Raftsman's journal. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1854-1948, November 08, 1854, Image 3

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    iai nil 1111 isainia
CAfc presume most of our citizens reccol
Icct an estimable young man named J. B.
Booxe, formerly of this county. He may now
lie found at the large and splendid Boot and
Shoe House of Boker, Brotuebs Jokes, No.
153 & 160 Market St., Philadelphia, where he
will be happy to meet Lis large circle of Clear
field acquaintances and to accommodate them
with a cheap and elegant stock oj city and eas
tern made boots and shoes. : Give him a call,
he's a clever fellow, and is with a good firm.
We were much pleased, on our recent
visit to Philadelphia, by the appearance of J.
H. Paiethorp, Jr's Chemical and Drug estab
ment at No- 80 South Second St. Those of
our Merchants, Druggists and Physicians who
desire to lay in a good and cheap stock, can
not do better than call on ilr. Palethorp.
E7"Orposite the Red Lion notel in Philadel
phia, at 245 Market St., there is a large and
elegant Quecnsware establishment, not surpas
sed by any similar House in the City. Our
merchants can always obtain a splendid stock,
at the lowest prices, from Joun Y. Rcsuton &
Co., Importers and dealers in Earthenware,
China, Glass, &c. See advertisement. ,
K7-There will be a Public Sale, on Saturday
the 18th inst., at the former residence of F. P.
Hcrxthal, in this borough. See Notice.
rr-p" Persons having unsettled accounts with
F. P. IIi-rxthai., are requested to call and
settle them. See Notice in another column.
rrr if iv mihlished in Clearfield, let it
T- - v I ' '
le known in Cunvensville, let it be proclaimed
throughout the county, let it be wafted by the
gentle breeze along the West Branch of "the
Susquehanna, that Pattc-n & Him-lb, have
just received the largest and best selected
stock of goods ever brought to Cunvensville.
See advertisement in another column.
K7"By reference to our advertising columns
it will be seen that James Alexander, of Ty
rone City, is prepared to supply persons wish
in" Ovsters bv the Can, at the most reasonable
E?-A. & J. Patchin have taken the store
formerly owned by John Patchin Seasons.
They have just received a large stock of new
goods. See advertisement in another column.
ttTM. P. Nelson & Co. take pleasure in in
forming their old customers that they have
just received a large stock of Dry Goods Gro
ceries &c. &c.
r7"Our merchants and others visiting the
city will do well to call at Bailt i Brother's,
t!o chesnut St.'and examine their splendid
assortment of carpeting, floor oil cloths, mat
tings &c &.c.
D?" Although a good deal of business was
done during Court week, the new, splendid and
cheap assortment of goods just received by
"Wm. F. Inwix, was by no means exhausted.
lie offers for sale, emphatically, the best and
cheapest goods in the county. Call and see.
CT-An extensive purchase was lately effec
ted by Geo. D. Moeo as & co, of all thu lands
in Centre and Clearfield counties belonging to
Hardm vx Philips. They are now offered for
sale on easy terms, in lots, or otherwise to
suit purchasers. See advertisement
7-It will be seen that our young friend
Jos. Showers has disposed of his interest in
the firm of Pattox & Siiowers, to E. A. Hrr
tle. The business will be hereafter conducted
under the style and firm f Pattox & Hitple.
I7"A large assortment of all kinds of lum
ber, plastering lith, &c may always be found
at the "Pioneer Mills," of Capt. Henry Groe,
.vn MnmTinnn. Those who desire bills
sawed, will find.the Capt. a prompt business
man, and true to his promises.
n-ltis s:iid that money is exceedingly
tight, but nevertheless X. A. Fraxk, has just
purchased a large, new, and splendid assort
ment of Gentlemen's dress goods and ready
made clothing. As Frank is a pretty clever
to le Datronized. Store
two doors East of Journal office.
Zs The shoemaking business is prospering,
and C. S. Black advertises for six journey
men. Who wants a good berth ?
?T7" It will be seen in another column, that
Blair & Barrett have opened the MOUNT
VERNON for the reception of visiters. We
wish them abundant success, and have no doubt
our Clearfield friends visiting the City, will
-.n -i.ap thev will always meet a warm and
welcome reception. '
re '-Secure the shadow, 'ere the substance
fades," and call at Pirviaxce's Daguerrean
r.n i vt.. two floors north ot 1 oweii
& Co's. Store,
rr?" It is alwavs a good plan for men inbusi
ness to settle up their accounts regularly.
James B. Graham, Adopting this course, calls
peremptorily upon those having dealings with
him to come forward and settle up.
rrT-Thoseof our farmers who have orchards,
should procure one of Ilickok's portable cider
mills, which are represented as one of tho very
best articles of the kind ever invented. L. R
Carter, is the agent in this place.
PT" The 'Corporal' in his perigrinatiusa few
days since, while searching for the 'Know Noth
inei.' observed a crowd pouring into the room
next door to the Journal office. Of course he
foUowed. but discovered the cause of attrac
tion to be a splendid and cheap assortment of
boots and shoes, recently opened there by
S. Black. From the excellent quality cf his
work, the 'Corporal' come to the conclusion
that Charley did'nt belong to tue Order.
TheProhijitory Liquor Law.
