Raftsman's journal. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1854-1948, December 19, 1860, Image 4

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Our thanks are due Hon. Cbapin Hall for a
fall copy or the Congressional. Globe lor the
session of 18j3-CQ. - : , . . .
v a TTt h hist received a new stock or
- , - -
staple Winter Goods, Clothing, Bart Ropes,
Buffalo Robes, Beans, Dried Apples, &c, at
the "Corner Store' Curwenaville.
"agbiccltcral. The anndal mee
AoaicctTCBAL. ine annual mcci.u6
Clearfield County Agricultural Society
arflild Conntr Atrricnltural JSociety will De
held at the Methodist church ia the Borough
of Clearfield, on Wednesday eveningJanuary
ICtb 1861. - The election of officers will then
lake place, and other business of importance
ill ba transacted. Let all attend who feel aa
interest in the success of the society. -di'clS
'Ellis Irwin, Frest.
FALSTArr McsTERisa bis RECBriTs.' This
.neraTiDe. as well as the "Art Journal," has
been received. The engraving is a beautiful
one, and the number of the Journal before us
Is truly a literary gem ; the typography cannot
surpassed. W. A. Wallace, Esq., is the a-
gent in this place, and will take , pleasure in
giving any information that may be desired.
The advertisement will appear next week.
Ttrose Citt Hotel. This bouse bas past'
ed into the hands of Col. A. P. Owens, who is
well known to many ot our citizens.' lie is a
ciefcr landlord and baa the reputation of keep
ing an excellent hotel. His card will be found
la another column. .Mr. Owens is also pre
pared to supply persons with oysters, whole-
sile and retail. By the by, the Colonel will
please accept our tbanka for a present of a can
of the delicious bivalves.
Hasp Ixjvred. Last Friday, K. J. Wal
lace, Esq., of our town, bad iiis left hand bad
ly injured. He and Mr. Robert Green were
exmining a corn-stalk cutter, when the latter
turned the crank, and the cog-wheel, npon
which, unnoticed by tie other, Mr. Wallace
Ti.id placed his 'band, caught' bis fingers and
washed. them frightfully. Tho, wounds were
properly dressed, but Mr.: W. will be deprived
jf the use of bis band for several weeks.
Mas Deowsed. On Tuesday, Dec. 11th,
Mr. West ley Toner, an employee of James M.
Leonard, of Morris township, was drowned at
the -KoIling Stone in tbe Susquehanna Jiiv-
er. He was in the act of tying a timber stick
ubich bad gone adrift, when the rope became
entangled around his leg and drew him into
the water. He, however, managed to get on
the stick, but when it came to the rough water
a short distance below, be fell off and soon
sank to rise no more. His body bad not been
recovered yesterday morning. He was about
30 years of age, and leaves a wile. and ono
child to mourn bis sudden death.
CiaccifsrAXCES Alter Cases. Some years
a' a Kentuckian kidnapped a free negro in
ludiana, took hint to Kentucky and sold him.
lie ri indicted in Indiana, aud a requisition
issned upon the Governor of Kentucky lor him ;
I ut the latter refused to give him up, on the
ground that it was no crime nnder Kentucky
lint. Indiana submitted, without howling a
Uut the want of comity between the two
.States ; and the South looked on approvingly,
ai it was not their ox that was gored. Last
car, however, a man escaped info Ohio wbo
i'd been indicted ia Kentucky for stealirt?
Glares; and when requisition was made np-
n uov. uennison to give him up as a fugitive
from justice, be refused, taking the Kentucky
erne as a precedent, on the ground that slavc-
steaung was no oflence under the laws of Ohio.
Instantly a bowl a terrrfic ho I over the want
ui gooa laitn in unio. me two cases were
parallel, and Kentucky had established the
precedent ; but what of that 1 Circumstances
alter cases. It was thtir ox that was gored,
now; and we notice that the case was intro
duced into the Senate, the other, dar, as a
Southern grievance. .Nothing was said, then,
"out Uicothtr case. Ibe South never tells
about bur own faults. It is all right for Ken
tccky to refuse to ive up a man thief to In
diana ; but it is all wrong for Ohio to refuse to
ire up a slave thief to Kentucky,
A Grasp Ukiox Mextix-q was held in Phil
adelphia last Thursday Mayor Henry acting
as irresiaeni. rteioiuuons were adopted, pro
claiming attachment and reverence to t he-Con
utution: earnest and endearin? love tor the
L'nion ; deeply deploring the fact that some of
cue states have placed upen their statu te books
enactments evading and defeating the provi-
iuus wi me iuiistiiuuoa ; pronouncing such
acts violations of the solemn compact; sp-
viing ior tueir repeal, pledging ttiat the stat
ute books of Pennsylvania shall be carefully
marched, and every act, if there be any such,
innding the constitutional rights ot sister
iutes, to be at once repealed; recognizing
tb obligations of the fugitive slave law ; re-
wu.ucoaing me passage oi a state law recom
penamg- the owner of rescued slaves ; submit
ting ooedicntly to the decisions of the Supreme
Coart as to the rights of slave-owners in the
lermoncs, and recommending that the dis-
S'Dtea questions be forthwith submitted in th
.d Courts; condemning the denunciation of
HiTery and slive-holdifnt : innrnvinv i I
holding of a convention by the States content-
Siting secession, to suggest remedies; and
Polling to their brethren of South Carolina.
