Raftsman's journal. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1854-1948, May 09, 1860, Image 3

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7r t., ., ftn Market street. Clearfield,
.. WJl. -
Ia , has received and opened a large stock 01
beautiful Spring and Summer Goods, whicb
he oflers to purchasers on the most advan-
tageous terms. - . . ;
Tho U.S. Hotel, Phillipsburg, as will be
,een by an advertisement In this paper, has
beQn taken by Thomas Robins, formerly of
misplace. Tommy is a clever fellow, and
will no doubt do everything in his power to
render satisfaction to his guests.
A Fire almost. The dwelling bonse of
Mr. C. Z. McCuIlough in the north part of
town, came near being burned last Sunday.
A pilo of shavings were ignited, it is suppos
ed by some boys playing with matches, but
fortunately;the fire was discovered by Mr.s M.
in time to prevent the building irom being
Lahoe Rapi.-We have seen mention made
in some of our exchanges of a couple largo
rafts that were taken to market this spring.
The largest, however, that passed down the
jjivcr was one made by James Gorman, for
Eben. McMasters, and run safely from Cur
wensvHlo to Tort Deposit. It contained 82
sticks, was 300 feet long, and had in it 12,200
feet of timber, Marietta measure enough for
two' ordinary sized raits.
Tue New Bask. The requisite amount of
stock having been subscribed lor the "Clear
field County Bank," and tho other require
ments having been complied with, tho Audi
tor Geceial has issued a certificate, which is
' tiled in the Recorder's office in this place,
and as soon as tho notes can bo procured, the
bank will be fully organized and opened for
business. This is-the first charter granted
under the new banking law, and there wi.'I
necessarily be a little delay in getting np
plates and printing bills. -The stock is all ia
the hands of citizens of the county.
At a meeting ot the Board of managers of
the Clearfield county Bible society, held on
th evening of April 16th, 1860, Mr. Josiah
Evans of Curwensvillo was appointed Bible
colporteur for Clearfield County. Mr. Evans
is well and favorably known by the citizens of
this county, so that any further recommenda
tion on our part is unnecessary.
Mr. Evans is authorized to distribute the
Bible and to solicit donations tit aid of the so
ciety from alt whom he may visit.. Sunday
schools will bo supplied by hirawith Bibles
and Testaments.
, The ministers of the Gospel throughout the
county, aro kindly, but earnestly requested to
to take up collections in their various congre
gations in aid of the society, and forward tho
amount thus collected to the Treasurer, Mr.
li-.P. Geulicb, or the President, Rev. Dr.
JicLeod, Clearfield, Pa. -
. A. McLeod, President.
. v J. R. Focht, Secretary.
Pursuant to law, a Convention of tho School
Directors of Clearfield county was held at the
Town Hall in the Borough of Clearfield, on
Monday, May 7th, 18C0.
Ges. Jous Patton was elected President ;
Ellis Irwin and Thomas Leonard, Vice Presi
dents ; aud John Russell and L. J. Crans,
The following Directors were present:
Beccaria township Samuel ShofT.
Boll township Wm. T. Gilbert, John Orr.
Boggs township John W. Kylar, Ilenry
Bradford township Abraham Pierce, E.
Williams, W. K. Wiigley.
Brady township Benjamin Bonsall, John
Beck, Peter Arnold, Julius Terpe.
Burnside township James Riddle.
-Bloom township Charles Cleaver, Charles
M. Golf, David Chilson, John Smith.
Chest township Joseph McCuIlough.
Covington township P. A. Gaulin, F. F.
Coudrict, J. J. Picard.
Clearfield borough M. A. Frank, G.Thorn,
J. B. McEnally, Ilenry Snyder, L. J. Crans.
Curwensvillo borough Daniel Faust,.Wil
liaai McBride, Z. McNaul, John Patton, II. P.
Ferguson township A. J. Jamison.
' Goshen township Robert Shaw, Alexander
Read, S. Lansberry, Jas. Graham, Ellis Irwin.
GIrard township Thomas Leonard.
Guelicb township Daniel Fulkerson, John
G. Cain, Jones Rollin.
" Graham township Moses Evans, John M.
Huston township F. Lamm.
. Jordan township Samuel Miles.
Karthaus township B. D. Hall.
Knox township D. J. Cathcart, William
McKee.. Daniel Bowman, Conrad Baker, R. W.
Lawrence township M. Nichols, Jr., An
drew Addlcman, A. C. Tate, Washington P.
Fulton, Allen Mitchell. .
t -r .
number City James Fcrgnson, J. M. Ross,
Isaac Kirk, II. W. Spencer, J. P. Hile.'
Morris township George Hoover, John
Hoover, Edward Perks.' " "
Penn townshipJohn Russell, Elah Johns
ton, William S. Porter, Elisha Fenton.
Pike township James A. Caldwell, D. C.
