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For Jl; Raflsnisn's Journal.
After a long, arduous, and faithful watch, I
of bombast got up by Tom Jefferson, and oth
er old fogies, for buncumb, and thafVmwill
egard this oath as sacred, under the penalty
v. m . - i i XI. i. . . k
ol being Jiorganizea uy navmgjour uirusu cut
frnm ear to ear with a pitch fork, and then by
jbiing burried alive beneath a dung pileo
"lielp you potato."
tench member took this blasphemous o:tO,
and then proceeded to sign the constitution,
by opening a vein and dipping the pen in his
own blood ! .
This is all I was able to learn on that occa-
rrj any of our friends have legal business, , ,)avc ai length discovered the mysteries and
transact in Philadelphia, they cannot place, uemous secrets of that band of Tories'
tia better hands, than our friend Wash. L. the "Know Nothings," aud believing that my
jws, Esq., whose card may be found in an- y!egiance to tlie Constitution requires me to
,,her column. He is a good lawyer anf a ' . their unholv dointrs. that hit fellow
;kver fellow, and will do full justice to his cli- American citizens, and brother democrats,
nts. Office No. GO South Gth St. mnv beware. I have resolved, be the conse-
rcaders quences what they may, to publish them to sion, for being very suddenly seized with a
the world. I feel that in doing so I cm run- pain under the shirt,! was compelled to ica e
nin" a ercat risk, for the bloody bones and Should I be permitted, still to continue my
grinning skull of the murdered Morgan, re
mind me of the fate I cannot but anticipate.
Cut shall an olllcer of the valliunt Chinckleca
moose Rangers hesitate or falter at the ap
proach of danger ? No never ! Let it come,
I am prepared to meet my fate, and die a mai-
my country, feeling assured that pos- shall preserve the original -mss., oi mis expo:
will erect a monument to my memory, sition in the glass cose, with Franklin's print
rfr We request the attention of our
Rr Tnvrv in another
, r..Ar.;.,iAri rf ilift Tvrone Citv
Htel. Give them a call, when yon visit Ty
rone, if yon wish to be well treated, and get
tc glinted with a couple of clever fellows.
pyVTv sec by a card in another part of our
ijiier, lllai our irit;uu. iiAiiiiun.i,
. . - , . - ,
announced sometime since as naming reureu tvr to
to private life, has again launched his craft, at tcrity
discoveries, I will give them to the rTublic,
but I fear I shall be compelled to cnduO the
sad fate' of Morgan, by being fed on "Mother
Moore's sour-kront.'V If so, Ibid the public a
kind adieu, onlv renuestinjr that when I am
gone, as a memento of their gratitude, they
ThePresson the Greytown Affair. ftIlEUIFFS SALl-Ky nrtue snnrtrj 1-"
rri ll , ,J-o : I wrirs oi TCMllluni cjpunaa, jssucu out oi ids i coining rtrouiairuuc r ,
The press all ove? the country condemns, in Cwtt of Common picM 0f Clearfield county, and the above business, can get a shop and complete -
Strong terms, me iaie outrage coimiuueu ai to directed, will be exoosed to public sale, at set of tools, with two hearths. Agoou
rirovtown. DV Order Of the United States. t e tk. r.nrt llniica In hn Rnrnntrh nf fTlerfi!l. nn I Klr,. In rir1fnrd township, at the Will
' - - - I (U7 VUl V V . , ... T . v ... .u . - - - . , .
have not yei seen or nearri oi one paper rcch.- Monday, the lath day ot September laoi, a. one
less enough to defend it, although some such o'clock, P. M., all defendants interest in. Rnd to
will doubtless be found.. Extracts from the the following described Ileal Estate, to wit :
casern press have been -freely given in our Two tract., of land vi : one tract in the name
columni-The following is fonf the Cincin- fol
nali Commercial : lows : Beginning at a post, thence north 40 defr.
If these transactions are, as they are rep- we3t 220 perches to a post, south 39 d eg., west 203
resented to be, in obedience to the orders of perches to post, south 40 dog., cast 2Sf perches
the rresideut oi tne V nited i. talcs, it isrnoi,
of the
j subscribers, the shop having been in operation for
some three Years, doing a large dusiu .. - v.
further particulars enquire of ' ' ' .
too much to say that they arc infamous. No
man of true courage, no mauj of genuine mil
itary spirit, would have given such an order,
or justified such an act. it is cowardly cal
culated to debase the character of our nation
al forces, and to degrade the people of the
United States in the eyes of the World. We
have had example, enough of this kind. ' If,
trusting in our strength, we may trample now
and then upon the law ot nations with impu
nity, there are laws of nature aud of God
which should be sacred with and binding upon
all governments that profess to bo amenable
to the obligations of a common humanity."
