American patriot. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1814-1817, November 30, 1816, Image 3

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Ae bate Bids pa t shed 2@ntribyl + ’ ; 1a ~ het
aod whese hands are taught to laBsur, 31} | Me kate S$ panar. states that “he died to cdntribyle for Re education pf heathen chess § Carr age, and at
be able to provide themselves with nec itude and tranquility. lyouth, these ets wij set be bigon de tabl ay
J : : HLRON QURNIE “tan we bet uni r gratitudef . cheb oh
saries, and even to lay up something 4 NAPOLRON AND FOURNIER. How tan we better muni est our g able, |
hes 2501 f sickness and age But thes, RPL NTR ix to the father; than by restoring to him, un- i
}ravuis Ol SiCHnoss their businese JOB the artisal 6i the emperor Napoleonfyl "© + creumsiances, kis long Jost son | Het
they must buckle close to their USInESS,! fhm Elba M. Foumicr, prefect of the de- Jcireums) i” CREDIT oe
EY In and flay Ot : they must bg no 168s | abtment of 1s¢re issued at Giencble se- * The battle Between the Boxer and En-} rid : 0 . S
saving than a they ‘must be oon fy ral proclimatigas to repcl € the adven! ut- HIPZE Lad Gh on iin
tent with plain food ana plain aire, and éri~the rebel —wo aud disembarked ewe : : ; Witting Parr lass a
ry Somes ad esti) on the coast of Frejus The advance of — ty, State of Pennsylvania, will please te
ig is itt | Napoleon compelled! Fourniet to ly, and he : : take notice that he has applied to the Court
Bute goto now,” ye who wittingly and >) 6 20] vous Japoleon boing}: Gen. Ben fate a Licut. Generaljt3ke : z
a BO 10 NOW,” 6 & hose | LOOK refuge at Lyons. On Napoleon bingy en. Berxarp, ate a Lieut ; of Common Pres bes oh ute
Wiliagly suike haute with RM informed of the fact at Lyous, be sentforfin the French army, 1s now in this city, and benefit of the Insolvent ws of Bis by
Ts ot re ae i M. Fournier, «31 Fonrvier’ said hie, ‘thelwe understand has accepted an appomt- and that the Court has appointed Satur
: § g t : : : fi : 1 a i f > 3 £3 =] Tr 1 “ 5 y: i . x
oe o op Be a of (rc tims the adventurer jandcd on thesefment in the Engineer Department of ow day the 21st December inst, 8 hear him
yc, rain down bread, to g i
PE rag - : A hannde ISIATIY. | We reine avhen gt ials o } : :
; aia be ouerht to ana |380ES It was to dethrone aparchy Lasiarmy, VV € Iememoel the tes: hon { and his Credit s, at the Court house,in a
Ulleness? Shall miricles be ul bughttol d time he has landed ro dethrone di Spolismy; this distinguished merit, which were before of Co
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tain extravagance, waste, dissip tation a
: 2u-|Porough of Bellefonte, where
: ke tobe on 130d he heholds, with pleasure the learned] Congress du ing the last session. InEu- oe if they shink proper. hey Tay ats
profligacy ¢ Has Tom. Zinder ay Tiga lof id enlightened M. Fouraier who accom-irope, General 13. is acknowledged to be one | Will; He
complain of the times ben Toe Tuten, panied gen. Bonaparte to Egypt; he feels{nf the must distingniShed military Engi- William JF atton.
who in maintaining one vice, Spends 3 lthat He cannot betier ay erie hiniseif for the neers of the age, a man of profound | lean: Nove. 20, 1816, ve
much as would ‘maintain three Children. proclamation of (4a orefect of Iscre, or bet-{ ing in most bignches of natural philosophy,
In sober truth, there are too many Db Ler testily his affection for the Lyoniese, | possessing erent Armmness of mind and sim-
such husbands aud fathers 3 too ¥ ary Lenan in calling toperviorm the functions of { piicity ob matiners, In ail the - late cam- Sacred Music.
resolved to feed their vices, though then ithe prefect of the Shone, the Woithy and {paigns wader, Napoleon, he was attached te
fBudlics should starve "EE {virtuous majisivate ‘whom he had never {the military cabinet of the Emperor. Gen. {JOHN WEYTH, begs leave fo inform
J ates to remember with esteem.’ {Bernard is the firstiforeion officer wiio hastteachers of music, singing societies and
2 . . .
