Raftsman's journal. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1854-1948, December 06, 1854, Image 4

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t ;
I' Rocnd de mead ws am a ringing, ;
,. .. D darkies' mournful song.
While da mocking-bird am singing,
" " . Happy as de day am long ; . . '
Whar de ivy am a creeping,
j J, ' O'er de grassy mound,
"rar old mass am a sleeping,
Sleeping in de cold, col J ground, r
Chob.es Down inde cornfield, ' '
, , . . . Hear dat mournful sound,
,j All de darkies am a weeping,'" :
" , Massa-'s in de cold,cold ground.
, When de autumn leaves were falling, 1
When de days are cold,
Twos hard to hear old massa calling,
'Case he was so weak and old ;
2tow de orange-tree am blooming ;
On de sandy shore,
- Now de summer days am coming,
Massa neber calls no more.
Down in de cornfield, Ac.
Massa make de darkies love him,
'Case he was so kind.
JJow dey sadly weep above him.
Mourning as he leaves dem behind;
I cannot work before to-morrow,
. Bo many tear-drops flow,
I try to drive away my sorrow,
Picket ' on do old banjo.
- . . Down in de cornfield, Ac -
' 333it anb IStmtor.
Owln j to Having a Pig in the Family.
Sorry's the day I iver left odd Ireland,'
exclaimed Dennis O'Graal, to his new was
ter, Peter Cornelias.
"Why, Dennis! what reason can you possi
bly have for disliking this glorious Republic,
where every individuaHs on an equal footing?'
Aqual futtin, is it I Ohi blather tarrin
your prisence I'd argufy the matther. Divil
a sthroke of luck kern akrass me since I put
my fut on Amerikin sile. Omadhaun ! what a
country it is for misforthin ! Av ye'll plase
listen, I'll tell ye all about a inisforthunit evint
that ruinated meself and the ould woman,
that's been waked this day twelvemonth." .
Peter Cornelius signified bis willingness to
hear Dennis's story, which he immediately
commenced, seemingly delighted at having
an auditor.
Well, thin, forninst all, ye must know Mtein
out to this counthry in a laky ould ship, that
for eight mortial weeks did nothin butpitchin,
an tossin,' an crackin, an twistin itself;
which same disordhered my bowels dhridfully.
I was a long time sthriven to ate pitaties, but
the divil a pitaty would stay in my stomach.
And the puld woman tuk the fever. So you
see, I was compelled to do double juty, and
feed the two childher broth wid a spoon.
And that's the way it was I kern to Ameriky.
Me fusht misfortin comminced in XI York.
I was sittin wid Mary an' the two childher, on
my property, wondherin if there was iver a way
at all to Injeanny, where I was towld, I'd get a
purty farm for the axin, when a big counthi y
man axed me 'Are ye from County Kerry !'
"How d'ye know that at all ?' ez I,
Falx,' sez be, I kem from the same place
Are ye long in America V sez I.
Two years. Your name is Dennis O'Grall,'
sez he ; (the tafe spied it on the chist.)
Who the divil,' sez I, 'towld you that '
Oh, botheration!' sez he, 'wasn't I a frind
av yer father, before ye, and be the same to
ken I'd be happy to sarve the son.'
Ye was V sez I, 'the divil a betlher irind
ye niver had, thin. What's yer name V
Terrcnce Doyle,' sez he, and an honesther
name than that same, niver twirled a shillaleh.'
Well, thin,' sez I, 'Misther Doyle, I'll not
waste me breath dispotin' that samo wid you.
Ye'd plase me mightily by insthrnctin me in
the chapest road to Injeanny.'
Bedad,' sez he, I'm the boy can do that.
In the first place tell rae how much money
ye've got wid yees 7'
Forty pounds,' sez I.
'Thin,' eezTerrence, 'give me twinty pound,
and I'll fetch the tickets that'll take yees all
the way to Injeanny by stame !'
So I tuk twinty pound in goold, an gev it to
Tenence, an ho gave me back a weeny bit of
psptr, wid a stameboat on it, an that tuk me to
Albany, an the divil a fat further could I go
wid it. I tho't to meself Terrence was a great
rascal.but that didn't mend the matlher at all.'
Wid good luck and bad luck, I got out to
Injeanny, and tuk a cabin in a little town wid a
quare name, that I disremember now. So I
bought a pig to slape wid the childher; 'thwas
as purty a pig as ye'd see from this to Cork,
but the divil was in it, for it was the ruination
av me family. The first night it slept wid the
childher it ate little Pat's aire clane ofT ; and
thin, afthcr it got accostaoined to the family,
it tuk sick an died. The poor childher made
sicft a hullabaloo about it, that I tuk it off in the
night an berried it in a box. I was very sorry to
be a tossin the sod on poor pig, for the childher
had named it afther little Tommy that was
dead; and the thinkin, that made me wapeliko
a gestoon. The next mornin, who should con
front me vishion, but a bluddy ould thafe of a
polace officer, axin me very porlitely that I
was his pris'nur. Oh, go long wid yer foolin!'
sez I, 'and don't be botherin a dacent citizen.'