S1IAXG11AIS. A number of the pure blood,
and of the half breed of Shanghai fowls for sale at
the Ponkrr Yard of W. M. Keedt. Curwensvillo
along line of tract, in the name of John Boyers, to pa. These fowls are very largo- and remarkable
post, thence north 3i) deg., east 169 perches to post. for their mild and domestic disposition, their lay
thence north 10 deg.. eat 140 perches to the be- ing and nursing qualities, and for their health-
Lumber City. H .RTsnoHS- & McCkaken, are
i i.ir of "sound eggs," as the boys say, and
if you want cheap goods just give them a call.
P7" Te call attention to the list of SherifFs
Sales in another column, by which it will be
jeen ui- -ukc n ----- j ? --'-- i. - .
vi!! be exposed to sale at the September Court.
Speculators will have a first rate opportunity
to make profitable investments.
whose cloud-capped summit shall tower far
above the pigmy columns of "Washington and
Bunker ITill !
Then to my work. Through the alleys and
by-paths, the streets and lanes, among the
pig-pens and dung-hills, in the chicken coops
and dog-kennels, in the cellar and garret, in
the church and tavern, in the court house and
private office, I have watched them aud followed
them, noting every manoeuvre, and perfecting
ing press, in the upper room of the Patent Office.
Speaking Eight Out. :
The Lcwistown "Aurora," edited by 17ra
F. Shaw, Esq., Democrat, but friend of Pro
An Administration paper out west having
asserted that the democrats of New York will
roll up a "tremendous majority" at the jiext
November election, Prentiss, of the Louis
ville Journal, says, they will be far more like
ly to roll up the white of their eyes.
C7The brother of Ex-Peesident Fillmore,
hibition, not having the fear of the party lash died of Cholera at St. Pauls, Minnesota, last
.- Ha .-cr cif...I.-c rio-lit, nut. in re cram to I weeK.
U.1V1 V ttovj,-, - ... .-cj C :
its feelings on the Gubernatorial question,
'Some of our brethern of the pres.s, on the
Cj"The Clearfield Academy will he opened J myself for the accomplishment of the great Democratic side of the house, are perplexing
most unlimited extent to
'ollock, the AVhig candi-
ic f h fsinrl in iito fi.rlhft
stitution is much needed, and we hope, as the I have been struck with astonishment and Temperance Party. This we take to be the
.mff.a have cone to a creat deal of trouble horror bv their peculiar movements, stamping most suicidal policy they could pursue. It
VI - O . I - I " . , ... . r
on the 4th of Septcirber next, under the di- task; in the performance of which I have thus their brains to a rao;
rection of W. A. Campbell, A. B. This in- far progressed. Wherever I have seen them, prove that James Pol
. . . ... " ., . . x., ...r... ..i date for Governor, is
to secure the services of a good and compe- I them at once with the guilt of high treason,
tnt Principal, that it will be well sustained by because they disregarded the right, and privi
0Tr citizens.
XT-We call the attention of painters, and
others to the fact, that a large and excellent
supply of White Lead and Linseed Oil, has
just been received at Mossop & Pottarff's.
rC7"The new System adopted by Mossop 4
Pottarff of selling goods at city prices, has
succeeded admirably, although they purchesed
the largest stock ever befor brought to the
county, and recruted several times since
spring, the demand has still exceeded the
supply. They arc again getting on a new and
lege guaranteed to every man by our glorious
Constitution " to 'Know' as much as the law
allows him." Yea, verily, upon one occasion,
one of them whispered in my ear, "Corporal,
induces the great mass of the friends of Tem
perance to look upon him as their standard
bearer in the coining campaign. If the strength
of the temperance organization in this State
can be concentrated upon Jas. Pollock, we
shall most heartily do what little we can to
produce the result if the Democratic press
f.rf- it utidti ns. and will at the same time
you're one of us, you don't 'Know' as much rc.turn tnem our sincere thanks ivv "keeping
as the law allows you !" it before the people." They might as well try
But after a Ions and toilsome watch, at to ascend to one of the planets on a sunbeam
. t 1 4, t. v,,. as toconvincc those who consider the temper
iaL A cunici ti iiivin ; x o -- i . . -.&
of night. The wanning moon looked pale in
the heavens,and gave to all around a jaundiced,
sicklv hue. I had just closed the lids of
Blackstone, and was proceeding home to
Draw the drapery of my coueh about mo
And he down to pleasant ureams,
splended assortment which they will offer for whQ horriMe to rel:lte x beheld two of thesc
sle en the same terms
C?"By refference to another column it will
.e seen that the partnership heretofore exis
ting between Geo W. Orb & Joiix Klisger,
Las been dissolved. The bnisnesswill still be
tarried on as usual by Mr. Orr and the books
are iu his hands for collection.
