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Published weeklyby ALEXANDER HAMILTON, in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania,
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] Vo. 111. 816.
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~~ FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. |cdifice at New Yori all the convicts which id against gongressional rominations,| consistent, strong in principle and in pow
8 Albany, Nov. 5. {¢ sent from the different parts of the state.}(and wear reeta confess that many wor-jer, without a sohtary feeling of state jeals
Tlic ov the losislotate [convened 2E 3 30 crowded, indegd, is that prison, that se- thy citizens view them with a suspicious, it} ousy; without a desire of creating geo
M$ bout 12 Alor David Vode, Esq. 0 rious apprehensions are entertained of in-|not a hostile eye,) it will be seen, that the grapuical divisions in the country, still felt
| J Washington c . ; a i fection and other alarming consequences members of congress have hitherto only jthat her estimation in the scale of the union
EF ZION COULLY: (Was elected SpeakeTip . thig reason many pardons arc recom- acted in unision with the voice and wishes jwarranted the expectation that one of her
$ By a majority of 51 over James Emott || 0 ded by the judges of the supreme court jofthe people ; for had any other candidatesjcitizenes should be placed on the nominas
A F ive republican members and one faderall, ng tho inspectors of the prison, on thejbeen nominated, there is every reason tojtion with Mr Monroe; accordingly, the ex» -
an fener wee ane ted by & resolution plea of necessity, which perhaps would {believe, that the) support ‘would not + have ecutive of the slate, a citizen whose pubs
BY 4 go that Nect' No or feta ye Do have beeft advised on the ground offbeen so general or decisive. While thejlic worth and services cannot be two high-
1% ie effect. No opposition: “2 hos. * 10" {metit, wishes of the people are consulted. andily rated; was brought forward. ~ The ree
Belly scrjcant at arms—Benj. Whipplesl ppig necessity renders punishments until 2 more effectual and satisfactory mode sult was favorable to Muy. Tompkins; yet
% go Keeper. Pd more uncertain, and that uncertainty des-jof choosing candidates shall be established, | citizens of this state 2acustomaed to act on
5 e } Was oxiromely Fraiing ia Ee the} ovs the respect for and operation of thejive sce no cause of objection against the principle, and familiar with cotrect and
N 4 ee tah es oor: Sin laws ; and as tlre grand melioration of ourfcustom which has hitherto prevailed. honest habits, cheerfully co-operated in
i ery chee ustanes X At 1 Erk as o criminal code, which substitutes deprivaii My. Monroe, then may be. considered support of the candidates desired by the
30 Id oe delivared vis arécch G cary s ge on of hberty and subjection to hard labor{duly clected president of the United States|{pesple.
for sanguinary and capital punishments, for the four ensuing years. He will en-} The situation of vice-president, however,
will not have a fair experiment, or be truly}ter an the duties of his office, not with the{does not afford room for the operation of
tested, unless the mild sentences pronoun- apprehension of a stranger, but with the lexiraordinary talents, Mr. Tomkins pos»
ced are endured, you will readily perceive confidence of experience. The responsi-fsesses more than is required fo fill the
the high importance of removing the pre- {bility of his official station will not be view-lctation with credit. . His experience in
sent embarrassments to the full execution}ed by him with awe or dread; but on the public life; his activity and industry, will
of criminal sentences .— 1 he communicati-} contrary, will be asumed —_— ease not fail to contribute to the wellfare of the
on from the Inspectors of the institution,|strengthened by the assurance sing from |ynion. During the interregnum, occas
which I now Present, suggests several re-fa long term ofpublic service faithfully de-lgioned by the death of the vencrable
medics for the existing evil.—- Without ¢x-j voted to the wellfare of his country. His| Geray, the duties of the office have dyvolvs
pressing an opinion on the propriety of ul-|duties, however, in the office to whichled on the hon Mr. Gaillard of South Care
timately adopting those which are experi-| lve has been called, will be no less difficult|oliina, and by him havé been fai thfully ans
mental, and Pill be more difficult and tedi-}1haa these which may be considered as respectably administered.