"""A ".i'ti'n'fiiir rf tha Ti'limiTiiTie.f" E JOM-iitivp
L .1 . - x
Committee, in Philadelphia, on Thursday eve-
rung last, tne jouowtng irreamme auu resolu
tions were adopted :
. Whereas, It has been ascertained that a
small majority of the votes cast at the recent
election in the State are in opposition to a
Prohibitory Liquor Law, and
Whereas, Tne mends ot J eraperance ac
cented the issue of a popular vote, under a
protest, and accepted it for the sole reason that
the Legislature relusea, as tney are earnesuy
importuned to enact a Prohibitory Law, and
afford the people an opportunity of voting on
its repeal, therefore
. Resolved, That we are niortmeu ana pamea
that the expression of the popular will should
have failed to stamp the promiscuous sale of
ardent spirits with the reprobation which it
Resolved, That the vote cast is a clear indi
cation of abhorrence of the people of the rum
traffic, and the meagre majority against Prohi
bition would have been overcome twice told,
had it not been for diversity of views among
the friends of this measure as to the expedien
cy and utility of meeting, as they deemed the
popular vote an abstract issue on the principle
of Prohibition.
Resolved, If in portions of the State the peo
ple choose that "rum and ruin" shall continue
to be rampant, we have a right, from the vote
here cast in favor of the prohibition, to de
mand of the Legislature protection from the
blighting effects of the rum traffic throughout
our entire Consolidated City.
The Tribune's Press Room. The foreman
of the Tribune gives a statement of what was
done in the press room of that establishment
on Thursday and part of Friday, the 2Gth and
27th ult. They commenced at 4 o'clock A.
M., on Thursday, and in thirfy hours had prin
ted aud mailed one hundred and eighty two
thousand four hundred copies of the Tribune,
or three hundred and sixty four thousand eight
hundred impressions. By far the larger por
tion of the blank paper was received during
Thursday forenoon, and of course had to be
wet and turned. Had this paper been all in
one pile it would have reached the height of
seventy feet; its weight, when mailed, would
he about twenty-two thousand eight hundred
pounds; in cubical measurement, about seven
hundred and five feet and a half; its superfi
cial measurement, if all spread out, would be
about forty and a quarter acres; the lineal
measurement would reach about one hundred
and twentv-six and two-third miles.
X l TI 1T Jliri IA1 iS -1 1 17 11 A uv a..v.
ing the District Court commenced the trial of
a cause, and the jurors sworn heard the evi
dence during tho whole day, and were nd
irmrnp1 until Wfidm-sdav morninir. In the
morning all the jurors answered their names
at roll call, and twelve jurors enterea tne oox
and answered to the. twelve names called over
by the Clerk. Just as counsel were resuming
the argument of the cause, one of the jurors
whispered to the clerk that he thought there
was a stray man in the box- "When asked
what he meant, he answered, that tho man
who sat beside him yesterday h:id black hair,
fh clmn Kitting there now was red
headed. The clerk then asked the gentleman
if he was Mr. Jones: he answered yes, but not
John Jones, and very innocently aaueu, ".ny
brother's very sick this morning, and he jist
sent me in to fiinish this case." Of course the
clerk didn't laugh. nils Union.
How the 'Fait" Reporter was Treated.
Tt. is rumored that the reporter of a certain
evening paper in this city a "fast" chap, by
the wav learnin? that the Know-Nothing
Convention was to be held in Trcmont Temple
on Wednesday, secreted himself in the bap
tismal tank to take secret notes of the secret
T.rnpdinfs- An "examiniiiff committee" as
, ---- - a
certaming this fact, lei on the u-ater, giving tne
iiriinr-L-v iviv-drnTiTifr a more complete intro
duction to aqua pura than he had enjoyed for
roars t?i f At tlio :im Convention, another
curious individual was found snugly ensconsed
in one of the organ's pipes. hether or no
tli mnsif wna '1it on' to srivo the crentleman a
... - - - - - - o t
'Mow out,' we have not oeen aoie loasceriam
Oh ! David ! ! Boslbn hnoic-Jothing.
t m m m m
Tup Vitvf T.w tv Caxap v. The Maine Law
has passed the Legislative Assembly of Cana
da bv a vote of 8-Vto -5, and it will doubtless
pass the Council, and immediately become a
law. I bus Canada precedes the maioru oi
the States in the enactment of this great dem
ocratic measure for the prevention of crime
and pauperism. However they will all follow
the example.
Tt w nrnlv.iPif n! we are ftssnrcd DV our cor
respondent at Quebec, that the importation of
Honors and wines will nnaiiv oe promuueu in
. - -
the Canada.?, as well as their sale. J. riouue.
Ponriivw nv tup 4i?PTrivP iTV. Rpcent.
flections show, that the progress of the Amer
ican party cannot be arrested; and that it must
finally place in the Presidential chair, and in
th two lionsps of Confrrpss. those who will
throw aside their old party attachments, and
devote themselves to the true American prin
rinle s and policy now proclaimed bv the Amer-
i 1 . . .
ican Associations. Corrupt politicians may
resist to their utmost, and attempt to stay tne
tirl whipti ii now ovprwhplnunc them and
their corruptions, but they M ill be swept down
. i 11. A f
tne mighty current and lost iorever.
RBiinvc TTp nr titk Srxnw Lroron Traf
vtr Tli T'mTifr:inf rioorile of Jersev Citv
having eutercd earnestly upon the attempt to
lirpnk nn tho. lirmor traffic, have nrocurod the
j- 1 7 . -
entering of eleven hundred complaints against
various persons, and a number have been al-
. i
Ken person was seen in tue streets- ana it saia
a any person snoiuu dc caugni coming out oi
i vA i
1 r- - ,
arrested and locked up as a witness. There are
but two places licensed to sell liquor, anu those
are hotels. sun.