Dale, Jcsso Broomall,Eli Bloom, Samuel Long,
Richard Freeman. .. -
Union township David Dressier, William F.
Johnston, D. Welty, H. Courtney, P. H. Booz.
Woodward township Thomaa nA
John Stott, Austin Kline, John M. Chase
unn woir. .
Mr. Gilbert moved that we proceed to fix
the compensation of the County Superinten
dent, which was lost. '
On motion of Mr.. Fenton, the. Convention
proceeded to nominate candidates for the
County Superintendency. '
Mr. Mitchell nominated Charles B. Sanford.
Mr. Kline 4 Jones Rollin.
Mr.. Bowman Jesse Brooiuall.
Mr. Fenton L'. J. Crans.
Mr. Crans immediately declined being con
sidered a candidate, when by leave of the Con
vention Mr. Fenton withdrew his name with
permission to again introduce it.
Mr. Ferguson nominated William T. Thorp.
Mr. Nichols " A. T. Schryver.
Mr." Leonard moved that those on nomina
tion be requested to appear before the Conven
tion and make an address on educational mat
ters, not' exceeding ten minutes, and that dur
ing the time they so occupied' the floor any
pertinent questions might be put to them by
members of the Convention, which was lost.
The Convention now proceeded to ballot for
a County Superintendent. On the first ballot,
Messrs. Shoff, Terpe, Riddle, Ferguson, Elah
Johnstou and Bloom 6 voted for William T.
Messrs. Gilbert, Orr, Kylar, Nichols and
Fenton 5 voted for A. T. Schryver.
Messrs. Shimmel, Pierce, Williams, Bonsall,
Beck, Arnold, McCuIlough, Gaulin, Coudtiet,
Picard, Crans, Frank, Thorn, McEnally, Sny
der, Graham, Lamm, nail, Addleman, Tate,
Fulton, Mitcbell,Georgo Hoover, John Hoover,
Perks, Dressier, Courtney, Booz and Hender
son 29 voted for Charles B. Sanford.
Messrs. Wrigley, Thompson, Fulkerson,
Cain, M iles, Broomall, Kline, Chase and Wolf
9 voted for Jones Rollin.
Messrs. Cleaver, Goff, Chilson, Smith, Faut,
McBride, McNaul, Patton, Jamison, Shaw,
Reed, Lansberry, Irwin, Leonard, Rollin,
Evans, Keating, Catbcarl, Bowman, McKee,
Baker, Patterson, Ross, Kirk, Spencer, Hile,
Russell, Porter, Caldwell, Dale, Long, Free
man, W. F. Johnston, Welty and Stott 85
voted for Jesso Broomall.
On the second ballot, Messrs. Terpo and
Fenton voted for Broomall, Messrs. Bloom and
Wolf voted for Sanford, Mr. Henderson voted
for Schryver, the other directors voting as on
first ballot.
On the third ballot, Messrs. Shoff and Wrig
ley voted for Sanford, Messrs. Gilbert, Orr,
Kylar, Riddle and Ferguson voted for Broom
all, and Mr. Nichols voted for Rollin ; the
other votes being as on previous ballot.
Mr. Fenton again nominated Mr. Crans,
who declined being considered a candidate.
On the fourth ballot,
Messrs. Cleaver, Goff, Chilson, Smith, Faust,
McBride, McNaul, Patton, Jamison, Shaw,
Rued, Lansberry, Irwin, Leonard, Rollin,
Evans, Keating, Cathcart, Bowman, McKee,
Baker, Patterson, Koss, Kirk, Spencci, Hile,
Russell, Porter, Caldwell, Dale, Long, Free
man, W. F. Johnston, Welty, Stott, Terpe,
Fenton, Gilbert, Orr, Kylar, Riddle, Fergu
son, and Elah Johnston 43 voted for Jesse
Broomall. ..'.-
Messrs. Shimmel, Pierce, Williams, Bonsall,
Beck, Arnold, McCuIlough, Gaulin, Coudriet,
Picard, Crans, Frank, Thorn, McEnally, Sny
der, Graham, Lamm, nail, Addleman, Tate,
Fulton, Mi tchell,George Hoover, John Hoover,
Perks, Dressier, Courtney, Booz, Bloom, Wolf,
Shoff and Wrigley 32 voted for Charlej B.
Messrs. Thompson, Fulkerson, Cain, Miles,
Broomall, Kline, Chase, Nichols and Hender
son 9 voted for Jones Rollin.
Whereupon Jesse Broomall was declared
Mr. Miles now moved that the salary be fix
ed at S1.000.
Mr. Cathcart named $300, Mr. Fenton $600,
Mr. Wrigley $500,Mr.Jamison$800,Mr. Fergu
son 400, Mr. McEnally $578.
After a vote having been taken on the re
spective sums,
Mr. McEnally moved that the sum be fixed
at S578. Mr. Crans moved to amend by in
serting scoo.
Tho amendment being put, was lost,yeas
3G, nays 47.