"(i other secession States to forbear," remind-
1!S them or the innumerable ties which bind
Bl together as one people. The immense gath-
nng a, addressed by Mayor Henry, Jos. R.
"gersoii, Charles E. Lex, Isaac Hazlehurst.
eodore Cuyler and Judge Woodward, the
r-Ttsscrtingthat tbe pUtfotm of the Repnb-
v"J i ucd as to justify tho apprehen-
- i the bouth. Tbe whole proceedings
Ie "nclusivolj that "Cotton is King" yet
ru i.adelphia, and that the merchants and
iin, that city wil1 "bend the pregnant
4 "fe" of the knee, that thrift may follow
V. "I" Th folding of a Union meeting
LjpV eDonSn but the proceedings should
rJi . or "character to accomplish some
na not to do barm. V7e apprehend that
ihi.I nw lea t do with the Philadel
ueeting, than the sale of dry goods, gro
.3,aad other articles for cash or cotton. , i
il!!BctCH Case. The jury on the Burch
03 h jC"e in fl'nois, returned a verdict,
V . 7 -eek, ia favor of Mrs. Barch,
erdirV bsence r an hour and a half. The
a'hn-M receied with 'demonstrations of
?te n m Tc trial occupfed. nineteen day.
u rJL reacbei Chicago at 2 o'clock, ' end
-ad. ' 'tn great rejoicings" by th
e-iS r Barcb- One hundred gjns
earroai the roof of tbe Treinoat House.
i CjSt-nomlr injured the editor wbo was
struck bran idea.. r
i DyTakfes place the inauguration of Gov.
Curtin, on the 15th of January. .. .. .
( C-Scientiflc the fellow who used .his sus
penders to bold the wood, on a saw-horse..
j KT'Shnrp sighted the man who could nee
Into the Clearfield Co. Bank bill, bear and all.
EWaste of raw material to out five dol
lars worth of beaver on 10 ce"hts worth of brains.
f HT-Caueht cold the cbar who was Dulline
icicles at the Mansion Ilonse on Sunday nighty
rrVonn? fnllrn l!l tlrhat thov An. M nnnm
Knat mey nave done ; and .fools, what they
i will do. . r.;, c-j ... .. i
K?"rrofitable tho boarder who finds his
own sausage for breakfast and does his own
milling. ,
KTTolite, very the officer that waits for
the second table to give the boys a chance at
tue erst.,
EyKemerober the clerey live by our sins,
the doctors by our diseases, and, lawyers by
our lollies.
IrJPersons who have promised to pay their
subscriptions in wood are requested to bring
it immediately.
n7Issued a circular the Ohio State Trea
surer, requiring all dues to the State to be paid
in gold and silver.
E7"Poverty runsstrongly to fun. A man is
never so full ot jokes as when be is reduced to
one shirt and two potatoes. ;
C3"Shot a deer nearly all over white, by
John Duffy, on the Brush mountain in Blair
county, one day last week.
CTThe weather continues cold in Clearfield.
and, timber hauling is gome on actively, the
ground being in good condition.
E7"Asscrted that the man who pretends to
be what he is not, is like a fox which tried to
look as noble and strong as a tiger.
EFact fun is worth more than physicand
whoever discovers a new source of supply de
serves me name ot public benefactor.
CP"Xever spank your children with a hand
saw, or box their ears with the sharp edge of
a Hatchet, it is apt to effect their brains.
EModest the young lady that denounced
a chap for saying "hydraulic sheep," bet sent
for a scientific man to have its uses explained.
IXorel the mode of churning in Fayal,
one or the Azores. They tie the cream up in
a goat skin, and kick it about till the butter
comes. ' ? ' . . '
Dismgnlar that an editor, and an admf
rer of .Buchanan, could not find time enough
tiunng one whole week to peruvj the Presi
dent s messaee."
CV"Wuery 7 If the election of Lincoln has
caused the present-financial crisis, what caus
ed the money panic ot 1867 I The election of
Lincoln, eh ?
CT7""Stated that 'Yankee Doodle' and IJail
Columbia' have been discarded bv the South
Carolinians, and, instead, they have adopted
ite 'j&arseuies uyrau.v
G7"Tbe manufacture of oil from coal is like
ly to be introduced extensively into the State
or Arkansas, as the coal appears to be well a-
aaptea ior mat purpose.
K"A passer by asked an Irishman, eazine
upon a mnerai procession, wbo was dead. lie
replied : "I can't exactly say. but I belave its
the jmtieman in the coflin."
tr?"Itemarked by Slobkins. that i istead of
giving credit to whom credit is due, the cash
had better be paid. 'Soect Slobkins would
like to have the pay for his advice.
C-In October, at Pesth, Jlungary, an old
man made his appearance who was supposed
to have been kilted in battle thirty vears be
fore. All bis relatives but one were dead.
CyTook place? a SherifT sale of watches
from the seized stock of a ''gift enterprise"
concern, in x'miadeiphia, last. week. - Thev
brought onlr S20 npr dnrpn na-nhf mnfrh.. r
CJ I " 1 ,v.w M. M.V... .
CJ"A prominent Democrat of Kentucky said
tne other day : n we of the South were to
real Henry May's lost speech at Lexington,
wunoui Knowing the author, it would be very
generally ascribed to Seward or Wilson."
