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CLEARFIELD, PA.. DEC. 12, 1860.
We print in onr paper to-day the most Im
portant parts or President Buchanan's last an
nual message. True to the slave power, the
Old Public Functionaiyi tries to throw the
blame of the present agitated condition of the
country upon the North.. In this connection,
lio asserts that "the long-continued and intern
pcrate interference of the Northern people with
the question of slavery in the Southern States,
has at length produced its natnral effects."
Who does not know that this is false 7 If
there had been any 'intemperate interference,',
during the last eight years, at least, it would
only prove that Mr. Buchanan nnd his Demo
cratic predecessor were ctoo weak to perform
their sworn duty. ' The secession movement,
however, is not the result of such "interfe
rence" as the President refers to it is the di
rect offspring of the treasonable dogmas that,
tor the last quarter of a century, have been
propagated by Southern Disunionists, and fed
and encouraged by doughfaces at the' North.
There are other glaring misrepresentations in
she oiessago, which the intelligent reader will
discern as readily as this one. Whilst tho
President holds that no State has a right to
secede, he says the Constitution confers upoii
Congress no power to coerce her Into submis
sion if she does withdraw from the Union ; by
which ho probably means that South Carolina
lis no right to secede, but if she does, he has
no right to prevent her. Gen. Jackson took
altogether a different view of the matter, and
soon put a stop to the Disunion movement in
ftis-day. The President says it would be easy
to settle the slavery question forever, by siru
4ly letting the Slave States alone and permit
ting them to manage their domestic institu
tions in their own way ; and yet, In the face of
this, he proposes certain "explanatory amend
ments" to the Constitution, which would make
it just what the South wants, a slavery expand
ing instrument, and would also go far towards
justifying the President's part in the Lccomp
ton iniquity. That seems to be Mr. Buchan
an's idea of "letting the Slave States alone."
A portion of his views on the Tariff, and the
god word he says for the famishing people to
Kansas, are redeeming features in the mes
sage. But, as a whole, It is unsatisfactory to
all parties, unless the Secessionists can draw
ncouragoment from it. This even, it would
seem, depends upon a, contingency, fur Wig
111, oi ioxhs, says the more he reads the
uesage the less he comprehends it.
Joiixsox, of the Mansion House, did a good
thing one day last week. Having purchased a
couple flue turkeys and given directions to
:have thrm served up for dinner, he called at
our office and invited us to assist at eating
!.im a branch of domestic science in which
we are proficient. At tha appointed hour we
were on hand, and found present, besides the
lever fellows who board there," several gentle
nien from abroad ; and it can readily bo irn
sgined that the turkeys well failed and roast-
ed in the most perfect and savoury manner
disappcaied la "a little less than no time.'
So well pleased were all with the dinner that
we shouldn't wonder if Johnson would repeat it
on Christmas, and perhaps on New Year's day.
However, under any state of circumstances, we
iiope "bis shadow may never grow less."
...... ... .. . .. T . - T n
jun.nuir juiiW,jL ijaws. r rom a cur
sory examination, we think this is a work
which will supply a great deficiency with local
officers and businessmen generally,' contain
ing as it docs all the laws io relation to the
duties of Justices, Constables, Supervisors,
Auditors, Assessors, School Directors, Elec
tion officers, the law of Estrays, &c, with a
large number of blank forms. For further
reticulars we direct attention to an adver
tisement in an other column, or persons can
e the book itself by calling on U. J. Wal
lace, Esq., in Clearfield Borough, wtio is (be
gent for this county.
Scwts Death. Yesterday, Tuesday xnoni
ing, about half nast 9 o'clock. Miss Susan Ar
ery, living with her brother, Elijah Ardery,
a Lawrence township, whilst getting a small
Huity of bran out of a fiop on the premises,
topped dead on the apot. She had been in
good health immediately prior to her death,
aicb was in all probability produced by an
?poplectic fit. She was about 52 years of age.
AcdDEsrOn Monday the 36th Not., Mr.
rT Ziegler, who was working at Blanch-
CItnP 0I the Moshannon, in Morris town-
'P, this county, whilst catting off the butt ot
lt received a severe injury. The end ot
e log was bound ACTA i rid I I h mtaman awiA nlin
ie cut if j. . ....
- " j sprang np, causing him to
"tf r" arm and break it. Dr. Campbell
rsed the fracture and it is now doing well.'
. A Killed By last week's Republlcanme
Pei to learn that, on Friday the 30th Kov.,
J (,eor2e Shngart, of Brady township, while
!tag'fd ,e'ng Umber in the woods, was in
b " f k,lled by a tree falling on him and
U4 Dg hi8 kIl and one of his thigh, bones.
about 40'yeari of age, and leaves a
nd eight children. Thefamil are, how
'W good circumstances. 7 l
iTl Wai0UT Esq., of Beccaria Tp, is an
nzed agent for the RafhmanU Journal.