The original motion then prevailed, the vote
being yeas 53, nays 80.
Mr. Miles moved that the directors circulate
petitions praying the Legislature so to change
the law as to permit the directors of this
connty to meet on the third Friday of May
to elect Superintendents ; which, after discus
sion, was withdrawn.
A resolution was then presented that it is
the sense of this convention that no child un
der seven years of age should should be ad
mitted in the common schools. Tabled.
On motion adjourned.
Agricultural Meeting. A meeting of the
Clearfield County Agricultural Society will bo
held in the Town Hall in Clearfield Borough,
on Monday evening, June 18th, (court week.)
The several Vice Presidents are requested to
make return to this meeting of any monies
they may have received ; and their presence
is especially desired, as it is proposed then to
take action about holding a Fair the coming
Fall. Ellis Irwix, Prest.
N. B. An election of officers will also be held.
Read ! Read ! ! Dr. Jackson, the Reformed
Botanic and Indian Physician, who has proved
very successful in treatment of chronic dis
eases, particularly those brought about by use
of calomel, (be has no eqnal perhaps, In treat
ing successfully, affections of the Lungs,) will
visit Clearfield, Pa., and can be consulted at
the Mansion House," on Tuesday, Wednes
day and Thursday, May 22nd, 23rd and 24th ;
also at Curwensville, " Stage House," Friday,
May 25th. The afflicted should not fail to see
him and to mark well the time. For further
particulars see advertiser's supplement.
As Aggravated Case. Mrs. M. N. Ken
nedy, of Charleston, S. C, offers a reward of
$1,000 for the apprehension of her hnsband,
Stephen G. Kennedy, a tall man with black
hair and black eyes, who eloped the other day
with one widow Calbonn alias Mariano C.
Hatch, taking with him also six valuable sla
ves belonging to the injured wife. Mrs. Ken
nedy adverties that she would not pay a' cent
for the recovery of the ingrate and truant
husband, but will cheerfully come down "
with ten hundred dollars for the arrest of hei
IP" Warm and springlike the weather du
ring the past four days.
C7"Being erected a fine brick office by Dr,
a. t ooa, on Second street.
CSTor Sale a couple good milk cows by
jacoo irwin, Lawrence tp. Price $25 cash.
Q"Stra wberries can be had in New York.
They are rosy, tempting and luscious. Only
per quart.
, CFGen. Cass has conveyed to the city of
Detroit a lot of land valued at fifteen thonsand
dollars, lor a " Union School House."
. C7"Green peas, says the Norfolk Herald,
Drougns to .Baltimore from Edenton, North
oaronna, via .Norfolk, bring $8 per bushel.
K7"A bad sign to see a man with his hat
off, near midnight, explaining the theory and
principles of tho Democratic party to a street
post. , -
K7"It is asserted as a fact that one thousand
barrels of grog were shipped from Philadel
phiato Charleston for the "National" Con
KTTbe seventeen year locusts are making
their appearance in Maryland, in small num
bers. Millions of them are found about a foot
under ground.
KFThe Kansas Legislature granted one
hundred and fifty bills of divorce in forty days.
What a glorious place for dissatisfied ' wives
ana nusuands.
H7"Gov. Packer has appointed A. Boyd
Cummings, F. W. Knox, aud C. F. Kelly,
Commissioners to fix the seat of Justice for
Cameron county.
KPrentice says he has heard of but one old
woman who kissed her cow, but he knows of
many thousand young ones who have kissed
very great calves.
KF"The Rev. Mr. Harden, who has been on
trial at Belvidere. N.J.,for the past two weeks,
ior poisoning bis wife, bas been found guilty
oi muraer in tue first degree.
Uncareful accounts from -Maryland. Vir
ginia and Illinois, represent the condition of
tue growing wheat crops as quite encouraging,
ana ine prospects gooa fur a fair harvest.
K7"By a recent wreck, a man. lost in one
night, bis wife, four children, his sister.broth
er-in-law, three nephews and all his fortune.
lie bas since been the inmate of a lunati
KF"A young man advertises his desire for a
wife "pretty and entirely ignorant of the fact
Evidently he wants a fool. Any smart pretty
woman knows she's pretty she wonldn't be
smart it she didn't.
K7"In the district of Erris, county Mayo,
Ireland, twenty thousand people arc said to
be in a state of absolute destitution, and the
able-bodied of both sexes are running for their
lives from the famine stricken locality.
DSTbe Covode investigating committee has
made some astounding revelations. No less
that $925,000 was found to have been used to
force the Lecompton bill through Congress.
it was deposited in one bank in New York city
DThe shoemakers strikes in the East have
subsided. The overplus of leather fabrics in
the market have been drawn off, and many of
the best workmen have been set to work by
the manufacturers, at somewhat increased
0"A clerk in a storo was lately overpower
ed by a fastidious young lady, who wished to
purchase, Mr. Thomas Hood's-a-a "Song of
the gentlemen's under garment !" The clerk
at the latest accounts was as well as could be
K5"Tho last note. Forty, sixty and eichtv
rod whiskey will have to give place to a new
brand Boomerang, it is called which kills
around corners, and takes people unawares at
all times and under all circumstances. Look
out for it.