. he dmitted int ¢ military service of Hovers of Psalimody In gene
Wasnrvoron City, Nov. 19. lt {been admitted into the Ty Sen VETS almody in g neral, that he
{the United States. He declined, it has{will in the month of October publish a
DUR RELATIO NS WITH RUSSIA. PROM THE CAMDEN GAZETTE, CCT. 21, {been stated, very flattering overtures from {new editicn of his first part of his Reposi-
‘ INL, AY i \ » yy J < . ’ y - . . .
3 po We have received a letter from William ‘some of the Europern sovereigns, and ten tary of Sacred Music, to which will be ad.
v Mayrany, esq. tendering his resignation, of {dered his services to our Government, and ded an Appendix containing a number
Mr. Wizn, Consul of the United States which the tollowing 15 a COPY. | Congress, appreciating the value of 'his{of favorite and celebrated tunes, not gene
at Riga, ariived as the seat of geyerament) Statesburg, Oct. 21, 1616. raters to our military youth, passed o erally known m these parts, which will no
br unday last, ith despatchus fiom Mel oS : his|3Pecial act for his admission, doubt be considered by professors of musig.
Haxris, Charge des ARairs of the Ua ed). Sir—The opening the poll boxes for this!
i . ; as a valusbie acquisition to “this selecti on
v * ON CRS TOI. Icy + nea q. & ang YE nmin 4 :
States at the Court of Russia. eo Sgrints Pe AK 3 Rane w |» BF Rook seilers Store keepers teach.
Mr. WW. we understand, 1cft St. Petea:- tho phn he Diipasisnnd g yikes Speculators. Lod Oout ! ers and others, can. be supplied on. the
Ire about tha widdl September; ut ceive that my vote i favor o ¢ compeis SRO, A or etn Zoot kh? :
burg about the middie of Brie ber 3 oh oe + Nit iat he confidence of mug From what we can learn, the late mys- former terms, at Weyth’s Bookstore,
Ee ime the ismpaeror { : $ . “Cw BR fyi 2 fi Hh a ¥ sf . >i a Xe - 5 ~
which time the iLmperot aL Ici) Lr) RA Ising to represent pecs TERIOUS news, by the Harqulin, is likely} Those printors who ¢xchange papers
pie dor Warsaw. on a journey to make; constituents ; not wisaing to represen pec ge Le o l = RE RT
lL. YY ’ eo ple, whose ‘sentiments’ dnd fectine. vnoaho ted outa ticket, performed under th e|with the Editor of the Oracle are request
ae RITAngeH is IP3jocung ie erual B E oe - Tn i Comics nt AE ete Wo dirzction of some speculating necromancer ied to insert ‘the above advertisment a few
“urs of his Emnira thac point, I eannct consis WIth ‘my own fils | hy Ean : y f
adfurs 9 his Beans f Me Harrie? hi loins. ad oi I therefore resi 2 ny HORI APD cars that the crops mm. knglanditimes and the favour shall be reciprocrated
Qf the contents of Ve Harris despatche opinions, advocate ; a "8 ‘ {have to: lailed. We understand froma whenever an oppertunity occurs.
yey at preted 10 any precise know. seat 1m the 14th CONPress, to give them ap y : ay £ f i
€8y Wo do nat pret FEL TE OW tunity ot electing some one wlio may gentleman recently arrived, and” whose 4 grrisburg Oct: 4, 1816
ledge. It’s undevsioor, seieraily, howe. opportunity ot el BE he {object in visiting ineland, was principally Hl
ra that the areest Ll confinement of Mi lend his exertions to repeal that law ; te ; 5 Ng 3 feasy pati) : £¥g
very that the arvest and confinement of ‘ y Ng he ‘deorjto travel through it that on all the farms
sloffy ‘the. Russian Consul Gene: at them so odious, but which opens the doorjte > .