E7PuUuhcd recently a curious work in
Germauy, the purpose ot which is to prove that
Judas Iscariot was one of the most conscien
tious and honorable of men. His next work is
likely to be, "American Slavery, a Divine in
stitution.". . LvOTo State in the Union ought to do abet
ter business tnan Kentucky during the next
twelve months. She cultivates hemp, and
there is hardly enough in the United States at
this time to bang all the noisy, desperate poli
ticians who have merited ropes.
tC7"Something new the Chinese method of
taking off boots. They place the brogans in a
vice, and apply a yoke to the neck, worked by
a wheel; which only stops working when the
boots or head conies off. "Wouldn't that be a
good mersbeen' to cure treason, too 7 ; ,--.-
H7"In the South Carolina Legislature on
Thursday of last week, a bill was submitted
providing holidays to be observed thereafter
in the State, on June 28th, the anniversary of
the battle of Fort Moultrie, Good Friday,
Christmas, January 1st, Thanksgiving and Fast
days, omitting the Fourth of July.
is a nine remarnaoie taat Virginia bas a .,rr.
sonal liberty law. It enacts that any '.icrson.
uuciYiug uuuseu 10 oe uniawmiiy detained
as a slave, is authorized to sue lor h is frppdnm
Such person, during the peniency of the suit
mi, ofr I ... I M4 . I.-. ...
uiuo. w at uiu cipnso or tno person
claiming to be tho owner. Or the claim
ant may take the custody of such
wuus, in a penalty double tho value of
me petitioner (1000), by the fugitive slave
iaw, to nave mm forthcoming ou the trial
Council is assigned the netitioner bv the. Stat.
to Prosecute l' suit, and he is allowed free of
cost all needful process, service of officers,
and attendance oi witnesses. Tbe suit haa
I,recedence of all other cases on the docket of
the Court H formalities of pleading are waiv-
cd Dd tne question of freedom or slavery is
to trle1 a jQry i' the petitioner obtains
Tera,ci m ms tavor be is to be declared free,
ana lDe Claimant is mulct
mulcted in damages and
Power to Exforce the Laws. Tbe allega
tions of the President and the Attorney Gen
eral that the government possesses no power
to put down rebellion,: are shown to be untrue.
Ia . tbe : United States Statutes at large, page
421, the following section will be found, con
ferring ample power upon tbe President ":
Whenever tbe lawa -of the United States
shall be opposed in tbo execution thereof ob
structed in any State by combinations too
powerful to be suppressed by the, ordinary
course of judicial proceedings, or by the pow
ers vested. in the marshals by this act it shall
be lawful for the President of the United
States to eall forth tbe militia of such State,
or of any other State or States as may be ne
cessary to suppress such combinations, and to
causa the laws tq ba duly execu(ed i and the
use of railifja'sb to,' be called, forth may be con
tinued, ' if necessary until tbe expiration of
thirty days after the commencement Of. tbo
then next session of CoDgress."
. Uctragk ix Tessessee. A correspondent
of the N. r. Tribune, writinr from Memphis.
Tennessee, under date of Dec. 5th, relates the
following circumstance :--'No lonsrer a?o than
Monday of this week, a Northern man, at
Pryor's Point, about 100 miles below here,
was questioned upon the snbiect of Slavery.
and on his answering unfavorable towards the
t'sacred system,' he was seized and lynched
with a rope. On tho next mornine tbo cotton-
gin and 100 bales of cotton, belonging to the
ringleader of this band of Southern chivalry,
was sound to be in ashes. It was enough.
The cowardly blood-hounds again seized the
poor man who had been lynched so unmerci
fully by tbem; put him into a pork barrel, with
some stones, headed him ud tlehtlv and roll
ed him into the Mississippi River. Southern
gentlemen, a negro trader, and a cotton plan
ter, told ne that the murdered man bad not
interfered with any person in regard to Slavery,
llow much longer will the Free N'orth eat dirt
and submit to such barbarities 7 No North
ern man Is safe in the South now. It matters
not bow servile a Democrat mav have been, or
may now be ; if be is from tho "accursed
North" it is sufficient. Northern men are be
ing driven away from New-Orleans. Cincin
nati steamboats are refused a landing at the
wharf there. And here in Memphis, Northern
men in business bow to this Moloch of Slavery,
prostrate themselves in the dust, and discbarge
meir Northern clerks and workmen. They
are daily leaving. Some have been turned off
and have not the means to get home again up
me river. It is truly deplorable.
. In the recent speech of Senator Iverson
he thus vented his wrath on Sam Houston,' of
lexas, for refusing to call the Legislature of
at State together : 'Before the 4th of March
five States will have declared their indepen
dence, and he was satisfied that three other
States would follow as soon as the action of
the people can be bad. Arkansas wilt call
her Convention, and Louisiana would follow,
And though there is a clog fn the way in the
lone star of Texas, in the way of the Govern
or, who will not conseDt to call the Legislature,
yet the public sentiment is so strong that even
her Governor may be over-ridden ; and if bo
will not yield to that public sentiment, some
Texan Brutus may arise to rid his country of
this old hoary-headed traitor.5
The use of Dr. uostetter s Stomach Bitters for
Dyspepsia. Flatulence. Heaviness of the Stomach.
or any other like aacction, is second to none in A
merica or abroad. To be able to state confident
ly that the "Bitters" are a certain cure for dys
pepsia ana like diseases, is to tne proprietors i
source of unalloyed pleasure. It removes all mor
Did matter from the stomach, purifies the blood.
imparts renewed vitality to the nervous system.
f iving it that tone and energy so indispensable
or the restoration of health. The numerous ac
knowledgments of iu superior excellence and ben
eficial revolts, hare assured the proprietors that it
cannot Dut prove a great cure to the afflicted, and
imparl Tiiamy to tne tnorougo. system, fcee
advertisement in another column.
