
with respectable families in this city. He was
highly respected by a large circle of friends.
Charleston. A soldier discharged from
service, who had gone into Fort Moultrie tho
day alter Maj. Anderson left it, and who ser
ved under Captain Haven's during the scigc
of Fort Sumter, says that the round shot from
Sumters barbette guns were the most destruc
tive to Fort Moultile that they were fired
with great accuracy that at times the scene in
the Fort was terrible and that between 300
and 400 were killed, and a large number woun
ded. The killed were thrown into boxes aud
hurried in the Potter's Field after night. He
says hundreds of families have yet to learn
the truth ; who are informed that their friends
are still on Sullivan's Island. He also states
that .there were 150 killed and wounded on
Morris Island.
The American Flag Displayed. The Star
Spangled Banner was raised with great de
monstrations at the Post Office and Custom
House m Baltimore, on Wednesday the 1st of
May. A large crowd had assembled to wit
ness the flag raising. A new flag staff bad
been ordered to be erected, by the new offi
cials, over the portico, and at a quarter to 1
o'clock. Cant. Frazer, a veteran sea-captain
of Fells, Point, drew op ttefflag; and asjit
spread to the breeze was greeted with tremen
dous applause, the waving of hats, and cheers
for the Union. The crowd then joined in
singing the "Star Spangled Banner."
Twiggs, after sacrificing his honor ai'd bis
conscience, has been contemptuously thrown
aside with a commission of Brigadier General,
which Davis knew he could not accept. He
has sank too low for scorn. His degradation
can excite no feeling but pity;
I Latest from Washington.
" Washington, Saturday, May 4, 1861.
From the President to the lowest official, all
are busy with preparations for the approach
ing movement. . Special agents are dispatch
ed from all the organizing departments to the
several Navy-Yards and army posts, who are
directed forthwith and speedily to place all
things in perfect order.
The President has determined upon active,
instant, decisive, and comprehensive action.
The time has arrived when, in accordance with
the doctrine announced in his Inaugural, the
President will proceed to repossess the pro
perty of the United States.
Seventy thousand volunteers, . twenty-five
thousand regulars, and eighteen thousand na
val force, aie shortly to proceed upon this im
portant mission, and their march, truly the
march ot mighty armies, will not falter until
he whose right it isto rule shall be recogni
zed from one end of the land to the other.
Gen. Scott telegraphed for Gen. Butler to
leave Annapolis and come here and all day
long he has been closeted with the Comman
der-in-Chief, receiving detailed information
and instruction concerning his future move
It is also decided to approach and occupy
Baltimore. The army of occupation will move
in four columns ; one from Perryville, one
from Ilarrisburg, one from Annapolis, and
one from Washington. Of course, no opposi
tion is anticipated," though no possible success
ful impediment could be placed in their way
Cairo, 111., May 5. A gentleman from Cin
cinnati sent a dispatch to Col. Prentiss sta
tirg that "Gen. Pillow had several steamers
ready at Memphis, and intended to attack
Cairo." Col. Prentiss replied, "Let him
come he will learn to dig a ditch on the right
side. I am ready."-
Wheeling, May 5. An immense Union
meeting was held here yesterday. Able
speeches were made urging resistance to the
Secession ordinance, and favoring a division
of the State. . , - .
Washington, May 6. Thirty cars, contain
ing about 1800 troop's, were sent to the Relay
House, yesterday. They have established a
camp on Mr. Luckett's and Talbot's farms.
Their arrival caused much surprise ; as even
the telegraph operator did not know of their
coming, until a guard entered the office and
took possession.
It is said that the troops have cut down the
telegraph poles on the lines west of Relay, so.
as to prevent communication between Balti
more and Harper's Ferry.
The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad is held, to
prevent the forwarding of supplies to Seces
sion troops in Virginia. It is also reported
that the road fioni Wheeling will be taken pos
session of for the same purpose.
Harbisburg, May 6. Some anxiety has
been manifested, to show the object of the
meeting of the Governors of some six States,
at Cleveland. The object was the discussion
of the present aspect of affairs, and the more
completely to consolidate their forces for the
purpose of giving the National Administra
tion the itioat etiicient possible powerful aid.
Two hundred and eighty-three companies
have offered their services to the Governor of
Pa., who were not accepted under the former
requisition. Among the names we find the
'Washington Cadets," and "Raftsmen Ran
gers." A Card to the Suffering. The Rov. William
Cosgmve, while Inborirj as a miss onary in Japan,
was cured of Consumption, when all other moans
had failed, by a recipe obtained from a learned
physician residing in the great city of Jeddo.