With that the divil whispered, You was dis
covered, last night convayin a mighty suspish
us box into the woods and berrien it; so come
along aUy.' In about tin minnts I was board
in and lodgin atthe expinse of tho corpora-
hnn, and divil a hair I knew what 'twas all
about; but that doesn't matther.
Purty soon, in kem anuther thafeketchor,
an axed would I givo me teshtimony on the
rowner's inquest? An widout waitin for yes
or no, he whispered me out in the coortyard.
AbJ b9 me sowl, there was a purty Bight?
Ma ould woman consomin wid grafe, the big
tears rollla out aT her blue eyes, an the two
childher disthressia thimselves wid the wake
they war makio over pig Tommy; 'for some
ould canebual bad unberried the pig, an ivery-
ody was axin wat was in the box? an little j
Pat sez,. Mybfirthir 'Ttrnmyj in' thin the
Crowner aaka 1 . .. V. r V.
Jeremiah Puffer heTel' '
.. 'Yis, see Jeremiah. ..' . ' ; .
Misthur Paffer, says the Crowncr, give ns
all tho informaBhun you have, relatin to this
matther.' . . . .-. ' .
;; 'Well, thin, you must know, last night me
wife bein flick.. I wint for the docthor, an was
paHsin by Dinnis O'Graal'a shanty, 1 whin I
spied the felly carryin a box an a lanthern.
As it was a snsplshus time o'nighl, I follied
him to the woods, an there I seed him dig a
hole an deposit the mistayreous box. All the
time he war a whisperin if I'd only kilt Tom
my before this it would a bin savin tin dollars
for me pocket; an thin I thought to meself,
here's bin a bluddy murther. So this mornin
I axed little Pat that's cryin there, what it
was his father tuk off last night in d box. Oh,
that, sez he, was my brother Tommy; wid that
he ran into the house. So, yc srj, I thought
it war me juty to make a clean brasht of the
dishcovery: an that's the way it was; the ma
gistrate thought it would b betther to se
cure Misthur Dinnis before he could lave the
counthry; an that's all I. know about tho mat
ther. . 'Open the box, says the Crow ner.
'Wid that they pulled little P.tt off, Rn open
ed the box; an there laid poor pig Tommy, al!
mortyfyin wid blue shpots. s
Why, that's nothin but a pig! sayB the
So it is!' sayes Puffer.
An thin iverybody laughed as if a fairy war
ticklin em; and ould Puffer ahnaked off, the
divil knows where; an the Crowner sez
'Dinnis, go about your business.'
So I tnk rae ould woman off the could, damp
ground, where she was sittin and that same
gev her the laver-a-nagur and we wint home
'The next mornin she was shnkin wid the
faver, which lashted for two weeks, an that
tuk her to death. . .
So, ye prccave, that unforthenit evint ru
inated me entirly. The two childher are a
boordin now, and I'm a sthrivin to airn an
honest pinny for em, so I am.
Poor Dennis having concluded the recital
of his misfortunes, wiped his eyes, which had
filled with tears, and then proceeded to the
performance of li is duties.
Tue Yankee is Hell. Burton tells a capi
tal story of "The Yankee in the Infernal Re
gions." His description of some of the char
acters he found "down below," is laughable
in the extreme. Nebuchadnezzar, the King
of the Jews, he describes as good at -all lours,"
and particularly expert in the preperation of
"salad." The introduction of the Yankee to
his infernal majesty is peculiar.
"How d'ye do folks, said the 6tranger, puf
fing away at a long segar is the boss devil at
His majesty looked sulphur and saltpetre
at the intruder.
Keptile!' he exclaimed in a voice of thun
der, that rumbled and reverberated in the
depths of a pit without a bottom who are you
that dare intrude upon our sacred privacy?"
Whew' said the stranger, 'don't tear your
shirt! why what on earth is the use of going
off half cocked in that way ! Why do you jump
afore you're spirred, their an't such an al
mighty occasion for you to get your dander so
awful riz, jist as if you was going to burst
your biler, Seein' that your climate's rather
of the warmest, it would only be doin' the
civil thing if you jist said, 'Mister toe the
mark, and take your bitters."
"Worm hence to your appointed place in
theyawninggulf! there in the hottest flame ."
Well, I guess not!' drawled out the man,
with inipurturable calmness. "I'v got my
ticKet, Mister, from the agent, and I don't
choose a berth so nigh the injine!"
GCF"An Irishman going to market met a far
mer with an owl.
"Say, misther, wha'll you take fcr your big
eyed turkey?"
"It is an owl, ye baist," replied the aston
ished farmer.
"Devil a bit do I care whether it's ould or
young, price the bird, ye spalpeen."
A Cacsk foe Gkief. First Juvenile. 'Say
Billy, where did you get that cigar?"
Second Juvenile. 'Why, you see, dad came
home to dinner a little swipeseu, and I stole it
out of his hat."
First Juvenile. (Admiringly.) 'Oh, ain't
you one of 'cm! I wish my dad would come
home so too; but, (sorrowfully) then "he don't
smoke, and I have to pick up old sogers."
