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    poplar long
" JORDAN. NO. 2.
Ob I cum to de city on a- pleasant artcrnoon,
In de year, Fifty-three, I am sartin, '-- ? ' '
An whatever I did turn all de people sung a tune,
An dey call it "On de odder side p' Jordan."
CHORtrs :
Wid a'pull off your ceal, an roll op your sleeve,
Jordan's a lard road to travel,
Pnll off jour coat, an roll np your sleeve,
For to travel on de odder side o' Jordan.
Just about a year ago, dere was a tunder gust ;
When hung'ry old Cowshoot enm roarin,
An he paid us a wisset for to raise a leetlo dust,
An now spends it on tlo odder eide o' Jordan.
Ah de gift-concerta dey am do greatest tings oblate,
x speci oo aem you an naa neard on,
Ti A X f T
uiu you wauiyourgni, x m aieerdyou got to wait,
vnaerauroaa, an steam boat, will take you mighty
-v -. .
--juunuunoerrymceransaDoardon, cheap,
Then" SS'
, - " '
Poor Mrs. Beacher Stow, she thinks herself so brave,
Snfi Iff f hftr nwn tfAnnfw oiVArilin r.sl'ivna
She went on too England Tor to seo dere White
For to write about on todder side o' Jordan
An now all my friends. I'mgw
wine to shut my mouth
Hut you'll hear ob me again
in, take my word on
An ifyou wantasong.justyoucuin to Ninth 4 South
Whar you're bound to git de odder iideo' Jordan.
I enter the old town of Vienna from Leo
polstadt by the Ferdiman Bridge ; and, walk
ing for a few minutes parallel with the river,
come into a hollow called the Tiefer Grund ;
aau area wnicn useu
; . auu'us 1 ,c faUiy ' uua on
wv.,UUMIllic,TOUu,M mcu must oe
" , .,SFav;o
o, a iriangmariorm waned m by lotty houses,
tuivu .ie x reiung, tne deliverance. In it
a uxu .ue-nouse, me iurKs' ueuar,
nu mere oetongs to tms spot one of the le-
genus oi Vienna.
x iuu.u oi me year sixteen hundred
i-tui.cu, nen me city was so close- ed troops of Spain's and Tartars appeared he
ly invested by the Turks, that the people were fore the walls of Bortholdlorf, but were bear
half famished, there stood in the place now ea back by our armed citizens. These attacks
vu-rreiung or uiere-aoouts, the mihta-
.y oakery ior taw portion ot the garrison
which had its quarters m the neighbourhood,
ine oakery Had to supply not only the sol-
dicrs; but bread was made in it to be doled
"UMU wiuie wuiaus oy mo municipal au-
thonties: and. as the number of tbf. dpstihito
was -reat the bakers thPr n
was great, tne batcra there employed had lit-
.neresi, vnce in me dead 01 the night while
some of the annrentiees wiim' rAt!nv I
ri ivn i
- -- - o j
iuv Villi 111 V 1 lllll" I lit I III I I I V I
were alarmed by a hollow ghostly sound as of
spirits .knocking m the earth. The blows
were regular and quite distinct, and without
cessation until .cockcrow. The next night
these awful sound were again heard, and
seemed to become louder and more urgent as
the day drew near; but, with tho first scent of
morning air, they suddenly ceased. The ap-
prentice gave information to the town author-
ities; a military watch was set, and the cause
of the strange noises in the earth was very
soon discovered. The enemy was under
ground ; the Turks, from their camp on the
Leopoldsberg, were carrying a mine under the
city;and, not knowing the levels, had ap-
proached so nearly to the surface that there
was but a mere crust between them and the
bakehouse floor
What was to bo done ? The aai.ger was im-
wment-the remedy must be prompt and de-
cisive. A narrow arm of the Danube ran
within a hundred yards of the place; pick and
.. eic. orousiy pneu, and m a
short time a canal. was cut between the river
- I
and the bakery. Little knew the Turks of
the cold water that could then ct any time be
thrown upon their undertaking. All was still.
The Viennese say that the hostile troops al-
ready filled the mine, armed to the teeth, and
uwauingoniy a concerted signal to tell them could make up our minds,
that a proposed midnight attack on the walls "Then, when we were all willing to surrcn
had diverted the attention of the citizens. der, our enemies demanded, in the first place,
Then they were to rush up out of the earth that two of our men should march out of the'
and surprise thewn. But the besieged, fortress as hostages, and that two Turks should
forewarned and forearmed, suddenly threw take their places with us ; and that a maiden
the floor-gates open' and broke a way for the with loose streaming heir, aud a wreath upon
water through the new canal under the bake- her forhead, should bring forth the key of the
house floor ; down it went bubbling, hissing, town, seeing that this place had never till" then
and gurgling into the dark cavern, where it been taken by au enemy. Further, they de
swept the Mussulmans before it, and destroy- manded six thousand florins ransom from us
ed themtoaman. which, however, we bated to four thousand!