1'hia recipe has cured great numbers who were suf
ering from Consumption, Bronchitis, Sora Throat,
Coughs and Colds, and the debility and nervous
depression caused by these disorders. Desirous
of benefitting others, I will send this recipe, which
X nave brought home witb me, to all who need it.
free of charge. Address Rev. Wji. Coscrovk.
I CD..i-iiu 4w 1 u;Uu A vcnua,lrooklyu,. 1 .
The f male organization is often as frail as that
of a tender flower. Many of the sex enter into
marriage relations without being able to undergo
the labors and trials of maternity. In this coun
try thousand of younf? and beautiful women are
sacrificed every year from this cause alone. Hoa-
tetter s Celebrated Monineh isitters will save ma
ny of this class from an untimely grave. This
medicine has been used with great benefit by im
mense numbers of people throughout the repub
lic, and the proprietors have received grateful
commendations from all sections of the country.
The Bitters will be found to be very pleasant to
the tsste, even as a beveracre. and prompt and
powerful in its effect as a medicine. It infuses
new vitality into the frame, and strengthens the
whole system, so tbat women who use it aro ena
bled to fro through with labors which would.
without it. be certain to prostrate them. Sold by
all druggists. - "
On April 4th, by M. A. Frank Esq., Mr.
James Morrison, of Goshen tp., to Miss Eliza
liaooKs, of Lentre county.
The following County Executive Committee bas
been appointed by the President of the last Coun
ty Convention, who was authorized to constitute it:
Clearfield. Chairman,
John Irvin,
Joseph A. Caldwell,
David S. Moore,
Charles M. Ooff,
Joseph. II. Arnold,
Arthur Bell,
S. C. Patchen,
Aaron H. Pearce,
John Thompson, jr.
Martin O. Stirk,
Jacob Gibson,
John W. Wright,
John G. Cain,
John M. Chase, -Daniel
John Beish,
William Hoover,
P. A. Gaulin,
John Spackman,
Thomas Graham,'
John B. Hewitt, '
Allen Mitchell,
Frank McGarvey,
Samuel Kirk,
Wm. Campbell,
Samuel Sebring,
Dan. E. Erubaker,
A. W. Heath,
Jo'hn M. Katen, '
Curwensville Borough.
Pike township.
Penn township.
Bloom township,
Brady township.
Bell township.
Burnside township.
Chest township
Jordan township.
Knox township.
Ferguson township.
Becoaria township.
Ouelioh township.
Woodward township. r
Decatur township.
Boggs township.
Bradrord township.
Covington township.
Girard township.
Goshen township.
Huston township.
Lawrence township.
Karttaaus township.
Lumber-city Boro'.
Morris township.
New Washington.
Union township.
Fox township. ' v ;
Graham township.
fTILOUR AND BACON a prime lot, just re-
April 10.- GBAnAX: Boynton A Co's
PRIME LOT of frosh Drugs just received
and opened at - " HARTS WICK'S.
dersigned, residing in Woodward township,
has on hand a twenty-five horse power engine and
boilers which he will dispose of. Any person in
want of an engine, would do well to examine this
one before purchasing elsewhere. The price will
bo low and the terms easy, lie bas also on hand
an excellent Shingle machine which ho will sell
on easy terms. ' JOHN M. CHASE. :
Woodward tp., April 17. lS(il-2mp.
eriunrsG times in piiiladel
tlllA ! Tremendous Excitement among tJi
1 htladeljihia Police and a notorious Forger and
rnnnterjeiter. Joint Buchanan Cross !!!.'.' Cros,
Recaptured !!!!.' It seems to be the general onin
ion in Clearfield, that if Cross had worn a pair of
rrunit cnort 3 Jtrench-calt lioots, that he would
not be taken yet. However, Shorty is not much
put out at missins his custom; but would an
nounce to all Breckinridge, Douglas, Lincoln and
BcJl mm, and women and chi ldren in Clearfield
and Sinnemahoning in particular, that he is pre
pared to furnish them with Boots. Shoes and Gai
ters ot any style or pattern, stiched, .ewed or peg
ged, (and as he is a short fellow) on short notiee.
All kinds of country produce taken in exchange
and cash not refused Repairing done in the neat
est manner and charges moderate, nt th Short
bhoe thop on Second Street, opposite Keed, We
ver k uo s store. Jr KAJNK S1HJKT.