0Cr'Twins, by the pojvers !" cried the hor
ror struck Irishman, as the nurse approached,
bearing a new pledge of affection from his
faithful helpmate.
Twins, h'iny,' cried the nurse; 'faith, Mur
dock, and its the blessed whiskey that makes
you see double this morning !"
D'Col. W. is a fine looking man, aint he?'
said a friend of ours the other day.
Yes,' replied another, 'I was taken for him
'You! why you are as ugly as sin!'
'I dpn't pare for that; I was taken for him
I endorsed his note and was taken for him by
the Sheriff!'
'Julius, why didn't you oblong your stay
aide spring?'
Kase, Mr. Snow, dey charge too much.'
How am dat, Julius V
'Why de landlord charge dis colored indi
vidual with stealin' de spoons.'
05?" A person pointing out a man who had a
profusion of rings on his fingers, to a cooper.
Ah,' said . the artizan, 'It's a sure sign of
weakness when so many hoops are used.'
C-True glory consists in doing what de
serves to be written; in writing what deserves
to be read, and so living as to make the world
happier and better for our liviDg in it.
- A Frontier War. -: . , -'
We learn that an expedition is to be organi
zed during the ensuing winter, to wago a war
of extermination against the Sioux Indians
and other hostile tribes who have been engag
ed in the late outrages on the plains. This
force is to bo assembled at Jefferson Barracks
early in the spring, so that the operations may
commence as soon as the weather will permit:;
The force will consist of the Second regiment
Of infantry, three companies of the Second
dragoons, and one section of light bat terry,
now stationed at'Baton Rogue the whole un
der command of Col. Sumner. This force
will also be joined by all the men who can be
spared from the garrisons of the forts which
are scattered througb the region, and there .is
a probability that at least two complies of
mounted volunteers, composed of . frontier
men, will be added to the command. After
they Jiavo accomplished their duties in that
region, 'they will turn their attention to the
Caraanchcs, and will act in co-operation with
the forces now Stationed upon the frontiers of
Texas. :' ; :i ' '
R atueii Extensive. Mati imuny agrees very
well with some people-., Thurlow Weed, , the
editor of the Albany Evening Journal, in the
midst of all the dirty turmoil of politics has
; found leisure to enter largely into tho cultiva
tion of babies. He is now the father of eigh-;
teen chii Iren his valuable helpmate having
presented him with one every eleven months
since their marriage. We should say that that
Weed was rather a luxriant kind of vegilution,
anv how.
C"A Tennessee paper talks of a chap at
Holly Springs, who was so astonished at see
ing a lady bringing music from her piano, that,
after listning for a minute or two, he withdrew
his head and hallooed after his companion, "I
say, Jim! just come back here; darnation seize
me, if here aint a woman pulling music out of
a chest!"
DOue of our smart city urchins hearing
his fathea read an article in the paper in rela
tion to a new invention of bricks of glass, ex
claimed 'Glass bricks? I know what them is.'
'What are they?' inquired one of the. family.
'Tumblers of licker' shouted the juvenile.
Zyit is an excelleat rule to be observed in
ail disputes, that men should give soft words
and hard arguments; that they should not strive
so much to vex as to convince each other.
IP"A fireman's toast! "The Ladies Their
eyes kindle the only tianies which we cannot
extinguish, and against which Ihcre is no in
surance. LADIES ASD GEMLEME. I believe
it a good maxim that, people should purchase
goods wherever they pleaae. But they should not
buy too hastily, before they ascertain where they
can be test suited. I would most respectfully in
vite all (Ladies in particular) to call at A. Glf.na.v'r
Store and examine his splendid assortment of goods
that cannot be excelled in this section of country
for cheapness, durability or style. They consist
of Gentlemen's Boots of all descriptions and pri
ceB. Ladies and Gentlemens gaiters of the latest
style. Boys and Girls boots, shoes and gaiters.
Children of all ages can be accommodated.
Juno 27, 1S54.
K? Son have just returned from the eity with an
entire new stock of Goods, which they ofler for sale
on the very lowest terms, at the old stand lately
occupied by A. t. Hills. West nd cf the Mansion
House, Clearfield, Pa. Their stock of tools has
been selected with great care. unJ a Letter or
cheaper assortment vas never brought into Clear
field county.
They defy all competition, and invite the pub
lic to call and examine their goods. Everv arti
cle is entirely new, and as cheap, if not cheaper
man can oe purenasei eiscwnerc.
June 1854.
has removed his office to tho room adjoining in
the East, tho Drug tore of Dr. 11. Loraju. and will
devote his whole attention to tho practice of his
profession, lie may bo consulted in 1'ienrh and
G-erman. Juno 13. 'o4.-ly.
AN'K NOTICE. We the subscribers intend
of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for an Act
ot jssimbiy to incorporate a JianKint; Uompany,
with Banking and discounting privileges, to be
called the 'Clearfield Hank7' and located at the
l?orough of Clearfield, with a capital of Ono hun
dred thousand dollar.