Koslofty the. Russian Consul Genetal, : fac : Tend a ifbe saw, the crovs were excellent, and even LOST. hk
2hilatielphiz, by 'a warrant from a Maris of your national legislature to virtue and 3 ALG 3 A FYV Es a oo
Pailadelphia, by a warrar : eas : 3 from tein [Part of the last vear's produce on “hand, Was | 3 in April]
“trate of that city, for an imputed criwaiani talent; although pooryand takes from then Add to. this (le permission er ated distil:lans (a, (OSU some time in April; ast; a
RoR had Lah gmp i Us ibe permission grante idan rest. th 7 ; \ :
; ' der the influence of Mur. pocket annually, one cent and not glite ql’ P WE berm 5 i SMALL AXE, wenraing about. six or ges
offehico; Lad, under the influence of Me. hal : lEFies to uss grain og late as the fest Oct ten pounds, considerably battered on {ha
i & € 1018, created so ¢ y iy : ‘ . i C ‘AA j
Daschikofl’s representations, created some, Aelf ; +4 ("and we shall find nde ground: to believe A : y 'y batt
1ssatis‘action in the Imnerisi Government; | I am yours, with respect, aE ra Do thead, and having hut a very indifferent han.
a uoon In the Tmyertal luvernimey “ Mu. MAYRANT. fhe Jzrlequin. Dollars in England, below dle. Any person having possession of the
- * Se “4 te the £OTTI TN WA voup 1 Nin. 1 All A : ; : i % 4 ) . Si :
which manifested iteelf in the tempor] / 2 he Bank paper in value, may be a IVER Te ar te Win
prohibitition of Mr. Hamis fram at ending | : od ed at 4s. 1d. and shin bread at 85-38 per Fang feaving ita 1c A-
: . : } y EY ea at + alia 3n ea ¢ J { mer Patri 51 all be voli { i
es] JO, he orders which, ! SPECIE ; et hh A > oor | 'Berican Patriot shall’ be rewarded for hig
the Russian Court, and in the orders wh ) SPECIE. : . jewt. This does not Jook much like a fail: trouble, and receive the thanks of tiie ar
already understood, have terminated: From the very best authority, we have wre of crops, and. therefore speculators had er :
- . : . : \ v y E ’ PA r
Mr. Daschkoff’s mission in this SONI. derived the following facts, and pledge our- better look out, or they may dip too: deep Noveuzes 30, 1815 A
These steps were taken, we learn, WILEY. ives 1b thals truths Through un agent land clog their fingors, :
ident reluctance on the part of the Empe- in this country, certain highly respectable ' fa ss 1 ns
ror, and under an impression that it had merchants in London have offered to sup- n Saturday Eiiku Chane Esq. STEWART & M OORE
been in the power ol this government 32, ply the bank ot the United diates with ten On ALU aay Sik . i EL 2k S| $ ; 2
! ving 3 { fis py 3 : P arte tae) ™ ~ Ans e Sv
prevent (the: artest—in omitting 40 do millions of dollars in silver, at 45. 8d. ste; - (elected Be e Dani ol Pennsylvan a 174 17, ORS =
1 ? a ‘CS 3 : 3 > yy ith. 50. an- . . £4 or oy ,
which, there bad been a want of that ress ling per dollar; the bank is to pay for then the Teo of ot Sh Sm 5: 5 I ap-f :
. 5 IR 2 1 . » + A a's % a (TF Ste » :
pect justly due to his character aid Stato ount at any time which may bz: conye. paiuced —ashicr of the | nitec 8 tes aig 32 SPECTRU] ; 3 ;
ge Si rita . - e “ . n/ Nat a Thr ap ake . AS ~ . ’ S > Dh re : - i
on. ‘Lse measures which he adapted, nient to itself; until this payment shall he | Mr. t-limuncy was a rectly ol the Penni of QF ECTF LLY inform theip friends
were intended to evince his sensibility to made, it is annually to allow five per cent sylvania Bank, Sa EE 4 _-fand the putli ty genial, that they have