N1B. Findings for sale. ' Aug. 29, 18("0.
the subscribers have onen'jd a full and com.
lete assortment ot D II li i M in the new brick
uildine of Dr. Woods, on the corner of Locust
ana Cherry streets, in the Borough of Clearfield
where they will at all times be hannv to accom
modate any person who may desire articlesin their
line, ibe business will be confined strictly to a
ua.jt aj..u rnMUKirinw iiUSi..NES5,
and no pains will be spared to render satisfaction.
Dr. M. Woods, the junior partner, may always be
iouna ana consulted in ino "urug store," when
not absent on professional business. A separate
room ior consultation is aitacnca to the Store
where patients may be examined privately.
Lverj article usually found in such an estab
lishment will be kept on hand, und sold at greatly
reauceu prices, x errns bring strictly will en
able them to offer inducements in the way of prices.
rnysicians will be supplied as a small percent
age overcost and carriage. The; r orders are solici
ted. Every article sold will bo pure and of the
best quality. WOODS & BAltllETT.
Clearfield, Pa.. February 13, 1861-tf.
CABINET MAKER. The subscriber wishes
to inform his old friend3 and customers, tbat he
is now carrying on the Cabinet Making business
on 'h is own hook," at his old shop on Market
Street, nearly opposite the (iold Jew Store," where
he keeps on band, and is prepared to manufacture
to order, every description of Cabinet-Ware, that
maybe wanted in this section of country ; con
sisting of bofas, JUoungcs, Mauogony and Common
Bureaus, Writing and Wash Stands; Centre, Din
ing and Breakfast Tables: Mahogany and Com
mon Bedsteads; Sewing Stands, Ac, Ac. He wil
also repair furniture and chairs, in good stylo
cheap for cash. House Painting done on short no
tice, and easy terms. Sovr is the time to buy at
reasonable prices, as I intend to sell every thing
in my line oi ousiness at me cu japest cash rates
Walk in and examine the articles on hand, aai
judge for yourselves, of the quality and finish.
' . 1 1 4
vumiiry pruuuee receiveu in payment.
April 13, 1859 JOHN GUELICH.
N B Coffins made to order on short notice, aw
funerals attended with a neat hoarse, and appro
priate nccompanyments. when desired. J. G.
Q 1 AAA REWARD ! ! Wiil be paid for an y
V-LjVVV meat cine ltut will Jixcel
For the Quick cure of Headache, Toothache
Rheumatism. Neuralgia, Pain ia the side, Back
or stomach, Painters Cholic, or Cramp, Frosted
Feet or Ears, Burns, Fresh Cuts, sprains. Bruises,
Diarrhoea, and Sore Throat, and all similar com
plaints. -
Toothache cured in ten minutes. Earache cur
ed in five minutes. Headache cured in ten min
utes. Burns cured from smarting in two minutes
.Neuralgia pains cured in five minutes. Cholic
cured in ten minutes. Sprains relieved in ten
minutes. Sore throat relieved in five minutes
iuu cases have been cured by one Agent, in a
Try it! Try it ! ! Try it ! ! ! Try it!!!! Price
25 and 50 cts. per Bottle.
A liberal discount made to Agents, and one
wanted in every town, also lew good traveling A
gents. All orders and communications should
be addressed C. S. COLBERT & CO..
123 S. 4th st., Philadelphia.
Health and happiness to the sons and daugh
ters of nfllietion. These things we prove on the
spot and before your eyes. only bring on your cases.
l'hilaaclphia. May J, IKbl.-bin.
Desire to inform the citizens of Clearfield and
vicinity, that they have removed tieir store to tho
recently erected by James B Graham. Esq.. on
Market street, Clearfield, where they will be pleas
ed to accommodate an who may tavor them with
a call. Their stock consists ot a general assort
ment of the very best Foreign and Domestic
Their stock of Dry Goods consists in part of such as
Cloths, Cassimeres, Satinets, Tweeds, Vestings,
Muslins, Ticiing.Checls, Calicoes, Chintzes,
Ginghams, Canton and Wool Flannels, De
Isime. Cash msres. Silks. Plaids, Shawls,
Brilliants, Hosiery, Gloves, etc.. etc.