A. K. WiiiGur, James T. Leosarp,
KirnABD Shaw, ' James. B. Graham,
Jonathan Boyxtox, . Elms Iawix,
J. F. Weaver, J. VY. Smith,
Juno 27, 1S54. 6m-
The partnership heretofore existing between
S. C. Patchin A John wax, under the stylo and
firm of Patchin A Swan, was this day dissolved by
mutual consent, and the books are left for collec
tion in the hand sot" S. G. Patchin. Those persons
knowing themselves indebted to tho firm will call
immediately and sot tie up, or they will have the
pleasure of paying costs.
Glen Hopo, July 5, 1S51.
UY BEEF, of the best quality just received
and tor sale at m. Jr . Iewis'S Cheap Store.
June 14, '54.
TONE AVARE, of every variety, cheap for cash
at the More or V. a . IKWIft.
June 14, '54 '
neyman Shoemakers. Constant employment
nnd liberal wages will be given, Apply next door
to the Jotimut office, at tho ghoe store of
.September 6, 1854.
BEREGE DELAINES. A superior artiolo of
Berege Delaines in dress patterns, at 25 cents
per yard, never sold in this countv before for lc63
than 50 cents, at MOSSOP & POTTARFF'S.
Juno 13, '54
office nearly opposite the Court House,
Clearfield Pa., will attend faithfully to all business
entrusted to his caro.
June 17, 1S54. ly.
JH. LARIMER Attorney and Counsellor at
Law. Offieo with John L. Cuttle, Esq., next
door to Dr. H. Lorrein's Drug Store, Cloarfiold,
Pa. May 28, '54-1 y
ONRAD & WALTON. Hardware Store, No.
255 Market Street, Philadelphia. Hardware,
Iron, Nails, Ac, of every description.
Juno 15, 1854-1 y.
GEORGE J. WEAVER &. CO., No. 19 North Wa
ter Street, Philadelphia, Dealers in Carpet
chain, Yarn, Manilla and Hemp Ropes, Bed-oords,
Clothes-lines, Ac. Ao. June 15, 165t-ly.
AGE. rWe aongratulate our eubacribera -and
the reading public generally, ou the cheapness
with which they can now receive our reprints by
mail. The pottage hitherto though gradually
reduced since 1&44 has always operated as a dis
couragement to their circulation in places inac
cessible by expreeaea or other modes of regular
private conveyance. Hence, a yet they have ob
tained bat a comparative meagre mail circulation
We hope now that the postage is merely fieininat
anew impetus will be given to these valuable
works; and that no Post Office within , the United
States will remain onvisited by at least one -copy
of -the four Reviews and .Blaekwoods Mugazine,.
r Tho Postage on Ulajkwood and; tho four Reviews
i now but 73 cenU.it yoar.-and the EubseripUon
prjee is but S3, and when, taken with any ot' the
four Reviews- bat S2, a pear! -.. ;t s ,.,'. - -
J" i'" Present subscription prices to the -Lorulon
Ediitbursr Westminster, and North British! Quar
ttrly Sevitws, Blackwoads Iilag&zine. j. ; ;
; -- .-: - : . -! . ; . : ?ER. ANN.
For any of tho four Reviews, - - . , : $3 00
For any two of the four Reviews,.- i ; . 5 0d
For any throe of the four Reviews, 7 00
For all four of the Reviews, : . . .. i i; a 8 00
For Blackwood's Magaziue, 3 00
For Elaekwood and three Reviews, r--.' .: 0 03
For Black wood and four Reviews, ' -. 10 00
Pavmrnu to be mide in all cases tn advanc.
.".Remittances and eomia,nnisatioas should be
alw.ivs addressedpost paid to the Publishers,
- 79 Fulton Street. Entrance on Gold Street,
Aug. 23. New York.
milE REI FLa'g-VICTORIOUS. The Blood
A Red Banner floats in triumph on the "OW Cor
ner Store,' where A. M. Hu.ls has just opened tho
cheapest and most splendid assortment of Goods,
ever displayed before this community, and exactly
adapted to their many and various necessities.
Every variety of Hats, Caps, Bonnets, Boots,
Shoes, Cloths, Oassiaiercs. and all other kinds of
dry-goods, that are unapproachable by any other
similar articles, cither in beauty of style, quality,
or prico.
Also an excellent assortment of Groceries, Hard
ware, Stono and Queenswarc, with fancy articles
ad infinitum. '
Ha defies competition, and invites all persons to
give him a call at the "Old Corners' which has tru
ly become the 'Bazarr' of Clearfield.
Every attention will bo shown to customers and
visitors, and no pains will be spared to send all
smiling away, loaded with his beautiful and valua
ble goods, never surpassed in Clearfield.
Clearfield, June 15. lS54-ly.
xl subscriber has just received a largo and well
selected stock of GOODS of almost every descrip
tion suitable to the season, which he is selling off
at extrouiely low prices. He respectfully invites
the attention of all who wish to buy good Goods at
the lowest prices, to call at the sign of the "Cheap
est Goods."
Country produce of almost every discription ta
ken at market prices in exchange for goods.
