Raftsman's journal. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1854-1948, December 13, 1854, Image 4

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Oh, there's not a trade that's going, ..,
Worth showing or knowing,
1 Like that from glory grow inf.
" For a bowld sojer boy !
; " Where right or left we go;'
'" Sure you know, friend or foe,'
' " Will have hand or toe, . ' '
Trom the bow Id sojer boy. .
... There's not a town we march thro'
Bat ladies looking arch thro
The window panes will sarch thro'
The ranks to find their joy, .
While op the street each girl yon meet,
With look so sly, will cry. -My eye,
Oh isn't he a darling, tha bowld sojer boy !"
Bet when we get the rout,
' ' " ' How they pont and they shout, .
While to the right about.
Gees the bowld sojer bay.
"T'is then that ladies fair,
In despair tear their hair,
But the divil a one I care.
Says the bowld sojer boy :
For the world is all before us,
Where the landladies adore as,
And ne'er refuse to sjore us,
But chalk us up with joy.
We taste her tap. we tear her aay,
Oh, that's the chap for me." ssys she,
"Oh, isn't he a darling, the bowld sojer boy !"
Then come along with me,
Gramashree, and you'll see, ..
y j How happy you. will be, ,
With your bowld sojer boy. . '
faith if you're up to fun,
With me run, 'twill be done,
. In the snapping of a gun,.
Says the bowld sojer boy. , -
And 'tis then that without scandal,
Myself would proudly dandle,
The little farthing candle.
Of our mutual love my joy. ;
May his light shine, as bright as mine,
, Till in the line he'll blaze and raise, . :
. The glory of his corps, like a bowld sojer boy.
Kri. Partington.
The adventitious people didn't bring the
world's end about . so easy as they thought,'
aid Mrs. Partington, smiling at the recollec
tion of saeing along-legged saint in a white
cotton gown on the top el a neighboring house
the night before. . ...
Yes, replied Old Kogsr, zravely, 'it did
come to an end; it sa?pendL'd for alittlcvrhile.
when a meeting of its creditors was held, and
thong!; its affairs were fonnd a little shaky, It
was thoughJjest to let it go on, and it would
come out all right enor.gh."
'Yoa'dcn't -',y so!", cried she, we.ll ' that's
the reason why my clock is half an hour slow,
and f dt-clare I couldn't acccour.t for it.' -Ike
said nothing, bet that he was allowed to
stay cut till half-pasf seven the night previous
mads ii look as if he might have put the clock
back, but there was no knowing. Posl
Cy-'What abit of a thing that child of Mrs.
Brown's fa,to be! sure," remarked Mrs. Fer
gerson. "Why, would you believe it" contin
ued she, raising. ters'pecsj , ,",U I'.only weighed
just live pounds when it was born!"
La, rae! why, I want to know,"; cried out
Mrs. Smith, in amazement.
"Why, Mrs. Fergerson,",'said Mrs. Turtle
dove, ' that's nothing to tell on. There is
Rachel Skinner's child, that did'nt only weigh
just four pounds and a half when it was torn."
"Goodness, gracious me? Why you don't
say so," ejaculated Mrs Fegerson.
"Sartin," here remarked Mrs. Hopkins,
and that ain't much to tell on either. Why
I've cften heard iny poor old dead and gone
mother say, that I, when I was born weighed
three pounds, and three ounces, with my Lib,
thaks, and diapers, all on '
O, massy sakes alive!" cried out Mrs.
i cnivao?e. ay ars. nopKjrs, aa rev
lire 1"
Eccextkic Female. In the county of Har
risson, Mississippi, lives a female hermit a
curiosity, indeed, of her sex, because prone to
solitude and silence. She lives in a house
the fabric of her own hand3, cultivates her
own fields, splits her own rails, does her own
fencing, and the present autumn she wj'.l have
one hundred bushels of corn to sell, and a
f-.w hundred bushels of potatoes, all the pro
duct of her own unaided and indomitable la
bors! She lives alone no husband, nor chil
dren, nor neighbors nearer than three miles.
IL7"SalIy Mander safe!, 3a;d Mrs. Parting
ton, as her eyes fell upon an advertisement.
Do tell me Isaac; who this Sally Mander is,
ani what she's leen doing that they've got
Ler safe.'
I don't know what she's been a doing,'
sai 1 I !e, but I guess she is a sister to Jerry.'
Jerry who Isaac V
'Why. Jcrty Mander,' said Ike, as he sat
waivuiujr a uy aragging nscu along, witn a
pin very ingeniously run through its body.
E7A Iemonless Irishn.an was observed one
evening slicing a potato into his hot whiskey
toddy. What are you about V inquired Char
lie. 'It's punch I am making, dear,' replied
Put. 'But what arc yon slicing that in for ?'
To give it a fltvor.' What! a potato flavor?'
Sure, ani isn't it a flavor, whether it's lemon
or potato V
X7""Good Newspapers," says Eliza Cook,
are the only currency worth more than silver
or gold," but a great many people prefer sil
ver and gold to good newspapers, neverthe
less. We are now through with fall work and
have time to enter th:? names of new subscri
bers. f Send along your oders. ,
A Poivted Reply. One of the most remar
kable replies we remember ever to have heard,
is attributed to Mr. OitHou',' the barrister.
Seme one in his hearing used hackneyed sear
casm, that heetween the churches of England
and Rome there is but a pajer wall. "True,"
said he; "but the whole BiM. is printed on it."
