Raftsman's journal. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1854-1948, June 27, 1860, Image 4

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rri.. t i ... nnvi;.l,.1 nn Wed
,mAm-v at ti M nnr innnm in advance. ' If not
paid at the beginning of the yoar, f 2,00 will
BI tta
Jl......T will h tniMrted at S1.00 P
AW a.1.1 ifc.. m " " '
.fit i fnv thraa nf In i insertions, x or
very additional insertion 25 cents will be oharg
d. A deduction will be made to yearly adver
tisers. . .Vnriaf time than
six month., and no paper will b .discontinue" un-
.no aoDHcriDiiun uuu iui ,
til all arrearages i
rages are paia, exoeP. - - -
ut puDiisner.
rnrwrtf T1IRECTORY.
Pres'tJndge Hon. Samuel Linn, Bellefonte,
Aa'te Judges Hon. Wm. L. Moore, Clearfield.
Hon Benj'n. Bonsall, Luthersburg.
Sheriff. . ".' Fred'k G. Miller, . Clearfield
Prothonotary, John L. Cuttle, . . ..
Reg. A Bee. . James Wrigley, . . . " .
District Att'y, Robert J.Wallace, . . ' '. '
Treasurer. . . Geo. B. Goodlander, , "
Co. Surreyor, H. B. Wright, . . Glen Hope.
Commiss'n'rs, George Earhard, . . NewMillport-
William McCracken, Lumber City.
Wm. Merrell, . . . Clearfield.
Auditors. . . Aaron C. Tate, . . Clearfield.
Isaac W. Graham, .
J.B.Shaw, . . .Clearfield.
Coroner. . . - George Richards, . . Clearfield. -
Townships. Names of P. O. Names of P.M.
Beccaria, Glen Hope, - - Elam Rakestraw
Bell, . - - Bower, - - Mary Elder.
.... Chest," ... - Thos.A. M'Uhee,
. . - Cuah, ... - - J.W Campbell.
.... Ostend, - - - - Lewis Smith.
Roggs, - - - Clearfield Bridge, - P. B. Miller.
Bradford, - Woodland, .- - - Edw'd. Williams
Brady, - Luthersburg, -. A L. Schnell.
... Troutville, - - - Jacob Kunts. .
. Jefferson Line, - . John Hoover.
Burnside, - NewWashingtont - J.M. Cummings.
... Burnside, - - J as. Mc Murray.
Clearfield, - Clearfield, - - - Chas. D. Watson.
Covington, Frenchville, - P. Coudriet
" - - - Karthaus, - - - J. F.W. Schnarr
Curwensville Curwensville, - - Samuel Way.
Decatur, Phillpsburg, Centre county, Pa. ;.
Ferguson, - Marron, - - -.Edm. Williams.
Poz, - - - Hellen Post Office, Elk county, Pa.
Girard, - - - Leconte's Mills, - C. Mignot.:-
... Bald Hills, - - - William Carr.
Goshen, - - Shawsville, A. B. Shaw.
Graham, - - Graham ton,- - Jas. B. Graham.
Huston, Tyler, - - - - David Tyler. . -
... Pennfield, - - - II. Woodward.
Jordan, - - Ansonville, - - - Eliza Chase.
Karthaus, - Salt Lick, . ? - - Geo. Heckadorn
Knox, New Millport, - - - D. E. Mokel.
Lawrence, - Breckenndge, - - J.W.Thompson.
Morris, - - - Kylertown, - - - Jas. Thompson.
" ... Morrisdale. - - - Jas. McClelland.
Penn, - - Lumber City.t --WW. Wright.
" .... Grampian Hills, - A. C. Moore,
Pike, Curwensville, - - Samuel Way.
.... Bloomingville, - - Michael Wise.
Union, - - Rockton, - : - - - Win. F. Johnson.
Woodward, Jeffries, - - . - Thos Henderson
.... Smith's Mills, - - J. A. Hegarty.
J This Post Office will do for Chest township,
ill answer for Ferguson township.
FIED, PA; The undersigned would respectfully
inform his friends and the travelling public in
general, that he has taken the above house, (for
merly known as the Hemphill Hotel,) and that
the house has been recently refitted, improved
and newly furnished ; that extensive stabling
has just been completed; and that he is pre
pared to accommodate all who may give hiin
a call in the most pleasing and agreeable manner.
He is amply provided with everything to render
his house a desirable stopping place, and will
endeavor to entertain his guests in a manner that
cannot fail to give the fullest satisfaction. The
house is situated in a pleasant and quiet part of
the town, and no expense or attention will be spa
red to make it one of the best houses in the county.
A liberal patronage is respectfully solicited. His
bar will be supplied with an assortment of choice
liquo s. jnne2-'58 H. HAYS MORROW.
JLi dersigned take this method of informing the
public generally that they have entered into co
partnership in the Elacksmithing business, and
can be found at the shop formerly occupied by Ja
cob Shunkweiler, on Third street, in the borough
of Clearfield, where they will be pleased to see
their old customers, and as many new ones as can
make it convenient, to give them a call.
Bring on your hoes, your spades, and picks,
Your log chains and your pulling sticks,
, Your sleds, your sleighs, your horse and mart,
' ' No three-year old, shall then go bare.
. Your spears we'll work up then just right, 1
' To pruning hooks for every hight,
. Your swords too, shall then be wrought
: To plough-shares such as Cain ne'er bought.
Dec. 6, 1858. GEORGE W. ORR.
