Raftsman's journal. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1854-1948, January 30, 1861, Image 3

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"Tsociett. The meeting of the Cotintj
Riblc Society held during last Court week at
fh- office ol Jas. Wrigley, Esq., was adjourned
W meet in the Methodist church next Friday
remnz 1st Feb'y. Election of officers and
S business will be brought before the Meet-
ing. . - -
roiNTT Finances. We lay before onr read
r. to-day the statement or the Receipts and
v" gnditures ol Clearfield County during the
Vt vcar, from which it appears that its entire
Silities are $11,104 82; amount due county
flom all sources, $7,888 10; making the appa
rlTt indebtedness of the county, $3,216 72. -
fincacH Dedication. By Divine permission
the new 31. E. church on the River, 3 miles a
love tho mouth of Chest creek, will be dedica
ted to the worship of Almighty God, on Sun
dar Feb. 10th. The services of Rev. Thomas
Barnhart and Rev. Ilenry Wilson are expected;
Public worship to commence about 10 o'clock
A.M. AH are invited. E. W. Kirbt, Pastor.
Entertainment. The ladies composing the
sewing Society of the M. E. Church in this
place, will expose the articles they have man
ufactnred(with refreshments, confectjjws, &c.)
to sale, on Thursday evening the 7th February,
1861, in the Church. The public are respect
fully invited to participate in the entertain
mtnt. The proceeds are designed to assist in
the erection of a new church edifice as the
Jots are already purchased for that purpose.
The tickets ol admission will be ten cents.'
To commence at half past six o'clock.
NiwLodgb or I.O.c O.F. On Thursday
last, Jan. 24th, New Washington Lodge No.
66T of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows
was regularly organized at New Washington,
in this county, tinder direction of D. D. G. M.
John McGaugTiey, of Clearfield borough. The
officers of tbe new lodge are t James Savage,
S. G.; John Rose, V. G. Adam Breth, Trea
surer ; James Dowler, Sec'y ; Edward Smith,
Ast. Sec'y. Upwards 6T fcfty brethren were
Present, a procession was Tottned and marehed
to the public s'ch6ol htynse, where a short ad
dress was Gciiverea by J . i. uii:e, r.sq.
" A meetiwg.iof the Executive Committee of
the Clearfield AgtScsltural Society was held
at their office in Clearfield Borough, on Satur
day the 26th January, Richard Shaw, John
McGaughey, Josiah R. Reed, atid G. R. Bar
rett being present. ' On teiolton, lion. Richard
Shaw was elected chairraari. The resignation
of Isaac Johnston as Treasurer, having been re
ceived and accepted, it was " ' -n
Rtsolced, That James Wrff ley be and he is
hereby elected Treasurer ' of the CleavSeld
County Agricutural Society for the present
year in the room of Isaac Johnston resigned. t
Resolved, tThat Jonathan Boynton, Gqn.
John Pattori and F. G. Jtfiller, be and they
are hereby invited to meet with the Execu
tive Committee, at all of their special meet
ings, and to take part in tbe preperations for
the next Fair. . . :
Resolved, That Mrs. Rachael Reed be and
she is hereby made an Honorary life member
r the Society, and the President and Secre
tary are authorized to present her with a cer
tificate of the same. D. F. Etzweilkrcc.;
CyBiiij oar citizens, filling their Ice houses.
. Cgrjereey Shore aDd Money are applying for
Bourns in the river at their place's respectively. -"Indicated
the thermometer, at Montpelier.
Vt., on Monday a-week, forty degrees below aero;
I'retty cool, that. . , -
tyilas sailed the TJ. States steamer Brook
lyn, from Norfolk, with two companies of troops to
re-enforce Fort Pickens at Pensacola . -J i-
JjDenies the statement the New York World,
that there are a much greater number than usual
of persons in that city out of employment. 7
I3F"An officer ct Fort Sumter called, the other
day, and subscribed for the Charleston Meretry, to
be mailed to the Fort for the next three months.
"Arrested a man without hands, at Wheel
ing, Vireiuia. charged with stealing horses in the
State of Pennsy lrania and selling them in that city.
fe"Mr. Case, of Indiana, of the Committee on
Territories, will report a bill to Congress appro
priating $00,000 for the relief of the sufferers in
Kansas. : j . -: --.- - -' -t
I'Stated that the Catawba Indians have of
fered their services to South Oarolina as a milita
ry company, and Gov. Pickens has accepted them.
Pit allies!
XjsrTublished by Harper's Weekly, portraits
of a31 the seceding South Carolina members of
'Congress. They are not as well executed as they
ought to be. ' - ..
l3P"Announces-the Pittsburg Evening Chron
icle, the gratifying intelligance that all the prin
cipal rolling mills in that vicinity are in opera
tion, and doing a large business. . ' '
r?"Dow. Jr., says that the reason man was made
'after everything else was, if he had been created
'first, he would have annoyed the Almighty with
-ena less suggestions or improvement.
rirThe Governor of Georgia, at the head of 700
.crate troops on the 24th January, seized the uni
ted States Arsenal at Augusta. The garrison was
graciously allowed to depart for the North.
P"A eave, two thousand feet deep, has recent-
iy oeen explored near an Domingo, on the Tehu
autepeo route. It has at some tiuie been inhabi
ted, as several broken jars hare been found in it.
tlfSeems to be doomed the United States Troa
ury. It is said that defalcations have been dis-
covered in several southern and western states, and
that special agents have been dispatched to inves
gate matters. ... .