There are those, even here in Clearfield,
where one would suppose the moral atmosphere
to be almost as pure as the mountain air, who
contend' that Slavery is of Diving origin and
the result of direct reyeUtkwK il Wcy' may not
at aTf times avow if In so marly Words, but their
arguments' on the subject are generally based
upon that hypothesis, and their sensibilities are
frightfully shocked at anything that; may be
said to the contrary. The editor of the Char-
"liav :Ane CQUOr 01 iner tor-
field Republican seems to be one of this class ;
and hence it is not surprising to find' him, in
his last issue, censuring, indiscriminately, all
the clergymen who on Thanksgiving Day said
anght againstTfegro' Slavery fn this boasted
"free" country of ours. ; According tohisar
tide, these preachers must be a dreadful set of
" the livery of heaven to serve the Devil more
" fully than they otherwise could." They are
, u r .i j t
a generation of v.pers," ho further declares,
" who come fully up to the standard of their
" predecessor we mean, Judas Iscariot, for
men. Thevarfiahlihf!noiir!itonnrland VCUfc lc l a long ana spicy coDate, ana upon "ggie, ne was dispatched, and found to X NEW IN THE PEACE-
men. i ney arc a blighting curse to our land the question being taken, it was carried by a weigh 284 pounds. FUL VILLAGE OF CURM'ENSVILLE.
"and everything; that is just and right," is vote of 145 yeas, to 38 nays. After the vote The Jersey Shore Vedette of the Cth iw-m' S,etfc-,l?"igJ,ed sv.IdS entered lnt partnership
the unqualified judgment pronounced against had been taken, and before it was announced, ber, says a co! of Mr Frederick Uewev of sMe of Robl?n n1d'r the fVi' Rnd
them by the editor of ,h .Republican. They l7!pdr,'.,,,SoU-,h? ti&i 1
are "wrongdoers" and "hypocrites," says he, Tdimim was Lrld" ' m 1" "lit P8I to"'ithia a few inches of tho it? orrwiV.mk" order,7 Stoves, Plowsand
whoM,ocP.,lhv fea SJLM. 'Tl'i'A'l-e.--... Moulders, the hinder part forming two distinct C""!F. ;comonly ud in the country,
. .w .vvu, i. uui. in iiiu oenaie. air. iiaio oi jew i rniroa hir ni.fn.kinli i t. . .. i wmcu mer win sen at inn nHi r.t. ---.a
" they both betray their master and insult their . sira,gni m tne race. Mr. Iversoq. of eor
nk.;i.. ,'.'...i..ti .-in. u 6,ai followed in a violent secession speech,
" hearers, and assist to trail the banner of their avowintr that th i.ifhlr.inV st..t.. 5!,;.'
"Divine master in the dust." If all this be
true, as our neighbor says it is, a fearful state
of morals must.be prevailing among this here-
- .
torero. high!, esteemed class, and everybody
...hi .i t..i t . . . .
iu uuuuiiuss oe asionisnea to learn mat tney
are carrying on in the manner described by the
Republican. Not is that the worst of it. It
seems they are actuated . by selfish motives.
They do it for gain for pelf for " money,"
ejaculates our immaculate neighbor, with well-
affected: astonishment ; and then, very charita
bly, ho ' hopes, or " expects" to hear of them
closing their lives in the same manner" in
which the unfortunate Mister J. Iscariot wound
up his earthly career. In the meantime, as
Thanksgiving Day is an "opportunity" which
is "always embraced" by these preachers "to
spread themselves in their pulpits" on the sla
very question, our neighbor very philanthropi
cally proposes to prevent tho recurrence of
such improper conduct by doing away with this
annual custom. "For our part," says he, "we
hope the-day as such may be abolished"
wiped out, entirely obliterated. That is the
sovereign remedy or, rather, the great pre
ventive, which khc intends applying to stop
these "vipers" and "hypocrites" from talking
so much upon "a subject not found within the
"lids of, the Bible negroes and American
Slavery." It may be that the Bible does not
contain anything on this "subject" wo will
m'l at present assume to say that It does t but I
if it does not. where will these irentl.men fin.i
authority to make it a "Divine institu-
tiuu i JAt una, nowever. du as it mar. w I
: it t it.. i i
think our neighbor has bit upon an expedient I
which is well calculated to brlnv ahnnt th r.. I
- rf j
...if , . i a f , -
suit he so much desires. It it does not, he
might go in for "abolishing" the Sabbath Day
also, as by doing tLat he coald at one blow de-
privo these wronit-doer8 of everv ODortrr-
to attack so sacred a thing as slavery,
ana ai tno same time cut orf from the comforts
01 Christianity all who do not receive the Cos-
pei according to John C. Calhoun. Or, per
haps, in order to reduce the matter to a cer
italnty. hc intends adopting, in conjunction
with his own plan, Joe Lane's orthographic
mode of punishment, and scare them into good
behavior, by swelling out, as he does in the
article before us, the f Devil" with the biggest
sort of a "D," whilst he reduces "heaven" to
as small dimensions as possible. But, serious
ly speaking, aro not affairs coming to a pretty
pass when Christian Ministers cannot exerciso
the Constitutional prerogative of Free Speech,
without being denounced as loathsome crea
tures and, compared to tho most abominable
men, and, in one Instance at least that we could
mention, threatened with a withdrawal of sup
port, because, forsooth, they say that liumaa
Slavery is an evil and at variance with the
teachings of the Bible 1 We might expect to
hear of sucCi things being done in the South,
whero Preachers ate banged for avowing auti-
slavery sentiments, and where other individu-
als are mobbed, tarred and feathered, or lashed
in the moat brutal manner, not for anything
. , ' . uiijiuiug
they may have uttered, but because tbey are
u specUd of entertaining opinions adverse to I
the "Divine institution ;" but that this species
of desnotiMn was Winning to it.