BIBLES. The Bible Society of Clearfield co.,
- hereby gives notice that their books, name
ly. Bibles and Testaments, are deposited in the of
fice of James Wrigley, Register and Recorder at
Clearfield. - The books are of various sizes and a-
dapted to supply either private individuals or Sun
diT Schools at very cheap rates. Very substan
tial bibles can be had as low as 25 cents apiece,
. . . . A, .
ana lesiamenis as low as ox corns apiece.
The people of the county generally are also in
vited to leave with Mr. Wrigley any donation they
may be pleased to make in aid of the funds of the
Society. . Signed by order of the Executive Com
mittee. i . ALEX. McLEOD. President.
1TEW GOODS. Just received and opening at
XI Irvin s Cheap Corner, a large and well select
ed stock of Spring and Summer Goods, all of
which are offered at lower prices than ever, uau
and examine goods and prices. E. A. IRVIN,
Curwensville, May 7th, 1860-mal6
BONNETS, Florence Braids, English Straws,
Shaker, and other styles, trimmed and nn
trimmed, will be found in variety at the Corner
btoreot JS. A. irvin, curwensville.
TXISTON'S Mill and Cross-cut Saws; Mann's
I J Axes r and a general assortment of Hard
ware, at the fa tore of E. A. Irvin.
Curwensville, may 7th, 1860.
"CARPETS. Woolen and Cotton Girthing, and
j Ingrain, tasting and nag carpets, all of which
will be sold at reduced prices by E. A. Irvin
TRUIT. Dried Apples, pared and unnared
Jj Peaches, Cherries, Prunes and Raisens, at the
cheap corner of i. A. Irvin, Curwensville.
A VERY large stock of Spring and Summer
Clothing, of the latest styles, for sale low by
Curwensville, may 7tn. . A. irvix.
LASS Nails, Paints, Oils, Varnish, Paint and
arnish brushes, at the corner store of
xnay7 E. A. Irvin, Curwensville.
T ABIES' DRESS GOODS, of patterns and tex
JJ tares to please all, will bo found at the Cor
ner Store of may7 - E. A. Irviw.
BOOTS AND SHOES, a larger stock and lower
prices than ever, at Innx'g Cheap Corner
Store, Curwensville. may?
TELLA & OTHER SnAWLS, in variety, at the
Cheap Corner More of E. A. Ibvix.
Carwensrille. May 7th, 1860.
FLOUR, Bacon, Beans and Cloverseed, at the
cheap corner, Curwensville, by E. A. Irvin.
SIDES of Spanish Sole Leather, which will
be sold rery low for cash by E. A. Ibvix.
MACKEREL AND HERRING, for sale at the
tore of E, A. Ibvix, Curwensville. . -
SKELETON SKIRTS, a large variety at reduced
prices, at Irvin's Corner Store. may 7
COOKING STOVES, of various sites and prices'
for sale low by E, A. Ibvix.
J. had at the store of E. A. Irvin, Curwensville.
v7 amine and Teduce the large stock of Dress
Ooods, just received at MOSSOP S. j
B. WOODS, Attorney at Law. Indiana, Pa.
Professional business promptly attended to.
DR. B. F. AKELY, Graham ton, Clearfield coun
ty, Penn'a. April 1.
DO. CROUCH, Phtsiciax, Curwensville, Clear
afield county, Penn'a. . May 14.
TTVR. H. R. BRYANT, Luthersburg, Pa., tenders
' ma proiesaionai services to mepuDiio in gen
eral. . Luthersburg, October 13,1859 ,
LJ. CRANS, Attorney at Law and Real Estate
. Agent, Clearfield, Pa. Office adjoining his
residence, on Second street. . May 16. '
ILLIAM A. WALLACE, Attorney at Law.
Clearfield, Pa. Office, one door north of the
Post Office, on Second street. Sept. 1.
ROBERT J. WALLACE, Attorney at Law, (and
District Attorney,) Clearfield, Pa. Office in
Shaw's new row, Market street. May 26.
HBUCHER SWOOFE, Attorney at Law, Clear
. field, Pa. Office in Graham's Row, one door
east of the 'RafUman's Journal' office. Nov 10.
FRANK SHORT, Boot and Shoe-maker. Shop,"
on Second street, (nearly opposite Reed and
Weaver's Store,) Clearfield, Pa. May 4, 1859..
TW. MOORE, Land Surveyor, will attend to all
. business entrusted to him with care and dis
patch. Grampian Hills, Pa., Nov. 23, '59-6mp.
MA. FRANK, Justice of the Peace, Market St.,
. Clearfield, Pa. Business entrusted to his
care will receive prompt attention. Collections
made and money remitted Apr27'59.
GEORGE W. RHEEM, Dealer in Drugs, Medi
cines, Stationary and Fancy articles. Room
formerly occupied by Lorain, on Market Street,
Clearfield. Sell cheap, for eash Apr20.
WILLIAM F. IRWIN, Markctstreet, Clearfield,
' Pa., Dealer in Foreign and Domestic Mer
chandise, Hardware, Quecnsware, Groceries, and
family articles generally. Nov. 10.
JOHN GUELICH, Manufacturer of all kinds of
Cabinet-ware, Market street, Clearfield, Pa.
He also makes to order Coffins, on short notice, and
attends funerals with a hearse. Aprl0,'59.
JOSHUA S. JOHNSON, Cabinet Maker, Market
street, Clearfield, Pa. He will also attend fu
nerals with a hearse, when called on; and make
coffins to order, on short notice. Nov. 10.
