Raftsman's journal. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1854-1948, January 16, 1856, Image 6

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    ' Br,.y.'''rWiujw-n
A -A
' J' i &)m. J
. V'.
--;n.. r it of December21' mrm.nes us
tvith thwinSinon:-Wc under,
stand tr.Shawf'h determined to
ci; VtUe Gubernfrialcha5riaKansa3Ter
rito His reasp for doiaS 80 w ,,liye not
je ed " Theou'semocrat,an--says!
- T-nst3a7 uai access to a reliable pri
'te con-H"'5'011' dated ate Lavcnworth,oii
Abe mor of Dc. 28tb, from which wo learu
' 'tho in3 news that, on Saturday, the 2!d,
r tj.J"'Ce ef the Territorial Register at Lcaven-
yurih City, was entered by a mob and the press
nd typss taken out, conveyed to tlio river, and
thrown beneath the water. Mr. Dellahoy, the
editor, was absent tit the time, and thero was
no resistance offered to the progress of the ri
oter?. After having drowned the press, they
returned to the office, and burned a lot of pa
per which had been supplied for the printing
of the Register. They then dispersed, and
numbers were shortly afterwards engaged iu
fighting and rowdying arouud the Empire
House, and other of the principal drinking sa
loons of Leavenworth. The whole aflair was
of a most unlawful and disgraceful character.
It is stated that the mob was composed princi
pally of -dissourians. "The boIo cause of the
riotous proceeding was, that 3dr. Dellahoy had
made himself obnoxious by taking a bold stand
and denouncing the interference of -ilissouriant
in the affairs of Kansas. Letters containing
full particulars of the above proceedings, from
our regularKansas correspondent, were mailed
at Leavenworth City on the 25th, and will reach
us in a day or two."
-" Thb Japan Tkeatv Difficulties. Accord
ing to a Calcutta correspondent of the London
limes a Dutch official, selected especially from
the Hague, was scut to Japan, to make such
suggestions to the Japanese as would be accep
table to them, in their negotiations with the
United States Embassy, under Commodore
' .rtRET. The Dutch being more fumilliar with
the Japanese character and Institutions, on ac
count of their long intercourse with them,
knev irhat restrictions it would be necessary
LikOMit p the way, to prevent a free commerce
ikdea?ations, to theiojury of the Dutch,
Spreads jeiys,iie fully acqnieseing with Cora
They hence . . - . . ,
Our eocial fcJ-O' m a desire for a treaty of peace
Ho virtues cith us, with permission to our ships
Mffi Pr,s Mclyfor Snpplies,they
To loose that bj barred us from extending our
Their hatefa! l lt-i0a save through the Japa
Ad1 robs as-' ' 0 1
Their vars' Tca then they were so much
They corneal, and so completely at the mercy
Tis nwjTovt.vninent that a commercial inter
Aoen gf c -
A faraao, to any extcnt,was quiteout of the qucs-
Or 11 5s a,S stato1 tliat tbe Dutch of,;cial
- stcfore aluded to, has, since his arrival in Japan
Tx.rtii ..' 1 '.fceLai secretary to the im
. Inal g,A crnmei.tr All Mrs . u-
the tfic.c7 ' Sa,(1 to constitnte the key t.
full execution of tuCJLavc sJnco attenJud the
J m. CoxsuLsr. The correspondent of the NTIvl
1 Tribune, writing from Washington City under'
City under.'
: date of the 9th Jan., says : "A decisive stejj mise that important Ji!aa C01lta:"s tho S!,r
lius been taken relative to British enlistmentsl that .inarf.-r It s.",)n arivc froni
,1 .i.i i- . ,f
lunLYumiruw on uns suoject we;
i 'cen the two Governments has been closed
ly an elaborate and conclusive dispatch to Mrj
Liicnanan, sent last Saturdav, requiring th
P-rilish Government to refill JTr. Cramptoij
or leaving the altetnativc of the Adniinistr I
lion giving liini Lie passports here. The sar.J
p.vcr signifies distinctly the revocation oft
r. V exequators of Consuls Barclay at New Yor,
- M ithew at Philadelphia, and Raycraft at Cil
K ,r.-4ili, who were iinr.licated in the piilll-
taht.V. Engl.uid is indirerfly prepared
. - .-.rill iu r i-iii. i. iiv iiri'Tinna i....n t . .. .
j?iwent demand may excite a teti!
Ion br."'. to some diiricitltv' nj,
s. From po3itillm,frstt'n's ffifial
incTitablc, andn4nje,lts
'i?t iined )
ri makes it the cause ol ?
t'he Central American qucti
,o5!v wilt be licr own."
v "
IM'. kso -S?iRiEn. An old woria),
vyVQ m, who 18 now better knoTi as
tV..'te-.,;iot long since profited
, t "'1 bctTMUed from the dcaf'lind
i'1 ,laior.3i. mission to pcrfjj' n
jV 4 HSbv$.r poor deluded ff.ow-
I r i -- UfJ-Vooni her, am. the
-1 -
f -
: 1
i . V
s . U 4 v -s lCSr:r'tid SI v. her 1 thcr.