ONo less than 30,000 bales of cotton passed
'through Worcester last week, toward Lowell and
Lawrence, crowding the freight cars on tbe vari--ouj
railroads. All this cotton came from Mem
phis, Tennessee, by railroad.
tyStill coming to light defalcations among
ihe Democratic officials, whoso reign is fortunately
nearlj at an end. The latest detected is the Post
master at Milwaukie, who is a defaulter to the a
monnt of four thousand dollars.
F?A train of ears on the Virginia and Tennes-
Kailroed reached Lynchburg, Virginia, n tfee
10th, having been detained in the moan tains three
and a half days in the snow, which is reported to bo
20 to 40 inches deep in the vicinity of Shawsville.
RTGen. Ilenningsen, the notorious Pro-Slavery
filibuster, who is an Englishman by birth, is now
"J Montgomery," Alabama, and The Marl of that
place expresses the hope that he will have a com-n-wion
in the army of the Southern Oonfederacy.
. RTIt is said that the withdrawal of the seced-eflg-Senatora
will be accepted on their resignation
aames stricsen from the roll of theSen
i : hia will prevent them from coming back to
'eiaim their seaU jn order to obstruct legislation.
, "In, 'pursuit of knowledge under'difficulties'
aa Committee on Resolutions of the late Union
ttting in our town.'WCWjWJ Republic; ,
iTobably the eouisit knowledge could have
wn easily obtaine4 had the astute' editor of the
0"'Wrai-the Disunion organ in this place
n on the aforesaid Committee. -
It looks now as If the proposition of Mr. Ad
m8, or that of Mr. Rice, might be adopted by
Jngress. . Mr. Adama' provides, by constitu
tional amendment, against any future interfe
"nco with slavery io the States, without tbe
"nsentof the States whereia the institution
tV'f nd after the admission of Kansas, to
flttit New Mexico, with or without slavery,
M her people may elect; Mr. Rice's proposi
ioo, if we are BQt mjgtajjen differs from Mr.
AaanuMn this, that all tbe territory outside.
-Kansas shall be admitted as two States; .
Ex-SKCRirr.RY Tuompson Axu The Misbi.Vu
Bonus. It 1 nid that the ex-Secretary fs a
larmed at the prospect of being made liable for
the value of ull the missing Indian trust fund
bonds., He was the legal custodian of this
property, gave a receipt to bis predecessor in
office, Mr. McClelland, for them, and they are
charged up against him on the books of the
Government.' Whona pnbiicofb'cer is charged
with the keeping of public property he must
account for it, and no person has been more
stern and firm in enforcing this accountability
than Mr. Thompson. Many a poor devil ia
the Indian service, the wagon-road expeditions,
and other branches under the Interior Depart
ment, has felt the severity of. this "inflexible
Administration officer" of "J. B'."" The loss
of money, by. a public officer, be it accidental
or otherwise, even if stolen from-him, or from
the Sub-Treasury in his charge, will not relieve
him, and no power but Congress, in such event,
can balance his account. Let Mr. Thompson's
account be settled, and if the Government can
make out a case of gross negligence on his
part, ho will be clearly liable Xor the los9 of
the bonds; and if report speak truly of his large
fortune, it will not be much inconvenience for
him to pay the amount. -.
Secession asd Political Ecosomt. The
Louisville, (Ky.,) Journal says : "A dis
tinguished gentleman, just from Charleston,
informs us that a fearful reign of terror pre
vails there. The secession authorities, know
ing exactly what atl the rich men, merchants
and persons engaged in business of every kind,
severally have in bank, and what means of
other kinds they are supposed to have at their
command, continually levy upon them accord
ingly, no man daring to resist the levy, inas
much as a wild and infuriated mob is ready to
execute vengeance upon every man deemed
refractory. Our informant says that the deep
est alarm go hand in hand, and that all the
railroads and other roads leading from South
Carolina are thronged with persons escaping
from the Status, as if they felt that a rain of
fire and brimstone was already falling upon
it. If South Carolina be but left to herself a
little longer, the spirit of rebellion and revolu
tion will perish within her borders like a rat
in an exhausted receiver." '
t What it would do ? A prominent NcwEng
iand member of Congress went round among
his Republican associates in the House on the
22d, to ascertain how far they were willing to
concede to the South and make concessions to
appease the secessionists. Eighty-tour of those
present declared against the Crittenden-Powell
slave code, or any proposition establishing
slavery in the constitution that will make it
more pro-slavery than it is now. Many of them
gave it .as their opinion that concessions and
guarantees to slavery, extorted from the North
under the menace of secession, would utterly
demoralize thegovernmentand work its speedy
ruin, as it would intoduce the Mexican system
-of politics into this country, and establish a
precedent for a party fairly beaten at tbe poils
to revolt and secede, unless the victorious ma
jority succumbed and incorporated into the
constitution the platform of the beaten faction,
which would yield to the minority the right
to rule.
A Lady Falls Dead is iter Parlok. About
three o'clock, on Sabbath afternoon, January
JOth, Mrs. Melinda King.wife of John M. King
of Johnstown, while in her usual health and
spirits, fell and expired in an instant. While
seated jn her parlor, surrounded by her chil
dren, who had just returned from Sabbath
School, and were exhibiting to her their books,
tickets, &c. she suddenly arose from her chair,
and falling forward, expired instantly, without
a word, a moan, or a struggle. Assistance was
Immediately called in; and the aid of three
physicians speedily obtained, who applied res
toratives and employed such means as were
within their power; but their efforts were un
availingshe was dead! Up to this moment
she had been tn good health, and had attended
church in the forenoon of that day. She was
alxnit thirtyfive years old, and, leaves to the
care of her bereaved husband four small chil
dren, the oldest of whom is only about ten years.