DR. WM. CAMPBELL, offers his professional
services to the citizens of Morris and adjoin
ine townships. Residence with J. 1). Tiannincr in
Kylertown, Clearfield county. May 11,1859.
AB. SHAW, Shawsville, Clearfield county.Pa.,
. Dealer in Drv (landi. OrncpnVi Hmri .,.
Queensware, Ac, sells cheap for Cash, or exchan
ges for Lumber or approved country produce.
HF. NAUGLE, Watch and Clock Maker, and
1 dealer in Watch.. .Tp
- 7 ---J u-va -a.'-V'l' Ul 1 11
bbaW fl DOW TOW. MarlfAt etrPAt nr.nrw; f a rVv a
man Journal office, Clearfield, Pa. Nov. 10.
JB ! M'ENALLY, Attorney at Law, Clearfield,
. Pa. .Practices in Clearfield and adioininc
counties. Office in new brick addition, adjoining
the residence of James B. Graham. Nov. 10.
33 ful for past favors, would respectfully solicit a
cuuiiuusuiio ui a snare 01 puouc patronage in their
line of business. Shop on Third st. Nov. 10.
V" TCIIART) MOSSOP n..: ! -c- : j t.
- . V ' aM JL UlCIgH a jlu-
XV mestic Dry Goods, Groceries, Flour, Bacon,
Liquors, Ac Room, on Market street, a few doors
wcm ui uuurifu ujice, ciearneia, i'a. Apr27.'
LARRIMER A TEST, Attorneys at Law, Clear
field. Pa. Will attend promptly to all legal
uk wiuer uuainoss eniruscea to tneir care in Clear-
neia ana adjoining counties. August 6, 1856.
THOMAS J. M'CULLOUGII. Attorney at Law,
and Notary Public, Clearfield, Pa. Office on
Market street, directly opposite Richard Mossop's
store. Deeds and other legal instruments prepar
ed with promptness and accuracy. - Feb. 13.
JOHN RUSSEL & CO., Tanners and Curriers,
Pennville, Clearfield Co , Pa. Keep constantly
on hand an excellent assortment of leather, which
they offer for sale at the lowest cash prices. Hides
of all kinds taken in exchange. . Julyl5-54.
JOHN HUIDEKOPER, Civil Engineer and Land
. . SrTeyor, offers his professional services to the
citizens of Clearfield county. All business en
trusted to him will be promptly and faithfully ex
ecuted. He can be found at the banking house of
Leonard, Finney & Co. Sept. 21, 1859.
DR. M. WOODS, tenders his professional servi
ces to the citizens of Clearfield and vicinity.
Residence on Second street, opposite the office of
L.J. Crans, Esq. Office, the same that was recent
ly occupied by Hon. G R. Barrett, where he can
be found unless absenton professional business.
ENTAL CARD A. M. SMITH, offers his pro
fessional services to the Ladies and Gentlemen
of Clearfield and vicinity. All operations upon the
teeth executed with neatness and despatch. Being
familiar with all the late improvements he is pre
pared to make artificial teeth in the best manner.
Office in Shaw's New Row, Clearfield. Sep. 15.
OCR TEETH ! DR. A. M. HILLS, desires to
announce to his friends and patrons, that he
is now devoting all of his time to operations inDeu
tistry. Those desiring his services will find him at
his office, adjoining his residence, at nearly all
times, and always on Fridays and Saturdays, un
less notified otherwise in the town papers the week
before. All work warranted to be satisfactory.
BOOT A SHOE MAKING.-Theundersignedhav-ing
en tared into partnership in the above bu
siness, at the end of the new bridge, 1J miles a
bove Clearfield borough, are prepared to do all
kinds of work in their line on the shortest notice
and most reasonable terms. JOHN S. HOYT
A. G. HOYT. '
N. B. All kinds of country produce and hides
taken in exchange for work. June 23, 1858
v u x a. a. nil 1 F
rrr Jr-cS) zXa
3 ... n a well tupphed to . . 1359.
Bills of Exchange, Notes and Drafts Discounted.
Deposits received. Collections made, and proceeds
promptly remitted. Exchange on the Cities con
stantly on hand. Office, on Second street, in the
rooB lately occupied by W. A. Wallace, Esd-
jame3 t. leoxard. d. a. finney.
wm. a. Wallace. :::::::::: a. c. rixxsr.
Clearfield County, Pa. The subscriber begs leave
to inform his old customers and the public gene
rally that he has recently taken the above well
known stand, and that he has entirely refitted and
refurnished it in a style adapted to the age, and
the wants of the entire travelling community.
HIS TABLE will always be provrded with every
luxury the markets and surrounding country will
afford. -HIS BAR will be supplied with the choi
cest wines and liquors. HIS STABLES, which
are me Dest ana most commodious on the road
within a day's travel, will always be in eharva f
careful and attentive hostlers. In short, every
department of his establishment will be supplied
with aU the comforts and conveniences the weary
traveller oould desire. WM. A. MASON.
Curwen?ville, June 2, 1858.
dealer is ; ;
IF you want ground White Lead, go to Mosscr's.
IF you want fine ground Zinc, go to - Mossop's.
IF you want Pure Flax-seed Oil, go to Mossop's.
IF you want superior Coal Oil go to Mossop's.
IF you want superior Cloths, go to Mossop's
IF you want Fancy Cassimeres, go to . Mossop's
IF you want Black Cassimeres, go to Mossop's.
IF you want plain A fancy Tweeds, goto Mossop's
IF you want superior Cassinets, go to Mossop's.