Persons wishing to purchase, and receive a fair
equivalent for tboir money, will do well to give
him a call.
Remember the sign of tho CHEAPEST GOODS,
on Market street, and call and bo convinced that
there ir, truth in tho word3 thereon inscribed.
June 13, 1754. VvM. F. IRWIN.
would inform his friends and tho public Cr "VY
generally, that he keeps for hire horses'
buggies, carriages.Ac, on the most reasonable
terms, at his Livery StaMe in Curwensville.
Inouirc at the Stage Office Fleraming's Hotel.
June loth. 1S54.
undersijrned bavin purchased tho entire
Ktook of S. A. Martin, would take this method of
informing the "Natives, '"and the public K';lt,ra'iy,
that Drugs and family medicines of all kinds. .".nd
in fact every thiag that is generally kept in a
Drug Store,can bo had at this establishment cheap
er than at any other in the country. This estab
lishment will be under tho management of ore
that has experience, and is well acquainted wiili
medicine, and is also, coinpetant to prrcribe for
all those that may require the advice .'f .1 Phva:
P. S. A private Office attached. ...
JUST ARRIVED the splendid stock of Cloths.
Cassirnercs, Vestings, Trimmings, Ac. recently
purchased by the Subscriber, whic'ti he will sell or
make up to order, in the most faahionib!o and ui-rf-.ble
manner, ii. his store in "jihaw's i'ow." The
material and -fits' warranted No cltarge forsl.ow
ir g his cheap and beautiful goods.
He woilld inform the trade iu Clearfield, that he
is the authorized agent for Dcvere's Loudon and
Pari3 Fashions.
June 27. 1354.
JL The subscriber would inform the public that
ho has just completed a large new building, oq the
South end of Second Street, Clearfield, Pa., which
ho has furnished and fitted up in the most comforta
ble manner for the accommodation of travellers and
permanent boarders.
His charges will be moderate, and Lis house con
ducted in a decent, sober and orderly manner,
where all quiet and peaoo loving people, who may
visit CleariTeld can find a tempor.trv home.'"
July 15, 1S54.
EltS, Penusville. Grampian Hills, Clearfield
Co., Pa., keep constantly on hand an excellent as
sortment of leather, which they ofler for sale at the
lowest ca.h prices. Cash paid for hides.
July 15, 1S54.
LR. CARTER Dealer in stoves, bar-iron.
nails, and eastings of all kinds. Also plows,
and other agricultural utensils. On Second Street,
under the Republican Office. Sana 15, '4r-ly.
7T ARRIS, HALE !fc CO Wholesale Dkl-csists,
J.X No. 259, Market Street, North side between
sixth and seventh. Philadelphia. Drugs, Medl.
eines, Chemicals, Patent Medicines, Surgical In
struments, Druggist's Glassware, Window Glass,
Paints, Oils, Dyes, Perfumery, Ac, fec.
Juno 15, 1754-Iy. : .
EN, have just opened a new and splendid as
sortment of goods of everv variety, at the old
stand of D. W. ROBINS i. CO., Lumber city, Clear
field co., Pa.
They invite the public to give them a call, and
feel assured they will be able to render entire sat
isfaction. Lumber, Hides. Rags, Grain, and all
other kinds of produce taken in exchange.
August 9, 1354. T1IOS. McCRACKEN.
HOOD t CO Extensive Dry-goods Dealers, No
1S7, Market St., Philadelphia, keep constant
ly on hand a large, splondid, and cheap stock of
the most fashionable and elegant goods. They in
vito country Merchants to call and examino their
splendid assortment, before purchasing elsewhere.
June 15, 1S54 ly.
turers and Importers of Saddlery, anl Sad
dlery Hardware. No. 23 Market Street. Bhiladel
phia. Saddles, Bridles, Harness, Trunks. Whips,
Saddle Bags, Bridlo Filling. Bits. Stirrups, Buckles,
Carpet Bags, eet.- June 15, '541 y.
CAUTION. All persons are hereby cautioned
against purchasing, or in any way meddling
with a two horse wagon and a pair of bob sleds
now inthepossossionofP.il. Booz, as the said
property bilongs to me and is in his possesion as
loan only. JOHN BRUBAKER
September 20, 1854.
7" ASHING TON L. BLADIN, Attorsev at
Law, :o. bo. South brxtb at.. Philadelphia
August , 1351.
AT. LANE A CO. Wholesale Clothing Store
No. 171, Market Street. Every variety of
ready made Clothing, in the most fashionable stylas
constantly on hand. June. 15, '541y.
Great: -Sxjiisaeii.s-itarlltBs .Aauoaaoeareta,
THAT the largest, cheapest, and best assortment
of Goods over brought into Clearfield county,
have just arrived, and are offered for ale, at - the
New Store of the subscribers, near the Journal
Office, Clearfield, Pa. Never before has a mora
brilliant, and at the same time a cheaper lot of
Goods been offered to this community. !' They have
all been selected with a view to thewanta and ne
cessities of the people of this particular locality,
after long cxperience-;-;nnd intimate- acquaintance
with their business connections. ' - "y
.Dry Goods of every variety. Dress Goods, Cloths,
Cassimerc?, and Clothing: Boots and Shoes," Hats
and Ops. l'onnets : and Shawls,, together with a
large and epleadid assortment of ; Queenswaro.