07""There is a tremendous excitement now
at Ulmax's, Clothing Store, next door to the
-flice of L. J. Crans Esq. Moter is selling off
at cost, and the low price of his goods has a
hirnied all our tailors, and dealers in ready
made clothing. If you want a cheap suit,
tall immediately.
C7"M.ny of our readers, find it difficult to
obtain at all times, certain drugs and medi
cines at home, and will therefore be gratified
to learn that by sending to Tyrone they can
procure them at the .Store of Dr. James M
Martin. Se card in another column.
"traitors to then God and Country," skulking
round the corner of the market house ! Ifere
then was a glorious opportunity ; my long
and toilsome labors were about to be crowned
with success ! I quietly slipped off my boots,
and with cautious tread, and quivering flesh,
crawled gently up that filthj' alley. Slowly
I advanced, when some soft and squashy thing
beneath my naked foot caused mc to direct
mv attention thitherward, and when I raised
ance reform paramount to all other subjects,
politically, tliat Wm. Bigler is as good a Tem
perance man as either of the candidates.
Thev may tell us that Governor Bigler is op
posed to the Nebraska Bill ; have we any guar
cntee we find the evidence to prove that he
is' not ? "Non-committal on all subjects" is
his motto. But what care we about Southern
slavery while our country is subject to far
greater curse slavery to the power ol King
Alcohol. Up then, ye friends of temperance,
and deal unitedly one blow for the annihila
tion of all non-committal candidates, and for
the triumph of the temperance cause."
Candor. -We
like, occasionally, to pick up a Demo
cratic paper, that has spirit and manliness
enough to admit the false doctrines and false
issues of its party. Wo therefore commend
to the perusal of our readers, the following
my head, they had disappeared. But with my from the jefrerSonian. Go it. Col. you're on
usual perseverance, I advanced, determined to thc right track, this fall, and no mistake. .
explore all the secret places of this dreadful -phe Clarion Democrat, and Clearf-oTa IPu0-
allev. At length I arrived at a carpentershopj lican calls upon us to publish Douglass' cele-
and'throuzh the crevices I. the 'Corporal," brated speech, or some other Nebraska speech,
Official Directory of Clearfield County.
IIox. James Bcrsside. - - Bellefonte.
Ilox. Kicn.MtD Shaw. - - - Clearfield.
Jlo.v. Johx P. IIovt. - - - Lumber City.
William Torter. - - - - Clearfield.
William Towell. - - . - Clearfield.
K. F. Wari, Clearfield.
Henry Stone, Clearfield.
Robert Mehaffey. - - - - Bower.
Sami:e. SeiroFF. - - - Glen llopo
Philip JIevixer. - - - - Pi-nuiicld.
George B. Goodlanher. - - Luthcrsburg.
JoH' JIcPuersox, Clearfield- "
L. Jackson Crans, Esq. - - Clearfield.
Tuos. Ross, Esq. - - - - Curwensvillo. -COUNTY
Geo. W. Sch'off. Jeffrie.
C. Kratzer. ----- Clearfield.
J. II. Kevlkr. - - - - - -. Luthcrsburg.
Arrival and Departure of the Kails at the
Clearfield Post-Office.
Tyrone Mail: Leaves every day, Sunday ex
cepted, at 7 o'clock. A.M.
Arrives at (J P. M.
Karthouse: Leaves Clearfilcd .Friday at 8 A. M.
ginning iu Boggs township, Clearfield county,
with erected thereon, one double saw will, 2 dwel
ling houses, one stablo and other out houses with
three or four acres of cleared land.
- ALSO, one other tract warranted in the name of
Joseph Buffin, bounded as follows, to wit : Begin-
.... f -i a . r
ning at a post at tno corner oi nrusuan ien.uigs
traet. thence south east 2-50 perches to a Chestnut,
thence south 10 deg. west 295 perches to stones,
north 80 deg., west 230 perches to a post, thence to
the place of beginning 215 perches, containing 400
acres and 10 perches, adjoining the Christian Get
ting survey. Seized, taken in execution, and . to
be sold as tho property of Wm. Patton, H. 15.
Smith, and J. M. Stevens. ' '
ALSO, bv virtue of a writ of venditioni exponas
at tho same time and place, will be exposed to sale
A certain tract of land of 100 aores, situato in
Bccaria township, Clearfield county, beginning at
an old maple, thence north S8i deg., west 35 perch
es to an old hemlock, Philip Gleseinirer, south 70
perches to a hemlock, thence by residence of Geo.