c a 6V
head In the free and enlightened North, is
more than we -could believe did we not our-'
selves know it to be true. John Randolph, a j
slaveholder himself, uttered a severe rebuke to
the apologists of human bondage io our section
of the land when he said, "I envy neither the
" heart nor the head of that man from the North
" who rises to defend Slavery on principle."
in iiwh,i uTOHHs.-ne are not ai mis f
T T ITT- ..... I
time prepared to state how the timber ol our I
county will compare this winter with what it
has been in former seasons. We know, how
ever, that our hard-working lumbermen are
busy in the woods, and advantage was taken of
the snow during the past week to haul some
ot the timber to the streams. Efforts, we are
told, are being made by interested parties to
create a panic in the business here, on the
strength of the secession excitement, with
what prospects of success we cannot say. Our
adviee 'to all would be, not to make any un
necessary sacrifices, bat to calmly await the
development of events, learn the condition of
financial affairs, and then act as prndence may
dictate or circumstances demand. Money mat
ters, it is true, are tightened up somewhat just
now, but we have four or five months ahead of
us yet, in the course of which' they may re
sume a healthier tone, and restore full confi
dence among business men generally.
jjrooKYiie liorougD, aeaerson county, nas :.
three gnst mills, an doing a good business. -
. -
The rennville communication came too late
for publication this week. - . - .......
: COWOWRRRTmu T vvnnvnTvrK ?
" - -v aw 1 Mil A MvVAiUM AASU
Dec. 4th. In the Senate the President'
Mcss.iiio wai received and read." Mr. Clings.
man, immediately after the reading, arose and
delivered himself of a violent sectional speech',
in the course or which ho denounced the Pres
ident elect as a totaHy seetiwnal mam who had
promoted the principles- of Ibo- "IrreDressibln
conflict." He proposed that Congress should
pay the National debt, and then divide the
public property as equally as possible between
wio two sections ot the Union.' lie was repli
ed to l,y Mr' Crittenden, who hoped that the
frtfinj, nf tha ITninr, ' , . tK A
agree upon some plan for its preservation. In
the House, Mr. Sherman moved the reference
of the President's message to the committee
of the whole on the state of the Union. This
was opposed by Mr. Bolder of Virginia, who
offered an mendment referrine that document
to a special committee of one from each State,
with leave to report any time. This amend-
Hampshire, opened the debate with a motion
1? reconsider the vote to print the President's
Message. lie thought tho contest between
the Statea must be 8eat,e(1 at th(J ballot.box or
by war, and whilst hoping for a peaceable set-
tlement, urged that the danger should be look-
ed all further allegiance, andthat they intend
go out of the Union before tho fourth of
Mar?h. "peaceably if wo can, forcibly if we
m MOT 7 M I" Veil lol tllftt Af TlAl.t Uf n ttnanil
Un- -
i . . . . -. -
plauded by the galleries. Delaware, he said,
was the first to adopt tho Federal Constitution
and would be the last to do any act counte
nancing a separation of tho States. The de
bate then terminated. Mr. Green of Missouri,
gave notice of a resolution inquiring into the
propriety or providing lor the establishment
of an armed border police to, prevent the in
vasion of States, uud aid in executing the
t ngiti ve Slave law. In the House, the Home
stead bill was called up by Mr. Grow of Penn
sylvania, and passed ayes 132, nays 76. The
bill requires a payment often dollars from
actual settlers for one hundred and sixty
acres of land. The President's message was
men reicrrea ana tlie House adjourned
Dir. fitl, in h Snat r n ,i aP
.nTnrt; m;r l.r .1 If "'J.; : V-
Kentucky, moved that that portion of the
President's message relating to the present
agitated and distracted position of the coun
try, be referred to a special committe of thir
teen. Laid on tho tabe. Rnd tho Mri,t nrt.
journcd until Monday. In the House, Mr.
