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For the Difficulty of Hear-
A AKES this method of letting society
know that he bas discovered 2 new
and easy way of assisting those who are
“hor'd of hearing, quite ‘e new way.
Knowing that Providence has permitted
a remedy 0 grow for every disease he
bas made it His “study, this number of years.
past, to try to find out this remedy.
At length he flatters himself of being
‘successful, more so than ary man yet
The remedy generally gives help ex-
cept to very old people, who began tc
loose their eye-sight about the time tha
Rankin & Steel,
by 5
fiom, for carding wool inta rolls, at the old
Jstand in Belletonte.
Lxrorn their friendsand tie ‘public.
cuat their machines are in complete opera
The price fur carding},
will be 8 cents per Ib. Those
a distance may, by waiting, take their woo.
home in rolls. The wool oui w be wel.
washed, and picked clean of sticks und al.
interesting Discovery
£0 ilivse who ate so unfortunate as to be
afflicted with
AND to those whose feelings of hu-
manity excite them te inquire and di
ect where they may obtain a perfect cure
who live ai1or the malady, in the mest sale, easy and
fleciual way :
Doctor Griggs,
1 : ie
copied from official docursenis und ex...
ard substances. One pound of grease
en ibs. wool.
Rankin and Steel tender their sincer
thanks to all those who have heretolore fa
vored them with their cysiom; and hope
by strict attention to business to merit 2
share of public patronage.
Juxe 24, 1817.
Laurel Spring
No 277 North Second Strect Philadelphia
Confident tha this remedy is superior to
all others that have ever been in practice
‘hinks it his duty to make it known to the
public, that he has succeeded in effectually
curing near one hundred persons in this
city; ofthe most dreadful of all maladies,
he CANCER, within the last 2 years ma-
iy of whom had despared of ever obtaining
4 cure, some of whom had been attended
n the Alms House and Hospital of this
piace, without success and now are ef
bas beep, poimiitetl so dave adeeke sod
Seerciary ef swtes” Office at Washi
for this puiposc.
The Arius ol tke several states to
i a S
ted with a particular cye to heraldic ace.
An expectation was entertained that the
work would be ready for publication iy
February 1817, but this expectation cannot
be realized.
The publisher duly Lupressed with (he
tmportauce of the dut y Le bas posed ug.
ou himsell, is determined, that all the ex.
pectations he has raised as w the Accura«
cy, Taste, and Splendor of the publication
shall be folly realized. The difficulties
that have presented themselves bave been
greater than was expected, and the ey.
pence incurred heavier than had been caf.
culated 1 but the general approbation with
cited the publisher to perseverance, apd
determines him to make this edition wor.
thy the principles which it is intended (qo
which the Proposals were received, has iy.
a |
the hearing becomes weakned. To ali
others it as yet, has seldom failed of re
storing that great blessing of hearing.
. Directions can be sent to the patien:
by postor otherways, to any place how-
ever distant. At the same time, it may
be some-what sattistactory to those dis
tressed to know that they may pursuc
their usual business, and to eat and drink
what tastes best.
The preparing transmission, &c. of the
remedy, will come to about five dollars
One great object is to defuse its bene-
fits as far as possible, therefore, all prin-
ters who will give the above an occasion:
al insertion, shall receive its advantages
for themselves, or relatives in thus assist-
ng te place it within the reach of the
Mr. Editor, :
Many people in letters to me, express
a wish to have the principle, of cure
explained to them. This I cheerfully
‘will do. .
Principle of cure is to mvigorate the}
whole system, for
« Whatever has a tendency to strength
¢n the whole nervous systefn, necessarily
will strengthen any weak part.
Dr. Rush’s Lectures.
pei petuaie, and the natiai to whom it shali
be dedicated.
Itis needless to speak of the merits of
the Artists employed : they ave known s
could better have been found, they would
have been resorted to, on this occasion.
The Plaie has been under the grayep
ever since last May ; but suchis the Quan.
tity of work, and the style of execution, that
it is pot yet in the power of the Subscripey
to promise its completion, before the next
anniversary of the day oth which Indepep.
dence was proclaimed.
It is found that the Paper will require
to be 38 by 26 instead of 36 by 24 inches,
as there is 10 Copper-plate Press suffici.
ently large to work off such an impression
Ja Press nivst be made for the purpose,
The difficuiiy of procuting official irapres-
sions. drawings and descriptions of the
Arms vi the respective States, has proved
another source of delay, Many of those
that Luve Leen rescived, are of so Impey.
tect end coniined a character— the draw-
Ings su luc gant, and ellen So inaccurate § +
not cculiorming in desizn to dhe certified :
descripuun—=that it was found ibdispensa~
bie to e. SATE an hrtist of science, taste
and skill, wo reconcile the discordant ma.