A Female Camfaixgeb. The Countess of
Erroll, who accompanied the Earl to the war,
and has shared wifa him the hardships of the
campaign, is said to have performed many
kind offices for the sick and wounded. .
C?Why is I'resident Pierce like the globe
which we inhabit T 1
Because,' although he was thought at fiistto
be perfect 1n his epbere, !fr fs now known he
l af..tidnMy'jlatUmtd at th Poll." ; j
PresiJont Pierce commences his annual
Message to Congress with thanks to Provi
dence for protecting care and merciful deal
ings with us as a people. The convulsions
which shake Europe claim an individual sym
pathy ; whatever checks the prosperity ol any
part ol Christendom involves our own, as
States, like men, are mutually dependent. It
has, therefore, been his earnest endeavor to
maintain peace and friendly relations with all.
The wise theory of avoiding entangliug alli
ances has exempted our government from ma
ny complications, but an increasingdisposition
has been manifested by some European powers
to supervise and direct onr foreign policy, and
to constrain us to adopt their views in adjust
ing their balance of power. The United States
can recognize no such interpolations of the
established principles of international law, as
temporary interests may suggest. This- has
created distrust and occasional acts of disturb
ing etfect upon our foreign relations; but our
past and present history shonli give unques
tionable assurance that our purposes are not
aegressive or dangerous to other nations; our
policy is essentially pacific.
Europe is invited to look at home before she
carps at our territorial expansion; she has no
plea to growl at the legitimate exercise of sov
ereign rights, when she has absorbed whole
kingdoms, and claims control over "all the
world and the rest ol" mankind." -
Having become equal to the first maritime
power of the earth, our foreign commerce
must be carefully supervised and protected.
War in Europe endangers neutral rights, and
looking to the cherished doctrine that free
ships make free goods, except when contra
band of war, a proposition has been submitted
to the European powers, embracing this doc
trine, and that neutral property, not contra
band, on enemy's ships, shall be exempt from
confiscation. Russia promptly agreed to adopt
these as a principles of international law; the
other powers have not nctod finally, though no
known objections have been urged. The two
Sicilies are readv to enter such a convention,
and Prussia approves it too, but wants the re
nunciation of privateering also, to which we
cannot listen, as privateers would be as indis
pensable to us, in the aosenco ol a large n.ivv,
as volunteers for land service, having no large
army ; but we are willing to meet Europe on
the ground of exempting private propertv from
seizures by public oruizers as wt-l! as privateers.
It i3 rccoioiiivud'jd to refund the duties and
cancel the bonis on fish brought here by Brit
ish 3tiljocts,aft, i the fishing grounds I. ave been
made .iccessiblj to our citizens under the Re
ciprocity Treaty with British Xorth America.
A joint commission is recommended to set
tle the boundary line between the Territory of
Washington and the British possessions on
the Pacific, which has led to difficulties, but
can be amicably adjusted.
Explanations, which it is hoped will be satis
factory, have been made to France, relative to
her Consul at San Francisco, no disrespect hav
ing leen implied. France has unequivocally
denied any design to deny the right ol transit to
Minister Soule; and he has resumed his jour
ney through her territory. The correspond
ence on this subject is laid before Congress. ..
Affairs with Spain remain in statu quo it is
thought her present ministry are more favora
bly inclined to comply with our just demands,
restore Irirmony and preserve peace.
It is proposed t give notice to Denmark of
our intention to terminate the treaty of 182"5,
with a view to claim exemption froau payment
ol Sound tolls, which arc impliedly agreed to
in that tieaty, and provides that our vessels
shall pay no higher duties thau those of the
most favored countries.
The expedition to Japan has been success
fully terminated, a treaty negotiated, and it
is necessary to exchange ratifications and
adopt commercial regulations.
The unsettled state of Mexico has embar
rassed our legation iu its earnest endeavor to
procure & settlement for new cases ef wrongs
and injuries to our citizens. All effective
measures hrve been taken to frustrate, lawless
enterprises and hostile expeditons against the
Mexican States.
The Commissioners to establish the new
line between the United States and Mexico,
under the treaty of Dec. 1853, are at work.:
Treaties with the Ar;jerth:e Confufrit'orv
Uruguay and Paraguay, h :ve seenrvd the fret
navigation ol' the La Plata, but the same suc-cc-j2
has not attend-.'d the opening of the Am
azonism pending negotiations with Brazil, it is
hoped will eventually reach a favorable result.
It is enforced as the duty of government to
secure the transit of the isthmus against all
danger of insurrection. All perplexing ques
tions existing between us and Great Britian,
concerning inter-oceanic coTiiiuiinic itions were
supposed to be adjusted by the treaty )f Sept. j
l'.i, 1S50, bat misntidcrstaiidiiigs reiuircd re- j
aajustiiicnt, which Mr. Btichan in has endeav
ored to accomplish, thus far without success.
Grevtown was dvmoIihed as a piratical re
sort. Those nations who complain more
harshly than justly of this proceeding, have
punished less olfending and more defenceless
places than Grey town with greater severity,
and with roc'.iless sacrifice of human life.
The amount of revenue for the fiscal year
from all sources was $73,540,705, and the ex
penditures, exclusive of pavments on account
of the public debt, $51, 018,259. Tl.epaymeJits
in redemption of public debt, including inter
est and premium, were 21 ..336.380. At the
commencement of the year. ther.j wasa balance
in the treasury of $21,912,802, and at the close
$27,137,967. The recipt.s of the current year
are estimated to exceed the expenses bv at
least $15,O0,t00, and therefore the public debt
will be paid off judiciously and economically
as fast as possible. The outstanding debt is
$4 ,9 j,4 36, redeemable within fourteen years.