Morns, or Illinois, gave notice that he would,
on Monday next, introduce a resolution con
cerning tho perpetuity of tho American Union.
Both American and English social life are
now exhibiting some queer developments,
some peculiar phases. They seem to bo ex
crescences Which snrinir from th rnhnst on1
intensely active forms of life which prevail in
l,,c lwo countries, wnere oi an others there is
?w ana 8,,c,aI customs the freedom of in-
nomena doubtless arise from the Vei-v natnre i
oi Uiinfs. T iern is nnon vpimv hi minrv Ana-
- . .... . .
" - " vmm
'a tno business circles of both countries
lb.a.( murhd condition of social lile must
toiiow. Where all is rapidity and velocity
there must necessarily be some unsoundness..
""The case now most noticed is that of Mrs.
"urc!, a relative ol the distinguished Erastus
ur'- OI..f e..1.or? " r,iU ,or "Mchty,
at N'dllifrvilll. lllinnia Slli aa..ma
ine to a writfon DaDer nut into the eaa. to
nave coniessod her guilt, -et the evidence of
"'"ieresi;ea. ana aisconnectea parties shows
inai me coniession as to time, .place and cir-
cumsianccs, is laise auct uniounaea. It is
still upon trial.
The case of Mrs. Beardsley, in New York
city, the daughter of a clergyman, developer
the curious charge of having married a second
husband, living within three miles of tho other,
ana succeeded in concealing the fact from
both through a period of several years. To
the fact ol the marriage, and identity of per
son, and long continued intercourse, the sec
ond husband swore most positively, though
the jury did not find her guilty upon that point
in the indictment.
The English case is one of creat merit. A
M iss Sheadeu, born in New York, is now, after
the lapse ot sixty years, trying to prove that
her mother was properly married. Her coun
sel, for some cause not explained during the
penaency or tho case in the jfrooate Court of
London, abandoned ber case. According to
the latest European advices, she has been suc
cessfully competing with a cute and learned
counsel, both in the preliminary statement of
the caso and in tho examination of witnesses.
during the first two days of the trial, evincing
the possession of great mental tovers and
high accomplishments.
Vd remember a similar instance in this
;uuu"Jr' .l.uuo , onV; IUOA,
nierous suits brought by Mrs. Gen. Edmund P.
Gaines, was peuding in one of the New Or-
leans Courts, her counsel abandoned her cause
. er tno Jurjr was emPanneIIed. She imme-
u,u.lc V luu" Psmiu 01 uie papers, conun-
uea tnt
examination of the witnesses, spoke
to the Court and jury, and won the case in that
Court, although, if our memory serves us right,
the aecision was reversed in the Court above.
Kabthacs, Dec. 6, 1860.
S. B. Row : Sir : In the Republican of last
week 1 see a communication, beaded "That
Strange ASair," which is intended to refute
what I bad inserted. The affair is not very
strange to those who are acquainted with the
(.ircnnistanirpa. Tn onn wnv if mav hn ttmnira
or considered as such. The actions of the man
... - J
were strange, and led to all tho suppositions
which I stated, and which I think and believe
to be correct, from the fact of his asking,
when be saw strangers coming to the house, if j
they were going to arrest him. His horse was
sick, as I before stated, bad the blind staggers.
Men who profess to be judges, and whom I
know to be such, looked at the horse and pro
nounced it the blind staggers. The informant
of the Republican says the horse got down in
the stall to roll. 1 wish him to understand
that there was no stall or any other obstruction
in the way by which he could hurt himself.
Then the writer in the Republican says, "They
say," he s offered ' some very advantageous
trades. I wish to know who says so. ylf the
gentleman of Salt-LiclAan inform me, I wish
lie would do so. The gentleman then goes on
to speak of the value of the horse being $200;
but judges, that perhaps are better and more
competent, say from $75 to $100. The buggy
and harness he puts down at $125 ; they may
be worth $00, but no more. It has been a
good rig onee, bqt has been run down. It
seems to me a though the gentleman of Salt-
Lick, whoever he rn,ay be, is meddling with
what does, not belong to him.
Be does not ap
noar in bnnvwhn trnvn tYta J?i7. ,' Intimtil
documeilt8. I wish to say it is none of
bis business, and nope be will in future mind
bis own. lie nas signed his name A," as
though he was ashamed to come oat m full.
lours, Vxhith Jttoac.
I A I . .3 1 I . . . . . I t-1 . I . ' I I n. a
ctTT w . w at mnro . 'it
some of the. note of the Clearfield County
Bank had already found their way to that place.