Seizure: of Arms for the Soutu, rs New
York. The .New York Tribune says that on
the22d, Mr. Police Superintendent Kennedy
seized thirty-eight cases of muskets oa board
the steamship Monticelio, bound for Montgom
ery, Alabama, via Savannah. Each case con
tained two dozen muskets. Tho contraband
weapons were sent off at once to the arsenal in
Seventh avenue. The people on tha v.'uarf said
that three hundred of these cases were ship
ped to Richmond the other day on the steam
ship Koanoke. It is very clear that, in spite
of the explicit charge of Judge Smalley, there
are commercial houses in the city so lost to
all regard for law and patriotic feeling, as to
continue the nefarious business of supplying
the traitors with arms and munitions of war
regardless of consequences.
Blockading the Mississippi River. A bat
tery of guns was recently planted near Vicks
burg, Mississippi, to intercept all steamboats
bailing Irora the Free States. It was at first
stated that this had been done by order of the
Governor, but this is now denied. Quite a
number of boats have been stopped. The
Louisville Journal is informed by a respecta
ble Kentuckian, direct from Ticksburg, that
the object of the batteries is to obtain posses
ion of the steamer Silver Wave, from Pitts
burgh, upon which it was said that United
States ordnance was tQ be transported to the
South. It was very probably the purpose ol
Mr. Floyd, in ordering the shipment of the
guns from Pittsburgh, to permit them thus to
fall into the hands of the Mississippians.
John B. Floyd Indicted Startmno Disclo
sures.' On Friday last. Jan. 25th, the Grand
Jury of the District of Columbia presented si
Secretary J. B. Floyd for malfeasanca.in office,
and conspiracy to defraud tbe Government.
Thompson, late Secretary of the Interior,
Drinkard, chief clerk of the War Department,
and other high Government officials, were ex
amined before tbe jury, and upon their testi
mony, and facts derived from the House Com
mittee in regard to the stolen bonds, that pre
sentment was made. Startling disclosures of
the- most villainous fiauds are spoken of, and
the fact is very evident that the Secession
movement was nothing but an attempt to scut
tle the ship after robbing it.
: Kansas Admission Bill. Tho bill to ad
mit Kansas passed the U. S. Senate on the
21st inst., by a vote of SG yeas to 10 nays, but
with an amendment hitched on establishing a
judicial district, intended toembarrace and de
lay the bill. The correspondent of the Phila
delphia Press says this amendment was effect
ed through the incessant efforts of Senator
Fitch, of Indiana, with the aid of Senators
Bigler, Pugh, John R. Thomson, and Latham.
Tbe object of the amendment is said to be the
anxiety of the Senators from Indiana to in
duce Mr. Buchanan to appoint the celebrated
Judge Pettit United States Judge lor life in
tbe State of Kansas, prior to the close of bis
administration. .' ""'
Why He Did Not Act. Gov. ilicks, of Ma- I
ry land, informed the committee who waited
upon him in reference to convening lii Legis
lature, from information on wnicn ne reuea,
and which was derived from sources not acces
sible to the people of the State, be was convin
ced that the Legislature; ifconvened, wouia as
once declare in favor of the Southern Mates,
and send as ambassadors to those States gentle
men who have been prominent in urging the call
9k the Legislature. - 'That immediately on mis
declaration being made, the city of Washing
ton would be taken by a body ol 8,000 men,now
organized Jor. that purpose. That, civil war
would be caused by this step, and would thus
be brought about by convening theLegislature.
Duty on Sugar. There is, under the exist
ing tariff, a duty of 24 per centum on foreign
sugar. This makes the Northern . consumer
apparently pay two centa a pound more for
sugar than if the duty was removed.' 'For ten
years past this duty has amounted to oveT $5,
000,000 per annum on the average.' In 1857,
it amounted to $12,000,000. If Louisiana
follows the lead of her Senators, and declares
herself out of tbe Union, - it is probable that
Congress will immediately pass an act repeal
ing all duties on imported sugars. These du
ties, levied for the protection of that State,
are very' onerous, and their repeal would be
bailed with joy by the great body of the Free
States and especially by tbe Northwest.
. The Military Forck of Pennsylvania is
about three hundred and fifty-five thousand
men, of which nineteen thousand are uniform
ed volunteers. The arms of the State are all
in the possession of volunteer companies, and
comrpise 22,030 muskets, &c, 4706 rifles. &c. ,
2809 cavalry swords and sabres, 3147 pistols,
&c, 69 pieces of ordnance, being 'six pound
bronze cannon. There are only about forty
two hundred of these small arms of the im
proved pattern, the others are old flint locks,
good for nothing now. This does not present
a very flattering picture of the efficiency of
the militia, if suddenly called upon for service.
: A Boat Fired Into. The. battery on the
beach at Sullivan's Island fired into a boat
from Fort Sumter on Monday night, January
21st.' Three men were in it and as it approach
ed the beach with muffled oars the sentry hail
ed them and warned them off. Failing to
obey, the sentry fired his musket into the boat
when it turned round and went away. Soon
after the sentry heard a noise like the hauling
up of a boat at Sumter. One man is said to be
wounded badly. The object was supposed to
be desertion, but some say that it was a despe
rate effort to run the gauntlet of the sentries
and spike tho guns of the battery.