Not a Woman or Child Saved. In his
statement in regard to the loss of the Arctic,
Cant. Luce places the engineers, the crew and
the firemen of the Arctic in the most odious
light. They behaved like cowards and wretches
rather than men and the tact that thus far we
have not heard of the rescue of a woman or
child, is perhaps the bitterest and the most
withering commentary that could be offered
upon thnir atrocious conduct !
TnrPrursnrTHE AnrTir; Exr-Enrriox. The
English book of heraldry descibes the crest of
Sir John r rank 1 in as precisely iiKe tnat ae
scribed by Dr. Kae, in No. 5 and No.4, as the
crest and motto exactly oi jyieui. r airuouuu
f thi pxnedition. The initials on one of the
fm-Vs TT. T. S. G. are evidently those of As-
sist:int. Snrcfon. II. D. S. Goodside, and that
nf . Mr.T).. those of Surscon A. McDonald.
Explosion at Earle's Hotel. New York,
rw ou rrre.it exnlosion took place at
Earle's Hotel, about 2 o'clock this afternoon,
.mil tun Tif-rsons are said to be killed. The
hotel was pretty full of People, -hen th j , - -
plosion took place, and, of course, the alarm w s jsceoni door below Mount Vernon House,
was frightful. A passenger's trunk with a Philadelphia. Dealers in Drugs, Chemicals, Pcr-
considcrable amount of powder ignited, and fUmcry, Paints. Oils, Window Glass, Ac., Ac.
was the cause of the explosion. Novembers, lS54.-ly.
Effect op theMaike Law. The prohiba-
tory law of Conneticut went Into operation on
the 1st of Aucust. Now look at the effect in
the City of New Haven. In that city the com
mitments for drunkenness and offences resul
ting therefrom, during the month of July,
were :
To the County Jail, 50
To the City Watch-House, 73
Total, 123
Commitments for like offences during the
month of August:
To the Countv Jail, 16
To the Citv Watch-House. 15
Total, 31
The difference between the last month of
licenses and the first of prohibition is just
EF"On Tuesday evening, that being the ap
pointed time for the ending of all sublunary
things according to the Millerite belief, some
forty of the believers in that doctrine assem
bled at South Boston, arrayed in white robes,
and anxiously awaited the moment when they
snouia mase tneir grana ascension.
Aunt Kosy was dividing a mince pie among
. T - 1 1 " . II 1 1 ... . 1
tne Doys; wnen jirn, w no nau lCKeuiy puucu
tho at.'s tail, nskpd for his share, the dame
replied, "No, Jim, you are a wicked boy, and
the uible says there is no piece ior tne wick-
Pith. ArmiT. f!ntT F. Stoker was
1f:itfn to death bv some Irish laborers, in Poca
hontas, Somerset county, Pa., on Saturday
evening last. The outrage was unprovoked
on the part ol Mr. otoxer.
r7""The amount of the wealth of Sevasto
pol is computed to be $20,000,000. The for
tifications have cost not less than $7,000,000,
and the military and naval stores are of pro-
aigious vaiue.
Official Directory of Clearfield County.
Hon. James. Burssidk. - - Bellefonte.
llox Kichakd FnAW. - - -John
P. IIovt. - - -
Lumber City.
William Pouter. - - - -SHERIFF:
Wir.t.inf Pnwuu. - -
- Clearfield.
It. F. Ward, Clearfield.
Henry Stoxe. Clearfield.
Robert Mefiaffey. - - - - Dower.
Samuel Schoff. .... Glen Hope
Philip Hbvisf.r. ... - Pennfield.
Gf.orge B. Goodlasder. - - Luthersburg
Joiim McPnF.RSON, Clearfield.
L. Jackson Crank. Esq. - - Clearfield
Thos. Ross. Esq. .... Cnrwensvillo.
Ge.o YC. SrnnFP. ----- Jeffries.
C. Kratzer. ------ Clearfield.
J. II. Sevler. Luthersburg.
Arrival and Departure of the Mails at the
Clearfield Post-Office.
Tyuoxe Mail: Leaves everv dav. Sunday ex-
Arrives at b if. AL.
Karthaus: Leaves Clenfireld, Friday at 8 A.M.
Arrives, -aturilay at b V. M.
Smith's Mills. Leaves Clearfield, Friday at 6
G raiiamtos: Leaves Satnrdat at 9 A. M.
Arrives same day at 4 P. M.
Monday Nov 6.
Flour. r.cr bbl. &3.00 to $9.2o
Rye Flour, " " 5,00 " 7.00
Cm Meal. " ' 4.00 " 4.12
Wheat, Derbush. 1.7S " 1.S3
Rye. scarce at 1.00
Cora. " .p'
Oats, scarce " -43
Wepnesoay Ncv. 8.
Flour, per bbl. 512.00
AVheat, per bush
Corn, " "
Oats: " "
Portsmouth Nov. 6
and Tannel inch,
half inch,
Select Com
SI 0.00
TfAmloclc Boards.
Hemlock Joist and Scantling,
fin d,o')iU, ult Vnr 'Win TilftAm Van Mi- .TlMlc
Leech and Mrs. Sophia Hoover, all Pike twp.
d tnct 1 1 XT tViA finwio AT r TlJYTXfTV "Rrtn-TQ
formerly of Tioga county, Pa., and Miss Elinor
uathcakt, oi i;iearneia county, A'a.
