American patriot. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1814-1817, September 14, 1816, Image 4

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: SORT RY. i -
i 4
y of Lake Champlain!
Oh, wild is the land, where the yell and the
ery Bo :
Bid the traveller fice, for the savages
‘Where the (reat Spirit moves inthe clouds
of the sky .
Agrayed in the robes ofhis terror and tear.
"Oh, wild is the land, where the forests and
] lakes, i
* And all things around are majestic and
Where nature ber pa
On the hills everlasting,
lace triumphantly
that rise from the
. There the wild men, while swiftly their
"game they pursue,
"Stop in their course—with enchantment
are bound,
"And bless the Great
La view
The waters and earth and Heavens around.
Spirit, as gazing they
“#Tis the land of the West ! where but late-
1Our men on
they lay,
« The wind of heaven 100, quictly
way,’ »
valor place their strong
Then as the sun’stesplendant car
Throws bac
And oer the gloomy realms of air
Scatters abroad his silent glare:
So trom each gallant vessel's side
With deéadful portheles gaping wide,
Through fire and smoke ;
The thunders broke,
And muttering spoke
By every stroke
Destruction to the foc¢.
"Mid blood apd fire eachgessel rides,
And down their smoke envelop’d sides
A torrent red of life blood glides
Into the lake below :
The shroud, mast, yards, while falling crack
And evel'y vessel seems a wretk,
As death and ruin crowd each deck
With trophies of their deeds:
Outs ! work and fight as nothing fearing,
They now another flag are rearing,
And yonder vessel disa pearing,
: Their fire and valour feeds.
ly were seen
The wild tribes of Indians, that wandered
alar, :
And where too, was hear
the scream \
“That roused in the
‘savage, the spirit of
of conquest and blood,
Z=ing now of war,
laurels now bloom oer
"Qf warriors whose
theif grave, 7
Qf deeds done where once was
1 sing of Mac Donough the brave,
he Intlian’s
The lowering clouds grew dark on high
And spread their curtains round the sky,
i And caught the flood of light,
Which poured from stars; which now a-
The clouds, that dark and silent move,
: Broak not the gloom of night.
“No thunders roar in this still scene,
“Along the Heavens, no meteors gleam
: "To light the darksome hour j
The forest, lake and wave is hushed, }
Aad now the wind, which by them rushe
Suspends its mighty power.
Zen yon lake the billows glow,
Rparkies around, no rushing prow,
“Rut all is smooth and calli
And warriors 100, who sooD may die
Now stumbering on their hammocks lie,
: "Nor dream approaching harm,
* The orb of day, at morrow’s dawn,
Will light the holy Sunday’s morn,
The Sabbath of the Lord
The labor of the week is done,
Aud all will at the rising sun
© Sing anthers to their Gop.
‘But now, o'er rock, vale, delve and steep,
e, silent, seems to sleep,
a Enveloped close in gloom 3
And save yon breeze that drives away,
" Acloud before the face of day ;
Nature apioars in dark array,
_. An universal tomb,
Morn now the Orient gates have riven,
And far and wide the purple Heaven
Fovetails a bloody day :
Bach cloud appears a bloody screen
"Reflecting ori cach lower scene,
Save where the mountains intervene
The glorious morning ray.
From yonder ship; the signal gun
Aranses with the rising sun &
. Theseamen trom their slumber;
Some shall with wreaths adosn their head,
Some shall be ¢ounted with the dead,
And proudly swell their pamber.
"he cannons echo far and wide
Along the shore and mountain side
fi And wake the tuneful lark;
The wild birds raise their matin notes,
#ad thro’ the barges, ships and boats
The slumbering seamen start.
{And adverse t
d the wild yell and]
{ Th
{be appointed b
Ising this congre
A Atichue? Wallace was call
unk ! one flag is dowa
hunders rarely sound
Oppesing seamen bleed around,
? And fall anfong their guns;
Each ship 2 moving hearse goes oll,
One ships s
Who now above he billows borne,
No more are Adbiou’s sous.
e strife has ceas’d ; Champlainno
Is troubled with the carinon’s roar,
¥o thunders brake from yonder shore,
"The victor is Mac Donough; |
! , :
The clouds dispersestie sky serenc,
Has not a cloud tointervene,
And silence reigns through every SCeRs
The torest and the billow.