The recommendation for a reduction on the
duties of imports, is renewed, as the reduction
of duties, lor revenue and not protection, may
be regarded as the policy of the government.
Out going officers should be compelled to de
liver up lwoksand papers, to prevent fr.iuds.c.
An increased force in the Indian Territory
is demanded. Two new regiments of ifantry.
and two of mounted men are called for to
meet present emergencies. An increase and
reorganization of the Navy is advised. The
existing laws for the maintenance of dicipline
at sea, are presouted for consideration.
The" Post Office expenditures for the year
ending June 3 amounted to SS,710. 0'i7, and
the receipts Sa,955,5S6. showing a deficiency
of S2,753.321, andadiminutioo ol deficiency as
compared with the previous year of 8381.756.
Du'ing the fiscal year 11,070.935 acrus of
public lands have been surveved.and 8,196 M7
brought jnto market. The" number of seres
sold is 7'S.735. aridthe amount received
therefor SO 235,533. The aggregate amount
sold, located under warrants selected as swamp
land and given for rotds. is ui.wardsoi t?3 ntMh-
000 of acres, being about C3.U00,(m;0 more than
in me previous year, in the two first quarters
of the current year 5.510.000 acres have been
sold. Since 1790, 30,0O0O0 of acres have
been donated to those who have served thei-
'eountry in war. The President's former sug
gestions, in reference to granting land for
railroads, are reiterated. ,
'A. special message on the Vetoed Internal
Improvement Bill is promised. -
Popular self-government; universal religious
toleration; the largest individual liberty con
sistent with complete public security ; obedi
ennce'jto the laws-, the preservation of reserved
State rights, and the general exaltation of tho
Republic,! grouped together in the proration.
I Vj The Honorable JAMES BUKNSIIJE. Esq.
President Judge of the Court of Common Pleas oi
the twenty-fifth Judioial District, composed of the
counties of Clearfield, Centre aud Clinton and
the Honorable RICHARD SHAW and JOHN P.
110YT, Associate Judges of Clearfield county, bare
issued their precept bearing date the TWEN
TY FIFTH day of fccpt. last..to me directed, for the
holding of a Court of Common Pleas, Orphan's
Court, Court of Quarter Sessions, Court of Oyer and
Terminer, and Court of General Jail Delivery, at
Clearfield, in and for Clearfield county, on the
the 18th day of the month.
To the Coronor, Justice of the Peace, and Consta
bles, in and for the said county of Clearfield, to
appear in their own proper persons with their
Rolls, Records, Inquisitions, Examinations, and
other Remembrances, to do those things which to
their offices, and in their behalf, pertain to bo
done, and Jurors and Witnesses are requested to
be then and there attending, and not to depart
without leave, at their peril.
GIVEN under my hand, at Clearfield, this 15th
day of Dec, in the year of our Lord one thous
and eight hundred and fifty-four, and the seventy-ninth
year of American Independence. -WILLIAM
POWELL, tih'ff.
. A useful, and attractive series of Docks for
young people ; embracing events connected with
the early history of the country, and lives of dis
tinguished well, written with much care and in
an entertaining and instructive manner, with il
lustrations of important events, and beautifully
illuminated title pages. Containing the life of
DANIEI WLliSTKK. the Great American "States
man ; with numerous anecdotes illustrative of his
character, and the following illustrations :
Young Daniel in the Saw Mill.
Webster fishing at Fryiburg.
Webster declining the Clerkship.
Webster exponndiug the Constitution.
The Runkcr Hill celebration.
Webster at Faneuil Hall.
Miirshfield the residence of Webster.
Webster on bis farm:
The life of Henry Chiy. the Miil Boy of the
Slashes: nine illustrations.
The life of Bviijainia Franklin, nine illustra
The life of Geueral Washington, nine illustra
The life of Marion, nine illustrations.
The life of Lafayette, nine illustrations.
. The life of Win. I'enn, nine illustrations.
The life of General Taylor, nine illustrations .
The life of Andrew Jackson, nine illustrations.
The life ef Napoleon Donnparte, nine illustra
tions. The Boil of Independence ; or Philadelphia in
177o. nine illustrations.
The Yai.kec Tea party and other stories of the
Revolution, nine illustrations.
Containing in all over one : "hundred illustra
tions. ; ' ' '
Each volume is well written, possessing a bijrh
moral tone, and can safely be placed in the haul
of young people ; they contain numerous anec
dotes illustrative of the e-irly his'ory of our coun
try, and arc well adapted for family or school . li
braries. Price per set. hand;
omely bound in cloth, erilt
backs and neatly put up in boxes. i.7l5
Price per volume, neatly bound, cloth gilt 5G ct.
Colporteurs. Agents or .School Libraries will be
supplied at a liberal discount.
Copies will be sent by mail, postage free, upon
the receipt of the. price of the set, or any volume.
UAUSAV 4 ULAKIsTOS. Publishers.
25 South tith St.. Philadelphia.
AND ; YUlit .MONEY, by having your lifts
insured in the S tissue!) a uuu. Mutual Insurance
Company of llri isburg. Pa.