; The Special Committee's Report. The
House Special Committee on the President's
Message will report two bills at the first oppor
tunity, one to authorize the President to em
ploy the whole naval and military power of the
Government, including volunteers and militia,
to protect the public property, and the other
authorizing him to suspend ports of entry at
his discretion. This latter measure would have
the effect of compelling the .South to procure
their supplies of foreign merchandise in cities
where the Customs regulations and Revenue
laws are properly enforced. It would not inter
fere with the domestic trade. .
: Fort Pickens. It is apprehended in Wash
ington that if Fort Pickens, at Pensacola, be
taken by the Rebels, privateers will be imme
diately fitted out to prey- upon the commerce
of the North. Mr. Buchanan instead of send
ing reinforcements to the Commander of the
small force there has sent instructions substan
tially directing him to surrender in case of an
attack.' If Pensacola should fail completely
into the hands of the Rebels it will become a
most convenient place of refuge for pirates,
and no American merchant vessel will be sale
in the Gulf without the convoy of a man of-war.
New York. Gov. Morgan, in transmitting
to the Legislature tbe resolution of Virginia,
relative to a Conference of all tbe States by
Commissioners at Washington, on the 4th of
February, recommends that four Commission
ers should be appointed by tho Legislature to
meet and confer with the Commissioners of
Virginia and all other States, whether slave
holding or non-slavaholding, who have been
invited by the General Assembly of the Old
Dominion to join in a final effort to avert so
dire a calamity as the permanent dissolution
of the American Union.
Ohio. The Senate has passed tho bill intro
duced by Mr. bchleich (a Democrat) to arm
the State efficiently. It authorizes the organ
ization of fifteen regiments of troops in the
State, not to exceed six thousand men : and
after prescribing that they shall be sober, and
uniform according to regulations, they shall
be entitled f 5vi doilara each per annum for
armory expenses. An appropriation of thirty
thousand dollars annually at the outside would
be required to carry out the law. It will prob
ably pass the House.
The New-Orleans Post Office. Six or
seven hundred bags of newspapers were accu
mulated at the New-Orleans Post Office on the
12th, which had been lying there for several
weeks, under the pretext that there was not
sufficient c!er!iicil force to assort and forward
them.' An order has been issued directing
their immediate distribution, and demanding
an explanation of this shameful detention.
Mr. Slidell's men are too much engaged with
secesion to regard their public duties.
Mr. Slidell osf the President. In the
course of the recent debate on Mr. Holt's nom
ination, Mr. Slidell charged the President with
deliberate deception auI perOdy in tbe gross
est and most oflensive terms, and alleged that
six Senators stood ready to prove that they
conferred with him personally, before his mes
sage, concerning the South Carolina Commis
sioners, and the nllitioT it contained were
shamefully false, ne said otherthings equally
hard to bear. - .-
, Prepayment of Postage. The Post-office
Department announces . that postage , must be
fullv prepaid by stamps on ali letters or pack
ages addressed to Governors, Heads of Depart
ment, and Members of the Legislature of this
and other States, in default of which they will
be sent to the Dead Letter office, Washington,
D.G. Persons will save themselves and the
department some annoyance by conforming to
this order.
Mail Cut Off. The mail between Charles
ton and Pcrnandina, Florida, has been cut off,
because the steamers on that route were with
drawn and appropriated to purposes hostile to
the Covcrnnient. 'Florida is beginning to feel
the benefits of secession, which , her leaders
promised would follow so rapidly.
Rhode Island. The Legislature of Rhode
Island has repealed the Personal Liberty Bill
of that State. The vote in the Senate, on the
motion to repeal, was yeas 21, nays 9: in tbe
House, yeas 49, nays 18.
Mr. Editor: In the Revised Penal Code, Chap.
V.. See. 64, will be found the following:
"If any Cashier of an Bank of this Common-
monwealth shall engage dirccy or indirectly in
the purchase or sale of stock, or any other profes
sion, occupation or calling, other than that of his
duty as cashier, he shall be guilty of a misdemea
nor, ana being tnereot convicted, shall be senten
ced to pay a fine not cxveediagjice ncndr&i dollars.'
Those who think that banking is such an easy
and lucrative business, may not be aware that it,
like every other profession or calling, has its in-
convemeeces. it may oe, and no doubt is, pleas
ant to stand behind a counter and hand out the
shiners to those who may comply with the rigid
by-laws of tbe institution, but when we see that a
man is strictly prohibited from engaging in any
othr business," 'directly or indirectly," the posi
tion loses part of its pleasantness. To be a cash
ier of a bank, involves a great responsibility. while
it completely ties a man s hands, holding him to
his duties as an officer, and preventing him under
a penalty of five hnndrH dollars 'from engaging
or being engaged in any other business. It should,
under soch restrictions be,, not only pleasant, but
7-..W vrr As it is BOisible that this ia not always
the case, ought not this restriction be somewhat j
modified? - 1 .' v Jc.vrcs. '' '
: Petitions for the repeal of a couple sections
of the Revised Penal Code being in circulation
in this county, we below print those sections
in full, so that every one may know what is
asked to be repealed. One of the sectioos, it
will be seen, is designed .to prevent tbe kid
napping of free negroes; the other prohibits
the selling of slaves in Pennsylvania.