C7"A Itttle boy fell into the river at Green
field, Maine, a few days since, barely escaping
drowning. When asked by his mother what
lie was thinking about while in the water, be
said he thought "be should furnish an item
lor the newspapers."
DThe Albany Journal says : Hczckiah
Dubois, who is about 18 years of age, and now
conuned in the Penitentiary, makes daily forty-three
pairs of biorans with apparent ease.
The person who saw him on the bench at work,
says, "that he appeared to blow tho pegs from
his month into the shoe, and never made a
miss while he was looking at him."
The Prince of Wales is to reach the Cana
das in June. The Buffalo Express says every
preparation is being made to render bis sojourn
one grand ovation. Tho Grand Trunk and
Lake Huron Railways are buildings ele
gant cars for himself and suite, which
will number, exclusive of his military escort
of a regiment of troops, about one hundred
gentlemen. He will visit Fort Erie, and then
make the tour of tho Lakes in bis own yacht.
The Female Organization is often as frail as
that of a tender flower. Many of the sex enter
into marriage relations without being able to un
dergo the labors and trials of maternity. lathe
country thousands of young and beautiful women
are sacrified every year from this cause alone.
Uostetter's Celebiated Stomach Bitters will save
many of this class from an untimely grave. This
medicine has been used with great benefit by im
mense numbers of people throughout the republic,
and the proprietors have received grateful com
mendations from all sections of the country. The
Bitters will be found to be very pleasant to the
taste, even as a beverage, and prompt and power
ful in its effect as a medicine. It infuses new vit
ality into the frame, and strengthens the whole
system, so that women who use it are enabled to
go through with labors which would, without it, be
certain to prostrate them. Sold by all druggists.
On the 2d May, at tho residence of Wm. Ham
mond. Esq., by Rev. Thos.Barnhart, MrJ)Avin C.
Irwin, of Trankstown township, (near Hollidays
burg.) and Miss Lavima P. Hammond, of Catha
rine township, Blair county, Pa.
At the same time and place, by the same, Mr.
Augustus Row, of the "Indiana Register," Indi
ana, Pa., and Miss Mary Jake Hammond, of Cath
arine township, Ulair county.
On the 3d inst., by Rev. J. R. Focht, Rev. C. A.i
LiImbebg, .rastor oi trie German .Reformed Congre
gation in Brady township, to Miss Susanna Kcntz,
of iroutville, Clearfield county.
On the 3d inst., by Rev. Robert Hamill, Dr. Wm
Campbell, of Kylertown. Clearfield County, to
Miss Maggie ., daughter of Dr. B. J. Berry, of
venire county. . i .
We tender our congratulations to the Doctor and
his fair bride, and wish them unbounded happi
ness and prosperity.
TflE Stockholders of the Clearfield Academy
are notified that an election of a Board of
Trustees will be held at the office of J.B. McEnal
ly in Clearfield, on Thursday the 24th day of May,
a T lOfln n a. O a'aIaaIt -n m
may9 klvu.ah.ij uaw, President, c.
missioners of Clearfield county will be in ses
sion at th eir office in Clearfield Borough, on Mon
day and Tuesday, May 28th and 29th, for the pur
pose of granting exonerations to collectors of tax
es. All interested are notified to attend at that
time and place. By order of the Board,
apZfr w. s. Bbadlet, Clk.
AFT1NG ROPES, for sal as cheap as they
can oe naa at any otrter store in town, by
Feb. 29.
AM, Sides and Shoulders, for sale at the store
of Mil. f. IKWIS, Clearfield.
j examln the largest assortment ofW
made Ti?i-ware to be found in the State, which
we are prepared to sell at Lower Prices than in
terior goods are generally sold for.
Sign of the Large Coffee Pot,
Mar:14:'59-3m. 723 Market st. Philadelphia.
mentary on the Estate of John Ludwig Sny
der, late of Bell township, Clearfield oonnty, Pa.,
deceased, having been granted to the undersigned,
residing in New Washington borough, all persons
indebted to said estate are requested to make im
mediate payment; and those having claims, will
present them, properly authenticated, for settle
ment, to Win. FEATH,
SHOP AHEAD !!!! The subscriber thankful
for past favors, takes this method of informing
his old customers and the public in general, that
he has removed his shop from the Foundry to the
shop formerly occupied by George W. Orr, on Sec
ond street, Clearfield. Pa., where he will continue
to manufacture Wagons of every description, to
order, of good material and in a workmanlike
manner. Also, Wheelbarrows, Harrows, Grain
cradles, Ac, made on short notice, in superior
style, and of the best stock. Repairing of every
kind done with dispatch, and on reasonable terms.