. CAPITA l 35100.000. ;
Chahtkked March T.Sd. 1S31. "
Any person can have their own lil" injured or
that of a friend, from one to ninety years. Per
sons of 21 years of ae. pav$li2 per $100. year
ly. At SO years. S'J.rtO forjloiiO.OO. yearly for life,
f he whole premium for life in ordinance is SJ-J'l.
at the age of 'Zi years, premium ditto, on 5 100. is
$25.8!S. :
Dr. R. V. Wilson, of Clearfield. Medical Ex
aminer. .
Any information mar be obtained from
Dr. A." T. SC1IRY VER, Agent.
September 6. 1854.
JLi it a good maxiiu that people should purchase
goods wherever they please. i!ut they should not
buy too hastily, before they ascertain where they
can b best suited. I would most respectfully iij
vite all (Ladies in particular) to cullut it. G lknas's
Store :inl examine his splendid assortment of goods
that cannot be i-xcciicd in this section of couiitrv
for i iiKArsFss. durability or style. They consist
of Gentlemen's Boots of all descriptions and pi i
ccs. Ladies and Geutlemens gaiters of the latest
style. Boys and Girls boots, shoes and gaiters.
ChilJren of all aes can be accommodated.
June 27. lS.Vt.
Sos have just returned from the citv with an
entire new stock of Goods, which tlu-v f.rti-r f..r !!.
on the very lowest tcrm&. at the old stand lately
o-vupicd by A. M. Hills. West end of the Mansion
House, (.leurscld. I'a. iheirslock of goods bus
been selected with great care, and a better or
cheaper assortment was never brought into Clear
field county.
They defy all competition, and invite the pub
lic to call and examine their goods. Every arti
cle is entirely new. and as cheap, if not cheaper
than can be purchased elsewhere.
A. 11. SHAW.
June 27, 1S54.
TAMES BIDILG GORnON Attorney at Law.
9 has removed bis office to the room adjoining in
the East, the Drusr Store of Ir. II. Lorain. and will
devote his whole attention to the practice of his
profession. He may be consulted in Freark and
Germin. June 13. il.-!y.
BANK NOTIC3. We the subscribers intend
to msike application to the next Legislature
of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for an Act
of Assembly to incorporate a Ranking Company,
with Uai.kirig and discounting privileges, to be
Clllsl the -Cicartield Hank'' an I loeared at the
Eorough of Clearfield, with a capital -ofOiie hun
dred thousand dollars.
A. K. WatcHT, James T. Lko.nard,
Kicuard Shaw, James ii. Grauam,
Jonathan liorxTOX, Ellis Ikwiv,
J. F. Weaver, J. W. Smith,
J. B. McEsallt. .
June 27, 1854. Gm.
iY REEF, of th
best quality iust receii-ed
JL and for sale at Wm. F.
June 1 1, '54.
Ir.wis's Cheap Store.
J A N TED I M y E2 1 A TE LY.-S
neyman hoernnkers. Constan
1T Irtllf.
nd liberal wages wiil be given. Apply next door
to the Journal office, at the shoe store "of
, ' C. S. BLACK,
i-eptenibcr 6. 1S.54.
Uerege Delaines in dress
upenor article of
:?S Patterns, at. :5 .ntj
per yard, never sold in this county before for less
than oO cents, at M0a.SijP & I'OTTARFF'S
June 13. ?54
ofiioe nearly opposite the Court House!
Cicartield Pa., will attend faiihfully to all business
entrusted to his cars.
June 17, 1S54. ly
al Li
LARIMER Attorney aud Cou
Law. Office with John L. Cuttle. Pan
to Dr. 11. Lorrein's
'"S oiore, nearlield,
May 2o, '54-1 y .
y Market Street, Philadelphia. Hardware,
Iron, NaiU, Ac., of every description.
June 13, 13o4-lv. "
GEORGE J. WEAVER A CO.. No. 19 North Wa
ter Street. Philadelphia, Dealers in Carpet
chain. Yarn. Manilla and Hemp Ropes, Bd-eords.
Clothee-liri, Ao Jne 15, 1954-1 y
JL AGE. We congratulate our subscribers ttd
the reading public generally, on the ebeapiet
with whioh they can now receive our reprint by
mail. .The postage hitherto though gradually
reduced since 1S44 has always operated as a dis
couragement to their circulation in places inac
cessible by expresses or other modes of regular
private conveyance. Hence, as yet they have ob
tained but a comparative meagre matt circulation
We hope now that the postage is merely nominal
anew impetus will be given to these valuable
works, and that no Post i'dlice within the United
States will remain unvisited by at least one copy
of the four Reviews and Black woods Magazine.
The Postago on Blackwood and the four Reviews
is now but H cents a year, aud the subscription
price is but $3. and when taken with cny ol tl:d
four Reviews but 2, a i;arl
l." Present subscrip;ion prices to the Lou Jon
EJinbitrsr 1Vvtinitixtrr, and Xoritt British Quar
terly litvtetes, and b'-ackicoods Mtgastur.
For any of the four Reviews,
For any two of the four Reviews,
For any three of the lour Reviews,
For all four of the Reviews,
For Blackwood's Magazine,
For Blackwood and three Reviews,
For Blackwood and four Reviews,
S3 tiU
5 00
7 00
Pfmeitts to he mi'lr in all rxxrs ill ulravcr.
Remittances and communications should be
always addressed, post paid to the" Pubirsbers. -
79 Fulton Street, Entrance cVtold Street,
Aug. 2S. jfcew York.
TIllIE RED FLAG VICTOlUtfCT?. '1 he lilood
X Red Ua liner floats in triumph on the "Old Cor-m-r
Store,'' where A: M. Hills bus just opened the
cheapest and most splendid assortment of (ioods,
ever displayed before this community, and exactly
adapted to their many aud various necessities.