I E'OY' V Tv5in -Matthev to be
1 1 . - ?. . i -a ,:. ucvu t. !: i.'. !,-. .t .,r
, ttW V n Wiieh. cvfent the
3 i ,.-iitan:" ' at an eiK! to drive
J )?Trv,..-.SI - Jfatthewa bllnifolded.
-if the left fjtnbllwitli an
Atw'T '1 to the floir, when
,vf"rfl f to tar. After this
C on iCffiij,h.i.
- -,even places Vitu a car-
rf ri.J" ; upier bp two
I 4- - 1 j '
I f- . " V -- J-ffUra' "M evil spirit
f '""-.JvV? i s to b.ivepo doubtof
I " V4V ..-L-..i-
Tfof such treat scrvico
tfia 33olutiou of
'xnErht week,
'"ry at the
-. "V V-
ied for
-a EU.il oi
. !Vicd,Vl':.Mtsii.r
-. ' .
door and lelt.. A r-V.-.l nl" ? ) ior his npjire-
hensiou i.i oflcied lo'Vo SIicrlliY TliV- yung
man confined for cos cuuld not resist liie
temptation of a free cx an,l left with Chris-
tj", but only to return tofs i10nle.
Elair Couxtv. Un tar,;h ult. the corps
es of two children were foVd in anc:i;irant
car at Altoona. After theVa,, is;td reached
Gallitzin, iutormation was yeivei by tele
graph, that the parents, (w!ioerc Germans,)
had discovered themselves. !. children be
longed to different families. lc little girl
had died from teething the day Vf ore, while
the boy had died of fever betwei Hunting
don and Altoona. Another clulXthat died
liad been lelt at Huntingdon for bisai.
son of Abr. Beak's, of Altoona, abo 4 years
of age, was so seriously burned onu 28th
ult., that he died next morning. Ti, little
fellow was opening the stove door, wli
clothes caught fire. On the same daynan
named Genter was severely injured at la;r
Furnace, a spark of red-hot metal having ,
tered his right eye. The ball 5s very mi
blistercd, but the sufTerer can &ti;i sec a littTkj
with it,and hopes are entertained that the sight
may be irescrved.
Bins ron the JIaix Line. Ilarrisburg, Jan.
9. Tlie Ilarrisburg and Lancaster Railroad
Company propose to give four millions of dol
lars for the Columbia Railroad, parable in
eight aJiuual payments after January 1st, 183c
with i lit crest at 5 per cent., conditioned for V.t
repeal of the tonnage tax. The 1'ennsylvana
Railroad Company propose fo buy the whvle
of the Main Line at seven and a half wiJIi'ns,
payable in ten annual payments from uly,
18j7, with interest at -5 per cent. Theyagroe
to keep the Eastern Canal ojcn, and so the
Western until the North Western Xa'lro;l'l
shall be completed. They propose afco to buy
(.the Columbia Railroad t the cost of construc
tion, to be ascertained by tlirec coipetent en
gineers to be appointed by the St;jfe, v.itii the
concurrence of the Company. Tie company
agree to pay forever :v dividundiual to t'.at
paid to their own stockholders They require
the repeal of the tonnage i, and that the
State yield the right to 2urasc the Pennsyl
vania Railroad
Gov. Siiaxxox, it seeij ''as changed his
course completely in rerd to the people of
Lawrence, who were di unced in his procla
mation as a lawless setiJ to overthrow whom
he asked President Prcc to send Iiiui I. S.
troops, as will be se the following docu
ment, given by the;i!'sas correspondent f
the New York Tiijs :
"To C. RoitixsA. Couinian ler of the cn
rolleil citizens ofwcuco : Vou arc hereby
authorized and Greeted to tnko such measures
and use the polled force under your com
mand in sucbanner, for the preservation of
the place a 1 l,,c persons of the jicople of
Lavrenec vicinity, as in your j-idgmei.t
shall be.sV-'cure tI,;lt CHtl- Siiaxxox.
Lawiee Dec. 9, 1S-V1.
Ax J.lieii Flbet Fou San Ji ax. Our last
advic 'iinm Havana stated that a nunilx-r of
Enl'slvau.l Trench vessels of war would
pirate f .czvo" V'1 ?5K,rt f Sil1' J - A
England or J' nine
L - . ...
I i.ugiana or J- ranee contemplates a hosiiwC
enpation of San Ju.in and the adjoining terri
tory, but it is not improbable that au cll'urt
may be made to prevent the influx of emigrants
from the United States to Nicaragua, still
there is no telling what bold stroke r policy
Palmerston and. bis French adviser are alout
to wake in Central America. N. Y. Sun.