June 29, 1859. WILLIAM R. BROWN.
The undersigned adopts this method of in
forming the public and the patrons of the late
firm of S. A. Gibson & Co., that he designs car
rying on the MARBLE BUSINESS in Belle
fonte, in all its various branches, and will hold
himself always in readiness to furnish those who
call upon him. with all kinds of Cemetery Wort,
of the latest classical designs, and superior work
manship, such as Monuments, Box Tonibs, Cra
die Torntis, Spires, Obelislx, Grecian Tombs, Ta
ble Tombs, Head Stones,- Carved. Sculptured or
Plain, as cheap, if not cheaper, than they can be
bad at any other establishment in the country.
Thankful for past favors, the undersigned solicits
an increase of patronage. - WM. GAUAGAN.
Bellefonte, Ta., March 23, 1859-tf.
CABINET MAKER. The subscriber wishes
to inform his old friends and customers, that he
is now carrying on the Cabinet Making business,
on '-his own hook," at his old shop on Market
Street, nearly opposite the "old Jew Store," where
he keeps on hand, and is prepared to manufacture
to order, every description of Cabinet-Ware, that
maybe wanted in this section of country ; con
sisting of Sofas, Lounges, Mahogony and Common
Bureaus, Writing and Wash Stands; Centre, Din
ing and Breakfast Tables : Mahogany and Com
mon Bedsteads; Sewing Stands, Ac., Ac. He wil
also repair furniture and chairs, in good style
cheap for cash. House Painting done on short no
tice, and easy terms. Now is the time to buy at
reasonable prices, as I intend to sell every thing
in my lino of business at the cneapest cash rates
Walk in and examine the articles on hand, an4
judge for yourselves, of the quality and finish.
Country produce received in payment.
April 13, 1859 " JOHN GUELICH.
; N. B Coffins made to order on short notice, ant
funerals attended with a neat hearse, and appro
priate accompanyments.when desired. J. G.
movals always cause excitement, and sinco
the great excitement about the removal of the
Court House bas subsided, the community gener
ally have become somewhat excited upon hearing
that Cnarly Watson bas determined to pull up
stakes and remove to Virginia. But the latest
cause of excitement is the fact that I havo lemov
ed my Saddler Shop from my old stand opposite
the Court House to my new shop on Market street,
nearly opposite the iiiil, where all wbo may favor
me with a call can be supplied with Saddles, Sin-
"re Harness, Double Harness, 1 itsr Harness, JSn
dies, Collars, Whips, Halters, Housings, Breech-
banis, ow Straps, tmd in tact every article in tbe
line or saddling and Harness making. Tbankful
for the very liberal patronage heretofore bestowed
1 solicit a continuance of the same and a call from
as many new customers as can make it suit.
Aug. 29, 59. GEORGE W. RHEEM.
P. S. Mv beintr connected with the Druz busi
ness will not interfere with my shop, for I have
the Drug Store attended to by careful hands and
intend devoting my time exclusively to my rcgu
larg business. G. W. R.
T 1ST OF RETAILERS of Foreign and Do
JLi mestic Merchandize in Clearfield county, for
the year I860, subject to tbe payment of License :
A. Montgomery fcCo., Brady town'p.. 14 $7 0(1
Jacob Kunts, ' " 14 7 0o
John Carlisle & Co., " " 14 7 0t)
R. It. Moore. " " 13 10 00
Samuel Arnold, " " 13 10 00
F. K. Arnold. " "14 7 Oo
E. M'Masters, Burnside t'w'p.. 14 7 On
James M'Murray. ' " . 14 7 Oo
Patch in & Fons, " 14 7 00
Bowman & Perks, Beccaria t'w'p. 14 7 Oo
W.R.Dickinson, " 14 7 Oo
Lionel W. Weld, " " 14 7 On
Jeremiah Cooper, " "14 7 Oo
fcamuel Hegarty, "It 700
Lewis Smith, UoII township, 14 7 00
William Lumadoe, Boggs township, 14 7 Oo
Mathew Forcee, Bradford t'w'p., 14 7 Oo
Edward Williams, 14 7 Oo
Francis Coudriet, Covington tp., 14 7 Oo
P. T. Hegarty, 14 7 Oo
P. A. Gaulin, " " 14 7 Oo
J. P. Rider, . " . " 14 7 Oo
William Hunter, Chest township, 14 7 00