Every variety of Hats, ,CapJs Bonnets. Boots.
Shoes. Cloths. Cnssimeres. md all other kinds of
dry-goods that are unapproachable by any other
similar articles, either in beaoty of styie. quality,
or price. . . s
Also an excellent assortment fcf Groceries, Hard
ware. Stone and Qucex:sware. with fancy articles
ad infinitum. --,
llj defies competition, and invLs all persons to
give him a call at tfep Corner.'' wbii has tru
ly become the llazarr' of Clearfield.
Every attention will be shown to customers and
visitors, and no pains will be spared to send nl!
smiling away, loaded with his beautiful and valua
ble goods, never surpassed "in Clearfield.
Clearfield, June 15. 1S54-1 v.
subscriber has just received u larire and well
selected stock of GO' IDS of almost every descrip
tion suitable to the season, which he is selling off
at extremely low prices, lie respectfully invi'.es
the attention of all who wish to buy good Goods at
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eet Goods.' :
Country produce of almost every discriptiou ta
ken at market prices in exchange for gooUs.
Persons wishing to purchase, and receive a fair
equivalent for tLoir money, will dj well to give
hi in a call.
Remember the sign of the CHEAPEST GOODS,
on Market street, au 1 call and be convinced that
there is truth in the wordj thereon inscribed.
Juno 13, 1754. . ;AVM.:F. IRWIN. .
J&--M. IllUli. J.'l,UAO VUO " 1 11 X.Ik : ffeifcV
wouia liitouu nis Irieuus ami the puolic
generally, that he keeps for hire horses'"
ouggics, cai'ri.igcs.Ae, on the most reasjnab.e
terms, at his iivery .-tab'o iu Car .vcnsville.
. Inquire at the -tagc Oilijj- Vloiuuiiii'-j's ilctol. .
JAMES CiiOWTiiliil, ;
June 15th. 1&64.
Tyrone city r.nn; store. 'iLe
slook of S. A. Martin. Muu.d tvkc this method of
inloimiiig the -Xatives,'ai:ii the public generally,
that Urugs and family medicines, of ali kii.ds.:ii.l
in fsu't every thing that is generally kept in a
Drug .-tore. can be Ls:d at ihis v-siub; LLuickl cheap
er than at any other in the coiiniiy. 'J his estab
lishment will be under the m.int 0' i:;cn; of o: e
that has experience, and u well acquainted ni.h
medioiue, and is also con:) ctant to pieciibe for
all those that may tequiie in advice oi a Physi
P. S. A privi-fe rt;: -e hU ci d.
J 14 l A-!' .LC 'iCL.ll i SO-k V. lo, hS.
Cassimeres. esiiugs. 1 1 iiun:i::s. Ac. roocui;y
purchased by ihe ."uibscriber. which he will sell or
m.-!ke up to order, in the most f.tsu iu;iub:c and du
rable manner, at hi store in !... iv s .Co;v." The
material and -ii s" warranted No charge for show
ing his cheap and bori-.tTiful good.
lie would WiiO.'m the tr.i le in ClcarScI J. that he
is thr jniihii?e i t;--v. 'r Devere's i.e::dca and
i'aiis Fashions.
June 27. 1851.
The subseribcr woubl iiii'ot ia the nublic that
nc has just completed a larc new building, on the
South end of Second Street. Cicartield. Pa., which
he has furnished an 1 G ' cd up in the iiiost comforta
ble manner for the accommodation of travellers and
pi-; uianent bo.tnlcrs.
His charges will be moderate, and his house con
duced in a decent, sober and orderly manner,
where all quiet and peace loving people, who may
visit Clearaeld can find a temporary -'home."
July 15, 154.
EilS, Pemssvillc. Oraupi.ui Hilis. Clearfield
Co., Pa., keep constantly on hand an excellent as
sortment of leather, w hioh they oiler for sale at the
lowest cash prices. Cash paid" for hides.
July 15, ls'54.
CARTER Rciilei in stoes b r-i.oi.
B-Jm nail
ils. and castings of all kinds AIsj plows.
and other agricultural u'cuiils. On .-ee n.l S rco:.
under the Kepublici'i Offi ce. S mi .5 V4-iy.
HARRIS. HALE A O Wholes lk Ii:i c. iists.
No. 25'J. Market .Street. North side between
sixdi and seventh. Phil tde'phta. Drur, Medi
cines, Chen.ieals, Patent Medicines, urgijal In
struments, bruscists Glasswire, Window G1:l-s
Paints, Oils, Dyes, Perfumery. Ac Ac.
JOllN HARHIS, M. 1).
June 15, 1754-ly.
11 EN. have just opened u new and splendid as
sortinei.t of goods of every variety, at the old
stand of D. W. ROBINS A CO.. Lumbcr city, Clear
field co.. Pa. - J
They invite the public to give them a call, and
feel assured they will be able to render entire sut-isfi-ction
Lumber, Hides. Rags, Grain, and all
other kinds of produce taken in exchange.
August 9, 1S54. THOS. McCRACKEN.
HOOD A CO Extensive Dry-goods Dealers. No
IS7, Market St., Philadelphia, keep constant
ly on hand a large, splendid, and cheap s.ock of
the most fashionable and elegant goods. They in
vite country Merchants to call aud examiue their
splendid assortment, before purchasing elsewhere.