IF you want superior Sattinets, go to Mossop's.
IF you want fashionable Bonnets, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Calicoes, new styles, go to Mossop's.
IF you want new fancy DeLaines, go to Mossop's.
IF you want good French Chintz, go to Mossop's.
IF you want French Ginghams, go to Mossop's.
IF you wantDomestio Ginghams, go to Mossop's.
IF you want first rate Alpacas, go to . Mossop's.
IF you want a good Undershirt, go to Mossop's.
IF you want fashionable Coats, go to Mossop's.
IF you want fashionable Pants, go to Mossop's.
IF you want fashionable Neck ties.go to Mossop's.
IF you want fashionable Vests, go to Mossop's
IF you want fashionable Hats, go to Mossop's.
IF you want fashionable Uand'ks, go to Mossop's.
IF you want fashionable Boots, go to Mossop's.
IF you want fashionable Shoes, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Boys' Coats A Pants, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Children's Shoes, go to Mossop's.
IF you want good brown Muslin, go to Mossop's.
IF you want good White Muslin, go to Mossop's.
IF you want good colored Muslins, go to Mossop's.
IF you want silk Handkerchiefs, go to Mossop's
IF you want cotton Hand kerchiefs.go to Mossop's
IF you want Linen Table cloths, go to Mossop's
IF you want cotton Table cloths, go to Mossop's
IF you want UmbrellasAParasols, go to Mossop's
IF you want a superior Clock, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Fancy Carpet Sacks, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Table Oil Cloths, go to Mossop's.
IF you want good Floor Oil Cloth, go to Mossop's.
IF you want new School Books, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Nails ana Spikes, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Hardware of all kinds, go to Mossop's.
IF you want a good Grass Scythe, go to Mossop's.
IF you want a good Hay Fork, go to Mossop's.
IF you want a good Manure Fork, go to Mossop's.
IF you want good Garden Spades, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Willow Baskets, go to Mossop's.
IF you want a good Buggy Whip, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Tobacco and Cigars, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Fancy Wall Paper, go to Mossop's.
IF you want ManillaA hemp cords, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Palm or Fancy Soap, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Shoe Lasts and Pegs, go to Mossop's.
IF you want good Saw-mill Saws, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Powder, Lead A Shot, go to Mossor's.
IF you want good Shoe Blacking, go to Mossop's.
IF you want good Stove Blacking, go to Mossop's.
IF you want superior Black Ink, go to Mossop's.
IF you want a Smoothing Iron, go to - Mossop's.
IF you want good Extra Flour, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Extra Family Flour, go to Mossop's
IF you want good smoked Hams, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Sides or Shoulders, go to Mossop's.
IF you want excellent Dried Beef, go to Mossop's.
IF you want good Brown Sugar, go to Mossop's.
IF you want superiorWhite Sugar, go to Mossop's.
IF you want the best Rio Coffee go to Mossop's
IF you want Extract of Coffee, go to Mossop's
IF you want good Imperial Tea, go to Mossop's.
IF you want good Black Tea, go to Mossop's
IF you want good Young Hyson, go to Mossop's.
IF you want coarse or fine Salt, go to Mossop's.
IF you want excellent Rice, go to - Mossop's.
IF you want fresh ground Spices, go to Mossop's.
IF you want superior Candies, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Adamantine Candles, go to Mossop's
IF you want good Tallow Candles, go to Mossop's.
IF you want good fresh Mackerel, go to Mossop's.
IF you want good fresh Herring, go to Mossop's.
IF you want superior White Fish, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Molasses, all kinds, go to Mossop's.
IF you want fine Dried Peaches, go to Mossop's,
IF you want fine Dried Apples, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Oranges and Lemons, go to Mossop's.
IF you want old Monongahela, go to . Mossop's.
IF you want Port Wine, superior, go to Mossop's.
IF you want ". for Medical use, go to Mossop's.
IF you want . " " Sacramental use,go to Mossop's.
IF you want good Cherry Brandy go to Mossop's.
IF you want good Sweet Wine, go to Mossop's.
Clearfield, Pa., April 27, 1859.
The National Conventions
Are drawing very near, -. ,
And what I now will tell you, , ;
I know your hearts will cheer. .
Joe Gwinner now is with you,
And sells as cheap a lot ' "
Oi Goods, as ever yet have been
' ' . To Clearfield county brought.
Of Cashmeres he has a quantity, --
Black, Fancy Satinets,
Also plain Flannel Coverlets,
Together with Blan-kets.
; ' A quantity of Stocking Yarn,'
. You'll find that he does keep ; V
Likewise you'll find his prices r
Are truly very cheap. ' "
.N. B.. The market price paid in cash for wool.
AILS, GLASS, Oils, Paints, Ac, to be had at
the most reasonable nricen. &t the,
FISH. BACON AND SALT, just received and
for sale at moderate prices at the store of
FLOUR ! FLOUR !! The undersigned hav
ing made arrangements with a large manu
facturing establishment to supply him with Flour,
he gives notice to the public that he is prepared
to furnish ail who want a good article, at the very
lowest price, in as large or small quantities as
my be desired. He also keeps on hand constant
ly liquors of all kinds, whioh he will sell whole
sale or retail. JAS. H. GALER.
Tyrone City, Pa, July 11th, 1859.
NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that in the
Court of Common Pleas of Clearfield county,
on the 17th day of April A. D. 1860, application
was made to the said Court to grant a charter of
Incorporation to "The Trustees of the Clearfield
Methodist Episcopal Church," and that if no suffi
cient reason is shown to the contrary, the said ap
plication or petition will be granted at the next
Term, to wit, at the Term commencing on the third
Monday of June A. D 1860.
may 2 JOHN L. CUTTLE, Proth'y.