On Sunday, Dec. 9th, by Samuel P. Wilson.
T , I - . ... .
Ghaham, hoth of Bradlord township. '
un me ytn inst., by David Dress er. Escr
Mr. Johx H. Clouser, of Union township, to
Mrs. Chablottjs Weaver, formerly of Brady.
On the 13th. by the same, at the residence
oi tne bride's father, Mr. L.vos Shaffer, of
Brady township, to Miss Esther Laboabde,
. i IT.' . . - '
oi union townsnip.
On the ISth inst., by Eev. J. M. Galloway.
Jir. woHjt a. kead, oi Lawrence township, to
Mrs. PniAXNA Cospo, of Fike township.
Raisins, best layer, in 6, 12, and 251b. boxes,
at 16 cents per pound.
Currants, superior fresh, at 121 cents per pound
Prunes, an elegant articlo, at 12 cents per pound.
Oranges and Lemons, at low prices.
The undersigned will have constantly on band
a well selected atook of Drugs. Chemicals, JJTe
Stuffs, Oils, Paints, Varnishes, Tobacco and Scars,
Stationary, Perfumery, Brushes, and J-aney arti
cles, wnich he will dispose of chea, for casa.
Aie invites tne public to ci and examine his
stock of good before purchasing elsewhere.
Country Physicians Jarniahed with Drues. Med
icines, and Surgical Instruments, at the most rea
sonable rates, . J. Q. IIARTSWICK.
ClearP.:id, Ta. December 12, 1860. ;
Have just received and opened at the old stand
of Lewis Smith, in Bethlehem, an extensive and
well selected assortment of the most fashionable
Fall and Winter Goods,
Staple and Fancy. The stock consists in part of
Prints and Dress Goods of the latest styles, togeth
er with Hardware, Queensware, Groceries, Drags',
Medicines, Fish, Tobacco, Segars, Hats and Caps,
Bonnets and Shawls, Boots and Shoes, and a large
variety of useful Notions and such articles as are
usually kept in a country store. All goods will
be sold cheap for cash. Give as a call and see for
yourselves, before you buy elsewhere. AH tbe a
bove will be sold cheap for cash or exchanged
for approved country produce and lumber.
Oct 24, 1SG0. H. L. HENDERSON A CO.
REGISTER'S NOTICE Notice is here
by given, that the following acoounts have
been examined and passed by me, and remain filed
of record in this office for the inspection ot heirs,
legatees, creditors, and all others in any other way
interested, and will be presented to the next Or.
phans Court of Clearfield eounty, to be held at
the Court House, in the Borough of Clearfield,
commencing on the Second Monday of January,
1861. for confirmation and allowance :
- The final account of John Maomanns, Admin
istrator of all and singular the goods, chatties,
rights and credits which were of George Johns
ton, jr., late of liell tp, Clearfield county, dee d.
The partial account of Branson Davis, Admin
istrator of the estate of Thomas C. Davis, late of
the Borough of Lumber-City, dooeased.
The final account of Charlotta Weber, Adminis
tratrix of all and singular the goods and chattels
which were of Win. Weber, late of Brady tp, deo'd.
Tbe Administration account of Wni. A Bloom,
Administrator of the estate of John S. Curry, late
of Pike township, Clearfield county, deceased.
The aooount of John Graham, jr., and James P.
Nelson, Administrators of the goods and chattels
which were or jonn uranam, cenr.. late of firad-
:orc townseir, ciearneia conntr, deceased.
JAMES WRIGLEy,-Register. ;
Clearfield.. Pa., December o, lsOO.
TtOOPER S GELATINE, a good article, for a! ,
" - JiJeclZl 1 HAKTSWICK'S.
T KING-GLASS PLATES, an awortment for
BLANKS of all kinds, and Foolscap and Letter
PaPgfjfbr sale at It AKTSW ICK'S.
IX , .. Aoovi a jz a ot colored rainU. in
. '- n, ground in oil. Also, dry paints of
v.., ir WB t . HAKTSWICK'S.
j nAtxu. ASSORTMENT of Fancy China-ware,
--- omer articles, suitable for Chrfctmu
xorsaie at , v. . HAKTSWICK'S.
A "UE STOCK of Varnishes Copal, Coach,
"mmvanir, wnite spirit, riowiue. Japan
Urjer, and EUck Varnish for Leather. Ac, for
' lieel2 j - , 11ARTSWICKS.
3 HAIR-DRESSKR. hM ar, 7T n .1"
uuemenLOI the t:icrfiM lnnu or.r1 ..i
n.mt ,r .v. , . . i. . r ".". v"
share of public patronage. Dec. 12, ls60.
The undersirniKl tp.n Anmtunii m
at bis store room in PhilipsburKCentreYcoantr. a
r tr ul x luuri warns. Miolder8 bides, tof
fee, Tea, Sugar, Rice,, Molasses, Ac. Also. Li-
uuurs oi ail kinds. Tobaiwn Sot,,. Kn,,fr i - . .ti
of which he offers to curchaser on tliA mr,t'.,i.
vantageons terms. Give him a call, and trj his
.twea. . iniar-'n LLOYD.