! Section 96. If any person or persons shall,
by-force or violence, take and carry away, or
cause to be taken or carried away, or shall, by
fraud or false pretence, entice or cause to bo
enticed, or shall attempt so to take carry, a
ay or entice, any free negro or mulatto from
any part of this Commonwealth, to any other
place whatsoever out of this Commonwealth,
with a design and intention of selling and dis
posing of, or of causing to be sold, or of keep
ing and detaining, or of canning to be kept
and detained, such free negro or mulatto, as a
slave or servant for lile, or for any terra what
soever, every such person or persons shall be
guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction
thereof shall be sentenced to pay a fine not
exceeding two thousand dollars, one half
whereof shall be paid to the person or persons
who shall prosecute for the same, and the oth
er half to this Commonwealth, and to under
go an imprisonment, by separate or solitary
confinement at labor, not exceeding twelve
years ; if any person or persons shall hereafter
knowingly sell, transfer or assign, or shall
Knowingly purchase, take a transfer or assign
ment of any free negro or mulatto for the
purpose of fraudulently removing, exporting or
carrying such ree negro or mulatto out of
this State, with the design or intent; by fraud
or false pretences, of making him or her a
slave or servant for lile, or for any term what
soever, every person so offending shall be
guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction
thereof, shall be sentenced to pay a fine not
exceeding two thousand dollars, oua half
whereof shall be paid to the person or persons
who shall prosecute for the same, and the
other half to this Commonwealth, and at the
discretion of the court, to undergo an impris
onment, by separate or solitary confinement
at labor not exceeding twelve years; no judge
of any of. the courts of this Commonwealth,
nor any alderman or justice of the peace of
said Commonwealth, shall have jurisdiction
or take cognisance of the case of any fugitive
rrom labor, from any of the U nited States or
territories, under any act of Congress, nor
snail any such judge, alderman or justice of
the peace of this Commonwealth, issue or grant
any certificate or warrant of removal of any
such lugitive from labor, under any-act of
Congress ; and if any alderman or justice of
the peace of this Commonwealth shall take
cognizance or jurisdiction of the case of any
such fugitive, or shall grant or .issue any cer
tificate or warrant of removal as aforesaid,
then, and in either case, he shall be deemed
guilty of a misdemeanor in office, and shall,
on conviction thereof, be sentenced to pay
at the discretion of the court, any sum not
exceedinz one thousand dollars, the one half
to the jiarty prosecuting for the same, and
the other halt to the use of this Common
wealth ; if any person or persons claiming
any negro or mulatto, as a fugitive from ser
vitude or labor, shall under any pretence of
authority whatsoever, violently and tumultu
onsly seize upon and carry away to any place,
or attempt to seize and carry away in a riot
ous. violent, tumultuous and unreasonable
manner, aud so as to disturb or endanger the
public peace, any negro or mulatto, within
this Commonwealth, either with or without
tbe intention of taking such negro or mulatto
before any district or circuit judge, tbe person
or persons so offending against the peace of this
Commonwealth, 6hall be guilty of a misde
meanor, and on conviction thereof, shall be
sentenced to pay a fins not exceeding one
thousand dollars, and further, to be imprison
ed in the county jail, for any period at the
discretion of the court, not exceeding three
months. .'
Section 97. All sales that shall hereafter
be made within this State, of any fugitive
from service or labcr, who. at the time of
such sale shall be within the limits of this
State, shall be utterly null and void ; and it
any person, under color or pretence of any
sueh sale or sales, shall seize, arrest, or by
intimidation, seduction or fraud, shall remove
or cause to be removed from this State, any
such fugitive thus sold, or attempted to be
sold, the person so offending' shall forfeit and
pay the sum of five hundred dollars, one-bait
thereof to the use of the Commonwealth, and
the other half to the use of the party suing for
the same.
The peculiarites of the female constitution an
the various trials to which the sex is subjected,
demand an occasional recourse to stimulants. It
is important, however, that these shall be of a
harmless nature, and at the same time accomplish
the desired end. Hostetter's Celebrated Stomach
Bitters is the very article. Its effects in all eases
of debility are almost magical. It restores the
tone of the digestive organs, infuses freh vitality
into the whole system, and gives that cheerfulness
to the temperament, which is the moet valuable of
feminine attractions The proprietors feel flatter
ed from the faet that many of the most prominent
medical gentleman in the Union have bestowed
encomiums upon the Bitters, the virtues of which
they have frequently tested and acknowledged.
There are numerous counterfeits offered for sale,
all of which are destitute of merit, and positive
ly injurious to the system.
.-. .. DIED:
On the 24th January, of typhoid fever, Johs
Weld, Jr., of Beccaria township, in the 46th
year of his age.
. On 24th January, of diptheria, Samuel, son
of Samuel and Eliza Schaffner, of Lawrence
township, in tbe 7th year of his age. On the
28th, Mary, daughter of tbe same parents,
aged 4 years, 3 months and 3 days.
- On the 28tb, John Dillon, Sr., of Beccaria
township; at an' advanced age. ;
In Lawrence township, on the 10th inst., of
diptheria Lorenzo Dow, son of Win. and Al
bina Mapes aged 3 years C months & 26 days.
On the 25th, Caeser Potter, (colored) of
Bradford township, at an advanced age.
FLOUR A good article for sale at the store of
janlS . WM. F. IRWIN. Clearfield.
BUTTER A large quantity, of Firkin and
Roll, at the store of .WM. F. IRWIN.
ALT a good article, and very cheap at tbe
store of WM. F. IRWIN, Clearfield,.
II AIR-DRESSER, has opened a shop in the
basement of the Clearfield llouse, and solicits a
share of public patronage. Dee. 12, 1860.
" ; v A; P. OWENS, Proprietor. ;
i Also Oysters, Wholesale and Retail.
JLf SHOP AHEAD !!!! The subscriber thankful
for past favors, takes this method of informing
his old customers and the publio in general, that
he has removed his shop from the Foundry to the
shop formerly occupied by George W. Orr, on Sec
ond street, Clearfield, Pa., where he will continue
to manufacture Wagons of every description, to
order, of good material and in a workmanlike
mannerr Also, Wheelbarrows, Harrows, Urain
cradles, Ac, made o"h short notice, in superior
style, and of the best stock. Repairing of every
kind done with dispatch, and on reasonable terms.
