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    " POEIRY.
Selected for the Patriot.
The Complaint.
CAN he who pass’d life’s early morn se-
And late enjoy’d each sweet domestic
scene 3
Wito «ver true to friendship’s genial pow-
5 Oy
In happy converse pass’d the social hour;
Can he now doom’d to bid those scenes
Past joys forget, or present griefs dispel ?
No ! active mem’ry gives the sigh, the tear
While all those past delights still linger
© meat,
Oblivion, haste ! and cast thy mantle o’er,
Scenes late enjoy’d, tobe enjoy’d no more !
Cold poverty, and scorn, contempt and
Blast all the comforts of that recent date.
Can the sad youth whose bosom’s doom’d
to know,
And keenly feel the sharpest pangs of woe ;
Who to misfortunes, eavly made a prey,
Now wanders iriendless o’er life’s thorny
; way,
Whose oat afflicted, finds no kind re-
Whose eyes oft weep the burning tears of
Who feels more cares tho’ not yet reach’d
: life’s prime
Than those whose beads are silver’d’ o'er
with time, A ga
Whose soul now shudders on dispair’s
; dread brink,
Fearful beneath oppressive ills to sink ;
Can he thus deep in misery’s vortex harl’d,
Draw pity from 2 cold unfeeling world ?
While all forlorn these queries I impart,
A chilling negative prevades my heart,—
Have I no friends to soothe my deep dis-
And clothe this troubled mind with cheer-
fulness ? :
Row swift is man to smile
How slow the wretch’s sorrow to beguile !
Why on the happy does the world bestow |
bts smiles, and frown upon the child of woe ?
‘What tho’ to fortune, friends forever lost
One prize, one peerless blessing still I
: boast;
That prize—a heart that’s loyal, tender,
. warm;
And what like sympathy, that heart can
In the great plan soft ‘sympathy was mad
To soothe the afflicted, and the wretched,
aid A
If then for misery pity was design’d,
Wherefore, alas! does man no pity find ?
Shball'man, revolt from such a glorious plan,
And cease to love his fellow creature, man?
No ! Heaven forbid ! may friendship’s ties
yet join,
The tender sympathetic heart to mine ;
For what like kindred friendship can im.
pat :
Tha glow of pleasure to the aching heart.——
with those who
— '
Kotzebue in his journey from Berlin to
Paris, nas the following anecdote A lady
of Paris asked her daughter, ¢ why do you
suffer that overgrown fellow who looks like
& inodel iin a church steeple, to be continu-
ally following you?” « La!” replied the
daughter. »» J must blow my nose, must not
17" The lady had neither pockets or
ridicule —the beau carried her pocket
handkerchief !
a Sm —
Tv °
~ Notice.
ALL props having demands against the
estate of James Packer, senior, late of Bald
Eagle Township, in Centre county, deceas-
ed, will plcase to present them to the sub-
scriber for scttlement,and all persons any
way indebted to the said estate, will please
to make payment on or before the 1st day
sf January next.
J. B. Shugart,
Administrator, >
. BerreronTE, August 6, 1816.
% , de
8 rockuornras in the Lewistown
and Kishacoguillas Turnpike Road Com-
pany, residing in the County of Centre,
who hae nel paid the first instalment are
ber v votificd, that T have appointed Jno.
Norris, lisq to receive the same, whose
Receipt will be a sufficient discharge for
the payment of said Stock.—The work is
now progressing rapidly, and money much
wanted to carry it on ; therefore, it is hoped
that all concerned will be punctual in pay-
Ing up the stock called for, without delay.
Wm. Brown, jun.
MAY 3ist, 1816.
the Town Council of the Borough of Be
{with the costs shall be levied of the goods’ of said estate.
3 A ye |
3: : ;_fand chaftles of the officer so neglecting to
To all Editors in the Uni darusecute except he shall pay the said Be
ted States
and costs « 1 hin cue month trom the date
= .
BRN AWAY from the subscribers, liv-
fol his conviclion.