This was the origin of the Turks' Cellar handing to them two thousand florins at once
and although the title is perhaps unjustly ap- upon three dishes, with the request that the
propnated by the wmchouse I have mention- remainder should be allowed to stand over till
wf,thvrV D dUbt that the ta,e i9 trae the forthcoming day of John the Baptist. s
and that the house at any rate is near the spot soon as this money had been paid over to
from which its name is taken. . Grave citizens them, the Pacha called such of our faithful
even believe that the ' underground passage garrison as were in the church to come andar-
still exists, walled and roofed over with stone, range themselves in the square, that he might
and that it leads directly to the Turks' camp, see how many safe conducts were required:
ru T opoidsberg. They even
know the size of it, namely, that it is of such
dimensions as to admit the marching through
Jt of six men abreast. Of this I know nothing;
OUt I Enow from thn togtimnur .e , ,
mi V J craoie uiey would need no weapons, seeing that to
that Jn V3n0t ? ,deSt Vienna- thosho sought for mercy the passes would
that the baker s apprentices were formerly al- be sufficient protection. And thus were our
lowed special privileges ia consideration of .arms carried away from us
the service once rendered by some of their As soon as the whole garrison, thus uiterl v
body to the state. Indeed, the procession of defenceless, w ere collected in the public
the bakers, on every returning anniversary of square, there sprung fifty Turks from their
the swamping of the Turks, when they march- horses, and with great rudeness began search
ed horse and foot from the Freiung, with ban- ing every one of them for money or other vai
ner emblems, and music,, through the heart uables; and the citizens began already to see
of the city to the grass-grown camp outside that they were betrayed into a surrender, and
the city walls, was one of the spectacles that some of them tried to make ' their cscane
ruie!he-drStMifuPref iOB n m Cha"r Sn-Strcninger.thetownljW
, olul Jluuou,. lt.jS
noted now, not for its bread or its canal-water,
but for its white wine, its baked veal, and its
savoury chickens.
descend into its depths
for it is truly a cellar and nothing else) late
in the evening, when citizens have time and
money at their disposal, and you find it full f
jolly company. - As well as the tobacco-smoke
will permit you to see what the Iacc rest-lu
lies, you would say that it is like nothing so
ranch as the after cabin of aGravesendsteani
er on a summer Sunday afternoon. There
just such a row of, tables on each side ; just
such a low roof; jast such a thick palpable air,
uncertrin light, and noisy, steamy crowd of
occupants. The place is intolerable in itself,
but fall-to upon the steaming block of baked
veal which is set before you ; clear your throat
ot the tobacco-smoke by mighty draughts of
the pale yellow wine which is its proper ac
companiment : finally, fill a deep-bowled nicer-
schaum with Three Kings tobacco, creating
for yourself your own private and exclusive
atmosphere, and you begin to feel the situa-
tion. The temperature of mine host's cellar
aids imagination greatly in recalling the idea
I of the old bakehouse, and there comes over
you, after a while, a sense of stifling that
jjixes with the nightmare, usually constitu-
ting in this place an after-supper nap. In the
I - .
waking lethargy that succeeds, you feel as if
jostied in dark vaults by a mob of frantic
Turks to get breath, and
I sucking in foul water for air. tholdsdorfers, but the concealment of the two
: possiUv wbon fnllv W!,l-nnn,i w.w.kl,n -r fArf.,n,t . ..,,.
I ? 0
nrtT,c;,T lw 41, a..-T-f n.n... x .
, Z 18 1101 ine most
neaii mm place ot recreation to be in; and
I cleaving tile dense smoke, you ascend into
I sum,3"t- erbaps you stroll to some place
niiumue ains ocuer, iut wnich may still
have a story quite as exciting as the catastro-
phe of the imperial bakehouse; perhaps to
i.ertholdsdorf; a pretty little market town
with a tall-steepled church, and a half ruined
battlement, situated on the hill slope about
six miles to the south of V ienna. It forms a i
nrettv snmmor d,v, rflmM tL
ls tho worthy Marktrichter, or Ton-jnstice,
Jacob Trinksgeld ; and his unvarnished storv,
freely translated, runs thus:
vnen the Turkish army, two hundred
thousand strong without their allies, raised
the siege of Eaab, the retreating host of rob-
eJ3 and Tartars were sent to overrun tho whole
of Austria below the Enns on this side of the
Danube, and to waste it with fire and sword
This was done. On the ninth of July, detach-
were repeated on the tenth and twelfth, and
also repulsed ; but as at this time the encmv
11V I
met with a determined resistance from th nf.
ty of Vienna, which they had invested, they
gathered in increased force about our devoted
town, and on the fifteenth of Julv attacked us
j- - . . ..