Tassaci!isktts. Gov. Gardiner's message
wis delivered to the Legislature on the 3d Jan.
ITe recommends twenty-one years' residence
I foreign born citizens, and ability to read
an! write before they .-.re allowed fo vote ;
deprecates the passage of the personal liberty
dy ryal ; !iggtJ ,'4,rcaud nnres its sjx-t--hof
n;ml)ers of the popular branch of the
-c?lV''l,ur-' lU!i' deimunce's lobbying legisla-
tion. The message is strongly Native Ameri-
Trrc-Va.ri Liibs tone.
Ii S V TloSBLUV. On Tm-siibiv v.-nlncr tin.
J-st in.i., Mr. S. H. S.weanrey, a gentleman
fro tlijutcrior of Pennsylvania, was robbed
oC a i)0firmonaic, at the Walnut-street thea
tre, Philibjiphia. containing ?17" in notes and
gold, ccr ificates for 1057 shares of stock in
pronnsav.'1'1 Sniuclianna Coal Company, and
besides otYer valiilflHe"-??.10 nearly $10,0W,
time of therobberv Mr. Swc.i
canzey was stan.1-
ing in the
. A 1
passagc way, willing to
get m me wtyirc.
. 3Tax is AYuictnE Eats. A celebrated Ger
man transcemi-italist, Louis Fcnerback, few
years since, pti'islied a thesis in which h en
deavored t-o ir that "man is what he at"
and attributes t immorality of the age to th?
potato rot. Speilating on tliis eubject th
other day, the lVsburg Post says some wag
remarked that thnivoulJ satisfactorily account J
for the origin of te two factions in New. York
llard shells and kfl Shdls! .
- On 'Jast WedncsoV. tlie 9th, a frightful ac
cident occurred on ftc llnd.'Wn RivcT railroad,
near PoHghkcepsie, Y., by which three
persons were instactljhilled and about twenty
tfodnded. There wasi break Ln.-t bf tc cuc-
cd, with the disastniste , '
..xrLi.i v.r..rtl,..v rai- !etfJf-r.
jiiiiat .nvv-f- - a, . F lf f E T
IB0.'" 'o the nnbiPply him with Flour.'
Soish , the pub? pP'jr him with Flour, ' e;;1IGw nd' BviStalO iv. f
-rest and most comprehensive tmllinthe wi,
l..irri'iip. Mass. The floor
IS UIQ A 7 1
surface of this immenso structure is lb acres;
the largest mill in England is 11 3 acres.
There are now in operation 40,000 cotton spin
dks and 10,000 worsted spindles; and these
ar to bo increased to 80,000 and 20,000 respec
tively. There arc 1,200 looms in operation, to
be increased to 2,400. These, with 2,000 per
sons, produce 800,000 pieces of cloth per an
num one-half delaines. The weekly con
sumption of cotton is 20,000 pounds, or 1,400,
000 pounds per annum, and 500,000 pounds of
wool. Once a month the two thousand persons
assemble at the cashiers office whero he pays
out $50,000 to them for wages, appropriating
to each ono tlie exact amount she has earned.
1'AitKEtt III French. This .Nicaraguan he
ro is a small, thin man, with but one arm, evi
dently in ill health, and, like Walker, about
twenty-nir-'e years of age. His demeanor is
modest a'ul conciliatoiy, but there is a certain
air iusefarablc it is presumed from the hazar-
jOU3 i,e )3S ej) which would mark him as
,touo if the bovs." While the former govern -
VienJ'was in power in Nicaragua, he Ticted
cp as the agent and forerunner of Walker,
delaying no little tact and bravery in carry
''iit his secret designs.
1 JfyisWAEixw i-on 1,500,000. A gentle
man f Washington City, says the Star of a
lu!e dCj received a letter fr0m Portadown,
county f Armagh, sdad, making inquiries
in relate to the hiirs of John White, who
emigrate;,, front the s.:i 1 county, .somewhere
about thenar 1814 or :1", a id win is b.-liev-e.l
to have it two sons, Abricr ai;d WiJiiam.
There is abot f, million and a half of money
for the luekys-j-Ucs why can "prove proper
ty," &c.
TllACEDY ASH;, iwr
An account has
been given of X attempt of a man najued
Williams, ti-om Vrk, to commit suicide
on New 1 ear's niAt, because a young woman
iii Ilobokon, wlionic. expected to marry, had
Ciiangeu iier purpo !t
view of this evi
dence of love an.
I deVfi
viion on nis part, liie i.i-
i reientevt, ana lias sio been united to him
iu marriage, lie feelstter.
i . . . .
Fasiiioxaiilk Paxs i.vi' mi. A writer al
luding to the perfect mA in extravagance
which appears to cxit iA Paris the present
year, mentions that even y fans now iu use
are marked by cJaboratencs.yf workmanship,
and cost ar, high as ?2!)CH' cl,. 20 or R3'
is considered the merest tri.'leV,jr one if tliosrt
highly decorated, carved and eryched articles.