Moore. Jr., survey and John MeCahen, cast 233
perches to hemlock, north 81 perches to a post and
white oak, south 81, west by land sold Moses Rob
eson, 1S4 perches to hemlock, south 83 deg., west
31 rerches to pine, norm ou. west iu pcrcnes,
north 25 deg., east about 20 or 25 pprches to place
of beginning, erected thereon, a saw mill, one
dwelling house, and about 10 cleared, said 100
acres being out of surveys in names of John Me
Cahen, George Moore, Jr. and Phillip. Seized,
taken in execution, and to be sold as the property
of Caleb Copcnheaven.
- ALSO, a certain lot of land situate in the town
of Curwensvillo, on the north east sido of Filbert
street, with a new frame house erected thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold as the
property of Archibald Henry.
ALSO, all the interest of defendant in and to a
certain tract of land, situate in Woodward town
ship. Clearfield county. Pa., bounded by lands of
Patrick Doling, John Chase and others, containing
113 acres, more or les?. being the same purchased
by defendant and his brother, Wm: Rowles from
James Forrest, with two small dwelling houses
and two stables and a blacksmith shop erected
thereon, with about 25 acres cleared. Seized, ta-
Not one of their young have died or been sick
this summer. - .
July 15. 1S54. ....
Great Excitement. Startling Announcement,
THAT the largest, cheapest, and best assortment
of Goods ever brought into Clearfield county,
have just arrived, and are offered for sale, at the
New Store of the subscribers, near the Journal
Ufiiee, Clearfield, Pa. Never before has a more
brilliant, and at the same time a cheaper lot of
Goods been offered to this commnnity. They have
all been selected with it view to the wants and ne
cessities of the people of this particular locality,
after long experience, and intimate acquaintance
with their business connections.
Dry Goods of every variety, DressGoods, Cloths,
Cassimcres, and Clothing; Boots and Shoes, 1UU
and Caps, Bonnets and Shawls, together with a
large and " splendid assortment of Qucensware,
Hardware and Groceries.
Defying all competition, they solicitthcir friends
and the p'ublic to give them a call and examine
their stock. MOSSOP & rOTTARFF.
June 12, 1354. ly.
RETAIL. Isaac Johnston would respectfully in
form his friends and the public generally that ha
has just returned from the East, where ho haspnr
chascd the most splendid assort ruent of Boots &
Shoes ever brought to Clearfield. Every variety
of Ladies slippers, gaiters, pumps, &o. Ac. Mens
fancy shoes, and gaiters, with an excellent assort
ment of heavy stock, all adapted to the wants ot
the people of Clearfield.
He hopes his friends will give him a call at his
.. . ., . .. . .
store in ' t-naw s now ana examine nis stocs.
- June 13, 1654. .
X opened a new and splendid assortment of
goods, at their Store in Grahamton, consisting of
Ladies DressGoods, Cloths, Ca??iineres. Hardware,
QaeeESwarc, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Oils, Paints,
und I'vcrr nflipr article usuallv kept in a couutrv
ken in execution, and to be soli ad the properly of I Store, where they offer for salc -as cheap, if not
John Rowles. - cheaper than any other Store in the County. All
ALSO, a certain tract of land, situate in Pcnn kinds of produce and lumber taken in exenange
township, Lleameia county, i'a., adjoining lanus I for Goods.
of Joseph Spencer and John Spencer, with a plank
house and plant oarn, tnereon erectea, ana uooui
12 acres cleared thereon. Seized, taken in execu
tion, and to bo sold as the property of Jonathan
ALSO, lot No. 15 in the boroujrh of Curwonsville
with a dwelling house, store house.stable and other
out houses erected thereon, bounded by lot late the
estate of John Scot on the' West, Stephen Graff on
tho Ea5t and the Erie Turnpike on the North. Al
so 75 acres, more or less, of Timber Land, in Burn-
side township, Clearfield county, bounded by lands
of Jonathan Snyder. Kitchen and others. Seized
and taken in execution and to Le sold as thejjrop
crtv of Isaac Smith.
ALSO, two certain tracts of land, situate in Mor
ris townshin. Clearfield county, containing 71)0
acres bounded by lands of Henry Lorain, Tcter
Schwartz, John B. Kcyler, Phillip Shimell and
others, as follows : Ono tract beginning at pine
inrncr of John Houston and Francis Johnson,
Arrives, Saturday at 6 P. M. thence by Stephen Kingston, survey south 2:J8
Smith's Mills. Leaves Clearfield, Friday at perches, thence east lew perches, norm percnes
G A. M.
Grahamton: Leaves Saturday at 9 A. M.
Arrives same day at 4 P. M.
lv DiucKsmuu m stu iij i living in tm
other column, that a good shop, and complete
set of tools.can be had of IIi r.tthall & Bro.,
at their mills, about six miles from this place.
This is one of the best locations in the country.
ClT la another column will be found the
advertisement of our friend Mr. D. S. Plotser
who has opened a Hotel at New Washington.
