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    RD REDIF Anh di SHEE 3 Tt
“the People have arvogated to themselves a
From the Aurora.
Democratic Meeting. 3 Treonuty Daparimens Rev
Agresble to public notice,a AWMETOUS
#neeting of the Republicans of the city and| Sir, To guard against misapprchensions
_wounty of Philadelphia, who are opposedithat may arise, in regard to the discripiions
/ 3 of money demandable for the Intermal Du-
townhall, in the Northern Liberties, onjies and Direct Tax, it is congidered pro-
r to advise you that the Revenue will
nat be collected in Coin on the 1st of Octo-
ber next, Unless an arasgeméent shall be
Resolved unanimously, That, as Pree-{cffected with the State Banks to supply
the usur rhe Community with the necessaiy medi-
of Members ot Cougress, in dictaing tofam ; and that due Notice will be givea of} *
the People of the American Republiclsucn an arrangement, if made.
Yours respectiully,
. SMITH, Com".
of the Revenue.
20 cavcys nominations, assembled in the
Monday aiteruoon last the 26th August jipe
@nd after discussion, unanimously adopted
Rie following Resolutions :
gmen, we protest against the usurpation
~ ‘Wrho shall be their Chiet Magistrate ; be-
cause, the Nomination of Members of
Congress having been hengtofore tanta.
gnount to an Election, the praciice violates
the constitution of the United States which
declares that Members of” Congress shall
thereby violated ; and because 65 Indivi-
duals, out off pwards of 7 millions, chath-
ed only with legislative powers, and not au-
thorised by the constitution or delegated by
powel to prescuibe to the whole People of
he U.S ‘who shall be their president,
Penasyivania, we protest against the usur-
“pation of certain Members of the Gengral
Asscinbly, in dictating to the Freemen of
this Commanwealth, Electors of President
and Vice President of the United States,
Because no trust of that sort was conferred
tial atiributeol a free State was violated by
the assumption of a power pot delesated s
and because the People of this Congres.
slonal District were not even nominally
caucus from the whole District, and
se 6 having presumed to dictate 5 Elce.
csulved mnunimousty, That the plea
ob expedieney when Parties were neatly
ual, for resorting to a Nomination of a
President by a self constituted body, can-
fot now exist, the necessity which was
supposed to require it having ceased; since,
dy 10 posibility whatever, cana President
be chosen by a minority so reduced 2s is:
the present Federal Party.
Resolved unanimously, that we have strong
Fotos for believing that the constitutional
ights of the People have been infringed
by the interference of the executive Magis
trate of the United States in the selection
of his Successor ; that the sepeated Elec-
tious of the Secretary of State, as succes-
sor of the President strengthens our belie!
and that we considerany compromise made
Derween Members of Congress in cellusion
withthe Executive, or executive influence
sed to insure the selection of a Succes:
‘®or as having the most dangerous ten-
dency ina Republic.
Resolved unanimously, That this meet:
ne accept the invitation of the Democrats
of Lancaster county, to send Delegates to
a Convention to be holden at Carlisle
on the 19h of September next for the pur-
se of forming an Electorial Ticket, to
: £ recommended to suffragesof the republi-
gans of Pennsylvania,
Resolved unanimously, That this. meet-
jung do accordingly appoint John Cochran,
George Summers, George Budd, and W.
J. Duane, delegates from the city and
¢ounty of Phijadelphia.
Resolved unanimously that the Delegates.
thus appointed, shall use their influence
go Have Josef Reed and Mathew Lawler,
of the city of Philadelphia and Michael
Zeb aud Rodere Muilin, of the county of
Philadelphia, nominated as4 of the Kjec-
rs of President and Vice President of
the U. S. :
Resolved unanimously, that copies of these
Resolutions be transmited go that they may
be laid before the Democrats of the counties
of Lancaster, Northampton, Wayne and
Pike, at the meetings publicly notified tobe
held in their counties.
Resotved unanimously, That the proceed-
- ings of this meeting, signed by the Chair
pan & Sec’ry. be published in the AURORA
¢, Pennsylvan
od. chat a exchange of
is of commerce, bet wean the U. State
ea Qomrhissi ’
“fiext. ‘Major
s place on Wed-
yy {Georgaiaze
{hold & trealy with the
on the ist of Scpromber
Franklin passed through
nesday last;on his way to 1
are also informed, thatien.
hon. John Rheaare appointe
ersy to treat with the Choc
next. ‘We are unacquai
tect of the Gevernment,
treaties; but suppose it is
land from the Jnd
om (he Mational Fndeltigencer.
4 » ! 2 YS SRA
U.S. Anny. The 3d Regiment M8
left Detroit, to establish, posts in Greenbay
and Chicago, on Lake Michigan. The Sth
Regiment # to be employed in opening &
in holding these; "
to purchase suc
it 1s our interest
4d Commissions
ws in October
Mercer, Aug. 90.
of the Citizens of the borough
requested at We are informed, ‘by a Gente who
was at Nottoway Courtnouseg at the calle
Court for the examination of Captain Tho.