? ol
O'er scenes where his forefathers bled in
the war :
At Thermopyi®’s Straits,
: -! y 4 at i
Could the millions of Persia, with glory
withstand, HES
Onthe scene as he gazed, and was rous'd,
by the sight,
And longed to encounter some
hight. :
So the American
for in the
Youth, when he wanders
in my song,
Will gaze at ©
The deeds of that day when Ris
men fought; :
Will cry as the wave,
There fought the brave
hamplain and go overi
: country-
on the lake he may
At a meeting of the ‘democratic repub-
ican delegates fram the seve
in the county of Huntingdon, convened on
Wednesday, the 14th August, 1816, at the,
house of Patrick Gwin, Esq. in the bore
ough of Huntingdon, pursuant to public
notice, for the purpose of nominating suit-|
able characters to be supporied as candi-|
dates for the several elective offices, at the
ensuing general election, and appointing
Conferees as well to meet those that may
y the other counties compe-
ssional disirict as those by
f the senatorial districte
ed to the Chair
and David R. Porter, appointed Secretary
when it was determined by ballot, that
the following persons be supported.
For Assembly, Conrad Bucher, Christiap
Garber— Commissioner, Philip Roller—-Aus.
ditor, Michael WallaceeConferees, David
R. Porter, and William
‘0 meet those that may
Mifflin county, to nominate a Representas
tive in the Senate of this state, and those.
thatrmay be appointed by the counties of
\fifftin, Centre, Clearfield and M:Keéan, to
Jominate a representauve In the CORgress
the o her part ©
M:Elevy, Junior,
be appointed by)
What muttering sound is that which strikes
the ear?
WW hat sails seem foating thro’ yon misty
And with the breege are now adeancing
With flags far waving from each lofty mast
See them Mac Donough cries, there streas
ming high,
By Heavens the cross, the British pendants
; Yo. 00 o> : :
| They fly above yur toe, who now prepare
"To taint this hely moon with deeds of war,
Display our eagle, piace our guns for fight,
of the United States.
Resolved, That the said Conferees be
and they are hereby instructed to supporiy
Alexarider Dysert, for Senator, and Willi-
'm P. MClay, of Mifflin county, for Con-
gress— Provided, That the latter will give
(through the delegates from Mifflin coun-
'y, or otherwise) sufficient assurances that
he will endeavour to have reduced the com-
pensation allowed by the existing law, to,
members of Congress. ri
Resolved, That said Conferees mest at
the house of Samuel Henry, in Barree
tember next, at two o’clock,
dies 3 -l ob
“ibe made’
ance, Fh 2 hod 8 : : “ Re,
And forthwith raise a shout of loud defi=ime
{Secretary, and published sin the Hunting-
© {don Republican, Juniata Gazette and Amer-
k the twilight cioud afar, §
~~} Devin R. PorTER, Secretary.
{ :
VY Lewisburg Union Coun.
‘I N. B. Receipts for Centre cou
g ; i
The scene of those deeds that you've beard.
& the gallant Mac
ral townships
y the republican members, at
lis! their next session.
cting be signed by the Chairman and
ean Patriot, oat
ALLACE, Chgirman.
vm wa
{Over the West branch ofl
{ Susquehanna at Lewis-
quired to be paid to me on or before Satur-
day the fourteenth day of September next.
And that the third instalment of four dot-
{lars per share is required to be paid to me
onor before Monday the fourteenth day of
Qctober next.
1 By order of the Board
William M<Quhae,
: Trecsurey.
ty, Aug. 6th, 18186.
with Messrs. Duncan & Forster, Aarons.
Crowded with men, whose souls are gone, PUB) and Mr. Joseph Miles, Bellefonte.
5 Dollars Reward. :
STRAYED away from the subdcriber,
fiving at Rock Iron Works, Centre county,
{on the 14th of August, a BLACK MARE.
{She was cut by the kick of another beast
}in her hindparts, and 2 small hollow in one
of her hips, occasioned by 2 kick. She
rides well and easy, but slow. Will work
{any where in gears, The above reward
will be given to any pereon giving informa-
tion where she is, or if brought home all
i fhe Spar of old, when he travelled oo onable charges paid. She steer’d her
course towards Lewistown, or to Cross
9 Tussey mountain towards the Bears’ mea-
where Leonidas SO"
_Apcust 14,1816.
. Caution!
7HEREAS my wife Sa?23 hath left
‘my bed and board without any just
cause; this is therefore to forewarn all per-
sons fron trusting her on my account, as I
am determined not to pay any debts of her
contracting after this date, unless compel-
led by law. = As some of my children have
in absconded with her; all persons, therefore,
are hereby forbid harboring them at their
‘peril, as I am determined to prosecute any
whe shall do so as far as the limits of the
law will admit.
Aug. 26, 1816.