M.won or rrrrsnrKnn. At ie municipal
election held in Pittsburgh on'l.ist Tuesday,
the th in.st., IJingham, the Atitudeaii candi
date, was elected Jlayor. Tlie ,te stood
liingham, Anier., IP'S, Vote, relar Deni.,
10.), Irwin, seceding Deiu., 111").',
In Allegheny City, Adams, vebitccr, was
elected Mayor on the s line day.
$(2 TRAY IlOllSK. Cuniii to tbe toXbi-c of
" ii,vrsigii'l. living in De.-amr (..uisltip a
Hay Horse. 1 he owner i- hereby notificdl i.nne
forward, preve proju-rty. piv cliarf.- r 1 take
him nway, otherwise he wi'l .ii.p.-..,i ..accor
ding to lar. AllKAHAM J. i).s
.lanunry 'J. l? f. 1
- -rA't...... .... .... I
i 1. it he iiiiacTsinoii having retired
hVTlK!lV.i1,,,1'I'l. fl i,'"ds and the pul.tr.'that
...... Wlllll II.SIA (II Iii
loun.-ni w!;,.."' ".x 'yiee. ore .loortast of
where he
le.i! bosiiirss
; ' 1 '""on s vow.
h-x-i ... A..i . .
.j ... ..Kvjijii ii mvjr
uviri iinni-a L,wE...rti .1.. r-
t ....uu ui L-iuiru .! i c.xel nsive .ltti-ritirl
Clearfirl 1. .Ts;,. p.
A PPJ.ICATIO.V I'Olt J.rCK.VSK.-r.. the
o.ro. ':pn,,.;,';',;,r wt ,,f ..Br!
ter Sessions .-.t :he fim.,ty r.r Clo'.rfleM Ti . .
tition of ,.. sul;eriber7 resp',..-Trni - rr,t.',U"
that they ;,r- desirous if ohtainins l.'kc iisu M
vinous. spifi.'mniH. niiilt and hrewe.i liouiTS at
their plac-j of hovim-.ss. iu -l.uiuher City.' in the
township of lVniu iu the county of C I u r. c-i . I
that t),ry, or cither of them, are not kcep. is of
an.vM.i. . inn. tavern, restaurant, eating house.
os.er house or oyster eullar. theater, or other
place d entertainment, amusement or refreshment
Nyitjhey :ir citizens of the United State.; that
biting to Ibj'ttor.1 f5Ur?ady tg!v bond, and i-n
. 1S .. T.iey therefore 'p ray intfxAtMmii) J. Xfi-.
tKni a liecnro for the nbov tmrposo ; nnl ihcv
will pray. Ac. MCVJAMr., H ARTSHORX .t'
THOMAt- MeCllAClvliX,
January 1. 18').' acting ns partners.
V PKIVATJJ s.v.i-:.
THE umlcrciirncd offers nt Private .Sale. "!!' acres
of band, more or lens, in l'enn township. Clearfield
countv. seven or cig.it acres cleared, the ualante
covered wilh' vab'aUo TlMUKil. and liavins
thereon the following improvements .'
h GOOD 5?vy-J83' .
with HTJI- -'" .i:" -e wheel Tr ' .!'u ""1
. 1 , 1 '"'-'Hviter. which ; enable the will to
runabout ci-Mt tha year. l
well furnished, plastered anJ painted fn'.-hottf
with a never-failing Spring of water in thtGellar'
well furnished with threshing floortahli c
ull new. having but recently been frcctcs" ( ' "
Alrj. eosivenicut. and Mi!stan,,''y ereetvi
orr-p.rii.jf-VG.s. - x
consiting'of a "SVood-.-l-- c-,n tfouso, ,o
There is. no
n,.r.e defirailo fc:,Tr,
Count v
Anv r,,un- ,. z.,-
,iou. can sppi?
,1V t m . ANir
Poet 0-jo duurces, vl;
So i'recjises.
II llr-irii..lU LOUntV. l a.
joll.V W' 1 1 VEMJRF.X '
-ivrvt. Uv.Ri
P,nn T.wnsbip. Dec. 2 JVf"
v--itch every eub-
'fc' "fty on 'eceiptof sub
pr - ptartand Ilia Frienda"
HO I . -to give UDiualiGed pleasure arid
8J W Ta,u ver be.
