Raftsman's journal. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1854-1948, December 13, 1854, Image 2

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-HjiSL. v ' fr r"ity "o are CQnstantiy meddling in
-TSvferlfe '.otlreople'albusinessand ieglectbigihtir
. f jgjf-r-ar J. ftS" 'OWfP Some ofjtheni tre lately taken under
jKi""? ibelr special care tho?nciffls f""Ottr e'siab-
' whe,ver else fcey get together, in discussing
33 "'-- 2 " jf our affairs., calculating our expenses, estima-
----XT -1 ' . .ri
"WedTie!&-y, De?era)6-13. 18547
A mi!ting of the friends of the Tyrone and Clear-
retook.; i, 7 ,; .,
rI :-w vORD 'TO 'OUR' FRIE'DS.!X '
'-exi wcclc fi (boifrf'ach wll afford an 6p-
ar compcjkd to piircJ)ac".injwV"e hope ,there
forc, that tUe.(;wiU call nait';v.eak, and render
ua what assistance ,is, in their ;po;.ver. ,;This is
not dHH-ffS: have, nothing to dun. for but a
.simple re4iUSt,-wiich ye . boe ,vill ..be. com
plied .vi;lijH.ri-' vi, T ,l'').':- i v:
; Est.; of Butler county
Deputv Sectetarj" of the
".Ton M.- SttllivaJi
has1 Itcen' appoirtted Deputy Secretary
Oom?MinweaUlu') 'Mr. SallivaR served Tor some
time as Clerk of the "Senatei 'during -which he
acqufril'a great deal of legislative experien
ce,' and win the respect .and good will of all
the members, without regard to party.: It is
itndbubtedly ;the most popular ' appointment
that could hrrve been Wade. ' f
"tyYi: have ' deceived from the ' publishers,
Messrs. Iixisat & Px-ackisto 2-3 South Ct
St., Philail.-lphia, 4-The Young' American's Li
brary, consisting oftwelve neatly bound' and
handsbmelv "illustrated" volumes, embracing
the lives of TTasbington Penri, Fr'anklin, L;i
Favettc. CI w', tTubWtcf; Marion, Jackson, TayT
t , . , , ...
lor, and" Napoleon, with "The Yankee Tei
Party," and the "Old; Bell of T7G." Each
volunie is well and chastly wriitencontaining I
.. ....!.! f ..... l,;r,r
'!Y"wru:5 . , . V ' - f '
ia admirably adapted to the youthful mind.-
ican family. . .
XteW itilf4i-.uU4.v Jiuiitiyrone., City, Blair Kfied'a
founty. 6n.Tharslay taclith of Jauary, 13"5 I i , :; V
The 'lous he 0' n' to receive SHbscrintions of percent
Ifinity'ty -'those' of 6ur subscribers 1 wlib ."v.", max, nowever anx,iousiy ttiey .uesire
lKvc'not rt:p'il their subscriptions to do so. " thsmrnal will nofgo down," and that
is unnecessary for us to" say anything about ieir exceedingly 'wise predictions will never
fhV high price' of '-'printing materials, and scar'- be verified., .That the paper will '-still live"
city of money ; and all our friends" are aware to -hiythem but cold and 'comfortably in the
that tb -cujiis reEired;iXor.feYeV' tMng'we- tiext.Presideutir.l canvass, as itdid during; the
' The "Young Americau, and Testern Herald "FAW.NLS'C FOR PLACE." i ,
of Freedom is on our table. ..It presents a We published, iu our last paper, a co?mnu
ncat appearance, and deserves success. PuW nication under .tho above caption, reflecting
lishdbvD-A.Brower,atXew Brighton, Pa.
The . "Clearfield Brass . Band" will give a
concert in the Town Hal!, on Christmas night;
aflvr which ire Wrerf wiU;.be . distnbu-
ted among th,e audience, consisting of Gold
and silver watches, rings, clocks,-boots, shawls,
book casQS, and a variety of other valuable ar-
tides t. 'fp. numerous to mention. Tickets
way'be.Lad of the Treasurer, Geo. W. Sack
ktts, or t the store of A.I, Hills, or C. I).
Wtso.v, fur One dollar y.. ,.. . . ...
. Kaiowiug the. object to v"Mch the proceeds
are to be; Applied, wc can confidently recom
mend this Concert to the public;' .We can al-
so assure those at a distance (,wh? desire, to
purchase tickets, that it may be .done wiUi t
perfect safty, asid tiiat the distribution of
prizes will be houe&tly, fairly, and, impartially
epitdutted. ,Tiie .oljeot is a good one, and we J
Wlih it RtlCihS. ... , ... ...... - ;- j..
.j :- . CONGRESS.