Hardware and Groceries." ; .' -
Defying all competition, they solicit their friends
and the publis to give them a call and examine
their stock. : --JIOSSOP k POTTARr F. -
June 12, 1S54. ly,r ,- " "
RETAIL. Isaac Johnston' would respectfully in
form hi3 friends and the public generally that he
has just returned from tho East, where ho haspur
c based the most splendid assort ment of Boots &.
Shoes ever brought to Clearfield.. Every variety
of Ladies slippeia, gaiters, pumps. Ac. ic. Mens
fancy shoes, and gaiters, with n.n excellent assort
ment of heavy - stock, , all adapted to the wants of
the people ot Clearfield.
. He hopes bis friends will give him a call at his
store in ''Shaw's Row'" and examine his Etock,
June 13, 1S54.
keeps, constantly on' hand, at his mills, lumber of
all description, sorts, and sizes. Plastering lath r.nd
bills sawed on tho shortest notice. These mills
can run at any time during tho season, having a
neverfitiling supply of water-
All kinds of produoe taken in exchange for lum
ber, and the cash never refused.
September 20, 1354.-ly Kylertown, P. O.
GOING IT ALONE. The undersigned hav
ing taken to himself the store formerly own
ed by Patchin & Swan, takes pleasure in informing
hi3 friends and tho public generally, that he has
ust received from the city a splendid assortment
of Dry Goods. Hardware, Queenswarc, Hats and
Caps, Boots and Shoes, and every thing elso usual
ly kept in a country store. Persons wishing to buy
cheap and good Goods should not forget that he
is determined not to lo undersold- by any store in
in the county. His motto is -a nimble penny rath
er than a alow sixpence." ... w
Glon Hope, July 5. 1354.
DANIEL BENNER, Cabinet maker. Shop
same as formerly occupied by David Sackets,
Clearfield. Pa., keeps constantly on hand at his
Furnituro Ware-rooms, and manufactures to order
at City prices. all kinds of Cabinet ware.Dining and
Pier tables, Dressing cases, Cnpboards. Bed.'teads,
Wash Stands, Spring bottomed Chairs, Sofas, Safes,
Bureaus, Marble Topped Escritors. c. Ac.
Coffins mie, and funerals attended on sue short
est notice.
June 27, 1854. ly.
J.1 ign and Ornamental Painters, Glaziers.
Chair makers, and Paper Hangers, offer their ser
vices to the citizens of Clearfield and vicinity.
Shop next door to the Jew's Store.
They keep constantly on hand, and make to or
der every variety of Chairs. Lounges, Sofas, tc. Ac.
Chairs, and Sofas made equ'il in heaitty to any that
ean be obtained from the City, and moro durable
in workmanship and material.
June 1 4, '5 1 . 1 y. R0 BERT ROWE.
mi!E GOAD INTENT HOTEL, and Stage Office,
X Curwensvil'e, Pa. Tho Subscriber would in
form his friends and ke public that he bas just re
fitted aid re-furnished his hou?e and is prepared
to render every attention to the travelling couiicti
r.ity. His bar contains liquor. of th first quality, and
his table Hi:l always i suppilj-1 with the host In
tnnrkct. ......
lie rc.pec:fuUv solicit Lis friends aud other. to
give hint a call. . VVM. R. FLEMMINtf.
June 14. '54.
uum Li , aav. : rj.
Teeth extracted wirh all the enre and disnatch
moaern s-.'ieneo can itiruisu.
DR. HILLS, can always be f mud at his effi
ss ho is now devoting Lis whole attention to
nnnr.ip.iAii ' T , . " C I
June 14, :54.
.SUth St. Philadelphia. The yubsaribcr ha.
recently enlarged ami titled up his house, and ia
now enabled to compete successfully, with any es
tablishment in the City. His room3 are comfort
able and well ventilated, and bis table furnished
with tho best in the market. IIo respectfully soli
cits the large circle of his Clearfield friends jo give
Liin a cs.ll when thev visit the city.
Juno 13, 1354. ly.
I inform the public that thoy have jnst opened
a new and splendid assortment of Goods of every
variety, at the old stand of H. D. Pattok fit Cuf
wensville. At their store msy bo found, almost
everything adapted to the want's and necessities of
the people of this region. Dress-goods. Lawns,
Laces, Gloves. Cloths, Cassimeres, Clothing, liats.
Caps, Coots, Shoes, Ac, 4c, of the best quality and
at the lowest prices.
' Alio a splendid assortment of Hardware, Queens
ware and Groceries.
They invite all persons to give tliam a call, ful
ly assured they will bo able to render entire satU
lacuon. H. 1). l'AYTON,
Cnrwensvillo, Juno 15, lS54-iy.