-rice Th i " '-7 Vlr w people at such a
SMn?; The,Ln8WfS is of very large .ixe, being
printed on heavy plate paper, 30 By 38 inched
reV"? . , supero ornament suitable for the
fety. beTniiJLPart of the oountrvs bv mall, vi
cyiinuer.postage prt-jgj?.
nrt-t' t..":.T.
k del i vered 0-rSi'T"
Ti atIO7T1 1.prebv notified r.ol
t.,mcdlC;V lV5n?B7,h certain set of
The unaer-
nrr. at Ch.?'in.. . I'' r
ncr. at
..1. 'tW.'.-'M'V
sfua A-. V tnke a
500. The 1 fur,,;',
Ciipablc of uuiii.
f L . .1 It...
085 , J...., nrfious, and
subscriber feels ,,Uliv, 6 '
o;.iHrtunitv can X
,BU .
er business
ft L,..:f. So better
man, with the abovJ'.t'Y" active bnsiuw
to a Jjajing busiut'M. 1 ,,!1, v0trisli-S to go in
Curwensvillc, l'-- la 1a., jj, 'i'AYLOU.
NEWFIKM.-UAl'.i.,, ; v
have jut receive a n,, "X jfCU ACKE
ment of goods at their stor "1 'vlondid asort
Th'-y invito tlio public to gv,'(,
feel n.urcil they will bo at Kx?? venll.
islactmn. J,uainer.
II ill en. lU?s ii :' ntirc at-
other kinds of
produce taken in mid U
i:i:x.J. Haj;t?(- '
Aug. 1, 1S.)5.
rm fillll.ni'lK lroi,f.-,l! xrill 1.. -
' U j , ..... ..v rjff
Oi. ey inc suusnoer lur iur winuinj hi a ,tl
School Ilou.-ie, to be one storv in Jieig'ut, vtin
cellar. Plan and size not j-et determined l'lan
arc invited, and ten dollars will he paid U i,y
person who will furni.-h a jdar. that my be a lopt.
ed for said building the house t be large enough
to seat sixty or seventy pupils, two recitatn
rooics will hi; required. nlsj ckiths roouis for boys
and girls. It is supposed t lie building will cost
from !f !;"00 to S200i. AVM. 1JIV1X.
t'urweiisvillc, I)ee. 12. ISa.t.
The subscriber would inform the public that be
has just ojieiiud an entire new stock of Iiiiots and
Shiits. in iirahaiu'8 Uow, one door cast of the Jour
nal Ofiice.
Every variety of I.dis'and ''entlfTi'.eos'fiaitcrs,
Lacct! Hoots. Pumps, t'ougresi 1'ooU,
Children7 Hme. &c., Ac
aaJ Shoes made t of der.
An? I. 1S.V1.
Have just received a new and splendid assort
ment .it' (5 nn-.ls the hest that was ever brought in
to the upper end of Cleaifield County. They in
vile their friends and the pu'die enernlly t.i pive
thcM n call, tvherc they will find all kinds or
goods usually kept in a Country Store
Come and examine our stock wc charge noth
ing for the exhibition.
IUrr.si.le. Xi.v. 2. lS.'ia.
ISSOI.rTIO-. The partnership hereto-
torc existing between John . W illianis ana
U'illiain II. Su.itii u :s t h is day dissolved by mu
tual con-'i'lit. said Smith having disposed of his in
terest to John S. V.'iJ!i.-ini-.
V. Ibb'.A.M 11. ,AJITJI.
New J7i'.lnrt. Te. '2J. l.Vio.
1 he hooks and aceoHSits of fl-.e firti arc in the
hands of John f 'W illiams for :iettlenient. where
loo.se indebted will please call iuiniediat.dy.
John S. William.
janO "t V,"illiaui II. Smith.
T. I desire to sell my property in Tyrone City,
itluir Co. l'a.. conunouiy known as the Tyrone
City Hotel. Comprising as follows :
One larse three story brick house. Fi.Tty feet,
two fronts', and Cn'rshed off in complete style. A
large aint extensive stal.lc. an excellent wash
house and other necessary out-huildings. Th?ru
is also, on !hc fame Lots, one frame house, wilh
out-l.uililiim-s.-ittaehe.l. now renting for one bun
dled and thirty dollars per annum. The whole
stands upon three valuable Lois a in the plot of
said town, mid nifoids several very eligible liga
tions for store. oCiees. kit.. Ac. The whole will be
sold on reasonable ternM. An.1 to any person, de
filing u Investment, r speculation. u.;w is the
change, l'rivaio r:iva.s cau.-o in to ll this val
uable property. Wh ieii is every day inureasinx ia
value. Jn.".iiie of Cleb Hover, or the subscriber.
" J. 1. STEWAUT.
Tyrone City. Sept. 10. 1355.-tf.
The CUf.apcxl Goods dn (he Cvuuty.