Having had occasion to stop with Mr, Plotner,
a few days since, we can most heartily recom
mend his house to the trading community.
No paius are spared La-rcndcr visiters com
fortable, and his table would be a modal for
some other hotels we wot of.
K7- The excitement at the "Old Corner"
where the blood red standard of Gen. A. M.
Hills floats on the breeze, has increased ten
fold notwithstanding the hot weather, since
the Gen.'s return from the City with another
lar:re and solendid assortment of goods. Call
and look at his magnificent lot of fashionable
bonnets, and black, watered, and fancy silk
C7 Everything now-a-days must be Amer
ce n, and of course we must have an American
boarding house. Jons S. Rajebach having
cauiht the spirit of the times, has just opened
nc on a large and comfortable scale. lie in
vites the public to give him a call, and feels
confident that he will be able to render satis
" faction.
: beheld an unco sight '."
There were assembled in solemn conclave the
"Know Nothings!" At last I had found them,
and I knew " mine hour had come," that
hour-in which I was to do my country a signal
. i .1
service, tnat wouia wreaine my orow wnu
never-fading laurels.
At one end of the room, on a glue-keg, sat
the Grand Magniloquent, or presiding officer,
who was supported on either side by two Past
Fiddle-de-gigs, with naked, blood-stained
swords crossed over their heads, and holding
in their hands a "bloody bishop's mitre," sig
nificant I suppose of the decapitation of the
Catholic clergy. Standing in groups about
the room were the members, dressed in a garb,
I am sorry to say, resembling the uniform of
the Chincklecamoose Hangers! Suddenly the
Grand Magniloquent, in a stentorian voice,
called the meeting to order, striking five raps
with a pondorous malet or gavel, like those
commonly used for morticeing locust posts.
When the members were all seated, an officer
announced seven candidates ready for initia
tion, whom he was directed to introduce.
They were brought into the room through a trap
door, blindfolded, and formed into a circle
round the presiding officer, who commenced
to mumble forth some singular incantation
that sounded like the following : "Nnow-nothing-lbcmosorham-rlreoarcne.hmu
1 Nrxt
btrxqk t2ogmx."
The lights were extinguished, and soon the
room was illuminated with a pale, blueish,
sickly flame, and perfumed with an odor very
much like brimstone. The Grand Magnilo
quent then turned two somersets forward and
thirteen backwards, when he appeared in the
character of JohnJonston, better known as
T7- It is said that leather has recently risen
from twenty to fifty per ceut, nevertheless
RcssELt. & Co., at Pennsville, continue to
furnish it cheap as usual for caslu Xhey have
always on hand an excellent supply, and in
vite fihoemakers, saddlers, and others, to give
them a call. They pay the highest price in
cash for hides.
C7" There have been a good many com
j!aints recently about our Clearfield market,
and we are glad to learn, y a notice in anotlv
cr column, that our enterprising friends Ratk-
t.vrr.H & Morrow, have determined to supply
it with at least ne of the in'despensible luxu
ries, good fresh beef. The fact that Billy's
corporation' has enlarged considerably sinco
he' got into the butchering business, is the
lest evidence of the quality of the meat.
It's cheap, fa, and tender.
!a?"Prlnceraul,'of Wertuinburg, is now in thi3
couufry selecfiug botanical and ornithological spe
cioins, but we doubt if he has met, in all his tra
vcls.with more beautiful, excellent and cheap spe.
cimens of furniture, than are to be seen at the
TTaw Rooms of Damel Bbnsek in this borough
f ll and tak s l- k.
for the information of the democracy of Jef
ferson, but we must decline their invitation,
and state that our county is flooded with cart
loads of such documents, franked by mora.
lers of Congress and sent in here to prejudice
the public mind in favor of the measure.
Therefore it is unnecessary to publish it here,
as the roverument has saved us that trouble;
but if Alex, or Dan'l. will furnish us a speech
made in Pennsvlvania by a Democrat in 1851,
in favor of the compromise measures, who as
serted that those acts were intended to repeal
the Missouri compromise, and permit slavery
to cross the line of of CO deg. 30 min., we will
publish it with pleasure. Gentlemen, you
must admit that the Democratic party preach
ed false doctrines in 1851 or that the Douglass
party are doing it now. Our files show that
wo. told the people' then that the Missouri eom-
l.vnniisn act was to remain inviolate, and "if
we said the horse was seventeen ices nign we
will stick to it."
Flour, per bid.
Rye Flour. " "
Corn Meal, "
AVheat. per bush.
Rye, scarce at
Corn, scarce
Oats, scarce "
Monday, Aug. 7.
6.50 -"
3.75 '
Wednksuav, Aug. 9.
per bbl. S10.50
per bush. 2.50
" 1.25
" 1.121
. .62
Portsmouth, Aug. 7,
Select Com. and Tannd inch,
Do. half inch,
Hemlock Boards,
Hemlock Joist and Scantling.