an imagined wrong, and to Bive an oppor interest in London for the dollars ; ang {rector of the United States Bank. commenced the bi oving business in one
tunity, in case of nseertained neglect on our yon ihe silver shall be delivered, the! bank : i of the oom: of the louse now occupied by
art, for the reparation tobe made for it; 1 to make over in trust to the persohs fur- Sole Joseph Up egraffy Inkeeper, where all orm
I ) i ade hing 7s i In Paris the aller of ders m the Tine of their profess: ill he
or for the explanations which the case ad- nishing it, an equal amount of U. States six : : £ Ty $s 1 ! JEL profession will he
mitted, if it should appear, as the fact Wass ner cent. stock as security for the ultimate the theatre is called Par J Sladly accepted and Cxpeditiously execige
y a . fr ¥ J C 5
that there had been none such: Payment lor the specie. These dollars are rr i o - iy ny
It 1s understood that, 43 80ah as our go- ti. remitted, at, the risk and expense of dise. T he Duchess of Or- 1 fing warke in ¢ ie first shops in this
vernment became acquainted with heel po colters to any part or ports in the Uni.- al © state, they Tact themselves from their
fect which hod been produced at St. Pe. ted States which may be agreed upon, be- cans, tool: a fancy to 20 to Siperienitytn able to please their cus
tersburg by the representations of Mer, tween the waters of the Chesapeake and 2 & ly lomers. weir wark: shall be done in the
Daschiofl, Mr, Coles (the late Secretary pocion both inclusive ; not less than one(the play one night, with !oeatest Style, and on the most reasonable
of the President) was sent in the Prome- million of dollars to be shipped at the sane terms.
3 : 3+] te a . ; » y » De > S111
theus, a public ship, with despatches 0 {ime in any oue vessel, We understand only a fille de chambre and : aR : EWART,
Mr. Harris, embracing such a view of the that the bank will probably accept the of- to Sit there A vouno offi Bas is i MOORE.
1 i 5 . . . . . 3 ; } - ¢ ” . z. So
whole transaction, as it actually occurred, fer, at least a large portion of the Amount. v h I 2 ; FLLETONTE, Scpt. 15, 1816.
and with such unequivocal assurances of This will render specie abundant in the cer sat next her who was | —————— fo
the friendly disposition of our government country, and produce, better times for the 3 B 7 id ; 7 : '
rave 110 “Phe ‘ » < 9% - . ; 2/ nt Fa.
towards Russia, as there was every reason community, ( Balt. Pas, very free in his addresses, ¥ ¢fon ¢ cademy.
to beleive would be entirely satisfactory. | :
00! TA | | Sern \ / UBLIC notice” is hereby. given: that
It is with plesaure we now state, ‘that! and when the play was o-| ahd Y Given;
1 nA anifeat . 1 1 x A : v he Belletonta Academ 1 Ce tr
from the temper manifested, at the time From the sandwich Isles. : at Y in Centre
) ver, concluded by offerin
Mr. Wier left St. Petersburg, by the Tm-| oO jcounty is reorganized, and open for the res
perial Government towards the U. States, Ia the Recorder from Sept. 24, p. 155, 3 Lis 1 ception of Scholars. The ‘trustees have en-
there is every reason to believe that this We gave some acecunts ofa young prince. her a super ‘which Si} gaged Mr. M. Charaberlain,
affair will be amicably adjusted, and thatlson of the king of Alot, one of the Sandwich
cn a nb te ae
Fi_ ’
4m reap ti Ss
I —
lately from.