"1, t r woa'd respectfullj inform
deae'ld ad JTrT VL")
Jerfild, and that they are now prepared to fur-
nuh Beer Oil the mOAt HlWim mrif? fltino farm a Ttiaw
, , . fy --AJ
uaw ciujiiuvea an experienced Urewer, from the
east, and th.. fl .Tli : . J' 1,1
nr;;:.f::' ""ul.u"l.l.u c"? f"??1
judge for yourselves,
7 A rZ' " 1T "ccr- Ulvc laem a mal ana
June I'O. 'fiu
lactnre of Stone-Ware in the Borough of Clear-
uciu, sou mat nc is now prepared to supply all
who may want them with Milk and Cream Crocks,
Jugs. Jars, Ac, at lower prices, than they can be
bought cUewhere. He solicits a share of patron-
Clearfield. Pa., My 2o, lS59-ly.
WIS tbe matter of the sale of tbe Real Estate of
JR. AuZUdtuS AlUlSOn. F G. Miller. Kso .. r,riiT ihn
appointment ot Thomas J. McCullough, Auditor,
i uisinouie tne money arising from said sale,
which is done.; Per Cur.
ISy virtue of tbe above appointmens. I will at
tend to the dnties thereof at my office in Clear
field, on the 5th dav of Jenuarv. 1361. at 10 o'
clock. A. M . of said day. when and wheje all per-
ooua interested may attend ii tney see proper.
111US. J. .M. CLLLOLG1I,
Clearfield, Dee. 12, 1800. . Auditor.
LAKa, will I ell, Gather, or do any kind of fami
ly sewing ana so simple that any lady can learn
to operate on it in half an hour. It will ninkn
one thousand stitches in a minute, and for its su
periority id every respect, it took the First Pre
mium at the Maine State Fair over all other Sew
ing Machines. A large number have been sold
and are now in use in this borough Brook ville)
ana vicinity, ana are pronounced the simplest and
i . v : - - . i - . r ,
uttci. iua.uiiitr tvw mrcuicu superior to most oi
the high priced sewing machines.
The undersigned bavins- purchased the Ritrht
from the Patentee, to sell these machines in the
counties of Jefferson. Clearfield, Elk, and Forest.
are now ready to nil orders lor the same in the a
bove district. Orders for machines will be filled
in the order of their reception. Persons wishing
macnincs snouia genu iu tueir orders immediate
ly, aS we have over 30 machines alreadv ordered
in advance of our supply. Township rights for sale.
All applications for machines or township riirhts
oj ieu.tr or omerwise, snooia oe addressed to
A. It. M LAIN A CO..
Au-.15,lSe0-tf. Brookrille, Jefferson eoPa.
4860. j . -L or t ; . X M I960.
Fall and Winter Goods,
MarirtSt., 2 doors North of ike Court House,
WHERE they are just opening an unusually
. large and well selected stock of ?nmli cir
ca 10 tne wants ot tne community- for the Fall and
V inter Trade, which they fler in larjre or mii
uiuiium ou iuc ll.vo; reavnacc terms. 'ChII and
cAauiiuc ior jourscives. Aneir assortment of
is very large and eemplete, embcine 'nlmorter.
rj .mcie .,a 01 lasnion an j service. Especial
nWrln JS?. Jp.awl lh lon of LA-
- . . . J . j
nes, rlaiils,
CW1SSCS, ta'.nliriM P.riMIanta Pln.1 . n.) !!-:
w, ... ........ A.KMVAAUA liaiU
Bobbipr lU? yeil Baize. Irish Linen and Clothf,
ana rancy cassimeres, attInets, Tweeds,
voraurojs, mexory etnpe, 1 icKine. Urash. llia-
pcr. Bleached and Unbleached Muslins and Drills,
Red, Grey, White and Canton Flannel. Linseys,
Ac. Also, a large stock of Ladies' and Gentle
men s bhawls, Doable and Single Stellas and Che
nilles, Black and Drab Cloth, Capes of tbe very
mit'H uiiuiua. - f , , s , septlS
Just published, the Township and Local fsstrs of
Pennsylvania, Compiled from, the Acts ofAssrm-
11 1 1 ' T 11 m ... . . . . - .
wy cy y tuiam . llainrs, esq., ana published by
Edward P. James, West Chester, PemCa.
This work contains over 400 pages of clwsely
priniea matter, ana win oe sola by subscription.
It teaches the duties of Justices of the Peace,
with forms for the transaction of their business.
It teaches the duties of Constables with all the
necessary forms, appertaining to the office
41 contains tne amies 01 supervisors or every
County and Township in the btate- It contains
the mode of procedure for the laying out and o
pening of public aud private roads, of vacating
ana altering roaas, me Dunaingoi bridges. Ac.
It contains the Common School Law, with expla
nations, decisions and directions, together with
forms for Deeds, Bonds, Contracts, Certificates, Ac,
tc. a nis aepartment 01 tne woric was compiled at
Uarrisburg by Samuel P. Bates, Deputy SuperiA
tendant, and is alone worth the price of tbe vol
ume to any one interested in Common Schools.