SHOP AHEAD!!'! The subscriber thankful
for past favors, takes this method of informing
his old customers and the publio in general, that
he fias removed his shop from the Foundry to the
shop formerly occupied by George W. Orr, on Sec
ond street, Clearfield, Pa., where he will continue
to manufacture Wagons of every description, to
order, of good material and in a workmanlike
manner. Also, Wheelbarrows, Harrows, Grain
cradles, Ac, made on short notice, in superior
style, and of the best stock. Repairing of every
kind done with dispatch, and on reasonable terms.
June 29, 1859. WILLIAM R. BROWN.
Centre county, Pa. The undersigned would
respectfully inform the traveling public that he
has recently purchased the above named Hotel,
which he has remodeled and furnished with new
beds, Ac, and is now prepared to accommodate all
customers in the best manner possible. His house
is pleasantly located, and therefore a desirable
stopping place. His table will at all times be sup
plied with the best in the market, and his bar will
be filled with the best liquors in this section of
country. He would especially invite his Clear
field county friends to give him a call as they
pass along, being fully persuaded that he can ren
der satisfaction to all who may favor him with
their custom. THOS. ROBINS.
Philipsburg, May 9th, i860.
having fitted np a shop a few doors east of
the Old Jew Store," on Market street, desires to
inform the community at large, that he keeps on
hand a variety of CABINET WORK, at his
shop, and that he manufactures to order, (of su
perior finish,) every description of Household and
Kitchen furniture, among which are Centre, and
Dining Tables; Mahogony and Common Bureaus;
Common and Fancy Bedsteads, Stands. Safes, Cup
boards. Sofas, Lounges, Ac, which he is determin
ed to dispose of at as cheap rates, for eash, as they
can be purchased at any other establishment of
the sort in the county. Persons wishing, to buy
furniture are invited to come to his shop and ex
amine nis articles, and judge tor themselves of its
quality and finish, before purchasing elsewhere,
as he feels confident that he ean suit them in price
and quality. Country produce will be taken in
payment for furniture. November 10. 1858.
N- B. He is also prepared to make COFFINS to
order on the shortest notice, and attend funerals
with a hearse, when called upon. J. S. J.
the Honorable SAMUEL LINN. Esauire,
President Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of
the twenty-bttu Judicial District, composed of the
counties of Clearfield. Centre and Clinton and the
Honorable William L. Moore and Benjamin Bon
sail, Associate Jndges of Clearfield county, have
issued their precept, to me directed, for the hold
ing of a Court of Common Pleas, Orphans' Court,
Court of Quarter Sessions, Court of Oyer A Termi
ner, and Court of General Jail Delivery, at Clear
field, in and for Clearfield co., on the 'third Mon
day, the 18th day of JUNE next, in tho Metho
dist Ep. church in said borough, - -.
NOTICE IS, therefore, hereby given, to the Cor
oner, Justices of the Peace, and Constables, in and
for said-county of Clearfield, to appear in their own
proper persons with their Rolls, Records, Inquisi
tions. Examinations, and other Remembrances, to
do those things which to their offices, and in their
behalf, pertain to be done, and Jurors and H itnes
ses are requested to be then and there attending,
and not to depart without leave, at their peril.
GIVEN under my hand at Clearfield, this 16th day
of May in the year of our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and sixty and the eighty-second
year of American Independence.
It is a fact that, at some period, every mem
ber of the human family is subject to disease or
disturbance of the bodily functions ; but, with the
aid of a good tonic and the exercise of plain com
mon sense, they may be able so to regulate the sys
tem as to secure permanent health. In order to ac
complish this desired object, the true eourse to pur
sue is certainly that which will produce a natural
state of things at the least hazard of vital strength
and life.- For this purpose, Dr. Hostetter has in
troduced to this country a preparation bearing his
name, which is not a new medicine, but one that
has been tried for years, giving satisfaction to all
who have used it. The Bitters operate powerfully
upon the stomach, bowels, and liver, restoring them
to a healthy and vigorous action, and thus, by
the simple process of strengthening nature, ena
ble the system to triumph over disease.
For the cure of Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Nausea,
Flatulency, Loss of Appetite, or Bilious complaints,
arising from a morbid inaction of the Stomach or
Bowels, prod ucingCramps,Dysentary,Cholic,Chol
era Morbus, Ac, these Bitters have no equal. -
Diarrhoea, dysentery or flux, so generally con
tracted by new settlers, and caused principally by
the change of water and diet, will be speedily reg
ulated by a brief use of this preparation. Dyspep
sia, a disease which is probably more prevalent,
in all its various forms, than any other, and the
cause of which may always be attributed to de
rangements of the digestive organs, can be cured
without fail by using HOSTETTER'S STOMACH
BITTERS, as per directions on the bottle. For
this disease every physician will recommend Bit
ters of some kind ; then why not use an article
known to be infallible? All nations have their
Bitters, as a preventive of disease and strengthen
er of the system in general; and among them all
there is not to be found a more healthy people
than the Germans, from whom this preparation em
anated, based upon scientific experiments which
have tended to prove the value of this great pre
paration in the scale of medical science.