THE Subscriber respectfully inform:
his friends and the public in general tha
he has opened a Lave in the stane house
opposite the bridge across the Juniaits
river at Laurel Spring Puper Mill, on the
great and direct road from Pittsburg
through 8inking Valley, and Long’s
Valley, past Crawford’s and Johuson’s
taverns to Bellefonte , Great Island, Pean’s
Valley, Northumberland and the adjacent
country. : a
He has a supply of every necessary
suitable for the accommodation of travel-
lers and others; and will pay sirigt atten-
tion to those who may favor his house.
John Stratton.
May 16, 1817. “5;
cctually cured——
By the afflicted’s Hun ble seyvant
Daniel Griggs.
N. B. Reference can be hadof some
hundreds of the most respectable citizens
of Philadelphia.
B77 All editors of papers in this state
will pleas¢ insert the above once a week
for three months, and send their accounts
for payment as above.
All Editors in the United States will
subserve the cause of humanity by giving
the above afew insertions in their respec.
tive papers.
September 5, 1816.
For Sale.
ONTAINING 200 acres, more 0)
iess, called Baver’s Delight, situate in
Ferguson township, Centre county, adjoin
~~ ling lands of Jacob Houser, Benjamin
{Whitehill and George Coble; about 7
~ Jiniles from Bellefonte.
~The aforesaid tract of land is of the first
In 10 Volumes.”
THE publishers have the satisfaction of
This doctrine we have been taught in
his lecture room-—and on this doctrine
my method of cure is founded. Now as
kard hearing is nothing more than a
weakness of the ears—it of course fol-
lows, that by strengthening the whole
nervous system --this weakness will be
strengthened at the same time ; conse |
‘forming their subscribers, that the seco
edition of this wark, published under the;
palronage ol congress, is now completed,
Gentlemen residing in New York and
Pennsylvania will be supplied with books
in the course of the present summer; and
those in Obio and Kentuck
close of the year. : iol
‘When the great distance and expense
Avo od
y before the
|quality limestone land, Itsimprovements
efare, about fourteen acres of the first rate
meadow=——an orchard of 70 bearing apple
irees—one hundred hewed logs, from 10
to 14 inches ace, 60 feet long; and about
8000 shingles—all on the spot, and in com-
plete preparation for building a bank barn.
Toere are inthe whole about eighty acres
of cleared land, under most excellent fence.
Terms of sale will be made known toany
terials, and make the drawings harmonize
with the descriptions on rccord. This
task Mr. Sully has undertaken; and is pros
ceeding in it with all the zeal that the sub-
ject requires; and he will compleat the
Arms oi the several States tn such a mane
ner as to make this publication the stand.
ard of reference for accurate knowledge
on tne heialdry of the Union, and as a spe-
cimen of National taste,
quently, hearing returns A
Further—Perhaps it may not be amiss
to make known, that the remedy is not
to be put into the ears.
No—not even the least particle of it.
Putting things into them has been the
ruin of thousands.
On the contrary, the, reader will be
pleased to take notice that my principle
of cure goes quite the contrary way, al-
of transportation are considered, the pub-
lishers ave persuaded, that, in completing
the delivery, they shail experience from
the gentlemen respoctively, whose names
honor the subscription, every facility which
it may be in their power to afford.
Boston, June, 1817,
it shall be delivered to subscribers a
TEN dollars each copy, to be paid on de.
livery. :
The engraving will be accorapanied by
Parrrirr, containing Uw official doce
acnts connected with the publication as
authorities, and a list of the subscribes’
The engravings wili be delivered to sub.
person disposed to purchase, by :
Ferguson township, Apiil 7,1817.
TaLy persons are hereby cautioned from
purchasing a certain note, given by me to
together so-—and thus, by this contrary
way by this new way, (if we may ex-
press ourselves) a cure 1s perfected-—and
that too, without any kind of danger to
the ears, and with very little trouble to
the patient.
Reding Penn. Berks county.
July 17, 1817.
20 Dollars Reward.
BROKE out of the Jail of Centre coun-
ty, on Monday the 18th of this inst.a man
of the name of :
about 6 feet high, stout made, has a full face
dark complexion, ill looking counten-
ance, black hair and eyes, and large black
whiskers. He had on when he broke jail
a black fur hat, nearly new, yellow waist
coat, striped cotton pantaloons, considerably
patched. Any person apprehending said
runaway and securing him in any jail so
that I can get him again shall receive the
above reward, and all reasonable charges
paid if brought back.
Bellefonte, Aug. 18.