No. 158 k 160 Market Street, Philadelphia,
, . r i . f T. .
t a. a i r.. t c-..
importers aim .uauuiminB n tiy
;.t A? J r- -n ,
French and Ensheh Shoe Lastms, Patent Leath
French and English Shoe Lastings, Patent Leath
er, Kid aud Calf fckins. Shoe Laces, Gallons. Bind
ings. c. e., suitable ior manuiacturers.
Also, Foreign and Domestic Straw and Silk Bon
nets. Leghorn, Panama and Palm Leaf Hats, Eng
lish, French and Ametican Artificial Flowers, Oil
Silk, Straw Trimmings, &., Ac., Ac.
Having removed to our new Store, No. 158 fe 160
Ari-lr Sit rofifr luilnv Mil nuth iia lin Rfjlira wn
invite your attention to our large and varied Stock
, T , , , r, , . ....
or straw uooas, uoots ana cnoes, wnicn we are
preparing for the approaching Fall Sales.
All our Goods bcinz exclusively of our own di-
rct Importation and Manufacture, we feel confi
i dent that our facilities are such that we can offer
you inducements as regards variety and prices of
tioods, unsurpassed by any house in me conniry.
.Nov. 8, lb54.-ly. rmiaaelplita.
3 A.Ni) DEALtKS in Earthenware, China, Ulass,
Ac.. 245 Market St., opposite Red Lion Hotel. Phil
adelphia. J- Y. RUSHTON,
J. v. uuriiifls,
Nov. 8 '54.-1 y. ROBT. STILSON.
"OUBLIC SALE. Mr. F. P. IlmxTnAL, will
X sell at Public Sale on Saturday the 18th inst.,
nt hist former residence, a larire lot of Household
and Kitchen furniture, consisting of Dishes,
Tables, Beds, Books, China, 4c., Ae.
cicarheid, iNov. a, too-i.
Ll inAst msnectfnllv so-
licit all tqose indebted to him, to come forward
and eettle up, and if they cannot pay five their
nt. and furthnr hnnna nnt in ha reOUired to USO
any other means than this simpla notice, ne can
be found at almost any time at Woodland, prepar-
ec to eeiue. - r. jr. uuftAi"-T
Nov. 8. 1854.
No. 292 Chestnut Street.
; Have now open a large assortment of the Newest
styles ana colors ot
Rich English Velvet,
" " Tapestry,
Kew Styles " Ingrain
Also.afull assortment of Super and Medium quality
Many of which being their own manufacture,
can DC rfuuiunieauuu Ha
No. 252 Chesnut Street. Philadelphia.
Ocg. 4, 1854. 6m.
FOR AMERICA! The Cheap Corser Tri-
umphast I We take this method of informing the
public in general, and the citiiena of Curwensyille
and vicinity in particular, that we have received
our u?uai targe ana vanea selection oi rtm. ana.
Winter Goods, suited to the wants of every,; man.
woman amd child in the community. And, we
have no hesitation in saying, that purchasers will
find it greatly to their advantage to call and exam
ine our stocK Deiore purcnasing eisewnere.
On. cfrtly jiAr.t-ijfa in Tiirt tiF T.nlii' Tlrp.sa
i Goods in great variety: such as plain black, fancy
SllKs, iurK aiin, uerrgu ucimus, uiutu uuu laujr
Alpacas, plain and plaid Ginghams, Manchester
and Domestic Ginghams, Calicoes of every style,
i i . . . : c fL .. , f
ana quality, ai prices ranging iruui up iv i.io.
Kl- nr. A l.nn.n l,Vnli and Knfrlish
J1 11, K UV, 11 UHT " 11 . 1 v. 1. O
cloths, plain black doeskin and fancy cassimeres,
i black, blue, brown aud green sattinets.
dccks, ucKings, nanneis, IIlusllIs, kiiuj,
siery, gloves, shirts, ready-made clothing, Ac, &e.
Carpeting and floor oil cloth, window and wall
paper and boidering, and oiled Window shades.
Shoes ot all descriptions ior tauics, unsaca u
children, together with a large assortment of
Mens' and boys' hats, caps, boots and shoes.
jiarawaro. pianes, se., Miasswsrc, vuccuonani,
Cedar and Willow ware, corn brooms, Ac, Ac.
Alan a 1,r..o o tmm-tmun t (if Vrcsh (irfH-PrilS. VIZ '.
Rio Cefice, Imperial, Y. II. and Black teas. N. O.
; i. ni .t
sugar, crushed and loai sugar, ntwuneummi
Syrup molasses, clanhea ana ciuer inegar, ac.
I?roin tin1 Vnrww DAOna' BTOT"TTl fitnr nnd mould
candles. All of which will be sold in quantities
to suit purchasers, at the cheap Corner Store of
1'All'M CL llil I lit.
Cnrwensville, November 1, 1S54.
I I tl I nisTiiuiii. nT TAKKN ! James Alex-
I avder, has iuct opened a splendid baloon in the
basement story ot tne lyrono viiy iiuici, nuio u
is prepared to accommodate persons with Oysters,
1 nil other articles usually
i . ('Anfantirtnrir n n il Orocerv Store.
i. ... , .11 I. .Un f .i n nwtmntl V
r. is. All orders ioruyicrs vy iuc yiwrj
attended to by JAMES ALEXANDER.