Fever and Ague. This trying and provoking
disease, which fixes its relentless grasp on the bo
dy of man, reducing him to a mere shadow in a
short time, and rendering him physically and men
tally useless, can be driven from the body by the
Further, none of the above-stated diseases can be
contracted, even in exposed situations, if the Bit
ters are used as per directions. And as they nei
ther create nausea nor offend the palate, and ren
der unnecessary any change of diet or interrup
tion of ordinary pursuits, but promote sound sleep
and healty digestion, and the complaint is remo
ved as speedily as is eonsistent with the produc
tion of a thorough and permanent cure.
For Persons in Advanced Years, who are suffer
ing from an enfeebled consitution and infirm body,
these Bitters are invaluable as a restorative of
strength and vigor, and need only be tried to be
appreciated. And to a mother while nursing these
Bitters are indispensable, especially where the mo
ther's nourishment is inadequate to the demands
of the child, consequently her strength must yield,
and here it is where a good tonic, such as HosteU
ter's Stomach Bitters, is needed to impart tempo
rary strength and vigor to the system. Ladies
should by all means try this remedy for all ca
ses of debility, and, before to doing, should ask
their physician, who, if he is acquainted with the
virtue of the Stomach Bitters, will recommend
their use in all cases of weakness.
. Caution. Wo caution the public against using
any of the many imitations or counterfeits, but ask
for Hostetter'' s Celebrated Stomach Bitters, and see
that each bottle has the words "Dr. J. Hostetter's
Stomach Bitters" blown on ihe side of the bottle,
and stamped on the metallic oap covering the cork'
and observe thatour autograph signature is on the
label. LiTPrepared and sold by Hostetter $ Smith,
Pittsburg, Pa., and sold by all druggists, grocers,
and dealers generally throughout the United
States, Canada, South America, and Germany.
Agents Geo.W.Rheem and C.D.Watson, Clear
field; John Patten, Curwensville; D.Tyler. Hus
ton ; F. K. Arnold, Luthersburg. Sept21.'59.
TTOTICE.r-I have transferred all my interest
x in the store lately owned ana kept Dy me at
Curwensville to my son. Edward A. Irvin. The
... ; , , t , - , , o , ? ,
oiura wiu 00 conunuea in nis name. Dee ms nu-
vertisement. WM.. Iftvllv
Curwensville, 7th May. 1860 malfi
The undersigned respectfully inform their friends
and patrons that they have just received and o-
pened an extensive and well selected assortment of
at the old stand on Second street, Clearfield; Pa.
The stock consists of a general assortment of Dry
Goods,' tach as C'oihs, Cassimeres, Cassinetts,
Tweeds, Muslins, Calicoes, Flannels, Ginghams,
and a variety of Ladies'' Dress Goods, fyel, J-r.
Also, Groceries, Hardware, Queensware, and a u
sual assortment of such articles as are wanted by
the community at large, all of which will be sold
at reasoable rates for cash, or exchanged for ap
proved country produce. Give us a call.
May 9, 1860. REED, WEAVER A CO.
containing 124 acres 85 cleared and under
good fence.. A log house 22 by 25, plank house 16
by 18, log barn, smithy and all necessary out-buildings
thereon. Large springand spring-bouse con
venient to house. The land is well watered and
has sufficient wood and fencing timber. There is
an orchard of large grafted trees, and a young or
chard on place, all choice fruit. It is convenient
for-pastunng droves. ALSO, one containing 90 a
cres 10 cleared and under fence balance well
timbered. This land has s log house and stable
thereon. For terms apply to
October 13. L. J. CRANS, Clearfield.
Just receiving and opening, a large and well
selected assortment of Spring and Sammer Goods,
of almost everdeserption, Staple and Faney ; a
beautiful assortment of ;
of the latest and mostapproved styles ; also a great
variety of useful Notions, a large assortment of
Ready-made Clothing, Hats and Caps,
Drugs and Medicines, Oils and Paints,
Carpets and Oil Cloths ;
all of which will be sold at the lowest sash or
ready-pay prices. All are respectfully invited to
call. , ; . Wm. F.IRWIN.
Clearfield, Pa., May 16, 1S00.
FERRY. Brown-, the leader of the Insur
rection, found guilty of Murder and Treason i 7
the Fitst degree. The above named 'insurrection'
caused a great deal of gas to be let off by leading
politicians and the political press of this great
country, and in fact, the majority of the people of
all parties, were more or less excited on reading
the first account of the insurrection some of the
papers trying to make political capital out of the
affair and others making light of the matter. But
if it had been an Italian strike for Freedom a
gainst their lawful sovereign, led on by Mazzinni
or Garibaldi, the Press of this country, with but
one exception, would call meetings and pass reso
lutions and solicit subscriptions to aid them in
their so called patriotic work ; but amidst all this
inconsistency there is one man that is not the least
interested in the fate of Brown or his companions,
and that one is Frank Short of the Short Shoe
Shop on Second street, where he will be found at
all times ready and willing to wait upon persons
calling on him for anything in the Boot, Shoe or
Gaiter line. Thankful for past favors he only asks
a continuance of the same, and will sell as cheap
for cash or hides as any other man in the county.
November, 1859. FRANK SHORT.
Ready for Inspection.
And Selling very fast,
'' ' OF new ;
. Fish, Flour, Bacon, Ac , constantly on hand, at
the lowest prices. may2
The undersigned, desire to inform the citizens of
Clearfield and surrounding vicinity, that they
have recently purchased in tho Eastern cities a
large and well selected stock of seasonable Goods
which they havo'opened in the well-known Room
on Market street, Clearfield, (formerly occupied by
Wm. F. Irwin.) Their stock consists ot a general
assortment of the very best Foreign and Domestic
M-nrvEi. zswj.iv MlUiSS. HATS, CAPS AND
Their stock of DryXloods consists in part of such as
Cloths, Cassimeres, Satinets, Tweeds, Vesting.