Wells, for shooting at Judge Randolph and
of Mercer, and its vichity, 18
the Courthouse on
next, at candlelight, to consult on the pro-
and best means of having a Turo-
pike Road laid ‘out from Pit
terford, through this borough.
Sirti : 3 ee 4 5
29. On Smarday last
young Man, named
m 2 tree which he
43 4 —- rid
Foctares Nt 6 rc Treosury Department Aug. 22.
. ‘Rot = be Jcolors 3 Degause’ rputidicang hia Las that 4 :
© Principles, which recognie the Govern Notice is fiéreby given, that junds have
ment of the many instead of the few, arel-feaqnry Notes, and the interes
as become due at the Loanoffice
of New-York, in the State of N ew-York, at
the times hereafter specified ; that is 10
say &
"Bedford, Aug.
in Colerain township, 2
Peter Eunsnan, tell iro
had ascended for the purpose of cutting dus
vackoons, upwards of 4
adly hurt, that he die
hour afterwards.
been assigned for the paymen
0 feet. He was 50
d in about half a
IT & We have been mforme
that his Parents and Friends reside im of
wear. Reading, in this State.
The Treasary Ndtes, which became
due as aforesaid at any time durin
ay year 1814; to be pard on the first
Resolved nanimou dy, that as Citizens off tober next.
2. The Treasury
Notes, which beeen
due as afovesaid in the months of Jan-
March, April, May, and
the Ist day of
hy Boeton, Aug. 31. The hon. Mr. Har-
wary, February,
June, 1815, to be paid on
November next.
uponthem by the People; because an essen-{.o en x nr ury ‘Notes réspect.
ation of thie Holders ther
at the said Loan
Coffeehouse lest evening, accompanied
hip Son, on his way to St.
ne will meet with the hon. 1
oner on the part ¢
igsioners are to
slands in the bay of P
of the bay of Fundy)
Newyork, on
g ye specified ;
~ gepresented inthe Harvisburg Caucus ¢iz |. Ah
WL A To Raves ia ited interest will cease to
AH only having been adinited to said Treasary Notos resvectivelys
ce in the city of
the days respectively; Ve) ga 1
. after which days respe
be payable en th
: And Notice 18 hereby fur
'S tors for a popuiadon of 120,000 persons, repeated, that f
being a fif1A of the whole a Elce- for tink 0 iy a have Dec
tors forthis Commonwealth, containing a PH the Aa haan nd 401 of Ph
po walation exceeding 800,000 persens. delphia, 35 follows; that § Si RR
t, The Treasury Not
heretofore become due,
to be paid forthwith ; interest on the said
Notes having ceased to be payable.
3. The Treasury Notes which shall here-
after become due, as last aforesaid, to be
paid on the day & days, when they shai
respectively become die § after “which{
ely interest will cease ®
ury Notes
ehanded within their boundaries,
«6 Treaty of Peace 1783! and
{ by hs Britanic M
at the time of; and previous
of 1783, within the limits of
authorises the
eting at St. An-
ds have begn assigned
f such Treasury Notes,
Novascotia. The tre
Commissioners, after
adjourn to any other place ;
8 ill find it comveuient to
adjourn to Bosten. be :
2s act aforesaid
Hanaissunoe, Sept. s.
A warrant arrived at this place yesterday
for the removal of Mus. Carson, and her]
: ciates, Jones and Davis, to Philadel
ble on the guid Treas
respectively, £5 4%
And the said Treasury Note due and
becoming due at Philadelphia, as aforesaid,
will accordingly be pai c
tion of the Holders there
at the Loanoffice in the Ct
at the time aforesaid.
The Commissioners 0
eral States are requested to make this no-| Merc
known, by all the means phe
d the Printers author.
te laws of the W.
S. will be pleased to insert it in their ree
spective Papers.
A J. DALLAS. Sec'ry. Treastry
d, upon the applica-
of wo
ty ot Philadelpht tion to the U S. Bank is
erchant of Philadelphia took
res unsubscrited for on
ctorss 4 hibit
the whole of the shares 1
ast meeting of the Dire
chant is the Democratic M
en Gir whose whole subsotiption to
[pstitution amounts to
on of dollars ; more
city of New York
aston, or Charleston, by up
§ Loans in the sev
tine generally
in their power ; an
d to publish t
3 millions and
Amount of Subseription to the Baok of the
The Federalists of Delaware have nem- x
U 8. 23 it stands at she closing of the
inated Maskill Ewing, Esq. as State Sena-
tor, for the district composed of Chester
apd Delaware counties. 1 Philadelphia;
2 Baltimore, .
3 Boston, including
4 Charleston;
"5 New York,
6 Richmond,
7 Washington Citgs
The Democratic Délegates of the State
of Delaware have recommended Manaen
Bull, to the Republicans, as a Candidate
for the office of Governor ; and C. 4. Rad:
ney and Wiliam Hall, tor Congress.