Tyrone City, xsovemoer i, ioj.-iu.-
rOST A box of Goods between Tyrone and
a r-Lioflni.) nr;rliiTiir nVimit. SOlbs.. marked J.
P. Nelson A Co., Palesttne. Any person finding
or sivinz lntormation oi saia uoa. iu uvi-i
for his trouble- i. ssiuiJVJ
Morris twp., Nov. 1, lbo4.
NEW FIRM. A A J. Patchin having taKen
to themselves the Store formerly owned by
Jno. Patchin A Sons, take pleasure in informing
their friends, and tna puouc generally, mm inojr
have just roceivea irom ine city u tuicuum
ment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Queens
i ware, Hats and Caps, Boots and Shoes, and every
iv: i . u.,nii knt a. Priuntrv Store. Persons
wishing to buy cheap ana goou uouuj, euuuiu
forget that they are determined not to undersold
I by any store in tho country. We invito one and
all to come and examine our stock for themsulves,
as we charge nothig tor so doing.
Bumsidc. November 1,-185 t.-tf.
The partnership heretofore exising between
John Patchin A Sons, was this day dissolved by
mututil consent, and the books are lett in the hanas
of A. A J. Patchin. Those persons knowing them
selves indebted to the firm wilt call immediately
and settle up, or they will have the pleasure of
paying costs JNO. PATCHIN A SONS.
Isuruside, Uotober it, iso.
-.it.fniiTTiAV tW PinTVFuSTTTP.-.
UliUAjt1 VJJi
Tho partnership heretofore existing beneen
1 . . . . . , . T r . 1 i u.. . u : rl
i . r. llurxthal anu U. 1. iiursinni iiiw, mis uj,
by mutual consent, been dissolved The booksare
in the hands of t . r. llurxtnai ior coueouon uu
settlement. Persons knowing themselves indebt
ed to said firm, will please eallandsettle,and those
havinig claims will present mem.
AVoodland, Septtember 1, 1854.
TP. NELSON & CO., would respcctiuuy m
. fn.n, i.ltwuna nf Murria townshin and ad
ioininz country, that they have just arrived with a
large assortment oi ury uooua, urutcuco,
n..nSt.,ro liwita Htnl Shoos. Hats and Caps,
Clocks Looking glasses. Confectionanes, Medicines,
Oils, PainU, Tinware, and all other articles usually
kept in a country store, which they are determined
to sell low for casn, country prsuuco, w iumuti.
Morris township, rovemoer v. ii.
STRAY. Came to the subscriber, living in
BloominKton. Clearfield Co., Pa., a stray Hog,
in July, 1854. The owner is requested to come tor-
I ward, prove property, pay cuarges,
; away, or otherwise, he will be dealt with accord-
' ins to law. M. M. REX.
Bloomington, October 2o, lo4.
ELECTION. An Election will be held at the
House of John Dunlap, at 1 o'clock, p. m., on
v,o istii nf November, to elect tnrce
Managers, and other ofiiocrsof the Little Clearfield
Creek Navigation Company.
UT UK it ur n.r AjyjsxMw,
October 25. 1854.-3t.
VUDITOR'S N OTICE. I he unaersignea,.
an Auditor appointed to distribute moneys in
the hands of Wm. Powell, Sheriff, arising from the
salo of real estate (in tho case of Patton, assignee
of Ellis' Administrators) will attend at his office,
being the same occupied by John L. Cuttle, Esq.,
on Monday the 6th of November, at 1 o'olock. P. M,
of said day. JAMES 11. LARRIMEll, Auditor.
Uctobcr 18, i&o.-.
Persons wishing to apply for Schools m
ri t.C tli ft townshin of l ike.
Clearfield Co.. will please to meet the Board of
Directors in Curwensville, at the house ot Isaac
Bloom Esq.,on Monday the btn oi iovemoer neii,
at 10 o'clock', A. M., at which time the county bu
perintendentfiwill be present to examine applicants
1 . . n . 1 1-. K n TT O rii 11 u r V H.T-
and give eertincaies, -u i- " j
rangements for conducting the Schools.
v oroer oi w
October 18, 1S54
I n m rW W
a DMIMSTRA 1 UK'S flunvi.
persons are hereby notified that Letters of Ad
ministration on the Estate of Hirain h. Carlile,
late of Brady Township, dec d., have been grant
ed to the subscriber, in due form of law. AH per-
. , t . . j .....;..t.1 tnmnkn immMiate
sons indemea, .
payment, and those having claims will present
them, properly authenticated, fer settlement.
JOHN CARLILE, Adnunntrator.
October 4. lS54.-6t '
cers, Tea Dealers, and Commission Merchants,
No 273, Market Street. Philadelphia.
June 15, lS54-ly.
. - .. -i .r ii.
SAUci. The SUDSCrioer oucrs lui mi luuvn iiiij
Tracts of Land, situated on, and near the Clearfield
Creek, in Clearheia county, io wiij a vrac
j i.T Mnrria-" i-nn tainiiiir 473 acres
ttltrrauicu w ... , '3 --- -
i and 4S ps. A tract, waranted to Joseph 1: ell and.