-Tho Sciute was organized on the 4tli by cal
- lingllon.-Lrwis Cass to preside over that body
..for the day'. Subsequently Jesse !P. Bright
of Indiirro-1 wr.s elected President pro tempore
in the ' room if Mr; Atchison, resigned. ! Up
to tm present time-; they have don0 nothing-
bnt make preliminary arrangements, receive (v. j.Hinston.- This is not true.- Col. Cur
the message and reports, -and give' notice -of tm is stnj a candidate and wjll remain so.' We
. ' - "lr'r. . " : cannot understand why 'the '-Mil Ionian' sK'onld'
i tie uousLact oaUiie.same day, ly.mem-
bers answering to their. names. . i ho standing
cwiuT-iittees have been anounced, ami ,a nura-
of bills introduced, none. ofiWhich as yet have
been acted upon, . In both the ; Senate and
House, notice has been .given of a bill to repeal
or alter the naturalization laws. In the House,
Mr. Seilars. has introduced a resolution, which
has given rise to considiirable. debate, calling
for infarmation as to the object of the .confer-
euce of American Ministers at Ostend- v
--..-. pUF.SIDENT'S 51ESSAG11.' -
'On or.ri(?irth page :w Hi be found a synop
sis of the Prt-bideht's message- To have pub
lished the entire document ; would have occn
pld more 'than half our ' psper, and would
have excluded other more interesting matter.'
As a State paper, th"e" .message is prosy in style,
nieagre in its 'develdpemeuts, hesitating in its
opinions, and imbecile in its arguments. It
I'laihly evinces the1 utter imbecility of the Ad
iriinistration; and so far from giving a fair in
dex "of the' events of tbe past year? it - attmprs
to cover and conceal them. -' " ' ' ' ,: -' ' ''
The greater part of the stupid docrthVent is
cccupied with details " which ;would -find' a
more appropriate place ' in" the report 'of the
departments rom which, they. are drawn, while
it passes! oyer,, with but a slight , notice,, the
importanjt questions arising from the -present
couipli.cated ; state of our foreign relatious.
About tbej only xecomendatipn. which it con
tains, (of . Anjf imporUuce) is the anti Ameri
can And unpatriotic one, of a ftill - greater re-ductiOBoC.dntica.-pi:.
iniports.. Some two or
three columns are occupied with a defence of
the GreytoT7B atfakf tkAtirilliaoachievement
of ttite illustrious Hollins, in'which two nigger
shanties, a chicken-coop ,; and pig-sty, were ut
terly 'de'molisiied, and a'"trhoIe flock of terriS- J
ei geeso put flight f " " ' ' " ''""
ting our receipts, and making themselves gen-
I erallv ofEcious.
jLtlieadflifatioKx individuals will -take the
trouble of calling upon us, we will endeavor
I to furnish them with the correct datii,j.o6i
which to base their calculations, when., they,
win icarn inai ice cx juaiccry nave someiumg
less to do with theJoirrrinl establishment than
th'ev imagined Any claiihs which such" cen-
I Hlcniin'may have against, the office, will be
nd cashed on presentation at liven'y five
over' their par value.' Nbvr, . ye bra'g-
gers, bring on 'jrour. "judgmenis," land "drafts
&c:" " """ . - ' ' ' ' :" : ' ' '
These ' officious gentlemen rnav ' further
late campaign, and that all their efforts can af
fect no more than the butting of a ram against
a locomotive.. "" ' '
If these" meddlesome gentry Mould attend
more to. their own business and less Jo other
pCople's,perhaps some Of theni could pay their
debts. The two who borrowed money from
us tfill their flour barreljs, and promised (
return. H "in a.feW d8'" :m..W.a,.00
d to
chance of having the favor repeated." VTc
like their gratitude, and will hereafterj en
deavor to reward it. ' .
In conclusion, we beg learc to say that
those who are so anxious aboutour private-affairs,
can have the privilege at anytime. of
looking pver the books of the office, as we de
sire to releive them from an amount of busiT
ness which requires then? to neglect their own
to, such an extent, that iheir wives ere compelled
to stand cu in the snovor and.l cut fire uood,
while they are taking so deep an interest in
our.acr.nrs beside a - liar-room stove ! If it is
necessary to speak plainer to. correct this dis
gusting practice, we will do it, as we are de
termined. to expose all meddlers , and o3Ieious
persons, .untirthese corner and. bar-room cau
cuses on other peoples business shall be bro-
. m
Xobody but blasruards and whiskev
. J
suckers attend them, and no ono who has anv
preteI1tions to decencv would be caught 5n
somewhat upon the recent course of. the liar'
risburg. Telegraph and its editor.. We sajd at
the time that we by no means -endorsed .the
sentiments of the artjcle,Tior did we suppose
it. would have given offence, even to the odi-
tor of that ortlloJ'ox paper himself. We iavc
a verJ hih regar(1. both for the Telegraph, and
fyr ir. Milder, and. we. would be sorry to say
anytItine of a brother editor, and co-lahnrpr
in the same great causey that we would uot de
sire to have said of:ourself. , We hope there
fore, that he wjli iiot.Tegard us.as desiriug or
intending to impugn liis motives, -or to mis
represent his conduct. lie did noble service
in the late contest and we have no doibt his
liiotivrt in hoistincr the' name of Gov. Pollock
fyr th(J ji the sincere aud h
op e st
desire to. proniote success, of ; the: great J
principU for wjiich he, and all of tf s, to no
bly, battled.- Wi give bin . credit ,w.ith too
much good sense, to get displeased t and -have;
no doubt after he inuil.cd the note, lue .-,; nt .us,
that he regretted ha had; takeo .an - notice of
the , matter whaieAcr. . Ili 1,-tter, .howevor,'
proves his title to ageutlomaii. ,. ,.. , ,, .,. .'..-,
:--:'" -COL. -CURTIX. ' . .