Muslins, Tiding, Checis, Calicoes, Chintzes,
Ginghams, Canton and Wool Flannels, De
Lames, Cashmeres, Silts, Plaids, Shawls,
.... . Brilliants, Hosiery, Gloves, etc.. etc..
Also, a preat vnrintv nf T.nioo T!nAf xA n.:t-.
1 o - 4 u viairois,
Misses and Childrens Shoes; Mens', Boys', and
auuiqs iwois, cnoes, nats ana Caps, with a large
" uvwuug, among wnicn are
Perfumery, Cloth and Hair Brushes, Fancy
Soaps, Pens and Pen-holders, Combs, be.
together with many other useful notions, all of
which will be Hold Inv fnr Cm.. I, i 1
.-. , 111 vuuauge
for approved country produce. As their stock is
entirely new, and purchased on tho most advanta
geous terms, they feel confident that they can sell
goods to the advantage of the buyer. Step in
and examine for yourselves, before purchasins
Feb 22.1S53 GRAHAM. BOYKIoSTco
NOTICE. I have transferred all my inte,
est in the stock ot merchandise abd book &T
counts owned by me to- H. D. Patton, E. A Bin!
pie and Daniel Faust, who ara authoriied to'settL
and receive all balances on said books.
Curwensville, Pa., may 10, 1860.
(formerly kept by Mrs. Clements.) The nK.'
scriber respectfully solicits' the patronage of hi
old friends, and assures all rivermen having ha
sin ess in Marietta that no' pains will be spared
for their accommodation and comfort.
Feb. 22. 1860-ly. ABNER M'MICHAEL.
PAY YOUR STOCK. The books of the Ty
rone and Clearfield Railroad Company hive
been placed in myhands for settlement and eol
lection. Persons in Clearfield and Centre countiei
owing balances upon their stock subscribed wil
save costs by calling and arranging them by'pay--ment,
or by settling theitt' by note.
Clearfield. Pa., May 1, 1860 2m.
The undersigned keeps constantly on hand
at his store room is PhilipBOurgy- Centre county
full stock of Flour, IlafflS.hottldeTV Sides; Cef;
fee, Tea, Sugar. Rice, Molasses," Ac.' Alo', Ll-'
quors cf all kinds, Tobacco. Segars, Snuff, Ac;
of which he offers to purchaser! on the most ad
vantageous terms. Give him a call, and try his'
articles. mar21 ROBERT LLOYD
The undersigned f nlrp th; nothnA r
ing the public that he has commenced the manu-
r ... . r a mt ..... .
wiure vi cione- are mine uorough of Clear
field, and thst ho is now prepared to supply all
who may want them witt, Milk ,k.I Pr.. ...l..
Jugs. Jars, Ac, at lower prices, than they can be-
i-isvnuere. lie soiiciis a snare of patron
Clearfield. Pa., Mey 25, 1859-ly.
The undersigned adoctsthi mnthn.1 r ;..
torming the public and the patrons of the late
firm rf S A llihann r !.- v J :
. ......... .v .uui tlW UC9IJTQS car-
rying on the MARBLE BUSINESS iu Belle-
r.na : it 1. m 1 . . .
.vuk, iu ri jlo vnriuus orancnes, ana will hold
himSClf alWAY9 In rft1inAaa frt fiin.0t, i
- - . . .wjw v umiicu liivsc tr ixxj
call upon him. with all kinds of Cemttcrv IVort.
w uic liiivn i-insfira uesigns, ana superior work.
die JTtrmhs, Spires, Obelisk. Grecian Tombs, Ta-
Aicua Clones, yarvca. Sculptured or
nam, us i-neap, 11 noi cneaper, tnan they ca b
had at anv other tiMhK.i.t ;n u - .....
Th ankfnl for past favors, the undersigned solicits
iiellelonte, fa., March 2.1. lS59-tf.
RAILROAD COMPANY. Notice is hereby
given that the books for subscription to the capi
tal stock of the Philipsburg and Waterford Rail
road Company, will be opened on Wednesday the
13th day of June. 1360, at the following places,
where all who desire are veauested to attend and
subscribe stock, vis :
At the office of Walter Barrett, in the ISorouffh
of Clearfield, Clearfield county;
At the othce of I. U. uordon, Lsq.. in the Bor
ough of Broohville, Jefferson county ;
At the oBice- f J. U. Lamberton, i-sti.. Clarion :
. . . - ... . . r w. . - - .
j mo Baice rf, 0. jujers, r-q., i raaklin, Ve
nango county. ;
At the office of II. L. Richmond Esn., Mead
ville, Crawford county.
The books will be kept pen from 10 o'clock a.
m. until 5 o'clock p. m. t said day. Two or more
of the commissioners for the respective countiv
will be in attendance at the time and place ap
pointed to receive the subscriptiorts.
John Patton, L. J. Crans, John Carlisle, Georga
R. Barrett, John Thompson, Reuben 11. Moore,
and James T. Leonard, of Clearfield county ;
Jacob Kroh, Uriah Matson, John J. Y. Thomp
son, Thomas Reynolds and Mark llogtn of Jeffer
son county; -
William T. Alexander, C. L. Lamberton. James
Campbell, John Keatley and Samuel Wilson oi
Clarion county ;
Arnold Tl unier, Thomas Hoge. J. S. Myers. Jas.