Also, a great variety of Ladies' Boots and Gaiters,
Misses and Childrens Shoes ; Mens', Boys', and
Youths' Boots, Shoes, Hats and Caps, with a large
selection of useful notions, among which are
Perfumery, Cloth and Hair Brushes, Fancy
Soaps, Pens aud Pen-holders, Combs, Jre,
together with many other useful notions, all of
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for approved country produce. As their stock is
entirely new, and purchased on the most advanta
geous terms, they feel confident that they can sell
cods to the advantage of the buyer. Step m
and examine for yourselves, before purchasing
elsewhere. Remember the new store is the place
Mar 27. 1S81. .GRAHAM. BOYNTON A CO.
The subscribers take pleasure in announcing to
the citizens of the United States, that they have
obtained the Agency for, and are now enabled
to offer to the American public, the above justly
celebrated and world renowned article.
by Dr. C. P. Bcllingham, an eminent physician of
London, and is warranted to bring out a thick set of
Whiskers or a Mttntache.. in from 3 io 6 weeks.
This article is the only one of the kind nsed by
the French, and in London and Paris it is in uni
versal use. It is a beautiful, economical, sooth
ing, yet stimulating compound, acting as if by
magic upon the roots, causing a beautiful growth
of luxuriant hair. If applied to the scalp, it will
cure baldness, and cause to spring npin place of
tne Daia spots a fine growtn ot new hair. Applied
according to directions, it will turn red or towy
hair dark, and restore gray bair no its original
color, leaving it soft, smooth, and flexible. The
'Unguent " is an indispensable article in every
gentleman's toilet, and after one week's use they
would not for any consideration be without it.
ibe subscribers are the only Agents lor tho ar
ticle in the United States, to whom all orders
must be addressed. Price One Dollar a box for
sale by all Druggists and Dealers ; or a box of the
Unguent" (warranted to have the desired enect)
will be sent to any who desire it, by mail (direct).
securely packod, on receipt of price and postage,
Si. 18. Apply to or address - - - '
HORACE L- HEGEMAN A CO., Druggists.Ac;
reb."27-6m. ?t William Street, New-York.
S T O HE,.
The undersigned will have constantly on hard
a well selected gtook of Drugs. Chemicals, Dye
Stuffs, Oils, Paints, Varnishes, Tobacco and Segars,
Stationary, Perfumery, Brushes, and Fancy arti
cles, which he will dispose of cheap fur oath.
He invites the public to call and exajuine his
stock of goods before purchasing elsewhere.
Country Physicians furnished with Drugs, Med
icines, and Surgical Instruments, at the most rea
sonable rates. J. G. HARTSWICK.
Clearfield, Pa. December 12, I860.
Fall and Winter Goods,
JMarket St., 2 doors jVorti of the Court House,
WHERE they are just opening an unusually
large and well selected stock of goods suit
ed to the wants of the community, for the Fall and
Winter Trade, which they offer in large or small
quantities on the most reasonable terms. Call and
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ery article bttt of fashion and service. Especial
attention ts been paid to the selection of LA
DIES' DRiiSS GOODS, which are of every variety
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C'Vurgs, Merinos, Poplins, Alpacas, Casbmeres,
1 ach, Scotch and Domestic Ginghams, Prints,
Swisses, Cambrics, Brilliants, Figured and Plain
Bobbinetts, Veil Baize, Irish Linen and Cloth?,
Black and Fancy Cassimercs, Sattinots, Tweeds,
Corduroys, Hickory Stripe, Ticking, Crash, Dia
per, Bleached and Unbleached Muslins and Drills,
Red, Grey, White and Canton Flannel, Linseys,
Ac. Also, a largo stock of Ladies' and Gentle
men's Shawls, Double and Single Stellas and Che
nilles, Black and Drab Cloth, Capes of the very
latest fashion. eeptia
- the people are notified of a
Fresh Arrival of Goods,
Just receiving and opening, a large and well
selected assortment of Fall and Winter Good.
of almost every-description, Staple and Fancy ;
beautiful assortment of
of the latest and mostapproved styles ; alsoagrca
variety of useful Notions, a large assortment of
Ready-made Clothing, Hats and Caps
Bonnets and Shawls,
Drugs and Med icines, Oils and Paints,
Carpets and Oil Cloths ;
all of which will be sold at the lowest sash or
ready-pay prices. All are respectfully invited to
call. Ww. F. IRWIN.
Clearfield, Pa., September 26, 1860.
N. B. All kinds of grain and approved country
produce taken in exchange for goods.
The undersigned give notice that on the 13th A
pril they enterod into partnership in the mercan
tilo business in Curwensville. and that hereafter
the business will be conducted by them jointly un
der the name and firm of John A J F. Irvin.