1 . ... F 100 ..... 1(1 trajt. n.rrntd
containing too ucicc, o. i -
to Robert Grey, containing 433 acres, lo-i ps, A
.. nnto.i in Jntin TSrinffhurst. containing
UOUt. T, IW i n v 1- r-
429 acres. 153 ps. A tract, warranted to "barah
Ward," containing 433 acres, 153 ps. A tract,
-.4, A a l :aa t-.ftil V ' r (I II LUI II 1 II !c 1t oviva,
153 ps. A tract, warranted to Moor Wharton, con
taining 433 acres, 153 ps. A pari oi a iraci, ww-
laiucu w vv. .v ? o -
t Aa vil known to the lULQoer-
men of Clearfield County, to render a description
of them necessary it may d smeiy "
decidedly the best body of pine lands in Clea-
field County.
. For terms, ic, apply to
Ebcnsburg, Cambria Co.
September 26, 1854.
..mi it. i? lixn FOR SALE The mib-
V lA.mxJu. .Ji--i" - ..... 1 1 ,
I -i i :. mirhnspd a.11 the lands be
i ihiiina. situated in Clearfield,
Cambria and Centre counties, comprising some ot
the best timber lands in those counues,
r.ci. :n n. ci,,"t mim-hosors. at reasonable pri-
1V1 itllU . 1, VJ WJ .V I'm. i J - .
ces and terms of payment. All other information
shaw or David Hough, at Philipsburg.or Josian ,
c:.i. ru.fil.l nVfl 11 M(l!iIAXACO.
September 27, i854.-3t.
JLi AND YOUR MONEY, by having your life
insured in the isusquenanna mutual insurance
Company ot iiarneourg, xra..
CAPITAL S100.000.
rniDTrnrn Minrn 23d. 1834.
Any person can have their own life insured or
i,ot nf a friond frnm one to ninety vears. Per
sons of 21 years of age, pay SI -52 per 100, year-
ly. At 30 years, ca.ou ior qfiuow,"", ""
n u. ...I, rtu Ti..in;mi fnr i;f in nnl i n ftno.Q is S289,
at the age of 25 years, premium ditto, on 5100, is
Dr. R. V. "Wilson, of Clearfield, Medical Ex
aminer. .
Ann SnFnrniatinTl tnnT Tl nbt.linea frOU!
Dr. A. T. SCHRYVER, Agent.
September 6. 1j4.
I 1 ri v HiFTV.T.li COUNTY. The subscriber
lr no no nnjtqnHv on hand, at hlS mills, lUmnCr OI
all description, sorts, and sizes. Plastering lath and
the shortest notice. Ihese mills
n,n ot nir timp. iliinn" the season. naiDZ
navnTfiilinff BimnlT flf Water.
All kinds nf nroduce taken in exchance for Ium
. . r r 1
her, ana tne casn never ruiusvu.
n r i i iiiwei.
SgMemiwr M lft.SA -W Kvlcrtown, T. 0.
Tt'TVll s;;t- Tnni-hcrs. eomnetent to im
nn Fno-iiah education to their pupils.
trill find ii situation for four months, by applying
IAHV TIin!PflV PrnsiHont. (If D. J. CAIJ1'
CART, Sec., of the Jordan instnet cnsnooi ircu-
tors. A liberal salary will oe given.
T . . v. 1 . . v ,.C li lli . !i r 1
D. J. vAlilVAlvx, cec y.
September 20, 1S54. It
iTTinv ah noranna nrA hereby cautioned
v i A.vninar nnponncmf err in u n v nai juvvahhi.
with a two horse wagon and a pair of bob sleds
ii,. .in nr i IT itnoz. as the said
property bilongs to me and is in his possession as
i 1 i iniiv T?T? ITU AL RK.
loan onlv.
September 20, 1854.
11 returned from the Ea?t with a large assort
ment of Cloths, Cassimers, Neck Ties, i nmmings,
i i j r-iti, ;n x-r- irhijih his will sell
cheap for cash, at his store, two doors eai?t ot the
Journal omce. . .
T."ool,;nnaKln tfiilnrincr still flonO to OrUCT, Wlin
. j;.n.tii
lie invites the public to give him a call and ex-
aUllllO AA AO DIW J -
V SALE. The subscriber offers for sale on rea
sonable and easy terms, his farm in Lawrence
township, containing ove hunddcd- acres.&rii allow
ance. The buildings are, a good log house, frame
barn, and other out-houses. There is, also, on the
place a promising young orchard of choice fruit
trees, in hue bearing oruer. aiso, a
spring of water. About sixty Acres cleared Two
miles from Clearfield.
Iuauire of F. P. Butler, Clearfield, or the sub
scriber on the premises. JOSEPH LANICH-
Uctober, isa4.--m.
JLJ existing between ii. i- ration ana j.o. cou'
. . . t. ii i r i' in
... n-.. K ; j 1 1 1 t. hv mutual consent
Cf 3, TT HO 111IO H'iJ 11"--' , J
said Showers having disposed oi ins mtcrcM iu x.
. 1 1 11 1 1 TTl IV
A. Hippie. ji.ii. rnnw.i,
, . J. LHU if
Curwcnsvillc, Sept. 1st, 1854.
The business will hereafter be conducted by
Tatton & Hippie, who will pay all debts contract
A Vi tVs a f rrn r firm This arrangement will re-
nnir no new settlement. The firm will continue
on with the old books. 1 1. D- rATT0 ; ,
E. A. 1111'ri.b,
September 1st, 1354.-3t.
ALL! no cure no pay. This preparation has
. ntKi;v.oi roniitntion. and is onereu witn con
fidence as a cure for fever and ague, or intermittent
fever. It may be taKen Dy tne moi "im
perfect safety, being a pure vegetable syrup.
t p ii ... 1 ; -,-i ii i -ii..ri j without curing.