JOHN R. M0RR.0W, Cabinet Maker, Shop oppo
site M. E. Church, Clearfield, Pa. keeps con
stantly on nana ana makes to order, nil ksnds of
Furniture, such as Tea Tables, Card Tables, Cen
tre Tables, Sofas, Spring Seated Chairs, Bedsteds,
Bureaus. Wash Stands, Cupboards. Safes, ic. Ac.
Coffins mado on the . shorscst notice, and Funer
als attended. JOHN R. MORROW.
June 13, 1851. ly.
1 Of Bags of Coffee, just received and for salo
JL UU at the New Store of A, M. HILLS.
June 14, '54.
t-rJfJXfJ of best quality, for sale at the Sign
of the Red Flag. Trice 3.50 per thousand.
June 27, 1854.
and Land Agent, No. 3. Goldsmith's Hall,
Philadelphia, will faithfully attend to all business
entrusted to his care,
Juno 27, 1S54. -
ES DUNDY Attorncy-at-Law, Clearfield, Pa.
will attend faithfully to all professional bu
siness entrusted to his caro. Juno 13, '54.-ly.
JB McENALLY Attorney at Law. Office
nearly opposite Judge Wright's Store. Clear
field, Pa., practices in Clearfield and adjoining
counties. - - June 13, '54.-ly.
CHEAP CLOTHING. A largo lot of Cheap Clo
thing, Men's and Bovs. for sale cheap.-by
June 13, '54. MOSSOP A PUTTARFF.
T3LACKBERRY BRANDY. A certain cure for
JJ the Dysontary, for sale by
June IJ, '04.
Clearfield, Pa., Ofiice in "Shaw's Row."
June, 15, 1S54.
PEACE, Curwensviiie, Pa. Oitioe opposite the
"Good Intent Hotel." Jun,15. 1854.
JAMES B. GRAHAM Merchant and extensive
dealers in lumber. Grahampton, P. O., Clear
field county. Pa. - May 26, '54-1 y.
M- " fLLS, D. D. S. Office adjoin- j
'P? hU Stor. ClearSelJ. Pa. ArtiS- I
--t-UL2X-r cial Teeth, from ono to a full set, moun- I
ted is the approved notiorn style-. j
Fiiliiiir. Filing, and Clcanimr done with ears !
Guam a jrs : magazineXkewvul
. Li MK .1 o j 4 .I n a.c nou ne 5 ng h ii rrtiiiti to
receive orders for the New Volume, the editor 4oe
hot know he has any "very brilliant ideas to hold
out-in lrga capitals to daztle people's tj-m
-Graham" will be pretty much what it La been
the last volume,- with some improvement witick
experience suggests. ' No number will eo&tast IH
than 100 pag" of matter, and the readers of Gra
ham1' may rely with great confidence pon thi'
the volume shall contain ...
Of the very best reading matter Chat caaiui a
command from jiginai sou roes, or taste select from
the vast inas.s of available material. . .
The aim of the editor will be to produce a pub
lication which shoi! be' valuable in tuturr. and
choice in taste and style; and he flatters hiuiMlf,
from the known Udonia of his contributors, that L
will be able to present as many good original ar
ticles to Li? readers as any publicatjon of the t.
He shall not, however, hesitate to publiih, from
time to time, articles from English authors, and
translations from the best German and French
writers, provided the pieces have never before ap
peared in print in thi country.. Essays on impor
tant Folitical Subjects will likewise "be inserted,
and criticisms on the Literature of America and
the movements cf the Age. The Leview Depart
ment, in wLkh a large aai liberal spirit, of crit
Ickia wi!l always be maintained, will be extended.
For the defence cf American Diteratnre the editor
will alwty; be ready ; the mainUinance of a cor
rect tone in the Magazine, he will, if possible. It
still more watchful. - .
who will supply illustration for the text in the
body of the book. The aim of the editor will not
be so much to increase the number cf bis engrav
ings, as to tecure for those he publishes the at
mot finish the artist can give them ; for common
wood-cuta are so easily multiplied, that the most
indifferent publication may outrank in dreary dis
play the choicest periodical. - - -
Tho Editor does not feel, that with his own rea
ders, he can increase his claims to respect by in
sisting on any very great superiority of 'Graham'
over several similar publications, but thicka he
may safely confide in their friendship for the
Magazine, and in its past management for iu pre
sent list, and such increase as naturally grows out
of an extended circulation in a country where
readers are multiplying so rapidly.
Of the January number the first edition will b
30,000 copies, and the editor trusts his old friends
will be so prompt in renewing old clubs, and ex
tending the list among new vnet, that the first
adition shall be but half os what the year will ul
timately establish, as the permanent circulation of
Postaoe. Subscribers in any part of the Unittd
t-tates may now receive the Magazine, by mail,
at three cents a number or thirty-six cents a vear
postage, payable at the Post-omee where it is' re
ceived. Postmasters and Editors all over the Union, are
respectfully requested to act as Agents for the New
Terms. The Terms of "Graham" are Thre
Dollars for siugle subscribers,- if paid in advance.
For six dollars in advance, one copy is sent three
years. Wc continue the following low terms for
Clubs to be sent in the city to one" address, and ia
the country, to one Fost-o"uico.