They inform their customers and the public in
gencr:tl that they have received from the East and
opened at the old stand, a large and varied stock of
specially adapted to the wants of the community.
and will sell the same at the lowest cash prices.
Also, a large assortment of Boots. Shoes, Hats
and Caps, of the latest styles and best quality, all
of which they intend to sell at reasonable rates.
Also, an extensive stock of the most fashionable
at prices to suit the times. Now is the time to
purchase. Call in anil examine our stock before
you purchase your goods, and we teel connaent
that we can supply you with all kinds of goods.
at as low prices and on as reasonable terms as you
can procure them elsewhere. Give us a trial.
May 30, 1860. JERRED F. IRVIN.
N. B. Persons indebted to the old firm are re
quested to call and settle. may 30
Fresh Arrival of Goods,
At their Old Stand in Ansonville.
The subscribers havejust returned from the east
with a large and well selected assortment of
Gr 0 0 D S ,
consisting of a general variety of the very best
and a large lot of Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes,
for men and boys, for winter wear.
Also, a variety of Boots and Shoes for Ladies and
children, together with a good stock of
Bonnets and Shawls.
They have also a good assortment of Hardware,
Queensware, Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils,
Fish, Bacon, Flour, Carpets, Ac, Ac, Ac.
They also keep always on hand a great variety of
such as are wanted in every family. The above
named articles, and everything else in their line,
will be sold cheap for cash, or exchanged for ap
proved country produoe. ' Give them a trial.
Ansonville, Pa., October 24, 1S60.
THIS wonderful article, just patented, is some
, thing cnttrely new, and never before ofTored
to agents, who are wanted everywhere. Full par
ticulars sent free. Address bJIAW A ULAKK,
March 6, 1861-ly.
Biddeford, Maine.
to th mouth of the Moshannoa. . An eligable
property; on reasonable terms. Inquire of
Decl5 tf. Attorney at Law, Clearfield, Pa"
HB. WOODS, Attorney at Law. Indiana, Pa.
. Professional business promptly attended to.
DO. CROUCH, rHYSiriA5,Curwensvllle, Clear
. field county, Penn'a. . . May 14.
H. R. BRYANT. Luthcrsburc. Pa., tender!
his professional services to the publie in gen
eral. Luthersbarg, October 13,
X J. CRANS, Attorney at Law and Real EsU
nReni, nearne id. 1'a.
a . n. V
Office adjoining his
May 16.
residence, on Second street
ILLIAM A. WALLACE, Attorney at Law,
f f v ICfl
Clearfield. Pa. Offi
one door north of the
Post Office, on Second street.
Sept. I.
ROBERT J. WALLACE. Attorney at Law. (n4
District Attorney.) Clearfield, Ta. Office in
Shaw's new row, Market street. May 25.
ALTER BARRETT, Attorney at Law, Clear
field, Pa. Office the same that was formerly
occupied by Hon. G. It Barrett.
eepti 60
HBUCIIER SWOOPE, Attorney at Law.Clear
. field, Pa. Office inGraham's Row. one door
east of the 'Raftsman's Journal' office. Nov 10.
IRANK SHORT. Boot and Shoe-maker. Shop
? on Second street, (nearly opposite Reed and
Weaver's Store,) Clearfield, Pa. May 4, 18iS.
MA. FRANK. Justice of the Peace, Market L,
. Clearfield, Pa. Business entrusted to his
care will receive prompt attention. ColFections
made and money remitted Apr27'59.
WILLIAM F. IRWIN, Market street, Clearfield.
Pa.. Dealer in Foreign and Domestic Mer
chandise, Hardware. Queensware, Groceries, and
family articles generally. Nov. 10.
JOHN GUELICH. Manufacturer or all kinds o(
Cabinet-ware, Market street. Clearfield, Pa.
He also makes to order Coffins, on short notice, and
attends funerals with a hearse. Aprl0,'59.
WM. CAMPBELL, flerg his professional
services to the citizens of Morris and attain
ing townships. Residence with J. D. Denning in
Kylertown. Clearfield county. May 11,1853.
HF. NAUGLE, Watch and Clock Maker, and
. dealer in Watches, Jewelry, Ac. Room in
Shaw's new row, Market street, opposite the Rafts
man s Journal office, Clearfield, Pa. Nov. 10.
. Fa. Practic
ALLY, Attorney at Law. Clearfield.
ices in Clearfield and adioininir
counties. Office in new brick addition, adjoining
the residence of James B. Graham. Nov. 10.