At lilheu auuuiuiu iw Unl-L i'
a second bottle will be supplied free of charge, or
., i .J A:. , v.titi.'ii. 91.4 lit nut t It li
ma money reiuriieu. jn.r i,-rf.....
91 I UAL " I C '
No. 89 North Second Street, Philadelphia.
October 11, 1sj4.
WAR IN AMERICA not against foreign
nations, but against high prices and impo
sition. R. R. WELCH, has just returned from the
city with a splendid new stock of Gbld and Silver
w-..t... anil huntincr-rsuied. fold chains.
keys, seals, and a variety of other articles usually
kept by Jewelers. ...
ilia Qon.rtmfnt has been selected with great care
a or.il nriil h eheofnllv submitted to
the inspection of all who may give him a call.
r frtnt 1 IH.11
Terms uash.
HEMPHILL'S HOTEL. The Eubscnoer wouia
inform his friends and the public generally,
thnt ho, still remains at the old stand, where he is
. i
. ,i . ...j. iriiiiniT tn "entertain stran-
. ..i trnvniinn " His bar stocked with the
K,jl3 Ii im .iv. , . ,
best liquors, ana nis taoio "rr
i.v . u 1 -In. ..r tVirt tit a rlrPt
Thankful for past favors, he solicit a further
share of panne patrona nEMpmLL.
Clearfield, June 15, 1354-ly.
just received, a large and splendid assortment of
ucods of almost every description, suitable for the
season, and selling on ai very low prices.
.i .i . r.ri avsn nprann wish in i? to buv eoods
at the very lovyest prices, are respectfully invited to
Vail auu - - - .
Produce of all kinds received in exchange for
ii ...i n.nmina inr inKiDKCitca.
ia ' WM. i. lliWiJN.
Uiearneiu, oepi. -i,
m it TftW All tuinuim oanfinnml Tint hi
m 11.1 X 1U-1 1- i .v. n w t"...-"
J buy, trade for or meddle in any way with a
XOKQ Oi VfJkCU, uun i.iivi uDoaT.f7c.v v.
TT : . V. it it n ttt a ia mind n tt il nnlv 1 nn Tl P ll t H&ltl
lil 1 a lUW nt. iuv . u mill"- ut v.m.j .
Bries, and are at my disposal at any time from
.v:5j.- a l'tl, !-, t R T1AVIS.
L111S UaiG. AUKUSV XI LU. . . ---
Furguson township, Oct. 11, 1854.
-iTva rnpu a- rv TC l3 Marlcpl Pt.. Fhila-
l"del,hia, Dealers in Linens, White Goods, Ho-
aiery. French, fcngliBtt ana uerman cniw Yr, ,
r T:-.-. PLi.rio a f.Innft 15 04 IV..
TO SHOEMAKERS. A fine lot of Spanish Kips
Men'and Women's Morocco pink trimmings,
TSAAC M. ASIITOA. nat fctorc. .o. in
f.v.. f iMiiifirlfilnliia. Hats. Cans. Furs,
i dtcfof every variety, and the best quality always
i on hand. i"""" "
I A useful, and attractive series of Books for
young reople ; embracing events conn?cte.,r,7l
the A Urj jJfjTn
Unguished men, written . T;7k si
an entertaining and instructive '
lustrations of Important events, and "V-
illuminated title pages. Containing . the life or
DANIEL WEBSTER, the Great Amcncau
T.9n -ritli mimprmis BneC(tOtC8 lliusif
character, and the following illustrations : .
lonng Daniel in me aw wm.
Webster fishing at Frysbnrg. '
Webster declining the Clerkship
Webster expounding the ConstitotUn.
The liunxcr urn ceiforuoi
Webster at Fancuil Hall.
Marshficld the residence of Webster.
Webster on his farm. .
Th life of Henrv Clay, the Mill Boy of tho
Slashes nine illustrations. .
The life of Benjamin i-ranaun, nine iiiusvrar .
tions. . . .
The life of General AVashington, nine iu.-
The life of Marion, nine illustrations.
The life of Lafayette, nine illustrations.
TU lifA f AVm.'Penn. nine illustrations.
The life of General Taylor, nine illustrations.
The life of Andrew Jackson, nine lllartration?.-
The life of apoleon uonaparte, nine uiur
tUThe Bell of Independence ; or Philadelphia in
1776. nine illustrations. ' .
The Yankee Tea party and other stone of the
Revolution, nine illustrations. ..,,..
Containing in all over one hundred illustra
tions. - . . v:i.
moral tone, and can safely be placed iu the hands
. .-n-Ano aniw.
of young people ; tney conmm
dotes illustrative of the early history of our coun
try, and are well adapted for family er school li
braries. ,:.t. m
Price per set handsomely bound m ciotii, gu
backs and neatly put up in boxes, 66,76.
Price per volume, neauy douiiu, vium s"
Colporteurs, Agents or School Libraries will be
supplied at a liberal discount.
. Copies will be sent by mail, postage free, upon
the receipt of the price of the set, or any volume.-
An- 93 25 South 6th St.. Philadelphia.
Second St., Philadelphia. The undersigned
havinc leased the above well known House, wnicn
has been RENOVATisn a.nd Re-modtlf.d throtsh-
oct. have just opened it for the reception oi visitors-
The furniture is an new, anu u
vim veil known establishment
in Chesnut Street, and is of the latest and most
fashionable stylo, ...