A-lad-by the-name of Johnston, while re
cently out gunning in the woods near Punxsu-
w"e '-,ajr80Q county, treed and shot two
"iiu cats.
a .a
t .waiiaai vi act no. t ?
The Indiana, Pa.. Mttsnvtf. of tfie 6tru savs
L - v - - & jii, nuuicn i-. vvnuvnjr ur .urs. iiemenis.s ine sub
ill r nun. n.ll.C,.1. r . . -. . I . :l .r..n . . ' "
, uuciuiin;t ciiiro county, wnusi
passing: from tha nrin In tha hnn.i. ,ifK
c.kel water, was prostrated to the ground
WUh, such force a tn riUWata irtth Tk.,i
, ers the fal1 being occasioned by convulsions
wbich he has been subject. '- " !
One day last week, an engineer on & rri7.
'rai" ran his locomotive on a bear between
Lewistown and Mifflin.; Bruin was not killed,
but next morninsr the engineer and nm Mn.
road men went in search and found him on the
opposite side of the Juniata. After a severe
pnehead, &c, Tho Vedette, thinks, if it had
uvea, a would have made an invaluable cow,
as there . would have been two cows to milk
and only one to feed.
Mr. Israel Stewart, of Ferguson township,
Centre county, whilst hauling corn-foader for
oamuei mc Williams, on tho 3d Dec, tell
k j lvC ,,oaani lighting on the top of his
death. He bad '
years ago and w
the mountain, oi
uroive mi necu, which caused immediate
separated from his wife some
as living in a lonely cabin on
nly minelina with men when
it was necessary to earn something to sustain
nimselt and three ; horses, which . he kept at
home doing nothing.
A despatch from New Orleans says that Mr.
Stewart, a member of . the Texas Legislature,
had issued a circular in accordance with cer.
tain resolutions passed by a meeting in Gon
zales, Inviting his fellow-members to meet in
Austin, on the third Monday in December, to
hold an extra session, and to call a State Con
vention. Gov. Houston had promised to re
sign if the call was responded to. The de
spatch says tho "lone star" flag was hoisted
in several towns, and that the people seem u
nited in their resistance to Lincoln's Adminis
tration. ub useoi ur.iioeteuer s stomach fitters for
WV, I" atal.nce. neavIneM of the Stomach,
or any other like affection, is second to none in At
merica or abroad. To be able to state confident
ly that tho Bitters", are a certain cure for dys
pepsia and like diseases, is to the proprietors a
source of unalloyed pleasure. It removes all mor
bid matter from the stomach, purifies the blood,
imparts renewed vitality to the nerrous system,
giving ft that tone and energy so indispcnsablo
for the restoration of health. The numorous ac
knowledgments of its superior excellence and ben
eficial results, have assured the proprietors that it
cannot but prove a great cure to the afflicted, and
impart vitality to the thorough system. See
advertisement in another column.
On the dth Dec, by Rev. J. R. Focbt, Mr.
Samuel Bloom to Mrs. Jane Curry, both of
Pike township, Clearfield county. ,;
- DIED: f
On Tuesday the 27th Nov., of diphtheria,
terminating-in cronp, Pkteb. son of Henrv
J nd Catharine Bloom, of Pike township, aged
6 years.- On Thursday, the 2th, of the same
disease, also terminating in croup, Martix.
on of sime parents, aged 4 years.
I On the 7th Dec, of diphtheria, Margaret
I Ilem; daughter of Wm. and Ellen Ilolden, of
Pike township, agfd about 20 years
I On AfAIlHnl- thn 11th Tlon nf iuli.;tatln r4
tho heart. Mrs. Clarissa Shrvvkr. wife of
I ur. A. I. bchryver, of Lawrence township,
geu auouioo years.
At the residence of bis Grandfather fWm. Rex)
in Pine tp on 27th November, Jeremiah B.. son
of George W. and Mariah Z. Attlebarger of Hun
tingdon eounty, aged 3 years and 8 days.
Go to thy ret our child, .
Go to thy dreamless bed,
Gentle and undefiled.
With blessings on thy head.
Because thy smile was fair,
- Thy lip and eye so bright;
Because thy cradle-care ''
Was such a fond delight ; .
Shall love, with weatc embrace.
Thy Heavenward wing detain ?
No! Angel, seeK thy place
a ? Tr .
Amiu neaven s encruo train. o.w.b.
Raisins, best layer, in 6, 12i, and 251b. boxes,
at 16 cents per pound.'
Currants, superior fresh, at 121 cents per pound
Prunes, an elegant article, at 12 J cents per pound.
, A I. S O
Oranges and Lemons, at low prices.