ous of accomplishment, it is. respectfully tormigated Bis activity and Mgileniep Independent of the tromquil manner in
submitted ta yout Wisdom to make proyis- must e increase I proper as his re-| 4 this tmportant ¢le ction has been dé
ion at the present scssion, employing a sponsibility 15 magnified. he president cided, and the satisfaction & content which
fo .{ part, at least, of the state prisoners, either] of the United States is selected from the ' RA :
CANOR? Se EL aid : adit | - : cted drome oenerally appear to prevaily it will not fail
GOVERNOR'S SPEECH. in building the new prison at Auburn, e. peapley Who Hh heh sovercign Capacltysle, oiiract the attention the astonishment of
sctine fort ions d repairing] have digsignated him to administe > ; Ts : ri
Ha TE Bo ee laws; fond thatch : civilized hi what is called the cavilized world. W hile
a Laval myself of the present occasion £0 king other fmprovements. are ever prepared to respect ‘the magis- the Taonerchs of harope 9 Bada Shel
| lexpress to the people, through their 1e-l Jt ig greatly to be deplored, when cap-|trate,of thew own creation, there is a reefer pretended rights, have expended irce’y
ores fv ) le vichts eh ae Lo BL . Na Rc Ava de as ©-leha blood & treasures of their people; while
~ presentatives; my acknowledgments foRfitatists had. from the purest motives of pa- ciprocal respect due from the officerto thel’ . 1 Uractity has b pe ed at the
the renewed honor conferred on me, byltriotism, and when the best interests of the peolpey over whom he possesses 10 exclu fhelity; 123 ven oe © I 1" w
(sommitling once more to my charge the country required it. adveniured their pro- sive rank or additional rights . but is viel ng of private interest; while an unhoio
“gdministration of their governments perty in them, that establishments for do-|tuaily and: substantially their fellow citi=| alliance, supported by tyranny &.:super-
The general state of peace in which{ i. maaufecturos should haye been suf-jzems Phe: constitution, the hope of up| sition, has entailed chelus and misely OD
ind at leneth repose, is a subject of LA : ¢ ; EE ir en rian, coat iRGIr SUDjECLS; let them turn their eyes to ®
; EE ngth repose, 15 a Sub) fered to be suspended or even to- languish, |COUntry, and the rock of its salvation, must} = Urere Lberty is chermhed, bee
i hoatre of post on. Virops; JHBGHC. tie An appeal to_the gencral government has, be maintained, in its letter and its spirits Sn SA value % ro erly estimae
¥g ol petp ? medg cof 2050, hroduted parual relict: but the utmost #4 seithaniardent and. nogaecino Aaation tool | rt ee fi por
=: now proscots a spectacle of nations at aml~ | anions of the state legislature will be re- The institutions of the k niged fates, el SrOha les Tatton oii. the labors of tha
ty, rivaling each other only in quict indus- quired to yield such further encourage-| guarentee of the liberty we enjoy; must] o a fF coarticr ; oe Re
1 commergial enterprize, and all thely ent as will place manufactures of domes-{never be violated or hnpaired---public faith, {Vr a pers oe 1avac hig thr h 0,
LL nfffins of repairing the ravages caused by lic articles upon an equal footing with thejthe foundation of public confidence, i Sonics: 3Ey Lo det eon Cpa
i adhe tv Yorycr . : . : $1 a “|dgnsaty, in order to make room for anoth-
§ | heir long and cruel wars, importers of foreign merchandize be supported at every hazard—andan unio oy bsides—no Intrusive ki .
| '« Thesouthern part of our own contitent| GeytrEmex—When we compare the remitting attention to the rights, the BOOT ar €5-an0 intrusive ings of
8 La : : : ™ & = | ravernors—all is rgpublicap~ali 18 elecr
@ the principal exeeption to universall situation of the United States with that of and the interests of the nation must be ev-15 4 Sl a RAE
“co. There we heholda vast populati d es : USL oy MhLitive, By he free, unbias=ed, “unboughty
peac il popuiatl- {other countries, we have great cause oflidenced in all the steps and measures of | 430 many instances, unsolicited voices
en, inhabiting a doubtless extent of fertile]self gratulation. We find ourselves in thelthe executive. These are not trifling °F ri Ir. Wi Ansa nie = Ko Vos
tervitoryy struggling to cispel the cloudsienjoyment of every rational right, civiland|dutM; they must, and doubtless Will Te-] yn No bg fo i RS Sn
of superstition, and to. shake off the chains |peiivious. Our government has proved its- ceive from Mr. M. the close attention he ranks of private liey and paced oi
of foreign despotism. An cifort so noble | a1 capable of resisting the shock of most which they respectively merit.