3 ' 1 SeC,nS U
was no longer possible to hold out against
them, partlv from their great nnmW anA
e .tt. . - I
paiuy uom our iauing oi powuer; aud more
v;i,ocviiig wui ua-v naa aireauy set Era to
t.Xrw nnAifllnAA... 1 t . s I
the town in several i.laces. wo ff,r, ,nmrM0,i
to seek shelter with our gbods and chatties i;i
the church and fortress, neither of which were
as yet touched by the flames,
"On the sixteenth, the town itself being
then in ashes, there came a soldier dressed in
tit; Turkish costume, save that he wore the
leather jerkin of a German horseman, into
the high-street, and waving a white cloth, he
called out in the Hungarian language, to those
t'f us who were in the fortress, that if we
would ask for grace, both we and ours should
be protected, and a safe conduct (salva quar-
tia) given to us that should be our future dc-
fence. Thereupon we held honest counsil to-
gether, citizens and neighbors then present,
and in the meantime gave replv, translated al-
so into Hungarian, that if w; should agree
thereto, we would set up a white Hag upon the
tower as a sign of our submission. Earlv on
the morning of the nineteenth of Julv, there
came a Pacha from the camp at Vienna at
the head r.f a rr.:if. armr nn.l -7ti, l
----- o J J " . "ll.il X
hiiu the
same Tnrk who had on the previous day mad
the proposal to us. And the Pacha sat him
self down upon a red carpet spread on the
tare ground, close by the house of Ilerr
Strcninjrer. till we should ncrrpo in hi forme
It was five o'clock in the morning before we
but, as each armed man came to the door, his
musket was torn out of his hand, and such as
resisted were dragged by the hair of the head
into the square by the Turks, and told that
no was the first man murdered. Upon this the
Pacha stood up, and began to call out with a
loud, clear voice to his troops, and as thev
heard his words, they fell upon the unarmed
men in the market-place, and hewed them
down with their scimetara without pity or re
morse sparing none in their eagerness for the
butchery,- and which, in spite of their hast-?,
was not ended till between one and two o'clock
f in the afternoon. Of all onr citizens, only tw
- J escaped the slaughter, and they contrived t
is I hide themselves in tho tower, but those who
j fled out of the town were captured by the Tar
j tars, and instantly despatched. Then, haviD
J committed this cruel barbarism, they seized
I the women and children who had been left for
j safety in the church, and carried them away
j into slavery,taking care to burn and utterly de
I stroy the fortress ero they departed. And
- J when Vienna was relieved, and the good peo
j pie there came among the ruins of Bertholds
dorf, they gathered together the headless and
mangled remains of our murdered citizens to
the number of three thousand five hundred
J and buried them all in oue grave." ,
I In "eternal remembrance" of this catastro
phe, the worthy town-justice, Trinkeseld in
seventeen hundred ordered a naintinn- n h
I 1 - O -
executed, representine the fearful see ,1
scribed. It occupies the whole of one shin of
I " -
I - - -
the Town-hall, and in its quaint minuteness of
detail, and defiance of perspective-depicting
not merely the slaughter of the betrayed Ber-
1 "
V 1 1 x,
U1C apparent oeninu some loose
timber would bo luaicrous, were it not for
the sacred gravity of the subject
As it is, we ttuit tue little romantic town with
slSll an(I turning our laces towards Vienna,
wonder what the Young Turk s of eighteen hun-
dred and fifty-four may possibly think of the
Old Turks of one hundred and thirty years ago.
GOING IT ALONE. The undersigned hav
ing taken to himst-!f the stove formerly own
ed by l'atchin cfc Swan, takes pleasure in informing
an lriends ami the public generally, that ho h:id
uft received from the citv u splendid assortment
ot Dry lioo.ls. Hardware. Qneeiisware. llat.i ami
Caps, Hoots and Shoes, and evervthincr else usual
ly kept in a country store. Persons wishimr to bur
cneap ami gooa doo'ls should not forget that he
n uetermined not to bo undersold bv flnv store in
in the county. His motto is '-a nimble penny rath-i
er than a iIow V'
G Ion Hope, July 5. 1S54,
A The subscriber would inform the miblic Hint
he has just complotcl a largo new building, on the
Foulh end of Second Street, Clearfield, Pa., which
be has furnished and fitted up in the most comforta
ble manner for the .-iceoinmodation of travellers and
permanent boarders.
His charsres will be moderate, and his h
uucted in a decent, sober and orderlv manner.
TrKnrA oil nniut .w I,,..:. I . .t. .
visit Clearfield can find a temporary -home."
July 15. IS5J.
iK, Pcnnsville. Uramrian Hill- ClcartielJ
C" ' la ' kee instantly on hand an excellent as-
U - rtment of leather, -which they offer for sale at the
Mwest cash prices. Cash paul for hides
Juiy id, iso4.
1. 1 W t 1 Okll
sium,. jiovkk i i,-
1 T would inform tho public that ho has
opened a r.ew and splendid assortment of Clotbinr-
of tuo best quality ami lowest prices, at hid Store,
next door tu tho office of L. J. Crans. Ksn. rifnr-
field. Pa. 1
Every variety of Clothir.x. Hals. Cans, and fan-
cyartieles. He willscllcheuper than an v other store
in the county, lie defied competition Call and
ee his stock.
Highest prices paid for Deer Skins.
June 27. 18."4. 3mo.
KUW, would inform the public, that they
have fresh beef, for sale, every Tuesday
and Saturday mornimr at it o'clock at tho Mail-ci
House, Clearfield, Pa. f July l-- lJ-J.
f The partnership heretofore existing between
C. Patchi.v it Joux Swan, nndcr tho stvle and
firm ot Pntc-hin & Swan, was this lav dissolved hv
mutnal consent, and tho books arc left for collec
tion in the h.snclsof S. V. l'atchin. Those persons
knowing them.fcdv indebted to tho firm will call
immediately awl settle up. or they will have the
pleasure of paying cosh.
s. c. patch rx.
: Ien Hope, July 5. 185 1 .