June 15, l-J54-ly.
? turers aud Importers of Saddlery, and sad
dlery Hardware, No. Ii Market Street. Bhiladcl
phia. Saddles. Bridles. Harness. Trunks. 'Whips,
saddie Bags. Bridle Filling, Bits. Stirrups. Bujklcs
Carpet Bags, ect. - June 15, '5-ly.
CAUTION. All persons are hereby cautioned
against purchasing, or in-any way meddlintr
with a two horso wagon and a pair of bob sleds
now in the possession of P. II. Rooz.' as the said
property bilongs to mo and is in his possession as
loan only. JOHN BRUBAKER
September 20, 1S54. ,- .
V' LVNo: 66, South Sixth at., PLiladelphi
A v LA?,E'S c, )Vh0,e8ale Clothing Stow,
No. 171. Market Street. Every varietrof
ready made Clothing, in the most fashionable strl?
eowiiaaUy pa hand r jUB w 5il7: ,
f a Exoitejnen. Startling Announoesicn'
TU.AT the largest, cbeapwt. aid best asiomnen
of Goods ever brought into Clearfield county
have just arrived, and are offered for sale, at the
tore of the subscribers, near the Jotrua'.
t'lhce, Clearfield, I'a. tver before has a more
brilliant, and at the same time a cheaper lot of
wooas oecn onerea to mis community. They have
all lieen selected with a view to the wants and ne
cessities of the people of this particular, locality,
after long experience, and intimate acquaintance
with their business connections.
Dry Goods of every variety. Dress Goods, Cloths,
Cassimeres, and Clothing: Ikiots and hoes. Hats
and Caps. Tounets and Shawls, together with a
large and splendid assortment of Queenswarc.
Hardware and Groceries..
Defying all competition, they solicittheir friends
and tho public to give them" a call ' and cxan.ioe
their stock. MUSSOP A POTTARFF. .
Jure 12, 1854. ly. .1.
RlTAIL. Isaac JonxsTox would respectfully in
t'v.rui Lis friends and the public geneially that he
has just returned from the East, where he haspur
ehased the most splendid assort ment of .Boots A
Shoes ever brought to Cicartield. Every variety
of Ladies slippers, gaiters, pumps. Ac. Ac. Jlcns
fancy shoes, and gaiters, with au. excellent assort
ment of heavy stock, all adapted to the wants of
the people of Clearfield.'
lie hopes his friends will give him a call t his
Store in -Shaw's Row" and examine his stoek.
June 13, IS54. - v '
. C'LEAuFILlP COUNTY. The subscriber
keeps constantly on band, at bis mills, lumber of
all description, sorts, and sizes. Plastering lath and
bills sawed on the shortest notice. These mills
can run at any time during the season, having a
neverf tiling supply of water '
All kinds of produce taken in exchange for lum
ber, aud the cash never refused.
September 20. lS54.-ly Rylertown, P. 0;
OINU IT ALONE. The undersiyned hav
ing tiken to himself the stoic formerly own-
ea by l'atchin A Swan, takes pleasure in informing
h's friends and the public generally:-that he has
ust received from the city a splcpdid assortment
of Dry i ioods. Hardware. Queensware, Hats and
Caps. Boots and Shoes: and every thing else usual-1
ly kept iu a country store. " Persons wishing to buy
cheap and good Goods should not forget that he
is determined not to e undersold by any store in
in the county. His motto is - a nimble penny rath
er than a slow sixpence."
Glen Hope, July 5. 18.14.
D A.MEL HENAEK, Cabinet' mnker. Shop
SHiue as formerly occupied by David Sackets.
Clearlield. Pa., keeps constantly' on hand at his
Furniture Ware-rooms, and m4ntrf:vcturcs to order
at City prices.all kinds of Cabinet ware.Diningand
Pier tables. Dressing cases. Cupboards. Bedstead?.
Wash Stands. Sr ring bottomed Chairs, Sofas. Safes.
Bureaus. Marble Topped Escritors. Ac Ac.
Coffins made, and funerals attended on sne short
est notice. . ........ : , . . .
June 27, 1354. ly. r
Sign and Ornamental Painters,' Glaziers.
Chair makers, and Paper Hangers, offer their ser
vices to the citizens of Clearfield and vicinity.
Shop next door to the Jew's Store.': '
They keep constantly on hand, and tnako to or
der every variety of Chairs, Lounge. Sofas. A.. Ac.
Chairs, and Sofas made equal in beauty lo any that
can be obtained from the City, and inore .durable
in workmanship and material.' o.
June 14, '54. ly. R.OBERT ROWE.
fflllE GOOD INTENT HOTELS and Stage OfEco.
JL Ccrwensville, Pa. The Subscriber would in
form his f.iends and the public that he has just re
fitted and re-furnished his housi and is prepared
to render every attention to the travelling commu
nity. His bar contains liquors of the first ouality, and
his table will always be supplied withthe best in
He respectfully solicits his friends and others lo
give him a call. , W.M. R. FLEMMIN'G.
.June 14. '54. ,
A. M. HILLS, D. D. S. Office adjoin
ing his Store, Clearfield. Pa. Artifi
cial Teeth, ftom one to a full set. moun
ted in the most approved modern style.
Filling. Fiiing. and Cleaning done with care
and neatness.
Teeth extracted with all the care and dispatch
modern science can furnish.