The MilivniMi asserts that Col. Cchtis has
withdravn from the contest for Unitod States
Senator, and has expressed himself in fhvorof
seek to bamboozle its readers on- this' ques-
tion; ' This is not the first time. "Tj-? . :
are also authoristod to. say that "th& ZM-
tmian is -not, as has been assorted; the home"
organ' of Gov. Pollock. Its sentiments are
tliose of-the iditor alone, and Judge Pollock
has nothi ng (whatever to do with it. ', The rii-'
i,or that Gov. Johirtton; though well worthy
ho distinguished pesfcion,fs to be the Admiii-
i strati on candidate, is uttcrlv without founda-
titxi. ' The (rovernor elect has too much good
sense to interfere"! :i that nvhich does not be
long to him. 'lit is a pity we cant say as much
for tbe editor of the MUlonian. - ; '
We were asked a day or two agowby we
did not publish a list of the .broken . banks,
that our readers rnigbiJ;Bow.. what money to
refuse V. Ilearen deliver ns; and our readers
from any suclv infliction ! .! . We would sooner
publish the President's Message. We would
have to wind our paper up with "To le contin
ued," for the next three -weeks- If our. read
ers desire to pursue the safe course, . they
must refuse all but' Pennsylvania: currency,'
and when that gets bad we rwitl ' endeavor to
n6tify them. ; -' '''':-.,. :..), .... -
A Wise SxATtsiiAM. A Washington corres
pondent says the Secretary of the Treasury,
Mr. Guthrie, believes the acme of statesman
ship to be the. locking up. of all the specie in
the country in the, vaults of the Sub-Treasury,
and to this glorious end alibis energies are di
rected.By taking out of circulation some 40,000,
000 of gold equal to a capital of at least 100,
pjillion the prosperity of the country is to
be demonstsated. "- And certainly the argument
is unanswerable, for a country which can sur-
rive sachua government a . we now fcav,, isH
strong enough to defy all dargers. .
n i?.;?: I&v.-J -c? AfcditotfasWwas going lytfurtiog'T fl"' C ,'V U- ,V
" I -. i rt- I.-' ... ' . & t. " i -art . f r CJU T l M. Jrt. it .
- " Court-z-Tieit&pek.
SnU'good fh sleighing. ::
t-iVyl nuisance that drum under our office. 3
o'W-r:the man that "cracks the whip.''
Scarce pencil notes, and printing fjipr.
,5ifeBn'e'ather, and our new scjqfj.- 3
Hard the tildes, andthose ;grcy bob-tails.'
Dull our ton, as usual the week before Court
"Empi-ff our coal box, past eupV&nd pocket book
Exhausted our appla box.' WbolP filUit to
On r Mimas? - - - -
N-w arrivdr-rsA the ot.' Jhe Cheape,
oods5MCalUn4s..UJ i; $ V
XEike trfiblie womahvs heart. t r6quircs"
1,,,, t
IjeitirthnudswoetiMsz, lung drawn, on
girl seven feet tall." ' - --
' 'III Got-. Bigler. AVe learn, that tie- is fa.it re
L'COV.eriBg. . .-
: fcuong pui' t!l0 i resident s xucssage over
Expftifi'ce that Ffircs, for tho man who gotliis
coat split up tho bacK.
ReJiabe reartpt.-To make a man forgetful of
his prqiaises put.kim in olSce.
Hard M-rth.o ''Jefferson .Star.'.' ' It shines dim
this wVck. on brown wrapping paper. ''
.. S'tc'rfr -that venison dinner we "eat last Sun
.day. Wei'H call again. .. .: ... .., r .,
, Uuigyi"iUiam D.arry, in Buffalo Count.v. N. Y.
on the. 1st.', in'st.. for tho murder of his Wife. '
"jwfjr David's Miie sleigh and Tigzituf. Won-
-dcrwhatEarnuin would give for hiedancing horse?
Prf"T-rra article that slovenly, aquirU"
mage use oi msicau oi soap ana water. ;.
Fire in Bai tninrr on Saturday evening.
Tour story buildings were entirely destroyed, with
.their contents. . : ... : ij .
Don t rarm the. Philadelphia Srn.. .. Wliat's
wrong Col. ? ' Can t do without the Sun. Hope
you naven i out u :
' ' jilore 7inow jVofhitig. They are organizing
Jfejrro ; -Orders in New;. York. ..They ought . to
make good ones. Ihey can ' keep dark."
' Good opportunity next week for tlioso of our
sui)criber8 who desire to save half a dollar, to pay
uicir subscriptions. ; . .;. . v
iMcv rprinters in these bank-breaking . times.
They have no notes on the 'busted' banks,
nor-oil any other!
Promiar to le imposing the military display at
the inauguration of Gov. Pr.t,orK. Couldn't the
Clearfield guards tako a trip to Iiarrisburg? '
-' Thir list 'cutest' for jeaoreryK lady has dis
charged her lover because, in relating his voyaga
he ;-huggod the shore.'!, : : , .-
Jn to'Di the man that thinks he's a sharperbc-
eatise he's a Yankee, and wears a white hat.
t-abbage and invisible green: .'. .-
Gone tn Ttrool viile a number of the 'fane v' from
Curwensville. Wonder if buttons' arc plentyout
, . V. , u . Vllljiil ' nil! UO 111 UVIUHMU. ' ' '
Arreitrjl Ellen Kcenan, a yonnsf Irish, girl, in
Wuiurton. Mass., for scttinsr on fire a C'ntholie church.