It contains the duties of Township Auditors. It
contains the laws relative to Dogs and Sheep. " It
contains the duties of Assessors. It contains tbe
laws in relation to Strays, Males and Swine. It
contains the lawa relative to Fences and Fence
Vrewers. It contains the laws relative to Game
Hunting, Trout and Deer. It contains the Elec
tion Laws, with all the necessary forms.. It con
tains the Naturalisation Laws, with all the ne
cessary Forms for Application, etc., etc. r
It contains a large number of Legal Forms.
which are used in the every day transactions of
business, such as Acknowledgments, Affidavits. Ar
ticles of Agreements anci Contracts, Partnership'.
Apprentioas, Assignments, Attestations. Bills of
exchange and I'romisory Notes, Bonds. Bills of
Sale, Checks, Covenant., Deeds. Deposition. Due
Bills and Prodnee Note,?, Landlord and Tenant,
Leases, Letters of Attorney, Marriage, Mortgages,
Receipts and Releases. The work is bound in Law
sheep, and will be Sold to subscribers at SI 23 per
eopy, payable on delivery f the work. The work
bas passed the revision of many of the best Law
yers in tbe State and has received their unquali
fied approbation, as a reliable band book of refer
ence upon all subjects upon whieh it treats. The
wnoie is arranged in such a manner as to d resent
a plain, oonoise and explicit rtatement of tbe du
ties of all Township Officers, as may be readily un
derstood by any one. . This Count v will be thor
oughly eanvassed for the work, and the support of
iub citizens is respecuuuy solicited.
K. J: WALLACE. Esq.. is General A rent Tor
Clearfield eountv. T P. S. Good aanrassen want
ed in all parts of this eounty for the above work,
to whom a liberal compensation will be given.
Applications, which must be made at an early
date, addressed to the General Agent ut Clearfield
will receive prompt attention. ' -'Dci.lJ.-4t. 1
I . . f v Vir..S,r -x.xv,. I vocal mnsic
The undersi-ned takM thi, m'wi f Stn.dic't ,0Ile.-
inir the public that he haa comn,in.d ti I oot? "Ir11"
,r . f -yes; Biias, ieiai
x T u"'HtV Poplins, Alpacas,
-wa kVVSi llAinACtiA a.in.rha
A large lot f euperior Cheese
-ti. IKW1N, tlearfield. rt.
fig I "tWAKD will In, paid fy, a State rou-
tr - woicn oeioneeu to
uuuoa, ii returned tU. J. H Larrimtr. :
Prfigadc fnypectcr
Oct 24, TSW.
(ftirmnlT kewt Vrffwi Cleenti VTfc ..k.
ecriber respectfully jolieit- the patronage of his
om inriia. mm ass am arn rivermen BMTinr bu
siness id Jlanetts that b pain will be spared
ior meir accvBBowiwn ana comlert.
Feb. 22.1 860-1 y. , AISfER M1SICUAEL.
ply of the nraJiaM Family Medicines
are Tor sale by M. A. Frank. Clearfield, consisting
of Pain Caret; Kestoratiwa, a great re for colds
f nd PSh ; pdAn-JJUious rhfs,c. Tbey bare
?!? ."ghly tested in tins community, and
ighly approved. Tbt tbbm.
The undersigned having entered into partnership
iu uie lunnari iiusiness. under tbe name and
style of Robison 'A Denmark, respectfully an
nounce to the Public that ttnv Fiatk .nnatnr!v nn
iutou, or wut maae to order, Stoves, TIows, and
all other Castings commonly used in the country,
which they will sell at tbe lowest rates for rash,
or exchange on the most idrantirmni trm rnr
i i .... . . : r-' "'
oia metal, or approved country produce.
February 1, 1R60. I. J. UEXMARK.
.V Ruction upon the Piano, Melodeon and Gui
tar, and in Harmony and Sincine.
Terms For pupils under six vear. old. S.S 00
lw "
for seventy two leons of one half hnnr oitcVi
r all pupils over six years old. S10.00. for sevn
tytwo lessons of one hour each upon Piano. Me-
lodeon. Guitar or in Harmony,
Payable, one-fourth at the beginning and the
oaiance at ue ena oi tne quarter.
free to all Instrumental pupils.
53.00 per term.
Alexander Irwin .
E. A. P. RYNPEK. Teacher.
Fresh Arrival of Goods,
Just receiving and opening, a large and well-
selected assortment of Fall and Winter Good?,
of almost every description, Staple and Fancy ;
beautiful assortment of
of the latest and mostapproved styles ; also a grea
variety of useful Notions, a large assortment of
Ready-made Clothing, Hats and Caps
Bonnets and Shawls,
Drugs and Medicines, Oilsand Taints,
Carpets and Oil Cloths ;
all of which will be sold at the lowest :ash or
ready-pay prices. All are respectfully invited to
call. W. F.IRWIN.
Clearfield, Pa., September 2t5, 1SC0.
N. B. AH kinds of grain and approved country
produce taken in exchango for goods.
The undersigned give, notice that on the 1.7th A-
pnl they enterod into partnership in the mercan
tile business in Cnrwensrille. and that hereafter
the business will be ennWtM) Kv WvJmtl . n-
der the najne and firm of John A J F. Irvin.
lney inform their enstomem wh1 t nMii in
general tb;t thev have received from the Kjw and
opened at tbe old stand, a large and varied stock of
specially adapted to the waorsof the comm&nity.
and will sell the same at ta fewest cash prcre.
Also, a large assortment of Boots. Sao. Hats
and Caps, of the latest styles and best quality, all
of which they intend to sell at reasonable rates.