June 29, 18$9.n r, WILLIAM R. BROWN.
S T O R Ky
, The undersigned will have constantly on httr4
a well selected stoak of Drugs, Chemicals, Dye
Stuffs, Oils, Paints, Varnishes, Tobacco and Se gars',
Stationary, Perfumery, Brushes, and Fancy arti
cles, which be will dispose of cheap for cash.
He invites tbe pablfc to call and exntnine his
stock of goods before purchasing elsewhere.
Country Physicians furnished with Drags, Med
icines, and Surgical Instruments, at tbe most rea
sonable rates. J. G. UART3WICK.
Clearfield, Pa. December 12, 190. ;
vf ' (. I860;
Fall and Winter Goods,
Marltt St., 2 doors North of the Court House,
WHERE taey are just opening an unusually
large and well selected stock of goods suit
ed to the wants of tbecomtosntty. for the Fall and
Winter Trade, which they offer in largo or small
quantities on the wost reasonable terms. Call and
examine for yourselves. Their assortment of
is very large and enplete, embracing almost ev
ery article bfttfc of fashion and service. Especial
attention s been paid to the s-kretioa of LA
DIES DRiSS GOODS, which are of eveTy variety
and the very latest styles ; Silks, Delaines, Plaids,
C'Vargs, Merinos, Poplins, Alpacas1, Cashmeres,
1 s)nch, Scotch and Domestic Ginghams, Prints,
Swisses. Cambrics, Brilliants, Figured and Plain
Bobbinetts, Veil Raise. Irish Linen and Cloth?,
Black and Fancy Cassimeres. Sattinets, Tweeds.
Corduroys, Hickory Stripe, Taking. Crash. Dia
per, Bleached and unbleached Masllnsand Drills,
Red, Grey, White and Canton Flannel, Linseys,
Ac. Also, a large stock f Ladies' awi Gentle
men's Shawls, Double and Single Stella! and Che
nilles, Black and Drab Cloth, Capes of tbe very
latest fashion. 1 ptl9 .
A- . ' Uthe people are notified f a
Fresh Arrival of Goods,
: AT THE r
Just receiving and opening, a large and well
selected assortment of Fall and Winter Good?,
of almost every description, Staple and Fancy ;
beautiful assortment of
of the latest and mostapproved styles ; alsoagrea
variety of useful Notions, a large assortment of
Ready-made Clothing, Hats "and Caps
Bonnets and Shawls,
Drugs and Medicines, Oils and Paints,
. Carpets and Oil Cloths ;
all ot wnich will be sold at tbe lowest sash or
ready-pay prices. All are respectfully invited to
call. Wjf . F. IRWIN.
Clearfield, Pa., September 26, 1860.
N. B. All kinds of grain and approved country
produce taken in exchange for goods.
The undersigned give notice that on the 13th A-
pril tncy enterod into partnership in tbe mercan
tile business in Curwensville. and that hereafter
the business will be conducted by them jointly nn
der the name and firm of John A J. F. Irvin.
They inform their customers and the public in
general that they have received from tbe East and
opened at tbe old stand, a large and varied stock of
specially adapted to the wants of the community,
and will sell the same at the lowest cash prices.
Also, a large assortment of Boots. Shoes, Hats
and Cans, of the latest styles and best quality, all
of wnicu taev intend to sell at reasonable rates.
Also, an extensive stock of the most fashionable
at prices to suit the times. Now is the time to
purchase. Call ia a&u examine our stock before
you purchase your goods, and we feel confident
that we can supply you with all kinds of goods,
at as low prices and on as reasonable terms as you
can procure them elsewhere. -Give us a trial.
May 30, 1860. - JERKED F. IRVIN.
N. B. Persons indebted to the old firm are re
quested to call and settle. may 30
Fresh Arrival of Goods,
At their Old Stand in Ansonviile.
The subscribers havejust returned from tbe east
with a large and well selected assortment of
I'AT-li AN I) W I X T E It
consisting of a general varioty of the very best
and a large lot of Hat3, Caps, Boots and Shoes,
for men and boys, for winter wear.
Also, a variety of Boots and Shoes for Ladies and
; children, together with a good stock of ,
Bonnets and Shawls.
They have also a good assortment of Hardware,
Queensware, Dmgs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, :
Fish, Bacon, Flour,' Carpets, Ac, Ac, Ae.
Taey also keep always on hand a great variety of
such as are wanted in every family. - The above
named articles, and everything else in their line,
will be sold cheap for cash, or exchanged for ap
proved country produce. Give them a trial. .
Ansonviile, Pa.', October 21, 1860.
CARPETS. Drugget, Carpet chain, Bags and Bag
ging, curled Hair, Ac, at the store of .
septia ; t ft ' i- 14EED, WEAVER A Co.
I LARGE stock of Queensware, Earthen a
Stone Ware of all kinds. Also. Cedar a
Willow Ware at . ' ."' Reed, Weaver A Co'a
FLOUR A lot of the best quality, for sale low
atthe store of WM. F. IRWIN.
Also, Hamsand Shoulders, Mackerel and Herring
BEST Philadelphia Sugar -Cured Ifamsst the
new store of , Gbasax, Rotstox A Co
HEESE ! A Iartre lof of sacerior Cheese.
CHEESE, A choice lot of N. t. Cheese, for
sale at the store of WM. F IRWIN.