It 'is said she Lad some difficulty with the Pricat.
JW new'.' There has boon no news, during the
pasVweck tf any importance from Sevastopol.
Things appear to remain in statu quo. ,
Piolifc. A lady in Columbia, presented her
hnhsnd with three children at a birth. Columbia
will soon be populated if they go on at that rate.
fin old fool. An old inkeeporin Stark Co.,Ohio.
recently took strychnine on his wedding day, be
cause his children were opposed to his marriage. '
Iitrrr.vt ing- a unmber of the' c&es to be tried,
next, week in. the Quarter Sessions. . Wc havo no
doubt they will produce considerable excitement
Co mmg tho Jlollidays Those that want nice
presents should furnish, us with ten or nior sub
scribers, when we "will gVe them some bewtfful
volumes of books,. , . ,
Will male a goad wife-rrthe young lady who
does not apologise when you find her at work In
4bff kitchen, bst continue! at her task until it is
finished. . ..
More virtories. The Whig and Main Law ticket
has succeeded f n New Haven. Conn., the Whig3
in Ilartford, and also in St: Aagustin, Florida
all municipal elections. ;, . .. . . :
Still inrs'dur the gay Item,. What's wrong
now. friend Crap? If you're -hard np' we'll send
you a bundle of paper, rather, than dispense with
yonr visils to our sanctum.
, 'Delightful the sleighing' on 'Paturday. We
arc indebted to1 car friends of '-National" and
'tiood IcUmt' in Curwengviile for the opportunity
of trying it. j"
Accepts. Henry A. Wi5e-a'eecpts the' Locofoeo
nomination for Governor of Virginia. He says he
does not fear to be deafeated. lle'd be a ;'-Know
Nothing" not to expecit.-
iiorriijie: a arur.Ken niorner was !oun;i lying
on the ffide walk in Washington, on Tuesday night
last, with, an empty bottle on one side, and herlu
faijt child on.tho other! What a sermon ?
.' Plenty horse driver's ' f rain Uiinxatawiiey. (or
some" wheret-I.e jn Satan's dominiojas.) for the nast
few days. ; Jas-dificijU to tell v.-hiph .was the
diardestjjpk:" fhe'aiselves or thjpir horac'?r
, Lost' hi" centre "of'grisUu the man with the
pumpkin heaU ant fcig-stamach in- the Serim
iiiiigo TUieejorifLr-n baturdayrulBg. After
gainikg hJfcwcTtidsition, Solomon the r-fesident
of the rlerce club) absquatulated for home.
.In a fuii-lufi our dovil, whether or n'otto issue
a New Year's Address. IIo's very much ijfruid it
' wont pay." He. intends, this week, consulting
his friends, and. hopes to. be able to announce his
determination in our next.
j 'Cu'mtig Christinas. 'Xb sign' o'f that Turkey
yet. '; Who intends to give us something for our
Christinas dinner;, i'oU-h it piong.. .AV'o're sonie
on the gooje, turkey, chicken cr any other fowl
nc'icn. ' ' 1 ' ' ' 1 ' ' ' -- '.';:
fHriv$frt hwititig'.-r John S.. Eadebangh,
weut'.out one day laut wovk, and shot three find
deer.. U11 the next day he went but to bring tbc.ni
home; and succei'ded in killing a large and beau
tiful doe. Lots of yen Lion fur Court week at the
'American'." . Call and try it. .
r 'Jl'moved Mr. Purvianoe's Paguerroah Gallery
lleis ndw on th same floor with U3, and we havo
frequent opportunities of oxauiing his picturos.
Tlioy are vivid, distinctand lif-likc copies of the
human form divine. Those who desire to obtain
"good liki;ueei''.caiuitt,do,buUtix-lhaa call on
Idr. Purviance. . . , ..
' ISfUnTcal this sectlon'.of town. There is a thing
over the -way that grus like a hog. a bass drum
under ur office, a tenor drum bndo it, a liddle on
thir cas-t. and a. pig-s!y .in the neighborhood. If we
haven't an cdr for music, it is not on r fault, but
such an infernHl bedlam of "awnet sounds"(!) we
never before got into. Ole Bull dwindles into ut
ter insignificance, and the ?pirit of Pagannini re-
il8 in astonishment ! -:. . h .i. . . ...
- .... ...
-Prom The' Fandrcich Islands. The treaty of an
nexation, had been signed by . King Kamthameha
and the principal nobility, but his Majesty had
made a formal promise to Prince Alexander that
h would wait his return from a neighboring island
be fore the treaty should bo .definitely settled. .The
officers of the Susquehanna are of the opinion .that
annexation is raphes popular than ' otherwise
among the natives, j . ; . .
' .Lifs under a mistakc-the man who circulated
in the upper end of tho County that we had quit
th practice of law.r and devoted our entire atten
tion the Journal. , We have no such inteutions.and
will bo pleased to see our friends u usual at our
office, two doors ea3t of the Journal office, up stairs.
Chcbs We are are glad to learn that some of
our. friends are-engaged in getting. us clubs, to
commence with the .'ew Year. Wo hope we may
book a large number of subscribers on Court week.'
Good wish s :"We were depending ou the mills,
but if we had therfoZarjorthe cents wo would make
our own paper, and perhaps might spare a bundle or
two to our brother, the jolly raftsman. Item.