Also, an extensive stock of tbe most fashSnab!e
at prices to suit the times. Now is the time to
purchase. Call in aju examine our stock before
you, purchase your goods, and we feel confidnt
that we caa supply you with, all kinds- ef roods.
at as low prices and on as reasonable terms as von
caa pxecuje taB eisewnere. wive us a trial.
. , . . -
XT T - , . . . .
i. rewns inaeDteo ttae old Urm are re
quested to eall and settle. . . may SO
Fresh Arrival of Goods,
At their Old Stand in Ansonville.
Aae saoscrors navejust returned from tbe east
whh a large and well selected assortment of
consisting of a general variety of the Tery best
and a large lot of Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes,
for men and boys, for winter wear.
Also, a variety of Boots and Shoes for Ladies and
children, together with a good stock of
Bonnets and Shawls.
They bare also a good assortment of Hardware.
; Queensware, Drugs. Medicines, Paints, Oils,
Fish, Bacon, Flour, Carpets, Ac, Ac, ie.
They also keep always on hand a great variety of
sncbs are wanted in every family. The above
named articles, and everything else in their line,
will be sold cheap for eash, or exchanged for ap
proved country produce. Give them a trial.
Ansonville, Pa., October 2t, I860. .. ; , , , - .
A Benevolent Institution established by .re-
eiat endowment, for the relief of the siok and Dis
tressed, afflicted with Virulent and Kpidenifo dis
eases, and especially tor tbe cure ot diseases of tbe
Sexoal Organs. Med foal advfos given gratis, by
the actftHF Surreon.toll who apply bv letter. with
a description of their Condition, (age, occupation,
habits of life, Ac .) and in eases of extreme pover
ty, medicines furnished free of eharge. Valuable
reports on Spermatorrhoea, and other Diseases of
the Sexual organs, and on the New Remedies em
ployed In the Dispensary, sent to the ' afflicted i
sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Two Or
three Mmpi for postare will be acceptable. Ad
dress. Dr. J. ScilIiaHou?hton. Aetinr Kn
Howard Association, No. 2 South Ninth St., Phil
adelphia, Pa. By order of the Directors.
JiZKA a). HEARTWELL, President.
Geo. Fairchild, Sec. Oet 21, 1860-ly.
TJEEI PbiUdtlphiA cugar-Cured H&ms at the
A - ccw stie ot Gsaham, BorTOX A Ou.
ele br
WOODS, Attorney at Law. Indiana. Vm.:
.Professional besiaees promptly attendea to.
DR. B. F. A KELT, Grahamton, Clearfield coun
ty, Pena a. April 1.
DO. CROUCH, ParsiciA5f Carensil!e. CWas
fc field. coaty, rnA"a- , May U.
DR. H. R. BRYANT, Luthersburg. Pa., tender
bis prefessionai services to the public in ire it
er al. Lnthersburg, Cctobcr 13, . .
I Jv CRANS. Attorney at. Law and Real Estate
J.. Aecuu Clearfield, Pa. Office adioinins? hi
reidence, on Second itrftt.
. May It. .
WILLIAM A. WALLACE, Attorney at Law,
Clearfteid. Pa. tmm door north nf thm
Tt Office, onSece( street.'
Sept. 1.
ROBERT J. WALLACE, Attorney at Law. (and
Dwtrwt Attorney.) CWarfeli, Pa. Office ia
fcaaw a new row, Maiket stret. May 26.
AVALT,EK, BKETT, Attcrnev at Law, Oear-
field, I a Office tbe same that was formerly
occupied by Hon. O. R Barrett. septi'60
HBLTHR SWWPE Attorne.T.at,Law,CIe.r
. field. I a. Office inUraham s Haw. one door
east of the 'Raftsman's Journal' ofl;ca. Nov 10.
T71RANK SHORT, Boot and Shoe-maker. Shop.
? on Second street, (nearly uppuMte Rel ad
Weaver s Store.) Clearfield, Pa. 4, l&9
MA. FRANK, Jastic of tbe Peace. MnrAet st .
. Cleatfield- Pa. Easiness entructed. to him.
care win receive preempt attention
trade and money remitted1
ITILLIAM F. IRWIN. Market street; Cteafdeld
fv "a Dealer in K.irin Ti..m. vr
ch and i;e. Hardware, Queensware, Grpcerie and.
family articlegBFaHy, Nov. 10.
JOnN GUELICn. Mannfaetorer of all kinds o
Carnet-ware, Market street, Clearfield', Pa
He also makes t order Coffins, on short r.... j.
atteads feaerals whh a hearse. AprlCtfiir-
JOS1IUA S. JOHNSON, Cabinet. Maker. Market
s?reet. Clwfield. Pa. He will aa aUend fu
nerals with a bears. bm
cofiina to order, on short notice. ' Sow. 10
CAMPBELL, offerF, bia. trafoAinnl
ces to the citizens of MoriK...,nt .;;-
ing townships. Residence with J. D. Denninir in
Kylertown, Clearfield county. May 11, ISO.
HF NAUGLK. Watch and Clock Maker, and
. dealer in atehes, Jewelry, ic. Room jn
tnaw b new row. Market street, nr.;!.!),. vr..
man's Journal office, Clearfield. Pa. Nov. 10.
JB M'ENALLY, Attorney"
. Pa. Practices in Clearfi
at Law, Cle.irfield.
earfield and' julinf r,.