ghalicnges the best wishes of the philan. political changes which peace or war can Mr. Monroe owes his election (0 repub-
th-opist, and cannot fail to receive the sym-{produce, Its duration, then, may confi-{licans, and to them alone; we trust he nev-
pathyot the citizens of the United States : dently be predicted, coeval with the intel-fer will be insensible to this fact, It would
7 and ify in the dispensations of Providence,ljjeence and virtue of its inhabitants. be a vain and 2a weak effert to attempt to
#t shall be decreed, that our southern bres! “Ihe present state of the world, and thejunite all parties—~the materials are toe
thren may terminate their political suffer- general despotism of mankind, are propiti- discordant. Men are too much the slaves
ings in the establishment of a great co-lous to the encouragement of learning, thejof their passions and their prejudices.
sederacy of republics, mutually cultivatingisdyancement of the arts and the extension] The federal party throughout the union
the arts and scicnees, conducting extensiveiof religious information : ‘he certain andjhave atleast the merit of consistency; they
and liberal commerce, promoting agricul {only means of perpetuating our happy con-jhever will appoint a republican to office
ture, becoming respectable and happy at! dition. As the guardians of the prosperity, when they can procure one of their own
home and honored abroad, and dispensing |liberty and morals of the state, we are, party ; and if they accasionally confede-
all the blessings of political and religions therefore, bound by every injunction cf pat-{ate with any section of republicans, it is
freedom, the western hemisphere will pre-|riotism and wisdom, to endow, to the ut- done solely for the purpose of advancing
NL 8 sees of delight contemplates. _ |most of our resources, schools and semi-{their own interests, and furthering their
: thin gar own borders every thing is|nuries ; : ici 1 t i i- :
y 2 | naries of learning, to patronize public R= Own YICWS. We should not be nsensi Very Important |
‘tlosed.) The tederal member in Madison
f - “Spas his seat, so that three members are res
\' (14 “turned from that county instead of two.
i [¥ "But in Oneida, Henry Huatingden (rep.)
© "bas the certificate instead of the federalist,
{Abm, Camp—misspelling of christian
ame the reason. Republican majority
b90 In assembly. pron ag eT
'Y The house have resolved to meet at 10
& “o'¢lock in the forenoon during the pr
8 ) ing the present
\ 4 session. .
hv Peter Allen took his seat and vorED
~ without opposition—so did six other re.
| publican members from Ontario !
: Advocate,
Benilemen of the Senate und Assembly —
Frm aa
the road to the highest authority, « We
require from them po detail of illustricus
pedigree ; their actions ave the heralds off
their fame. These and not their ancestry,
from thelcriterion of merit, and the founda
tion of confidence. ‘This system, pursued
since our inderendence, ‘and never to be
relinquished but with our éxistence ada
nation, has made us what we are, has given
us an important rank and character among
the governments of thesarth=has nerved
the arm of our citizens in defence of our
rights, and will not fail to lead us cventuals
ly to the height of prosperity and national
greamess, :
tranquil and happy; and although some of| provements, and to cherish all institutions|ble to this example, and while a republ-
the productions of the earth have not beenfor the diffusion of religious knowledge and} #0 of talents and integrity is to be found,
eo abundant the past season as they usual-{for the promotion of virtue and piety. no other should be coramissioned by a re-
ly are, a bountiful store, fully sufficient, DANIEL D. TOMPKINS publican executive. Althoug the federnt
with prudent foresight, to supply all thel oo oo Nov.'s 1816. 0 * lparty brought forward no candidate inj ‘, :
necessaries and comforts oflife, is still left : LAD : this election and although the whisperings rom Liverpool. She was Chartered by
us. This, and the geveral healthiulness Supt 2 SE p—— of faction and discontent have been but Merchants of Liverpool to bring out letters
of the season, call forth warm emotions of | FROM THE AMERICAN CENTINEL, X0V. 12.{glightly heard even in this state, still it] their correspondents in the United States
gratitude to the great dispenser of all good. - must not be inferred that the federal party Soro 06 that the crops were short, and
The present meeting of the legislature THE ELECTION. would have supported Mr Monroe, had that shere would be a scarcity in England,
being eppointed by law for a special pur-| Altho’ the returns of the election through-{a hope existed thata candidate of that], In consequence of this nows, flour rose
pose, [ shall submit to your consideration! out this state for electors of president andjparty would have been even respectably immediately in New-York, from 2 to 3
at this time such subjects only as are pres: vice president, have not yet been lully re- supported. = They swam with the current, dollars a barrel.