S 11,00
and west 16S ncrches. nart ol the Mephen Kings
ton survey, containing 2"?5 acres. The other piece
of Francis Johnson survey, beginning at same
pine, thence along the division lincot the Jouuson
and Kingston survey, east 16S perches, thence
north 100 perches, thence west ICS perches, thence
south 106 perches, containing 105 acres. One other
piece beginning at apine, thence north 345 perches
by Miller and Moore surveys, thence west ltU
perches, thence south 345 perches, thence east 164
perches, containing 353 acres, being out of partsof
surveys in tho name? of Stephen Kingston and
Francis Johnson, with a few acres of the first
mentioned in Centre county, with two frame houses
and log barn thereon erected and about 15 acres
cleared". Seized, taken in execution, and to be
sold ns the property of Thomas ii. Snyder.
A10, a certain tract of land, situato in Tike
township, Clearfield county, as follows: Beginning
at a post, corner of John Rlooiii, Sr., thence north
along the line of said John lUoom, 63 8-10 perches
to a hemlock, thence west 125 perches to a post,
theneo south 60 8-10 perches to a pine, near a dog
wood, thence along lands of Levi and Benjamin
Bloom, Jr., east 125 perches to the beginning con
taining fifty acres and allowance. Seized, taken
in execution, aud to be sold as the property of
August" 9, 1S54. Sheriff.
9 Cassnneres. estinys. lnmmings, o.c
the splendid tock of Cloths,
The Sunday Law
Mayor Conrad, of Philadelphia, thus speaks
of the effects of the recent enforcement of the
Sunday law in that city:
"The results amply rewarded the effort. A
quiet, long unknown, fell upon the Sabbaths
of our city. I he shouts ot revelry ana not, On the 7th instant, bv Rev. J. M. Mason, Mr.
and the clamor ot contending nre compnies no ttvt,t. p lin.sov. of Wilmington. Delaware, to
longer disturbed our streets; and not a single Miss Kezia Thompson, of Gordon township, Clear-
case of fire, riot or other popular aisturbance, field co., Pa.
innn purchased by (he Subscriber, which he will sell or mjEW' i'
J 11 make up to order, in the niosl fashionable and du- Jj inft)rm
ii no rl0 manner, at his store in -Shaw's Row." The and
not a case of gross personal violence wss re
ported within the city upon any subsequent
Sabbath. The following exhibit of watch ca
ses for the nights of Saturday and Sunday,
heard in this office, wili show the almost ma
gical effect of this policy.
On tho Mondavs for live weeks preceding the
Sunday proclamation, the caccs numbered 4'J,
30, 87, 40, and 35. After the proclamation they
diminished to -1, 1, Id, VI, and . lhat day
pure, purified the following days, and leaven
ed the whole week with a better spirit. Tho
general diminution of offences is without par
allel; and the present wholesome condition of
the city, m regard to the public tranquility
makes it my duty to persist in a policy so be
neficent until arrested bp the actual mterpo-
Wilmington papers please copy.
material and 'fits' warranted .No charge for show
ing his cheap and beautiful goods.
lie would inform the trade in Clearfield, that he
is the authorized agent for Devcre s London aud
Paris Fashions.
TIIOS. shea:
June 27, 1354. '
11 max, would inform the public that, he has
opened a new and splendid assortment ot ciouung.
Esq. Clear-
"Black Johu."and proceeded to administer the
oath, which was as follows : (the candidates sition ot unquestionable autnontv
named, first placed one hand on Morgan's ex- T L Remedy. Sam- lived on the
position of Masonry, and the other to their Banks of the Deleware, and was a mighty hun
nose, in the significant manner of the boy when ter.
he wishes to say, you can't come it,) v 'plagued with a degenerate son who
1 ou and each of you,do solemnly promise, interesting rursuits. One day Sam's patience
affirm, asservatc, swear, promulgate, and pred- gavc out entirely, and he exclaimed in the bit-
icate, that you will adopt as j-our creed, the tcrness of his mortification "Cuss me, lorn,
sontimpnt. constitution, bv-laws. and forms if you're not gettin' perfectly worthless: you'll
neither hunt nor fish; 1 11 be hanged, if I don't
sentiments, constitution, by-laws, and forms
of this. order, about which you must -always
"Know Nothing." That you will never di
vulge its forms, secrets, ceremonies, or exis
tence, that you will represent it outside as
antagonistic to Catholicism, though you
"Know Nothing" about it, that you will use
send you to school"
In Lawrence township, on Monday last, David
W. Ogdes, in the 27th year of his age.
He leaves a young widow, and a large circle of
friends to mourn his untimely loss. Ho was a
good citizen, much respected by all who knew
X opened on the 4!h day of September next, un-
ilnrtbu direction of W. A. CAMPBELL, A. !., as
Tho Academy will comprise both a male and a
femalo department.