Reed J- Weaver, Clearfield boro',12 12 5o
Moore iV Etsweiler, ' " 12 12 5n
Richard Mossop, " " 12 12 5o
Graham V Boynton, " " 12 12 5o
William Irwin, " " 1Z iz o
C. Kratzer A- Sons, . " "11 15 On
Merrell & Bigler, " "14 7 Oo
John O. Lorain Co., " 11 7 On
Leonard, t inney V Co , (Bankers,) 9 2o On
John Irvin, Curwensv. boro',13 10 Oo
John D. Thompson, "14 7 Oo
John Patton, " " 11 15 0q
A. Montgomery, " " 14 7 Oo
William Irvin, " " 11 is oo
Bowman Perks, Decatur t'w'p., 14 7 Oo
D. Edmundson y Co., " "14 7 Oo
Limpincottd- Co., " " 14 7 Oo
J. F. Steiner, " " 14 7 Oo
Ellis Irwin if Son, Goshen towns'p, 14 7 Oo
A. B. Shaw, " 13 10 Oo
James Irwin, Girard towns'p, 14 7 Oo
Augustus Leconto, " " 13 10 0o
William F. Humphrey, - " 14 7 Oo
Thomas H. Forcey. Graham towns'p.13 10 Oo
Fox tV Souder, Guelich towns'p,14 7 Oo
James A. Uagerty, " " 14 7 0q
rhcenix Lumber Co., " " 14 7 oo
P. Sneeringer 4- Co., " " 14 7 Oo
W. B. Darlington d- Co.." "14 7 Oo
David Tyler, Huston towns'p, 14 7 Oo
Hiram Woodward, " " 14 7 Oo
David M'Geehan, Jordan towns'p. 14 . 7 Oo
Jfenry Swan. " "14 7 Oo
M'Murrv & Hcgartv. " " 14 7 00
Martin O.Stirk, Knox township, 14 7 00
William Sankev. . Karthaus t'w'p. 14 7 00
LJW. Havnes. " " 14 7 00
Mames Forrest, . Lawrence tp., 14 7 00
John Broomall, . Lumber city bo.14 7 00
Wright 4- Co., " v 14 7 00
J. Ferguson, (Conf.) " " 8 5 00
J. C. Brcnnor, Morris towns'p,14 7 00
J. C. Brenner, " " 14 7 00
Russell M'Murray, N.Washingt'nB.14 7 00
Allison 6r Snyder, ". " 14 7 00
Thomas Henderson, Woodward tp., 14 7 00
S.P. Whitcombd- Co.. " " 14 7 00
John M. Chase, " " 14 7 00
Reiatiers of Patent X edieinea. An.
C.D.Watson. Clearfield boro'. 4 5 00
John Patton, . Carwensr boro, 4 5 00
William irvin, ; ' " 4 5 00
E. Goodwin, Curwensv. boro', 4 5 00
Michael Steinkirchner, morris Tp., 19 5 99
NOTICE. An appeal will be held on Tuesday
the 15th day of May, at the Commissioner's Office
in Clearfield Borough, when and where ail wno
feel themselves aggrieved by the above appraise
ment oaa attend if they see proper.
Ap.4:'60. JOHS B. HEISEY, Mere. Ap.
CLOVER-SEED A quantity for sale by w5T
F. Ibwi , ClearfieM, Pa. ap4
WANTED Dry Pine Lumber and Shingles
at D. J. McC ANN'S new store in Pbilips
burg. Centre co. February 22. 1 860-3m .
Ground Plaster, for sale at the cheap Cash
store of D. J. McCANN,
February 22. 186fl-3m. Philipsburg.
Ready for Inspection,
And Selling very fast,
Fish, Flour, Bacon, &o , constantly on hand, at
the lowest prices. may2
The undersigned, desire to inform the citisens of
Clearfield and surrounding vicinity, that they
have recently purchased in the Eastern cities a
large and woll selected stock of seasonable Goods,
which they have'opened in the well-known Room
on Market street, Clearfield, (formerly occupied by
Wm. F. Irwin.) Their stock consists ot a general
assortment of the very best Foreign and Domestic
Their stoe'e of Dry Goods consists in part of such as
Cloths, Cassimeres, Satinets, Tweeds, Veilings,
Mifslins, TtcLing,C heels. Calicoes. Chintzes,
Ginghams, Canton and Wool Flannels, De
Lai net, Cash meres, Silt. Plaids, Shawls,
Brilliants, Hosiery, Gloves, etc., etc..
Also, a great variety of Ladies' Boots and Gaiters,
Misses and Childrens Shoes: Mens', Boys', and
Youths' Boots, Shoes, Hats and Caps, with a large
selection of useful notions, among which are
Perfumery, Cloth and Hair Brushes, Fancy
Soaps. Pen and Pen-holders, Combx, Ifc,
together with many other useful notions, all of
which will bo sold low for Ungh, or In exchange
for approved country produce. As their stock is
entirely new, aud purchased on the most advanta
geous terms, they feci confident that they can sell
goods to the advantage of the buyer. Step in
and examine for yourselves, before purchasing
eisewnere. nememoer me new store is the place
Feb. 221860. GRAHAM. BOYNTON & CO.
Attention Everybody !
Market street, Clearfield, Pa.,
And a splendid stock of Men and Boys'
GROCERIES, &c, &c.,
All of which will be sold at the Lowest Cash Pri
ces. He invites' persons to call and examine his
stock before purchasing elsewhere. ap25
dersigned, having become sole ownsr of the
store of Eliza Irvin & Sons, in Curwensville, Pa.,
would respectfully inform the public, and the ola
customers of the establishment, that he has just
received frcm the East, a large and extensive as
sortment of SPRING & SUMMER GOODS, which
he will dispose or at the lowest prices.
He desires to call particular attention to the
great variety of LADIES' DRESS GOODS, which
have been selected with an express view to meet
the wants of the community. He has also Cloths
and Cassimeres of the latest styles, and a large
stock of Ready-made Clothing, Hats and Caps,
loots and shoes, .Ladies' lion nets of tbe latest
fashion ; Mackerel and Herring ; Sugar, Tea and
Molasses ; Hardware, Queensware, Ac, Ac., all of
which he will sell at prices to suit the times.
Lumber and country produce or all kinds, ta
ken in exchange for Goods.
He invites purchasers to give him a call before
supplying themselves elsewhere.
Curwensville, Pa., May 18. 1859.
dersigned take this method of informinz the
public generally that they have entered into co
partnership in the Blacksmithing business, and
can be found at the shoo formerly occupied bv Ja
cob Shunkweiler, on Third street, in the borough
oi uearneid, where they will be pleased to see
their old customers, and as many new ones as can
make it convenient, to give them a call.
uring on your noes, your spades, and picas,
Your log chains and yoar pulling sticks,
Your sleds, your sleighs, your horse and mare, -No
three-year old, shall then go bare.
Your spears we'll work up then just right,
To pruning hooks for every hight,
Your swords too, shall then he wrought
To plough-shares such as Catn. ne'er bought.
Deo. 6, 1858. GEORGE W. ORR.
xUUU 1000 pounds Shoulders,
Just receiving, and Tor sale at the store of
Feb. 22. K. MOSSOP, Clearfield.
Cherries, on hand and for sale by
Feb. 22 R. MOSSOP. Clearfield.
AFT AND DOG ROPES, a little cheaper
than they oaa be bought in the county, at
Feb. 22 R. MOSSOP'S, Cliarfield.
ISH, BACON AND SALT, just received and
for sale at moderate prices at the store cf
HB. WOODS, Attorney at Law, Indiana, r.
. Professional business promptly attended to.
DR. B. F. AKELY, Grahamion, Clearfield coun
ty, Penn'a. Aprill.
O. CROUCH. Prtsioia nurwn;M n....
. field county, Pean'a May 14.,
DR. II. R. BRYANT, Luthersbnrg, Pa., tender
his professional services to the public in gen-eral-
Luthersburg, October 13,1859
L J. CRANS, Attorney at Law and Real Estate
. Agent, Clearfield, Pa. Office adjoining his
residence, on Second street. May 16.
WILLIAM A. WALLACE. Attorney at Law.
P n c'P-; 0ffice, one door north of the
Post Office, on Second street. Sept. 1.
ERT WALLACE. Attorney Law, (Md
District Attorney.) Clearfield ,P. office in
chaw s new row, Market street. May 25.
B.UC.UR SWOOPE, Attorneys LawvCle.r
. field, Pa Office in Grab am's Row, one d "r
east of the 'Raftsman s Journal' office. Nov 10.
FRANK SHORT, Boot and Shoe-maker. Shop
... on ?eond street, (nearly opposite Reed ani
Weaver's Store.) Clearfield, Pa. May 4, 18i.
11 W. MOORE, Land Surveyor, will attend to all
. . business entrusted to biin with care and dis
patch. Grampian Hills, Pa., Nor. 23, '59-6m.p.
MA. FRANK, Justice of the Peace, Market St.,
. Clearfield, Pa. Business entrusted to his
care will receive prompt attention. Collections
made and money remitted ' Apr275.
EORGE W. RHEEM, Dealer in Drugs, Medi
cines, Stationary and Fancy articles. Room
formerly occupied by Lorain, on Market Street.
Clearfield, bell cheap, for cash Apr20.
WILLIAM F.IRWIN.Marketstrect, Clearfield.
Pa., Dealer in Foreign and Domestie Mer
chandise, Hardware, Queensware, Groceries, and
family articles generally. Nor. 10.
JOHN GUELICH, Manufacturer of all kinds of
J Cabinet-ware, Market street, Clearfield, Pa
lie also makes to order Coffins, on short notice, and
attends funerals with a hearse. Aprl0,'5
JOSHUA S. JOHNSON, Cabinet Maker, Market
street, Clearfield, Pa. Ho will also attend fu
nerals with a hearse, when called on ; and make
coftina to order, on short notice. Nov 10
DR. WM. CAMPBELL, offers his professional
services to the citisens of Morris and adjoin
ing townships. Residence with J. I). Denning in
Kylertown, Clearfield county. May 11,1S5.
A B. SHAW, ehawsville, Clearfield county, Pa ,
. Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware.