The location for Merchants and others coming
to the city is convenient, being in the contre f
Their friends in Clearfield are rcspecuuiiy soli
cited to give them a call. D. bla5ihttt
Aug. 30, 1S54. Proprietors.
RE MOVAL . MILLlKliY i.MjiiWfn
MENT! Jase Miller, respectfully informs
her Friends, and the l'ublic in general, inai uo
has removed from her old stand, having located
herself, at No. 6 South Sixth Street, upper ttde,
- V Ml I 1 . nil WW AO
Philadelphia, where sue wm ne . "
to supply her customers aim
of Millinery, 4c. Ac. and hopes by strict inten
tion to business, to mcrii a continuance of a liber
al share of custom, iter menus ana uii'u';
invited to call, before PS17
AtespecUuliy, o.t
li. All orders puuciuanj
Ang. M, lso.ii.
IR VIN, would respectfully inform the public
that they have very greatly improvea tneir aiuC)
T i IT 1 . 1 l-n.-nll inrp Till h 1 1T
and are now ame to auoru iuo n.vi.iS ,
the most comfortable aocommodations. Their bar
is furnished with the very best liquors, anu iuu
luxuries of the Philadelphia market are to ix
found on their table. They respecttuiiy myuo
their numerous friends in Ulearheid to gie iucm
a call. AuguBw
11 subscriber would respectfully inform the pub-
r- v. v.. koo ;ct nni i.pil fin entire new stock of
w-. --v w-m fT1
11C uiai i j "I 'm -
boots and shoes, in Graham s Hew, ene door east
of the Journal Office, Clearfield, Pa.
Every variety of Ladies and Gentlemen s gaiters,
laced boots, pumps, congress boots, childrens shoes
4c &e , cheap for cash. He hopes to receive a
liberal share of patronage. Hoots and shoes made
to order. C- b- "LACK.
Aug. !?, 1S54. - -
CJETTLE Ur ! All persons Knowing mcm
..i . toil tnthe snbscriber. hr bond. note.
r- m i i-i ju'ii.1. " -
book account, or in any other manner whatever.
are hereby notifio'i w come iurarn ui kw
before the Septcmbt r Court, as he is determined to
have his business entjrelr settled up by that time.
Those unable to ps.y, a.- requested to settle and:
time and opportunity
Grahamton, Aug. 23d, lS5i -
The partnership heretofore existing between
. il-Ti.i.r a 1 H-mUPLTV J
D W. liTLIiIliN&, 1UIW1AO .ucvni.v-i.i, anu.
ELI MENDENHALL, under the firm of D. W.
TriTTV.- Jr. C.n . At Lumber citv. Clearfield CO..
Pa., has been dissolved by mutual consent. The- -
books and accounts oi tne nrm are ieii, m ujo
hands of D. W. Robbins for settlement, where-
those indebted will please call immediately,
J 1. . 1VDD1i.t,(,,
Lumber City, 15, 1854. 3t.
lirAXTED 131 JI EDI AXEL. six jour-
nnvman Shoemakers. Constant employment
nnd liberal wages will be given, Apply next doer
to the Journal otnee, at tne 5noc e;
V. 1 - JDUAivOX.
September 6, 1854. -
LERY, Seccxd St.. 2 doors north of Powell -&
Co's Store, Clearfield, Pa
August 23, 1N4
BEREGE DELAINES. A superior article o
Berego Delaines in dress patterns, at 25 cents
ner yard, never sold in this county oeiore ior less
f. -i. ' t . MficriP t PflTTAR.FR'S-
tnan ov cents, ai mvuuvi -
June 13, 'at
ofiice nearly opposite the Court House,
Clearfield Pa., will attend faithfully to all businesa -entrusted
to bis care.
Jnnel7,lS54. ly.
JH. LARIMER Attorney and Counsellor at
Law. Ofiice with John L. Cuttle, Esq., next -
door to Dr. U. Lorrein g Drug More, uiearaeia, ;
Pa. May 26, '54-1 y
CONRAD A WALTON. Hardware fctore, jno. -255
Market Street, Philadelphia. Hardware,
Iron, Nails, Ac., of every description.
June la, l34-iy. '
1 EORGE J. WEAVER & CO., No. 13 Norm w a- ;
I -m - a. .?..... Tv.;io.llnhi.-. Doalers in Camct
i ivr cucci, uiiivir..j -
chain. Yarn. Manilla and Hemp Ropes, Bed-cords, -
Clothes-lines, o., o. I'""'
'. Z ?
TAR. The undersigned has just received ana
will keep for sale, at his shop on third street, ,
a superior article of tar. utui.ui. vn.
Clearheid, Jniy o. iw. .
' . . . . -r
HBUCHER SWOOPE Attorney at WW. r or
merly of the firm of Scott A Swoope, Hun-
tintrdon, Pa. Ofiice next door to, and over Esqmre
Wrigley'e, Clearfield, Pa. May 26, '54-ly. :
Barrels New Orleans Sugar, at Sixpence per
pound, for sale at the Cheap Store of
A. M. HILLo.
WE ALL TAKE HOBEMsACK. Hobensac- a i
Worm Syrup and Liver Pills, for sale by
June 13, '54. iuusr & roua-ir-
1 ff Sacks Salt, just received at t!e theap
June UU. .
BROOK. TYSON A REHN Wholesale vry
Good i Store, So.. 146, Market Scroet, Philailel
phio. . lJuae u, iaa-y- .