THE undersigned begs leave to inform his old ctis
t oners. :;nd the public, that ho has just returned
from the Last, with a splendid assortment of
pmaj & mmzn goods,
which bp will ?ell lower, for CASH, than ihry can
he bought at ony other plaCo in th- County. He
is detei irlincd to act upon the motto of
and wiil sell goods, for cash, at the most triJinir
ir .i . i 'he sloe!;
cl f that it is no hiiuiunn t
and fatisfy yoar-
i:nxxi-:rs: snAHrLs,
. F""- t "-T .Tju2UyrVVfee's iTi'n
er bcf'i-c ofTci-.Tin Cioarfield. K AIOtll
Ciearfiutd Nov. 14. 1S.-.5. '
ITJII'dilTANT 'IV. TTfM'vpei..",...
ent Air-Tioh: 8:lSalin3 0c- ad jtrs for"
rreservin- Fr:si Fruits, &o.-ttiw i,,veiHn f"
!?oful .k:....i.
- I lie ea M it nd i - ...
with a chan-
cuter si, hllg, an-l pre,, it luZ lj0ntt l
oicned with as n.u'ti ease a itt'Ll. ."'"T ,ho
ty warming the top. The ordinaiy , '"t, , 3 ,
lor the same purpose for which thV r l"cd
cannot be cloc-.l.1,,,;, LcH kn
or t.nnsr: .-.ro diffl.ult to open. -n.I arc . 'i',"1
Mint tA'i 1
and brf'crf
". ""Hvi.lualu io.I r ; ,TU"'n the
- pro,,o, Iy " "t't- vegetable
witiyc'r natural ibivor ....r ' m"-T "- ker.t
deatelength-o'r i; ... 1 r ,M1"uraire.i, for 7
S. AIKlti?.-. - J
- -UH! So T:V
. . . :., . 'M!-Vm til
in Curwcnsville' . f'"
vne '-cheap con
1 "'-'"no.l. coiniiiends it
self to the attention of Housekeeper an 1 others
on account of its great simplicity, and the effect ii-'
rklV XlaJZV: r'd a very desi-
a verv aflho' ,? channel ia t:!lcd with
nnu JtMow..! toV. "T"1- rr'arul for the purpose
scl heniT' nl,";.d".''- 1" rder to 8Cal , ,e Vcs-
......lUrtllV, mr w-
,r tr
n Y P
HEAVY draught
le ba-'
-or.t.j,l. .
4.'? '
- - - y ring tctf.
aiv m"" ri -....
. . W ,
habenTe-orcTed a., re fitu v
cd. who re.-J
rpectiuny s""'"" - "
JIo is well provided wiU noire House,
abliDS.-ii intend kccpins . '"K,"ninake Lis
at whioh he will always - slIErJEn
gucaUfecl at home.
Au-ust 1, 16aa. tf.
" . vpw i:noi)S! At the
NScore'fth; underfed at
. . - 1 .7,0 lir.i-ctand bet a. ort
Clcarficl J ; ciuistig of .
and Shoes. Carpetingr Oil
t'Soth. to.
Cloths, Citb.i lucres
ces. Embroideries, an d f Whicl, tIl r
A2. I, I '- .
r t vsTITI'TIl. The nest
C ter. cM'iV will eeuunencc on
the " IiJ ir.Vto fit th-dve for Teacu
'Si: -life, will here reeeiv.
evrde ire l facility -nd attention A thorough
ever j - r; ' i,.r:fiaUe course is hero given, on
riower Uian other similar Ictitatfcn in
Par. ntspt a distance can ohtr.in boammg for
'hoir s.,8 ,.r ,t!lU''hters under the lcuncdiate care
of the lWipal. where they will revive rara u
vai:!:,,. wl,, a;i the comforts and pleasures ru a
hH!-c;a;ic their morals wi'. bo careluily euar-le'l.
Tue rates f tuition per quarter ar: Pi auiarj
EuslUa.2.i(). i.j.,!, i;u- isli..'.00:t'la.sief.vi.i.
Mmli-watj,.,, Algebra Frenc-. Hrewmg.
and Pait.tin.Si each-
Eurther iuturination can .- hvl by addro'Siag
V- A- C V'Pi;EEE. ruivcirAL
Apr. 4. ':: Clear fluid. Pa.
! H ilKXT u;- x v v. If c iKS. STATIONARY,
fam: AiiTiri.T'.s. i i:i'i:n i.iui. jo-
LAtro, CIGARS, ar.A I'Ul'tlS of ell kinds, at
EIIAWS Cwrfisld, Pa.
THE latest iubiicnlions :-''s;.i3 oi band, or pro
cured to order. Putnam. ' ,-. .' raham. lhme
h old Words. Leslie's Fashion Itarper. l'. teis..n,
and ail tlie other Idagiuines '.-.tiilied Monthly
a: Publishers" Priees. V
Ue would especially all ifce a(t-..-.n vf 'lovers
of t!ie weed' to his largo stock of '. '.lcco and ci
gars. whK-h e!i-.t be surpassed ia 'his region,
consisting of the bct quality of ' Nalu;. Leaf, '
dilack Fat," '-Caven dish."' "Cngr. .-' ami
other tubafens: Havana. Kvgalln. rrttieiv., I'lan
tation. Spanish. l:alf-Sp;ini-h. flnd A f'ev. ri,,r(.
left'' cigar. A!J a;l slock cf -J.ipe. an l
He would also eK attention to the fact thr.lbe
h! j'Jst ..prticd a l:ir-c iis.-ortnieiit "1
u hieh b w'll cfMvrhn ny other estab
lishment in the County.