REGISTER'S NOTICE Notice is here
by given, that the following accounts have
been examined and passed by me, and remain filed
of record in this office for the inspection of heirs,
legatees, creditors, and all others in any other way
interested, and will be presented to the next Or
phans' Court of Clearfield eounty, to be held at
the Court House, in the Borough of Clearfield,
commencing on the Second Monday of January,
1801, for confirmation and allowance : '
The final account of John Macmanus, Admin
istrator of all and singular the goods, chatties,
rights and credits which were of George Johns
ton, jr., late of Bell tn, Clearfield countv. dee'd. .
The partial account of Branson Davis, Admin
istrator of the estate of Thomas C. Davis, late of
the Borough of Lumber-City, deceased.
JAMES W RIG LEY, Register.
Clearfield, Pa., December 5, I860. . ; , ;
Russell McMurray
' TION OF fllS
' Old Customers, and others, "
to his Large and well selected Stock of
: Jfall nnfciBinfer (Boobs,
lie also continues to deal in ? . .'
Lumber orall kinds, r
In any way to suit customers. The highest
market price wjH be paid for ail 1
- kinds of grain.
; Come and see fdr yourselves.
New Washington, November 1, 1860-6m.
CHEESE ! A large lot of superior Cheese
for sale by ffM.V. IRWIN. Clearfield, Fa.
I " Vrr "1 DO P lr a State tnus
V a .I-. maxea ,n8 to. b, "CrearfLcld
returned to uen. J. it Latruaer
' . . S. C. PATClltN, '
Oct 24, 1860. Brigade Inspector.
I icsjjuiiuiij m uc us me patronage or b
o I old friends, and assures all ri
"JL n. Pa,nV"1 b BPe
for their accommodation and comfort.
Feb. 22. 1860-Iy. - ABNER M'MICIIAEL:
ply of these invaluable Family Medicines
are for sale by Si. A. Frank, Clearfield, consisting
of Pain Curer ; Zte.'forai'te, a ereat cure for colds
ana cough; tutdAnn-ISiUous Physic. They have
ween morougtjiy tested in tnis community, and
m pigmy approved. Trt toest.
or exchango OQ the most fl vnntnir.niii inm (a
old metal, or approved country produce.
February 1, 1860. D. J. DENMARK.
struetion upon the Piano, Melodeon and Gui
tar, and in Harmony and Singing.
for seventy two lessons of one half hour each ;
' pupils over six years old 510.00. for seven-
ty-two lessons of one hour each: unon Piano. M
lodeon. Guitar or in Harmony.
Payable, one-fourth at the beginning and the
balance at the end of the quarter.
Vocal music free to all Instrumental pupils.
Studied alone. $3,00 per term.
Rooms at Mr. Alexander Irwin's.
Oct. 1,1860. K. A. P. RYNDKR. Teacher.
- the people are notified of a
Fresh Arrival of Goods,
Just receiving and oponing, a large and well
selected assortment of Fall and Winter Good?,
of almost every description, Staple and Fancy ;
beautiful assortment of. -
of the latest and mostapproved styles, ; aloo a grea
variety of nseful Notions, a large assortment of
Ready-made Clothing, Hats and Caps
Bonnets and Shawls,
Drugs and Medicines, Oils and Faints,
Carpets and Oil Cloths ;
all of which will be sold at the lowest sash or
ready-pay prices.' All are respectfully invited to
call. XVv. F. IRWIN
' Clearfield, Ta., September 2(5, 1860.
N. B.' All kinds of grain and approved country
produce taken in exchange for goods
Th.e undersigned give notice that on the 13th A
pril they enterod into partnership in the mercan
tile business in Curwensville. and that hereafter
the business will be conducted by them jointly nn
der the name and firm of John A J. F. Irvin.
They inform their customers and the public in
general that they have received from the East and
opened at the old stand, a large and varied stock of
specially adapted to the wants of the community
and will sell the same at the lowest ca.-h urice.
Also, a large assortment of Boots, hoes. Hats
and caps, ot tne latest styles and best quality, all
or wmcti tbey intend to sell at reasonable rates.
Also, an extensive stock of the most fashionable
at prices to suit the times. Now is the time to
purchase. Call in anI examine our stock before
you purchase your goods, and we feel confident
that we can supply you with all kinds of goods,
at as low prices and on as reasonable terms as vou
ml jriuvuto iuem visenuere. uive as a inai.
May 30, 1860. ' JERRED F. IRVIN
N. B. Persons indebted to the old firm are re
quested to Tall and settle. may 30
Fresh Arrival of Goods,
At their Old Stand in Ansonville.
The subscribers havejuet returned from the east
with a large and well selected assortment of
i G 0 ODS,
consisting of a general variety of the very best
and a large lot of Hats, Caps, Coots and Shoes,
for men and boys, for winter wear.