IlTNGKRICri SrT" W nolesale Grocers,
No. 43 North Third Street, Philadelphia, Pa.,
invite country merchants to their extensive stock
of gevds1 in store' and solicit their custom. . Pri
ces moderate'. ... September26,lSG0-lyp. '
Jobbers in Dry Goods, N. 47 North Third
Street, rkftadefpbia, Pa Spt.2'M-lyp.
J&ttfB ftiYJCcri, West, . s. nsTaa. ,
of Administration n the Estate of Isaac Eng
land, late of Morris township, deceswecf, hating
been granted to the undersigned, nil persons fn-'
debted to said estate are required to make imme
diate payment, and those having cTafms against
the same will present fhem dnly authenticated for
settlement. J" AMES HUGHES,
January 16, lS6f. ' Administrator.
The undersigned addpts this method of in
lorming tte public and the patrons of the late
Srm of S. A. Gibson A Co.. fhnrt he designs car
rying on the MAKBL-E BUSINESS in Belle
fonte. In all its various brum-he, and will bold
himself always in readiness to Inrnish Umu whs
call upon him. with all kinds of demrtery Wort,
of the latest classical designs, and superior work
manship, such as Mounmenli. Box Tomb. Cra'
die Tomhs, Spires. QMishx. Grecian Tomls, Tii
hle Tombs, llead Stones, Carved. Srnfpttrrd or
Plain, as cheap, if not cheaper, than they can be
had at any other establishment in the country.
Thankful for past favors, the undersigned solicits
an increase of patronage. WM. G All AG AN.
iiellefonte, l'a., -March 23. liSotf-tl.
Are yon rtik, ftef.le, an.!
coniilniuiiiK? Jftt 4c.v outer
ortlof, wlrhr yotJT Kytm tle
TWtri. ftri jrorw ittaftiga
comiHrtUt . 3hea flnl
tout are often tu pri-lmi to
Krrious it I urn. . oie tit of
iekti irrwji(ii(t pn you,
aud ahoulj be artrt bjr ft
timely ne of the rigfit rriu
ely. Take Ayrr's l'.TN, an J
cleanse itt the iff he
rn, purify tk Moixl, atul
Wt Uw Uiii.U iuuv vrf neok
tructvtl in brafth ln.
They sZnrftArttr ff f?frfct
ct tfcw Body ww tlfeoreua ee
Wftjr. Stn-ii tbe-nyiMm froo
tUe oiwlrucuoM wlurh tnnka
diswwj. A cnlif ipffTnt omwfi-rw. i Ihn bcwTy, aiW ot
utrtrcfir If tiiitiirn? fnnctinrt. The?, if nt relieved,
rrttrt upon tliMiwlvt and the Bill-rounding organs, rw
rtnriiiff gfwrul aggravation, . minVi-iiig, and di-iuw.
While in tlri rmilitioii, opprrwwd by th derancrlrtrnln,
take Ayer'n riffs, and e h dfrectly lliry iracore tho
nntiiral nrthm nt tfar wrulni. ami with it the buoyant
f.-eliiiC of hualtb aiiir. Wlwl w friw aud isirfnt In
thix trivial aud ciuiti'n corny! lint, in uitv trtfo in ttrtttrf
of the doe-Mtted and danRoniiPt dwtmirprrR T7i iniin
purgative rffuct expels thmn. Cansml by hhirilir rtnrtme
tiona and deratisiii'i'mt of 11ms uatitral function of tho
body, thoy are-rapidly, and many of Iheiii auraf v, core f
by tho sauio iii"ans. Nono who know lln virttto f thv-i
I'illn, will tiPKlwt to employ tlinm wlicil nutTerta; from
the dirdera tlmy curt.
SUti-iunt from Iradin pliyaiilana in oraa "f Hie
prinHiial citice, aud fiviu other well known public prr
ons. From a Trip-irJiig Mwehattt .Sf. tsmit, FW:4, 1VS.
I)n. Atr.n: Yonr flit are the param of ii that ta
proat in modfcino. Tlioy havo cirI -in fittte dii)chtr
of ulceroti aorea ujion hor hand and fo-t llrat bad ruvd
im-iir.thl fur yratra. Ilor mthr has liwii Ion; grhrv
ouxly afflicted with Idotche and pimpUt on liur akin and
In her hair. After our child wai cured, alio also tru-d
your fills, and they liaro cured h-r.
As a Family Phjitc:
From Or. K. II" (Atrtivriylit, Xiew Oifc-anr.
Tonr Pills are the prinre of purge. Their f tceilnt '
qnalitit-s surpass any cathartic wo Mata. They ara
mild, hut vary certain and enVotual in h.r action on the
howela. which makes them iuvaluablo to u In tUo daily
treatment of d'neaso.
Headache, Slekllradaclie, Foul Si'oniach.
Vm Dr. J:liv ii d Boyd, DaUimnre.
Dear lino. Atkm : I cannot anawer yon vW complaints
I have ears I with your fills hotter than to ht all that tea
rrr tr&tt With a purytiliv lunlicitte. 1 plnce great depen
dence on an rIT' Ctiml ratlmrtic in my daily crmteat with
dlmaso, and helieviusr at t do that yoiir fills afford aa the
best we havo, I of course v.-Uim them highly.
Prrrnnimo. Pa-, Slav 1, 1955.
Ph. J. C Arr.R. 5lr: I hava Uen repeatedly cured '1
the worst hotdarlm any hody ran hare by a dnae or two
of your fill. It seems to arue from a foul stonutti.
which they claana at once.