RICHARD MOSSOP, Dealer in Foreign and Do
mestic Dry Goods, Groceries, Flour. Bacon,
Liquors, Ac. Room, on Market street, a few door
west of JournilOJper, Clearfield, Pa. Apr27.
IARRIMER A TEST, Attorneys at Law. Clear
J field. Pa. Will attend promptly to all legal
and other business entrusted to their care in Clear
field and adjoining counties. August 6. 1S56.
Attorneys at Law, Clearfield. Pa. Office on
Market street, directly opposite Richard Mossop'a
store. Deeds and other legal instruments prepar
ed with promptness and accuracy. Feo. 13.
JOHN RUSSEL A CO.. Tanners and Currier.
Pennville, Clearfield Co , Pa. Keep constantly
on hand an excellent assortment of leather, which
they offer for sale at the lowest each prices. Hides
of all kinds taken in exchange JuIyl5-54.
JOHN HUIDEKOPER, Civil Engineer and Land
t) Surveyor, offers his professional services to the
citizens of Clearfield county. AH business en
trusted to him will be promptly and faithfully ex
ecuted. He can be found at the banking house of
Leonard, Finney A Co. Sept. 21, 1859.
DR. M. WOODS, tender? his professional servi
ces to the citizsns of Clearfield and vicinity.
Residence on Second street, opposite tho office of
L.J. Crans.Esq. Office, the same that was recent
ly occupied by Hon. G R Barrett, where he can
be found unless absent on piofcssional business.
ENTAL CARD. A. M. SMITH, offers his pro
fessional services to the Ladies and Gentlemen
of Clearfield and vicinity. All operations upon the
teeth executed with neatness and despatch. Being
familiar with all the late improvements he is pre
pared to make artificial teeth in the best manner
Offico in Shaw's New Row, Clearfield. Sep. 15.
The undersigned keeps constantl on hand
at his store room in Philipsburg fCcntreycounty, a
full stock of Flour, Hams. Shoulders, Sides, Cof
fee, Tea, Sugar, Kicc, Molasses, Ac. Also, Li
quors of all kinds, Tobacco. Segars, Snuff, Ac; alt
of which he offers to purchasers on the most ad
vantageous terms. Give him a call, and try his
articles. lmar?lj ROBERT LLOYD. .
TVEW STOKE. The subscriber has opened a
il new store at Williamsvillc, Clearfield county,
?a., where he will keep constantly on hand a gen
eral assortment of DRY-GOODS, GROCE
RIES, PROVISIONS, Ac. which he will sell
for cash, or exchange for Timber, Boards, Shin
gles, Grain, Country Produce. A". He will be
pleased to have all who wish to purchase any of
the above articles to give him a call.
Williamsvillc, April 3d, 1861-3m.
Bills of Exchange. Notes and Drafts Discounted.
Deposits received. Collections made, and proceeds
promptly remitted. Exchange on the Cities con
stantly on hand. Office, on Second street, in the
roog lately occupied by w. A. Wallace, Ead.
wm a. Wallace. :::::::::: a. c. fin vet.
Tobacco, Segars, Ac,
In the basement of Merrell A Bigler's building by
Feb. 27, 1861-tf. O. B. MERRELL.
The undersigned has now on hand, at bis Firni-
ture Rooms on Market St., Clearfield, Pa., a thort
distance west of Litx's foundry, a largo stock of
manufactured out of the best materials, finished
in a very superior manner, and which he will sell
LOW FOR CASH. His long experience in the bu
siness makes him feel confident that his ebairs aro
made in a substantial and workmanlike manner,
and will stand the test of trial. Persons wishing
to purchase chairs shonJd call at once and get
them while they can be had at the lowest rates. ,
i!CD 11. 1S61. JUU.f IXWli
opened for the reception of pupils (male and
female) on Monday, August 20th. Terms, per ses
sion of eleven weeks : '
Orthography, Reading, Writing, 1'rimary Arith
metic and Geography, $2.50
Hisher Arithmetic, t-ngiisa urammar, Geogra
phy and History. $3,00
- . . X- i . . . .
Algebra, ueomeiry, .-aiurai rciiosopny. ana
Book Keeping, $4,00
Latin and ureeK languages, ?,on
To students desirous of acquirinc a thorough
English Education, and who wish to qualify them
selves for teachers, this institution offers desirable
advantages. No pupil received for less than half
a session and no deduction except lor protractei
ficknass. .Tuition to be paid at the clone of tha
term may30 C. B. SANPFORD. rnncipul.
t i