DK. HILL". e:m alwnvs bo
;nd at his oCcc.
as he is now devotiug his
whole attention to his
Juno 14. '54.
sLi Sijtth St. Philadelphia. The subscriber has
recently enlarged :md fitted up his house, and is
now enabled to compete successfully, with any es
tablishment in the City. His room's are comfort
able and well ventilated, and his table furnished
with the best in the market. He respectfully soli
cits the large circle of his Cicartield friends jo give
him a call when they visit the city.
Tune 1.1. 1354. ly.
I x inform the pu
blie that they have iust opened
a n.:w iuid spl-j
variety. ;U the
wei.aviiio. At
ndid ii.-sortu.ent of Goods of ererv
Id stand of II. D. Pattox at Cur
their store may be found, almost
everyh ng ad ipted to the wants and necessities of
t ne people ci tins region. Dress-goods. Lawns.
Laces, uloves Cloths. Cassimeres. Clothing. Hats.
Caps. ;.ot. Shoes. Ac Ac., of the best qua'.i y and
at the lowest prices.
Also a splendid assortment of Hardware, Queens
ware and Groceries.
'lhey invite all persons to give tham a call, ful
ly assured they will be able to render entire satis
faction. Ii. D. PATTEN,
Curwuusil!e. June 15, 1354-ly.
?OHN B. Mip.ROW, Cabinet Maker. Shop oppo
site M. E. Church. Clearfield. Pa. keeps con
stantly ou hand and makes to order, all ksnds of
Furniture, such as 'lea Tables. Card Tables. Cen
tre Tables. :-ofas. Spring Seated Chairs. Bedsteds,
Bureaus. Wash Stands. Cupboards. Safes. Ac. Ac.
Coffins made on the shorscst notice, and Funer
als attended. JOHN R. MORROW.
June 1."!. 1S54. ly.
1 fl iiais of Coffee, just received aud for sale
XJJ at the New Store of A. M. HILLS.
June 1 1, t4.
JyJfXJXjU of best qu ility, for sale at the Sign
of tbe ..cd Flag. Price S $.50 per thousand.
June 27, 1354. . , ;
CIEOKCJE W. fOLLAjAY, Conveyancer
X and Land Agent No. 2. Goldsmith's' Hall.
PiiiUdelphia. wilt f luhfully attend to all business
entrusted to his eare,
June 27, laal.
S DUNDY" Attoir.ey-at-Law. Clearfield, Pa.
will attend faithfuliv to a.11 nrofV.-isicnal bu
siness entrusted to his care. June 13, 54.-ly..
B. McENALLY Attorney at Law. Office
nearly opposite Judirc Wrisrht's Store. Clear
field, Pa., practices in Clearfield and adjoining
counties. June 13, '54.-!y.
CHEAP CL'JTUING. A large lot of Cheap Clo
thing. Men's and Boys, for sale cheap, by -June
the Dvsentary, for sale by
certain cure for
Juno IJ, j4.
If A. Clearfield, Pa., Office ia "Shaw's Row." -
June. 15, 1354
PEACE, Curwecsvilie, Pa. Office opposite the
'Good Intent HoteE" " June, 15. 1354.
TAMES B. GRAHAM Merchant and extensive
dealers in lumber. Graham pton. P. O.. Cliar-
LME. 1S54. it at LiCLcii ' :''
receive orders for the New oiuct. t: e i, 'l
not know he hu any vny fcti-.t; iu.s. V " '
out in large apita;t tc r.r.eV ,.2
-Graham" will be piet y tntch i'ii-K'ts,V,.
ibe lest volume, wiik Sum.e inprwca:eL x,
experience suggesla. No buniWt will eotuh l","'
than 100 pages of matter, acd the readers of '-'.;rr
haw" may rely with great confidence upon
the volume shall contain
nf the very best reading matter that capital eo
comtnand from ojiginal sources. or taste select from
the vast mass of available marerial.
The aim of the editor will be to produce a pub
licalion which sholl be valuable, in matter.
choice in taste and style; and he flatters Limif
from the known talents of his contributors, that j,,
will be able to present as many good original r.
tides to bis readers as any publicatjon of the day
He shall not, however, hesitate to publish, from
time to time, articles from English authors. aCd
translations from the best German "and Frerch
wii-.crs, provided the pieces have never before in.
pearedin print in this country Essavs on inipor
tant Political Subjects will likewise be inserted
and criticisms on the Literature of America and
the movements of the Age. The Leview Depart
ment, in which a large and liberal spirit of crit
icism' will always be maintained, will be extended
For the defenccof American Diterature the editor
will always be ready ; the niainUinauce of a cor
rect tone in the Magazine, he will, if possible. l.
still more watchful.
who will supply illustrations for the text in the
body of the book. The aim of the editor will not
be so much to increase the number of hi engrav
ings, as to secure far those he publishes the ut
most finish the artist can give them t for common
wood-cuts are so easily multiplied, that the most
indifferent publication may outrank in dreary dis
play the choicest periodical.
Ihe' Editor does not feel, that with hi own .
ders, he can increase his claims to respect by in
sisting ou aisy very crcat superiority of -UriLaii.'
over several similar publications, but thii:ki h
may safely confide in their friendship for lie
Magazine, and in its past management for iu srt.
sent fist, and' such increase as naturally 'rows out
of an extended circulation in a country where
readers are multiplying so rapidly.