HE quota for Centre and Clearfield
counties, of the laws passed at the last ses
sion of the Legislature of Pennsylvania,
came to hand this day, to be delivered to
the different officers, eniitied to copies
thereot ; all of whom will please to apply
personally, as receipts are to be taken on
their delivery.
J. G. Lowrey,
3 Prothenetary.
Poth :notary’s office,
Roilcfon e, July 14,1817. &
dred and sixty
Of first rate
d, containing one hun
‘es, and allowance, siua-
ted onthe North Westside of Bald-eagle
1 4
near Mill Hall, convenient to
grist mills, saw mills, carding machines
and fulling mills. The bottom land is of]
{THOMAS HENDERSON for the sum of
seventy five dollars, payable on the first
day of August next, as I am determined
not to pay the same, unles compelled by
Henry Sharrer.
May 16, 1817.
the richest kind, and the upland of the
best limestone quality. A considerable
portion of this place is well timbered;
there is also a variety of fruit trees.
This property posseses the great ad-
vantage of being situated on a naviguble
stream emptying into the West Branch
of the Susquehanna. *
A further description is deemed unne-
cessary,as no person will purchase without
viewing the premises. 9
The above property will be sold very
reasonable. The terms will be made
known by applying to Job Packer near the
one other tract of unimproved limestone
land, containing FOUR HUNDRED a.
cres, lying to the South East of Abraham
Elder’s, in Halfmoon township, sixteen
miles from Bellefonte. This tract is of
excellent quality, lies bandsomely, and in
a good settlement, adjoining Abraham Ei-
der and others. Robert Elder, who re:
sides near the land will show it to any per-
son who may apply to him to view it.
‘The above property will be sold cheap.
lor Cash, and an indisputable title given
by the subscriber, living in Bald Eagle.
near Millhall, Centre county.
Bald Eagle, Feb. 24. !
The partnership. of John Rowls and
Son, Blacksmiths, has by mutual consent
been'this day dissolved. Those indebted
to said fim are requested to settle their
Jobn Rowls.
Richard Rowls.
cock and Thomas Jefferson.
of the Thirteen United States in medalli
on, encircled by characteristic ornaments.
wus meant to form the remainder of the
THE partnership of Lawrence and
Leonard Peters is thisday dissolved by mu.
tual consent, of which circumstance all
persons concerned will please to take no-
April 19, 1817.
~ Declaration
IN June 1816, the Subcriber issued pro-
posals for a splendid, and in all respects
an American edition ef the DECLARATION
of the subscribers to that national docu-
with fac similies
He advertised that the size of the pa-
per should be 36 by 24 inches ; of the
best quality that Mr. Amies could man
The design in bas relief, encircling the
Declaration of Indepencence would be the
work of Mr. Bripporr.
surmounted by the Arms of the United
States, and adorned with medallion Por-
It was to b.
raits of General Washington, John"Han-
The Arms
The whole design was to be engravec
by Mr. Murray ;
The incerior of the Cordon by Col. Fair
man ;
The Portraits by Mr, Leney of New
York, from original paintings ;
scribersin the order in which they may
have subscribed.
It is contemplated to have some copies
printed on paper prepared to carry colours,
to have the Shields accurately tinctured in
the modern style ; and the Plants, &c. co-
loured by one of our most approved water
coleurcrs. The price of those superb co-
pies will be THIRTEEN dollars each
As no more of those copies will be print.
8 than shall be subscribed for, gentlemen
who wish for them, are requested to add
the word « coloured” to their subserpti-
As itis determined to raise the price ot
non-Subscribers, those who have underta-
ken to collect Subscriptions, and these who
wish to be considered as Patrons of this
National Publication, are requested to ur-
nish their names to the Publisher, on or
before the 4th day of July next, after which
date, no Subscriber can be received on the
terms of the original Proposals
No. 70, Chesnut Street,
RB esorcrrony inform their friends
and the public in general, that they have
rented ¢ Laurel Spring Paper Miil,” (near
Birmingham, Huntingdon county) from
Mr Charles Cadwallader; where they ins
tend, by the Ist of Jannary next, to coms
mence the Paper-Making business, and
carry it on in all its various branches,
From the experience they have had pn
yhis business, and by paying strict attention
to the same and making good paper, they
hope to merit and receive a liberal share
of public patronage. :
Those who have been customers ¢o the
above Mill, will be furnished with Paper
in the usual manner; and those merchants
aud others who bave been in ihe Lagi of
king in Rags, are respecifully informed
‘hat the usual price will be given joy «je
same. % :
Yhic tac Similies by Mr. Pallance whe!
WEC . 26, Bie