Sec. 4. Beil further ordained, That e-
He : very offence committed agalnst the prow:
ing in Bellefonte, Centre county, Penn. on A of this ordigance shellbe promt]
Sunday mght the 18th ult. two apprentice fpefore (he Burgess ot assistent Burgess
boys ; the eldest an apprentice to the shoe- igor the time being, or in case of their be
making trade, named JOHN COLEMAN, feence or incapacity to act, or in case ofa
about 19 years of age, five feet eight inches vacancy m said offices, then the said prose.
high, dark complexion, black hair and eyes.
Had on when he went away a dark brown
coat, dark corded velvet pantaloons, about
cution may be had before any one of the
justices ol the peace within the said Bor-
Bi augh, and the costs of prosecution shali be
half bitn a TO at hestly new, {new the same as is allowed for similar skrvices
pair of fine shoes, at gt pattern WalstleOdlgnei,re justices of the peace by the laws of
—tock with him two new homemade Lined ja.. :
: da biugdl tain Kit of thus Commonweal h,
shirts, ang 2 5) Son Eosich x 9 ' Sec. 5. Be it fusiher ordained, That the
shoemaker’s tools, and an English silverig, ¢ ecovered by virtue of this ordinance,
watch.—The other an apprentice to the| ji po” : 3 ;
os i111 be paid one halt to the presecutor, and
Failoring trade, named ANTHONY po, 000 half to the Treasucer of the Cor
ars yn vid 2 hon poration, for the use of the said Borough,
1 33
iom fair hairy and chunkey made—Had on
when he went away a dark moleskin coat-
ee, corded velvet pantaloens, black roram
hat, black broadcloth whistcoat, single
mentioned in the third scction of this ordi-
nance shall prosecute ; in which case the
whole fine shall be for the 9 Borough,
a a dy
breasted. He isan artful abd cunning lad, RIA ih Teen Wor on
We will give 20 dollars reward to any|oeecuring shall relinquish his claim to
pe rsonor persons who shall apprehend saidly,y part of the fine before trial, the said
apprentices, andgsccure them any Jail oe 0. 00 person so prosecuting and relin-
s0 that we can get them again, and sbali quishing shall be a competent witness at
ilso advertise then in the same Newspa- the said trial.
per from whence they received their infor- Sec. 6. Bet Further ordained. That it
. 6. : ’
i ing affidavit at the same time :
hg i apes they received shall be the duty of the high Constable and
he is hereby enjoined and commanded un-
such information. e will also give the C 4 p
editor of any newspaper the like sum of der the penalty mentioned in the third sec
wwenty dollars, which shall give the infor. ton of this Ordinance, to arrest immedi.
nation of said runaways to the appre ad and without furtber warrant, any and
The above reward ov rewards FH aid Cry person offending against the provisi-
to the Jailor for the use of those entitled, ©P% mentioned in the first and second seo
when and where we shall receive said.ap- 10" of this ordinance within his view, and
apprentices. [It is hoped editors will give Dim, her or them to take forthwith before
this advertisement a general circulation the said Burgess, assistant Burgess, or jus-
and discourage, if possible, the profligate te ofthe peace, as the case may require to
practice, of which these fellows are guilty. Ewer for such offence as betore directed.
J . § Sec. 7. Be it further ordaimed, That
John Irwin, jun.
es prosecution for any offence commit
. ‘ted against the first and second sections of
Jeremiah Menon.
BELLEFONTE, June 1 1816.
ithis ordinance, shall be commenced before
{the expiration of ten days trom the date of
* {committing thereof and not afterwards.
. ~ | Passed into an ordinance, July 6, 1818.
Ordinance. Serer
AN ORDINANCE to prevent galloping! * }
and running horses in the Borough of: Andrew Gregg,
~ Bellefou te. g i hi {is von President of the Cornel?
Section 1. Be it ordained end enacted TTRST, be ay
John Blanchard,
Remaining in the Post office at Bellefonte
which if not taken out and postage paid,
will be sent to the General Post office as
dead Letters in three months from this
time.— June 30, 1816.