Blackley and James Hughes of Venango county ;
J.R.Dick, Edward Leager. II. L. Richmond,
John McFarland and Gaylord Church of Crawford
county, Commissioners, Ac. may 16. 1860.
For Japaned-Ware, goto Mkrrell A Biolkb's.
For Brittania-Ware, go to Merrell A Bioler's
For Hardware, go to Merrell A Bio lex's.
lor Hollow-Ware, go to Merrell A Bislex's
For fancy waiters, go to Merrell A Bioler's.
For fancy deed boxes, go to Merrell A Bigleb's.
For good dust pans, goto Merrell A Uioler's.
For neat molasses cups,go to Merrell A Biolbr's.
For good foot tubs, go to Merrell A Bioler's
For superior lanthorns:go to Merrell A Bigler's.
For water coolers, go to Merrell A Bioler's.
For chamber buckets, go to Merrell A Bicler s.
For stoves of all kinds, go toMEBitELL A Bioler's.
For farmers' boilers, go to Merrell A Bigler's.
For good stove-pipe, go to Merrell A Bigler's.
tor summer furnaces, go to Merrell A Biglei .
For large iron kettles, go to Merrell A Biglrr'i.
tor coffee roasters, go to Menu ell A Bioler's
For stove brushes, go to Merrell A Bioler's.
For German blacklead.go to Merrell A Biglbr's
For stove collars, go to Merrell A Bigler's
F or Rafting stoves, go to Merrell A Bigler's.
For superior coal oil, go to Merrell A Bigler's
lor fancy coal oil lamps, go to Merrell A Bigler's
ror old dominion coffee-pots to Merrell A Bigler's
For fancy gas chandaliers.go to Merrell A Bigler's
For good dinner bells. go to Merrell A Bigler's
For good grain cradles, go to Merrell A Bigler's
For superior ploughs, go to Merrell A Bigler's
I or side hill ploughs, go to Merrell A Bigler's.
For good road scrapers, go to Merrell A Bigler's
lor superior sand screens, go to Merrell ABigler'i
For good platform scales, goto Merrell A BtglerV
- c - fy-j .-j 1 1: 1 1 (v &lirior
tor superior hay scales, go to Merrell A Bigler's.
(-.Km urn pans, go to iuerreii A liigler i.
- 5 , - - 6u..iciicuauieicri.
1 or lancy lamp shades, go to Merrell A Bieier'i.
v. .-yciicr ivnu sine, go lOJierreu & liigler .
For superior fruit cans, go to Merrell A Eigler's.
F or good house-spouting, go to Merrell A Bigler's.
For bar iron of all rinr?a rn m...h . t.-, --
tor superior cast steel, go to Merrell A Bigler's.
For good nails and spikes, go to Merrell A Bigler's.
For good English steel, go to Merrell A Bigler's
lor neat smoothing irons, go to Merrell A Bigler's.
ri.ug oicei, goto Merrell 4 liigler i
tor SUPenor dnor lntra V ..u 1 Ii:
tor American blistersteel, go to Merrell A Bigler's.
ii vu ttiitu ana nics. go to Merrell & liigler .
For Superior nnmn ihtino f ..m T.':i..
t or all pump fixtures, go to Merrell A Bigler's
ror gooa nuggy springs, goto Merrell A Bigler i
tor butts and hinxma Air- on tU..,it a. T;1..'
tor superior brass Kettles, go to Merrell A Bigleri,
tor good mastin kettles, go to Merrell A Bigleri.
t or good sausage cutters, go to Nerrell A Bigler i-
w VVU oauoagefiiuixers, go to Merrell yitgior
For sunerior rnffoA tnilta A n . i;
For superior porch feet, go to Merrell A Bigler
VA Olinifnl al. 1. a.- . . . a . I
x . ouuv ci piougu wings, go to Merrell A fcigier i.
tor ITOOd horRA kta naila . I. U....II 1. IKU.'i
tor superior hotel lamps, go to Merrell A Bigler i
- - vvr uniucB, go 10 lerreii a iigter
rOr PUPennr irate h in rrr a 1 1 t, I;W
tor superior jack chains, goto Merrell A Bigleri
t or long handled shovels, go to Merrell A Bigler 'i
For spades and hay forks, go to Merrell A Big'er'i
For hoes and iron rakes, go to Merrell A Bigler i
t or ferrels of all sixes, go to Merrell A Bigler i
For 8UIerior hraaa ont- it n . T:i.r'a
tor brass eandle sticks, go to Merrell A Bigler'
For brass snuffers a locks, go to Merrell A Bigler
For superior lard lamps, go to Merrell A Bigler i
tor good lemon squeeiers.go to Merrell A Eigler's
t or good cork screws, go to Merrell A Bigler I
tor e&rer codler a Kaa . 1 1 . rj.Ur'i
t or good bread toasters, go to Merrell A Bigler
For superior flesh fork. ntn m vrA.l Mr. Tl i trier
For firOOli fcAAt.nflP InAAni M U TNtUv-'I
tor good twine boxes, go to Merrell A Bigler
tor neat spring balances, go to Merrell A Bigl '
For ffood corn rrindon wnnrA.il t, Hirrlfir'l
I or good corn shellers, go to Merrell A Bigle','
r or patent saw gumers, go to Merrell A Bigl"
For superior castors, go to Merrell A Bigler
Country produce, ojd metal, brass and eorr
takes ia eAchinas. Clearfield. June S. 1653