Queensware, Ac, sells cheap for Cash, or exchan
ges for Lumber or approved country produce.
HE- NAUGLE, Watch and Clock Maker, and
. dealer in Watches. Jewelry. Ac. Room in
frhaw s new row, Market street, opposite the Rafts
man's Journal office, Clearfield, Pa. Nov. 10.
JB 31'ENALLY, Attorney at Law, Clearfield;
. Pa. Practices in Clearfield and adjoining
counties. Office in new briek addition, adjoining
the residence of James B. Grabam. Nov. 10.
LACKSMITHING.-Shunkweiler & Orr,thank
ful for past favors, would respectfully solicit a
continuance of a share of publio patronage in their
line of business. Shop on Third st. Nov. 10.
RICHARD MOSSOPrDealer in Foreign and Do
mestic Dry Goods, Groceries, Flour. Baooc,
Liquors, Ac. Room, on Market street, a few doors .
west of Journal OJice, Clearfield. Pa. Apr27.
LABKIMER A TEST, Attorneys at Law. Clear
field, Pa. Will attend promptly to all legal
and other business entrusted to their c.re in Clear
field and adjoining counties. August 6, 1856.
THOMAS J. M'CULLOUGH, Attorney at Law.
and Notary Public, Clearfield, Pa. Office on
Market street, one door west of Richard Mossop's
B!?r6'. . 1,60,18 and otner ,cffal instruments prepar
ed with promptness and accuracy. Feb. 13.
JOHN RUSSEL A CO., Tanners and Curriers.
Pennville, Clearfield Co , Pa. Keep constantly,
on hand an excellent assortment of leather, which
they offer for sale at the lowest cash prices. Hides
of all kinds taken in exchange. Julyl5-54.
JOHN HUIDEKOPER, Civil Engineer and Land
Surveyor, offers his professional services to the
citizens of Clearfield county. All business en
trusted to him will be promptly and faithfully ex
ecuted. He can be found at the banking house of
Leonard, Finney A Co. Sept. 21, 1859.
DR. M. WOODS, tenders his professional servi
cos to the citizens of Clearfield and vicinity.
Residence on Second street, opposite the office of
L.J. Crans, Esq. Office, the same that was recent
ly occupied by Hon. G 11. Earrctt, where he can
be found unless absent on professional business.
"pwENTAL CARD. A. M. SMITH, offers his pro-
J Icssioual services to the Ladies and Gentlemen
of Clearfield and vicinity. All operations upon the
teeth executed with neatness and despatch. Being
familiar with all the late improvements he is pre
nared to make artifininl ioth in ik. h.
Office in Shaw s New Row, Clearfield. Sep. 15.
70UR TEETH ! DR. A. M. HILLS, desires to.
i announce to his friends and patrons, that he.
is now devoting all of his time to operations inDen-.
tistry. Those desiring hisserviccs will find him at
his office, adjoining his residence, at nearly all
times, and always on Fridays and Saturdays, un
less notified otherwise in the town papers the week
before. All work warranted to be satisfactory.
OOT A SHOE MAKING. The undersigned hav
ing entered into partnership in the above bu
siness, at tbe end of the new bridge, 11 miles a
bove Clearfield borough, are prepared to do all
kinds of work in their line on the shortest notice
and most reasonable terms. JOHN S. HOYT
. A. G. HOYT.
N. B. All kinds of country nnulni-a r,,l K ; t . .
taken in exchange for work. June 23. 185S.
' rraypeo3t
irv s M 11 lT l iS
,si" i u
iU M A. J la L X JX 1 9
'yoZcted assortm tr "
Octl 3 "ITtied e 1S59.
FLOUR! FLOUR!! The undersigned hav
ing made arrangements with a large manu-V
factoring establishment to supply him with Flour,. .
he gives notice to. the public that he is prepared,,
to furnish all who want a good article, at the very.
lowest price, in as large or small quantities as '
ray be desired. He also keeps on hand constant;
ly liquors of all kinds, which he will sell whole-.
sale or retail. JAS. H. GALER.
Tyrone City, Pa . July 11th, 1859. :
Bills of Exchange, Notes and Drafts Discounted..-
Deposits rcecit'ed. Collections made, and, proceed; .
promptly remitted. Exchange in the Cities con-"
stantly on hand. Office, on Second afreet,, in, fta .
roo 3 lately occupied by W. A. WaUace.Esd "
wm a. Wallace. :::::::::: a. c. tipxzr.
A LARGE LOT of Nails. Glass, Paints, Oils, Bur
ning Fluid, Turpentine, Alcohol, Ac., very
low by the quantity, at the "corner store" of
Curwensville, September 24. Wm, IRVIN.
HENRY DISTON'S Mill and X-ot 6wg, and
LoTAlasd A Mass's eaperier ekor-ping Axes,
at Wm. Irrin e, in CurweEmll. $t. 24.