Of the January number the first adition will be
30,000 copies, aud the editor trusts bis old friends
will be so prompt in renewing old clubs, and ex.
tending the list among new ones, that the Srit
adttiun shail be but half os what the year will ul
timately establish, as the pcrmanent circulxtion yf
'Graham'.'"' '
Post agb. Subscribers in any part of the United
States may now receive the Magazine,' by mail,
at three cents a number or thirty-six cents a yr
postage, payable at the Post-office where it is re
ceived. '
: Postmasters and Editors all over the Union, are
respectfully requested to act as Agents for the New
Tckus. The Terms of "Graham" are Thret
Dollars for single subscribers, if paid in advance.
For six dollars in advance, one copy is sent tLnt
years. We continue the following low terms f.r
Clubs to be sent in the city to one address, sad in
the country, to one Post-oface. :
2 copies, S 6 porta.
5 " (and one 1 to the getter up) 10
8 " ' ' - 10
11 . . . 20
The money for clubs always should be sent ia
advance. Subscriptions may be sent at cur risk
When the sum is large, a draft should be procured
if possible the cost of which 'may bo deducted
from the amount. . ,
Any person desirous of receiving a copy u a
sample, can be accommodated by notifying tin
Editor by letter, (post-paid.)
. Address, ilwavs post-paid,
GE.O. R. GRAHAM. Editor.
Aug. 23. 10S Chcsuut st., Philadelphia
v T dersifrucd have entered into au arringemeut
by which they agree to furnish the Knickerbocker
Magazine, nior.tnly,) the lioaae Journal, (weekly. i
acd the Musical World and Tinus. (weekly. "to
r.cw subscribers, at the very moderate pric ef fir
dollars, a year sor the three publication ; all or
ders, enclosing that amount to Dyer A Wi.li, wjii
be promptly attended lo
Publisher of the Knickerbocker.
Publishers of the Home Jouiol.
Publishers of the Musical World ami Time.
375 Broadway. New York.
NATION. Arrangements have been mud a to furnish tin
Knickerbocker Magazine, the Heme Jourcal. and
the New York Musical WTorld and Times, to new
subscribers, for five dollars a year. This is rber
literature, with a vengeance. The Knickerbovkf r
is $! per annum the Home Journal, 5J; and tiin
Musical Worid and Times. S3 ; making S3 a vtar
:it the usual rates. Tbit three such works can be
obtained for five dollars a year, is a fact truly wor
thy the Caloric age. which is just now being ush
ered in. Of the Knickerbocker Magazine, edited
by Lewis Gaylord Clark, it is unnecessary to
speak. For twenty years it has been the ino;
genial ; humorous, and spicy '-monthly' in tho
world; and the present volume will be better thin
any which preceeded it. The Home Journal, edi
ted by Geo. P. Morris, and N. P. Willis, is well
known as the best f unily newspaper ia America:
and the Musical World and Times, edited by
Richard Storrs Willis with Lowell Mason, Geo. n.
Curtis, Thomas Hastings, Wm. P. Bradbury. Geo.
F.- Root. and. other musical writers contributing;
and which gives, among other things, over S.'i
worth of music and a full course of instruction in
harmony annually, is the very best musical Jour
nal ever published. These three publications will
post a family up in regard to nearly everything
worth knowing : Art, Scivnce. Literature; "Music.
Painting. Sculpture; Inventions, Discoveries; Wit.
Humor, Fancy, Sentimei t: the Newest Fashions
and other attractions for Ladies ; Choice New Mu
sic for the Sabbath, the Church, and the Fireside;
Reviews and Criticism of Musical Works. Perfor
mers ar.d Performances ; in short, the very pick
and cream of Novelty, Incident, History. Biogra
phy, Art literature and Science; including what
ever can be given in periodicals to promote
Healthy Amusement and Solid Instruction in the
family and help to make it Better, Wiser, acd
Happier, may be now obtained for five dollars.
Address DYER A WILLIS, 275 Broadway.
Editors publishing the above three timet, and
sending the papers containing it to Dyer A Willis,
will receive the threo works named, for one year.
Aug. 23, 1304.
IrjrorsEiioED words. a monthly
those who read the serial so promptly issued every
week by Dickens, with thoughtful appreciation,
know how to prize it. -Household W'ords" is a
modern journal for the people, devoted to oommoa
subjects, uncommonly treated, excellent in style,
in genius, in m&uuer, and wonderfully fertile" in
subject- The pieces are. the right length; they
exhibit wonderful variety and are attuned to a
harmonious key and remarkable unity of effect.
For the money, there is not the equal of "House
hold Words" for a family joarnal. Pleasant n&
ries. useful knowledge, graceful anecdotes, charm
ing essays, alternate in its pages. It is not al
ways convenient to'secure a copy of the weekly
issue on tho arrival of a steamer; in order to enjoy
regularly this delightful work, we advise our rea
ders to possess themselves of the handsome month
ly reprint of McElrath A Baker, who bring out '
'Household Words" wuh commendable punctuali
ty, at New-York. Frederick Parker. 35 Washing
ton street is the Boston agent. Boston Trant
trivt. -'. . ..--
The articles, both in style and thought, are far
superior to the trash that occupies the pages of so
many. of our popular magazines. Yrk
At'. :' .
The above are but a few extracts from numerous
notices of the press lately received. Those who
wish Household Words will receive it monthly by
mail tipon remitting the aabeeription priee. Spe
cimen nmmberi sant on receipt of Ave red pottage
tamps. . .
Aug. 23.
MoELRATK A BAKER. Pabllahors.
. 17 Spruoe it.. New Y'otk.
i nn
Barrels Fish, for J at the Cha Sr
XJJ of
.... 7. irwij.
i rs