We sincerely Tegrct thatyou have not tho 'rocks,'
but if good wishes are of any advantage, yon have
those of our whole establishment,, from editor to
oril innliiair-A Out ttnva tliTlr tlia 4 Tr.-.'
pumpkins." and we heartily coincide in the opin- !
ion. We hope you mav n"rt nlv have t.ieniv of i
dollars' and cents,' but JoHhlc-rrg'shv the bushel. '
ii nVcuX. uik'.j-i-.. riafflyffeuiif.tSfent want to flager theo: thee
the Bank of MhlStto.
O ulgray ors an d :od )ta e r cyja r e Tfk e
:Wti tn alf-vniln'casceiids f.he
two buc
nher decends. -'
-'f theJiible was a weekly journal, how
many communications would it receivesigned
'A'coastaht reader V
'To love even a bird or' flower, is no
il Kg a inf. idlvro afirtuo'ui rota'an isthpf
ghVof earthly happiness:-5 "' "''' i ''
To love even
small .
, . "r -ye BeilihTbieTfreurid goes for
Botts for Vice President onthe Pollock ticket,
and the Star for Bell;, a-. ii'
i If you don't wish to get angry, never
argue with a blockhead.1 Itemember, that tho
duller the 'razor; the- m-ore you cut yourself
and -sft'e'ar.- "-' ' '''' ""'" '"" c ,
At the UnltM States' 'Ordinance; Yard
at South Boston, there is a gun, tfic lorc of
which is one foot; it weighs 23j510 pounds,
arid was made in 1848, af'Aiger's Soutli Bos
'The Baltimore Sun put tli'J President's
Me5sTge in type in thirty five minutes, and is
sued it long before its reading had been fin
ished in cither House of .Congress. .
"Sni was last seen la .yorfolk, where
the charter election resulted largely in favor
of.the Kuow sot.hings. . "Sam" moves .in a
mysterious way his wonders to perform ! .,.
A - iew daj s ,tinco the editor - of the
Columbia (Texas) Democrat found ; a . snake1, '
four feet., in length,; coiled up among the es.-
changes on his table. Ugh J .; .;
An Irishman in recommending tsow
sai l she would give milk year after yef,' with
out having calve" "E'caiise'' said he, 'fit rur:S
in the bradei fof she came of a cow - that niver
had a calf!" ; r ' " ' !' ' '
The' Empress of Frvince'is said to be iii
an "interesting-situation." The Queen, of
ngi.ind dittQ' The great event with the Iat
!r, it is thought, will take place about Cluis't'-
mas. .
- The man. who is too poor to take a pa
per has bought a slab-sided dog, an old shot
uu and a twenty shilling gold , watch. . He
educates his children in the street, and boards
l.is shanghais on his neighbors. ; ,
The people of Peru, Hlionois, "seen
SamV on Monday of.last week. . At the , char
ter election held on that day, the Know Noth
ings carried the city by over four hundred
majority, . , : ' -
To undertake to reason a girl out of
love is as absnrd as it would be to attempt to
extinguish Vesuvius with a two ounce syringe.
The only thing that will break a . love fit is
hard work and boiled pork. !"
It is stated that Dr. Ives, late Bishop
of the Protestant Episcopal Church, of Xorth
Carlina, hasTbeen appointed! Professor in the
Roman Catholic College,' at Tordliam, near
New York city.
.will uu intake ill c gM.tiuu,lsaid. a.
Quaker one day, 'but I will let this billet of
wood fall on thee, and at that precise moment
the 'bad man' was floored by the weight of a
walking stick that tho Quaker had been known
o .carry. '." " " " '"'"'" .
Tho Iiarrisburg nnd Lancaster Ratl-
oad Co., are about to build three new bridges
on its main line. One of these bridges is at
Middletown, and the work is now heini con-.
raeted for. The others are across the Big
and Little "Chi'ines" creeks, near Mount Joy.
"Hunting tho tig?r, gentleman," ob-
serveda British ofUcer relating l.is Erst Indian
experience to a, frfendly circle at a London
club, "is cajdtal siort notl
better ex:
cept whan the tiger, takes it into his head to
bunt yow: then it is apt to become rather too
exciting." .
Wc thought that we had heard , of a
goo 1 many green people iu our time, but there
is a young lady in Schenectady, that beats our
lime, considerably.; - She got married the oth
er night, and the next day .appeared .before a
magistrate, to euter a complaint against , her
husband for "taking liberties 'with her-" Our
hat is at' the disposal of thaJirst person that
calls. ' . .-...;, . .-,
The gay Item says the President's mes
sage has duly come' to hand, and we have'
made several attempt's to '.'read it through,"
but invariably failed. We' are therforc una
ble to give even an extract bf its contents.
The best joke we have had for some time in
reference to the document, is that our friend
Xememiali "should term it "a spurious mes
sage perpetuated on the press by gome wag at
Washington." He don't believe that Pierce
ever wrote it. - - - ..... .. .
Who Killed Cock Kobin ?
Who killed Cock Itobin? I. said the sparrow,
Witk my bow and arrow ; I, killed Cock Kobin !
The question is asked, who has disorganized
the "Democratic party f -and, they, - who have
done the deed, are endeavoring to shift Hie re
sponsibility from their shoulders, and to fasten
it upon others. They are not willing to confess '
their sins, nor to mourn in sack-cloth and ash
caj 4iud yct-they are casting abont for. some
political scape-goat upon which to saddle their
sins, and to send him .''into the wilderness !""