It is desired to have the scholars present when
the school opens RICHARD SHAW,
President of Board of Trustees.
. August 9, 1S54.
JL IR"VIN, would respectfully inform the public
that they have very greatly improvea tneir nouse,
Bnd are now able to afford the travellins public,
tho most comfortable accommodations. Their bar
13 furnished with the very best liquors, and tne
luxuries of the Philadelphia market nre to be
found on their tabic. They respectfully invite
their numerous friends in Clearheld to give tnem
a call. August 9, 1854.
ot the best quality and lowest prices, at His etore,
next door to the office of L. J. Crans,
field. Pa.
Everv variety of Clothing, Hale, Caps, and fan-
cyarticlcs. Ho willsell cheaper than any other store
in the county. . lie aeues compcuuon, van auu
see his stock.
Highest prices paid for Deer Skins.
June 27, 1S54. 3mo.
meet for parade drill on Saturday 12th., of
August, 10 o'clock, supplied with 5 rounds ot blank
cartridge, and all your equipments in good order.
There will be an election neia at tne voun iioufe
on Monday 21st day of August, at 3 o'clock, P. M.,
for the purpose of electing Company Officers.
By order ot the captain.
Clearfield, July 25,1 S54.
undersigned bavine purchased the entire
stook of S. A. Martin, would take this method or
informing the "Natives," and tho public generally,
that Druirs and family medicines of all kinds, and
in fact every thing that is generally Kept in a
Drug Storo,can be had at this establishment cheap
er than at any other in the country. This estab
lishment will be under the management of one
that has exnenence, and is well acquainted with
medicine, and is also coinpctant to preenbe for
all those that may require the advice ot a l'nysi
cian. : . J: JAMts Ji. juauiia.
P. S. A private Office attached. ,; T - ,
All of Dr. Jaync's family medicines for sale.
U. M. UliAltAM.
Grahamton, June 14, T54.
Sign and Ornamental Painters, Glaziers,
Chair makers, and Paper Hangers, offer their ser
vices to tho citizens of Clearfield and vicinity.
Shop next door to the Jew's Store.
They keep constantly on hand, and make to or
der every variety of Chairs, Lounges. Sofas, o., "Ac.
Chairs, and Sofas made equal in beauty to any that
can be obtained from the City, and more durablo
in workmanship and material. ---
June It, '54. ly. RORERT HOWE.
THE GOOD INTENT HOTEL, and Stage Office,:
Curwensvillo, Pa. The Subscriber would in
form his friends and the public that he has just re
fitted and re-furnished his house and is prepared
to render every attention to the travelling commu
His bar contains liquors of the first quality, and'
his table will always oe supplied with the best. in.
- He resneetfally solicits his friends and1 others to
give him a call. WM. 11., FLEMMING.
June 14, '54. , .
jpmy.n. A. M. HILLS. D. D. S. Office adjoin
AbSzlN. ing hia Store, Clearfield, Pa. ' Artifi-
U 1 1 t it ciai Teeth, from one to a full set, moun
ted in the most approved modern style.
. Filling, Filing, and Cleaning done with care
and neatness.
Teeth extracted with all the eare and dispatch
modern science can furnish.
DR. HILLS, can always be found at his office,
as he is now devoting his whole attention to his
profession. June 14, '54.
Sixth St. Philadelphia. The subscriber has
recently enlarged and fitted up his house, and is
now enabled to compete successfully, with any es
tablishment in the City. His rooms are comfort
able and well ventilated, and his table furnished
with the best in the market. He respectfully soli-,
cits the large circle of his Clearfield friends jo give
him a call when they visit the city.
June IS, 1S54. ly.
the public that they have just opened
a new and splendid assortment of Goods of every
variety, at the old stand of H. D. Pattos atCur
wcnsville. At their store may bo found, almost
everything adapted to the wants and necessities of
the people of this region. : Dress-froods, Lawns,
Laces. Gloves. Cioths, Cassimeres. Clothing, Hats,
Caps, Boots. Shoes, Ac, Ac, of the best quality and
at tho lowest prices.
Also a splendid assortment ol Hardware, yueens-
ware and Groceries.
They invite all persons to give thani a call, ful
ly assured they will be able to render entire satis--fiction.
Curwensvillo, Juno 15, 1854-ly.