November It. L-."i.".
These Paints will stand any climate, without
er;i-k or blister, uud harden by exposure; thul
making in time an enamel of Stone, protecting
Wood from decay, and Iron and other metIs from
rust and corrosion. They differ essentially from
the so-called Mineral Taints of the day, which aie
principally Ochres, and Clays, and are entirely
SILVER S Plastic Taints are purely MUTAL
IC. riiliii'.ii:g i:u Alumin or Clay.
The.v are levigated finely, mix readily with Lia
.ced Mil. (withi-Kt the trouble of grinding. and
thw under the bru-di a" freelp as the beat White
Lead, .'ind .cel all vtLcr in body or covering
properties, one poV..j:.l of which will cover as much
surface a.s two pounds if White Lend, reducing the
cost two-thirds. There nr.. sis distinct t olors, viz:
Clive, I Lijht 2ro n, i Light Choeola'e,
Hack, j Bark Do. Deep Bo.
All equally valuable ns a preservative, and par
t?cIiirly n.lnpted to painting the outside of
iix and ir.ox wor.K?,
I.KMKMiiFR ! EjLj.oiure hardens cud increase
the dumb. lily of these I11XTS.
Dili l-'C TI XS Alix with pure Lias'rd Oil, as
t'ticilr, .-.-y jtttstib'e, us the Paint ii tlie lct-rti? or
protcriin? Im t'f. and trr oil simply ihe MnJiu,
or acul i,i .;i.-.-.7. .
17. V7. cornsr Tenth, and SXarket Etreets,
- - " F H I L A D K L ? II I A .
For sale, Whole-all mid Hctail. Pry nd (Iroun
in Oil. by liuntiN Tyiune- Citj, Pa.
::.-,r i
IT, in Progs. McJicn.w-.-w ..;r.ts. o;:s. Brushes,
l - 15. Ja
AX '
i;rr tl'1.L dit2a?""' Literature and r
Iie been n.a.le on the most extensive se-.U
mong tnc works already engaged, is the r fatiicd"
"gkxoa crucifix:
winch ttrigtna'lv cost tm tl,rt.,...i j
lnform.ng to- nt-iv colle-tion, the diffusion
Alnenean An, and theenco.uagcment of l i 11
Renins have
not fc- -.-..-".. . " X' o an
hare W,. u.i . - -V ,eua' .'-otnm-s.Son.
ed American At i tV 0 l ''h.
Sculptor,-! 1 1 KAM Powi'liS Sreat.t hv,Ug
ouuVry- iii- 'iSi-.'her of hi fv la miji
b 'r ; i 'a n i'k l v k kj Tr i j I. 3? 1 fU WMt ' thing 1
......, . . . - 1 the t-tatesni.-in I'r TOU irml
careful nnd judietons sele" OI,V ;F Xfi r -nna ",a
f Art. both in hronro., ,?1 'f.f,Te,-'n T
J'ioe painting?.
flirt -.1...I. , .
"i'tl u f S : it . .,
val,aklo co'leetion ..f . , ' "5 -ar'cry
be dirtnhntci KiTki" V "nt'?rs ar-J rt.-.f dii
As,K iatio fur the c V.rin "le '.,iU".
- .un v iiirnnii
Dollars ,,..!,, ...rIl ---f.?:f deb
c.ation and entitles him 'simple j
i luanv fn-.i
attire is,ne-l f V'i'he agent h-
"Win Tnoiivatis my
Kidckerb. Je of
tJnihar- usiin
kins- i Jle,'-
u n u
i CA KTll Vrn prove! j auge Sfviri
StXn. for tale by MKilKhlX & CAK1E.
Ut. .1, ';.0.J :
TVTEW GOODS. The nndemgnca nas jus
1 ceivel a lar"e sssortmcnt-vA' A
at bin store ia
KA Jl T U A I' F,
. La ,.ff.r f..f linn for cah
prodnce. ' 1 l - K.VU .
r'epteiuber 185 . ; . H '
Ko. 11, Merchants' Xxcbuise,
This Companv. wbh an nmle Capital, well i
cured, is preiarel it ttfect Insurance-! ia t'Je
field, and u Ijoinin.r Counties, f-n terras m liber,
a-- coDnVcnt with tJic s.detv of the Cuipatiy.
JS). Mt'iOWELU Jr..
CU t. ". 1 S5.'.l Frort-jry.