10 Providence,
11 Middieton {Con.)
12 Wilmington (Del)
13 Cincinnati,
14 New Orleans;
Kentucky Election. The following Citi-
zens have been elected to represent the
State of Kentucky, inthe 15th Congress:
David Walker,
George Robinson,
R. C. Anderson,
Tunstall Quarles,
Thomas Speed.
acted, to serve for
R. M. Jchasen,
Joseph Desha,
David Trimble,
Anthony New,
Tros. FLETCHER is el
the remainder of the present Congress; in|
the room of James
“117 Portsmouth,
18 Nashville,
Clark, resigned.
Knozville, Aug. 1%. We learn that Gen.
ackson, the hon. Jesse Franklin, of North inister to France,
Mr. Gallatin, our M
W. J Dugns Sec'ry :
|srrired at Paris, Juip 13. Jt was rumere period
Carolina, and General Mervinesher, of
Russisy was to be nade at Pauis.
from Detroit to Fort Meigs.
Com. Barney, in addressing the Vote
of Prince George's, observed, that he never
knew Democrats and Federalists to agree,
but in one instance; viz. 10 fun away’ ek
Bledediburg ! : ' JAurara.
Col. Wm. Greenhill ; that the Court aos
quitted Capt. Wells, upon the testimony
adduced by those Gentlemen. themscliie,
5 a § i Petersburg Repu :
Our readers will bear in mind, that, ¥e-
veral weeks since, several Gentlemen,
om abott 13 counties of Virginia, met at
41 Winchester, ard recommended to the dif-
ferent counties of the Commonwealth lo
send Deputies to 2 Convention, to be held
at St
aunton on tLe 19th inst. to confer upon
certain amendments to the State Constite-
a x vos : tion; and the best means for calling a gen
clay, the British Commissioner, appoIdiec evs) Convention for that purpose. None
tocarry into execution the Sth article of &t the lower counties have accepted the in-
the treaty of Gheat, arrived at the eXchaDEE! iioq,0n and those only to the westward of |
lis have in any respect whatevé¥ complicd
Andrews, where with the recommendation Soe of thiegey:
Ir. Holtned, ti€ 15, 5 way more or less public, through a
the U. States, Ei or smaller number of Citizen&-
decide 0 pave appointed Deputies, who assembled
at Seaunton, on Monday, the 19th ins on
di gat day 65 Gentlemen appeared, TOM
randmenan; belong § which cous; 9 fiom a GED Bedford,
S$. as being! ich had 1 Deputy only. The Conyenti
on 3s composed of respectable Citigenss
several of them of high standing and know(
abilities ; 6 Members of Congress, and se-
veral Members of the Logislature.
Gen Breckenridge (of Boutctourt) wilt
called to the chair. A Clerk, Dootkeepsty
&c were subsequently appointed. ;
Three propositions were submitted ®
the Convention; ore was for a Conventig
of the People, without the iterposition
the Legislature 3 another, for an addressto
the Legislature to call one. Gn. Black~
burn, of Bath, was against any Convention”
lat all, believing that representation migit
be equalized in the Senate, without it.
: a Rich Comy
Extract of a letter froma Lieutermant of they
Americap Navy, attached to the Me die
terranean squadram, to his friend 1 Virs
ginia. yu Hh sy id
U, §. Ship Washington, Gibralio¥ Bay,
. y : f July 6. 2 !
¢ I wrote you on the morning of our mw
rival, when 1 supposed we should not ré-
main here more than 12 hours: Some dys,
however, have elapsed; and we are still in
‘Gibraltar. The Java arrived yesterday,
and we are momentarily expecting 10 see
the Constellation and Erie. This, I prev
suis; accounts for our delay. ;
« Qur Minister, Mr. Pinckney, is a " g 5
with much attdntion by the Governor, &e
and dined on sliore. The English Officers
4 aa seem disposed, on all occasions, 10 be very
$8,878,400 grentive ; and 1 hope thero is no desire, on
4,014,100 |gur part, not to reciprocate the feeling:
¢ The Dutch flee’, under Admiral Vaps
3,598,600 | Capel, consisting of 4 frigates and 1 sloop
2,001,2000f war, is lying in the Bay. He has been
1,698,700 [off Aciers ; but failed in the ne iationy
“1,270,800 and is new waiting the arrival of a rein
958,700 {fs rcement from Holland, when he pry
300} ;1ares a second visit, Fhe Dutch Off
741,900 ave also been very civil, and profess great:
$87,3004¢ icnaship for the uv. Ss. i
¢ I was this morning introduced to tho.
© 470,000) ove Admiral, who appeared to be well
308,500 | scquainted with my character, as he said,
$58,300 from English accounts: He expressed
130,200] much surprise to frad me 50 young a Marg
120,670} 4aying, ¢ it was no use for the Americans
{0 gO 10 Bea to Acquire their profession ; for
36,300 it appeared (0 be their birthright.’
el should infes, from all I can learn, thats
a War, eithe? with Spain or some of ‘he
Barbary Powe: #, is by no means an impro<
bable event; apd thatieo atnd iar
: » GE Ad
“Ho Rd "op ow