The know that they must soon retire to prK
vato life, and merited obscurity; and they feel
assured that Frank Pierce must go with them;
tor it was, "he who killed Cock Bobin !" They
have dug bis grave; but the bowels of their com
passion have been moved for their fallen chief,
and they are too sorry 'for to bury him.? It was
not his fault, they say, . but his misfortune that
his term of office has been selected for the cr
cruption of the isms, which are likely to over
whelm him ait them in one common ruin.
They stretchcie bow and sped thearrow,but
they were not k.-? sparrow that killed cock rob
in! Oh, no! It was not they who did the dread
ful deed. It was some w icked Know Nothing.
or sometl'ng clso they pretend not to know
'Ali:U I,or wno W:,s tuflt t it : only, it was
tnp.v 'bo did it, and it was not Frank Pierre
neither who did it .-Berk Coicnty 1'ress.
Lybung andl might be" ?poiled-r)ut X.would
;eeurageiuV' seinee 0119; puoasiieaii
let te r bop i-thc TgpKij&& t,he e.095 1 t
lje to1bae"th;Jre9sibifi(rf apearrii to
approve my logic. Well, that is right. May
be I judged too hard, but I am so sick at
heart, of all men (if we can calt them ' raerr)
when their ambition arises to the Presidency,
succumbing to the ; slave power." Thee "Snow's
Jve friends have always opposed slavery. So I
would, if I could, check this hateful evil, but
suppose nobody w Htr minti Tagtronclir so 'thee
must not fudg&md too, hard, 71 lovo.thee, and
the Telegraph, i and .the. i Independent Press j
bub when the re- burns I must speak a TUt-ie,
but I want to do it ja.; love.-.i And :uow, does
tliee judge judge the old broad brim, shad-bol-Iicd
farmer wants to leave the bleatings cf his
lambs, , and the -cackling: of ; chickens to. be
blackguarded as an office seeker? notl indeed.;
But ..I must drop this. I ' yj ;
. 1 wish to say a word, Uuu.s:h your columns,
to my Friend Barrett of the Independent Press,
t published at .Williaiusport. '.The. profane call
him the Iiev. J. W. Barrett. Holy and II ev
erend is ho Who Jniale, .us ali, atui preserves.
US, and none other is reverend. Ilott I ; bate1
the Roinish titles ; -Ilevorend, .Bight Reverend,
Most Reverend, Lord, Bialmpv and so on, as.
applied to. sinful man. Indeed, 1 am sorry
that there is so little tu be, rc.vcrod about some
of them, and so little in theni-of reverence to
the great Benefactorof.juan... I want to say
to my friend Barrett, (I suppose I ought to j
say Brother Barrett, a? I ;under?tar.d he' lis a
31inister in the Methodist rsocitfy, and, they
call one another brother and sister) wcjljj
want to say to .Brother .Barrett, I have sdme
what against his $pirtt as an Editor,' ; Let me
talk tt iny friend directly, and I rutty-, bo-able
to dp it better..; . Wjjl. friend, thee has taken
upon thee to preach:; Jesus-.Christ, otir must
holy Saviour, and thee says thee wa.s xadlei ia
this work; and thee is publishing a political
paper. Well dont : object to that,: Jesus
Christ taught us the best politics the world
has ever known, and I think those who teach
Christ's doctrine, ought to teali. politics ahd
must, if they preach the reaching 4that; be
bdis them. I have no doubt but; that Batair,
aud iiis party, who want to have every thing
their own u ay, object to thee,.a minister, hav-i
ing any thing to do with "the dirty waters of
politics.'' ; If the waters, of politics are "dirtyx
ought they not to be purified, and ought not
the teachers of Christ's latf to try and do it-
And thou art working an a .good cause too, L
like the cause, thee advocates : ;I , aiu with
thee, and now I hope thee will hear me. ,r
am more afraid that thee, will defim "the"wa-
ters of politics' with thy ficsby spiri,than I
am of thj' meddling with the dirtj . wafers. -1
want thee to remember thy calling, ami. to re
member what Jesus says thee must be, when
thee writes for thy paper. , 1 fear thee does
not do this. Thee manifests a bad spirit to
wards thy neighbor of the Gazette, and calls
him hard names and speaks very -contemptuously
of liiui. This thee did. not learn from
thy Master. Will thee look at some of thy
remarks, in thy editorials about "Theo. Wright
& Co." Remember, friend", the wrath of man
worketh not the-praise of God. Paul says,
"A bishop must bo llandczs, sober, good
behaviour, apt to' teach, no striker, hut pa- I
tient, r.ol a brairler. 1 Tim. 3 : 2. o, :;r.d again,
"The serrx-fiicf the' L-r.l mast .c strive, buf be
gentle iii-i aJLwcr., rrpt tc tench, paiea!, in
ineeknciiS instructing those 1U.tt oppose them-s-
Ives, if God, peradventure will give theni
repentance to the acknowledging of the truth
'--2 Tim. 2': 24, 2".- Again, "A bishop must
be blameless, as the Stewart-, of God.,- not self
willed, nor soo7i ungry-r-no striker" Tit. 1 : 7.
Of the Great Teacher, it was sail, "lie shall
not strive, nor civ, neither shall any man her.r
his voice in tho streets." Now frijiid, I have
given thee the highest authority (thee, knows
we protvjstaiits appeal tu too Bible-as the only,
rule) for condemning thylieshly spirit. Would .