Office in new brirk f,f;t;.-n i:..ti
the residence of James E. Graham. Nor in
BLACKSMiTHING.-ShuDkweiler A Onvtiank
ful for past favors, would resceetfuH a.Urit
contmoance of a share of public patronage io their
iiun oujinesa. caop onlt rd sL v- in
RICHARD MOSSOP. Dealer in Foreign and Do
mestic Dry Goods. GrnffriM Finn. t..
Liquors. c. Room, on Market street, a few dors
west of Journal Office, Clearfield, Pa. Apr27.
LA R RIMER k TEsr, Attorneys at.Lrm.Cler
field, Pa. Will attend promptly t all legal
auu omer ousiness entrusted tuMurwcare la Clear-
uei ana aajointng counties.
August 6. 1S56.
x. .AUorBeJs Lw, Clearfield. Pa. ()ffiCe on
Market street, directly opposite Ricaard-Moesop
store. Deeds and other legal instruaiCBis prepar
ed with promptatss and accuracy. Fab. 13.
JOHN RUSSEL A CO.. Tanner and Currier.
Pcnnville. Clearfield Co , Pa. Keepeonstantly
on band an excellent assortment of leather, which
they offer for sale at the lowest cash prices. Hides
of all kinds taken in exchange JuJyl5-54.
Surveyor, offers bis professional services to the.
citizens of Clearfield county. All business en
trusted to him will be promptly and faith Tully ex
acuted. He can be found at the banking bouse ot
Leonard, Finney A Co. Sept. 21, tSi.
DR. M. WOODi? tender.' his professional servi
ces to tie citizens of Clearfield and vicinity,
hesidemee on Second" street, opposite the office of
L. J. Cfcaas. Es. OfiTee, the eame that was recent
ly occupied by Hon. G P.. Barrett, where he can
be found unless absent on professional bvswAsa.
DENTAL CARD. A. M. SMITH, offers his pro
fessional serrices to the Ladies and Uentleweit
ot Clearfield and vicinity. AM operations upon the
teeth executed with neatness and despatch. JSHg
familiar with all the late isaprevements he ii tvr
pared to make artificiat teeth- fa tke best manner
Office in Shaw's New Row.Clearfrefd. Sep. 15.
- BiTIs of Exchange. Notes and Drafts Discounted.
Deposits received. Collections made, and proceeds
promptly remitted. Exchange on the Cities con
stantly on hand. Office, on Srcond street, in the
rooS lately occupied by W. A. Wallace, EsdL
jaes t. L.K0.TA11D. : : : : : : : : : . a. mur.
WM a. Wallace. : ! : : ; : ; : : c nsar.
the subscribers have started the Chair-making
business at thtir residence in Lawrence tp.,
1 mile from Philip Antes saw-mill on the west side
of the river, where they keep cestantly on hand
All deseriptnnrn f C-hairs. betters, liostnn -ROCKING
Seat Chairs, from the tommon Windsor wp
to the very latest style of Parlor Chairs.
Tbe subscribers having an elegant water-power
by whioh they do their Beriag, Sawing, Turning.
Ac, they are enabled to sell every atyle vf chairs
at reduced priees. Tbe public ia respectfully ia
vited to call and exaatine for themselves. AU
work warranted either new work or repairing
Jan. 4. I860. WM. MCULLOUGH A SON.
I III A ! Treifi'tuloux UrciUmsmt amy tk.
Mass::: exciting foot race bettcteu. th
Philadelvhia Police ainl n. nntnnntt -V. .
rounterftitrr, James Buchanan Crass T CrotM
liefaptured It seems to be the general opin
ion in Clearfield, tnal if Cross had worn a pair of
Frank Shorfa French-calf Boots, that he wnM
not be taken yet. However, Shorty is not much
put out at missing his custom; but would an
nounce to-all Brecituride, Doiclas, Lincoln ainl
Belt wrn, and women and children in Clearfield.
and Sinneurahoning in particular, that he is pre
pared to furnish them with Boots, bhoes and Gai
ters of any style or pattern, stiched, sewed or e-
ged. (and as he is a short fellow) on short notice.
All kinds of country produce taken in exchange,
and cash not refused. Repairing done in the neat
est manner and charges moderate, at the Short
Shoe Shop on Second Street, opposite Reed, Wea
ver k C6"s store. FRANK SHOUT.
N. B. Findings for sale Aug. 2S, ISfiO.
CABINET MAKER. The subscriber wispes
to inform bis Old friends and eastomers. that be
is now carrying on the Cabinet Making buinM.
on 'his own Look." at his old shoo on Market
Street, nearly opposite the "old Jew Store," whera
ne Keeps on band, and is prepared to manufacture
to order, every description of Cabinet-Ware, that
maybe wanted in this section of conntry ; con
sisting of Sofas, Lounges, Mabogony and Common
Bureaus, Writing and Wash Stands; Centre. Din
ing and Breakfast Tables: Mahogany and Com
mon Bedsteads; Sewing Stands, Ac. c. - He wil'
also repair furniture and chairs, in good etjle
cheap for easb. House Painting done on short no
tice. and" easy terms Now is the tlnje to boy at
reasonable prices, as I intend to alf every thieg
in my line of business at the cheapest cash rates.
Walk in and examine the allele on hand. a
judge for yourselves, of h,e ouality and finish.
Country produce received in psvment.
April 13. lhi9 JOHN GUELICH.
N R Coffin made o wler on ihort notice, an
funvelb attended with a real hear.-e cd frrQ
puate acjemp anyujenij, wbe dehrti J. O.