DANIEL BENNER, Cabinet maker. Shop
same as formerly occupied by David Saekets.
Clearfield, Pa., keeps constantly on hand at his
Furniture Ware-rooms, and manufactures to order
fit City pricos.all kinds of Cabinet warcDinin"? and
Pier tables. Dressing eases, Cupboards. Bedsteads.
Wash Stands. Sp ring bottomed Chairs, Sofas. Safes)
Lureaus. Marble Topped Escritors. Ac. Ac. '
Coffins made, and funerals attended on snc short
est notice.
June 27, 185-1. ly.
NK NOTICE. We the subscribers intend
to make application to the next Legislature
of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for an Act
or Assembly to incorporate a JSanking Companv
wrtn banking and discounting privileges, to bo
callct the 'Clearfield Rank" and located at tho
Dorough of Clearfield, wiili a capital of One hun-
urcu inousaud dollars.
A. K. Weight, James T. Lkonaho.
IlicnARD Shaw, Jamks P. Graham.
Jonathan Rovntox, Elt.is 1 uwin,
J, F. Weaver.' J. Wr. Smith,
' J. T. McEs.VLt.v.
, June 27, 1S54. fm.
a -Mrim. -v.u' iHi.wiin.un.! oclieve
A-i it a good maxim that, people should purchase
goods wherever they please. Dut tbey should not
uujr ioo nastily, ociore tncy ascertain whero they
can be best suited. I would most respectfully in
vite all (Ladies in particular) to call at R. Ulknas's
More and examine his splendid assortment of goods
that eannot be excelled in this section of country
for iiKAiw'Ess. durability or style. They consist
oi uenticmen s loots of all descriptions and pri
ces. Ladies and Gentleniens gaiters of the latest
styie. uoys and turls boots, shoes and gaiters.
Children of all ages can be accommodated.
T - ,o R. GLEN NAN.
Juno 27, 1854.
Son 1
If 1 B- JP-
have just returned from the eiiv
entire new stock of Goods, whioh they offer for sale
on wio very lowest terms, nt the old stand lately
occupied by A. M. Hills. West end of the Mansion
Jionse, Hcartield. Ta. Theirstoek of goods has
been selected with great care, and a better or
cuenper assortment was never brought into Clear-
neiu county
They defy all competition, ami invite the pub
ic to call and cxamino their goods. Every arti
cle i entirely new. and as cheap, if DoU-lieap
than can be purchased elsewhere.
ill. SHAW.
" . :- , ' .
: June 27, 1S54.
at Law.
has removed his office to tho room adjoiniu" in
the East, the Drug Store of Dr. H. Lorain, and will
devote his whole attention to the practice of his
profession. He may be consulted in Freneh and
German.. June 13. ?54.-ly.
CLARK A HESSER, No. 13 South 4th Street
Philadelphia, extensive dealers in Rooks and
Juno 15, lS54-ly. ,
3R DLLi, of the best quality just received
and for sale at Wm. F. Irwin's Cheap Store
June 14, '54.
SIOXE WARE, of every varictv, cheap for
at the Store of "w. IRWI
June 14, "51
N. ,
' AGE. We congratulate omr subscribers and
tho reading public generally,- on tho cheapness
with which they can now receive our reprints by
mail. " The postago hitherto though gradually
reduced since 1844 has always operated as a dis
couragement to their circulation in places inac
cessible by expresses or other modes' of regular
private conveyance. Hence, &a yet they have ob.
taincd but a comparative meagre mail circulation
,VTe hope now that the postage is merely nominal
a new impetus will bo given to these valuable
works, and that no Post Office within the United
States w-TTI remain unvisited by at least one .copy
of the four Keviewa and Blackwoods Magazine.
Tho Postage on Blackwood and the four Keviews
is now but I'l cents a year, and the subscription
price is but 3, and when taken with any of the
four Reviews but S2, a year!
Present subscription prices to the TjOihIoh
"Edinbnrg Wtstminxtmr. and North British Qtiar
terly Jiei-ieuv, and Blacku-oods Magazine.
" - PEH. A.XN.
For any of the four Reviews, S3 00
For any two of tho four Reviews. 6 00
For any threo of the four Reviews, ' 7 00
For nil four of the Reviews, -- 8 00
For Blackwood's Magazine, 3 00
For Ulackwood and three Reviews, . 9 00
For Llackwood and four Reviews, 10 00
Payment to he m-a.le in all case- in advance.
55? Remittances and communications should be
alwaj-s addressed, post paid To the Publishers,
79 Fulton Street, Entranoe on tlold Street,
Aug. 2X New York.
JL lied Kanner floats in triumph on the "Oil Cvr
tier Store,'' where A. M. Hills h;is just opened the
cheapest and most splendid assortment of Jood.J,
ever displayed before this community, mid exactly
adapted to their many and various necessities.
Every variety oi Hats, Caps, Bor.uet-s, Toots.
Shoes, Cloths, Ctipidinercs. and ail other kinds of
dry-goods, that arc unapproachable by any other
nul,;iriartieles, either n; bcaufy pf style, quality.
or price.