2 copies, $ 6 per an.
5 . ' (and one 1 to the getter up) 1Q '
Sj " " 10 "
XI ' ' 20 '
The money Cot clubs always should be sent in
advance. Subscriptions may be sent at our risk.
When the eum is large, a draft should be procured
if possible the cost of which msy bo deducted
from the amount.
Any person desirous of receiving a copy
sample, can be accommodated by notifying the
Editor by letter, (post-paid.)
Address, alreavs post-paid.
GEO. R. GRAHAM, Editor.
Aug. 21. IOC Chesnut St.. Philadelphia.
v dtrsigned have entered i,to an arrangement
by whi;h they agree to furnirrh the Kuickerboeker
Magazine, (monthly.) the Home Journal, (weekly,)
and the Musical World and Htnt-u, (weekly.) "to
new subscribers, at the very moderate price of fire
dollars, a your sor the three publications ; all vr.
drs, nc!r.?iug that amount to Dyer i Willis, will
be promptly attended to
Publisher t,f the Knickerbocker,
Publishers of the Home Journal.
Fuldiahrrs of the Musical World and Tiniuo,
375 Proadwav, New York.
NATION. Arrangements hav been made to furnUh the
Knick-.rl ooker Marmne, tho Hom Journal, and
the New York Musical YVorlJ aud Times, to uw
cubwrii'TJ, fr five doilats a year. This ia ch-i.tp
litorature, with a vengeance. Th Knickerbocker
i.-t S:j per annum th- Homo Journal,- and th
Mu.sical World ?.nd Tirae., S3 ; making $S a yfar
at the n?i:a.l r..tes. TL It tbroj s:ich workj ean bn
obtained for five dollars a year, ia a fact t; uly wor
thy the Ca'oric aire, which i j:i.t now bring ush
ered iu. Of tho Knickerbocker Magazine, edited
by Lewis Gaylord Clark, it is unnecessary to
speifX. Fur twenty years it has boon the most
genial; humorous, and spicy monthly" ia the
worid; aud the present volume will be better thsa
any which preeec.lfd it. Tho Home Journal, edi
ted by Geo. P. Morris, and N. P. Willis, is well
known as the best funily nuwtnaper in. America:
and the Musical World and Times,, edited by
Richard Storrs V.'iliis with Lowell Mason, Geo. if.
Curtis. Thomas Hastings, Wia. P. Bradbury. Geo.
F. Root, and o'Jier musical writers contributing;
and wbijh gives, aS:ong other thin 3, over J5
worth cf music and a full course f instruction in
harmony annually, is the very best musical Jour
nal ever published. These three publications will
post a family up in regard to nearly everything
worth knowing : Art. Scivnce, Literature; Music.
Painting, Sculpture; Inventions, Discoveries; Wit,
Humor, Fancy, Sentimei.t: the Newest Fashions
s.nd ether attractions for Ladis ; Choi? New Mu
sic for tii'i Sabriain, the Church, and the Fireside;
Reviews and Criticism of Musical Works, Perfor
mers acd Performances ; in short, the very pick
and cream of Novelty, Incident, History, Biogra
phy, Art Literature and Science; including what
ever can be given in periodicals to prornot
Healthy Amusement and Solid Instruction in the
family and help to make it Better, Wiser, and
Happier, mav be now obtained for rive dollars.
Address DYER A WILLIS, 275 Broadwsy.
Editors publis.hing the above three times, an
sending the papers containing it to Dyer A Willis,
will receive the three works named, for one year,
Aug. 23, 1854. '
those who read the serial so promptly issued every
week by Dickens, with thoughtful appreciation,
know how to prize ii. '-Household Words" is a
modern journal for tho people, devoted to common
subjects, uncommonly treated, excellent in style,
in genius, in manner, and wonderfully fertile in
subject. The pioees are the right length; they
exhibit wonderful variety and are attuned to a
harmonious key and remarkable unity of effect
For the money, there is not the equal of "House
hold Words" for a family journal. Pleasant etoj
rios, useful knowledge, graceful anecdotes, charm-
ing essays, alternate in its pages. It is not al
ways convenient to secure a copy of the weekly
issue on tho arrival of a steamer; in order to enjoy
reeularly this delightful work, we advise our rea
ders to possess themselves of the handsome month
ly reprint of McElrath A Baker, who bring out
'Household Words" with commendable punctuali
ty, at New-York. Frederick Parker, 35 Washing
ton street is tho Bcmton agent. Boston Trans
crijtt. The articles, both in style and thought, are far
superior to the trash that occupies the Pgs f so
many of our popular magaxines. iVVte York
Atlas. - . -.
Tho above are but a few extracts from numerous
notices of the press lately received. Those who
wish Household Words will receive it monthly by
mail upon remitting the subscription price. Spe
cimen numbers sent on receipt of five red postage
MoELRATU A BAKKR. Publiebra.
Aug. 23. 17 Spruce st.. New York.
Barrels Fish, for sale at the Chead Stor
of W r IRIN