Vura with great ieject, F.n. VT. rRETttT,
CTrrfc of Shunter cTbrana.
Bilious Disorders Liver C'omplallrtev
From Dr. tfiwdore lirll, of Xtm York C.ljf. .
N""t only are your Pills admirably adapted to Ibeie f r
pus n an x:ri'eut, Uit I find their twnencinl eftSritV epen
tho Ijver very marked indeed. They have' in ' irty prao
tico proved iiioro effectual for (ho cure of tilings om
plninl than any one, remedy 1 can mention.. I sincersly
rejoice that we have at leuth a purgativs which is wor
thy the coufiduueo of llio profession and the pei'plo.
IKP11TIE!T Or Till iHTERtolt,
M nahiugton, P. C, 7-Ui reli., 1850.-
Pm : I have uied your l'illa in luy general and llbapital
practice ever since yon made lhetu,atulcanmt hesitate to
Buy they are the beat rutlmrtic we employ. Tfteir regu
lating action on tho liver In quick and decided, conse
quently they are au admirable remedy fir derangement
of that organ. Imh-ed, I havo seldom round a caae of
bUiuu ditnisr. so nbaliunle that it did not readily yield to
thoiu. iraterually juura, AlAJNZU JJALI. M.
Jttgsi'ciau of Hit Miti int UiayituK
Dysentery, Diarrhoea, Relax, Worms
, ' V out Dr. J. 6'. Ore fit, nf Chicago.
Totir 1'ilU have had a long trial in my practice, and I
hold them in esteem aa olio of the beat fttierfeiits I havo
ever found. Their alterative effect npotl the liver makes
them an excellent remedy, when trivet) hi sriiall doses tor
bilious djtentert aud duirrhcca. Tiiuir atar-coating
makes them very acceptable an J courcuicut fur the ue
of women aud children.-
Dyapplfi Imparity T the- Blood. ,
From Htv. J. V. Iitues I'mUht of Adcent C'AiweA, JiuiLn.
I)r. ATE? I bare used your fills Willi extraordinary
tiiccwa fa Biy family ami nniDUg those I am called lo wit
in distress. To regulate the organs of digestion aud
purify the tdood, they are tho very beat reuiely I have
ever Iuiowh, aud I can counk'iiHy recommend them tn
lay friends. - Yours, J. Y.-I1TM1;:.
,. Was.4W, Wyoming-Co., X. TaQcUSl, P555.
Dean Sir: ! aia using your C.Hharlic fills in my prac
tice, and find tliem an excellent pnrgHltve to cleanse the
system aud F'triff W fiinuhilii of the. Wnerf;
Cons tfrmtton. Con tlrcikeMrSapprcssIarr,
Itlteuinntlsm, Uout, Neuralgia. Drop
ay, Paralysis, Kits, etc.
From Dr. J. F. Vaughn, MiintwX Cn'. " -
Too mncti cannot be said of your VMs for Ihe rura
Cosureties. If other of otii" fraternity ISave Smtid them
as efficacious no I bare, they should join nia iu proclaim
ing it for the benefit of the multitudes who suffer front
that complaint, which, althonglt bail enough In itself, ia
the progenitor of otlrcrs" that are wor.e. I believe ens
ft'rrnes to originnto In theTiVerbtit your Pills affect thai
organ ami cure the disease.'
FmtH Mrs. E. Slttirt, llittician ond 3Htfirifet fiitton. ..
I find one or two large doses of your fills, takeu at the
proer time, are excellent promotives of tha unlttrul triit.
litm when wholly or partially Niipprosset, and also vary
effectual to ttrovxe the sfottuivh aad exiirt terms. They
are bo much the liest physic we have that I recuttiment
no oilier to my patients --,....
From Hit. Bev. Dr. fjio.rj. o the toftndU Epis. ftotli.
Tt tasxi IIotR. Kavannali, Oa, Jan. . fe56.
U-iKORro Sm: I should be niirateful fcir llu enf
yonr fklll lias brought me ir I did not report my ease to
ymi. A odd settled In my limbs and hrowffftt wr eacro
ciating t,r''7c )', which ended In chronic rhmmn
tixm. ' Notwithstanding I had the bast of ptiy mViana. tlie
diwnae. grow worse and worse, until bv the arvirw or yonr
ex-eileut ayent in IlaUiuiora, Ir. Macaeetle, I tried yar
I'ilU. 1 heir effects were slow, but sura. Ity frseveriag
in the nse of them, I am now entirely well,
Skhati! Chaif.ii, Baton Konge, Iju, 5 Deo. j.t&S.
Pa. Aier: I have baan entirely cured, by yonr Pills, cf
Rheumatic G.-ut - a iMtiuhll disease that had afflicted tne
ft r year. . - YINCKNT SUPKIU
seT Most of tbe TMH In market, roitalii ilefcurr,
hiih. although . valuable remedy in skilful hnn.U, 1
dangvrous In a public pill, from (be frfaJhjl eonse
nuences that frequently fbltuw Its iucauttcrft oae. Tliesa
contatn no niereury or mineral enbstaBue wbaftvar.
. Pried 25 cents per Box, or" 5 Doxea for $1. -Prepared
by Sr. J. C AYZ3L & CO., Lotrtll, Kau.
Soli C. I. Watson. Clearfield : E. A. Irvin.
CnrWensville: Kami ArrioW. IlfarVjrfl': TUtjl
Chase. AnscnvQla: J. C, finnmr. MorriAale: C.
f..Fottt, Pailipsburg, dealers elsewhere,.
!a??-.j aj.JiTiaa.ry 3, 1801-1 j.
,"VJ 1 'f: