Raftsman's journal. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1854-1948, October 26, 1859, Image 4

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I. "
A western wag informs us that before he
knew bow batter was made be always had an
idea that it was dog oat of salt mines.
It is only by labor that thought can be made
healthy, and only by thought that labor can be
made happy ; and the two cannot be separated
with impunity.
The Cincinnati Gazette notes the arrest of
De Marbais and wife, who recently figured in
a tragedy there on a charge of fighting. lie
is said to be crazy.
The trade of Shanghae, China, in 18-38, ag
gregated in imports to over $33,000,000, and
exports to almost $60,000,000. The value of
Opium imported was $23,500,000.
Morissey, the prize fighter, has accepted the
challenge of Ileenan, to fight for $10,000 a
side, within four or eight months alter the bat
tle of the latter with Sayres, the champion of
England, and has deposited $500 to "bind the
match," with Mr. Wilkes of New York.
Remarkable Theft. A man named David
Gaintor has been arrested at Greenfield, Mass.)
for stealing bird tracks the tracks being
stones collected by a neighboring geologist,
on which are the footprints of gigantic birds
An Irishman who had lain sick a long time,
was met one day by the parish priest : "Well,
i'atrick, I am glad you haTe recovered but
were you not afraid to meet your God V3
"Och, no, your reverence, it was the other
chap I was afraid uv," replied Tat.
A learned Lord, speaking of the salary at
tached to a rumored appointment to a new
judgeship, said it was all moonshine. Lord
Lyndburst, ia his dry sarcastic way,remarked
"May be bo, but I have a strong notion that
moonshine though it be, you would like to
.see the first quarter of it."
A clergyman of Concord, N. II. so says
the Statesman of that place met a little boy
ot his acquaintaEce on the cars, and said to
him, "This is quite a stormy day, my son."
"Yes, sir," said the boy, "this is a very reel
rain." The clergyman, thinking to rebuke
such hyperbole, asked if he ever knew of oth
er than wet raia. The boy answered that he
never knew personally of any other, but he
had read in a certain book, of a time when it
rained fire and brimstone, and he guessed that
was not a wet rain.
The Raftsman's Joctial is published on "Wed
nesday at S!.i0per annum in advance. If not
paid at the beginning of the year, $2.00 will be
Advertiseme.vts will be inserted at S1,C0 per
square of 12 lines for three or less insertions. For
every additional insertion 25 cents will becbarg
d. A deduction will be made to yearly adver
tisers. 2so subscription taken for a shorter time than
six months, and no paper will be discontinued un
til all arrearages are paid, except at the option of
the publisher. " S. 15. ROW.
Pres't Judge .
lion. James Gamble,
Jersey Shore.
As te.Judges
Sheriff. . . .
Hon. m. L. Moore,
Hon. Eenjn. Bonsall,
Ired k G. aimer,
Jas. T. Leonard, .
James Wrigley, .
John McPherson. .
. Clearfield
Keg. A Kec. .
Treasurer. . .
district Att'y,
Co. Surveyor,
Robert J. Wallace,
John L. Cuttle, .
John Irwin. Sr. .
George Earhard. .
M'illiam McCracVen
Peter Hoover,
Aaron C. Tate,
Isaac W. Graham,
George Richards, .
Lumber City.
Arrival and Departure of Mails at Clearfield.
Eastern, daily, Sundays excepted, at 7 P.M.
Western, " " " 8 IM.
Smith's Mills, Saturdays,
Sinnamahoning.Wednesd. & Satnrd. 8 P.M.
Karthaus, Saturdays, 6 P.M.
Kylertown, Mondays & Thursdays, 12 M.
Eastern, daily, Sundays excepted, at 4 A.M.
Western, " " " 4 A.M.
Smith's Mills, Fridays, 7 A.M.
Sinnamahning, Tuesdaj-sSc Fridays, 6 A.M.
Karthaus, Thursdays, 8 A.M.
Kylertown, Mondays & Thursdays 1 P.M.
The Mails will close at 9 o'clock, P. M.
N. B. Business men, of town and vicinity,
will please preserve this lor future reference.
C. D. Watson, Post Master.
Mail arrives at Curwensville from Indiana,
via Newman's Mills, Burnside, New
Washington, Chest, Bower and Grampianllills.
Tuesday and Fridays atll A.M., and de
parts same days at 1 P. M.
Mail leaves Curwensville for Marron, via
Xew Millport and Lumber City, every Satur
day at G A. M., and returns same day at 8 p.m
Totcnships. Names of P. O. Nam of P.M.
B&ccaria, - Glen Hope, - - Elam Rakestraw
Bell, - - - Bower, - - - Mary Elder
" - - - - Chest, .... Thos.A. M'Ghce,
" - - - Cush, - - - - - J.B.Sunderland
" - - - - Ostend. .... Lewis Smith.
Boggs. - - - Clearfield Bridge. - P. B. Miller.
Bradford, - Woodland, - -'- Edw'd. Williams
Brady, - - - I.uthersburg, - - A L. Schnell.
' - - - Troutville. - . Jacob Kuntz.
" iefferson Line, - . John Hoover.
Burnside, - NewWashington - J.M. Cummin"
- - - Burnside, - . jas McMor-ay.
Clearfield, - Clearfield, - - - Chas. I). Watson
Covington, - French ville, - ?. Coudriet
- - - Karthaus, - - - J. F.W. Schnarr
Curwensville Curwensville, - - Samuel Way.
Decatur, - Philipsburg, Centre county. Pa.
Ferguson, - Marron, - - - - Edua. Williams
Fox, - - - - Ilellen Post Office, Elk county, p.
Girard, - - - Leconte's Mills, - C. Mignot.
- - - Bald Hills, - - - William Carr.
Goshen, - - Sbawsville, - - - A. B. Shaw.
Graham, - - Grahamton,- - - Jas. B. Graham.
Huston, - -Tyler. ... - David Tyler.
" -- Pennfield, - - -H.Wooiward.
Jordan, - - Ansonville, ... Eliza Chase.
Karthaus, - Salt Lick, - - - Geo. Heckadorn
Knox, New Millport, - - D. E. Mokel.
Lawrence, - Breckenridge, - - J-W.Thompson.
Morris, Kylertown, - - - Jas. Thompson
- - - Morrisdale. - - - Jas. McClelland.
Penn, Lumber City.t - - W W.Wright.
.... Grampian Hills, - Jon'a. Evans,
like, - - - - Carwensville, - - Samuel Way.
' - - - - Bloomingville,- - Michael Wise.
Lmon, - - - Rockton, - - . - Wm. F.Johnson.
Woodward, . Jeffries, .- - . - Thos Henderson
t n.V i'L' Milla' ' - J- A. Hegarty.
Pt Office will do for Chest townslfir,.
TV. ill answer for Ferguson township.
undersigned takes this method to announce
to the citizens of Clearfield and the surrounding
country, that be has opened a Barber Shop, on
Market street, in Shaw's new row. where be is pre
rsred to v com mod ate all who may give him a
call, ana hopes to receive . liberal patronage,
-r-t. fi, ifto8vi t JEREMIAH NOlftllS.
C. PCRVTANCE, Ambrotypist. corner of 2nd
. and Cherry streets, Clearfield, Pa. Aug3'59.
B. W80DS, Attorney at Law, Indiana, Pa.
. Professional business promptly attended to.
R. B. F. AKELY, Grahamton, Clearfield coun
ty, 1'enn a. April 1.
DO. CROUCH, PnvsiciAS, Curwensville, Clear
. field county, Penn'a. May 14.
DR. II. R. BRYANT, Lnthersburg, Pa., tenders
his professional services to the public in gen
eral. Luthersburg, October 13, 1S59,
LJ. CRANS, Attornev at Law and Real Estate
. Agent, Clearfield, Pa. OfEco adjoining his
residence, on Second street. May 16.
"7ILLIAM A. WALLACE, Attorney at Law.
V Clearfield, Pa. Office, one door north of the
Post Office, on Second street.
Sept. 1.
ROBERT J. WALLACE, Attorney at Law. (and
District Attorney.) Clearfield, Pa. Office in
Shaw's new row, Market street. May 23.
HBUCHEIt SWOOPE, Attorney at Law,Clear
. field, Pa. OfEct in Graham's Row. one door
east of the 'Raftsman's Journal' office. Nov 10.
I7IRANX SHORT, Boot and Shoe-maker. Shop.
1 en Second street, (nearly Opposite Reed and
Weaver's Store.) Clearfield, Pa. May 4, 1853.
"J T" A. FRANK, Justice of the Peace, Market St.,
1V1. Clearfield, Pa. Business entrusted to his
care will receive prompt attention. Collections
made and money remitted Apr27'59.
GEORGE W. RHEEM, Dealer in Drugs, Medi
cines, Stationary and Fancy articles. Room
formerly occupied by Lorain, on Market Street,
Clearfield. Sell cheap, for cash Apr20.
"TT7ILLIAM F. IRW IN, Market street, Clearfield,
V Pa., Dealer in Foreign and Domestic Mer
chandise, Hardware, Queensware, Groceries, and
family articles generally. Nov. 10.
TOnN GFELICH, Manufacturer of all kinds of
If Cabinet-ware, Market street, Clearfield, Pa.
He also makes to order Coffins, on short notice, and
attends funerals with a hearse. Aprl0,'59.
0311 UA S. JOHNSON, Cabinet Maker, Market
street. Clearfield, Pa. He will also attend fu
nerals with a hearse, when called on ; and make
coffins to order, on short notice. Nov. 10.
R. WM. CAMPBELL, offers his professional
services to the citizens of Morris and adjoin
ing townships. Residence with J. D. Denning in
Kylertown, Clearfield county. May 1 1, lS5y.
B. SHAW. Shawsville, Clearfield county, Pa.,
. Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware,
Queensware, 4c, sells cheap for Cash, or exchan
ges for Lumber or approved country produce.
HF. NAUGLE. Watch and CIockMaker, and
. dealer in Watches, Jewelry, Ac. Room in
thaw's new row, Market street. opnositethc Rafts
man's Jaumal office, Clearfield, Pa. Nov. 10.
JB M ENALLY, Attorney at Law, Clearfield,
. Pa. Practices in Clearfield and adjoining
counties. Ofaco in new brick addition, adjoining
the residence of James B. Graham. Nov. 10.
BLACKSMITHING.-Shunkweiler & Orr, thank
ful for past favors, would respectfully solicit a
continuance of a share of public patronage in their
line of business. Shop oh Third St. Nov. 10.
RICHARD MOSSOP, Dealer in Foreign ar.d Do
mestic Dry (ioods, Groceries, Flour, Bacon,
Liquors, fcc. Room, on Market street, a few doors
west of Journal OJice, Clearfield, Pa. Apr27.
L. BARRETT, Notary Public. Clearfield, Pa.,
, Will attend to collections and remit prompt
ly. Office on 2d Street, with Dr. M. AVoods. oppo
site Slerrell & Biglers Tinware store. june22'j0.
"ITfM. FEATH, Justice of the Peace, NewWash
y V ington, Clearfield county, Pa. All business
entrusted to him will be promptly attended to,
and all instruments of writing done on short no
tice. New Washington, June 1, 1853-6mp.
LARRLMER & TEST, Attorneys at Law. Clear
field, Pa. Will attend promptly to all legal
and other business entrusted to their care in Clear
field and adjoining counties. August 6, 1356.
rpHOMAS J. M CULLOUGH, Attorney at Law,
1 Clearfield, Pa., may be found at his office on
Market street, one door west of Richard Mo3op"s
store. Deeds and other legal instruments prepar
ed with promptness and accuracy. Feb. 13.
JOHN RUSSF.L & CO.. Tanners and Curriers,
Ptnnville, Clearfield Co , Pa. Keep constantly
on hand an excellent assortment of leather, which
they offer for sale at the lowest cash prices. Hides
of all kinds taken in exchange Jnlyl5-54.
TOUN IIUIDEKOPER, Civil Engineer and Land
) Surveyor, offers his professional services to the
citizens of Clearfield county. All business en
trusted to him will be promptly and faithfully ex
ecuted. Office, with Col. J. L. Cuttle, on Market
street, Clearfield, Pa. September 21, 1S59.
JAMES B. GRAHAM, Dealer in Sawed Lumber,
Squared Timber, Shingles, Boards, to.t Gra
hamton, Clearfield county, Pa., is prepared to fill,
on the shortest notice, all orders for articles in his
line of business, on a3 reasonable terms as they can
be procured in the county. Jan23-'56-tf.
DP.. M. WOODS, tenders his professional servi
ces to the citizens of Clearfield and vicinity.
Residence on Second street, opposite the office df
L.J. Crans, Esq. Office, the same that wa3 recent
ly occupied by non. G R Barrett, where he can
bo found unless absent on professional business.
F.NTAL CARD A. M. SMITH, offers his pro
fessional tervices to the Ladies and Gentlemen
of Clear 3eld and vicinity. All operations upon the
teeth executed with neatness and despatch. Being
familiar with all the late improvements he is pre
pared to make artificial teeth in the best manner.
Offico in Shaw's New Row, Clearfield. Sep. 15.
YOUR TEETH ! DR. A. M. HILLS, desires to
announce to his friends and patrons, that ho
is now devoting all of his time to operations inDcn
tistry. Those desiring hisscrvices will find him at
his office, adjoining his residence, at nearly all
times, and always on Fridays and Saturdays, un
less notified otherwise in the town papers the week
before. All work warranted to be satisfactory.
BOOT A SHOE MAKING. The undersigned hav
ing entared into partnership in the above bu
siness, at the end of the new bridge, 11 miles a
bove Clearfield borough, are prepared to do all
kinds of work in their line on the shortest notice
and most reasonable terms. JOHN S. HUYT,
A. G. 110 YT.
N. B. All kinds of country produce and hides
taken in exchange for work. Juno 23, 1858
TJLASTERING The subscriber bavins Io
J- catcd himself in the Borough of Clearfield,
would inform the public that he is prepared to do
work in the above line, from plain to ornamental
of any description, in a workmanlike style. Also
whitewashing and repairing done in a neat man
ner, and on reasonable terms.
April 7, 185S. EDWIN COOPER.
NEW GOODS t -JOHN PATTON has just re
turned tromthe Eajl d is opening one of the
largest stocks of SPRING A SUMMER GO' IDS ev
er brought into the county. His stock embraces a
general assortment of Staple and Fancy Dry
Goods, Groceries. Hardware, Queensware, Ac. all
of which will be sold at very reasonable prices for
cash, or exchanged for country produce, lumber,
Ac, at market prices. The public are invitwd to
call and examine his goods. . (maylS
Bills of Exchange, Notes and Drafts Discounted
Deposits received. Collections made, and proceeds
promptly remitted. Exchange on the Cities con
stantly on hand. Office, on Market St., opnesite
thorcde.icaof Jas.B.Graham.Esq. . Ur,r13.
JAMES T. LEONARD. , :. ; : ; ; p. A. riy,
wr A,VAi.tAce. v: tr :; : : : A. c, riN-sr.
ll ARRIVAL!! Just received at the "corner
store" of Wm. Irvin. in Curwensville, a very large
and well selected stock ot Fail awl Winter Goods,
comprising everything adapted to the wants of
the people. Please call and examine the goods
and prices. September 24, lb59.
A LARGE LOT of new Prints. Delaines, Plaids,
x Ac. Also a fine selection of Cashmeres, Eng
lish and French Merinos, and all styles of Ladies'
dress goods, at the "corner store" of Wm. Irvin,
in Curwensville. September 21.
A LARGE LOT of Nails. Glass. Paints. Oils, Bur
ning Fluid, Turpentine, Alcohol, Ac, very
low by the quantity, at the "corner store" of
Curwensville. September 24. WM. IRVIN.
A FINE LOT of Buffalo Robes of different sizes
and prices, for sale at the cheap corner store
of Wm. Irvin, Curwensville. September 21.
AVERY LARGE Stock of Clothms, JJoots and
Shoes, Hats and Caps, are now offered for sale
low by Wm. Irvin, Curwensville. Sept. 24.,
ENRY DISTON'S Mill and X-cut Saws, and
Loveland & Mann's superior chopping Axes,
at Wm. Irvin's. in Curwensville. Sept. 21.
HIDES taken at the highest price in exchange
for goods by Wm. Irvin, at the "cheap cor
ner" in Curwensville. September 21.
WINTER Bonnets, Shawls, Mantillas, Cloaks.
Ac, a large assortment at the "corner store"
in Curwensville. September 21.
DRUGS AND MEDICINES, an assortment, at
the "cheap corner store"' of Wm. Irvin. in
Curwcnsvillo. . September 21.
the "cheap Corner storo" of Win. Irvin. in
Curwensville. September 21.
HEAVY draught Hames, also a few sets of sin
gle hames, for sale low by Win. Irvin. in
Curwensville. September 21.
IFLES AND SHOT GUNS, an assortment, for
sale by m. Irvin, Curwensville. Sept. 24.
AGGON AND BUGGIES, for sale cheap, by
m. Irvin, Uurwensville. bept 21.
KELETON SKIRTS, all sizes and pricov.for
sale Dy Wm. Irvin, Curwensville fccpt. 21.
RIND STONES with fixtures, for sale by Wm.
Irvin. Curwensville. September 21.
HOE FINDINGS, Last, Pegs, Ac., at the store
ot u m. Irvin, Lurwensvulc-. Sept. 21.
PANISH SOLE LEATHER, forsalo low by Wm.
Irvin, Vurwcnsville. September 21.
EAT CUTTERS for sale at tie corner store of
September 21 WM. IRVIN.
of Land. 65 of which are cleared and under culti
vation, situate on Clearfield Creek, on the main
road leading from Cleai field town to Clearfield
Bridge, in Clearfield county, Pa., and three miles
from the former place. The house is large, new.
well calculated for a Tavern, and will command
nearly all the custom of the watermen during the
freshets, which usually last from four to six weeks.
There are also a good Barn, Wood Shed, Wash and
Bako House, and various other buildings necessa
ry for convenience and con) fort. The terms of sale
will be made easy say four annual payments.
For further information inquire of L. J. Crans.
Esq., Dr. A.T. Schryvcr. James li. Larimer, Esq..
Clearfield, or L. W. Weld, Glen Hope, Clearfield
county, Pa. Possession can bo given so that the
buyer or rentor can have the benefit of the spring
business, which alone will amount to more than
double the rent A, T. SCHRYVER.
Clearfield, Ta., January 5. 1850-tf.
T I O N. Ar 10 t pr iv g iroo d s.
L. A W. KEIZENSTEIN, corner of Main and
Joy streets, opposite William Barker's "Mansion
The undersigned would respectfully announce
to the citizens of Clearfield county, especially
Lumbermen coming to Lock Haven, that they have
just received their Spring goods, comprising a
tremendous stock of fashionablo and seasonable
which can't be found in any town thi3 fide of the
city ; all of which, they are determined to sell at
so slight an advance on city co.t, and at such a
great reduction from the usual prices, as to aston
ish even the closest buyer. The goods are all new
and fashionnblo and have boon selected with the
greatest care and will be warranted in point of
durability. Remember the place !
Opposite Wm. Barker's "Mansion House."
Lock Haven, Pa., March 16, 1359-3m.
movals always cause excitement, and since
the great excitement about the removal of the
Court House has subsided, the community gener
ally have become somewhat excited upon "hvarfn''
that Charly Watson has determined to pull tip
stakes and romove to Virginia. But the latest
cause of excitement is the fact that I havo remov
ed my Saddler Shop from rny old stand opposite
the Court House to my new shop on Market Htrcet,
nearly opposite the jail, where all who may favor
me with a call can be supplied with Swlilles, Sin
gle Harness. Double llariirss, Tuq- lf irnc?, liri
dies, Collars. Whips, Halters. Housings, Breeeh
barvts. .S'tVe Strap, and in fact everv article in the
line of Saddling and Harness making. Thankful
tor the very lUieml patronago heretolorc hestowed
I solicit a continuance of the same and a call from
as many new customers as con make it suit.
Aug. 2't,.'59. GEORGE W. RHEEM.
P. S. My being connected with the Drug busi
ness will not interfere with my shop, for I have
the Drug Store attended to by careful hands and
intend devoting my time exclusively to my regu
larg business. G. W. It!
H J SAY IT BOLDLY, thotyourGolden Salvo
J. saved my life! I was brought to tho brink
of the grave by a broken breast; I gave up all
hopes of getting well ; it eased tho pain in 1 hour
and seven boxes cured me; I could nurso my
child in no week. Mrs. J. Brannen, No. 7
High Street, Isjrell, Massachusetts.
It Can't he Railed Ont ll Cai't be Liiiljicd Out
Has saved life in Lowell Has saved life in Lcicfll
Has saved life m Lowell Has savulx fe in Lowell
By completely curing Piles, Rheumatism, Cuts.
Bruises, Sprains, Old Sores. Scrofulous Humors,
Erysipelas, Pimples on the Face, Corns and Chil
blains, Sore Nipples, Broken Breast, Burns and
Scalds, Spinal Difficulty, Felons, Warts, Chafings,
Cancerous Sores, Ringworms, Salt Rheum, Sore
Lips, Frost-bitten limbs, Chafed Infants, Chapped
Hands. Boils, Scratches on Horses, Soro Teais on
Cows, Ac; and is adapted for every kind of sore
or humor that afflicts humanity All laborers,
and those who aro tho most subject to acoidents,
should supply themselves with tha Golden Salve.
It acts without pain heals rapidly, and eases pain
almost instantly. It contains no poison, and has
no offensive odor. The Golden Salve has, by its
complete success in curing the various external
diseases, secured a lasting reputation commensu
rate to its worth. Physicians uso it extensively,
and testify to iU superior value in checking in
rluuiatory action, and to its healing power. Gen
tlemen of tho Press, the Pulpit and the Bar, tho 1
high and the low, tho rich and the poor, testify to 1
the matchles efficacy of the Golden Salve.
-Manufactured solely by P. WH ITTEN. 35 and
37 East Merrimack street, Lowell, Mass. , 25 cents
per box. G. W. R"heem, Clearfield ; Jacob Koons.
Troutvillc; Howard Merreil, Bradford ; Edward
Williams, Woodland; Ellis Irwin & Sons, Lick
mD; Shaw.Shawsville; P.A.Gaulin, Trench
V .7. " nyer, Kylertown; Henry Swan,
Ansonville ; J. L. Allien, New Washington ; and
by M. A. FRANK, General Agent. Clearfield', wh
will supply all country roerchantson liberal termi
uqweu. mass., august 17, ISftO.
BUY THE WA mi TtTpIi iTSiw
. aro the Best Calicoes yet offered to the Pa
Lo for tha money. Wholesale .A-n8
' April 2VSDHav ..... Ne Yprk.
The Largest, Cheapest and Best . lot of
ever brought to this county, has just been opened
And now fcr sale at RICHARD MOSSOP S.
October 19, 1859. . Clearfield, Pa.
Session of this school will be opened on the
first Tuesday of November next.
Rev. J. M. Gallowav. Superintendent.
Mr. W. W. RALSTOM.Tnstiuctor.
Terms are the same as for last session. For fur
ther particulars inquire of tho Superintendent or
Instructor. . Clearfield. Oct. 19. 1859-3tp.
A large assortment of Men's and Boys'
just received and now for sale at tho the very low
est prices. AI?o, a largo lot of good women's
Boots at ONE DOLLAR a pair at
October 19. 1S59. Clearfield, Pa.
fri. j .: 1 1 u ..
iuc ujiucisigucu uviKvy auuuua- r -.
ces to tho citizens of Clearfield county,
that Iia ia a 1 1 1 1 anirai t j -kl cf nni -
and BOX TOMBS. Also Hea.1 trnd Foot Stones
of the latest and most approved styles, and on the
mo?t reasonable terms. All orders promptly at
tended to. Address, ISAAC BERLIN.
Aug. 25. lS53.-dec23-'57. Tyrone City.
dersigned take this method of informing the
public generally that they havo entered-iuto co
partnership in tho Blacksmithing business, and
can be found at the shop formerly occupied by Ja
cob Shunkwviler, on Third street, in the borough
of Clearfield, where they will bo pleaded to see
their old customers, and as many new ones as can
make it convenient, to givo them a call.
Bring on your hoes, your spades, and picks,
Your log chains and your pulling sticks.
Your sleds, your sleighs, your horse and mare,
No three-year old, shall then go bare.
Your spears we'll work up then just right,
To pruning hooks for every hight,
Your swords too. shall then be wrought
To plough-shares such as C'in ne'er bought.
JDco. 6.J353. GEORGE W. ORIt.
The undersigned would respectfully an
nounce to his friends and the public generally,
that he has opened out a new Wagon-Making Es
tablishment in "New Salem City." Brady town
ship, where ho will at all times bo prepared to
manufacture, on tho shortest notice, all kinds of
Wagons, Cart3, Wheclba rrows Ac. 'I he best ma
terial that Can be procured will be used, and his
work will be made in the most substantial and du
rable manner, such cs will bear tho test of strict
examination. By a close observance of his busi
ness engagements, and by disposing of his work
on the most reasonable terms, which he wilt do
for either cash or approved country produce, he
hopes to merit and receive a liberal share of pub
lic custom BEN J. RISHEL.
New Salem City. Jan. 16, 1856.
G O A X r S E E
K 11 ATZE II ' S ,"
Where you will find the usual variety at un
usually low prices.
Clearfield, Pa., Oct. 19, 1359-4t.
Prepared OrigiiHily Id Prof. Duvall, formerly of
the Collese o f Siryean , Paris, is now offered to
the public for the cure of all those diseases in which
alteratives and resolvents are indicated. These
pills are rendered void Of taste by which means
the most delicate stomach can take them as well
as the smallest child.
From three to five boxes will cure the wors
cac of Scrofula.
From two to four boxc3 will cure tho worst case
of Slt Rheum.
From two to 3 boxes will cure tho Ring Worm.
One box will cure Scaly Eruptions of the Skin.
From two to four boxes will cure all old Ulcers
and Running" Sores.
One box will cure Humors in tho Eyes.
From one to three boxes will cure the injit in
veterate ease of Nursing Sore Mouth."
From one to two boxes will ourc the severest
case of scabby head in children.
From three to six boxes will euro the (common
ly called) thick neck or Goitre.
Ircm two to four boxes v, ill ctre the Dropsy. J
From one to three boxes will cure Jcandice.
l roni two to six pills will cure the Sick Head
Ache when accompanied with Billions
One box will cure the Fever and Ague.
For all diseases arising trom an impure state of
tho blood, and bilious habits, tho 'Tasteless Gal fun
ic Pills are tho best pills ever known in the annals
of medicine. 25 cents psr Box Any agent on
receipt of SI will send four boxes to any part of
the United States, free of postage.
J. D. STONEROAD, Proprietor.
aug23-'5S-y I.cwistown. Pa.
For sale by Moore A Etzwcilcr. Clearaell, Pa.,
and by country merchants genorally.
cu InMscnmuuttely tritium t moneu to all
persons ordering bools from CLARK'S Great
Number S(k Spring Garrlen Street, Philadelphia.
This establishment is conducted on a scale of
unsurpassed magnificence and liberality, as thou
sands can testify, and universally acknowledged
to bo tho most liberal and punctual Gift Enter-
t -- 1 . . 1 ... ,
........ ...o, nigiuiia, x r.ivcjs. Adventures, nto
ries, Anecdotes,Talca. Narratives, Romances. Sports
and Pastimes. Also, Religious. Biblical, Theolo
gical, Classical, Philosophical, Geographical, L'o
tanical and Agricultural Works, Dictionaries. Lex
icons, Albums, Annuals and Presentation Books.
Bibles, llymn and Prayer Books, in every stylo of
Binding, together with all tho newest icork of the
day, all of which are haudsomely bound and guar
anteed perfect in evory respect. The schedule of
Gifts I present, (as will bo seen by refercuce to my
catalogue,) is the most extensive, as it is ulso the
motjt superior, elegant and magnificent ever offer
ed by any similar establishment in tho Union
one of which Gifts will accompany each book at
the time of sale. EgA Fine Gold Watch ac
companies every order of one hundred books or
dered at ono time from my Catalogue.gj
TESTIMONIALS. As an evidence ot toe truth
of what has been asserted, I append the names of
a few gentlemen of high standing, whose veracity
cannot bo questioned, who have purchased or or
dered books from me and received Gold Watches
t 1 Yi ' oi T' ,1-7 . 7 B4-? -"'uieiown.r'a;
John D. Skiles, wholesale Grocer, Lancaster, Pa
Hon. G. G. Walker, Representative from Somerset
vwuuij, in iuu iciiuit legislature; W alter G B
vans Notary Tublio, Lancaster city, Pa. ; Jacob
Martin, Esq.. Rochester. N. Y.; Hiram Fik, Esq
Cleveland, Ohio; Mr. Goo Lcnhart, larrisbur'',
Pa.; Mr. J. L. Foars, Bear Creek, Henry eountv'
Georgia; Mr. Thomas Smead, Bedford, Pa.; and
Julia Crosby, U27 Lawrenee street. Philadelphia
who received a splendid Siti dress pattern, worth
H- d. w. Clark,
No. 80rt Spring Garden St., Philadelphia, Pa."
Agents Wanted in every Town and Village in
the United States. My terras to Agents are such
as to afford them a liberal rouiunei-ation for their
trcubie. Full particulars may bo had by address
ing nie as Above. Catalogues tent free Uuv
-iunfv FhjUdtlphui, July 20. lc'50-Sm
11 ceived and for sale low at the "cheapest cor
ner," Curwensville, by JOHN PATTON.
CHANGE The subscriber having taken
tho above well known stand, in Curwensville, Fa.,
i.TTeady to accommodate allwhoniay fav?rhi2a
with their patronage. His table will always be
supplied with the best the market can afford, and
his Bar with the choicest liquors. IIi3 stable will
be under the care of attentive hostlers.
AprilS, 1853. - DAVID SMITH.
Dauphin County, Pa. The undersigned,
having become proprietor of tho above Hotel, re
cently kept by Mrs. C. Griffee,- solicits a continu
ance of tao custoin which has heretofore been so
liberally extended to the house, especially by the
citizens of Clearfield county, trusting that he will
be able to render satisfaction to all who may fa
vor with a call, by strict attention to the wants
and comfort of his guests. L R. DEEG.
Middletown, Pa , March .10, 1359-3m.
PUBLIC IIOUSE.-The nndersigned res
pectfully announces to the traveling public
in general that he now occupies the Tavern house
mile east of S. Bauder's old stand, in Covington
township, where he is prepared to aecommo-laie
all who may favor him with their custoin His
house is commodious and well adapted to the en
tertainment of travelers, and his table will always
be provided with the best that the market can af
ford, liis stable is also convenient and good.
" March 9, 1859. BENJAMIN SNIDER.
Curt tfe usftlle, Clearfield Coantif, Pemta.
The subscriber, formerly of the Exchange Hotel.
Philipsburg, having taken the above house, situate
in the ca-t end of the Borou jh ot Curwensville.
011 the bank of the Susquehanna River, would res
pectfully announce to tho travelling public, that
he is fully prepared to accommodate strangers
and all others who may favor him with a call.
The house is new, well furnished, large and com
modious, and travellers will find every convenience
necessary to their comfort. Ainnln ti!iiin Jj
tached to the premises DAVID JOilNVION.
Curwensville, Februiry 17. H.;S.
Clearfield Cmnty; Pa. The subscriber Legs leave
to inform his old customers and the public "re
rally that ho has recently taken the above "well
known taiid, aiid that he has entirely refitted and
refurnished it in a stylo adapted to the age. and
the wants of.the entire travelling community.
HIS TABLE will always bo provrded with every
luxury the markets and surrounding country will
afiord. HIS BAR will be supplied with tho choi
cest wines and liquors. HIS STABLES, which
are the best and most coiamodicus on the road
within aday's travel, will always be in charge of
careful and attentive hostk-rs In short. everv
department of his establishment will be supplied
with all the comforts and conveniences the weary
traveller could desire. WM. A. MASON
Curwensville. June 2. 1S53.
t1,' 1 A- ihe undersigned would respectfully
inform hisfiiends and the travellir - public in
general, that he has taken the above houn- (for
merly known as the Hemphill Hi,l Ka- that
the huuso has been recently refitjc 1,' imuroved
nud newly furnished; that txtCLsive stahliu
na3 just been completed; and thai ho is yrc
pared to accommodate all who n-.jv ivo h:iu
a call in the most pleasing and agreea.Ie'nni:n?r
Ho u amply provided with everything to render
his Louio a desirable stopping "place, uud will
endeavor to entertain his guests in a manner that
cannot fail to gi ve the fullest satisfaction. The
house u tuated in a pleasant ar i quiet part ot
the town, and no expense or attention will be sir
red to make it on t" t!i l-it ; ti..
. . . . . - ... 1 1 1 til' It V .
A literal patronage is rc?peetf-jll.v solicited. J'.is
oar will be supplied u iih an assortment of choice
1 1 "i 7 1 ... o ' r j 1 ..-., . . - -
'j"".-- a. jia 1 s .n-jimu .v.
Gu 10 Mossop's.
It you want good Extra Flour, go to Mossw:s.
1 you want Extra Family Fiuiir, go to M ssoi-"s
IF you want good smoked" Hams, go to Mossor's.
IF you want Sides or Shoulders, go to Mossor's.
1 b' you want excellent Dried Beef, to Mjssor's!
IF you v-ant gi.od BroWn Sugar, go to Mossop's.
I F you want aiiperiurVhitc.ugar. so to M..ssoi-'s.
I F you want the best Rio Coffoo. go" to Mossor's.
IF you want Extract of Co (Tee. go to Mossop's.
I F you want good Imperial Tea. gi to Mossop's.
IF you want good Bl.iek Tea, go to Mossop's
IF you want good Young Hyion. go to Mossor's.
IF you want coarse or fine Salt, go to M.issor's
IF you want excellent Rice, go to Mossop's!
IF yon want fresh ground Spices, go to Mossop's.
IF you waiit superior Candies, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Adamantine Candies, go to M-jssor's."
II you w;uii good Tallow Cm ilea, goto Mossop's.
IF you want good fresh Mackerel, go to Mosxop'r!
IF you want good fresh Herring.'go to Mj-sop's
IF you want superior White Fish, go to M.-iss-jp's.'
It you want Jiolasses. nil kinds, go to Moss, p's
IF you want fine Dried Peaches, po to Major's
IF you waut llae Dried Apples, go to Mossop's.'
IF you want Oranges and Lemons, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Nails an-t Spikes, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Hardware ut'.iil kin Is.go to Mossop s.
IF you want a good (Jra.s Scythe, go to M.. shop's
IF you want a ;;ood -Hay Fork, go to Mossop's.
IF you want a good Manure Fork, go to Mossop's.
I F you want good Garden Spades, go to Mossop's.
I F you want Willow Baskets, go to Mussop's.
IF you want a good Buggy Whip, go to Mjsmip's.
if you want aouucco nud Cigars, go to M )si)-''?
IF you want Fancy Wall Paper, go to Mossop's".
TF you want Manilla hemp cords.50 to Mossor's.
I F you want l'alui or Fancy Sojp. go to Mossop's.
IF you want Sboo Lasts and Pegs', go to Mossop's.
IF you want good Satv-tuill Saws, go to Mossop's"
I F you want Powder, Lead A Shot. go to M;Sc:p"s!
IK you want good Shoe Blacking, go to Mossop's.
IF you want good Stove Blacking, go to Mossop's!
IF you want superior Blue Ink, go to Mossop's.
IF you want a Smoothing Iron, go to Mossop's!
IF you want good brown Muslin, go to Mossop's.
IF you want good White Muslin, go to M jssop's.
IFjou waut good colored Muslims, go to .Mossop's
IF you want silk Handkerchiefs, go to Mossop's.
IF you want cotton Handkerchicl's.goto Mossop's!
IF you want Linen Tabic cloths, go to Mossor's
IF you want cotton Tabic cloths, go to Mossop'w
IF you want Umbrell.isA Parasols, go to Mossop's!
I F you want a superior Clock, go to Mossop's
IF you want Fancy Carpet Sacks, go to MoSop's
I F you want Table Oil Cloths, go to Mossop's
IF you want good Floor Oil Cl.uh, g0 to Mossop's!
IF you want new School Books, go to Mossop's.
IF you Wi.nt a .good Undershirt, go to Mossop's
IF you waut fashionable Coats, go to Mosop's
IF you want fashionable Pants, go to Mossop's
IF you want fashionable Neck ties.go to MosW's
II you want fashionable; Vest?, go to MossopV.
J! you want fashionable Hats, go to Mossop's
11 you want fashionable Ilar.d ks. goto Mor-up's
IF you want fashionablo Boots, go to Motor's
IF VOU want f.l?hionali! Sh
you want Boys' Coats & Pants, go to Mossnp'
It- you want Children' Shoes, go to Mossop's.
IF you want fashionablo Bonnets, goto Mossop's
It you want Calicoes, new styles, go to Mossop s!
I you want new fancy DeLainos, go to Mossop's
II you want good French Chintz, go to Mossop's!
II you want 1 rench Ginghams, go to Mossor's
it you want Domestio Gingham go to Mossop's
IF you want first rato Alpacas, go to Mossop's.
IF you want old Monongahela, go to MossoP's
it you want Port Wine, superior, go to Mossop's
II you waut " for Medical uso, go to Mossop's'
It you want :; " Sacramental use.go to Mosop's
U you want good Cherry Brandy goto Mossop's.
II you want good Sweet Wine, go to Mossop's.
IF you want Fancy Cassimercs, go to Mossop's
It you want Llack Cassi meres, go to Mossop's
It you want plain ft f-.r-y Tweeds, goto Mossop's'
It you want superior Casincts. go to Mossop's!
At you waut superior Sattinets, go to Mossop's.
IF yoa want ground -White Lead, go to Mosscp's!
It yon want line ground Zinc, goto Mossop's.
iF you want Pure Fiaa-seed Oil, go to Mossop's.
IF you want any other articles, go to Mossop's
1 you waut to buy cheap for cash, go to Mossop's.
Clearneld, Pa., April -7, 1S5'J. . .
BACON Hams, Sides and Shoulders tu hand
and for nnn lit. 1 h c a. .),.,.. i. ... v..
and for tialu at ih
'cheau oash store." bv
Apr '7, lS.i3.
TACKKRFLtJuiirter and Half barrels, for
- , , crt bp pT corner ir. I nverS.
Mlio;v.y Uunts: JOHN FAITON I
For Jananed-V.'nro. umtnMi-...,. TTLt"
..(.Mr..! ft?".
For Brittsnia-Ware, go to Merrell bIsS'
lor Hollow-Ware, go toMsRRELL fc'r
japanned ware. u-a.
For fancy waiters, go to Merreil 1 HKWt
For "f.o.l foot t.,K . . f'GI-rRY
I Of Superior lanthorns;go to Merrell 4 I!iG,rM
For water coolers. gotoMERRELLi Eirtro
For chamber buckets, go to Merrell i Eiclb-J
For stoves of all kinds, go to Merrell & 'v,r, P.
For farmers' boilers, go to M erp.ell hlr" '
For good etovc-pipe, go to Meep.eli. & Bier !'
l or summer furnaces, go toMEPRELLft Birrru"
For large iron kettles, go to Merrell 4 BI(", I -S'
For cofiee roasters, go IoMeurellA Biclp'
l or stove brushes. go to Merp.ell & Bigler !'
I-or German bIacklea!?.go to Merre: l 1 I'iilfb
CT f,to collars. go to Merrell & VaolzI I
lor Rafting stoves, g0 to Merkei.l A Livu.cs",
For superior coal oil, go to Merrell ft P,i..vr
lor fancy coal oil lamps, go to Merrell ft r.&'u,
tor old dominion coffee-pots to Merrell ft I i'
For fancy gaschandaliers.trot-j Merrell ft mV'Zl
For good dinner belli go to Merrell ft Bie- !
I or good graiu cradlei, Co toMerrell ft liziv l
1 or superior ploughs, go to Merrell ft .
For side hnl ploughs. go to Merrell 4 Biie'
lor good road scraper.?, go to Merrell ft Lii;e"v
lor superior sand screens, f-o to MerreF ft hi 'I9--'
For good platform scale;, goto Merrell ft Ett-'erl
lor good counter scales, go to Merrell ft bi "rc
t or superior hay scales, go to Merrell ft Bi- er'j
For patent milk paiis, go to Merrell ft r.;er ,'
lor good clover hullers, go to .Merrell ft Bi eri
1 or fancy lamp shades, go to Merrell ft Bi V"-'
tor good spelternnd zinc, go to Merrell ft B;?c'. 1'
tor superior fruit cans, jr to Merrell ft Pi-'.-i
I or go-d hou;e-po"3t!ag. ;.-ott- Merrell i i'i-:e'"';
Jf.RDWARE Ai i.-IPLKMLNr.s. " '
For bar iron of all si ads. tro to Merrell ft riser's
t or superior cast steel, i. ,9 Merri; 4 Uigi-,
l or good nails and st.:f:.. ir,-, .. t. i: ."'
lor good hi.g'i-h steel, go Merrell ft BifV
I or i,uatsr.o-.tLinSiro33. go to Merrell ft BiglcrV
r or gr.r,d r-uljS sct.;j gl) to Merrell ft Big!er
t or sMpevior door lock j. go to Merrell ft BigJor' -
r.r .;iLcrls:.B b!i-.rtefd, g- to Merrell ft R&or
tor iron axles and fil... ff0 to .Merrell ft EiIerV'
lor suFerOrpui3pf!;.ii,t2 so toMerrell ft Bier
or a,l pumj, Csturci. t- Merrell ft Bi-!er"
lor good buggy spring?, go t Merrell ft LiT-ier'.'
tor huttsau.t hinges, ft j go to Merrell ft Bi"l..ra'
r..r superior o:-asj;oil!es. go to Merreil ft BiIer'.
lor good ni:ir.in kettb go to Merre!' ft B:ur
tcr nea'fst wao iror.s. go to Merrell ft p.jrtr-
t or goa aauiage cutters, gotoNerrell ft Biker's
lor good sau.aye s:n!Ter?, go to Merrell ft-Eigler t
. or Btipenor c.Cee ,ni'3. g0 to Merrell ft Bi-lcrV
j or superior porch feet, go to .Merrell ft Biler
'1 p.ongh wings, goto Mem!! ft ni--ler
tor go.,.1 horseshoe nails, go to Merrell ft Biker's'
jor superior hotel iumps, to Merrell 4 Bier".
tor uitm uoor bin-,... g.-, to Merrill ft Bizler"
I or superior gate binges. ,;0 to Merrell A Bi,'lerV
i .r superior J.1CK chain.?, go to Merrell ft Biier'i.
K-r !o,lg handled shovels, go to Merrell A B:!er'S
I or jpaes a,.d hay forks go to Merrell ft Bigier i
For RMan1r,r?,n -rdk-s' "to Merrell ft Bigier'.
I or fe.rels of all !lir,. g to Merrell ft B:ler '.
tor superior brass cocks, goto Merrell ft BiglerV.
or Lts can.ll sti.-ks. go to Merrell ft Li-lcrV
t ot tr:is FEunersi l.,cki, potoMarrell ft Cier'.
tor superior lard Ia:np3. go to Me, re!! ft Bier .-.
1 or g.'H). en:ous41utzurs.g. to Merrell ft CigierV.
1 or go: -.! cork srerevv.-. g to Merrill ft Eigier 9.
t or egg codlrr?.t beaters, go to Merrell ft Baler's
tor good bread toati r. g to Merrell ft B.Mcr
r or superior ae.-h forks, go to Merrell ft Bi!cr .
t or good baling s?.,3r.r": g-j to Merrell ft Bi'4lcr"i.
t.T good twine Koxe-, go to Merrell ft Bigler's.
... o;u:i:n.-es. gotor.lerrell AHigler .
;r goe l corn grinders, go to Merrell ft Bijler'.?.
K7J! S . rU suc,,c"- So ' Merrell ft Bigler'.
1- r ;V1- S:nV un,er- Merrell A Biker's,
ior superior cantors g' to Mrrrel! ft Hitler .
I ouutry produce, old metal, l.ra-s and copper
Ukeu in exchange. Clearfield, June d, 133'i.
Tho following are the rates of discount at whifb
ti-e notes of the banks pven wvro purchased last
....j lucuia.crsu 1 ailaiclpiiia :
lli.'JJ 1 LVAMA,
TiK of Commerce,
Bk of X. America.
Bk of Northern Lib
Bk of I'cnn Tdwn p.
City I'aux,
Com. bn of Ponn'a,
Commonwealth b.
Consolidation b.
Corn I'xehango b.
Far. ft Moch's b.
Girard Bans,
Koiiningtdu bar.K,
Man A Meeh's b.
Philadelphia b.
Southw.uk bacK,
State I k. Camden,
Traders bank,
I'nion b:ir:!r
1 ar
Solreiit banks.
i:ho;ie ilivd.
Fa rmers'BK .W iokforl
t-anKof South Coun
ty, Wakeiicld. "
1 ivcTlOii i.k, j lvertou.
W arwi-k Bk. Warwick
i..uoUe Ireland Lxccsn
B'k, E. Greenwich,
Mt. Vernon Bark,
Hopkmtoa Bank,
All solvent banks.
Mcrch Kx.Bk.Bridgp
. CidiI:itir 1? .'-
lr I l;s ..f Hart ford Co.
F-if'l Halfers Br, liethel.
Western bai.
P 'r j Ksch.B.t. Hartford.
Bk of Beaver n.
' hartcrOair f-
Bk of Chester Valleypar
Bk cf Coui!!:er?e.I"rie.
15k of Crawford co.' i
Bk of New Cact'tc,
Mercantiie Bark ':
I naj 1!k, N'urwich,
j WoosterBk.UanburT
' J stown, par j Woodburv Rank,
l K i f Brtwrenee co. Pawcatuck Bsi.k,
vc.nrai 0.01 ra.. uoi , r,x ot N .Am. Scvmo
Favetto Co. bank.
Pdhouioofso B.ii).?!ib
Jiiisey Shore b.
Kittaning bank,
Lebanon b:nk,
M'ivean co. bank,
Oe tot a ra bank,
Suamokin baiK.
I'nion b. Readipg,
AVarrcn co. brick,
York cocntv bank,
Bk of lVfciVa, Phi!
Ailentown Bank,
Anthr.i.-ito bank,
Bk of Chester co..
Bk of Ielaiaro co.
'a Li
Grauite B;c, Vcluut'u
Pequonnoe-k Bar.k.
Windham County Ei,
N U'.V VtiRS .
Agricultural Es llnk
Addison Bk, Addiron
Bk cf Orleans, Albion,
Central BankofNcw
York. L'tica.
Chemung County Ex 1
i.nrymej s Har k,
par Elmira I5.ir.k- Elmi
i l HcIlisterBK. BufTait
Hamilton Lx. B.iiik.
llnguenot Bs, N.l'al
Medina Bx. Medina,
Nisgnrw R;,rr B.u k
Ontario Bk. I'ti.?a
Bk of Germautowu,
l'K. ot Montg y co.,
Bk of Pottstown,
Bk xf Catasauqua,
Columbia Bank,
loylcstown Bk,
Fasten Bank.
Ontario Co. Bk. Phelps
1 rati baii, EutJalo
f,liverLecft("o'c Bk "
Reciprocity Bk,
aekctt's liarbjr
Western Bk, Look port
Yates Co. Bk. PeiA ati
3 1
Fr.ftMcch.bK Easton par
Far.liKof Eucksco. par
rar.iiir. Lancaster,
Far.B.K. Reading,
Lancaster C. Imck
Ibanon Bank,
Maucb Char.k Bk,
Miuers' Bk Pottsv'e
tr-troudsburg bank,
Wvomiusr Bant.
. par
, par
Solvent batk?,
srw jv.p.sir.
Solvent brink?, i
Bt rgeu County Ea-S
at Hackeasack. 2
Solvent Bass, 1
Citv Bank, Cincinnati '
O. LifeftTragtC.... Ciu
Senaca Co. Bk, Tiffin,
Sand u.-ky City Pk.Cl 2
Bk of Mascrab County
llarri.?burg Batk,
Bk of Cliamborsburg,
Bk of Middletown,
Yoik Back.
Bk of Gettysburg,
Bk of Pittsburg,
Citizens' Bk, 1'ittsb.
Exchange Bk. Pitt.-b.
Iron City Bk, Pittib.
Meehauics" Bk, Piitjb
Mononga'la b.Browus
I'ayton Bank, Bay ton
Miami Yal.FK,
State EanS,
v 4 . v r.
'.r. i-a.-.m PivprBsr.k
r l ariKl.OK. V ayhing. 7
FarftDro.bK,Waynesb i
Bk of Northumberl. j
Bk of Danville. par
West Branch Bank, i
Lock Haven Bank, par
Lewisburg Bank. i
Rockland Bs;. K ki d I
Canton Bai.k. China.
Ellsworth Bauk, "
Exchange BK.EacgorC'l
Grocers' Bank.
Maratime Bk, Bacgcr 1U
anford Bk, Rockland
Uancock Bk,I.I1sw
BanK of IlalloweH
Allegheny BK.AUgh'y i
Bk of Lawrence co
lloneslale Bank
MerftMan Ek.Pitt&b.
Erie Bank,
Erie Citv Bank.
Danby Bans. lanby,
Bk of South RoyaltoD,
Bans of Royaiion,
Solvent banks, I
Solvent Banks,
McKean County Bic,
Tioga County Bank, par
QJALT coarse and ne can be had ty th
. or L"s quantity, at Ihe ''cheap cash tor
e src.,
tore oi
pr 2, ISjU.
FOll KALE. A Saw-uiill and about 125 acre
of land i"r "ri(. inn vf il;r:t
W-n Ac -nl
to L. J CRAS,
lor good dust pans, goto Merrell Bicrr-
T itr nfir mn!aa:Aa Anna rrAfh (i... . - " S