Theo. Wrignt & Co., re eivc the gosmi from
thee, after thee-has called tiiemsuch hard
na,iiics Thets says thee, is-.a, minister of the.
gospel, called of God to preach it. . .If. thee
was the only one, it there was no' o'tlser to
preicli the gospel to Theoii: Wright' Ik Co.;
would thee not be the' means,'1 indirectly, of
their damnation? '-. .? . ;
. Aud does thee not set a very lrad . cxaiaple
to all thy readers also? ' Will they" hot tiiii-.k
the way to 'treat an enemy, is to say the bit
terest things against them that they can, just
as thee doei,? , Is thy example for good :Ar
tliy bitter words excited because thy Hunter, or-
thee has been spoken against; (.-an ttiee not
lenvc it to thy Master to avenge the hard words
spoken against thyself I Receive my 'council,
I am one of thy number, and love th.ee ..es
pecially what i see good in thee. . I approve
thy general cause, and the object thee aims at,
but 1 would have thce-tnond thy manner and
do, what thee does do, in love. I have no
sympathy with those who say that "ministers",
have no right to meddle with politics. (Thee
knows I approve not altogether of a paid min
istry, and if any man will agree to preach to a
people for so much, and, to avoid giving of
fence to them, arid to fulfill tho'- duties of his
contract, will lay otl' his own individual re
sponsibilities, and obligations . to the law of
God, as he would his coat, when he goes to
chop wood, and will cease to think, and speak
and act for himself in politics, and on ruin,
and slavery, aud Rome, as God may give him
light and conscience, I despise him above
all creatures upon Gods earth, and he is the
most abhorable thing God ever made; but if
lie is a whole man, full four quarters of a man,
free to think, speak and.Taet, : independent. of
all restraint but ( kls law, refusing to be bound
by any other rule than God's' revealed will, I
li'onor thaf man- as God's " noblest workman
ship. Though men mav give him thousands
for preaching, he; dont preach for pay, but out
tne fullness of his own heart and con
science.) God ha but one la'.v for" ministers
anb people (they are all people, I take it) ahd
they are as much bound to lie patriotic as oth
ers and to seek the good of all men by secur
ing "righteous laws, as in giving . alins, and
ministering to their wants. ' "
' But I cannot run oiit these ideas now." ' Do
thy duty, thy vcliolc duty, and then thee will
do it in the right manner, and with the right
spirit also. Let me refer thee to the Journal
and Republican of our county. ' They are as
hostile in xolitics as thee and the Gazette are.
The editors are not ministers, they dont eveu
pretend lobe religions, yet they are gentleman
ly and courteous, and do not tight as tbee.does.
I am thy friend,
Zi-nrKiui. ''" '
LVimvill' Hec 8, HT1, -' -
TferE AuSRidlSisu Tho sort of An.-ri-cairfcle
scribed Below, by the Jlajfjl, .", .
morrj'Myie-U Mitlfot unqualified dppr,.ba
tioarfv'jt'is an Americanism which will most
truly-and edb'ct'uajly fre'e us from foreign in
fluence, and advance th true glory and pres-
periiy,of the5 country;.
v'.9iune cojua oe more opportune for the
maturity of an Anjcricaa' Party, in tha sense
in which we understand tie designation, than
is the present. The country is writhing and
sr.S'efing under a weight of debt to foreigners.
Our merchants fail, and mechanics lose em
ployment., our banks contract, rnonied institu
tions bankrupt," "public improvements suspen
ded, wages diminish, because of the vjfct le.bt
that Europeans have loaded upoa usrvai:d' the
'yly ancl exhausting drain they make of our
precioiis'metals to'pay Ih'em wit h"."Tire eco
nomical palicy 6rth0. Americaa ' Gaternment,
has long been siiapad for the benelit- of for
ti tiers across :the Ocean,-and of foreigners
croiirhed about the Custom Houses in our im
pDrting'citiesupon the seaboard. ' flow glori
ous a Ihiug it would be, if this f Aiaericau', Par-
1 1)!,. would ; establish vna . American Revenue
policy and crush that foreign muuence which
wjfji uok-it?-riM Wowt of-theeonntry.'lf
they would go for American Industry go fur
American broadcloth instead of British and
French go lor 'American," Cotton Goods in
stead of foreign go for Americau Iron instead
of British go, for Amoriean Copper, Steel,
Glass, Hardware-, Wooleus, and Linens, and
shut out measurably' all. the foreign and alien
at tiel.j3 -if they-wauld go for fuH employmeiit
for, and high wngej ; to American mechanics,
instead rif foreign," and go for a pome Market
for American, producers, ' instead' of the too
long fostersd European 'Clarke t for cur swin
dled citizen, there' ; .would be an uprii-ing of
the people to sustaiti iind perpetuate this new
p'olit teal party, which would ruaire it tli stron
gest and most endariri' that our Ptditics have
ever seen. .Jfothin'g could resist it, if it were
thus niade comprehensively' and 'truly. Amer
ican.' It'! would be the, interest of .all-iuen
hero to joii-it,"savc the' class of importers,
brokers, . dcalei-a iu exchange, and tliat "mis
chievous setof Lcoiioiiiists,- who are bent on
keeping us trib.titafy.to Europe, and-" enslaving
this great People forever to foreign I nflueuce.
If it shall be the-destiny of this new" Party, to
emancipate tL.Freigu Policy -of our country
as well as its domestic politics,' that at firs,t
despised, ?iYfd'after.'dreaded Order of Know
Xothings,ilt in its maturity .co'me into the
enjoyment,of iu iumortal rOputatiot., as the
only thoroughly and truly VMERIC-VX Party
that has as vet existed."
Romish SiterstitiosS'. The foreign corres
pondent of th N. Y ' Observer who writes un
der the signature of 'G. de F." in a late letter
says of Belgium that in, regard to the gospel,
the majority of th; people are grossly super
stitious. Nowhere, exeept perhaps in Spain
and the' iitors' retired districts1 of;' Italy, have
the priests taught, unorp extravagant, fables.
He gives the following examples : "There is,
near Brussels, a place: much renowned for its
pilgrimages. At certain appointed seasons,
thousands of people go-thither from ail the
provinces of Belgium. They walk upon their
knees around the altar, and so numerously that
the marble pavement is worn hollow. What has
.been placed in this much frequented chapel
f.uter, and yon see upon tho alt a ran iron colbn.
And what is" in this coflin? A distaff with a
few bits ff thread wound around it. Well! this
distatf and thread belonged, according to the
declaration of the priests, to the Virgin Mary!
Ihe V lrgin spun with this- distaff, while the
infant Jesus slept in her amis j These s icred
relics therefore Work wonderful miracles!
What imposture and profanation !
"In the city of .Leigc ther is a black Vir
gin, who also works astonishing miracles.
This black Virfin, who seeiss to belong to the
African ' race rather than-to-a Europe-it-- e
ple, in her tarn djaws innumerable pilgrims.
The priests telatc; that this Virgin miraculous
ly protected the city of Liege during a
bloody siege, and that she received all the
enemie's bombs" info her apron!"
There is aiso a saint wno curs au horse ms
eascs. Sick horses by hundreds -and thousand
are annually led thither frod aj! j.ar. of. B';!--gium.
A solemn mass is first celebrated; then
the relics of the saints are1 successively placed
upon the head of etch horr, and their cure i
effected. The only trut'i in' this shameful l ire
is that the popish ecclesiastics receive n.irch
money. Nothing iu tho world is more lucrative
than popular superstitions to thosj who' posse?'-;
the art of tafcinx advantage of th'-m.
A Pos-;r for British Free Traders.
Suppose our imports for three years, says a"
correspondent ot the N. V. Courier, to be two
hundred: millions of dollars per annum, and'
our exports one hundred and lilty millions, du.
we not have on? hundred and fifty millions of
imports more than export in those three years.'
It' figures tell the troth, the -answer inust be
yea And then -follows the question with-what,
lire we to pay this mighty balaucc of one hunx
tired aud'fifty millions of dtdlars agaList lis in'
thiv'e years?" TlH? answer i-?,' with spec?fe ex
tracted from" the bas'w of wt banking' capital,
uittil the banks are compelled to stop, discount-,-ing
or lvtting their bills go out to fa',l.iiitd the...
hands of those who ''immediately' present them
with demands for specie to go to Europe -j
But, s.iys the Journal of Commerce and its.
co-uperuters, ;is it not easy to usj; .bills-of ex
chuuge ?. And wlut but specie can ba seit out
to meet exch.inges. The balance can le jmt
off occasionally ty bills of exchange," but the
final liquidation must bo in specie.-. Wliat dif
ference, .does it make whether our debt is for
fifty millions worth of railroad iron, each year,,
or bills of exchange sent forward to pay for the"
iron ? It is but changing a bill for rail" road
iron into a bill of another sort which must bo.
paid, and in specie.; : ''Oil but," says the Jour
mil, "it will fluw back again," and how on
earth cm it flow' Iwck," while Kit rope keeps a ;
balance of fifty millions per annum against us,
for our excessive imports-f Daily frews. -
The Goldea Keaa BeUveon Extremes.'
One hundred years ago, delegates from all
the then American Colonies, met in a conven
tion to make a treaty with the Six Indian Na
tions, and to adopt mean for mutual defence
.-.gainst the French. Dr. Franklin moved tho
project of an union, which was rejected by tiro
Home Government as too democratic', and by
nil the coloniesas not liberal enough. TJwjphi-.
losopher always thought that his plau wasaju
dicioiis one, because it was a goldea "mean be
tween the two extremes. ; So wc1 regard the
present attitude of' the Know Nothings itho'
Washington Union abuses them, as Abolition
ists, .aud the N. Y, Tribune denounces them,
as secret allies of ultra Pro Slavery men. The
determination of the American party to have
nothing todo with Slavery agitation, but to
leave the subject entirely to the States, arous
es.the:aager of ;ultraists and radicals. ., What
the prion and the Tribune attack with equal
malignity, must be something very near that
which is needed to meet th wishes of the
great conservative masses, who are anxious to
"presetve the Union" not ouly from those
w.ho spit upon tbe Constitution and the Decia-,
ration of Independence, but from those who.
believe Slavery to I -the corner- stone cf all
republican doctrine. Philadelphia "
luetic! tbe report of the Secretary cf the Ka
vv. He writes as th6gh his pen "wh? dipped in
raintvm. n i wreatbeJ-with siailes." .