‘Ran away from the Subscriber living
in. Clearfield County,
Boy, named ;
John Hall,
about 13 years of age; had on when he
went away a tow shirt and trowsers, and
mockasins. Any person securing said boy
in the jail of the county wherein he may be
taken, and giving information to the sub-
scriber shall receive the above reward.
George Wilson, jun.
August 15, 1816.
JAME to the lantation of the Sub-
scriber living in Ferguson Towaship, 2
Sopael Homrse,about 14 hands high ; has
three white feet, and alump oh his right
side. The owner is requested to come
forward, prove property, pay charges, and
take him away |
James M<Ilroy.
August 8 1816.
an indented Neoro,
ALY persons having demands against the
estate of James Packer, senior, late of Bald
Eagle Township, in Centre county, deceas-
ed, will please to present them fo the sub-
scriber for settlement, and all persons any
way indebted to the said estate, will please
to make payment on or before the 1st day
of January next.
J. B. Shuygart,
township, on the second Mondsy of Sep-
P. - H
And they are eulsy oF Qss we die ere ight;
| Regotved, That this recling edjonr,)
olved, That the proceeding of this)
S hereby given, that the second instal-
1.3] ment of three Dollars per share is re-
nty are left}
[William Cochran.
WiLL be exposed to
FOXBURGH, ou Tuesday
ber next,
150 Lots
in the said town, and a large number of Out
Lots. - Itis situate in Richland township,
Venango county, at the confluence of Te-
's Creek with the Allegheny River, which
lis navigable for 120 miles aboye the tow!
The creek is also navigable for upwards of,
70 miles. Itis seventy wiles distant from
Pittsburgh, and about thirty from Kittans
ping, Franklin and Butler. The land in
the vicinity is of a good quality ; the coun-
ty healthy; in general, well settled, and
rapidly improving.— I'erms will be made
known at the time of sale.
Joseph. M Fox.
; Notice,
FRO the Collectors of County tax inclue
“ding 1815, those in arrears will do
well by calling and setting their Duplicates
on or before the August Court; Otherwise
suits will be brought immediately afte?
that time, against delinquents indiscrimis
nately: £7 yf
P. Cambridge,
Belldfonte, Aug. 8, 1816.
mn sna
Public notice is hereby given, that ip
pursuance of an order of Orphans Court
of the county of Centre, will be exposed to
sale by public outcry or wendue, onthe
26th day of August next, at 4 o'clock in
the afternoon of said day, in the borough &
Bellefonte, the following tracts er parcels
of land with the appurtenances, situate in
the township of Ferguson, in the county
aforesaid, late the estate of Gen. Jolin Pate
won, deceased, to wit:- One truct surveyed
in the name of James Boggs, one tract sure
veyed in the name of Jumes Guw, onc track
surveyed in the name of Revert T. Stews
art, one tract surveyed in the nume of Hens
ry Davis, part of a tract surveyed in the
name of Michael Redman. part of 2 tract
surveyed in the name of John Cochran, and
+ of a tract surveyed inthe name of
Terms of sale; One third of the pum
chase money in hand, the remainder in
four equal annual payments=~Due atténa
dance will be given by
Admini strat,
Wn, PETRIKIN, Cler¥ 0.
Clerk’s Office, Bellefonte t oe
May 21, 18186.
CAME to the plantation of the subscrisa
bersome time in April last, a dun map
with a black stripe along her back, and a=
bout three years old. The owner Ly prov-
ing property and paying charges may hav
her again.
June 20, 1816.
Bear Skins.
The subscriber wishes to purchase
and will give cash for a quantity of bear
aking. Saddles, Harness, Bridles 8c. made
gt the shortest notice, and for sale as yr
-~ — »
George Test,
Bellefonte, July 30, 1816. |
Stray Bull,
Cave to the plantation of the subseri-
ber living in Ferguson township, Centre
county, about the 15th of December last,
a small red and white Bull, supposed t6 ba
two years old this spring ; {the owner isdes
sired to come, prove propesWy, pay charge
es, and take him away.
‘APRIL 6 1816
THE quota for Centre and Clearfield
counties, of the laws passed at the last ses
sion of the Legislature of Pennsylvania,
came to hand this day, to be delivered
the different officers, entitled to cop
‘hereof ; all of whom, willplease to apply
personally, as receipts are to be taken op
‘heir delivery.
J. G. LOWREY, Pro's,
Bali zroNTS, August 5, 1819.
Prothonotary’s office,
Bellofontey July 1,1816, ¢
public saley in See
the 29th Octo