IX inform the public, tbat they iave 4r;tl EJ
. and cxtep.riva -
Ca fesoni Etreo: in theTiurougl xf
C LEA Jl F 1 IZ-lpi
kIutc the v arc Drcnared to furnish at r I
ccs. every'varieiy of articles i ibt-lr liao.
SteH. J'.ar-iron. naiU. sieves cf every
Pl..ii-l.s and fanuini' utensils, pumps
. v
! fuitnels and u'elf sealing cans kopt constantly on
. hand. ' o At N
I All orders for castirs for Il..ur.MiII';- ,w- .
' Ae. iil be thankfully received end prompt
teuJ-d to. S
norsi: spouting dom. i
i-i iJ.. .,,.T.,.i..(l i.. receive everv i
"y"'" 1 '7 ' . ... i.,,v,.r-ce;it
ty of i.iticlc ca commit
: O.B. MEUKKll
J I.. . -1
. - 1 I.' TJTI
Clearfield.. pt.
li). 1.5-'. 1y,
i -m 4 ri fc'i' iiikiAi.i-o
under :
& i.i ..-., ii-. ;..r.,-.t tho nnoiic. tli
: nuui.1 ri.w..u,.., ... ",v.
... L,. tli,. i!.l s!silil ,n'.'U.-l;
.!... -.-It L-n.i-ril t-----
morrows snor, -'
wl-er" he keCTis eonstantlv on hand end a
turea to order, every variety of Houfchoif
Kitchen 'r.i-
"?iir j-firot? j -
u -h 3J Tables. Bureaus. Safes, Standi Cupb
Sofas, Bei.ieads.4c., of cverv Btylo and T::fSe
Clearfield. Ta. Aug. 1-
Wurt U'jnm tlirer duori a'- ir- Al'itf Hut?
Koud Ktrttt. Tifrn.it Cilif. Pf- V
KEEPS constantly on hand a large a90
Thilale'phia :iiid"Pit;burg Cooking,
and beating Stoves, of difi'erout pattejr '
prices: Stove pipe, shovels, coal ht.f .
.;o. liter niif-t - J.u.Il,
I of winch will be s d J III to 20
than can be j Kiased out f
tore. l-N?A-
1 f.iibT has just receive
l,oi?tock of I-.KW OOOl
most cverv uc ..ii...
h he is s.liing off at cxtrmel. .V
ctfuli v invites the attcnan Ji;' -iv
"-.K.d C..Kids at the lowest Z
.. Ih ' 1 y -t
j . n i- r c . c
Country produce of alcio.
i- . ,t market rriccs iu excn
eouivalcntlor tueir i. Jf-jj.
I.;... n cr.ll. . ,J metal, bra.
PyorteoiV-Mhe CTearEeld,
on Market street. 5T?rTH
th..rf. i- l..,tl, :.. .1 'ii l ue
Xovembor 2, 1S55.
53. f I
S would inform bis ;:".. h- -
hft is nr'isir tf cmT .'
want-of lhoe
one do-ir South .of Jlea
a;'.iU" ilotcl,
Bore in
and refreshment genera y" N.-. paint will be rea
red to aceommo.latc his isbiners. lAng-. ?y
1 jl n n a j) i .y In i u k' s,
Tiy, C3PPES, & SE2T-1C2T WAHI.
I'illLIPSBUlK- r...
BRAI'IX & M'filUi, have ju ..(r.od an cxlcn."
siv Ti,i, C:pjier, iV Sheet-1 re l',tre jltiinifirrtre
rj. where they are at ntl tiiu' prepared to saf.piy
cus-touicrs wiih every concci bl-.- nriicle'from the
.ii. all. -.-t Coffee pot spout to t3.iiget pipe lin;.
Kcuabto,' They will do hot" - .'"
rr" -m Iiolesli: detail .
Wnd will "at a "n,' J''e on bac, ,
r,,"e;it,.f read"' '0 wre. , ' "
. II o cs ,: s QUT I X Q '
done ti.i.r.,.- . ' -
in a neat. XJr, 'tM Butl5J. Tui P
The" T.rjf fjP M,f"J.' on
'ook I , v ,rn'f t0,,,1'r ""rK'the folios ir.-
l of W ii r '! " ar.i Ci...k-'. -;.
i,- ,"--,,c 1 i,r''- N.oves wiii ,
A rniili-l t v T '
you want irood" hrn-r. xt 1
if you want D-.i .
VOU tt-nn
if you
'tis fcv
J I SrarV '
r.fT. tv
..---. .'i i 71 " w
! V--"''
H 1
vin irfc , -
en ,
the i
told ; - n
- J
-VFr"T" Jaw. ft lo
ueir iciion-..;:.-. r Ti"--
f,T! ' ' -("..UlJL'Uj
1 11 lirl:,.l 1. ' . -f
.lUlv.i,.' outi
i gnef or h.'
. -iu operation.