Also an excellent assortment of tlroceries, iiarl-
wnre. Stne ana l"uecn?-.Tarc. witii laney articles
ad itijiitit n m .
llo denes competition, and invites all persons to
give him a call at ih? "UW Corner,"1 which has tru
ly become the Ulaxarr' of Clearfield.
Every attention will bo fhown to customer." and
visitors, and no pains will be spared to send all
smiling awnv. loaded with his beautiful and valua
ble good?, never surpassed in Clearfield.
. . r A. M. HILLS.
Clearfield, .Tnnclr. lS51-ly. . -
1 sub
ubscriber has just received a larsc and well
selected stock of iO( 'D.S of almost everv descrip
tion suitable to the sew-on, which he is selling off
at extremely low- prices.. 'lie respectfully invites
the attention of all who wish to buy good Goods at
the lowest prices, to call at the sign of the "Cheap-
t ttooas. - - . .
Country produce of almost every discriptioa ta
ken nt market prices in exchange for goods.
Persons wishing to purchase, and receive a fair
equivalent for thoir money, will dj well to give
ii in a can.-
Remember the si?n of the CHEAPEST GOODS.
on Market street, and call and be convinced that
there is truth in the words thereon inscribed.
June 13, 1754. WM: F. IRWIN.
orses and iirc;;n:s FORs
would inform his friends and the public OvV
generally, that h - keeps for hire horses""
buggies, carriages.ic. ou the most -reasonable
terms, at his Li very Staid in Cnrwensville.
Inquire at tho Stags Oilier- l-'ldtnming's Hotel.
June 15th. .
JL undersigned having purchased the entire
took ot S. A. Martin, wwui.l take tins method ct
ntorming the "Natives, '"and the pnbli-j orenerilly.
hat Drugs and family medicines oi" ail kind. and
n fact every thing that is generally kept in a
Mug Store.can oc ha'l at this establishment chean-
r than at any other in the country. This cstao-
htiieist will be under tue management ot one
that has experience, and is well acquainted with
medicine, and is also coiupet int to prcvrilm fur
II tuose taat may require toe advue ot a Physi-
ian. .i.UlLS M. MARTIN.
P. S. A private n,;C attached.
Notice is hereby given to ail whom it mav
oiiccrii- that the partnership heretofore existing
ctween the undersigned is this dav dissolved hv
iiutual consent. The books of the firm are lefi in
the hands of Geir:r- W. Orr. !.v whom all tho :w
ounts arc to be seiiiod. ho having rurciiased the
ntere.-t oi .jolui Klinger in ihu uiLs'.iKi;r.g a.c-
couats. t.. W . hv 'Till svltlc all ;ho n. .'.ebts.
.-'!X kl.i:;GEiI.
Clearfield. Julv I ST. 1 .
Easiness will be carried rn by Geo W. Orr at
the old stnnd, who invites all his oh! eustorvMS to
givo him a call and as many new ore.? as can l.-mkc
it convenient. GEt. W . OiiR.
' Clear;i"ld. July 25. IS." I
JUST ARRIVED the splendid stbek of Cloihs.
Cassimerts. A'estings. Trinitnings, Ac. recently
purchased l.y tho Subscriber, whiou be will sell or
make up to order, in the most fashionable and du
rable manner, at hit store in -Shaw's Row.'' The
material and "fits' warranted No charge for show
ing his cheap and beautiful goods.
Jle would inform the trade in Clearfield, that be
is tho authorized agent for Deverc's London and
Paris Fashion.
June 27. 1S54.
L1L CARTER Dealer in stoves, bar-iron.
nails, and castings of all kinds. Also plows,
and other agricultural utensils. On Second Street,
under the Republican Office. Suno 15, '54-ly.
HARRIS. HALE A CO Wholbsale Dkcogists,
No. 259, Market Street. North sido between
sixth and seventhPhiladelphia. Drugs, Medi
cines, Chemicals, Patent Medicines, Surgical In
struments, Druggist's Glassware. Window Glass,
Paints, Oils. Dyes. Perfumery. Ac.', 'Ac.
. ,: "" JOHN M. HALE,
, E. E. -OR BISON.
June 1j, 1, a4-Ij-.
j. 1 EN, have just opened a new and splendid as
sortment of goods of everv variety, at the old
stand ofD. W. ROBINS A. CO., Lumber city, Clear
field co.. Pa. ,
They invito the publio to give them a call, and
feel assured they will bo able to render entire sat
isfaction. Lumber, Hides, Rags, Grain, and all
other kinds of produce taken in exchange
August 9, 1854.,. THOS. MeCRACKEN
HOOD A CO Extensive Dry-goods Dealers, No
167, Market St., Philadelphia, keep constant
ly on hand a large, splendid, and cheap stock of
tho most fashionablo and elegant goods. , Thcv in
vite tountry Merchants to call and examine their
splendid assortment, before purchasing elsewhere
June 15, lS54-ly. '.,:. ....
Shoes,- L0ots and Palm Leaf Hatd, No. IS,
Xorth Fourth Street, Philadelphia, Second Store
below Commerce Street.. . (June 15. 1S54-1 v
f f turers and Tmnorters of Saddloro l
dlery Hardware: No. 2S Market Street. Bhiladel
phia. Saddles,' Bridles. Harness. Trunks, Whins
Saddle Rags, Bridle Filling, Bits. Stirrups, Buckles,
Carpet Bags, cct. ; , Juno 15. '54-ly.
reo Lots of Ground, No. 21
25.. and 2(. in the Mossoiv nlan. in tIiolrf.rr.ncri,
of Clearfield, all enclosed. For terms, annlv tr
. ' WM. M. REEDY.