Also, a variety of Boots and Shoes for Ladies and
children, together with a good stock of
Bonnets and Shawls.
They have also a good assortment of Hardware,
I Queensware, Drugs. Medicines,' Paints, Oils,.
; Fish, Bacon, Flour, Carpets, Aci 4c, Ac.
They also keep always on hand a great variety of
such as are wanted in every family. The above
named articles, and 'everything else in their line,
will be sold cheap for cash, or exchanged for ap
proved country produce. Give them a trial. ,
j Ansonville, Pa., October 21, 1860. ' 'J '
A Benevolent Institution established by spe
cial endowment, for the relief of the eiek and Dis
tressed, afflicted with Virulent and Epidemic dis
eases, and especially for the ear of diseases of the
Sexual Organs. Medical adviee given gratis, by
the acting Surgeon, to all who apply by letter.with
a description of their condition, (age, occupation,
habits of life, As.,) and in eases of extreme pover
ty, medicines t urnisned tree of charge. Valuabl e
reports on Spermatorrhoea, and other Diseases of
the Sexual organs, and oa the New Remedies em
ployed in the Dispensary, sent to the afflicted in
sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Two or
threo Stamps for postage will be acceptable. Ad
dress, Dr. J. Seillio Houghton, Aoting Surgeon,
Howard Association, No. 2 South Ninth St., Phil
adelphia, Pa. By order of the Directors.
Geo.rairchild. See. - - . Oct 2, 18S0-ly. -
BESYTbiladelphia Sugar-Cored Hams at the
new store of Geakaw, BorvTOK A Co.
HB. WOODS, Attorney at Law, India, p.
Profes-iiooal business promptly attended to.
DK B..F. AKELY, Grahamton, Clearfield coun
ty, Penn'a. prii i
T"v O. CROUCH, Phtsicias, Curwensville, Clrar-
JU ni oouMy, renn'a.
May 14;
DR. II. R. BRYANT, Lutherbnrg
his professional services to the p
Pa., tender
public in rn-
Luthersburg, October 13, lSi
I: - CRANS, Attorney at Law and Real Estate
J. Agent, Clearfield, Pa. Office adjoining his
: o T IUVHIt IO.
residence, on Seooad street.
May IS.
WIri'IA-MiJl'V'AI,LACE Attorney at Law.
I ost Office, on Second Street. Sept. 1 .
K n- . . "ALLACE. Attorney at Law, (and
Shaw's new row, Market street.
. r ". "
vino in
May 28.
WAmEP-BASETI' AU0rney Law, Clear-
i PC the M,nc that WM formerly
occupied by Hon. G. R Barrett. icptVeo
HBUCHER SWOOPE, Attorney at Law. CI
. field, Pa. OfEct inGrahaii. it,.-
one door
oi me 'ftansman s Journal' office.
Nov 10.
71RANK SHORT, Boot nf Shoe-maker. Shop
on Second street. iiiMrlr nn
leaver s btore,) Clearfield, Ta. . May 4, 1859.
AT A',FRAXKi Justice oS the Peace, Market Pt..
-i-'-l-. Clearfield, Pa. Biukun .nirni..l A ki.
care will receive prompt attention. Collections
money remitted Anr27'5
TiriLLlAM F. IRWIN, Market street, Clearfield.
IT la.. Denier m Far in r ...
chandise Hardware, Queensware, Groeiee, and
family articles generally. . Xor q
JOHN GUELICH Manufacturer or all kind, ot
.? a,joniake to order Coffins, oa short netice.and
attends funerals with a hearse. AnrlO '5
JOSHUA S. JOHSSON, Cabinet Maker, Market
V ' C,e"fie,d- P- He wiir also attend fu
nerals with a hearse, wbrn o.M..T
iu, va snort nonce.
Nov. 10.
DR.WM. CAMPBELL, offer, bis professional
services to the cititens of Morris and adjoin
ing townships Residence with J. D. Denning in
M'ertown, Clearfield county. May 11 1869.
A t UAN wB. Clearfield county, P. .
. Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries. Hardware
Queensware Ao., sells cheap for Cash, or exchan
gesfor Lumber or approved country produoe.
HF. N AUG LE Watch and Clock Maker, and
. dealer in Watche. a i i
fcnaw 1 new row, Market street, opposite the Rafu
tnan s Journal effico, Clearfield, Pa. Nov. 10.
JB M ENALLY, Attorney at Law. Clearfield.
. i a. Practices in Clearfield and . adjoinin"
counties. Office in new brick ,lri;ir,.n ;::-
the rtiiilcnpii llf Jam.. Ti ('...!.. . - s
Nov. 10
-Sh unklveilrr Jk O
k r . . .
r mi iwr past larors, would respectfuDy solicit i
itinuance of a share of public nairnnn i. tk-i
continuance of a share of public patronage ia their
uMui Business, cnop on lUird st. Nov. 10. ;
RICHARD MOSSOP, Dealer in F.rcign and Do
mestic Dry Goods, Groeoriea, Flour, Baoon.