sing and of indispensible importance. ceived, we are confident, that the ticket|{because they had not strength to resist its] The Baltimore Federal Gazette of Thurs«
in the month of September last Daniel{nominated by the legislature, and pledgedjforce. Asa mark of political hostility, day last, says the effect produced by it in
Northrop, of the county ef Saratoga, wasito vote for Messrs. Monree and Tompkins,|as pointed asit was unexpected, they sup- Baltimore, was a rapid vise, in the price of
convicted of the crime of murder, and was|bas been carried by a respectable majority. ported mn this state a spurious ticket, be-| Wheat and Flour, ¢ contimues 10 advance. ?
sentenced to be executed on the last Friday|In fact, throughout the union, there has|cause it exhibited the shadow of opposi- Baltimore Corn Market, Nov. 14.
of the present month. ; {been no settled opposition to these candi- tion. As an evidence of their peculiaripy $13 50a 14
"The jurors who tried him have requested!dates. To their worth and integrity must {hatred to republicans, they approved and Wheat per ashel T z 8% 2 3
: , :
On the Ilth inst. the British barque
Harlequin arrived at New-York in 28 days
that his punishment may be commuted, but|be ascribed the general support and confi- voted a ticket formed by a few citizens Infy 0 © lo. 2
_ the chiet justice, who presided at the trial,|dence which have been thus bestowed up |oppositian to the one recommended by the oO: am om e 2 1 19a 1 2
f3 50 well persuaded of the mental derange- [on them. It must be peculiarly gratifying | free and unbiassed voice of the legislature Ee 2 =, Bil 5s
ment of the unfortunate convict, that hejto these gentlemen (o find the loud tone of |and this too when there was a moral cer. Letters from Baltimore dated on Fziday
does not think him a ft subject for punish-| party hushed, and the divisions always ex- jt ainty of discomfirurel& disgrace. The re last. statethat 15 per barrel had been
ment of any Kind It is, however, consid: {isting on so mMOmERtous an occasion, and publican party thereforg has no obligatiens |, fused for flour on that day !
ercd dangerous to permit him to go at which in fact will continue to exist while|to acknowledge. >onsideri i
large, and, therefore, if pardon be granted,!we remain free, almost unknown in the pre-{ The congressinal nomination lost neith- 37> Considering the general scarcity
® condition that he be confined in some lu-lsent instance—to observe themselves calledfer force nor character, by associating the throughout the United States it is a sub”
natic hospital or asylum is respectfully re-jalmost spontaneously—without jealousy or{name of Daniel D. Tompkins, as vice|ject worthy of consideration, whether mea *
commended. : alarm-—without fear or faction—to the first] president, with that of Mr. Monros. 1t
"The progress of vice keeping pace with {offices in a free and representative govern will be recollected, that gevernor Snyder Te 7A
the rapid increase of population, it becomes ment, 1 <a rare and almost an unexam-| was named and respectably supported for ment to prohibit, for a certain time, the exy
impossible to accommodate, in the singlelpied proof at confidence. Whatever Lay this offige. Pennsylvania, always unilerm portation of read stuffs,
cures ought not to be taken by our goverie.