Curwensnlle, June 27, 1854. , , ,
Law, No. 6i5, South Sixth t.. Phil'.i.ioini,;.
August 9, 1854. - e '
A T LANE A. CO. Wholesale Clothing Store.
No. 171. Market Street. : Everv
ready made Clothing, in the mt fashionable stvlo
constantly on baud. June 15, '51 fr.
THAT tho largest, cheapest, and best asorttnont
of Goods ever brought into Clearfield county,
nave just arrived, and are offered for sale, Rt the
New Store of the subscribers, near the Jonrnoi
Office, Clearfield, Ta. Never before has a more
brilliant, and at the same time a cheaper lot of
uoods been ouered to this comraunit3'. They have
all been selected with a view to tho wants and ne
cessities of tho people of this particular locality,
after long experience, and intimate acquaintance
with their business connections.
Dry Goods of every variety, Dre3sGoods, Cloths,
Cassimores, and Clothing ; Roots and Shoes, Hats
and Caps, . Bonnets and Shawls, together with a
large and splendid assortment of Quecnsware.
Hardware and Groceries.
Defying all competition, they solicit their friends
and the public to give thein a call and cxamino
their stock. MOSSOP A POTTAUFF.
June 12, 1S54. ly.
RETAIL. Isaac Johnston would respectfully in
form his friends and tho public generally that he
has just returned from the East, where he haspur
chased tho most splendid assort ment of Roots t
Shoes ever brought to Clearfield. Every variety
of Ladies flippers, gaiters, pumps, tc. Ac. Mens
fancy shoes, and' gaiters, with an excellent assort
ment of heavy siock, all adapted to the wants oi
tho people of Clearfield.
He hopes his friends will give him a call at hie
store in --Shaw's Row'" and examine his stock.
June 13, 1354.
coming recommended as a crood workman in
the above business, can get a shop and complete
set of tool, with two hearths. A good locationv
being in Bradford township, at the Mill of tho
subscribers, the ghop having been in operation for
some three yenrs, doing a larc business. For
further particulars enquire of
JL SHANGHAI?. A number of the pure blood,
and of tiie half breed of Shanghai fowls for sale at
tho Poultry Yard of V. M. Rekdy. Cr.rwensvill,
j Pa. These fowls are very large, an. I remarkable
i for their mild and domestic disposition, their lav
ing and nursing qualities, and for their health
iness. Not one of their young Lave died or been sick
this summer.
July 15. 1S3-I.
1 1 opened a now and splendid, apartment, of
goods, at their Store in Grahamtoa, consisting of
Lad ies Dress Goods, Cloths, Cssimeres, Hardware.
Qucenswaie, Groceries, Roots, Shoes, Oils, Paints,
r.nd every other article usually kept in a country
Store, where they offer for sale as che.ip, if not
cheaper than any other irtorc in tho County. All
kinds of produce and lumber taken in exenango
for Goods.
All of Dr. Jaync'a family medicine? for sale.
Grahamton, June 14. '51.
gn'nnd Ornamental Icmters, Glaziers.
Chair makers, and Paper Hangers, offer their ser
vices to the citizens of Clearfield and vicinity.
Shop next door to the Jew's Store.
They keep constantly on hand, and mstko to or
der every variety of Chairs, Lounges, Sofas, Ac. Ac
Chairs, and Sofas made equal in beauty to any that
can bo obtained from the City, and more durable
in workmanship and material.
June 11, '54. Iv. IiORERT ROWE.
rjnilE GOOD INTENT HOTEL, aud Stage O,
JL Curwcnsville. Pa. " The Subscriber would
ifj :c.
1 in
form his friends and the puoiie that he has just- re
fitted and re-furnished his house and is prepared
to render ever attention to ths travelling commu
nity. liis bar contains liquors of the first qualif-. am
hi; tabic will always nc supplie'l with the be.-t ii
He respectfully solicits his friends and other to
give him a call. WM. R. FLEMMING.
June 1 1. 'o4.
A. M. HILLS, D. D. S. nthee adj
T-vSSir,. ing his Store, ClearfieLl. Pu. Artifi-
ui im n-
-L1-r cial Teeth, from one to a full set. moun
ted in the most approved modern style.
l iiiitig, tiling, and C!can:n; dune with
an I neatness.
Iceth extracted with all tho care and
ip.odero siienco can furnish.
DR. HILLS, can always he found at his office,
as he is nmv devoting kis whole attention to his
profession. June 1 1, '54.
r ero s commercial hotel. No. 17 south
JLJ Sixth St. Philadelphia. The subscriber has
recently enlarged mid fitted up his house, and is
now enabled to compete successfully, with any es
tablishment in the City. His room's arc comfort
able and well ventilated, and his table furnished
wiih the best in the market. Ho respectfully soli
cits the larg circle of bis Clearfield friends ;o give
him a call when they visit the citv.
dune 1.'!, 1S5 I. ly.