Rum and Locofocoism. The assertion has
been attributed to a democratic member of
I EN. have iust opened a new and splendid as
nionr tho faithful in Xew Hampshire, Gov. Sf,rtinent of cood3 of every variety, at the old
all your exertions to procure the lynching of Baker wants to improve the condition of the stand of D. W. ROBINS A CO., Lumber city, Clear-
Stephen Arnold Douglass, by immersing mm .'V. ' a d " .7 X They invito the public toXive them a call, and
in a hogshead of molasses, and then setting Citv Counc Is torohibit tl e sale of feel assured they will be able to render entire sat-
him forGafly trap, in the rotunda of the Capil tnXl d "
t0ithat you will lend your aia iu luurgauie liquor tun, 100 io iuo.
any outsider who ahall expose our holy order,
l.im adrift, at midnight, in a boat
The Albany Journal says the Catholic Church
nf Ivoicvilli hni assumed a nosition similar to
without oars, at the head of Buttermilk Falls, tJiat wi,icn ie(i to the excommunication by the
or feeding him on Mother Moore 'saour-Zcrour, Bishop, ot tno bt. L.ouis tnurcn at miuaio.
that vou will ever regard the Constitution "of The St. Louis Church have a minister as in-
that j on win ever rtfearu n.c v . depen(lent a3 themselves, and hold services
the' United States a piece of moonsiune nie rc;gul;iy 0ne of the memners recently re
Joe Smith's bible. that you will consider the marked to a friend that they should look
D-laration of Independence, "merely a piece higher than the Bishop for pardon".
August 9, 1854.- -
epivpd . 1 lartre " suppIt of 'Lead and Oil
which we will sell cheaper than ever for eash.
; August 9, 1S54.
AJ Notice is hereby given to all whom it may
concern' that tho partnership heretofore existing
between the undersigned is this day dissolved ky
mutual consent. The books of the firm are left m
the hands of Geargo W. Orr, by whom all the ac
counts are to be settled, he having purchased the
interest of John Klinger in the outstanding ac
counts. G. W.. Orr willeetue all the firm debts.
, . ., GEO. W. ORR,
Clearfield, July 25ylS54. .
Business will bo carried on by Geo. W. Orr at
the old stand, who invites all his old customers to
civo him a call and as many new ones as can make
it convenient. GEO. W. ORR.
Clearfield, July 23,TS54"" " .
nnAR.- Tho undersicned has just received and
"7"ASIIINGT0N L- BLAUli. ..ATTOKSEY at win seep ior saie, ai aw euu(i euow,
Law. No. 66. South Sixth St., Philadelphia. I a superior article of tar. GEORGE ORR.
Aucrun 5.: lso4
Clearfield, Jnly .-1854.-
JOIIN R. MORROW, Cabinet Maker, Miop oppo
site M. E. Church, Clearfield. Pa. keeps con
stantly on hand and makes to order, all Ksnas ot
Furniture, such as Tea Tables. Card Tabfes, Cen
tre Tables. Sofas, Spring Seated Chairs, lcasteas,
Bureaus, Wash Stands, Cupboards. Safes, Ac. Ac.
Coffins made on the shorsest notice, and Funer
als attended. JOHN R. MORROW.
June 13, 1854. ly. . -
Bags of Coffee, just received and for sale
A.- j1. IHLiIjo.
i no
LUU at the New Store of
June 14, '54
at the Sign
. June 27, 1854.
OvFjvJvAJ of best quality, for sale a
of tho Red Flag. Price S3.50 per thousi
and Land Agent, No. 3. Goldsmith's Hall,
Philadelphia, will faithfully attend to all Ousincss
entrusted to his care,1
-June 27, 1854.'. . .
ES DUNDY Attorney-aVLaw. Clearfield, Ta.
will attend faithfully to alt professional bu
siness .entrusted to his care. ., June 13, '54. ly.
B. McENALLY Attorney at Law. Office
nearly opposite Judro . Wrisht's Store, Clear
field, Pa., practices in Clearfield and adjoining
counties. ' ' Jane 13, '54.-1 y. -
CHEAP CLOTHING. A large lot of Cheap Clo
thing, Men's and Boys, for sale cheap, by
Juno 13, '54. ., ., i-. MOSSOP A POTTARFFV . -
TTLACKRERRY BRANDY. A certain cure for
JL3 the Dysentary, for sale by
; June 13, '54. MOSSOP A POTTARFF. r
JjJL. Clearfield, Pa., Office in "Shaw's Row,',, .
, June, 15, 1S54.
PEACE,' Curwensville, Pa. Office opposite the
-tlvt TnlAnf Hold " -. ' , f.TnPA.'IA LISA
T JACKSON CRANS Attorney " at Law. Of
Am fie adininin? residence. Clearfield. Pa. . .
! . , . - . play 2i,'54-ly.
TAMES B, GRAHAM-Merchant and extensive
af dealers in lumber. Grahmpton, P. O., Clear
field county. Pa.---. - May 28, '54-ly