A. Nicholas Alexander, William Adams,
fonte in Town Council met, and it is hereby
ordgmed and enacted 8y the autiorimyof
the same, That if dny person or persons vi
whosoever of the 4ge of sixten years or up-
wards, shall run or gallop any horse or
horses, mare or mares, gelding or geldings
within the said Borough of Bellefonte, eve-
wy person or Ses 80 offending and be-
ing thereof duly convicted, shall for every
horse, mére, or gelding, which he, she or
they shall so run or gallop, pay a fine of
not less than one, nor more than four dol- !
lars, to be levied of his, her or their goods B. Francis Boyce, Joseph Brownlee, Hen-
and chattles, together with the costs of 'Y Bathurst, Ebenezar Blair, Thomas Bar-
prosecution, but if goods and chattles suth- low, Jacob Bechtle, Susan Brown. C. Han-
cient to pay the said fine and costs cannot Pah Clever, Jacob Cando. D. Melchot
be found, then the person so convicted, Dunkle, George Donaldson, John Dou
shall be conveyed to the gaol of Centre lass, Samuel Dixon, Malachi Dongle.
county, there tobe confined in close custo- Cyrus Evert, John Emerick. F. James
dy by the keepep thrercof, for any time not Fulton. G. John Gardner, Jacob Gray
less than twenty four, nor ‘more than forty James Gardner H. John Hall, Hannah
eight hours, except he, she or they shall Hanson, John Hutton, John Haslet, David
before the expiration, the time adjudged Hollingsworth 8, James Harbison 3, Jacob
pay the said fine and costs. Th Hetherlin, Jacob Holter. I Joseph Irwin,
¢ Se 2. And be it further ordained; That William Irwin. K. Adam Klinefelter,
every person or persons under the age of Caleb Kephart,
sixteen years, who shall run, or gallop any John Linebaugh 2, Joho Lamb.
horse or horses, mare or mares, gelding, uel Moore, Jacob Miuig, David Mitchel,
or geldings, within the said Borough, and James M¢nwosh, Elizabeth MeLenand,
shall thereof be convicted ae aforesaid, eve.| Wayne Myers, George Miles, Me-
ry such person so convicted shall be com-|Clure, Surveyor, Jacob Michal, James M:-
mitted to the gaol of said county, there o Gee, Andrew MtKee, 2 N. James
be confined for any time not less than twen-| Niel, David Nicholson: P. John Purdue,
ty four nor more than forty eight hours for|John Patterson 2, Laurence Peters, Wm
every such offence, except he, she or they Petrikin 2, William A. Petrikin, Robert
shall pay down to the Burgess or other! Pennington, Mary Pennington. R. Jesse
officer before whom the conviction shall Richards, Adam Russel, Henry Rushal,
be had the amount of the fine adjudged by William Ross 2, Mr. Reem, Susan Robert-
the said officer which shall be rated accor-, son, John Rankin, Alexander Robertson,
ding to the first section of this ordinance, Samuel Riddle, William Robeson, James
or unless sufficient surety shall bc given to Ross. S. Arthur Stewart, John Shank.
the said officer, that said fine and costs. shall: Christian Sparr, John Smith, Margaret
be paid within one month from the date of | Smith 2, Joseph Shirk 2, Philip Shirk, Mi-
such conviction. chael Sweany, 2. T Samuel Tagart. W.
Sec. 3. Be it further ordained, That the | Elizabeth Whitson, Margaret Whitson.
Burgess or assistant Burgess of the said!Joseph Williams, George Ward, Caleb
borough for the time being, shall convict Way, Jacob Way. Y. John Yeryer,?2
every offender against this ordinance, on|%- Ezekiel Zimmerman.
his own view or on fhe.onth or affirpaten) R.T. STEWART, P. M. |
of any inhabifant of inhabitants “of thé said| en «
Borough, or of any other person or persons NO I'ICE. 3
qualified by law in similar cases, and it shail ALL persons holding demands against
be the duty of Burgess, assistant Burgess, the estate that was of Thos. M‘Kee, and of
high Censtable, and of each and every|Jane Templeton, will please to hand them
member of the Town Council to prosecute forward to the subscribers before the firs:
every person or persons which he, they or of August next, or egxpect to be forece:
either of them, shall see offending against] 4 0%.
this ordinance, and every of the said officers, THOS. M«CALMON, Ad?
who shall neglect tor the space of ten days MATTHEW WOODS. ¢ de
te prosecute as sforesaid, shall vpon con-| N.B. Those holding demands against
viction thereof pay a fine of the same a-ithe estate of Wm MKee, late of Walker
mount as could have been imposed on theitownship, will please to observe the above
offender (had he been prosecuted and con-|{limit, and hand in their accompts unto D.
victed) for every such neglect which finej Barber or Elizabeth McKee, adminigtrating
except in cases where some of the officers|
John Atkinson, Philip Antis, James Allison
+ J
oi NOTICE: /
§ LL yorsons indebted, or Baving am
“WM claims against the estate of Tobias
Pickle, dec. are requested to attend at the
faouse of Christian Mease, 1n Aaronsbu or.
on the 16th of May next, for the putpose
of making scttlement. The subscribers
will attend for that purpose. 4
APRIL 27, 1816.
} Ez'rs,
Wanted immediately, 1
ar 3 Jonrneymen Tailors, to whom Be
will Ba. -
wages avd constant employment
given by
Samuel Baird.
Brireronte, July 10, 1816.
Siray Ball,
Cane to the plantation of the subscri-
ber living in Ferguson township, Centre
county, about the 15th of December last,
a small red and white Bull, supposed to be
sired to come, prove property, pay charg
¢s, and take him away,
APRIL 6 1816
THE quota for Centre and Clearficid
counties, of the laws passed at the last sess
sion of the Legislature of rénnsylvanis,
came to hand this day, to be delivered to
the different officers, entitled to copies:
theveot; <i of whom, will please to apply
persohally, as receipts are to be taken of
their delivery. ;
J. G. LOWREY, Prot'y,
Prothonotc rs office, i
Bellefonte, July 1, 1816. $
Ne subscriber wishing to leave Beiles
foie, and steer mis course for some other
Country urkrown to him at preseny, de.
sires those ldebied to himto come forth. .
with. and discharge thelr respective debs
aud by punciuallity he assures them they
will save cost and trouble.
He also offers for sale Lot No. 41, gn
adjoins that of the Hon Temas Burysids,
aud is an excellent site for any kind of piib-
lick business. v3
Also twoe Lots Nos. 162 & 163 adjoin}
George Lonberger. One of said Lots isa
corner Lot and both are at present, ina
high state of cultivation. For Terms of
sale apply to
James Dundass.
To the Public.
N the Lycoming Advertiser of the ila
mst. I have observed a number of untrue
{aud unjust statements, I suppose to injwie
my character and property, signed John
Moran. I received two notes on Joha
Moran the third day of April last, payable
three days atier date; and two other noies
on John Moran and Thomas Proctor, not
for erroneous statements, bat for real ess
a rl ine. +L. jtate, which coutract 1 comphgd with ie
Adam Nr third day of Aart eT can prove By
wdge Fleming and others. The propecty.
1 sold Jolm Moran was part of a tract of
land for which Wm. Dann obtained a pats
ent from the Commonwedlih of Pennsylva~
nia the fourth day of December, 1786; and
has been held in peaceable possession, and
the title has never been disputed, 1 can
prove by a number of respectable old res.
idents in Lycoming county. ‘This conireet
was made between Moran and me the firs
week in September Jast, and the conveys
ance wrote, I can prove by Joseph J. Wal-
ace, Esq. and Moran hadi: in his posses-
sion, and I never seen it until the 3d day of
April last, the day it wus signed and ac-
knowledged. The above property I
bought honestlyand 1 do not owe a man
one cent for it. * I leave the world to judge
whether 1 have been guilty of fraud or un
just statements or not.
John White.
May 20th, 1816, TR
The subscriber having lost his pocket
book in the month of July, 1315, between
Huntingdon and Chriswpher Horrell’s ta-
vern, in Kishacoquillas valley, containing
among other tuings, a certificate for two
shares of Bank Steck inthe Centre Bank
of Penusylvania—hereby gives' uotice that
application wil be made at ihe said Bank,
in ‘Bellefonte, on thie first day of June next,
in order io procuve another cermficate for
the same stock in lien of the ohe lost.
Georze Murray.
Lewistown, 15h April, 1816s
two years cid this spring ; the owner isde.
High Strect ou which he resides. The Lot
pet Rp Sui i Soi lp xy : x eg