or A Dartmouth College, (Newhampshire) as a
without any long delay. Ihe wang noe CRE fren 29, seemed to accept. He acC- rsa em i oily, and
« 124, we published a etler which he ” . . » jual ; “HIS STminary wi
“ ae : ie to aTad In Connccticut, in which he companied her do wn stairs, taught, the Greek and Latin wi Andy
LOUIS AND DUVERNET. signs his name George Prince Kummoree, by ¢ confoun ded h English grammar, (Wbgraphy, and the dif
After various fruitless attempts on the|It should be written Tamoree.— Capt: ui was wien ferent branches of the mathematickg
part of general Mouton Duvernet, to stem Edes, who arrived at this port on Thurs- he Saw her attendants and By order of th Board of Trustees,
the torrent that set unfavorably tor Napole- day last, from the Pasific Oceen was at] oN J. {: Lowre oh
on immediately on his landing in France| Atooi and saw king Tamoree— He inqui- equipage, and heard her : od Ys A
from Elba this general, like many others, | red particularly after his son, but Capt S . Preside ngy
bowed to public opinion, and placed him-' Edes could give him no information. Capt.jDame. Reco vering, how- Bellefonte, Sept. 21, 1816. vai
self under the imperial eagle, Subsequent! BE. relates the following anecdote-Copt, Th. . La Be ets essnepom——
"tothe battle of Waterloo he obtained PaS3= bets in the ship Ertan, of New. York, CVeEr, his presence of mind, $
ports to quit France, and possessed all the, was at Atool, in February last ang during l i ded her into h 2 Dollars Reward, :
means of escaping legitimate Persecution 3(@ violent gale lost all her anchors but one | 11€ Nande ep car STRAYED away from. the subsctibeg,’ :
but attached to his country, and conscious| The shi was saved by King Tamoree,} ue R 4 ving at Rock Iron Works, Centre 4
that he had acted henorably and well for {who i boat in the height of the eae, Tiage, bowed ih Suence, jon te 14th of August, a AO fms, Th
the king, so long as Louis retained as much| ith a large anchor on board, aud thus ea. and was refine when she She was cut by the kick of another heag
of I'rance as he could stand upon the £en-tabled him to ride out. PE : in her hindparts; and a small holiow in oie
eral surrendered himself to the authorities Aun American ship, and the lives of sey- called ou i, where IS the of her hips, occasioned by a kick Siig
ot the royal government. After 12 monthsieral American seamen have thus been pre- Lr rides well and easy, but slow, Will work
of Shape deferred,’ he is brought te tal ali served by the humane cxertions of King supper you promised! tHe any where in gears, ‘he above reward
Lyons, and sentenced to be shot, His wile: Tamoree. 1,01 every American then, ro. . . ict will be given to any persan giving informa
and danghter repair to ihe capital, thes memoer that Lamoree has a son in this bow ed and replied, In Pa- tionawbere she 15, or _if. brought heme aly’
&nd their way to the saloon of the marshals country; that for seyeral years past he Las P : an ] BOB le charges paid; She steer’d }
at the moment when the king is passiiglbeen enduring all the hardships attended radise madam, We are all Sous " Ro he Sera hea
threugh tomass. The affiicted wife held upon the life of
Ih yl
wr Fn
— W N
$ EBC towards Lewistown, nw cross
a comtinion sailor, on board > . - 3 - | Fussy mountain wards the Bears’
a peiition in her hand, which, say the Paris our frigates —that he fought in several of equals : but I 4m not msen ows ? hela neg
papers, she offers Successively ; but in vain{oup battles during the late war,® and wafgible of the res pect i owel” PAULSER SELLERS,
to the monsieur and duke de Berri; she] badly wonnded— that he has recently been el AveusT 14, 1816.
then throws herself at the King’s feet, im- {taken under tho protection of the Americar, youon earth” "| he prompi —
Le ploting mercy ; «I cannot grant your re-1 board of commisioners, and sent to Con. 3 Je - \ - bE
quest, though I compassionate your mis- necticut (o be educated, with a view to Lis|and proper reply obtained Bi, A i i by
Hfortunes—the law must take its course.’ return to his native country. We trust, 41% 1% 2%
~ The brave gen, has been shet, and ene ol{that when our ceuntrymen are oalleq goa LOT him a place in the Dy.
» 2