I 1 inform the publio that they have just opened
a new and splendid assortment of Goods of every
variety, at the old stand of 11. D. Patto.v at Cnr
wensville. At their store may be found, almost
everything adapted to the wants and necessities of
the people of this region. Dress-goods, Lawns,
Laces. Glove. Cloths, Cassimeres. Clothing. Hats,
Caps. Coots. Shoos, Ac, Ac, of the best quality and
at the lowest prices.
Also a splendid assortment of Hardware. Queens
ware and Groceries.
They invite nil persons to givo thorn a call, ful
ly assured they will bo able to render entire Katis-
nmuon. H. D. PATTON,
Cnrwensville. Juno 15, lS51-ly. .
TTOIIN R. MORROW, Cabinet Maker, Shop oppo
J site M. E. Church. Clearfield, Pa. keeps con
stantly on hand and makes to order, all ksnds of
turnituro. such as loa lables, Card Tables. Cen
tre Tables. Sofas, Spring Seated Chairs. Bcdstcds,
Bureaus. Wash Stands, Cupboards. Safes, Ac. Ac.
Coffins in ado on the shorsest notice, and Funer
als attended. JOHN R. MORROW
June 13, 185-1. ly. -
I I If! 1 uuee. just, receiveu ana ior
s d j . r i-i . . - . .
--VH..J ut tiie ;sew St
?tore of
Juno 14, "5?
JJ9fJir of best quality, for sale at the Si"n
of the Red Flag. Price 53.50 per thousand.
Juno 27, 1651. , ,
C:EORGE "V. O L L A DAY Conveyancer
and hilti(l K?nt. No. 3. Goldsmith's HalL
1 hiladclphia, will faithfully attend to all business
entrusted to his care,
Juno 27, 1S51.
ES DUNDY Attorney-st-Law. Clearfield. Pa.
will attend faithfully to all professional bu
siness entrusted to his care. Juno 13, '54.-1 y.
T .B. McENALLY Attorney at Law. Offico
nearly opposito Judgo Wright's Store. Clear
field, Pa., practices in Clearfield and adjoining
counties. Juno 13, 54.-ly.
CH EA P. CLOTHING. A large b.t of ChMpcTo
thing, Men's and Bows, for sale cheap, hy
BLACKBERRY BRANDY. A certain euro for
the Dysentary, for sale by
June 13, '54. MOSSOP A PO'ITARFF.
Clearfield, Pa., Offico in ' Shaw's Row."
Juno, 15, 1S54.
PEACE, Curwensville, Pa. Office opposito tho
''Good Intent Hotel." June, 15. 1854. :
T JACKSON CRANS Attorney at Law.
JLJ fico adjoining residence. Clearfield. Pa.
" May 2o, '54-ly.
TAMES B. GRAHAM Merchant and extensive
dealers in lumber.
Grahampton, P. C, Clear-
Great Sxcitecaent. Startlin
field county. Ta.
May 25, '54-ly.
l:ME. 1S54. In announcing his re&uincattv
receive Orders for the New Volume, the editor does
not know he has any very brilliant ideas to hold
ou. la large capitals to daztlo people's Tee
-Graham" will be pretty much what it Las "been
tho last volume, with some improvements which
experience suggests. No number will contain lew
than 100 pages of matter, and the readers of -Gr-haiu"
may rely with great confidence upon thit-I
the volumo shall contain
Of the very best reading matter that capital cn
command from ojiginal sources, or taste eelect from
the vast mass of available material.
Tho aim of the editor will be to produce a pub
lication which fholl be valuable in matter, aud
choice in taste and style; and he flatters himself
from the known talents of his contributors, that hi
will bo able to present as many good original ar
ticles to his readers as any publication of the day.
He shall not, however, hesitato to publish, from
time to time, articles from English author, and
translations from the best Gertaan and French
writers, provided the pieces have never before ap
peared in print in this country. Essays on impor
tant Political Subjects will likewise be inserted,
and criticisms on the Literature of America and
the movements of the Age. The Leview Depart
ment, in which a large and liberal spirit of crit
icism will always be maintained, will be extended.
For the defence of American Diterature the editor
will always be ready ; tho maint.ain.incc of a cor
rect tone in the Magazine, he will, if possible, bo
still more watchful.
who will supply illustrations for the text in the
body of the book. Tho aim of the editor will nn
be so much to increase the number of his enirrav-
liigs, as to secure for those be publishes the ut
most finish tho artist can give them ; for common
wood-cuts arc so easily multiplied, that the mon
indifferent publication may outrank in dreary dis
play the choicest periodical.
Ihe Editor does not feel, that with his own rea
ders, he can increase his claims to respect bv in
sisting on any very great superiority of 'Graham'
over several similar publications, but thinks Le
may safely confide in their friendship for the
Magazine, and in its pa.st management for its pre
sent list, and such inereaso as naturally grows out
of an extended circulation in a country where
readers are multiplying so rapidly.
Of tho January number tho first edition will i.
."11,000 copies, and the editor trusts his old friends
will be so prompt in renewing old clubs, and ex
tending the list among new ones, that tho first
edition shall be but half os what the year will ul
timatcly establish, as the permanent circulation of
Postage. Subscribers in any part of thoUnited
States may now receive the Magazine, by mail,
at three cents a number or thirty-six cents a year
postage, payable at the Post-office where it is re
ceived. Postmasters and Editors all over the I'nion. are
respectfully requested to act as Agents for the New
Terms. The Terms of -'Graham'' are Three
Dollars fir singla subscriber?, if pai 1 in advance.
For six dollars in advance, one copy is sent three
years. We continue the following low terms for
Clubs to be sent in the city to ouo address, and in
the country, to oue Post-office.
2 copies. s c pcr n.
(and one 1 to the getter up) 10
S " ' ' jo t
11 - . 20 '
Tho money for clubs always should be sent in
advance. Subscriptions may be sent at our risk.
When the sum is large, a draft fhould be procured
if possible the cost of which may be deducted
from the amount.
Any person desirous of receiving a copy a a
sample, can be accommodated by notifving tb
Editor by letter, (post-paid.) .
Address, always post-paid,
GEO. R. GRAHAM, Editor.
Aug. 22. 105 Chtsnut st., Philadelphia.
? ? dersigncd have entered into an arrangement
by which they agree to furnish tho Knickerbocker
Magazine, (monthly.) the Home Journal, (weeklr.)
and the Musical World ami Times, (weekly.) "to
new subscribers, at the very mxierate price of five
dollars. year sor the three publications ; all or
ders, enclosing thnt cmour.t to Dyer A Willi, will
He promptly attended to
Publisher of the Knickerbocker.
Publishers of the Home Journal.
Publishers of the Musical World and Times.
37 Broadway. Now York.
NATION. Arrangements have been made to furniaU tho
Knickerbocker Magazine, the Home Journal, ami
the New York Musical World and Times, to new
subscribers, for five dollars a year. This is clnap
literature, with a vengeance. The Knickerbocker
is 53 per annum the Home Journal. 52; and the
Musical World and Times. S3 ; making S3 a year
at the usual rates. Thlt three such works can be
obtained for five dollars a year, is a fact truly wor
thy tho Caloric age, which is just now being ush
ered in. Of the Knickerbocker Magazine, edited
by Lewis Gaylord Clark, it is unnecessary to
speak. For twenty years it has been the most
genial; huuiorous, and spicy monthly" in tho
world; and the present voinme will be better than
any which preceded it. The Home Journal, edi
ts. 1 by Geo. P. Morris, and N. P. Willis, is well
known as th; best family newspaper in America;
nnd the Musical World and Times, edited by
Richard Storrs Willis with Lowell Mason, Geo. if.
Curtis. Thorna Hastings, Wm. P. Bradbury. Geo.
F. Root, and other musical writers contributing;
and which gives, among other things, over SJ5
worth of music and a full course of instruction in
harmony annuall-, is the very best musical Jour
nal ever published. These three publications will
post a family up in regard to nearly everything
worth knowing : Art, Scivncc. Literature; Music,
Painting. Sculpture; Inventions, Discoveries; Wit,
Humor. Fancy, Sentimei.t; the Newest Fashions
and oi her attractions for Ladies ; Choice New Ma
fic for the Sabbath, tho Church, and the Fireside;
Reviews and Criticism of Musical Works, Perfor
mers and Performances ; in short, the very pick
and cream of Novelty, Incident, History, Biogra
phy, Art Literature and Science; including what
ever can bo given in periodicals to promote
Healthy Amusement and Solid Instruction in the
family and help to make it Better, Wiser, and
Happier, may bo now obtained for five dollars.
Address DYER A WILLIS, 275 Broadway.
Editors publishing the above three times, and
sending the papers containing it to Dyer A Willis,
will receive the three works named, tor one year.
Aug. 2:1, 1S54.
thoso who read the serial so promptly issued every
week by Dickens, with thoughtful appreciation,
know how to prize it. '-Household Words" is a
modern journal for the people, devoted to common
subjects, uncommonly treated, excellent in stylo,
in genius, in manner, and wonderfully fertile in
subject. The pieces arc tho right length; they
exhibit wonderful variety and are attunfcd to ii
harmonious key and remarkable unity of effect.
For the money, there is not tho eoual of '-Household
Words" 'for a family journal. Pleasant sto
ries, useful knowledge, graceful anecdotes, charm
ing essavs, alternate iu its pages. It is not al
ways convenient to secure a copy of the weekly
issue on the arrival of a steamer; in order to enjoy
regularly this delightful work, wo advise our rea
ders to possess themselves of the handsome month
ly reprint of McElrath A Baker, who bring out
-Household Words" with commendablo punctuali
ty, at New-York. Frederick Parker. 25 Washing
ton stroet is the Boston agent. Boston Trans
cript. The articles, both in style and thought, are far
superior to the trash that occupies tho pages of so
many of our popular magazines. Aff Yori
The above aro but a few extracts from numerous
notices of the press lately received. . Thoso who
wish Household Words will rcceivo it monthly by
mail upon romitting the subscription price. Spe
cimen numbers sent on receipt of five red postage
McELRATH A BAKER, Publishers,
Aug. 23. 17 Sprnoe et., New York.
1 AA Barrels Fish, for eale at the Cheap Stor
1UU of W. F. 1K.WIN.
June 14, '54
5; f
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