Liquor s, A c Room, on Market street, a few door
west of Journal Office, Clearfield. Pa. . Apr27.
LAJRIER TEST, Attorneys at Law.Clear
field, Pa. AY ill attend promptly to all leeal
and other business entrusted to their care in Clear
field and adjoining counties. August . 18o
Attorneys at Law, Clearfield. Pa. Office on
Market street, directly opposite Richard Messop s
store. Deeds and other legal instruments prepar
ed with promptness and accuracy. Feb 13
JOHN RUSSEL A CO., Tanners and Curriers.
Pennville, Clearfield Co , Pa. Keep constantly
on hand an excellent assortment of leather, which
they offer for sale at the lowest cash prices. Hides
of all kinds taken in exchange. - Julyl5-54. -
JOHN Hl'IDEKOPER, Civil Engineer and Land
tJ Surveyor, offers his professional services to tha
citizens of Clearfield county. All business en
trusted to him will be promptly and faithfully ex
ecuted. He can be found at the banking house of
Leonard, Finney A Co. Sept. 21, 1859.
DR. M. WOODS, tenders his professional oerri-
ces to the oiiizeftS cf 0rrf M nnd vicinifv.
Residence on Second street, opposite the olhce if
L.J. Crane. Esq. Office, the same that waa rwom.
ly occupied by Hon. G R. Barrett, where he can
be touud unless absenton riofessional business.
DENTAL CARD. A. M. SMITH, offers hi Pro
fessional services to the Ladies and G
of Clearfield and vicinity. All operations upon the
teeth executed with neatness and despatch. Being
familiar with all the late improvements he is pre
pared to make artificial teeth in the best manner.
Office in Shaw's New Row, Clearfield. Sep. 15.
TOUR' TEETH ! DR. A. M. HILLS, desires to
announce to his friends and natrons, that ha
is now devoting all of his time to operations in Den
tistry. Those desiring his services will find bin at
his office, adjoining bis resident), ai uamtlj all
times, and always on Friday and Satardavn. un
less notified otherwise in tke town papers the week
before. All wock warranted to be satigfaatnrv.
Bills of Exchancc, Notes and Drafts DiacouDtel '
Deposits received. Collections made, and proceeds
promptly remitted. Exchange on the Cities em-
stantly on hand. Office, on Second street, in tha
roog lately occupied by W. A. Wallace, Esd.
4 Asics t. lkosard. : ; ::::::: d. a. pinmv.
wm a. Wallace. : : : : : : : : : a. c. fix net.
Clearfield County, Pa. The subscriber begs leave
to inform his old customers and the pablic gene
rally that he has recently taken the above well
known stand, and that he has entirely re St tod and
refurnished it in a style adapted to the age. and
the wants of the entire travelling community.
IirS TABLE will always be provrded with every
luxury the markets and Surroundiug country will
afford. HIS BAR will be supplied with the choi
cest wines and liquors. HIS STABLES, which
are tne Desi ana mo.it commodious on tne road
within a day's travel, will always be in charge of
careful and attentive hostlers. In short, every
department of his establishment will be supplied
with all the cetnferte and conveniences the weary
traveller Could desire. WM. A. MASON. -
Curwensville, June. 2, 1858.
CABINET MAKER. The subscriber wishes
to inform his old friends and customers, that be
is now carrying on the Cabinet Making business,
on "his own hook," , at his old shop on Market
Street, nearly opposite the "old Jew 3tore," where
he keeps on hand, and is prepared to manufacture
to order, every description of Cabinet-Ware, that
miy be wanted in this section of country : con
sisting of Sofas, Lounges, Mahogony and Common -
uureaus, writing and Wash stands; centre, inn,
ing and Breakfast Tables : Mahogany and Com ,
mon Bedsteads : Sewlne Stands, Ac, Ac. He wil '
also repair furniture and chairs, in good styl
cheap for cash. House Painting done on short no .
tice, and easy terms. Now is the time to buy at
reasonable prices, as I intend to sell every thing
in my line of business at the cheapest cash rates.
Walk in and examine the articles on hand, and
judge for yourselves, of the quality and finish.
vuuutx j pruuut-g f ocvtveu in payment. r
April 13, 1859 . . A JOHN OUELtClI. j
N. B Coffins made to order on short nnt(i i.- t
funerals attended with a neat hearse, aad appro
.wmy.Djui.aan, wnen aesirea. j. tf .
A LARGE- etbckloC Queenswaxe, Earthen and;
n .w?w n are at KD, ATft A Co's.